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The Fast And The Spurious V: Holder’s Last Stand

December 22, 2011 by  

The Fast And The Spurious V: Holder’s Last Stand

Ralph Waldo Emerson called “foolish consistency… the hobgoblin of little minds.” I somehow doubt the sage of transcendentalism considered just how apropos that remark would be more than a century later, but I expect he would be fairly surprised that the United States had grown to such prodigious strength. I am sure he would be aghast that we squandered much of that strength on a series of profligate executive spendthrifts, culminating in a Presidential Administration which has only two evident talents: failure and racist excuse-making.

During Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, the specious charge of racism was deployed by the Democratic machine in response to any criticism of their beloved community activist, replacing the so-called “vast, right-wing conspiracy” with which they marginalized dissent during the Administration of President Bill Clinton. When Americans were introduced to the abominable “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright — a man so consumed by his own racist rantings that he makes the usual parasites like “Reverend” Al Sharpton and “Reverend” Jesse Jackson look like the Dalai Lama by comparison — the corporate media dutifully ignored the fact that Obama had somehow managed to spend two decades in Wright’s pews without noticing that Wright’s moral compass pointed in only one direction. By the time Newsweek mouthpiece Jonathan Alter infamously claimed only racism could prevent an Obama Presidency, the strategy was pathetically consistent: against any opposition to Obama, play the race card.

So it should come as no surprise that last Sunday, embattled Attorney General Eric Holder told the sad remnant of the once-mighty New York Times that the calls for his resignation in the wake of Operation Fast and Furious are (brace yourself) racist:

This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him… both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.

Unfortunately for the Attorney General, his race card expired the day Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a narcoterrorist, who was armed by OFF, the failed gunwalking operation about which Holder has repeatedly lied to Congress. In the previous installments of what has become a series of columns on OFF, I have laid bare the details of OFF and Holder’s involvement therein in the sort of detail normally reserved for Playboy and Golf Digest (those “perfect swing” foldouts are pornographic). Instead of belaboring those well-established facts regarding Holder’s handling of the OFF scandal, let’s examine the statement above.

Faced with skyrocketing pressure to either resign or face career-ending consequences for either breathtaking incompetence or deliberate malfeasance in the wake of OFF, Holder is doubling down in the other direction. What Holder missed in speciously linking racism to entirely justified calls for his ouster is the fact that his relationship with the President is under scrutiny — as well it should be. Furthermore, that scrutiny is unrelated to race and is instead related to valid questions about whether Obama knew about OFF, whether he knew Holder would lie to Congress about it and whether he plans to address the fallout meaningfully. A major scandal involving taxpayer dollars funding murderous narcoterrorists and an executive response which included potential perjury and spectacular arrogance doesn’t require a racial aspect. OFF was — and it remains — an unmitigated disaster. In claiming that people think he bears responsibility for it because he’s an African-American, Holder has predictably played the race card. Again.

I’ll say this for Holder, Obama and the rest of the liberal vermin who buttress their assault on our national dignity: At least they’re consistent.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • http://deleted Claire

    Racist? This is nothing more than a cop-out. Get lost Holder, America doesn’t need people like you in office. Heck, some of my dogs could and would have done a better job. At least they are honest, a characteristic you have never had including many, many politicians that are in office now. Shame on you and the rest of them. Shame? These politicians have no shame.

    • FreedomFighter

      Holder is a traitor, he needs to goto JAIL.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • K_templar

        Holder should take his racist traitor in chief NObama with him, AND Pelosi, AND Reid, AND CLINTON AND all the Communists from Axelrod to the Democrates/Unions aligned with the communist party.

        • enlightened

          Hypocrisy is alive and well eh?

        • Erik

          It’s too bad obumer will get elected again! Him and his minions will surely lay waste to this great country of ours,you can count on it for sure!

      • Vigilant

        Mr. Crystal writes, “Unfortunately for the Attorney General, his race card expired the day Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a narcoterrorist, who was armed by OFF, the failed gunwalking operation about which Holder has repeatedly lied to Congress.”

        Race cards, as played by the simpering liberals, have NO shelf life; there can be no expiration date for a commodity that has zero shelf life to begin with.

        • OldNYFirefighter

          Holder may call himself an African-American, but the way he is acting the American part has expired. He is nothing more than a Chicago Thug, plain & simple. Not only does he need to resign, he needs to be prosecuted for complicity in the murder of a US Border Patrol Officer, among other charges from lying to Congress under oath & any other relevant charges associated with Fast & Furious. As far as Holder is concerned his little Hitler style lip caterpillar fits him to a tee. I am starting to think Blacks like Obama & himself have set race relations back a couple of hundred years. I have no doubt they are the very same Ghetto Trash that assassinated Herman Cain’s campaign & his character with it. Where were these women before & how much were they paid by Obama’s people. I have very serious doubts they came forward on their own moral obligation. Most were of questionable character to begin with. Cain was a threat to Obama & Holder, so they had him eliminated, just like Obama did with opponents to his Senatorial position. Holder is part of Obama’s Character Assassination team & that means assassination of the Constitution & Freedom for all US Citizens. It is too bad Assassination of thugs is against the law, as it is need for these two for justice to prevail. A Military firing squad would be justifiable.

          • Kay

            Boy you said it all and I could not agree with you more…GOOD for OLDNYFIREFIGHTER!!!!!!

      • BobfromSoCal

        Jail! I think he should be sent to the Red line at one of the FEMA camps that he helped to set up.

      • Pappy

        I agree, Holder, Obama and most of our Congress members should go to jail. On this case, Holder has been lying to Congress, which gets you jail time if your are a “common” citizen. I did not fight in two wars, Korea and Viet Nam for this kind of government. It’s time for the people to rise up and do something with this bunch. It is terrible when one of our officials gets one of our citizens killed and is able to lie his way out of it.

        De Oppresso Liber

        • Dark Knight

          Thank you, Pappy, very much for your service to our Nation. May God bless you….always!
          As far as this Nation’s top cop….the “brig” is too good for you. Even you, at some point, will have to answer to a higher authority for all your atrocities.

      • Joe H.

        give your Dogs a little more credit!!! If holders office had not been filled, and there was nobody to do his job, a better job could be done!!!

