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The Fast And The Spurious VI: The Never-Ending Story

January 31, 2012 by  

The Fast And The Spurious VI: The Never-Ending Story

Perhaps they thought they would get away with it. After all, President Barack Obama and his henchmen have secured get-out-of-jail-free cards for every other crime against the people, the Constitution and common decency since Obama was just an ex-“community organizer” with stars in his eyes and a dog-eared copy of “Rules for Radicals” in his pocket.

Perhaps they thought that deliberately hiding the documentation of their latest misadventure with a carefully timed Friday night document dump would work, and that a Nation that prefers its politics served fresh Monday through Friday would simply miss the new revelations in the fog of grill smoke and the din of peewee hockey games.

Whatever Obama and his henchmen thought, they were wrong.

This past Friday evening, Obama’s cleaning service cleared out a few more file cabinets. Included in the latest peculiarly timed document dump was an email chain extending to the office of Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry. The electronic exchange began just after midnight the day after Terry was shot with an alert to the former U.S. Attorney and now waiting-for-his-guest-spot-on-MSNBC and OFF point man Dennis Burke:

On December 14, 2010, a BORTAC agent working in the Nogales, AZ AOR was shot. The agent was conducting Border Patrol operations 18 miles north of the international boundary when he encountered [redacted word] unidentified subjects. Shots were exchanged resulting in the agent being shot.

That message — which Burke forwarded to Holder’s chief of staff Monty Wilkinson — was followed shortly after by another: “Our agent has passed away.” Wilkinson responded: “Tragic. I’ve alerted the AG…”

“Tragic. I’ve alerted the AG…” Wilkinson apprised Holder of the murder of Brian Terry on Dec. 15, 2010, six months before Holder testified under oath in front of Congress that he had known about OFF for only a “few weeks.” He later retracted that testimony in front of the Senate. Holder lied, and then he lied about lying. And even that was a lie.

As if that weren’t appalling enough, a later message from Burke to Wilkinson read:

The guns found in the desert near the murder (sic) BP officer… were AK-47s purchased at a Phoenix gun store.

The latter messages prove either that Holder perjured himself in front of Congress on no fewer than two occasions or that describing him as “stupendously incompetent” is an astounding understatement. Should the former be the case, the logical progression leads to two questions:

1. Why?
2. Who told him to do it?

Given the performance of the Obama Administration so far, the answers to both are laughably obvious — and both involve the sort of nefarious deeds unseen in the White House since President Richard Nixon’s “plumbers” checked into the Watergate.

We may fairly presume that Obama will continue to behave as if the scandal surrounding OFF is, as Representative Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) claimed, a racist attempt to smear Obama and Holder. But Friday night’s undercover document dump relegates that clichéd reaction to the same intellectual dustbin containing Johnson’s musings on the buoyancy of Guam.

The refusal of the self-described “most transparent administration in history” to acknowledge, much less address, Holder and his involvement with OFF is borderline criminal. The attempts to hide documentation revealing the extent of Holder’s (and by extension, Obama’s) mendacity are grounds for a great deal more than bad polling numbers. Former President Bill Clinton was impeached — and ultimately disbarred — for perjury, and he was lying only about an overweight intern. It’s time for Obama and his little buddy Holder to face justice — justice of their own making.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Warrior

    This whole situation is disgusting. Time to rid ourselves of these Un-American frauds.

    • Robert Smith

      It isn’t unprecidented though. Here is a history of email chicanery going on from the White House.

      Doesn’t anyone else remember (from “The Bush White House email controversy surfaced in 2007, during the controversy involving the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys. Congressional requests for administration documents while investigating the dismissals of the U.S. attorneys required the Bush administration to reveal that not all internal White House emails were available, because they were sent via a non-government domain hosted on an email server not controlled by the federal government. Conducting governmental business in this manner is a possible violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, and the Hatch Act.[1] Over 5 million emails may have been lost or deleted.[2][3] Greg Palast claims to have come up with 500 of the Karl Rove lost emails, leading to damaging allegations.[4] In 2009, it was announced that as many as 22 million emails may have been deleted.[5]”

      Bush being a creep shouldn’t let Obama off the hook if there is an issue, but why was there no cry calling Bush un-American and all that other garbage?


      • http://NA SPARKY SAYS

        . What about all the fed.judges Zipper gate willy dumpt.because they weren’t dems.Bush should have sent them all packing .For your info ROB

        • s c

          Sparky, you’ll have to excuse ‘r s.’ He’s playing the same role that ‘loyal’ Germans played before Hitler came to power. They defended him while he was in power, and they defended him AFTER Germany was in ruins and the old scummer was dead. It’s classic detachment from reality. It’s living in la la land. It’s a sickness that requires shock therapy [long-term reality enhancement].
          It’s worse than WWII Germany, as the German people knew Hitler wasn’t a god. Obummer’s sheep have given him godhood status. Hence, their refusal to live in the real world. In their world, everyone who’s a pal of the new fuhrer is infallible – just like the ‘glorious leader.’ People like r s know their prescriptions won’t last forever, so they have to make the effect last as long as possible.
          Pathetic. Predictable and utterly pathetic. It makes me wonder if r s’s parents and various family members know how unbalanced he is.

