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The Fast And The Spurious X: Oh, Yes, They Did!

June 26, 2012 by  

The Fast And The Spurious X: Oh, Yes, They Did!
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney forgot deceased border agent Brian Terry's name.

Last Thursday’s White House press briefing was a fairly standard affair. Pressed by the few reporters in attendance whose primary concern was neither parroting Democratic talking points nor fixing their hair, President Barack Obama’s chief sock puppet Jay Carney awkwardly attempted to portray the Operation Fast and Furious scandal as a “fishing expedition.” Carney lied, feigned ignorance, sneered, whined and mocked the overwhelming number of Americans who want answers about Obama’s gift of weapons to Mexican narcoterrorists. In other words, it was another Thursday in the Obama White House.

And then, Carney treated observers to what his boss might have called a “teachable moment.” During his faux-casual dismissal of the disastrous OFF and its tragic consequences, Carney forgot border agent and OFF victim Brian Terry’s name.

We already know that neither Obama nor Holder has apologized to Terry’s family for the murder of their son at the hands of narcoterrorists armed by the Obama Administration. We also know from recent events that senior members of the Obama Administration have repeatedly lied to the Nation and to Congress about the development and implementation of OFF. Holder perjured himself — oops, “misspoke” — on at least three separate occasions. And in recent days, we have watched as the Democratic Party has thrown in with Obama and Holder for better or worse (much, much worse) on the whole affair. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi concocted the theory that the entire investigation is a Republican conspiracy:

They’re going after Eric Holder because he is supporting measures to overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states…It is a plan on the part of Republicans. These very same people who are holding him in contempt are part of a nationwide scheme to suppress the vote.

Pelosi didn’t offer an explanation as to how bringing the Obama Administration to justice for OFF would keep Democrats from voting as early and often as they normally do, but I’m still waiting for her to offer an explanation as to how she sneaks out of the psych ward each morning. The Democrats’ television outlet — MSNBC — said no scandal exists. Of course, MSNBC thinks filming Ed Schultz working out what appear to be some fairly serious issues makes for good television.

Most of this knowledge can be gleaned from simple knowledge of the Democratic Party. Consumed by rage at perceived “unfairness,” guided by obscenely wealthy hypocrites who buy votes and control in the form of what they call “public assistance” and we call “a taxpayer-funded hammock” they see literally everything in political terms. Their by-any-means-necessary theory of political power causes them to react to opposition with distraction, slander and/or outright fraud. But OFF is different. Unlike the other myriad scandals that have defined the Obama Administration — from Obamacare to illegally offered amnesty for illegal aliens — OFF seems ridiculous on its face. Career Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents warned against it. The shop owners forced to assist warned against it. And Obama — well, the as-yet-unnamed sap who will likely take the fall for Obama — ignored their advice and went ahead with the program anyway. It’s hardly a secret that OFF didn’t just fail; it failed like Chris Matthews on “Jeopardy.”

But why did Obama go through with it in the first place? Even if the goal was to create a crisis to which he could respond by clamping down on the Bill of Rights, why hand weapons to members of Mexican drug cartels (hardly a circumspect bunch when it comes to killing)? Moreover, why try to cover it up afterward? Anyone self-important enough to smile while trampling the Constitution as routinely as Obama does should hardly care if he gets caught doing so.

And that’s the lesson Carney offered last Thursday when he demonstrated Obama’s complete lack of concern for the real victims of OFF. They did it all for one simple reason — the reason that drives the Democrats (particularly the current crop running wild in Washington) to visit upon the rest of us virtually every scandal, every violation of our civil liberties, every imperial decree and every crime they’ve gladly committed: because they can. God save us if we don’t disabuse them of that notion in November.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Warrior

    Apparently, Law and Order only applies to some or is it Some Law and Order applies to ALL?

    Anyway, it may be time to disband the Supreme Court because, CLEARLY, there are other members of gubmint who have a clearer vision of The Law and Who is expected to be Orderly.

