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The Full Court Press

August 3, 2010 by  

The Full Court Press

Federal Judge Susan Bolton, acting last week on behalf of the Democrat party and President Barack Obama, went after Arizona’s most recent efforts to stem the tide of illegal immigrants like a starving wolverine running down Bambi. Bolton issued a preliminary injunction in United States v The State of Arizona, gutting the key components of a bill designed to remedy the Federal government’s abdication on immigration reform. Her ruling was hailed by liberals as a step forward for drug runners, gang recruitment and lazy gardeners.

Actually, the Democrats released no such statement. Nor did they make any comments regarding their continuing effort to grant amnesty to a vast reservoir of untapped voting muscle.

Bolton, who was appointed to the Federal bench by President Bill Clinton, based part of her ruling on the issues implementation of SB 1070 would create for the Federal government. Essentially, she stated that Arizona couldn’t do on its own what the Feds were refusing to do for them. Section 2(b) of SB 1070 says:

“For any lawful stop, detention or arrest made by [an Arizona] law enforcement official… in the enforcement of any other law or ordinance… where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien and is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable effort shall be made… to determine the immigration status of the person, except if the determination may hinder or obstruct an investigation. Any person who is arrested shall have the person’s immigration status determined before the person is released…”

Bolton concluded section 2(b) of SB 1070 would place an undue burden on the Federal government, given that the Feds would be required to respond in a timely manner to immigration status inquiries coming in from the Arizona law enforcement community. Given Arizona’s geographic proximity to our Third World neighbors downstairs, those inquiries figure to be fairly abundant in number.

To rephrase Bolton’s logic for those who are victims of teachers’ unions: Arizona is a Southern border state. A lot of illegals cross into Arizona. Under SB 1070, Arizona cops are going to be asking the Feds to check the immigrant status of a lot of illegals. Obama and the Democrats don’t like that idea—it might mean actual work (not mention potentially angering La Raza and the Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund [MALDEF], among others.)

While navigating her Byzantine maze of logical reasoning, Bolton evidently forgot something: 8 U.S.C. §1373—which legally requires the Feds to respond to precisely the sort of requests Obama and his liberal cronies don’t want to acknowledge. Thusly, Judge Bolton’s ruling not only voids key sections of SB 1070, but also overturns pre-existing Federal immigration law and directly abrogates the 1st Circuit’s decision in Estrada v Rhode Island, which set forth standards by which law enforcement officers could check suspects’ immigration status.

But the goodly judge wasn’t through taking the shears to the sheepdog. Bolton also managed, through the invention of a fictitious Chilean dog-walker (yes, you read that correctly), to dredge up the leftist bugaboo of racial profiling.

When a cop stops a black man in a Scottsdale golf community because he “looked out of place”—that’s profiling—that’s already against the law. When a cop asks Tino in Tucson to provide legitimate ID, especially when Tino is struggling with “eye” and “dee”, that’s not profiling, that’s police work. As for the racial component in play—it’s not as if greater metropolitan Tucson has been overrun with mass numbers of willowy blondes who speak English with winter Olympics accents:

“Klaus Schnitzengruber? And you’re from Flagstaff?”
“Er…Ja. Vlagshtaff. Ich bin ein Vlagshtaffer.”

Hence, the inclusion of “reasonable suspicion” in SB 1070. Should Herr Schnitzengruber get popped for a busted taillight in Tucson; it’s auf wiedersehen for Klaus.

The transparency of Bolton’s impetus in issuing her injunction isn’t just offensive—it’s illegal. Spurred by a profligate administration and a liberal machine bent on presumably adding millions of voters to its ranks, Bolton has shredded the Constitution, stomped on pre-emptive Federal court decisions (not just Estrada, but also United States v Salerno, which states that Bolton’s “Chilean dog-walker” construct is judicially irrelevant), and wiped the mat with 8 U.S.C. §1373 (the Feds have to respond to immigration status inquiries) AND 8 U.S.C. § 1304 (immigrants must carry ID at all times).

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has pledged to carry this fight all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Given the spurious nature of Bolton’s ruling—and, by extension, Obama’s efforts to undermine the fight to secure our nation’s borders—Brewer should be able to handle the weight.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    The way things are going, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if libs agreed that Bolton’s decision is a ‘step forward for drug runners, gang recruitment and lazy gardeners.’ What do they have to lose by being honest once every other blue moon?
    It wouldn’t necessarily mean that the judge got a suitcase of cash out of the deal, but I’ll bet that she’s on the short list for a judicial ‘promotion’ – at the appropriate time. Most Americans know the fix is in, and that individual states will have to battle Washington to have a chance to remedy Washington’s utter rejection of its obligations to all 50 states (especially Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas).
    Frankly, between the prez and that judge, we’d get better leadership from someone like Aaron Burr.

    • JeffH

      Any sane person has to ask WHY? Why has this administration made the American people and the state of Arizona their enemy?

      • dan of arizona

        besides the votes? or when they lift the borders it wont matter anyway world order is on the table the only way to get it done is marshal law. with everyday they stall hundreds of islamic terrorist join up with other sleeper cells waiting for the right time to kill all the infidels for the name of allah, who but a muslim good could want this as their dictator he is but a servant to his beliefs.We are the enemy the infidels

      • Al Sieber

        JeffH, It’s because we need to be made a example of, he’s gonna teach us that we can’t make our own laws to protect our state and citizens, even though the same version of Fed. law is on the books, which isn’t enforced either.

        • marvin

          Al Sieber i did not see any new law in the arizona law just the enforcement of fed law all ready on the book

          • Al Sieber

            marvin, theres nothing left of the new law after the judge struck down all the important parts.

      • Stacy

        how else is this muslim going to get his bretheren in this country to implement sharia law! remember he sent hundreds of millions of American taxdollars to hamas in the gaza strip. that must be what they use to pay for passage over to central and south america to infiltrate this country.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Just one problem. I can’t see any woman here in the US wanting to live under a set of laws that could end up getting them STONED TO DEATH!!

          • Claire

            JoeH–I agree with you. There is NO way I would put up with the Islam/Muslim crap for one second. They needn’t come near me. They will/would be met with a few rounds and you know exactly what kind of rounds I mean.

        • WarriorH

          Watch this for some interesting insights into Islam.

      • Frank

        Because they are afraid. They are afraid of the narcoterrorist. The sitatuion in Mexico closely mirrors that in Afganistan, rampant corruption, druglords, tyranny against the people. So why are we not in Mexico fighting the same fight?

      • thefedupamerican

        Rush has the answer. From the Limbaugh Letter:
        This is about locking in the illegal vote. The deliberate lack of border enforcement is a Democratic strategy to dilute the vote in Red states. Obama is using immigration to attempt to punish the GOP and seek the Latino vote in 2012. The White House feels that Latinos will surge in Red states such as Texas and could change those states to permanently ‘purple.’

        As Rush points out, immigration is nothing more than the largest Democrat voter registration drive in history.

        Obama knows he may lose in 2010 due to citizens having enough. BUT if he can enact amnesty before 2012, the Democrat Party will rule in perpetuity. That’s his game. I, for one, find this terrifying. Because he may well do as he did with Obamacare….push it through against the will of the People.

        • WarriorH

          Give this man a cookie. Now, if only those Puerto Ricans would oblige in becoming the 51st state a few more dem congresscreatures and a couple more senators would really help the cause.

          • http://none Alex

            Along with potential statehood for Puerto Rico, what REALLY scares the Fright Wingers—and I mean ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIES them!!—is the rightful inclusion of most of DC as a state, restricting the “District of Columbia” designation only to such buildings as the Capitol and the White Guy’s House.
            The urban area around the actual governmental buildings has more inhabitants than Wyoming. The law should be rewritten so that the citizens there have EQUAL representation with the people in Wymonig. That would almost insure two more Democratic senators, most likely African-americans, and would give the Senate a much more representative and decidedly progressive look. But like I say, the Fright Wing Rethuglicans have nightmares about this.
            Maybe someday this wretched nation will actually live up to its big boastful boorish blather, but I doubt it.

          • Maxine Herera

            Hey, waharrior, whatever your name is, whenever you publish something make sure you support it with some fact. I am pretty sure you are one of them left wingers who just keeps on bla, bla, bla bla bla.

        • eddie47d

          Rush is a pompous ass and will say anything and certainly doesn’t have many answers. He’s like the bully who pokes someone in the eye and then runs. Then will blame everybody but himself for what he said and did.

          • JeffH

            fast eddie, prove Rush wrong. All you’ve done up to this point is say these people don’t know what they’re talking about. Make a valid point, prove them wrong…which you never do…and provide a solid source. You can’t! Never will because you’re made up of the very hor air you accuse others of being full of.
            Put up or shut up! I know you’ll choose neither because you just don’t have the backbone for it!

          • eddie47d

            Rush doesn’t even allow opposing points of view kind of how you’d like it to be. I will admit I seldom listen to him but he never disappoints in trashing others. He also leaves out allot of facts and we know your big on facts. So he can’t be your kind of guy.

      • FreedomFighter

        The Marxist Progressive/Liberal’s are making a full court run.

        They, the Marxist sense time is running out for them and the evil they perpetrate, and they intend to do as much damage as possible, anyplace possible. They will regroup in the government and educational systems, all the while polluting the minds our next generation of Americans.
        We must recognize, illuminate and then remove the Marxist elements from the American educational system at all levels. Create, enact, and enforce local law that prohibits teachers from teaching that follow Marxist principles, this targets all Progressive liberals.
        Ask yourself:
        Do I really want people teaching my children that demand the overthrow of the United States?

        Have your children demand the Pledge of Allegiance be said, and that American Flags be present in the classroom. Back up your children with lawsuits when needed, show them how it is done.

        Have your college level student boycott Marxist schools, professors and instructors. Empty the Marxist traitor’s classroom and have school guidelines enacted that prohibit the hiring of Marxist/Progressive Liberals.
        Ask yourself again and ask your children:
        Do I really want people teaching my children that demand the overthrow of the United States?

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • kate8

        JeffH, They are pushing for revolution! Didn’t you see the commie (film on Beck) who said that alienating and disenfrancising the people from their government is to bring about collapse of the system?

        We’d have to be dumb and blind not to see what they are doing. They are poking and provoking Americans with everything they do. They are pushing us to see how far they can go before we snap, and snapping is what they want us to do.

        The louder we cry out, the more determined this gov’t is to defy us. They are creating chaos, so they can implement New World Order.

        • eddie47d

          People of all creeds and colors have been disenfranchised for centuries, Where do we start to place blame and which President is more guilty?

          • BrotherPatriot

            I have been saying it over and over…along with many others. What is the reason why they have been doing these things…? It’s because they are setting us up for their New World Order. Isenhower was one of the last true American Presidents that we have had. In his final parting speech…he warned us of the industrial, military complex.

