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The Failing American Regime

February 4, 2013 by  

The Failing American Regime

As regimes collapse, they step up oppression of their subjects. Because the collapse is gradual, so is the increased oppression. Gradualism and stealth are key components to the success of the elites and their stepped up oppression of the people.

The coming collapse will reveal the fact that the illusion of government and so-called democracy is only organized crime run by the psychopathic politicians and bureaucrats. They have run and ruined the world with mass deception and manipulation with fiat currency.

How is it that not everyone knows about this? Many people see the chaos and feel the economic oppression, but they refuse to believe the cause. Yet it is laid bare for all to see. By refusing to look, we are sanctioning our own enslavement.

We are square in the middle of decadence masquerading as civilization. Social and economic oppression is closing in, but we accept it under all manner of rationalization and government propaganda.

We have horrible “security checks” at airports, train stations, sporting events and even at highway checkpoints. Every day there is reduced personal freedom; and increasing numbers of directives, executive orders and regulations are signed as if into law under the guise of “keeping us safe.”

Food and energy prices are rising, but government statisticians say they are not a part of the cost of living. Infrastructure is fast deteriorating. The standard of living for the middle class is declining. Regulations and high taxes are oppressive.

The late Haile Selassie, religious leader of Ethiopia, said: “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

One big reason for inaction among those who are beginning to wake up is that most people of privilege continue to live comfortably and would rather risk their own destruction than temporarily surrender any of their advantages. And many people believe that if they don’t see a lightning strike, there is no risk. This means that we should not expect a great tsunami of oppressive tyranny, but rather a slow seepage of oppressive laws and regulations from within that come by slow gradualism and imperceptible treason.

Today, 75 percent of government “finance” is pure credit expansion. With this chicanery, the government makes war on the market economy. It makes war on the American people and impoverishes the middle class. It has reduced seniors and pensioners to a very low standard of living, driving them toward eventually becoming beggars rummaging through garbage cans.

There was a 1.7 percent Social Security raise that began in January. The typical retiree will get between $12 and $24 more per month. At the same time, the banks are getting trillions of dollars from quantitative easing (QE3 to infinity) government printing presses.

When you read that the Federal Reserve is financing the U.S. government deficit, you are not seeing legitimate accounting. You are looking square at fiat witchcraft. It’s a total illusion. This means that we are seeing the collapse now.

There is no such thing as Federal Reserve financing. The Federal Reserve cannot produce substance as money or financing. But it can use the fiat system of “money creation” to transfer wealth from the people to the elite and the government. This is precisely why the elite are trying to keep their system going.

Fiat money creation is a monopoly of the government/banker alliance. As the system collapses, more and more fiat is created, which transfers more and more wealth to the government and the bankers/elite. They will continue until there is final collapse.

The elites know the collapse is coming (they have known this for some time), and they have been steadily and stealthily making preparations to handle it.

The USA Patriot Act of 2001 established in Section 364 of the Act the “Uniform Protection Authority For Federal Reserve.” This conferred domestic policing powers to the 12 privately owned Federal Reserve banks. This section reads:

Law enforcement officers designated or authorized by the Board or a reserve bank under paragraph (1) or (2) are authorized while on duty to carry firearms and make arrests without warrants for any offense against the United States committed in their presence…Such officers shall have access to law enforcement information that may be necessary for the protection of the property or personnel of the Board or a reserve bank.

The system has its own police academies for training, its own uniforms, patches, badges, uniforms, weapons, vehicles and ultraConstitutional arrest powers. Called FRLEOs (Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officers), they are employed by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C, and are considered by law to be Federal government employees. But the Federal Reserve banks, determined by settled law in the case of Lewis v. United States, are private corporations. The Federal Reserve banks consider FRLEOs to be their own private employees.

The chicanery of funny (phony) money funds a huge military machine mostly to protect government against the American people, who are heavily armed.

Beyond FRLEOs, the Department of Homeland Security has been ramping up its security forces. In recent months, it has purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition — enough to shoot each American citizen four times and keep rounds in reserve. It has its own armored vehicles and heavily armed soldiers. The DHS propaganda machine tells us the 1.6 billion rounds are for target practice. But the rounds purchased are mostly the more expensive hollow points – and, therefore, it is irrational to purchase them for practice — that are banned from warfare by the Geneva Convention.

U.S. military are now partnering with DHS and local law enforcement in urban training drills over America’s cities large and small. These are occurring almost monthly now. One recent training exercise in Miami — the third one over that city in the last 18 months — frightened those leaving the Miami Heat game and those traveling on public transportation.

During the exercise, black helicopters streaked through the night sky firing “blank” rounds over the city.

Soldiers rappelled out of helicopters onto city streets. The “official” story is that military was training to “ensure that military personnel are able to operate in urban areas and to focus on preparations for overseas deployment. It also serves as a mandatory training certification requirement.”

It has now become almost routine for National Guard troops to conduct drills — often unannounced — in downtown areas of major and mid-sized cities, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. Taken together, this is a police state in every sense of the word.

There is now in the United States an army of law enforcers, and it comes in layer upon layer. This can mean only that criminal politics is afraid of the American people.

The global economy is a train wreck waiting to happen. Leading politicians, economists and journalists, all without exception, fail to see (or choose to deny and hide) the coming crash, which will be far worse than the one in 2008. The one coming just ahead is far more calamitous. This time, the crash will have serious political ramifications.

The very important thing about the coming crash is the direct link between what we use as money and liberty, honesty and morality. It’s in the money — the blood of the economy.

Government itself is the source and cause of the collapse of the system. After all, it is government that creates fiat and then devalues it to zero.

The political order is self-destructing. Are we as individuals ready to survive as we go through the great collapse just ahead?

One thing more: Don’t miss the connection that government is all about funding and saving the banks, not the American people, as evidenced by the paltry 1.7 percent Social Security raise.

The government is stimulating the banks, not the economy. Money and capital are going into hiding.

America has been neutered into conformity. Some of us have warned — for years, we have warned — of what is coming. Yet, like Noah warning of the coming flood, our warnings have been and are being rebuffed with catcalls and ad hominems. We now see our predictions coming to fruition. Yet there are still many with eyes tightly shut.

We await the deluge.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vicki

    Here is the path that Germany took.

    • Charlie

      What were the reasons Germany was at war with the so called “Jews”??? and what’s the definition of a Bloodline Jew? a geographical Jew, and /or a Religious Jew according to The Bible??? Who are the people King Jesus Christ spoke of at Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 , today???… Meanwhile,,, Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

      • FreedomFighter

        “How is it that not everyone knows about this? Many people see the chaos and feel the economic oppression, but they refuse to believe the cause. Yet it is laid bare for all to see. By refusing to look, we are sanctioning our own enslavement.”

        Yes, very spot on today.

        America is waking up – but will it be enough, I think its to late, a civil war seems the last resort…the oppressors seem to want it, I would certainly hesitate to give it to them.

        Once they have the gun registration, future confiscation is determined to be 100%. Without registration of owners of weapons calculation of confiscation and force needed is skewed and will lead to rebellion in the ranks of the oppressors.


        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

      • momo

        The reason Germany (?, maybe Hitler is better) was at war with the Jews was because of the perceived “stab in the back”. Their reasoning was the German army hadn’t lost World War I, but were betrayed by the republicans who overthrew the monarchy, the socialists, the bolsheviks, but especially the Jews.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I go along with some of the things you write but sometimes some dumb BS comes out of you as you don’t know and will never know who is a Jew. God determines it and he knows it and he will deal with them as he sees fit.
        Right now Bob L. is writing about the economic and social and geopolitical diddering that our politicians are doing to this country. They are globalists at heart and like pathological altruists they believe that they are doing good to the world. They may completely weaken America but since they are helping the world we are not supposed to mind.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Charlie, Grant Jeffrey wrote some great books about the weakening of America and they are the last words he had to say as he died. They are some great wisdom.

      • Texas Ride

        Livingston, once again, “Hit it out of the ballpark!”

        Notice that no politician talks about these things. The News media doesn’t talk about any of this. There is a “blackout” when it comes to the “worst of crimes” committed by government against Americans! Since, not one politician has spoken out, they are all equally guilty. (Correction: Only one politician has spoken out against the Federal Reserve and that is Ron Paul.)

      • Walt


        You asked…”What were the reasons Germany was at war with the so called “Jews”??? ”

        Since the turn of the century (and even before), Jews were and continue to be very proactive in supporting Liberal, Socialist and Communist ideologies. Close to 400 American Jews (mostly from the New York area) participated in the Russian Revolution of 1918 that overthrew the Czar; and their efforts were financed by Jewish American bankers.

        It was mostly Jews that were behind the takeover of the Spanish government by the democratic/socialist/anarchist coalition groups in the 1931 Spanish elections. It was mainly New York Jews again that were the core participants of the so called Lincoln Brigade that flocked to Spain to support the leftist government, a government that was openly financed and supported militarily by Joseph Stalin. It’s also important to note that many Jews participated openly in murdering close to 8,000 Catholic priests and nuns in Spain, in an attempt to make Spain a secular country and convert it from a Christian nation to a non-Christian Socialist state.

        It was mostly Jews that participated in and implemented Stalin’s murderous starvation policies for millions of Ukrainians prior to WWII.

        With this is mind, Jews were also very active in trying to implement another Bolshevik style revolution in Germany and the formation of the German Nazi’s party was a direct response to these activities. Much of the leadership of the German Weimar Republic was Jewish and were directly involved in what Hitler referred to as “the stab in the back”. They were the ones that implemented the earliest forms of Germany’s gun control measures. They were the ones that were responsible for the disasterous hyperinflation of the early 1920′s.

        Also note that some of the countries in Europe were still governed by monarchs (Britain, Spain, Greece, and some eastern European countries) and Jewish inspired socialism and communism were seen as a grave threat to the existing monarchy systems of government.

        Even after the outbreak of WWII, just before Germans had arrived into eastern Poland, it was recorded that Jews, sent from Russia, had been sent to Poland to purge it of the aristocratic and military classes, resulting in thousands of dead Poles in mass graves.

        All of the above incidents are historical fact and certainly not taught in any American high school or college course of study. However, these facts and activities by European Jews were well known to the average German in 1920-1930 Germany. So I believe that this negative perception of Jews held by the average, educated German contributed greatly to the end result commonly referred to as the “final solution”.

      • Charlie

        Nad”’ Bat”’,,,
        The failing of America is called out in The Bible,,,but,,, IF, you cannot define what a Bloodline Jew is ,from The Bible …then,,,you most likely will not be able to apply Psalm 119-160 to see where America is in The Bible,,,but,,, for a starter Scripture to see America ,,look at 2 Samuel 7:10, that is good ole USA… During the mean time, EXPAND your mind with the equation for Truth,,, Truth= the Sum of God’s Words…that is Psalm 119:160…. Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation………………….

        Charlie Freedom

      • Art

        The jews weren’t an issue to Hitler in the beginning. They finances much of his equipment and it wasn’t until it was time to pay them back that they were targeted.

        It’s ironic Obama even took Hitler’s campaign slogan “Forward” (was used by the socialist party too). We are seeing much of which Hitler also did…and now they are trying to disarm us too…things are getting ugly for sure.

        • Joe America

          Today’s Jews aren’t very “Jewish”. Instead, what we have are masses of Khazarians who think they’re Jewish. Over 700 years ago, there existed an empire between theBlack and Caspian seas, called the Khazarian Empire. These people were pagan and converted to Judism. Today, 90% of the Jews in Europe, and around the world, are, in reality, decendents of the Khazars. Jews, in general, are suffering from an identity crisis, believing that they are blood decendents of the tribe of Judah. For most Jews, this is due to simple ignorance, however, there are many Jewish leaders acutely aware of this. This is why nearly every Rabbi goes out of their way to pretend that the other houses of Isreal never existed. The fact is, that the grand majority of those who occupied the Norhern Kingdom of Isreal (separate from the Southern Kingdom of Judah), were from the sons of Joseph, Ephriam and Manasseh. You see, Joseph’s brothers had sold him into slavery. However, through intervention by G-d, he ended up being the Vicroy of Egypt, second only to the Pharoh. Basically, at that time, he saved the civilized world from a horrible famine. Joseph married an Egyptian princess and had two sons by her. Israel, aka Jacob, called Joseph to bring his two sons to him, on his death bed. He adopted these two boys, Ephriam and Manasseh. If you read his blessing for them, at the end of the book of Genesis, it’s clear that they receive the very best of Israel’s blessings. Judah is only charged to maintain the faith and the septor of leadership. All the other sons receive “blessings” that aren’t very promising, more like chastizement for bad behaviors. Sadly, when you go into any temple or synagogue, there are representations of one form, or another, listing all the tribes of Isreal. The glaring omission is that they only list the “Tribe of Joseph”, which never existed. They avoid even speaking the names of Ephriam and Manasseh. There was no tribe of Joseph, but, instead, his two sons. It’s ironic that Judism is basically a matriarchal society, where if you have a Jewish father, but a goyish mother, you’re not considered Jewish. Your mother must be Jewish to be in the fold. Ephraim and Manasseh’s mother was Egyptian. It’s also ironic that today’s Jews call everyone from Abraham, to Moses, Jewish. To be Jewish is to be of the tribe of Judah. So, all the patriarchs are not “Jewish” at all. Abraham was a Hebrew, as was his son, Issach, and his son, Jacob (aka Israel) and Moses was of the tribe of Levi. It’s also interesting to note that the Northern Kingdom of Irael was conquered, but not destroyed. They were enslaved by the Assyryians and carried away. They, in all likelyhood, exist, right down to this day, ignorant of who they really are. Isn’t that special? Frankly, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen for the Rabbis of the world. Anyone who doubts what I’m telling you can go right to the last chapters of Genesis and read it for yourself. As for the origins of the Kharian Jews, read Arthur Koestler’s “The 13th Tribe.” Rabbis keep this book in all of their libraries, proud that a pagan empire was converted to Judism. They fail to see the irony that they and many of their congregations may be of Khazarian decent.

      • Charlie

        Joe America,,,
        Pretty good account of the lineage of Jacob Israel,,,but,,,the modern day so called Jew is from the lineage of Jacob’s twin brother , Esau , notice that Esau and his lineage are the most “Cursed” of all the people in The Bible,,,see that at Malachi 1:1–5, and notice what is going to happen to them at the book of Obadiah…

        • Joe America

          Ironically, the Khazars are decended from Esau, as are the Ottoman Turks. It’s ironic that Esau, who sold his inheritance, has taken it back by the Khazars posing as Jews. Jacob, who was the original usurper, has been usurped.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Charlie and Walt, for a moment there I was thinking that you two were Neo Nazis with the hate you were spewing toward all Jews.Better yet, check your relatives because they are the ones who created problems for the Jews who migrated to this country.

      • BR549

        Life is always analogous to things above and below.

        Few would doubt that the “elites” have misused the power that they have usurped for their selfish interests. Like a parent who uses that opportunity to boss his spouse and children around in some petty attempt to play God, they miss the real beauty of their position in being able to create something far greater than themselves. Instead, they see themselves as THE end result of successful evolution and no one else may dare challenge their achievement. The only thing they really manage to achieve is the stifling of the human spirit for their own dysfunctional satisfaction.

        Some of us may have had the luxury at some point of working for an employer who was the antithesis of these “elites”, someone who used his knowledge to expand the knowledge of others below him ,instead of using the employees as cattle, as a means to pay for his annual country club dues and jaunts to Bora Bora.

        While the elites consider themselves to be the best mankind has to offer, what they have really done is to contaminate the human gene pool and doom it to extinction. What a legacy.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Obozo has been following the Hitler plan from the start but, those who never learned real history can’t see it since they know very little about it. Just like Hitler the clown-in-chief hates the Jews and after using them will try to destroy them, like Hitler obozo is a satanist and proves it by being a islamist who worships a little god called allah.

      • Joe America

        By their own admission, by Muslim leadership, the Kabbah was the house of a pagan god known as Allah. All the female dieties that were found there, at the time of Muhammed, were nown as the “whores and concubines” of Allah. So, basically, Mohammed washed Allah and the Kabbah clean and made up a story, where Abraham and his son, Ishmael built the Kabbah. It’s a fact that Ramadan and every aspect of Muslim worship, goes right back to the Arabian paganism from which it was born. Muslims, or rather, Muhammad, talk about the “people of the book”, that being Christians and Jews. So, Islam must give some credence to The Bible. If so, then you can’t discount G-d’s commantment; primarily, which “you shall have no other gods before me, and you shall not bow down and serve them and that you shall not take the name of the Lord, your G-d, in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless, who takes his name in vain.” Now, this is information from Muslim educational writings, so I don’t want to hear any crap from Muslims about this. You want to saw off a head, check out your own educators who wrote this stuff. It’s a fact, live with it. Here is the problem with religion, which is that some human makes up stories to suit some political agenda and then they push it down the throats of their fellow humans, mostly under threat of death. That’s how humans and religiosity work. And, let’s be clear, this goes for all religions, not just Islam. Jews and Christians have mud on their faces, also.

    • Old Henry

      Here is an article regarding the Department of Fatherland “Security” and why they have been purchasing the ammo / guns.

  • Harold Olsen

    I’d say the majority of people in the country see what is happening. Most, though, don’t seem to care. They are under some illusion that when the criminals in our government, led by Barack Hussein Obama, gain full control, they’ll be looked after. All their problems will be taken care of by the government. What they are too stupid to realize is that dictators care nothing about others. It’s all about power to them. It’s all about control. Once they are in total control, they own you. They can do with you as they like and they need little or no reason whatsoever to do away with people. All you have to do is look at them the wrong way and you’ll be condemn. The wrong look, the wrong word and it’s over.

    • Warrior

      “Every large centrally controlled empire in history has broken back into separate sovereign states, and the US is doing exactly the same thing the Soviets did shortly before they went broke. Lincoln, Stalin and Breznev all sent in troops when states declared secession, but when Gorbachev considered doing that to Poland the troops would not fire on the Polish people”

      • Vicki

        And since the USSR wasn’t sending enough money to it there was to be no help shooting the Polish people from the UN.

    • BR549

      (From the article): “How is it that not everyone knows about this? Many people see the chaos and feel the economic oppression, but they refuse to believe the cause.”

      It’s called cognitive dissonance. It’s when people go into a shell to avoid hearing the truth because they had believed the lies for so long that, now, it just takes to much energy to reconstruct a correct view of the world. So they get wrapped up in ball games and sit, depressed, in their LazyBoy with a fresh beer, or they find some other way to stay occupied. If they actually sat down with their thoughts, their higher self would be giving them a thrashing for having become so unconscious and out of touch with reality. Thus, like a child trying to avoid a spanking, these voting “adults” sneak away to find some way to stay busy, hoping that, tomorrow morning, the sun will be shining and this will have all been a bad dream.

      [LOUD klaxon noise inserted here]

      • Charlie

        Is cognitive dissonance part of the brainwashing process ???

        • BR549

          Charlie wrote: “Is cognitive dissonance part of the brainwashing process ???”

          It’s what happens when one is confronted with a true view of reality, when that view challenges OUR CURRENT VIEW of that reality. The resultant stress has people often going into denial as their mind refuses to acknowledge the truth around them; not unlike those mindless Obamanoids who are still locked into Hope and Change, or even the breadbasket Republicans who still cling to the view that Bush did a good job.

          Neither group has a foot in reality. In fact, during this last election, the vast majority of people had no idea that both Obama and Romney had each been invited to and willingly attended Bilderberg meetings, and you don’t get invited to that secret group unless the globalists are firmly convinced that you’re willing to play ball with them. Playing ball with them means the intentional evisceration of the US economy and our Constitution; all to support a globalist takeover, the thought of which is so far above the average voter’s mind that they can’t fathom having lived this long without already knowing about it. So, therefore, in their minds, anyway, it doesn’t exist.

          The dissonance is the realization that something is terribly wrong. The denial is choosing to do nothing about it because they might feel helpless, inadequately prepared, or simply that they are so overwhelmed with the stressors of today that they’ll worry about it tomorrow. The problem with that last one is that it becomes a daily mantra for many.

      • Don

        i am not one of those people who sit around living their lives with out a worry and not paying attention to what is happening in this world. i want to know what is happening. my wife is one of them who says what will happen will happen. in the end she will be one of the biggest complainers. the shock will hit. there could be one way around it. it is called the vote. the vote can beat the buck. these very wealthy have been manipulating ignorance forever. most people do’t care. the voters are played into voting for the candidates who were made appealing by the elite making elections into beauty padgents. the ignorant voters don’t have the foggiest of policies or anything. i wish bob livingston could be made more public, but the hell of it is his life would be put in danger. from the elite. look what happened to john kennedy. he got in the way of the . federal reserve. my guess is they had him killed. why do you think that the living back then will have to be dead before information on it is released. ron paul and rand could be put in danger if the audit the fed bill goes thru. too bad these kinda people control the world. we all need to get better informed then vote wisely. as far as the soldiers firing on people in this country i don’t think a lot of them could. they were raised with our values and would have reservations doing it. i cant see them going up against possibly thir own relatives. i could’nt. look at all the hell that was raised in libys and syria by this country. the hell of it is that the elitist powers put no value on the lowly ones at the bottom and it would almost be like a hitler run germany wit irradication of citizens who resist. like i said earlier our best chance is to vote. too bad organizations don’t pop up before the next elections to wake people up. we know the media would not help. it would take a lot of people. it could be saved but it would take a lot to get it done.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Yes, Charlie, children and adults can be trained to be oblivious to what happens around them and it is fine with them because someone always will be doing the sheltering, worrying and working on their behalf. People with ears that do not hear and eyes that do not see.

      • Charlie

        Thanks for your reply,,,but,,,what I have learned from almost 70 years of searching for proven “Truth” is that when new info comes at you AND it differs (dissonance) from what you “Thought” was truth about that subject matter… That’s when one goes into a psychological condition known as “Cognitive Dissonance”. AND IF, you are searching for Truth? you will have to prove BOTH items of “Thought” to be true or lies… AND, by proving both points to be true or lies, you will come out of any “”Brainwashing” you may be in… Most white American males are mind programmed to think “Lies” are truth because they are bombarded with media lies almost every hour of the day and night… I was brainwashed by the Baptist Church for about 40 years, so, I learned all the above by the experience of proving lies to be lies… Any thing you suspect to be a lie, check it out because King Jesus Christ said ” be not deceived”,,,see Luke 21:8, also see James 1:1— which is about deception … Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

    • eddie47d

      The big problem with these comments they are politically motivated and obviously against Obama. Well that’s a given now lets consider that Benghazi Consulate event again. 4 dead because of lack of communication and a lack of proper security. Now lets go back to the future in Tripoli and an actual EMBASSY in Lebanon where 71 died (11) Americans because of a lack of security and a lack of communications. Exactly the same event yet the Lebanon Embassy had more personal to defend it yet they lost more people. Reagan was criticized and the country moved on yet Obama was sliced and diced tarred and feathered,ripped apart and demonized for months. Biased? YOU BET CHA! You can’t hide your BS because its too far out in the open. Your hypocrisies are glaring! Your two faces are glaring back at you in the mirror! What does that have to do with this article. Well could a stadium be attacked by terrorists foreign or domestic? Absolutely! Should the government be capable of responding? Absolutely! Yet these training events are criticized as the government taking over your lives. Like Benghazi if they are prepared they will not be criticized or will they? If they are not prepared they will get your wrath. Now days they will get your wrath no matter what they do.!

