The Food Stamp Army


When people get hungry, they get desperate. History shows that desperate people do desperate things. But not to worry in America; food stamps are keeping the people fat and happy.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that 101 million people are on at least one of the 15 food assistance programs offered by the government. That’s 4 million more people than are working, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The U.S. population is estimated at just more than 316 million. This means almost one-third of America is on food assistance. Food stamps are the modern-day soup kitchens.

Despite broad pronouncements by the elected class, government functionaries and government propagandists that the U.S. economy is improving, America remains mired in a deep depression. Official unemployment has exceeded 7.5 percent for 54 consecutive months, the longest stretch on record. Of course, the real unemployment rate is 23 percent or more, according to, which measures unemployment that includes long-term discouraged workers, short-term discouraged workers, marginally attached workers and those forced to work part-time because they can’t find full-time employment. For blacks — particularly young, poorly educated blacks — the rate is much higher.

The economy is being propped up with money printing called quantitative easing. It’s doing wonders for Wall Street and the banksters. Everything the government is doing is crushing what’s left of the middle class and small business.

The government is and has been at war with the American people with its money printing, which dilutes their savings and the value of their “money.” When the money printers print bales of paper money, the dollars already in circulation become worthless. Anybody should understand this debauching of the currency translates to widespread impoverishment.

As long as people get their food stamps, they remain fat and happy. But what happens if the food stamps are cut off for one reason or another? How far do you have to stretch your imagination to think of these 101 million people as a “Food Stamp Army?” They certainly will become an army of terror, stealing and pillaging for food within just a few days.

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Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • jim b

    The path to serfdom is lined with bread crumbs! yum yum…

    • Chester

      The path to serfdom is lined by incompetents who delight in pushing anyone who MIGHT have a bit better situation than them down it. Kind of like they used to say, the only way to succeed was to plant your feet squarely in the competition’s face as you climbed over them, the way to make sure you don’t wind up owing YOUR soul to the company store is to sell everyone around you out.

      • Vis Fac

        This is a prime example of one dimensional idiot-ology pitting opposing sides against each other so you can pick up leftover pieces. Instead you should be focusing on what you can do for yourself so you can be successful. Things like pay attention in school and learn all you can (I know in today’s school system it’s more than a challenge) recognize any opportunity for advancement then ACT and seize that opportunity. Don’t wait for someone to give things to you you must EARN what you have. You will never get rich receiving handouts from anyone. I worked sacrifices and slaved to earn what I have and I’ll be damned if I’m going to give it to someone who refuses to extend any effort on their behalf.

      • Vigilant

        “The path to serfdom is lined by incompetents who delight in pushing anyone who MIGHT have a bit better situation than them down it.”

        You have just described progressivism to a “T.”

  • Chester

    Am SOOO glad you don’t have to try surviving on what few food stamps come with what SSI you can get, even if you are lucky enough to get into subsidized housing. If you are drawing the maximum SSI will allow, $780 a month, you MIGHT be eligible for another $150 a month in food stamps, then you are guaranteed to be out at least a third of that cash income for rent, in subsidized housing, more if you are on the economy. Then you have to figure utilities out, plus, maybe, a phone. depending on whether or not you live where cell service is decent so you can use a lifeline cell phone. Any way you cut it, you are left with five hundred dollars, or less, for transportation, food, and all medical co-pays. Like it or not, medicare and medicaid do NOT cover all expenses. I know, food stamps sound like a giveaway to people who don’t need the help, but take a good look at ALL the people who get them, not just the idiots who shouldn’t be on the program in the first place.

    • winder50

      The problem is that it is a disincentive to work. If you get that much “free” money, just enough to survive, why would you go out and spend energy WORKING? Most people eventually will learn to survive on that, lose all motivation to better themselves, and become soft. That is where we are heading. Plus those on food stamps are not teaching their children, the next generation that they have responsibility to be productive.

      • rhcrest

        We’re not heading, we are already there

      • Chester

        I take it you see as a disincentive to work anything that helps support the family while you look for work, IF you are capable of working. I love the way all you guys automatically assume all food stamp recipients are there because they WANT to be there,not because that is the only alternative they have to starvation. Might try a food bank some time and see exactly what you get to feed however many are in your family, then figure out how long that will keep you alive. NOT comfortably fed, but alive.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Did you even think that the assistance you are getting comes from people who work and see their money being taken away. You want mercy from the givers because you have a “NEED” but it seems that you have no mercy on the givers from whom you take.

          • Chester

            Ma’am, I take it you have problems with insurance companies as well, as they take from those who have to give to those who need. Only problem with that is the fact that they keep rather more of what they take than they give out. Would comment on medicare and medicaid, but you have already made it clear that you have no use for a program where YOU don’t get to decide who gets what.

          • Vis Fac

            Insurance companies are private enterprises in business to make money. People who pay premiums receive some tangible return be it security against being sued or a life annuity policy Bottom line insurance is not paid by the public as welfare or food stamps whereas insurance is paid by the individual that is UNLESS we are talking about ODUMBOCARE where the taxpayers will foot the bill for those who can’t won’t or don’t pay for their own health care. You need to hone your debating skills for you have nothing to support your argument only your feelings misguided as they are.

          • vicki

            Insurance companies take no money that is not freely offered in exchange for the service the company offers.

            The notable exceptions you will try to come up with all have one thing in common. Government force.

          • smilee

            Are you saying you would rather be disabled than have to pay some for those who are. Your pathetic

        • Vigilant

          “I take it you see as a disincentive to work anything that helps support the family while you look for work, IF you are capable of working.”

          You take that wrong. Look up “straw man argument.”

          An immutable law of economics is that when you subsidize anything, you will get more of it. Welfare, extended unemployment benefits, you name it.

          There are many more reasons for deploring the abuses of the food stamp program than your single straw man argument. One of them is clearly the purposeful creation of dependencies by government.

          “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people; control money and you control the world.” -Henry Kissinger

          • smilee

            No you get more of it when wages do not keep up with the cost of living an we have seen over a generation of wages not keeping up with the cost of living and thus all those people now qualifying because of it. 47% no longer pay any income taxes because of these very low wages. When I entered the work force in 1962 everyone who had a job paid income taxes and there has never been a year I have not, even in retirement. Your theory is bogus and less than 3% of recipients try to game the system the rest want a living wage but can no longer get one.

          • Vigilant

            “Your theory is bogus and less than 3% of recipients try to game the system the rest want a living wage but can no longer get one.”

            Source of that 3% “statistic?” I’m certain that, like your bogus statements regarding the Constitution, you don’t have a clue…or are you going to tell us you heard that somewhere, as you always do when pressed for a definitive source?”

            My statement is FACT, not theory, and it’s been proven over and over again.

          • smilee

            Studies have been done by a number of sources and they all agree on that figure, research it!