      • Mike in MI

        Righto! Freedom Fighter – That’s where he’s got to go!
        But what are we to expect if some RINO New England elitist like Mutt Ram-me Romney decides that what Holder is doing is “not so bad”. “My fellow Republican National Committee, It don’t mean nuttin’ fer summun like him to lie to Congress, kill people who work to defend our borders, dismantle our system of national laws and order, sue Joe Arpaio/Arizona for enforcing OUR laws and basically working to fundamentally change America by tearing out our foundations and economic system. What’s so bad about that, my fellow Republicans? We ought to just treat ‘em like reg’lr folks and leddum all go. Hand me my comb.”
        Just watch! Want to lay any odds on it?

    • wandamurline

      Holder needs only to look in the mirror if he wants to see a true racist. This man is contemptable…he made it clear that white people have no civil rights when he decided to dismiss the case of voter intimidation against the black panthers in 2009. He stated that he would not go after black people for crimes of this nature…he also does not defend the border, he does not defend DOM or any law that he does not particularly like, therefore, he has not kept his oath of office and should resign….if he doesn’t, then he needs to be fired.

      • slapjack

        Very good comment!! This entire administration is beyond a joke. They are murders liars and thieves. We have been misled and if we vote this garbage back into office for four more years we are in serious trouble as a country. The inept idiots are definetly bought and paid for by all the libtard socialists that want to destroy this great nation. Holder must be forced to resign and face charges for the wrongful death of this agent who was sacrificed by Holders crimminal intent. Hang him High after the courts find him guilty. Semper Fi

        • ONTIME

          I am of the thought that these pandering criminals that hold the leadership positions that drive the country are connected mostly by ideology of communism and they are mainly composed of the black caucus, black islam, black liberation and the black panther party. The pieces are now coming together for all to see and the fight to remove and destroy their work is ensuing by exposing and regaining the rule of law…we are in for one hell of a fight.

          I know of no reason as to why a poitical caucus needs to be based on race.

          • enlightened

            You have a right to your indignation, misplaced as it may be. It’s about people stupid. Sorry, to call names. Just for effect.

      • PATRIOT 101

        He needs to be fired? Do you know who it is that would “fire him”? It is his “buddie” in the White House, Obama!
        Maybe it will take a different course of action to get rid of Holder. Why don’t you think of one?

        • Flame

          The answer should lie in the same committee that has subpoenaed Holder to testify—the Gov’t Oversight Committee presently headed by Rep. Darrell Issa. They could call for Holder’s impeachment. The problem there is the same, however, as calling to impeach Obummer. The Senate would sit as jury to impeach Holder, and it requires the same 2/3rds to convict, or 66 votes. With the Senate presently comprised of 49 Dems and 2 Independents who are fallen-away Dems, a conviction would require all 47 Republicans to vote to convict (doubtful) plus 19 more votes that would have to come from some combination of Dems and Indies. The numbers just aren’t there.

          About all we can do is kick this admin out in November, then appoint a special prosecutor. Border Agent Brian Terry was murdered. There is no statute of limitations on murder, so if Holder is complicit in Terry’s murder, he can be tried after he’s out of that office. Meanwhile, I’m sure that Issa’s committee is compiling volumes of documentation. We can only hope that documentation has a lot of tentacles that will lead right to the current occupant of the White House, who can later be tried as a co-conspirator.

          • Vigilant

            Leave it to Obama to institute a new presidential prerogative: to pardon all criminals in his administration even before they’re prosecuted.

          • Joe H.

            there is also the little fact that holder has a fiduciary responsibility to his position AFTER he leaves office!! This means he can still be held responsible for all crimes commited by his office ofr a certain period of time!!

      • Michael

        Removal from office is much to easy on this scumbag! Prosecution and time in the slammer is more than justified.

        • JLC

          Michael — A short rope, a tall tree, and a spooky horse is a better solution!

          • Joe H.

            A short rope and a short FALL sounds better to me!!! Justice should be a very trying mistress in this case!!!

          • Mike in MI


      • William LCollins

        Holder Obama Clenton and all knew about this every noe of them needs to go to prison for life Obama pardon the black panthers there not a one of them that should be above the law but thats why Obama put judges on the sepream court so if some thing whet rong they would not covect them and i don’t know who all the idoits are that think they need to make Hillary president heell she just as bad as Holider Obama so i and many others will vote fore RON PAUL and any one elsa that votes aganst the Obama addaminastration period

      • Jag

        There should be a special prosecutor appointed and all that are involved in this failed gun control operation, should be convicted in a court of law, and pay, both criminally and financially for the deaths they have caused, both here and in Mexico.

        Also, I want to hear the question asked, over and over, like in the hearings that caused the resignation of Nixon, what did the president know and when did he know it. This is many times more serious than Watergate, which was like a childhood prank, as compared to this.

        • enlightened

          Me too, but I want to ask G.W. What did you know and when? Chirp. He was a pawn a puppet. Wake up and smell the oppression.

      • enlightened

        Relax. Occupy reality.

    • http://personallibertydigest michael

      Everyone is quick to put blame on this chit but truth b known he was following orders crime higher ppl…. Before u start the blame game look at the fact that the United States Big Gov. Is not telling you… He and it well respected tyrant in chief of this great country was involved also. If Obama knew about it he should resign and impeachment him also. It wasn’t just one person they r putting a blame on him so u under mind.everything that is really going on wake up. Stop crying and dtart fighting back.

      • Matt Newell

        You ALWAYS have a scapegoat who will fall on his sword for his leader but in most cases it is some peon who was just doing his job as he was told to do it. In this case the higher up is getting ready to bite the bullet, but he will fight and fight until his leader (Obama) is forced to remove him (throw him under the bus) to save his own skin.

      • T-Texas

        Obummer knew about this in my opinion when he told a reporter the he and others were working for more gun control under the radar.This was soon after Senator Giffords was shot by the insane nut.I believe that by this statement he said he knew about fast and furious.

      • Joe H.

        Untill we put the fear of death into these scum that “just follow orders” Then they always WILL!! We need to show them that we will not tolerate these types of dealings and a trial by jury, conviction, and penalty quickly followed is just the ticket!!!