    • Mike in MI

      Well, Warrior -
      I’m not sure yet but I think we’re seeing the onset of government sponsored chaos. Possibly anarchy, certainly social confusion and disruption on a grand scale. Well, seems he meant it when he promised us “change”. Here we have the Executive Branch shipping guns to narcos in Mexico to commit crimes, murder, mayhem and assassination of American lawmen. On the other hand we have the same people refusing to exercise their authority and duty to execute federal laws they are sworn to uphold to protect and secure Americans and America.
      Then they sue a state that takes it upon themselves to pass and carry out their own laws that duplicate the federal statute which is being purposely ignored by those responsible.That case gets judged by the SCOTUS and only one part goes in the state’s favor. That portion the state needs the federales assistance to be able to make it work. So, Obama and Big Sooie tell the governor to, “Drop dead, we’re not working with you and won’t answer your officer’s calls for assistance nor information.”
      On the one hand they are committing crimes which result in at least two American law men’s deaths (untold others in Mexico). On the other hand they refuse to carry out the business and duties they declared they would and took oaths to conduct. Worse they taunted the Governor of the state, flaunting their win and throwing their weight.
      If that isn’t ass over applecart and an anarchist’s wet dream I don’t know what is. The question is how far will this go (since for several electronic voting systems a business partner of George Soros will be counting the ballots – - – IN SPAIN).
      Ha!!! People sneered at me a few years ago when I called Obama, “nothin’ but a ghetto conman.” Mr. Livingston won’t let me publish what I’d call him now.

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        I believe you are correct. Obama is doing his best to cause a massive uprising against the government before November. I think he hopes for an excuse to declare martial law, and call in UN troops to quell the righteously ticked-off Americans. I believe Obama is trying to start another civil war. There can be no other explanation for his daily contempt of our Constitution.

  • Jim

    Dopie of Gay-Barry

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    What’s the difference between this calamity and the Bush adminstration’s “operation: Wide
    reciever”? Just curious. Have a good morning.

    • ggswede

      Are we still stuck on Bush ? It’s not just this one thing that has people upset,it’s a combination of issues.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        we are stuck WITH Bush’s policies

        fair game because Obama is Bush’s 3rd term

      • Sanders

        Grow up, Rhonda. The dumb ass things Bush did was not OK any more than the disastrous things Obummer is doing is OK.

    • G Tharp

      Tony, curious no more. Wide Receiver was set up to nab Mexican cartel members attempting to procure weapons. Fast and Furious was set up to cause a phony crisis so that Obama could repeal our rights to self defense. Clear now?

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Obviously they picked a favored cartel
        Tattle on the others & you can run YOUR drugs

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Tony,

      You write: “What’s the difference between this calamity and the Bush adminstration’s “operation: Wide reciever”?” Here is the difference.

      Best wishes,

      • Rasta

        You know if there was something to debate here I really would spend more time, but there isn’t. Just lies, lies and more damned lies!

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Rasta,

          You write: “You know if there was something to debate here I really would spend more time, but there isn’t. Just lies, lies and more damned lies!” I invite you to point one out.

          Best wishes,

      • CZ52

        I see that like Flashy Rasta has no answer when directly challenged to provide examples and/or proof.

      • Frank Delarcey

        Thanks Bob…There definitely IS a difference in the ops that occurred and it’s clear who had control and who didn’t…Only one got an American killed…How the heck do ya sleep when knowing you were instrumental in Brian Terry’s death??? I couldn’t…

    • Al

      Wide Receiver was set up with the knowledge and approval of the Mexican Government. Fats & Furious was kept secret from them. The Wide Receiver program attempted to track the weapons through the placement of tracking devices in them. When it bacame clear that the cartels were removing the devices, the program was shut down. Fast and Furious used no tracking devices, and no attempt was made to track the weapons. The death of Brian Terry was the only reason the program was shut down. Wide Receiver involved hundreds of tracked weapons, while Fast & Furious involved THOUSANDS of UNTRACKED weapons.
      By the way, just in case you’re confused – Bush has been out of the White House for over 3 years. He doesn’t need to be invoked every time Obama is caught in another shady affair.

    • Dave in Chicago

      Not really much difference. Bad moves by incompetent presidents.

      • Alan Larsen

        Being from the ghetto that is Chicago probably explains your total lack of common sense Dave. Thinking the debacle that was Fast and Furious is a progression of the Wide Receiver program is laughable. Wide Receiver was ended in 2007 after it was discovered that the tracking devices had been discovered. Oblamo’s scheme to create a crisis in Mexico over guns walking across the border is all on him and his incompetent minions.

