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The End Of The Rule Of Law

August 2, 2010 by  

The End Of The Rule Of Law

Some call the Barack Obama administration progressive. Some call it socialist. Other terms used are Marxist and communist.

I have called it fascist and corporatist in the past. Now I’ll just call it Evil.

That’s because the rule of law is dead in America. Now we have the rule of man—or government agency. The rule of man—or government agency—is a rule of Evil because it knows only the moral bounds of those making the rules. And it’s evident this administration, its appointments and its goals are amoral, if not immoral.

In America there is a Federal law that makes being in the United States illegally illegal. There is a requirement in the law that those who are not United States citizens but are here legally must carry papers designating their legal status.

That law is not enforced. Why? Someone decided not to. Granted it hasn’t been enforced for some time, maybe since its enactment in the 1940s, but it is a law and it should be enforced or changed. Were we under the rule of law it would be.

In Arizona the legislature followed the rule of law—and the will of its citizens—and passed an immigration law, subsequently signed by Governor Jan Brewer, that mirrored the U.S. law. However the Obama administration made it plain it would not only not help Arizona enforce its law it would work actively against its enforcement. It sued to stop the law from being enacted. It ordered its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Division not to pick up any illegals Arizona arrested under the law.

What you have is the Federal government prohibiting a state from enforcing a law the Federal government has refused to enforce. Obama decided the law was contrary to his self interest. Obama became the law.

The rule of law was dead and the rule of man—or government agency—had triumphed.

The administration’s challenge of the law was upheld by Federal Judge Susan Bolton and the law gutted and effectively stopped on the day before it was set to take effect. That’s not a surprise. Federal judges, after all, are entities of the government and have come to regularly strike down laws passed by the people.

Bolton, appointed by Democrat Bill Clinton, is probably now hoping for a promotion to the Ninth Circuit, or perhaps to the Supreme Court. With the way Obama hands out job offers, perhaps she’s already been promised one.

Notice that Federal judges rarely strike down laws passed by the fascist elected class contrary to the people’s wishes—or the Constitution.

And while the U.S. Justice Department was working to get Arizona’s legally-passed and lawful immigration law struck down it was doing nothing to require sanctuary cities—those which provide safe harbor to law breakers—to enforce the current immigration law.

The rule of man—or government agency—strikes again.

Meanwhile, thousands of acres of Arizona are now declared off limits to Americans and ceded to Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers. Calls for assistance by local law enforcement to take back their territory—U.S. territory—are ignored by this Evil administration.

On July 23 the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas crossed into Texas and commandeered two ranches just outside of Laredo. The ranchers, thankfully, escaped without injury. Local law enforcement, outgunned and outmanned by a paramilitary group trained by U.S. agents, don’t know what to do to remove Los Zetas and return the ranches to their owners. Calls for Federal help have gone unheeded. You probably have not even heard about this. The mainstream media didn’t report the incident.

Obama has decided enforcing our Southern border is contrary to his interests. He told Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) that he was not interested in border enforcement because if border enforcement was stepped up Republicans would be reluctant to move on comprehensive immigration reform.

The rule of man—or government agency—is sovereign.

The Obama Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder—who has called Americans a nation of cowards when it comes to race—threw out charges against three members of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) who were convicted of intimidating voters outside a Pennsylvania voting booth. Some of those same NBPP members have called for the killing of “white cracker babies.”

The Obama Justice Department turned a blind eye.

The rule of man—or government agency—takes precedence.

Ignoring the Constitution Congress passed a healthcare reform bill—dubbed Obamacare—against the will of the majority. It will impose onerous taxes and regulations on the citizens and result in rationing of substandard healthcare and higher prices.

Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) are the new Axis of Evil. They pushed the bill through despite massive grassroots protests, and when asked where in the Constitution they got the authority, they scoffed.

The rule of man—or government agency—is supreme. The Axis of Evil knows this.

Seeking to drive up energy costs and limit the amount of energy resources available to Americans, Obama and his Axis of Evil cohorts want to pass a Cap and Trade bill. Obama is on record and on video acknowledging such a bill will “necessarily cause energy costs to skyrocket.”

Fascists hoping to secure their re-election have become hesitant to embrace a comprehensive energy tax bill before November, but hold out the prospect of passing it after the election. The Axis of Evil wants it done as soon as it’s politically feasible—even if that means during a lame duck session of Congress.

If that fails the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said it will enact its own version of Cap and Trade. There is no provision for such a thing in the Constitution. That no longer matters.

The rule of man—or government agency—trumps all.

After several false flag terrorist events on airliners the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began installing backscatter x-ray machines—naked body scanners—in airports and requiring passengers to pass through them before boarding an airplane.

Oh yes, you can decline the cancer-causing dose of radiation, but you must subject yourself to a full-body groping by TSA personnel. Many who have chosen this alternative have described the procedure as being done contemptuously by the agent, as if by declining the irradiation you have somehow offended the agent in charge of your humiliation.

Some who have protested at the vigor with which the agent poked, prodded and felt in the most private of places have then been hauled into back rooms, interrogated as if they were criminals and strip searched. Usually this extra-curricular harassment lasted until the passenger’s plane had long since left the terminal. Some passengers have even been arrested.

Now there is word the TSA wants portable backscatter x-ray machines so they can irradiate and ogle passengers boarding trains and buses and people entering sporting events and concerts.

This is the Evil of the rule of man—or government agency.

For the last several years Federal Reserve policies kept interest rates unjustifiably low, creating a bubble in housing and other sectors of the economy. Large financial institutions, with nothing to lose because of government regulations in place to save them, played fast and loose with investments. They played both sides against the middle and falsified the risk to their investors.

The economy imploded and about 15 million Americans are now out of work, millions more are underemployed, and many have lost their homes, their retirements, their businesses and their dignity.

At the same time, those responsible for regulating those institutions—including members of Congress—received special enrichment deals like low-interest loans and cushy lobbying jobs. The institutions received government bailouts, the members of Congress and the regulators felt no pain, only gain.

In the recently-passed financial reform legislation, pushed by the Axis of Evil and signed into law by Obama last week, is a provision that exempts the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from disclosing records or information compiled during investigations, even if requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It was FIOA requests by Fox Business Channel that led to the discovery of SEC failures in the Bernie Madoff, R. Allen Stanford and Pequot Asset Management cases that resulted in new charges being filed and a revamp of SEC policies.

The SEC was embarrassed because it had failed to properly investigate those cases. You can be certain it’s no accident those provisions were in the new law.

The financial reform legislation also puts an end to free checking accounts, raises fees for ATMs and makes credit difficult to obtain. It gives the President broad new unconstitutional powers. What it doesn’t do is what the Axis of Evil said it would: reduce the chance that another financial meltdown will occur.

The rule of man—or government agency—prevailed.

As the economy continues to limp along we get mixed signals out of the Axis of Evil and their minions—Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner . “Everything is fine.” “We’ve created or saved millions of jobs.” “The economy is on the rebound.” “Green shoots.” “The weakness will continue.” “We need more stimulus.” “Extend tax cuts.” “Repeal tax cuts.”

All the while they are killing jobs and stifling economic growth through stimulus bills, regulation, uncertainty, higher taxes, extended unemployment benefits and outright, overt attempts to destroy the oil industry in America by preventing new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and on the U.S. mainland.

They don’t warn you of the coming crash. They don’t tell you to buy gold. They deny that inflation is here and hyperinflation is coming. They want you impoverished. They want you subservient. They want you crawling to them in need. They are Evil.

The rule of man—or government agency—protects its own at the expense of the populace.

And Obama surrounds himself with like-minded thinkers, appointing czars over this and that and making unjustified recess appointments—bypassing the Constitutional requirement that cabinet heads be appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate.

And who are these people he’s appointing? They are avowed communists, practicing Marxists, anti-Semitic Islamists, perverts that promote sex with children, homosexual activists, secularists, atheists and radical environmentalists.

Unlike the rule of law, which is color blind and equal, the rule of man—or government agency—is out for one thing: Creating a totalitarian state and advancing the agenda and enrichment of the man (or woman) setting the policy and running the agency.

That is Evil.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    More and more, I sense that this ‘leader,’ this Anointed One, has no conscience. Whether he is amoral or immoral is irrelevant. It is obvious that he thinks he can rule America via whim and caprice.
    Maybe he is another Nero. Whatever he is, he is bad for America. Because politics is what it is, some will line up to defend this ‘leader’ – no matter what. That is a testament to the power of blind faith. Sadly, it is also a sign that this ‘leader’ is not alone in his unconscionable approach to government of the self, by the self and for the self.
    The end isn’t completely predictable, but it is predictably bad. Reality tells us that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. When citizens forget this, bad things happen. When a “leader” ignores it, it is by his choice. No rational leader would make the choices that this “leader” has made and is making.

    • http://none Neil G. Barclay

      The nemesis in the White House has systematically and willfully destroyed the rule of law — not just in Arizona. He is fulfilling his agenda.

      The motto on the Presidential Seal should now read “animus delendi” (Latin: “the desire to destroy”).

      This resembles a situation that once prevailed in the Western part of this country. Law was eventually restored through a thing called vigilantism.

      It is time to take up arms in such a manner again. It has truly become a matter of mere physical preservation.

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Neil… Lock and load and be ready. This administration won’t let a good crisis go to waste, and as far as I am concerned I look to see them create a crisis to declare Marshall Law. It is only a matter of time.

        • Rubio4u

          As some have posted. Martial law is not just on it’s way, it is already here. The powers that be are merely waiting for the perfect time and crisis to set into full motion. It doesn’t matter who is president folks, one party, the other party, left wing, right wing, wing ding, the “man” rules all! Who’s the “man”? The one that has all the money! hasn’t it always been this way? Liberty is dead or dying and fascism and tyranny is alive and well!

          • Vicki

            Judging from the security behavior at airports I would say that Martial law is already here.

          • bobbartoe

            Hey Rubio4U,
            You are absolutely right! This fool in the Whitehouse is not eligible to be there!! He is a citizen of Great Britain and an illegal alien in the US. He has never become a citizen of our country. His evil handlers are administrating this communist takeover that is in process. Please visit and you can participate in the distribution of Presentments proving he is an evil usurper and is not a “natural born citizen”, thereby demanding he be removed and jailed and even possibly executed for his treasonous manipulation of our great society.

            Where are the people who know he is ineligible? Why havent the members of the Supreme Court taken these charges seriously? It is a communist takeover in the making and no one with any power has the stones to file the charges and remove this destroyer from the face of the earth? Remember…

          • Donald Culley

            Now that I have read all the replys to this point, I got to say thank you God for freedom, but we are all going to loose it and this may not last much longer – thanks to the UNGODLYNESS of men on the earth and the rejection of the grace of God n Christ Jesus.

            :)Routy7 posts an open letter to the self serving “superiors” who’s anthem is “faster laws, bigger government, more money.”

            August 2nd, 2010

            Dear senator Tom Harkin,

            Started reading your web site today and have been giving thought to the way we burden ourselves with excessive expense due to “wanting credit for “something” or demanding that it meets demands that are not needed in the local community the project it is in.
            While using the local church building may be somewhat foreign to the 21st century, so is separation of church and state as we use the terms today. The first hundred years a man was demanded to be a man of firm belief in Jesus Christ and the blood atonement of Christ, all other things negotiable. We knew from were our freedom came and gave Him the glory as He deserved.
            Men of character were men of conviction and today they are few and far between. We do not know the men that run for office and by the time their lights (or darkness) shines out from them in the congress, billions have been spent and laws passed that bring down another section of the fence that keeps “FREEDOM” safe.
            Agendas are more important than ideals and darkness is used to hide that which is not desired to be seen.
            Openness is only to be used if the opposition is in the way. Darkness and secrecy is paramount until the bill is passed, then we can all be “SCARED TOGETHER” at what was created! As Dr. Frankenstein declared “IT’S ALIVE”.
            Leaders need to start on their knees and repent before God to lead a people under freedom. Tyrants need no such restriction on the conscience because DARKNESS HAS NO SOUL!
            Quality has little to do with the cost of an item but the craftsmanship with which is conceived. Freedom is the container that brings together MANY, while making ONE people freely united.
            Tyranny is a container also, but it destroys free community for unity through force. Its yielded metal is that of clay and iron, making neither strong.
            Stop with big government. go back to community and their own ability to supply and pay and work together and grow to know one another though the raising of a house together.
            Big government: GO HOME to the HELL you came from!

            Donald Culley Jr.
            Oakland, IA

        • meteorlady

          Marshall law will happen in the southern states along the border. They are waiting happily for the border wars to break out and then they will swoop in and come to the rescue! After that they will push hard via their propaganda machine for immigration reform.

          • Doug Wallace

            We need to support those Sheriffs with the courage to stand up throughout the US. Sadly, the farther east you go the weaker the Office to the point of it being desolved entirely or relegated to running a jail as a mere Sheriff “Department”. It is not only the man in the office, but the very Office of Sheriff that is at stake. If the Feds can crush the Sheriff there is no protection from the feds. Sheriffs must be elected who understand the relative soverignty of their OFFICE and form possees (county militia is essence) prepared to repel the feds. The feds have almost no power in a county if the Sheriff forbids them. This was affirmed in Mack/Prince vs. US 1994.

        • Donald Ward

          Idiot, the phrase is ‘martial law’, not ‘Marshall Law’. You’re a sad testament to the ‘value’ of a public education!

          • Bo

            And you are a moron for pointing out something so trivial when our Country and our Liberty are in such jeopardy by this current administration.

          • Karen, Denver, Colorado

            Excuse me, ehhem! ‘Marshal Law’, I stand corrected. Oh, and by the way…all of a sudden the Border of The United States of America will be SECURED IMMEDIATELY, isn’t that interesting?

          • Karen, Denver, Colorado

            One more detail about Marshal Law…’The Constitution’ would be upheld to the very letter of the entire law. No more Politics, no more Feds.

        • Karen, Denver, Colorado

          Actually, I doubt very seriously that the President ‘wants’ Marshall Law to be declared. There are a few details that He would not like about THAT situation. The First Detail, would be that He and His Administration would no longer have control over the Country. That would fall into the hands of the Leaders of the Military. LET HIM DECLARE MARSHAL LAW!!! Many citizens would welcome it considering what they are dealing with right now. If you do not understand what I am refering to, go do a search and look up Marshall Law and ‘Read’ it.

          • annonymous

            Unfortunately, the martial law that they will impose will NOT BE any martial law that has been in place before in history. Remember, these politicans have their own agenda. Pls people, go read: Venetian Black Nobility on the internet. Just pull it up and read it. Boy will you get a jolt of reality. If you want to know our future, YOU MUST READ IT!!!

          • DurangoKid

            Karen….you seem to forget that BozObama is ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the military. Beside that, what makes you think martial law would make him abide by the Constitution? He has already trampled and maimed it beyond recognition. He and his minions of Marxist/communist radicals that surround him are after the economic destruction of our nation. Once that occurs, the populace will revolt and then he becomes the dictator-in-chief.

      • Vic Bailey

        He is trying to run this country by Chicago THUG laws, do as I say or else. I have never heard so many threats come out of one office in my life or ever heard of such. The puppeteers that are pulling his strings are wanting an uprising from the people. But like the Japanese they just might be sorry for waking the people up. Semper Fi.

        • Norris Guy

          I think that your reference to WWII Japan hit the nail squarely on the head. Lots of Tea Partyers have given up the sports and gossip pages in favor of the news pages and are amazed at what is going on in our country!

          • Jessica

            Snap. It sure took them long enough to wake up. Like the Obsolete Media used to say, “If we didn’t report it, it didn’t happen.”

        • Annie

          If you saw Jessie Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy’ You’d have heard the good doctor reveal that ‘the herd’ needs culling 80 percent of us have to go BECAUSE there is too many for them to control. The Germans used Fluoride to keep the prisoners also lowers the IQ 20 points and help to prevent pregnancies (noticed how many fertility clinics opened up a few years after putting it in the water)and a lot are docile. I worry about the kids…it’s in their water at school…

          • Richard Pawley

            Annie, there are a lot of things to worry about in our foods but Reverse Osmosis will remove fluoride from the water at your home. Ordinary filtration will not. It’s partly why I stopped drinking tap water in 1977, moved out of the city and now have a deep water well. Bottled water is often no better, made from municipal water. You can use distilled water for coffee and tea but don’t drink it straight. Fluoride added to drinking water is illegal in most nations of the world now, just as using ARTIFICIAL BOVINE HORMONES in cows is, but not here. I drive 44 miles round trip to buy milk that says, “Our farmers pledge to NOT USE artificial bovine hormones”. Almost all American cheese is made from milk with these artificial hormones in it (if they tell you they don’t know or they are 99% sure it’s free of them – they know. I’ve even had major American cheese makers flatly tell me that they don’t guarantee it, so I buy cheese from Canada (where the artificial hormones were outlawed because of what they do to the cows!) and sometimes France and Italy. Remember you cannot eat what ordinary Americans eat and not get the diseases that ordinary Americans eat. I also buy canned cheese from Australia where the cows are grass fed and no artificial hormones are allowed. I buy this by the case, 36 tuna fish sized cans for $72 plus shipping from Laurie Gawronski, (G & R Foods Inc. Reedsburg, WI 53959 (phone 608-524-3776). They are the exclusive distributors for this delicious cheese that makes really great cheese sandwiches and snacks. I buy it for the quality but it also requires no refrigeration for years if kept in a cool dry place and I eat it as a regular thing. The battle is over yet and you can vote in November and maybe we can vote out those who are destroying our dollar and out economy. God bless you.

          • JM

            You can avoid fluoride by purchasing an American Berkefeld water purifier (on Ebay); just make certain that you get one that has the PF-2 or PF-4 filters; they remove the Flouride and arsenic from water. This gravity-fed water purifier has been used (not with the PF-2 filters, of course) by missionaries for over 200 years. The water is PURE….not just slightly filtered….and it will make you the best tasting cup of coffee or tea that you have ever tasted! My wife wouldn’t drink water until I got one of these; now she drinks about 60 ounces of pure a day….and LIKES the taste. Too, I thought she was on death’s doorstep when I first got her to start drinking this water; now she is a picture of health. The stainless steel models start at about $250, postage paid, the last time that I checked on Ebay. If you decide to get one, you will never have to buy bottled water again. It would purify water from a “sump hole”……..also, if you get one and love it (I know you will) then please leave comments here and explain to others. It is RARE that I find anyone who has ever heard of the Berkey’s (Berkfeld)….but I have several friends who have bought them as I advised, and they SWEAR by them now.

          • kate8

            Richard, the problem with reverse osmosis is that you need a steady water supply from a tap, and it wastes more water than you get.

            I bought a Berkey gravity filter, which you pour water into the top. It takes contaminants down to non-detectable and you can purchase an additional fluoride filter for it if you have that to contend with. My water is not fluoridated, thank God.

            The advantage of a gravity filter is that all you need is a source of water, even a mud puddle. If we are ever in a position of having no utilities, i.e. all computers go down, you can still have drinkable water.

          • Jessica

            I don’t think that floridation in the water hurt us as badly as they hoped it would. My Mama & Daddy are in their 50′s, and they popped out nine of us. We’re all strong, healthy and smart, and we’ve got good teeth to boot.

          • DurangoKid

            You watched the ‘Dr. Stranglove’ movie one too many times. Get a grip!!

        • mountain_man

          The rule of man vs the rule of law… it ultimately will lead back to the Monarchy of UK. Webster Tarpley commented about this, the NWO is correctly (technically) the Anglo- American order, there is much to this story, my hope is that we here in America figure out that “the last beacon of hope”, as Reagan said, will go unless good men do something. It is the Constitution the military swears the oath to “defend and protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” not a wannabe dictator.
          Ho-ah, Marine!

          • Gerry

            Mountain Man -

            I agree wholeheartedly with what you say. The Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land” Our Founding Fathers risked everything they had in order to develop the Constitution. Our Great Country was founded by people who wanted freedom, and were willing to do anything to achieve that end. People today are not interested in what is going on unless with our country unless it directly affects them. The Democrats and the Republicans are doing nothing except getting rich and taking advantage of the American Taxpayer. There seems to be very little we can do about this except try to make the average American understand that it may not directly affect you in the short term, but in the long run, you will be DIRECTLY AFFECTED!! I once heard someone say that “I Love my Country, It is the government that scares me!”

