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The GOP Is Committing Suicide

March 28, 2012 by  

The GOP is committing suicide and setting the stage for a third party run.

The Republicans are in the process of committing suicide, and we very well may witness their funeral this coming November.

The GOP has only one contender that could beat Barack Obama this fall, but it would rather throw the match and allow Obama the second term — which he needs to finish off the Constitution once and for all — than to allow a real patriot a shot at the White House, because they know that if Ron Paul gets elected it could spell big trouble for all those who are corrupted and committing treasonous and or criminal acts. These are very dangerous times.

Few people are willing to vote for “out of touch” Mitt Romney, “the overly religious” Rick “the Pope” Santorum or “the perfected and polished politician” Newt Gingrich. Why? Because all of these GOP candidates have failed to listen to, let alone heed, the wishes of the people and are not seen as being as much different or better from the Democrats. And that means that the masses will stay at home out of apathy or helplessness, glued to the sports channel, and the savvier folks will start preparing themselves for the inevitable end of America.

Paul, on the other hand, would inspire the masses to get out and vote. And he would receive votes from all of the parties, including the GOP folks that can’t stand the so called front-runners, the dissatisfied with Obama Democrats, the libertarians, the independents and a good share of the Tea Party. Namely, all those who prefer freedom to tyranny.

I am beginning to expect Paul will be running as either the libertarian or an independent if he doesn’t secure a brokered deal with the GOP and, given the political climate of the day, this could now be the very ripe time for a third party candidate to win. The GOP had better wake up, or else it will be all over for the party and our country.

Paul would now be the nominee if the media had done its job. Let’s hope that somehow something good happens, or else it is all over but the crying.

–Lyle Brunckhorst

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  • cawun cents

    Wasnt the RINO put on the emminently extinct species list in 2009?
    Hopefully they taste better than Bald Eagle.
    But what do I know?
    Apparently very little……..

    • Vigilant

      In 1897 Mark Twain said, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”

      The imminent demise of both Democrat and Republican parties has been reported a number of times in the last couple of decades. They’ve both been around for over a century, and all indications are that they will be with us for a long time to come.

      • Johnny Hiott

        I think you are correct that both “democrats and republicans” will be with us for a long time to come. However , in name only. In truth “democrats” should be called “the socialist party of America” I say this because they had by 1944 adopted every single platform of the socialist party. The republicans in truth should be known as the “fascist party of America” I say this because they adopted every single platform of the fascist under geo “w” bush when congress passed his “patriot act”. Both parties are anti-American people. They are pro world government , pro total enslavement of all peoples. All of our presidents , congress members and most supreme court members are guilty of treason and sedition and have been for many decades now. Law enforcement on the national level is just as corrupt in protecting the lier in chief.The American people from the sixties on have been brainwashed into believing more government is the answer. They are in for an extremely rude awakening !

      • Joe H

        They are now a mere shadow of their former selves. sure they will still be around, but as what? As Johnnie says above the dems could be called the socialist party, as a matter of fact, BOTH could at times!!!

    • eddiew1

      Our main problem is that the GOP is no longer Conservative!!! We need a new “Conservative” or “Constitutional” Party. The GOP is now totally Moderate Leftist, and doesn’t reflect true conservatives at all!! Time to dump it!!!

      • Emm CONSTITUTION PARTY PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATING CONVENTION Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 12:30pm – Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 8:00pm

  • Stephan F.

    Mr. Brunckhorst:

    I’m sorry to say that I disagree with many of the assertions you make. However, your main point that the Republican Party is committing suicide is quite correct. Republican leaders are going all out to minimize and ignore Ron Paul & his supporters, which will splinter the party and very possibly end its ability to compete with the opposition party that’s been able to conscript every rent-seeking freeloader in the country today. For 2012, the Republicans will have to muster every available vote not nailed down to even be able to eek out a razor-thin majority. And those 10-15% of Paul’s voters will sorely be needed. It’s very clear to me that the Republican leadership does not have the luxury to casually dismiss them. But every indication is that their sheer arrogance will get the better of them.

    The disagreements:

    “The GOP has only one contender that could beat Obama this fall” — Not correct. Because most everyday Republican voters are either ignorant, uninformed, or just as vested in the system as their democrat brethren, nominating Ron Paul will keep many more Republicans at home & dissatisfied on election day.

    “Paul, on the other hand, would inspire the masses to get out and vote” — Wont happen for the same reason above. If he can only inspire about 15% of the primary voters to get out and vote, what makes you think he’ll inspire all those socialists/fascists in the other party to support him?

