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The Fast And The Spurious Forever: Eric Holder’s Excellent Adventure

June 12, 2012 by  

The Fast And The Spurious Forever: Eric Holder’s Excellent Adventure
Eric Holder remains the Attorney General of the United States.

Although it strains credulity farther than a White House Press briefing, Eric Holder remains the Attorney General of the United States. Furthermore, despite Holder’s central role in a scandal that involved shockingly bad decision-making, an overt hostility to the Bill of Rights, Mexican narcoterrorists and the murders of two Federal agents and an unknowable number of innocent Mexican nationals, Holder continues to enjoy the full faith and credit of the President of the United States. Granted, the full faith and credit of the biggest buffoon to sit in the Oval Office’s big boy chair since Jimmy Carter “lusted in his heart” is about as valuable as a fistful of Greek drachmae. Nonetheless, the fact that Holder hasn’t been reduced to advertising on bus stop benches for slip-and-fall cases is an affront to every American wise enough to recognize just how far down the rabbit hole Obama has dragged us in three short years.

Late last week, Holder returned to the hot seat in the chambers of Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Confronted with a mountain of evidence proving almost everyone in the Department of Justice chain of command north of the guy who cleans up the cigarette butts President Barack Obama leaves behind after his visits knew about the disastrous “gunwalking” Operation Fast and Furious at least a year before any details of the scandal came to light, Holder stuck to his — forgive me — guns.

Under pressure from a righteously outraged Issa, Holder continued to pretend he was on the straight and narrow. “We believe that we have responded to the subpoena,” Holder said. At the moment he made that remark, Holder’s Department of Justice had failed to comply with nearly two dozen aspects of the subpoena in question. Responded? Perhaps. Complied — which Attorneys General are legally bound to do in the instance of Congressional subpoenas — hardly. Of course, Holder is an accomplice of Obama, who has made it clear that he is well above such irritants as Constitutional dictates and the separation of powers.

Most remarkably, Holder’s Presidentially backed stonewalling is nothing compared to the abject dearth of attention paid to the OFF scandal by the leadership of the liberal horde. Out of curiosity, I dragged a hook through two of the leading liberal hate speech sites, Dailykos and Democraticunderground. Democraticunderground gave OFF passing note, repeating the false notion that OFF is related to the vastly different (and less fatal) George W. Bush-era Operation Wide Receiver. Dailykos, owned by terrorist celebrant and liberal Svengali Markos Moulitsas, remained mum.

Perhaps liberals are avoiding discussion of OFF because it’s simply too complicated for the sort of folks who vote for people like Obama. The Obama Administration designed a gunrunning operation over the strenuous objections of career agents and gun retailers. The operation itself was designed to create crimes in Mexico which would in turn create the need for a response which would, of course, require the Democrats to take the shears to the 2nd Amendment. That’s a lot to process, especially for the soft-underbelly types who support vermin like Obama and Holder.

But the veneer may be cracking. During last week’s testimony, Holder asserted that the White House had offered advice on how to spin the scandal. On Sunday morning, David Axelrod told CNN’s Candy Crowley that no such exchange had taken place. Under normal circumstances, such a discrepancy would hint at a coming pink slip for the embattled Attorney General. Unfortunately, in an Administration that is as comfortable lying as I am pointing out when it’s doing it, normal circumstances are the exception rather than the rule.

Perhaps that is the greatest lesson Holder and Obama will teach us during their disgraceful tenure in the uppermost branches of the Washington tree. When the usual race-baiting, distraction and even killing (sorry, Agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata) fail, lie.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • MAP

    Har! You have opened the floodgates to liberal ire at this website today for certain. Their dysfunctional and irrational minds can’t cope with reality. After all, they consider our buffoon-in-chief some sort of god, the economy improving, and Holder beyond reproach. So I see no need to read the comments today unless you enjoy reading the conclusions of overactive imaginations, verbatim recitations of DNC nonsense or tales of fantasy (I just said the same thing three different ways). However, reading the comments could provide a good laugh. And in these hard, difficult and astonishingly stupid times, a good laugh is good medicine.

    • Tom W.

      SIC ‘EM Ben!!! I’m truly lookin’ forward to Great “8″ Saturday this week! Talk about fodder! LOL!!! I think I seen a droplet of sweat rollin’ down Holder’s forehead when Issa was turnin’ up the HEAT! Heat the furnace seven times HOTTER Darrell, LOL!!!
      This is especially addressed to you Deer, nc, Karlolyn, 4everincompetent, eddie, Flushduche (Speakin’ of, MIA?!), please forgive me if I left you out and you BELONG on this list, my apologies, LOL!!!


      • Karolyn

        Have you seen me defending holder, Tom? I think not. Nor do I totally side with Obama.