      • http://google gary gerke

        Please pardon me for pointing out, you are from the number one corrupt city in the country along with it being the number one murder capital of America…..fix your own fences first

      • marcjeric32

        No difference? While the White House, Eric Holder, and the liberal talking heads continue blaming Bush for the Obama administration’s fumbles in the Fast and Furious gun walking operation gone bad, they refuse to see the distinct difference between the operation Wide Receiver and the operation Fast and Furious. The Washington Post resident commie honcho Robinson says in today’s Las Vegas Sun that it is all Bush’s fault and that the Republicans are engaged in partisan witch hunt. However, the differences are fairly profound and distinct. The main differences are these: Wide Receiver involved Phoenix-based ATF agents, working with Mexican law enforcement agents in an attempt to build a case against violent Mexican drug smugglers. That program was abandoned when faced with widespread Mexican police corruption. Fast and Furious on the other hand was an effort to make a case against American gun dealers and the Second Amendment of the United States. Then Obama would disarm Americans and give arms to his “community organizations” (those were called “soviets” in the defunct USSR); as he declared last year, “We need a domestic military with a budget as big as that of Pentagon’s”. Both were orchestrated by their respective administrations with completely different goals. One was to go after criminals and the other was to go after the Constitution and law abiding citizens. Gun shop owners smelled the rat and for every doubtfull gun purchase asked for a documented approval by the ATF. And the Obama Administration takes all of us for fools; I hope they will pay for that mis-judgment this coming November, at great frustration of Komrad Robinson.

    • Bev

      Well Tony for one thing Operation Wide Receiver was coordinated with Mexico. When it was found that at least 300 guns had gone missing the operation was shut down. In OFF there was no coordination with our neighbor to the south, in fact there was no coordination with anyone. And not only was there no coordination but once the straw purchasers were picked up at the border for having a large load of weapons, they were released to continue on with their mission. Do us all a favor and do some research before you start spewing kool-aid.

    • ccfonten

      Here’s a few differences between the two programs::: 400 guns used in Wide Receiver (WR)….2000 in Fast and Furious (FF); guns in WR were micro chipped with gps….none of the FF guns were; Mexican govt was well aware and briefed and worked WITH the American govt during the whole thing………..Mexican govt had NO idea FF was going on; NO ONE died as a result of WR………..two law enforcement officers died in FF; WR was cancelled and advised to NEVER do another program like this as it was too dangerous and did not work………….FF was done anyway by Holder and all anyway.
      And don’t blame Bush for the program as FF was stared under odumbo was immaculated…9 months into his first year of office!

    • ipsd48

      The biggest difference? Nobody got KILLED in Op. Wide Reciever

      • Mike in MI

        ipsd48 -
        No, ipsd, I think the biggest difference is that our head guardian of our laws and legal system (supposed to be) conducted criminal acts expecting and hoping they would result in murder and mayhem. Now, under investigation by Congress, he has lied at least three times (perjury) , illegally refuses to comply with subpoenas and document requests and arrogantly thumbs his nose at you (while spending huge sums of our money foolishly in order to protect the other ghetto conman in the WH).
        Error upon error, lie upon lie and abomination upon abomination. Civilizations and cultures fall into big piles and heaps under this sort of Devilish distress…

      • Cliffystones


        It sounds like Holder may be related to Charlie Manson!

    • CZ52

      Wide Receiver was set up to follow the guns into Mexico and to the cartels like the CLAIMED reason for Fast and Furious. The major difference is in Wide Receiver BATF made a real effort to track the guns and quickly ended the operation when they saw that they could not do so. In Fast and Furious there was never any effort to track the guns they were just handed over to the buyers and forgotten over and over and over.

    • http://facebook JEANNIE

      Bush stopped it before it went totally wrong. I don’t believe any one was killed. Besides Brian Terry, another border agent was killed, some farmers in Az., and about 300 Mexicans

      • Blue

        Oblama calls the deaths as a result of F&F as collateral damage and the hundreds killed as an acceptable loss. Acceptable loss? Try to tell the Terry family that and all the other survivors of those innocents killed. Same thing in the Middle East…collateral damage and acceptable. Sick…majorly sick!!!