      • FreedomFighter

        Australia Protests Gun Ban Wake Up American Your Next

        “Two thousand angry Australians gather to demand gun rights and justice. Ginny Simone reports that the people of Australia gathered at the feet of Parliament with signs and outraged chanting in protest of the country’s gun bans.”

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Oh eddie47d, why do you REFUSE to see the truth?!? There was NO lack of communication!!! People in the white house watched the whole thing go down! The ambassador and his people called for help, they were denied! Troops were TOLD to “stand down”. The navy Seals who tried to defend them, disobeyed orders to “stand down”. They gave their lives! EVERYTHING went according to plans made by those in charge! And now you would have us believe that the government is carrying out training exercises to “protect us from terrorists”?!? First of all, IF the government WANTED to “protect us”, they would NOT leave our border wide open for anyone to walk through!!! They would not allow known terrorists and terrorist groups access to visas etc… They would not be supporting and FUNDING al quaida in the middle east! These so called “training exercises” are simply DEMONSTRATIONS OF POWER!!! They want the people to KNOW that resistance is futile!!! They want us to SEE it, to FEEL it and to KNOW it!!! NOTHING MORE!!! eddie47d, you drive me crazy but I DO care about you! I see potential in you! But you have GOT to STOP believing what you’re TOLD is happening and start believing what IS happening!!! You have been given the extraordinary opportunity to hear and see the truth! Most people will not be given this opportunity! WAKE UP!!! Accept truth as it is given to you! Become the man GOD meant for you to be! You have the opportunity to save lives! USE IT!!!

      • eddie47d

        Nancy; As you should know by now I battle the hypocrites on any subject. ANYONE who strictly turns any issue into an Obama issue when the other side does it too has no credibility with me and I love taking them on. I’m sure Obama dropped the ball just like Reagan dropped the ball. So its not so much that I’m defending errors under the Democrats watch but the lack of admission under the Republican watch. So lets put it this way when ever someone attacks Obama on Benghazi and says Reagan botched it even worse at Tripoli then I will listen. Then I know they are learning something and aren’t playing politics. To say anything different means nothing will change. Not sure why you brought up the border issue since its an impossibility to 100% seal it from any side. Did you know that a Mexican sometimes gives a “coyote” $2-4 thousand dollars to come across the border when all they have to do is get a tourist visa and a $400 plane ticket. Then they can land at an American airport and disappear into a large city. So much safer and easier.

      • JeffH

        Stubborn, irrational and deluded says…”The big problem with these comments they are politically motivated and obviously against Obama.”

      • speedle

        Eddie Eddie, you are especially defensive today. It seems that Livingston’s piece has struck a nerve causing you to circle the wagons around your hero Obama. At the same time you don’t seem to argue with the hypothesis he is making regarding the fate of the country. Is it possible you have no challenge to the facts presented, and are left to protect the O like a mother protects her son after he was caught vandalizing the next door neighbor’s house?

        I have been looking for one of the usual liberal/statist who post here to logically challenge what was written. I guess I am still looking.

      • Vicki

        Eddie47d writes:
        “Well that’s a given now lets consider that Benghazi Consulate event again. 4 dead because of lack of communication and a lack of proper security.”

        Lack of proper security indeed. Even ignoring the months of warnings by the staff itself just looking at the timeline THAT DAY shows communication working fine with initial calls for assistance one or more hours before the calls claimed by the CIA. Security totally absent.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Jeff H you are one of the false and phony ones! Your trying to raise yourself like the Concordia!

      • eddie47d

        Vicki; The left has admitted the ball was dropped ( yes a little slow) but were still waiting after 30 years for the right to admit anything of a much greater magnitude in Lebanon.

      • eddie47d

        Smeedle Speedle: You circle the wagons around duplicitous lies everyday and don’t blink an eye. Now go back and slither away with the rest of the snakes in the grass! Oh yes did you miss the part about the “infrastructures fast deteriorating” . Heck the Democrats have been saying that for more years than I can count and the Republicans have been voting down those projects for more years than I can count. Maybe its time you played catch up!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, I’ve never studied Regan’s actions with regard to Lybia’s embassy, so I won’t even comment on it! Right now, I will say to you that the republicans are just as dirty as the democrats! Instead of defending the democrats, why cant you admit that they’re rotten?!? Just because one defends republicans doesn’t mean that another is obligated to defend the democrats! LOOK at the TRUTH! ACKNOWLEDGE IT!!! Stop being what THEY call “a useful idiot”! Our government has been infiltrated by people who are determined to destroy it! They started this plan many years ago and are now nearing the end game! We must no longer be in denial! We have everything to lose!

      • speedle

        Ed, I am not just talking about the “deteriorating infrastructure”. That problem is a relative side issue. I am talking about the monetizing of the debt and the accelerating encroachment of the federal government into individual freedoms, and the inevitable results. How do you excuse his highness from these facts, or do you yourself believe in the “Statist” approach?

      • eddie47d

        Yes the debt is indeed a whopper and should not be trivialized.

      • daniel

        Eddie it is the callousness and the indifference that Obama has shown over Benghazi that has made me and many others irate. It is the continuous lies and diversion that has kept the flames getting brighter. I may not have ever voted for Obama,(full disclosure) but I was hoping I was wrong and that he would turn out to be a better leader. He has failed miserably in my opinion to fulfill the role of leader although he does do boss pretty well. Ethically the man is challenged and I cannot condone that. For any number of reasons Benghazi should never have happened in the first place. In the second place there was the ability to rescue the people stuck there and yet no action taken. The responsibility for that goes all the way to the WH bottom line. Yet what we still see is that the obfuscation is all designed to delay and divert any responsibility away from Obama.
        What would be refreshing to see is just for example a person such as yourself attack or correct your choice of other liberals that deem people that disagree with Obama as racists. I usually tune out the rest of their diatribe as I consider the use of the term as a last resort non sequitor. In other words they don’t have a leg to stand on to refute the criticism of Obama. I could tell you that I am not a racist and even introduce you to my family to prove it. I could also tell you that my favorite economist is Walter Williams also a critic of Obama and his policies. What difference would that make?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Harold, I think the majority of people, even those who have HEARD the truth, REFUSE to see what is happening!!! They just can’t face the fact that they may have to stand up and DEFEND that which they believe in!!! I know from personal experience that when I present strong evidence to the people that I know, that the economy is on the verge of collapse, they refuse to listen! When I explain to my friends and family that they need to start storing some food, they don’t see a need to store more than a days worth. They refuse to acknowledge that anything could happen here. Or some of them will say, “yeah it’s a good idea, I should start doing that”, but don’t! No one wants to give up anything. No one wants to take the time and trouble. The comment I hear most often is, “I don’t want to even live if the world is like that”. My response to them is, “you may not have a choice”. We ALL need to start thinking NOW about how we will respond to what we’ve been called to do. We are here, NOW, for a reason! Many of my loved ones now avoid me because they don’t want to hear the truth! They tell me “don’t talk about that stuff, it’s not true, it’s crazy”. But it has been given to me to warn them and to wake them whether they or I, like it or not. Ignoring the truth won’t make it go away. I’ve been giving buckets of beans and rice to my friends and family members. I know they think I’m crazy but at least they will have a little food to give them time to do whatever they will, when the time comes. This is a sacrifice for me as I don’t yet have everything that we will need. They need to see that I mean it! I don’t want to live in a world where I become this person who only cares about herself. I will continue to warn people and I will share what I have with those who I love, because if I become the kind of person who doesn’t, then my life will lose meaning.

    • Steve Hovanesian

      We have slowly been losing our rights for decades now under the context of : helmet/seat belt laws, anti-smoking regulations to name a few. Always been done in a way that is hard for people to object too. Every empire has fallen and we are no exception. However, like Rome, we will fall from within. We have a Congress that has no backbone and they are slowly giving away their power to the president. By doing so, we are slowly becoming a dictatorship albeit throught he backdoor.

      • Demand the Truth

        Steve, how long has America been crumbling? Did it begin about the same time that Jews were allowed into this country and began working for our government? There are 2% of Jewish people in America but yet the federal government consists of 25% of jews. The only reason both democrats and republicans won’t do anything for the people is because they’re paid handsomely. The facts will show that practically every elected official becomes a multi millionaire after going to D.C., and those that don’t go along with the corruption end up scorned, imprisoned, or either dead. We are living in a takeover of our country by the jewish (Zionist Karzars) who have tried to take over every other country until people wised up and kicked their behinds out. That’s what needs to be done to all the Isreali’s who hold office in D.C. and write the messages on Obama’s teleprompters. We no longer have a government – we have corrupt people that have sold out the American people and sold their souls to the devil.

        A great book to read is called “The Present’. It points out that the truth is the only thing that matters. …When people begin seeing and knowing the truth perhaps they will begin demanding the truth from the crooks in Washington.

        • Joe America

          Khazars are not Jews, but are, instead, converted Ottoman/Turks. They are most certainly not Isaelis, as they, being converted, have absolutely no blood/genetic ties to the house of Israel. The Khazarians, through their international banks, buy nations by giving cheap money to their leadership and elite, eventually trickling down to the folks on mainstreet. This is how they’ve purchased every nation in Europe and how they’re purchasing the USA. Their goal is absolute domination of the world, and, they’re succeeding. Why? Because they have the gold and he who has the gold, rules. This is their golden rule. Over 90% of all Jews who think they are Jewish, are Khazarian. Those Khazars who know this keep the secret from mainstream Jewery. It’s kept by a very closely knit circle within their hierarchy. These are the same people who run the banks, run Hollywood, our politics, our big buisiness, and our financial infastructure. They are the same people who killed Kennedy, who was on the verge of outting their Illuminst plans. They are the same people who were behind the international communist uprising/revolution, which was simply another tool in their plan for world domination. The real weapons for their illuminist plans is the UN, The WHO, the World Bank and the IMF. Other tools are The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Ordo Templis Orientis, Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, The Knights Templar, The Bilderberg Group, The Bohemian Club, The Priory of Sion, Opus Dei, and leading them all, it the Illuminati. What this makes is a pretty powerful front against maintream mainstreet. The average human can’t plan ahead for two days, much less, hundreds of years. This is the advantage this powerful group has over humanity. In the end, you’ll find, her highness, the Queen of England, right at the very top of the heap in this crowd. The truth is that all the members of this organization are not only the elite of today, but have been the elite in our past. Their goal is to return things to their original order, with them at the very top of the heap and the rest of us groveling at the very bottom. Their feet on our necks, us lying on the ground, helpless and weak, forced to do their bidding. Us begging for our lives and the lives of our children, them having absolute control of life and death over all the masses of the earth. We’re at a tipping point in history, which, if history tips in their direction, freedom for the masses will be erased from history. Our nation will have become a blip, a legend, a ghost of a society gone the way of Atlantis. And, that’s the way it’s going to go.

        • Steve Hovanesian

          This country has been crumbling for a long time due to a corrupt political system no matter of religion, national origin, color. Politicians are in it for their own personal gain and screw the people. Sadly most voters don’t know or care about the issues and don’t vote wisely.

      • Demand The Truth

        Joe, you are exactly right. They call themselves Jews in order for the world to have pity upon them, but they are the furthest thing from being a Jew. Actually they’re gypies who have traveled throughout the world and deceived the populace that they’re good people who would harm no one.They are the most conniving, deceitful, lying, greedy, cut-throat bastards upon the planet. Those people actually need to be taken out before they take everyone else out because that’s their plan. The reason America’s economy is so bad is because they regulate every other business out of business because they don’t like competition. They’ve set up a system of only their businesses surviving and nobody can start a new business or own anything. They murder on a daily basis those who don’t agree with them, and threaten those who step out of line.

        As far as the queen bee in England and her chicken neck hubby, they should be the first to be taken out or at least exposed.Their lineage has enslaved every civilization upon this planet. They do not have any special lineage because everyone born upon this planet has the right of free will and is not entitled to wipe their a$$e$. The only way for humanity to survive is to rid itself of masters.

        The first step of exposing the bee in England is to bring Barack Obama to justice for treason. Their sand castles will crumble because England is counting on Obama to continue the last steps of their slavery over the masses – take away mankind’s tool of survival – THE GUN.

    • Texas Ride

      When the “useful idiots” are no longer useful, they will be the first eliminated. Why would government waste food on those that contribute nothing…

      • JeffH

        :) YEP!

    • Benjamin Fox

      Harold they are to busy getting their hand outs from their plantation slave masters and obozo is the chief of the hand outs. When they can’t tax us anymore and steal from the job creaters they will just enslave everyone with their marxist dictatorship.


      A few years back, I had to go to my local courthouse to check on some records. The security check I had to through was intrusive, including taking off my belt and shoes. When I expressed my irritation to the overweight deputy, I was told, “Sir this is for your protection”. I let him know in no uncertain terms that I could be responsible for my security, and that he could be responsible for his security. When you have to practically strip in order to file or check on simple papers, we have given up most of our freedom.

    • Gary L

      So many out there that will just deny what they are seeing and just continue to believe that “that can never happen here”. It is time for people to wake up and realize that the federal government is part of the problem.

    • Charlie

      BUT,,,the True Christians that are primarily of the lineage of Jacob Israel, have far more Prayer Power than any other people on Earth,,,so,,,the lineage of Esau Edom need not be feared by a True Praying Christian… See who King Jesus came for, at Matthew 15:24… Pray Matthew 6:9–13 every day and Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing ,every day… We have the victory with The Blood of King Jesus Christ, as called out by Acts 2:38………………………………….

    • larry ryan

      It’s worse than that. Read “1984″ Here’s a quote “The purpose of power IS power” To those in power, not only can they do with people as they please, the people are their playtoys.
      And for the slave mentality that voted for Obama and his ilk, I’m afraid all hope is lost. Free them from their chains and they’ll hate you and rush to re-chain themselves.

  • http://personalliberty Alondra

    “Proletarians of all countries, unite!” – Karl Marx

    “We will move toward communism” – Vladimir Lenin

    “Everyone must pay their fair share” – Redistribution by barack hussein

    “Take other people’s hard earned money and give to those who does not want to work”. – Redistribution by Compassionate Liberals

    “If anyone is not willing to work, NEITHER SHOULD HE EAT…some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies … Now such persons we command and encourage … work quietly and EARN YOUR OWN LIVING.” – God

    • plfprime

      And why take ye thought for raiment?
      Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow;
      they toil not, neither do they spin:

      The World English Bible translates the passage as:

      Why are you anxious about clothing?
      Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.
      They don’t toil, neither do they spin,

      Matthew 6:28

      “Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question,tempting him, and saying, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”
      —Matthew 22:35-40

      “And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first commandment of all? And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”
      —Mark 12:28-31

      “And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou? And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt live.”
      — Luke 10:25-28

      “Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the LORD”.
      —Leviticus 19:18

      Yeshua said to him, “My Kingdom is not from this world; if my Kingdom were of this world, my servants would be fighting that I would not have been delivered up to the Judeans, but now my Kingdom is not from here.”

      John 18:36

      I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?” Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

      Matthew 19:23-26

      So much religion…… little christianity or understanding of it.

      • GALT

        a.k.a. for the w.i.f.i. A.L.F. talking hominids.

      • Sunshine49

        Thank you for the great post. You are so right that for a “Christian” nation we have so little understanding of God’s Word. Most will continue to do their own thing until the last minute — then they will call for the Lord to save them. By THEN it will be too late. They will blame God for the hell they are going through and join the rest of the “useful idiots” ruled by Satan.

      • Daryl

        This is so important and people of this society in America don’t care or want. I think of the time of Noah , just before the flood and also of Sodom and Gamorah when Lot gave the warning to the people there and they also didn’t believe. Look at what happen. People today have no reality of history and don’t care. Look at the media and I do mean Fox News also (O’Reilly for one). I have been warning for a long time and have been looked at as a loon or a radical but I have one that I trust to be there for me and that is Jesus Christ.

      • Flashy

        “for a “Christian” nation we have so little understanding of God’s Word” <— Sunshine

        Which is a good thing. because we are not, and never were, a "christian nation"…. We are a Nation of Americans.

        This leaves aside the debate on, if we were a "christian nation", what sect's interpretations of 'god's law' would prevail. I cite as a recent example of that debacle Timbuktu. A city of Muslims, 98% of the population in fact. Taken over by extremists, the extremist "view' of Sharia was imposed. It was a beautiful city, lively and vibrant and steeped in history and ancient texts. I hate the idea of what I remember of that city is now marred and destroyed.

        All because of religion and an extremist sect of Islam took control.

        No…we are not a "christian nation". The day that occurs, we face the same fate as Timbuktu, Afghanistan, Iran etc ….

      • http://PersonalLiberty Kay Cleveland

        I don’t think you understand it either. There is a difference in Religion and Christianity. Salvation is of the heart! The scriptures do not mean that you are supposed to work and give to those who do not want to work. Or live off other people and the government. The Bible says man should work by the sweat of his brow. A man that does not work..does not eat. The scriptures you quoted spoke of charity….You should read the whole Bible instead of picking scriptures not related to Government Control…or working so other people can vacation. I know people living off the government who party all the time, go to casinos, stay drunk, drive high end automobiles, have free cell phones, and go on the beach…to the mountains..while others are working to make ends meet. The Bible condemns that behavior!

      • Flashy

        ” I know people living off the government who party all the time, go to casinos, stay drunk, drive high end automobiles, have free cell phones, and go on the beach…to the mountains..while others are working to make ends meet. The Bible condemns that behavior!” <— Kay Cleveland

        Under the "biblical law" interpretation by your sect of Christianity … are you saying my religious beliefs (whatever they may hold) should take second place over yours?

      • Vigilant

        GALTY once again finds it amusing to post under the screen name “plfprime” and then respond to his own posting. What a sick moron.

      • Charlie

        What will Acts 2:38 give you WHEN ACCOMPLISHED properly ??? That’s what most Americans DO NOT have…………

      • Don 2


        You are making a huge mistake if you think Islam is just another religion. Islam is a political system, a culture, and a religion based upon the Koran, Sira, and Hadith.

        You are making another big mistake thinking in terms that there is an extremist sect of Islam. This is incorrect. Islam is a full spectrum political system which is profoundly dualistic, both peaceful and violent.

      • Flashy

        Don…and you know this how?

        Are you referring to Sunni or Shite ? [Catholic or Protestant]. What sect? And you reject those religious views of the Muslims in Timbuktu? In Egypt who protest the double dealing of Morsi?

        Really ???

      • Don 2


        I am not going to argue with with you for the sake of argument. You ramble from one subject to the next, sounding like an idiot. When one argues with an idiot, one begins to sound like an idiot.

      • GALT

        But ( never ever Vigilant ) the a.k.a. was just for YOU…….and whomever else
        among the w.i.f.i.’s who couldn’t resist responding……….I wasn’t responding to my
        post……..I was anticipating your’s………. again.

        Vigilant says:
        January 28, 2013 at 10:31 am
        Tell us, GALT, why you’ve changed your screen moniker to “plfprime.” Your circular reasoning, trademark confusion of thought, taking 100 words to say what could have been said in 10 words, and overuse of ellipses gave you away.

        S’matter, sonny? Have you become disabused with Ayn Rand?

        JeffH says:
        January 28, 2013 at 3:28 pm
        Vigilant, Can I try to answer that? Because GALT believes everyone else is too ignorant to notice…and he can?

        GALT says:

        January 28, 2013 at 4:30 pm

        What change would you be referring to? What purpose or motive would you be
        imagining? The reasoned logic here is bound to be fascinating…….as only
        w.i.f.i.A.L.F.’s like yourselves could demonstrate……..and I promise to be
        appropriately amused!


      • Nadzieja Batki

        Flashy, what is the difference if you have two different colors or different sizes of rats, they are still rats.

      • Texas Ride

        Flash, what is your religion?

        And, yes, if it is not a Christian religion, ours takes precedent! This is a Christian Nation, always has been. To say otherwise shows only ignorance on your part.

        Funny, how non-Christians always want to tell Christians how to behave and what to believe..

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Plfprime says: “So much religion…… little christianity or understanding of it.”

        Oh, REALLY?
        Yea, we know that you, disgraced LIBTARDS, like to practice “CONTEXTOMY” – a logical fallacy, which is a false attribution of the removed passage from the context with the purpose to distort its intended meaning.

        Now, Plfprime, let’s see what Jesus Christ’s definition of “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR” is and what it REALLY means. The full passage is in the text of the Luke 10:25-37. As you can see, you intentionally draped 9 (NINE) verses.

        Here is the full passage of “love your neighbor” which also known as The Parable of the Good Samaritan:

        “And behold, a certain lawyer stood up and tested Him, saying, ‘Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?’
        He said to him, ‘What is written in the law? What is your reading of it?’
        So he answered and said, “‘YOU SHALL LOVE the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’[h] and ‘YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’…But he, wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR?”
        THEN Jesus ANSWERED and said: “A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. Now by chance a certain priest came down that road. And when he saw him, he PASSED BY on the other side. Likewise a Levite, when he arrived at the place, came and looked, and PASSED BY on the other side. But a certain SAMARITAN, as he journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he HAD COMPASSION. So he went to him and BANDAGED HIS WOUNDS, POURING ON OIL AND WINE; AND HE SET HIM ON HIS OWN ANIMAL, BROUGHT HIM TO AN INN, AND TOOK CARE OF HIM. ON THE NEXT DAY, WHEN HE DEPARTED,[J] HE TOOK OUT TWO DENARII, GAVE THEM TO THE INNKEEPER, AND SAID TO HIM, ‘TAKE CARE OF HIM; AND WHATEVER MORE YOU SPEND, WHEN I COME AGAIN, I WILL REPAY YOU.’
        So WHICH OF THESE THREE DO YOU THINK WAS NEIGHBOR TO HIM who fell among the thieves?”
        And he said, ‘HE WHO SHOWED MERCY ON HIM.’
        Then Jesus said to him, ‘Go and do likewise.’” (Luke 10:25-37)

        This is the most distorted verse by parasite Libtards and depraved homosexuals.
        The Jesus’s definition of “Love your neighbor” is totally different than yours is.

        The Jesus’s definition of “Love your neighbor” is: help your fellow American when he/she is in trouble.

        But here is a good example of your, libtards and your puppet the Kenyan jungle bunny, “love”. The victims of the hurricane Sandy still live in terrible conditions and without electricity and hit.

        Your, libtards/left/progressives/DEMONcrats definition of love is: tolerate and support PARASITES and FREELOADERS: “Take other people’s HARD EARNED money and give to those who DOES NOT WANT TO WORK”

        “Go to the ant, O sluggard…WITHOUT having any chief, officer, or ruler…he gathers his food in harvest. HOW LONG will you lie there, O sluggard? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and POVERTY WILL COME UPON YOU like a robber.” – God

        “A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” – God

        “The soul of the SLUGGARD DESIRES, AND HAS NOTHING; but the soul of the diligent shall be richly supplied.” – God

        “The sluggard Plfprime is wiser IN HIS OWN EYES than seven men…” – God

        “If anyone is not willing to work, NEITHER SHOULD HE EAT” – God

        Plfprime, do not cheat on the God’s WORD, Do not distort IT.

