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The FBI, Real American Terrorists

May 1, 2012 by  

The FBI, Real American Terrorists

David Shipler, author of “Rights at Risk: The Limits of Liberty in Modern America,” explains in a recent opinion piece in The New York Times why Americans would see far less terror without the FBI.

According to Shipler, there have been 22 major terror attempts in the years since 9/11. Fourteen of them were facilitated by law enforcement.

He writes:

THE United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years — or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts.

But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested

Shipler contends that many of the suspects caught would have never been able to carry out the plots without the help of the FBI.

Not only does the FBI run entrapment missions to catch people it finds making angry online comments and whittle them into terrorists, it continually makes Americans believe they are surrounded by likely terrorists.

A CBS affiliate in Florida recently reported on FBI flyers circulated throughout American communities that identify mundane activities such as paying for goods with cash as potential terrorist activities. Alternative media have been reporting on this for months.

Without keeping Americans in a perpetual state of fear, government would not get away with much of what it does in the name of “safety.”

It wouldn’t be allowed to implement domestic drones for constant monitoring.

It couldn’t continue to harass every American who chooses to board an airplane.

It would not be able to inch toward total control and surveillance of the Internet.

It couldn’t spend trillions contracting companies like Lockheed Martin to build inefficient and unneeded military equipment.

The United States government needs terror; it needs the average Joe to be terrified. Control and the bottom line depend on it.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    We need to daily tell our government representatives that we are not afraid. And we do NOT want them being afraid for us. Send your representatives a message today and every day.

    Tell them you’ve won the war on terror. Now they need to stop waging it on your behalf.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      Sooo true Vicki. Unfortunately, they obviously know that the “war on terror” was a hoax and now they probably have something else planned to “protect” us from whatever it is they come up with. What the representatives need to know is that we never were afraid and we will not tolerate ANY false flag operations that we Americans KNOW are and have been implemented. We are no longer going to be tricked into fighting wars in the name of “patriotism” or any kind of “ism” for that matter.

      Dear global elites,

      We know what you’re up to. Quit using Americans to do your killing. Do your own killing and leave our names out of it! We know who you are and we know what you’re doing now knock it off! You can hide behind your tinted windows as you drive by us on the way to your meetings in Chantilly, Va. but we know who you are and there will be thousands of us with bull horns letting the world know that we repel your “new world order”. You have the money but we have the numbers. We will not be denied our God given right to be free. You will be defeated.

      Your arrogance is your weakness,


    • PendragonRise

      They’re just acting out of the Orwellian playbook, “War is Peace”. They’re not about to stop without Ron Paul as President in a bulletproof suit.

    • boyscout

      In reality, it is those of us who cherish our freedom that is the cause of THEIR terror and so the situation stands as at present. Obfuscate the issue, confuse the terminology, and wage war on “Terror” till doomsday. Citizens will pay the expenses (one way or another) and spill the blood and remain uninformed of the truth and so calm their fears.

    • Joe H

      I don’t know. I think I would rather the FBI sell them duds than say the cartells sell them the real thing. If you had to go to the post office to get stamps and some wacco has targeted it for explosives at the same time you are there, would you rather the explosives be real or duds sold to them by undercover FBI??

  • Bill

    The Americans should not worry because they have good defense. Canada has none. The terrorists will hit anytime.

    • Carol

      The terrorist will hit anytime? The terrorists are our own government who has the MIC to do their dirty work by going around the world murdering innocent people. They bombed the world trade centers and blamed it on Iraq. Chertoff had already written the laws and his laws had to be implemented ASAP. The only way to get them started was to strike America and place the TSA perverts at every airport. It is world domination and world control by a few criminals and carried out by our criminal elected officials. When you cave in to their threats you are giving up your freedoms. Do not comply to their illegal laws and learn the word ‘NONCONFORMIST’. One way to do that is to stop voluntarily paying an unconstitutional agency called the IRS.

      America has been nothing but a baby breeding country for decades just as a farmer breeds his animals. The birth certificate was forced upon the country in 1933 because the ‘elite’ wanted to know how many farm animals (you and me) they had. Since those certificates that were issued were traded on the market the feds decided to begin paying women through an agency called Welfare to produce more children. Welfare had nothing to do with helping the poor – it was a trick to bring in more money for the country and more births brought in more money. Now that the elites have all the money they could ever use in the next thousand years, they don’t need those baby making machines any longer and have to cull the herds. It’s a very sickening game they’ve been playing and our own government has sold us out for fake currency. Every single one of those treasoneous bastards need to publicly executed – skip the trial and hang them. And no, they do not scare me. Quit listening to their lies because the truth will set you free.