    • karel Eekels

      A disgrace.

      Again this alone reminds us that the inmates run the country with a president that carefully selects his
      entourage in Washington D.C. Not only need species like this Eric Holder be removed from office(s), but all and everything (pension & health care packages) need to be taken away from them so they can join the crowd.



      • JUKEBOX

        Obama & Holder represent the epitome of RACISM. They always choose to put the “BLACK” part of their geneology to the front, totally ignoring the “EQUAL” white part of their background. This shows how much they are both “RACIAL WHORES”

    • enlightened

      Indignation without reason is useless. Wake up sleepy head, the system is rigged. Neither side is for you or me.

    • Lee Baldwin

      I never even realized Holder was black until he opened his criminal mouth and uttered, “racist”

  • s c

    Somebody get Bill Cosby on the phone. People like Holder and Jesse the Mouth Jackson use the race crd like it’s a form of immunity. In fact, some people would be forced to get a job, shut up and fade away if they didn’t think they could be treated better than the rest of us (and be praised for being consummate hypocrites).
    Does it need to be pointed out that Holder is an APPOINTED stooge? Maybe we’ll get lucky, and Holder will try and create a Department of Racism. It fits, especially with Obummer trying to force his version of 1984 on America. Only a criminal mind uses power like a drug, people.
    In an administration filled with criminals, power freaks and all manner of monsters, Holder is just a face in the crowd. However, his ego and his need to act like a career criminal with a badge is truly ‘world-class.’ Only a loser like Obummer would DARE to act like a new daddy when it’s obvious to most Americans that his “monster brat” was created by design.

    • wandamurline

      Unfortunately, Cosby and Morgan Freeman side with Holder or Obama…they both have called the tea parties racist because we do not believe in the agenda Obama has begun in America. I don’t know who you could call anymore,since Obama has used the race card sooooo many times. This president will go down in history as the “great divider”. He has declared class warfare…he has divided us by color of skin and by socioeconomics. We must stand together and kick his can down the road for a change in 2012.

      • Ed Mack

        What is wrong with Herman Cain? He is one of the very few Black men of recognition who has told his fellow blacks to get off their own backsides and try to do for themselves rather than wait for free support from government agencys. Don’t listen to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and those people. Get off your dead asses and have some pride in yourselves EARN your keep

      • JUKEBOX

        Obama & Holder are divided within their own selves, because they are as WHITE as they are BLACK. Why doesn’t someone ask which part they are referring to when they claim RACISM?

      • firefight

        wandamurline, You are so right. This administration and its agenda was totally predictable. I, as many knew, if this black man got into the White House, the white race and all others would have hell to pay. These defectors of liberty have done everything they can to damage what little progress was made in mending racism in this country. Obama along with Wright, Sharpton, Jackson and all of the other blacks who make a living off of perpetuating animosity between races have been on the field way too long. Their rantings and promotion of racism has brought us to what can only be described as “full out division of classes and races.”

        Here is a prime example. A man, white by race, was in my place of business this week. He had move to my state from Michigan where he ran an asphalt paving business. After a day’s work, he was taking two of his employees, black by race, to their homes, driving the work truck they used in the business. Going down one of the streets, a little two year old black boy ran out in front of the truck. There was no time to avoid the child and the truck ran over him killing him instantly. All three men jumped out of the truck in an attempt to do something for the little boy. One of the black men fainted from the sight of the tiny mangled body. At that moment, this white man heard voices from neighbors coming toward them. One voice yelled out, “Who did this?” Another answered, “that white boy over there did it.” At that moment, he looked up to see a very big black man running toward him with a butcher knife in his hand. This black man wasn’t interested in trying to do something to help the little boy or help the family, he ONLY wanted revenge and this “white boy” was in his sights. When the fleeing white man tripped and fell, the black man with the knife was on him, plunging the butcher knife to the handle into his chest. He was very fortunate to have survived this assault. But, why did it happen? I know for a fact that in my neighborhood, this wouldn’t happen. Our concern first and foremost would be for the child and the child’s family. This incident was an accident. Nobody runs over a little boy intentionally. What kind of person comes running out with a knife wanting to kill someone? The only kind of person I can think of would be one who was schooled in the mindset of Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Only a person who has been taught that black people and white people should hate each other spontaneously as these men with the help of this administration has done.

        This is why I say, these players have been on the field way too long. They need to be seen for who and what they are and for the damage they are inflicting on us and our nation. They seriously needs to be held accountable for their deeds and dealt with appropriately.

      • ChristyK

        If you want a really intelligent black man, just read anything by Thomas Sowell. He is a modern day Thomas Jefferson. The only time he mentions race is to chastise those who use race to get special privledges. Star Parker is pretty good too.

        • Alex

          Read Eugene Robinson today. Then peel back the years and read James Baldwin, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther Kin, and WEB DuBois.

          Smarten up!

        • OldNYFirefighter

          Christy, you also have people like Eric Rush & LTC Allan West who are Black men, but they are Americans first & foremost. They don’t play the Race Card because color doesn’t matter to them. They are color blind & judge a man or woman on their principles rather than their color or any other physical trait. It is people like Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson & other Race Baiters that cause the tension between the different Race or Ethnic groups making up this great country. It is their perceived injustice that actually produces the injustice or inequality & it then becomes a reality. These people have done more harm to race relations between all races & need to be shouted down or made accountable for the hate they incite. We are Americans, not Black Americans, African Americans,Polish Americans, Italian Americans or Mexican Americans. We are all Americans period! If we want this country to survive, we have to stick together, as Americans first. No country is as free to become anything you are capable of becoming as the USA is. What you become & your success has more to do with ambition & tenacity than it does with Race or Ethnicity. Until people understand this, there will continue to be different classes of citizens, those who prosper & those who stagnate.

      • Joe H.

        Actually cosby has been ostracised by his own race as he has publically stated it is high time for the Black man to take responsibility for his own life and choices. He has also stated it is time to abandon the race card and start living to their potential!!!

    • Mike in MI

      Hey, s c…speaking of hypocrites…
      Where are all the trolls and whitetrash libs who normally populate this place??? Odd – they seem to have difficulty finding a crazy enough position to champion on this mess…..which MOST illuminates what they and the god-men they worshipfully adore represent.