    “I am beginning to expect Paul will be running as a third party candidate…” — Wanna bet? Ron Paul’s integrity is beyond reproach and he’s stated many times he has no plans for that contingency.

    And lastly, here’s my biggest disagreement: “this could now be the very ripe time for a third party candidate to win” — I bet even more with you against that supposition. You really think there’s a snowballs chance of a third party upset of the Demopublicans and their literal billions of advertising dollars when history has shown, with the exception of the Perot campaign, that at best a third party can only muster up 5% in a presidential election? Where did that come from?

    • Vigilant

      I suspect that the primary motivation of voters in November will be to remove Obama from office. People have begun to realize that, after over three years, he now owns the economic problems we are facing. The “blame Bush” litany is beginning to fall on deaf ears, as it should.

      If the 2010 midterm elections were any indication, it’s possible that Dems disappointed in Obama’s lackluster presidential accomplishments, plus a likely scrapping of Obamacare by the SCOTUS, may result in only tepid turnout on their part. He’s damaged goods.

      In the final analysis, it could be something as simple as high gasoline prices that relegate Obama to the trash heap of history. EPA edicts regarding the coal industry, plus Obama’s studied indifference to developing traditional energy sources within the USA, clearly paint this president as out of touch with the middle class and poor.

      Still, the results could be marginal. Enough “bloc” voters (Blacks, Jewish, unions, etc.) combined with voter fraud, could make it a very close race.

      As Ben Crystal pointed out yesterday, “a third-party run would simply relegate Paul to the role of Ross Perot, version 2.0.”

      • Kate8

        Vigilant – We’re all making the naive assumption that we will have a legitimate vote count.
        I contend that the outcome is predetermined by the PTB to insure that they keep control.

        That being said, we must not lose sight of the fact that all but Ron Paul rose to prominence because they belong to the same elitist club, and are backed and funded by the same powers. They hold their allegience, not to America, but to those global corporations now known as the NWO.

        It is all to apparent to me that the Republicans have thrown in the towel and are working to keep Obama in office. They have brought out the same old, same old, even knowing they would be despised by the people, and do all they can to insure that a true statesman has no chance, regardless of his popularity. They are no different from the Democrats, telling us what we want and then forcing down our throats, even as we go kicking and screaming.

        If we expect a fair election, we will be sadly disappointed. The only way we can insure that our votes are accurately counted is if we wrest control of the count from BigBro…who now conducts this in a “secret location” away from the prying eyes of the citizenry… and demand that which is our Constitutional right and duty: measures to insure that only legal, valid and living citizens cast ballots, and that those ballots are fairly counted by panels composed of all parties (note I said “all”, not “both”), with complete oversight.

        Unless we demand this, we can be sure that yet another election is entirely rigged, and we will get what we deserve for the abdication of our own power. If BigBro refuses to allow us to do this, well… that’s the whole story.

      • Vigilant

        Valid points, kate.

      • Stephan F.


        As I mentioned before, Ron Paul will not bolt from the party to conduct some fruitless run for the presidency. I guarantee it — I know how this guy thinks, I’ve been a supporter for some 30 years now. However, there will be other third party candidates, and that could have the same effect you mentioned — therein lies the problem.

        Voting for one of the three stooges whoever gets the final nod (Romney, Gingrich, Santorium) seems most repugnant to me and most Ron Paul supporters. However, once the primary winner is cemented in place, worrying about which third party can proffer a “better” candidate than either major party becomes irrelevant. Because the voting game is fixed, it is inevitable one or the other major parties will win. And despite the fact that every one of those three goons is a pure-bred statist, I consider either of them much more desirable to “lead the country” than a re-election of the current version of Il Duce, Benito Obama. I can at least take a small bit of solace from the fact that folks who have a similar take on the election might be able to flex a tiny amount of our muscle and help influence the direction the country is taking. To just stay home and sit on your thumbs, or make some kind of pointless ideological third party vote, is a complete waste of an opportunity – trust me, it doesn’t work. And it puts you into the category of a quitter, and let’s face it, labels you a cry-baby. “Whaaaaa, I can’t get my way so I’ll show you. I’ll just stay home and not vote – there”. Now that’s real smart.

    • Jazzabelle

      Stephan F. wrote: “Ron Paul’s integrity is beyond reproach and he’s stated many times he has no plans for that contingency [running as a 3rd party or independent].”

      To be more accurate, Ron Paul has repeatedly refused to answer that question. He has said he has no plans to do that because he is doing so well as a Republican. He has also repeatedly refused to rule out a 3rd party/independent run.

      • Stephan F.