          • Vigilant

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You’re as predictable as they come. You did EXACTLY what I predicted you’d do!

            You have yet to come up with anything in your many postings to substantiate your bogus assertions. And don’t tell me to research it. You made the claim, you bear the burden of proof.

          • smilee

            If your so sure it is bogus prove me wrong, my take is regarded by all in the know as being accurate and you can find the sources if you wish to seek that out, but no you sit back on your throne like a king and demand someone else do it for you. The truth is predictable so I am predictable as I tell the truth. You do not even know the truth therefore you know not of what you speak

          • Vigilant

            “If your [sic] so sure it is bogus prove me wrong, [sic] my take is regarded by all in the know as being accurate…”

            Sonny, I’m not sure it’s bogus, but I didn’t make the claim. Burden of proof lies on the person making the claim, in courtrooms, in discussions, etc.

            YOU are the lazy one. In our one-sided discussions about slavery and the Constitution, I have provided volumes of proof that you are wrong.

            You, on the other hand, have NEVER progressed beyond, “I saw it in a documentary some years ago,” or “experts have said…” or “regarded by all in the know” without EVER citing one credible source, quotation, person “in the know” or other reference.

            You’re the pitiful poster child for ignorance, and for the desire to remain so by not researching your claims, just making them.

            I shall congratulate you on the day when you cite your first credible reference. Until then you are the epitome of bigotry.

            P.S. Take a basic course in English. “Your” is possessive, “you’re” is the contraction for “you are.”

      • smilee

        a large share of those eligible for food stamps are full time employee and good parents, you totally ignore that.

    • rhcrest

      Really? Then why do i see so many people who pay with EBT cards at the grocery stores get into brand new cars in the parking lot? We see this all the time and they get huge carts full of expensive groceries that i can’t afford to buy. Why are these people so fat if they can barely buy food? Why do they have expensive tattoos all over their bodies? Why are they walking around with the latest iphones and ipads? We pay for our own food and we drive 10 year old rusting out cars and lots of times i can’t afford to buy the expensive food they are buying because i have to pay for theirs as well as mine. If it was up to me, these people would get to go down to the local charity and receive whatever other people VOLUNTARILY donated and be grateful for whatever they receive. If they don’t like it they can go and get a JOB.

      • Chester

        Might want to do some checking, then be absolutely SURE that that brand new car belongs to the party using the food stamps and NOT to someone who volunteered to carry them to and from the store. Also, what do you consider expensive food? Just the fact that they have a cartload or two of food? Or did you stand behind them in line and keep up with each item as it went through the register? Another thing, exactly how many people are they buying food for? That last one makes a huge difference in how much they may have to spend. I know, three hundred dollars sounds like a lot of food, but if you are feeding four people, the chances are very good that that amount of food will barely make a month, IF it will make a month, Oh, yeah, for a family of four with minimal income, about seventy-five bucks a head is what they allow to feed each one for a month.

        • Elevenarrows

          I think you are doing an admirable job at attempting to make the food stamp system appear honorable, but I’ve witnessed this in our extended family. I can tell you it is a scam being perpetuated on taxpayers. Sure, there are worthy individuals who are struggling financially to keep their heads above water, but I suspect the vast majority are more along the lines of “Yea! Give me, give me, give me free stuff!” That’s what I have personally witnessed.

          As any parent knows, if you give a child everything they want, they do not usually appreciate the sacrifices being made to provide those things. It is human nature to value what one must work hard to achieve or acquire.

          That’s why often tenants will destroy rental properties…they don’t own them so they don’t care. Same mentality.

          • Chester

            If you are seeing that in your own family and not griping at them, why are you griping at me about that problem. Most of the people who are using food stamps don’t get everything they WANT, and just barely get what they NEED.

          • Frank Kahn

            I would like to note that your assessment of the amount given, per head, in food stamps is inaccurate. I have a niece, with 4 kids, that receives almost $800 in food stamps each month. That would come out to $160 per person not $75. A single person can receive $200 a month, and does not have to report income if it does not exceed around $1,100 a month.

          • Chester

            Well, am assuming your niece, and her four kids, are living on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. That is the only way I can see that she would qualify for that amount of food stamps. Without knowing the rules in your state, all I can do is tell you that eleven hundred a month in Missouri will totally disqualify a single person from receiving food stamps, and even a thousand a month gives you just about enough food stamps to cover the gas you use driving into town to use them. Oh, and you report ANY change in income, up or down, within thirty days of it happening.

          • Frank Kahn

            She is not enrolled in TANF just using SNAP to feed the kids.

            Incomes effect on the amount of food stamp assistance is hard to pin down. If you qualify for the maximum, that is a set amount, determined by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, not the state. The rules, for reporting income are exactly the same is all states, because it is a federal program not a state program.

            The amount you qualify for is determined by your present income level and living situation. If you have essentially 0 income when you apply, you get the max. If you have $1,000 you get virtually nothing. I am speaking of a single person here.

            I cannot speak to the rules about reporting income changes today because I have not participated in this program for over 3 years. However, 4 years ago, when I applied, and was awarded the maximum, I was given papers that said “If your income exceeds $1,067 a month, you are required to report the change in income.” Nowhere in the paperwork was there a mention of reporting any and all changes of income within 30 days. I still have the papers, so I am not relying on just my memory to report this information.

          • Chester

            All I can tell you is what they keep yelling at me. Social Security and vA don’t QUITE pay enough to keep me off food stamps, but less than twenty dollars a month doesn’t go very far in any grocery store I know of.

          • Frank Kahn

            And, I understand your position. You probably had income when you qualified. I find it hard to fathom why the government feels that an income, that barely covers rent and utilities, is in some way a reason to eliminate your food allowance.

            I think that there should be a bare minimum of such help. It should be determined how much it actually costs to provide food for a person. Then, as long as that person is still in poverty, they should receive that amount regardless of minor fluctuations in their income. I, personally, can survive on less than $100 a month in food. If I am disabled, and cannot work, and I am only receiving say $1,100 a month in disability payments, this amount is barely enough to cover basic rent and utilities. It does not allow for enough food to survive. I should receive food stamp assistance to cover the deficit. Or, to satisfy the anti-entitlement people, I need to rely on other sources, like family or charity organizations for this assistance.

          • Vigilant

            “Oh, and you report ANY change in income, up or down, within thirty days of it happening.”

          • Chester

            Like it or not, that IS what the rules call for where I live. I have been informed that not all states require this, but any permanent, or even semi-permanent change in income must be reported here. Of course, that could have to do with the fact that SSI has these same rules in place.

          • Vigilant

            Look a little deeper. I’m not laughing at the rules, I’m laughing at the foibles of selfish human nature. You can bet that income reductions are reported a lot sooner and more honestly than income increases.

