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The FDA’s War on Dietary Supplements

July 13, 2011 by  

The FDA’s War on Dietary Supplements

The United States Food and Drug Administration is trying to implement new guidelines that will effectively kill the nation’s supplement industry.

A draft of the guidelines was issued July 1 to comply with the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification protocols called for in the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). In the 17-plus years since the act was passed, supplement manufacturers have had little information to help them determine what makes a NDI and when or how to file NDI notification.

Now, we know the FDA wants to destroy the supplement industry.

The guidelines were reviewed by the Alliance for Natural Health, and the alliance determined them to be onerous and punitive. For example, any supplement developed since 1994 is now subject to FDA approval under the NDI.

Many important supplements have been developed since 1994. Under the new guidelines, those will have to come off the market for at least 75 days while the FDA decides whether it wants to approve them. On top of that, any supplements that were “grandfathered” in by the DSHEA that have been altered in any way — prepared by a different process, dosage increased, harvested from the plant at a different point in the life cycle, recommended for use by another demographic group, etc. — must also be pulled from the market and sent to the FDA for approval. And the kicker is that the FDA is under no obligation to approve them.

If any changes are made or unapproved substances are added to a supplement, the FDA considers it adulterated. As a result, the supplement could be confiscated by the FDA, the supplement manufacturer would be subject to severe sanctions and the manufacturing company’s officers could be imprisoned.

Additionally, any new supplement being considered for manufacture must have an NDI completed for each ingredient, regardless of whether those ingredients had been previously approved by the FDA for use in other supplements, or the same substances had been previously approved for manufacture by a different company. This will drown supplement manufacturers in paperwork and result in increased costs and the closure of many supplement companies.

It’s obvious the FDA and Big Pharma want to destroy the supplement industry and are not interested in letting Americans make their own health choices.

Call or email your Senators and Representative and tell them the FDA should not be imposing such draconian guidelines on the supplement industry. You can find the contact information for your Senators at and your Representative at Or you can call 1-800-333-4636.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    I figured it was a matter of time before the medical industry got their way and used Big Government to keep us from caring for ourselves.
    It is all about Crony Capitalists. The leaders could care less about the citizens.

    • TIME


      How sad is it that simple Vitamin’s that some of us use can be so feared by these SOB’s. Is the idea not to be healthy?
      Is that not what all the fuss was about with the HCRA that people don’t take care of themeselfs, thus higher cost to everyone?
      So how’s that work out if you take away from those of us who use these Simple Vitamin’s to stay healthy? And by the way I have been quite healthy other than the cancer, of what was caused by a medical issue, {a tooth implant}…… I have never had the flu, never had any childhood illness, not a single one. I get a cold now and then, the last one was over 25 years ago.

      Yet these special political class just can’t stop from wanting TOTAL CONTROL over the population, now just how strange is that?

      And who’s wife is speaking about how Phat Americans are due to poor eating habbits? Yet those of us who use simple VITAMIN’S are somehow evil? Hows that work again?

      If the HYPOCRISY were any less obvious.

      Yet I was speaking with a group of folks on Tuesday that were firm in thier beliefs that: {” It Can’t Happen here, Not in the USA, we have checks and balances.”)
      My God what’s it going to take to wake some people up?

      • DanB

        Nope. Wouldn’t want citizens that take care of their own health. Nor citizens that can balance their own finances. All about the dependence on the federal government. All about conditioning us to believe that government and their so-called experts know what is best for us….

        On another note: why do I keep getting database errors. This is the only page that loaded for me today. Couldn’t even get to the homepage. And for this failure to browse Liberty Digest this morning, for this I am not being sarcastic. It is just plain frustrating. First saw this problem yesterday. Thought it would be corrected by chance by today. Is it just my PC?

        • Karolyn

          I’m having the same problem, although I didn’t have it yesterday.

          • Kate 8

            I’ve been having a lot of computer issues lately, too. It’s been driving me nuts, and I’ve been wondering what’s going on.

          • jibbs

            I had the same same problems yesterday… would not load, no access to the home page.

        • DanB

          Too bad government does not work like what I just experienced. As soon as I posted my frustration about troubles navigating the site, I decide to give it one more try today. Suddenly I can navigate to the home page, read the other articles. I was no longer stuck to just the one that I managed to get to off of the daily newsletter. Almost makes me think government conspiracy, but I don’t believe we are quite there yet. Maybe soon, and I probably won’t be told if the government has interjected itself as a “firewall” between me and the internet (like China’s control of the internet and the freedom of speech they oppress overseas).

          See if government fixed itself without intervention and miraculously, then we wouldn’t have “Obamacare.” Over half the citizens were opposed and yet government passed it anyways, using tricks to do it because they were still coming up votes short on the deal. Then again, I am beginning to believe that we will live under tyranny before Americans remember what freedom really is. Which means that we will forget what it was for several generations and come to accept like the rest of the world that freedom simply means drawing breath and everything else beyond that is what the world decides to grant you.

          • libertytrain

            I had probs yesterday morn and early this morn – yes, cyber-attack is always possible.

          • DaveH

            I think the server just gets overloaded sometimes, especially in the morning when the viewers are active. For instance, just this morning this web page has had 10,000 views. Even computers have their limits.

        • Bob from Calif.

          I have noticed data base errors as of late. I hope we are not losing the net.

          • Kate 8

            I’ve wondered that, too. I’ve been blocked from so many links and sites of late. Especially ones containing material this administration doesn’t like us to see.

      • Karolyn

        TIME – “And who’s wife is speaking about how Phat Americans are due to poor eating habbits? Yet those of us who use simple VITAMIN’S are somehow evil? Hows that work again?”

        You can’t blame everything on Obama. We dont’t know where he stands on these issues. Place the blame where it lies – the controlling congressmen who introduce these superfluous bills.

        • MSSouth

          But who’s name will sign it into law once it passes the idiot chambers? And the answer for all the peanuts is….obama!!!

        • TIME

          You claim your involved with the arts and have been for all your life.
          So then who then is responsible for spark to create the art work’s, the Artist or the Muse?