        “Great is TRUTH, and mighty above all things.” – God

        Plfprime, Stay tuned.To be continued.

      • GALT

        Well both the first article of the bill of rights and the constitution would contradict
        you Texas………and if “christian hypocrites” didn’t waste all their time telling everyone
        else what to do……..we wouldn’t have to keep demonstrating what “hypocrital non-
        christians” you really are.

        If you need someone to emulate, I would suggest the Amish……..

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear GALT,

        Have you suddenly found religion?

        Best wishes,

      • Charlie

        Read The Mayflower Compact and tell us what God it speaks of???

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Jesus Christ’s definition of the “FAIR PAY”

        The first bill O’Liar signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act.
        But what Jesus Himself says about FAIR PAY:

        “For the kingdom of heaven is like a master of the house who went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard. After agreeing with the laborers for a denarius a day, he sent them into his vineyard. And going out about the third hour he saw others standing idle in the marketplace, and to them he said, ‘You go into the vineyard too, and whatever is right I will give you.’ So they went. Going out again about the sixth hour and the ninth hour, he did the same. And about the eleventh hour he went out and found others standing. And he said to them, ‘Why do you stand here idle all day?’ They said to him, ‘Because no one has hired us.’ He said to them, ‘You go into the vineyard too.’
        And when evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman, ‘Call the laborers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last, up to the first.’ And when those hired about the eleventh hour came, each of them received a denarius. Now when those hired first came, they thought they would receive more, but each of them also received a denarius. And on receiving it they grumbled at the master of the house, saying, ‘These last worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the day and the scorching heat.’ But he replied to one of them, ‘Friend, I am doing you no wrong. Did you not agree with me for a denarius? Take what belongs to you and go. I CHOOSE to give to this last worker as I give you. Am I NOT ALLOWED TO DO WHAT I CHOOSE WITH WHAT BELONGS TO ME? Or DO YOU BEGRUDGE MY GENEROSITY?’ So the last will be first, and the first last.” (Matthew 20:1-16 – The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard)

        “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken…” (Gen.3:19)

        In God I TRUST.

      • GALT

        A fascinating story Alondra……..and such great “contextomy”………..

        You only have one SMALL PROBLEM……..

        The Samaritan had no knowledge of the cause of the condition of the
        “half dead man”………nor does it seem he inquired……..but it’s always
        nice to see a christian hypocrite in action………

        Of course, the samaritan’s compassion may have been motivated by the
        fact that among jews……..he was considered a pariah and an outcast?

        You do understand the meaning of “My kingdom is NOT of this earth?”

      • GALT

        Actually Bob, this is simply the natural morality which proceeds from the
        proper understanding of your single “unalienable” right……

        “You have the right to continue to attempt to survive!”

        Universal, self evident and available to every living thing…..and even some
        kinda sorta living things.

        No religion required. No hypocrisy or fairy tales, either.

      • Jana

        I wasn’t going to even jump into this today, but when I saw your question I had to answer you. You stated:____________ I know people living off the government who party all the time, go to casinos, stay drunk, drive high end automobiles, have free cell phones, and go on the beach…to the mountains..while others are working to make ends meet. The Bible condemns that behavior!” <— Kay Cleveland

        Under the "biblical law" interpretation by your sect of Christianity … are you saying my religious beliefs (whatever they may hold) should take second place over yours?_______________
        No one is saying anything of the kind. We are saying the Bible holds the truth. You can believe any thing you want, and you obviously do. However since the Bible is the TRUTH, if you have different beliefs, then you must be believing lies. IF you truly believe in anything. After all, you are the one that was doing the challenging.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra


        “…a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property. To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away.
        He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them, and he made five talents more.
        So also he who had the two talents made two talents more.
        But he who had received the one talent went and dug in the ground and hid his master’s money.
        Now, after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. And he, who had received the five talents, came forward, bringing five talents more, saying: ‘Master, you delivered to me five talents; here I have made five talents more.’ His master said to him: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’
        And he also, who had the two talents came forward, saying: ‘Master, you delivered to me two talents; here I have made two talents more.’
        His master said to him: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’
        He also, who had received the one talent came forward, saying: ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you scattered no seed, so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours.’
        But his master answered him: ‘You wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I have not sowed and gather where I scattered no seed? Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him and give it to him, who has the ten talents. For to everyone, WHO HAS, WILL MORE BE GIVEN, and he will have an abundance. But from the one, WHO HAS NOT, EVEN WHAT HE HAS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY. And CAST THE UNPROFITABLE SERVANT INTO THE OUTER DARKNESS. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’” (Matthew 25:14-29)

        By the other words the hard working and thoughtful men were praised and invited into the business. But lazy one was fired. Jesus is very critical of bad stewardship/bad investments.

        The passage above is clearly against the bailouts of the banks, automakers and other failed institutions.

        So, as you can see, the Jesus Gospel is not about social justice. IT IS ABOUT EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

        “The best way to help the poor is to make them uncomfortable in their own poverty.” – Benjamin Franklin

      • Texas Ride

        Galt, you don’t want us to start talking about who you are imitating!

        You and your ilk imitate the worst of the evil men in history that murdered Millions of people. They were murdering to promote the same agenda as yours.

      • Jana

        Texas Ride,
        Exactly! People like GALT who know nothing about the TRUTH or Christianity want to tell us all about it. That is just too funny. And he calls Christians hypocrites. He needs to go look in the mirror as he is the biggest one of all.

      • GALT

        You sound envious of them……are you learning from your mistakes?

        As for my agenda…….that should be amusing.

      • GALT

        Pretty stupid Master, there Alondra, failure to instruct his servants properly,
        failure to reward them at all……… ( typical exploitation ) and one can only be
        grateful that no ( tulip bubbles or quantitative easing was in the offing )…..
        got any more, God wants you to be rich stories?

        Pretty much answers the “not of this world” question, though.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        GALT a.k.a. Plfprime, we know where are you came from and who your father is:

        “You are of your father the devil, and the DESIRES OF YOUR FATHER YOU WANT TO DO. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does NOT STAND IN THE TRUTH, because THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM. When he speaks a LIE, he speaks from his own resources, for HE IS A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF IT.” (John 8:44)

        Jana, you wrote: “People like GALT who know nothing about the TRUTH or Christianity…”
        Unfortunately you are mistaken.

        People like GALT a.k.a. Plfprime know very well what the TRUTH and true Biblical Christianity is.

        They are like the dung flies coming to the conservative sites to inject their poisonous lies and distortions.

        After their lies and distortions are exposed they just will attack you, ridicule, bully and call “hypocrite”, when in the reality they are HYPOCRITES. They are working for their carrot.
        They are doing their Master Satan job.They are just instruments and tools in the Satan’s hands to execute his agenda.

        We know that Satan a.k.a. Devil is the personification of evil and is the enemy of God and humankind.

        Devil on Greek and Satan on Hebrew means ‘LIAR’, ‘SLANDERER’ and ‘ACCUSER’.

        He and his followers are in opposition to the Creator God and are in the ages long holy war for human souls. He also is “HERETIC”.

        Therefore Satan choose the wicked to spread the LIES against God and His TRUTH and attack Christians.

        “Wickedness proceeds from the wicked.” – God


        But we know that “For NOTHING is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” – Jesus Christ

        “The DEVIL HAS COME DOWN to you, having great wrath, because HE KNOWS THAT HE HAS A SHORT TIME.” – God, (Revelation 12:12)
        The Devil is furious, because he knows his days are counted.

        But, we have a SWEET BUT, “because He (Jesus Christ) WHO IS IN US IS GREATER THAN HE (devil) WHO IS IN THE WORLD.” (1 John 4:1-4)

        “MARANATHA” – “Our Lord is coming!” Amen! (Revelation 22:20)

      • GALT

        Alondra, (Matthew 20:1-16 – The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard) was
        excellent……….perfect for those poor fetuses you are all concerned with…..but
        can’t be bothered with after they are born.

        As for Jana and Texas…….your hypocrisy is visible for all to see…..

        I am a P.L.F. hypocrisy is neither necessary nor POSSIBLE.

        Oh and God wanted me to tell you, not to be concerned about the “unborn”,
        they are quite happy as they are already where you all pretend you want to
        be, and don’t have much of a chance of getting to.

        Can you feel the LOVE?

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        GALT a.k.a. Plfprime, my God says that:

        “As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a CHUMP GALT a.k.a. Plfprime REPEATS HIS IDIOTIC MADNESS.”

        And as Ron White says: “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID. Stupid is FOR-EVER”

      • Jana

        You are right. galt is a kenite and I wipe the dust of him off of my feet. I will not cast my pearls before swine. There are some on this site that do appear to have redeeming qualities and those I answer. Others are just not worth it. The hypocrite and ignorant galt (in little letters on purpose) are not worth my time.

      • GALT

        Keep the love coming……God loves you and he needs money, and it’s good
        that you can’t be bothered wasting time with me…..which doesn’t seem to
        coincide with the fact that you still are….but hypocrites do tend to act in
        in “mysterious” ways……….and the only skill one requires is the ability to
        identify the hypocrite……..the source of the “hypocrisy” is irrelevant.

        Oh, before you GO, God had one more thing he wanted me to share with
        you………..he isn’t coming to help, or save you from yourselves……so you
        best figure out where you are and what you are doing, while you still have
        time to do something about it…… probably won’t get it right, but it beats
        whining to some fantasy about the fact that you seem to have complaints
        about what you have been given……can’t decide whether you want to stay or
        leave…….and are determined to let it all slip away, without ever knowing what it
        was all about.

        Y’all have FUN now, ya hear!!!!!

        ” To conquer, first DIVIDE! ” ( and then HANG separately. )

      • GALT

        One final thing……..since you are clearly “willfully ignorant, functional illiterates”,
        you are not being attacked, you are being exposed……that you claim to be
        christians is irrelevant…….that just makes it easier……so whether your fantasy
        is based in religion or economics or history, or magic, etc…….the object is still the
        same………logically reasoned intelligence is your only possible defense……
        and like most of the EXPOSED…….you are essentially defenseless.

        Silence is your best option, religious hypocrites are exceptionally boring, but it was
        a slow day………so you got “lucky”………preaching is of course far easier than
        “practicing what you preach”………mystic’s and shamen”s figured that out long
        ago…….and they made it pay, of course business is not as good as it once
        was……..poverty and suffering as being God’s will is a hard sell these days,
        especially when those preaching it……..are neither poor nor suffering.

        Time is all you have, make the most of it………and you might want to take
        a lessons from the “hebrews” who’s TRUTH you have “stolen”…….given their
        experiences…….it’s hard to imagine many of them, who do not have a sense
        ironic humor, in their understanding of the POWER of their GOD…….

        “When gods cease to be powerful they necessarily become good!!”

    • Warrior

      “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” Samuel Adams, 1776

      • JUKEBOX

        If Flashy would read the Bible, he would see that the dispute between Jews/Christians and the Muslims goes back to when Abraham took Hagar and his illegitimate son Ishmael out to the desert. Ishmael was Mohammed’s grandfather. This is a family dispute, not a religious one.

      • Concerned

        Looks like we have arrived, just hope that there are enough patriots to stand up and defend ourselves.

      • Vicki

        Concerned says:
        “Looks like we have arrived, just hope that there are enough patriots to stand up and defend ourselves.”

        Judging from the amount of ammo and guns being bought by American Citizens, there should be enough.

      • Flashy

        If Flashy would read the Bible, he would see that the dispute between Jews/Christians and the Muslims goes back to when Abraham took Hagar and his illegitimate son Ishmael out to the desert. Ishmael was Mohammed’s grandfather. This is a family dispute, not a religious one.<–Jukebox

        What a joke juke. You do realize that Mohammed lived 570 years after JC supposedly walked the ground. And the Jews go back thousands of years before JC was even a glint in Josephs eye. criminey

        • Joe America

          Ishmael was not Muhammad’s grandfather. They were too many generations apart. You see, it’s idiotic statements, such as this, that turns me off of all religion. Morons, posing as experts, make things up, as they go along. That’s what religion is.

    • KG

      Ezekiel 16:49

      New International Version (NIV)

      49 “‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.

      Sounds a lot like America. And, just think about it, it was Christian “bidnessmen” entremanuers who did it.
      There is a group fighting for America. They are called “Occupiers”. If FOX news would stop broadcasting lies about these young people, maby, just maby, the “Middleclass” people might wake up and realizes that we are ALL together in this.
      Who is the Government? We are. It’s time to recognize that.

      • Warrior

        Hey kg, I hear there’s another group that call themselves “The Tea Party”. I hear they are also “fighting to save America”. Maybe these two groups should join up? What do you say?

      • KG

        I think their goals are the same, but their politic and persuasion are so different. The TP are mostly old people who fear losing their Social Security checks – or “small bidness people” (Marks would call them Petit Bougeouis) who don’t want to pay any taxes. While the Occupiers are young people who see no future prospects in the present situation.

        It’s like the Communists and the Nazis in Germany post WW1. They basically wanted the same things, they just had different ideas about bringing it about. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) America has divided itself into two camps. Something that Marks predicted 150 years ago. Something that our founding fathers wanted to prevent.

      • Warrior

        We are spending our children’s future, enslaving ourselves to foreign countries who own our debt, and departing from every concept of the free republic that our founding fathers envisioned.


        This is the most foreseeable and avoidable disaster our country has ever faced. How can it be avoided when we’ve set up a system where 49% of Americans pay no tax, 47% are dependent on government assistance a goodly portion of the rest are apathetic at best?

        I see a major “reset” coming in the very near future, how bout you?

      • KG

        “49% of Americans pay no tax” Ummm that is a lie. Anybody who works for a living pays Payroll taxes. They may not pay Income taxes that’s because they don’t MAKE ENOUGH to pay income taxes. However, why should someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet pay an effective tax rate less than I do??? Why did Willie Sutton rob banks? Because thats where the money is.

        It’s time for the wealthy in America to start paying for all the “protection” they get. These wars that we fight, they are not for “mom, apple pie and Chevrolet”, they are for the benefit of the uber rich.

        All of you so-called “patriots” have given up on America. I know you really want to kill a starving American. And especially if its a minority. However, White people are the minority now. It’s time to recognize that and come together as a people.

        “Why are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear.” John Lennon

      • Flashy

        I hear there’s another group that call themselves “The Tea Party”. I hear they are also “fighting to save America”. <— Warrior

        Warrior..when the TP decides to accept that a dialogue and debate on what would work best as a solution, and when they do actually switch sides and join in the "fight to save America" instead of being part of the problem and supporting perpetuating it…. I will work with them.

        Until they do, then the best thing they can do is get outta the way while the real Americans roll up their sleeves and get to work repairing the damage wrought by that contingent of radicalists.

      • stopspending

        The “occupiers” have shown themselves to be a worthless lot with no goals and no actions. Where are they now? What have they accomplished? What do they stand for except a free lunch and free drugs? They made a massive mess everywhere they camped, made no attempt to take care of themselves or clean up after themselves and left the taxpayers to spend millions to care and clean up after them. This is what you think will save America? You must have a distorted view of reality. Have you ever seen this type of group turn around anything besides making a beautiful park look like a garbage dump?

      • momo

        @Warrior, China is not buying our debt, last time I checked they own about 8 percent of our debt. However, the Federal Reserve has now become the buyer of the majority of US debt, but they do it by turning on the printing presses.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        KG, you’re ignorance is showing! You have fallen for the party line! The truly wealthy will NEVER pay their fair share! Even if you set a tax rate for them of 90% , it would make no difference! The truly wealthy DON’T pay taxes! They are exempt!!! They put their money in tax havens and shelters. They are protected by loopholes big enough to drive a tank through. Taxes were never intended for the elite. The tax codes were written by the elite to protect the elite! Taxes were only ever intended to steal the resources of the common people to keep them down, where they belong! Our founding fathers KNEW this! They put strict limits on the government’s power to tax. Read Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution!!! We no longer have a Constitutional government! We have an illegal government (and have had for years)! They are breaking the law of the land! Most people probably wouldn’t mind paying their taxes if they were “uniform” and for the “common defense and general welfare of the United States” as stated in the Constitution!!!

      • Texas Ride

        KG has such a “warped” mind. People like this are filled with jealousy and hate. They promote the socialist-marxist agenda because they don’t know any better…and they refuse to listen to “facts.” Everything the libs say is all about “emotions!” Facts are never considered.

        We are all “mean people” because we do not like the fact that 49% don’t pay taxes. Many of those 49% receive checks for $10,000 of our tax money every April. Our tax money is immediately redistributed to these people and it is unconstitutional..

        In my book, every one that has an income of any kind, whether they work for it or not, should pay “their fair share!” But, the radical libs haven’t a clue about the meaning of “Fair.”

        It is time for a “flat tax.” Everyone pays 10%, no exception! That includes GE as well as the slugs that don’t want to work.

      • JUKEBOX

        You are really showing your ignorance, since Sodom & Gommorah occurred centuries before Christ or Christians existed.

    • Thaddeus Toad

      “It is appointed unto the man that he earn his keep from the sweat of his brow”….. I do not see any provisions or exceptions in that statement that calls for retirement ….. death is our appointed retirement not welfare,abusive pensions or a government job that pays you for life…The sad reality is that nothing will be done until something happens…. Gods’ hand is on this nation and not in a loving merciful way…. Slavery will be our judgement and at some point we will harken unto him as a nation and he will heal our land…..But not yet …there is some hell to pay first..

      • KG

        For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10

        Who was Paul addressing when he said that? THE MINISTERS AND PREACHERS who were making money off the tithes of the believers. Something that has been happening here in America ever since churches became a “growth industry”. Yea – tell that to that fat, child molester Paul Crouch and his jezebell wife. “Make a contribution and get the “love gift” of the month”. Are they selling these things? If they are then they should be taxed like any other business entity.

    • Flashy

      “God” ,,_Alonda

      One question….whose “god” ?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Flashy, we know that you have made a god for yourself in your own image.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Stupid question!!! There IS only one GOD!!!!

      • Charlie

        There are other gods,,,BUT,, only 1 Almighty God,,,otherwise Man would NOT be able to violate the First Commandment… King Jesus Christ has The same Authority as The Almighty God… See that at Matthew 28:18………………………………

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Charlie, the first commandment is about worshipping false gods! There is only ONE GOD!!!

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Flashy, You continually deny the Christian heritage of most of our founding Patriots. Why? Because you choose to deny that polls say that over 82% of Americans claim to be Christians. What constitutes a “Christian Nation” in your mind? HMM?

      • Flashy

        CB…I don’t deny the religious backgrounds of anyone. I recognize that the vast majority of the Founders (the hundreds and the thousands of them) recognized that religion has no place in how this Nation is governed.

        What is objectionable to you? Someone continuously attempting to foist their religious beliefs and mores upon all … or someone shoving back at this insistence? specific. What sect’s mores and interpretation of the Bible would you say should be the dominant one? C’mon…which one specifically?

        THAT is what the FF’s recognized…government based upon religion or adhering to a religious more as the dominant…is doomed to fail as a republic.

  • GALT

    a.k.a. for the w.i.f.i. A.L.F. talking hominids.

    • KG

      AFK BRB LOL!


    Freedom is now an un-American concept, and it started when we accepted the lie that our republic is a democracy. Welcome to the tyranny of the majority.

    • http://mozilla robert e. lee

      THE progressive game plan;;”CLOWARD/PIVEN”;; AND KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS;; both losing liberal theories except to create tyranny.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        May I suggest you quit using the adverb liberal and change it to Totalitarian.

      • eddie47d

        Capitalist at Birth; By any definition Muslims are extremely Conservative and those who try and break free of that Conservative yoke that rules their lives are ridiculed into damnation. One thing for sure Muslims are not Liberal anywhere in the world. That is why some pious US Christian preachers and churches are called the American Taliban because of their extreme Conservative views. Its almost like a religious slavery or indoctrination.

        • BR549

          Eddie wrote: “By any definition Muslims are extremely Conservative and those who try and break free of that Conservative yoke that rules their lives are ridiculed into damnation.”

          Sounds like what a liberal must go through if he tries to break free of the yoke of conformity behind this new version of communism masquerading as progressivism, or what the Bush minions had to go through even though they knew Bush was an idiot.

      • Texas Ride

        Eddie why not inform yourself before making broad statements. Read “The Islmatization of America.” Or, read “Blindsided: The Radical Islamic Conquest.”

        Islam is a form of government. It is a Theocracy. It has an agenda to take control of the world. That is not a conservative goal! And, the libs’ tool of “Tolerance” has made them a new “Political” force in this country! Notice I said “Political force” that practices Seventh Century Barbarism…not a religion.

        Sheik Yousef Quardawi said, “What our forebearers failed to do by the sword, this generation is accomplishing through legitimate birthright, immigrations, and petro-dollars.”
        The moslims has four to six children per couple and are out-producing Europeans at two to three times the European birthrate. About the same in America.

      • eddie47d

        T.R., I doubt if Islam will ever take over America and even if it had the opportunity it would still be as Conservative as it is in the Middle East.

      • JeffH

        eddie the hypocrit strikes again..just last week and even before that it was eddie who was telling others to stay on subject…this from a guy whose last comment had nothing to do with anything CAB said. Another of eddie’s totaltly ignorant and disconected rants.

      • Texas Ride

        Eddie, since you are the one off topic and you want to talk about mooslims, stay with facts.. There is nothing conservative about Sharia law.

        You better hope that mooslims don’t take over this country. If they do, liberal atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists will be eliminated. At least Jews and Christians will be treated as “demis” and allowed to pay for the right to stay alive. Sharia grants no such leniency for out and out non-believers. Keep talking and prove you know very little about this topic.

      • eddie47d

        Texas Ride Ride brought it up Jeff H. so take a hike hypocrite liar!. Yes Texas Ride there is nothing about Muslims that is Liberal and their religious philosophy and practice is very Conservative!


      Democracy is three lions and a gazelle deciding what to have for dinner.

    • anthony

      I agree but your wrong its big buisness thats doing this!! did you get your flu shot 10,000,000 people in ney your 19000 with the flu there hearding people with scare tactics on all issues!! The nazi party did the same thing in ww2 by harnising hate for the jews LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED!!! what ever happened to our sence of pride? we sold it washington who sold to the U.N. if we dont stop this now we never will the united states is doomed to slavery hope you can live with yourselfs for not voteing the bastereds out when you had the chance now we’ll have to blast then out by majority votes to bad it cant be done you are all to interested in having health care to see the way the have screwed you.

      • Joe America

        Everyone pushing for the banning guns and the elimination of our rights are only the monkey boys and girls of the NWO. Who is the NWO? Try the old, ultra-rich aristocracy; people who’s relatives made their money at a time before the IRS and Federal Reserve came into existence. They have more money than entire governments. These are the men and women behind the curtain in the land of Oz. Everyone else is just a pawn, whom they’d gladly flush down the toilet without a thought, if they ever failed to live up to their demands and expectations.