      • John Tayloe

        Amazing that someone with such a lack of reason can even put two sentences together.

      • raw

        Amen. muslims are too stupid to do anything by themselves – they need the help of the US gov.

      • nc

        Carol, now is a good time to get your meds! Only FF and Charlie are in line so far! There are more to come so you best hurry. Your rant that the government is about come lock us up for no reason first began before the ink was dry on the Constitution! WE have always had paranoid cranks! Thank goodness that at least half of the people are above average intelligence and have saved us from the paranoid and taken us to number one nation in the world! What government in the world has done more for its citizens???? Even with Republicans in our midst!

      • charlie

        nc,,, I am not on meds I am on The Spirit of King Jesus… It’s safer in that Jurisdiction…

    • Lynda

      Oh my, if that is true, I am so scared, a terrorist might come in my house. oh my Lord save me cause the government can’t. Ok, I will admit it. I am a snot.

  • BJ.Holmes

    With a president who prefers to defend himself instead of the nation, we can’t afford an incompetent FBI. The pretend leader of the Free World is deliberately allowing every agency to fall into a pit. He thinks of himself and agencies and “cute”.

    • Karlrhody

      You”re right obama {NOT MY PRESIDENT} is a MAGGOT!!!

  • thezen

    America has far more to fear from the real enemy-obesity than it has from terrorists.
    And unfortunately Australia is not far behind.

    • Hey You

      Is that “obesity” mostly above the neck?

      • castaway


  • dan

    not all of the FBI are liberal agent provocateurs with no sense of honor…but with incompetent leadership they’re beginning to act like the rogues and thugs at CIA

  • Gea

    YOu should go to Dearborn, Michigan, and reak Koran and Hadith to understand that the threat of islamists is REAL and not a figment of immagination. Do you need burkihas, honoir murders, and bombing churches and synagogues in your neighborhood before you understand that?

    • webeers

      Gea, I agree with you. Islam is not really a religion as much as a turnkey collectivist political and economic system. But our government is also a collectivist centrally planned state apparatus designed to plunder the citizen. I probably have more in common with a shop keeper in Baghdad then I do with politicos in Washington or its bureaucratic thugs and agencies that ignore and violate clear boundaries set by the constitution.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        You got that right !

    • Johnny Hiott

      There is no doubt of the danger radical muslims in this nation provide. But stop and think.
      How did they get here ? They , just like all of the illegal aliens from nations all over the world were imported here by our beloved totally corrupt government. America has the most corrupt , dishonest and murderous government in the world. Our capital’s location should be officially changed to Washington , district of corruption ! Incidentally , I agree with all that Carol says at 08:10 a.m. too !

      • http://Personaldigest MM

        Johnny, I agree with you about the Threat of terrorist, the government brought, them here to create havoc, but not really monitoring them, even though, they know there agenda. They are painting the average american as terrorist while letting the one’s they should watching go as they please. Look how many people come to this country and don’t appreciated it. Maybe if we send them back to there own country so they can star changing there homeland first. Because there lifestyle and there ways held them back for Thousand of year, and it still the same to this day. and it will never change.

    • sunshineIQ

      Have you even been to Dearborn? I have and it looks better than 45 years ago.

  • roger gunderson

    The American people are continually being fooled. Obama is a charismatic fool with absolutely no leadership skills. He has let Bush and Cheney, two of the worst people in the world, go free from their war crimes. He has kept America into endless war like Bush and looking for more war with Iran.Until we get a good leader, America is headed for the gutter. The elites want Romney for president and are willing to spend billions to put their puppet in the white house. They have completely ignored Ron Paul. Think about it.

    • dg

      The “elites” as you call them are backing Obama too. Most of the Hollywood celebs, George Soros, Warren Buffett, and on and on. Open your eyes dude. The elites will always wield their influence as it has always been in every society in history. No person can get elected without their support.