            Everyone else is part of the Bilderberg equation…these shadowy Elites that decide policy behind closed doors. These people and the Federal Reserve are the two key ROOT issues that we need to abolish in order to restore health to America and the rest of the world. Money is their control over us…and like they say…they dont’ care who governs when they control the money.

          • dan of arizona

            Fast eddie
            starting with wilson and just about every one from there on

    • HFlashman

      Jeesh…let’s see if we can forward racism, state powers, stripping away our Rights, liberties and freedoms, and slam freedom protction..and all the while appearing to be shallow thinking fear driven and reactionary.

      Y’all succeeded on all points.

      Once again, and this should be asked time and again … the right and the fringe TP would go after some poor slob whose only endeavor is find a job…and leave the real violators..those who employ illegal workers…with a free pass. Tax evasion through failing to withhold, below market wages which rip off the American worker, inviting the undocumented workers to this country by having below wage, tax avoiding jobs waiting. And yet…not one rightist or TPer will call for going after the true criminals.

      So that leaves any thinking American with but one conclusion…. race. Especially when they diss the obvious results that not all illegal workers are from S. America…and the Ariz. law affects Caucasians with as much effect as anyone else.

      best carry your papers..and when a TPer talks, worry about your rights, freedoms and liberties…becuse they’ll gladly give them away.

      • Stacy

        yes! play the “RACECARD”! when all else fails, thats the sure bet for libtards. even though 99% of all claims by libtards are false, they still cant stop themselves from using it. empty minds have no facts, just projection!

        • HFlashman

          Have you called for checking out any Caucasian’s work papers/

          ’nuff said.

          • Al Sieber

            HFlashman, thats a weak argument, is that all you have? you lose.

          • Stacy

            numbnuts! everyone carries identity all the time. and if stopped for a traffic violation, i am required to show that identity. so yes, no matter what “race”, i say check them out. take your pansy “racecard” and shove it! or just go to china or n korea and enjoy your socialist heaven.

          • TIME

            Der Flashmon,

            Your post display such outright absurdity that I had to ponder why your behavior is so twisted. At first I was struck by the fact that you have “Massive Anger Issues,” that was very obvious; but why I asked myself would you post here countless daily rants of OVERT HATE that display agressive ignorance.

            Then the obvious pattern started to evolve over time as to why. You answered my query ~ Jung would classify you as a classic case of a
            “Passive Agressive.”
            As per the standard format it becomes very obvious that your only joys in life is derived from extracting anger from others by pushing your hate and anger outward.

            Whats really unique with you is that your an “Agressive – Passive Agressive.”
            In plain words your with out a cause, you don’t even believe what you post, you just do it just to inflame people to see how far you can push before you get the desired results that bring you such joy.

            Don’t waste your time with them they are only here to inflame you and make you post something stupid. They are the ones with HATE issues.

          • Fay

            My Daughter is a manager of a store and She says yes She is required by law to verify that Everyone is legal to work in the US not just Hispanics but Everyone regardless of race, nationality, or creed

          • Jerry Davis

            HFlashman, you are a loser, bro. Articulate,yes, but a loser none-the-less.The illegals will be stopped, and the hungry wolf called Federal Government will be stopped with them. Call that racism if you want, but remember this: whites no longer give a dam* what “others” think regarding racism. Last time I checked, it was “others” clamoring to live in white neighborhoods, attend white schools, and live within a society established by free white men. If we whites established and governed Mexico, that would also be a thriving, prosperous nation. It isn’t, though, is it? Its ruled by “others” and what a surprise… Chaos, murder, and desperation to move to the U.S.A.

          • libertytrain

            HFlashman and Fay – all US business are required to do that. Not that they all do.

          • kate8

            TIME – I think you’ve got him nailed. And a few others, besides.

        • kate8

          What is it with these liberals who believe we have to be “tolerant” to the point of being suicidal?

          The rest of the world is not ENTITLED to America! They are not ENTITLED to come here and take from us and degrade our quality of life! Generations of Americans built this country, bled and died for her, and now you ingrates just sit back and spout ideological idiocies while our nation is being run over by those who hate us.

          You libs are the ones who need to go!

          • Maxine Herera

            right on Kate! these people who hates us are using our laws
            and the constitution against us. They hate the US Of A, why not go back to where they belong and try to voice their opinion in their own country. This country gave you a chance,at least be grateful, in your own country you are not even allowed to open your mouth, you say something bad about the govt. you get killed.

      • BHrestate9

        If you hate America that much then I would ask you to leave. Our way of life is rapidly be replaced by third world leftists and Anarkists (sp). Have you even been listening to the news out of Az. Law enforcement is out gunned by these criminals coming accross the boarder. Do you not think that some of them might just be radical Muslems Hell bent on distroying us. You better wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late and we are fighting for our very lives right here on American soil. Who would have thought that on Sept. 10th 2001 that we would have been attacted in any way. Yet there they were on 9/11/2001 flying our own planes in to those buildings, killing all those people. Think it can’t happen again??? Think with your brain instead of your heart or is it your ASS???

        • HFlashman

          I just don’t let fear rule my love for my Rights, freedoms and liberties as you apparently do. Up to the last administration, we always operated under the rule of law, and got along just fine….convicting those who should be convicted, and observing everyone’s rRights, freedoms and lberties.

          And because you’re a coward, and want to be coddled and protected … we have to give those away/

          Who’s the American?

          Man up bud….man up.

          • WarriorH

            So then, Illegal does mean Illegal. Good, I was beginning to think it meant something else.

          • Stacy

            instead of crying pacificist feelgood ideology, i suggest you man up! learn what it means to be a real man and not a wuss still hiding behind mommies apron strings.

          • Stacy

            yeh right! i am sure if i or any other citizen was charged with perjury like clinton, we would do real time in jail or prison. oh! thats right! there are people in prison doing time for perjury. only the libtards get a ” get out of jail free card”! and how about your kenyan muslim interfering with the elections in kenya? forgot that that was llegal too! but i dont hear you crying about his crimes and prosecuting him!

          • Al Sieber

            HFlashman, your president doesn’t follow the Fed. law, or the oath he took. when the sheriff goes on T.V. and asks for help because he’s out gunned and over runned and the Fed. Govt. does nothing,thats treason. we’ll help the sheriff and protect ourselves out here. you need to “Cowboy” up and stop making excuses for your “Boy”.

          • Stacy

            wow! whoever thought that the Constitution was written for everyone in the world. seems to me that it was written for American citizens. so that would mean it doesnt give our rights to illegal aliens. but then again, what would one expect from someone who has never been in harms way? and your calling another poster a coward is just you projecting your inner feeling on others!

          • Stacy

            careful Al Sieber, flash might think you mean humpback mountain when you say cowboy up.

          • Al Sieber

            Stacy, oh jeez; never seen the movie, I’ll be careful.

          • marvin

            HFlashman,here is your liberty loving president at work,his way to by pass congress on illegal aliens Denise Vanison, who serves as the Chief of Policy and Strategy for USCIS, didn’t find one or two ways to protect for the nation’s 11-18 million illegal aliens through Administrative Actions. She found 18 different ways to protect illegal aliens from deportations and provide them with working papers. Vanison, along with three other colleagues, detailed the plan for USCIS Director Mayorkas.

            That’s right! An amnesty for up to 18 million illegal aliens without Congress taking a single vote!

          • kate8

            Flashman, that’s exactly the attitude taken by the Romans, Germans and every other people who stood by blindly while their civilization was overtaken.

            People who tried to give warning were mocked and accused of fear-mongering. History just keeps repeating over and over, because people refuse to learn from it.

            You libs think you are so evolved, but what you actually are is fools, tools of those who are destroying us. You are completely unable to discern the signs, see through deceit, or read the writing on the wall.

          • vicki

            We now have sufficient evidence in his own words that HFlashman is new to this planet/time-line.

            HFlashman writes: “Up to the last administration, we always operated under the rule of law, and got along just fine….convicting those who should be convicted, and observing everyone’s Rights, freedoms and liberties.”

            Welcome aboard HF. Freedom and Justice for all is still possible here. Listen and learn.

          • Al Sieber

            marvin, are you talking about back door amnesty? is that the new plan?

          • eddie47d

            Kate 8; You wouldn’t flip flop on history now would you? The Romans and Germans both took over most of the known world at there respective times. They showed no mercy to anyone and destroyed civilizations to build upon their own. Many were killed or enslaved to build their empires. They created enemies and Their enemies finally got their revenge and destroyed them.

          • kate8

            eddie, as usual, you’ve missed the point.

            When the people of a nation become to successful, too comfortable and too apathetic to safeguard their way of life, there are plenty of those who will seize the the opportunity to move in and take over.

            Your whole assessment of where we are is a sad result of your liberal indoctrination and self-hatred, and you may actually think differently when you or someone close to you becomes a victim of our “compassion”.

            It is completely useless to debate with liberals like you because your ideology has blinded you to common sense.

            Have a nice day.

          • dan of arizona

            If you all look at how much time and space this a$$ has wasted on this post by distracting everyone and I can see why they are here now nothing positive has been ajeaved lets not respond if they are not here to learn the truth ignore him.

      • Cameron

        How would you like a one-way ticket to Cuba, Russia, Iran, or any other place where the population has no rights, except to worship the person in power? I’m sure enough TPers could pony up the cash to send you first class to whatever bastion of progressiveness you choose. Obama and his minions are the ones destroying the rights of AMERICANS.

        • vicki

          Rights can not be destroyed. They are just ignored. Just as the Obama administration is currently ignoring them.

          • kate8

            vicki, well said!

            There are far too many of us who just “go along to get along”, thinking that ‘well, maybe I can live with this’, or ‘this won’t be that bad’.

            That is exactly why it is done in increments. Just think that if what is being done now would have been tried 20 years ago, the outcry would have reverberated around the land.

            It’s time we stand up and exercise our God-given rights, regardless of what these power-crazed psychopaths say we cannot or must do. These rights are not in their domain to take away from us. But we can yield them.

          • vicki

            Kate8 writes”
            ‘There are far too many of us who just “go along to get along, thinking that well, maybe I can live with this’, or ‘this won’t be that bad’.”

            Sounds familiar. Hmmmmm…. Oh yes. Declaration of Independence.

            “….all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. …”

            Yes that does appear to be a problem of Mankind. :)

      • David Bowers

        Jeesh…let’s see if we can forward racism, state powers, stripping away our Rights, liberties and freedoms, and slam freedom protction..and all the while appearing to be shallow thinking fear driven and reactionary. JUST EXACTLY WHICH RIGHTS DID YOU LOSE WITH THIS LAW?


