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The Federal Reserve Conspiracy by Antony C. Sutton

February 18, 2010 by  

In The Federal Reserve Conspiracy, Antony C. Sutton has taken a complex subject and, with surgical precision, presented it in an easy-to-understand 115 pages.

“Since 1913 politicians and media have treated the Federal Reserve Bank as a kind of untouchable off limits semi-God… no one except certified crackpots and kooks criticizes the Fed. Conventional wisdom dictates that anyone who attacks the Federal Reserve System is doomed and Congressional investigation of the Fed would result in economic chaos and a disastrous plunge in the stock market,” Sutton writes.

Thus he begins to make his case that the Fed was created by bankers and their interests in order to create a money monopoly which enriched—and still enriches—an elite few and gives them complete control over the economic growth of the United States.

Sutton wrote this book in 1995—he died in 2002—yet it remains an excellent source for people interested in the conspiracy that resulted in the Federal Reserve.

Beginning with Alexander Hamilton’s efforts to establish a privately owned national bank in the European model, Sutton brings the reader through the history of the national bank movement in the U.S. He covers who was behind it and who opposed it, and why. Using their own words and writings, Sutton documents their motives and untangles the connections.

Sutton discusses the efforts by Presidents Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and Abraham Lincoln to thwart the central bank crowd. And he covers the relentlessness of the elites as they work to institute a private central bank.

He also unearths a little-known document written by Clifford Roosevelt, a cousin to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which was a forerunner to Roosevelt’s new deal. That manifesto, The Science of Government, Founded on Natural Law, written in 1841, proposed a totalitarian government without individual rights and run by an elitist establishment. The book has been removed from the Library of Congress catalog and only two editions are known to exist.

Clifford Roosevelt was, of course, one of the elites, hailing from a long line of bankers and legislators. In addition to FDR, Clifford’s relatives included Theodore Roosevelt, John Quincy Adams and Van Buren. So it’s not surprising he would advocate a totalitarian government run by an elitist aristocracy.

Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, written seven years later, contained many of the same themes as The Science of Government. Coincidentally, while writing his manifesto Marx was funded by a cabal of German and American bankers, and it espoused a 10-point plan to bring about the destruction of the middle class and establish control in the hands of the elite. Point No. 5 was the establishment of a central bank.

Finally, Sutton brings us to the secret meeting on Jekyl Island, Ga., in 1910, and the names like Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg and the large financial institutions Guaranty Trust, Bankers Trust, First National Bank and National City Bank.

From there he documents step-by-step the planning, plotting and conspiring that went on right on through to the passing of legislation establishing the Federal Reserve, including the grooming of Woodrow Wilson to be president so he could sign the legislation into law. He uses the conspirator’s own words to show the lengths they went to in order to conceal from the American public what they were doing.

To wrap up his book, Sutton writes:
“The Federal Reserve is a private monopoly of money credit created by Congress under highly questionable circumstances which is beholden to the Chairman of the Board and whose decision cannot be changed by Government or anyone else.

“A free society under the rule of law? The United States has quietly become a hostage to a handful of international bankers. And just dare any Congressman challenge Fed authority!”

As a 1979 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco job opening announcement for computer programmers proclaimed: “Some people think we’re a branch of the Government. We’re not. We’re the banks’ Bank.”

“This confirms our discussion in this book,” Sutton concludes.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Richard Walker

    Thanks. This is a great way to educate us slaves.

  • Stan B

    Hello Bob, Chip and John,
    Re: The FEDERAL RESERVE CONSPIRACY by Anthony C.Sutton. I am currently on my second reading of “THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND” by G.Edward Griffin. Could you say if Anthony Sutton covers any material that Griffin may not have addressed? My own personal research has lead me through the writings of Aaron Russo, Edwin Vieira, Ron Paul,Dr. Stanley Monteith, Dick Morris and Michelle Malkin, to name a few. In connecting the information ‘overlap’ gleaned from their research,it is evident that the ‘conspiracy theory’ theory is a conspiracy fact! That being the case, then my question is; how do we effectively bring these entities together to share these facts with the American people?
    Glenn Beck draws several million viewers, but falls short of telling the American people ‘the rest of the story’. Either he is not aware of the BIG picture, or FOXNEWS management(CFR/globalist Richard Murdock) is censoring him, along with O’Reilly and Hannity.
    Personal Liberty Digest should consider merging all available information resouces (an organized co-alition if you will) with the above entities and formulate an effective strategy to combat the ‘evil’ that controls our government. Contacting Freedom Force International and ‘Campaign for Liberty” would perhaps be a good place to start. In the interest of liberty, WE THE PEOPLE need to inform the people.
    I believe it is our duty to do so. Our discussions and ideas are helpful in getting the word out, but the time to act on our words is seriously overdue.
    Your thoughts please.