    • Vicki

      Roger Gunderson writes:
      He has let Bush and Cheney, two of the worst people in the world, go free from their war crimes. He has kept America into endless war like Bush and looking for more war with Iran.

      So you are saying that obama is a war criminal too? Why not just say it instead of blaming President Bush by inference. That would lend more credibility to the rest of your post.

      • Joe H

        Didn’t you know that some of the ding-a-lings here think Bush still pulls the strings??? He has a lever on his mountain bike so he can do it while riding!!! HE HE!!!

  • Average Joe

    “The United States government needs terror; it needs the average Joe to be terrified. Control and the bottom line depend on it.”

    Well it’s working…I am now afraid……. of my government….

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I think that when human beings are fed a constant diet of fear, they eventually become immune to it. Their false flags and scary stories no longer affect me. I recognize them for the evil that they are. The thing is, I read the bible. I know how the story ends. I have nothing to fear from them!

      • Average Joe

        Nancy in Nebraska ,
        Actually, I stopped believing my government many years ago and I do not fear them. I figure the worst they can do…. is kill me….and we all have to go sometime…the only difference is… the when and how.

        • RichE

          Have you ever felt the swish of the reaper’s blade?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        RichE, won’t feel it for long.

        • RichE

          You wish me dead?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        RichE, nooooo. YOU said: “Have you ever felt the swish of the reaper’s blade?”. I said: “won’t feel it for long.”. In other words, I’m not afraid of it because “you” (anyone) would be dead so quickly that “you” wouldn’t feel much.

      • Joe H

        I’m 61, spent 18 months in RVN and I’ve lived a decent life. I’m not worried about the reaper!!

      • nc

        Nancy, you are a differnt kind onservative here> You say you have become Immune to the fear of government”terrorism”! The others here scream about the pressure they feel from government terrorism! They talk about being constantly armed against the’ governemnt”, can name you two hundred ‘ government” conspiracies that are in motion( that have never even resulted in an arrest) and how that pressure (fear) causes them to dig holes in the ground to escape the “government”!!

        The greatest President we have ever had wisely said,”WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF.” Paranoia is a mental illness!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        nc, if I cared enough and if I wanted to spend the time, I could probably come up with 200 government conspiracies. The thing is, they would all be part of the same conspiracy that has been going on since the creation of man. satan will not stop using these people to further his agenda but like I said; I know how the story ends. As long as I rely on The LORD, I have nothing to fear!

    • Christin

      Average Joe,

      Afraid of your gov… yes, they are an evil bunch… calling hard-working Americans terrorists, when it is they who are doing harm.

      Who are the 81 Socialists in Congress?

      “The ‘prominent political machine’ today which is lead by Nancy Pelosi is the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) which holds the power and constitutes the largest voting block of the Democrats and has close ties to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and Socialist International (SI) whose members seek World Domination.”

      Read to find out who the 81 Congressional Representatives are( including the usurper) in all the states.

      Vote them out (if that is possible).

  • TIME

    Divide and conquer, ( use – FEAR, use – Hate, use anything but break the backs of the people, make them wear the yoke we give them. But do it so they think its for their own good, use Public displays of what will become of them if they will not follow the laws we tell them too, make them think that they will be safe from some unknown force if they just follow along.)
    Give them reason to fear, make them BEG for you to keep them safe from anything you tell them will – hurt them.

    Are these not the CEASER’S own words?
    Public Policy = Lex Fori = The Law of the Ceasars.

    Thats what we have here in the US Inc. folks thus we have “ACTS” that are passed as alledged Laws, – where is it you find an Act again? Say a “Play,” just who’s in a play?
    Could that be “ACTOR’S,” and what do Actors wear, “Costumes,”

    People we have been divided up into small groups for control reasons, –
    the “Control Grids.”
    Get it?

    TV is only to “PROGRAM YOU” – thus the term { TV PROGRAMING } “Mind control” within the “control grid.”

    Politicians tell you that Green is really RED, and Red is really White, Up is down and down is up, again its all to “control” you.
    Thus the FBI, instills Fea in YOUr, the IRS instills FEAR in YOU, the war of the Boogie man of the moment is to instill’sl FEAR in you. Cold war, Hot war, Drug War, Drug Lords,
    Con Artist, War of Poverty, War on what ever, its all a CONTROL GRID factor!!!!!
    Hell even the name of a TV show is the “FEAR FACTOR!” Or the Political mind games of TV shows like – “Survior” even Football is little more than a modern format of a {{gladiatorial sport}}.