        You’re referring to the typical (and of course highly biased) TV interview where the first question out of the reporter’s mouth to Ron Paul is: “if you don’t get the nomination, will you run as a third party?” (With the all the problems in the country, you’d think a reporter would have a truly relevant question to ask, but no, the idiot must ask this stupid question first — outrageous!). And Dr. Paul’s answer is almost always: “I have no plans to do that”. To me, that doesn’t sound like a “refusal to answer the question”, does it? Asked and answered. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that it is not an absolute & 100% guarantee that he wont run as a third party, but imho it’s very-very close to that. Want to make a wager?

      • Jazzabelle

        Stephan F. wrote: “You’re referring to the typical (and of course highly biased) TV interview where the first question out of the reporter’s mouth to Ron Paul is: “if you don’t get the nomination, will you run as a third party?” (With the all the problems in the country, you’d think a reporter would have a truly relevant question to ask, but no, the idiot must ask this stupid question first — outrageous!). And Dr. Paul’s answer is almost always: “I have no plans to do that”. To me, that doesn’t sound like a “refusal to answer the question”, does it? Asked and answered. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that it is not an absolute & 100% guarantee that he wont run as a third party, but imho it’s very-very close to that. Want to make a wager?”

        I’m actually referring to a number of different interviews, including the early debates, in which Ron Paul always said the same thing; that he had no CURRENT plans to run as an independent or 3rd party because he had no reason to even consider doing so, given that he was doing so well in the primary. And yes, sometimes the interviewer presses him hard for an answer, trying to get him to promise that he won’t run if he isn’t nominated, and he always shrugs and says the same thing; that he’s not going to rule it out.

        I’m not a wagering type of woman (gambling and all that), but I do have hope that he will run even if he isn’t nominated. Also, it’s illustrative to compare his answers to these issues (discussed above) with the way he answered the same question in the last presidential election. Do you remember? He flatly ruled out a 3rd party/independent run, saying that 20+ states required him to sign an agreement that he wouldn’t do that as a condition of getting on the ballot in the first place. I don’t know whether those laws/policies have been changed, but he sure hasn’t mentioned them this time around (to my knowledge).

  • peter

    If the November elections were not becoming such a joke I’d be crying. Be prepared for more hopey, changey or whatever he will tell you it is when he is re-elected in November and all I can say is God help us all, never mind just the USA. With Obama, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul all working together, they can still not fix the mess. Too late. They are dreaming and so are we. We need to fix what needs fixing and ” it’s not the economy stupid.”

    • Kate8

      peter – What blows me away is that it is well known and documented that Obama’s biggest backers come through Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, yet the simpleton liberals still believe that he wants to bring them down.

      I can only surmise that these people are too busy listening to Lady Gaga to pay any attention whatsoever to what is going on.

      I recently had lunch with two friends from high school, who were sisters. One of them carried…not one…but TWO pictures of Obama in her wallet. I’m sorry to say that I lost some respect for her intelligence at that point, and it saddened my heart to see that there are so many really well-intentioned people who are so clueless, and who are participating in the demise of our nation in the name of some silly, and completely delusional, ideology.

      I would seem that corruption is so firmly entrenched in America (and everywhere else, too), and that the people have become so ignorant and brainwashed by being plugged into media every waking moment… That the only solution will have to come from something far out of our control, to bring us back into reality. Otherwise, we will become ever more enslaved by technology and will continue to comply without so much as a whimper…

      • Joe

        That girl carrying a picture of Obama in her wallet???? It reminds me of that movie “Independence Day” where all those people were welcoming the aliens,who they knew nothing about, with open arms before really knowing who they are, ignoring the ominous and negative obvious action of them hovering over them without communicating with them which signals “bad” vibrations to normal cautious conservative people. Then, “BOOM’ !!! The aliens blasted them into dust……Obama is a person nobody really knows about;very unimpressive history. All his actions are to take away from those who work hard and penalize them for being successful;except for those other fellow government workers who take from the same money stream of taxes for income.

  • martha davis

    We Americans want an honest President that represents us, one different than the
    last three or four but we aren;t willing to vote for a man who is that way, why ?
    If we all voted for Ron Paul, wrote his name in or put our money to him so he could
    win, he could win. We all are so ignorant of our power. Sitting home and not voting
    makes us deserve the bad things that will happen to this country if Obama gets in
    or any of the others.
    Stand up and make a good choice instead of being gutless. Martha

    • skippy

      Thanks Martha! You go girl!!!
      I am soon to be sixty years old, have had two sons in the Marines….and my heart cries for this country and its young people everyday. The ignorance is absolutely unnerving. I believe Dr. Paul is NOT getting treated fairly, but then why would the media want anyone, ANYONE to hear the truth, his message. Thanks again Martha for the great post.

