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The GOP Will Be Run By Democrats

February 11, 2013 by  

The GOP Will Be Run By Democrats

While the Republican Party elite continue to fight about what direction the not so grand anymore old party should take after its “reboot” or “rebirth” or whatever pundits are currently calling it, the pretty simple reasons conservatives should abandon the Party altogether abound in headlines.

Karl Rove, the mastermind behind George W. Bush’s electoral victories, is working on a strategy to take back control of the GOP from the “fanatics” that have hijacked the Party. The strategist’s plan, to be carried out through his new group, the Conservative Victory Project, is to weed unelectable conservatives from the GOP.

“This is not about ideology. This is about being a bad candidate,” Rove told FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly.

Rove’s idea of a bad candidate pretty much includes any lawmaker falling into the Tea Party category, meaning anyone involved in unseating Rove’s GOP establishment ilk in favor of smaller government and less frivolous spending.

According to The New York Times, the purpose of Rove’s group is to “recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s effort to win control of the Senate.” In other words, ensure that the GOP remains an alternative to the current OK-with-war, borrow-and-spend Democratic Party in name only.

Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that a major player in the big-spending, civil-liberty-stealing Bush-era political environment would want to avoid a more libertarian version of the GOP.

If Rove succeeds and conservatives continue to wrongly believe that the Republican Party is one of small government, look forward to Republican lawmakers who are far more akin to Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) than Senator Rand Paul (Ky.). That means a Republican Party in which any influence the Tea Party may have garnered in the past few years is completely nullified.

Graham, who last August accused “angry white guys” of ruining the GOP, recently gave America a taste of what a Rove-approved future looks like for the GOP when he announced that he will offer a resolution this week to commend Barack Obama’s use of drones and the killing of American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki.

“Every member of Congress needs to get on board,” Graham said. “It’s not fair to the President to let him, leave him out there alone quite frankly. He’s getting hit from libertarians and the left.”

Graham’s disdain for the Constitution is unsurprising, as he is a supporter of both the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

Interestingly, South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright, a self-proclaimed member of the conservative wing of the GOP, is considering mounting a challenge against Graham in the 2014 primary. Among Bright’s initiatives as a State Senator are proposing legislation to make South Carolina gun manufacturers exempt from Federal regulation and suggesting the State investigate a new form of currency as confidence in the American dollar continues to fall.

Bright has not decided whether he will run for sure. If he does, conservatives could begin to mount a healthy defense against Rove’s Republican version of the Democratic Party by doing everything possible to aid him in unseating the moderate Graham.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    “The GOP will be run by Democrats?” Shouldn’t that be the GOP IS being run by Democrats. The GOP, after the November election, decided that in order to win elections they should emulate the Democrats. Basically, the GOP has been letting the Democrats control them. They are a leaderless party. The Democrats say jump and the GOP asks how high? The elites say they want to change the party. Change it, yeah, into a a mirror image of the Democrat party. The way they are going the two parties may as well merge into one party. They’re indistinguishable from one another now as it is. I refuse to have anything to do with either party.

    • restorefreedom

      Neither party has our best interests on their mind!

      • roberttitle

        That’s why I’ve switched to the Libertarian Party.

      • the fisherman

        There are no republicans any more all you have is the stinch from the tea party

    • Michael Stier

      I submit to you the following link as evidence that the two parties are one and the same.

      • roberttitle

        It’s not communism that’s the problem today…it’s FASCISM…the alignment of big govt. with big business all mostly funded by the private cartel of bankers…the Federal Reserve.

      • John J. Kiernan

        Yes both parties are virtually the same. That is why the TEA party platform needs to take over the GOP and become the true Republican party to support our Republic which is based upon our constitution. Back to the Constitution and impeach anyone who does not support it.

    • Steve E

      The Republican party is dead on a national level. Rove is just putting the nails in their coffin by trying to give up the conservative values in order to get votes from those without values. The true conservatives will not comply with his wishes and they will never get enough votes to win ever again.

      • Hoosier Daddy

        Actually, every poll for the last 30 years shows that the vast majority of Americans hold views that are considered CONSERVATIVE views – whether they call themselves conservatives or not. We are actually a conservative country.

        The problem is not one of political philosophy of the electorate, the problem is the leftwing propaganda mahine, aka the “news” media, brainwashing people against conservative candidates.

