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The Germ Theory of Disease Underwrites Establishment Medicine

June 17, 2009 by  

The Germ Theory of Disease Underwrites Establishment Medicine

When we say we “caught a cold” or we “caught the flu”, we are promoting establishment medicine and huge profits for them. All the vaccination and immunization industry is based on a germ theory of disease which simply says that viruses and bacteria are transferred from one person to another by “germs.” Almost nobody questions this dogma. Yet if we think about it for a minute, it’s downright foolish. Such foolishness flows to unthinking masses who live by medical establishment propaganda.

If John Doe or Mary Sue in a community “catches” a virus, then the germ theory says that everyone who comes in contact with either of these two will “catch” the virus. We absolutely know that this is not true. We also know that in the flu epidemic of 1918, or any other disease epidemic, that not all who came in contact with the virus got sick. There is no applied external immunity. Immunity is internal. This in no way implies that we should be careless with personal hygiene and sanitation. It is the human organism that provides its own immunity; otherwise, the human race would have been extinct for thousands of years.

Many people walked and worked in the midst of the bubonic plague and did not die or even get sick. Ninety percent of the people are reported to have died. All may be true, but what about the 10 percent survivors? Nothing else needs to be known to refute the germ theory of disease.

Vaccines are for profit upon the bodies of infants, children and adults. Legally speaking, under the pretense of immunization health, almost all ages are under assault. “The lowest forms of filth known to man are injected into the unknowing population.” (From the book Bacteria, Inc.)

We are told and intimidated by medical propaganda over and over that we must be protected internally from diseases that originate in the external environment.

Against the assault of these “microscopic organism” bacteria, we are told that we must protect ourselves with immunizing shots for smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, colds, influenza, pneumonia, scarlet fever, whooping cough and many other invading armies of disease microbes.

All authority from the federal government down to the clinics and school personnel embrace this myth as gospel. And the federal government, in symbiotic fraternity with the drug cartel, even pays for many shots. The people, sick and poor, don’t have a chance against this assault. Why do they not guarantee us to be disease free? Where is the "Science of Preventive Medicine"?

Countless new serums and vaccines are developed with the promise of perfect protection from the ravages of external and communicable disease.

Scientists know that bacteria cannot ferment or decompose living tissue. Instead, bacteria feed on broken-down body cells. Until it can be shown that bacteria or viruses have an affinity for healthy cells, the belief that they cause disease will remain unsupportable. Instead, bacteria are scavengers that keep the body clean.

“Immunization to date has been based on the Ehrlich Theory that the inoculation of disease products in subpathogenic doses creates antibodies, or defending entities, against any subsequent mass invasion. Not only is there no evidence of these so-called antibodies being formed, but there is ground for believing that the injected germ proteins hybridize with the body proteins to form new tribes, half animal and half human, whose characteristics and effects cannot be predicted… Even non-toxic bacterial substances sometimes hybridize with serum albumins to form specific poisons which continue to multiply, breed and cross-breed ad infinitum, doing untold harm as its reproductivity may continue while life lasts.” (From Bacteria, Inc. pp 19)

The marked increase of old diseases in children and adults and the development of new ones parallel the expansion of “preventive medicine” and warrant suspicion and examination. All originate because commercialism is the God of modern medicine.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Peter Melville

    Doctors think they can control things but they can’t and they can’t explain why some get well against all odds.

  • http://none Pat Mencke

    Steven Hill | Offer Paid Sick Leave
    Steven Hill, The New York Daily News: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has confirmed 45 deaths associated with swine flu among more than 17,500 cases reported. With the U.S. economy already reeling, workplaces also have been affected, causing President Obama to urge workers with flu symptoms to ‘stay home.’ But for far too many American workers, that is easier said than done. About 160 nations provide mandatory paid sick days, with 127 providing a week or more annually. Unfortunately the U.S. is not one of them, leaving some 60 million workers – 43% of the private industry labor force – without any paid sick days.”