    Its all an ” illiussion,” as in all of it, {{ nothing is true,}} nothing is real, its just more of the Control Grid factor from the real CONTROLLERS of the world stage.

    SEX – Security – and Safety are the keys to the sales pitch thats been used for as long as TIME has been.
    Please stop and think, Please Wake Up – YOU and all Americans let alone
    everyone in the world is being used……..
    We are little more than chickens or ducks or cows or pigs or what ever. Thats what our SS system is all about, you pay in and you get out a small % back with the hopes that you die before they have to pay you anything!
    We have all been scamed, just admit it then – lets fix it!

    To take back your nation you must know who is behind the “CONTROL GRID,” You also must know what they have done to dislodge the ” Original Constitution.”
    You must “UNPLUG” all Payments to this Government.
    Its that simple people and yet its impossible as you all will FEAR the Loss of what you have, and yet you will loose it all anyway, so whats really the differance?

    God know’s you can’t take anything with you when your body fails, only your soul.

    Will you even allow your soul to be taken?

    Or will you stand up and say; “” I WILL TAKE – NO MORE”” I will Not pay you to make me a slave to you “Blood sucking Vampires” anylonger. Tell the Rothschilds and Rockefellers – To go to hell, Tell them to give you back YOUR wealth!

    {The 13 Bloodlines think they are GODS} – They think they are here to control YOU, do you really need them to do such?

    Will you – have the Strength, the Corage, the Conviction of Soul?

    Its really your choice, will you stand for something “positive,” or will you just keep standing for anything no matter what?
    Not unlike just voting for the lesser of “TWO EVILS.” Just that term alone should make you think long and hard about what your doing and why you keep playing this same game over and over TIME after TIME.

    Peace and Love

    PS: {any spelling issues – try and overlook, use what I posted to make your brain work.}

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      you’re right on brother!!! There are many who will stand up!!

      • TIME

        Dear Bob,

        Yes, I know many will, thats the saving grace we as a nation have in our back pocket.

        Peace and Love

    • Hey You

      May I suggest that “taking America back” is less viable than devolving “America” into the separate states. Our collective government is the problem.

      • TIME

        Dear HY,


        One must also keep in mind that we as single units of carbon as well as states should stay as ” Sovereign’s No matter what.
        As a whole nation { only } when the rights of all are allowed with out any interferance from the single unit form of Government.

        ( The cult of personality) sould never exist in any form.

        “Do on to others as you would have done on to you” – Thats the very meaning of Freedom.

        Peace and Love

    • Christin


      Good post…

      Who are the 13 bloodlines …that are in control of the Banks to control and destroy us and God’s creation?

      • TIME

        Dear Christin,

        First off please fogive me for taking so long to get back with you, I have been really backed up with ton of work.

        Look into: Fritz Springmeier, the spelling may be off a tad – but if you google the 13 bloodlines he should pop up.
        Please do keep in mind that they also are involved with the following {*** stars,} as these are outer arms of this unit.
        ***The Progressive movment,
        ***The Thules Society,
        ***The Fabin Society,

        ******The Illuminati This group is the base of the 13 Bloodlines, you will note that most all of them are involved with the following; The TRC, The CFR. Who control the US Inc.
        As in no person who has ever been a POTUS / CEO of the US Inc. gets there with out being 100% controled by these people. I know this first hand, its not hear say, its not idol rhetoric.
        Also – Check in to the Bohemian Grove, these are all the same as the Bilderburg’s and G 20 – G 8 all – more of the same Illuminati gang.
        These are also all the same people who control all the ” WEALTH” by that I mean real tangible wealth, such as Silver / Gold / Minerals / Oil / Food / land. As in they own the very land your home is on, we don’t own anything we are only renting from them. They also control all the Media outlets as in ALL of THEM. Other than the Inter Net. Thats why the CRISPA is being pushed so hard to shut down the only vestige of intel left open to the world.

        This is how people just up and disapear or die – for no reason at all.

        You will also want to look into the following family as they make and have been making news for all of you to view on your TV radio etc. so as to bend and twist “Public Opinion” to get the disired outcome for so long its just a crime, { The Greenburgs }

        If you want more as to whats broken and when please just google the following and
        you can start to understand a lot more of why all that is going has happened.