        If you ask people what they know about Mitt Romney, you will find that all they can do is regurgitate the lies and talking points created by the media. When people are told the TRUTH, they are surprised.

        Contrary to popular opinion, Mitt Romney did not run against Barack Obama. He ran against the leftwing media. The media won.

        If the media had treated both candidates equally – if they had not pulled out all the stops to cover for and promote Obama while denigrating and smearing Romney – Romney would have won in a landslide.

        There’s no problem with conservatives or conservative candidates. The problem is the lying, propagandizing leftwing MEDIA. Joseph Goebbels pales by comparison.

      • eddie47d

        “Who’s your” daddy: If we are to always blame the media then shouldn’t we thank your right wing media for spreading so many lies about Obama that he became a shoe in. Romney had his own set of faults and floundered on his own merits or is that lack of merits.

        • roberttitle

          Speaking of lies, which promise has Obummer kept that he ran on in 07/08? Which ones….hmmmmmmmm?

      • Vicki

        roberttitle says:
        “Speaking of lies, which promise has Obummer kept that he ran on in 07/08? Which ones….hmmmmmmmm?”

        The “change” part of hope and change. The “useful idiots” never bothered to verify WHAT change he had in mind. He even warned them. “….fundamentally change America.”.

        • Deerinwater

          Vicky says, “The “change” part of hope and change. The “useful idiots” never bothered to verify WHAT change he had in mind. He even warned them. “….fundamentally change America.”.”

          I say , Right! Like when Ronnie Reagan told us that he planned to get the Federal Government off the peoples Backs. ~ He made no mention of opening the door to the gang bang that would follow by city, county and state government!

          So Ronnie cut social programs, down sized the Fed ~ Local government left to discontinue programs or raise taxes and user fees ~ and still the Fed failed to operate inside it”s GOP conservative budget.

          So ~ the average middle class American was left to get less while paying more for Ronny’s new direction.

          So? ~ we’ve seen this play out before ~ aren’t we the lucky duck! you wanna pull on my finger and see what happens?

  • Doc Sarvis

    Rove is attempting to make the GOP the party of Ronald Reagan again which is well left of where the Teap Party folks have it.

    • Butch

      “Doc, heal thyself”. NO WAY is this Republican party anything like what Reagan oversaw. We’ve seen the escalation of wars and spending and erosion of civil liberties at an unprecedented level since NWO puppet Bush jr has been in office and Obumma is equally as bad. BOTH parties have sold out We the people. Sen. Graham wants to commend the Kenyan usurper in chief on his use of drones, and even on the American people???? Time for him to go and you to become even a little educated. The Constitution is the law of the land and politicians of Obumma’s and Graham’s ilk hate it, making them closet fascists.

      • Kinetic1

        Ah yes, Reagan the great conservative icon. Reagan the budget slasher, the king of small government. Did you know that the number of workers on the federal payroll rose by 61,000 under Reagan? Under Clinton, the number fell by 373,000. Do you recall his agreeing to a $165 billion bailout of Social Security? That was the year that Sir Reagan the bold increased payroll taxes on employees and employers, brought new federal workers into the system, and, for the first time, taxed Social Security benefits for the “wealthy”! How about the the three-year, $100 billion tax hike he signed off on to try and stop the bleeding after his initial tax cuts resulted in runaway deficits? Reagan raised corporate taxes by $120 billion over five years and closed corporate tax loopholes worth about $300 billion. He instituted the tax rates that insured that no one living below the poverty line would pay Federal income tax. Yep, he was the one that you are all so upset with! Reagan expanded the Earned Income Tax Credit, championed forgiveness for “illegal aliens” and fought for total nuclear disarmament.

        “NO WAY is this Republican party anything like what Reagan oversaw.” Your right. The Republican party of Reagan was less idealistic. They were more likely to concede when their plans went wrong, where today they want to dig in their heals, damn the consequences. Reagan’s party saw the plight of the poor as a responsibility, where today’s Republicans want the poor to “pay their fair share” and relieve the wealthy of their burden. He didn’t start 2 wars like Dubbya, but he was behind Iran/Contra. He also increased defense spending by billions. This was the man who told the Pentagon “Defense is not a budget item. You spend what you need.” and pushed through the insane “Strategic Defense Initiative” in ’83. Nope, nothing like today’s Republican party.