            I would like to strongly suggest that all who are reading these words take a real strong and hard look at the Constitution Party. The Constitution stands 100% behind the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution Party Platform strictly stands for the following:
            1. America First
            2. Pro Life
            3. Pro 2nd amendment (Right to keep and Bear Arms).
            4. Limited, Constitutional Government.
            5. Reduce government interference on our lives.
            6. End the Federal Reserve.
            7. Stop exporting American Jobs.
            8. Secure our borders
            9. NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens.
            10. Withdraw from, and remove the UN from our country.

            Should anyone want to learn more about the Constitution Party, go to the National Website: If you are in the state of Missouri, please go to .

            All Americans should be doing everything possible to support the Constitution Party, particularly any one who considers themselves a Patriot. Mark Twain once said “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot”

            If the average American continues to embrace the same old political system, then we will only continue to get what we have been getting. We can change the direction the country is heading toward, but we must remember, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”


      • pappy

        He won fair and square and has the right to persue his agenda more thanI can say for the BUSH CRIME FAMILY
        40% of the WORLD’S wealth dissapeared under this criminal yet it’s Obama you blame
        We need to get the fat corporations and the rich off the back of the working class.
        The trickle down jig is up
        corps make billions and pay no taxes then get subsidies talk about entitlements,The rich get tax breaks
        while Raygun and his shysters tax the working class to death under the trickle down scam.Allow monopolies,destroy unions,kill the free market.If one healthcare company has 79% of the policies in a state is that free market? check it out many states are like that no competion
        You just can’t stand the fact things are turning around.
        If the reptiles win everyone will again see how terrible they are
        That’s what the trickle down scam is getting people to vote against their own interests
        through lies,and fear tactics
        One thing I know Obama is a centrist he likes nafta,which is horrible,he is definitly a corporatist.
        Any adult knows life is compromiseyou can’t have it all your own way and that is what reptiles want

        • Norris Guy

          Care to share with me what you have been smoking, because I don’t get you sober!

        • independant thinker

          “Any adult knows life is compromiseyou can’t have it all your own way and that is what reptiles want”

          Perfect description of ‘the snake’ we have in office right now. Obamas idea of comprimise is to hear what you have to say (sometimes) then tell you it will be done his way or else.

          • Donald Culley

            independant thinker says:
            August 2, 2010 at 1:26 pm

            ;…Perfect description of ‘the snake’ we have in office right now. then tell you it will be done his way or else.

            Mostly, to read from a teleprompter is to read from a prepared statement that has written before HEARING the QUESTION !!!
            Just a note that God stated flatly that only fools do such things.

        • Annie

          How much water do you drink a day? All this has been tried in Russia and they are warning us NOT to go down this road..If all the money is taken from the rich and given away….where will the next lot come from? I know………..let’s print more, and more, and more, and more. When will you realize you are way off in your thinking.

        • Just My Opinion

          In addition to your Bush comments: It’s a documented fact that Prescott Bush (George W. Bush’s grandfather) and other directors of the Union Banking Company (UBC) were Nazi collaborators, and helped finance Hilter rise to power.

          The banks were the Union Banking Corporation (New York) Prescot Bush, bank pesident, the August Thyssen Bank whose headquarters were located in Berlin; the Bank voor Handel (Netherlands). At the beginning of the 1920s, one of the members of this family, Fritz Thyssen – author of I Paid Hitler – contributed some $25,000 USD to the recently formed German National Socialist Workers’ Party, becoming the prime and most important financier of the Fuhrer in his ascent to power.

          According to the book’s authors, Thyssen was fascinated by Hitler, citing his talent as a public speaker and his ability to lead the masses. However, what impressed him most was the order that prevailed at his rallies and the almost military discipline of his followers.

          And so, in 1931 Thyssen joined the Nazi party, becoming one of the most powerful members of the Nazi war machine.

          Stop blaming Obama. It’s is not possible that the US economy could have been put in it’s dire condition in just the time Obama has been president. It takes many year. The Bush years is the main cause. He kept borrowing from China and cutting taxes.

          Just keep following blindly, watching FOX News, listening to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the other truth twisting fear mongers.

          • Craig

            Man you Kool-aid drinkers will believe anything.

            These stories had circulated for years but resurfaced on May 13, 2003, in the Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma, headlined, “Bush Family Funded Adolf Hitler.” As the Associated Press reports, Prescott had been on the board of Union Banking Corp., whose majority owner, the Thyssen family of Germany, indeed had funded the Nazis against a feared communist takeover of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. Family leader Fritz Thyssen broke with Hitler over the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom against the Jews, was stripped of his citizenship and fortune, and was in a Nazi prison at the time the elder Bush sat on that board. There is no evidence that Prescott Bush, who owned just one share of Union Banking, had anything to do with the Thyssen political work in Germany.

            Some critics go even further to accuse the president of having inherited ill-gotten profits from a Nazi slave-labor operation near the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. But the Polish company in which Prescott Bush had an interest, Silesian-American Corp., was stolen by the Nazis in 1939, the year before Auschwitz was built. Discussing this controversy, columnist Joe Conason of the New York Observer writes, “Henry Ford was a Nazi collaborator. Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. was a Nazi sympathizer. Unless additional information emerges to indict him, Prescott Bush Sr. was neither. To misuse such terms for political advantage against his grandson is to trivialize very grave offenses.”

          • Vippy

            I agree in part that it is not all Obama’s fault, he is only following orders. The direction we are taking has been made a long time ago and slowly the powers to be are removing what they want to remove. Just look back and see why they took out JFK, then Bobby, then MLK, then the OK Bombing, the Waco disaster and people still believe that it was caused by one person.

          • Richard Pawley

            “Stop blaming Obama. It’s is not possible that the US economy could have been put in it’s dire condition in just the time Obama has been president. It takes many year(s).” Agreed, it was the Republicans who convinced the CONGRESS to do away with the GLASS-STEAGALL ACT in 1999 that had kept a great depression at bay for 65+ years but Clinton signed it and it only took the banks eight years to bring about this just beginning chaos. You blame Bush and others blame Obama but neither is god, they are only men, doing what seems right to them. Now I like the freedom that so many fought and died for and I don’t like the idea of the president changing our history and our traditions and reducing our standard of living but he his parents were Communists and his grandparents were Communists, and his teachers were Communist and his friends and colleagues are Communist so I would be surprised if he to didn’t think that Marxism was the answer even though it has failed everywhere it has been tried. The squandering of America’s wealth has been going on since the CONGRESS voted in Income Tax a long time ago. It is CONGRESS who passes all these laws and taxes. Wait until you see all that you will be paying in the next year or two. Obama will get blamed but CONGRESS passed the phony health reform bill and it was CONGRESS that passed the phony bank reform bill. Mark Twain said “No mans wallet is safe when CONGRESS is in session”. While it’s true Bush spent an awful lot of money, CONGRESS approved it. Obama is wasting even more Billions than BUSH but CONGRESS approved it. We all started going down hill when the Democrat Wilson, a racist, who opposed women voting and who supported the mostly (at that time anyway) European owned bank called the Federal Reserve gave our money making over to them in exchange for their financial support to elect him. That’s when we had to start income tax to pay them for the privilege. Wilson ran on a ticket to keep us out of WWI and within 90 days of his inauguration we were in a European War. Wilson jailed some 1,800 who opposed his views but in many regards there is little difference between most Democrats and many Republicans these days (those who have been there more than a decade). The point is we always blame the president who is in office just as we will blame Obama for what I called the coming “Greater Depression” in my autobiography, but IT IS CONGRESS. If we don’t vote 90% of them out in November than you are going to be lamenting more than just a tripling of food prices. That is already a given based on the monies that CONGRESS has already squandered. INFLATION is the most hidden of taxes because most do not understand it is a result of a steady devaluation of the value of the dollar, spending what we don’t have. As long as someone will loan you the money who cares what you owe. A thousand houses a day are being foreclosed in this year of our Lord, 2010. Could that also be a thousand jobs a day lost? It’s to late to complain or get back what CONGRESS has spent but if we don’t vote in three months and send the 111th CONGRESS packing then you will have a lot more to complain about when the whole system comes crashing down. The communists and socialists think that will be wonderful and they can set up their Marxist Utopia, like in Venezuela and Cuba where freedom is something in the history books. Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea at all but it is up to the voters and not just in 2012 but in three months! I know freedom is old fashioned and out of date but I like it, the freedom to move where I want and be what I can. The freedom to fail and the freedom to achieve. The Glenn Becks of the world are the only ones who seem to understand it. Both the Democrats and some Republicans are opposed to his ideas so he must be doing something right. It isn’t just about money but about morality and freedom and even about God but that is alien to those who believe in Marxism and who believe that they are God. Yes, it’s going to be the most interesting time to be alive since the country was founded. Vote in November like your life depended upon it because it might.

          • Mizash

            It isn’t about Bush vs Obama it’s about big Government. The Bush vs Obama or Republican vs Democrat is nothing more than something to keep us busy. We don’t look into things when occupied by playground fights. Both obviously are under the same direction and the People, “us” all of us; are losing our voices in a mass of corrupted political slander becoming a top heavy country which involves you and me and everyone in the US.

          • Bob

            The federal reserve has printed over 20 trillion dollars in reserve notes and distributed them to banks all over the world. That waqs after Obama was inaugurated.

        • MIKE GOLDEN


          • Richard Pawley

            How can you say “NOTHING CAN STOP HIM” CONGRESS can stop him, if they wanted to do so. Obama wanted to pass the DISCLOSE ACT so that certain people, but not all, would have to reveal their names and address if they supported a candidate. Any law that effects only some and not all is inherently un-American. Even though 70 members of CONGRESS are members of the Democratic Socialists of America and believe in International Socialism more than the Constitution they are supposed to uphold, the DISCLOSE ACT still failed because not all Democrats are corrupt and anti-American. We still have the power to stop him in three months by replacing all those who voted to give hundreds of billions to the banks and foreign ones at that. We can vote out all who voted in to replace our poor health care with an even worse and more expensive one. We can vote all those who supported a socialist like Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagin to make the law of the land for the next 30 years. It is CONGRESS who does all these things. Stop them and you stop the president, any president. Re-elect them any you will get more of the same but worse.

          • John C. Sebolt

            Well put Mike! I dont know what planet PAPPY is from but he is in love with Obama. This is typical with Barrack lovers as you know. Speak anything but the truth. Sounds like a progressive or just a very mis informed person who speaks without knowing the facts. As you know, you cannot reason with those who are blinded by the “savior” Obama. Have you ever read the book by Glenn Beck arguing with idiots? Good read. I can see that it applies here in a few cases. Oh well, we have alot of patriots on our side and we will be triumphant come November. Its what keeps me going, that and my faith in Jesus Christ. If he be for us then who can be against us? Thank you for a great comeback comment Mike. You sound like a true patriot! Im glad you are on our side. Go with God.

          • Bob

            After Obama has served his purpose his masters will get rid of him. Obama rule the world. What a joke

        • Ron

          What indication do you have that things are turning around? I think you mean they are turning around for the positive when in fact, they are turning around for the bad. People like you are the problem because you are the ones who put these tyrants in office and you will continue to do so until you truly choose to educate yourself. You take what they say as the truth. Why not look at what they do as evidence of what is going on? Action is a much better indicator than speech. I pray every day the God will let these people be seen for what they are and that people like you will turn around and see the truth but I realize that you can find the truth until you first seek the truth and that requires a little effort and you had rather sit back and be told what to do and what to think. God bless you and I pray that you will seek understanding.

          • Richard Pawley

            Yes, you can’t go wrong praying. In the wonderful book GOD CALLING, a classic paperback that is about 75 years old but available on eBay and elsewhere, Jesus told a woman in England that she did not receive because she did not ask. He told her that she could change the laws in Parliament without leaving her kitchen. That wonderful book illustrates much that the churches don’t teach, but the point is that believers need to pray like the future of their country depended on it because it is possible that it might. Pray and vote wisely in November and maybe, just maybe, we can right this sinking ship.

          • Linda

            You have hit the nail on the head. If we don’t put God first in our lives we will get no where. And the people need to really look around themselves instead of sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring the many many signs that things are going from bad to worse by the minute. Wake up before it is too late people! Become active – there is HOPE in numbers.

        • Stevo

          Go home Pappy.You don’t belong here,commie.There is a koolaid pitcher with your name on it somewhere.But not here.

        • Bill

          pappy, I think all you want is a hand out. If obama stays another term you will be one of the first to cry. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

        • Robin, Arcadia, IN

          Pappy…. Are you serious? Our life in the United States has been a good one for quite some time. Barry is making changes that are going to destroy this great country. How can you defend him and anyone connected to him?

        • meteorlady

          Well what a rant! Things are turning around?????? W— are you smoking dude. We have the highest deficit EVER – more than all presidents combined. We still have both wars going; we have 15 million Americans on unemployment and lots more that have exhausted their benefits (oh, and what happens to all the reservists that come home when they end the wars); we have illegals sucking us dry; we have a 20% increase in poverty since the inception of the War on Poverty; we have a total lack of respect for the US from most countries in the world; our public education system has collapsed; our health care system is about to collapse because we can’t afford it; and we have an idiot that can’t even figure out that you salute your military with your right hand on you forehead instead of both hands on your crouch.

          I think that you must be a recipient of my hard earned money through government entitlements because I can not think of any other reason that you would think things were going good in this country.

          Just one quick question – what will you do when I no longer have the money to pay into taxes and your support is cut off because the government is bankrupt?

          • Richard Pawley

            I keep hearing that when people see how much the CONGRESS, both Democrat and Republican have saddled them with in new taxes that there is going to be a massive tax revolt. If only a few don’t pay they will be fined or go to jail (?) but if millions don’t, it will stop the waste of money cold along with the government. Of course I personally believe the government will just keep printing money. The government hasn’t been able to borrow enough money as it is so they have just started printing it and doing that never ends well. We need smaller government not bigger and bigger government. One of my sources say we are selling bonds to England but they are in as bad a shape as we are and it is all about Enron-type accounting. England is cutting back drastically from what I hear and that is the only way to get out of debt. I’ve heard they are trying to reduce the size of government and their health care which ours is modeled after has failed so miserably that they are trying to overhauling it. I have read that some home buyers who owe 575,000 on a house that is now worth just 375,000 have just stopped paying and are living rent free while saving money until the banks can throw them out. I’ve read this can take up to two years and that is the real reason why there are a thousand new foreclosures every day, even now in the summer of 2010. I an only imagine what it will be like if millions or even tens of thousands decide not to pay their taxes even for a year or two. Of course if you don’t have a job you can’t save money and 25,000,000 are unemployed, so far!


          pappy….I think somebody spiked your kool-aid with something illeagle, and you are suffering from flashbacks. Maybe a little too much woodstock? your rantings make no sense, just like all the other spittle-laced bullshit that comes out of you liberal democraps!!

        • Robert

          Pappy, drink your Kool Aid. Shame on everyone that voted a none American as President. You drink your Kool Aid as well.

          Learn from Glen Beck. He’s a great teacher of history. The revolt is coming.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Sorry, Robert…Glen Beck is a gate keeper.



            2nd & 3rd clip down on this one…

            Fox news is owned by the Bilderberg people and they are allowed to only go so far in their reporting.

          • BrotherPatriot

            *ack…2nd link didn’t go through…here it is…

            (watch 2nd & 3rd one down this link)

          • AnotherBrotherPatriot

            Amen BrotherPatriot!! Finally someone with the stones to reveal the shill as he is! Glen Beck is working against freedom, not for it. Don’t fall for the neural linguistic programing. Everyone that watches Beck, instead of just blindly believing what he says, listen instead to what, and most important HOW he says it. Sure he talks alot about freedom, the founding fathers, the Constitution, and how marxist/fascist Obama, and many in congress are. It sounds good, I know, it really does. But then he will in a single sentence, link together Al-Qaida with the 9/11 Truthers, and the Birthers, as if somehow protesting is un-American. When this was brought to my attention, I did exactly what I am suggesting all that read this do. Listen to what and how he says HIS lines from the teleprompter. Realize that. He has a teleprompter too. How many here, know that Nobama is not an American citizen? Then how come it is such a bad thing to demand that Nobama show his long form birth cert? Why on earth would any man, pay nearly 2 million dollars in legal fees, to date, to prevent the American citizens from actually seeing his birth cert, if in fact he actually has one? What kind of sane economic policy is that? And this is the man that was voted in for Hope and Change, to lead us out of the economic destruction that we find ourselves in? Seriously?! Glen Beck is a shill. Plain and Simple. But so are many others. That includes Obama. He isn’t a marxist, or communist, or fascist, or any other kind of ist. He is a puppet. So are 90% or our congressional members. The real power in America sits behind the throne. Some call them elitists, or the Bilderbergers, or the NWO. All of these titles work and are interchangeable. There are about 6000 super power brokers in the world, and those people employ people like Beck, and Hannity, and even Newt Gingrich. But they also employ the Pelosi’s and the Reid’s too. When all you have to choose from are the two parties that have been compromised, you lose either way. I agree with the Constitution Party platform, but until everyone wakes up and stops being fearful about voting 3rd party, nothing will change. The Dems that hate the repub candidate, and like what they hear from a 3rd party candidate, won’t vote for him/her, because they are afraid that no one else will vote for that 3rd party candidate. Oh Lord, if that were to happen, then the dem voting block would be diluted, and then of course the Repub will win the election! This also works in the same way for the Repubs afraid that a dem will win if they vote 3rd Party. Wake up We the People!!! It is time for a real change! A change that we can really believe in!! A time for a returning to our Founding roots!!! Our Constitution served us really well for about 140 years, until the Fed was voted in illegally by congress in 1913. While Ron Paul is out there screaming “audit the Fed”, and while I believe that might be a decent start, what we really should be screaming is “END THE FED”! Until you throw off the shackles of monetary slavery, it does not matter who is in office. Then, vote 3rd party, for anyone that can be proven to uphold the Constitution. That is a must. But the Constitution as it is written. Not the liberal supreme court rulings of what they thought was being said. The Constitution, while written by extremely brilliant thinkers of the day, was written so that the average Joe, able to read, would understand what was being declared to be law. Read it. It is simple to follow. Every time we allow a court ruling that gets us further and further from the written text, we fall deeper into the pit of slavery and feudalism. The power behind the throne will not be satisfied, until we are all on the gov’t tit, desperate and penniless, waiting for that next entitlement check. Then all of us will be in the same boat, a sinking one. A gov’t big enough to give us all we want, is strong enough to take all we have. I firmly believe that, and it appears as though we are all watching that happen today. Understand something. The gov’t has no money, that it does not take from someone else first. We the People, make the income. They in turn take it from us, and either spend it on whatever sweetheart deal they have going at the time, or give it to the “poor” to ensure they get reelected. They may be printing money like toilet paper, and that will turn around to bite all of us in the ass soon enough. The tea party was a great start, but that is all it was. Now is not the time to let up the pressure on the District of Clowns. Stay focused, stay aggressive, stay on top of them that are trying to put us under their thumbs! This is the only way we are going to take back our country in a bloodless way. If we don’t do this, the only thing left is open revolution, I seriously pray that it isn’t already too late for that!

        • Vicki

          Pappy writes:
          “He won fair and square and has the right to persue his agenda more thanI can say for the BUSH CRIME FAMILY”

          Nether Obama nor Bush was given power beyond the limits cited in the Constitution. The fact that Obama is constantly doing so IS the problem. The fact that Bush did so was a problem but Bush is not now. Obama is now.

          “40% of the WORLD’S wealth dissapeared under this criminal yet it’s Obama you blame”

          NO wealth disappeared. It is all still there. It’s value has been re adjusted to match the unavoidable laws of supply and demand. But all the wealth is right there.

          I personally blame Barny Frank etall and any congressman that supported the CRA.

        • Flynn

          Dear Pseudo Dr. Pawley:

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with the public water supplies in the United States of America. There is absolutely nothing unhealthy concerning the levels of bromine, chlorine, and even fluorine in municipal drinking water at the parts per million level because these levels have appeared in drinking water since the creation of the world. The benefits of their presence far outweigh any hazards, if there were any, at the levels at which they occur.