          Lets see how well you fair on this very simple question.

          • Karolyn

            The muse is not a prerequisite. The creativity comes from the artist.

          • TIME

            Your dead WRONG, Any Artist worth their salt has will always a “MUSE.”

            We have vast catalog of artist we deal with they all have a MUSE be it in person or even only within the frontal lobe.
            I too am an artist my MUSE’s are always my inspiration, thus speaking from living it for nearly 50 years let alone having a highly saleable art form I think I know of what I speak.

      • Al Sieber

        TIME, whats it gonna take to wake people up? hunger.

        • TIME

          We went to get our food supplies the other day, all I can say is WOW! Cat food is up 16% from last month, Dog food is up 12.75% from last month.
          Our basic food groups meats are up 6.75% from last month, Fresh veggies and eggs are up 4.95% from last month.
          Paper goods are up 18% from last month. Coffee is up 23% from last month, sugar is up 11.1% from last month.

          So I see this as an issue thats just about to really start popping.

          As I said some time ago gas will be well over $5.00 PG by the fall, note: how little differance it made by tapping the Nation Reserves for a month, a wopping .30 cents lower in gas prices.
          By the end of the month they will be right back at $4 PG.
          And our NR will be drained by how much?
          Let alone how much will it cost the US Tax payers to refil the NR?

          We also just got in our Tax bill for our home that by the way has lost well over 25% of its value in just two years, yet the tax’s are going up from last years 19.9% hike, of what we were able to get it reduced to only a 11.5% hike, by showing the amount of loss in its value by last years foreclosures, and this year its doubled.
          BTW this year even with now over 90 homes around us within a five mile radius in foreclosure yet this years tax’s on our home went up 14%.
          And yet the town is still spending like drunken fools on sidewalks in the middle of nowhere, let alone a really needed sports complex, “NOT” as there is no one around where they are building this mindless waste of money, then with all the foreclosure’s just who will be using this complex?

          • DaveH

            It’s all about what’s best for the leaders, Time. They will keep plucking our feathers until enough of us stand up and say “enough”. I really don’t hold out much hope for the waking up of America, judging by the number of RINOs that keep slipping through even as bad as things are now. What will it take to make people realize that we need dramatic cuts in Government Spending? That means people need to give up on their pet controls and just start leaving other people alone to live their lives as they see fit, not as the controllers see fit.
            Even if it was moral for people to force their lifestyles on others, it just doesn’t work. We can see that by most everything Big Government has gotten involved in — Drug Wars, Medicare, Social Security, Post Office, Amtrak, …..
            If people won’t care for themselves, who in their right mind can believe that the people in Government are going to give a hoot about caring for them?

          • jibbs

            At our local supermarket this week, two yellow pepper for $3.00. A 10lb. box of bacon has been holding at $16.99, it’s now $24.99, 5 ears of sweet corn for $3.00. I very thankful for our garden. Will be getting a 300 gal. drinking water tank next week…just in case!

          • granny mae

            I agree with you. Everything is up and not just by pennies either. We live in a very small community that is mostly farming and the other day my husband and I were on our way into town to do some bill paying and shopping and suddenly I noticed all the empty homes around us. When you are out in the country there is a lot of space between homes and it scared me that on just one road there were seven homes empty ! There is only about 14 homes on that road and it is about 5 miles long! On the highway into town it was the same thing. For sale signs out everywhere ! Several homes empty and in town there are several buildings that use to be stores that are empty! In the news paper today I read an article where they are asking for shoes for the homeless children! In this town they say there are approximately 232 active homeless students currently in our district and they are trying to get 500 pairs of new shoes and socks for these kids to start school in. In this community that is a tremendous number of homeless. I know that if it weren’t for my husband and I my one son and his son would be among the homeless too as there is no-way they can live on minimum wage ! This is an area where there just is no jobs available, so if you have a job you need to keep it even if it isn’t paying well as long as you have family that can help ! I’m afraid though the old saying that most people are stupid is showing up to be true! I can’t believe the number of people alone that come to this blog and read everything posted here and agree with the posts and still don’t listen and haven’t even begun to prepare for tuff times! I guess they consider tuff times to be a major blow out of the country and if that doesn’t happen in their mind nothing is wrong ! Now we have Obama threatening to stop payment of SS checks and so on and they are crying Oh Lord what am I going to do that is what I live off and pay my bills with ! I mean damn, isn’t that what we have all been talking about for ever so long? Haven’t we said when you go to the store pick up an extra bag of beans or a can of tuna or a bag of flour etc ? Haven’t we given out info. as to where to get the best bargins ,and tried to tell them how to do it just a little at a time and tell them to put it aside and get ready for anything? Still they sit on their butts and do nothing ! They complain they don’t have the extra to buy with ! How many of us do? Some of us have to decide which thing we really need and what we can do without so we can afford to buy something that could feed us later ! I just don’t get it. Stupid by choice ! Like you said it is going to take a lot more to stock up now because the prices have started going up ! All those that waited to do anything may have waited too long and I’m just not feeling sorry for them. If the check isn’t there and they didn’t take the suggestions to get prepared then shame on them is what I say. They better get smart real quick now because there is going to start being one thing after the other from here on out ! Boy that just blows my mind !

      • Tim

        the problem is the american people have been a sleep way to long and they refuse to be woke from thier slumber.Not only can it happen here it is happening here right under our noses.We have been dumbed down so much thanks to the publics education system that we are mere sheep unable to think for our selfs and need to be told what to think. it’s high time we all woke up and start educating our selfs by reading anything you can get your hands on from alternative sources.