          • smilee

            People see what they want to see, often it is an illusion

          • Vigilant

            Now THAT sounds autobiographical, knowing you.

        • guest71

          What are they doing with a family of four if they’re on food stamps. My wife and I planned our family (without the government’s help) so that we knew what we could afford. Standing in line behind the welfare momma who is arguing with the cashier about her boyfriend not liking sweet potatoes, so why can’t she just take regular potatoes and be charged for sweet, or arguing that dog food should be covered by EBT really sucks. Maybe she could get a job writing thank you notes to the taxpayer for all of the other free stuff she does get, and it wouldn’t sting so much.

          • Chester

            That family of four weren’t always ON food stamps, Father gets sick and can’t work, NO employer supplied health insurance, mom HAS to be at home to help father, and a sick kid. Consequently, no job for her, either. Yeah, you get the morons who think anything they want should be free, simply because they WANT it. Might ask her how her boy afforded that three hundred dollar pair of kicks he is wearing, as well. You apparently only look for the cheats and thieves on the program, then don’t report them because you “DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED!” That makes you as much a part of the problem as any of the cheaters you keep crying about.

        • rhcrest

          Someone who volunteered to transport them to the store? ROFLMAO! These are the drivers of the vehicles and they certainly act like the vehicles belong to them. If i know that they are standing there with their EBT card in hand you can bectchurass i look at what they are buying. And if they can’t afford to feed their kids without gov’t assistance then they shouldn’t be HAVING them.

          • Chester

            Most likely DIDN’T have them while drawing government assistance, although that has happened on more than one occasion, too. My wife and I had one while I was drawing SSD, which according to all the people on here IS welfare, or government assistance. Ours was NOT planned, as she had been told I would not be able to father a child as a direct result of the accident that put me on disability, so took NO precautions the first time we had marital relations after the accident. Another question, WHY are you looking so hard to see what kind of plastic is being used to pay a grocery bill other than yours? Know for a fact that I have several pieces of plastic that are almost indistinguishable from EBT cards.

          • rhcrest

            Chester you are trying to convince the wrong person. My husband manages an apartment building filled with people on all sorts of assistance. People who could work if they chose to. Their full time “job” is making sure all the paperwork is filled out for every type of assistance they can get their hands on. And yes they drive new cars and they put them in their parent’s names. At Christmas time, one of them was excited to show my husband a closet full of toys they got for their kids. They used all their assistance money and when that wasn’t enough, they hit up Toys for Tots etc. This person had 3 x boxes in the closet. We can’t afford 3 x boxes. Since that time i have made a commitment to never donate anything ever again. I already donated at the office through taxes. And why am i paying attention to how people pay for their groceries? Because i can peg these people a mile away. They are usually minorities with lots and lots of kids. Racial stereotyping? How about the truth? Meanwhile my husband and i only have two because that is all we could afford. So honestly,I have NO sympathy for these people.

          • Smilee

            Your so unbelievable, a mile away?? They are so similar to credit or debit cards you could not tell if you were three feet a way. Your problem is you see yourself as superior to many others, but your not in reality

          • smilee

            whine whine whine, now your saying they should not have sex either

      • Barbie

        You are so right….the food stamp people eat better than I do and they don’t have to pay taxes too. I am sick of seeing them with better food than my cart holds. Stop all help…make them work even if it’s cleaning the streets. Obummer is taking this country downhill.

        • Elevenarrows

          It’s worse than that. Not only do they not pay taxes, but I have known some that rake in $8000 checks from the IRS…child credits, education scams, etc. I’ve actually heard someone on food stamps suggest having the holiday get-together at their house because they have government assistance and can afford to put on a big bash! By the way, I hate hearing it called “government assistance”. As a tax payer, it offends me since the government isn’t using its own money to fund all these people. It is using MY money.

          • Chester

            IF you KNOW of that happening, why, in God’s name, did you NOT report it, rather than using it as an excuse to run down the people who actually NEED the help this program provides. Your failure to do this makes you as much an abuser of the system as any of the people you supposedly KNOW abuse it.

          • deborah21

            I work for welfare, nothing to report it happens all the time. First, the majority of welfare recipients with children receive large tax refunds and it is never countable as a resource or income. All one needs to do is go to welfare the week of a holiday and you will notice a huge increase in the number of applicants as they need their food stamps for their parties. You could report this until you are blue in the face to no avail. As a worker, I am no longer able to report any fraud I become aware of, I was told that is not my job, my job is now to get benefits to applicants as quickly as possible, no questions asked.

          • SMILEE

            I have heard that to and have filed taxes for some who do but only because their wages are so very VERY low, trust me you would not want to trade places with them as theIR wages to get $8000.00 DO NOT PAY EVEN HALF YOUR NECESSITIES SO BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE

        • mark

          If this bothers you so much, just quit your job and go on food stamps. Then you can live like a king. Are all you complainers that stupid? I quit working fifteen years ago and I have been eating steaks, lobster, shrimp, and barbeque everyday. I live in a $750,000 house, have a vacation beach home, 3 cars, a yacht, and a brand new SUV. The federal gov’t pays for all of this. Like most Democrats, I don’t work – and I get a $15,000 tax-free check from the government every month. What part of this don’t you people get? Go on welfare and enjoy life. I started 15 years ago at the age of 31, it’s great! Well, have to go to the pool now and start grilling some steaks for lunch. I’ll get back to you all in a bit. Hey, those of you working don’t goof off now. Keep pushing hard. Maybe your boss will give you a few extra crumbs for Christmas this year.

        • smilee

          Obamma has signed no law about food stamps as these laws were there when became president, more money on food stamps is being spent as the formula that was there when he took office gives food stamps to more people because of the economy he inherited. Obama or any president can make no law and can only sign laws that are passed by congress so if he is taking this country downhill it is because congress allowed it. For your info a large share of recipients do have full time jobs. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and be thankful you earn enough so you do not qualify for food stamps.

          • deborah21

            Some of what you say is true; however, what is administration has done with this program has increased the poverty level from 130% to 200% allowing more individuals to qualify. This administration has removed the resources from consideration (which is why you saw the $million lottery winner eligible for food stamps), and this administration has now changed application process so that whatever a client reports is what we use to determine eligibility with the simple phrase as “client’s statement accepted”. The result more people eligible, more benefits received = more fraud and abuse.

      • Vis Fac

        I was at a supermarket behind people using a EBT card (liberal policy to not make people on welfare feel ashamed to be inferior for being lazy) to buy groceries I normally cannot afford Rib-eye prime rib lobster tails etc. they also have a number of bottles of booze. The clerk would not allow the booze or cigarettes to be paid with the EBT card so these pillars of society withdrew cash from the EBT card to pay for their cigarettes and booze. I was unaware you could withdraw cash form an EBT card. And to think MY taxes are going to pay for these freeloaders to eat better than most of us. At one time I really needed assistance and although I had contributed by paying taxes I was denied because of my sir-name and skin color. I am a much better person for being denied but that didn’t make things easier to swallow at the time.