  • JimH

    Was it racism when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was bullied into resigning by the Dems?
    What Gonzales alledgedly did is nothing compared to what Holder is involved in.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    Holder is full of poop.

  • Jim Robinett

    What a line of crap! When you know you are caught and probably shown to be guilty, then is the time to claim racism, right? And this is supposed to be our government officials, sure appears to be a big bunch of cry babies and dishonest creatures.

    • Warrior

      I get so confused about this nationality issue sometimes. So is oblama an african american, american, a white african american, a kenyan white african american, a kenyan american, an orphaned african whjite kenyan american, an american socialist african american??

      The better question is, how are they alike? Please expound on that issue mr. AG.

      • cawmun cents

        Please let me take this…..
        Mr.Soetoro is gray.
        Everything about himis gray.
        There is no black and white,when an election needs winning.
        You cannot run amok,standing firm on any issues,taking responsibility,or completing any actions which might offend one group or another,without endangering your re-election.
        Therefore you establish that there is a gray area in all things which you can point to,in any situation requiring a firm stance.
        This is why the gray man was elected in the first place.
        He provides neither black or white to any conditions but rather submits that all situations have a gray area by which he can avoid any accountability.
        Hence he is gray.

        Hope I was of service in clearing this question up for you.-CC.

        • Mike in MI

          Pretty good anaysis, cawmun cents..
          But truthfully I’ve often thought of him as “invisible slime”.
          He’s so-o-o-o slimey he can slide betwen rays of light and thereby avoid the reflection of any photons or stimuli recognizeable to our normal senses – - – unless he wants to appear and dazzle us with his teleprompter reading abilities.
          He’s like a self generated being that God didn’t have anything to do with designing.

      • HAOLEBOY


        • JUKEBOX

          I thought the Hawaiian term is “HAPA HAOLE”.

        • Joe H.

          Too bad you aren’t in a position to prove he isn’t a natural born citizen! Now THAT would be helpful!!!!

        • Mike in MI

          Now, now, HAOLEBOY -
          Must you speak so disparagingly of her…?
          After all, even Rosemary’s Baby must have had SOME endearing quality.
          But then… his mother did up and run off on him, pretty quick, leaving the poor undocumented alien with his grandparents to abuse.

          • RB

            GO back even further Look at the OJ trial. The whole defense was based on subdefuse. Let not look at the fact or the evidence lets worry about a statement one of the cops made 10 years before. If we can’t impeach them and can’t hav them fired time for a good old fashioned public trial ket the publicbe judge jurors and then hang these jerkoffs from the nearest tree.

  • jack

    Racism is the constant cry of those without the motivation to lead a fully productive, HONEST life. This administration and ALL of the others before it, all the way back to “the New Deal” are guilty of treason against the Republic, and the constitution of The united States of America.

  • http://www.andjustice4all.rg Marian Scirrotto

    Holder is the Racist,And I’m sick of the Race Card being thrown at us..
    Had the boarder agent been black ; he would of been all over it… He continues to give out passes just like voter intimidation in Philly with the Black Panthers and would not be surprised if he freed Mumia Abu-Jamal who killer Phila. Police Officer Danny Faulkner December 9, 1981

    Faulkner died but the case against Abu-Jamal would live on far beyond his 1982 conviction for murder.

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    iT seems they may be right ,about racism. their race acusing the others.time to grow up…

  • Sirian

    Is this so unusual? Whenever they get caught they RACE TO USE RACE. . . >:(

  • Randy131

    If anyone heard, or even read, the speech Eric Holder gave as to why he had the DOJ drop the case, that was already won, against the ‘New Black Panthers’ members who intimidated white voters, and kept some from voting, at a polling place in Pennsylvania in the 2008 national elections, they would understand who the true racist is, and it’s Eric Holder himself. In paraphrasing, at the End of Eric Holders speech, he declared he would not let the DOJ prosecute any black on white voter intimidation cases, or any other black on white racist issues, until the white people have suffer the same bias and intimidation as the black people have historically suffered. In other words, until whites have suffered as much wrong as the blacks have in the past, the blacks are free to break our laws and commit as much bias and intimidation against the whites as they please, without fear of prosecution, until Eric Holder deems the tally becomes equal in offenses between the two races. This is the type of justice Americans can expect while Eric Holder runs the DOJ, or as it now should be labeled, the DOI (Department Of Injustice).

    • Dennis48e

      OoooH careful Randy131. You will have eddie47d digging into his pile of sh!t and throwing it at you mentioning the black panthers.

      • JeffH


      • Joe H.

        He can dig into a plate of himself???? now THAT’S a TRICK!!!


      Those Black Panthers were twice as BLACK as Holder. Explain that!

    • Brad

      What I do not get, is why they are pissed off at the white man anyway. It was their grandfathers who sold them at auction, we brought them over here and gave the speer chunkers a much better life than they had in the jungles mof Africa. Hell over there they had to beat off the lions tigers and bears OH MY!! Are ther bears in Africa??

      • Joe H.

        That’s the way BRAD, give em’ more ammunition against people who claim to be conservatives!!! Give the crap a rest!!

  • paul

    Where is some proof that Bill Cosby spoke out against freedom and accused anyone of racism? I’ve always been a big fan of his, and greatly respect his morales and values (I used to be a fan of morgan freeman).
    Bill Cosby spoke about his feelings regarding black people and education in his recent rant called We Cannot Blame the White People Any Longer.

    Cosby is probably the only person who could get away with talking the way he does because he is well respected among people of all races.

    “People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we’ve got these knuckleheads walking around,” he says.

    “They’re standing on the corner and they can’t speak English. I can’t even talk the way these people talk….You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living.”

    Cosby is especially upset that we have millionaire football players who cannot read or write two paragraphs.

    “We, as black folks, have to do a better job,” he stated. “We have to start holding each other to a higher standard.”

    He believes that “Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person’s problem. We have got to take the neighborhood back.”