        • DaveH

          Here’s a great one:

          • granny mae

            Dave H,
            Boy this guy sounds like another idiot that knows nothing about the Space Program except what he has made up in his own mind as the truth ! Too bad he never went to see for himself just what the Space Program and the shuttle has brought to this society and to society around the world ! Many things he seems to think were a cost to this government were no such thing. There has been projects conducted and paid for by many nations around this globe. Tey think they can calculate the costs and consider it non productive but I guess they don’t consider all the workers out there at the centers that made a wage and then spent that wage in the private sector, putting that money back into the economy. Buying everything from day care for their children to automobiles, to boats, houses, groceries, and on and on. Not to mention the materials developed by and for NASA. Such as material for space suits. Someone had to develope that for the space program and it would never have been looked at if there hadn’t been a need for a space suit. That led to new modern material for todays clothing even materials used for firefighters and bullet proof vests for policemen. The calculator that everyone uses today around the world was a dirrect invention of the space program from the beginning ! The space food that was developed for space flight let to better food for our military,(MREs) and dehydrated foods that all of us use for our food storage programs. Because of the developement of the shuttle we were able to launch a telescope call the Hubble, which has opened up untold new horizons in space and brought us knowledge that corrected some of the ideas we previously had about deep space and it’s beginnings. We now know more about sun flares and their effects on earth and people flying in air-planes and out in space. It has brought us new knowledge in the area of thunder storms and lightening. We have electronic equipment that we probably would not even have today yet if it hadn’t been for the space program. Electronics alone went from tube to semi-conducters, transistors, diodes and so on. There came the developement of saw devices that were used in communication that today you use in your cell phones ! I could go on but I will leave it with this ! That guy doesn’t know his azz from his elbow ! He is an idiot ! That space program and the ensueing shuttle have been priceless to the developement of modern society and to this country and many other countries too.

        • granny mae

          Check out Wall builders on the net for good honest history books.

          • Laura

            Apollo 11 when man was at his best…..

    • wandamurline

      Yes, and the FDA will approve some prescription drug that causes people to die or their babies to be born with deformities and cancers…how corrupt are we going to allow this government to get before we take it down? There is going to reach a time when Americans are going to have to be willing to do what our forefathers did when we declared England as a government that no longer represented us and decided to free ourselves of the tyranny. It is coming to America…we have no representation anymore, except for a very few…most of these people are elists who want to dictate nor represent. Hold on to your hats, cause sooner or later, the sh#t is going to hit the fan and Americans are going to take to the streets of Washington and pull their representatives out of the hole like we did to Saddam Hussein…it is coming.

      • Kate 8

        wandamurline – The medical system/bigPharma has become a monstrous machine that needs to be fed. We’re talking many hundreds of billions every year for cancer treatments alone.

        To keep fed, they need for people to be sick. They need a steady stream of partakers flowing through their unhallowed halls ever day.

        People are catching on to the game: cause us to be sick via air, water and food, hook us on medications that insure we stay sick and coming back for more, and get what little we have as we are being phased out. They have been losing too many dollars to alternative products that work. Our food is fairly devoid of nutrition, by design, and supplements help, so they need to take them away from us.

        All it would take to collapse this diabolical system is for enough people to refuse to use it. It would quickly collapse under its own weight like a house of cards. Enter O’care: government mandated “healthcare”.

        We are on the precipice of losing our ability to govern our own bodies. If we don’t stand up and defy them, en masse, it will be WE who collapse. Literally.

        • Christin


          We knew this was coming, Kate… we’ve read about the supplement the laws they were concocting for a while now…

          What seems so shallow and unsophisticated to me is they have only got the supplements on a technicality, ya know, a few stupid rules like you change the ingredients or put out a new product after 1994 or change the time you get the vitamin or mineral from a plant or animal and now they are going to regulate this business so they can kill it like every other private business they touch… and that is how they are going to kill the products… nothing valid like people are over dosing or getting sick on healthy natural vitamins and minerals and hormones.

          • granny mae

            You have said it right. They are looking for any thing they can even if it means putting into law some wording that will trap the industry into making a mistake ! It is so disgusting. As for the big pharma I say look at how long they have been supposidly working on finding a cure for cancer and have they done that ? NO ! Not even close. They can treat us with all kinds of chemicals that will kill us just to prolong our suffering for a while longer ! Every once in a while they get lucky and someone recieves a remission but there is not enough of them to make up for the costs to the taxpayers for their government funding and grants. How many years has this been going on ? For as long as I have been alive, nearly 70 years ! Natural vitamins never hurt anyone, however chemical made vitemins have , in fact they have even killed people. Isn’t that something ? Guess who makes the chemical vitamins ?

      • granny mae

        You sur know what you are talking about on this one. The FDA has been trying to squash the food suppliment industry for at least 40 years that I know of ! The government has gotten its hands into way to many things and it all boils down to greed !

    • Carol

      This had better not happen because without them I would be very ill they keep me completely healthy that I only need to go to the doctor once a year because I do take some pills from the doctor but nothing earth shattering.


      • DaveH

        This just shows how profoundly contemptuous Government is about Free Choice, Carol.
        I cured intestinal bleeding and arthritic symptoms with natural supplements. So I know for a fact that they work. I believe some in the Medical Establishment are working hand in hand with Big Government to make us dependent on them.

        • granny mae

          you got that right.

    • coal miner


      Read this!This will make any freedom loving person sick.We have no rights to our own children.

      Local Experts Propose That Parents Should Lose Custody Of Super Obese Kids
      By Christina Hager, WBZ-TV
      July 12, 2011 11:56 PM

      Reporting Christina Hager

      Filed under
      Heard On WBZ NewsRadio 1030, Local, News, Seen On WBZ-TV, Watch + Listen
      Related tags
      Boston, Carl Stevens, Childhood Obesity, Children’s Hospital, Christina Hager, obesity, overweight, Parental Custody, Super Obese Children BOSTON (CBS) – Some local anti-obesity advocates are proposing a controversial solution for overweight children. They want to take some “extremely obese” children away from their parents, and place them in foster homes.

      Children’s Hospital obesity expert, Dr. David Ludwig, proposed the idea in an editorial along with Lindsey Murtagh, an attorney with Harvard’s School of Public Health.

      “Despite the discomfort posed by state intervention, it may sometimes be necessary to protect a child.”

      Their opinion was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

      WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.