        • Chester

          Doubt your skin color or your name had anything to do with your denial. How much did you have in savings and life insurance? How much was your transportation worth? All that goes into determining your eligibility. Incidentally, did you actually go to the right office to apply? Right now, no matter what your expenses are, you won’t qualify as a single person if you have a thousand a month in income, have a car in your name worth over about two thousand, regardless of whether it is paid for or not, or have a big life insurance policy with a cash surrender value.

          • independent thinker

            I know people who were told to not even bother applying for assistance because they were the wrong color (white).

          • Vis Fac

            Flat broke homeless no car I was destitute this was back in the 70’s when welfare was given to minorities no questions asked. I had an epiphany and decided I would never again be in a position to beg for food shelter or anything else. I picked my ass up went to school then sacrificed and worked my ass off and eventually opened my own firm and Clinton took it away. By then I saved enough and had royalties from a few patents (that Asians infringe on) to live on.

      • smilee

        A large number of them have full time jobs and tell me how can you tell the difference from someone using a EBT card and those using debit or credit cards when they checkout, truth is you cannot. So why believe anything else you said.

      • deborah21

        I work at welfare and a great number of clients do have better cars than the workers. Many have Hummers and one of my recent clients has a new Range Rover..but claims 0 income. When one gets SSI, the receive Medicare through Social Security and are eligible to receive Medicaid through the state, which means no copays. They can qualify for Section 8 or low income housing, utility reimbursement, and free phone. If so many people did not abuse the system, we could probably assist those truly in need a little more. By the way, SSi is actually the federal governments own form of welfare. It is for those who have either never worked or have not worked 40 quarters.

    • marylou

      Whine, whine, whine!
      Thou dost protest too much….there are millions of people who manage their lives, work and earn their own money, live on far less and don’t stand in line with their greedy hand open to take from those who are motivated to support themselves….
      Of course they don’t have cars, computers, iphones, cell phones, 42″ TVs. They use public transportation, shop at the goodwill store, plant a little garden, collect bottles and cans…whatever it takes!
      So what…they are proud and independent, pay their own way and they are not a SLAVES or picking taxpayers pockets! you have a cell phone, TV, computer, car and Netqik sp. and cable etc etc etc… nor do you shop at Good Will!
      You convince no one that you are ‘deprived’.

      • Chester

        Marylou, I have had exactly 3 new pairs of pants in the last five and a half years, two new shirts, and a couple of new jackets. Yes, I have a cell phone that I paid fifteen dollars for, and spend twenty dollars every three months to keep it active. I also have a landline phone, because I live where cell phone coverage is almost nonexistent. If I didn’t have a computer,we would NOT be having this discussion, but my machine is four years plus old, and is on its third monitor. Incidentally, there IS no public transportation anywhere close to this part of the world, unless you consider cities eighty miles away as close. Am not trying to convince anyone that I am deprived, just make a very simple point. Too many on here scream about how all the people they see using food stamps are scamming the system while driving brand new cars and using thousand dollar cell phones or tablets. I will gladly swap my life and disabilities for your problems if we can swap places in society as well. Oh, yes, we do have a car, a 98 model windstar van we gave five hundred dollars for, then spent a couple hundred more getting it licensable and drivable. No, I am NOT on the streets, which is where some seem to think I belong, but that is a story for another time and forum.

        • marylou

          I’m glad you are not deprived on my tax dollar! Whew!

          Why do you NEED a cell phone or new don’t intend to ever work again?

          MY computer is 12 years old. I paid for it with my own hard earned money. to make more money by doing extra work at home!

          I have a small 1990 economy car. Prayer and a sympathetic mechanic keep it running.

          I DON”T have a cell phone. I can’t even remember how many years ago I bought NEW anything… but second hand provides many designer bargains!
          The Sally May Boutique (salvation army store)
          fills all my NEEDS or it doesn’t and I do without!

          I’m sorry that you are ‘disabled” but you have no cause to whine! I should be whining!

          You neglected to tell us about your TV …so I have to surmise that you have a nice big one with all the extra cable stations! If you can’t get cell service you must be paying for satellite :-) I pay my bills and yours as well…why are you living better than I am when I get up and go to work?

          • Chester

            You complain about paying for me, when it is me who has a very valid compliant against you. How many times have you stepped out your door and thanked the man who picks up your trash? Bet you cuss him more than thank him. How many times have you stopped a service man or woman and thanked them for guaranteeing you the ability to voice your complaints, be it on a site such as this, or in a letter to the editor, or even just to your next door neighbor? Bet you didn’t know that a lot of junior members of the military qualify for food stamps simply because their pay is lower than what many consider to be a survivable level. Yes, they do have families, as the military IS a job, just as much as going down to the local business tower and filling out papers for your boss all day is. I earned what little I have coming in in social security and VA benefits, unlike a lot of people I see on the street every day, yet people like you have the unspeakable gall to tell me I don’t deserve even the little I have. As to me living better than you, honey, if you will take MY aches and pains, along with the other problems I have, I just MIGHT think about trading places with you. Personally, I would rather be working than sitting behind this computer, but I am pretty much barred from doing anything I am physically capable of doing,

          • marylou

            Why would you complain about me? I stated clearly and without animosity that I do without things you and other entitlement recipients have and take for granted. That’s a fact…accept it or not!

            I work every day and have no job security or guarantee that I will have a check next week…..yours is in the mail because I work and pay taxes.

            That’s fact! Why would that offend you that I comment on the fact that some of the taxpayers who subsidize you are not as well off as you are? I am simply trying to put things in perspective so you might understand that life is a struggle for workers as well

            Why on earth would you accuse me of being discourteous to anyone? I did not suggest that you are a “free loader” or state that you were not disabled or in pain. I did not say you did or did not deserve your entitlements…that’s not my call!

            My point was simply that I hear people whine how little they “get from the government” while they are living better than my family, and I’m working.

            No offense, but I’m sure you can understand……or…. maybe not…why I get annoyed with those who abuse the system and have ‘luxuries’ in their food cart on my dime! I’m happy with my life, pay my own way and don’t care to trade places with anyone.

            You surely know that there are more people now on food stamps than there are workers. You’d have to be a blithering idiot not to realize that many, many of those people are scamming this whacky system at my expense!
            I guess you’re not going to tell me about your TV :-)
            It’s’s really none of my business. Have a great day.