      • eddie47d

        Holder reminds me of J Edgar Hoover. A fierce fighter for justice but each could care less about the damage they inflict along the way. Now Holder has on more than one occasion admitted the debacle of Fast and Furious and what he did was wrong. I just don’t see the difference between his gun running and those perpetuated by gun dealers and other sordid Americans. They are all a part of the problem including Holder.

      • Kate8

        “…nor do I totally side with Obama.”

        Just mostly side with Obama. :)

      • Joe H

        You PEGGED that one!!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Eddie47d says: “Holder reminds me of J Edgar Hoover”.

        Except that Hoover was after the bad guys, Holder IS the bad guy!

      • Dennis48e

        “…those perpetuated by gun dealers…”

        There goes eddie blaming the gun dealers again. I wonder why he hates them so? I know one followed the law and refused to sell him one for some reason so that “makes the gun dealers bad”.

    • Tom W.

      Jimmy Buffet said it best MAP!

      America, CELEBRATE your FREEDOM!!!

  • Warrior

    Seems as though the doj just can’t determine who is responsible for F&F. I’ll bet they have better luck with investigating national security issue “leaks” although they have proved to be most effective at suing states over voter id laws and enforcing immigration policies. Go figure. This dude is about transparent as mr. “fine” and his sidekick “plugs”.

    So glad nancy set us all straight on constitutional issues. It’s quite possible eric, barry and joey confer with nan on all legal issues. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    • Tom W.

      The NERVE of the DOJ to even suggest investigating the WH leaks to the NYT! LOL!!!

      THE NERVE!!!

    • Joe H

      Before it’s over, it’ll be “BUSH DID IT”!!!!

      • Tom W.

        LOL!!! Ya ALREADY know Joe!

  • kategray

    He got caught with his pants down. You can fool some of the people but not all. WE HAVE AWAKENED and are watching, but your PRETENDER’s job is on the line and so is yours. YOU ARE FIRED for TREASON along with the rest of those knew about this fiasco.

    • Tom W.

      Sho has a white a$$ don’t he kategray?! LOL!!!

    • 45caliber


      The REAL problem is that they never expected to get caught in the first place. For one thing, they are smarter than we the citizens. For another, they are certain that all government employees MUST be loyal to them and never ever release such info to we the citizens.

      Check to see what happened to those who did tell – and what happened to those bosses who gave the orders. One group was promoted and one was fired. Guess which was which.

  • Sirian

    If the vote in the House for a “contempt of Congress” charge on Holder goes through just wait – the liberals will play with that to no end. Hmmm, wonder why?? A brand new playground for Sharpton & Jackson?

    • Tom W.

      What about his girl friend Sheila Jackson Lee Sirian?! LOL!!!

      • Sirian

        Oh RATS, I fergot!! LOL!!!

      • 45caliber

        The real problem with SJL is that she had an in with the local news groups in Houston. They print up stories about once a week or so on how well she is doing for the people. All lies, of course, but they are the real reason she keeps getting elected.

  • rb

    Eric Holder, as an official of the United States Government, instituted and armed conflict with the soveriegn nation of Mexico with no one’s consent. Correct me if I am wrong but should he not be tried for Treason?

    • Tom W.

      ALL of DC needs to be on trial rb!!! How long before we march?!!

      • Average Joe

        I always felt that if we would string up about 6-8 of them on the WH lawn…and the rest would straighten right the he!! up…..but heck, I’d settle for good old stock and pillory in the public square, a few public floggings and the good old fashion tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail…. (I knew there were things in our history that I dearly missed other than the Constitution and the Rue of Law)….I’m getting all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it….. ;)

        Bring on the pitchforks, torches, tar, feathers and other implements of destruction and descend upon DC with the expess purpose of causing extreme bodily harm to anyone involved in politics and/or lobbying….let the fun and games begin!!

      • 45caliber


        Start marching! We’ll be along behind you … sooner or later.

      • Kate8

        I don’t know about you guys, but there’s something really wrong with those jokers telling us that we are ducks in a shooting gallery and can expect to be picked off at their pleasure, as they have weapons pointed at us from every direction… and we are supposed to be okay with that. And, at the same time, we are told that we have to play nice and will be arrested for just THINKING about fighting back.

        Is anyone else sick of this yet? WTH?

      • 45caliber


        I agree with you. That’s one reason I replied as I did to Tom W. Like others I’ve seen on here, he seems too eager to get someone else to start things – and get arrested for it. I wonder if he might be one of the government employees who like to sign on here to agitate people.