  • http://aol carsrus

    All regimes of vicious dictators destroy themselves from within! Obama’s agenda has been to destroy this Great Constitutional Republic! HE is destroying himself! This marxist-muslim SHILL will forever be cast upon “the ash heap of history”. God Bless the United States of America, and WE, the PEOPLE!

    • Thaddeus Toad

      Forget Obamas agenda …. lets take a look at the bush agenda …that is what gave us Obama… The sum total of these two administrations are responsible for the unraveling of the american dream,and the balance we can blame ourselves for ….over the years we have allowed the slaughter of innocence,we have become a nation of drug addicts,we are so perverse we celebrate deviate behavior,we have destroyed the family with divorce and have rid ourselves of the conscience that was God…. As Stan Laural used to say to Oliver Hardy ” It is a fine mess you got us into Ollie”

      • carsrus

        PLEASE, if that’s your case go back to Jimmy Carter and Bubba Clinton!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Thadeus, The economic problems began with Abraham Lincoln who thought the best solution to the negro problem, was to repatriate them to Africa, as the would never assimilate into western civilization. Increased problems with Teddy, Woodrow, Herbert, Franklin, Harry, Lyndon, Richard, Jimmy, George Herbert, Bill, G.W., and now Barrack Hussien, How many of these Totalitarian Progressives can one country stand? If you care to challenge my knowledge of Economic and Political History, I believe I am up to the task. Simply trying to blame one or two Presidents will not suffice. This has been a gradual decline in the value of a Dollar over 100 years. Which of course results in a decline in individual liberty. It is too late, I am afraid to turn this ship around. Ask anyone what type of political system under which we live. I guarantee you 75% will answer Democracy. This is sad but true, which is one of the main reasons people are in favor of eliminating the electoral college, which is the only thing, besides voter fraud preventing us from slipping into chaos.

        • Joe America

          Truer words have never been spoken. You hit the nail on the head.

      • Sunshine49

        The TRUTH is that the government signed on to Satan’s “agenda” in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve (international bank), the IRS and the “direct” income tax on the people. Our “money” is nothing more than worthless Fed notes that are an IOU on future taxes. The ones who control the money, control the country and the world!

        ALL our politicians have been in on this scam since then if they wanted to stay in office. I can’t believe that ALL of our politicians don’t know the truth. How could they be in Washington and NOT know?

        What I remember to this day is Bush walking out with the head of the Treasury on one side and the head of the Fed Reserve on the other to tell the people they were bailing out the banks — NOT the people who were getting thrown out of their homes because interest rates had gone back up and they couldn’t afford their mortgage anymore!

        The last President that tried to do anything about the fiat money system was JFK and you see where that got him.

        If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.
        … The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating. -Thomas Jefferson

        History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance. -James Madison

        The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity. -Abraham Lincoln

        Despite these warnings, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote: I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. -Woodrow Wilson

        Years later, reflecting on the major banks’ control in Washington, President Franklin Roosevelt paid this indirect praise to his distant predecessor President Andrew Jackson, who had “killed” the 2nd Bank of the US (an earlier type of the Federal Reserve System). After Jackson’s administration the bankers’ influence was gradually restored and increased, culminating in the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Roosevelt knew this history.

        The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial
        element in the large centers has owned the government ever since
        the days of Andrew Jackson… -Franklin D. Roosevelt
        (in a letter to Colonel House, dated November 21, 1933)

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Carsrus, we call it the progressive nature of evil, it always comes in the guise of doing good to us. As soon as this country started the human termites were busy chewing away the foundation.

      • Texas Ride

        Capitalist, did you say that “voter fraud” is the one of two things keeping us from total Chaos???

    • eddie47d

      Carsrus is indeed too obsessed with “Obama’s Agenda” because that is what he has been told over and over and knows no different! Considering all the mounting threats coming from right wing factions in America the real threats could be closer to home for him than he thinks . Attacks against public officials,public institutions and groups they don’t agree with are growing so the enemy could be an arms length away. The angry white man is striking back and their anti government vibes are getting stronger. They don’t think anyone is listening so they kill and kidnap to bring attention to their cause. Jimmie Lee Dykes is the latest of the unhinged fringed who shot that bus driver and is holding that 5 year old hostage. Has his bunker all set up with guns,ammo,food and wants to have a chat with us all about our “terrible government”. Yes he also thinks he is “we the people”!

      • Vicki

        eddie47d writes:
        “Attacks against public officials,public institutions and groups they don’t agree with are growing so the enemy could be an arms length away.”

        Yes that is what WAS done. Institutions like capitalism, religion, marriage and family. All have been under attack by “progressives” for MANY MANY years.

      • eddie47d

        Conservatives are trying hard to dismantle public institutions and trying hard to force their religious values on others. You think the American Family Research Council is some shadow organization than works underground? You think the Minutemen Defense is a bunch of boy scouts? You think Martin Harty R-N.H. Who said “He wishes America had a Siberia so we could ship all our mentally ill there to freeze to death”. You think the Church of the Kaweah a Militia church in California who encourages gun running to Mexico to the drug cartels . That way Mexicans will stop coming north if they kill themselves. Conservative have become beyond wicked and hiding behind God to achieve their missions!. Capitalism is feeding upon itself and devouring its own!

        • BR549

          Eddie wrote: “Conservatives are trying hard to dismantle public institutions and trying hard to force their religious values on others.”

          Oh, for Pete’s sake, Eddie, get a grip. The battle isn’t with the conservatives or the liberals; it’s with the globalists hiding within each party and pretending to represent their party interests and values, while being loyal only to Rockefeller and his ilk. Meanwhile, there will always be those naive meatheads who are stuck in the belief that we have a functioning two party system.

          Did anyone get the number of that turnip truck that Eddie fell off the back of?

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “Conservatives are trying hard to dismantle public institutions and trying hard to force their religious values on others.”

        Conservatives are not the ones trying to dismantle the institution of marriage.

        - eddie47d: “You think the Church of the Kaweah a Militia church in California who encourages gun running to Mexico to the drug cartels.”

        Oh that’s Eric’s church. Inquiring minds wanted to know.

      • eddie47d

        Either are Liberals Vicki! You can still joyfully walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams!

  • TIME

    Dear Bob,

    The old adage that fits this profile is: ” You can lead a horse to water ~ But you can’t make it drink.”

    I see nothing but “FEAR” in peoples EYES ~ as they do start to understand whats really happeneing ~ yet they still will not yield this dead carcass ~ nor will they allow the FULL TRUTH in so as to Comprhend the vast depth of this moment they live within.

    Saddly this rappid implosion continues all around them ~ unchecked.

    Peace and Love, Shalom.

  • Dan

    Unlike history, there is a new player in town and we the people are waking up. The Internet is both the spyware of the government and the communications link of the resistance. This may very well become a shooting war but we have the largest standing Army in the world that is not necessarily government controlled. As a civilian I am scared [expletive deleted], as an American I am determined, as a man I will do whatever it takes. Almost time for the third box.

    • Vicki

      Dan writes:
      “As a civilian I am scared [expletive deleted], as an American I am determined, as a man I will do whatever it takes. Almost time for the third box.”

      Third box? The 3rd box is the Jury box and has already been neutralized. NDAA 2012

      • Charles Johnson

        box 1 voting
        box 2 soap
        box 3 ammo

      • Vicki

        Charles Johnson says:
        “box 1 voting
        box 2 soap
        box 3 ammo”

        Soap box
        Ballot box
        JURY box
        Ammo box.

        All of them have been compromised. Your count is correct with the neutralizing of the 3rd box with the NDAA 2012.

  • Flashy

    “We are square in the middle of decadence masquerading as civilization. Social and economic oppression is closing in, but we accept it under all manner of rationalization and government propaganda.
    We have horrible “security checks” at airports, train stations, sporting events and even at highway checkpoints. Every day there is reduced personal freedom; and increasing numbers of directives, executive orders and regulations are signed as if into law under the guise of “keeping us safe.”
    Food and energy prices are rising, but government statisticians say they are not a part of the cost of living. Infrastructure is fast deteriorating. The standard of living for the middle class is declining. Regulations and high taxes are oppressive.”
    Wow…and THIS diatribe today ladies and gentlemen, is EXACTLY what is WRONG with this nation today.

    Had i not been aware of the writer, I would have read this and concluded the writer is anti American and would support any policy bent on the weakening and ultimate destruction of this Nation. As i stated early in 2012 when critiquing the GOP slate of offerings…neither negativity nor crazy wins the end game in this nation. We are not a Nation of pessimists.

    However, there is a vocal contingent of a very minority of minorities which has usurped the democratic processes and installed a political dictatorship of party primacy, negating the actual voice of the people as expressed in free and even elections. The Radical Right Conservatives, including the TP and the American Taliban, has locked in through gerrymandering and state legislative chicanery a dictatorship of their views and supporters to the exclusion of all others. And their solution to any issue? One simple word….”No”. As in no progress, no solutions, no ideas and an absolute NO WAY to anything proposed which the vast majority see as good.

    Saying ‘no’, being negative, always seeing the worst in everything and failing to put forth solutions. That is not American fiber. That is why the radical naysayers are being placed back of the room. Refusal to move forward, and refusing to accept the responsibility for what they have wrought. That is why the radical Right/TP/American Taliban have to resort to a dictatorship … because they have been “outed” by the American People, rejected, and would fade into obscurity as America faced the troubles of the times and went about to conquer them.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Are you a complete idiot, or just masquerading as one?

      • kimo3690

        Trust me… HE is a COMPLETE Idiot!! lol It is best to ignore him…

      • Texas Ride

        Yes, Flashy and several other of his ilk are idiots and they are out to prove it!

    • momo

      I see flashman made it back from his vaction, and ready spew his BS anew. What flashman. democrats don’t jerrymander? And is it wrong to ask how your tax dollars are spent by a government that acts like a teenager with a credit card? Let me know when you have something else to say besides your usual leftist propaganda.

    • S.C.Murf

      flashy playing the fool again and doing such a good job. TIME to wake up and ask Jesus into your heart and then you can catch up to the rest of us.

      up the hill

      • Charlie

        Acts 2:38 is salvation,,, asking King Jesus into your heart IS NOT salvation, AND is not in The Bible for salvation… Acts 2:38 or out the gate to hell………………………………

    • Vicki

      Flashy writes:
      “I would have read this and concluded the writer is anti American and would support any policy bent on the weakening and ultimate destruction of this Nation.”

      Thus we gain insight into the America Flashy wants to live in. A total police state.
      Now is that what flashy wants, or is that what he is paid to write?

  • Patriot-Research

    I have warned family, friends, even total strangers and almost NO ONE wants to hear it! The American People have been so dumbed down I believe they would by swamp land in hell if the Government told them too…!!! We all need to remember that the few that are not dumbed down are preparing for the coming Communist/Muslim attacks from the Commie/Muslim in the WH! We will be “We the People” only hope! Let me make one thing perfectly clear, the Obama machine is in full gear and is using the same game plan down to the letter that Hitler and the Nazi’s used to take over the German People in the 1930′s. Their agenda is pure Evil and they LIE about everything!

    • Flashy

      Patriot….if you realize it..what you rant about…insert instead Tea Party/American Taliban.

      you’ll then be accurate.

      • Bill

        That is a dumb statement made by a proponent of the staus quo

      • Patriot-Research

        Flashy, I know who you are, just another Obama Communist TROLL and will be one of the first to be taken-out by these madmen in the WH and their Communist/Muslim Cronies…!!! TROLLS MAKE ME SICK, NEVER DO RESEARCH AND SUPPORT THE OBAMA LIES…!!!

      • Flashy

        Patriot….the barrier between you and I is simple. You refuse to accept that there are solutions other than the destruction of our Nation. Though I do think President Obama is a stud and we are a wise Nation to give him another four years in the job…there is much I disagree with as far as his policies. And that is the difference with your views and mine…this administration’s policies are usually after a wide ranging, in depth conversation occurs. you refuse to accept that there is a majority of people who reject your extremist viewpoints and you refuse to accept responsibility and take the step offering solutions. .

      • Patriot-Research

        Flashy, it’s obvious you are one of the brain washed liberal masses and will not do your research and nothing anyone can say that will change a Communist/Liberal mind, again brain washed! You sound just like Obama, and in fact you may be Obama, all mouth NO substance!

      • Dennis48e

        Patriot-Research I do not recognize your handle so I guess you are new here. Just for your information Flashy has admitted he is paid to come on this site and make comments while reporting back to his bosses what is said here.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        And, how is that exactly? Care to provide facts, figures, statistics, and any B.S. you would like to support your contentions? HMM?

      • phideaux

        ” Care to provide facts, figures, statistics, and any B.S. you would like to support your contentions? HMM?”

        Capitalist, do you actualy expect Flashy to provide any of that other than the BS?

      • Sunshine49

        You fail to recognize it was the “worker’s” party (aka: unions) who helped put Hitler in power. Now WHO do the unions back in this country? It sure isn’t the Tea Party!

        I see you go by the assumption that if you keep repeating lies long enough — people will start to believe it’s the truth. NOT when the evidence to the contrary is right before our eyes.

        You are definately one of the Communist Party’s “useful idiots”.

      • Flashy

        Dennis48e says: Patriot-Research I do not recognize your handle so I guess you are new here. Just for your information Flashy has admitted he is paid to come on this site and make comments while reporting back to his bosses what is said here.”


        Wow….you should carry a warning sign so warn others of the lightening that’s gonna hit for lying through your teeth. go ahead, post that “admission” … y’all have deep set psychological issues

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        flashy is too far gone to EVER be saved! You are wasting your time arguing with someone who knows the truth but speads lies and evil instead. His purpose here is to take up space and keep people busy arguing with evil! Even responding to him is acknowledging him and giving him a platform for his lies! Don’t invite evil into your life! Deny it the opportunity to try and influence you!

      • Dennis48e

        No lie at all Flashy.

        You stated you come here and get information to use in reports as part of your job. While here you make comments. You have stated you are compensated for your job. Therefore my original comment stands as presented.

      • Vicki

        Let’s stroll thru history a bit and see if it is the Tea Party or the Administration (current and recent past) who is doing what was done in Germany.

      • Flashy

        You stated you come here and get information to use in reports as part of your job. While here you make comments. You have stated you are compensated for your job. Therefore my original comment stands as presented. <— Dennis

        i stated i did use the comments on this site as part of my job. I have also stated i work in private industry, not for any government for political party etc. nor is the company connected with anything political etc.

        As it stands, I made the right calls last year (Unlike Mr. Root…lol) and have received my reward. FYI…my time will be much less available for this site with the new job requirements.

        Also, we (company) have decided to stop any further investment in the Deep South until the political climate there changes. not because it's GOP plutocracy…but we see the Deep South not having much of a future for an educated workforce and being any attraction for young couples wishing to raise families etc. fact is, we cancelled plans for building a plant in the south and going instead to New Mexico with it.

        Next site will be new England somewhere or the Pacific Coast. THAT is where we see the future for growth and maintaining a high level of workforce quality… and yes, y'all helped. "Crazy" and negatives never win free elections in the long run. And it's easy to see the rise and fall of the TPers and the American Taliban just reading the fanaticism and the wildest reasoning trying to ignore the reality.

        • BR549

          Spoken like the true globalist you are; no country, no sense of REAL community or what it takes to nurture one, just profit and the bottom line. If you company had any real sense of what was happening here, it wouldn’t be investing here …… that is unless it was to exploit a dumbed down population struggling to make ends meet.

          If you are approaching this “opportunity” solely for your company to make a profit, it is obvious that you have missed the point of these discussions ENTIRELY and if I would have been your employer, I would have sent you packing for being so obtuse.

          If you were so “in tune” with the potential for available labor in the south, at least from the long term perspective of the UN’s Agenda21, why is it that the globalists are seeing the American Southeast, from the southern NY border down to the Gulf as the largest assigned concentration of the labor force and you seem to have a different crystal ball?

          Clear out your desk and pick up your check at the door.

    • eddie47d

      No one is listening Patriot Research because of your extremism. You educate through fear and create an equal unstabilizing scenario of fear for your friends and family to follow. Obama is not “pure EVIL” Obama is not a Muslim trying to turn America over to Sharia law or any of that other nonsense. Obama can be weak on several fronts but you choose to lie and your family can see right through you! You’re like a right wing fanatic Reverend Wright preaching to the fringes and your flock isn’t buying what you are selling!

      • FreedomFighter

        English Warning “Our Gun Ban caused 40% jump in Gun Crime” DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS

        “The British people have been completely disarmed according to UN resolution, and here are personal accounts of british citizens of why Americans need to fight for their constitutional rights.”

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

      • BR549

        Eddie wrote: “No one is listening Patriot Research because of your extremism.”

        Actually, Patriot Research made a lot of sense. I think you just have your head in the sand. You can call him an extremist, if that is what you denialists need to do to sleep at night, but it still doesn’t change anything.

      • eddie47d

        Then you don’t have much sense between them ears either!

      • JeffH

        Knock, knock.
        Who’s there?

        Clueless who?

        It’s clueless eddie!
        clueless eddie who?

        clueless eddie that’s who!

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        February 4, 2013 at 1:00 pm

        Then you don’t have much sense between them ears either!

        Ad hominem.

        Btw did you know that:



        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

        And as a plus you won’t have to worry about an American Taliban if such a thing really existed.

      • eddie47d

        Yup! Patriot Research has about as much upstairs as Jeff H?

      • eddie47d

        We do know that Vicki is good at shooting her mouth off and sneaks out of no where. Changing the subject again big girl?

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “We do know that Vicki is good at shooting her mouth off and sneaks out of no where. Changing the subject again big girl?

        Subject (guns) brought up by freedomfighter in reply to you. Then tied into flashy’s comment about the supposed existence of an American Taliban just above at

        So hardy changing the subjects, either of them.

        (eddie’s ad hominem was amusing so I played with it instead of just pointing out the obvious)

    • The Christian American

      Hitler practiced Fascism (privately owned / government controlled) but the socialist dictator practices Communism (goverment owned, including you / government controlled). Think Lenin and Stalin. They made Hitler look like a sunday school teacher. Funny, Stalin was Jewish by birth. He was “Uncle Joe” to Frankiln Delano Roosevelt, America’s president.

      • BR549

        “Funny, Stalin was Jewish by birth. He was “Uncle Joe” to Frankiln Delano Roosevelt, America’s president.”

        FDR sent functional nuclear production equipment to the Soviets via the Great Falls Montana Military Air Wing. By the time McCarthy was doing his inquisition, corrupt members of Congress had already been selling their country out to globalism for almost 50 years and hiding being the garb of communism. The problem was that, like today, Congress just ignored him until he just went away. As people became obsessed with fighting communism, globalists were walking through the front door; George Marshall, Henry Kissinger, etc.

    • Patriot-Research

      Denise48, Thanks for the info, but I know who Flashy is, this Communist/Liberal is on several Conservative blogs and I know he is a paid Communist POS. That’s why he is a brain wash dumb down TROLL! I just like playing with him/her…and wasting their time, we all know how stupid he/she looks. And old flashy can report to however he/she wants…I believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendment…!!!

      • Flashy

        “this Communist/Liberal is on several Conservative blogs and I know he is a paid Communist POS” we both know, what blogs would this be? You ‘know” what you claim how?

        Wow …… a true lunatic

    • Charlie

      Most American are BRAINWASHED!!!

  • vietnamvet1971

    Exactly, the Liberals are a Dying breed and their Illusion of governing is Total BS and they are controlled by the Big Banks and other Elitist Millionaires seeking their OWN prosperity and the Heck with the rest of us. The House of Bankrupt Gimme-mint is Collapsing right before our Eyes, but they have the Manure Spreading media NON- NEWS machines spreading the BS to ALL those that will believe it.

    • PJ

      Agree 100%, brother. Semper Fi!


      Vietnam 1968-69

    • nc

      Vietnamvet, You have been in foreign countries. What did you see? Countries like the USA? I’m betting not! Why are we different? So different that even as we bitch about things we don’t want to live anywhere else. It was not automatic that this piney woods piece of land would become a leader among nations! What got us here? Leadership!!!!. Other nations had people who were willing to work as hard as we have who never reached our status!
      Now analyz our leadership since 1789 especially since 1865 when we came out of the civil war anything but a nation ‘ready” to lead the world! Pretty beat up but bound by something that kept us from folding> Leadership , while not always lilly white, smart enough not to go for dictatorship! WWII ended and we were pretty much the last nation standing with the ability to lead the world because of geography and leadership had kept the bombs and enemy off our mainland! We are still there today! Right?? An accident??? Or good leadership??

      MY point is we have done this without a single “true conservative” President. We didn’t need one to get here and we don’t need one to stay here. The most conservative leaders(?) today want to curtail the government involvement in our education system that has us producing systems that are about to completely leave our universe and they can’t get out of Tampa Florida!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I doubt very seriously, that you would score well in a reading comprehension test.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Unfortunately Liberals are not a dying breed, for expediency sake they will morph since they pick up bits and pieces of the Conservative, Libertarian, Republican, Christian, Mormon, Roman Catholicism, etc., etc., dogmas. Since most people don’t have the time or the inclination to watch over every ideology that comes down the pike, they will look at the New Liberals and say in effect that these people are wonderful, look how much good they are doing, they care.

  • Jim in NY

    Meanwhile in reality the Dow hits 14,000 and our well has been restored.

    • The Christian American

      What with: Trillions of counterfeit dollars?

      • Vicki

        Considering the amount of (fiat)dollars being created by the Fed Reserve I would expect the dow to go MUCH higher. Along with the price of a loaf of bread. Gonna need all that stock to buy the bread.

    • eddie47d

      Vet1971 is the one who got it wrong . Conservatives once had a solid foundation and strong principles. Then the Banksters hijacked the Republican Party encouraged Wall Street speculation,accelerated Big Pharma,gave CEOs the green light to pick the companies pockets,sent jobs overseas,dropped healthcare benefits and raided pension funds. Its the Republican Party that shafted the middle class. There is plenty of blame for the false economy!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        YOU say that the republican party shafted the middle class yet you also say that the banksters hijacked the republican party. So what you REALLY mean is that the banksters shafted the middle class! I AGREE!!! What you have NOT said and is equally true is that the banksters have hijacked the democratic party!!! You are on the verge of accepting TRUTH!!! It is right before you!!!

      • Charlie

        A false god , is still a god……………… Meanwhile…………………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

        • BR549

          Eddie wrote: “Conservatives once had a solid foundation and strong principles. Then the Banksters hijacked the Republican Party encouraged Wall Street speculation,accelerated Big Pharma,gave CEOs the green light to pick the companies pockets,sent jobs overseas,dropped healthcare benefits and raided pension funds.”

          It wasn’t just the Republicans, Eddie. While liberals (and I don’t mean that in any derogatory sense) were busy trying to advance our freedoms, they didn’t see the rug getting pulled out from under all of us by globalist interests.