    • Vigilant

      “If we all voted for Ron Paul, wrote his name in or put our money to him so he could
      win, he could win.”

      martha, in logic that’s called a tautology: it’s necessarily true. In no way does it expand knowledge of a subject, nor does it address the relevant question of the number of voters who will actually vote for Dr. Paul.

      • Thor

        “Tautology”….nice word. But to come to a verdict of circular logic one must first have all the facts. Do you? How do you, Vigilant, know who is getting support from whom and who the people really will vote for when your only source of information comes from one of two sources: 1) the state-run media or 2) Fox news, which is dominated by neocon GOP shills and has been put in place and tolerated (by the powers that be) to offer faux resistance and ladle off dissenters with the false impression their vote counts.

      • Vigilant

        Now Thor, why do you feel compelled to fabricate from whole cloth your totally baseless charges? My statement was, “nor does it address the relevant question of the number of voters who will actually vote for Dr. Paul.”

        Did that statement say who I “know who is getting support from whom and who the people really will vote for…?” No, it did not.

        As for my sources of information, do you sit by my side and audit my research methods? I don’t think so.

        A little reading comprehension can go a long way. You should try it sometime.

      • Joe H

        Well Vig, I see you haven’t lost anything while I’ve been absent!!! Keep up the good fight. BTW mine is one vote you CAN be sure of to support Dr. Paul!

  • Jimmy

    Ron Paul is a brilliant analyst and a good man.
    It is a shame that less than 50% of the people vote in the presidential election. No the GOP is not committing suicide it is the American people letting the Democrats and the Obama Clan/Czars sytematicaly destroying our way of life with Socialist Moving Ahead, “Were Moving in the Right Direction” Ideologies.
    Please get out and vote in November 2012.

  • Carolyn Alder

    Where would we be if Ron Paul had not been in Congress for the last 12 terms standing practically alone in defense of freedom and the Constitution?

    It is not the President’s prerogative to legislate (although we have made the office “King” of the people). But he is the only one who would provide a firm VETO.

    It is political parties that have destroyed constitutional government. I doubt that a third party will save the nation, although we belong to the Constitution Party. We will not have constitutional government until the people demand constitutional government which we will not do as long as we enjoy our entitlements and socialism.

  • Richard Breitling

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that has stood firm in all the years he has served in the House of Representatives, and almost alone among the people who are SUPPOSED to represent us, the people! I haven’t been voting because the Republican party had abandoned me and now they are abandoning the only true patriot, Ron Paul! I will vote for PAUL and if he is not elected, God help us!!!.

  • Ted Crawford

    I feel as if i’ve awakened in some bizzarre alter-universe! Many times in my lifetime i’ve watched far left despots rise up to be worshipped , at first, by the people of their countrys.They promise a far left Utopia and are widely believed and swept into power with praise and adoration. The people naively accepting their egregious promises! This is the very first time I’ve seen the same reaction to a right wing Utopian!

    The problem, of course, is that Utopia does not, and cannot exist, It is rendered impossible by the very fact of human nature! Dr. Paul has, somehow, managed to blind, the otherwise informed and aware Conservatives to this simple fact! If, in fact, the GOP dies, it will have been murdered by the deciples of Dr. Paul!

    • Jazzabelle


      Ron Paul has never promised utopia. He’s only promised that he will do his best to get government out of people’s way. The rest is up to us, as individuals, to work hard and build the kind of lives we want for ourselves.

    • Kate8

      Ted – Bizarre universe, indeed! If there are really parallel ones, I’d love to jump into another one!

      Yes, leftists love to deify their political leaders, and will support them no matter what they say or do, no matter how outrageous. Their minds seem to become so locked into ideology that they cannot see reality.

      As far as conservatives doing the same…I don’t quite agree. Rather, I think that they are seeing clearly that the status quo has abandoned conservative principles such as smaller government (which Santorum places to their credit), and are not willing to make that compromise. When our leaders betray us, we withdraw our support. That only makes sense to thinking people.

      As far as Ron Paul, he has proved to be someone who consistently walks his talk. He has not wavered throughout his long career…not as a physician nor as a politician. He offers no apologies for not being a hardline conservative, either, so he’s not speaking out of both sides of his mouth. (That is a rare quality, indeed, if not nearly extinct.) He appears to be someone we can respect, because we know who he is and where he stands. And he also knows what issues are within the realm of governance and which are not, so his personal stance on those issues become irrelevant. He appears to be a strict Constitutionalist…the only one who is… So if we truly want a return to legitimate government, we MUST have that.