    • Flame

      Cosby holds a Ph.D. from Columbia U. Before he was so tragically murdered, Bill’s son Ennis Cosby was working on a master’s degree. This is a black family that has every right to stand up and speak out on education and what it can bring one. Look how many of those overpaid undereducated sports stars get themselves into legal trouble with everything from drugs to domestic violence and even murder.

      Another black who can (and does) speak out on this is Larry Elder. One of Larry’s early books was “Ten Things You Can’t Say in America.”

      • Joe H.

        i have read things by Larry Elder since about five years ago when I frequented town hall. I respect the man very much on his views on how the Black man is screwing HIMSELF!!

  • Charles

    He who rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of G_d. 2 Samuel 23:3. This goes for any color of skin and any level of position and power. Truth and justice will win in the end. Whatever the situation, it is sad and wrong when some people die just so any of us can hang on to power.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Great article Ben. Ditto to all the comments favoring the removal of all of the cast in this nightmare. Holdren. Susstein, Obama, Sebelius, etc.

  • Lastmanstanding

    Just remember this when they come for our 2nd Amendment rights… The race card is only a diversion to stall for time…and draw attention from something else that is being done behind the curtain.

  • http://cox poss


    • Ret

      Please don’t yell, it hurts my eyes. Thanks.

      • independant thinker

        I rarely if ever read past the first line or two of the folks who use all caps in their posts. I am sure I occasionaly miss a good point but like you said their “yelling” hurts my eyes.

  • http://none John Chinn

    Holder belongs in jail for a long, long time. This Fast and Furious thing of Obama’s and Holder’s happened because the past tells them, we the Citizen , wiil do nothing about it. Note that Dodd and Dorgan were let of the hook by the Senate “Ethics” Committee.

    If we do not pursue these people, even after a election deposes them, and see that they get stiff sentences, this will happen, again and again.

    • Flame

      Amen, amen, Joseph Chinn.

      Holder isn’t the only one who should spend a long time in jail. Given how much fraud and failure to vet went into putting Obummer in the White House, I would send him to Gitmo and make him a victim of that clause in the Defense Appropriations Bill just passed that makes terrorists of people with missing fingers (covers my dad and a good friend—both now mercifully dead), food storage (covers almost all Mormons), and other innocent conditions. As for Obummer, he’s hidden so much, we can’t even be sure if he’s even a legitimate citizen, let alone natural born. Makes him a good candidate to be jailed as an enemy combatant without benefit of due process—just as he does to others.

      And let’s not forget Pelosi’s involvement in “certifying” his alleged eligibility. We could fill up a whole jail with the miscreants! Too weak a word there. They’re criminals!

  • Bill

    What else would you expect from our racist leaders?

  • Bill Scantlen

    I think everyone is missing the point.
    So, Congress impeaches Holder- Obama pardons him and restores his record. Then he is appointed for another federal judgeship and continues on as if nothing has happened. Case in point-Alcee Hastings.

    • Flame

      Not if we prosecute after he’s out of office. Besides, impeachment is not feasible at this time with the current makeup of the Senate. See my reply to WandaMurline near the top of these posts on how the numbers are against impeachment. If we had the numbers, Obummer would probably be gone by now.

  • former walmart person

    AG Holder is “2nd amendment ist” for being against those who beleive in the second amendment. As a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, I demand that Holder resign for his rabid discrimination.

  • former walmart person

    If anyone asks, I am a bisexual (just exploring the female side of things for awhile) muslum hippie who is actually African American who just decided to go Michael Jackson with a “white plasty” on my skin. I AM UNTOUCHABLE AND YOU HAD BETTER WATCH WHAT YOU SAY TO ME OR I WILL CRY RACIST!!!!

    • Joe H.

      OOOOOOHHHHHKKKKAAAYYY!!! A little bit of information overload there!!! HEHEHE!!! just pickin on ya former!!!

  • Ret

    Zipper Willie, oops, I mean Bill Clinton, was impeached by the House of Representatives (acquitted by the Senate), and lost his license to practice law for 5 years for lying about a bimbo. On Oct 1, 2001, per Fox News “Bill Clinton of New York, New York be suspended of the practice of law in this court and a rule will issue, returnable within 40 days, requiring him to show cause why he should not be disbarred from the practice of law in this court.”
    Republicans, look around you, you sit with your fingers in your noses. Were you willing to go after the zipper because he’s a honky? Are you all deaf, dumb and blind? Between bummer and holder barely a peep? We need 100 Ron and Rand Pauls in the Senate and 435 of them in the House. F*** the race card. Grow some balls.

    • Flame

      Some of us are working very hard to do just that, Ret.

  • Bob Marshall

    It doesn’t take much research to find Eric Holders record of corruption.Yes, he has played the race card in some of his decisions.

  • Wyatt

    Sorry Eric Holder , that defense just doesn’t wash anymore . Only someone who is actually and truely racist would even attempt to use it or hide behind it . You are not only a liar you are despicable and a traitor . You without a doubt know your guilt and that of your boss and yet rather than serve your country you serve your master .
    Call me racist if you wish , but I label you racist , starting with Andrew Jackson , Democrats and their supporters have held the Native American peoples on Reservations that you picked and, many times stole back when something profitable to you was found there . Example , the Black Hills , a know sacred site of the Lakota people .
    For you to call anyone racist is a joke and a laughable attempt to keep yourself from being arrested , impeached or tried as a traitor . Try being a man Eric Holder , admit your guilt and face the penalty .

  • Harvey

    I survived the destruction on the fire department I worked for when affirmative action led to people being promoted based on race not skills, knowledge and abilities. People were promoted that could barely read and write at an eight grade level. There is no way to compute the number of people that died or were seriously injured because if incompentenc. The property loses were tremendous. We could not say or do anything about this unconstitutional action because we would be labeled racist and be brought up on charges and purnished for trying to correct a miscarriage of justice. Our country has cowered down and watched the affrigen americans destroy our country Holder is using the race card that is outdated and not justified as a defense. He is covering for someone very high up. He and the seventy two openly admitted registered members of the socialist party are true domestic terrorists. These and Odumba should be charged with treason, murder and any other charges that are appropriate and sent to Gitmo with the other terrorist awaiting trial.

    • Joe H.