        There is one thing I keep in mind. Libs do NOT like to put themselves in danger. They are “superior” and therefore above that sort of thing. Further, they consider any person who joins the military to be a prospective murderer. They join up only to be able to murder someone without getting into trouble, right? So they don’t trust them a bit. But libs are also convinced that everyone must be able to recognize that they are “superior” and therefore will be willing to obey any order given them by the libs. Further, they assume that the police and the military MUST obey any order the Commander in Chief (the President) gives them, even if it is an illegal order. They don’t seem to want to understand that the soldiers have a duty to NOT obey an illegal order. And the police don’t work for the President. They work for some state or local group. So they don’t have to obey either. Some will obey, I’m certain, but I’m also sure that most won’t. And in the military I suspect the ones who won’t will outnumber the rest by enough to insure they won’t either. The only way I suspect that the libs can get the police and military to move is to lie to them about the reason in a manner that will convince they to do something, with the idea that once they do something they will be forced to continue even after they know they have been lied to.

        Despite the retoric here, I do not believe that the Americans will rise up in arms UNLESS the Demos force them to do it. For instance, if the PResident was to issue a writ of martial law stating that he was setting aside all normal laws and governing by use of the military. Further, he is setting aside all elections to remain in office until such a time as he determines. That, I think, will cause many Americans to do something. If it is apparent the fall elections are rigged, this might be a start point too. But I don’t believe it will occur because someone on one of these threads insists that someone ELSE starts a revolution – or perhaps we should say, a civil war.

      • Kate8

        45 – I don’t know if you’ve been following this story, about the huge radiation spike in MI a few days ago, and the military commotion that surrounded it all. Anyway, this is a distressing story beyond imagining, and if anyone doubts that O plans to stay in power at any cost, you won’t after reading this.

        He is killing Americans. Men, women, children. Coldblooded. And using our military.
        And then trying to cover it up.

        I think we’re just a very short time from all h*ll breaking loose.

        As far as military who refuse to turn on Americans, they are being arrested and killed. The huge number of suicides? More like “suicided”. I suspected this and spoke with a friend who is in Iraq, and it was confirmed.

        Make no mistake. O knows there are forces opposing him, and he is taking them out.

        This is the worst day in America. Please do not ignore this warning.

        • RichE

          I think you should put your concerns in a letter and mail it to President Obama.

      • Kate8

        45 – As a follow-up to that last post, I just found this re: the Pauls’ handing over to Romney.

      • Tom W.

        45, I could give a freep what you think son! I would’ve been at Glenn Beck’s function if I could’ve, but I thought it was a LITTLE too tame! I’m not talkin’ about burnin’ the town down, although it probably wouldn’t hurt! But lettin’ ‘em know that “WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT TAKIN’ IT NO MORE!!!” I’ve been to jail several times for standing up for what I believe!

      • Tom W.

        Kate8, YOU GO GIRL!!! ALWAYS RIGHT ON!

      • 45caliber


        I doubt that it was the REAL military that did this. I suspect it is the personal force that Oblama has been pushing for. The real military is not loyal to the President. Further, 1 of 8 soldiers are from Texas and I seriously doubt if many of them would follow him. It doesn’t take a majority of soldiers to stop the rest in some illegal action. It only takes a few who won’t stand for it.

        What I do believe is that we shall see Oblama getting us involved with more actions in the Mid-East such as Syria. He and his friends want to keep our real military tied up outside the US. So I won’t be surprised to see him order troops into Syria soon just for that reason. After all, it has been a principal of the Democrats for about a hundred years now to get people’s attention off what is going on in the US by concentrating our attention on a war somewhere. Places like WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc. Some wars, like WWII, were justified but many were not. And I’m watching for his personal troops.

  • http://google john p.

    I think Congress and the Senate should step aside and let other people
    investigate . people like Judicial watch or the heritage foundation that
    way there won’t be any punches pulled . I wood also Investigate Obama
    and dirty Hillary she also hates the second Amendment . Hillary has been
    working with the United Nations on taking our gun’s away . this July there going
    to have meetings with the UNITED NATIONS . Dictators and Socialist can’t
    have citizens with guns that means you and me .

    • Tom W.

      I guess that all this conspiracy theory stuff is gettin’ me paranoid, cause I just can’t believe the STUPIDITY of Barack’s statement FRI!!! I mean the boy’s smarter than that, it’s almost like a curtsy to Mitt by Barack!

  • Schlumbio T

    I say hang ‘em both… and then start with the treasonous congress critters and senators…

  • RichE

    You guys are missing the real conspiracy, the eTrace software.
    Instead of shooting your guns in the air you ought ask questions like:
    a. Who got the money
    b. Who was monitoring this operation
    c. Who knew and who should have known.

    but no, your solution is to call everybody an (expletive deleted). Geez! You guys are just not very bright.

    • Dennis48e

      a) obama and Holder

      b) obama and Holder

      c) obama and Holder

  • RichE

    BTW, The ATF began Project Gunrunner as a pilot project in Laredo, Texas, in 2005 when Regan was in office.