      Of course, it takes more than a POTUS to make changes. That is, unless he thinks like Obama and arbitrarily usurps that power with the stroke of a pen (I can’t believe we accept that). But we do need one who understands the meaning of a Constitutional Republic, who is not intimidated by foreign powers nor sells out to them for personal power, who is ready to put his life on the line for what he knows is right and honorable, is of known character… who has no hidden agendas and no hidden past… and does not fear the media. And, most of all, who believes in the American people, and seeks to serve and represent in his leadership, rather than rule absolutely.

      There is a great difference between support and worship.

      At any rate, I can assure you that if he ever begins to waver in his convictions, conservatives will abandon him, too. He’ll go into the same garbage bin along with Romney, Gingrich and Santorum (and the despised-by-all GWB).

      We expect better from our people. We cannot, must not, support a sell-out just because they have an “R” after their name. That is what the Democrats do, and look where we are now.

    • Joe H

      do me a big favor and state one time Dr. paul has not voted straight along with the constitution. Name one time he has promised to vote one way and didn’t keep his word. Name one lie he has told the people “for their own good”! now state those same stats on the other RINOS running. your post is a bald faced LIE!

  • enough

    If Ron Paul doesn’t become president, then our republic is lost.

    The republicans have been selling us out (think patriot act and the defense bill) every bit as bad as the communist based democraps have.

    None of them are worthy of our votes or even be called an American and most of them should be tried for high treason.

  • s c

    I can live with the idea that the ‘Republican’ party is about to become extinct. How can I help this happen faster?
    Let’s not forget about the ‘Democrat’ party. I’m hearing that some ‘Democrats’ are fed up with the false ‘God’ in the W H.
    Beyond that, I can live with the idea that there’s no reason to be associated with ANY political party, people. Why can’t we get things done without gluing labels to ourselves? The Founding Fathers said to AVOID political parties. They were more than right. They were prophetic.

    • JimH

      I’m not as much concerned about the extintion of the Republican party as much as I’m concerned about what will replace it.
      Will it be what is needed to get our country back on track, or just more of the same ol lame-o.
      What I really don’t understand is why the Democrat party hasn’t already imploded on itself.
      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

      • s c

        JimH, thus sayeth the Who [good song]. As for the ‘Repubs,’ at least they haven’t opened a Big Tent – yet. That doesn’t make me see them as any kind of icons. In the matter of the ‘Dems,’ they’re running out of wacko groups to infest their Big Tent. About the only one left is NAMBLA, and that’s a matter of time.
        For me, we’re where we are for several main reasons, including an education system that failed long ago, people who refuse to see though layers of b s and self-serving, useful idiots who refuse to grow up and expect to be seen as god-like, world-class intellectuals (yes, BOTH fricking parties). A pox or two on both.

  • Thor

    Right on time, LB. With one exception:

    “Paul would now be the nominee if the media had done its job.”

    Fact is they have done the job they were supposed to do–keep Paul from the top spot in the GOP. The fact we are just months away from the real deal and have such a lame flock of front runners is sure proof the intentional confusion driven by the state run media is complete and effective.

    While we have been so worried about how many wives Gingrich has had, whether Santorum will want to force women to have babies they don’t want and whether Romney is secretly an Obama worshiper, Barry is sittin’ back, cheesing at the boob tube and picking his own candidate. Many fence sitters are going to take a good look at the flip-side of Obama and figure “why take a chance on unknown variables?”

    It’s like rubbing skin softener on an open wound!

    This has got to be the strangest rat killin’ I have ever witnessed.

    The GOP did not actually die a quick death at the hands of a better political opponent; it, like the Democratic party of old, has dissolved in a Sargasso sea of relativism. The only reason we believe the Democratic Party still exists is because progressives and anarchists liked that monicker better and have assumed its phonetic shape over the last century.

    Now, we are a one-party system with a socialist economy and a central government that is fast becoming totalitarian…what does that sound like?

    • Joe H

      i wonder what the press and media is going to say when their plan backfires on them and Odumberer starts putting controls on them??? Think it couldn’t happen? I’ll bet that’s the same thing certain people said before obama care, the patriot act, the new civillian arrest law, and all other sorts of other constitution tramplings!!!

      • Kate8

        Joe H – Er… haven’t you noticed? Obama’s been tightening the already-present controls on the media.

        The same corporations which own Obama and the rest of DC, already own and control the all but the smallest of internet news sources. In fact, they own EVERYTHING.

        The only thing they don’t own is a handful of die-hard patriots who refuse to hand ourselves over.

        BTW, how are ya, Joe? I’ve been gone awhile, too. Good to see your posts.