          • ET

            SC, you hit the nail on the head on what you said. It is a plain simple fact. I said this in 2008 before the election and everybody called me all names in the book. I am german, read Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” and look at what Hitler did late ’20s, of the Weimar Republic, and look at what Obummer does and what he did in the past, before 2008. It is not an accident that the similarities are that close. America, you have to wake up, if this Thug wins the election, it will bome bloody.

          • Lee

            ET, the majority of thinking Americans want this jerk out. The problem is voter fraud. Obummer is working with Acorn, and other groups to register illegals, and dead people, as he did last time. How do we stop the fraud? Who is looking out for America? Obummer is a steam roller, destroying everything this country stands for, and the people we sent to Washington, are doing NOTHING! There will HAVE to be a civil war, because that’s what Obummer wants, to complete his assigned task. He is pitting Americans against Americans, and creating complete chaos. All of Washington knows this, and yet there he still is. Clinton got impeached, although not removed, for far less. A sex crime in the oval office, is nothing compared to the horrific anti-American crimes this disgrace of a president has done. Yet, there he is. So, one has to believe that they are all in on it. Otherwise, why haven’t they started some kind of proceedings by now?

      • http://html Bob

        Tell ROB is one fine LIBERAL that thinks the people should kiss the MULATTO’s and his comrade Holder ASS like he does.

      • ArkansasRebel

        Rob, I don’t recall—–How many died in that case?

        • Robert Smith

          Wanna talk about DEAD people.

          How’s ’bout those who were killed when Bush’s henchmen outed Valerie Plame Wilson?

          A deliberate effort and many died.

          AND! Bush’s henchman Scooter Libby was convicted. His sentence included a $250,000 fine, 30 months in prison and two years of probation. On July 2, 2007, President George W. Bush commuted Libby’s sentence, removing the jail term but leaving in place the fine and probation, calling the sentence “excessive.

          More details at:

          I suggest you watch the movie “Fair Game.” At the end of the movie they do a power disolve from the actress to the actual outed CIA agent and her testimony.

          Chris Matthews said: “Let me finish tonight with a stirring movie I saw last night. I had heard of the first-rate script, the masterful performances by the leads, Naomi Watts and Sean Penn. What I was not prepared for in Fair Game was the story itself, the wondrous dramatic courage of it all. This is one fine movie. While there will never be another Casablanca, Fair Game is perfect for our murky time.”


          • Devil Dog, USMC,DAV

            rs, you live in lala land along with your fuhrer, and trickle up my leg clown, mr. sqeeky softball idiot. I see you all love phony wood, which is the “REAL” news. You people are pathetic. I saw on your first post, a lot of may have’s, alleged, maybe’s,——–” BUT DIS IS DAS TRUTH, HEIL!!!!

          • AJ

            These people are all scumbags. There are now party lines!!!

      • Lee Baldwin

        Right now we have a much bigger problem facing us, Robert Smith! Bush is gone. We have somebody who’s name we don’t even know sitting right there in OUR OVAL OFFICE covering up a gun runing ring lead by our Attorney General. FOCUS.

        • Robert Smith

          How’s come with all the power of the extreme right and their brutal god that Obama has gotten away with it?

          Seems to me he has support from somewhere to stand up to all the hate sent in his direction.

          He must be doing something right. Looks like he’s going to win the big election too. It seems the right just can’t get a reasonable candidate to run against him.

          To the moon Alice, and tie the dog on top of the space ship…


      • Brad


        What about Clinton, “Why not focus on the Clinton administration’s having “fired all 93 U.S. attorneys” when Janet Reno became attorney general in March 1993″? Before spouting facts make sure your RAT representatives and senators or political elites on the left aren’t dirty like slick willy. My resource

        • Robert Smith

          As was customary then.

          Bush did his as retaliation.

          THAT was the issue.


          • Buster the Anatolian

            So it is customary if a democrat does it but retaliation if a republican does it.

      • Bomar

        Nice try, just one minor error. U.S. Attorneys serve at the PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT. Pres. Bush did not need a reason to fire them, however the lady serving in San Diego was refusing to PROSECUTE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. ENOUGH SAID.

    • slapjack

      Does perminate residence at Hotel Gitmo sound good to everyone????? Sure does to me.

      • skippy

        I’m with ya slap!!! :)
        Go haul ‘em off!!!!

  • texastwin827

    It was announced on Fox this morning that the Democrats will be releasing info that shows that the same kind of events (sending guns into Mexico) happened 3 times, during Bush’s tenure. I am so tired of these politicians and their lackies doing as the please, regardless of whether it breaks the law, or not.

    Time to clean house in Nov. It can’t hurt to vote them out and start anew, because it can’t get a lot worse!

    • Robert Smith

      It still all boils down to the war on Americans… oops drugs.

      If our freedoms were respected there wouldn’t be the huge piles of money in the drug trade that folks are shooting each other for.

      When are folks going to get to the root of it and stand up for freedoms in America?