        ” The Season of Treason” 1 – 3
        ” Voluntary Servitude by Deception”
        ” All of Billy William Foust – youtube feeds” These will help you understand what / where / why / when.
        ” John Taylor Gatto” – will shine a bright light on a number of issues.
        ” The United States is not a country”
        ” The age of deceit” — a tad long but a ton of intel…

        ” Carl Munck” – This is not about the above — but will clearly display how we have all been lied to about REAL history. One should not discount this intel as its all part of the base of all the above hidden knoledge.

        Most of these will give you not only the outlines of whats happened, but when, as well how its all coming to a head as you live and breath.

        “If you don’t understand who your fighting, as well how they think you have doomed yourself to fail.” Emperor { Marcus Aurelius} The very person the month of August is named after.

        Peace and Love

  • Flashy

    Undoubtedly there are a few instances where the feds cross over the line. The Mayfield episode where an innocent man was held by the feds, no atty, no charges, taken from his home and whisked away…was one (but for his wife mobilizing the neighborhood and getting the news folks involved, who knows if Mayfield would have ever been given his rights by Bush/Cheney regime).

    But one should step back and think about the claims of entrapment. C’mon…..f someone said ‘i can get the C4 if you’ll use it” …. ummmmm, would you hang with the guy or would you call the local FBI and let them know there’s someone peddling C4?

    How quickly would you be jumping on the bandwagon to crucify the feds if they did nothing when the suspect was brought to their attention, yet did nothing but “monitor’ and something did in fact occur because they didn’t step in and control it?

    It’s a fine line. I would feel much safer if the Bush/Cheney regime didn’t weaken our Rights to such an extent they could manhandle without observing basic bedrock Rights.

    Y’all cheered this when you were believing the fear hype in the 00′s and demanding protection, denigrating anyone who was willing to accept a level of danger and risk to protect our Rights …..

    You got what you asked for.

    • Lray

      Flashy The feds had the information on the prep for a strike long before the Work Trade Center was hit and chose to do nothing. WHY? Think about it what better way to implement more control that to use real fear while acting like they are protecting you.

      • Flashy

        Larry….good question. Eithr Bush/Cheney were absolutely incompetent or deliberate in ignoring the warnings, the signals, and failure to follow up and prioritize what Clinton told Bush “was the most dangerous threat to the US…bin Laden”.

        Bush renewed economic aid to Afghanistan in the Summer of ’01. He and his team blatantly ignored all the warnings from the Clinton team. They failed to keep the survelliance teams in place and they politicized the CIA and NSA teams.

        I suspect the reasons lay in both incompetence and a reasoning to allow a hit…not understanding the lerge damage which would occur. They wanted fear, they wanted a crisis, they wanted reasons to hit Iraq.

        I think when 9/11 occurred, they knew something was going to occur. Not the extent. And they went “uh oh” and ‘oops’ … then the fear driven agenda coverup and manipulation began…and the Right fell for it, panicked, scared for their lives and placing that above this nation. So they denigrated anyone who had courage to stand and say ‘wait a minute … this is going too far”

      • castaway

        You are on the correct track Lray. That is why they did nothing.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “It’s a fine line. I would feel much safer if the Bush/Cheney regime didn’t weaken our Rights to such an extent they could manhandle without observing basic bedrock Rights.

      Y’all cheered this when you were believing the fear hype in the 00′s and demanding protection, denigrating anyone who was willing to accept a level of danger and risk to protect our Rights ….. ”

      Nice to see Flashy still blames Bush for everything bad that has happened since 1900.

      While it is true the un-patriot passed under Bush’s administration it could not have done so without the support of many many democrats. I also notice you have conviently forgotten that not only did obama renew the un-patriot act he enlarged and strenghtened it. If your hero obama was one eighth the man you think he is tha repeal of the un-patriot act would have been one of the first things he did after he was elected.