        • roberttitle

          As an ex-GOPer, now Libertarian, I have to confess that the last “good” President this country had was JFK. But, when he proposed going back to the Constitution to have only the Treasury issue the currency (value-based, not fiat) and had them issue silver certificates, the Federal Reserve private cartel central bankers and others in the govt. decided it was time for his departure.

      • John J. Kiernan

        Yes both parties are virtually the same. That is why the TEA party platform needs to take over the GOP and become the true Republican party to support our Republic which is based upon our constitution. Back to the Constitution and impeach anyone who does not support it.

  • Warrior

    Yep karl, although you like to focus your newest campaign against the gop losers in the last election, except Mitt, I wonder why boner took away “committee” positions from Tea Party backed congressmen? Funny thing is, I didn’t see the “progressives” employ your type strategy after 2010. If anything, they became more radical. Whoever is in charge or the “gerrymander”, WINS! Great system this has become, wouldn’t you say?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The people who “you” compromise to control “you”. So it does make sense that the Democrats/Leftists control the Republicans.

    • eddie47d

      Considering that the Republicans for four years have blocked all Democratic initiatives I hardly doubt if the Democrats were controlling them. The Republicans are the party of defiance and obstruction and its all about power not progress. The Libertarians are stubborn too but for different reasons

      • roberttitle

        The GOP and the Democrats are essentially the same….a legalized mafia

  • Dwight Mann

    The whole system is defunct and corrupt. It is a product of those that have been in control for way too long. . .
    If they would just adhere to constitutional edicts, things could work out very well for everyone. . .

  • Glen

    Read the platform on the Conservative Party. Their values line up with true conservative values that were abandoned gradually since the 1950s. It is a small but rapidly growing party. The CP will either take the mantle or at least effect influence on the GOP. You need to join it so you can have an avenue for your frustration and actually contribute to restoring sanity in this country

  • roberttitle

    There is NO basic difference between the two parties. They are the flip side of the SAME coin…a single two-headed monster that switches back and forth every four to eight years so that WE have the illusion that democracy still works. News: It doesn’t. I’ve finally left the GOP and have become a Libertarian and have never, never regretted the move.

    • metroman

      That is hitting the nail on the head! Three card Monte and there is no pea…..same results no matter what card.

  • FreedomFighter

    Codeword: valedico

    I suggest you all do the same: 3-23-13

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

  • Flashy

    “any influence the Tea Party may have garnered in the past few years is completely nullified.”

    LOL .. it’s comon sense to any political junkie. Crazy never wins in the long run. The TP and American taliban had the 15 minutes iof fame they drummed up. Yelling and screaming and being loud, creating fear by spinning lie after lie and insisting black was white and vice versa. Gerrymandering districts into plutocracies where free elections is but a choice of one GOP or the other.

    For kicks and giggles, look at some examples.

    Immigration. By taking the extremist viewpoint of “white, guns and religion”, the GOP lost 12% of the electorate. Poof.

    By taking the extremist viewpoint that only a narrow christian moral standard should be the law of the land … the GOP lost the majority of the women’s votes. Poof.

    By insisting on drastic and immediate cuts in spending, and demanding the wealthy remain favored and retaining their welfare for the wealthy, the public took a look at the ramificiations of losing up to 5% of GDP and immediate recession, immediate cessation of benefits, and the draconian state of affairs in maintaining infrastructure and said “are you nuts?” Poof went the public opinion polls.

    Guns. by insisting there should be no laws or regulations insisting on gun owners to take responsibility, in insisting that guns in school is a good thing, by insisting that anyone should be able to pack around military weaponry…the GOP has marginalized the electorate support…as for the urban and sporting group votes? Poof goes the majority.

    Now, faced with the inevitable…that the wacked out fringe lunatic ideas forming the basis of the TP and American Taliban are rejected and viewed as crazy…the yelling and insistence is getting louder, the positions more extreme, and the dire predictions more dire.

    Poof goes the extremists.