      • Devil Dog, USMC,DAV


      • Joe H.

        yet YOU are a lap dog to the very man that wants to do away with our constitutional rights!! The right to own and carry arms. He passed a law that says people can be arrested and be detained indefinately without charges, for cripes sake, ARE YOU BLIND???

    • littledog

      This is not a bit surprising, texastwin827, quite obviously members of both parties are bought and paid for.

    • thinlineacademy

      First of all, all of the presidents have their failures. The Bush admin gun’s were traced and arrests were made, also no one was “in America” was killed with those narco-terrorist firearms. The main problem again “lies” with the lack of responsibility and cover-up. It is the accountability of this administration that is lacking. We as a nation need to speak up even if you don’t believe what is being said than push the administration to disclose all proof to the people and prove us wrong, as with all legal matters it is on the defense to show the burden of proof.

      • Elizabeth

        I agree that they should be held accountable for their actions, or inactions. Obama promised when he was elected that this would be an administration of transparency and it has not. Irresponsible behvior by Holder yielded the death of an American soldier. White, black, yellow or purple, death is death and Americans don’t condone it for any reason.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “It is the accountability of this administration that is lacking. ”

        How’s come there was no call from the right for Bush to be held accountable?


        • Laurie Tudor

          Jesus dude should we just accept that wrong is the norm in washington and just go back to sleep. I would hold them all accountable, you sound like just because they were republicans we would have given them a pass, I assure you we would not.

    • Robert Smith

      Posted: “because it can’t get a lot worse!”

      It WAS a lot worse under Bush.

      America is starting to go in the right direction now in spite of the tea baggers screwing up the republican party and standing in his way.

      BTW, how many hostiges were rescued during the Bush years? How many pirates were shot? Oh, and that Bin Laden guy… Sure looks to me like Obama knows how to get some things done.


      • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

        Dope, Mr. O DID NOT GET BIN LAUDEN (sorry about the spelling) SEAL TEAM-6 GOT HIM BY USING THE INTELL GATHERED BY USING ALL TRIED AND TRUE METHODS OF INTERIGATION. As to the employment rate, if you add in the people who have either quit looking or their benefits have ended, the rate would be better than 10%. Oh yeah, Mr. O has ran up the National debt twice as much as Mr B did in eight years and he did it in only 3+ years.

        Oh, yeah, I forgot the biggest sin: he gutted the Military by firing 80,000 people. Oh, he says that it will take over several years to meet this goal. He did it in the time of war. WE NEED TO KEEP OUR MILITARY STRONG AND WE NEED TO KEEP THEIR TOOLS (EQUIPMENT, AMMO, ARMS, SHIPS, PLANES, VEHICLES AND TRAINING) UP TO-DATE.

    • CalBob

      One big difference…..the Bush admin. followed the guns. Obummer’s people did not.
      Obummer’s was designed to facilitate gun control against the American people, the Bush plan was to target drug lords…..big difference. I don’t know if you read the report of one agent who followed guns to a warehouse….his boss called him in, but the guy managed surveillance for a week or so. When someone showed up to haul the guns away, the boss told the agent to leave him/them alone. Also not mentioned often enough…it wasn’t just one border agent killed…estimates of Mexican authorities killed exceeds 200.

  • littledog

    You are spot on here, Ben. The problem is, in all three branches of FedGov, the rule of law was kicked out the back door as the Banksters were paying admission at the entrance. The only patriot defending the Constitution is Ron Paul and MSM is doing their best to marginalize him. Without the Constitution, which is the law, the FedGov is by and for the moneypower, not We the People.

    • philip goodale

      It is absolutely amazing how stupid most Americans are to not realize that this government is totally out of control, and that the people are no longer in control of what happens.I am an independent who is fed up with the lies and decitfullness of this administration and the lack of leadership of Congress in general. Wake up America if this country doesn’t change there won’t be any Constitution or Bill of Rights just Communism.

    • Robert Smith

      Posted: “Without the Constitution, which is the law, the FedGov is by and for the moneypower, not We the People.”

      And for those who claim it’s their god that runs it America is still WE THE PEOPLE.

      At least we can see the bannksters. Their god is invisible.


      • Joe H.

        If, as you say, there is such a separation of church and state, then why does the court still term a limb falling from your tree onto a neighbors shed, in a storm an ACT OF GOD???

  • Pat Livingston

    It looks like Holders testimony contradicts his previous testimony before Congress, Rep Issa should appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate this illegal operation, raid the DOJ and seize all the documents and emails, do the same at the Arizona US Attorney since they won’t co-operate, a Border Patrol Agent was killed, and no one knows how many innocent Mexican people were kill by these guns supplied to the drug cartel in Mexico ! It ‘s time to get to the bottom of this operation and make sure this never happens again !

    • MNIce

      This whole affair smells worse than Watergate ever did. Maybe that’s why the MSM is in the tank for the would-be Imperial President – they’re salivating at the thought of making lots of money covering his impeachment next year.

  • peter

    Obama will get away with it, watch and see how the American people vote at the polls this year. The king reigns again and he is supreme -Hail The King in the Kingdom of America! This is what the people wanted and this is what they will get. They do not need any blessings from above they already have been blessed with this almighty saviour. The one and only.