        Once again, and this should be asked time and again … the right and the fringe TP would go after some poor slob whose only endeavor is find a job…and leave the real violators..those who employ illegal workers…with a free pass. PART OF THE LAW WENT AFTER THOSE WHO WOULD HIRE ILLEGALS. GUESS YOU FORGOT THAT TALKING POINT, EH? Tax evasion through failing to withhold, below market wages which rip off the American worker, inviting the undocumented workers to this country by having below wage, tax avoiding jobs waiting. And yet…not one rightist or TPer will call for going after the true criminals. THE TRUE CRIMINALS ARE THE ONES WHO CAME ACROSS THE BORDER ILLEGALLY. IF THE FIRST THING THEY DO TO GET INTO THIS COUNTRY IS BREAK THE LAW, WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT THEY WOULD OBEY ALL THE OTHER LAWS?

        So that leaves any thinking American with but one conclusion…. race. OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN ARRESTED COMING ACROSS OUR SOUTHERN BORDER, 165,000 HAVE BEEN FROM OTHER COUNTRIES OTHER THAN MEXICO, NAMELY SUDAN, YEMEN, SAUDI, IRAN, IRAQ, ETC. JEESH, I THINK SOME OF THE 9/11 TERRORISTS MAY HAVE COME FROM ONE OR TWO OF THOSE COUNTRIES.Especially when they diss the obvious results that not all illegal workers are from S. America…and the Ariz. law affects Caucasians with as much effect as anyone else. I SEE YOU ADMIT THAT THESE “WORKERS” ARE “ILLEGAL”.

        best carry your papers..and when a TPer talks, worry about your rights, freedoms and liberties…becuse they’ll gladly give them away.

        • HFlashman

          What Rights do I lose/ When anyone has Rights infringed, we all lose. If I wer in Ariz. I would not be able to walk the street without ID proving citizenship(DLs aren’t acceptable), I would ot be able to stand in my yard, ride a bus, do anything that does not require a license (driving is an insane and not on point example). Carrying proof of citizenship would be required…which would mean the State could track you anywhere…or toss you in jail for an indeterminate amount of time. THAt’S what is lost with the Ariz. law…get it?

          As to the Constitution applying only to Americans…how shortsighted and egotistical as well as wrong..can anyone be? That is such an iditioic statement as to indicate the writer is saying that because they want to appear stupid.

          Take the Dec. if states…that MAN has certain Inalieneble Rights. Not “Americans” or anyone else.. MAN. It recognizes that by simply being a human being and breathing air, you have Rights. The Constitution smply states that if someone is within the area which the Constitution applies…then it applies to that person…

          But then…that wouldn’t be a positive, proactive, anti American most posters on this forum would reject it.

          Fact is…without being racist, without spreading insane fears, without feeding insecurity and phobic tendencies…just support tossing those who hire undocumented workers into the county jail for 60 days. Actually advocate for it..push for it…demand it.

          Soon, no one will want to hire undocumented workers.

          No jobs, no reason to come here..problem solved.

          And we don’t even have to build walls … (which work both ways..just ask Berliners how a wall works)

          • Jimmy

            You really should read ALL of the constitution and in the context it was written. It applies to American CITIZENS only. Its a nice to extend those rights to others but only to the extent that we don’t incur harm or potential harm to the actual citizenry. 12 million illegals create great social and economic harm in terms of unemployment, medical, educational, law enforcement, fire departments, and other social costs. All without paying a cent into the treasury. Not to mention the criminals and terrorists mixed in with those trying to better their economic conditions.

            BTW the Declaration of Independence is NOT part of the constitution nor a governing document in any form. There are no statutes or mandates made in it, simply a statement declaring the colonies affirmation to separate themselves from England for the ideas stated therein. The constitution was written years later with many of the same ideas but tempered with experience and hindsight.

            BTW – my heritage is first generation american. My mom came here fleeing from the Nazis. She is from an East European country and my family sought refuge in the US legally, waiting the required time and procuring the right documentation and processes. And that after having to deal with Nazis killing their friends and family members and having to escape. People seeking to live here to better their lives economically is not even close to the challenges and sacrifices others have had to make. And most all of them did so LEGALLY.

            You should ask a LEGAL immigrant their feelings on this whole issue. Perhaps an Auschwitz survivor. You will get a quite different view than what we are seeing in the SW communities opposing the AZ enforcement of the federal government’s laws.

          • vicki

            HFlashman says:

            “What Rights do I lose/ When anyone has Rights infringed, we all lose.”

            Tell me what is your position on my owning a gun and carrying it in my purse?

          • eddie47d

            Jimmy; God bless your mother and all who escaped the wars raging in Europe. I would say an Auschwitz survivor wouldn’t want any harm to come to anyone (including illegal emigrants) and would have tremendous sympathy for anyone who is persecuted. Now when it comes to the drug smugglers and gangs they are persecuting us and most of us know the difference.

          • Vicki

            listening to the crickets while waiting for HFlash to answer my question.

          • Vicki

            (sound of crickets) Still waiting. :)

      • taxman

        flash r u for real? you do work for Obama right! Last time I checked it is against the law to be illegal how is it that business should be the ones to hold up the law and the federal government does not have to? Business should not be the ones that have to ask if you are here legally. The police are not allowed to do that. I am sure the illegal’s are not just Mexicans, many muslins and terrorists are from the middle east not from Mexico. Also they come from central and south America. Ask your boss, Obama why he allows the drugs and terrorists into the country.

      • Al Sieber

        You watch too many of those Nazi movies, it’s Drivers License, not papers.

      • http:/ness/. Stan

        HFlashman, you just don’t get it. Have you lived among these people? I have. How would you like living next door to people who party all night when you have get up early in the moring. Who park their broken down heaps on your yard, throw their beer cans on your yards and not mention their left over hyperdormatic needles in you trash cans. This is a health issue. These people bring their dieases into this country because their respected countries don’t require immunizations. It’s a security issue these people don’t get vetted out and checked for any records, prisons, political, or any thing else. They don’t pay any taxes. They just pay SS. that’s it. I watched these people in the agricultural bussiness. They send a great percentage home to Mexico. These countries require their borders to be closed, any violators are sent home or put in prisons. IT IS TIME TO ENFORCE THE LAW!!!!. I wonder if I go to a polling place and take a big stick and say: You better vote the right way or else. Will I be arrestted, will the Obama regime come to my aid. I don’t think so.
        Racism is the patsy way of answering anything any more. When you have the wrong ideas you say we are racists. It time to man up. If your an American then lets protect our borders. If your not, go home to your country or the one that you what to go to.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        HFlashman… You are never on the same page or even in the right book! I am well of age to purchase alcohol, but to do so I have to show my ID. Pain in the butt… sure it is, but it is now law. I can be hateful to the poor clerk who has to ask me, or I can just comply and make my purchase and go about my business. Having laws about requesting ID’s is not a race issue. Only the liberals make it so….

    • Craig

      Wonder if WE THE PEOPLE can find out via her email and phone records if she has been in contact with Obama, his administration or the DOJ. I’m betting there was some back room deals going on.

    • refuse2lose

      Are you guys aware of the possibility being talked about in some circles that America will eventually lose it’s sovereignty and become the North American Union,along with Canada and Mexico? It would make sense,looking at the current border issues with this in mind to understand why our “leaders”are doing what they are doing……

      There is always an answer for everything,you just have to be willing to look for it.

      • Al Sieber

        refuse2lose, you’re right, they’ve been planing this for quite some, and maybe they’re bringing it in slowly by not enforcing the law.

        • kate8

          I think it’s already been done, by signed treaty. It’s just being implemented slowly, so we’ll accept it.

          Bush signed us on in 2005.

    • JiimCO

      Still don’t get do you, they have you believing that unions support any effort by the democrats to bring in illegals to drive down our own wages? That we just want the potential voters, let me give you a clue, Hispanics traditionally turn out in smaller numbers to vote than anyone else.

      There is someone that does want these workers … in 1999 the INS launched Operation Vanguard in Nebraska against meatpacking plants. They would just come in and compare the records of the employees against the SSN numbers they had and it worked! Not only did the illegals not come back to work but also some of the legal immigrants who thought they had problems with their own papers. So the companies began shutting down lines for lack of workers and the farmers and ranchers with beef and pork saw their prices plummet with no place to sell their animals. While consumers saw a price increase on all meat products … did I mention that this happened just before Christmas, the retailers saw their revenue drop with the loss of so many customers. Needles to say, businesses both big and small were screaming at the governor to put a stop to this, it was killing their business! Sone and his congressmen were screaming at DC to rein this operation in … now!

      This why when Bush put his immigration plan out in 2005, it included amnesty, big business wanted it and not the democratic party. Now do you understand the real problem of immigration reform, the republicans have big business interests supporting them on one side who want this cheaper labor while all of their voters are telling them to put a stop to this illegal immigration. So your republicans party plays out their little charade that they are with you while at the same time taking money from big business and promising them to not really do anything to stop it!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        gee that’s funny, I read about a meat packing plant In Ga that was raided and 27 illegal employees were deported. Low and behold, they had 75 people standing outside the place the very next day trying to apply for the jobs!!!The jobs were filled in less than 24 hrs!!

        • dan of arizona

          lets not forget about the non voters that put all of there legals in office to take back california

  • James Eblen

    Please read Artile III, Section 2 of the Constitution. Judge Bolten does not have standing to rule. Only the Supreme Court is the authority where a State is involved. The DOJ filed the action in the wrong court. DUH!


    • HFlashman

      Fed. District Court is part of the federal court sysytem, which is under the auspices, management, direction and control of the SCOTUS.

      Every case filed under federal law must be filed with the Distract Court, and any bypassing straight to the SCOTUS is upon petition.

      Stay retired…we’re better defended.

      • Stacy

        actually any case can go straight to the scotus. it is only that people have been indoctrinated into following gubmint rules made by selfserving politicians. it seems all those lower courts where created by congress(lawyers) for nothing more than job security. ever wonder why congress makes so many laws? it job security!

        • Cameron

          It’s called “The fox is watching the hen house”. Lawyers pass laws for lawyers to prosecute and other lawyers to defend and still more lawyers (judges) to preside over. Guess who foots the bill!

      • Cameron

        Do you really hate the USA that much? And why?

      • vicki

        HFlashman (new to this planet) Read and learn.

        “In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.”

        “…and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. …”

        Rather clear and to the point ONLY the Supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. It further states that the Supreme Court has appellate Jurisdiction for all other “aforementioned” cases (see the link for the list. Thus the federal court system has standing only for those things that the Supreme Court has appellate Jurisdiction.

        So he is right. The Federal Judge has no standing to rule and Arizona can (and should) ignore the Judge.

