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The Fast And The Spurious IV: The Empire Strikes Out

December 13, 2011 by  

The Fast And The Spurious IV: The Empire Strikes Out

President Barack Obama and the bulk of the corporate media continue to act as if “Operation Fast and Furious (OFF)” is a bad movie sequel featuring Vin Diesel and the Rock flexing their muscles and struggling with dialogue as opposed to a poorly conceived and implemented Department of Justice “gunwalking” program that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, armed Mexican narcoterrorists and resulted in the murder of at least two Federal agents.

Across the aisle, the number of prominent Republicans calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign is closing in on five dozen. I wonder why that number isn’t significantly higher.

Meanwhile, new information surfaced last week that indicates Department of Justice officials openly discussed leveraging the OFF disaster in an effort to put the proverbial bullet in the Constitution. CBS News reporter Sharyl Atkisson, who has played both Woodward and Bernstein on the OFF story despite working well behind enemy lines, revealed last Wednesday afternoon that DoJ officials openly discussed trying to leverage the OFF-linked murders to push the Obama Administration’s and Democratic Party’s anti-Bill of Rights agenda. Despite the fact that gun sellers pushed into participation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives warned against the gunwalking program, BATF official Mark Chait emailed OFF front man Bill Newell:

Bill — can you see if these guns were all purchased from the same (licensed gun dealer) and at one time. We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales. Thanks.”

A “demand letter” is a BATF requirement that gun shops provide detailed tracking information on people who buy more than one long gun. The Holder DoJ’s reaction to the unfolding nightmare was to see if they could exploit its almost unavoidably tragic outcome to force the same guys they pushed to sell multiple guns to known straw purchasers to tattle on you if you buy your kids matching Cricket .22’s. Essentially: abrogating the 2nd Amendment is so important, we’ll create our own statistics and allow innumerable innocents to die to do it. An anthropologist might call that “a self-reinforcing prophecy.” I call that “one step from being an accessory after the fact.”

Holder’s behavior throughout the OFF fallout has been dishonest, contemptuous and nothing short of breathtakingly callous. While virtually each day delivers a new detail regarding the depressing depths of executive arrogance from Phoenix to Washington; Holder has repeatedly lied and/or stonewalled about his role in and knowledge of the program. The fact that Holder’s DoJ considered politicizing the murders of two Federal agents and an untold number of Mexicans (about whom he would care more if they made it across the Rio Grande) that resulted from a program THEY ENGINEERED is sociopathically cold.

Senior officials in the current Presidential Administration openly discussed abrogating the Bill of Rights based on the fatal consequences of their own erroneous efforts. Holder either approved of their macabre musings, making him an accomplice; or he didn’t, meaning he’s even more grossly incompetent than most of the rest of the Obama Administration—itself no small accomplishment.

As my deadline approached, 55 Congresspersons, two U.S. Senators, two Governors and four Presidential candidates (Obama is not among them) are calling on Holder to step down. While I agree wholeheartedly with them, I should think that an immediate resignation should be only the beginning of the consequences Holder should — must — face.

-Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Ben, your list of people who want to see Holder, the Hood, gone and/or behind bars, includes millions of freedom-lovers. WHY would anyone think the American people would look at a tool like Holder as someone who serves a purpose when it’s so obvious that he attended the V I Lenin School of Law and took graduate courses at the Al Capone School of Social Justice?
    The American people know stinking crap when they see it. Over the last three years, the easiest way to describe what America has endured is ‘THE WORST and MOST blatantly CRIMINAL administration in American history.’ When you can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys, you’d be far worse than stupid to think it’s a great mystery that no one understands.
    Folks, this ^*#+ is a planned disaster. We can’t afford to ignore the obvious. This administration is completely corrupt. When criminals are in charge of law enforcement, you’ve got to be in full defense mode.
    Holder’s got to GO. It’s him or us.

    • Terry Marcum

      You are right on the money. I’ve been calling my Senators and representative every day pushing for his removal. Not that it will have any impact. We may need to do it ourselves!

      • karel Eekels

        Terry Marcum, yes, it has impact for you and me to call Senators and Congressmen every day, over and over again. More citizens need to do so.

    • Mike

      Well said! I agree with you 100%. Holder and his gang are traitors, and need to be indicted and imprisoned. I have signed petition after petition, and I believe it is working. If it were not, this whole OFF thing would have gone away by now.