          • smilee

            If you should become disabled and unable to work, I;m betting you would see things very differently, believe me you have it much better now than you would if that happened, how about being thankful for what you have rather than put down those so much less fortunate than you

          • marylou

            Please, don’t spin my words. I have absolutely NO animosity toward those who deserve the entitlements they receive and use it for what it was intended….needs!
            You know rent, food, utilities and clothing!

            My point is, and you know it is fact, that there are too many scamming the system, when more people are getting food stamps than there are workers!

            Both the truly needy and the scammers will get a wake up call if the remaining workers get fed up supporting the majority of this entitlement society and decide to join you. It’s the Grasshopper and the Ant mentality.

          • smilee

            3 % scam so it is not a major problem and it is not possible to have none without punishing those who do not

          • marylou

            I haven’t a clue what you are intending to convey.When more than 50% of the population is spending “freeebie” food stamps, financed by the less than 50% of the workers…you have a HUGE problem that you minimize.

            That would lead me to believe that you are one of those more than 50%………

          • smilee

            You were bitching about those who were scamming the system and that is what i responded to in effect saying 97% do not scam it and you claimed there was many and that is not true. I never addressed the total, you switched the conversation to that. It is that high because we have to few jobs and far to many working even full time whom do not make enough money to feed themselves and if they did they wold not qualify for this help. Why not hate the employers whom do not pay enough because in effect you are subsidizing their bottom line. I have no idea why you would think I am on stamps but I never have been as my income is far to large and I pay a lot of taxes each year.

          • marylou

            You are spinning my words again…I don’t ‘bitch’… that word is not in my vocabulary nor would I ever use it!

            You are engaging in Class warfare…that’s so counterproductive!

            I refuse to go there…everyone is entitled to keep what they earn in a free enterprise society. We don’t need the government to confiscate from productive workers and business owners in an attempt to create a ‘share the wealth’ Utopia…socialistic society.

          • smilee

            Oh grow up!! no one is engaging in class warfare unless we consider your condescending attitude against those using food stamps class warfare and your bitching ( Yes you are bitching meaning you are complaining about it and that is what I meant) about having to pay taxes to finance food stamps. Taxes are legal and are not confiscation it is a legal and necessary. No everyone is entitled to keep all they earn in a free society and if that was the case then the Constitution would have to say that and it says exactly the opposite. Your both confused and greedy.

          • Chester

            My personal tv is a five year old 19 inch flat screen that replaced a 13 inch traditional simply because I could no longer watch off air programming on it. Do you remember when ALL television was NOT digital? Or are you on cable where you don’t have to worry about what kind of signal is broadcast? Oh, I have seen scammers in all parts of life, and I do try to do something about those when I can. IF you see someone you KNOW is scamming the system and do nothing about it, you are as much a part of the problem as the scammer you fail to report.

          • marylou

            Thank you for your comments..and…. no, I don’t have Cable! It’s not available in the “boonies”! Would I pay for it if was available…honestly, probably not because it is not a ‘need’! Living in the country affords us the ability to grow fresh produce…it’s a trade-off…need vs. wants.
            As I said, I am grateful to be able to work and support our needs and envy no one….but… I do get my knickers in a twist when my taxpayer money goes to those who
            a) scam the system or, b) spend it on “wants instead of needs”. I’m sure we can agree on that point :-)

          • Chester

            The only place we might differ there is on the definition of wants versus needs. I have seen times and places where your or my want could well be someone else’s need. One of those is cable, or satellite, television for those who are housebound, or essentially so. Another is highspeed internet access, I have used dialup, and can do very little on it. I can check emails, and respond to them, possibly send a picture or two, if I am willing to wait the three to five minutes it takes to upload a decent size file. I am currently using satellite internet for the same reason I use satellite tv, access to the world at large. While I am NOT absolutely housebound, I don’t have money enough to travel to one or another of the small towns within driving range every day or two, let alone the cities that are an extended day trip away.

          • marylou

            Understood…I also have Satellite Internet because it affords me the ability to work from home most days, thereby saving gas, wear and tear on the car, wardrobe etc. It pays for itself and then some or it would be gone in a flash.
            I’ll admit it was a need first, but also a want because it keeps me socially connected to friends and family.

            I get it.

            We all make tradeoffs based on what is affordable to each of us. Satellite TV is not in the cards. That’s a “want” in this house, as long as the local library continues to supply free videos, books and books on tape! We do not consider ourselves deprived, needy or sacrificing, just making the best decisions for our family based on what we can afford.
            You don’t miss what you never had!

          • SMILEE


          • marylou

            You missed the point……which is that those who are whining, receive entitlement checks that come from my tax dollars…and they end up with more spendable cash than I do! I manage my life and my budget to live within my means.

            I expect them to do likewise, and have some respect that because I go to work and pay taxes, they get a check in the mail every month. The least I should expect is that they spend it wisely to clothe, feed and house their family.

            No, I am not whining or feeling sorry for myself. Exactly the opposite, I am very grateful that I can and do work and support myself.

            I do resent those who buy “wants instead of needs” with my hard earned tax dollars.

            If you helped out a needy family member who used the money for drugs, alcohol or cigarettes instead of feeding his family, you would understand the resentment. Next time, I’m sure, you would fill their cupboards with healthy food and no cash!
            No offense,…….Just saying!

            Have a nice day.

          • smilee

            This accounts for about 3% of those getting food stamps and some of them are addicts. That means 97% are responsible and have a real need

          • marylou

            I seriously doubt that you can back up that ‘97% of food stamp recipients are not scamming the system’.
            NO ONE denies that many recipients using food stamps are needy!

            You obviously do not get out and about very much, or are not as observant as the rest of us who are forced to subsidize this fraudulent scheme of using food stamps to buy luxuries, alcohol, drugs, gambling addictions, hotels etc etc etc.

            When a MAJORITY of Americans are using food stamps you obviously have a serious swindle/hustle being perpetrated on those workers who subsidize these free loaders!
            Unless you are into denial, you would see it every day like the rest of us!

          • smilee

            You cannot use a whole [expletive deleted] of assumptions and hope to come to factual conclusions based on them and this is what you are doing. That 97% has been a generally excepted number resulting from investigations and reported numerous times so I guess it is you who does not pay attention. I cannot point out an exact web site off the top of my head for it but try google, I’m sure it is out there some where. I question if you are even interested as you prefer your assumptions which meet the conclusion you want and it is not an honest one. It is illegal for shop keepers to sell any of the items you list on a snap card, Do you think that a [expletive deleted] of shopkeepers are crooks and scamers too?? .Your assuming that because a large number now qualify for food stamps (it is not the majority as that would be well over 150 million people, another assumption on your part) I pay taxes that go for this and I have to much income to qualify for food stamps or any other welfare. i am thankful and grateful I am not in their shoes and am glad i can be of help unlike you who resents helping people in need as your words “free loaders” is the term yo use for them and that is only 3% of them. Do not be so greedy as it changes nothing as yo will still have to pay assuming your income is large enough and you are not on food stamps yourself.