  • http://none Pat Mencke

    The premise of this article is so mistaken that it hardly merits a response. But the author must think some of us are too stupid to understand how misleading the article is to listen up.
    The STUDY OF MEDICINE is based on the scientific method of thinking by which a hypothesis is asked in the form of a question. Then researchers are able to test the hypothesis to see if it could be true. If it is found to have no relevance to data already proven to be true or if it does not yield a result that produces is positive, it is judged to be irrelevant. It is still stored in case new information comes along,
    If some researcher plans and executes a research design that produces curative results, the results must be able to be duplicated by many other researches before it thought to be relevant. Only then can the side affects be studied and that process start over with a new hypothesis.
    The study of medicine has brought us cures for yellow fever, polio, plague, and thousands of diseases of civilization. Doctors have also learned how to remove diseased organs, mend broken bones, control fevers, prevent many birth mortalities, help people live longer, make people more comfortable, and to prevent many diseases that would previously have been fatal. They are still working on cancer, spinal disorders, milaria, Alzheimers, HIV, and many others although some of these can be controlled to some extinct.
    It is true that there is much research to be done and that we don’t currently have all the answers. But we have come a long, long way. Many more discoveries must be made and a lot of hard work is left to be done.
    However, there is no other system that mankind has going for it that is as thorough, has as much accumulated data, has as many dedicated adherents and researchers, and has a “do no harm” rule built into it. It isn’t perfect, but it is the best system we have available to mankind at this point in our development.
    Any other thing around, by comparison, falls into the area of the witch doctor, the snake oil salesman, old wives tales, and a few “Eastern” medicine rituals with very little apparent benefit. Most of these definitely fall into the category of exploitation for money.
    Support Medical Research whenever you get the opportunity. Use “real” doctors when you need a treatment–they will have the best available information. And did I say support medical research?

  • Eric Bischoff

    Pat Mencke,
    I wholeheartedly disagree with you. We should be debating these ideas and the big money healthcare industry is the big elephant in the room.

    Western style, allopathic, surgery, heavy testing healthcare is nothing but a huge business. It has nothing to do with making us healhtier. It has everything to do with making as much money as possible. And if the status quo were really interested in our health instead of money, they would acknowledge many other forms of treatments, some ridiculously cheap and simple and they would not spend so much time, energy and money trying to wipe out the competition. The sad part is that the Do No Harm is so hypocritical these days (cancer treatments anyone).

    Your condescending comments at the end on any other thing around, which I would wager you probably know almost nothing concrete about, is where you show your true colors. You are obviously a product of the close minded AMA system which still knows nothing about basic nutrition and health.

    Your kind of thinking is why our health care system is the most expensive and least successful in the world. You can gloat all you want about your profession but then how do you explain our ranking in the world. 37 is it & behind Morocco?

    Finally on supporting research, I want to throw up everytime I see another raise money for cancer walk or whatever methods they are using these days. How much has been raised in the last 50 years and what has been accomplished. Are we getting better? What is the real success rate when you don’t play with the numbers? Who gets all this money and what are they doing with it?

    We’d be better off telling people the truth about diet, lifestyle and environment and plain hygiene. But hey! watch out now we’d be treading on dangerous grounds, the world of big money and big lobbyists, the world of the pharma industrial complex, the agribusiness industrial complex, the processed food industrial complex, the chemical industrial complex and we know that they can crush you. Just ask Oprah.

    • Ray


      You nailed it. Healthcare is a big business that benefits the medical profession, hospitals, pharmacial companies and the so called research industry-everone except for the patients.

      And for those people who think that they are covered by their health insurance, think again. If you were to come down with a major illness that requires an extensive hospital stay and then the subsequent follow up- then you will realized how much coverage you actually have.-when your insurance won’t cover the bills.

      Medical costs is the leading cause of bankrupty in this country. That is very seldom reported by the mainstream media. However the media will give broad coverage to the latest miracle drug. Then after a few years you find that miracle drug turns out to have many side effects and sometimes is fatal.

      About 40 years ago a research report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture called ” Benefits from Human Nutritional Research” stated that the leading causes of death could be modified by improvements in diet. This report was so frightening to organized medicine , processed food and pharmaceutical industriesthat the government never acted on it.

      How much do Doctors know about nutrition? Nothing because they’re not taught in medicial school-only about drugs.

  • Eric g

    I’am for lowering the requrements to be a doctor of medicine , of course I’am hoping to still get good sevice at a lower cost . There really is no reason we have to have special medical billers , with high wages that send out confusing bills maybe doctor could write their notes in English rather than Latin . In Italy they can write in latin . This all takes aditional training . Aditional training for no conceivable benifit , Sad to say but it used to be called Hocus pocus when the witch doctor did it . Eliminate Hocus Pocus , I’am not sure we need to build new hospitals and clinics in evrey little town evrey twenty miles apart We had better service forty yrs ago in rural america when all the doctor delivered babies and dared to try to save a life . Now they want you to come in so they can send you to a specialist or a helicopter . If you bleed to death before the plane lands , they have done all they could do , give transfusions and call the helicopter .
    My duaghter bled to death in three hrs from the phema artery while two doctors gave her transfusions . but I dont think they even tried to stop the bleeding , Of course the wind was to much for the first helicopter . this same clinic saved my friend with a broken aorota which is much bigger blood vesel .but that was on a weekday .