  • http://NA SPARKY SAYS

    The one and only is a cancer and their are several cures for that

    • Robert Smith

      Like torture, lying to start wars, outing CIA agents…

      Oops, they don’t cure things either.


  • Karen

    This is all about Obama….the White House dumped remaining Solyndra documents Jan 13th. Are they running out of storage? I don’t think so. Are they covering up? Absolutely! Bush has been out of the White House over 3 years….get over it…… We need to focus on the present disaster in Washington and work on making better choices for our future leaders. Complaining about the past indiscretions of past politicians is like rocking in a rocking chair….you’re doing something but getting no where.



    Of course Holder lied! You would lie too if you were faceing consiporcy to committ murder! Obama is caught up with this to his neck also. I hope that Obama and all his criminal buddies spend years in jail and lose civily for their crimes. Sorry no spell check.

    • 45caliber


      Forget jail for Oblama. Possibly Holder but – partly thanks to Clinton – jail for a President is unthinkable. It might emberass the US in diplomatic terms for the world to know that an American President broke the laws he was supposed to uphold.

      • Wyatt

        Well as Obama may well not be a legal President , jail is a distinct possibility . The supreme court in an 1875 decision stated that a natural born citizen of the United States was one who was born of two citizens of the United States . Obama’s father , by his own admission in his book was a Kenyan citizen subject to the British Crown . At the time of his birth there actually was no Kenya yet , it was called British East Africa . So Club Gitmo may be in his future

        • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

          We are never enlightened to these facts as long as we have a news media that is paid for by the Mob .Just as it is with Mitt Romney, do they ever let it slip that his dad is a Mexican citizen? That lets him out then , does it not. Or it may be that there are so many mexicans here they figure we are one and the same.. They had better get start ed on his inelgibility instead of waiting a few years down the road after he imposes Obama Care of his own design on us if he wins the election. Now is the time to stop that kind of unconstitutional law breaking. BEFORE THEY GET IN …

          • MNIce

            George Romney was born to US citizens resident in Mexico. Nobody questioned his US citizenship, but there were questions about whether he was a natural-born US citizen. Those questions do not apply to Mitt Romney. I don’t need this issue to not vote for him; Mitt has plenty of history of his own making that makes me question whether he is an appropriate candidate for the Presidency.

            But we’re off-topic here. The story is apparent conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury. As I recall, Congress was all set to impeach Richard Nixon for doing the same before he resigned, and several high-ranking members of his administration, including Attorney General John Mitchell, were prosecuted and convicted on the same charge. Mitchell was imprisoned for 19 months before release on parole for health reasons.

        • skippy

          It won’t happen Wyatt……….at least not without a rebellion or revolution………..
          Man, we are so, so, so screwed………….

      • Jennie

        This is all about Obama…the White House dumped remaining Solyndra documents Jan 13th. Are they running out of storage? I don’t think so. They covering up! Bush has been out of the White House for over 3 years. So now the media has gone back over those three years and it was announced on Fox this morning that the Democrats will be releasing info that shows that the same thing (sending guns into Mexico) happened 3 times, during Bush’s tenure. (Does that make it alright?) The border guards families have a right to know what happened and why. The current government must be held responsible. Holder doesn’t have any way to make an excuse on this one. Obama’s people will never own their bad behavior!! They just go back to some Republican “misbehavior” and NEVER, NEVER admit that there could be the slightest possibility that they could ever do anything wrong. They make me sick. Well, the American people are not as stupid as the “gods” in Washington think we are. We are sick and tired of this. Grow up and admit to your misbehavior. It could be the beginning of acutally acting like responsible adults. Who knows? Not very likely, but one can only hope. I say let’s get started NOW on sweeping as many of them as possible with their beloved leader in the lead out of office in the next election cycle.

      • Robert Smith

        From 45: “It might emberass the US in diplomatic terms for the world to know that an American President broke the laws he was supposed to uphold.”

        Jail for I don’t know…

        Lying to get us into a war.

        Outing a CIA agent.



        • DaGoose

          Rob, don’t give me the BS about torture. I have friends who did time in the Hanoi Hilton, being beat 24/7, breaking bones, faking executions, need I go on. We dump water on some terrorists head and we are the bad guy’s. Obummer has told other countries that we torture people, he has bowed to middle east pupah’s, which by the way, no other US President, Dem or Rep. has ever done. So he elects to bow to people who don’t treat their women with any respect. Get a life.

      • Joe H.

        Perhaps, it might, for once, show the world that even our president isn’t ABOVE THE LAW!!! Our country is founded on the provision that no man is above the law and no man is a RULER!! Perhaps it tis time to remind them of that!

      • jetstream

        Get serious. We’ve been repeatedly embarrassed around the world by this President: alienating our allies and pandering to our enemies, telling the Europeans how to solve their fiscal crises (like he’d know!,)and flaunting his arrogance. They’re probably wondering why we haven’t neutralized him already.

    • John Wilch (TSgt, USAF Ret.)