      • DaveH

        Yeah, it’s sickening, Miner. There’s always somebody out there who thinks they know how best to live our lives.

      • Christin

        coal miner,

        Thanks for sharing.

        That is just pathetic… that they think they are justified to rip a child away from his or her parents because it is better to weigh less and live with strangers than to weigh more and live with your family. So ruining the child’s mental and emotional well-being is better than weighing too much.

        But then it is their goal to destroy… as their master (satan) dictates. EVIL

        Of course, people are probably over-weight because of the gov…

        ‘MSG’ and ‘Aspartame’ are addictive and weigh gainers, ‘Bromine’ is a food additive added to flour and other foods is a weigh gainer as it stops thyroid function (and the gov knows it), ‘refined white sugar’ is a weight gainer and a cause for illnesses as it is metabolically altered and is now a foreign substance which your body fights to get it out… instead of fighting germs and other infections in your body, thus you get sick. This sugar adds to your weight, tooth cavities, bad for diabetics, gives highs and lows and is bad for hyperactive people and ADHD kids, and overall health and YET candy is a multi-billion dollar industry in America (think holidays)and stocked at every check out register. Fast food and fried foods are weight gainers, too…

        And I am sure there are other added ingredients in foods and medicines that add weight to ones body…

        So they are going to punish the parent for feeding their kids… wow.

      • granny mae

        coal miner,

        Get this: I saw this on the news today and they had a doctor talking about the terrible effects of being over weight and obese and the guy doing the talking was certainly over weight himself. They see the problem in someone else but not themselves !

    • coal miner


      Dietary supplements aren’ the only thing under attack,try homes.

      Should the State Remove Fat Kids from Their Homes?
      By KJ Dell Antonia
      | Posted Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2011, at 10:46 AM EDT

      Researchers Lindsey Murtagh and David Ludwig have taken what sounds like a hard-line stance against childhood obesity. Super-obese kids, like the 90 lb. 3-year-old who eventually became a 400 lb. 12-year-old they describe in the Journal of the American Medical Association, should be taken from their homes and placed in foster care. “Despite the discomfort posed by state intervention, it may sometimes be necessary to protect a child,” Murtagh told the Associated Press. In spite of the clinically distant tone of their words (removing a child from her home involves a lot more than “discomfort”), Murtagh and Ludwig are right. But if all you read is the commentary, you’ll never know it.

      Leaving aside the entertaining riffs on how far a policy like that might go in some distant, dystopian future (picture fat camps crossed with The Hunger Games), the tone of the debate their “Commentary” (it’s not a research study, but an advocacy piece) has provoked is disturbing. Morbid obesity has already become a factor in considering whether a child should be placed into foster care. It’s not really the obesity itself that underlies the removal of a child from a parent’s custody, but the parent’s documented refusal or inability to intervene or to follow dietary or exercise guidelines imposed by state or medical agencies involved in the child’s care. Murtagh and Ludwig appear to be suggesting that states use that power more often and wield it as a threat more effectively, not that obese children be removed from their parent’s custody from the moment they come to the state’s attention. It’s not the parents who haven’t found a way to help their child that these advocates are targeting. It’s the parents who can’t or won’t take the help that’s being offered.

      But responders, like Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, writing for MSN, happily jump to the conclusion that all parents of obese children aren’t trying. “The number of kids involved—an estimated 2 million children with body-mass above the 99th percentile—would quickly swamp already overwhelmed social service departments,” he writes. Well, yes, they would—if all of those kids fit the other criteria for removal from parental custody. And raising the stakes of an argument like Murtagh and Ludwig’s so that it appears to involve the removal, post-haste, of some 2 million kids from their parents is a great way to discount what they’re saying entirely, which is really this: childhood obesity is a larger problem with extreme individual implications. Broad social programs, like those advocated by Caplan, are great, but getting the nation to “go on a diet together” isn’t enough to target specific at-risk children. Not children as an abstract concept, but actual kids, with names, personalities, and emotions, that doctors and social workers see every day. Children for whom “putting exercise back on the menu” at schools isn’t going to be enough.

      Individual attention is expensive, complicated, and rarely scaleable. It makes for bad policy arguments and difficult budgetary arrangements, and, when looked at in large numbers, rarely feels practical. But it’s perhaps the only approach with any hope of success in the most difficult cases. In the January issue of the New Yorker, Atul Gawande wrote about Jerry Brenner, a doctor in Camden, N.J., who found that just 1,000 people who made use of Camden’s medical facilities accounted for 30 percent of its costs and set out to find those individual people and change that. His approach—addressing the situations and circumstances of specific lives that led to higher use of hopsital care—may be saving the city as much as half a million dollars a month as well as improving the health of some patients, but if advocated as a national policy: “let’s find all the super-users of emergency care across the country and individually treat them all”—it sounds just as crazy as “let’s put all the fat kids in foster care.”

      So how about this. Let’s put all the fat kids in health care. Real health care, not “we can’t afford any visit with any local physician and the nearest doctor who takes the state child health insurance is an hour away and has a three-month-long waiting list and so we end up in the emergency room” health care. And then, once health care and help and dietary advice and practical exercise alternatives are available, consider foster care on an individual basis in only the most extreme cases. That makes a really lame headline, but ultimately the only way to really fight childhood obesity is one kid at a time.

      • coal miner

        Sorry about posting another post on the same subjecct.I thought my post didn’t take.Have any of you guys have problems posting?




    • Karolyn

      Do you REALLY think the Republicans will do that? Ha!

      • MSSouth

        I dearly hope so because the dems will never do it!!!

        • DaveH

          For sure the Dems won’t do it. But I’m inclined to agree also with Karolyn that the Republicans (with a few exceptions) won’t do it either. The beginnings of the Republican Party were based on Mercantilism, and they haven’t changed. The Democrats are also deeply in bed with their own favorite Crony Capitalists.
          I’ve been a Libertarian for my entire adult life because I think they embody the concepts of Freedom that people like Jefferson advocated. And I firmly believe that people behave their best when they are free to control their own bodies and property. I saw none of those inclinations in the Democrat Party. The Republicans were kind of a mixed bag, but I found them more tolerable than the Democrats. After Ronald Reagan (because of the Congressional Republicans), I pretty much gave up any hope that the Republicans would ever take us back to Freedom.
          I feel like I’m reliving the Carter years on Steroids. But, as bad as it is, it seems like there are still too many people that haven’t fully awakened.