    • Havoc


    • Blue

      What’s the difference? Not much really, other than the fact that Oblama has carried the torch forward with glee. The demorats and rupubics are equally responsible for the destruction of our repub. Oblama states it’s not an attack on our gun rights, but who actually believes that. Bush is the past and Oblama is now. Oblama continues to blame everyone else for his obvious efforts to destroy our repub to bring in socialism. What is socialism…another cover for Marxism? Oblama is responsible for all his EO’s and attacks on this country and it’s people. Our gooberment is full of cowards and our SC is now siding with Oblama. If re-elected, he will appoint new SC justices who will back him. If his disasterous health care bill passes, he has already set a precedent and there will be much more destruction to come. If he is re-elected, this country will continue towards a one world gooberment and continued robbery by the banksters and psychotic globalists. The people need to wake up and we need to take our country back from this tyrannical administration and gooberment. In all honesty, I believe Oblama will have a surprise for us in October. I don’t think there will be elections in November because he will not relinquish his crown. If you pay attention to what is happening in our country now, you can easily connect the dots and see the larger picture. History is repeating itself yet again and it’s not going to be fun and games.

    • mike

      During wide receiver the ATF actually attempted to track the guns with surveillance from planes and RFID chips. Wide receiver was ended in 2007 without uproar from the press or public and without the horrid results of F&F. WR only used a couple hundred guns and attempted to follow them. F&F allowed thousands of guns to cross the border and agents were ordered to “LET THEM GO.”

      Big difference.

      And now all the secrecy and deceptions.

  • http://Personellibertyalert Paul

    This out of control power hungry administration must go in November or sooner if at all possible. There corruption stinks to high heaven. Our founding fathers have been rolling in there graves since Obamas election. Mao is so very proud. Our Marxist in chief is at it daily. The cover and snicker bunch has its last days coming this election .

  • Patriot II

    Carney needs to sell ice cubes to eskimos, it is a more honorable profession

  • sean murry

    Carney is useless as tits on a boar hog.

    • Patriot II

      Havn’t heard that one in a while, how true!

    • Bev

      He reminds me of the little animal on the leash that belonged to Jabba the Hut in Star Wars.

    • phideaux

      Anyone notice Carney looks like he just bit into a green Perssimmon in the photo above?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Either that or someone slipped some alum into his Copenhagen.

  • MAP

    The great mission of these loons is to overturn every existing institution. Why? Because they view all existing institutions as evil. But, since they are frantic and fanatic atheists, one must ask, by what standard is this evil judged? What is the guidebook that they use in this judgment? Why, they just make it up as they go along. Hence, one must stay forever alert, since declared evils can change from one day to the next. And not only institutions, but nature itself must be torn asunder and rebuilt. If history is a record of anything, it is a chronicle of the evils of man. All of history, without exception, is a record of one group exploiting another. This is inevitable. The inherent inequality of men creates a pecking order as consistent in man as it is among the fowls in the chicken pen. Equality is a delusion, a dream that does not, nor has it ever, existed in the real world. Even in leftist states, the inequality exists in leadership. And the exploitation of the lesser by the greater is every bit as prevalent there as it is any other society in history. Indeed, the loon Obama illustrates the egotistical dictator and tyrant typical of the human pecking order.

    And since all their policies are based upon abstractions that do not, nor can they, work in the real world, their policies are a record of disasters. But these disasters, no matter how catastrophic, are covered over by doctoring of evidence, fabrication of facts, and outright lies. Even more absurd, those that counter their claims and point out the weakness of their plans are denounced as racists, haters, or some-sort-of-phoebe and are subjected to slanderous smear campaigns. The fact that such a profoundly stupid party exists is astonishing, but not so much as that there a mindless, fanatic, slobbering bunch of dreaming idiots that hangs onto every word the party issues as though it were gospel, sent from heaven. At a word these idiots can be marching the streets, zombie-style, reiterating the party lines, word for word. They serve as mere puppets for those whose only intent is greater power and control. They are useful idiots, whose only purpose is to place others at the top of the pecking order, where they alone can control everything.

    The Democratic Party is the voice of death and oppression and offers nothing else.

    • Warrior

      Yes, however The LAW has become sooo archane and has now been replaced with ‘the new fairness doctrine”. We have some “extra—ordinary” individuals in our midst and the “Majority” of Americans don’t yet recognize this. How did we survive these past 235 or so years? How will we survive the next 235 or so years?

    • Steve L.

      You are the very crap your spewing

    • Mike in MI

      MAP -
      I agree with you re: the Demonatric Party.
      However, I doubt Brian Terry’s folks think their loss is an abstraction…just as those mass graves in Mexico weren’t filled with hot air or fictional evidence.

      • MAP

        Mark it up as another disaster to be covered over with lies and distortions.