      Semper Fi, Cap, I agree with you that Mr O will not spend a day behind bars: however Sir, I would like to see that THAT women, Mrs O, spend some time behind bars or deported for what she said at a function that she and he were attending. She mouth to him during the Presentation of the Flag: “ALL THIS FOR A DAMN PIECE OF CLOTH!”. I for one put her in the same pile of “Serra Hotel….” that “Hanoi Jane” in in.

      I served most of my adult life in the military: enlisted in the US Army in ’63 and retired out of the Air Guard in ’92. GOD BLESS THE US OF A AND MAY SHE REIGN SUPREME FOREVER.

      • Ann

        I don’t remember Michelle’s remark about the flag, being publicized. When and where did she say it? I do remember during the last election, when Barach was nomination, she said that it was the first time in her life that she was proud of her country.

  • 45caliber

    Someone came up with this idea to stop all gun shows and shut down dozens of dealers. In fact, they might even shut down all dealers in the border states! Hurray!!

    The only problem was that their actions were illegal. But they were government employees and – starting with the FBI Untouchables in the ’20′s – everyone knew that any government employee who commits a crime during his work is exempt from punishment … right?

    So now they can’t understand why the people of the US should be upset. After all, the only thing they should have to do is grin and say, “Well, you caught us”. Then they can start something else.

    After all, the ends justify the means – and it is important to disarm the population of the US. Otherwise they might not be able to remain in power.

    • Linda Eppinger – Texas

      You are soooo right. the whole fast and furious was about taking our 2nd amendment right to own firearms away fro us. It is necessary to disarm the populace before they can be herded into camps and subdued by the government.
      Vote the liberal hankie waving cowards out of office this November. If we don’t get rid of them now, we will loose all of our fredoms and rights.

      Vote in NOVEMBER FOR FREEDOM!!!!!

      • Robert Smith

        Has Obama actually put any new gun laws on the books?

        Seems to me that so far you are worried about nothing.


        • Joe H.

          Gee, robbie, I guess you missed the story about the small arms treaty??? Treaties supposedly can supercede American laws! Ever heard of an END RUN???

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    When are crimninal charges going to be filed?

    • Pat

      I would not hold my breath that charges will ever be filed against this slimy fish

  • Mike in PA

    Correct, Karen. In a representative republic, we get the leaders that best represent us. Currently, we have a significant number of godless, unprincipled, vengeful, career “goodfellas,” rock stars, and would be messiahs who are paid, and live, mind you, well to conduct themselves above reproach in spite of the frivolous desires and apathy of their constituents. We will not see change there until we see it locally. I believe the grace period we have been granted thus far is due to the number of citizens conducting themselves honorably and vigilantly and pray that the peaceful electoral remedies we were constitutionally granted are timely enough. The trend has yet to turn back, however. Superficiality, distraction and apathy are yet the majority, defining characteristics of the public and press, in my experience. God grant each citizen humility, wisdom, and courage; hopefully not in that order! Speak up and be an example for your fellow citizen while you yet can.

    • Robert Smith

      Mike in PA posted: “God grant each citizen humility, wisdom, and courage; hopefully not in that order!”

      That didn’t help the “intelligent design” nut cases in Dover, PA. They first lost in court and then those god freaks were voted out.

      You can get details at the PBS documentary at:


  • MHR

    Wonder why dozens of Bradley Fighting Vehicles are being moved to LA for massive urban control exercises? Wonder if the Georgia judge’s ruling that dear leader is ineligible to appear on the 2012 presidential ballot in that state will spread to other states?
    mmm! mmm! mmm!

    • DaGoose

      We can only hope that other states will follow. God bless Georgia.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    Holder and Obamma ,, They both are of the same puddle of crap. I do not expect any honest answers to come out of either one of those imposters. We had better be more observing of what is going on in the political world around us daily. Such as Soros (endorsing) Mitt Romny. And then Mitts poll numbers shot up . He said ,because he is so much like Oboma .. Start thinking….

  • JPM

    Regarding the 2012 presidential ballot question and Obama’s eligibility to appear on it, it has now grown to 6 states. Maybe this could be what we have been waiting for!

    • skippy

      Thank goodness JPM….I am sooooooooo darn tired of holding my breath. Wonder what I can do to help speed up the process???!! :)

  • Robert Button

    Lying to Congress is only against the Law if you or I were testifying. For a Government Bureaucrat it’s simply an incorrect statement.

  • FreedomFighter

    Impeach Obama, Impeach Holder, put them in jail….WE CAN DO IT!

    Laus Deo

    Semper Fi

    • meteorlady

      Yup – try and find one of the crooks in office that will start the proceedings.

  • gnafu

    The issue is Fast and Furious. Whoever planned it, knew about it, carried out the masquer of innocent people are all guilty. It was surely a guise to change the 2nd Amendment and remove gun shops right here in the United States. All of Obama’s Czars are anti-gun and don’t for one minute think they have changed their minds. Hillary Clinton is just as guilty when it comes to removing the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution. She is anti-gun but I’ll bet she owns one. This entire debacle of F&F is in shambles and our Federal Government will not take the blame. Mexican residents who were murdered with those illegal guns have every right to go after the responsible people. Our U.S. border guard’s families have every right to answers and hold the U.S. Federal Government accountable. There seems to be a conspiracy to take American’s minds off of the guilty parties and that is totally unacceptable. This is one “crisis” that backfired on Obama.