      • Stunned at sunset

        Guys and Gals:

        I’m 63 years old now. I’ve been a registered Republican and a Registered Democrat. I gave up on them both because if you scratch the surface and get behind the theatrics, you’ll find that they’re two sides of the same coin. Today I am registered with the Independence Party.

        Our system of representative government has become blatantly corrupt and dysfunctional and our elected officials aren’t even bothering to maintain a sense of propriety anymore. We still have the vote but if we keep voting for the same people ALL of the time, we’re going to get the same crap dumped on us all of the time.

        Find the most obscure candidate that you can and put them in office instead. If they succumb to the raving lunacy of our Oligarchs and become corrupt, replace them. If we make this our mode of voter response, the Oligarchs will gradually lose control of the political process and the people will become more enlightened and empowered.

        Now, why can’t we do this simple, straightforward, legal, and rational thing?

        • Doug

          That’s if you vote actually get counted now with electronic voting there is nothing but corruption going on, no way Harry the ass got voted in by the people!

          • DaveH

            I think the polls are fairly reliable, even if the vote counts aren’t. And the polls show the unbelievable number of people who support the crooks. When the polls differ dramatically from the voting results, then I think we will have a very real problem.

      • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN


    • TIME


      I sure hope your right.

  • Karolyn

    I’ve done my part by signing petitions and sending letters to my congressmen constantly. Everybody needs to do this. It’s the least we can do. Just go to ANH and send their pre-made letters.

    • DaveH

      I know that you’re against Government messing with our food supplies, but there are other freedoms being taken away constantly by Big Government that you turn a blind eye to. We can’t do that. If we are not personally affected by certain Freedom-taking, we must still stand against that Freedom-taking from others, if we ever hope to keep those Freedoms that we do personally embrace.
      “We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately” — Ben Franklin.

  • Karolyn

    I guess it’s time to stock up while we can!

  • Henry Ledbetter

    I recently stuck up a conversation with a man that works for a public utility sewer department and he said that they are required by the FDA to take all the chlorine out of the water before they put it back into the river. This tells me that the FDA is more concerned about the fish than humans.

    • DaveH

      Good point, Henry.

  • 1minuteman

    this is all about control of our lives. everything obama does is designed to give him more power over your life. obama uses the fda and epa and czars to bypass congress when he can’t get them on board.

    • Karolyn

      Why all the emphasis on Obama. He isn’t the one who introduces the bills!

      • Andrea B

        No, but you can bet the farm that he’ll be droolin’ while he signs them into law!

        • Karolyn

          How do you know? So much guessing going on here. So much clairvoyance.

          • MSSouth

            Wow, Karolyn are you really that dense? Let go of the teat and practice breathing on your own. Facts are funny things, and the fact is we have been push slowly down the river of socialism for a long time. Obama has taken us off the raft and put into the speedboat!!!

          • mark

            You’re absolutely right, Karolyn. On these sites, if someone get a splinter walking barefoot on their deck, it is Obama’s fault.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Mark, your on the wrong site for the Liberal Brotherhood,we’re conservatives, Buddy Boy. If ya want Liberal companionship, hit up Huf ‘n’ Puf! The only agreement you’ll get here is from the other paid Liberal shills like yourself. :)

      • Ed Mack

        I’m assuming you’re not completely blind but yet you seem to be with Obama. What good has he done for this country as a whole? He promised us the world and a lot of you fell for it; I didn’t. No, I’m not racist either for I have many black friends and some with white wives. Big Pharma and our government have colluted to share the wealth along with the FDA. I THINK IT’S A REAL SHAME THAT WE READ OF ALL THE PEOPLE THAT DIE OF CANCER EVERY DAY REGARDLESS OF who THEY ARE WHILE THERE ARE MANY CURES OF THIS HORRENDOUS DISEASE IN THE NATURAL MEDICINES AND OF HOLLISTIC MEDICINES field. Our politicians, big pharma, the FDA,WILL not LET these discoveries be advertised as big pharmas pills are. A big pharma employee finally broke loose and revealed that pharmaceutical companies KNOW their pills will only work on around 50% of the people doctors prescribe them to, yet——
        and some do more harm than nothing at all. This is good to hear, isn’t it

        • Karolyn

          Obama is not my hero as so many claim, nor my messiah. However, I do not believe that he is the devil and that he is just a man doing the best he can with what he is given.

          • MSSouth

            You have finally made a true statement. Karolyn stated, “I do not believe that he is the devil and that he is just a man doing the best he can with what he is given.”

            Yes, he was given the presidency with no work experience, rated the most liberal senator in congress during his brief reign there, he voted ‘present’ on majority of votes within that reign in congress, can’t seem to come up with a REAL birth certificate, dismembered from the BAR for lying on his application to the BAR., stolen social security number from a dead man in Conn., associated with known communists and radicals, attended a church where he didn’t know what was being preached (must of slept during wright’s g-d damn USA sermons), etc. The only thing that I see that he (obama) had going for him was his race (and I don’t mean foot race). So does that make all those people who voted for him ‘RACIST’? Because that is the only thing that I can come up with that would make anyone vote for him.

          • Doug

            Karolyn how can you say that? You know nothing about this man everything about him is a secret, and everyone he puts around him is either a Socalist or a Communist. If you see a man and he hangs out with nothing but criminals what do you believe this man is just ignorant? Come up this man is nothing but evil you will be surprised when the whole truth comes out. Don’t get me wrong he not the only one I would 95% or more of the politicians are evil and only care about themselves and money! Please Karolyn wake up!

          • Bob from Calif.

            Obama is a Globalist puppet. He sold us out for money power and fame.