      • Joe H

        doing ok. Just busy. Everyone waits till they need something to get it fixed instead of getting it repaired ahead of time!! I’ve been swamped.

  • dan

    The media lost it’s reputation when it allowed itself to become politicized …
    as has the Supreme Court…
    Politics has become abusive,promising at each election that ‘this time it’ll be different’
    and like the battered and bruised who refuse to press charges.
    The only thing worse than being abused is to be abandoned…kicked to the curb…
    but at least then one can get up an start over.
    Ron Paul is the opportunity to begin again…but vOTE…it’s a beginning

    • dan

      sorry…should read : we are like the battered…

    • Joe H

      I did in the primaries and will again in the general. I do though, wonder if there is enough intelligence left in the voters to be able to see the eminent threat to our freedoms if Odumberer gets back in!!! I worry about what he was talking about in that open mic incident with Uri’s representative. Those missiles may be needed in the very near future!!

  • Joe

    Paul doesn’t inspire me. I will vote for any Republican and NEVER vote for Obama.I will not vote for a third party candidate because it would only split the Republican vote. I did that once for Ross Pero and NEVER AGAIN!!! I learned my lesson.

    • Jazzabelle


      Ross Perot was mainstream, with a somewhat creative twist to his approach. He appealed to mainstream voters who were fed up with business as usual but who were unwilling to inspect their basic political assumptions and ask themselves WHY the status quo was so bad. He attracted supporters from both major parties (thus, potentially, splitting votes from both parties if he had stayed in the race). In the end, the major reason Clinton won was that Perot dropped out of the race just before the Democrat convention, leaving millions of his supporters to suddenly have to figure out who else to support. They watched Clinton on TV the very next week, and bada-bing. Some of them would have voted for Clinton anyway, if Perot had never entered the race (the Democrats); some wouldn’t have, and that’s why Perot ENDED UP splitting the Republican vote and not the Democrat vote. In short, with all due respect to you, Joe, the majority of Perot supporters were typical sheeple, led around by the nose by the corporate media.

      Ron Paul, on the contrary, represents a radical divergence from the political status quo. He comes from inside one of the major parties and leads from the traditional (conservative) side of that party. He doesn’t appeal to mainstream sheeple who are just frustrated and don’t know what to do about it other than vote for the new guy. Instead, he attracts principled people who love freeedom and want everyone to have it, including people who disagree with them. That is the reason that Ron Paul gets support from across the political spectrum–just like Ross Perot, but for a very different reason. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the Republican nomination, you’re right, he will split votes as a 3rd party or independent candidate. But, like Perot before he quit the race, those votes will be split from both major parties. In my opinion, both parties will richly deserve it. You could be right that more Republicans than Democrats would vote for Ron Paul and thus Obama would win re-election (although that is far from certain, in my perspective). Ultimately, I would rather have Obama again in order to teach the corrupt and out-of-touch Republican establishment a lesson, than elect a socialist Republican who will simply continue Obama’s agenda but without any opposition from the Republicans in Congress.

      As for me, I’m voting for Ron Paul regardless of the outcome. Mainstream Republicans are going to have to figure out how to deal with voters like me, because we’re not going away. The Republican Party is being accused of “sacrificing” this election in order to keep the Ron Paul types out of power; well, are they going to sacrifice every single election moving forward? Because I’m not giving my votes to a party like that. Good luck to them figuring out how to survive, now that their political base has awakened to the idea of liberty.

      • Joe H

        RON PAUL/ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012!!! The only smart vote!!

      • Kate8

        I’ll second that, Joe H!

        I’ll even volunteer to count votes.

        You know, it would be very difficult for anyone who understands what is at stake to make an accurate count that you know means the end of America.

        Can you imagine how much treasonous politicians have invested in making sure elections turn out according to plan? Now that they’ve removed the vote-count from any citizen oversight, who honestly believes they even bother to count them? How likely is it that the entirely corrupt, power-crazed sociopaths in control will defer to the voice of the people?

        There is so much utter nonsense and insanity coming from governance these days. What makes us think that they will run honest elections? They’ve already demonstrated that they have no intention of allowing the people to decide who wins. I just hope that very large numbers of folks are noticing.

      • Joe H

        Yup, just like the unions and the voting machines used in dirty harry’s reelection!!! Funny how on the test run the machines voted for dirty harry no matter who was voted for!!!

    • Emm

      A vote is wasted when not used to express genuine belief. Get over the fear of voting third party or nothing will EVER change.