      • Flashy

        “Nice to see Flashy still blames Bush for everything bad that has happened since 1900″

        Not true. We did fine until 1980 and the Reagan regime maniulated and cut deals with the Ayatollah on the hostage releases so he could be elected..and wage with ferver the ongoing War against the Middle Class. This administration is the one which is bringing the War back to them. And the wealthy, big Corporations and Religious Right are spending billions to keep y’all ignorant, in fear, and angry so they can continue with the largest redsitribution of wealth in the history of Mankind from the Middle Class to their pockets and have the remainder of the American masses turn into what the TP contingent is showing themselves as…manipulated robots incapable of independent thought.

      • demsagainst obama

        Once again flashy tries to deflect attention away from the main point of a post. He ignores the FACT that while the (as Buster puts it) un-patriot act passed under Bush with a lots of support from the democrats obama had two years of total control in the house and senate and did NOTHING to repeal it but rather renewed, enlarged, and strengthened the un-patriot act.

      • Vicki

        Buster the Anatolian writes to Flashy:
        While it is true the un-patriot passed under Bush’s administration it could not have done so without the support of many many democrats. I also notice you have conviently forgotten that not only did obama renew the un-patriot act he enlarged and strenghtened it.

        Flashy is good at that. We catch him “forgetting” all the time. For instance flashy also forgets that we CAN blame ALL democrats including obama for the continuation of the patriot act. They had FULL control of all 3 branches of government. Unstoppable in the House. Only one vote arm twist in the Senate and the President.

        Did they repeal any of the claimed and real evils of the Bush Administration? Did they end any of the wars? Really end not just say so?

        No they did not.

        The Republicans had control for a few years of both House and Senate and Presidency. Then we gave the other side of the isle FULL control for 2 years. All we got was samo sameo.

        Vote them ALL out except Ron and Rand Paul and vote Ron Paul for President. Fill the House and Senate with new people and see if we can find anyone beyond Ron and Rand Paul who will adhere to their oath.

        • RichE

          Fire them
          Hire them
          Hope them
          The American political system choo choos ‘round the Christmas Tree. Round and around the brightly colored packages of promise.
          All ‘board!

      • Opal the Gem

        Flushy doesn’t have much to say today his boss must be looking over his shoulder most of the time.

      • Flashy

        Opal…i have been a mite busy today, end of month stuff to catch up on, reports to be written, and summaries concluded. I also found this thread to be interesting to leave alone as the opinions are illuminating. The usual posts which are wrong, off base, whacked out…but combined with two other threads of today illuminating.

        BTW…no supervisor to look over my shoulder. Quality of work product is what grades my performance. i doubt i have much to worry about job security …

        Buster…your comments on the unPatriotic Act are not exactly accurate. Read my post below on the extensions signed by Pres. obama which you claim “expand ” the Act. Your apologies are noted…

  • Joel Copeland

    “Sometimes, I can’t help but feeling that I’m…Living a life of illusion..” Joe Walsh

  • sybucket

    So let me see….According to this article every single person in the US Government, serving in any capacitia, must…what….sign a pledge to work to turn the US into a Dictatorship? That is the implication behind this article. Paranoid BS.

    • webeers

      Your conclusion is overstated and a non sequitur

  • orples

    I agree 100%. We need to clean house in Washington D.C., cut a good number of these departments that keep the war drums beating, and throw a hell of a lot of corrupt politicians in jail. I think we should start with our fictitous President. I can’t believe how naive and complacit the American people continue to be. You’d think by now, they would have caught on to the fact that we’re being fleeced in a good number of ways from the war on terror, to the shenanigans of the Federal Reserve, to the bailouts of ‘too large to fail’ Corporations buying off our elected officials, to our catering to the UN, and on down the line. How stupid are we to keep falling for the same line of bull over and over again?

    • Hey You

      No, we don’t need to “clean house in Washington, D.C. We need to leave e “power elite” to their own devices and go our own way without them.

      • orples

        I would rather see justice done, and imprison those that deserve it. I don’t care how big and/or powerful a person is … no one is so great that they have a right to try to control other people, especially to the extent that the powerful elite feel is their right (and I guess, duty) to control the planet. As for our elected officials and their appointees, why should they not be held accountable for their actions? They took an oath to uphold our Constitution (on this side of the Pond, anyway). From what I’ve seen, this and the past few Presidential Administrations are doing everything in their power to override our Constitution to make way for the NAU. The evidence is everywhere.

    • castaway

      Its a really good idea orples, but it will take brute force to accomplish.