        • Ed Mack

          I have also read where chemo, radiation and the normal surgery on cancer patients has somewhere around 2.3 to 2.7% sucess rate compared to 87 to 93% success rate for holistic medicines. Do you know why? It’s because regular treatments(chemo, radiation and surgeries) are only prescribed as treatments not CURES whereas holistic/ natural medical treatments are for CURES, NOT JUST A TREATMENT.If I’m treated I go back next month, more money; but if I’m cured I go back maybe in 6 months or next year.Lot of money lost in cures isn’t there? Money!!!
          What else is it, population control? I’ll bet the way Obama has done with the immigration problems, it’s the money. What do youu think?

          • Bob from Calif.

            No one in my family has survived cancer, and chemo and radiation just destroyed their quality of life up to the end.

          • Kate 8

            Ed Mack – There was a guest on the radio the other night talking about alternative cancer therapies.

            He told of a friend who is a pathologist, who told him that, of all the autopsies he’s done on cancer victims, EVERY ONE OF THEM died as a result of their radio/chemo-therapies and NOT THE CANCER.

            Many doctors have stated that you will live longer doing nothing than having these treatments. Cancer takes over because of immune system failure, and these treatments DESTROY what’s left of the immune system. Even when they appear to give relief initially, since cancer cells are killed (along with normal cells), the cancer quickly returns more virulent than ever because the body has no way of fighting it.

            Honest doctors are also coming around to the opinion that cancer is fungal. In fact, candida (present in everyone’s gut) begins to get out of control through alteration in internal pH from antibiotics and poor health choices, becomes fungal and begins to invade organs.

            You won’t ever hear this from mainstream medicine, because if people knew this it would be fairly easy to reverse. Instead, they make cancer appear to be something mysterious, of unknown cause, and from which we are utterly helpless. In fact, no one but THEM can legally treat it in the US, as they can’t have people seeing others being cured. And be assured, people ARE being cured, and their doctors are being persecuted for doing it.

      • DaveH

        Obama is the Chief Executive, Karolyn. He is responsible for whatever his underlings do. That has always been accepted by society when prosecuting any organization.
        But besides that, there is strong evidence that he is the source for all of the shenanigans that are coming from the FDA, the EPA, and the FCC.

  • Elevenarrows

    I have adrenal disease which conventional medicine can do little to improve. Were it not for supplements that I purchase from here and from New Zealand, I would probably still be bed-ridden. I am very weary of the gov’t and even the state deciding the tiniest detail about my health. The state of NC drives down our farm road frontage, dumping gallons and gallons of poisons to curb growth. We don’t get a choice. We are quite capable of policing our own road frontage, but they do it anyway. So much for flowers you try to grow along the fence! The state also dumps large amounts of mosquito chemicals even in municipal areas like Charlotte. It doesn’t matter if you have chemical-sensitivities. Then, of course, someone years ago decided we all should drink fluoride in our water…despite all the dangers of the product. If you don’t know the history and dangers of it, you need to read THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION written by a medical doctor who was finally able to share the government’s data on fluoride. Now, I hear that some freaks in the current administration have actually written papers in the past suggesting we have birth control products added to municipal water supplies to aid in population growth! If all this were not sadly true, one would think it was an evil dictator’s plot in a “B” movie!

    Unfortunately for most of us, stocking up on supplements isn’t that easy. Many of the ones I use do not have a long shelf life. Everyone–whether you use supplements or not–should be flooding Congress with our objections.

    • DaveH

      The Leaders are in it for themselves, Eleven. I know that. I think you know that. Problem is, how do we wake the rest of the people to that reality?

    • Ellen

      Elevenarrows, I’m in complete agreement with you. I started having a medical problem 6 years ago and was sent to several specialists who each told me what I don’t have and sent me away. By accident, I discovered what my problem is and started taking supplements. If left up to the doctors, I would be in a wheelchair now. I have permanent spinal damage, but at least it won’t get worse. I have to take the supplements or I’ll be right back to nerve degeneration again. If the FDA implements this, I’m doomed.

    • http://n/a Gaffer

      Elevenarrows I completely agree with you — especially about flooding your elected members with your views and objections to any government control and restrictions on supplements — this is the easiest way to make yourself heard and influence policy. What other practical ways can we stop government from limiting our choices? Well one I can think of is to purchase the newsletter of Dr. Williams (see the Gaffer, Toronto Canada

  • Omawazzi

    It is now as plain as the nose on your face.
    If there was ever any doubt about it, this now clears it up once and for all.

    The FDA is a Puppet of it’s Corporate Masters, the Food and Drug industries.
    The very ones they are suppose to regulate.
    It is their interest they look out for and NOT for “The People”

    The Pharamaceutical Companies are even legally allowed to help fund the FDA.
    Now does anyone else believe that is a Conflict of Interest?

    • DaveH

      This is how it has been, Omawazzi, ever since the public apathetically let Government get involved in the Marketplace (over 150 years ago). Big Business loves regulation. It keeps them in their lofty positions in the marketplace without them having to face the vagaries of Free Markets. Their competitors get screwed. Their customers get screwed. And the taxpayers get screwed.

    • Christin


      Time to eliminate the governmental beaurocracy known as the FDA.

  • Polski

    The FDA is just the equivalent of what the Soviet KGB was, for the SICK industry, called the HEALTH industry by the media of our time. AMA doctors are on the board of the FDA. They are also on the board of big PHARMA companies. In honest industry, this is considered a conflict of interest. In SICK industry, this is considered every day normal. And what’s happening here for supplements, is also happening for GMOs (Genetically MOLESTED Organisms) thanks to MONSANTO, the EVIL EMPIRE (and you thought that Darth Vader was bad).

    • DaveH

      And isn’t it odd that with all the Government involvement in the Markets, there isn’t the simple requirement that GMOs be labeled as such, so that those of us who are leary can make the free choice of avoiding them?

  • Lawrence Edward Calcutt

    The Government don’t really want you to be well and healthy. The want you to die off, and the sooner the better for them. ‘Damn them to Hell’, but why should I worry, they will all wind up there sooner or later. Hopeing its sooner than later.