      In 1996, 2000, 2008 principled conservatives did not vote due to little difference between the duopoly of the 2 major parties. So therefore the conservative vote is already split between Republicans and those who will not vote for a ‘moderate’. Voting for the Constitution Party is a vote for our Constitution and the investment in restoring our country.

  • hardymachia

    Ron Paul supporters….

    Paul is working on a brokered convention strategy. What’s the best way to improve Paul’s leverage at the RNC?

    Support Gary Johnson…

    Johnson is at 7% in three way race with Obama/Romney and 75% of the people don’t even know how Johnson is yet. Help improve Johnson’s name recognition. If Johnson gets to 15% then he gets in the general election debates…that would be the worst possible thing for the GOP nominee to have Johnson in the debates so they will work to avoid it and one way to avoid it is to give concessions to Paul.

    Improve Paul’s leverage by supporting Johnson too. If you are asked to answer a poll and the choices are Johnson/Obama/Romney/other… don’t answer other, answer Johnson. Don’t talk about writing in Paul — the GOP loves to hear that because you vote won’t matter — instead tell the GOP if they don’t pick Paul then you are going to vote for Johnson.

    Donate! Paul can pull in a million dollar money bomb…No news there. If Johnson had a million dollar money bomb then the media will take notice, by talking about him more in general election match-ups/polls, and the side-effect being to Paul’s leverage is increased at the RNC.

    Supporting Johnson helps Paul leverage liberty within the GOP. Saying No One But Paul tells the GOP that you are interested in only the messenger and not the message of liberty. They need to fear you voting for Johnson not that you will not show up to vote or write-in Paul.


  • Rocketman

    I’ve said EXACTLY the same thing. And you forgot to add that there are thousands and thousands of college age voters that have shown strong support for Paul and are not likely to support the other three.
    All Paul has to do is either announce his candidacy for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination or simply endorse whoever runs for the LP and the LP will be able to pick up 25% to 40% of the vote. Not enough to win but enough to make the LP the third major party and eventually run the GOP, who promises every time that they are the party of limited, small government and then go back on their word and make the LP the major limited government party.

  • ChuckL

    This article had a potential to be useful, but that potential was totally wasted. It became a Ron Paul propaganda piece instead of being the educational article that it could have been.

    Rather than being an educational piece that laid out the errors and fallacies and continued on to provide a path to regeneration of the Republican Party, this is more of an assassination piece, all complaint and no corrective advice. It is well below the expected quality of this web site.

    • Kate8

      Well, gee, ChuckL, I didn’t see any solutions offered up in your post. I’m all ears. Or eyes, as it were.

      First of all, when you realize that the 2-party system was set up to make the people THINK they have choices, while the real powers at play pick the frontrunners from their own minions (assuring that their plans move forward regardless of who wins), you start to wonder just what constitutes a fix.

      This is not a new thing. It has gone on throughout our history, along with voter fraud and stolen elections. Yet we, as Americans, want to believe that everyone and everything is on the up-and-up, that politicians can be honest, and that things are just as they seem. Anyone who is at all bright can look at world history and know that politics is a dirty game of pandering for power, taking bribes and eliminating those who get in the way of the most powerful.

      At the level of the populace…sure, people subscribe to the ideological concepts of their parties. But those who rise to positions of power do so by selling out to those with the most money and who can keep them in office while providing a seductive lifestyle. They become completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent. After all, it’s pretty hard to relate to those you are betraying for self-interests. Much easier to just go along with the Club and forget about the stupid unwashed, who will love you as long as you promise them whatever they want for free. They don’t even notice that you never seem to deliver. They get what they deserve, after all. Everyone sells their souls to the devil and then live in bondage to those who are their “benefactors”, all the while blaming those on the other side of the aisle. It’s perfect.

      So, just what is it you would like to resurrect?

      The only thing which is going to help us is to take a good hard look at our human nature, and really see what we’ve been doing to ourselves. That’s the only way to make any changes which will be for the better… and we have to want “better” for our fellow man, not just for ourselves.

      Someone recently said, “It’s not a problem with capitalism. It’s a problem with morality”. The enemy had to corrupt our people, so they could blame our free system. Yet, when we live to serve our fellow man, we thrive. When we live only for ourselves, we degrade.

      Has always been so.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Tell it like it is! can be the watchword for this article. The Republican Party finds itself in such a political pickle this cycle that it does not know what to do, so it continues to muck the waters even more effectively, I think.

    Although some who made comments to this article think the article is a puff piece in favor of Ron Paul, I cannot understand why anyone who claims to be politically savvy cannot come to the conclusion that Republicans who are battling for front runner status apparently are Tweedledee and Tweedledum, something that may be playing right into Obama’s re-election guarantee–Heaven forbid! Is that part of a deal?