      If the republicans aren’t stupid (granted, that’s a big if), this scandal can be used to bring down Obama’s whole crooked administration.

      Keep the pressure on your congresscritters and Senators. Go find the petition at to impeach Holder, and sign it repeatedly. The government can only break the law if we keep letting them.

  • Ralph

    all a bunch of crooks and those that could do something are just another bunch of crooks, birds of a feather flock together, SO nothing will be done to correct!!!!!

  • Ellen

    Ben, Holder is just another lying weasel in the white House. They are trying to keep it quiet with the Christmas holiday season and hoping it will go away but he really needs to be ousted. After all, he is supposed to be the AG of the US.

  • FreedomFighter

    Holder commited TREASON, he lied to congress, IMPEACH this commi tool

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • fiscalsoundbiteme

      I agree! HANG THIS POS scumsucker


      John Mitchell went to jail for much less than this crook has done.

  • william

    Who is more to blame? The lame stream media, the rest of congress who remain silent, or the majority of the country who are more interested in dancing with the stars than the constitution? The death of the border agent is just an indication of how far the guvmint will go to circumvent the constitution and chip away at our rights. It will only be a matter of time when we will all feel the wrath of the crooks in the district of corruption.

    • JC

      You’re right about that. When pushing for statist control of a free nation they will stop at nothing, not even murder.
      They are all complicit in a conspiracy to subvert the Constitution as well as murder. 25 to life is too good for them.

      • roy in kansas

        put em all in orange jump suits and drop them off 100 miles over the border on the mexico side….lots of folks over there that have had and will have their lives affected by these clowns in charge. let the locals deal with them in any way they see fit…..

  • Handyman

    truth is too many communist and muslims in this great country…….

    • Michael

      There may well be too many communists in the US, but the main problem is the fact the voters have no idea what is going on in Washington and do not care to know. The Republicans are guilty for not pressing these sorts of events harder and Boehner getting air time to try and bring the situations into every American’s living room, via the TV set. I fear OFF will be buried sooner than later and our anger will continue to be vented at Holder, et al, when we should be demanding the US Congress takes steps to throw the bum out. Not these sound bytes that crop up every now and again.

  • Stephen Fletcher

    The United States Congress should vote to take Holder and Obummer out of office,If they;re really working for the people,If they are working for the people they will fire Holder and Impeace Obummer,When that happens it,ll show the people that congress really cares or not.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Congress really needs to do a full investigation into Obama’s legallity, and also into all his goons, and zhars. I believe 100% that he is illegal, and then there would be no need to try and impeach him, as he could be arrested and tried for all kinds of misconduct. The problem is, he would not be the only one going down,and I think there would be lots of dems and repubs going down with him. This entire scam must be some kind of large and complicated long range plan. A lot of heads would roll throughout the government. That is why Congress will do nothing.

      • JUKEBOX

        Fear of prosecution is a wonderful deterrent to anyone speaking out. The media ignores “NORMAL” people like us who know what the real truth is. Larry Sinclair is coming out of the woodwork again.

    • ChristyK

      The Republicans may not be working hard to overturn the 2nd amendment like the Democrats, but they are shredding the consitution, just as badly.

      Most of the Republicans voted for the Patriot Act, which nullifies the 4th amendment. It authorizes National Security Letters (self written search warrants) which are identical to the bills of attainder that the British used which is one of the main reasons why we declared our independence.

      Most of the Republicans also voted for the defense authorization act (nullifies 5th amendment) one section of which allows the President to call someone a terrorist and hold them indefinitely without trial. When an amendment was forwarded to protect American citizens on American soil from this provision, most of the Republicans voted against this protection. We’ve already seen who the government considers likely terrorist — Ron Paul supports, Libertarians, returning Veterans, preppers (those who store food, etc.), people who buy gold, people who own guns, etc. Who believes that the government will not use this provision to hold someone who speaks out against those in power?

      We are no longer a free nation and we have both parties to thank for it.

      • Marcus

        You are absolutely right! Too bad most mush minded people let the media think for them and believe a lot about Ron Paul that just isn’t true. I even ran across someone who thought he was against the 2nd ammendment!

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    Congress will do nothing to rein in the crook and a murderer.

  • Steve

    “Impeach”‘ Holder & Obama ! This administration has done nothing except to thumb their noses at the U S Constitution & We The People. Their acts are treasonous from F & F to Solyndra, all that are much worse than
    Watergate every thought about being. The MSM is nothing more than a puppet and mouth piece for the iberal Democrats and the Adminstration’s Fascist, Progressive, Capitalism breaking agenda.