          Bovine hormones are the chemicals that make the food supply in the United States of America more plentiful and more reasonably priced than in any other country of this world. If there are any hazards, these are outweighed, by far, by death by malnutrition and starvation, which would occur without them. The abundant use of bovine hormones is the only way that a rapidly expanding population can be adequately fed and clothed.

          • TeresaE

            You are sadly mistaken.

            These toxic chemicals are being ADDED to the water.

            Fluoride is a BYPRODUCT of aluminum manufacturing, so you are saying that fluoride was occuring naturally 1000 years ago at the same level as Alcoa pumps it out to our municipalities?

            We, our children, are being intentionally poisoned and 90% of our population BELIEVES it is for our own good.

            Even as EVIDENCE mounts; cancer rates, obesity, autism, behavioral problems, dropping IQs, record numbers on daily pills that create more health problems.

            Yep, mmmmm, mmmmm, good. Now be a good little minion and run to get your shot. Too bad for you if it kills you (which they do, every single day), the pharms have immunity.

            Rock on, on pill induced, toxic laden, “health.”

          • mountain_man

            Uh, Municipal water supplies since the beginning of creation? Um, the flourine (actually stannus flouride} is the residue of hydroflouric acid, interacting with alumin(i)um ore after processing , it is a hazardous material, and will bleach clean everything it touches. It is also a neurotoxin, binds radically with calcium, causing an accelerated version of osteoporosis, and decay of teeth, made up of primarily calcium! It is a processed chemical, man made. As for “sodium hypochloride (the “chlorine” you mention.) It also is processed (created) by humans. Don’t buy into the left (or Right) easily, they are both culpible to the destruction of this Republic.

          • Al Sieber

            mountain-man, I use hydroflouric acid in preparing gold in quartz specimens, it dissolves the quartz and leaves the gold behind. you don’t want to get a drop on you, it could lead to amputation of a finger etc. or death if you’re not careful. highly toxic and extremely dangerous.

          • Al B Tross

            Unfortunately , the data does not support your claim. Corporate factory farming, combined with Genetic engineered food, and a corporations greed for ever increasing profit has led to the decline in quality, and environmental damage also.

            Yes we are feeding more people per acre, but much lower nutution levels, small farmers cannot keep up with the ever imcreasing costs of Monsanto fertilizer, which prove to be less effective, bankrupting small family farms, so they can be absorbed by the Corporate farm, which is owned by the same bank that the small guy is mortgaged out to. Imagine that.
            If Monsantos’ pollen gets on your crop, Monsanto owns your farm. It has happened to hundreds of farmers, and The LACK of regulation lets this happen.

            See the movie ” Food Inc.” or “The Future of Food “

          • Richard Pawley

            When fluoride is in water naturally it is calcium fluoride, when we dump it in municipal drinking water it is sodium fluoride. Calcium and sodium are not the same. The ADA said that mercury fillings called silver to fool people was safe for generations but some people get more mercury from their fillings than from the fish they eat, and they too are outlawed in many other countries. Additionally, ARTIFICIAL GROWTH HORMONES are illegal in England, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. Canada made them illegal because of what they do to cows much less what they do to people, but they are good enough for Americans who will accept anything. If these things are so healthy why did Monsanto who invented them sell off that division back in 2008? Have you not heard about little girls just 7 and 8 reaching sexual maturity? Do you think that is normal? Do you not suppose that ARTIFICIAL Growth Hormones that increase the mammary gland production in cows to produce more milk and then that milk and cheese and ice cream is passed on to innocent and ignorant parents who believe that the FDA and other agencies really care and would never allow something bad to enter the food chain or the medicine cabinet. might have something to do with it? Tell that to the 44,000 who died due to the US Government approved drug called VIOXX? I’m sorry but my mother taught me to read and write before I started school and I do! If our food and water is so great how come people live longer in dozens of other countries, countries that spend only a fraction of what we spend on health care? And now with socialized medicine and Pelosi-Reid care we are going to pay more and get less. These things don’t just fall out of the sky. Someone somewhere is making a fortune on all of this. It’s not me. Perhaps it’s you.

        • bobbartoe


          You are a communist just like Barry. He is a marxist, socialist, communist, racist white man hater, hater of black people, despiser of achievement and goals…. You support him, you are as bad as he!!! Why do you hate freedom and liberty?? I guess you dont want to work….just take the fruits from someone else’s basket.

        • mountain_man

          It isn’t left vs right, brother, it’s right vs wrong! Become a political atheist, don’t follow the left OR the right!

        • TIME

          Pappy Dude,
          So how many folks on welfair have empolyed you to say build them a home?
          Invest their money?
          Or hire you as a consultant?
          Oh please do tell us we are just waiting with baited breath.

          Barry Soetoro is A centarlist of what? The center of the Marxist of America party?
          What are you kidding us, who ever sold you that bill of goods is a Great Sales person, so do tell us all about who that is. I am looking for good help, hey if they can sell this load – I can make a ton of Cash! I need names.

          • http://WindowsInternetExplorer ERichardson

            I follow posts & read comments, When I see Barry Soetoro I know this person has done their home-work. A reminder to all who voted in 2008, the last time Barack Hussein Obama (was his legal name) was age (4) 1964 Jakarta, Indonesia when Barack was Indonesia Naturalized by & with mother Stanly Ann Durham Soetoro. Indonesia held NO DUAL CITIZENSHIP 1964. Stepfather Lolo Soetoro Legally Adopted Barack & Legally Changed his Name to Barry Soetoro. Not One Person Voted for Barry Soetoro 1964 to 2010. All sealed Records & History are in Barry Soetoro’s name, Original Long Form Birth Certificate is in Barack Hussein Obama’s name Aug 4,1961 Mombosa Kenya. Kenya Parliment 03-25-2010.States Barack Kenyan born American president. We have a Muslim Foreigner with Dual Citizenship in Our Oval pretending to be Commander in Chief over our Military. 40 plus Czars writing all Legislation. Oath of Office by an Indonesian Citizen which makes him above the Rule of Law. Hates Capitolism, Hates America, Hates Whities, Hates Blacks, but loves the word Raciest, Divider to win with Lies & Deceite. Nov 2010 Demand Barry Soetoro prove Constitutional Eligibility Requirement or Reason to Remove will be Treason for him & all involved in the Biggest Hoax ever committed against our country in her history. Nov 2 save our USA, Courts won’t, Congress won’t, USA Citizens Can & will Nov 2, 2010!

        • bbstacker

          ah, Crappy…you’re back. Reality check: Congress rights the rules, and our favorite moonbat Nazi Pewlooski was driving the bus since January 2007. Bush or Obama as potus do not write law or make laws. You might as well blame the Easter Bunny. The financial failure you speak so knowledgably about began long ago with the successful efforts of barney frank who ignored Bush and McCain, et al, saying that this policy of massive debt all rolled into a turd sandwich that was advertised as good to eat was going to be devastating to the future economy, and look what happened in 2008. You should really check your facts, but, I guess all that Easter candy is just too good to put down without a daily guzzle of kook-aid.

        • kate8

          pappy, he does not have the right to violate our Constitution, or to pursue any agenda that goes against the people.

          He is a usurper, a fraud and a foreign agent..

        • Illumaniti

          I agree

          Pappy you should join us

        • Routy7

          while I agree that freedom gives you the privilage to be able to say the marxist doctrine you do, the Constitution of This United States is not compatable to the implementation of the same. I will also resist with all I have your using force to apply it to me against my will, in MY NATION!

        • MIKED


        • American Citizen

          Democrats have been in power the last 4 years.

        • Allan Halbert

          “He won fair and square and has the right to persue his agenda more thanI can say for the BUSH CRIME FAMILY”

          WRONG! He only has the right to represent the American people! As for the remark about Bush, some might say that Obama is a member of the ACORN CRIME FAMILY.

      • bill

        You are correct in your writing, but truly the only way now out of this liberal disaster which has been illegally foisted upon us to pick up arms and jail everyone involved in this communist party plot, their media hacks and all judges who violate their oath. I will have no mercy on them when the time arrives. All it takes is one shot to be fired into the crowd from an incompetent police officer who does not understand the constitution and what freedom stands for. it will be a sad day for the police who go along with this plot, they will be disarmed, tried and may bee exiled out their land of birth. All illegal protestors will be deported by what ever means we have including their stinking children.
        this will be a sad day and my nation will be ruined for some time, but we will pick up the pieces and re-build. It;s just a matter of time when the police ire on us and when they do it;s light our for them.

    • Al Sieber

      You got that right SC, good name for him,the anointed one. anointed by the liberals.

    • Ellen

      Agree — what is going on now is scary. The man in the White House wants not to be president, but aspires to be a dictator. What is nest — a life-time presidency?

      • Debi Maynard

        Ellen, Do you remember Michelle Obama saying after the inaguration, upon moving into the White House
        “we are finally home”? Makes you think, huh?

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          The same lady who was “never proud to be an American until now”. She has to rise to the number one spot before she can be proud of this country? Is that being proud or what. Pride comes before the fall, and these two are going to fall really hard. And really soon.

        • LC

          Right, and do you remember what else she said? She said in the course of talking about everything they need to Change in this country, “…we need to CHANGE HISTORY..” which of course, is what they do every day when OBama speaks and distorts history to fit what his wants it to be in order for it to fit his agenda. How can you change history, when it has already happened??? She said it, it’s a recorded part of one of her first speeches.

          • Richard Pawley

            The communists always change history when they take over. It is written as if they are the “saviors” and everyone else is “the enemy”.
            Thank God for Glenn Beck and Founder’s Fridays where he has been having top historians who know what really happened on this teaching show. One of his historian guests actually owns many of the original letters that Washington and Jefferson wrote. So much of our history has already been changed that changing back to the truth seems downright shocking. Who know that there were black American heroes of the revolution including one who was greatly responsible for some of the most important spying done back then, and not just a handful but a significant number and they were all equal in the North at that time. They were just Americans, the churches were integrated, all things that the Marxists, or Progressives, or Socialists or whatever you want to call the 111th Congress would rather you didn’t know. We can change things in November but George Soros, the billionaire in England is going to pour money into trying to discredit and name call all who don’t support the new order. Don’t be deceived. Vote wisely and we may save this sinking ship until repairs can be made. November will be our last chance because the way things are going they are going to be a true disaster by 2012 and at least one Russian Think Tank thinks there won’t even be a United States in the next decade. Learn, pray and VOTE IN NOVEMBER.

      • Michael Severt

        I Believe we have a dictator that we can not get rid of.

        But he must be stopped!!!

      • Nancy Watkins

        Dictator? You really are not looking very close. He’s nothing even close.

        • Robin, Arcadia, IN

          Nancy Watkins… What do you call him?

        • seeker1

          He is trying, I do believe! A thought I’ve had …. WHO IS THE PUPPET MASTER”>? Obama does not seem to have a very good memory for his use of teleprompters is notorious! He can’t live without one.I have yet to see him think on his feet or be able to :ORATE: WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER! Also, , here is food for thought, ….I heard many years ago that there were five or so men who ran the world. Nothing happened without their approval. If a war needed starting , they started it. If populations got too big….down size it! If you think I am making this up…. NO I AM NOT mONEY SPEAKS AND RULES THE WORLD. Another thought… i FEAR oBAMA IN HIS CLOSET mUSLIM BELIEFS. What is their goal? Well, as I understand it, it is to destroy all non-believers of the Koran and their religions. Am I wrong? I donn’t think so, but I do seek the truth!

    • Tom Moses

      I have found the most effective term for Obama is “THEIF”. I have used this term and it catches peoples attention. We already know that politicians are crooks and liars, so this term just tags obama with it, non political, non racist , non attacking and they tagged bush with liar, that leaves theif……try it , it works well and it’s the truth!

      • Craig

        I call him the Chocolate Marxist. I do not care if people call me a racist. I take that as a compliment.

        • pappy

          Di you have your Klan robes on when you said that/

          • marvin

            pappy go away you are a liberal brain less plant the daly kos or move on .org is more your home we don,t want you we need people with inteligents not obama clones

          • Bill

            I don’t think that they use robes any more, don’t think they need them.

          • Craig

            No boy…errrr I mean pappy. I do not belong to the Klan. I am not a democrat.

          • meteorlady

            What I’ve notice here is that liberals/marxists/socialists, etc. come and go on this site. They don’t stay too long as they never give any facts as an argument – mostly just throw out the race card when they can and give us the same old tired rants that are 1/2 truths and non-truths. So eventually they get tired of it all and move on to another site because we make sense and give as good as we get. I would hope they would stay around and actually learn some truths for a change.

          • meteorlady

            Pappy – in order to wear KKK robes we would have to be Democrat. they started that vaulted institution.

          • vicki

            Here is a link to back up the claims that Democrats are the party of racism.


          • Routy7

            Pappy, I am sorry that your eyes are welded shut. Maybe someone will help you avoid the “bridge out” just ahead.
            Obama is NOT black as a negro, but brown as a half breed and there is no doubt about the marxist path he trods so deftly.

          • Allan Halbert

            Actually, if you read a little post-civil war history, it was Democrats who were racist. Liberal/Progressives teach victimology to attain black and hispanic votes — in pursuit of communism. Once achieved, Libgressives will have no use for blacks and hispanics, and will turn on them. Conservatives offer blacks and hispanics no platitudes or magic pill, but welcome them into a culture where self-reliance is admired regardless of skin color.

        • Conservatives Unitedc


        • Barb-FL

          Craig, I agree with you. For the life of me I cannot figure out why someone has not put a bullet through bozo & his wife the amazon. I think this country is heading for a revolution. If we can just keep bozo from initiating Martil Law we will win. We The People have been awakened!!!!

          • TIME

            Let me be clear thats the last thing that ever needs to be said, If it comes down to it any of you that see something going wrong take the bullet for him.

            We don’t need a Horst Wessel.

          • vicki

            The people have awakened (awoke? :) ). We will win either way. It is just that one way is a LOT messier then the other.

          • kate8

            Hey guys, make no mistake about it. If anything happens to this abomination in our WH, the full force of the gates of Hell will come down on us. It will be spun against conservatives and Tea Partiers, and martial law and roundups will begin in earnest.

            We’d best beware of loose cannons.

          • vicki

            and agitators

          • Routy7

            I find the situation we are in as a country of free men to one of a tight rope walker in a high wind over the Grand Canyon. If we don’t get tumbled by the wind (political ambition and perssuation pressure)to physically lash out, then the distance and time underpressure (to be good) has a tendency to collapse even a strong performer. Success this time is tied to do it it right because we will not get to recover if we don’t.

          • Vicki

            Failure is NOT an option so no matter how tiring we MUST stay on that rope.

          • American Citizen

            Barb be careful what you say, the thought police are reading these boards.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        He is a THIEF. He robs from the working and gives to the lazy crack head that wont work. Some of the first things he did, was to expand welfare, food stamps and unemployment. All in a masquerade of being the poor mans friend. Well, Im not rich, and because of jerks like him, Im am soon to be poorer. But since I work, I get to give more to those who dont. He is a THIEF. No doubt. But also a big huge liar. Remember the transparent administration. So they kick the press out and go behind closed doors in secrecy and shove health care down our throat, despite over 65 percent of the country being against it. Transparent? Liar. His admin is going to Unite the country, he said. LIAR. He is the biggest divider we have ever had in office. LIAR and a THIEF is exactly what he is.

        • Drew

          He will unite the country when we’ve finally had enough and are forced to unite, under the constitution, and take our country back.

          • Robin, Arcadia, IN

            Drew… You are correct. Then and only then will his public organizing skills be recognized!

        • Al Sieber

          Beberoni, you hit the nail on the head, couldn’t of said it better.

          • dan of arizona

            I think he’s Robin the hood
            steeling from the rich giving to his hood

        • Richard Pawley

          Calling people names, even if true won’t change anything. We need to vote out the members of CONGRESS who passed all the socialist and communist crap and if the Republicans say they won’t rescind the heavy taxes of the health care bill or the health care bill itself than vote them out and vote for someone who will really vote for health care reform. Some 70 members of Congress, all supposedly Democrat are actually members of the Democratic Socialists of America. One of them lamented that folks had run out of money after collecting unemployment for two years and said it was a shame that for seven weeks they had to get by without a government handout, so the Democratic 111th Congress rushed in to gave everybody another six months of unemployment benefits. The cost: only 60 Billion dollars. If we were ever going to pay that back and if it was interest free it would cost us a million dollars a day for 164 years JUST TO GIVE THE UNEMPLOYED SIX MORE MONTHS OF BENEFITS. Anyone who doesn’t believe that we are eventually going to have catastrophic inflation understands nothing about finance with Federal Reserve Coupons. I have long been predicting that food and fuel were going to triple and CONGRESS seems to be doing all they can to bring that about. No wonder some are buying freeze dried emergency foods that last for years. Inflation alone will pay for it!

          • Allan Halbert

            Voting them out won’t change much either. You’ll just get a new crop of politicians ready for the next opportunity for largesse. Politicians have basically sold their soul by the time they reach a state level elected position. What will start changing the landscape is congressional term limits. Then you need to change congressional rules, which set forth all the special privileges that lead to further corruption. Then we need one purpose per bill, with full public disclosure, a maximum length, and ability for the public to reject the law if a majority of citizens can’t understand it. I could keep going. It’s the inner workings of the chicken house, carefully built by the fox over many decades, that is the heart of the problem. It’s the fact that they begin devoting themselves to reelection very quickly, and everything is calculated against that goal. Hence no real representation.

          • Richard Pawley

            Allen, I can’t disagree with what you say but one of the definitions of success is to deal with things as they are and not as we want them to be. We can work for term limits but it will take time and we will have to fight Congress all the way on it. However, we can vote out a lot of these who have tried to crash the economy and destroy the dollar by spending it to it’s death. Maybe I’m standing on a higher hill so I can see farther down the road than many but the money Congress has already wasted is going to cost us at least having most prices TRIPLE in the not-to-distant future. In less than 3 months WE CAN vote out many of those who cowered before Pelois and Reid and voted for all the Progressive Socialism they fostered upon us. We can vote them out. YES, WE CAN!.

      • http://WindowsInternetExplorer ERichardson

        Use this for ref: Barack born 08-04-61 Mombosa,Kenya British Citizenship Barack age (3) Mother Stanly ann Durham married Lolo Soetoro Hawaii. 1964 family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. Mother Stanly Ann Soetoro & Barack age (4) were Indonesia Naturalized, used application by marriage to an Indonesia National. Now Barack holds Indonesia Citizenship, stepfather Lolo Soetoro Legally Adopts Barack & Legally Changed his Name to Barry Soetoro Fact Ck: Pelosi produced o8 campaign Indonesia School Registration Name: Barry Soetoro Citizenship: Indonesia Age: 5 Religion: Muslim Pelosi produced 2nd Document: Hawaii Livebirth Reg; Issued to Maya Kasandra Soetoro born 08-15-70 Jakarta, Indonesia maternal halfsister of Barry Soetoro. 08 campaign; Barry aka Barack states Hawaii Livebirth Kapa’olani Med Hawaii-Maya Stated Queens Med for Women & Children Paternal grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama witnessed livebirth in Mombosa Hospital kenya & named Roy maternal half brother & Alma maternal halfsister were witnesses also. Barry threw her under the bus with grandmother Durham (raciest-afraid of black men) they joined Rev Wright under the Barry Bus. Kenya has a National Holiday 08-04- every year for their native Son Barack, a Birth Marker placed in Mombosa Park with a prayer song. Senator Obama secondary school in Kenya. Abortion being placed in kenya Constitution by Barry & planned Parenthood. Remember the Barry Statue in down town Indonesia, threat to be removed, Barry has done nothing for Indonesia, Barry was set to go, then Heathcare bill vote, then ready to take family on vac to Indonesia & BP oil spill, canceled again. So much for USA Sovernity only. We the people have the vote Nov 2, 2010 Treason/Tyrany for Barry Soetoro 1964 to 2010 aka Barack 1961 to 1964- Make sure Barry’s name is on the ballot, we don’t need a 4 yr old on the ballot again in 2010!

        • seeker1

          You have told the truth as I have gleaned it from tidbits of relevant news reports. I have told and retold people I know this is what is the truth, not the regristration paper noting a live birth of an American child someplace else! Obama is not a true resident of these United States. I would not ever say his Grand mother and Uncle lied ….Why would they? They had no adgenda to try to destry their kin foldk! I believed the Grandmother!