          • marylou

            Do please try to be civii and try to stick to the topic as opposed to dealing in character assassination. You do not know me and therefore are assuming that which is not in evidence. That’s not only silly but counter- productive. Good grief..why would wanting to weed out food stamp fraud by ‘free loaders” be considered greedy?

            I am cognizant of the truly needy, donate to our food pantry and serve/cook meals in our food kitchen on a regular basis. I detest those who scam the system as well as those who choose to excuse it.

            I have been very careful to discuss those who are committing food stamp fraud…not those who are truly needy as I’ve stated many times! Why do you choose to ignore that fact…… to promote your agenda?

            Why on earth would you, or anyone, defend food stamp fraud?? There are thousands of proven cases of Food Stamp Fraud including selling of cards on EBay and Craig’s lists for 50 cents on the dollar. Drug dealers and liquor stores accept FS cards for 50 cents on the dollar! Tons of material documenting the rampant fraud can be found on the Internet!!

          • smilee

            Do please try to be civil! Do try to stick to the topic as opposed to dealing in character assassination. You do not know me and therefore are assuming that which is not in evidence. That’s not only silly but counter- productive.

            MY RESPONSE:
            I was civil, stuck to the topic which you did not. Did not assassinate your character I merely pointed out what you revealed and that is your previous post was almost all assumptions and therefore not relevant.

            I have been ery careful to discuss those who are committing food stamp fraud…not those
            who are truly needy as I’ve stated many times!

            MY RESPONSE:
            Did not get that message at all as it appears you view most as fraudulent

            Why on earth would you, or anyone, defend food stamp fraud?? There are hundreds of proven
            cases of Food Stamp Fraud including selling their cards on EBay and Craig’s lists for 50 cents on the dollar. Drug dealers and liquor stores accept FS
            cards for 50 cents on the dollar! Tons of material documenting the rampant fraud can be found on the Internet!!

            MY RESPONSE:
            There you go again assuming I am defending fraud, I never said that once, I’m against fraud but it is only 3%. I believe all whom commit fraud should be held
            accountable but do not punish the honest people getting food stamps

            “The Food-Stamp Crime Wave The number
            of food-stamp recipients has soared to 44 million from 26 million in 2007. Not surprisingly, fraud and abuse are rampant.

            MY RESPONSE:
            There you go again assuming the fraud rate went up because more people are eligible But to say it is rampant is a big joke it is still 3%. More people yes, 3% 0f 100 is 3, 3% of a 1000 is 30 of 10,000 is 300,
            more people yes but not larger rate, the number went up because unemployment went up and wages went down. You ignore all those facts.


            JAMES BOVARD

            Millionaires are now legally entitled to collect food stamps as long as they have little or no monthly income. Thirty-five states have abolished asset tests for most food-stamp recipients. These and similar “paperwork reduction” reforms advocated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are
            turning the food-stamp program into a magnet for abuses and absurdities………

            Thanks in part to vigorous federally funded campaigns by nonprofit groups, the government’s AmericaCorps service program, and other organizations urging
            people to accept government handouts, the number of food-stamp recipients has soared to 44 million from 26 million in 2007, and costs have more than doubled
            to $77 billion from $33 billion.

            MY RESPONSE:
            There you go again assuming, what is not relevant to our debate which is the
            people on food stamps who commit fraud not those 97% who are honest and not fraudulent
            all other figures you site is not their doing.

            attitudes toward fraud are spurring swindles across the nation:.

            MY RESPONSE:
            Where is your proof of this, lax enforcement
            usually results because of budget cuts whixh is happening so law enforcement cannot do their job and that is why enforcement gets lax, there has been cuts on all enforcement except immigration where we are spending more and that is why last year we had a record deportations All your statements strongly suggest you hate people on food stamps or you would
            not say fraud has skyrocketed inferring that there is a lot more crooks on food stamps than there is and then not blaming all the factors that make them eligible. Living wages would end a lot of it but you say nothing about employers whom financially benefit from their employee’s eligibility which comes from being underpaid. That is one reason and there are others but you ignore all them and only focus on the honest persons getting food stamps

          • marylou

            I deal in facts…not assumptions. I want the NEEDY to receive what they need, when they need it. I do not want my tax dollars to subsidize the scammers.
            Anything else is ludicrous!

            My FACTS are DOCUMENTED FACTS…not the assumptions you create, toss out and call facts!
            Get real…you can pontificate all day and it will NEVER make the nonsense you toss out there, FACT.

            In less than one minute I found the material below, online to educate you!

            Food Stamp Fraud Costing Taxpayers Billions | The Foundry …

            USDA unveils steps to fight food stamp fraud – Yahoo! News

            Washington taking new steps to combat food stamp fraud | Fox News

            Food Stamp Fraud | Downsizing the Federal Government

            Food Stamp Fraud | Downsizing the Federal Government

            House Committee Urges Action On Food Stamp Fraud – NPR

            Please run along and stop wasting your time trying to prove your erroneous ‘assumptions’.
            Have a nice day!

          • smilee

            You do not know what a fact is!!!!!!!

          • marylou

            You have a problem with the difference between facts and opinion. I gave you facts, with documentation. You on the other hand, stated opinion with not one fact to back it up.
            Please run along…you are repetitious and…yawn!

          • smilee

            You gave us facts?? That must be the joke of the day, right!!!!

          • marylou

            Unfortunately Food Stamp fraud is no joke and the DOCUMENTED FACTS are out there for those who don’t have reading comprehension issues. There are none so disingenuous as those who refuse to accept the obvious.
            You have declined to posting embryonic drivel.
            Bye, bye!

          • smilee

            Documented true acts are fine, yours however are not! Follow your own advise as it does apply to you!!

            There are none so disingenuous as those who refuse to accept the obvious.

          • marylou

            Bye…you have deteriorated to utter nonsense!

            A fact is a fact is a fact…you really do have trouble with comprehension.

            fact |fakt|


            a thing that is indisputably the case

            Please go away!

          • smilee

            I hope you understand now that you can never win a debate with lies and that is why you failed. BYE

          • marylou

            You are not a very truthful person…but everyone who has read your disingenuous posts knows that.
            You are a totally dishonest person/prevaricator!

            Nasty, nasty!
            This was never a debate…simply a reply that your erroneous opinion couldn’t stand up to any scrutiny and certainly was not based on fact.

            You chose to deal in character assassination because you had no facts to corroborate your opinion. Rude!
            How lame and cowardly is that!!

            I DOCUMENTED everything I stated with bonafide printed evidence plus links to Government statements that revealed admissions of rampant food stamp fraud.
            You, on the other hand, documented absolutely nothing, as everyone who is not a reading comprehension defective observed.