    • Cameron

      James, what do you expect from a “DOJ” that can’t find enough evidence in a video-taped crime to prosecute, and then drops the charges AFTER a guilty judgement has been rendered? By the way, thanks for your service.

    • James

      James Eblen, Article III, Section 1 reads in part: “The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congess may from time to time ordain and establish.” The federal District and Appellate Courts are these “inferior courts” that Congress created. As to subject matter, Article III, Section 2 starts with: “The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, ARISING UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES…[emphasis added].”
      Since the issue is over the exclusivity of federal immigration laws, and since the United States is a party, the only Court that such a lawsuit could be filed is in a federal District Court.

  • New World Order

    If any state actually tries to leave the union… just think of Waco. Have a nice day. Useless Eaters, we need to be moving toward a one world government, and not a world with more “countries” formed by states leaving the union. It is our birth right to rule the earth because we are the most ruthless and cunning among you. There is no God, only evolution and chaos. Nature favors the more savage beast, and we are that most savage beast.

    • Stacy

      waa, waa, waa! your nothing more than a parasite sucking the lifeblood out of this country. i will never become a world citizen. i will however be happy to hang them or shoot them. American and damned proud of it! the rest can go suck eggs or whatever world citizen fags do!

      • April

        Amen Stacy!! Right there with you!!

        • Rip

          I second that ! !!! something I wanted to point out is that We are NOT alone, every email, every Phone call (Cell phones included) and everything on the Net. is mirror imaged BY THE GOVERNMENT, have you noticed, the increase in the number of cyber crimes that have actually resulted in the arrest of the perpetrator, has gone up exponentially.
          Does anyone here doubt that it is possible to track the serial number, which is BURNED into the processor of your computer? Why would anyone think that Only the Gov has the software to track these numbers? recent changes have made it easier to bypass the old wire tap laws that were originally designed to protect us……. Just saying that the Knock on your door May Not necessarily Be the Government!

      • eddie47d

        Stacy; Then you can have your own little Auschwitz.Happy hunting?!!

        • dan of arizona

          so fat eddie does that mean your for the nwo?

          • JeffH

            dan, if fast eddie couldn’t say something stupid he’d say nothing at all!

          • eddie47d

            Blowing more hot air out of your ass Jeffy? I bet there is plenty more.

    • WarriorH

      Good, does that mean SEIU can set up shop in China? I certainly hope so because there’s a whole lot of dues that could be had.

      • Cameron

        But the Chinese don’t make enough to pay dues.

        • WarriorH

          Think Volume.

    • Cameron

      Do you prefer chaos or slavery, because that’s what will happen once your nightmare becomes fact.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      New World Order… What is the matter with you? Are you supposed to be on some meds and forgot them? You are way off base. I am unsure if you know where you are or what you are doing….

    • http:/ness/. Stan

      New world order: do I feel sorry for you when the coming judgement day comes. Do you really believe that his Earth blew up to be in existance? Let’s take your logic and show your illogical thinking. Will take all the buliding materials and lets pile them up on the ground. Will get dynomite and will set it off and we will build a home. IT DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY. and the new world order, well it’s talked about in the bible. You should read it sometime!!!

    • alpha-lemming

      WOW….. You ARE serious ’bout gettin’ yo’ free shi’!!!!
      The most ruthless, cunning, and savage of beasts??? Your type is probably better represented by coliform bacteria or a non-descript pathogen….. or to be generous and get you up on the macroscopic scale…. a leech, tick, flea, maybe a maggot,… I was thinkin’ maybe a dung beetle, but in retrospect, you don’t qualify because they ACTUALLY WORK!!! You one world parasites NEED the hammer of Government to coddle and provide for you because the only thing you’re producing (besides methane) is your SEVENTH EMPTY BAG OF DORITOS TODAY!!

    • vicki

      Guys. He is pulling your chain. Ignore him.

  • Wendy Lane

    I am appalled that when an officer of the law enforces the law, he or she is attacked by our present “government. It is becoming more and more apparant that those who engage in illegal activity have more rights than those of us who are law-abding citizens. And since when does the Supreme court make or change laws? The sc is supposed to see to it that the laws of the land are enforced.

  • Jimmy Hamilton

    Can an illigel imnmigrant vote?

    • WarriorH

      Only for a democrat.

      • Al Sieber

        WarriorH, Ha,Ha, HA,… thats a good one, and probably true also.

        • Stacy

          thats why the only dems on the border are voter registration experts from acorn.

    • marvin

      Jimmy Hamilton 99% of the illegals are uneducated like flash and will vote liberal dem there thinking is a handout is better that a helping hand and who has there hand out more we the tax payers feed school and house them so obama trys to ex order to legalize 20 million uneducated not stuped,that think obama give me citizenship, you have a dem voter for life

    • libertytrain

      If dead people can vote why not illegals?

      • kate8

        libertytrain – No kidding. Why discriminate.

        • dan of arizona

          your know if if could make them vote rep. and tell them that the dems are the bad guys then maybe he would shut down the border

    • James

      Jimmy H., Yes, if a voter has a home address and a driver’s license, how would anyone know s/he was here illegally?

  • FlaJim

    Arizona ought to ignore the judge’s ruling. How’s she going to enforce it? Have the boy in the White House send in Federal troops? He hasn’t been bothered to do so to protect the border, one of his consitutionally mandated responsibilities.

    When a ruling or law by federal authorities is believed to be unconstitutional, the sovereign state is free to ignore it.

    • Stacy

      no, he sends national guard troops to the states tha dont need them to help look for guns like ny. oh! thats right! thats illegal! but then so is everything else this illegal kenyan does.

    • Craig

      There are some troops there, but they do not have any orders to do anything but sit on their thumbs. Nice trick the chocolate Marxist plays, eh? Says he is sending troops. Does send troops, but gives them no orders or authority to do anything.

    • Stacy

      the few troops of national guards he sent to Az are for administrative purposes only. but the troops he sent to other states are there to look for “guns” owned by Americans. he is waging war on Americans and helping his illegal terrorist buddies.

      • vicki

        I missed that one. Got a link?

    • marvin

      FlaJim here is a point bank robbery is a federal crime but the city state and county law all enforce it tell me were the differance is,enforcing bank robbery or illegal immigration how bout it FLASH can you tell me

    • Jerry Davis

      FlaJim, you make a good point. Arizona should act unilaterally in its own defense, and disregard the obama Administration. Arizona is morally and ethically obligated to defend itself from the invasion of Mexican illegals. Therefore, it should activate the National Guard, or create its own volunteer military, and close the border.

      Then let Obama use force in an attempt to stop Arizona from fulfilling its moral, ethical and therefore legal right to defend itself. The States are much more powerful than the Fed, and we control our destiny. If we act swiftly, which is key, we will re-assert States Rights and win back our freedom. All delay works in the Federal government’s favor by giving it and the illegals time to plan and organize.

      Arizona has the upper hand here if they act swiftly. And if Arizona reached out to other states for military manpower, many thousands of good American men and women will show up to fight and win for freedom.

      Remember the Alamo, brothers. Push will come to shove on this issue.

  • Larry Gillihan

    Why are we not filing charges against the president for violating the constitution? It is illegal, you know. Anybody in the government who violates the constitution has violated the law and should be charged, including the president…especially this lying muslim president who can’t even prove he is a natural-born American, and is trying hard to make a muslim country out of us, whether we like it or not.
    We should all remember that we, the people, are the bosses, not the government, and we don’t have to go along with their nonsense. It is a crime to enter the country illegally; the president is aiding the illegal aliens in the commission of that crime, so he is an accessory. Why isn’t Arizona filing criminal charges against him? Why aren’t we all filing charges against him?

    • Stacy

      dont forget that this is an invasion by the mexican gubmint and by not declaring this an act of war, obambie the mambie pambie is aiding and abetting a foreign nation in acts of aggression against this nation. TREASON plain and simple.

    • vicki

      Who did you have in mind to charge him (Obama). According to the Constitution The house of representatives is the only one who can impeach. The senate is the only one who will try the case. Since they are on his side that isn’t going to happen.

      What is our recourse beyond petition for grievances? The ballot box. In Nov we MUST make that count.

      • Al Sieber

        Yeah, and make it count we will.

  • chucky

    I do not understand why the Az. law is squashed in court because the Federal Government trumps State law, But the medical marijuana in California. hiding under the guise of medicine(Doctors writing RX way too easy, all you have to do is show up at doctors office for them to write an RX). This is another example of enforce which laws on the books we choose,and a blind eye to the laws we disagree with. I was reading an article that there are some illegals that want to leave but they are stuck here with no I.D.The economy in the country they left gives them a better chance of employment. If they get caught they get fined deported and never allowed in Americas again. You want amnesty here is my idea, turn yourself in at I.C.E. or local authorities and we will not charge you with a crime, hell pay for their flight home it would be cheaper in the long run. If they are wanted in their home country, have the country they came from extradite them back to face the charges. We have become a criminal’s haven from justice because of the absolutly ridiculious ritual of not asking people if they are here illegally. Washington is so broken that there is even a debate over this. THIS IS NOT A RACIAL ISSUE IT IS A SAFETY ISSUE. OUR CATTLE ARE MORE IMMUNIZED THAN THE PEOPLE CROSSING THE BORDER. WHOOPING COUGH AT EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS IN CALIFORNIA,(FUNKY FRESH PREZ WILL NOT TELL YOU THAT ON THE VIEW)SWINE FLU LAST YEAR CAME FROM MEXICO,WHAT IS NEEDED THE NEXT THYPHOID MARY TO CROSS THE BORDER,OR A DISEASE THAT WILL LAUGH AT OUR ANTI-BIOTICS,BEDBUGS(NOT IN US FOR 30 YEARS) ARE BACK AT INFESTATION LEVELS IN N.Y.C.(GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR HOTEL ROOM THERE) ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL PERIOD. IF YOU OR I BREAK THE LAW, WE MUST PAY WITH MONEY OR FREEDOM,WHAT MAKES ILLEGALS ABOVE THE LAW? RATIONAL THINKING AND COMMON SENSE HAS GONE OUT THE WINDOW. REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER.

    • marvin

      chucky ICE allready gives illegals that chance to be deported or go to court most want court for vary few are ever deported

  • bobinpa.

    This is what happens when you have activist Judges. This one Bolton is a product of Monicas boy friend Bill’s administration. It’s just one excuse after the other with these Progressive Marxist Clowns. Obama’s Regime is a Communist,Marxist Joke. Just LOOK at the Dirtbags Obama has surrounded himself with all his life. What would be a good idea would be to plan a HUGE Hunt on the Southwest Border. Have Hunters from all over the U.S. go down to the border and BUY hunting Licenses from Arizona, Texas, California, This would HELP the economy of those States. Then while “HUNTING” by the Border, and Illegal Immigrants come across and pose a THREAT to them and endanger their LIVES. WELL, they have to defend themselves from the threat don’t they??. Eventually Troops would have to be put down there to protect the hunters from the threat coming across the border and making them use up all their Ammunition to protect themselves.