    • refuse2lose

      How could anyone say Obama has a conscience when he has the most radical voting history on abortion of any present or past congressman? The man is evil,pure and simple.


        Yes, Obama is BLACK and he is also the GREATEST PRESIDENT ever

        • Countygal42

          To say that Obama is the greatest president ever just because he is black is just as racist as saying he is the worst president ever just because he is black. Please look at what he is actually doing to this country! You might not be so happy if his agenda gets through. Obama is a politician just like all the rest of the them. The only difference is that his agenda is at the opposite end of the spectrum. But both agendas do the same thing…. they make the rich richer and wipe out the middle class. Stop looking at party people and start looking at agendas. We need new blood and new people that are more middle of the road.

        • dan of arizona

          What would give you the impression that this impostor has done anything good for the nation was it he extended you unemployment our your welfare? I truly believe that there was only one thing that he has done for our nation and that is he has awakened the voters to make better choices and to always go to the polls and bring your knight sticks with you

    • Amnesty for Illegals

      Just like Reagan granted and W tried twice to do.

      • Craig

        Well Reagan only went along with the amnesty crapola because lying dems said they would push to close the borders and tighten immigration regulations. The dems did neither, they lied.

        • American

          Par for the course

        • vicki

          They are politicians. Of course they lie. Reagan was a statesman and forgot that little detail about politicians.

        • George McGovern

          Excuses are easy.

          Stand up like a man.

          Like OBAMA with the unconstitutional IMMIGRATION LAW.

          Enforce laws that are constitutional not discriminatory.


        Reagan Amnesty
        Began influx from Mexico.
        1990 we admitted 1,500,000 immigrants
        Maximum Quota was 500,000.

        The amnesty allowed citizenship in five years.
        Many got citizenship and were permittd to bring in immediate family members. Got on phone to immediate family members COME ON UP They did.
        This had a multiplier effect. Husband bring his family. Wife do same.
        Then, some got citizenship in five years and call COME ON UP.

        Numbers increased greatly since 1989.

        Bush I increased Quota to 700,000.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        All push for and bargained for by a democratic congress. An attempt to pacify them to get something good for the country, but the dems didnt follow through on their part of the bargain. Imagine that.

      • Norris Guy

        Amnesty failed then and it will fail the next time. Ignore history and you are bound to repeat it!

      • marvin

        Amnesty for Illegals ,differance is ragen and bush went thru congress not thru the white house like obama is trying to do by ex orders and trying to by pass the constitution and congress

      • meteorlady

        You really need to study your history. It is correct that Reagan signed the immigration law that allowed for amnesty. He did so because the Democrats promised they would provide the necessary money to seal the borders. Once the thing was signed, the Democrats reneged and actually cut spending so that it would not be possible to seal the borders.

        In the 1986 amnesty – 2.1 million received legal status and of those, 83% got that status through fraud because there were not enough people to process the claims and verify their validity. 10 years later most were receiving some type of government entitlement and they paid little or no taxes because they were low income. They also petitioned to bring in another 1 million of their relatives who also went on public assistance of some type. That little bit of self-serving Democratic crap cost the US taxpayers around 10 million a year in benefits (1986 dollars) and health care for these people. They haven’t even counted up the cost in SS disability payments to these people.

        So by all means lets just do it again – we need another 20/25 million on government assistance in this country. We need more crime and run down neighborhoods. We need more non- English speaking children in our school system. We need more people clogging our hospital emergency rooms for their free health care. We need more drugs, weapons and kidnapping and we certainly will be like a third world country if all this continues.

        • bbstacker

          Check out “chain migration”…like a virus that spreads with no antidote. Up to 234 more “family” members can flood into America with a married couple getting here “legally”. There needs to be a moratorium on immigration immediately. Settle the ranks of this invasion, shut down the border, and sit back for 10 years to give this nation a chance at regaining it’s birthright Heritage…maybe. The economy has done a service to us as Americans in one positive way–curbing the invasion. Shut down NAFTA, our bane of agricultural existence–it destroyed the Mexican farmer who used to earn a decent living providing for their local population; it’s cheaper to buy American corn than to grow their own crops. Oboingo in just the enabler for the communists in congress, a puppet of soros, so maybe we have some recourse in November, but it better be in tens of millions who get motivated to vote and defy the odds. America is waking up, but those still sleeping missed hot coffee. They better get up for lunch!

    • Nancy Watkins

      OH, stop already with the “Anointed One” nonsense! I’ve watched, listened to, read about this man and listened to a large variety of voices criticizing, analyzing, praising and tearing at him for 4 years now. This man, Obama is very thoughtful and contemplative- he doesn’t do anything on a “whim”. He is much more moderate than the Liberals would like and really quite “Centrist” I’m a Democrat, and a Christian. Frankly I would like to see him do some more in the “progressive” direction.
      He’s not “Evil” – after four years of my scrutiny I believe he really has some good ideas and wants the best for people and the country- but it’s hard to get things done with sooo much opposition an EVERYTHING. He was handed a mountain of mess and given a spoon to dig through it. With the Republicans opposing everything thing he tries to do -even bills they help put together! The games they play and hypocrisy is astounding. Voting against an extension to unemployment? What do they want these people to do? They don’t want to spend the money- don’t they realize that the people would be forced to go for welfare and food stamps if they can’t feed the family? So where does that money come from! The Government. They would feel much better about themselves if it’s an unemployment check instead.
      Voting against tax breaks for small business, and freeing up money so the banks would loan to small businesses- this would make it easier for them to hire – more jobs, help the economy! But they say they are for small business…right. Voting against health care for the volunteers of 9/11 that are suffering terrible health problems due to their selfless work-900 have died since 9/11. What are they waiting for the rest to die off?
      They play games with peoples lives.
      Actually -I live in AZ and on this immigration issue I disagree with him, I support the new law they have tried to enforce. It’ got nothing to do with what race the people are for me- (I spent 4 yr.s in Mexico and I’m bilingual)- but by geographical “coincidence” (and economic & political corruption) most of who comes here is Latino.
      I would fell the same way if it were …Sweden next door and we had the same situation– quit simply we can’t sustain such a huge influx
      of people.
      Stop with the “He’s evil” stuff, stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Shawn Hannity and try some other voices too- get a balance of ideas, do some fact checking.

      • Conservatives Unitedc


        • Chipper

          You don’t sound like a real Conservative. You sound like someone who is self-righteous, misinformed, and closed-minded. Someone like that has no true Conservative values. And if you’re getting your information from sources such as FOX News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck, their twisted truth crap has definitely seeped into your brain. Their bottom line is ratings and making money.

          The present administration is trying to clean up the awful mess the previous one left behind.

          • vicki

            That would be the cure being worse than the disease?

          • Craig

            Chipper, man you are clueless. One can tell the extremely clueless by if they rant against Rush, Sean or FOX.

      • Just My Opinion

        I agree with you, Nancy! Observing the misinformed people who make the same old ‘blah blah blah’ comments are like parrots, repeating all the same crap they hear from FOX News, Rush & Glenn, is a great lesson how NOT to be. It’s also fun reading their stuff if I need a good laugh, while scratch my head at the same time.

        Yeah, be careful not to drink ‘the koolaid’. you might end up liking Ann Coulter, and start wearing short black cocktail dresses wherever you go.

        All the best to you!

        • NunJoBizNess

          Im tired of the “blah blah” about it being all Bush’s fault. I still see these comments on a daily basis and it’s going on two years since he left.
          The truth is – it’s not entirely ANYONES fault! Including Obama! SInce 1913 these puppet presidents are GROOMED from day one be the fall guy for everything thier puppet masters tell them to do! Wake the hell up! We have an illusion of democracy going on here with a puppet govt! The proof has been out there for decades and there is ample ways to educate yourself on this fact – we are headed for a one world govt.

          • meteorlady

            Ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve. Down with the Fed….. and where is our 2 trillion American dollars that went overseas as the result of Fed loans to banks in other countries?

          • JM

            want to know how it all turns out? Find great biblical scholars such as Hal Lindsey, John Hagee, and especially JACK VAN IMPE (all available on cable TV….at least until government censorship cuts them off). Great news! The end of the book (Bible) shows that the “good-guys” WIN. At this point in time, EVERYTHING is lined up as the bible predicts and shows, for the end times….with a one-world ruler….who starts a new economic system with a number (666) and who comes in peacefully and destroys many….and who signs a peace treaty with Israel for 7 years and breaks it half way through….because Russia, Iran (Persia), Turkey (Togarmah) and Germany (Gomer) will attack Israel in those LAST 7 years of this “world system”. The Islamic nations mentioned in the bible are aligning now for this WWIII battle (this is NOT Armageddon)…..anyway, if you want to learn more, please start by listening to Jack Van Impe on TV….or go to his website and view and get information. Folks, this is IT……We are approaching the final times; get prepared.

        • Tru Blue American

          None are so blind as those who WILL NOT see!!
          Just My OP and Nancy Watkins need Eye Surgeons – - good luck with Obuma care !

      • Stevo

        Amazing,A Christian huh?Do you hear that sound?The cries of all the aborted children!!!There must be millions.But those are just sacrifices in this world of compromise.Say a prayer for us Nancy.

      • marvin

        Nancy Watkins,you need to take off the rose colored glasses,and get out more the promised handout are killing your brain,you like all liberals think it is ok to steal from the haves and give to you,get a life and better still get a job

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Nancy Watkins…
        I am really sick of people and this administration who say he was ‘handed a mess’. He spent one year doing his ‘job’ and then campaigned for the presidency. If he didn’t know how hard the job would be, he should have got out before he got in! He wanted it; he got it…. It is time to stop whining and if he started listening to America and wasn’t so out of touch, maybe he could see what needs to be fixed and would get more people to agree with him. He is a Muslim mulatto, and I am still not convinced that he is an American!

        • Viktor Leben

          Hey Robin !

          You’re right about the one year stuff. He definitely needed more experience !

          The AMERICAN PEOPLE knew this, but still elected OBAMA to the Presidency…

          What does that tell you ? Are you smarter than the majority of voters ?

          • http://WindowsInternetExplorer ERichardson

            A correction is needed, Barry Soetoro was not elected by the electorate, Nancy Pelosi wrote the Dem national Committee & stated Barack was Constitutional eligible for presidential office. She then sent a letter to the other 49 states but eliminated Constitutional eligible. Arm twisting went on in the dem party, the 3 states that voted (dem) prior to times set by the National party, devided the Clinton votes & gave to Soetoro or Clinton who have been tied or have more votes than Barry. Pelosi sealed all Barrys Records & Baracks Original Long Form Birth certificate.No Vetting by News media-Citizens- Congress-3 sessions on John Mccain’s eligibility for office of president, Congress had a duty to verify Barrys Eligibility & Did Nothing- Sworn Oath of Office USA President-Congress-Senate-Supreme Court To Protect Our Constitution. How can you expect our Military to protect Our Constitution with an Indonesian Muslim aka Kenya/British Foreigner with Dual Citizenship Pretending to be president or Commander in Chief? The Election Commission under Pelosi helped, after all they are the Acorn Vote Counters. How many times did Micky Mouse vote & how many states? Names on Head stones from cemetarys voted, Acorn workers went from town to town & voted, Illegals voted, a long list of 100′plus soc security numbers in Obama’s name different address. Foreign money contributed no transparency. Chicago Pay to play as in Barry Soetoro Ill State Senate, Perjury! US Senate Barry Soetoro Perjury! Nominee/Canidate/USA presidential office/ Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama Penalty of perjury! Harvard Law Public Discliplinary Action Taken Under Full Former Name(s)Barry Soetoro has used Barry Durham & Barry Obama Law License Revoked 2004-Michelle Law License Revoked. Rev Wright Trinity United church married the Soetoro’s. Occidental 1979 Barry Soetoro Foreign Aid Grant Country of Origin: Indonesia 1981 Time Stamped Immigration on Passport Barry Soetoro Country of Origin:Indonesia Traveled; Indonesia (mother) Pakistan (roomates family 3 wks) India ? Africa(fathers family) source Jerome Phillip Freedom of Information Act Get Informed Our WH is full of Usurpers & Foreigner’s All Radical’s Socialist party in WH-Congress-Senate Gov’s Vote Nov 2, 2010 Treason/Tyrany against all of the Radicals in OUR Government!

          • Viktor Leben


            The elected Electors in the Elector College were aware, and we voted for them. All those other congressman and congresswoman were aware, and we voted for them too.

            What’s going on here is the American People won’t take responsibility for choosing Barack Obama . We didn’t care enough to where he was born, his commie associates, the chicago political machine etc. People knew that, and they still voted for him.

            The ACORN voter fraud is a very good point. But still our ELECTED leaders did not put a stop to it. So it’s OK with the majority of Americans. Just like illegal immigration (invasion) is OK, because the American people knowingly voted for the leaders who won’t stop the invaders (illegal immigrants) ….

        • vicki

          I am not sure that voting “present” constitutes doing his job.

          • Craig

            Voting present is the lazy mans way out. Oidiot strikes me as extremely lazy. I’d wish we could see his school transcripts. I’ll bet my life on the fact he skated through or paid people to do his course work. He voted present because he could not be bothered to read those bills. Just like he did not read the health care bill. We know this because people asked him questions about things in it and he was clueless.

      • michelleo

        the man is a communist – how is that not EVIL?????????????

      • Bill

        Nancy do you pray that those babies would be spared rather than aborted and flushed down the sewer? Or do you approve of aborting? Seems to me that you are a compromiser and I don’t think that a Christian compromises.

        • Viktor Leben

          Steve and Bill,

          Why are laying that heavy guilt on Nancy ? She not responsible for what some CRAZY women do ! Those CRAZY women that have abortions – their the ones who are guilty. They are guiltier than OBAMA !!

          • kate8

            Viktor, In a sense, it is most certainly the fault of the women who choose to abort their babies. Beyond that, though, these young people were raised in the “new morality”, where they are taught that it is normal and okay to have all the sex they want, at any age, along with using all manner of intoxicants. Further, they are taught that abortion is nothing more than another form of birth control, by a society that no longer values children, especially the unborn.

            In this sense, these kids are victims. They only know what they see and are taught.

          • seeker1

            Abortion should be out! It could be if the “overnight pill” were used and a pregnancy totally bypassed. There are times one is necessary and should be done! You know what I am referring to, or should. There are medical reasons that make it valid. To ban all would be just as bad and could be horribly wrong!

          • Viktor Leben


            You can’t save the whole world, I hope you don’t have a messianic complex !!!! I understand what you are saying, I have to disagree with you .

            It comes down to personal responsibility. A woman determined to get an abortion will get an abortion. It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or illegal. The women of America have decided “My body, My choice !”. That’s the reality. I’m against abortion … But i’m not the Supreme Court… just a peon commenting on this excellent website .

            Most politicians are Pro-Choice. They may act like they are Pro-Life. That’s how they get us suckers to vote for them …..

            I just don’t like the guilt trip over abortion that the dudes were trying to lay on Nancy ! You two dudes, lighten up !

          • kate8

            Viktor, don’t get me wrong. I am the first to advocate accountability for one’s actions.

            However, I have known women who have opted for abortion. Some struggled with it, and some, mostly younger ones, who honestly didn’t see anything wrong with it.

            I’m not blaming Nancy, either. The abortion industry came about as part of the eugenics movement to reduce the population. It has been sold to us as women’s rights. Ultimately, we all take responsibility for our choices.

            And no. I don’t think I can save the whole world. If I can make a difference to one person, that’s fine with me.

      • meteorlady

        My neighbor’s son got arrested and is now in a half way house – he is in another state other than the one he worked in – guess what – eligible for unemployment… My cousin is collecting unemployment through the summer so he can ride his motorcycle to Sturgis and then go on another trip in the fall.

        Most others that I know that are unemployed have found jobs in less than 9 months. Others didn’t take jobs that were offered them because they got more collecting unemployment. Some are mowing lawns and painting houses until the jobs come back.

        Maybe if we got rid of the 20/25 million illegals that are here working our wages would go up and our citizens would have jobs? Ask yourself why Obama refuses to enforce our laws.

        Won’t throw insults at you like you do conservatives, but you must admit that Obama’s speeches are all written by excellent speech writers and, in a few cases, they are actually written by journalists. I watched the only coverage of the health care fiasco and found that contrary to being a leader – he argued for the Democrats and never answered pertinent questions about the federal budget deficit, the cost per uncovered person and was it reasonable, and why some of the other alternatives presented by Republicans were not considered, such as co-ops like Group Health in Washington state. He never once tried for consensus like a true leader would do – he just defended and misdirected the topics.

        As for his backers – some truly are evil. Read up on George Soros who contributed to Obama’s senate campaign and his presidential run. Get a better education on the people behind the man and who he has surrounded himself with as advisors and Czars.


          You must be mentally challenged.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Nancy, why don’t you do your own fact chasing on this name…

        Captain William Morgan.

        This research will bring you in touch with the Evil organization that has helped allow Obummer to be here to being with. It’s one of the ROOT level sources that sprung this “Evil” upon us as they work towards their long standing goal for a New World Order and a one world organization. We the people are unfit to rule ourselves is their thoughts. We are their cattle. Damn Elites.

        This organization has been festering within the body of America (humanity) for a very long time and they definitely have an Agenda and are working together in all their variously named organizations towards it.


        • kate8

          Hi BrotherPatriot. These NWO elites actually believe that planet Earth is their own personal chunk of real estate, and that we are the herd, and exist only at and for their pleasure.

          Glad to see that you are another who gets it.

          • dan of arizona

            kinda feels like soylent green dosent it?

          • OBAMA the Greatest President

            Too bad he is black.

        • vicki

          a google search generated About 8,650,000 results. Perhaps you would like to provide at least 1 link to get her started.

          There is this one for instance but I don’t think it is where you wanted her to start.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        OYE! Nancy Watkins…. Alto con la marijuana! y deje de tomar esa bebida que se llama KOOL AID. Sabes lo que es el Comunismo, Socialismo, Nazismo, Dictaduras, y lo que es un Dictador Totalitario? Ya es tiempo que sace su cabeza de su “como se llama”, y empiese a agredeser esta Republica que es “Los Estados Unidos de America” , y nuestra Constitucion es las mas sagrada en el mundo.
        Yo Indio Americano “Tonto” yo que se! El Mulato Obama es malvado y maligno.


        Listen Nancy Watkins… Stop with that marijuana! and stop drinking that drink that is named KOOL AID. Do you know what is Communism, Socialism, Naziism, Dictatorships and what is a Totalitarian Dictator? It is time for you to take your head out of your “what’s it called”, and start appreciating this Republic that is the United States of America and our Constitution, which is the most sacred in the world.
        I’m just a “dumb” American Indian, what do I know!
        And by the way, I could respond in other languages, I believe that being bilingual sucks I prefer being multi-lingual, and by the by I lived in the Mexico 9yrs, 11mos, 22days (State of Chihuahua) and got the hell out of there, have the papers to prove it.
        I will pay your way back to Mexico if you renounce your American citizenship on your way out, Liquidate all your assets and donate all to the poor, do we have a deal? For companionship you can take Eddie47d, Pappy, god bless mexico, Just My Opinion and HFlashman, I’m sure they can have a Corona Beerfest and smell like skunks (Zorrillos), I only live a few blocks from the border and can get you some sweet deals for getting into mexico, no papers required, just “una mordida grande”. The Mulatto Obama is Evil!

        • dan of arizona

          Well said cant stop laughing to type this

        • seeker1

          Wado, little brother….It is time for our people to see the light! Too many have listened to his forked tongue and believed….I speak to them and they do not listen! He is evil and out to destroy us ELISI WAYA

        • American Citizen

          Great post, it’s too bad those who really need to read it and learn something, won’t.

      • Dead Right

        Dear Nancy:
        You are not a Christian:
        Apparently you are a liberal first not for Christ first. Progressive first not Christ first. He will have no other god or false philosophy first.
        You must understand the liberals use the sin of covetousness to gain control of the poor vote, using class envy.
        Exodus 20:17 You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor. Covet means to “Envy” in this day.
        Envy is the primary tool of liberals to promote false concepts of “fairness”. This is not the biblical view at all.