          If anyone is to blame for this mess, I suppose we all are, for allowing it to happen, but then, we were all voting for candidates who swore to uphold the Constitution. That part of the Constitution, Article 6, Sec 3, was what we all relied on for stability; we trusted those candidates to adhere to those principles and keep our country in tact, while the rest of us were busy arguing about individual party ideologies. The burden then falls on the legislature, the judiciary, and the long list of paid whores that have progressively infiltrated our White House.

          You’re so right about the cause, but the depth of that cause is well entrenched in BOTH parties, back then, as well as today, and as is typical for these overpaid and overcoifed used car salesmen, they are quick to blame us for the car not working properly, even though the ink isn’t even dry and we haven’t yet driven off the lot.

    • Vigilant

      Yes, and the Dow was hitting all time highs just prior to the 1929 crash.

      • Vicki

        And just before the crash in 2008 too.

    • Patriot-Research

      Hey Jim in NY, do your research, the Wall Street Journal expects the DOW to crash 6,000 points here shortly. And I hold a PhD in Business and know how to read these stats, and to be honest the stock market has very little do with the Economy, but then again I bet you don’t even know the basics of Economics or even took Econ 101, so explaining the way the Economy really works, and not what the Liberal/Communist want you to believe, is a waste of my time!

      • eddie47d

        We’ve heard predictions like yours before about the Stock Market shooting up or crashing down. After reading some of your other comments I’m not sure where your credibility come from. What do you mean by “shortly”? To me that would be weeks or do you really mean years? I’ve heard it will keep going up for a couple of years and then have a natural adjustment and come back down but not by 6,000 points. Since Conservatives are suppose to be the financial brains of this country where are they all hiding ? You’re way too busy blaming everything on “liberal/communists” instead of looking at the Conservative failures of late. As you say below in your next comment you have put yourself in the “sheeple cross fires”!

      • kimo3690

        WELL SAID!! TY

    • Patriot-Research

      For the most part, the dumb down American People, don’t even have clue how the U.S, let alone the world, Economy really works. It’s not even close to what they have been spoon feed by Liberal Education systems and what this Nations Liberal/Communist put forward to the American People. It’s scary to see how the masses have been dumb down and what they believe! The liberals don’t even question anything coming out of Government, they are just a bunch of sheepal being lead to the slaught, and they will take many of us Conservatives along with them just because we will be in the cross fire…!!!

      • kimo3690

        YEP YEP YEP AGAIN… Well Said!! TY

  • DavidL

    Bob, why don’t you run for national office and put your ideas and your specific solutions on the table for the American people to consider?

    • The Christian American

      Did the people listen to Ron Paul? then why do you think the people will listen to Bob? Why don’t you run for office I’ve run for office four times with the same message as Bob and literally had to finance my campaigns out of my own pocket. There is cloud of evil over the American people and it has them grasping for straws instead of acting like the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

      • Flashy

        “I’ve run for office four times with the same message as Bob and literally had to finance my campaigns out of my own pocket. There is cloud of evil over the American people and it has them grasping for straws instead of acting like the signers of the Declaration of Independence.”

        Ahhhhh…I see. because people thought you were a nutcase … there is a “cloud of evil’ over the “non believers’. In your eyes, because they don’t agree with you, they are the crazies.

        Ummmmm… I suggest you ask around for the number of a good therapist you should seek out.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Many people agreed with Ron Paul on many of his positions. He was off the deep end when it came to foreign policy, as are many libertarians. They are isolationist to the extreme, and still have as a part of their party platform: OPEN BORDERS!!!!!! Two of my neighbors wrote in Ron Paul in 2008. When I told them that their vote was not counted, and in effect they voted for Obama, the woman slapped me. Unfortunately I was right. Get off the Ron Paul band wagon, he will never be a viable candidate for national office. Why do you keep beating a dead horse? He had whinny voice on top of all of his idiotic responses during his life time. His son Rand, however is a much more viable candidate.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Capitalist at Birth,

          You write: “He was off the deep end when it came to foreign policy, as are many libertarians. They are isolationist to the extreme, and still have as a part of their party platform: OPEN BORDERS!!!!!!” Why do insist on perpetuating this lie about Ron Paul?

          Best wishes,

      • Capitalist at Birth

        What lie Bob? That Ron was considered to be too isolationist by many who agreed with his economic ideas? That is not a lie. It is an opinion shared by many of those that I have spoken with. Do you contend that I am lying about those conversations? Do you have evidence? I voted for John Anderson in 1980, and Roger McBride in 1984. I left the Libertarian party in 1986 when I discovered that they believed in Open borders. In 1988 Ron Paul ran on the Libertarian Party ticket as the Presidential candidate, at which time the party still had the Open Borders as a part of their platform. Has it been removed? It is my understanding it is still a part of the party platform.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Capitalist at Birth,

          You write: “What lie Bob?” The lie that Ron Paul was isolationist and was for open borders. I have corrected that for you on numerous occasions.

          Dr. Paul is now retired from politics and is content to spread his message of liberty through speeches and writings.

          Don’t worry. The neocon, empire-building, slave-to-Israel wing of the Republican party is now safe from challenge, so we will soon see the open borders and amnesty for illegals and continued strife in the Middle East and Africa.

          Best wishes,

      • eddie47d

        I think Capitalist @ Birth Is confused about OPEN MARKETS and Free Trade vs OPEN BORDERS. No nation should have to give up their sovereignty (borders) to freely trade with another nation.

      • momo

        There’s a difference between isolationist and non-intervention.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ron Paul stands for DEFENSE, not OFFENSE!!! In my lifetime, we have NEVER engaged in acts of war as DEFENSE!!! ALL of the wars have been acts of OFFENSE!!! If you will truly examine my statements or those of Dr. Paul, you will be forced to admit that they are true! The United States used to be a great country that the world looked up to! No longer! We are seen as the world’s bully! We have been put in great danger by having our government dictate to the world! We have no right to dictate to other countries. They should be allowed to determine their fate as we were once allowed to determine ours! Our government has been taken over by globalists who want to rule the world and they are using our country to do it! This has made us hated and has put us in grave danger!!!

        • BR549

          Finally someone understands what Ron Paul was getting at.

      • TML

        Capitalist at Birth…
        You confuse open borders with free trade. And you confuse non-intervention policy with isolationism.
        The evidence of your folly is in the mutual exclusive reasoning within your own claim, by saying; they are isolationists who want open borders.

        Capitalist at Birth says, “Two of my neighbors wrote in Ron Paul in 2008. When I told them that their vote was not counted, and in effect they voted for Obama, the woman slapped me.”

        Good for her :)

      • Charles Johnson

        Nancy in the end all war is offense you can’t win by playing defense! you will lose, it may be a slow painfull win for the other guy but you will lose.

  • The Christian American

    TERROR: a physical or psychological act, sometimes violent in nature, committed to gain or maintain submission. That is EXACTLY what the American government is fostering on the American people, TERROR. Are the American people submitting to the criminal acts being thrust on them by their own government? What is HS if not a terror organzation? Do you feel “safer” having it, or more terrorized than ever? Want to end threats from ashore? Then come home, that’s all there is to it. The communist dictator has not been re-elected even a month and look at the goals he has achieved. Qiut bickering among ourselves and build a united front against evil. They’re united. To make matters worse, we have “In God we trust” as the legend on our coin. Has God left us to fight our own battle against the forces of evil? By all indications, yes. Do we deserve it, yes. It happened to the German and Russian people and look what happened to them. I flow world events and have been for over fifty years like a cobra under my bed. Unless I’m wrong, expect a preempt strike on America. It won’t be offensive but defensive with the way we’re acting. We’re destroying the God blessed country at home and abroad. We’re each flying our own flag instead of uniting against the forces of evil. I’ll say it again, read and believe John 3:16. No matter what happens you’ll get to enjoy your after life for all of eternity.

    • Charlie

      Yeah,,,IF,,,you have Acts 2:38 understood and accomplished………………………….

  • Bill

    Good analogy, Bob
    You don’t need a weathervane to know which way the wind is blowing.


    Don’t forget the recently-floated proposal to have the U.S. Treasury minting a couple of special platinum coins and, by pure decree (or, perhaps more accurately, by pure legerdemain), valuing EACH of these coins at ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. The proposed goal: help the U.S. avert the so-called “Fiscal Cliff”, help the U.S. instantly evaporate at least $2 Trillion worth of Federal debt, and, if more such coins might thereafter be similarly minted and “valued”, wipe out the Obama-built mountain of Federal debt entirely!

    Can anyone BELIEVE this lunacy? Yet it was apparently seriously proposed — and considered and debated at the highest levels of this Obama regime and the Federal Reserve — as a possibly REAL “solution to the nation’s financial problems!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you or I could just arbitrarily declare ourselves to be filthy rich — and have everyone unquestioningly accept our self-declared wealth as fact?

    Fortunately, Treasury and FRB ultimately turned the proposal down — but how could they even have CONSIDERED the proposal as a potential solution to the nation’s — or the American people’s — financial woes?

    Equally chilling, is it possible that the idea was floated, and — at least to APPEARANCES –seriously explored at those levels — NOT as a solution to the ongoing financial disaster that, IMO, those players are complicit in generating, but, rather, as a PLOY that was intended to FOOL a supposedly “gullible” populace into thinking (a) that those same “powers-that-be” truly care for us all and are wracking their brains to help us pull through this mess, and (b) that an easy solution, thanks to the incredibly intense efforts and brilliance of these same “powers-that-be”, is now “coming into view”?

    Oh, wait — perhaps, as did Richard Nixon, I “mis-spoke myself”: Wasn’t it George H.W. Bush who, as President, declared that “a NEW WORLD ORDER” was “now COMING INTO VIEW”?

    Taking all these freedom-dissembling developments into account, could it be that THAT issue — our apparently being ever-more rapidly, ever-more-thoroughly, PROPELLED into a “NEW WORLD ORDER” — is what this is REALLY all about?

    • The Christian American

      Banking, inorder for it to be legitimate, must have collateral like silver and gold backing 100% the paper certificates it issues. Another certificates should be considered counterfeit. You must be able to walk into a bank and trade you certificates for silver or gold. The value of gold and silver is determined on free market. Gold and silver producers weigh that amount by how much they produce. Produce to much and the value of paper goes down, including theirs. Produce to little and the value of money goes up reducing the amount of other things people produce. Anything else is a lie. There is no need for government to get involved, other than checking for counterfeiters, of which government is the worst of all.

  • toledojim

    Obama promised to remake America in his first inaugural speech. He’s well on his way to doing that and he works every day with that goal in mind. What he meant in his cloaked words is that he wants to make the United States a third-world-type country. And 51% of the voters still haven’t figured that out, and that’s why he was reelected. He’s creating another recession/depression so he can grab more power from us.

    • walter agard

      You all are saying all these ugly things but you are not looking how the chinese are taking over the world. They are also all over south america a friend told me . we all should come together and help to build this back to where it been before instead of bickering all the time before it is too late and loose everything .We dont want that to happen, Do we ?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I guess you are an ostrich, and totally oblivious to Obama’s background. Do you really think Obama gives a damn about rebuilding anything? He is intent on destroying this once great nation. Get a grip, and do some studying.

      • eddie47d

        Sometimes you are the ostrich Capitalist At Birth. Why we are wasting trillions in the Middle East through wars and propping up dictatorships. While the Chinese are glad handing their own dictators throughout Africa and other parts of the world. They are buying up oil leases and building roads and dams and doing it without killing thousands. Think about the mineral right they won in Afghanistan where we did the fighting and they achieved the spoils of war. While we are making Uganda safe for Christians the Chinese are buying up oil leases in that country .While Conservatives in America make fun of Brazilian oil the Chinese are also down their signing oil leases and putting down money to build dams. While the USA continues to sends billions of dollars of weaponry to the Middle East so the Elites can keep those wars going the Chinese are wining and dining with the leaders of the Central African Republic. Obama may not be much better in changing direction but its obvious the Conservatives (neocons) got the ball rolling.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You have made your point that you don’t like China and want to make China the villain for what ails America. As long as you keep pointing your fingers at China we are supposed to follow your point and avoid looking at O.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        walter, ALL of the power and might that the Chinese have, was given to them by US!!! The globalists who took over our government opened trade with the Chinese! It wasn’t private corporations that we were doing business with! It was the communist Chinese government!!! WE funded their build up of power!!! They were a dying country! We made them the power that they are today! It was all done by design to destroy the United States!

    • The Christian American

      America consists of producers and predators. This last election we learned there are more predators than there are producers. These people were created before him. He’s just expanding their numbers. As in all democracies, the majority imposes it’s will on the minority. But the majority has it’s leaders. That’s Obama and his ilk.

  • emjay98

    There are plenty of us out here that are very aware of what is going on, but without a united front what can we do? The government institutes and enlarges the problems, on purpose, most likely, but we are unarmed with measures we can take to stop this without a congress, supreme court, or an eligible president to help us in our fight. We expect bad things to happen, so who has the best remedy? Otherwise, we sit and wait for the crap to hit the fan?

    • Joe America

      We’re already too late. Americans are fearful, which is why ammunitian cannot be found in gun or sporting good stores. You can’t even buy 22 LR rounds. The shelves have been stripped. However, this is not a situation where blood shed is going to work, because for all our personal weapons, we are out gunned and will be outmanned. NO was just a test drive during Katrina to see what the government could get away with. Sure, they were sued, later, but that was after people had been stripped of their arms and hog tied. The next round will be more forceful, with shock troops, heavy tanks and armored carriers, as well as air support. The Arab spring hasn’t worked out so well for middle easterners, as it’s only tore up their homes and turned them into refugees. Of course, those who’ve torn up their homes benefit from the profits from the rebuilding. It’s always easier to destroy, then rebuild, for the elite. They win from the destruction, then win, again, from the rebuilding. Their golden rule is “he that has the gold, rules.” This is what we’re facing. It’s what they’re getting ready for. And, by they, I mean our government.

    • Hedgehog

      emjay98, you ask; what can we do? I’ll give you a hint Obama and the rest of the Democrat and Republican traitors are not Immortal! I’m a Canadian. There is little I can do until Obama Augustus sends his legions north, probably chasing escaping American Slaves. Refugees we accept, invaders we kill!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Hedgehog, thanks for saying you’ll accept refugees. I hate to tell you though, you’ll probably be in the same boat as they intend to form a north american union of which you’ll be a part. They’ll not settle for just us! They plan on taking over the world!

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Move to Chile or Canada both considered freer countries than the U.S. I will be moving to either Costa Rica or Chile when my Father passes.

      • eddie47d

        Costa Rica does not like Capitalist exploitation and the destruction of their environment so that may leave you high and dry . Chile has known very well the dictatorship of right wing and sadistic President Pinochet. I was watching the history channel Saturday and how he was tied into an ex German child pedophile (if you care to dance). Both are definitely beautiful countries.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        C A B, when those rathole countries don’t have Liberty and Freedom for their own people, what makes you think that you will have those?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Nowhere will be safe as they intend on ruling the world!!! Hence, the one world government!!! At some point we’re going to have to make a stand! The longer we let them go, the harder it will be! Humanity must stand up to evil!

    • Wellarmed

      No war can be won without financial resources. As much as I feel there is a need for a Federal Government to act as a balance to state, and local power which can become as tyrannical as our current federal government seems to be advancing towards, there ultimately comes a time when those who read history KNOW and can feel it in the center of their stomach that “change” is about to occur largely in the absence of hope.

      The best outcome I could envision entails ALL 50 states seceding and becoming 50 separate Nations with each assuming the current debt burden of the federal government on a per-capita basis. This is a utopian dream as I am certain most states would not agree to this type of solution either because they did not wish to accept federal government debt, or they know that insolvency would soon follow.

      This will be the ONLY solution that could 100% eliminate bloodshed. Without Financial resources the federal government could issue notes till the cows came home, but I doubt they would find many mercenaries willing to work for less than their weight of gold.

      I have talked to many people who say they will merely leave the country if and when internal conflict arises. If that be your plan then I suggest you make hast with those plans sooner rather than later. I personally understand their need to survive and not to become a hero. It is logical not to seek death before one has reached their peak in life.

      I will not and cannot leave my country, as I believe in the tenants of Freedom that our Country was founded upon. IT IS MY RELIGION!

      If you “feel” that something is terribly wrong than I suggest that you take action by finding out where others in your community stand. We have not just a right but and obligation to defend our country. Worry not if others around you fail to heed your warnings. Do not waste more time attempting to convince them and focus on what your needs will be if and when you need to become mobile.

      The best training resources will come from your local volunteer fire department where one will learn command principles, Span of control, attack tactics, scene size up, resource allocation, Emergency medical procedures, and basic life support. The Boy Scouts would also be an invaluable resource as well as your local firearm and archery store. Talk to your Sheriff and ask him/her personally if they will attempt to execute unconstitutional orders from the federal government?

      Assume that your local Sheriff will be fired or imprisoned if and when that time comes. And often used tactic of governments is to have soldiers or federal police staged at your Sheriffs residence when they are “asked” if they will perform the order. Nothing like your family being in harms way to help change your feelings towards the presidents demand.

      Please continue to call, mail, yell, or outright harass you elected officials right up to the point that it no longer matters, but hold no illusion that your pleas are bearing weight in formulating their decisions. We are still obligated to exhaust all peaceful means at our disposal before resorting to Civil War.

      I wish you all well.

  • Joe America

    I, also, have been warning people for over ten years of what’s coming, and I can tell you that they don’t want to know. People have a tendency to want to “normalize” what’s going on around them, which is why European Jews and millions of others, were caught with their pants down, literally, pre and during WWII. This denial is a tremendous problem, for the people. You’re going to see our own military, non-US military, with UN helmets, or insignia of other nations, walking down our streets, kicking in doors, confisgating guns and putting citizens in FEMA camps, all “for our own good and safety.” Remember, Jews and other “undesirables” were told that they were just being “relocated”. Films were made and shown to the German people, making it appear that these folks were “on vacation” and “having a good time.” Many of the folks in control of our nation have been co-opted by the legacy of Operation Paperclip, where full fledge NAZI’s were brought to the USA and put into positions vital to national security. We must never forget that the elite of this nation where solidly behind Hitler and the NAZI’s, so much so that they attempted a military coupe against FDR, which failed due to a patriotict Marine General, whom they tried to use for the overthrow. We’re now a heartbeat away from the same problem, but this time, government is on board. It’s now the American people who are being overthown. And, all the while, they are being given sweet stories about how government will give them free things and free money, if they will only surrender their freedom. The sad part folks, is that this is happening and will continue to happen, as more and more Americans are dependent on government for their subsistance. The snow ball down the mountain is becoming the avalanche. What’s worse is that those who risk speaking out on this issue will be monitored and will be the first rounded up when the time comes.

    • Wellarmed

      I find your statements to be very forthright. Yes, all of us writing as well as those merely viewing these posts are most certainly already in some type of data base. Yet we keep on writing? Could be that even a file is being compiled about us that includes our movements and families movements and habits? Yet we keep writing? Ever wonder why?

      I do not. As I was born into this country as a free person and I will die in my country as a free person. I owe it to those who came before me that fought for the principles of liberty and may have paid the ultimate price with their life.

      I unfortunately doubt that men in UN helmets will be breaking down doors. Most likely scenario is that a false warrant will be produced for your arrest and you will be picked up on your way to work, or your child’s football game, or on your way to church.

      The officer placing you under arrest will have no idea what the actual plan is for you. You will be most likely sent to your local prison, and intercepted by Federal Authorities at your county lock up. At which point there may be an “accident” along the way to the Federal Penn.

      I am not certain if there is a way to deal with this type of scenario where one could be assured of coming out alive. Please remember in this fictional scenario the officer would most likely just be doing his job, and would have no way to verify if the warrant is real or fabricated or the real purpose for the BOLO.

      A full frontal assault is highly unlikely and with four more years of his term, time would be on the feds side to carry this out quite effectively. This is just one of many scenarios that could play out without the public becoming the wiser. My feeling is, this is how the thousands have come up missing in Mexico and the reason while no real effort has been made to solve these “mystery” disappearances/murders.

      I have said before that we needed to help our neighbors to our south, but all we have done is continue our war on drugs at their peoples peril. Now it will be our turn for some like medicine.

  • Hedgehog

    Questions for anyone.
    Is there any indication yet of government mass purchases of bulldozers and other earth moving equipment?
    Is there any sign of mass purchases of body armor, firearms or ammunition for the TSA?
    Is there any sign of fortification of border crossings on the US/Canadian border, facing inward on the American side?
    Has anyone an estimate of how soon we Canadians can expect an influx of American refugees fleeing government oppression?
    It would be nice to have an estimate of (how many?), but that’s like asking how high is up?
    The reason for these question is obvious, preparedness on our part.

    • BR549

      Hedgehog wrote: “Is there any indication yet of government mass purchases of bulldozers and other earth moving equipment?’

      Not sure about that, but here is one interesting clip. Note that these tanks are not painted in Desert Camo, but in Woodland Camo, as in for use in the US; and we taxpayers paid for this crap. Which traitors in Congress authorized this?

    • eddie47d

      Listen to you yahoos! For the last 3 years you scream that the USA needs a stronger national defense and needs to secure the border. Now you panic and throw a fit when you see a train load of tanks rolling down the tracks. How can you have a strong national defense if you don’t have the equipment to do it with? I would say those tanks were “hiding in plain site”! Maybe they were going into storage or going overseas or replacements for ones not in use anymore (none had tubes)? How would you build border defenses? Bulldozers anyone? Glad you are all on top of things! I feel safer already!

      • Hedgehog

        Eddie; as usual you miss the point of the question. I wasn’t thinking of border defenses, more like BERLIN WALL and MASS GRAVES. Sleep tight!

      • BR549

        Eddie wrote: “Now you panic and throw a fit when you see a train load of tanks rolling down the tracks.”

        So then, Eddie, you know all about the MIAC report targeting religious groups or anyone group that seeks to reform the present government to what the Constitution dictates. You’re also aware of Agenda21, Operation Garden Plot, and the Executive Order of 3/16/12 that basically allows the government to take everything you own.

        As for the tanks, if they were to be used along the southern border, as I said, why paint them with “woodland camo”? You do know what that implies, I would hope. Or are you expecting a massive exodus into the US from Canada?

        That’s what I like about you; you always manage to come to the debate table well versed in the politics of the day.

      • eddie47d

        I believe Garden Plot was initiated in 1967 and was to be put into action in 1968 but don’t believe it was ever used. Yes I am aware of what you said!

        • BR549

          Garden Plot morphed into Noble Eagle, not unlike Bush’s Operation Wide Receiver morphed into Fast and Furious and Gunwalker.

          It’s SSDD, no matter which party gets into office. It’s why Ron Paul stated on his way out that the American voters keep voting for change, but the agenda always stays the same. That’s because the candidates from BOTH major parties have been hand picked/nurtured by the globalists.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Can’t answer exactly but LOOK at a sampling of the UN vehicles that are here in this country, just waiting until they are needed! This is shocking! Ask yourself WHY!?!

      Really! This video will shock you!!!

      • eddie47d

        Hold your horses Nancy on that one. That airport is outside Jacksonville Florida at Green Cove Springs. There have NEVER been any UN vehicles at that airport. Those vehicle shown were KIA vehicles with white plastic film protection coverings on them. The UN marking were photo shopped by some nut job a couple of years ago and it went viral. Its part of an old military base and now a business park and the runway is used for vehicle transfers.