    • WarriorH

      Bob, I think you have this backwards. The stormtroopers would be bussed down by SEIU to go after the hunters.

      • Craig

        I say then, open season on illegals and SEIU members. Why is everybody seemingly afraid of those SEIU creeps. They can have their butts handed to them like everybody else. Stand up to these clowns.

        • Stacy

          they only run in large groups in big cities. they are affraid of the woods and desert and nature in general. poor little things would only be bear bait if they ever left the big cities.

          • Craig

            I did see those purples shirted thugs in down town Long beach CA last year. Funny thing is they all looked like they had Downs Syndrome.

    • Jerry Davis

      Bob, you are correct about arming and defending our states, especially defending the good people of Arizona.

      But we are not going to pretend to be hog hunting on the border. We free men need to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our good friends in Arizona and face down the Federal government on this issue.

      If we lay down on this, we are finished as a free country, and I do mean done, because we will prove that we have no spine, no guts, no honor left within us as free men.

      Remember that Jefferson stated “the roots of the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants, AND of patriots.

      In other words, we must face our situation with resolve, knowing that the consequences, though noble and good, might be fatal.

      Take a moment to consider that.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Nope, they’d just put the border off limits to hunters just like they put that part of the border off limits to Americans because the illegals got a little wooly!! That’s the givernments reaction to everything, blame the Americans and make the illegals the victims!!

  • April

    It is quite obvious that the enemy has wiggled their way into the government. It is our duty to teach our children and grandchildren the Constitution and the meaning thereof. That way when they are old enough to vote they will know what they are doing with a love and appreciation for our Nation, our ForeFathers, and their Children deeply instilled. Knowlege with discipline is power and We the People need to re-empower ourselves and teach our children well. We cannot depend on the schools to teach this- we MUST do it ourselves so we do not end up voting blindly like a lot of this last generation has done.

    • Stacy

      while we need to educate our children, waiting to let them fight this fight is cowardice. we need to fight now so that our children dont! i will not abdicate my duty and responsibilities to my children.

      • April

        I agree with you whole heartedly. I do not want our children to have to clean up our mess. They will no doubt have their own messes and then some to clean up. Part of fighting back now is teaching our children how to fight, leading by example, and at the same time making sure they are paying attention so that they know how to take the bull by the horns if need be. It is more cowardice and lazy to leave the education up to the schools. Now that I am a grandmother, I see this as a vital part of fighting for our Nation.

        • Stacy

          the schools are gubmint indoctrination centers only. we need for the statesto take back the schools. then we could see real education and not revisionist history and marxism being forced on our kids. i go to my kids schools three times a week and sit in their classes. it is my right and they cant stop me. especially history classes. you would not believe the crap they are trying to “teach’ our kids. i spend more time correcting the “teacher” than htey do “teaching”.

  • bobinpa.

    For any of you out there who wish to EXPRESS your FEELINGS to this Judge for her handling of this , She can be reached at Judge Susan Bolton, Arizona Federal Bldg. 1642 W. Montebello Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85015. I’m sure she would appreciate knowing how you really feel.

    • Stacy

      thanks for that info. i will be sure to tell this traitor what i think of her ruling. and i will demand that she provide proof of citizenship to hold her position.

  • annajoe

    I don’t know how bolton can do anything with her head so far up the presidents rearend……I wonder what he promised her?

    • bobinpa.

      Annajoe; Maybe 72 Virgins.// Ya Think??

  • Arkie

    So just how quickly will one of those illegals produce an eyeeee deee card when stopping at the local Circle K for a beeeeeeeeeeeer. As far as our libs/dcommunist go, the rsocialist aren’t much better-they came up with the patriot act. So eye guess we be marching down the road (or is that goose stepping) to one world order. We sure is getting a lotta racial outa that there biracial Diktator we got.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Paul W. Brock

    To paraphrase Andrew Jackson’s reaction to the Supreme Court, “Ms Bolton has made her decision now let HER enforce it.” The Founders never felt the courts would be a threat to liberty, because citizen legislatures made the laws and courts were only supposed to apply the law as written. The Courts cannot continue to “make” law at the expense of liberty. Our “rule of law” which was supposed to check tyranny is dead if we continue to allow courts to rule from the bench like some feudal lord.

  • atlas reborn

    Just when you thought that the courts would be honest you found out they are here to dictate what they are not to dictate. the law was identical to the federal law so how can a federal judge rule that the state law is wrong without ruling that the federal law is illegal? bow bow wow good doggie, now remember that for the next ruling for obama.

    • vicki

      Maybe she does think the federal law is unconstitutional as well :)

  • Fay

    Didn’t I once hear that obama said he had a surprise for us in oct before we could go to election?? if this surprise is terriost that he has helped into the United States and they start their havic who is going to help Us? afterall the Pres has to be the one to send out the military and why would He want to do that when He is behind the terriost attack??

    • Stacy

      the reason yamamoto argued against invading American mainland in wwii, was because he knew there was a firearm in every household and that the japanese would be slaughtered. his plan at pearlharbor was to take out the aircraft carriers and battle wagons. not to win the war, but to cripple any response wewould have. it was to delay us long enough for japan to complete their conquest of asia and south pacific. his words spoken after pearl harbor were ” we have awakened a sleeping giant”. he knew then that the war was lost because they didnt get the carriers.

      so these terrorists go for big targets because they wouldnt stand a chance against the average American. cowards like their agent in the oval office.

      • Al Sieber

        Well put Stacy.

      • Fay

        thanks for the reply and makes me feel a little better will just keep the guns handy

        • vicki

          And be really glad that so many more guns were purchased by Americans right after the election. So many more for the tyrant to deal with.

          • dan of arizona

            thank god that I live in arizona where guns are still legal maybe thats why obumer wont come here again

          • Vicki

            Not only legal but didn’t you recently get back the power to carry concealed without begging government for permission to exercise a right?

          • dan of arizona

            we got it today

    • Rip

      The O is pushing as hard as he can, trying to get U.S. to riot, He will try ANYTHING, but race is his best bet, if he can send in instigators to inflame what would be considered “Normal” debate, and have that debate turn ugly, He would win, He could then Declare Martial Law, and it’s U.S. that would loose, again we have lost our homes, we have lost our jobs and it is what the administration WANTS, loose the constitution? why not? I’ll tell You why Not Because of people Like U.S. that Know where We are in this Game, those of U.S. that have not drank from the communal kool-aid vat ! Let them come into the woods looking for Me OR MY GUN ! all they will find is the ONE I want them to find, and it will Not be a pleasant discovery ! what they will find is that they are outnumbered, outgunned and outsmarted. We have to remember that there are only a few “STUPID” veterans, the vast majority of vets Know EXACTLY what and WHO they are going to fight…..and it “Ain’t” U.S.

  • http://gmail i41

    flashwuss, aka am lib, Since you haven’t posted in months since chuckH gave you a smack down on hard facts. Did you ever get a job, or are you still living with your mama and still spending time with your Sarah Palin doll? The idea marxist muslim Omoron is going to allow amensty for illegals is just pure stupidity. Since Omoron was a drug dealer and a user, with free access of taxpayers money, why would he want to stop drugs and illegals. For only working job he ever had in management was in the drug trade. With his ties to Chitcago thugs anything is possible. Omoron should be brougt up on treason along with the National Socialist Democrat Union Party, for allowing a Indonesian/keyan as a president, for violating our laws.

  • April

    Thank you Thank you for that!! I did the same when my kids were young. Now they correct their college professors, LOL. Not always does it go over well, but they are leaders none the less. You are my kind of Great American! Keep up the good work.

    • April

      Stacy said, “the schools are gubmint indoctrination centers only. we need for the statesto take back the schools. then we could see real education and not revisionist history and marxism being forced on our kids. i go to my kids schools three times a week and sit in their classes. it is my right and they cant stop me. especially history classes. you would not believe the crap they are trying to “teach’ our kids. i spend more time correcting the “teacher” than htey do “teaching”.”

      Thank you Thank you for that!! I did the same when my kids were young. Now they correct their college professors, LOL. Not always does it go over well, but they are leaders none the less. You are my kind of Great American! Keep up the good work.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        About fifteen years ago, I was walking down the street and noticed a pile of books that someone had thrown out. among them, I noticed a few old history books. I picked them up and kept them. One has a 1952 copyright on it. I have used them many times when my kids tried to argue with me on what I said! I have three kids one handicapped but the other two are people I am proud to call my kids! If you keep it up, they start to listen!!

        • libertytrain

          Joe H – good point – I was thinking about getting rid of my old encylopedias, however, I think they would be better to hold on to as history is being rewritten and parts eliminated.

  • alvert w loescher

    This is a longish reply:

    Full Press (two months ago)

    America, if not the world, is a batch of grapes inside a wine press. Economic austerity in California government mandated drought and a war at the SW border are squeezing out the John Galts in droves. Will there be a a Grapes of Wrath scenario in reverse? Where will they go to find fertile soil and water? The Ogallala aquifer beneath the ‘bread basket of the world’ is polluted and requires more energy to raise its drips. Additionally, the Columbia and Snake River aquifers are also in jeopardy. If the farmers leave the land, where will they go, and if they do, will they be welcome where they may land?

    BP’s ineptly lanced deeply into the seafloor in the Gulf and decompressed an abscess of black purulence they are unable to assuage. When the Gulf becomes a huge dead sea, where will the the fishers go? Will the men of the sea be capable to adapt and/or compete with illegal laborers north of the coast?

    Whether the ‘incident’ five miles south from NOLA was intentional or otherwise, the tardiness to respond to the tragedy is another example of this regime’s insouciance. At the worst, the egregious precedent (sic) is is guilty of malignant neglect. In accordance with the stupidity of a wily coyote, this momentous, if not apocalyptic event dovetails with his agenda. Surprised?

    Has the traitor, or alien agent, is now conforming to the Igor Penarin paradigm, not the New Weird Disorder? If one looks at Penarin’s fractured map of his conception of the new America, the portion ceded to Mexico is too expansive. East TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, possibly SC are filled with ‘red necks’, who ‘cling to their bibles and guns’, will tenaciously hold their domains against aggression, unless . . . unless an event may coerce them to migrate elsewhere.

    Again, whether it was sabotage or serendipity, it seems awfully convenient that the TransOcean-BP platform had suddenly self destructed on the first day of the Vernal equinox and 16 days after Baal Insane Obaal bin Liar had lifted the ban of offshore drilling access to the oil cabal. It appears an expensive Emanuelian crisis has been precipitated and the investment will be spent ‘wisely’. When the fishers lose their independence for the loss of income, the old and young men will go where guns and bibles are welcome.