  • LAB

    Typical, Tony! PUHLEASE!!!! Did anyone hide from blame??? Did the Bush Admin bury it in a quagmire of (expletive deleted)???? I certainly do not recall the AG being in contempt of Congress over it either….so obviously, you sir, agree with the rest of AMERICANS, this is a travesty and is full of tyranny…IMPEACHMENT IS A MUST for the entire NoBamma regime!!! now be a good boi and go sip the Kool Aide ya Ftard.

    • Mike in MI

      I REALLY agree, LAB -
      Get them all out as quick as possible and tie their hands with impeachment trials until they’re gone.
      Obama has a real taste for retribution and a proven ability at studious dismantling of a complex edifice – look at he U.S.A. after only three years of this ax murderer.

  • Mark Schneider
    • Frank Delarcey

      WOW !!!! Would like to think that a major network would put this guy on their news show, but they’d be out of business or black marked…This guy hit the nail on the head and I learned info that the major networks did NOT (imagine that) report. Major networks did NOT report the number of Mexican people killed including the innocents, and that when caught the offenders were let go in Fast and Furious !!!! I just don’t understand how Holder is still where he is !!!! As we’ve seen in the past, if a persons action casts a bad shadow on the prez then that person is replaced… Not so in this case…Maybe afraid that Holder will roll on him and that’s more damage control than he can handle…
      Just at the point that if I see his face or her face in ANYTHING I hit the Last button on the remote…Cannot stand these people…They have wrecked our Country and are not being held accountable…REALLY disappointed in all that is going on…

  • JimK

    The vast majority of elected Democrats are too accustom to the life of the rich and famous and long forgot about the real working world. They are as close to being communists as humanly possible.

    For the life of me, I don’t understand what the American Women see in Obama or his party. Through their actions and regulations they have (the administration) halted job growth for both men and women in this country. Or is their a large portion of Americans who believe all the fairy tales told by this administration?

    • Blue

      Please do not group all women together as supporters of Oblama. I am a woman and I am not an Oblama supporter. The women and men who do support him have drunk too much of the cool aide. I woke up to the agenda several years ago and have been exposing the lies of this administration.

  • Rasta

    More idiocy from the right!

    • Vigilant

      ..and the usual gratuitous, substance-challenged comment from the left.

      Try arguing JUST ONCE, using facts and figures, logic and common sense, Rasta, and you might redeem your lack of credibility on this site.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Vigilant,

        This is the sum of Rasta’s response to every article with which he disagrees. He is a champion debater.

        Best wishes,

      • http://n/a AmFer

        Rasta is to be ignored!

      • Jay

        Rasta, champion debater? [ad hominem removed]

  • dcjdavis

    How did the cream of the crop of the mentally insane rise to the top in this country?

    • Dave in Chicago

      People believe what they see and hear in mainstream media, that’s how.

    • http://N/A CintiCB

      They rose to the top mainly because of the, ever increasing, areas of ‘empty cranium heel lappers’ (puppy dogs following their king-as long as he doesn’t end their free ride!). Pelosi put Eric Holder in the same sentence as voter suppression. If Holder was concerned about ANYTHING regarding voting rights he would NOT have pardoned those Black Panther thugs who were at a voting location with baseball bats telling people how to vote and threatening them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they are ‘homies’/victims, so, can do ANYTHING that they want to do-hell, they have a built in excuse-just cry racism! OMG, can you imagine the uproar (poss. rioting) if some whitey was doing this? If we don’t dethrone the king we will completely lose our country!!! The jerk is ‘pushing’ welfare and demonizing effort, hard work, and success. Someone needs to remind this a$$wipe what America is (supposed to be) about!!!

  • James Hay

    This Is Yet Another Good Argument For Executing These Traitors For The Sake Of Self-Preservation Of This Country And It’s People,The Restoration Of The Rule Of Law And Abidance Of The Constitution As Well as For The Sake Of Deterrence And Justice The Sooner This Country And The American People Are RidItself Of These Domestic Enemies The Better It Will Be.

    • momo

      Amen, brother!

  • Kay

    Why aren’t Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Hillary and the rest of the commie NWO shills not in jail awaiting trials for treason? How in the hell can even an elected democrat not see the traitorous corruption? This is but one Obama crime against “we the people”, and still they walk free to do even more evil. What is wrong that Obama hasn’t been impeached? To the devil with race and fear of a race war, because wrong is wrong and justice is supposed to be colorblind. Many blacks agree that he is criminal and hates America.