      The fire department is one of the many places that afirmative action is a killer!! If the person promoted to a position of authority hasn’t got the neccessary knowledge to do the job, he gets people KILLED!!! Same with police, and medicine!!

      • OldNYFirefighter

        Even a Volunteer Fire Dept had a problem in which they were supposed to actively recruit Minority Applicants. One of our Black Firefighters told us to tell them to go F**^ themselves as there is already a minority on the crew, me & I am about as black as you can get. It really pi$$ed him off that we were required to go get people who really had no interest or qualifications to become Firefighters. He told the rest of us that Affirmative Action was the downfall of blacks because it gave them no incentive to improve their education or qualifications to get a position other people have to work hard to qualify for. I have to agree with him.

  • EMRoss

    Holder is a moronic bureaucrat that does not deserve to get any recognition. Every pay check he accepts should be considered as robbery.

  • jim

    I read most of this babble, talk’s cheap. Let’s see what Nov 5, 2012 brings?

    Semper Fi

    • Joe H.

      I can guarantee you if we get the chance to vote, I will bring a vote for RN PAUL! GUARANTEED!! AS THE CANDIDATE OR AS A WRITE-IN!!

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    He bears responsibility because he is involved in criminal activity!

  • Ltjg

    Black, White, Yellow, Green…I do not care. Color this man RED as in Communist. This man is a Traitor and should be delt as such. Impeachment is too good for him.

  • http://msn Kerri

    These people have used the race card so many times that it no longer means anything. The word raceism and racist is now just a dirty word thrown around like little kids calling you a bad name cause they are mad. Mr. Holder calling this racist is reason in itself to fire him. A man is dead because of his policy, take responsibility. Calling prople names does not show a person of intelegence, integraty or innocents. It is the last resort when you can’t defend you actions.

  • hitthedeck

    Eric Holder had a questionable background on other foolish decisions he undertook before his appointment by President Obama. It would not only be just one appointment of Obama’s choices but others that later proved to be un-American type personalities. Holder is dishonest and is in a position of power that is almost untouchable. Obama has put the Fox in the henhouse and has bragged that the Fox is doing a good job. The Democrats on the congressional committee know that Holder is dirty but protect him just to defend the party. I believe the main reason Holder is lying is because Fast and Furious was a well planed operation to undermine the second amendment and hundreds of murdered Mexicans and Agent Brian Terry were pawns used to give Congress motive to ban firearms in America. The cover-up along with the lies and disassociation with the whistle blowers points to that reason. Eric Holder now shows how low he can go by playing the race card!

  • John

    Excuse Me, but I find the governments response to this on both sides very disturbing. Apparently if you’re a politician you’re not subject to the rule of law in the United States. If any person or group of people in this country commit a crime ending in someones death, everyone who contributed in any way to the crime is supposed to be charged with MURDER. This is another of many red flags indicating our government regards the people of this country with contempt. “We The People” are thier employers NOT thier subjects. The people of this country need to wake up. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The strongest reason for the people to keep and bear arms, is as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny from the government.” What happened here was our government trying to make a phoney excuse to disarm the people. Why? Because it’s much easier to dictate to an unarmed population.

    • Joe H.

      At the very LEAST, if this was a civillian job and holder said he didn’t know about what the people under him were doing, he would be TERMINATED!! If it resulted in someone losing their life, he would be JAILED!! GIVE HOLDER THE BOOT OUT OFOFFICE AND INTO A CELL!!!

  • Thomas B

    Holder should definitely be tried for treason. He has contempt for Americans in his every word. I believe he is racist also. I hope he is driven out of office and has to face the music.

  • nanblan

    He’s a complete coward.

  • firefight

    Eric Holder is responsible for the death of Agent Brian Terry. He is responsible to us and the Mexican people for all of the deaths of every innocent person both American and Mexican that has and will arise out of this botched gun running operation that was intended to make the American people actually believe that retail gun shop owners were bad people selling guns to drug dealers. That is the bottom line. This government under the direction of Obama and Holder’s Justice department were trying to make the American public believe that we needed MORE gun controls on the citizens of this country. Yet another step in pushing us into their prison camps. Fortunately for us, the operation got exposed and now we know exactly how filthy dirty and corrupt these individuals really are. He knew about this operation and all the lies and cover ups will not change this irrefutable fact. He is guilty and playing the black man’s race card only adds to his unquestionable guilt. We are poised upon a precipice of a critical decision. Either we allow and accept the “dodge ball” maneuvers of these corrupt politicians or we start taking direct and deliberate action to rid ourselves of them. It’s time WE started making examples out of them!

  • JeffH

    It’s great to see a line of commenter’s that totally agree on an issue…KUDOS for that! :)

    Kudos to the ATF agents who risked their jobs and stepped forward to expose this planned assault on the 2nd Amendment. Let’s give Issa and Grassley a big vote of confidence for their efforts to thwart this anti-gun scheme perpetrated by the Holder DOJ compliments of the anti-gun POTUS in chief.

    Sign the petition that Obama and Holder hate…Fire Eric Holder and all of those responsible for this reprehensible and illegal anti-gun scheme.

  • JeffH
  • bob corbe

    It would be nice to know what the Mexican Mafia has to do for them?

  • sickofit

    Some group or individual needs to offer a huge reward for anyone with provable facts to come forward and expose the truth of OFF. Of course the MFOTUS would probably not allow him to be prosecuted but at least the truth would have been revealed.

  • MIKE


    • Alex

      You are correct, Mike.

      President Barack Hussein Obama WILL be reelected to a second term as our president—the GOP themselves have seen to this, what with their non-stop attack on America’s working families in order to maximize the largess of billionaires.

      As poorly as Obama has performed in his first term, no one can unseat him at this pointt. The only possible exception would be Hillary Clinton. That seems unlikely, but not as seriously unlikely as any of the Reich Wingers of the GOP chasing him from the White Guy’s House.

      • Joe H.

        Don’t bet the farm on that one!!! Ron Paul is shown in the polls to be the one that CAN beat Abummer and he is getting more and more followers as the campaign progresses!!!

  • Dawn

    It takes one (racist) to know one. . .