    Back in the early 90′s I cooked up a plot culminating with a scenario much like this. It was about a panic after a false rumor that the Aedes Egypti mosquito was the carrier of the HIV retovcirus. A ‘spit spot test’ was jumbled together by the CDC as a screening tool. The test rendered a high rate of false positives (26%). The habitat of that suspected vector was in the subtropic south. The frightened people went north to the cities. The migration caused ‘population compression’ and stress on the social systems (I was not aware of Cloward-Pivin-Alinsky). Excessive crowding eventuated to ‘flash point’ leading to senseless rage and mayhem in the streets. I called the phenomenon at that time as ‘consolidation in a smaller barrel’. As it was then, and is now, all about control of the people. It was merely a fabrication, but was it?

    About three years ago, I tripped upon Acts 11:28-30. Those three terse verses continue to clang inside my head. Agabus predicted a ‘panfamine’ in first Century of the Church. He dispatched Paul and Barnabus to enter Judea to relieve the Christians during the reign of Claudius. They so did. At first, I thought the mention of Claudius was merely a historic annotation. When the bailouts were bantered around, I realized Caesar = government = do not ask for its help. Ho-hum? Not.

    I was, and remain, convinced we are about to repeat history again, again, and again. I sent numerous letters to church leaders of an imminent famine and it may be manipulated and/or abetted by the powers that be. I suggested we need not to worry about going to Judea, for Judea will come to us. And that was my reason to borrow Steinbeck’s title = the migration Grapes of Wrath in reverse. (sent to: on 2 Jun 10)

    A Smaller Rain Barrel:
    Little fishie swimming in the brook
    Please jump on my empty hook
    Or daddy will snatch you up,
    And put you in my rain barrel
    So I will look down at you,
    And you will up at me
    And daddy’s 12 gauge barrel
    Is aimed . . . at . . . you.


  • John

    Some one in the above remarks mentioned lost territory by Mexico. This and danger of losing U.S. sovereignty are important issues to most Americans. Obama is just looking to stuff the ballot boxes, and retain power. Consider the following:

    I received this from a friend in Florida. It reminded me of when I used to take my students to Mexico when I was still teaching. If you go to El Castillo, now a historical museum in Chapultepec Park, Mexico City, you may still find a room there in which a painting depicts a map of NUEVA ESPANA , or New Spain, which encompassed modern Mexico, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Montana,Texas, parts of Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, etc. The Mexican children are taught that this is still part of Mexico, despite the fact that Mexico signed over this territory in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,after losing the Mexican War. I also recall conversations with Mexican intellectuals- doctors, lawyers, businessmen, etc. in which they tried to get my reaction to their idea of how great it would be if Mexico could RECONQUER this territory. This was in 1973, and I didn’t think their dream had much chance of becoming reality. With all the recent news about illegal immigration, I fear their dream may come true. I have maintained that the flood of illegals is nothing more than unarmed invasion of the U.S. The following quotes seem to back up my opinion….


    Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets; “Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die . . Through love of having children, we are going to take over.

    Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council. “They’re afraid we’re going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They’re right. We will take them over . . . We are here to stay.”

    Excelsior, the national newspaper of Mexico, “The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.”

    Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas; “We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population . . . I love it. They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it.”

    Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, “Remember 187–proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to non-citizens–was the last gasp of white America in California.”

    Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor, “We are politicizing every single one of these new citizens that are becoming citizens of this country . . . I gotta tell you that a lot of people are saying, “I’m going to go out there and vote because I want to pay them back.”

    Mario Obledo, California Coalition of Hispanic Organizations and California State Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Governor Jerry Brown, also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton, “California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave.”

    Jose Pescador Osuna, Mexican Consul General, “We are practicing ‘La Reconquista’ in California.”

    Professor Fernando Guerra, Loyola Marymount University; “We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos . . . ”

    Are these just the words of a few extremists? Consider that we could fill up many pages with such quotes. Also, consider that these are mainstream Mexican leaders.

    On February 15, 1998, the U.S. and Mexican soccer teams met at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The crowd was overwhelmingly pro-Mexican even though most lived in this country. They booed during the National Anthem and U.S. flags were held upside down. As the match progressed, supporters of the U.S. team were insulted, pelted with projectiles, punched and spat upon. Beer and trash were thrown at the U.S. players before and after the match. The coach of the U.S. team, Steve Sampson said, “This was the most painful experience I have ever had in this profession.”

    Did you know that immigrants from Mexico and other non-European countries can come to this country and get preferences in jobs, education, and government contracts? It’s called affirmative action or racial privilege. The Emperor of Japan or the President of Mexico could migrate here and immediately be eligible for special rights unavailable for Americans of European descent. Recently, a vote was taken in the U.S. Congress to end this practice. It was defeated. Every single Democratic senator except Ernest Hollings voted to maintain special privileges for Hispanic, Asian and African immigrants. They were joined by thirteen Republicans. Bill Clinton and Al Gore have repeatedly stated that they believe that massive immigration from countries like Mexico is good. They have also backed special privileges for these immigrants.

    Corporate America has signed on to the idea that minorities and third world immigrants should get special, privileged status. Some examples are Exxon, Texaco, Merrill Lynch, Boeing, Paine Weber, Starbucks and many more.

    Did you know that Mexico regularly intercedes on the side of the defense in criminal cases involving Mexican nationals? Did you know that Mexico has NEVER extradited a Mexican national accused of murder in the U.S. in spite of agreements to do so? According to the L.A. Times, Orange County, California is home to 275 gangs with 17,000 members; 98% of which are Mexican and Asian. How’s your county doing?

    According to a New York Times article dated May 19, 1994, 20 years after the great influx of legal immigrants from Southeast Asia, 30% are still on welfare compared to 8% of households nationwide. A Wall Street Journal editorial dated December 5, 1994 quotes law enforcement officials as stating that Asian mobsters are the “greatest criminal challenge the country faces.” Not bad for a group that is still under 5% of the population.

    Is education important to you? Here are the words of a teacher who spent over 20 years in the Los Angeles School system. “Imagine teachers in classes containing 30-40 students of widely varying attention spans and motivation, many of whom aren’t fluent in English. Educators seek learning materials likely to reach the majority of students and that means fewer words and math problems and more pictures and multicultural references.”

    When I was young, I remember hearing about the immigrants that came through Ellis Island. They wanted to learn English. They wanted to breath free. They wanted to become Americans. Now too many immigrants come here with demands. They demand to be taught in their own language. They demand special privileges–affirmative action. They demand ethnic studies that glorify their culture.

    Send copies of this letter to at least two other people, 100 would be even better. Help us get the word out.

    California Coalition for Immigration Reform
    5942 Edinger, Suite 113-117
    Huntington Beach, CA 92649
    Phone 714.921.7142

    • Momo

      Its not called the Mexican-American war in Mexico, its called the War of North American Aggression. They still haven’t gotten over losing half their country in that war, and probably never will, but they are taking it back slowly but surely with the fastest growing minority population in the U.S.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Only if We The People let them!!! They can’t take ANYTHING we don’t let them take. They just aren’t that strong!!!

      • meteorlady

        Study history – obviously the haven’t. The didn’t a lot of what they believe. It was owned by the Spanish and French and we purchased a lot of it. Mexico was only interested in California – the felt the rest was waste lands and didn’t pay any attention to them until we civilized them and built something there. Opportunists comes to mind.

    • vicki

      John writes:
      “Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets;….Through love of having children, we are going to take over. ”

      A very interesting point. Just which side would God choose. The side that has babies or the side that kills babies in the womb?

      Which side would Darwin evolution choose?

  • Arthur Curtis

    Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Arizona has employer sanction laws and does go after businesses that hire illegals as HFlashman wants. Or at least Sheriff Joe does – and look at the hate being thrown at him by the left. Here’s the kicker H-man: We’re being subjected to the same racist rhetoric for going after the businesses AND arresting the illegals. As if we’re to let the illegals go and only hit the businesses. Not long ago our employer sanction law came under fire as well. The sad fact is politicians on both sides (remember Reagan’s amnesty too) USE the illegals for their own gain so the border problem is not going to be adressed with any substance any time soon, excepting of course Jan Brewer and those of us who support her as well. As such, my suggestion would be for Arizona to simply deport our illegals to the state of their choosing and at the same time stop all taxpayer funded assistance to illegals. I’m a native American struggling small business owner, no medical insurance or other luxuries. I cannot go to any hospital and have my tab paid by the government and yet I have to pay taxes under threat of having my life destroyed by the government. Maybe the light bulb would come on quickly if all the UAW, UMW, Teamsters (esp those in Tucson at SunTran now), AFL-CIO workers were replaced by illegals. Imagine that: why ‘ship jobs overseas’ when we could import cheap labor? How about being able to buy a new Dodge 3500 Diesel for $15,000 and Chrysler posting record profits? I know lots of Americans of Mexican descent here (one cannot live here without doing so I might add.) Most are native, some legal immigrants and some legalized through Reagan’s amnesty, consider themselves Americans without a hyphen, and for the most part are all good law abiding citizens. Of course there are the bad apples but every group has a few and this does not really matter much. What does matter is who comes here with the intent of being a good, productive American citizen and who’s here for nefarious purposes. For you ‘white boy’ haters out there, keep something in mind: Our people fought illegals from the east of course, but they first fought conquistadors from the south (I do concede they were of European descent) but they were conquistadors, truly conquering and raping the land and enslaving the people. The westward pushing young Americans at least brought a new kind of prosperity, unity, rule of law and such that elevated all who desired to get on board. Had the aborignial Americans had the unity for border protection then (and racially profiled whites) we’d still be the dominant feature of the landscape, along with the buffalo. That was then, this is now, I love America, always have so either love America or give it back! Shawnee by the way.

    • dan of arizona

      thanks well said

  • taxman

    You know a funny thing? In korea we have thousands of troops protecting there border from north Koreans. Why dont we pack them up and bring them to the border states and do the same job here we are providing for other countries. Isn’t it racist to be keeping north Koreans from visiting south Korea.

    • animal

      that last question was a shot at some humor right?

  • patrick

    wow so many comments, this tells me this is a BIG issue. i offer my idea on how to solve problem… set up machine gun nests, say about every hundred feet apart all along our entire USA border. fire at will, after a warning is given, requiring you to show your papers. if there is any movement of people’s open fire again until all movement stops. after about a 10 minute wait, send US helicopters to spray Agent Orange, left over from Viet Nam, to cover about a 50 mile wide area from our border south into Mexico. then wait a few weeks and send in our troops and over or take Mexico as an USA territory, since we pay for most of their peoples support as we have been doing all along anyway.