    • Andy

      Kay, my sentiments exactly! I can only conclude that anyone in power that could do something, is just as deeply mired in government dung as the perpetrators. How can everyone in Washington be so quiet about the “raping and pilaging” of this country?

    • Average Joe

      Kay ,
      The simple answer….Because those who have the power to put them in jail…are complicit…plain and simple. There can be no other answer. The fix is in, the thugs are entrenched within the system…and unfortunately, short of a revolution, there’s not much we can do about it.

      Best Wishes,

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    When we win this election we need a complete examination of Fast and
    Furious and if found there is evidence to convict he should be tried for Murder of Agent Terry. Obamination should be held for trial for Subversion, sedition and Treason for lieing to the American people about his Citizenship and his access to our most Secret Secrets. All who have covered this crap Obamination should also be tried convicted for Treason and sent to Hell for Life. I just watched for the 20th time Gettysburg Civil War and thought about all who have sacrificed all for us to be a Constitutional Republic with all its benefits and I now watch the Most Vile Corrupt Congress and Semi White House Obamination Illegal Kenyan Born Communist Piece of Crap Half Breed NOT BLACK (White Mother fkr) destroying our Constitution and passing Illegal Laws taking our rights away given to us by our Constitution and Bill of RIGHTS. We need to ARM ourselves Now in case Obamination gets his back door International Gun Ban signed before this election that will give him the power to disarm Americans bypassing Congress and destroying our 2nd Amendment rights. If this happens we Americans must march on Washington and remove Congress and the Phony Traitor Manchurian Candidate Obamination and place them all under arrest for Treason. We cannot afford to let them take our weapons and destroy the Greatest Nation in the World. God Bless America and lets get rid of the Communists Liberals 40 Million Illegal’s, and Muslim Cultists and send them to another Socialist Communist or Cultist Muslim Country of choice but not here, our Constitutional Republic was written for Americans who believe in our rights under the Constitution not a bunch of Constitution and America hating people hiding under our Laws who want to destroy it. We have fought and died to preserve this great Nation so lets not lose it to a few Million with their hands out looking for a free ride and looking to destroy us Middle Class Tax Payers. Take AMERICA BACK, LOCK AND LOAD.

    • Sanders

      I’m with ya Viet Nam Vet. I am cocked, locked and ready to rock if and when the need arises.

    • A10Crewdog

      Amen Brother Stay frosty..

    • Blue


  • downs1

    We have a Constitutional Republic, a system that was devised originally with deep faith in God, that separates the power such that one branch of government cannot take over and become an autocracy. Unfortunately, when men walk away from faith in God and begin to act without concern for what is “right” and what is “constitutional,” corruption ensues. Men and women have become fools, and have turned to their own way which leads to destruction. In order to assume this power, people must lie. And others must perpetuate the lies, and this leads to more lies. Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, and any number of Republicans are abetting the lies. When we walk away from our roots, we perish! America is done as a great power and is but a shadow of its former glory! Those who are the perpetual optimists, like Rush Limbaugh and others are simply not seeing the extent of the disaster which is looming. It cannot and it will not be changed by man alone. And time is a factor. We cannot wait generations for the national tide to swing back to faith in God. He has given us the time, and we squandered it!

    • Andy

      You hit the nail right dead center on the head! Thanks for being one of the few who REALLY get what’s happening.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    We also have such a wide variety of pure stupidity that is allowed to vote (how many times) that continue in the same groove that something for nothing continues to be thier belief that the greatness America was built on. As long as that mentality exists we will have one hard uphill climb to get back on track after this gang of goons get booted out of office. And it cant be soon enough. What is the matter with our representives that just hold down seat cushions in the W.H. that are too cowardly to do the job they were sent there to do, uphold the constitution, How many times in the last mo. have we watched them skirt the law and just laugh at congress, Obummer and holder have both committed enough to be impeached and they just shrug it off with no more attention than losing a basket ball game. We the people had better wake up and be early at the voting booth.

  • the_punnisher

    When it cums to a comment, Rasta is a master-debater…

    Axelrod and Carney expect the US citizen to swallow this stuff too..

  • http://n/a AmFer

    Side Note: I absolutely love Carney’s new name, SOCK MONKEY!