      • orples

        If the people ever quit fighting over petty crap, like party affiliations, race, women’s rights, etc, (we can circle back if needed on those issues), and stood together to take back our rights, there is no reason we could not kill the cancer behind the scenes. I pray as more people become aware of our dire circumstances, they/we will come to realize that it will take a united effort to topple our ‘want to be masters’ and reclaim our Nation as free individuals. I know it seems like a pipe dream, but when people start getting hungry, I suspect the Liberty Tree might just get watered, sooner rather than later. To be honest, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

    • RichE

      Are we stupid or is it nature’s way? Rewarding the fittest male with mating rights. Its all about mating rights.

  • FreedomFighter

    False Flag coming

    DHS and FBI papers are painting WHITE AMERICANS as the next terrorist group, I find this a racist attack and Im American Indian. White Americans are being targeted as the next terrorist group.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Vicki

      If their agents provocateur can’t stur up the OWS masses enough to cause the trouble they need then a false flag operation to create the problem is VERY likely.

      • charlie

        it’s called the Hegelian principle of mind programming,,, don’t worry about the agents there easy to spot ,,,they know little or nothing about The Holy Bible…

  • wiljam

    The christians will be the governments next terrorist group

    • RichE

      Feed the lions.

  • Charlie Brown

    False flags from fed fags.

  • sabulaman

    Flashy, didn’t most or all of the Patriot Act expire recently, and was extended by Obama? Maybe I’m mistaken. Fill me in please.

    • Flashy

      Actually…since this has been a point brought up on several occasions, let me clarify what the extension was about. Here’s what a quick bit of research turned up. Interestingly, it is somewhat different than claimed by the posters on this site. First of all, as insisted upon by the Bush II/Cheney administration while ground Zero was still smoldering, most of the unPatriot Act is permanent Law unless or until Congress rewrites it. That ends any question about the Act being renewed and signed by President Obama. It was not renewed.

      There are four provisions which require periodic review and renewal. these extensions are what the Senate and house passed by overwhelming majority vote and which were opposed by Sens. Rand Paul and Ron Wyden who held out for promises that there would be public Senate Intelligence hearings held on any reported abuses of the provisions.

      The provisions adds four years to the legal life of:
      1. roving wiretaps, authorized for a person rather than a communications line or device;
      2. court-ordered searches of business records;
      3. and surveillance of non-American “lone wolf” suspects without confirmed ties to terrorist groups.

      The third is not unusual. It was standard practice by the FBI during the Cold War and was not part of the Patriot Act until the legislation renewing the other two provisions, roving wiretaps and court ordered searches of business records.

      Court ordered searches of business records. I believe to obtain a court ordered search, there has to be shown reasonable suspicion and a nexus between a claimed criminal act and the requested search items. I would not think that would be an issue with the court oversight and the fact that such is reasonable to ask for when criminal investigations are in process.

      Roving wiretaps. Ahhhh…here is where civil libertarians (including the ACLU) and most people have a question about. In theory, if the Feds know the suspect visits a home…(i.e. yours) even though you have no idea of the investigation or the criminal activities…your phone may be tapped. In the furthest sense of the definition…if a clown is hired for a child’s birthday party, and that clown was the subject of an investigation..your home phones, including your cell phones, may be tapped.

      These provisions come up for renewal in 2014. If not renewed by act of Congress, they expire. They were passed with a large margin. Senate GOP and House GOP were solid in supporting them with the dissenting votes almost all Democrats. High profile Tea Partyers like Michele Bachmann, Kristi Noem, and Allen West all voted for the extension. and Pres. Obama signed the extension with only hours remaining before automatic expiration.

      There it is. Now of the three provisions…which one(s) would you say are atrocious. Me? The roving wiretaps. I have an issue with the wide range and potential of abuse. But then…it will keep us safe right? As they said in 2001 when it was pushed through amidst fearful warnings by the Right we needed to protect our citizens …

      • RichE

        To me it’s a slap in the face of Habeas Corpus.

      • Flashy

        Well…seeing as Habeus Corpus is not involved ….

        • RichE

          Habeas corpus; may I have your body Flashy? Well I guess not…

          “Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them. US citizens (labeled “unlawful combatants”) have been held incommunicado and refused attorneys. “

      • Joe H

        Since even YOU would have to admit those three expanded the un-patriot act, and it was extended and expanded under old Feckless, then the statement stands!!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        For two years the democrats/obama had total control of the government. During those two years obama made NO attempt to repeal the un-patriot act or even to modify it to remove some of the abuses it permits.