        Since you do not care to implement biblical love by asking for the very best behaviors from people, you instead demand the ones coming closest to that ideal to have their work punished through theft through taxation and given to the “poor”. Thus removing rights of many for a few votes. When have the poor paid taxes? When have the poor provided a job for another? Rights have to be equal and simultaneous to be rights for all, equally applied, at the same time. If the poor were forced to pay tax on their checks from government, they might vote to protect how that money is used. But just handed out with no strings attached, the thought behind the poor vote is thoughtless. The envy for the fruits of the productive ought to motivate the poor to work. Instead they are told “vote for me and I will take it for you.” Third-party redistributionist scheme equals harming others by doing the opposite of the 7th commandment.

        If a right is granted by government, you can be 100 percent certain they will not grant it to all.
        Before obamacare, the government was already the number one denier of health care through medicare, and the VA.
        That will only increase as they start to decide who lives and who dies. And who is not “affordable.”

        Obama does not want the “best for everyone” to quote you. He wants the apparent heroism of helping the poor by stealing from the productive. The best thing a rich person ever gave a poor person is a job, which comes with dignity and productivity. Remove funds by government force from him that has, and that person will lay off a worker to make up for it. The apparent “best for everyone” is in fact punishing one group to get votes from another.

        Christ said the poor you will always have with you. In the great USA the poor move up about every ten years if they work. All people in the US move up one class level approximately every ten years, if they work at it. There are very few statically poor that cannot move up because of life problems. There is plenty of charity for these people. But what will you do when the government intentionally makes so many that “need assistance” that there are no longer enough productive people to “pay” for them?

        The idea that obamacare will free small business is a myth. Demanded costs from government for “healthcare” will only rise and eat every productive dollar it can find.
        Taxation is theft with only “apparent” good motive of “helping the poor.” Those who truly help the poor do so from their own pocket, not the pocket of others. Shame on you for imagining that others who have means need to have more taken from them. Often, they are among the most giving. And often giving to care for those damaged by progressive policies.

        On your “balance of ideas” comment. Understand the mind was meant for truth. Some ideas work many do not in the end, work. Socialism has been tried and always leads to tyranny. Check your history. Individual liberty is the most productive and “fair” way to reward human endeavor. One group pitted against another is not liberty. Attempting to “balance ideas” is to choose not to discern good ideas from bad ideas, ideas that work from ones that do not, but merely an attempt to justify bad ideas. This has always been a deceptive tool of progressives.
        Also tangential obfuscation of the failings of the other party does not make an argument for progressiveness.

        Also to say “stop with the “He’s evil” stuff” is just more proof that you want people that disagree with you to “shut up” instead of discussing ideas. Nice try. Your true friends, the “progressives” said much more hateful things toward conservative leaders including wishing for their death. But I am sure because of your Christian background you did not participate in that behavior and imagine you are above such criticism.

        Jesus said “woe to them that call evil good and good evil” Obama’s ideas are evil. In this modern era we often do not separate the sin from the person. So for the Lord’s sake, I will. Obama’s ideas are pure devil-inspired, tyrannical EVIL. You do not see what his ideas lead to. I and many on this forum, do. Thank the Lord-God, history has been written to show just what happens after implementation of Obama’s ideas.

        Proverbs 30:22 The Earth cannot bear up under a slave becoming king. It is quite apparent that Obama sees himself as a king, a dictator not a representative of the people. Though never a slave, he strongly identifies himself with a slave past and the vengeance for it. When the people disregard God, He appoints capricious children as their leaders. Is 3:1-12. Obama is a capricious child. His ideas are not new and have been tried for generations and always, always lead to oppression. The Progressives are masters at repackaging these old tired policies of the past as lies with an incentive to believe in the false utopia, “equality for all.” Or “Free stuff for the needy” It is not free. It comes from the backs of the productive. They then become needy and the already poor become poorer without their productivity.

        Shall the unborn pay for the mistakes of their parents? Shall the productive pay for the lazy? Shall the selfish be praised for taking other peoples money to the poor? Shall false victims constantly be aloud to take from those that are not their oppressors? What Christian has as his goal the praise of men for helping the poor by stealing from the productive? Seek the praise of God by sharing his love and hope, in that He is still looking for people that will worship Him in spirit and in truth.
        May God have mercy on your soul.

        Dead Right

        • kate8

          DeadRight, now that deserves a standing ovation. Beautiful.

          Too bad the liberals won’t get it. Their loss.

        • Only in America

          Dead dude you know that Jesus was a LIBERAL.

          • kate8

            Actually, scripture says that the wise man’s heart leans to the right, the FOOL to the left…

          • Dead Right

            Jesus in fact is neither a liberal nor a conservative. These two monikers separate certain central truths and ideals into two camps.

            Present day liberal elite leaders use “liberal” ideas like compassion for the poor, that have good intent to disguise evil intentions to take what is not rightfully theirs to buy power. Good liberals recognize the unfortunate childhood that might lead an otherwise promising youth down a path of crime and personal destruction. Hence attempting to reduce punishments for young “innocent” failure.

            Present day conservatives use the guise of right living to promote greed and materialism. However greed has a correction mechanism. If company A starts to gouge, company B comes along and undercuts them. Free enterprise and competition are so far the best way to reward good behavior. Good Conservatives recognize the imperfection of people and try to create laws that work with both the glorious and the fallen nature of man. Hence ideas for laws of incentives and punishments.

            Envy does not have this same self-correcting device. Envy demands a justice where none is due and then gets the force of government to accomplish the punishment through theft. Modern liberalism is based on Envy.

            Jesus came to start a new kingdom of heaven, with himself as dictator and to set things in human relationships straight. His followers are not ever meant to use force to demand allegiance to Him. But all people are to use force as earthly citizens to protect the week and liberate people from tyranny.

            The often registered idea that Jesus is liberal is rooted in the belief that he was “for the poor” in ways that modern liberals assess. Blessed are those that are poor in “spirit.” Any and all, rich or poor, that recognize their inability to get close to God on their own terms because of the fall to imperfection.
            Also this idea seems to have merit in that Jesus appeared to be “against the man” IE, government. This was big in the 60s. Liberals often point to his “radical” behavior, as in the temple money changers, and assume it was meant for them to use against proper established government. Just as they often misunderstand Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Robin was actually stealing from a tyrant that took the money from the people that had made them poor. Jesus is for justice, not equality of outcomes. This also seems to confuse the liberal mind. Equality of opportunities does not guarantee equality of outcomes. Hence our love for the pursuit of happiness, not the supposed government guarantee of it, which would certainly take it from some to make it for others.

            Liberal religious people often imagine Jesus was for “social Justice” a term made up by socialists not the bible. So the lens through which liberals look still guides there thinking to make Jesus look liberal.

            When reading what Jesus said, he cared for people but was no respecter of false, worthless or evil ideas that might harm the person with the ideas as well as others around him. He always adeptly managed to separate the imperfection from the person. In the modern era we no longer do this. I say I am greedy, but in the Lord’s presence, I fight it every day. But I am no longer a greedy person. I struggle with greed as an enemy within because being renewed, I am against it. Where as before I had both the will and the want to lie and steal for the sake of greed.

            In this unique nation a nation founded by those that left the tyrannical nations before her, we the people are the princes under the watchful eye of the God we founded it under. We have no need of a tyrant ignoring the written law of the constitution for nefarious purposes. Obama is 100 percent guilty of placing the government above the people. What if Obama made a law and nobody obeyed it? Especially since he does not obey the constitution? What if he took away our rights and freedom and we took it back? What if we took him to task as to his supposed authority to intimidate and destroy, and impeached him? We have the power, the right and the duty to protect our fellow citizens from this outsider.

            Forgiveness and power over imperfection only comes after admitting imperfection of character, not through God’s acceptance of dysfunctional behavior. God has made it clear he welcomes imperfect people home to Himself. But the part B of the deal is you must allow Him to make you well. His way, His morality personally in your own soul. Christians that founded this great nation gave plenty of room for those that did not wish to belong to this way of living. But the lower the moral standard goes, the more miserable we have become.

            Classic liberal/conservative argument:
            Modern liberals say they don’t want conservatives telling them what they ought not do in a bedroom. As though conservatives are really going to mount police cameras and arrest people on the spot for adultery.
            There were some towns that did this. If you did not like it you moved. Jesus knew the locals were using the woman caught in adultery to get rid of an element they did not like in their community and Jesus to boot. His approach was to not condemn her. Liberals take this to mean we should not condemn certain behaviors.
            He also said to go and sin no more. She knew and He knew, how to set things right.

            Conservatives don’t want liberals telling them what will happen in a hospital room or a restaurant, hotel, classroom, home, church, car, work place, boy scouts, airwaves etc. Liberals cannot afford the exposure to truths that debunk their ideals. Ideals that cannot be met but by shear tyrannical power. But conservatives often forget to ask God for help in changing us from the inside out. Instead they want God to work faster to change people. So they invoke certain ridiculous ideas. Things like forcing prayer in schools and making half the room hypocrites. And trying to force the populace to believe.
            Many will not choose the new kingdom with Christ as the king. But many will benefit in this life, from the God given miracle of the United States and her inspired constitution and the moral compass of the bible.

            Lets earn that respect and keep on building our families, working for our own good and those we can afford to bless. In the end, only God will be our judge, and perhaps our greatest friend.

            So no, Jesus was no where near what a liberal is today. He allows room for the discussion of real doubts but in the end, His ways work, our selfish ways fail.

            Dead Right

          • libertytrain

            Dead Right – well said.

          • kate8

            DeadRight, good post. I would take exception to your comment that conservatives want to “force” prayer in shcools, or “force” people to believe. That is absurd. Perhaps some really radical sects might want this, but they would be few and not tolerated.

            Rather, conservatives want prayer and such ALLOWED if one so chooses. Prayer time in the morning at school was for those who chose to observe it. Others just sat quietly doing whatever. People should feel free to include God in ALL areas of their lives. After all, there really is no separation between God and life.

            The other thing I might mention is the distortion of the idiom “poor in spirit”. This has been taken to mean something other than what it meant at the time, which was “repentant”. Has nothing to do with being materially poor, or spiritually poor – which makes no sense, anyway. “Blessed are the repentant…”

      • LocalYokel

        Four years has only enough media filtered propaganda to promote ones own selfish agenda.. Ask yourself “What purpose do his 70+ appointed accomplices serve other than to consume huge tax paid salaries and promote their own agendas that have all previously collapsed from the burdens of their own weight on all paths throughout recorded history?” and “Why am I not going back in history far enough to form a well grounded opinion?” Glen Beck is only trying to get you to study history that has not been whitewashed by big money controlled mass media. Then you should ask “Why would Fox not reveal the collusion involving carbon tax credit banks and the global warming scam exposed by ex governor Ventura while Fox parent company News Corp maintains Saudi support?”
        You are partially correct about your chosen one’s actions except that a whim is often his only option when his inexperienced appointees have only ideologue suggestions to offer in unexpected events. But with a few days or weeks delay they always provide ingenuity to take personal political and financial advantage of any catastrophic event no matter who suffers or for how long. Feel free to call him righteous if you so desire. Choose well where you stand when the coming line is drawn in the Arizona dust and be thankful that it’s not Sweden next door. They’re farther down in the hole of socialism than your party.
        The only thing that can save the democratic party from the total destruction by his leadership is more election fraud. True Christian democrats may become as scarce as Christian lawyers. It should be evident based on Islamic doctrine that a devout Muslim can neither be a Christian nor a good citizen of the USA when Sharia law for the world is the goal of that doctrine and in direct contradiction with your constitution. Look for more dirty tricks related to the November event. Internet activity is a definite threat to a corrupt outcome even with media bias and court delays.
        Consider that minority party opposition only has the option of trying to prevent continuation of the majority party’s rush to force historically proven destructive financial agendas on future generations. Only one abusive pork barrel amendment to a morally and financially sound bill should condemn it to fail in a credit based economy when the economy is already at risk from the interest monster of international bankers.
        I’ve voted “none of the above” since the media assassination of Ross Perot and only look for a party that can agree with me, not visa versa. I’ve been brewing my own tea for over 40 years seasoned with 200 years of true history. Following the money trail in politics has proven to be the best indicator of the true intentions of any silver tongued orator purchased by and bound to the will of the buyers. Perhaps you can balance your own “opinions” with some “outside the box” facts checking. When you know that you are right you never have to compromise with wrong even when approached with the “wasted vote” hypocrisy. The lesser of two evils is still evil. They have been necessary provoke enough rapid change to gain the full attention of the populace.

      • Al Sieber

        Nancy Watkins, Obama does what he’s told or else…

      • bbstacker

        Surely you jest Nancy. Quoting, “So where does that money come from! The Government.” You obviously missed Rule No. 1: The government cannot give to anyone anything that it first does not TAKE from someone else. The government has the power that the Citizens have granted it to use, conditionally, and that power is always subject to repossession at the ballot box. Our rights are God-given and the rights that God has given us as American Citizens are protected by the Constitution of the United States. In no instance has the 101st congress lead by the majority of demonicrats and the complicity of the executive branch observed the limits of the Constitution under the rules of our Constitutional Republic. We DO NOT live in a democracy. You need to get a swift education in who we are as Americans. We did not get here by chance, but we sure as hell might not be here in another decade. Hope & Change is what people heard…HOAX AND CHAINS is what obamateur really said.

      • kate8

        Nancy, are we living on the same planet?

      • Routy7

        Nancy Watkins, I see all of you but your head in this political desert. The constitution forbids you ( or your elected representative) to take my money (and that of my good neighbours) to give to some one that is down on his luck. America was and is suppose to still be, founded on the FACT that the family, freinds, church, neighbours, and local comunities take care of their own the best, cheapest, greatest bang for the buck. The frauds suffer because they won’t be helped and shouldn’t be. Those who are physically able to do work – should. Cradle to grave government is a communist ideal, not a Bible – based belief for life in America. God’s ideal is to” work with the hands that which is good so that you may have to give to those that are in need .

      • Richard Pawley

        As I mentioned earlier the 60 BILLION dollars that the socialists wanted for those who have been unemployed for two years and now will get six months more is going to cost us a million dollars a day for 164 years if there was no interest on it and if we were really going to pay it back (Ha ha). Foreigners are dumping dollars like crazy because they know Congress is spending all they can for anything they can. Only a crazy person would buy US Bonds, once worth something. The central banks used to buy bonds but around the world they are buying gold while it is still cheap but quietly so it doesn’t go up to quickly. So the unemployed FOR TWO YEARS can now freeload for another six months at the taxpayers expense but they will pay too because the result of this and all that CONGRESS just keeps spending will be the stealth tax of inflation and when it finally hits whoever is president will be blamed but it is always CONGRESS who votes for it and they never get blamed, just re-elected. It’s almost funny, but sadly our children and grandchildren will never know the wealth we once had before the socialists in CONGRESS squandered it all on this and a thousand other things. The Progressives complain that the population is to big and needs to be reduced but they invite 40 million more Hispanics to come (that’s the figure that think tanks believe will come if we just say, ‘yes, we know that 17% of you are rapists and murderers and felons of all sorts but just sign on the dotted line and you will now become instant Americans. Many of them don’t even want to become citizens. They want Mexico to eventually take over California and Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. I didn’t call my latest book, “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” for nothing! May God help us all.

      • Allan Halbert

        So, even though you know Obama has a rare majority in both houses of congress, you choose to blame the minority party for Obama’s difficulties? Let me repeat that. Republicans can’t by themselves block or pass ANY legislation. Seems to me, what you really need to do is figure out why the Democrats aren’t following the annointed one.

      • A. F. FL.

        Wow Nancy Watkins must be pappy’s wife, and is as brain dead as every other liberal in this country. I bet she thinks Kagan will be a impartial supreme court justice. Just the fact she thinks Oscumbo is more middle of the road than far left proves illiterates should NEVER be allowed to vote. I think every citizen voting today should have to have an IQ level above brain dead. Take another toke girl your usurper, commander kick ass need your support.

      • Richard Pawley

        Nancy, I agree with you that Obama does nothing on a whim, he may be contemplative, but some would say he is calculating. Experts tell me that his body language indicates that he does not like being president. I cannot judge his heart and say he is evil, that is for God to decide, but what he is doing is evil. He is clearly a Marxist or a Socialist. Having a mother and a father who were Marxists, and grandparents who apparently were as well and being surrounded by Marxists or Progressives since childhood that is understandable, but blaming what he is failing to achieve on the Republicans is unfair of him or you. The Democrats have been in charge of Congress for four years but not all of them are socialists or progressives and while some can be threatened to vote the way Reid or Pelosi want, some cannot. What Congress is doing and what Obama will be blamed for is the destruction of the dollar (by the incessant waste and the spending of hundreds of billions of dollars). Two and a half years of unemployment benefits? Any sane person would be opposed to this. It’s only $60 Billion dollars for a temporary fix of 6 months! What’s 60 Billion? If it were tax free it would take 164 years to pay back at the rate of a million dollars in tax a day, and since we don’t have it, and have to borrow it, we have to pay interest on it. Taking from those who work and give to those who won’t or who have been laid off for two and a half years is not Christian. It is Marxist. It is the opposite of Christianity. Socialism is diametrically the opposite of Christianity. In Christianity we are the ones who are supposed to help our neighbor. Nowhere did Jesus say to give money to government so we don’t have to be bothered. Basically socialism is a situation where the state takes over and replaces God. God is the state, the state is God. That is why Karl Marx was against law of all kind, even against marriage. It is why every Pope since Marx and Engels started Communism, Socialism or Progressivism, over 150 years ago has been opposed it. It is why Socialism and Obama are opposed to the freedom of conscience of allowing Catholic hospitals to elect to avoid abortion operations. The Socialists believe that they have the right to dictate to all what we should and should not believe and do. In effect, it is a false religion. This is also why they have tried to change the freedom of religion that the Constitution gave us to the freedom of worship. They are trying to do what was done in the Soviet Union. The old constitution of the USSR gave freedom of worship. That’s where you keep your mouth shut and don’t tell others what Jesus told us to do, what I am sharing with you here. It’s also why leftists like Lieberman in Connecticut think the Chinese Communist control of the Internet is something we should have here. If the state is God then it is alright to eliminate freedom because the state knows best. God gives freedom and the state takes it away. There are those in Congress who are working towards the one world money and the one world governance who are as opposed to Jesus Christ as much as the devil himself, and those who are truly Christian regardless of what denominations they are a member of will oppose it. Marxist was against God and anything to do with Him. He was the devil’s advocate much like Saul Alinskey. You do not have to be a member of any particular church or denomination to be a Christian but there are some 3,000 religious cults in the US and many of them use or misuse the Bible. Obama may not be a Muslim as some believe although he is certain pro-Muslim based on his behavior but he grew up going to a Muslim school in his young years, however he in not a Christian either. The church he attended for 20 years is a quasi-Christian church. It uses Christian language and words and may even quote from the Bible but it doesn’t teach the doctrine of Jesus, the central figure of Christianity. It teaches a different gospel. You can be a Christian and a Democrat but you cannot be a Christian and a Socialist or a Marxist and more than you can be a slave and be a freeman or woman at the same time. You can blend the two and that is what some are doing but the end result is something that is, most assuredly, not Christian. If we were a rich nation instead of owing more money than any nation has ever owed in the history of mankind we could give unemployment benefits for five years if we wanted to do so but since foreigners who have been supporting us are wising up that they will never be paid when they buy our bonds (or if they are repaid the money they get will be worth less than what they loaned us to begin with, well, they are not loaning it to us in the amounts we are spending and that is why there is a deficit). We can’t raise taxes high enough to break free with the insane amounts that Congress under both Bush and Obama have been spending. What is going to happen when the price of food and fuel triples and the nearly 40 million on food stamps go hungry. Will the government just print money? Of course, it has already started but the more they print the less it is worth. This hasn’t happened yet but it has happened every single time in history that any government decides they have to do it rather than take the hard medicine of paying off their debt and getting back on their feet. If you are in moderately good health and under 60 you are likely to see all this as it takes time to work its way through the system. Some much smarter than I say we don’t even have three years at the rate Congress is squandering money they don’t have. They might even blame it on the next president but that is irrelevant. We will still be hurting and paying much more for everything. We will all be poor together like the wonderful world in Venezuela or Cuba unless we get rid of those in Congress who are responsible. Egypt has a four month food supply but the great United States doesn’t even have a four week food supply for it’s citizens in case of a national emergency or disaster. Food and fuel and imported goods are going to triple in price if we kick out the socialists in Congress this fall because of all the money they have already spent and if we don’t it will be worse. As I already said, since foreigners will not lend us as much as they used to the government is just printing it. THIS HAS NEVER ENDED WELL. It’s why around the world people in every country who are allowed to do so are buying gold (even the banks) and only the Chinese are encouraging their citizens to buy gold because they know their money is only paper too. Smart Americans are buying anything they may need in the future because of the terrible inflation that will the result of 60 Billion here and 170 Billion there and 700 Billion for the banks that caused the problem in the first place and on and on and on as Congress spends the dollar to it’s death. By the way, I agree with you that it is disrespectful to call the president “The Anointed One” but he is doesn’t listen and he doesn’t take responsibility. When he goes home to Chicago in disgrace in 2013 he will likely still be blaming Bush or someone else. At least Bill Clinton dealt with things as they were. Obama is bound and determined to convert the United States into Cuba or Venezuela and I think he will fail. He should be reducing spending but he is increasing it. He should be reduces taxes but he is increasing them but actually he is doing none of these things. It is CONGRESS who is passing all this legislation and they won’t even be blamed because we always blame the president. Do you know that if we taxed everyone 100%, took every dollar that everyone made, from Bill Gates down to the Union garbage collector who makes a $110,000 a year or California police officers who make $200,000 a year and took it all, it would not quite be enough to pay all the money that all governments, Federal, State and County and City are spending. Even Obama says it is not sustainable while he continues to encourage more spending. I called my politically incorrect book last year, “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” but the sub-title is “and th
        e Great Famine that Followed” We may or may not have an actual famine in this country in the next decade but the price of food caused by the terrible monetary inflation of the government just printing money may cause some people to starve just the same. This is not God’s way. He even told the Egyptians about a seven year famine that was coming and they prepared but few are preparing today and many don’t even know that you can buy food freeze dried and packed in cans with nitrogen that will last for decades in a cool dry place. All are going to be effected by what is going to happen. I hope both you and Obama discover the truth, that you discover who Jesus really is and that you experience Him in your life and learn of His true ways. If you do you then maybe you can see the good in fellow Christians like Glenn Beck. You don’t have to like Glenn Beck but you can be sure he speaks the truth as he knows it and he is always trying to learn more. If our nation survives he may be considered one of the reasons by future historians. He loves God and he hates no one. He has experienced Jesus in his life and it changed him as it will change all who do. Does Glenn know it all? Of course not, no one does but Christians have a saying, “No one has it all together but together we have it all.” We are all children of our Heavenly Father and He is no respecter of persons or church denominations. Rich or poor, black or white, Hispanic or Oriental, we are all His creation. He doesn’t support this party or that one, this country or that one, but he helps all who turn to him and who do his work. He said once, “Come let us reason together” and yes, He loves you, but He also loves Glenn Beck. I hope someday you will discover that. I thought I was a Christian too, until I actually became one. May God bless you and may He teach you and Obama both, and all of us. Without God’s help I suspect we are doomed to join all the other nations of history and we may well break up into several nations as one think tank in Russia concluded once Congress destroys the dollar, but I think God is going to answer the prayers of those millions who have been calling out to him to save America from a dictatorship by any side and I think you may well see a miracle on August 28th when regular Americans who love God and their country come together to celebrate a return to Honor and Faith and Hope at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. The regular media may not cover it because they are in favor of socialism but you might find it on the foreign news and maybe on the network that the Marxists hate, FOX NEWS. It is going to be history in the making, I suspect as big an event as landing a man on the moon in 1969. In any event it will be historic because the government doesn’t want large groups of citizens to come to Washington anymore and this is the last big group they intend to give a license. All I can add is that we are not alone anymore. There is hope, and YES, WE CAN (VOTE CONGRESS OUT IN NOVEMBER)!