  • s c

    For those who think there’s a “better” time to deal with this issue, I remind you that to do so is to IGNORE the difference between RIGHT and WRONG. When correcting an issue is ever a matter of ‘better timing,’ you might as well forget about it. In politics, when you are faced with multiple issues that are examples of criminality, treason incompetence and you can’t touch ME, see this insanity for what it is. Congress is “busy.” The Supreme Court is about to go on vacation. Amerika’s lawyers -in general – are in bed with the prez, and patriotism is just another word, you either realize how IMPORTANT this really is, or you shut and go away.
    What happens to kids when parents choose to deal with a kid’s behavior when a ‘better’ time matters? What happens to Amerika’s schools when NO ONE is accountable for generations of braindead losers? What happens when a prez whizzes and moans about ‘the last guy,’ yet makes problems WORSE and even finds reasons to stay in dangerous countries [ever heard of Afghanistan?]. What happens when Amerika gets stuck with 60 socialists? What happens when we wait for the media whores to grow a spine?
    People, wake up. This Fast and Furious farce must be dealt with N O W. If you think waiting is an option, you’d better wake up and realize that that stuff between your ears is wasting away. Of course, you can always give up and join Amerika’s utopians. Would you consider that a decent option?

    • 45caliber


      I agree. The whole thing of “dealing with this at a better time” is actually an attempt to let it be forgotten and drift away. Besides, it is indictive of this administration that they can break the law with immunity. We need to hold their noses to the fire BEFORE the election so the voters can tell what is really going on and will be given the choice to vote for crooked politicians or less crooked politicians.

  • s c

    60 socialists in CONGRESS, that is.

  • Joe Z-ski

    Many gross conceptual errors by the label “conservative”.

    Legitimacy is not defined by conspircay size. Right to arms means right to one own arms. Arms robbed, stolen or otherwise mis-directed are “illegal arms”. Does not matter who misdirects.

    Obama has not mis-directed arms, knows unfit elements alter documents and expects those least likely to justify thier needs to political hacks are probably most needy.

    Only the president is above court proceedings. The constitution empowers the senate to impeach. Does not limit them to only target the president. Judges unseat for “bad behavior”. Never heard of judges being removed for using office contrary purpose.

    Weapons owned by a re-activating war veterans have been redirected by well organized alien nationals. This was already the lead up to attacks before 911. Now twelve years later the conduct alledged of the president has remained argued the purpose of our courts. Now how can the president be afoul of law if he mimmicks the courts? And since when is our Commander in Chief required to “co-operate” with foriegn governments?

    • Al

      Wow, 3/4 of what you wrote was totally unintelligible, so I will comment about the one thing that made sense. You asked “And since when is our Commander in Chief required to “co-operate” with foriegn governments?” The answer is : When the Commander-in-Chief’s actions could be mis-construed as an act of war by that foreign government. Knowingly allowing 2000 or more weapons to make their way to the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, who are slaughtering hundreds of people could be construed as an act of war perpetrated by this administration.

      • Joe Z-ski

        And allowing aliens to cross to the point of insurgency, demanding greater rights for aliens then citizens recieve, and using slave labor to undermine private sector is “Peace making”?

  • Fraser McBurney

    fast and Furious………..if you give a weapon to known murders and drug dealers (et all) and that weapon is used in a murder. be you a drug dealer a ordinary person, a police offcer, a politician, a prime minister or a president you are guilty of accessory to murder.
    a non signed comment is not a comment

    • 45caliber

      As one of the top ATF officers told one of the agents in AZ, “if you want to make omlets, you have to break eggs.” In other words, they EXPECTED to get people killed – but it didn’t matter as long as they could get some political clout – and as long as it wasn’t one of them in Washington who was killed.

      • Fraser McBurney

        I call them scrambled eggs. If you want to crack a few skulls then have the ATF go in and do it like men. Remember how comrade CHE got it remember how Escabar got it, remember how Osama bin lada got it, If you want to kill rats you step on them. However Obama has another agenda and we see it in action on the U.S. border, we see it when dealing with North Korea we see it with Iran and unfortunatly we see it with the kingdom of UK and we see it with your rights are taken away. From my perspective this is the most corrupt administration I have seen in my 64 years 6 more months then 2 months more until he and his other crooks are gone. Can the world survive another 4 years of Obama
        Fraser McBurney

  • mary krause

    If this were a Republican conspiracy, it would not help the Republicans to arm this Democratic Administration with high power rifles.

  • Buck

    It is not for nothing they are called DEMONRATS , it is because they have zero honor , integrity , or , for that matter , intelligence .