    • roberttitle

      I agree with most of what you are saying except as to guns. The 2nd Amendment was created to defend ourselves from tyranny…a tyranny which you don’t seem to mind. The Executive Branch of the government has flipped-out (starting with Clinton and Bush but enlarging under Obummer). This “nutty” Kenyan thinks is a king/monarch and has broken every promise he made during his first run for president. He bows to the 1% elitists in this nation and serves the interest of Israel, the Wall Street Banksters, the money-junkies and the gun-grabbers…all of which don’t seem to bother you one iota. I belong neither to the Demoncrats or the GOP, but YOU appear to be a Democrat apologist lap-dog who places ideology over reason. I pity you.

      • DavidL

        When you write “This “nutty” Kenyan”, you have been discovered. Shame on you. Get educated. Evolve. Understand and embrace your Christianity. I’ll pray for you.

      • roberttitle

        You need to mature and really READ you Bible. The OT is replete with incest, slavery, murder, genocide, adultery all commanded by YOUR silly man-in-the-sky. There are so many contradictions in the NT, especially your so-called “gospels” that any rational person would recognize that these are the rantings of a bunch of bronze-age goat-hereders. Pray until your blue in the face….it’s silly and a waste of time that you should be using to utilize your frontal lobe.

      • Don 2


        Instead of stating, “this nutty Kenyan” maybe you should have said, “Barack ‘Insane’ Obama, self-declared Marxist son of Frank Marshall Davis (who had an affair with Barry’s white mother), Communist Party U.S.A. propagandist, supporter of the old Communist Soviet Union, and mentor to young Barack.

        • roberttitle

          I’ll just stick to Nutty Kenyan. You can described him any way you desire and I know you’re correct for the most part. What he is practicing today along with his corrupt atty. general is FASCISM – the alignment of big business/big Pharma with the federal government. What riles me are the so-called ‘conservatives’ that gripe about socialism (whch will follow fascism) while they persevere socialism right in their own backyard…the public “screwl” system is totally socialized.

      • Flashy

        roberttitle…please read where i wrote about “white, guns and religion”. Then look in the mirror.

        I don’t need your pity. That would be akin to you pitying the hard working man fixing what’s broke so you are able to live off the benefits..all the while screaming and crying you have to pay for those benefits.

        • roberttitle

          And, of course, you’re wrong anon. You need heaps of pity…pathetic individuals usually do. Oh, and have a great day.

      • Flashy

        “And, of course, you’re wrong anon.”

        Typical extremist comment. There is no wonder why the crazies are being pushed aside. Only they think they are right.

        • roberttitle

          No Flashy…only YOU are right…only YOU…the walking/talking bumper sticker

      • Leroy

        Well stated.

    • metroman

      “Shall not be infringed”, what don’t you understand? If we the people have advanced to a stage that the 2nd Amendment is no longer necessary then repeal it or leave it and the patriots alone…..Do you know what the battle of Lexington and Concord was about? Check it out and may the bright light shine on you.

      • Don 2


        Don’t forget to include the much more recent August 1-2, 1946 Battle of Athens, Tennessee, when W.W. II Veterans and citizens took up arms against tyranny, including a full-blown gun battle against corrupt government officials and Sheriff’s Department.

      • eddie47d

        We’re not so much worried about being infringed but about the unhinged which is no where guaranteed in the Constitution.

        • roberttitle

          You SHOULD be worried, but then I guess all those Germans and Italians and Russians that had their guns taken away to allow no resistance to dictators (like Obummer) you would also classify as unhinged. Sounds like you have both of your feet planted firmly in the air.

      • eddie47d

        Which Amendment is that which guarantees the rights of the unhinged?

    • roberttitle

      Flash…check your own MIRROR…I’m very content with my self-image. I, unlike you, have worked hard all of my life NOT living off the productiveness of others….again, unlike yourself. Grow up, mature and focus and above all study.

    • FreedomFighter

      Flash “Valedico”

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

    • Hoosier Daddy

      Obviously, you’ve allowed yourself to be brainwashed by the leftwing propaganda machine aka the “news” media.

      The FACT is that the Tea Party is comprised of ordinary mainstream Americans – mothers, fathers, and grandparents. White, black, Asian, and Hispanic. Republicans AND Democrats. The Tea Party is simply a group of INFORMED Americans who are fed up with the federal government’s excess spending and excess taxation.

      Are you in FAVOR of government excess? If not, maybe you should consider joining a Tea Party group. Then, at least, you’re really know what they’re all about instead of just regurgitating the lies of the Big Government left.