    • meteorlady

      This is the new backdoor gun control they practice. They swoop in to a small gun shop and go over their records. When they find something wrong they threaten to prosecute. The small gun shop owner is not wealthy enough to defend himself so he goes out of business. It’s happened already, a number of times. It’s much easier to control the big guys like Cabelas etc. than keep all the small businesses in place. More lost jobs and businesses…..

    • MNIce

      Automated spell checkers still don’t get it 100% right after twenty years of work. Sigh… “Masquer” is a person who runs a masquerade, or disguise – a term more correctly applied to Mr. Obama. I think the word you wanted is massacre. Think of “‘mass acres’ in the cemetery” to get the correct spelling.

    • 45caliber


      Actually I think it was designed primarily to get rid of all the gun shows, which is the main goal of most anti-gun libs right now. The shut down of gun shops was to be a bonus. Further, the border states are some of those with the most gun owners – this would have been an attack on them since they are already trying to make it illgal for anyone without a dealer’s license to take a gun across a state line. As far as Washington was conserned, this was a win-win situation … until several of their own men blew the whistle on them.

      • Joe H.

        We used to have a pretty good gun show about every three months in Euclid Ohio at a closed super K. They closed down last year and said it was from poor attendance. I was there for three of them and went two days on one and three days on another, and I saw good attendance at all. I still wonder if the giverment gave them a hard time!!! Every time I was there, it was almost elbow to elbow!

  • pasoman

    Holder is as bad as it gets! The problem is government officials not enforcing the law – beginning with Holder defying the law and endlessly continuing up and down the line with cowards who will not hold him or any other elite mole within gov.

    Throw him in a dungeon. Not reading mail, warning, notices, etc. doesn’t nullify “notice” or culpibility. What is treason?

    • Joe H.

      In one of the little burgs here it is against the law to sit in your car at restaurants like McDonalds or burger king and eat your food. If you go there from out of town and do it, you will still be prosecuted! Ignorance is no excuse!!!


    I recall a quote attributed to Nixon in “Frost Nixon”:
    “if the president does it, it is not against the law”
    as I recall that worked out well for former President Nixon because his Joe Biden pardoned him.

    • MNIce

      Not really. Congress stripped him of all of the benefits normally accruing to a former President – no security, no pension, no government-paid medical care. They also confiscated all of his families personal papers for a massive fishing expedition.

  • sylviaJ

    OBAMA is going to lose the election because JOE BIDEN is going to run, or he is getting ready for OBAMA to be thrown under the bus and he can step up to the plate and sit down at the head of OBAMA’S table. And has anyone seen HILARY in a while maybe she is going to cut OBAMA’S throat.
    Just dreaming

  • Walt

    Nixon got impeached and booted out of office in disgrace for less than this. Susan Daniels has contacted major Republican players in Congress regardng this issue and has gotten no response. Why?!

  • Don

    Isn’t Treason committed during war time, punishable by death ???

    • skippy

      Just ask some of the dead guys….they will tell you YES….

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    And as long as these losers are in office there will be war so its treason

    • Joe H.

      As long as these types are in office, and I mean all dems and repubs, there is no such thing as peace!!!

  • Raggs

    Nothing is going to happen to oblama or holder as long as they remain in office ( playing golf / vacation )… Prehaps our next prez will throw this mangy dogs in the pen where they belong..

  • meteorlady

    Did you read the news story about them going after those in charge in Arizona? Yup they are blaming them and they will end up being the scape goats in this matter. Poor AZ – seems they have really ticked of Obama and his henchmen.

    • 45caliber

      I understand all those who worked for BATF in AZ who blew the whistle have already been “laid off”. Those who were in charge in Washington were promoted.

    • mike1127

      Something is seriously wrong when the President sues a state for the state enforcing the law. Obama needs to go. Another term with him in charge and I fear there will be nothing left of our country. Obama supposedly taught classes on the Constitution, but I doubt if he’s even read the document.

      • Joe H.

        don’t bet the farm on it!!! How do you think he is getting away with all of this? he’s pushing the envelope of “legal” as far as he can, and soon the elasticity of the envelpoe will fail and he will break a law openly and be screwed!!! He’s very good at covering his tracks. When you watch a magician, you have to watch more than the hands!!!