  • toby Lee

    You should all take a look at the data on vitamin D and cancer prevention. It is all laid out on You will not hear this from the pharma industry as there is little money to be make from vitamin D. There is now as much data showing vitamin D prevents cancer as there is showing smoking causes cancer. take a look, you will be impressed

  • jumping

    I am sorry to see this sort of garbage actually passed off as serious thought. For those who don’t believe in the germ theory of disease, I would suggest you go back to using your drinking water source for a sewer, take long walks in mosquito infested swamps without insect repellent, volunteer to work in your local schools during the next flu epidemic, and otherwise follow the idiotic premise of Mr. Livingston to its logical conclusion. It may well be that pharmaceutical companies make a fortune as a result of the germ theory of disease, but that is our stupidity in allowing the profit motive to dominate the provision of medical care in this country. Why do the same folks who believe Mr. Livingston rail against health care reform? As for immunizations, that is the one area of the pharmaceutical industry that is the least profitable. With the exception of recently introduced vaccines, we practically have to beg companies to produce vaccines. There are constant shortages of many important vaccines. Again, I suggest Mr. Livingston and his acolytes wade barefoot through horse manure and then tell us how tetanus is not really a disease causing germ and the tetanus shot doesn’t really protect us from the disease.
    Eric G. I am sorry for the loss of your daughter, but can’t understand why you think less training would have saved her life. Sounds like the people who took care of her could have used a little more training. The femoral artery is a major blood vessel and it takes about as long to bleed out from a severed femoral artery as it does from a slashed carotid artery (the big artery in your neck.) That’s a lot less than 4 hours. Doctors in much of the world, including the USA, write their notes in English, but they do tend to write in their own local language. They don’t write or speak Latin in Italy anymore, at least not for the last 1000 years or so. I remember taking Latin in high school, but never learned it well and they certainly don’t teach it in medical school.
    Toby, you are right about Vitamin D, not only for cancer, but a host of other diseases. I am not sure why you think it is the pharmaceutical industry’s job to let us know about it. The research was and is being done by the “medical establishment” and if you are having trouble finding information about it, blame your local papers, your doctor, Fox News Channel, or wherever you garner your health information from.
    Ray, you make a lot of good points about the lousy health care system we have in our county, but then blow it in your last sentences. There was a time when the FTC had the opportunity to curb advertising of junk food to children, but backed off when congress, agribusiness, food manufacturers, and various other interest groups as greedy as big pharma started to apply the pressure. Big pharma and the “medical establishment” were not a party to that debacle. Unbridled capitalism fosters unbridled greed. Put the blame where it really lays.
    Believe it or not, most primary care doctors are taught a lot about nutrition and prevention. I spend more time discussing these issues with my patients than I do prescribing drugs by an order of magnitude. Of course, I don’t get paid for this, so if I really wanted to make a lot of money in medicine, I would go into an area that does a lot of expensive procedures, like cardiac surgery. (Then again, if I were to have a heart attack, I would want to be near a hospital where my life could be saved by one of those high priced specialists.) The bottom line is this: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Most Americans know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, but are too lazy or weak to live one. It is certainly convenient to blame doctors for this, but if any of you go to doctors who don’t talk to you about these issues, you should take your business elsewhere. We live in a land of plenty where greed is a virtue. The results speak for themselves.
    Eric Bischoff, you keep doing the same thing in every thread to which you post. You make a straw man and then burn it to the ground. Are you really that ignorant of what medicine does or do you just like to score points on blogs like this one? I hope you never have the misfortune of having a child with leukemia. Over 90% of those children now survive thanks to modern medical techniques. 30 years ago, over 90% died. Those figures don’t need to be played with. The reason we do so poorly compared to other developed countries with our health care is that most of our resources are provided to a fortunate few, while the rest of us go begging. That is Capitalism at its worst. It has nothing to do with the quality and everything to do with the politics of health care. You neglected a couple of facts in your screed. Just about every country that ranks ahead of us has some form of “socialized” medicine. Just about every country sends their best and brightest doctors to the USA for advanced training.

    • Mark Jay

      Even in the face of incredibly bad results with vaccines and the transparency of medical propaganda the blind continue to lead the blind and they will fight for the right to be injured and disempowered by the medical religion.

    • Michele

      Thanks for your voice of reason.

  • Walt Gadberry

    Having read so many news letters and opinions by internet medical “experts” I have come to believe that the truth must necessarily lie somewhere in the middle.