    Stan B

    • rhonda

      BRAVO!!!!!! That’s the name of the game, GETTING the WORD OUT, How do we get the word out to all the sheeple? How? Long overdue is an understatement, however, most sheeple don’t care, and most probably won’t believe our government and the creeps behind the scenes who run the show and control our president the puppet, are actually as sinister as one might proclaim. Even with documented proof, the mentality of the sheeple are very different from yours and mine. However, I’m willing to give it whirl and help any which way I can to get the word out and bring these evil bastards down, so we can take our country back. We have to do something and fast. Please respond to my email, if you want to answer this correspondence, and maybe you, myself and whom ever else we can get on board with us to put a plan of action in place to move forward and do something, for the sake of mankind, these monsters must be stopped.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anthony

      I second that BRAVO.
      I have the Griffin’s audio book, so I can listen on the way to work.

      It is NOT Conspiracy theory – it is a real fact. All one need do is actually read the Federal Reserve Bill. It will irritate you to the upmost Nth degree.

      Woodrow Wilson is tha WORST President ever in our entire history as a Country. As for him being a Princeton Scholar? I cite him as a charlaton. Nothing more. Someone had to have handed him a renamed copy of the Communist Manifesto. That’s what usually happens to people who have careers that insulate them from the outside world. Woodrow would have been better off, to have mingled with citizens from the other side of town more often.

      Still – Rockefeller would have just gone out and found someone else.

      Vigilence was needed and none could be found. Sad!

  • Shar

    Read “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” on the Library of Congress website (if it hasn’t been scrubbed). I have sent this to and asked them to address it, to start discussing this debauchery, to expose the Central Bank and The Federal Reserve for what they really are. Ron Paul is so right. Much of America is hoodwinked by the terminology. Everytime they hear the word Fed they assume it has something to do with the Federal Government and “The Fed” is a group of rich people behind the banking system and B.O. is just one of their puppets. All Presidents are. So wonderful that Americans are starting to investigate this and expose these greedy people.

  • Josie60

    Thank you for keeping us alert and jarring us awake. With all the misinformation,conspiracy theories and controversy in our country it is hard to trust anything/one. The good thing about so many unemployed people is that we now have time to get involved and informed on matters which we couldn’t before or were just complacent. For years I felt that something was wrong but did not have the information of why/what/how. Americans want to believe in good and find it hard to believe that this could happen in the US. To agree with this and other articles like this you have to come to terms that it wasn’t just one, two, three… but hundreds that had their pinkie in the piggy and did not stop it. This is what I think most people find hard to believe and can’t accept.
    If we accept that this is true (I am no longer doubting it is) has anyone figured out first 1)what can be done, 2)what affect will there be on the American People if the Fed Reserve was removed, and 3)what would replace it?
    Through the years I have heard some politicians say something to the effect of “the American people do not really know who governs our country.” I always thought it was curious statement and hearing it from more than one I wondered what they were referring to that they could not say directly.
    Is the goal to obtain all the worlds money? If so for what – what’s the point just to say they are filthy rich and everyone else is poor? What am I missing? What good is having all that money when there won’t be anything to buy or people left to control? Am I being too simplistic?
    People are worried and feel helpless and it is going to get worse. I think a clear direction in knowing what we as American citizens can do about it besides knowing the problem will be a tremendous help.