  • Larry Castle

    Has anyone taken the oath of office or in the military, it says to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, incidentally that does not limit this action to congressional hearings, it is where ever and when ever that need arises, so rather than waiting for some politician to get off their xxvdd and do their job, the citizens of the USA need to take action right now. I guarantee that if we all demand that this administration, be charged with crimes against the constitution know as (treason) we would get immediate action.

  • Monroe Riddle

    If we don’t figure it out very soon it will be to late Monroe

  • Wyatt

    I agree with Larry Castle , and with just about everyone else posting here . This operation was allowed to get out of hand expressly for a couple of reasons . 1. To use the results to advantage in their attempt to take away our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bare Arms , 2. To control America and establish their dictatorship and we can’t fight back as they know we will and 3. They are probably getting rich on a kick back from the Cartels for allowing the weapons to cross over or they are an active part of the drug operation . Keep us stoned and take over the country . Arrest , try and , convict . Take Reid , Pelosi , Hillery and, Waters with them as they are all in it up to their liberal necks .

    • mjr47

      I’ve read that the Govt. does indeed, land drugs in this Country at Military bases. Also, it looks like the Govt. is PAYING the cartels to do their “dirty work” for them in Fast and Furious. Why would a criminal leave the weapons at the scene of the crime…unless they were instructed to do so by those setting up this “operation”? This whole scheme to take away our 2nd Amendment rights starts at the top, winding clear down through the whole administration involved, to the very people who oversaw it’s final execution in getting the guns over the border and into the hands of those “contracted” to fulfill the “program”. It’s an outrage that only 60 people in Congress are demanding this investigation!! The American People have “hired” a bunch of crooks with their votes!!

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    Another thing we need to know about is how the new president will stand on gun control, None of the candidates even mention gun control. Only Sarah Palin stated gun control was your eye on the target and a steady trigger finger. That statement alone would get my vote.

    • ChristyK

      Ron Paul will protect our right to bear arms. He always supports the constitution as originally intended.

    • Marcus

      That’s right, Ron Paul is the strongest supporter of the 2nd ammendment in the race.

  • Harvey

    Why is Holder still working? He is still able to hide and destroy and control evidence. Suspend him immediately if not sooner. He is covering for Odumba. That’s why he has not been fired. This is a part of Odumba’s an to work behind the scenes to enact total gun control. There are seventy-two openly admitted members of congress not counting appointed and Other elected people! This is one of the reasons the founding fathers wrote the second Admendment. If God conti use to bless the USA, the this option will not be necessary for the protection of our country.
    Unarmed people are called peasants. Armed law abiding People are called citizens.
    Odumba’s it gets block of voters was from the almost fifty percent of citizens that live off of the government. They has finally realized that by voting in mass for the socialist person that will give them the most they can live and not have to work.
    There are two ways to destroy the USA. One is financially and the other is by mitary force. Odumba has almost done this financially. He is still working to finish bankrupting and destroying the dollar. No other country can destroy us with military force yet. Give Odumba another term and this might be possible.

  • eddie47d

    First of all I wouldn’t mind if Holder is canned so that is not an issue with me. Secondly Holder did admit Fast and Furious and says it was a mistake so the Author is a wee bit mistaken. I reckon he had to spice up his article to get the juices flowing. Most Patriots like to think about how correct they are and how evil everyone else is so the facts get muddled. The government also muddled the facts and were quite sneaky on Fast and Furious. One thing that is never brought up about this gun dealer.If he is indeed patriotic and knew he was doing something illegal why didn’t he take the high road and refuse to cooperate with BTAFA? Where was his courage and conviction in not allowing those guns out of his store? Maybe the money was just too lucrative for him or maybe he was no different than what any dealer would have done. Accepting an offer that was too good to refuse …but of coarse for the good of the country.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “….why didn’t he take the high road and refuse to cooperate with BTAFA?”

      Quite simple, he knew BATF would shut him down permanently if he refused to co-operate.

      • eddie47d

        My point was; where are the true heros who are willing to stand up and say no. Apparently he wasn’t one of them and capitulated. So what if his business was shut down. That would have made a stronger point of being strong armed by the government. Now he is as guilty as the BATFA and went along with this folly.