      • roberttitle

        One thing the Tea Party needs to do is to get over its love affair with Israel. Israel controls much of Congress as far as foreign affairs is concerned. They refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty nor to allow IAEA inspectors into its nuclear facility at Dimona (unlike Iran which has joined and does allow inspecto4s in all the time. Israel expects the US to fight its war and do the dying for them. They are an apartheid, racist nation that likes to USE the Christian so-called “right wing” to serve their own ends. And, by the way, I detest Obama, but Romney would have not been any better as POTUS.

    • momo

      Flashy says: “. Yelling and screaming and being loud, creating fear by spinning lie after lie and insisting black was white and vice versa.”

      But flashman, that’s what you do all the time.

    • Bill Henry

      IF Flashy can read here is the “shall not be infringed.” clause of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, which was not added as an after thought by the framers who had just fought in a Revolution against their oppressors Great Britain waged by the armed citizens of the thirteen “colonies” under their rule: “SHALL: Expresses obligation in legalese. NOT: Negation of a word or group of words. BE: To remain unmolested, undisturbed, or uninterrupted — used only in infinitive form. INFRINGED: Go against, as of rules and laws.” I of course that IF you can read, you know the rest of it, although I doubt that you have read the Constitution with any comprehension. If you have then you have noticed that there is no mention of the type of firearms that could be borne by the citizens. The framers certainly being well educated men could foresee from the improvements it firearms from the flintlock, that you probably insist be the only weapon we could bear, to the cap lock that there would be further improvements. Their reasoning about the entire BILL OF RIGHTS can be read in the Federalist Papers and from the private papers of the individuals, IF you can be bothered with reading them. The internet is a good place to start, if you use your search engine you will become well educated in the history of this great country of ours, again if you can be bothered with it.

      • roberttitle

        Flashy is just a “flash in the pan”. He won’t study nor do his homework much less read the Federalist Papers. He’s a walking “bumper sticker” for our Kenyan President/Commander-in-Chief

      • Leroy

        Definition of Flashey = A big hot fart exposed to an external source of ignition.

    • daniel

      Flashy I am sorry but everything you mentioned is nothing but political theatrics. I’ve read enough of your postings to know that you qualify as a liberal which is fine with me as I will disagree with most of what you say. You cite the Tea Party a lot but make no mention of the OWS ‘grassroots” movement why? In my opinion they were extremists.
      In your tirade you rehash all of the DNC talking points which is really tiresome. What you did not address is the disenfranchisement felt by voters from both sides of the aisle. That also happens to be the one thing that both sides are afraid of. That some how those people will actually get together and really control an election. You failed to mention Obama getting four million votes less than his initial election. His second inauguration viewership garnered less than the first. Can you see a pattern?
      The taxes that have passed and that he signed are ones that are passed down onto the middle class. If you were to check further you will see that the proposals being made by the dems are taxes that are easily shifted to the middles and lower classes. The tax the rich is good for elections but not practiced in reality. The deficit and debt ceiling deals were made before the election not after. I am sure you can see that if you were to give it a real look.
      If I was a politician I would posit in public that the liberals are the real racists in this country. I would then set out examples of exactly how they have proven themselves such. I would cite examples of writings that they have condemned and then show how they have used the same reasoning that they condemn to enact racist policies. It is not that hard. I would show that when it comes to the second amendment that you cannot use a separate set of rules to interpret it that does not apply to the others. I would basically use the supporting arguments that the founders had. I would show that the Declaration and the Constitution are neither one “socialist” in nature or in fact. A position that needs to be accepted as Obama’s agenda is instituted so that is what his good soldiers are trying to prove now.

  • jim

    Democrats bark, Republicans fetch…what better way of describing the current state of politics. At least the Tea Party has stuck to the idea of limited government, and fixing our out of control spending…83% of Americans think so…

  • ibcamn

    So basically the next elections to the seats of GOP will be run just like the one that got the king re-elected!?!…be aware of voter fraud yet again!!