  • marcjeric32

    While the White House, Eric Holder, and the liberal talking heads continue blaming Bush for the Obama administration’s fumbles in the Fast and Furious gun walking operation gone bad, they refuse to see the distinct difference between the operation Wide Receiver and the operation Fast and Furious. The Washington Post resident commie honcho Robinson says in today’s Las Vegas Sun that it is all Bush’s fault and that the Republicans are engaged in partisan witch hunt. However, the differences are fairly profound and distinct. The main differences are these: Wide Receiver involved Phoenix-based ATF agents, working with Mexican law enforcement agents in an attempt to build a case against violent Mexican drug smugglers. That program was abandoned when faced with widespread Mexican police corruption. Fast and Furious on the other hand was an effort to make a case against American gun dealers and the Second Amendment of the United States. Then Obama would disarm Americans and give arms to his “community organizations” (those were called “soviets” in the defunct USSR); as he declared yast year, “We need a domestic military with a budget as big as that of Pentagon’s”. Both were orchestrated by their respective administrations with completely different goals. One was to go after criminals and the other was to go after the Constitution and law abiding citizens. Gun shop owners smelled the rat and for every doubtfull gun purchase asked for a documented approval by the ATF. And the Obama Administration takes all of us for fools; I hope they will pay for that mis-judgment this coming November, at great frustration of Komrad Robinson.

    • 45caliber


      I agree with you. The real problem, I feel, is that they were convinced that if they could produce evidence that a gun sold by a border state dealer was used in a crime, they could use that as evidence to ban all dealers in border states and shut down gun shows. It simply never occurred to them that anyone might object or produce evidence that the sales were pushed through by them. It certainly never occurred to them that some of their own ATF agents were honest enough to admit it.

    • http://google gary gerke

      This administration has been carefully orchestrating events in the USA and abroad for the last three years. Hillary Clinton has sold the American people down the road by agreeing in favor of and signing the UN small arms treaty. The obama administration and the DOJ are using every little incident that happens involving a gun regardless of evidence to the contrary in many cases.
      Why do we have Russian forces training in the USA for the first time ever, why are there Polish troops training in Canada at the same time, why are there US Army convoys of equipment and men springing up all over the country. Why do the FEMA camps have barbed wire at the top of the fences facing in. Why are the over 800 known Fema camps being quarded by military guards in black uniforms and who are they. Why has the DHS ordered 4.5 million rounds of hollow point 40-caliber pistol ammo, our people do not carry 40-caliber hand guns….Nato does!!!!!!!

      • CZ52

        ” Hillary Clinton has sold the American people down the road by agreeing in favor of and signing the UN small arms treaty.”

        Lets get it right people Hilary has NOT signed the UN Small Arms treaty because it has NOT been finalized. That said she has voiced agreement with it and I am sure will sign it if the treaty is completed and presented for signing before obama goes out of office.

      • CZ52

        Also, the last I heard NATO carries 9MM just like our military not 40cal. In fact that was the primary reason we switched from 45ACP to 9MM, so our solders would use the same pistol ammunition that the rest of NATO did.

  • todd

    Well said marcjeric32. Some of these idiot Liberals are truly clueless with their rediculous comparisons. Its like when you were a kid and you got in trouble for throwing rocks and tried to blame it on the other kids. This administration hasn’t taken a bit of responsibility for any of their actions. Eric Holder needs to go to prison!! Barry Bonds faces prison time for lying to congress about whether he took steroids or not and this piece of crap is still the Attorney General and Lied through his teeth about Fast and Furious??? Which killed hundreds of people!! What is wrong with our country? Oh yes, we are letting an illegal immigrant run our country!

  • swampfox

    Damn,we so need to oust this lying Marxist scumbag ,tar and feather the moron and get busy repealing the crap he has foisted on us.
    Hopefully we can take his sorry ass to trial for treason,purgery and a whole host of other crap he and his corrupt crapbags have done.

    I pray to god he gets him out!

  • chuckb

    it must be in the blood, black people cannot rule without corrupting the political process,almost every country on the african continent is ruled by corruption and dictators, barry is following his genes. i thought bill clinton was crooked, barry, before this is over will have made clinton look like a piker, now hillary is another matter, barry may be in her league.
    many things are happening and coming together, barry is in a corner and the convention is drawing near, the bolsheviks may dump him for the hildabeast, either way the bolsheviks lose.

  • Oldbutnotadumbbutt2012

    It stime to make a clean sweep in Congress!!!the people will have a chance in Nov.2012!!!Lets get rid of this kind of crap!!!!


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