      • Hedgehog

        Thanks for the video Nancy, very interesting. To me it screams martial law, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

      • Vicki

        Pay attention to the news commentary starting at about 15:38 in the video. They openly explain the plan to make a global network of “special forces” trained troops.

      • eddie47d

        How could something “shock you” that wasn’t real? Is there any conspiracy you won’t buy into?

  • ibcamn

    Yeah all this talk,god warned us,founding fathers told us,and yet most of the masses are and will do nothing!and as Obama takes your money,home,business,401,banks,auto companies,food prices go up,gas goes up,restrictions on your movement(checkpoints),milage tax,and yes even allowing you to sell lemonade or have a garage sale! i teach all my children the proper way to handle the police and shoot a weapon,all my friends are the same.we can be ready,but my children(my two oldest are military lifers also)who are not in the military won’t know till their in it,my girl is ten and she handles a weapon better than most adults can!but she don’t know the whole story on things,but i would put her up against most people.when this gov’t regime decides to come after the people,you better be ready!they will be,will you?!Obama and his henchmen have been slowly but surely taking away your freedoms and most people are doing just what they do for fire arms,i’ll do it later,we have time to practice later,NO YOU DON’T,start now to be ready then!most people refuse to see it and just don’t want to believe it!it’s a war on the American people and if you say that,most tell me i’m predjudest against blacks or that it can’t happen here,Obama wouldn’t let it happen!(WTF,he’s doing it dumb a$$)people just don’t think this black man will hurt then,huh,go live in So. Cal. or Chicago,then come talk to me!but this Obama regime is trying to wipe out all people who appose him and his henchmen’s beliefs!America is changing,for the worse,we are a nation of laws and we follow the constitution,that’s how we live,if you don’t want to live that way,move to another country or whatever you want,you can,it’s America,and we will let you live were ever you want!…don’t tread on me!

    ps,a little off subject here but it does contribute to the fall of a country!.. ,(dui)checkpoints are illegal…know your rights!the police will lie to you and do it so you screw up and give them what they want(to arrest you)they do have quota’s they have to meet and most of what they do is to generate money!film all of your interactions with police,they cannot search you or your car or house without a warrant,do not let them in your house(even if you have done nothing and have nothing in your house,do not let them in!)i had a replica revolver on my coffee table on a stack of magazines,and they just walked in my house because door was open(screen door was shut!)they said the neighbor’s had called,said there was a noisy party going on!no music,two gals and my brother and me!but a driveway full of cars,one was my brothers and rest were mine and my ladies!he had no need to stay,but spied the non-firing replica revolver(which is legal to own and have out in open anywhere),swooped over picked it up and proceeded to try and tear it apart and then went on to dry fire it and just would not believe it was a replica,and started to yell and tell me he feared for his life and should arrest me for having a weapon out in the open!!now as you can imagine i started to tell him my rights and local law to which he just kept the threats and then started in on my woman and then my brother and his woman,long story short,he even went so far as to say,not ask,about why my woman was with me(her being way younger)and mad personal attacks on my lifestyle(biker)and the way i live, since he had no leg to stand on legally he turned to slander abuse as a defense then tried to escalate it to his benefit!(nothing worked,we threw him out)so people be very aware of your rights,the gov’t has been training the police to do harm against you,any of you,know the law and your rights,it just kills the police when they can’t make and arrest out of thin air!they will be the ones coming to get your guns,if not the military!and they will come in the middle of the night,be careful America,know your rights!today’s police are a big problem……

    • Joe America

      It’s important to realize who is really behind this chaos. Presidents and all polititians are nothing more than face men and mouth pieces. They represent the elite and always have. Look at the cabinets of all the presidents and you’ll see the same old money whores in the same old dresses, running the show. It’s been Wall Street and the international bankers all the way. Their golden rule is “he that has the gold, rules.” The elite are marching toward a totalitarian facist government, which, in their eyes, is setting the world back on the track of a lord/surf society. They are returning things to the natural order of their “god given right to rule over men.” This program has been in effect for over 100 years and it’s on track to become reality. Few people know this, including President Obama, but it was the international bankers who funded the Russian/Bolshavik revolution. Lenin and Trotsky were their bag men, which is why they had to be killed very quickly. They were the only link back to the bankers, who funded them. And, why did the bankers do that? The Czar refused to allow them to put a central bank in Russia. Had he allowed them to do so, then Russia would have evolved into the parlimentary monarchy we see in Brittan, today. The bankers are the Dirty Harry’s of the business world. They’re no one to screw around with, because if you do, you’re going down. I think it’s halarious that “communist” are so ignorant of how they were funded into existence. They are simply pawns in the game, just like the rest of us. And so, they will have the same masters as the rest of us.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Bob, I have seen this coming since I was nine years old, arguing with the Democrats meeting in our basement in 1958 about the problems with F.I.C,A., and in 1965 arguing about the problems of Medicare, and how they both destroy freedom. In 1975 I can remember arguing with Republicans that Richard Nixon was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that his creation of the E.P.A. would lead to further totalitarian control of our lives. They would have nothing to do with the idea, because we needed clean air. In 1986 I told people that the Democrats would never secure our borders and enforce immigration laws. I predicted an economic collapse in the not too distant future in 1995 and was derided as a loon. I thought the housing bubble would pop much sooner than it did. In hindsight I thought that Clinton would be much more successful quicker than he was in scaring the banks into submission. In 1999 I argued with many about the financial collapse that would occur with the revocation of the Glass Steagal Act. Most if not all did not even know what the law was about. I really think that it is too late and that this country is doomed. It is time to exit stage right.

  • Sarah

    It’s not that we don’t know what is going on. It is. What can I do about it? Me. Just myself. What can I do? I have enlightened my children and told them to prepare. Stockpile food, money, guns and ammo. Other than that what can I DO

    • Dixie Suzan Davis

      Now Sarah, ya’ll is turnin into one of them “…America’s Violent Far-Right” folks. Ya’ll can check on that too. Read up on it here—
      Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point

      Challengers from the Sidelines
      Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right
      By Dr. Arie Perliger, Director of Terrorism Studies; Nov 2012

      Now on page 4 ya’ll can read “Violence derived from the modern anti-federalist movement…” sparkin “America’s Violent Far-Right” which “…espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights..” all which isn’t true at all, now is it? One a the ways a spottin members of “America’s Violent Far-Right” is “…they support civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government.” Stuff like, oh, the 10th amendment n such. And on page 5 it reads ” …then the counterterrorism response must be tailored appropriately for the movement involved.” Page 6 mentions how “the shift of the violence from the South to other parts of the country..” has occurred. Places like once placid and beautiful and peaceful Chicago has become infested with Sothern violent far-right violence and now has CRIME !!! And page 13 mentions that in “the United States the far right encompasses strong religious dimensions …. religious ideology and fundamentalist interpretation of holy texts are frequently suborned as justification for far right extremism.” But ya’ll do see “immigration and integration policies are the hallmark of far-right rhetoric.” Page 17 mentions “America’s Violent Far-Right” “…include an enduring affinity towards traditional values…” another hallmark a them real violent folks. Ya’ll see’s that in New Think “… liberal worldviews are future- or progressive -oriented, conservative perspectives are more past-oriented, and in general, are interested in preserving the status quo” and so Old Think is Past Think which becomes Violent Think which is Bad Think.
      “As part of the nostalgic sentiments promoted by far-right groups, there is an emphasis on the clear and natural order that is regarded by its proponents as characterizing the idealized past” (Page 17). Stuff like a Constitution to make a sovereign Federal Government, n such. And on page 29 “..anti-federalist sentiments are also rationalized by their perception of the corrupted and tyrannical nature of the federal government and its apparent tendency to violate individuals’ civilian liberties and constitutional rights. That is why they are concerned about the transformation of the United States into a police state in which power is used arbitrarily and without accountability.” “…members of these groups see themselves as the successors of the nation’s founding fathers, and as part of a struggle to restore or preserve what they regard as America’s true identity, values and way of life.”
      And so Sarah how ya’ll gonna aid counterterrorism forces when the day arrives to do it, if ya’ll is stock pilin guns and n probably won’t be helpin the West Point officers pointin out to em the violent far right folks livin among ya’ll???

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Gee, I know “ya’ll” SPEAK like that but do they actually teach you to write like that too?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Nancy in Nebraska, I love the way Dixie Susan Davis writes out Southern, that is some talent.

      • Wellarmed

        Thanks for the insight Dixie. I didn’t know those who believed in freedom were considered a fringe element in our nation. I guess I am just clinging to the past, and should evolve to the modern belief of collectivism before it is too late.

        Sounds like good reading, and Need to find a copy for myself. I have friends that are former military and we go round and round that West Point and Annapolis would never indoctrinate these young men and women into believing that their fellow American were terrorists. NEVER. Not in a million years they tell me?

  • Dixie Suzan Davis

    Being a lil ol blond Sothron lady, I recognize that as a victim a blondage I simply don’t have the capacity to grasp things quickly.
    So I read in US Constitution; Article I, Section 8–To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof …—
    What I don’t understand is how do you coin money with a printing press? Looked it up in an encyclopedia and it says that ya’ll needs a coining press and dies n things. A printing press uses paper and plates and paper. So how do ya’ll coin money with a printing press and do Quantative Easin makin the quantity a coined-printed money easier and easier for folks to get.??? Shucks, eventually everybody is just goin to have heaps n piles n trash bags full a the stuff all over. N then the rats n mice is gonna nest in it and have heaps n piles n trash bags full a little rats n mice n then ya’ll gonna have the Bubonic Plague runnin amuck.

    • Vicki

      In the early days there was a special piece of paper called a “silver certificate”. It has been replaced by a “federal reserve note”. You can still use the $1 silver certificate as being = to a federal reserve dollar but you can get more federal reserve dollars other ways.

      A “silver certificate dollar” is currently worth about 13 federal reserve note “dollar”s. Though you can get a deal at Amazon

      If you would be allowed to, that certificate SHOULD have been able to be converted upon demand for a $1 silver coin which was about 0.77 oz of silver. Such a coin today in silver value is about 23 federal reserve note “dollar”s (assumes $30 oz spot price of silver).

  • FreedomFighter


    Get armed get armed now.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • Dixie Suzan Davis

      Shucks, ya’ll must recognize that Homeland Security has ya’ll pegged. Reichs Mistress Janet Napolitano has a nice pamphlet out bout ya’ll too. Been out since 2009.
      Titled—-Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment; —-
      7 April 2009; Prepared by the Extremism and Radicalization Branch, Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division. Coordinated with the FBI.—
      — httpwww.fas.orgirpeprintrightwing.pdf —
      Right there on page 9 it says—”DHS encourages recipients of this document to report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to DHS and the FBI. The DHS National Operations Center (NOC) can be reached by telephone at….”—-
      Them folks as is wantin to demonstrate they is loyal subjects of Our Obama and have a record of established political reliability is lookin out for folks like ya’ll. Phone ya’ll in boy, phone ya’ll in.
      Page 2 of 9; Note on bottom of the page— Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.—-
      I just betcha ya’llis “… rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority…” and supports the 10th amendment, not don’t ya, huh?

      • FreedomFighter

        I support the entire constitution, want to get rid of the Federal Reserve, and American Indian Issues.

        Trained by the best, to kill the rest….Semper FI

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

      • BR549

        Dixie Suzan wrote: “…. [groups] rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely…”

        Sounds like these folks have never heard of the 10th Amendment. Oh, that’s right, they’re supposed to actually READ the Constitution before taking an oath to support it.

        As far as rejecting government? Nahhh ……. I’ll bet all those redneck reactionaries wouldn’t really care about government as long as it was fair. They’re just fed up with the corrupt politicians saying, “Well, this is your government, corrupt as it is, take it or leave it.”

      • Charlie

        Honey child, don’t yaw’ll know that King Jesus Christ is a Southerner from the south tribe of Judah? are yaw”ll a Christian per Acts 2:38?… Meanwhile………………….
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… ya hear?

  • Mary

    Why is it the author of this article pitts the people against the government? Has he forgotten we the people are the government? Has he forgotten that his party of choice is the party wishing to take our personal freedoms away from us at every turn? Has he forgotten that America has freedom of religion yet he talks against other religions that are not his? Where is all this proof of conspiracy propaganda that constantly comes from the right? What makes him think he and a few others have all this inside information and no one else, especially on the left, can see what is happening?
    The truth is, the economy is improving, the housing market is on the rise, employment is increasing steadily, and the middle class has a shot at success thanks to the recent election. Our financial markets rise and fall as they have always done.
    There are many terrorist who would like to do us harm and many of our security organizations are preparing for those situations at the lowest levels of our local governments and at the highest levels of our federal governments. Unfortunately there are those Americans among us who will be among those terrorist.
    We live in an uncertain world and it is the time to band together as a country, not spread propaganda and lies about our government. Yes, our government is not perfect but it is better than any other. Unfortunately those opposing the current administration are such sore losers, they make up crap to put fear in people. If you want history lessons , just look back through the decades and you will see the same type of propaganda used time after time.

  • JimH

    Well written and on the nose for truth.

  • David M Zuniga

    This thread is typical of America today: people are too mendacious or spineless to post under their real names…argue for hours over trivial matters…accost one another over the Left/Right false paradigm, or their concept of ‘religion’…posit unsubstantiated factoids or rumors…attack those (like Ron Paul) who devote their lives and work to SOLUTIONS, without offering any themselves…or claim to have spent their life “pointing out the truth”, but…they’re leaving for Costa Rica!

    If you’re ashamed of yourself — or at least truly repentant and ready to take up your DUTY — then see this video, and ACT.

    • FreedomFighter

      Good Vid David, reposted links on other sites

      Semper FI

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

  • Allen Boyles

    Read the BIBLE. It is all in there. The tyranny, the economic problems that lead to famine and global pistilence. Wars, rumors of wars, famine and the love of many grow cold. The enemy of GOD and JESUS CHRIST and GOD’s chosen people, the JEWS, wants to subvert us to eradicate all belief in HIM. Read it. Believe it. Learn how to pray. The time is now for salvation by the only name we can be saved in…JESUS CHRIST.

    • Charlie

      The Bible says the Children of Israel are God’s chosen People,,,see that at 1 Chronicles 16:13, and Matthew 15:24… Acts 2:38 IS salvation ……………………………..

  • AZcowgirl

    Epidemic of Psychiatry…this plays a part as well…The Drugging of our children and of ourselves…

  • Terry Bateman

    Quote “social and economic repression” Is legalized gay/lesbian marriage social
    repression? Is legalized marijuana social oppression? Is legalized abortion
    social repression” Is letting muslims pray in public schools social repression?
    Is amnesty and citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants social repression?

    Now, regarding national guard and other military/law enforcement urban training
    exercises: Is that not just what our country needs to prevent terrorist attacks
    and keep order in the event of riots and social unrest?

    Now, regarding security checks at airports, train stations, etc. Why not just
    go thru the x-ray camera and avoid the physical pat-downs?

    I think that law and order is the prime responsibility of the government. Give
    them the tools they need to protect us. But let us have our guns and ammo to
    protect ourselves and our neighborhoods in any absence of government
    protection (Katrina).

    • FreedomFighter

      Quote “social and economic repression” Is legalized gay/lesbian marriage social
      repression? Is legalized marijuana social oppression? Is legalized abortion
      social repression” Is letting muslims pray in public schools social repression?
      Is amnesty and citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants social repression?

      Yes, when you force the church to do what is against its belief, although I agree with legalization of weed, if its thought to be a public menace keeping it illegal is the right thing, The Mulim religeon is a violent cult designed for world domination – cults should be illegal. and on ILLEAGAL IMMAGRANTS what about illegal dont you understand, why should legal immagrants get the shaft and criminals a free ride?

      Blaaa,,,liberals, Liberalism its a mental disorder.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

      • Terry Bateman


        I don’t support legalized gay/lesbian marriage, marijuana and abortion and neither do
        I support Muslims praying in public schools. I just pointed them out as examples of
        the social and religious tolerance of the U.S. government.

        Terry Bateman

        • pissed of & liberal

          Terry Bateman

          Since when is tolerence a bad thing? bigatry is what is holding this naion back THAT’S the be tolerent is to leave fear and anger behind.. remember that.

          Pissed off & Liberal

    • Vicki

      Terry Bateman says:
      “Quote “social and economic repression” Is legalized gay/lesbian marriage social

      When you force people to support gay/lesbian marriage against their own belief then yes.

      Terry Bateman: “Is legalized marijuana social oppression?”

      When you force the growers and sellers to get permission of the state (licenses) then yes

      Terry Bateman: “Is legalized abortion social repression”

      When you murder the most innocent then YES.

      Terry Bateman: “Is letting muslims pray in public schools social repression?”

      When you don’t allow other religions to pray in public schools then yes.

      Terry Bateman: “Is amnesty and citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants social repression?”

      When you force legal immigrants to the back of the citizenship line then YES.

      Terry Bateman: “Now, regarding national guard and other military/law enforcement urban training exercises: Is that not just what our country needs to prevent terrorist attacks
      and keep order in the event of riots and social unrest?”

      Police states are really good at keeping order. And the trains run on time too.

      Terry Bateman: “Now, regarding security checks at airports, train stations, etc. Why not just
      go thru the x-ray camera and avoid the physical pat-downs?”

      Or avoid airports and train stations. They always demand to “see your papers”. Well airports do. Not sure about train stations but that is certainly coming.

      Terry Bateman: “I think that law and order is the prime responsibility of the government.”

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

      Terry Bateman: “Give them the tools they need to protect us.”

      They don’t use the tools to protect us. They obviously use them to oppress us. Just watch how they treat people at TSA “May we see your papers please” checkpoints. TSA check points, armed guards in schools, military tactics drills in open urban areas. All good for preparing the populace to having REAL military assault rifles on American streets. Just not in the hands of the peasants.

      Terry Bateman: “But let us have our guns and ammo to protect ourselves and our neighborhoods in any absence of government protection (Katrina).”

      Since it has already been determined in a court of law that the police (and by extension the government) has no duty to protect you then yes you better demand that they stop trying to take our guns. :)

      • Terry Bateman


        I don’t support legalized gay/lesbian marriage, abortion, and marijuana. Neither do I
        support Muslims praying in public schools. I just cited these as examples of the
        social and religious tolerance of the United States government to point out
        that is is nowhere near becoming a totalitarian state.

        Law and order, the security of people, property, and patents is essential for people
        to exercise their constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
        There is no reason a liberal democracy like the U.S. can’t provide law and order
        and protect its citizens from foreign and domestic foes without becoming a
        totalitarian state.

        Terry Bateman

      • Vicki

        Terry Bateman says:
        “There is no reason a liberal democracy like the U.S. can’t provide law and order
        and protect its citizens from foreign and domestic foes without becoming a
        totalitarian state.”

        A liberal democracy IS a totalitarian state. It is a tyranny of the majority (liberals based on the adjective that appears before “democracy”. Fortunately for you the U.S. is a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic. This ~10 min video will explain:

        It is well worth watching to understand where we were misled into thinking that the U.S. is a democracy and why we don’t want one.

  • Robert.

    I see a lot of talking heads in here, but who has a definite answer to what we can do?
    The powers that control the government from behind the scene are untouchable.
    We don’t like what this administration is doing, but still they keep-on doing any way.
    Someone said we can do it through the votes, I think that is a joke, the last election was a total fabrication of cheating and manipulation of results in so many ways, in so many States, and yet no one could stop it from happening. Entire Counties that had 100% of the vote going to one candidate, is that even make sense to anyone ?
    And what about the Counties where more votes were counted all in favor of the O, then there were registered voters, and voting polls that don’t require proof of identity.
    It is simple folks, this President was to be kept in position not by the voting results, but by the powers that want him there.
    We the People had absolutely no say in this fact.
    We the People no longer have meaning, the Constitution along with the bill of rights, is only an illusion it as been chipped away so many times, and now talks are that they want to get rid of the constitution all together some are calling it an “old document out of touch with today’s world”.
    God is no longer in our schools, they want to remove it from the currency bills, and even from our pledge of allegiance.
    They are coming for our 2nd amendment, we are under attack as citizen for awhile now. Police are everywhere in so many different branches, but all are Federal extension of power, we may still have some Sheriffs on our side, but the Federal government is trying to strip the Sheriffs of Law enforcement duties in many Counties.
    The drills over the numerous cities from military choppers and local law enforcement is the last stand of openly showing that we will with out hesitation kill any one of you the citizenry that stands in our way.
    It is sad to see that we the citizen are “so proud” of our soldiers, but make no mistakes when the orders will be given to shoot them at will, these men and women in uniforms will do what they do, follow orders.
    Remember in New Orleans in hurricane “Katrina” the men and women in uniform went door to door confiscating guns, while saying “it’s weird to do this kind of operation in our own country, but we’re following orders”.

    • BR549

      Robert wrote: “I see a lot of talking heads in here, but who has a definite answer to what we can do?”

      The PTB have been systematically peeling apart the fabric of our culture. Charlotte Iserbyt pointed this out with respect to the educational system back in the early ’80s but the no one in Congress has the balls to admit that they’ve been supporting a communist agenda that is now over 100 years old.

      But to answer your question, I think we first have to get right with our own history again. Seek out others who have become overwhelmed by the propaganda and have locked themselves up with denial. Somewhere, for each and every denialist is that one person who is capable of connecting that last set of dots so others can break that bond of ignorance, because I believe that, as Jefferson supposed, that the more everyone becomes educated about the truth, the more they will realize exactly how much we all have in common.

      Knowing that, it becomes more clear as to why it has become so incumbent upon all those globalist administrations, especially from Bush41 to the present, that have worked so hard to alienate us all from one another. It would make the takeover so much easier. But know this; the closer we may all get, the more likely we will likely see a succession of false flags to drive us into our respective cubby holes. It’s a divide and conquer strategy; some people will buy right into it; other people will see through the facade. It’s a battle of spiritual proportions.

  • Guest

    I do certainly agree with you Bob.
    When i came to this country ‘LEGALLY’ it cost time and money. Many papers and regulations to follow and thereafter, five years before one could become a citizen if one so desired. Exceptions were for marriage and if one joined the military. (That would be a good idea for these illegals???) Never ever, did I expect this country to go down as it has done under socialism and now communism. And talking of communism one of the questions when applying for the visa was “ARE YOU NOW, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? Now there are 80 in the Congress. Ask Allen West about that.
    But the worst point now for me as a senior is the SS for which we paid. In 2008, we were given NO Increase At ALL!!! And for three years it continued under this Imposter! But Michelle of course had her million dollar vacations!!! Now, as you say it is 1.7% but did you know the Congress voted themselves 6% increase for inflation??? So, poor things prices went up only for THEM?
    And now, under ObamaRuincare, we are no longer persons but UNITS? To be treated or not when ill according to price or bureaucracy!
    The new Hippocratic OATH, “Do NO HARM, unless they are old when it doesn’t matter”

  • Dead Right

    OK lets face it. We are not just lulled into to sleep here. We are constantly told by our conservative “keepers” to not use violence. What they mean is until it is to late. The world is governed by the judicious use of force. What is the line/time place to stop filling our congressmen’s offices with faxes and start using lead? I here boisterous talk on this site and many others about the willingness to use force against our “leaders”.
    Then the argument goes… “well if just one or a hand-full kills a senator then they simply go to jail etc…” Fine.
    We must organize a 20 million man armed march on washington to arrest all of these termites? They are all in violation of human rights and the constitution. I keep being told a peaceful response is the answer. For a while but what then. When these termites’ actions have starved a nation and come door to door looking for us because we disagree we then “fight back”? That is also a loose loose. Small arms and even a little support from your neighbors is going to result in what? More of their forces until the deed is done and your family is dead in the street.