            We will let the reader decide who is the prevaricator!

            Please run along….. nasty, dishonest, progressive liberals condoning any fraud are not worth my time.

          • marylou


            Posted on July 21, 2013

            More fraud in an entitlement program.
            Check it out:

            Food stamps are paying for trans-Atlantic takeout — with New Yorkers using taxpayer-funded benefits to ship food to relatives in Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.Welfare recipients are buying groceries with their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards and packing them in giant barrels for the trip overseas, The Post found.

            The practice is so common that hundreds of 45- to 55-gallon cardboard and plastic barrels line the walls of supermarkets in almost every Caribbean corner of the city.

            The feds say the moveable feasts go against the intent of the $86 billion welfare program for impoverished Americans.
            DO YOU GET IT YET?
            Read more:

          • smilee

            I never said there was no fraud, and now you have cited an example, big deal it does not change the big picture or what I previously cited

          • marylou

            You refuse to get it…

            They are STEALING tax payer dollars.

            I support the needy, not the scammers, who sit on their couches and watch TV while my family works the scammers can sit on their couches and watch TV!

            You can’t have much respect for yourself, or your family to condone that kind of behavior whether it’s one person or thousands. That’s not being ‘a good guy’…that’s ludicrous and sheer stupidity.

            Have a nice day!

          • smilee

            You just cannot get through your thick skull can you , you know damn well I never said I condoned fraudulent behavior in any welfare program or anywhere else. Corruption is all around us in the board room in the lobbyists offices in the congressman offices, insurance claims and on and on and I do not condone that either but by comparison in dollars welfare fraud is small by comparison to a lot of other fraud. Fraud cannot be gotten rid of and it its matter for criminal court systems etc. I just do not believe you take it out on the 97% that are not fraudulent and try to minimize the 3% but you can never get rid of fraud entirely. That is human nature is all corners of society not just in welfare. It is you who lacks respect as indicted by your posts.PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE!!!

          • marylou

            You are trying to spin my words again…shame on you! You are being blatantly dishonest but of course you know that!

            I FOCUS in EVERY post on FRAUD and have given you many bonafide links including government sites to prove that FRAUD is rampant!

            Billions of dollars are lost to FRAUD!

            Of course you KNOW that, but you choose to ignore it because it doesn’t fit your agenda!

            I stated emphatically and clearly, for those with reading comprehension problems, that I support the truly NEEDY.

            I loathe the scammers and frauds who CHEAT the NEEDY!

            That’s my stated position and has been evident in all my posts.
            Let’s at least keep it honest. Have a nice day

          • smilee

            3% is not rampant fraud despite all you BS on here

          • marylou

            3% of Billions of dollars is RAMPANT fraud.
            Your math. is as faulty as your premise!
            You are getting repetitious and you can’t post without using foul innuendo.
            It’s not anything intelligent civilized people care to read.
            Please run along now since you are not stating anything new but simply engaging in character assassination.

          • smilee

            The truth needs repeating so when are you going to accept the truth, and 3% is not rampant taken as a whole

          • marylou

            Happy to see that you ‘edited’ out your UNCIVIL language….a step in the right direction…thank you!

      • smilee

        You are one selfish woman who knows nothing about math, if you did you would know why it is impossible to sustain oneself on the dollars available to them in a country that now underpays 47% of the people and these wages are so low the do not have to pay taxes and are also so low they are eligible for many welfare benefits. Chester was talking about SSI which is the disability for those whom have not worked 40 quarters in their life or they would be eligible for social security disability benefits which are usually much higher. SSI is all those who were born disabled and some who became so before then had worked 40 quarters. You have very distorted view of this reality and I suspect you are very jealous because you do not get some free stuff, If you had to live it for a month you wold change your mind as they are very limited.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Each one of the top 10 defense contractors earn more/year than the Food Stamp program costs.

    • hungry4food

      Relax and Get ready for the Great Disruption in the Economy Doc ,

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So what is your point. You said the defense contractors earn money which means they work for that money. The Food Stamps are given because people exist and no work is required for that money.

      • smilee

        A large share of those getting stamp are full time employees, they get them because they are so underpaid

    • Vigilant

      Kindly tell us what that voodoo comparison means, Sarvis.

      Are you accusing those contractors of snatching food from the mouths of the poor? Do you .mean to suggest that those contractors don’t employ hundreds of thousands of people, thereby keeping them off of food stamps? Or perhaps you wish us to infer that those contractors don’t pay taxes to support the food stamp program?

      In short, just what the Hell are you attempting to talk about?

    • Vis Fac

      You know this how? Are you one of the defense contractors or just another one dimensional liberal making noise?

    • rhcrest

      So what? At least they are performing a function/service and they are getting paid for it vs. the useless eaters who are sucking up the free food.

    • marylou

      And your point is what….because people are motivated to work and earn their way, you are eligible to put your greedy hand out to be rewarded because you exist?

  • Bill T

    The government also says we have an “Obesity Epidemic” Cut all the food programs and maybe this epidemic will go away. It all comes down to personal responibility – should I buy this big screen TV or buy food for my family. I think I’ll buy the TV, someone else will buy my food for me. Screw them.

    • Diana

      I agree with you I see this all the time. Have you ever been in line and see the types of things being bought? Also I never understood how someone could be fat and be on food stamps{and i do mean the ones on food stamps for years}.They obviously get too much food.Food stamps are given so you don’t starve to death not eat yourself to death. This needs to change!

      • smilee

        Your not watching very close, SNAP cars look no different than credit or debit cards so you cannot tell by watching in line anyhow, See my post above. Many investigative reporters have limited themselves to amounts given in food stamps and they will tell you that your totally wrong. They say you have to buy the cheapest and most processed foods available and nutritionists say they can cause obesity. You really do not know much about the situation

        • deborah21

          Absolutely NOT true. I am an eligibility worker for my state. First of all, food stamps aka SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (notice the word supplemental). Food stamps are meant to supplement food purchases not meant to be the only means of purchasing their food. A individual can certainly live off $50 week for food. Although, one must be willing to prepare the food themselves not purchase prepared food, which a great many do not. I challenge anyone who thinks otherwise to work at welfare for one week. After working in welfare for 20 years, I have seen people buy 30 lb bags of crab legs (for parties) alcohol, professionally baked birthday cakes etc., with food stamps. The key is one must prepare their food not buy prepared foods. A note, in addition to $200 month per person, children receive free breakfast and lunches at school.