        • American Conserative

          We are all part of God’s creation; but, we are not all God’s children. Remember Jesus saying these words “you are of your father the devil”. Therefore, one studying the Scriptures will learn this to be true. Only those whose name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life are God’s children!

    • Marty Conover

      My only question & answer is how do we get rid of him & what do we do to take back America & last out until we can? Give me lists or tell me where to find them,thanks.I did NOT vote for him!!!!

    • HFlashman

      Soon as I read the frst paragraph, it was apparent this was written for divisiveness and bulding up readership by the fringe.

      From what I can tell, TPers and the fringe want

      Stop SSI (despite the reliance of millions of Americans and without saying how to pay for any transition)
      Stop welfare (though support corporate welfare and welfare for the rich)
      Jail “illegal” immigrants without trial then toss ‘em back over the fence (without any calling for jailing the true lawbreakers and tax dodgers ..those that employ undcumented workers)
      Nuke Iran
      Drill for more oil and apologize to BP (keeping us behlden to the ME and ensuring our economy falls behind in the next generation of energy production and needs)
      Stop unemployment (I guess because they don’t need it?)
      Close borders ( both ways but TPers haven’t figured that out yet)

      And on and on.

      Shallow thinking, easily led, controlled by fear and greed. Such is the mindset of the TP and fringe right.

      Would that be correct?

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        HFlashman… The only shallow thinkers are those who think the government owes them.

      • marvin

        HFlashman spoken like a true liberal obama clone it ok to break the law just blame it on someone like bush or chaney or an employer we are having an adult conversation not blame it, a law is a law just because you think not don,t change it, a crook is still a crook and a thief is a thief if it be a candy bar or being in this country illegally so stop blameing, a mexican maybe uneducated but they still know they are breaking the law,only liberals like you would try to say it is not the illegals fault

      • meteorlady

        I have yet to hear them talk about ending SSI – it is your great Democratic leader LBJ that started the systematic theft from the SS trust fund in order to try and make medicare deficit neutral. Before that it was estimated that the TRUST FUND would sustain itself indefinitely. It was also LBJ that passed the “Great Society” programs to the detriment of the American workers and taxpayers.

        I have yet to see anything about corporate welfare for the rich – the rich pay approximately 90% of the taxes paid in this country. With the expiration of the Bush tax cuts the lowest tax bracket (that’s most middle income Americans) will go up, the marriage penalty is going away and we all go back to paying higher taxes for being married. Here’s my favorite – the death tax is back and will be 55% – that means that if you parent dies and leave and estate (house, cars, bank accounts, etc) of more than 1 million it gets taxed at 55% – keep in mind that’s money that was already taxes to begin with. They you have all the people saving and investing – they are not going to pay much higher capitol gains taxes.

        If you read the Federal Immigration law we do not put first or even second time offenders in jail. It simply costs us too much money. The law requires that employers get fined – almost never happens. So the Federal government is refusing to enforce a federal law and you think that’s OK?
        Nuke Iran – oh wow didn’t I just read that Obama administration has a plan in place if Iran gets out of line?
        You need to read about the actually 20 Billion dollars that BP set aside because of Obama’s demands. It would seem that little bit of showmanship will cost the US treasury billions because it’s all a write-off for BP. So once again we have been snookered by Obama’s administration. Also please research how much BP contributed to Obama’s run for president.

        So it’s a good thing that people can collect unemployment benefits for over 2 years? Most people I know have found jobs in less than 6 months. I also know a lot of people that are on vacation for the summer because they have benefits. I know there are convicted felons in halfway houses collecting unemployment benefits. And… I know people that won’t take jobs because unemployment pays more.
        Close borders ( both ways but TPers haven’t figured that out yet)

        “Shallow thinking, easily led, controlled by fear and greed. Such is the mindset of the TP and fringe right.”

        “Would that be correct?”

        NO that would not be correct and they are not the fringe right – they are the people of this country that have worked hard, done all the right things, and are now required to pay for all the people that didn’t do the right thing, didn’t take advantage of educational benefits provided them, don’t save for their retirement, have more children than they can afford, buy houses that they can’t pay for and generally use my money to subsidize their laziness and lack of social responsibility.

        • dan of arizona

          well put how about running for congress we need some one with common sense

          • Joey

            Yeah BUCK WHEAT. RUN

      • Viktor Leben

        Hold on HFlashman !

        The Tea Party folks just want excessive government spending to stop. Our taxes are to high ! We have to bring the majority of our troops home (good bye PAX AMERICANA !) because it’s costing to much. We have to discontinue CORPORATE WELFARE (corporate fascism) .

        So the defense budget goes down to $300 billion a year and we get our allies to stop being lazy-asses ! Corporation like GM are allowed to FAIL opening the market up for low cost (under $5000) quality ASIAN cars (from China and India).

        What’s wrong with sending the illegal alien (invader) back ? Just put them into a bus, drive ‘em to the border and send Mexico the bill …….

        Shouldn’t the States and Local governments take care of Welfare ? And Education ?

        The reduction of centralized governments is happening on a grass roots level, worldwide ! Why buck the trend ?

        • First American

          I heard that s**t before. They want to get elected. They have NO PLAN. NO PLAN.

      • LocalYokel

        Great for a stand up comedian to facilitate more media bias. Try Apollo

      • bbstacker

        I’ll by you a clue. Check out the news from last September. The Deepwater Horizon and BP announced that it had found the second largest deposit of crude oil in history off the coast of TX and LA…25,000 square miles of a desposit. That is NOT the middle east, unless your flash mechanism is broken. congress-critters forced deep water drilling, so you got your wish that we don’t get cheap oil, and, man, it’s gonna smart. The ME, as you call it, is running out of oil, and it’s the lifeblood of humanity at this point in time. Name me one alternative that can, by tomorrow’s sunrise, take it’s place for the same dollar. Yep….crickets.

        • Craig

          Personally, the best thing we can do is use up all the ME’s oil. Then when its all gone flip them the bird. Hope you have a good supply of camel patties to heat your tents.

          We have plenty of oil, we just need to slap the lib/enviroNazi and tell them to sit down and shut the hell up. We will not let you morons hold us hostage anymore.

        • Only in America

          Post a link so we know you aren’t BS

          • JeffH

            Quit being a lazy a$$ liberal and check it yourself!

      • JeffH

        HF says the TP wants to “Stop SSI”. Do you even know what SSI is? I didn’t think so!

    • Lewis Munn

      I agree. My schooling did not even include much on the fall of Rome and the reasons why. Had to read it myself. And our schooling has become in general much less factual and much more feely-touchy with no firm boundaries and no firm data to look at.

      But I cannot help but compare recent material I have read through conservative channels relating to the rise of Hitler, and shake in my proverbial boots. I have a friend online who came through that period and escaped Nazi Germany, tho carries an SS bullet in her. She is very eloquent online with actual experiences, and comparisons. Expect her to be shut up one day soon. She recalls much to much, and shares it.

      My college also carries and distributes good data including such analysis of current trends. I follow it.

      Truth and honesty is getting harder to find, and the government is not making it easy. We need a few of the old-fashioned heroes back!!

      • Craig

        Hell yes. We need more people like George S. Patton, Audie Murphy and John Wayne

        • Only in America

          Yeah a bunch of dead actors like Reagan

          • Craig

            Patton was not an actor. Murphy was a bona fide hero before he became an actor. Wayne…well Wayne was a stand up guy who took no shyte. Reagan may have been an actor, but he turned out to be a good president. Something nobody with half a brain will ever be able to say with a straight face about Oidiot.

    • Al B Tross

      Socialism means EVERYBODY works, no rich, corporate freeloaders, no welfare queens, and the workers benefit from their labors.

      Fascism is government run by business, or Corporations, for business and the wealthy Elite, not for the people.

      Obama is a Corporatist, Bush and all on the Right are Fascist, there is no Left in America anymore, we have been brainwashed to hating people who work for a living.

      And that is OK with the majority of folk on this site, not me.

      • Richard Pawley

        “Socialism means everybody works even if there is no work.” Yes, in the old Soviet Union it was against the law to be unemployed. Everyone gets paid the same and there is no incentive to do more than the next person because you all get the same. God is the state and the state is God. Mediocrity is the rule. No more rags to riches stories like Obama or Bill Clinton or Oprah or Michael Moore, and a thousand others who came from poverty or near poverty and did exceeding well. No more marriage as Karl Marx was against that too. Women’s bodies should be available for whatever men want something like the more primitive Muslim societies today. And if the socialist government has to kill millions of its citizens it’s for their own good. Hitler’s National Socialists killed millions, and in the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic Lenin and Stalin killed tens of millions, and Mao in the Socialist Republic of China killed many dozens of millions. How many do you suppose a socialist government should kill here to make it just right? Yes, it’s like arguing with religious cultists. Don’t bother but vote for FREEDOM in November and maybe we will get it. It’s NOVEMBER OR NEVER!

      • American Citizen

        Socialism mean there are two classes, the rich and the poor, mostly the poor. Look at the countries that have tried socialism. The government has to be tyrannical for it to occur in the first place. Look at England and it National Health Service. The government has come to realize the cost is unsustainable. They are going to raise prices and ration care.

        • Richard Pawley

          They are already rationing health care to most over 59 but I know of one 23 year old who came from a broken family and started drinking by age 13. As a young man he had destroyed his liver, and came to his senses, joined Alcoholic Anonymous and stopped drinking. However, even though he needed a liver transplant they are expensive and he couldn’t convince the wonderful socialist medical people (the biggest branch of government in England) that he had reformed. They refused the operation and he died. Of course since we owe more money that any nation has every owed in the history of the world that will never happen here. Yes Pelosi-Reid care is going to be wonderful. You had better learn all you can about what you can use to stay out of the clutches of what the Progressives have planned for you. VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN NOVEMBER and we may have a chance.

    • Doc Kimble

      Correction, Obama could be socialist but for the most part he is just showing the worst of any self-righteous government zealot, a mean spirited total incompetence! Any well run government is preferable to this Nobel prize winning souffle of brokenness and negativity. Viagra and balls won’t do it, really motivated incompetence is just more incompetence. But as for the Los Zetos, bug spray. If the Texas Rangers couldn’t do it, then try spraying for pests, isothiocyanate ought to do it maybe mixed with a little nerve gas. U of T should be able to whip up enough for a few thousand acres. And you can mix in some dry but sparingly dissoluble, irritating micro-crystals if you want to keep them itching for a while. Don’t use carbon microfibers, asbestos, or non-dissolubles as you may want to farm that area again someday.

    • American Citizen

      And remember, Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obama plays golf and goes on one vacation and does photo ops while this nation is burning. He’s still blaming President Bush for our current problems, although he now owns this economy. It was said this morning that no other president has called another president by name when talking about a previous administration. Obama is a first in that regard also. Even though the Democrats have been in control of Congress for 4 years now, they just can’t or won’t take responsibility for their actions.

  • Al Sieber

    Damn good article Bob. I always thought fascism was regulation, he’s no Marxist, or maybe he’s a mixture of both.

    • Al Sieber

      What gets me is the supreme court judge won’t hear Ariz. case until sometime in November (how convenient), and the troops for the border won’t be ready until the end of Sept.

      • http://yoal chick

        the court’s should’nt suprise you,, they have been meaking deal’s for year’s.. it’s the same old stuff,, me first, you don’t need any.. you won’t get any,and darn sure you can’t have any.. it’s all about them, not us..

      • marvin

        Al Sieber not the sup court a dis court in cal and the 1200 guardsmen won,t even be on the border no guns in office work 50 miles from border

        • Al Sieber

          Marvin,Thanks for correcting me. the 1200 troops will probably be directing traffic, and paper work.

        • Al Sieber

          Thats where the road blocks are, 50 miles from the border.

          • dan of arizona

            hey al
            I read some where that the 1200 troops were divided between all of the southern borders Im pretty sure they said 450 were going to arizona to help with the paper work not boots on the ground

          • Al Sieber

            dan, what paper work? red and blue lists for rounding us up.

    • Coservative at Birth

      They are one in the same.

      • Marcus Aurelius

        Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive.

        That is why he was great.

        Republicans today are repressive.

        • Craig

          Marcus you drink at the lib Kool-aid fountain too much.

          • marvin

            Craig he is doing more then koolaid ,koolaid don,t cause brain damage

          • Only in America

            Don’t forget Teddy was a republican. So put down the Kool-Aid and think.

          • Genuis

            Craig what are you thinking or not thinking

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Teddy Roosevelt did one good thing, and one good thing only, the National Park system. Other than that, his presidency was a dismal failure. Dismal.

          • AnhydrousBob

            Gotta disagree with you on the National Parks system. For one, where in the constitution does it allow the Federals to buy land like this? Secondly, look what is happening in Arizona’s national parks near the border. Federals wont do anything and the state has no jurisdiction while the drug lords take over.

            If they were privately owned …

          • kate8

            Not only that, but the Feds are expanding the land they “own” to include larger and larger areas of our nation, and plan to make it off-limits to We the People.

            There was a purpose for everything that’s been done, no matter how good it seemed at the time.

          • Only in America

            So you don’t think the Panama Canal was of any good to America?

            Or Walk softly and carry a big stick in the Caribbean.

            Learn your HISTORY or STFU

          • Allan Halbert

            Know what a lot of Forest Service employees spend their time at? preventing, researching, fighting environmental complaints and lawsuits. We the taxpayers are footing a large expense for this.

        • Just My Opinion

          I agree with you! It’s just so hard to convince all these self-righteous people with blinders on who seem to only listen to FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, & Sean Hannity. They also sound a French Fry short a Happy Meal.

          • Craig

            So says the brainless lib.

          • Stevo

            You can really tell who lives off the taxpayer in these opinion pieces.And they just love this president.They must be bored to tears on the liberal web sites,so they come over here to harass.Oh well,since your not working might as well do something,huh.

          • Robin, Arcadia, IN

            Just My Opinion… Who are you agreeing with?

          • kate8

            JMO, You’ve eaten too many of those Happy Meals.

          • Smart Liberals Rule

            You are smart and will vote smart.

            Bless You

          • Richard Pawley

            I heard of a Progressive in Florida who watched Fox News because he honestly admitted that that was the only place that he could find out what was really going on. He disagreed with most of what was said but he wanted to really know what was going on and apparently knew that it would not be on NBC or CBS or CNN or the others. I found that interesting and thought that there was hope for the guy. Most Progressives, Democrat or Republican only read what supports their point of view and they don’t want to know anything different.

          • Duende

            And don’t forget to add ABC CBS CNN and MSNBC (though John Stewart as a hoot when it comes to showing both Dems and Republicans with their pants down). All major media outlets are for the furtherance of the agenda of one world order and the rule of the financial system which is totally controlled by the global banking families.. the different news organizations just have different roles in luring their particular brand of sheep into the holding pens.

    • kate8

      I think it doesn’t matter what you call it: communist, socialist, marxist, fascist – it’s all bad for us.

      What they want is absolute control of the world, not just over our money (which is no longer OUR money, but what they choose to allow us to have), but also control over our very lives – and deaths.

      Evil is evil, regardless of what name you want to put on it.

      • iowaheretic

        What do you think all these Christian Crusaders want? Stop and think about all the control they exert over peoples lives-and minds! One side is as bad as the other.

        • Robin, Arcadia, IN

          iowaheretic.. Christians can control people with their minds? Really? Has this happened to you? What kind of an experience was it?

          • marvin

            Robin, Arcadia, IN,a liberal don,t care who they blame just as long as they can place blame and try to look inteligent and that is hard to do for a brain dead liberal

        • kate8

          iowaheretic, what country do you live in?

          I have never know a single Christian who was anything but kind and decent. And not one ever tried to force anything on me.

          Try living in the Middle East and see how that goes. Then you will know what religious control looks like.