    • April

      LOL!!! Quite Tempting suggestion there>

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you be the first to apply it!!! I have seen the health issues connected to dioxin like chlorachne, cancers, diabetes and others!! And this is the people that applied it!!

      • dan of arizona

        how well I know

    • alpha-lemming

      More efficient to invent human-being sized bug-zappers.

    • meteorlady

      That would all be good, but they are already set up on the other side. Last month 250 automatic weapons, 300 rounds of ammo, 2 cases of grenades, and a rocket launcher were found 12 miles from the Texas border. The 27 Mexicans that were on site had military uniforms on with flack jackets.

      Be afraid – these people are becoming militant and want what they believe we took from them. Even though what we have belonged to Spain and France and Mexico considered all but California wastelands and were not interested in them.

      • animal

        meteor lady i dont know what to expect first in phoenix anymore. mexican military or blue helmets. wouldnt it be nice if they were one in the same. would be a bogo and good way to conserve ammo

  • Daniel

    Yesterday I saw a short film of a small town along the border that looked like it had been bombed. In effect, the people had been run out of town and the the entire town had been put to the torch by the drug cartels in Mexico. Some ranches along the border have been temporarily occupied by the drug cartels and parts of Arizona are too dangerous for civilians to go into. Obama has already indebted several future generations of U.S. citizens for who knows how many years and now he’s continuing the destruction of the U.S. Constitution which he pays little attention to, to begin with.

    The question is, “How long are we going to stand for this?” and “What are we going to do about it?”

    No one wants a revolution, but are we fat, stupid Americans just going to stand by and watch those we have elected destroy what so many young Americans have given their lives to protect?

    We’ve let our troops be sent all over the world to protect who knows what for moneyed interests to the point where we no longer are able to protect our own country if we are attacked by ground troops. And our own government will not allow us to protect ourselves.

    It’s time we did something. So what are we to do?

    • meteorlady

      What about the city in California that is almost entirely Mexican and so corrupt that it’s now bankrupt?

    • Al Sieber

      Daniel, when you’re attacked by ground troops, you’ll know what to do.

  • Leona Henry

    If the Feds and courts want to play this game, the PEOPLE could give a whole new meaning to “ALL RISE” which is usually heard in courtrooms. Maybe the people should be saying this and DEMAND to be a soverign state ~ Our brother in MT and many other states agree.

  • http://personallibertydigest JFS

    new world order? evolution? THERE WILL NOT BE A NEW WORLD.THIS ONE WILL BE RENEVATED.are you eveluted from what?monkey? fish? what?GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH OCEANS FISH BIRDS ANIMALS PLANTS MOUNTAINS>yAND MAN AND WQMAN.evolution has no hope.ITS IN THE BOOK.:BIBLE:1ST oboma wants to lead the new world one in his administration of czars that do not have a shaky past.I AM IN THIS WORLD;BUT I AM NOT OF THIS WORLD AMEN

  • marvin

    laws are for all me you and yes all legal american citizen ,illegals have no right under are law or constitution,liberal,moderats,conserative,christans ,we need to find a really good constition lawyer and pay him to take obama to court,for not enforcing our laws,anyone up for it besides flash

    • meteorlady

      If that is so then how come LaRaze (a federally funded organization) shows up to represent illegals during immigration hearings? It’s why I quit the job. La Raza and some of the local legal aid agencies that get government grants were always around defending illegals during immigration hearings. La Raza showed up if it was high profile or they thought it would garner news. Legal aid showed up for the head count so they could get more federal funds the following hear. Nice system we have here.

  • Dancingcop

    It seems that the time has come to light the Impeachment fires again. Only this time, don’t stop with just the one sitting in the White House. Lets impeach all those unamerican lawyers masqueading as judges. Impeachment is the method for removing a judge from a lifetime appointment. Remember when Civics was taught in school? What happened to educating the future generations about how government is supposed to act. Of the people, by the people and for the people. Emphasis on “the people!” The political class needs a rude awakening and we need to start in November 2010. And when the lame duck congress tries to ram a bunch of retaliation down our throats, we need to make sure that a future congress makes a retroactive law, just like the tax law passed under Clinton, that penalizes those that voted to pass such retaliatory legislation with the permanent loss of their pensions and war chest they derived from “the people!” Elected officials need to be financially and even criminally held responsible for the messes they create with their “good intentions.” Trouble is the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Remember in November!

  • bob pa

    well now we know that the constitution is only for the federal government to use to futher take rights of the people from them and give them to illegal alliens. Does that sound orwellian? does the last 30 years seem strange and out of this world? to be given a tax break to invest for retirement in 401K @15% tax rate and the and then be told after 40 years that your investment is going to be taxed at 39% is criminal but that is how devious and crooked our government is. Every one of them needs to have their salary and retirement taxed @ 95% and all their perks recuced to $1 per perk per lifetime. I think that would be fair. Since they think that we are stupid slaves and we should show they are our employees. they work for us not for themselves.

  • Janice Bonnecaze

    My idea of immigation reform is this: Send them back across the gunpoint, if necaary. Then they can go about the legal route. No amnesty! Are we are saying we are not as capable as N Korea and Iran in protecting our borders? They have theirs sews up tighter than a gnat’s butt.
    I am for legal immigration. But the defiance of these illegal alns is astounding!
    Obama sucks! Once again, he shows his imcompetency. Maybe we taxpayers need to pay for yet another czar due to his lack of experience and commonsense.

  • Arkie

    Obama is not incompetent, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is doing exactly what he desires, everything is planned. He is demolishing the United States step by step intentionally.

    • meteorlady

      He’s doing exactly what Soros and other new world order and social experimentation people want him to do.

    • Matt Levine

      You are almost correct…he is a puppet performing the will of his handlers.

  • kate gillianno

    I would like to know how this man got in to office. I cannot even use the word President because he is NOT!!!!!!! He is ruining this country of ours, bit by bit. This man has another two years to totally demolish this country. God bless America, we surely do need it.

    I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM and some people would say you are prejudice, etc. The ones that did vote him in are the ones that are prejudice. He is not even an American and I would also like to know why he is still in office, where are all the Republicans out there???????? I am a Republican, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?????

    My family and me have decided if for some rhyme or reason he gets in again, we will leave this beautiful country of ours.

    Isn’t it funny how everyone found out how many mistresses Tiger Wood’s had and no one and I mean no one can find this man’s Birth Certificate. He is not even a Black American, he was not born here, wake up America!!!!

    • Matt Levine

      kate gillianno … “no one can find this man’s Birth Certificate”
      Uhm, pay attention…it’s in Hawaii and he spent a lot of OUR TAX money to have it sealed and his online one is a forgery!!! So much for PUBLIC records! He was born in Kenya, witnessed by an aunt who was in the delivery room. He became a citizen of Indonesia and has never renounced his citizenship there. Try something simple … RESEARCH!!! This was common knowledge BEFORE he was nominated!!! Simple concept…research and KNOW before you vote or speak! Sorry if I seem harsh.

      • vicki

        “’s in Hawaii… ” You’ve seen it? All evidence I have seen is hearsay. How do you know it is there?

        • dan of arizona

          nice try matt there is no evidence of any thing why do you think that is?

        • Matt Levine

          So, Obama went to Hawaii and spent our tax dollars to have NOTHING sealed?

        • Matt Levine

          ICE is the FBI/CIA for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Let them do their job and let the states PROTECT THEIR BORDERS!!! Last I checked, illegal alien IS NOT A RACE, they’re CRIMINALS breaking OUR laws!!! So it bears to reason that Arizona’s law DOES NOT RACIALLY PROFILE, illegal alien IS NOT A RACE, they’re CRIMINALS, PERIOD!!! We, the people, NEED to back up those who hold OUR laws dear and STOP THROWING THE RACE CARD!!! We, the people, need to uphold the laws of OUR land and keep race or place of origin out of this fray!!! Yes/No … are you here legally? That IS the ONLY question. If you are not, detention, imprisonment, deportation with no ability to return to our country for ANY reason, by any means! Am I being too harsh? They STEAL our jobs, pay NO taxes, get free stuff from OUR government on MY tax dime!!!

  • Matt Levine

    It’s simple, vote out the democrats and any moderates in the November midterms. WE THE VOTERS, can fix this by not voting blind. Research all of your representatives, local, county, state, and congressional. You all have about 3 months to do so. Take an hour to do this and make an informed, responsible vote. If you do not want to do the research, STOP COMPLAINING!!! The Obama nomination should never have happened, given the information about him that came out BEFORE his nomination. Bush and his party were the devil and the voters couldn’t have more of that with Mc Cain, so the people voted for the soothsayer Obama. How soothing is he now? His administration IS a train wreck! If you think Bush was bad…examine the current administration! We, the voters, can neuter the current administration! We the voters can SAVE this country!!! We the voters ARE the voice of America! Start shouting!!! If I had the energy and the money, I’d put the current administration to shame and run for president myself in 2012!
    I already know who I’m not voting for and who I am voting for…I did the research! I’m talking about Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, House, Senate. IT’S NOT DIFFICULT!!! Do the research and vote responsibly, or shut up! It’s a little work…for much gain!!!


    Legal convolution and parsing does allow the english language to be legally twisted and even though it may not make sense to you and I, the legal profession stakes it’s soul survival on this type of weaseling…In America you can act as stupid as you want but you will pay a price.

    Now you know why Shakespere cited the words, “First we kill all the lawyers.”

  • http://n/a ray

    It is a plan, long in the making. Obama and the Far left are executing
    now what was planned when acorn was born. The destruction of capatalism
    is a major goal in my opinion.
    I feel our Congress and many conservatives are terribly nieve for not seeing it coming.
    How can we channel our anger into a powerful force to turn the tables on these tyrants. Is it too late?

    • vicki

      Soapbox, ballot box, Jury box. All still available. So it is not to late.

      • dan of arizona

        dont forget the ammo box

        • Vicki

          I didn’t. There are enough agent provocateurs on this site already trying to open that box. The first 3 boxes still work so the forth can remain closed for now.

  • bob pa

    ray not if we all (legal citizens) go out and buy 2 weapons or more and ammo to show that we mean business. remember that all the government agents would tell the president and congress that there was 50 million citizens armed themselves suddenly and they would get the message we are serious and will revolt because our nation is being stolen from us. they would suddleny have the fear of God installed in their minds and what was in the minds of the people. A sudden change would tone and actions of the government. If not then you know that our Founding fathers revolted and also told us in the constitution that we should.

  • Arkie

    We need to get some of the Rsocialist out to the polls in November. Get them away from the tube watching who the bachlorette is going to date and what the hot sexual scoop on Entertainment Tonight is and to the voting booths. Remember the Main Stream Media (MSM) will lull us to sleep while ACORN has Greyhound and Contential Trailways in full force from one voting booth to another. The America people is not interested in what is happening in government but it what it the lies coming accross the MSM. Unless you can get us Rsocialist activated we have already lost to the Dcommunist and “O” will be have a Dcommunist congress once again. Be careful which Rsocialist you vote for you don’t want anymore RINO’s.