  • Stan B

    Thank you Shar for the suggested reading.
    It is encourageing to find someone else on the same page…who is also paying attention!
    Convincing people,and helping them make the connections between these various entities such as; the Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group,UN,IMF not an easy task. Some people are reluctant to investigate because they have been given to believe that it is only ‘conspiracy theory’ or, they simply do not have the time to do the research. To be honest, not everyone has the patience to wade through mountains of historical data to get answers, because this kind of research is complex and time consuming. It would certainly be challenging without an enquiring mind, an eye for detailed follow up and intuitive instincts.
    Please let me know if you get any response from Glenn Beck, because he receives several thousand letters/enquiries per day. It is reasonable to surmise that Beck,Hannity & O’Reily are all censored since Rupert Murdock, who owns FOX, is a CFR member. One example was the Beck interview on ‘FOX & FRIENDS’ where he said that he was intent on investigating the truth behind the FEMA camps, and on his own show that same evening he said he believed it was a ‘hoax’!
    There is no doubt that the Media are withholding the truth from the American people, and it is unfortunate that many people do not have the time to do their own research and draw their own conclusions.
    Incidentally,HALLIBURTON was contracted to build (and modify) these facilities….and Dick Cheney was the then CEO of Halliburton, who is also a CFR/Trilateral member. The answer lies in “WE THE PEOPLE”…but the people need to know who the real enemy is, and it is up to us to help the people indentify this enemy.

    Stan B

  • Sedg

    Digest this fact. When the Federal Reserve, a private entity, makes a profit that profit is shared by members of the “Fed”. When the Federal Reserve suffers a loss U.S. Taxpayers share in paying off the loss not Fed members. This is a win-win situation for the bankers and a total lose-lose disaster for us taxpayers. Check it out!!

  • Stan B

    That’s exactly right Sedg, the taxpayers are always bottom of the totem pole victims.
    Yes, Josie60, it is hard to believe and accept, but it is understandable if people have not been made aware of the facts.Your 3 questions are very much valid. 1)You asked what can be done? 2) what effect would it have on the American people if the FEDERAL RESERVE were removed? and 3)what would replace it?
    To be honest,there ARE answers, but no short and sweet answers.I wish there were, unfortunately it takes time,study and patience to do the research and uncover the truth.I personally spent almost two years of historical research finding answers to the kind of questions you are asking. Funny thing is,I had not initially intended (or expected) to dig this deep. It happened when I became a naturalized US citizen and decided to do some background checks on the candidates running for office in order to make a reasonably informed decision when voting for the next President of The United States….for the very first time! Well, as my investigations progressed, it was not long before I was attending political meetings and asking Senators and Congressmen questions they could not answer!
    Back to your original questions, (good questions)as the saying goes ‘follow the money trail’.A good starting point would be to pull up the FEDERAL RESERVE on ‘Google’ Follow the links as best you can and connect the dots. Meanwhile try and get a copy of ‘THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND’and read it. Also look up EDWIN VIEIRA and AARON RUSSO for the IRS and FED. RESERVE connections. Along the way you will encounter such entities as the CFR, BILDERBERG and so on. By the time you get that far, you will be well on your way to getting your questions answered. Also read REVOLUTION by Ron PAUL.
    I hope you find this information helpful…it promises to be shocking but fascinating journey. At least it was for me.

    Stan B

  • M. Steven Gronka

    Lyndon LaRouche found out what happens to people who challenge the CFR, Trilateral Commission, the FED, and etc. He went to prison for it for quite a while and the laws were swept aside to put him there. LaRouche has been sounding the alarm since I think the 1940s and maybe longer.
    Here is the problem: Who is willing to die or lose everything to help save the country? That is literally true.
    I am going to stick my neck out and say that I am! Who else is willing to ban together?
    Maybe we can get “Personal Liberty Digest” to put us all in touch with each other.

    Best regards to one and all and God bless you all!
    Steve G

  • Stan B

    Yes Steve G,
    Also several IRS personel in leadership positions contested the 16th. amendment (Personal Income Tax) and some of them went to prison and some won their cases. They contested that it was never fully ratified and it was endorsed at the time by at least two judges….go figure.
    I very much doubt that we need to worry about losing our lives, (at least not yet) because we are very small potatoes, and once you are aware of the power we are up against, you realize that we are no threat to their agenda. They tend to monitor primarily high profile people with influence. If is considered that you may become a potential threat to their agenda,then their initial approach would be to invite you to join their elitist clique such as the CFR, which is basically the outer circle with a fluctuating membership of roughly 2 to 3 thousand. You will, of course, be assured that membership will immensely enhance your business prospects through association with other influential businessmen. It must be remembered also that not all members of such ‘clubs’ are fully aware of the big picture, because, among other things, they simply have not been given reason to do this kind of research. They joined either to increase their business prospects or because they have be socialistically indoctrinated and are convinced that collectivism is the future for America, or both. On the other hand the Trilateral Commission is a somewhat different beast. They are the inner circle and they call the shots and essentially, they control the government.
    Tune in for the next installment…..and may God bless us all.