    • Flashy

      IB…you do realize that intense fact finding by the Republican legislators in Florida, new mexico, pennsylvania, North Carolina and Colorado have all turned out to show .001% of voters voted who were ot eligible to vote. Out of over 20 million votes cast in these states…the number of ineligible voters who voted came to be a few hundred. And NONE were shown to be done with fraudulent intent.

      make up something to fear and tell people they have to be scared. That is the extremist motto …

      • roberttitle

        The Diebold machines have been proven to have huge irregularities. During the GOP primary, tens of thousands of Ron Paul votes were either thrown out or transferred to Romney. Some whole precincts were not counted showing a -0- count.

      • Don 2

        Let’s not forget the “screw-job” done to the military vote, ballots from Iraq shipped to Afghanistan so that they could not be counted, and ballots intentionally dumped overboard ship before reaching the U.S. shores. The military vote was known to be overwelmingly in Romney’s favor.

      • Hoosier Daddy

        I know that’s the claim of the leftwing propaganda machine. I also know it’s a complete lie.

        The Democrats have always had a lock on election fraud. Many historians say that JFK only won in 1960 due to Democrat election fraud.

        But this time the Dems pulled out all the stops.

        In addition to the Democrats’ traditional “voting the graveyards”, we all know about ACORN registering activists to vote dozens of times under assumed names and registering people who were ineligible. But there is also the SEIU’s Mi Familia Vota Project that registered hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to vote Democrat. In Ohio, the Democrats were caught busing hundreds of African immigrants to the polls with sample ballots filled out to “help” them vote.

        Those are but three exxamples of the rampant Democrat election fraud. There’s a good chance that the rampant Democrat election fraud is the sole reason that Obama won.

        There’s a REASON why the Democrats scream bloody murder about attempts to require identification to vote.

      • eddie47d

        Don 2. That fact remains there is little voter fraud and mostly from angry losers. Saying that the military supported Romney by a wide margin and then say that this majority would allow those ballots to be thrown overboard is a stretch for even you. Then Daddy saying illegals vote by the thousands is not even close to the truth. They are not going to jeopardize being deported by waltzing into a polling place and taking that chance.

      • Leroy

        Do you not find it hard to breathe with your he’d in your a55?

      • Don 2


        Eddie my boy, to say that military voter ballots would not be thrown overboard is really incredible. Who is the Commander & Chief of all ship captains?

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    Obama was elected by goerge soros and co…Do any of you really believe the election wasn’t rigged??? If so,then you are totally ignorant….Kennedy was assinated because he wouldn’t totally comply with the NWO…Reagan was shot for the same Reason…Karl Rove is a NWO puppet as is 95% of both houses…The tea Party is really normal average folk and have been propagandized by the communist media…John McCain is a traitor…OOOH don’t say anything bad about the supposed to be war hero..Yeah right..Bloomberg,Cuomo and all like them are traitors…Sandy hook was a set up to get your guns…The govt. Orion project..yep..Check it out on you tube for yourself…Sheeple…You americans are very close to communism and when they get your guns you will become no more than fodder to the elitists…Enjoy these last days of freedom.. your children wont have that same luxury..thanks to you asleep at the wheel..

    • roberttitle

      I agree except you need to get your terms straight. What we are faced with today is a FASCIST police state…not socialism (yet). Socialism is what we have in our public screwl system (indoctrination centers). Then, your homestead gets taxed to pay for this parasitic system whether you have no kids attending these centers or have no children at all. Again, another Ponzi scheme.

    • Leroy

      I do not know how accurate your numbers are but your premise is pretty much correct.

  • Wayne Crookshanks

    I am 78 years old and have been paying into Social Security since I was 16 years old. I gave my country 2 years of active service, 2 years of active reserves and 2 years of inactive reserves. I did not sign up for S.S. benefits until I turned 70. And thru all those years, the government used my money to pay their bills. And to add insult to injury, they are sending our troops and money overseas to protect despots while , at the same time,
    making me pay income tax on the money I sent to the federal government for my so-called
    retirement. Go figure!

    Wayne C.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    The Tea Party is America’s last hope. If Rove and Company, including the leftwing propaganda machine, succeeed in demonizing the Tea Party in the minds of the gullible Americans, our country is doomed.

    There is simply no other grassroots organization of MAINSTREAM Americans on the horizon that has a chance of returning us to Constitutional principles.

    • roberttitle

      Yes there most certainly is. It’s called the Libertarian Party. They are totally 100% pro-Constitution.

  • Deerinwater

    You have chose a great topic Sam Rolley. ~ I would expect robust debate.