    Larry from Canada

    • DaveH

      I don’t want to wait that long, Lawrence.

  • Barbara McDonald

    Unfortunately most voters have yet to figure out that BIG BUSINESS,
    It doesn’t matter if they are Republican or Democrat. Until ALL
    the members of Congress who have been there for over 2 terms are gone, along with the STAFFERS who remain to work for the next representative that shows up, this type of thing is going to continue. Congressmen for the most part are LAWYERS. They write laws to create work for other lawyers. We need TERM LIMITS, a BALANCED BUDGET, and a reduction in government employees. My personal doctor loves
    supplements, especially D3. I stock up when there is a buy one,
    get one free sale and I use coupons when I can. What people don’t want to realize is everyone is trying to justify the need to retain their job with the Federal government and there will be more of this type crap proposed. The sacred cash cow, the Pentagon, needs to have its budget cut, too. Cut the subsidies to big farm corporations and big oil. Monsanto is totally evil with its genetically modified seeds. Polski, you are right on!!!!

    • DaveH

      We just need to remove Big Government’s tentacles from the Marketplace, Barbara. Give the power to decide who succeeds and who fails back to the consumer where it belongs.
      There is only one Party whose platform advocates that:

  • Deanna

    This is mostly about greed. The FDA is in the back pocket of the pharmaceutical industry. And supplements are the pharmaceuticals main competition. Besides, if they can outlaw supplements, more people will be sick. And more people will be put on prescription drugs. And the pharmaceutical industry can rake in even more billions than they make now. It’s sick.

  • Elisa

    City governments follow the rule of law from the Federal Government and lace our drinking water with chlorine and floride and God knows what all, then the food manufacturers put all sorts of chemicals and fillers and artificial sweetners and hormones in our food, which contribute to the obesity and cancer, and all the other diseases rampant in America…don’t you wonder why other countries weren’t having the same problems? Well, until now…everybody’s in the same boat now that there’s a McDonalds in every corner of the world. So now we’re all sick and the Pharma companies swoop in to put you on medications for life. I have heard about regulations that will restrict the collection of rain water, planting your own garden and now, choosing to use suppliments instead of pharma drugs to help maintain a somewhat heathly life. I think they call this “Big governments version of the circle of life!” This is what they’ve been working towards for a long time now…and by they, I mean the government. It’s the same reason why they refuse to guard the borders…we want it, but it’s not part of their plan.

    • Starvin Larry

      The collection of rainwater thing is true,it’s been enacted in some parts of Colorado,nowhere else-yet-as far as I know.
      The internet rumor about your backyard garden becoming illegal is just that-a rumor-nothing more.
      Giving the FDA power to regulate dietary supplemnets is a bad thing in some ways,and a good thing in others-such as insuring that doses,and ingredients are standard,and accurate-but….it also puts way too much of a burden on the companies that make supplements.

      It is far better to get all of your nutritional needs from food and/or plants than it is to take manufactured supplements anyhow-read up on herbal medicines,and healing plants-the government can not take those away.

      • DaveH

        It’s fitting that you said “backyard” garden, Larry, since there has been the recent news of a lady being threatened with jail time for growing a front yard garden.
        Here’s another example:

        While not widespread yet, the potential is certainly there. I figure it’s just a matter of time before the IRS starts taxing us on our home-grown food.

        • DaveH

          Here’s the one with the lady who grew a front yard garden:

          What is wrong with the people in this country? In just 230 years, we’ve gone from a country full of rugged pioneers to a country full of whining, controlling wimps.

          • Karolyn

            Miserable busybodies who want everybody to be as miserable as they are. This lady might even get out of it with the backing she has.

          • granny mae

            There is a fine case of a neighbor spreading hate and disdane for others. I would rather see plants of any kind in the front yard than an old junk car parked there for months at a time !

      • Sadly Wiser

        That garden issue was a front yard garden in Oak Park, MI. The woman was cited & fined for having a garden (raised beds, with mulch in between the beds) in her front yard. She has to go to court too. It was on the local Fox news channel 2.

        • granny mae

          So what ? As long as she kept it weeded who cares ? I’ll bet there is another neighbor somewhere in the neighborhood that doesn’t keep his lawn mowed regularly! Some people are disgusting !

  • Violet

    So what will we be left with? Prescription medicine which, if you have watched TV lately, are deadly. The side affects are almost worse than the desease. I can’t imagine having to take a medicine that will cause you to get cancer, blood clots or serious thoughts of suicide. In fact if you are taking one of those dandy meds for your so called high cholesterol you need to take supplements to counter-act the damage done by the medicine. I just wish the government would keep their fat fingers out of my life. If I need their help I’ll ask until then would they please sit down and shut up?

    • granny mae

      A-MEN !

  • Kaleidescope

    Check out the Codex Alimentarius Commission that was created in 1963 by the Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization, both official groups within the United Nations. Observe what they have enacted in Europe. The drive to global governance ergo control is farther along in Europe than here but we are being devolved into it as we speak.

  • Cawmun Cents

    They have decimated every other industry up until now excepting green energy producers.Why should they not take pot shots at our health and welfare?Too many laws….too many laws…..too many laws….

  • Karolyn

    Still having problems posting replies.

  • hicusdicus

    Most supplements and Jesus fall into the same category.

  • greg wilmoth

    these new rules are part of a much larger UN mandate. Could it be that if the powers that be can ration health care and eventually outlaw nutritional supplements and restrict growing your own food, that population control will be implemented?

  • Ann C

    My usual comment about health, in any discussion I have with friends and acquaintances, even clerks in stores: I am held together and kept going by God, my supplements and my deep therapy massage specialist. My Lord has guided me to supplements that have caused me to avoid prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs. I am 70+ years old, take care of my home, yard, garden, pets, errands, without help.

    How amazing to me that the FDA thinks it knows best when it comes to natural supplements, when these supplements (in simple or current form) have been around since the days of Creation and have been part of the healing process since that time (more than 5,000 years ago).