    • Dennis48e

      “Secondly Holder did admit Fast and Furious and says it was a mistake so the Author is a wee bit mistaken.”

      Show us where the author is mistaken eddie. You made the claim now back it up.

      • eddie47d

        It was in the paper (Denver Post) 2 weeks ago.

        • Dennis48e

          So it was in a paper that 1% or less of the US population receives. We still want to know where the author is mistaken. He never said Holder didn’t admit to Fast and Furious or say it was a mistake.

        • Brad

          Eddie, posted by the Denver Post 12/09/2011 last sentance; “Holder has maintained he was unaware of Fast and Furious until months after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death last December. A gun from the Fast and Furious operation was found at the scene”. Either he did know eddie and he covered his tracks or he lied to congress concerning his knowledge of fsat & furious.

        • eddie47d

          …or once he found out he admitted that it should of not happened and then also said it would never happen again. Maybe he knew and maybe he didn’t and is only covering his own tracks. I don’t always trust him but none of this he said she said has been proven yet and maybe we’ll never know about his personal involvement.

          • Marcus

            Hmmm. Who then is the AG and where exactly does the buck stop?

          • Buster the Anatolian

            There are memos addressed to Holder and his top aids dated long before he admits to knowing anything about OFF that specificaly mention said operation. Either Holder is lying or he is totally incompatant or both take your choice.

          • http://deleted Claire

            While I do try to give a person the benefit of a doubt, for some reason I do not trust Holder. This is a serious goof-up that should never have happened. He should resign and hopefully a competent person would be appointed to fill his position.

  • Thomas B

    Eric Holder has a face that is full of contempt, he can’t hide it. It looks like an evil face. The Fast and Furious operation that he’s responsible for and which results directly in a number of deaths does’t seem to really bother him. He strikes me as a beast.

    • eddie47d

      Beasts come with many faces and Holder could be criminally libel. No different than those on this site who advocate turing the Middle East into glass and killing millions.Not sure why all this killing doesn’t bother them either.

      • Brad

        Eddie, Islam would rather kill you or enslave you and yes the beast does come in many faces.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    Arrest Holder and everone connected to this crime.

    • ChristyK

      Obama will protect Holder to the end because he knows that Holder knows where all the skeletons are hidden. If Obama gives Holder to the wolves, Holder will squeal about all of the illegal things Obama has done and what he knows. That would be the end of Obama. Obama will never let that happen.

  • Mrs.Jilby

    Here’s the thing: Holder was either incredibly uninformed by his underlings as to the situation, incredibly stupid, totally uncaring, or had another outcome in mind entirely.

    The situation in Mexico for years has been one of extreme violence; how could he possibly not have known that the result of allowing guns to cross the border would be that SOMEBODY was going to be shot and killed by them, sooner or later? If he was uninformed, can he be allowed to continue to run a department whose chain of communication fails that badly? If he’s that stupid, he doesn’t need to be in any position of power; rather, he needs a keeper to watch out for him when he crosses the street. If he doesn’t care that people die because of the actions sanctioned by his department, he’s a murderer.

    If there was some other reason for allowing OFF (and it has been suggested by many that it was an operation aimed at gun control in America), what other poorly conceived, deadly operation might his department be cooking up now that is intended to push the Obama agenda the way he wants it to go, without the messy interference of Congress or the citizens of this country? And does Holder even know about them, since he says he had no knowledge of OFF? And how do these type operations get approved, or can any idiot with BATF go rolling along like a loose cannon doing whatever he pleases?

    There needs to be some answers and some accountability at the very highest levels, or we will be left to wonder if anybody is home at the DOJ, or is every agency under its jurisdiction similarly running amok?



  • http://explorer Scout

    I’m beat down people. I call, I write, I read, I study and nothing changes. People don’t care what happens. We’re out numbered. They make the rules for their own benefit and the rest of us must comply. Take this insider trading bill that has now been delayed, It’s not going to stop insider trading the way it’s worded, by design. It’s disgusting. It’s corruption to the max and i’m sick of it.We have to stop putting these lawyers in office. This is the first step to recovery.I know I must go on but folks i’m an old man.