    Is anything but a true armed revolt going to change things? That is what it took last time.
    We need a better plan. I prefer non violence but lets please face the fact they do not.
    They are preparing to kill us, starve us ruin our finances and take our lives.
    If they get a tank then I want one too. After all the balance of power must be maintained!
    Any wonder 3 million plus wealthy families have left the US? They don’t want to be around for the killings.

    • Karolyn

      “We” must organize? Well, go ahead and start it. And you be right up front to be the first one to fall, either by arrest or, if violence starts, by injury. Violence is not answer EVER. Yeah, yeah, violence started this country. So what do we have – a violent country!

      • Dead Right

        Just what are you using as a measure of violence?
        Constant revolutions are undesirable but occasionally one is needed as pointed out by the declaration of independence. We live in relative peace and that peace is being used to cook us slowly. So the point of entry into the use of force becomes confusing. My primary point is that your government is preparing to use force, violently, against dissenters. Why should we not be organized and prepared? It is just as you have stated by asking me to be up front. You are scared to loose what you have to gain more or to get back what is being taken from you. An independent person attacking government is but a sole voice. Which will be snuffed out if there is not a larger organized protective force.
        What was the saying in WW2?
        They came for the Poles, I was not Polish so I said and did nothing, then they came for the Jews but I was not Jewish So I did nothing etc. Then they came for me and there was no one left to help.

        Try the history of other countries where violence is the norm and constant. Also I said the judicious use of force. The government presently uses said force every time you choose not to pay your taxes. Which would be a first good non-violent civil protest. It would do no good because they are just printing it now….

      • Karolyn

        Did you ever stop to think that they might ALL be complicit to bring about what you speak of on purpose? I include in this even those who purport to be on the conservative “side.” When you get right down to it, no one knows the REAL truth.

      • Vicki

        Karolyn says:
        “Violence is not answer EVER. Yeah, yeah, violence started this country. So what do we have – a violent country!”

        Violence did NOT start this country. Resistance to theft started it. Or resistance to tyranny or whatever you choose to consider. Violence was used to suppress this country. The founders used the best available tools for defense to resist that violence. If you consider resistance to violence to be violence then your first statement is in error.

      • Wellarmed

        Thank you Vicki. Very well said. I do not think most American understand the oppression that occurred under British Rule prior to 1776. I do not believe anyone on this forum has ever proposed the use of violence, just a vigorous defense if it became necessary.

        I worry far less about a full scale attack on the American People rather than a slow progressing campaign that no one is aware of, but yet ultimately has the same effectiveness.

        Please review my comments in this same thread about potential scenarios. Most soldiers that will not know what surrender means will send their entire families off to a safe haven so that pressure cannot be exerted upon them in the field of battle.

        I think those that have the resources to leave may be making a wise decision if things continue to spiral downward. One will not need to question when the fight has begun if mandatory registration is ruled the law of the land. History has shown with NO EXCEPTIONS that registration always leads to confiscation.

        I do not wish for war, nor do I believe that any of those who post comments here also feel that war is an answer. Guns do not bring about peace they merely secure it. A very good friend of mine once told me that their is no such thing as an Atheist in a fox hole, but this Atheist is praying that war is avoidable.

        Happy hunting

    • Hedgehog

      DO NOT march on Washington en masse, they will use weapons of mass destruction on you! If you plan to use violence, be stealthy about it, snipe them in the back from ambush! You don’t need a tank, learn how to build trebuchets and throw car sized molotov cocktails at their tanks. In short, fight dirty!

  • andreakrobson

    Spot on Bob, well presented and laid out. I do not know how much more plan and direct one would have to be to get the point across. At this point, if people are not seeing the writing on the wall, as to what is just around the corner, they are in total denial. All we can do is keep warning and hope and pray more will awaken to the darkness that lies ahead.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Everyone knew that electing a marxist muslim as president coupled with the facist/communist democrap partyas the enabler/enforcers. Just what the hell would any expect , for an outcome, but monetary failure, and feteriation of the USAGo back in history and see who was the crimminals that were getting away with literially murder and fraud. The so called famous Kennedy pukes, start with bootlegger Joe, who was an insider trader big time. But this cross bred muslim nut job, that is more white than black. Has deep ties to racism, drug sales and usage, domestic terrprism of companies. This was taught to him by the likes of (rev) jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other miniserial preachers, a term used loosely. The (rev)Martin King was as big a Whorehound as the first black president, Bill Clinton, all of these boar hogs would a pile of warm rocks, if they knew there was a possible live snake down there. If any one has any questions,about facts, read the muslim marxist books put together with Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist, who was one of America’s Most wanted, while you communist/facists, check out all the internal clutter fks that are retreads of comunist party, even Rev Wrong was a strong marist/ alomg with an embracer of Black Theology , no thruths, but racist, muslim, marxist, BS, and hate for America and what we stand for.

  • Jim B

    It was never our fate to be governed by plutocracy, ever! To many of our citizens, whether it be their ignorance or denial, have come to depend on the government for the feeble crumbs of sustenance they provide under the guise of patriotism, fair share, and my favorite… looking out for the middle class. I know the government can only provide poverty, you have to be blind not to see it too. It’s time the focus be turned on all government, not just liberal or republican, we have experienced their century long debacle that they call government. It was not what this country was founded on, they have been wrong, and we have been wrong to listen to them for so long. We must turn our focus now on the cause of or ills, we should not let them separate themselves in our preview any longer. The correction is not either or, it’s all of it. It’s 17 Trillion dollars of unfunded, and unearned spending. It’s corrupted government agencies, societal police (IRS, DHS, DTF, EPA, TSA……), blatant duplicity, and over payments of most every service it provides. I urge all those concerned to no longer smear your fellow citizens in this fight to restore a proper government. Instead refer to government, all sides of government, for what they are, for what they have become… corruptions, greed, and incompetence can no longer be tolerated if we want our independence, liberties, and freedoms restored we must act before they spend Trillions more of our futures.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    Bob, I only take issue with the TITLE of your article. If you consider what their purpose and intent is, they’re not failing at all. I believe that it is their intent to collapse our economy and to detroy our great country. I believe that it is their intent to detroy the sovereignity of all nations, to own and control everything and everybody. That being the case, I’d say they’re on the right track, well on their way to success!

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Nancy remember demorats alway beleive i n talking until it is too late to correct the sistuation in any way. It looks like Aajutafreak in Iran had great teachers from N Korea on how to feed the USA a truck load of BS, and get nuke bombs, with out any lose. Something jug eared one never under stood and talking to these worshipping peophiles is a waste of air a time. The thing these freaks understand is a lead induced head ache.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    On business news, it was reported that they Russian Mafia is bilking over 85 bikkion from Medicare alone, this comes from the Justice Dept and GAO, which given GAO’s record over the years, has missed the mark by over 106% of the time, so Russian Mafia is probably taking over 200 billion a year. Remember Onumnutts and the ear to head quote to take back to the Vald. The there is the non stop fawning over the pervert pedophile rug scrubbers in the middle east, along with dog behavior of tail sniffing by Obama.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it. The only way we can bring about any real change is to do a complete cleaning house of the curret poitical paradigm and make the duopoly obsolete. They are VERY skilled at keeping themselves in power and and blaming each other for the country’s misfortunes. When we all learn that it’s a shell game meant to keep us distracted, the faster we can move forward and put the power back in the grassroots and away from the global elite.

    It should be apparent to you by now that this corrupt, two party system is doing exactly what was planned. The plan that was and is meant to keep the people distracted by minor differences while they, partnered with pundits and sheep, magnify those slight differences in platforms to dupe you into blaming the other party while they continue to line their pockets, bankrupt the country and keep the status quo rolling without getting anything done for the good of the people under the guise of ‘gridlock’. Isn’t it strange to you that when tough decisions pertaining to the betterment of the people is brought to the forefront that they can only find this ‘gridlock’ the propagandists MSM like to keep touting but when it’s against the betterment of the people it’s gets done with hardly a whisper by late night bill passing on New’s Years Eve or the quite, no fanfare, ‘executive order’?

    It should be apparent now that the voter shenanigans leading up to and during the GOP convention and general election that this DUOPOLY will do everything in it’s power to keep itself in power.

    It should be apparent that the people no longer, for the most part, want to be in either party because the biggest voting bloc, the Independents, was at something like 40% this year! The biggest change in voter demographics ever! If you still hold a bias for one of these party’s then you either have a direct stake in helping perpetuate this mirage or you are willfully ignorant and with almost unlimited resources available, ignorance cannot be an acceptable excuse. Nothing will change as long as we are playing their game with their rules. How could we expect it to?

    A third, new party MUST come to the forefront. It happened with Lincoln and the Republicans when they ousted the Whigs. Rand is great and rightfully should be applauded for his continued efforts but he is not the answer for the Liberty movement. Anyone still playing ball with the duopoly can and will be controlled by party elites. This will not change . The current corrupt two party system will do ANYTHING to keep itself in power. That includes keeping the Movement divided by throwing us a bone every now and then to give the appearance of change when it’s already been shown time and time again that NO change will come from the grassroots unless the party elites allow it. Only with a total cleaning house of the political paradigm can any grassroots change become a reality. Rand has grassroots power and could really make a political statement by saying [expletive deleted] to the establishment and leave the Republican party for a third option. This would do two things. It would catapult him into super stardom in the political arena and show the grassroots that he is no longer willing to play ball with the corrupt party elite AND it would establish him as the clear and strong leader of the Liberty movement that is currently divided between grassroots party’s and is searching for someone to take the reigns. Rand clearly has the grassroots backing to pull this off but does he have the sense or backbone to do it? I suspect even if he wanted to, those close to his campaign and behind the scenes of his political aspirations will do anything to keep him from leaving the Republican party.

    It should be apparent by now that as long as either of these corrupt party’s are in power no positive change can make it’s way up through the grassroots and into a workable non-partisan solution. Even the term ‘non-partisan’ is funny to me because it imply’s that there are sometimes only ‘partisan’ issues which is exactly what it is at all times! With our country already broke, our civil liberties all but a foot note and the continued suppression of the voice of , We The People………………,
    it should be apparent that we all must,

    Revolve Now While We Can

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Nothing will change because the population which puts these people in power cannot judge character.You also find that politicians have this incredible ability to lie with a straight face and be believed. An add on trait is that they are also pathological altruists, they have to do supposed good even if that good becomes evil.

      • WTS/JAY

        I think the system is set-up in such a way that the psychos are putting themselves in power and not, as you say, “the people put them in power”. I think the “people” have been effectively excluded from the process for quite some time now! Just my personal observation.

      • Wellarmed

        The only thing that can be trusted is their past voting record. I voted for former NM Governor Johnson of the Libertarian Party because I have absolutely had my fill of BS from all these low life’s that keep getting re-elected.

        I would have cast a vote for Ron Paul, but the Republicans fixed that decision for me. Governor Jessie Ventura made A speech awhile back where he proclaimed that when one votes for the lesser of two evils, you still cast a vote for evil.

        I refuse to EVER cast a vote again for evil.

    • Matrix


      This is the plan of our obamanation!

      EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans

      By Michael Isikoff
      National Investigative Correspondent, NBC News
      A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of al-Qaida or “an associated force” — even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S.
      The 16-page memo, a copy of which was obtained by NBC News, provides new details about the legal reasoning behind one of the Obama administration’s most secretive and controversial polices: its dramatically increased use of drone strikes against al-Qaida suspects, including those aimed at American citizens, such as the September 2011 strike in Yemen that killed alleged al-Qaida operatives Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan. Both were U.S. citizens who had never been indicted by the U.S. government nor charged with any crimes.
      The secrecy surrounding such strikes is fast emerging as a central issue in this week’s hearing of White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan, a key architect of the drone campaign, to be CIA director. Brennan was the first administration official to publicly acknowledge drone strikes in a speech last year, calling them “consistent with the inherent right of self-defense.” In a separate talk at the Northwestern University Law School in March, Attorney General Eric Holder specifically endorsed the constitutionality of targeted killings of Americans, saying they could be justified if government officials determine the target poses “an imminent threat of violent attack.”
      But the confidential Justice Department “white paper” introduces a more expansive definition of self-defense or imminent attack than described by Brennan or Holder in their public speeches. It refers, for example, to what it calls a “broader concept of imminence” than actual intelligence about any ongoing plot against the U.S. homeland. “The condition that an operational leader present an ‘imminent’ threat of violent attack against the United States does not require the United States to have clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future,” the memo states.
      Instead, it says, an “informed, high-level” official of the U.S. government may determine that the targeted American has been “recently” involved in “activities” posing a threat of a violent attack and “there is no evidence suggesting that he has renounced or abandoned such activities.” The memo does not define “recently” or “activities.”
      As in Holder’s speech, the confidential memo lays out a three-part test that would make targeted killings of American lawful: In addition to the suspect being an imminent threat, capture of the target must be “infeasible, and the strike must be conducted according to “law of war principles.” But the memo elaborates on some of these factors in ways that go beyond what the attorney general said publicly. For example, it states that U.S. officials may consider whether an attempted capture of a suspect would pose an “undue risk” to U.S. personnel involved in such an operation. If so, U.S. officials could determine that the capture operation of the targeted American would not be feasible, making it lawful for the U.S. government to order a killing instead, the memo concludes.
      The undated memo is entitled “Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen who is a Senior Operational Leader of Al Qa’ida or An Associated Force.” It was provided to members of the Senate Intelligence and Judiciary committees in June by administration officials on the condition that it be kept confidential and not discussed publicly.
      Although not an official legal memo, the white paper was represented by administration officials as a policy document that closely mirrors the arguments of classified memos on targeted killings by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which provides authoritative legal advice to the president and all executive branch agencies. The administration has refused to turn over to Congress or release those memos publicly — or even publicly confirm their existence. A source with access to the white paper, which is not classified, provided a copy to NBC News.
      “This is a chilling document,” said Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the ACLU, which is suing to obtain administration memos about the targeted killing of Americans. “Basically, it argues that the government has the right to carry out the extrajudicial killing of an American citizen. … It recognizes some limits on the authority it sets out, but the limits are elastic and vaguely defined, and it’s easy to see how they could be manipulated.”
      In particular, Jaffer said, the memo “redefines the word imminence in a way that deprives the word of its ordinary meaning.”
      A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment on the white paper. The spokeswoman, Tracy Schmaler, instead pointed to public speeches by what she called a “parade” of administration officials, including Brennan, Holder, former State Department Legal Adviser Harold Koh and former Defense Department General Counsel Jeh Johnson that she said outlined the “legal framework” for such operations.
      Pressure for turning over the Justice Department memos on targeted killings of Americans appears to be building on Capitol Hill amid signs that Brennan will be grilled on the subject at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.
      Pressure for turning over the Justice Department memos on targeted killings of Americans appears to be building on Capitol Hill amid signs that Brennan will be grilled on the subject at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.
      On Monday, a bipartisan group of 11 senators — led by Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon — wrote a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to release all Justice Department memos on the subject. While accepting that “there will clearly be circumstances in which the president has the authority to use lethal force” against Americans who take up arms against the country, it said, “It is vitally important … for Congress and the American public to have a full understanding of how the executive branch interprets the limits and boundaries of this authority.”
      The completeness of the administration’s public accounts of its legal arguments was also sharply criticized last month by U.S. Judge Colleen McMahon in response to a lawsuit brought by the New York Times and the ACLU seeking access to the Justice Department memos on drone strikes targeting Americans under the Freedom of Information Act. McMahon, describing herself as being caught in a “veritable Catch-22,” said she was unable to order the release of the documents given “the thicket of laws and precedents that effectively allow the executive branch of our government to proclaim as perfectly lawful certain actions that seem on their face incompatible with our Constitution and laws while keeping the reasons for the conclusion a secret.”
      In her ruling, McMahon noted that administration officials “had engaged in public discussion of the legality of targeted killing, even of citizens.” But, she wrote, they have done so “in cryptic and imprecise ways, generally without citing … any statute or court decision that justifies its conclusions.”
      In one passage in Holder’s speech at Northwestern in March, he alluded – without spelling out—that there might be circumstances where the president might order attacks against American citizens without specific knowledge of when or where an attack against the U.S. might take place.
      “The Constitution does not require the president to delay action until some theoretical end-stage of planning, when the precise time, place and manner of an attack become clear,” he said.
      But his speech did not contain the additional language in the white paper suggesting that no active intelligence about a specific attack is needed to justify a targeted strike. Similarly, Holder said in his speech that targeted killings of Americans can be justified if “capture is not feasible.” But he did not include language in the white paper saying that an operation might not be feasible “if it could not be physically effectuated during the relevant window of opportunity or if the relevant country (where the target is located) were to decline to consent to a capture operation.” The speech also made no reference to the risk that might be posed to U.S. forces seeking to capture a target, as was mentioned in the white paper.
      The white paper also includes a more extensive discussion of why targeted strikes against Americans does not violate constitutional protections afforded American citizens as well as a U.S. law that criminalizes the killing of U.S. nationals overseas.
      It also discusses why such targeted killings would not be a war crime or violate a U.S. executive order banning assassinations.
      “A lawful killing in self-defense is not an assassination,” the white paper reads. “In the Department’s view, a lethal operation conducted against a U.S. citizen whose conduct poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States would be a legitimate act of national self-defense that would not violate the assassination ban. Similarly, the use of lethal force, consistent with the laws of war, against an individual who is a legitimate military target would be lawful and would not violate the assassination ban.”

      • NOJ

        I live in Woodstock Georgia and a young promising female student was arrested by home land security for saying something in reference to harming the President. Her scholarships and lifes dreams are now gone. They are already taking steps to eliminate what should be 1st amendment rights for a young student.

        • Steve Hovanesian

          Our rights and freedoms are slowly eroding although it seems like it’s occurring at a more rapid pace as we slip into a socialist government. The best government is the government that governs the least – sadly our current politicians do not have that believe.

  • Jim

    When are the people of the United States going to take our country back from this so called goverment. Time ?????


    Posted on Oct 20, 2008 By Chris Hedges (An interesting perspective!)

    Our oligarchic class is incompetent at governing, managing the economy, coping with natural disasters, educating our young, handling foreign affairs, providing basic services like health care and safeguarding individual rights. That it is still in power, and will remain in power after this election, is a testament to our inability to separate illusion from reality. We still believe in “the experts.” They still believe in themselves. They are clustered like flies swarming around John McCain and Barack Obama. It is only when these elites are exposed as incompetent parasites and dethroned that we will have any hope of restoring social, economic and political order.

    “Their inability to see the human as anything more than interest driven made it impossible for them to imagine an actively organized pool of disinterest called the public good,” said the Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul, whose books “The Unconscious Civilization” and “Voltaire’s Bastards” excoriates our oligarchic elites. “It is as if the Industrial Revolution had caused a severe mental trauma, one that still reaches out and extinguishes the memory of certain people. For them, modern history begins from a big explosion—the Industrial Revolution. This is a standard ideological approach: a star crosses the sky, a meteor explodes, and history begins anew.”

    Our elites—the ones in Congress, the ones on Wall Street and the ones being produced at prestigious universities and business schools—do not have the capacity to fix our financial mess. Indeed, they will make it worse. They have no concept, thanks to the educations they have received, of the common good. They are stunted, timid and uncreative bureaucrats who are trained to carry out systems management. They see only piecemeal solutions which will satisfy the corporate structure. They are about numbers, profits and personal advancement. They are as able to deny gravely ill people medical coverage to increase company profits as they are able to use taxpayer dollars to peddle costly weapons systems to blood-soaked dictatorships. The human consequences never figure into their balance sheets. The democratic system, they think, is a secondary product of the free market. And they slavishly serve the market.

    Andrew Lahde, the Santa Monica, Calif., hedge fund manager who made an 870 percent gain last year by betting on the subprime mortgage collapse, has abruptly shut down his fund, citing the risk of trading with faltering banks. In his farewell letter to his investors he excoriated the elites who run our investment houses, banks and government.

    “The low-hanging fruit, i.e. idiots whose parents paid for prep school, Yale, and then the Harvard MBA, was there for the taking,” he said of our oligarchic class. “These people who were (often) truly not worthy of the education they received (or supposedly received) rose to the top of companies such as AIG, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and all levels of our government. All of this behavior supporting the Aristocracy only ended up making it easier for me to find people stupid enough to take the other side of my trades. God bless America.”

    “On the issue of the U.S. Government, I would like to make a modest proposal,” he went on. “First, I point out the obvious flaws, whereby legislation was repeatedly brought forth to Congress over the past eight years, which would have [reined] in the predatory lending practices of now mostly defunct institutions. These institutions regularly filled the coffers of both parties in return for voting down all of this legislation designed to protect the common citizen. This is an outrage, yet no one seems to know or care about it. Since Thomas Jefferson and Adam Smith passed, I would argue that there has been a dearth of worthy philosophers in this country, at least ones focused on improving government.”

    Democracy is not an outgrowth of free markets. Democracy and capitalism are antagonistic entities. Democracy, like individualism, is not based on personal gain but on self-sacrifice. A functioning democracy must defy the economic interests of elites on behalf of citizens. This is not happening. The corporate managers and government officials trying to fix the economic meltdown are pouring money and resources into the financial sector because they only know how to manage and sustain established systems, not change them. Financial systems, however, are not pure scientific and numerical abstractions that exist independently from human beings.

    “When the elite begin to think that money is real, the crash is coming,” Saul said in a telephone interview. “That is just a given in history. Because what they’ve done is pull themselves out of the possibility of looking in the mirror and thinking, this is inflation, speculation, this is fluff. They can’t do it. And when you say to them, gosh, this is not real. And they say, oh, you don’t understand, you’re so old-fashioned, you still think this is about manufacturing. And of course, it’s basic economics. And that’s what happens every single time.

    “The difficulty is you have a collapse, you have a loss of face by the people who are there, and it’s not just George Bush, it’s very, very deep,” Saul said. “What we’re talking about is the need to rethink the departments of economics, of political science. Then you have to rethink the whole analytic method of the World Bank. If I’m the secretary of the treasury, and not a guy like [Henry] Paulson, but I mean a sort of normal secretary of the treasury or minister of finance, and I say, OK, we’ve got a real problem, let’s get the senior civil servants in here. Gentlemen, ladies, OK, clearly we have to go in another direction, give me some ideas. Well, those people don’t have any other ideas because at this point they’re about the fourth generation of what you might call neoconservative globalist managers, unfairly summarized. So they then go to the people who work for them, and you work down; there’s no one in there with an alternate approach. I mean they’ll have little alternatives, but no basic differences in opinion. And so it’s very difficult to turn anything around because they’ve eliminated all opposing ideas inside. I mean it’s the problem of the Soviet Union, right?”