    The FDA allows the continued growing of tobacco for cigarettes, allows the continued manufacture of alcohol, but is now wanting to put unnecessary regulations on supplements. They obviously have not been informed that cigarettes and alcohol CAUSE DISEASES, but supplements AID IN THE CONTROL OR CURE OF DISEASES.

    • granny mae

      Good Point !

  • DaveH
    • granny mae

      He said it all didn’t he ? AMEN !

  • jim

    ted kennedy tried years ago to put vits under fda control. didn’t work then, but now our little king will give it a try.

  • pete

    The FDA – aren’t they suppose to be the good guys trying to keep us safe from snake oil quackery ?

    I reckon, because conservative people want regulations on “drugs”, that is why the FDA is doing what they do. If you outlaw supplements, like marijuana, or deny access to smart chemicals like Hydergine (you need a prescription) go figure why supplements are getting harder to purchase…..

    I remember back in the Reagan years that marijuana was seriously frowned upon. Now you can buy Hemp protein shake mix at the local Vitamin Shoppe. It’s the “legal” male plant (grown in another country, I think Canada) ..
    I just started drinking protein shakes alot last month .. I have non – soy veggie shake mix and HEMP (HEMP ! HEMP ! HEMP! HA HA HA HA!!!) shake mix I mix together….

    So if you really want FREEDOM, just get rid of the PRESCRIPTION requirements on everything !! It’s your body and your choice (and I’m not talking about Abortion!!!) …


    • DaveH

      Vote Libertarian.

      • coal miner


        Amen!Don’t forget Ron Paul for president.

        • rottweilerv

          Amen!! I am with you on this one–one of the VERY few politicians that has an inkling of HONESTY and ACTUALLY cares about the people!!We desperately need him–sure hope the public finds out about him before it’s too late.

    • granny mae


      You have proved to me that you are a flaming idiot ! You don’t know your azz from your elbow and it shows by your posting on these blogs. What a TARD !

  • Carol

    This is beyond horrible and this simply can’t happen and that is a fact!!!

  • John

    Corruptisimo re Publica plouremae Leges. An ancient Roman saying wich translate to Most laws are passed when the republic is most corrupt. We are not on new ground here people.

  • DrNoMas


  • FreedomFighter

    This is big Pharma killing off what they cant patent and extort money for.

    Pharma makes money selling drugs for illness, supplements can and do prevent many illness, diease and even cure them, without the henious side affects of many pharma drugs.

    Supplements are preventing millions from becoming sick and dependent on drugs, a loss of billions to big Pharma.

    This is nothing less than an attack on your health by big pharma using the PDA as an attack dog. They want you sick, weak, dependent on them for “treatment” never a “Cure”.

    Ever notice nothing big pharma produces this day actually cures anything, it only treats it. I call it:

    Poisoning for profit.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      You’re right, Fighter. We can bet that whenever there’s a new regulation, it was crafted by or for a Big Business to protect that business from competitors.

  • NancyJ

    I just have one comment.

    Government, GET OUT OF MY LIFE!

    I had radiation treatment about 6 years ago. It damaged my thyroid, I believe. I asked my doctor to check it several times and he only did one test. Then I read where there are 10 symptoms for thyroid problems. I had 8 of them. I started treating myself with a product I found in a health food store to supplement my thyroid.

    I have been doing this for a little under a month and have eliminated several symptoms and have lost 13 pounds without going on a diet.

    The FDA is run, I understand, by 5 doctors who make the decisions. Get rid of them and find someone who is professional.

  • QuantumVerp

    Bet you all did not know that the chemical that marshals your immune system to get to work and fix the area it is applied to was discovered two years ago!

    And it was not touted by the pharmaceuticals, well, a quart bottle is only a dollar! Read about it at my web-site and use it to heal yourself! It really works!

  • Thinking About

    In for the basic function of FDA is good. It should stop snake oil cures and at least be responsible for posting some of the side affects. We are years behind in including eastern herbs in our treatment programs. I don’t know if this is big Pharma controlling the market or not admitting alternative medications. Someone somewhere we have to have some controls.

  • DaveH

    How much greater proof of deceit do we need than this? In response to the possibility that Congress may not raise the debt ceiling:;_ylt=Aq8QlMALGPNHvsmSJN6B9zW7YWsA;_ylu=X3oDMTE1NGFzbDRnBHBvcwMzBHNlYwN0b3BTdG9yaWVzBHNsawNiZXJuYW5rZXVzZGU-?x=0&sec=topStories&pos=main&asset=&ccode=

    Bernanke says”
    “Clearly, if we went so far as to default on the debt, it would be a major crisis because the Treasury security is viewed as the safest and most liquid security in the world,”

    “And contrary to what some Republicans have proposed, just paying interest on the debt to bondholders may not preserve the nation’s pristine credit rating, Bernanke said”.

    Who said anything about defaulting? That’s just fear-mongering coming from the administration and Bernanke. So this so-called “professional” thinks the answer to others not trusting our repayment capabilities is to borrow even more money? People have to be incredibly naive to swallow that kind of misinformation.


    Anybody that does not call their Representatives and Senators to make it known that you are aware of the unconstitutional overreach by the BATF&E , The EPA , the FDA and virtually every other federal government entity you are at fault for the decline of freedom and justice in America . Discuss BATF&E fast&furious and gunrunner programs and their anti-2nd ammandment stance . Discuss the EPA’s back door destruction of the American economy by discouraging the production of coal and oil before other forms of energy are sufficient to run our country . Discuss the destruction of the supplements industry to appease the drug industry because they have more bucks to contribute but want even more . They and their bought politicians are nothing but greedy B—–ds . Most supplements are made of natural substances and as a result the pharmaceutical companies can’t patent them to make them ” expensive ” drugs .

  • Laura

    The FDA needs to be completely destroyed…. BOOM!!
    Not one FDA agent left

  • rob

    Well I wounder if the war on nutrition will be as bloody as that other one?

  • rob

    Laura,I think I love you.


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