    • Brian

      I’m with you Scout…THAT’s why we need term limits…The American people won’t vote anyone out of office so we need a way to get them out of office…IF we don’t, this country, like all other empires before will go down in the dustbin of history…

      • mjr47

        Term Limits is not the answer!! We have people in Congress that know how to get things done…they have a history evidenced by their voting records. What is needed is that voters should obtain a license to vote, just as they need one to drive. Idiots should not be allowed to vote!! Knowing the Constitution should be a prerequisite to obtaining a right to vote!! Studying History and NOT what suffers as an excuse in public school. Most people form their opinions according to what they are “fed” by the media. I’m just saying, that there are a lot of people who vote, who haven’t a clue about what American and the Constitution are really about.

  • Patriot

    Is this the end of America. Why doesnt Congress do there job. Impeach him now.

  • James

    Has anyone considered, here, that Fast and Furious might have been an intented to arm the Mexican drug cartel in their effort to take over the Mexican government?

    • James

      “been an intented” should be “been intended”. Sorry.

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens

    What else would you expect from anyone that calls a terrorist attack a work place violence instead of what it really is? The Ft. Hood shootings were perpetrated by a scumbag muslim that hates Americans and said as much before scores of people before and after his attack that was praised by his scum of the earth religious leaders.

  • Buck

    I have come to the conclusion that all over the country there are school counselors telling really really stupid students that the only chance they have to be successfull is to go into journalism , and they are all taking this advice .

  • AJ

    Holder needs to step down off the end of a hanging platform and dangel from a rope.

  • David169

    Ben, I am very happy “Fast and Furious” plot has blown up in their faces. However, they are implimenting an even bigger and more sinister plot to nullify the Constitution and allow Obama and the Obots dictatorial power. Very specifically Obama has issued and executive order giving himself dominion over all food distribution in the United States. Police have been training for years for major rioting and Obama’s latest piece of the puzzle was to put a rider on a Pentagon funding bill that gives Obama the US military for law inforcement in the United States. It is quite obvious that food distribution will be curtailed by the administration to create nation wide riots which will be initially quelled by local law inforcement. Once local law enforcement runs out of recources or is overwhelmed Obama will declare martial law and bring in the military.
    My personal opinion is that Obama cannot win another election regardless of how much money he throws at it and regardless of how much voter fraud is implimented. I cannot think of one group that he has not offended. 160 million Christians saw him cancel the Christian National Day of Prayer and put in its place the Muslim day of Prayer. The 135 million gun owners, 75 million hunters and 5 million NRA members are all aware of Fast and Furious. Those two groups will put him out of the White house. Every person in this country should be alarmed that we have an administration that according to the Mexican Government has killed over 10,000 of their citizens by Fast and Furious and Hillary’s gun running program with the Zetas in Texas. Now it is revealed that the entire purpose of the plan which already has killed 10,000 Mexicans was to break the 2nd Ammendment and the Bill of Rights. This is mass murder and crimes against humanity for political expedience and should be a capital crime. Obama and the other people involved have only one option at this point; they must make a takeover to save their necks.

    • Mike

      Won’t happen. If Obama were to try some crap like this, it would start a civil war. There are too many members of the OathKeepers that will NOT fire or imprison any American citizens.

      Obama will be gone after this next election. The thing is, will his replacement be somebody that will continue his destructive policies?

      The only candidate that offers any real hope and change is Ron Paul. Gingrich is a political whore, and the others are the darlings of the MSM. Ron Paul gets no air time because he tells the truth.

      Ron Paul 2012.

    • Ron

      What some people are missing is the fact that they know all these actions they have taken will sooner or later enrage the American public with the intent they WANT people to riot. They are probably frustrated we haven’t yet. Even their instigated OCCUPY movement hasn’t incited violence among the citizens only by law enforcement. They’ll itching to declare Marshall Law to “protect” citizens. Citizens can seek protection in FEMA “facilities” they are conveniently ready to man by recently putting out bids to contractors to stock & man and be ready “on call.” Those who riot will be immediately detained & called domestic terrorists. The others who say nothing, know nothing, and going about their day to day business will still be rounded up to provide shelter for their “protection” however it’s at the same detention facility. The answer is not play into their game but let them know that the American people know what they are trying to pull. Police pepper-spraying non-violent protesters to include old women and children has been noticed. The World is watching.

      • vicki

        And, thanks to citizens who have come to know that THEY are the journalists our forefathers envisioned, the world CAN watch. Thanks also to the technology of the cell phone camera and the internet.

  • Baba

    Bunch of liars, cheats, militants, power grabbers…There are not enough adverse adjectives to describe what is going on with Holder and Fast and Furious. Holder needs to face the music and be thrown in prison along with the others who want to blame everyone and every agency but themselves! This is all part of the scheme of things – put doubt on everyone but Holder. Get Rid of Him and His Cronies!