  • Dan McGrew

    Having worked with “wetback” laborers as far as 1947 and operating businesses in the Arizona “cotton desert”, California’s coastal valleys and the Central Valley — I have a working knowledge of immigration history.
    FIRST — Through WWII and even the Korean War era, through the 50s, there was no hysteria among the uninformed about “Illegal Immigrants.”
    The noise started among super patriots with a severe ignorance of facts and uber-liberals sharing that ignorance.
    The population commonly referred to as Latinos, “those Mexicans” is primarily comprised of NATIVE AMERICANS descended from populations which routinely migrated and traveled for trade, primitive agriculture and even tribal combat from deep in South America to the Arctic Circle, from the Maritime Provinces to the entire Pacific Coast.
    For some reason, they and their ancestors had the quaint notion this is their world — not Western Europe.
    The political borders established are a European device used to steal land.
    So today, when these Native Americans seek to continue occupying their world, they are criminalized by millions of true illegal immigrants.
    As to modern reality — Check the price of apples in your produce section at the not-so-friendly super market. Then follow with price checks for other food stuffs routinely harvested and processed by those terrible “illegal immigrants.”
    Severe shortages are resulting in sharp price increases.
    Why shortages?
    This “pretender” President and his administration have virtually cut off Southern Border crossings of people and drugs.
    Food producers along the Pacific Coast, the Southwest and Midwest are hard pressed to find workers — aka Latinos.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for U.S. Citizens to board those 5 a.m. “field labor busses” — It ain’t gonna happen.
    It did not happen in the late 40s, when there were hundreds of thousands of vacant farm jobs.
    It did not happen in the 1950s, when there were even more.
    Growers who needed 25,000 workers one spring across California, ran an expensive recruiting campaign among the one-million unemployeed in the region — and found fewer than 1,000 applicants.
    That has been the history of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the first 12 years of the new millenium.
    Much, if not most, of Washington state’s 2011 apple crop was unharvested for fresh fruit production. After Arizona and Alabama ennacted Draconian immigration laws, most of their hand-harvested food crops went unharvested.
    The Obama Bashers are glad to tell more lies about all details.
    Fact — the failure of the “gun sting” into Mexico was reported within the same term by the administration in charge.
    Fact — We are just now learning, two terms later, of Bush era efforts, failures and successes in the same type of sting operation.
    The Unmanned Aerial Surveillance aircraft were available during Bush’s terms — but were never used along the border. Bush paid his buddies at Boeing $3-Billion for 27 miles of electronic fence which was a total failure.
    Obama uses “Predator training budgets” to both train for Afghan combat and patrol the border successfully.
    Wow — to hear the Bashers tell it, this makes DubYah a genius and Obama a failure.
    Wake up and smell the coffee!
    Without those terrible Wetbacks, your personal food bills will double and shortages will appear, replacing plenty.
    There has been an old Iowa expression, “Never cuss the farmer with a full mouth and stomach.”
    There is clearly another line to the lyric today, “Never cuss the farm worker with a full mouth and stomach.”

    • 45caliber

      I was under the impression that we were discussing the Fast and Furious problems. Perhaps I was wrong.

      • Robert Smith

        That were just put into perspective. Sadly you don’t see that .45.


    • mike1127

      If the poor farmers would pay a living wage, they would have Americans picking their crops. Those same farmers abuse illegal immigrants by paying them next to nothing. It would be a shame to have to cut off those farmers’ source of cheap labor. It would cut into their profits too much to pay an American minimum wage to harvest those crops. Do you think illegal immigrants enjoy living 10-15 people in a 2-bedroom apartment? That’s the only way they can afford to live here being paid the pittance they get. I would gladly pay more for my food if I knew it was being harvested by an American citizen making a legal wage. Substitute “farmers” with “factory owners” and you will see why we still have an open border with Mexico. Big Business doesn’t want to lose their pool of illegally cheap labor.

      • Robert Smith

        From Mike: “Those same farmers abuse illegal immigrants by paying them next to nothing. It would be a shame to have to cut off those farmers’ source of cheap labor. ”

        It isn’t small family farms. It’s the mega CORPORATE operations who are screwing everyone.

        ie. the banksters who financed them so they could push farmers out for business ventures.


    • Joe H.

      you are full of it!!! Those Mexicans are of EUROPEAN decent!!! The Apache are the only “natives” of Mexico!!! The mexicans are of SPANISH decent!! Learn a little more history, you missed a great deal the first time!!!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Actually both of you need to take a history lesson. Most Mexicans especially from Mexico City north are a mixture of European (primarily Spanish) and American Indian. There are a few that identify themselves as American Indian (Apache, Mayan, and others) and a few that identify themselves as decended from the Spanish.

        • Joe H.

          Having Spanish blood in them still makes them OF SPANISH DECENT!! They may also be of native decent, but they are NOT all native!!

    • Will

      If we can successfully get rid of this fake president, it won’t matter. Those drones are going to be used against US citizens when the “theys” decide they can get away with it. We should have ran amuk in the streets when little george stuck us with the fake “patriot act” but we let it slide. Now we have the next even worse thug in office. If the nwo bums don’t let bho hose the population down with those drones, when the next even worse thug is elected, we’ll be getting slaughtered by him/her. Time to move south and soon.

  • http://msn Kerri

    Remeber Rham saying never let a crisis go to waist? Looks like this is our crisis. Let’s don’t let this one go to waist!

    • Robert Smith

      Form Kerri: “Let’s don’t let this one go to waist!”

      Why not? You gave Bush so many passes. Why not just continue as you have? Ohhhhhhhh, I get it I’ll bet you see something different between Bush and Obama.

      Was it the failed oil and football or the community service that changed you rmind?