    Saul pointed out that the first three aims of the corporatist movement in Germany, Italy and France during the 1920s, those that went on to become part of the Fascist experience, were “to shift power directly to economic and social interest groups, to push entrepreneurial initiative in areas normally reserved for public bodies” and to “obliterate the boundaries between public and private interest—that is, challenge the idea of the public interest.”

    Sound familiar?

    “There are a handful of people who haven’t been published in mainstream journals, who haven’t been listened to, who have been marginalized in every way,” Saul said. “There are a couple of them and you could turn to them. But then who do you give the orders to? And the people you give the orders to, they are not going to understand the orders because it hasn’t been a part of their education. So it’s a real problem of a good general who suddenly finds that his junior generals and brigadiers and corporals, you want them to do irregular warfare and they only know how to do trenches. And so how the hell do you get them to do this thing which they’ve never been trained to do? And so you get this kind of disorder, confusion inside, and the danger of what rises up there is populism; we’ve already had populism in a way, but we could get more populism, more fear and anger.”

    We may elect representatives to Congress to end the war in Iraq, but the war goes on. We may plead with these representatives to halt Bush’s illegal wiretapping but the telecommunications lobbyists make sure it remains in place. We may beg them not to pass the bailout but 850 billion taxpayer dollars are funneled upward to the elites on Wall Street. We may want single-payer, not-for-profit health care but it is not even discussed as a possibility in presidential debates. We, as individuals in this system, are irrelevant.

    “I’ve talked to several Supreme Court justices, several times in several countries,” Saul told me, “and I say, look, in your rulings, can you differentiate easily in cases between the social contract and the commercial contract, and to which the answer is, we can no longer differentiate. And that lies at the heart of the problem. You don’t have the concept of the other, and of obligation of the individual leading to individualism. You can’t have that if the whole legal system has slipped over the last, really, 50 years, increasingly, to a confusion between the social contract and the commercial contract. Because they are two completely different things. The social contract is about the public good, responsible individualism, imagining the other. The commercial contract is a commercial contract. They’re not supposed to be confused. They don’t actually fit together. The commercial contract only works properly when the social contract works in a democracy.”

    The working class, which has desperately borrowed money to stay afloat as real wages have dropped, now face years, maybe decades, of stagnant or declining incomes without access to new credit. The national treasury meanwhile is being drained on behalf of speculative commercial interests. The government—the only institution citizens have that is big enough and powerful enough to protect their rights—is becoming weaker, more anemic and less able to help the mass of Americans who are embarking on a period of deprivation and suffering unseen in this country since the 1930s. Consumption, the profligate engine of the U.S. economy, is withering. September retail sales across the U.S. fell 1.2 percent. The decline was almost double the 0.7 percent drop analysts expected from consumers, whose spending represents two-thirds of U.S. economic activity. There were 160,000 jobs lost last month and three-quarters of a million jobs lost this year. The reverberations of the economic meltdown are only beginning.

    I do not think George W. Bush or Barack Obama or John McCain or Henry Paulson are fascists. Rather, they are part of a cabal of naive, mediocre and self-deluded capitalists who are steadily weakening political and economic structures to a point where our democracy will become so impotent that it can be blown aside, probably with broad popular support. The only question is how this will happen. Will there be a steady and slow decline as in the late Roman Empire when the Senate ended as a farce? Will we see a powerful right-wing backlash from those outside the mainstream political system, as we did in Yugoslavia, and the rise of a militant Christian fascism? Will there be a national crisis that allows those in power to instantly sweep away all constitutional rights in the name of national security?

    I do not know. But I do know that what is coming, as long as our oligarchy remains in charge, will not be good. We will either recover the concept of the public good, and this means a revolt against our bankrupt elite and the dynamiting of the corporatist structure, or we will extinguish our democracy.

    • Matrix


      Great post! Thank you!

    • al

      Your last paragraph nailed the issue.
      ‘We will extinguish our Democracy’. This is the problem, ‘democracy’, we are a REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY. A democracy is ‘mob rule’, the rule of the crowd, the many, the majority. In a Republic we have set rules to play by and those rules are not to be broken. We have now fallen to the MOB MENTALITY and we now have a leader who is a populist of the worst kind. And now we must suffer by his dictates as we support the MOB who elected him to office. Kiss your ‘individual freedom goodbye’. WELCOME TO DEMOCRACY, NOW YOU CAN EAT YOUR CHILDREN..

    • Right Brain Thinker

      More than an “interesting perspective”, JAY. Chris Hedges is a “lib-prog” who tells it like it is. I have recommended his book “Death of the Liberal Class” to all (it’s an indictment of liberals and Democrats). I’m reading a very powerful recent book of his right now—–”Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt”. A short quote from the introduction:

      “The ruthless hunt for profit creates a world where everything and everyone is expendable. Nothing is sacred. It has blighted inner cities, turned the majestic Appalachian Mountains into a blasted moonscape of poisoned water, soil, and air. It has forced workers into a downward spiral of falling wages and mounting debt until laborers in agricultural fields and sweatshops work in conditions that replicate slavery. It has impoverished our working class and ravaged the middle class. And it has enriched a tiny global elite that has no loyalty to the nation-state. These corporations, if we use the language of patriotism, are traitors”

      “The belief that human beings and human societies should be ruled by the demands of the marketplace is utopian folly. .There is nothing in human history or human nature that supports the idea that sacrificing everything before the free market leads to a social good. And yet we have permitted this utopian belief system to determine how we structure our economy, labor, education, culture, and our relations with foreign nations, as well as how we treat the ecosystem on which we depend for life”

      And another quote from the book jacket:

      “The American dream, we now know, is a lie. We will all be sacrificed. The virus of corporate abuse—-the perverted belief that only corporate profit matters—-has spread to outsource our jobs, cut the budgets of our schools, close our libraries, and plague our communities with foreclosures and unemployment. This virus has brought with it a security and surveillance state that that seeks to keep us all on a reservation. No one is immune”.

      (Wish I’d said all that—-and I have, if not as well as Hedges)

      • BR549

        RBT, I agree. I have said for a long time that the sociopaths who have managed to sneak into positions of power and masquerade themselves as representing a “functioning government”, in actuality, couldn’t manage a successful ice cream stand.

        And it isn’t so much that they are lousy social planners who have blundered their way through political life. These parasites have robbed, stolen, cheated, and squandered their way to other people’s hard earned money most likely because if they actually had to work for a living, the bastards would starve to death.

        They are incompetent societal managers who refuse to step aside to let someone else, who might be far better qualified, take a shot at the position. Like bullies in the schoolyard, they will steal the ball and stubbornly hold onto it until everyone agrees that they are in charge of it. This is human sociopathy at its finest. If ever an alien culture was needed to come to Earth and blast the siht out of the UN and the next Bilderberg conference, this is it. Where are they when we need them? I would imagine direct Roland Emerich could make a doozie of a film with that plot.

  • Gearshone

    How about we get off are fat asses and join occupy wallstreet. The big money interests are doing this to us. I don’t see any of the yahoooz organizing a movement, just crying a lot and selling guns, which are more often than not used for suicides by depressed people who want to end it all, or revenge killings against innocent bystanders. They never have the balls to blow away the culprits.

    • Joe America

      Occupy Wall Street is nothing but a CIA initiative to ferret out “the enemy”.

    • al

      Ah, yes, OWS, now there is a solution.
      Go back to the Declaration of Independence and read it. Then stop by the Preamble to the Constitution and the Constitution Itself and digest it…. Hit the Federalist Papers one time. And then set down and reflect on where all of these documents came from. What document originated all of the thought that went into the foregoing documents….
      Now reflect on our Republic and why governments are instituted among people…..
      Now do you have a clue?

    • NOJ

      Gearshone, you are either a young idiot or an old fool. The question is what is “Occupying” your brain, other than space.

  • cawmun cents
    • cawmun cents

      Let me make this clear to everyone….I DO NOT support this ideology,but there is much evidence that many in the progressive movement do.
      Which is why they are preparing for the global event that will cause the deaths of billions!
      They want to convince everyone that this kind of genocidal madness is best for the world,and in many modern societies,they already are convinced of this.
      It is all non-sensical to the extreme,but some but it because it sounds plausible.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I’m at a bit of a loss as to why cawmun cents posted this clip or where he even came upon it. On some wing nut site that was ranting about Agenda 21 perhaps?

        Let me make something clear to everyone. There is NO “ideology” being displayed in this clip and there is NO evidence that “any in the progressive movement” support whatever ideas that CC thinks this clip supports—he has missed the point of it badly.

        What this clip shows is a simple scientific and mathematical exploration of the ideas that the Earth DOES have a “carrying capacity”, and more importantly, that the population of the world will severely strain that capacity if the “poorest” 80% demand that they have an equal share with the “richest” 20%. No ideology—-just simple science and math—-and it provides much food for thought. The narrator does “push” the math to an extreme, but NOT because he is advocating that we cut world population to 100 million, but rather because he wants all to see where things can and will lead if we don’t pay attention to certain scientific truths. I recommend that all watch the clip with the caveat that it should be looked at as “education” rather than the “political propaganda” that CC seems to think it is.

        CC says “It is all non-sensical to the extreme, but some but it because it sounds plausible”. Looks like CC made a typo there because his meaning is not clear, but there is no “nonsense” in the clip. What is non-sensical is that CC fails to understand some basic science and math because HE is blinded by his ideology. EVERYTHING said in the clip IS “plausible”.

  • dalene44

    The Obama administration is covertly recruiting Muslims to work at the State Department as Foreign Service officers representing the United States in one of 265 American embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions worldwide.
    Yet there was a U.S. State Department official, side by side at a radical Islamic powwow in Chicago with a number of speakers who advocate violent jihad. Among them was Kifah Mustapha, a fundraiser at terrorist organization (Holy Land Foundation) convicted of funneling millions to Hamas and Jamal Badawi, a MAS founder who praised the jihad of Gaza terrorists during a speech titled “Understanding Jihad and Martyrdom.”

  • pissed of & liberal

    The administration is not failing the capitilist system holding it up is.

  • Walt

    Nadzieja Batki says: February 4, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    “Charlie and Walt, for a moment there I was thinking that you two were Neo Nazis with the hate you were spewing toward all Jews.Better yet, check your relatives because they are the ones who created problems for the Jews who migrated to this country.”


    I’m glad it was only for a “moment” Nad! I’m relieved that you came to your senses and realized that not every critic of Jewish mis-behavior is actually an anti-semite or Neo-Nazi.

    However, your time and effort would be better invested in either disputing the facts I posted or doing research on your own regarding the historical facts I posted.

    Name calling seems to be the last desperate measure of those who are ignorant of history.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    The US Gang Problem

    Business Journals seem to be publishing articles that are downright liberal recently. One interesting example is this article — “The four business gangs that run the US”

    No, two of them are not the Democratic and Republican parties. We’re talking about the gangs with real power. Here they are:

    Military-industrial complex – Fifty years ago Dwight Eisenhower tried to warn us about this one, but did we listen?

    Wall Street-Washington complex – That’s right, the “too big to fail” Wall Street gang. We cry out that we are out of money and that we have to fight deficits, but no check is too big to write to these masters of our universe.

    Big Oil-transport-military complex – the folks that brought you two stupid wars (at least) in the middle east, suppressed most public transport and non-oil energy sources, got us to ignore climate change, filled our world with plastics that never degrade, invented planned obsolescence, and got the government to build one of the most socialistic things they’ve ever done: the federal highway system.

    Healthcare industry – the people who swallow up an enormous 17% of our GDP and in return give us some of the worst health results in the developed world, and still somehow manage to convince a large number of Americans that this is a good thing.

    • BR549

      US gang problem? Think bigger than that, much bigger. There was a reason why the UN was placed on land donated by the Rockefellers and why it was so close to Wall Street.

      While everyone one the planet was actually believing that the UN was there to feed the starving masses, and there no doubt were many people working within it who believed in what they were doing, the UN’s purpose was to get all the countries of the world having to believe that it was necessary to play by a set of rules that were set up by Admiralty standards from the British and other European royalty. The Universal Postal Union, the Uniform Commercial Code, Admiralty Law; these are all standards that have the common man constantly wondering if he is in compliance, when he should have been asking, who came up with this crap to begin with?

      As the Merovingian said in The Matrix, it’s about “Control”, flat and simple. I mean, why didn’t we more fully adopt the suggestions of Onondaga Chief Canasatego? Why did we not adopt the trading rules of the Arabs or the Asians. It was because our rules of interchange were set up around having a myriad of rules, such that everyone would become mired just trying to comply. And the British were famous for it.

      I once read somewhere that the one thing language gave man was the ability to lie, and how true that has been. But “culture”, and I use that term sarcastically, is what the conquering army leaves us and here we are, stuck in 2013, with a system that only fosters more greed and corruption and makes no attempt to address the foibles of mankind. In particular, whatever group of sociopaths have managed to migrate to the top of this siht pile, like Kissinger, they have obviously missed the boat in the development of the human spirit.

      Besides, can you imagine these elitists having children that all looked like Kissinger? On that depressing thought ……….

    • Charlie

      The Big oil Companies are The Best Guys of the bad Guys,,, I worked for ARCO sub contractors for about 10 years,, they always treated Me Great…

  • Jimbo

    It’s only going to get worse. People are totally apathetic and selfish. They don’t care about anything unless it affects them directly. Of course government mandates do affect them, but these people are so self absorbed they don’t realize it. It’s like throwing a frog in warm water, and slowly turning up the heat. By the time they realize they are in trouble, they are already “cooked”. People don’t care about what’s good for the country or their neighbors. They only care about what gives THEM pleasure. That’s why you continually find people blocking the lane, going 20 MPH under the speed limit, listening to their cellphones, oblivious to the line of cars behind trying to get to work. You can’t get to the gas pumps in the service station, because these “big gulps” block the pump, while they go in to buy their lottery tickets, 32 oz. sodas and other groceries. They could park on the side lot, and give their fellow man a break, but that would mean they care about someone but themselves.

    They’re like sheep. They continually need someone to worship, thus the extreme popularity of movie stars, and the British royalty. If someone tells them they will be fed for free, they will gladly give up to decide WHAT food they eat. A guy who doesn’t have any interest in guns is not going to defend his neighbor’s right to bear arms, because it doesn’t affect HIM.

    They’re also totally uninformed. They don’t subscribe to newspapers or online news. They sit all day at work, headsets on, listening to music, or watching videos on a computer. When the weekend comes,

    • BR549

      You nailed it. These are the people that all those zombie shows refer to. Once TSHTF, whether government induced or naturally, these people will still be waiting in lines for the government to help them. They will have spent the previous years in a state of delirium, not preparing one bit, but expecting handouts from their neighbors. And when they are starving, and have become sick and diseased as a result of their own stupidity, they’ll be out in the streets, shuffling from house to house for a free lunch.

      While there are probably more conservatives who are starting to wake up and prepare, the multitude of histrionic panty-wetting liberals will no doubt comprise the majority of the zombie base. Even the CDC has a specific section on them:

      The problem is that the liberals have become a social burden. They lack individual and citizen level responsibility. Personally, while being very fiscally conservative, I am socially liberal, but not, as is the case today with many today, to the point of stupidity. We have a sets of founding documents, unique among the countries of the world and a model for some, and these lib-trash bozos are in the belief that we have reached a level of social maturity to where we can graduate to the next level. It’s like a kid thinking it’s appropriate trying to renegotiate staying up till midnight simply because he graduated from grammar school. That is the mentality of the modern day American “liberal”.

  • Chris

    I take exception to the title of your article, The Failing American Regime. It would be more appropriately called, The Failed American Empire. It’s already finished and most people don’t realize it yet.

    • BR549

      The “regime” is what has stolen the functioning of our once proud country out from under us to support the expansion of their dysfunctional “empire”. The global members of this elitist cabal are using OUR military to destroy the remaining pockets of resistance to being overrun by globalism, and using gullible American voters, who are somehow still laboring under the notion that we are fighting for freedom or democracy or defending against “terrorism”, to pay for it.

  • Terry Bateman

    Vickie: If the U.S. is still the same constitutionally limited republic it was in its
    creation, how is it that women got the right to vote. How is it that the negro
    got the right to vote? How is it that the slaves were set free? How is it that
    you have to have a government permit to have a gun?

    The constitution was altered by constitutional amendments in response to
    democratic (popular) demand. Our government has evolved from a constitutional
    limited republic to a constitutional limited democracy. Our government has
    evolved well, unless you feel that women and negroes should not have the
    vote and slavery should still exist.

  • norole


  • jopa

    Alondra; Wow that story about Jesus and his vineyards and the problem he and his foremen were having with all the laborers with their pay allocations was quite informative.Sounds like he had quite an operation going that I never even heard of before.How many tractors, plows and trucks did it take to get these vineyards up and operational or did he just buy an existing vineyard?So many question.I didn’t even know he was a farmer, I thought he was in the Carpenters Union.

    • Charlie

      That’s “Contract” Law as called out in The Bible,,,Contract Law is called out in The OT as well …

  • joszsrepublicanpage

    Don ‘t give up your guns America , ODUMBA wants to send you to FEMA retraining camps and turn you into socialist slaves ,,,,,

  • Joe America

    To: Nadzieja Batki, The first thing people want to do when the facts don’t go their way, is to claim that someone is from a hate group. I don’t hate anyone, but the fact is that today’s Jews are very Jewish. It’s just a fact of history that no one, especially Jews, want to look at. To most Rabbis, the Khazarians are nothing more than bragging rights of a mass conversion of pagans. However, the story goes much deeper. The fact is that Jews had become nearly extinct, being slaughtered by the Romans in 70ad. There were small pockets of Jews who escaped, or had lived in other areas of the world, but not in the numbers of the Khazarians, which was in the many millions. The Khazarians, once converted, spread themselves throughout Europe, in great numbers, much higher than the original remaining Jews could have accomplished. This is why they made it all the way up into Russia. What you really dislike, Nadzieja, is the possibility that you, in fact, may not be Jewish, at all. This would really upset the apple cart for world Jewery. There’s no worse fate than thinking you’re someone, and discovering that, in truth, you’re someone else.

    • Joe America

      Make that are NOT very Jewish.

  • JennieWalsh

    In this battle between the Kingdom of God (Heaven on Earth) and the Kingdom of Satan/organized crime (hell on earth). The tremendous advantage that the sons and daughters of God have is the Almighty power of God.

    The Satanists are hard to spot because they infiltrate and pretend to be sons and daughters of God. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned about. You can learn to recognized them by their fruits: murdering; communism /socialism; war-mongering; oppressive taxation and regulation; lying; big, oppressive and thieving government and bureaucracies; denial of freedom of religion and the press; denial of freedom to keep and bear arms; denial of freedom to assemble and freedom to travel; violations of and opposition to habeus corpus and posse comitatus; abortion, pro-homosexual agendas, etc.

    Put on the whole armor of God and pray for and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    • pissed of & liberal

      Typicl chrishtian arrogance. “anyone who does not agree with me is an agent of evil!”

    • BR549

      You said it in a different way than I would have, but you covered all the bases.

    • Charlie

      You got it very close to right on,,,but,,, because you did not point out The Holy Bible as your “Jurisdiction”,., some nit wit heathens will bad mouth your comment ,,,but,,, only fools will say The Holy Bible is wrong… Meanwhile……………………
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Are you all reading Omoron’s marxist hand book of How to destroy a country and population contrl by Hiler and ohotograf by Stalin?

  • Dennis

    The conversion of America into a Soviet Socialist State is underway and gaining speed. Do NOT dismiss this. It is serious. Here are their plans:
    Gun grabbing
    Millions more illegal aliens
    Extinguishing free-speech
    Unlimited internment of US citizens without cause
    Branding conservatives as terrorists
    Teach our children perversion is normal
    Stripping the wealth that built America, giving it to the world to consume
    Make all private homes government housing
    Make certain foods illegal
    Outlaw gasoline powered vehicles
    Reducing or eliminating Congress
    Making States accountable to the UN
    Reduce our military by 90%
    Remove our borders

    • BR549

      Yeah, but Dennis, to the Obama minions, this is a game plan. They can’t see far enough forward to realize what the hell is taking place.

      • Joe America

        The real problem is that there are too many people on the dole, dependent upon government for their every need. I’m not talking about folks on social security, who have retired, nor those who absolutely cannot work, due to a true disability. What I’m talking about are malingerers, and those who would work as a taster in a pie factory. These people are the reason why Obama was re-elected. And, it’s going to get worse, as fewer and fewer are working, and move toward total dependence on goverment for sustinence and shelter. This is what was predicted in “The Naked Communist” back in 1958. But, it goes much deeper than that, as communism was created by the international one world government proponents, all as part of a plan to erase all existing governments to make way for the new world order. The average person cannot comprehend this, as all they know is to eat, sleep, pee and poop and watch TV, and if possible, have as much sex as possible, producing more kids on the dole.

    • Joe America

      Please don’t forget Obama’s Brown Shirts, which will be his civilian army that’s better funded and more powerful than our military. And, who are these people going to be turned loose on? Us. All it takes to become a TSA agent is two weeks of training. These are the types of folks that will man this new civilian army. They’ll behave exactly like Hitler’s Brown Shirts, beating up and killing civilians at will.

      • JennieWalsh

        To Joe America: I hope that your comment gets spread far and wide to wake everybody up to the dire situation that America is in.

  • ibcamn

    We the free,will stand up for the constitution,that’s what this country was founded on!no matter what king Obama wants us to do….he will see,when the shooting starts how many will leave his side and take arms against him!it happens to all tyrannical leaders,check out history!they will see it all too late and see the errors of their ways and try to help those who are right!they will be called rebels!…….

    • Joe America

      Impeachment is much better.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    The word Niger… Gets a big Rebelious Response! The word White Trash… gets a smerk.
    There are many contenders for World Ruler…
    The use of the Bible: Has been a Sord & Shield For Many… ( loaded with corruption.)
    Soon there will be a Black Pope!

    • Joe America

      It’s time they had a little crack in the Vatican, anyway. I’ve never been a fan of the Catholic church, so I think it’s fitting. It’s going to give coruption in the vatican a whole new meaning. However, he better not get too far out of control, as those Romans aren’t afraid to put a pope down. Few people know this, but there was once a pope “Joan.” She, whom everone thought was a he, was stoned to death while giving childbirth during a papal procession. But, this guy might be OK, as they only kill good popes, like Pope John Paul, who was going to clean up all the corruption in the vatican bank. Well, they could not have that, so they put him down by poisoning him and brought in #2, whom they could control. Anyone who can read, who thinks the Vatican and the Catholic church is holy, in any way, is a moron, blinded by denial.

  • Mytuppence

    Look at what is waiting for you.
    The USA, Britain and other countries helped bring his about here by us now enjoy your just deserts.

    You put terrorists in power here, so it follows that you do it to yourselves as well

  • ceramic mosaic tiles

    Audio started playing as soon as I opened up this internet site, so irritating!

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