  • Patricia Brittell

    I have read many of the comments made here and it looks pretty unanimous that Holder should be impeached and imprisoned. Doesn’t it make you angry when this Administration thinks the general public who are paying attention are considered dumb and the media continuously call us conspiracy theorists.
    Join the Oath Keepers and stand up for this country. If you really want to be heard, do something worth your efforts. We can complain until hell freezes over and it will make no difference,,,action is what needs to be done now and not later. Go to the and become a member, it costs nothing but you will be one of thousands who are defending the Constition and the laws in it. Our Freedoms are at stake here folks and we can not allow to be lead down the road of loosing them. Every thing in the Constitution make this a great nation and we must not let a bunch of imbeciles take it from us.

  • Marcus

    As Christy said above, Holder knows where Obama’s skeletons are so he will be protected from above. His ego is too large to allow him to step down. If we keep the pressure on for the next 11 months this might help to bring the whole Chicago Thuggery operation down. Keep emailing not only congress critters and Senators but all the MSM (especially local).

  • Alex

    While the whole “Fast & Furious” debacle is as pathetic as its motion picture namesake, the thrust of the program is true—Mexico’s horrific drug wars are being fought with guns purchased in this wretched nation.

    As the flood of US arms inundates poor Mexico there is only one answer for our neighbor nation—legalize the possession, transport, sale, purchase, and use of all drugs. After all, innocent Mexican citizens are being killed because of OUR enormous appetite for drugs. We just love ‘em, that cannot be denied. Stupid Nancy Raygun thought that “Just Say No” meant something. HAA!! Nobody says that! As with food, water, fuels, etc, the American appetite for drugs far exceeds that of the civilized world. we are, in short, the Earth’s pigs.

    Again–”Fast & Furious”—wrong, indeed. Good program, bad implementation. To save her people, Mexico must make shipping the enormous quantities of mind-altering drugs to the USA a priority. It will raise the Mexican economy and lessen the spilling of blood.

    • Hank, MO


    • independant thinker

      “Mexico’s horrific drug wars are being fought with guns purchased in this wretched nation.”

      Poor pathetic Alex. He actually believes the propaganda put out by Holder and his DOJ flunkies. The actual % of guns purchased in the US by the cartels runs from 9-16%. Most of their guns come from Columbia drug cartels or from the international weapons black market.

      “…. thought that “Just Say No” meant something. HAA!! Nobody says that!”

      Just because you do not have the will power to refuse drugs doesn’t mean no one else does. I have “just said no” to drugs on more than one occasion.

      Good program, bad implementation.”

      Once more you are wrong. This was a bad program from the get go and its implimentation was even worse.

      • mjr47

        Everything about Fast and Furious went exactly as planned. All was implemented and coming to fruition…Guns went where they were supposed to…guns were left at the scene of crimes to be traced… everything going along just as planned…only problem is, THEY got caught!! What if THEY didn’t get caught? Right now, Congress would be voting on laws to strip away our 2nd Amendment rights, that’s WHAT!! I believe that both Ron and David 169 are correct. The present Administration WANTS the American Public to riot…they are doing everything behind the scene to ensure that is what happens…training for crowd control has been going on for several years…now, THEY are just waiting for the opportune time to implement it…the FEMA camps are being staffed…for WHAT??? If Life is a game of chess, our Queen has a few more moves, and then…checkmate!!

  • vince bury

    Obama & Holder violate our constitution. They should be impeached.

  • Hank, MO

    The Fast and Furious debacle is only one of many offenses Holder and Obama have committed against this nation for which they should both be tried. Unfortunately, those who would sit in judgement are the same as those who have toed the line and passed every absurd piece of legislation proposed by this idiot administration. What result would that promise? The only way to force a reasonable outcome is to support Sen. Grassley and Rep. Issa to such an extent that all those standing for reelection next year are convinced that their political lives depend on the right outcome of such a trial. I think it’s impossible to make them believe that. So, what choice remains?

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    ny one getting govt. checks should get checked

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    Sorry my comment just dissaeared.

  • http://bresnan robear

    Holder needs to go to PRISON but first needs a trial witch needs to start.Ten months and nothing is happening!If they don’t get him to court they our just as guilty as he is!Lets get with it!!


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