        • Richard Pawley

          Sorry you have had a bad time with some who called themselves Christian. I was a salesman years ago and thought I was a Christian until I met some who really were. They followed Jesus and I saw the same kind of miracles that the Bible teaches were common in ancient times. I saw marriages restored, alcoholics cured, homosexuals who wanted to be straight, healed (and I have read that there are upwards of 200,000 in his country who used to be homosexuals and lesbians who are now straight and who give Jesus the credit for the change they desired). Like alcoholism it wasn’t always easy or quick but they took Jesus at his word and they wanted real life giving change. Psychology can’t do that. Only God – the one and only – can do that. Don’t write Him off until you have experienced Him. I suggest the fast reading true adventure book of only 106 pages entitled PRISON TO PRAISE if you are really interested. It’s available in just about any language and has changed the lives of millions including some who thought they were Christians but were really only church-goers. Check it out. I knew one of the people in the book. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve read it twelve times over they years. It’s that good, and you can easily find it on eBay and there are even sequels of letters of those whose lives were changed who wrote in to tell about their experiences. God is not a politician nor even a man. He is pure spirit and there is no one like Him. He already loves you but He loves you to much to leave you the way you are. Compared to Him we are all needy children who are in much need but some will not admit that. There is nothing you can do to make God love you more than He already does. All you can do is draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to you. If you do that you will be changed and not even know it. Children will be attracted to you and colors will seem brighter and foods will taste better. You have a glorious experience in store if you seek it and it is never ending, not just this brief sojourn of thirty or fifty or a hundred years. Don’t judge God by those who claim to know Him when you meet those who really do know Him you will know it and I suspect you will want some of what they have. Simply put it’s called LOVE but it’s a bit more complicated and you will learn. In another great classic paperback, GOD CALLING, a woman in England about 75 years ago was upset with all that there was to learn and she was a bit frustrated until Jesus said to you “What are you complaining about, you have forever to learn it!” The book contains 365 other short but often profound teachings of His. Over the years I have made the offer to at least one thousand people to buy either or both books and if the person did not find them helpful in understanding what life and God are all about then I would buy the books from them if they paid a normal price and kept the receipt. I never obtained a copy of either of them that way. Must close. Way past my bedtime. God bless you.

        • Allan Halbert

          No…in addition to your mind…communists want your labor and your land…your are certainly free to give it to them.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Correct as usual, Kate8.

        It’s all bad for us and we need honest Patriots in our government such as Ron Paul, Clint Didier and perhaps if we are lucky enough to convince him to come back to public service…Jesse Ventura. There are others but those 3 are great examples and they would work diligently to bring America back to where we should be.


      • Only in America

        Kate 8 uninformed people like you who vote may as well vote for Hugo Chavez

        • kate8

          OiA, Chavez would be YOUR choice, not mine. I would never vote for a socialist.

          Uninformed? Considering that liberals intuit rather than research, that is hilarious coming from you.

        • American Citizen

          OIA – by what moniker did you formerly go by on here? Another progressive plant who is brain dead is what you are. Progressives are the ones wanting to take us backwards into slavery. Slavery to the Government. Conservatives want us to abide by the Constitution, while progressives try to get their way around it.

      • Duende

        Hi Kate
        What I think is amazing is that those who would describe them selves as liberals see that control coming in the form of facism and in their eyes they see it in the right wing/republican supporters. On the other hand many conservatives as yourself see it coming into being in the liberal agenda in the form of socialism. They can see it in the other but seen in capable of seeing it in their own pet position. Personally…I see it in both and especially the sirens call sucking in so many Christians. Convincing Christians that they are going to have a holly war in gods name. That’s saddening.



        • kate8

          Duende, Ideologically speaking, there is a vast difference in the general populace, who have been manipulated to create division by the elites to further their agenda.

          No so much at the top. The treachery comes from both sides. They are all members of the same club who consider themselves above the rest of us, and in control of us.

          I am not so foolish as to think that we can trust anyone who rises to the level of attaining office. To do that, they have to have gotten into the club at some level, and you can be sure it is not our interests for which they will strive.

          • Duende

            With very few exceptions, I couldn’t agree more Kate.

  • JeffH

    Great article Bob Livingston and well said sc.

    “a rule of Evil because it knows only the moral bounds of those making the rules” is what our government has become under the Obama cronyism. Marxist/communist/socialist most probably all three describe this anti-American and his ideals his gaggle of criminals making the very laws to force his ideas of “Hope & Change”.

    Just an FYI: Los Zetas drug cartel seizes 2 U.S. ranches in Texas.
    Two sources inside the Laredo Police Department confirmed the incident is unfolding and they would continue to coordinate with U.S. Border Patrol today. “We consider this an act of war,” said one police officer on the ground near the scene. There is a news blackout of this incident at this time and the sources inside Laredo PD spoke on the condition of anonymity.

    This is the news that the MSM won’t tell you and we can expect the very same from our leaders in DC…It’s time for real changes and November can’t get here soon enough.

    • Not2nutT

      FYI The story zetas taking over ranches was FALSE. It was made up by a guy named digger he is a fraud and considered by a lot of people to be an insurgent agitator don’t believe anything this digger says. He believes anything anyone tells him and or just makes things up.

      Here is the original post

      And here just one site of many that posted then made a retraction when they found out the truth.

      • God Bless Mexico

        They are a good neighbor.

        The agitators are the problem.

        Drink Mexican Beer and Celebrate Cinco Dey Mayo.

        • Coservative at Birth

          Mexican beer is nasty.

          • Not For You

            Sure like Jack Daniels

        • Craig

          Ewwwww lousy beer and a fake holiday?

          • eddie47d

            Most Mexican beer is bad;Corona and lime is quite good. Cinco de Mayo is a real holiday but it doesn’t have the following of their Independence Day.(celebrates the defeat of the French in Puebla,Mex.)

          • independant thinker

            Corona beer smells like a dead skunk in the middle of the road.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          They are a terrible neighbor, their only good beer is Dos Equis, and Cinco de mayo, which you spelled wrong, is just an excuse for people here to get drunk, nothing else. Go question 30 people between 18 and 25, and ask them what Cinco de mayo is, and they havent a clue. And believe it or not, a whole lot of the youth in Mexico hasnt a clue either. Build a wall 50 feet tall with claymores all around it, we dont need to be spending billions to take care of them because hey, their own government wont, so why should we. Now get back across the river.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Gimme a break eddie. Corona a good beer? Any time you have to put a lemon or a lime in a beer to make it drinkable, would qualify it as not being a good beer. A good beer, you can open and drink. Corona isnt one, just because your TV tells you it is with those cool commercials. And they are cool commercials, no doubt.

          • independant thinker

            The Corona commercials are definately some of the better ones on TV. It is too bad that they are for a skanky beer that smells like a dead skunk that was runover in the middle of the road last night.

          • Locus

            I would rather they were my neighbor than YOU

        • dan of arizona

          sorry but it smells like skunk it must be the water

          • Al Sieber

            Thats because they pi$$ in all beer coming here.

          • Arizona belongs to Mexico

            Who needs them.

    • Ellen

      How about protecting the property rights of Americans? The Federal Government should send troops to take back the ranches which have been taken from American Citizens. This is outrageous. The drug cartels are taking away part of our country. Thee are warning signs now that Americans should avoid going into parts of our own country. I keep hoping to wake from the bad dream.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Liberals like it that way.

      • Marshal Law

        They should troops and water boards to your house.

    • Ruby

      Thanks for the link, Jeff. I tried to find something about this over the weekend without success.

      • eddie47d

        Maybe because it might not have happened. Stay tuned.

  • TIME

    An interesting blog Bob, but I am quite sure that Barry Soetoro is 100% a Marxist from head to toe, thats based on sound science.

    There is a common factor that one must look at to understand how all belief systems works within the Human condition.
    What has was proven by thousands of case’s that Freud studied, as well Jung found that this pattern is accurate making his findings redundant of Freud’s.
    Even modern studies have shown that nothing has changed within this base subject matter.
    What we now know is that with the advent of mass communications such as the Telie, combined with written word in mass, the visual and well audio factors have been saturated into your mind for years to provide the mental responces required.
    This is called in its base form “Mind control.” The fun tern is {Brain Washing}.

    This combined with how the human mind is formed on what the parents believe and teach a child prior to the age of ten. From that point on the id is formed thus the one parent or teacher / teachers who are the dominant one is the one the child will follow in their belief system, this has been proved beyond any reproach.
    Please do keep in mind that the Telie can fit the mold now of both a Teacher and Parent!

    Thus the dominant parent or teacher has feelings of domination of others the child will have the same base belief system, in turn say the childs parents are Democrat or Republican etc. {to keep this part easy to follow,} the child will follow suit.
    And conversely if the person whom is dominant is a Marxist well you get the point. Just as the Telie’s main focus is the teacher that will form your childs thinking patterns by a simple reward system.
    To parrott is to please, thus rewards are bestowed for such a smart child.

    So lets look at Barry Soetoro, his mother was a Marxist, his father left him to be a Marxist leader in Kenya, his grandparents were Marxist, all his Mentors have been Marxist, all his freinds have been and are Marxist or followers of Mao.
    Thus there is no other political pattern or belief system he can or will follow.
    The base influences are “untainted and dominant,” so there is no question what his belief systems is, thats science thats been proven beyond any question.

    So whats Barry Soetoro have in mind for you the average American, look at his biological father’s behavior there you will find a clear view of what he has in mind for you.

    Barry Soetoro will say anything to get what he wants from you as he has all the right traits such as he is a clear cut narcissus with no moral grounding that the average working American can grasp.
    He feels nothing in the way of remorse, he feels no pitty, he feels nothing that one grounded in ethic’s and strong moral fiber would have.
    Thus he can’t relate to anyone who is grounded with a code of ethics.

    There is yet a world leader from just 65 years ago who died in a bunker in Berlin that had all the same traits, and just 55 years ago one passed away in in Moscow.

    Now with all that in mind thats why you really need to ask the hard questions prior to electing anyone to have power over your life.

    Ask yourselfs this simple question?
    Would you buy a product without any idea what it was or did?
    How much would you pay for that product, would you be willing to give everything you have for that product?

    When your media fails you you must pick up the pen and start being the Media and ask these questions.

    Never left alledged Intellectuals tell you what to think, ask the hard questions of them, don’t let them be condescending or taint the issue with smoke, demand the proof of the answers they provide, if they can’t address the questions with answers that are LOGICAL based in Proven fact.
    Then expect that they are deceiving you.

    Don’t roll over and play dead, do the work read the books they write, dig into their past do the WORK, don’t take the easy way out.
    “NOTHING in life worth anything is FREE.”
    And Freedom is lost with ease if you don’t keep you eye on the ball all the time, thats wht politics are all about, POWER & CONTROLL over YOU.

    • Robin, Arcadia, IN

      Time.. Good post. Barry’s only emotion is that of a child when people find fault with him… He digs in and has a tantrum. The MSM rarely says anything against what he says and does. How sad. Our country is in trouble. We must turn this around in November.

      • TIME


        Saddly he stated just what he was going to do, but saddly no one asked just what it was going to do when he said the following;

        “I am going to fundamentally change America.”

        The answer was all within the pages of the “Dreams of my Father,” and what was not covered there was covered in the, Adacity of HOPE.

      • No candidates with a brain

        Yeah vote Sarah

    • barbara

      You are so right. It is amazing how many people are so left wing and cannot understand the consequences of their thinking. Unfortuanately there are more of those kind of people around who do control the money which in turn pay to elect the corrupt officials. How do we fight back?

      • Time is Now

        How would you fight back.

        Bush dismantled the public schools. Now so many people are ignorant.

        • Craig

          How could Bush dismantle public schools which the feds have no power over? All public schools are run by cities or county districts.

          • Think About It

            Ever heard of school vouchers or the leave the children behind program. Do you have amnesia?

          • Jimbo

            Come on now Craig. You know it is true. Ever heard of FEDERAL FUNDING?

          • Craig

            Ever heard of school vouchers or the leave the children behind program. Do you have amnesia? It is called “No Child Left Behind” genius

            Come on now Craig. You know it is true. Ever heard of FEDERAL FUNDING?

            Yes I heard of Federal funding. But the fact remains Bush did not, nor could not dismantle the schools.

      • kate8

        barbara, How do we fight back?

        I think the first thing we need to do is get our heads on straight. We need to take the battle off of their turf and above their rules.

        We need to all get it firmly into our minds that WE WILL PREVAIL, that they are powerless to stop us, and that we have the mighty force of truth and liberty on our side. WE CANNOT GIVE IN TO THE FEAR. Fear is how they get us to cave. We have to all, in unison, mentally WILL that evil falls and good triumphs.

        Don’t laugh, folks. This is what they do. And there are more of us than there are of them. If we enlist all the power of Heaven, and then act according to DIVINE PROVIDENCE (just as did our founders), then no force of evil can stand against us.

        • BrotherPatriot

          Attitude is everything. Think positive and be positive. Support your brother & sister and when fear comes at you…turn and face it…square your shoulders, lower your head and grit your teeth. Many of us will be on the line with you. Get angry but keep your head.

          GOD is with us.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Most people on the left dont think, and that the problem. They blindly follow their leaders, and do what their TV’s tell them. How in the hell else would a community organizer, get elected president without divulging to the people: 1. Who he is. 2.Where he is from. 3. What is his plan. 4. Some course of action. 5. What he believes in and stands for. He didnt have to divulge any of this, and yet the blind heard their brain sucker in their living rooms (the TV), saying change, change, change millions of times, and they said “heres your sign”, and pulled the Obama lever. Thats it. Thats how they work, and this election of him proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    • Al Sieber

      Well Time, I keep thinking he is.



    • JeffH

      Time, good post and I believe both of Obama’s parents were communists. Either way, he is what he is, a Marxist/communist/socialist enemy of the US “Republic” and freedom loving patriots.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Yep & due to this…there is no Impeachment process…just a flat boot to his ASS.

      • Craig

        Oidiot is a domestic terrorist, plain and simple.

  • Future

    The further they go, the closer they get to revolution.

    • Bernard from Michigan

      I am in agreement with everyone of these comments. Obama is an evil thing. Personally I don’t believe he is an actual human being as weird as that sounds. Everything he does point to a luciferian understanding in his mind. I think that most of us would like to have the courage to get this started because one thing is for sure and that is many want to end it.

      The problem with that thought process though is that theere is only one way to stop it and we aren’t capable. To believe that nothing can be done is extremely submissive I know but when we really take a llok at the whole of the problem we know it is coming. Our greatest (individually) assistance would be that of speaking truth and watching for the prophecys to become more and more complete.

      Fighting a presence that is not the creator is futile for us because it is much smarter and stronger then we are. I would suggest that each of us think along the lines of the reality of fighting a spiritual being. If we can recognize that we will soon understand that only GOD can dump this creature into a lake of fire but we can also be sure that HE will. Our responsibility is to tell the world of how and why this is happening. We must turn hearts and minds away from Obama but he is going to force all things on us. Yes force is the word and make no mistake about it……it is coming.

      Studying the prophecies of the Bible and one can only agree.

      • pappy

        Yea Obama is evil and Bush is good
        You belong in a mental hospital

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Yes George Bush is a good man. He speaks from the heart, and doesnt need a teleprompter to tell him what to say. And I know where he is going after this life. Im not so sure about Obama, one way or the other.

          • Norris Guy

            Maybe Obama will get the group of virgins promised to martyrs when he dies.

          • Dick Cheney

            George Bush was a POS. He — us good.

        • Bill

          Keep reading pappy, you might just learn something.

        • Stevo

          Everybody listen to Pappy,He must have been there.He knows!

  • JVR

    Do any of you honestly believe that Obama is worse than Bush in terms of ignoring the rule of law and seeking to establish a police state?

    • Robin, Arcadia, IN

      JVR…. There is no doubt in my mind that Barry is the worse of the worst! There is no comparison to President Bush. I am not saying that President Bush did not have his faults, but he was not putting our country in jeopardy the way this administration is. You must not be informed to believe any different.

      • Ronald Hughes

        Has Obama created a war that has killed hundreds of thousand and maimed many more? It amazes me that people are so one track minded that they can only recognize their own beliefs rather than face reality. George W. Bush has done more damage to this nation than any two presidents before him,all at the behest of the international bankers who give the orders.

        • badger

          At least GW loves this country and wasn’t a Saul Alinsky follower. Gw also was BORN in this COUNTRY and was eligible to be President unlike this fraud.

          • pappy

            Yea he loved this country’s treasury which he plundered more than once

        • JUJUBEAN

          To compare GW Bush to Obama is not a rational comparison. W was not a socialist, Obama has admitted to that and more. The liberals are only blaming Bush to get more elected. Each elected official takes a vow to uphold and defend the Constitution. Obama and his cronies take every opportunity to twist the words of the Constitution and proclaim it an “outdated document”.

          • Viktor Leben


            The American People knew he was a follower of Alinsky and a Socialist, but they still voted for him. They knew their was something wrong with his birth certificate, but still they elected him to office ….

            You know what ? ALL THESE PROBLEMS ARE THE FAULT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !! They voted irresponsibly and now they have to pay !!!! HA HA !!!

        • 150fowl

          It completely amazies me. Some are for Bush and some are for Obama. Both Bushes are Globist. They both stated publicy while being Presidenst we are ready for a one world gov. ” It IS TIME FOR A ONE WORLD GOV. “. The only difference in Obama is he is a whole lot more aggressive than many other Presidents, striving for the same results. Go back and read and watch videos. The last president for this country who belived in our constitution and republic was Reagan and before him was Kennedy. Different parties. You better stop picking one and being against the other. There is no difference in either party. This goes back to Wilson and Rosevelt and behond. Wake up, smell the roses.

          • Duende

            There are some good people on this group who really get the whole picture. Thanks much for your presence.. just when I’m wondering where do the real people play :-)

    • Stephen Wagner

      I believe Bush faithfully followed the law. I believe the law means nothing to Obama. Obama would only follow the law as needed for appearances.

      • JiimCO

        Well since you all believe that everything Bush did was okay, then would it also be okay for Obama to do those same things? Such as Operation TIPS, where meter readers, mailman, cable installers and even lobster fishermen were encouraged to spy on their fellow Americans and report them to the higher authorities? Domestic spying as in wire taps, the reading of your emails and recording your phone conversations without a court order? How about enhanced interrogation … once you are arrested, “we know ways to make you talk!”

        I mean Bush did keep us safe … so I am guessing that few of you would have a problem with Obama using these same methods on those he deems “enemies of the state?”

        • JUJUBEAN

          You are right when you say that Bush did keep us safe. The man is not without his faults, but at least we were still a Republic. Do you even see where we are headed under Obama?

          • pappy

            Yea especially on 9/11

          • Duende

            You really don;t get it.. Bush sets it up and Obama dunks it (that’s only because white men can’t jump).. the Democrats will set up another that a republican can dunk. Take a look at GATT NAFTA and the WTO. No way could Bush senior slip that through but good ole willy comes along and slips it right in.. and we didn’t even get to enjoy a cigar like Monica did. By the way, I don’t have any objections to the prez trying to get ahead… i just want to know if he offered to pay for the cleaners.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Bush’s Patriot Act was allowed to go into effect due to their false flag attack on our twin towers (controlled demolition). This Act helped stip us all of our rights and freedoms. It gives authority to let them grab anyone of us at will with no explanation or information of where they take us or for how long. He helped arm Obummer with some very powerful to kill freedom in America. They are one and the same and working together to further their Agenda.


            Bush, his father & granfather are all part of the Bilderberg Virus that infects the body of humanity. It is their Agenda that is to blame for our world to be in the state that it is.

            ROOT level truth.

            They slowly are cooking us like a frog in a pan of water that is slowly heating up. The frog will stay until it dies…will WE?

        • Viktor Leben

          Actually the majority of American voters are comfortable enough ! They put him in office !

          I voted for Chuck Baldwin …..

        • Routy7

          MY over view of the political trickery in parties by a third party actualy not being a party. It is just a political view that has infiltrated the two normal parties but is actually a marxist based belief set that distorts or replaces the conservative or liberal IDEALS of the person it infects. being international in origin, it nullifies the autonamy of the national sovreignty while making it dependent on the other nations around it

          This is the long term plan of one worlders for two hundered years. Scripture prophecied it as end time one world government.

      • pappy

        Bush is a criminal and deserves to be in jail

        • Robin, Arcadia, IN

          Pappy…. You have issues. Obama isn’t even qualified to be president, but yet you think President Bush is a criminal. wow….

          • Stevo

            These commie sympathizers get all there talking points from George Sorros and his anti-American groupies.Pappy and the others here are just following orders.In war,it’s good to know who your enemy is.Whether it’s the war of words or the real thing.These liberals can only talk bad about a previous president because there is certainly nothing good to talk about this one.

          • Duende

            I think every american president in memory has participated in and covered up criminal and immoral acts to further the empire of those who control america and to the detriment of the american people as a whole. Every american president in recent history is a traitor to the american people. If Bush is a hero of yours then you’re as messed up as those who still don’t get the stench of Obama and the Democrats yet. That’s a fact and applies to any one literate enough to read this post. (that should make a few friends :-)

        • Duende

          as long as you’ve got Clinton, Bush Sr and a warrant out for Obama then I’m with you pappy. Else wise where you’ve got your head will be tight fit.. but at least you’ll have company from the Bushites on this list.