    Stan B

  • james

    you are very correct in the statement that we are small potatoes but when the fed gets through building up the rest of the world we will be so powerless we wont even be the dirt around the potatoes

  • Stan B

    Appreciate your humor James. Although the situation is anything but funny, we do have to lighten up sometimes in order to retain our sanity!

    Stan B

  • Stan B

    Response to M.Steven Gronka,
    Getting PERSONAL LIBERTY DIGEST sufficiently motivated to network with other ‘like-minded’ entities and organizations is an ideal concept. I believe it would be a positive move the right direction. However, we need to bear in mind that these organizations are dealing with multiple issues of their own. But I do firmly believe that ‘networking’ is the key. Problem is,not everyone is fully aware, or convinced yet, of how close we are to losing our liberty as a sovereign nation. The fact that our government has increasingly become more adversarial toward the American people is, for many, a difficult pill to swallow. Networking and information sharing are essential if we are to implement an effective strategy to remove the corruption & greed in Washington & Wall St. It does seem however, that some of these organizations are not able to get beyond the discussion & political debating stages. Either they have not come to terms with, or not accepted the extent of the dangers we are facing. Or, their individual administrative leadership are reluctant to share information with others. And oftentimes politics,egos and stubborness get in the way…and then, of course there are the usual funding issues…..
    I have read hundreds of comments on the internet from people, and it is evident that many are slowly waking up and starting to realise
    that these “conspiracy theories” they have been hearing about are…. conspiracy FACTS!

    Stan B

  • Anthony

    Look up: WHO OWNS THE NEWS

    Inspiring, I say…… :-(

  • AlvieC


    Hope this email finds you in good spirits.
    The email below is pretty explanatory. If not, understand NY FED Reserve admitted electronic negotiable instruments are worthless.
    Know what that means?


    Federal Reserve Bank
    New York
    “From: xxxx
    On Behalf Of xxxxxxxx
    Sent: Friday, March 26, 2010 11:15 AM
    Subject: Re: [Ucclaw-l] Electronic PromissoryNotes

    If I were confronted with an “electronic promissory note”, I would walk very slowly
    away and break into a run as soon as I can.
    They are a logical impossibility, along with electronic chattel paper and UCC 7 electronic
    warehouse receipts.
    The word “electronic” is miserably defined in all the statutes. But we all kinda sorta know
    what it means: something in a computer, rather than in some more fixed medium. Of course, a
    computer is made of matter and energy, just like a slip of paper or the side of a cow. So it
    must mean something special to be “in a computer.”
    And it does! Most records are stably associated with a particular agglomeration of matter which–if it is not realty–can be
    physically transferred from one person to another. This includes paper, cows, and DVDs. If the piece of paper or Old Bossy or
    the DVD is uniquely distinguishable from any other piece of paper or cow or DVD that bears the same data structure, we have the basis for a system of negotiability.
    However, computer records are not stably associated with any particular piece of matter.
    Instead, they are stably associated with a system, which contains many pieces of matter amongst which the record may be sitting, at any
    given moment. Or the record could be sitting in 12 places in the system; it makes no difference. You don’t need a unique piece of
    matter to uniquely identify an obligation—there is no unique matter (or energy) associated with the record. You just need an authoritative registry.
    Hence the logical impossibility of an electronic promissory note. “Promissory note” means unique piece of matter. “Electronic” means
    that there is no unique piece of matter, and we’re dealing with authoritative registries.
    UCC 8 gets this right. It has two property systems that rely on unique pieces of matter (registered and unregistered certificates), and
    two systems that rely on authoritative registries (transfer agents and securities intermediaries.)
    The cotton warehouse system gets this right, and talks in great detail about authoritative registries. UCC 7, 9 and UETA screwed up.
    They are bad law—literally incomprehensibly bad law.
    The courts will probably eventually define 7, 9, and UETA into registry systems of some kind.
    But until then, I would treat electronic negotiability systems as if they were rabid cows.”