    • smilee

      Quality of the food matters, food stamps only allows for the cheapest and most processed food which is a big contributer to obesity so cutting it would not help. You sound like a greedy and jealous

  • mark

    Dear Bob,
    How about doing a little more fact checking on some of your statements: “Official unemployment has exceeded 7.5 percent for 54 consecutive months, the longest stretch on record.” Really? From 1930 to 1940 unemployment exceeded 10%, in many of those years it exceeded 15%, double today’s official rate. And this was for a period of 11 years or 132 months. I agree with you that this has been a very tough recession, but it is not the 1930s. There were no food stamps back then either, thus the widespread malnutrition – and in some cases starvation – especially in some of the rural areas of the South, the West, and Appalachia.
    But of course as every conservative knows, starvation builds character.
    Regards, mark

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear mark,

      You write: “‘How about doing a little more fact checking on some of your
      statements: “Official unemployment has exceeded 7.5 percent for 54
      consecutive months, the longest stretch on record.’ Really?” You are
      correct. What I should have written is “the longest stretch of unemployment at or above that rate since 1948, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics started calculating the national unemployment rate.”

      Best wishes,

  • Jon M

    Food Stamps aren’t just given to people for not working. In fact, over
    1/3 of the people who receive them work more than 40hrs a week (welcome
    to minimum wage especially with a family). Another large portion are
    those who are disabled and cannot work (a multitude of different
    diseases, cancers, or injured). Simply housing an elderly or disabled
    person qualifies your household for some sort of food stamps as a way of
    providing food for the elderly or disabled. People really need to get
    all their facts straight before saying “food stamps are for people that
    don’t work”

    • Vis Fac

      Receiving food stamps or public assistance depends on your sir-name and other factors. BTDT

    • Ibn Insha

      Yes, food stamps are for people that don’t work. How? In old times people used to teach their children to work, no matter how hard or difficult, for your own food. A handout was considered demeaning and shameful. Parents used to teach their children that once you start getting free stuff you get used to it and you lose your sense of self worth and shame. You get addicted to free stuff and cannot wean off it. My parents and grand parents taught me the same. My grandfather had a very simple rule, “If you did not work for it, it is not yours.”

      In old times, when the concept of government assistance did not exist, needy people depended on the generosity of common people they knew. These people were their relatives, friends and neighbors. Naturally, people felt ashamed to get help from people and would do so only under dire circumstances. The recipient would thank the giver a million times and would feel not so great about himself.

      Now, when we consider ourselves more civilized than the people of the past, we still get help form the same people but in a different manner. Government confiscates the money from people and redistributes it among people. These people go to a government office where they do not have to face the people who’s money is being handed over to them. They do not have to thank the generous people any more and thus shame is not invoked. As time passes by, the ill gotten stuff numbs their brains and minds just like alcohol and drugs. They get addicted to this illegitimate stuff and lose all shame. They become as helpless as a drug addict.

      Now, the same people vote into office the politicians who promise free stuff to these people as has been happening for a very long time in general and in the election and reelection of President Obama in particular.

      Blaming government is not the solution to our problems. All our problems are the creation of our own. Government is image of the nation. The nation elected the government. Now you know how to change government? Change ourselves. The question is, can we?

      • Jon M

        You didn’t read a single thing I wrote did you? And how do you think this started with Obama suddenly? You mention working for food, what if you do work but because your wages have been stagnant for a decade, the price of gas, electricity, heat, and everything you depend has increased substantially but the amount of money you get didn’t increase at all. Now how do you get food? Now suppose you have a brain tumor, just survived breast cancer, and have pancreatic cancer, know what i’ll say to you then? get your own food or starve! that’s the society you’re asking for.

        • smilee

          Wages stagnant for a decade? Hell, it has been more than a generation now, started in the late seventies and picked up steam in the eighties and still keeps on going.

        • deborah21

          Pleeeeese. Nobody begrudges truly ill or disabled, most go out of their way to help the truly sick and needy. What is disgusting is when mom has 9 kids from 7 different fathers (doesn’t know daddy’s name) and her 12-14 year old starts producing babies so she too can get her money. And yes, during this current administration those receiving free benefits has skyrocketed because we no longer can question an applicant. We must take their word for income or lack thereof, rent amount, number of individuals in home. Example: unemployed male client, claims 6 nieces and nephews reside with him. Was suspicious, investigators assigned and discovered all 6 nieces and nephews in Mexico. Recipient not happy, did not want to repay, so moved to California.

    • smilee

      Your point is well taken these low wages also are subsidized with the earned income credit, rent assistance, child care subsidies, medicaid etc. Now these are just for those whom have jobs and work. It blows my mind how none on here complain about all those employers being allowed to underpay and then the taxpayers having to supplement their employees wages with these welfare services. Why are they not pizzed at the employers. More union wages sure would go a long way in lowering our welfare spending without congress having to do a thing. I suppose they could count the savings and maybe brag about it. 47% of Ameicans no longer pay income taxes because they do not make enough to pay any and get many of these welfare benefits because they are underpaid. Bill Clinton said do the arithmetic and you will be able to figure it out. Very True/ So many on here are asking the impossible just because they jealous and angry and need a whipping boy to take out their anger out on.

    • deborah21

      You need to get your facts straight. An elderly or disabled individual qualifies for $16 month food stamps. You are correct that many individuals work 40 hrs week. What idiot cannot figure out they cannot afford 9 children and support them working at McDonalds. A large number of children currently receiving SSI are receiving for bogus disabilities such a speech problems at ages 2 through 7. One of my clients has 3 children all receiving $710 SSI because they cannot pronounce words properly and all under age 5. Parents were laughing in my office because neither work and both said the oldest will soon get off SSI as she is learning to pronounce words more clearly. The father will start working as soon as he can find a job willing to pay him $85,000 annually, because that is what he is worth.

  • TheRealEvilGenius

    Just see what happens when they pass the ‘amnesty bill’. We will be buying illegals new cars, (whether we can afford them for ourselves or not) and our jobs will be gone because employers are ‘incentivized’ by a $5000.00 fine for hiring a citizen over an illegal.

  • rbrooks

    hey bob. why not break down those population figures.

    how many are citizens. legal immigrants. illegal immigrants.

    how many of those receiving food stamps are non u.s. citizens.

    how many of those employed are non u.s. citizens.

    stop subsidizing low wage imported labor.

    how much money do we spend in foreign aid to provide food, shelter and health care.

    want to cut costs. great.

    we can start by eliminating foreign aid.

    stop giving aid to immigrants.

    end corporate and farm subsidies.

    reduce defense spending.

    cut back on on all of those govt employees.

    then cut back their pay and benefits.

    end the war on drugs. prohibition does not work.

    eliminate all of those gun control laws.

    think of all the money we can save.

  • marylou

    I’d like to see a survey on what percent of food stamp recipients are fat or obese?

    A quick stroll into food kitchens and welfare offices should be an eye opener!
    If you don’t work, are a couch potato, get no exercise because the tax payers are buying your food and housing while you vegetate in front of the TV…you are fat or obese!
    Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself and then get back to me!