    I think most doctors who I have met are sincere in their desire to help people. I also believe that Big Pharma is mainly interested in massive profits, more than the general public health, and has too much influence on medical schools and doctor’s opinions, in order to suppress information on natural healing substances which they can never duplicate and patent.

  • Windybaer

    I want to thank you for the rebuttal. I agree with you totally. It is too bad when conspiracy theory gets into peoples heads to cloud their reason. Of course there are alternatives in health care, and since most cost less than the “established medical practice” they will attract a large audience. Let them chose what form of health care they wish, but let’s not be deceived by their largely uneducated and reactive thinking without thoughtful consideration for our own individual needs. We, as patients, have to accept the responsibility for our own decisions.

  • Mark Jay

    On track:

    The article by Mr. Livingston is absolutely on track.
    On a scale of 1 – 10, I could say it was a 20 but that would be under rating it, because so many people are going in the wrong direction that when an individual has the perception and courage to share badly needed points of view it’s just awesome.

    This is a comment I made to another article on vaccines and it goes as follows:

    People, R.T. Trall, an insightful New York M.D. once said it best, “disease itself is the remedial process it’s not something that needs to be cured (attacked, subdued, thwarted, killed), it’s something that should be allowed to complete its purification and repair unhindered”. Symptoms like fever, skin eruptions, mucus, headache, vomiting, sneezing, coughing etc. etc. are life saving, life preserving, and life protecting and that is why so many people get well IN SPITE OF all the wrong actions.
    The real problem is what precedes the symptoms, not the germ or the virus which is in the category of “predictable background phenomenon” but the individual health choices and mass unhealthful events like for example Christmas partying (overeating, overworking, denatured foods (acidity) and no food digestion rules (acidity), other causes include
    uncleanliness, exposure to direct toxins (examples – pesticides in the food, pollution as a result of bad sanitation, drug use) and indirect toxins – example: exhaustion which checks elimination (Tilden). Examples of stress which contributes to exhaustion are cold weather, less sun exposure in the winter, mass fear etc. You may not know all the sources of your toxicity (self caused or otherwise) but your body knows when toxicity has spiked.
    In other words a sudden increase, surge, or spike if you will in toxicity is followed by a sudden increase or SPIKE IN PURIFICATION WHICH IS ACUTE ILLNESS (example: a cold), nature’s homeostatic response to bring the level of toxin down (rebalance) using body actions (symptoms) all of which accomplish detox. The microbe acts as a catalyst in this process.
    Don’t FIGHT the disease with toxic pills and vaccines, but FACILITATE the disease process which IS THE RECOVERY and PURIFICATION PROCESS by detoxing and resting i.e. fasting or semi-fasting, rest, water, warmth, quiet (and sometimes the use of detoxifying substances such as fiber, and chlorophyll). Realize that the medical profession has always been part voodoo profession and as such they have always had a denial and cover-up culture because they have almost always insisted on using unnatural approaches that have had uncontrollable negative outcomes. Even though Pasteur agreed with Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard (“the terrain is everything, the germ is nothing”) that the “terrain” i.e. the environment and your body are the key to understanding what microbes do and even when Pasteur denied his original premise that germs are the cause of disease, the medical profession had found its perfect story for their pervasive cover-up culture. Now they could successfully blame almost everything on germs and viruses and sound plausible. (This by the way is an extension of the ancient superstitious tendency that when they couldn’t explain the sickness and had no clue as to its cause and effect to believe that it was an attack by a malevolent outside entity .)
    The only thing is they are injuring people when they attack disease because THEY ARE ATTACKING THE RECOVERY PROCESS WITH IDIOTIC POISONS LIKE MERCURY, FORMALDEHYDE, ALUMINUM, PUS FROM OTHER SPECIES etc etc.” The emperor has no cloths” but they are telling you that they are the “EXPERTS” i.e. “We’re the experts, so it must be true”.
    Dr. Andrew Moulden, a respected brain researcher, and one of many dissenters, has shown for example that all vaccines can cause strokes because the white blood cells formed clog small vessels which relates to elderly people/ Alzheimer’s, children/ autism, and many other potential problems.

    Yours for health truth,


    P.S. Some Important alternative sources (off the top of my head): H.M.Shelton, J.H.Tilden, R.T. Trall, Claude Bernard, Antoine Bechamp, Dr. Robert Young (,,, Gaston Naessens, Dr. Dennis Myer, Dr. Andrew Moulden, Eleanor McBean, Bernard Greenberg (medical manipulation of statistics), Jonas Salk (“all the polio after 1961 was caused by the vaccine”), Dr. Robert Mendelsohn (Book: Religion of Modern Medicine) and many others.


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