  • Andrew

    Lots of stupid people in here, with a horrible understanding of economics and history. Grow up people.

    • Anthony

      As usual – we end up with a Poster who expects to slam people without backing up their claims. Maybe ANDREW can enlighten us on how he’s so much smarter than we are.

      The truth here – is more pointed to the fact that the current Fractional Banking System that THE FED has used since its inception, is the “exact opposite” of what real economics is all about. You can look at the Austrian School of Economics model for where your heads should be at.

      I remember when I took Macro-Economics at the local College – - they expected to teach people that if you company was breaking even, then you should replicate. It didn’t matter if a recession might hit. It didn’t matter if your nest egg for retirement bmight be wiped out to just save your bacon on what company you might have left after a recession hit… let alone a depresssion. THIS is the indoctrination ritual almost all Institutions of Learning have been shoving at our kids for a long, long time.

      I do know that it is documented, that John Rockefeller and JP Morgan are who pushed Companies everywhere to quit saving their profits if they planned on expanding – they did so by offering discount interest loans, to sucker them into going into hock, so later on THE FED could rip it all away, as they have been doing in 20-year cycles ever since.

      How any Politician could do something like this to his own extended family, let alone the Country and generations to come… is beyond me. Especially when, like the Pharoahs, they have to know there’s no taking it with you.

      Well, Andrew – what ya got for us?

    • s c

      A, your remarks make you sound like a typical high school ‘graduate.’ That is, you claim to know something about history or economics, and on cue, you want to brand everyone else as beyond ignorant.
      When it comes to economics, if you’re a typical ‘graduate,’ your knowledge of economics is limited to roughly 20 words (or less). Most likely, you worship the Fed.
      If you have any knowledge of history, you should have learned enough to know that the Fed is the economic version of an invading army. If you know ANYTHING about the Constitution (that piece of paper that progressives HATE), you should know there is NO provision in it for anything like the Fed.
      In short, I suspect you know very little about history, and next to nothing when it comes to economics. Beyond that, if you’re not a progressive, you might as well be one.
      Did you get paid to respond to this topic?

    • s c

      A, in the event that you can get back to this topic, I want to take the time to point out that what you’ve done is to make a sold case for the idea that you have made yourself appear nothing less than “dumb.”
      The odds must be very high that on your ID, everything you own and that piece of paper that lets you drive a behicle, it must say ‘Andrew Dumb _______.’
      Granted, there are many varieties of mental ability that show up on this website. In your case, you didn’t exactly put any effort into making yourself sound ‘smart.’
      In effect, what you did was to make yourself that which you seem to dislike so much. That is, whatever else you are, you’re not the brightest light bulb in the building. Are you related to Al ‘duh’ Gore?

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  • Tom

    The last person to stand up to the federal reserve was Kennedy. And look what happened to him.

    I’d love to see Ron Paul win, but I’m afraid he would meet the same tragic ending as many of the Kenedies have.

  • Allen

    Wow! I guess I can understand why uneducated people would be troubled and frightened by the sorts of things published on this site. Let me suggest that before anyone goes too far off the edge that you consider enrolling in an introductory economics class at some local university or even community college. All free countries in the world have a central bank to avoid the boom and bust cycles and runs on banks that plagued the 19th century, impoverished savers, and led Karl Marx to resort to inventing communism. A central bank becomes the lender of last resort, the regulator of the money supply (and one of the things you’ll learn by studying economics is that the central bank’s increase in the money supply does not increase anyone’s wealth), and promotes healthy foreign exchange rates and international trade. Since 1913 the Fed has been changed because of the experience of the Great Depression. Today our central bank, the Federal Reserve System, is under the control of Congress and the President. The President, with the advice and consent of the Senate, names the members of the Board of Governors and its Chairman, and any time Congress can pass a law changing or abolishing the Fed. Certainly you want there to be some independence of a bank from day-to-day politics, but in the end the politicians control the Fed.

    I suppose there will always be those so paranoid to think that every professor of economics is in on the grand conspiracy, but a few hours out of your life to just listen and learn can’t hurt anyone. We have enough real problems to face without having people making money by making up horrors that don’t exist.


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