  • Lindaspy


    The federal judge who blocked key aspects of Arizona’s new immigration law was so well regarded across the political spectrum that she was nominated to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, who tapped her on the recommendation of Sen. JON KYLE (R-Ariz.), one of Congress’s most conservative senators.


    • JeffH

      Lindaspy says: “she was nominated to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, who tapped her”

      Slick Willy “tapped her”? My, you must be a real spy or have some inside knowledge of whom Clinton “tapped”.

      Take a hike hack!

    • meteorlady

      You really need to educate yourself on Immigration laws. As a former immigration employee I can tell you that for years and years local law enforcement officers have called immigration when they have people that can’t prove citizenship. That applied to Greeks, Spanish, Mexicans, Russians, Chinese, etc.

      The Judge is obviously biased in her “opinion” on the law.

    • vicki

      She has no jurisdiction so her bias is irrelevant. Article 3 Section 2 US Constitution gives Supreme Court original jurisdiction in matters of which a state is a party.

  • meteorlady

    As a person that lives in a border state, I am not surprised that a judge (appointed government hack) would rule in favor of the gasp – the government. Maybe Obama will give her a Supreme Court nomination now? We are over-run with illegals and they are not always nice people. We have them growing dope on private land, we have them attacking ranchers when they try to stop them, we have litter all over the place along our borders, kidnappings, drive by shootings, and best of all we get the drug runners, human traffickers, and gang members, plus a whole lot of welfare cheats.

    I think the laws of this country should be changed and we should elect our judges. No more political appointments.

    When I worked at Immigration we always responded to inquiries by local law enforcement. In fact, I actually went to the jail and interviewed and took into custody those that could not prove citizenship. That is not profiling – it’s law enforcement. We processed them, they had the immigration hearing and the tax payers paid their way back home. In most cases a lot of them were back before the bus got back. There were no real punishments for coming back even though the federal law stated that they had two times and then were to be prosecuted and sent to jail.

    This is not about anything other than creating a crisis so that the government can pass immigration reform which we all know as amnesty. If they can’t seal our borders now, they won’t do it later after the “reform” passes. It will be just like 1986 when then Democrats promised to seal the borders and after Reagan signed the bill, they reneged and underfunded. We will end up with 25 million or more people that are under educated, have only basic work skills, have more children than they can afford, and collect whatever public assistance they can find. It’s a new voting block for sure, but it’s also a way to lower the wage scales in the US and have a surplus of workers for business.

    Get ready for a new look to our country – third world. Houses surrounded by cars and trash, drug dealing openly on the streets, places in your city where law enforcement doesn’t go anymore, gangs and drive by shootings, and a whole lot of non-English speaking people with their hand painted business signs (oh wait, sound like southern California).

    • libertytrain

      meteorlady – thanks for the information – most of us do not live on the border so don’t have to face what you have to endure – though, other things do occur all over this land because of this unregulated situation.

    • vicki

      meteorlady writes:
      “Get ready for a new look to our country – third world. Houses surrounded by cars and trash, drug dealing openly on the streets, places in your city where law enforcement doesn’t go anymore, gangs and drive by shootings, and a whole lot of non-English speaking people with their hand painted business signs (oh wait, sound like southern California).”

      Been to San Francisco or Oakland recently?

    • JeffH

      meteorlady, thanks for your informing post.

      As most non-liberal Americans so often state, this issue has nothing to do with “legal” immigrants. I, as well as most here on this website, have stated on more than one occasion that we have no problem with “legal” immigrants and most of us realize that “Mexicans” aren’t the only illegals entering this country. We have a problem with the illegals and their supporters, the progressive racists who continually shout down the “old white men” as racists, siting us as robed Klan members among other unfounded accusations. The SEIU, La Raza, Salvador Reza of the Puente Movement and “human rights” groups lead a lot of these protests in Arizona and other states as has Bertha “ACORN” Lewis who was recently arrested at an immigration rally in NYC. I would surmise that most if not all of these protesters are “communist sympathizers”.

      I still hold on to the ideas of this country staying a free Republic unlike those that are still knee deep in support of Obama’s kind of “Hope & Change”.

  • http://gmail i41

    When I worked in the greater Denver area, there were areas of illegals where you definitely didn’t want to go. Several USA citizens have been run over and killed by illegals and they elude police and head back to Mexico. When a car load of 8 illegals drove into the Platte River because they were driving to fast on a snow covered street. Mexico helped the illegals sue for damages and win, same as when cops raided a house with illegals and a male was dropped for holding a revolvers on an officer. Every state has stories of illegals stealing and getting caught and let go with out even a bond, the crimminals go all the way to the Canadian border. Go to any place there is a packing plant and watch shacks and houses where they live and how many crowd in to the dwelling, also see how long it takes before law enforcement is called to the dwelling for shootings, knifing, and drug use. The other area for trouble spots was the black neighborhoods, usually there was gun fire at all times and just as much gang banging crap. Of course Denver is another sancuary cities, blacks, mexicans and muslims and anything abnormal or freaky gets special pass.

  • Thinking about it

    The amnesty bill of 1986 was supposed to have dealt with employers hiring illegals, how many times have you heard of employers being fined for hiring them. If they had to pay fines equal to the programs the illegals and their families used, then taxpayers would not have this burden. Since 1986 there has been 13 years of Republican administration and these laws was overlooked and even encouraged because “no one else wanted to do the work they did” and the real truth is this has supplied employers with cheap labor. If the jobs was not here, then we would not have so many here. You can’t blame the Obama administration for all the illegals, this has to be shared by all. I do own a business and have never hired illegal employees, just good old Americans trying to make a living.

    • eddie47d

      Your not going to find much common sense here. They will all blame Obama for the War of 1812 if they could get away with it. Ben Crystal only stokes the fire with his lazy reporting and everyone brings out the gun powder. Ben should have been a disc jockey for all the spinning he does.

      • libertytrain

        I believe most libs would blame W for that one -

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, you’ve yet to offer anything concrete to these discussions other than vagueness, contradictions and ridicule. Why don’t you try answering a few of the questions that have been presented to you to prove you’re right rather than making unfounded and vague comments, ridiculing the authors and then slinking away to the shadows like a cockroach and a schill.

        • dan of arizona

          fast eddieeeeeee
          shut up sit down and learn something and take your finger out of your nose!

          • eddie47d

            Diaper Dan,go clean your shorts. I’m always learning about you fear and smear mongers. It’s endless.

    • Al Sieber

      Tai, we can blame the Obama Admin. for not enforcing the laws, it’s his “watch” now.

  • will conyers


  • William Barry


    • HHH

      Not a very veiled threat……. you should probably be investigated by the FBI!

  • JeffH

    Isn’t it wonderfull that this administration, O’man’s watch, could care less that the muslims have been given the OK to build a mosque near “Ground Zero”. He can sue Arizona and obviously critisize police officers doing their job, but has said, through his lackey Gibbs, that we’re not at war with a religion. What the hell does he think these Muslim extremist terrorists base their “war on the west” on…their religeous beliefs. Another elite globalist Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also chairs the foundation building the Sept. 11 memorial, has defended plans for the mosque.

    Keep some powder dry people…

    The Japanese to this day still show respect in Pearle Harbor, some 69 years later and yet these muslims cannot show one iota of respect for the 3000+ killed on 9/11.

  • chuck b


    just heard a fox employee defending the muslim decision to build the mosque in new york. she claimed that not all muslims are not terrorist or siding with the jihadist. the bleeding hearts never fail to amaze me.
    no. all muslims are not terrorist, if they are muslim then they believe in the koran. the muslim religion is not a peaceful religion, they want to convert the world to islam, by proselytzing or by the sword which ever comes first. this religion if you want to call it that does not belong in this country. we will rue the day we have given them freedom of their religion.
    we can see by the actions of barry in some of his decisions are reflecting upon our law and military.

    • JeffH

      I think she was on Hannity and he had her pretty well covered. Her arguement was pretty weak at best.

  • http://gmail i41

    Judge Bolton probably has a birthday gift for Omoron, since Whorehound Clinton tapped her for a post and she was appointed. So since she ruled the way the muslim marxist wanted, his gift is anyone’s guess. We can only wonder under which robe it is hidden in,marxist black or communist red, or liberal tied dyed green and blue.

    • dan of arizona

      Ill bet it still smells of cigars

  • animal

    speaking of treason i got an e-mail about o-blowmo honoring hanoi-jane fonda as one of the 100 women of the century and barbara walters is doing the honors . and the AG of virginia is giving his police the right to ask for immigration status. whats with the double standard. and hell no to hanoi jane ……..hooah

  • hermannelson

    To the all the people who oppose AZ SB 1070 I dare them to camp out at Organ Pipes National Park for a weekend. Be advised 3500 acres has been ceded too Mexican drug cartels. Thats reason enough for SB 1070.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    The whole thing is so convuluted and twisted in the reasoning on Bolton’s part. We all know why she ruled as she did and frankly it turns my stomach.

  • mavis

    Judge Bolton was definitely doing what Obama wanted her to do. How many more judges are there waiting in the wings for they day in infamy. Woe unto the judges.mehpensacola,fl

  • john


  • Matt Levine

    ICE is the FBI/CIA for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Let them do their job and let the states PROTECT THEIR BORDERS!!! Last I checked, illegal alien IS NOT A RACE, they’re CRIMINALS breaking OUR laws!!! So it bears to reason that Arizona’s law DOES NOT RACIALLY PROFILE, illegal alien IS NOT A RACE, they’re CRIMINALS, PERIOD!!! We, the people, NEED to back up those who hold OUR laws dear and STOP THROWING THE RACE CARD!!! We, the people, need to uphold the laws of OUR land and keep race or place of origin out of this fray!!! Yes/No … are you here legally? That IS the ONLY question. If you are not, detention, imprisonment, deportation with no ability to return to our country for ANY reason, by any means! Am I being too harsh? They STEAL our jobs, pay NO taxes, get free stuff from OUR government on MY tax dime!!!

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    I do not see anyone with a real solution to the problems. you can not get a job done if you do not have a plan of action, and alliances that will join you and go forward to and implement the plan.

  • dsone

    amazing stuff thanx

  • Player Profiles

    Maybe you should edit the post title The Full Court Press | Personal Liberty Digest to something more catching for your subject you make. I enjoyed the post however.

  • Alexandra

    The arrival of Fernando Torres has given Chelsea one of the most feared strike forces in Europe- I always knew John Terry was really a comic


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