    The heading is sort of cute too! ~

    That the GOP has fail to play a good hand of Poker, ~ blaming everyone else in the game is going to be a hard sale to anyone outside this forum.

    Critical thinking ?~ you have only maybe 15 active posters here while the rest will accept this notion that both parties are the same. ~ If that be the case, ~ why not send all your campaign contributions to the DNC and vote democrat?

    If the Right Wing Christian Collision and 43′s Administration dismal track record didn’t hurt the GOP enough, ~ Mich McConnell’s 4 year campaign to made “O” a single term President ~ and the behavior of midterm elected Tea Party members has finished them off.

    The Tea Party is the best single thing that has ever happened to the DNC in 20 years.

  • Dave

    The Illinois GOP is already run by undercover Democrats…. we have an Illinois GOP chairman, Pat Brady who ignores the party’s platform.

  • JJM123

    As both major parties continue to move further to the left, the GOP is now as far left of center as were the DEMs just a few decades ago. With the need to have differing thoughts COMPROMISED in the Legislative Branch, it is past Time to support a true Constitution Party.

    • roberttitle

      That’s exactly why I switched to the Libertarian Party.

  • Jim

    Conservatives should bolt from the gop immediately. That way the gop will then know who has been proping them up for many years.

    • roberttitle

      They’re more than welcome into the Libertarian Party…the only party that supports the Constitution 100%.

  • jopa

    The GOP will never be able to have a President again unless they change with their hatred of women, foreigners and always wanting to go to war.If they were smart they would go to Kenya to look for some real leaders and follow up on their beliefs.

    • Bill Henry

      Jopa, are you from Kenya? I was there once to Mombasa, it was great then, but given the influx of Al Qaeda, I doubt that it would be safe for American visitors. That would make it certainly a great place to pick your next candidate from if there is going to be one, which will not be the case if the present agenda is carried out, because anyone standing against the agenda are called American Taliban. In others words we are places in the groups called “terrorists”, which is just another step in the process of targeting those who don’t go along. Everyone who thinks that when the time comes they will be rewarded for their support in making it possible are just goats being led to the slaughter. That is obvious from their blindness to the facts of what is happening, and they will certainly get what they have coming to them for their stupidity.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Democraps are not the party of the middle class if ever, it is the party of whorehounds, socialist,communists and now muslims marxis.. These pukes claim to be for women. really what do the pedophile worshipping freaks beleive in , using and abusing any female, raping anything if handy, wearing black burkas in the summer and any time, raping any female, any where anytime, even their own daughters or boys under 100, and if said female, pisses these pervs off, the female or child can be kill as a honor killing or given a beating because males are owners. Yet American females not married flock to these sick pervs, marry some camel smelling perv, because they want respect, get a clue you book trained broads and Dumbocrap idoits. jopa stands for, a justa oldball piss ant, like a termite, with no head, they can live and moved to vote or what ever, when their carcuss is directed, usuall by their communist/marxist handlers.

    • Meli

      Ridge Runner, you are one of the reasons why the conservative movement is losing ground. These mindless rants are a big turnoff, and this kind of speech is leading a lot of people to vote with the Democrats.

  • tncdel

    The author of this can’t see the forest for the trees, apparently. It’s not that the Democrats run the GOP. It’s the GLOBALISTS in the Democrat and Republican parties do.

    For example, both Bush’s, like the Clintons and other Dems, supported the globalist agendas like NAFTA, to gradually erode then dissolve our border. That’s the same reason why they are trying to attract as many job-stealing illegals here as possible.

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to encourage millions more illegals. Haven’t we learned anything from Reagan’s mistake?

  • tony miller

    The GOP needs to keep pushing the message year round and not just during election time. Use the local news to get away from the big bias TV programmers.

    • rtaylortitle

      The elitists within the GOP are permanently entrenched. They will never field a strong Constitutionalist like a Judge Napolitano nor a patriot like Jesse Ventura. We have corporatism (fascism) at home and with our global “expansion” abroad (we have elements of our military now all over Africa due to the vast mineral resources their…greed and lust). Further oligarchy (socialism/communism) will follow. Romney would have simply continued the policy started by Clinton and

      Bush’s. The vote-rigging againt Ron Paul during the primaries put the nail in the coffin.


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