    As this article hypothesized, Ron Paul may declare as an Independent candidate for the November presidential election. My retort to that is: When; why not NOW? If Ron Paul declares now there probably would be a huge political shift between both Democrats and Republicans who DO see the forest for the trees and, allegorically speaking, realize that the candidate-emperors are stark naked, which probably would influence both the media and disgruntled voters of the need for voting into office a person with not only experience and expertise from numerous years in Congress, but integrity to occupy the Oval Office and save the U.S. Constitution, our personal liberties, and stop the USA’s apparent march into socialism, God forbid.

  • http://None Donald Whitley

    What kind of garbage is this oputfit trying to put our sounds more like the Denocrates to me.
    first Just because a man is Religious does not make him a Left wind Demo. so get off of it.
    Rick Santroum is the only and best candidate who will bring our Country back to a Christain Nation not Muslim as Obama is trying to show. I also am a Religious Baptist, Past chief of Police, Business Owner and a good Republican. God is watching what every one is saying and I doubt happy with the results. If someone other them him, then we need to vote for that person we, have to get Obama out of there he is taking our countrydown faster then we can recover. Any Votes for someone else is a vote for OBAMA. Now what is hard to understand about that.

  • http://At& Robert

    So far all I have seen is a dog & pony show. I guess when we vote we will have to hold our noses. They should be telling all of the good things that our President hasn’t done, instead taking cheap shots at other.

    • Joe H

      On the contrary!! In the primaries I voted for Ron Paul and walked away from my polling place with my head held high!!! It felt extremely good to do so FOR A CHANGE!!!

  • Donald York

    Congressman Ron Paul IS our only hope for our republic. He is a true American patriot.
    There are STILL good people who represent our best interests in congress. I trust people like Michelle Bachman, Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Mitch Daniels, Joe Manchin, Haley Barbour, and i will not vote for an establishment politician who refuses to do their jobs that they get paid to do. I look forward to voting for Josh Mandel here in Ohio over Sherrod Brown.

  • simian pete

    The end of the Republican Party ! Anything can happen ! These are exciting times….

    It’s going to be one bumpy roller coaster ride, the track is getting old. Suicidal voters – electing criminal politicians…

    It’s the end of the Repubs ….

    • cawun cents

      I’m going out so you better get this Party party started.
      I’ll pour libations into my gullet over that sentiment!

  • Clay Bacon

    How can votes for Ron Paul be counted? Voter Fraud is not limited to illegal aliens and the lie about any creature, including ignobles, born in any of the 57 states being a citizen. The Reptiles are not — I mean Repubicans are not counting votes for Ron Paul! The Blue Bloods insist on New England Liberal Mitt Romneycare and refuse to allow an honest counting of the votes, a la “Battle of Athens,” (Tenn.) which you should see.

  • Arby Justice Wilder

    If Paul is not nominated the GOP will be dust. They keep putting up their establishment guy which is the same as electing the establishment left guy = NO CHOICE!

  • Melvin

    Who stole my Zanax and Lexapro? Was it the elephants or the jackdonkies? Seriously though, I will vote for Ron Paul. He makes sense while the other idiots have to use an etch-a-sketch just to find out who they really are. America has gone to hell in a hand-basket. Maybe there is a utopia out there in space where there are no politicians. I will be searching for it.

  • Garth Miller

    Its pretty much been said- Republican candidates all have baggage, and probably are not electable, Obama wins a second term, and a third party candidate makes a run. I voted for Paul and he was the favorite (over 50%) candidate within our rural county, but the state was overwhelming for Romney. Being a conservative RINO, I have little faith in Republicans being moral or ethical (except Santorum), and they appear to have no idea how to balance a budget, make laws, or administer them. Our national decline was began by Reaganomics, and the Republicans’ trend to accept big money (bribes), favor their greedy wealthy special interest friends, and defer government management to multinational Corporations spells disaster for the country.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    To the GOP establishment, and to all naïve primary voters: Your ignorance is pathetic!! I’m tired of hearing all the BS – that true conservatives are unelectable. BS!! Although not perfect, Ronald Reagan was a bold outspoken and successful conservative. He won in 2 landslides in 1980 and 1984!! But in 1976, 1996 and 2008, the GOP nominated 3 weak moderates – Ford, Dole and McCain, respectively. They all lost to democraps!! And now, all of you morons want to nominate a RINO Rockefeller type governor whose record appears even more liberal than that of the 3 above-mentioned losers. ….. I can only think of 2 words – Why ROMNEY?? By that, I mean: Why ‘Repeat Old Mistakes – Not Educated Yet’????


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