      • Joe H.

        you must have something wrong with your eyes!! I’ve seen at least four people here on this thread that have said we don’t give Bush a pass and you seem to ignore it! I personally think Bush was an A$$HOLE!!! There! Did you catch it THAT time?? I was one of MILLIONS that flooded all my reps phone lines, mail boxes, and emails with complaints when Bush tried to grant amnesty. I also raised hell about other things as well. I give no man a pass if he screws up, NOT EVEN YOU, BUBBA!!!

        • Buster the Anatolian

          As far as little robbie is concerned everything is Bush’s fault even if it happened under Clinton, Reagan, or even Carter and nothing is obama’s fault even if it is proven without a doubt he did it.

      • KHM

        Good grief Rob Smith,
        Don’t you have a life- you have been dominating this post all day. Several people have told you to stay on subjec which is the Fast & Furious scandal. Not what Bush did or didn’t do in his two terms.
        Seems that if Obama and his minions went to the lenghths to dispose of records that they have more to hide. Also how do they know tha there zre not other copies existing of those e-mails and correspondence? Also forensics can be done to retrieve information deleted on computers, but still on the hard drive.
        Holder lied in the Congressional hearing. People died because of this ill-conceived plan whose goal was to get rid of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

  • hitthedeck

    Holder is not going any where because he is a democrat. If he were a republican he would be in prison. Our government is being ran like the mafia and the fox is in the henhouse.

  • Robert Smith

    hitthedeck says: “If he were a republican he would be in prison.”

    Do you mean like Scooter Libby?


    • Joe H.

      Yeah, and Clintoon! Wait he didn’t go to jail for lying to congress, did he? Under oath, as well!!!

  • Buck

    The fact that neither of them have been indicted speaks for the corruption and cowardice in the top levels of the government of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA , thus the rise of the TEA PARTY .

  • Jim

    If you ask the ‘average’ person on the street and I’ll bet they will say, “I saw the movie”…..

  • mike1127

    Holder and his whole crew need impeached now. If Obama was in on Fast and Furious, he needs impeached also.

    I’m sick of there being one set of rules for the politicians, and a different set for the public they supposedly serve.

  • mike swann2

    BO and his thugs will never spend one day in jail. If Congress voted to impeach this marxist, the senate would vote against it. Majority is Demo.

    Solyandra is another way BO has ripped us off, and some other green projects. He knew Wall st were getting their bonuses prior to the bailout. Dodd lied under oath sthat he didn’t know, 3 days later admitted he wall st had the bonuses included in the bailout. PSart of the deal prior to the bailout. BO got more money from Wall st than any president in campaign money.

    We will never get our 401k pension plans lost in this mess. Unions got GM and BO changed bankrupcy rules, so they could declare bankrupcy and turned 60% GM to Unions who spent $500 mil total to put this marxist in. Also all that money hasn’t been paid back to taxpayers, and also BO had no right as pres to stick his nose in private sector, muc less fire the CEO of GM. He got away with it, just like forcing healthc ae on us and paying for abortions here and abroad, going against sthe Hyde amemdment saying taxpayers wouldn’t fund abortions.Obama and Holder are tight, so don’t worry, O knew of the deal. Further, thisisn’t the firt run in Holder has had with guns. He is a snake, and long as demos run the senate, nothing will be done.

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens

    I can read their minds. They stand there shacking Skinners and thinking how great they are, two black men in the top positions in this country and having it like Micky D’s, their way. We are socking it to them aren’t we Bro? Makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Joe H.

    I wonder how many of this current crop, dems AND repubs alike, would be in jail if they had passed the new bill against insider trading by congress???

    • Buster the Anatolian

      It might pass yet but you can be sure it will only apply from the date of signing by the president forward. Every thing that happened before that will be grandfathered in as OK.

  • J c

    Why did they print out emails in the first place? If indeed the article is true. Talk about inefficiency.

  • Tight Fist

    everybody should quit whinning & look at what info has been put forth in various forms of the media. i have no doubt if any one of us had committed the acts, that are reasonably undeniable, we would be in jail without bond & probably be in the custody of NSA, DOJ, FBI, or dead. those with power have yet to realize that many people have reached the confusion stage of reason & when the chaos stage becomes the norm, the food chain theory will become inevitable. if one starts at the bottom of the food chain (collateral damage will occur) it will get to the point that fear will rule & even the “powerful” will not be able to trust those around them for protection & fear will cause them to do terrible things (military turning on the citizenry, genocide, etc.). they do not fear yet & chaos is not yet risen, but every powerful person should start wondering if behind closed doors will not be their future. when enough people get to the point of despair, revenge at any cost (collateral damage) will extract it’s pound of flesh from the bottom of the food chain to the top. stop the foolishness & ask all those you know where they fit in the food chain & what price are they willing (family, friends, self, etc. to pay. beware of false prophets & their promises for all they want is power & never expect to need redemption & care not for those they have made promises too. they are ghosts hiding in the shadows posing as enlitened entities who will make all your needs come true even though their outward pose is not what it seems. power corrupts, absolute power destroys & in the end all becomes what we would never have believed. collapse of the entire food chain.


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