  • Wildey

    TERROR: A violent act physical or psychological in nature done to gain submission. Do the bogeymen we’re constantly in “terror” of have the wherewithal to terrorize us as much as the terrorist employed by DC? Look at what they are gaining as we submit to loss of liberty and bondage to them.

    • RichE


  • bt

    Another such entrapment case is happening here in Alaska. A dear friends husband is one of the entraped defendents; whose husband I’ve known for over 20 years. The trial begins May 7th in Anchorage which is over 350 miles away from where the defendents reside. The prosecutions main body of evidence comes from the informant/plant who recently got out of his own legal issues in exchange for becoming the infiltrator. All kinds of controversy involved with this case. The supervising prosecutor has recently been found guilty of with-holding evidence in the Ted Stevens case (which occured around re-election time for Stevens and caused a transfer of power in the federal senate). The prosecution is playing the same games with the Alaska Militia case in trying to “with-hold” exonerating evidence once again. The government alphabet agencies definately do all they can to justify their jobs. Even creating the very things they claim to be around to prevent.

    • Flashy

      i would think in Alaska with its expanses 350 miles is not unusual. Is it? And is not a trial appropriate for the very reason folks have a chance to prove themselves not guilty of charges? You object to a trial????

      • bt

        I object to the entrapment to begin with. The alphabet agencies created themselves a job in this case. He never should have even been arrested. The charges are trumped up. The point about the trial being held 350 miles away from where the defendants reside is: It is unusual to have a trial in a vastly different place from where the supposed event occurred. This trial is not being held in their hometown because the prosecution knows the hometown would produce a more fully informed jury than the town they had the case moved to. I object to corrupt government intruding into people’s lives in the guise of protecting them especially when they create the so called “danger” to begin with!

      • Opal the Gem

        “… folks have a chance to prove themselves not guilty of charges? ”

        Once more Flashy assumes the individual is guilty until he proves his innocence.

        • bt

          Yep, so far at least 1 innocent man has spent over a year in jail.

  • anonymous

    now the they supposedly have body bombs, so the next thing on the agenda is cutting open americans to get at any suspicious items inside them, like pacemakers, surgical screws, plates or whatever that might have an implication for being a bomb

  • Deerinwater

    There is a large element of truth in what David Shipler offers us.

    But this is the 21 Century, people “are” out to kill us and terrorize us and being proactive is but one tool in our toolbox to defend ourselves.

    Opie and Mayberry are in the past and that where they must stay. I hate this reality as much as the rest of you. But we are grownups now with duties and responsibilities.

    We cannot prosecute or kill people for thinking but we can for “intend” Some grownup has to make hard choices and decisions on such matters. Not everyone is up to it ~ I understand that ~ It is a dirty business, to be godlike and pass finial judgement on any man.

    Life has always been a thin line to walk ~ that some are just beginning to realize it ~ I am truly sorry. I would love to be able to spare you of it if I only could.

    Don’t beat yourself and others up over it, you will learn to live with it.

  • madmemere

    This particular article reminds me about details pertaining to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Bldg, in Kansas City, Mo (April 1995)! Then “asst. AG eric holder”, working for AG Reno and the “clintonista dual presidency” “ordered” the FBI to furnish the bomb making materials to McVeigh and company – -the FBI did “as ordered” and for that, we had 168 dead, innocent men, women AND children! Holder was “directly involved” as was the FBI. With a day, or two, two more men, being held in “protective custody” were murdered in their cells, why?? – -because they could have blown holder’s cover. Absolutely, do NOT take my word for this- – go to your search bar and type in the name “Ken Trentadue” – -it will bring up the entire, ugly story! And do you still think holder should only be made to answer to “Fast & Furious”?? I don’t!


    The DEA has somewhere around 4,300 undercover snitches, while the FBI has over 17,000, according to one of their snitches charged with murder a few months ago. These snitches are paid big money and in turn, are expected to produce suspects. As a result, the FBI is creating crime where none exists. The FBI used to be a premier investigative agency, now they are little more than the Praetorian Guard for the corporate U,S, Gov’t.

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