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Holder you piece of CRAP, the “RACE” card you really are a stupid S.O.B. I don’t care what party what color you are if you are a complete idiot, murderer, Liar and dishonest like you are, go to Jail and rott for at least the rest of your miserable life. You and Obamanation should be removed from office tried convicted and sent to jail, a real jail not the country club you miserable crooks in the government go to.

    • Alex

      As a Vietnam vet, you can wear the dented crown of ‘Murderer’ as easily, if not more so, than Eric Holder.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Speaking of yourself huh Alex.

      • Joe H.

        As a Viet Nam Vet, How about you kiss my AZZ!!! You socialist piece of CRAP!!!

      • libertytrain

        Alex, your total ignorance is being displayed prominently again.

  • Gorba

    This is a classic case of a racist so caught up in his own racism that he calls everyone that opposes him of being a racist.

    If that’s the case Mr. Holder, call us what you will, racist if it must be, however, that does not have anything to do with your illegal and incompetent performance as the head of our Justice Department. A place that has anything but justice going on.

    You are lucky that we are only calling for you to step down. If I were running things, you would be arrested for your actions and hopefully found guilty and incarcerated.

    Now shut up and step down!

  • Gorba

    * Sorry, “calls” above should read “accuses”


    This arrogant, devious little racist by the name of Holder is now in the spotlight for his infamous achievments, obstruction and undermining the Constitution at the behest of liberal leadership.
    His part in the OKC bombing was just as dirt filled as his recent treasonus act of smuggling US arms into a foreign country to make a case to overthrow the 2nd amendment and rob citizens of their right to bear arms. This time he is caught red handed, his only path is to fess up and include the Mysery Man in this plot.

    His part in the Waco and OKC acts is now becoming a part of his reportoire of infamy by protecting the likes of Clinton and Reno in viscious government related acts to lay blame on the opposing 2nd amendment gun support by decieving, obstructing and misleading all acts involving government agencies and the leadership. Evidence is now becoming more accessible by the FOIA another transparency act that the left has tried to squealch and now is revealing the bits and missing pieces of let conspiracy to undermine a Constitution and the Republic. I believe we all will see just how evil these people are and how intent is their quest to take this country away from one of freedom to one of communism and tyranny.

  • Rick

    It blows me away that Obama is so arrogant that he must think all of this will just go away and he won’t be affected. Any other president would have fired Holder’s stupid ass a loooooong time ago just to save his own butt, but BO is so far out of touch, he must feel immune. I would so much enjoy it if Holder went down in flames and drug his boss with him. Now wouldn’t THAT be a great Christmas present?!

  • John Burleson

    Holder: You are correct in the first part of your pathetic argument inasmuch as you are both identified by your characteristics. You are incorrect in your assumption that conflict is related to race. Stupid is not a race, Holder. Close your top desk drawer with the office door key inside; boldly stride through the office door; and lock it on your way out. Get out of my office, my government, and for that matter, my country. If you can swim, please be advised the Potamac gets the rest of the sewage to the sea….

  • Buck

    Racist has become the chant of all black losers , from when it really had serious meaning to now being a fallback for failure or ignorance .

  • Royce

    Fast and Furious is not the first time Holder authorized deadly weapons or deadly force. He has now been linked to the distribution of explosives to Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh immediately before the April 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

    From: Jesse Trentadue
    Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 9:20 PM
    To: Jesse Trentadue

    A Newsweek story on my brother Kenney’s murder, the Oklahoma City Bombing and PATCON WILL run this Monday and it WILL be the cover story. In trying to find out why my bother was tortured and murdered by the Clinton Justice Department, I stumbled upon PATCON.

    PATCON is an acronym for “Patriot Conspiracy”, a Clinton-Reno-Holder, FBI and ATF undercover operation. PATCON was designed to infiltrate and incite the milita and evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them.

    Ruby Ridge was a PATCON operation. Waco was a PATCON operation. And so, too, I believe was the Oklahoma City Bombing.

    In mid-December, a documentary will be released on PATCON, the Oklahoma City Bombing and Kenney’s murder. Shortly before Attorney General Eric Holder appears before the House Judiciary Committee on December 8, 2011, a story should run on Holder’s “Trentadue Mission,” which was designed to keep PATCON forever in the dark.

    Semper Fi.

    J.C. Trentadue

  • Alex

    Illinois woman shoots her children and boyfriend.
    Two Colorado schoolboys murder many of their classmates.
    Madman shoots Rep Giffords, several others.
    Man on Long Island railroad massacres fellow travelers.
    Gunman at Virginia Tech shoots and kills 31 people.
    Crazed man in San Ysidro massacres dozens of McDonalds patron.
    On and on and on and on…

    What do these horrific crimes have in common?
    They were ALL committed by our “Well-Regulated Militia”

    Teabag THAT!!

    • cawmun cents

      The FBI,under Janet Reno,killed more folks aggregately than these examples you provided at Waco,culminating in Timothy McVeigh blowing up a Federal Courthouse.
      McVeigh was am M1 Bradley tank commander in the Gulf War.
      He was fully aware of the tactics used by the gubment at Waco.
      He waqs trained to do the same thing,only instead that training was to be used only as a result of tactical combat in a foreign nation,not in the U.S.of A.
      The gubment attorney generals,primarily progressive liberal attorney generals,plays fast and loose with Constitutional Law.
      A fact that is not lost on the majority of folks posting here Comrade Alex.
      But thanks for trying…..come again!

      • Alex

        What does your post have to do with what I wrote? Thanks for trying!

    • independant thinker


      I have killed no one
      My neighbor on the west has killed no one
      My neighbor on the east has killed no one
      My former neighbor accross the street in town has killed no one
      My former next door neighbor in town has killed no one
      My former neighbor on the other side in town has killed no one
      Out of four children ranging from 30-43 years old none have killed any one
      My best friend other than my wife has killed no one

      and on and on and on and on.

      We are all part of the militia so your point is?

    • Joe H.

      Hey socialist alex, read your OWN post and you will see one other common area! They were all nuts!!!Just like you!!!