    • Ladyhawke

      Hey RichE,
      You are a dufus. Reagan DIED on June 5, 2004……..

      • RichE

        It was a pop quiz. You passed. At least there’s one bright blub here.
        2005 was Bush Jr. Do you think he could shed some light on who knew what?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Way to go Ladyhawke, you caught RichE in another lie. He is also being less than honest about the operation that occured “under Reagan” (Bush). While it did happen during Bush’s adminstration it was seen to be a failure and quickly ended before any damage was done it was NOT continued as OFF.

  • AJ

    Holder is a putz and fast and furious was nothing but a payback to the Mexican cartel for campain contributions!

  • chuckb

    wouldn’t it be interesting to set in the meeting with boehner and holder, do you think for a minute holder is in danger, absolutely not, i can see boehner now, tears running down his cheek as he tears up the contempt charge. what a laugh.

  • Wyatt

    Eric Holder wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face . He is to busy being Kommrad Obamav’s loyal lapdog and will remain so even as he is being tossed under the bus . Both he and our self proclaimed Czar need to be impeached and tried for treason . Holders claims of no knowledge , and of having complied and co-operating with Congress are laughable . Of 7600 pages delivered most are edited and blacked out as to make them usless to gaining any insite as to what actually happened .

    Well don’t worry Eric , there are jobs out there that fit your qualifications . McDonalds is always hiring

    • 45caliber

      He won’t apply for a job at McDonalds! After all, he might actually have to WORK there. That’s a four letter word! And besides, they wouldn’t pay him what he thinks he is worth.

  • Beno

    Tar and Feather and run him out on a rail, along with his boss-in-chief, both are terrible for this nation.

  • Neil Swan

    Ben Crystal

    What is the damage done by modern-day higher education ?


  • Steven Archibald

    Do you believe that this “administration”(of which IS a friggin’ Joke If you asked me) would STOP at the 2nd Amendment?,and leave the rest of our Constitution alone?,..If you do,then i have 2 words for you(and then some),Dead Wrong. What they(this admin)have done so far,would be nothing compared to what would happen if they were able to shred Our Constitution, Of which,is 1 of the greatest “works” ever put to paper(legally) in our “modern”world. Remember where you reside,..The land of the free. The home of the brave. Our Country tis of thee,Sweet land of Liberty,..The U.N.”gun treaty”is an absolute joke. London(England),Nearly burned to the ground. Why?,because of at least 2 reaons;1)They do not believe that “bobbies”/Police Officer’s in a civilized society need guns to enforce the laws of the Crown. and 2)In a “civilized society”,people do not behave like those “hooligan’s”did. REALLY?,..and,why did the honest,hard working law abiding individuals feel the need to protect themselves,their loved one’s,their property,and their friend’s from the teen’s/young adult’s gone wild?,..

  • Steven Archibald

    People,if you do not like it here,there’s the door,and don’t let it hit you where you’re split.Yes,it seem’s a little harsh to some,but to other’s it is a wake up call,a reminder that while some of you have been sleeping,other’s of us have been keeping a close eye on what this “administration” is up to.Hillbillary & Billhillary need to go live in london for a few years,maybe then they would find Arkansas a real gem of a place.People from all over our great Country feel something for Brady,Just don’t forget that our President was shot as well. Ronald Reagan did not shy away from gun ownership,nor the fact that guns helped FREE us from tyrany,gave rise to this great nation we call home.It is time for all of you to “american up”.God bless. May he bless you with a real good today,and a better tomarrow.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “Hillbillary & Billhillary need to go live in london for a few years,maybe then they would find Arkansas a real gem of a place.”

      We in Arkansas don’t want them back. She never was an Arkansan and he doesn’t deserve to be one anymore.

  • boyscout

    This is only a scandal because they got busted and we see what that amounted to. And I see that you all see this as an issue stemming from the “Liberals,” because they were blatant (stupid) enough to get caught. How long do you think actions like this have really been going on ? Ah, Mittens will fix (is capable) this problem: – RIGHT. SURE. Wanna contribute to my super pac ?
    Shooting one or two, stocks for 6 or 8, just won’t do. The WHOLE SYSTEM needs a thorough clean-up, starting with the one party with two names. Back when no one was looking somebody stuck the donkey backwards up the elephant’s jumpa and now we have a two headed beast that never leaves office.
    Vote for Mike or vote for Ike and you’ll get a different color coating on your icecrap bar.

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  • Steve E

    We are suppose to believe that even though OFF was administered through the DOJ, Eric Holder who is head of the DOJ, did not have any knowledge of it. Does anyone have any ocean front property in Nevada they want to sell me?

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