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Except for one of the incidents you posted, none was done by someone who could even been in a Militia. They would have been disqualified due to mental defect. Someone like McVeigh can kill far more than anyone could ever kill with a gun. I know, you are another rabid Gun-hater! A gun is just a tool & if used by the wrong people can be a dangerous one at that, but so can a chain saw or many other power tools. If I wanted to kill someone I would use an automobile & plead it was an accident. I very well might even get away with it. I have had guns almost all of my life & mine has never hurt anyone. That said, I don’t tell you what you can do & so long as what you do is legal, I believe in live & let live. Try to harm me or my family & I will do whatever is necessary to prevent their injury or death. If someone is of the criminal element & wants me as a victim, I have a big problem with that, therefore deadly force will be met with equally deadly force. This self preservation is a God given right, not one given by Congress or you & if you don’t believe in God, that is your problem not mine. McVeigh killed over 120 people & didn’t use a gun, he used an easily accessible fertilizer & fuel oil mixture to kill them & cause never ending pain for relatives & injured people. The FBI has released documentation affirming firearms in the hands of citizens causes a decrease in almost every type of crime & especially violent crime. If you don’t want to believe facts, that is your problem not mine. I don’t tell you how to live & expect the same from you. If my guns harm an innocent person, I am well aware of the consequences of that action. I can comfortably live with that knowledge. I am far less of a threat to you or one of your loved ones than this Administration is. If you don’t think so, explain why would Congress to illegally allow our Military to detain Citizens without legal representation or even a warrant? Just by disagreeing with this Administration, they can label you as a Terrorist, even though you have never even had a parking ticket.

  • Injun Trouble

    Mr. Holder ( I use the Mr. title loosely )

    Your comment about you and Obama being Africian-American is not totally correct. There is no question that your both African lineage, however I seriously question your American lineage, but more importantly is both your American values, both your American priorities, both your American love for this country since 1776 thru 2009 ??? Both of you Africans have severely trashed the values and traditions of this GREAT country, and you will regret that you have chosen that path of action. P.S. Mr. Holder, show the good people of this great country your real birth certificate.

    Sincerely, A Patriot

    A title you will NEVER attain

    • Alex

      Wow…now you Teagaggers want to see Holder’s birth certificate? You people are crazy!

      PS—Calling yourself a ‘Patriot’ is not a thing to be proud of. Patriotism is a virus. Josef Goebbles was a Patriot, just like Himmler and Rosenberg.

      Eugene V. Debs, the great Indiana Socialist, famously said: “I have no country to fight for. I am a citizen of the world.” Amen!!!

      • cawmun cents

        Well if that is an invitation to put you on a plane going to some place else,out in the world,with a one way ticket….let me be the first to contribute….-CC.

        • Alex

          Do you use PayPal?

        • Joe H.

          I’ll be the second to contribute!! AS LONG AS IT’S A ONE WAY TICKET!!!
          We don’t need any more socialist scum in this country!!!

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens

    I am sick and tired of these black scum bags playing the race card every time they screw up and need to be sent to prison. What a sad group of people. I am a negro but not an African American. I was born one and will die one. I don’t follow any of the black pimps that keep the ignorant black stupid.

    • Injun Trouble

      Mr. Giddens,
      I do not know you, I like the way you think.
      In less than 2 minutes, I knew that I like you.
      A white Scotsman who does not call himself a Scottish-American.

    • Joe H.

      If you were born HERE, don’t you mean you are an AMERICAN???? Hyphens not needed!!!

  • sfcpete

    Holder should have been indicted, convicted and imprisoned already.

    • June

      Factually, holder should have been arrested and tried for murder/complicity/terrorism et. al. right after the bombing of the Murrah Federal Bld., in Oklahoma City (April 1995); as reported on the WND website (yesterday and the day before)holder ordered the FBI to “furnish” the bomb materials to McVeigh and co.- -it was done- -holder is directly responsible for 168 innocent deaths, in that building and another 2 (in prison)to keep the “lid on the entire operation”! This was during “slick willy’s” tenure in the oval office – -have any of you tried to “follow the trail” of clinton’s dead bodies??? Why not start with Vince Foster’s “suicide”!

  • al perez

    Eric Holder is a racist monster who abused his authority to make a private war of genocide on the people of Mexico and their American cousins.

  • http://yahoo don

    you can bet fast and furious was obumma’s doings. not the lies are nonstop to cover their butts. the clintons and obumma are working hard to destroy the second amendment to the constitution. bill did his while he was in office and now obummer and hillary are working hard to get gun control. a lot of us would lose our guns iif they have their way. fast and furious was meant to make it look like dealers were selling guns to mexican druglords and it backfired. now the liars come out to try to cover their butts.

  • enlightened

    Oh Really? Both parties have sold their authority.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Enlightened, you are correct, both Parties have become tainted with corruption & are gluttons for themselves & care nothing about their constituency. There is a difference & that is the Democraps have sold out to Communism. Approximately 70 Democraps are also card carrying members of the Democratic Socialists of America, previously known as the American Communist Party. To my knowledge there are none in the Republican Party, although there are some RINO’s & Good Old Boys that point in that direction. Socialism & the Constitution are like oil & water, they don’t mix very well. Communism removes personal ownership & freedom, while making subjects rely on whatever the Communists feel they want to give them. This is 180 degrees away from what this Country was supposed to be about. Communism is like an infestation of termites & must be terminated before it becomes a terminal infestation.

  • enlightened

    Come on “tell me all your politik, then open up your eyes.” Stop being so paranoid and occupy reality. We are owned. Neither side is for you. Now let’s get to work.

  • Joey Biden

    I only have two words on how to deal with Holder. Guantanamo Bay.

  • Mike

    RACIST is the word the left uses when they are 100% wrong, have no dirt on their opponent and have absolutely no chance of winning a debate.

    they should put that in the dictionary under the word RACIST, because it is it’s modern day definition.

  • Ronald Johnston

    I read every one of these comments because it was running so heavy to the right. Evidently, the yellow-bellied liberals don’t want to defend the skunks!!! When they get our guns, it will be because they have killed at least 200 million of us. There will be at least that many of us when all the gun owners start giving guns to those who don’t have one and will help us save our country!!!!

  • AJ

    Holder should be put in front of a firing squad armed with OFF weapons. I know of an awful lot of dems that voted for Obama in 2008 who say unless he dumps Holder they will dump him in 2012.


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