    • Bernard from Michigan

      Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Bush claims to be a Christian and none of us has the authority to question that. Bush was doing the work of the LORD you can bet on that……….how many can throw the first stone?

      • Jacque

        Amen to this one !!!!!!!!!! there is nothing Christian about Obama, but I had him pegged before he ever got nominated !!! Never trusted one word he said or says.

      • BigBadJohn

        The Bush administration was all about “GREED IS GOOD!” and opening the national treasury to the rich and big corporate interests – which is how he doubled the national debt.

        Please show me where in the Bible Jesus says “greed is good”.
        If you believe Bush was a Christian why? Because he said so?

        This whole article is a repeat of what Bush administration did, it is wrong now and it was wrong then. But people here still make excuses for Bush. Where was your outrage in 2004?

        • JUJUBEAN

          To Big Bad John and all you other Liberals—You people are believing the lies and falling for this business of demonizing the big corporations. Thanks to the Unions many companies could no longer afford to function here in the U.S. You people need to wake up and take a long, hard look at where Obama is taking us! It is not the Eutopia you are thinking it will be. He has taken so many liberties and freedoms from us, and will not stop until he remakes the U.S. in the image he wants—socialist.

        • Craig

          Another liberal Kool-aid drinker.

          • eddie47d

            I’m investing in kool-aid shares.

      • pappy

        Separation of church and state there is no religion allowed in government
        the lord’s work is not to plunder the treasury and lie to the world

        • independant thinker

          Pappy………………you better tell that to your hero and messia Obama

        • Allan Halbert

          The Constitution does NOT say there can’t be religion in government. It simply says no laws can be passed regarding religion. It’s Libgressives that have tried to equate the EXPRESSION of religion in a public place with the passage of a law. That’s deceit, the Libgressive’s M.O.

        • http://aol Joyce Owen

          Pappy…Separation of Church and State is: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….” This means no Court may rule on a law which can not conceivably exist. The separation exists in the fact that Government can not interfere in religion on any level. The Bill of Rights states that we are “endowed with certain inalienable rights by our Creator”. If your lib friends have their way and eliminate the creator (God) from this country (starting in schools with our children), eventually the Constitution will not be worth the paper it’s printed on.

    • Randy

      Attempting to create a moral equivalency between GWB and BHO is like equating a head cold with brain cancer. BHO is at least 2 orders of magnitude worse than Bush-43.

    • Al Sieber

      JVR, yes, because he’s doing it faster, like he has a agenda to follow.

    • MO Voter

      not only do I “honestly believe that Obama is worse than Bush in terms of ignoring the rule of law and seeking to establish a police state”, but so, apparently do the majority of aware Americans. Where have you spent the past 18 months if you can’t see this? Open your eyes and ears – though the mainstream media doesn’t report the swell of anti-Obama sentiment, all you need to do to know it is to talk to a neighbor!

      Look at the jobless rate, number of people on unemployment, loss of homes, etc. Do you really think Obama has improved ANY aspect of life in America? How can you continue to support a man who gets laws passed by way of threats and/or bribery that the majority of Americans are against?

      And the waste! How can you or anyone condone the horrific waste of millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayer money going to unnecessary Obama-appointed czars and minions, and to support his flamboyant lifestyle? The waste of this administration exceeds that of even the Clinton years by many times.

      Yes, this man is evil. He is both amoral and immoral, and is raping the taxpayers of America unlike anything ever before experienced in our country.

      • http://TheEndoftheRuleLaw Fay D.


      • pappy

        Yea right 11 trillion of this debt is Bush’s
        he charged it all on Obama;s card

      • eddie47d

        Mr Bush and Mr Cheney twisted our arms big time with the Iraq War and The Patriot Act. Not much different;only difference is the broken arms.

        • independant thinker

          Signing the Patriot act was probably the biggest failing of Bush. One thing to remember though Obama not only rushed to extend it he worked to expand it.

        • JeffH

          Just thank GOD that he didn’t have any Democratic support on the wars, WMD or the Patriot Act! Or did he?

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        MO Voter… Well said! You would have to be living in a forest with no communication with the real world not to know that America is under assault from not only Mexico, but within, from Washington DC!

    • never surrender

      JVR, only a blind fool will fail to see that while Bush was stupid, Barry Soetoro is intrinsically evil.

    • Ellen

      Yes — absolutely!

    • flash

      JVR, YES!

    • Bruce D.

      There is no comparison JVR. Bush did at least try to find a Supreme Court Judge that had some respect for the Constitution. Obama is going out of his way not to find one. Obama is a man who is ruthlessly trying to transform America into into one of total control by government. The problem with the left is that they feel that is a good thing. Bush wanted business to create wealth. The left feels diving the wealth as Cuba did would best fit their needs. That is why you cannot see the curse Obama is bringing on this country. You are in agreement with it.

      • pappy

        Yea the lying Alito and Roberts

    • Bush was a right wing bandit

      So why doesn’t Obama bring the troops home to enforce the constitution.

      • JUJUBEAN

        Because he fears the troops and is building his own army using the SEIU. Take a look around. The Troops would enforce the Constitution and Obama does not want that. He needs to trample the Constitution and take away all of our freedoms. He is working on it and it started with the farce of Health Care Reform.

      • Craig

        Why would Oidiot want to enforce the Constitution? He does not like the Constitution. It is a roadblock for him and his agenda.

    • Only in America

      No Bush and this 9-11 adventure established a police state and funded it.

      • independant thinker

        And Obama rushed to extend and expand the patriot act when it came up for renewal.

      • Craig

        Oddly enough nobody can find an American who has been harassed by the Patriot Act. I’ve heard of a few Arabs, but not like hundreds of thousands have been hurt by it. And they still need a court order. So even though it stinks as a law. It is not as bad as an unconstitutional mandated health insurance that does take away everyones right to choose how they spend their money.

        • http://aol Joyce Owen

          Craig…you claim you haven’t met anyone who has been cited under the Patriot Act. Under the Patriot Act, if I say to you “I”m going to slap you upside the head”, I can be charged with making a terrorist threat. We frequently see in newspapers and TV News that people are being charged with making “terrorist threats” every day. You may not personally know anyone, but, trust me, it is happening. And those of us with a brain know that the vast majority of these charges are bogus. Being convicted of a terrorist threat can cause some serious jail time in a Federal Prison. There is something seriously wrong with a judicial system that allows this practice to continue.

    • kate8

      JVR, What does it matter who was bad and who is worse? It is a moot point.

      What we have now is what we have to deal with. Bush and Soetoro are BOTH part of the same GROUP, so let’s stop this Bush vs Obama stuff already. There is too much at stake to keep bantering over this completely irrelevant nonsense.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Exactly…they are one and the same workin for their controllers.

        The Bilderbergs. <— Those people will be dealt with next once we get America back. You can take that to the bank. :)

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Yes I do, by a 99 to 1 vote. That much.

    • Bush Hated Our Freedom

      He passed the laws that did that with a republican majority.

      So where have you been?

  • Jesse (Patriot 43)

    I have high hopes for the election in November; but the only real change in the status quo would be passing term limitation law, or another American revolution. I myself “will fight for freedom”.

    • Strawberry Shortcake

      Ditto…THESE are the kind of posts that we need to be seeing more of. The rest of the banter doesn’t matter anymore. It’s quite possibly already too late. I don’t want to believe that it is but when the time comes (and it is going to come at some point), I’m just not certain if America has it in her to do what will need to be done…

      I’m a stay at home mom of four kids, I make candles for a living, I home school my kids, I change diapers and sing lullabies, I have dreams of buying a bigger house because we are growing out of this one at a ridiculous pace. I have dreams of expanding my business, I have a LIFE. I just want to be left alone so that I can live it. Not hear about new bills being passed, trying to be passed or have been passed (or snuck into another obscure bill, THAT is treasonous in my book) that infringe on my RIGHT to do all of the things I’ve listed above. I don’t want to spend every last penny that we could be saving for a new home on stored food and survival gear. Worry if it’s worth even having a business anymore because of all the regulations and new taxes. Wondering how much longer my kids will have to share one big bedroom (thank goodness they are little) because we’d be fools to purchase a home now with the economy, looming job losses…especially with my husband working for one of those evil (not-for-profit) insurance companies. Worry that I may end up having to go to work and leave the raising and education of my kids to the hands of daycare workers and the public school system. Believe me thoughts of revolt are not up my alley…but what is the alternative? What life am I going to be leaving my children to live? I keep saying November buys us time if it goes in our favor…but this will continue behind the scenes until the opportunity arises again…it ALWAYS cycles. Look at Scott Brown! Additionally, as long as public school systems are infecting our kids people that think like us will be bred out completely. But who’s going to abolish something like that?

      My husband says it’s already over. I don’t want to believe that, I want to believe that there are still Patriots out there, the real kind…because at some point I think America is going to need them.

      • Rise Up Sayith the Lord

        End the wars.

        Vote for democracy not right wing hate.

        • Strawberry Shortcake

          Rise up Saith the Lord…I can only assume by your name you are some kind of God-fearing person, and if that is the case. What makes you think that fighting to protect your natural, God-given rights is hate? Do you know the story of Saul? Why did God dethrone him, do you recall? The Lord determined there was nothing good in the Amalekites and ordered them to be exterminated. In 1 Sam. 15, Saul was supposed to kill off ALL of the Amalekites (every man, woman, child and beast) but he spared king Agag and the best of the spoil. He kept the best of what God HATED and was punished.

          What makes you think God is ONLY a God of peace?

          • Duende

            ya know.. I really try to keep an open mind and heart to some of my right wing fundamentalist brothers and sisters (having been brought up that way myself) but when you start trying to intone that god sanctions ANY of man’s wars specially those made by people who claim to represent him, then you’ve gone right off the map.
            The ONLY war that god wants man to wage on his own is the war within themselves to conquer their own fear and hatred and even that war you can call on god to help. Have you (or any so called christians on this group) ever gotten on your knees and prayed to God to relieve you from your own hatred.. to be channel of his peace.. I have and it’s a journey one could never have planned with a mortal mind. Just to let you know, the original meaning of Jihad for muslims is that very internal battle. As a christian I was taught to remove the mote from my own eye before I try removing it from anothers’….. never mind declaring war on them.

            For those of you who are biting at the bit for a “Holy” war that either you or some deranged pastor has declared necessary try rereading your own Holy book:
            Try Matthew 5:9 as a starter:
            Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

            Matthew 5:45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

            Luke 6:35 “But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for He Himself is kind to ungrateful and evil men.

            Romans 8:14 For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

            I seriously recommend that everyone on this group who declares them selves Christians get on their knees and pray for his spirit to enter their heart. If you feel you need to do this through Christ then do so (even though Christ was persecuted fro trying to tell people they didn’t need a middle man to get to God) If you rise up from that prayer wanting to make war on ANYONE then you were never touched by the spirit. that’s for damned sure.
            Peace Out

          • kate8

            Duende, I don’t believe that most Christians are for war. I don’t know why you all keep spouting that.

            There are times when there is no other alternative. What is played out on the inner is likewise played out in the outer. As above, so below. As below, so above. On Earth as it is in Heaven. The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosom, and vise versa.

            A time for war and a time for peace…a time for every purpose under heaven.

            All of Creation belongs to God, and His Ways are beyond our understanding. Hopefully, one day man will realize that wars are fought for the elite agenda, and that we have no quarrel with our brothers. They will lay down their arms, and “beat their swords into plowshares”.

        • Coservative at Birth

          We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy, Thank God.

          • 150fowl

            Coservative: I wish we still did live in a republic.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            We did until the liberals and all their lawyers derailed it and started us down stream.

          • JRC

            Definition: Conservative ==> afraid of his/her own shadow, progress, change, and the future.

          • Strawberry Shortcake

            To Duende,

            Read Esther. You need the old testament to better understand the new, they are not two separate stories, two separate Gods. God is not some kind of hippie pacifist. “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Matt 10:34). It’s not that the message of peace is necessarily wrong, but it is not all-inclusive either. You cannot marginalize people that speak of defending their natural rights as HUMAN BEINGS given by God as wrong, unGodly, or worse. I believe the story of Esther would be a good explanation of this, not that it will change your mind.

        • http://TheEndoftheRuleLaw Fay D.

          You will find stories of battles to defeat evil in the Bible.

        • Craig

          Ummm genius we live in a country that is a constitutional republic. Democracies do not work. Neither does liberalism, socialism, fascism or communism.

          • seeker1

            So , What are you going to do about Musli becoming the ruling religion? Obama is a closet Muslimmism

          • Craig

            Seeker I’ll tell you. Any Muslim that tries to force their religion on me. I kill. Simple as that.

        • kate8

          RiseUp, what makes you think that the Left will stop the wars? For all their rhetoric to the contrary, they are waging wars continually: on our lives, our money, our freedom, our children, our morality…

          And has this administration done anything to stop the wars abroad? NO! They have INCREASED them, and are now planning to go to war with Iran. Not to mention that they feed and encourage the conflict on our southern border.

          Wake up and get a clue.

          BTW, I am conservative, and no one I know supports war. We support defending our freedom, but we are more and more waking up to the truth that war is a ruse perpetrated by evil power-mongers for their own entertainment and benefit.

          • JeffH

            kate8, well said and I couldn’t agree more.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Let me see, you use the Lord’s name. Yet you vote for murdering unborn babies in the mothers womb, making you as guilty as those that perform it. You vote to put homo-sexual behavior on a pedestal and tell the public that it is normal, yet God says “For a man to lie with another man as he would a woman, is an abomination to the Lord”. For you vote for this, you are guilty of this also. To punish the successful and reward the failures, makes you guilty of sin against God also, as God says “good work will be rewarded”, and that “You reap what you sow”. Pretty much, you need to change your name, as your liberal party is the one in bed with the ACLU that already kicked God out of school and government, kicked Him out of the pledge of allegiance. Kick prayer out of schools, and denied placing the cross on any government lawns. You really think God is with your party? If so, then you sir, need serious help, because your a first class hippocrite, and the light of Jesus is not in you at all. Un-stinking believable that you could say what you said, and use the moniker you did. Wow.

          • JRC

            The “”Lord”” does not say any of those things, he can’t, he is nothing but a figment of the superstitious sheep’s mind.
            Religion was invented by men on a power trip to control the masses…and it works well, even now thousands of years after…guess, brainwashing does work.

          • kate8

            JRC, You make the mistake of many on the left – equating God with religion. God existed long before anyone thought of religion, and will exist long after religion has passed away.

            Man has always instinctively felt that he was part of something greater than himself, and religions have formed out of that desire to discover it. Often, men who sought to control the masses have used religion to do it, and men lost the ability to trust in their own inherant God-connection.

            If you’ve never felt the call of God within you, then I’m sorry for you. Only someone who has rejected this call could ridicule it in others.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Kate8…you said it once in a diff articles comments…and I agree with you.

            GOD is all things. He is us and we are him. Everything is like a drop of water in the ocean of his body. We are connected with each other by the vary fabric of reality and energy.

            Of course, how you said it was much, much more eloquently spoken.

        • independant thinker

          Rise Up Sayith the Lord says:
          August 2, 2010 at 12:10 pm
          End the wars.

          The Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars until the end of time.

        • Duende

          Hi Strawberry

          I read Esther.. good story and shows you the power of prayer.. and sometimes bad intentions being rewarded before death.

          As far as Matthew 10:34, that’s a great verse. Jesus was basically saying he came to stir the sh*t up. even setting family against itself in revealing truths that would upset the status quo and hence forth family belief systems. Truth does that to you. If you’ve ever been actually touched by spirit you would not be trying to convince me that Gods desire is for man to be war like…quite the opposite.

          If God does choose to have a war I’d gladly go into battle with him… but I haven’t really seen anyone asking for war resemble him too much… most are just a bunch of raving loonies or extraordinarily wealthy people who make billions on the suffering of our children while they inflict harm on another child. If anyone even thinks for a minute God actually wants children hurt then I pity anyone who’s so miserable that they can justify it. So there must be another answer to achieving peace.. and that’s the war within. To have a war for peace is like having sex for virginity.. it’s an insane thought process

          No hippy god here… just a god of truth…and truth doesn’t come in the form of war… no matter what we’ve been told.

          • kate8

            Duende, wars are another consequence of man defying the Laws of our Creator. Man’s desire to control and enslave, exert his will upon others and even on God Himself…

            Evil always leads to death and destruction. War is just another avenue of man’s destructive, defiant nature.

          • Duende


            Man’s nature is also capable of love and peace.. for me, that is what being created in in the image of god is all about. There is a power one gets to when one no longer looks to violence and petty thoughts as a response to a situation. This is mans capability if he chooses to pursue it and not let the baser motivations guide him. I find I am incapable of maintaining this state with out asking god for help in doing so… but first I must humble myself (and normally god/life/the universe makes sure I have things happen to me to ensure that happens :-)

          • kate8

            Duende, Man is capable of love and peace, but few ever know it. There will be peace in the world when every individual has peace within himself. As long as man experiences conflict within, there will be war.

            Living in manifest form involves duality, because it is the vibratory tension between opposing forces that holds us in this state. By necessity, there is good/evil, just as there is male/female, hot/cold, high/low, light/dark, and on and on.

            Is it not the process of evolving spirit toward higher and higher vibratory states, toward God, by encompassing ever greater Love, Peace and all the attributes of God, that we live? As we come to know God by loving and worshipping all that He is, we begin to take on His attributes “ourselves”, realizing that we were ONE with Him all along.

      • JUJUBEAN

        You have my admiration and respect, Strawberry! Homeschooling is exactly what we need–teaching our children respect for America instead sex education.

        • http://TheEndoftheRuleLaw Fay D.

          Unfortunately with all of the babies born out of wedlock and supported by the people thru welfare, we the people have right to speak out against it!

        • JRC

          Homeschooling is one reason this country is on place 100 of the top one hundred nations on education…for a country that is supposedly so sophisticated as the US to be on last place means something…Homeschooling will be outlawed and it will be good…We need young men and woman that can function on the international level if we want to regain the greatness we once had..not some sheep with mediocre education, brainwashed into a cult and unfit to function in the business world.

          • Strawberry Shortcake

            Would public schooling be the result of your writing and rational thought capabilities too? Please enlighten us all as to the merits of the public school system when the government apparently finds the need to pass laws such as “No Child Left Behind”? What do you suppose that means?

            And btw, that freedom you are enjoying, allowing you to post your ridiculous rhetoric was paid for in the blood of men either homeschooled or completely uneducated. What say you?

          • Duende

            Oh my…. I’ve had exposure to some home schooled children. They seemed to have a maturity way beyond other children their age. They also had an ability to think and see things way beyond what the technocracy was trying to sell them. A citizenry that can educate itself and follow the desire to be educated will out shine any ‘required’ school system that only prepares children to punch a proverbial time clock and compete to be slaves to an economic system that enslaves us all. My background is computer security for international networks so I’m not opposed to some technology. Just make sure you don’t make it the false god.

  • E Nichols

    I agree with the conditions just described , we can’t get Obama and his cronies out soon enough, hurry November.

  • Doc Sarvis

    President Obama has not solved the problem but he has done a better job of enforcing our border than the previous administration and should be commended for that. The Obama Administration is deporting more illegal immigrants/week than Bush/Cheney did. He is also commiting more resources to the border than Bush/Cheney did despite being burdened with two wars.

    • Al Sieber

      Well Doc, what kinda of crap are you trying to feed us? they’ve let the Drug Cartels come across the border and occupy the Buenos Aires wild life refuge in Ariz. and 2 ranches in Texas. Bush was lax on illegal immigration, but not to this point.

      • Windowsca10

        Dude, that’s a bogus story. Catch up.

        • JRC

          facts have never bothered the sheep. someone brings up some wild story and it circulates on the internet like a wild fire…nobody ever checks if it is true or not, they all just repeat it like parrots….pathetic.

          • Animal

            Are you people crazy or what? Bush, Clinton, Reagan etc how ever far you want to go back have all been puppets to the Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, Rockerfellers ,Tri laterall organization. Come on people do you honestly think any one of them other than this obamanation would have given up a square inch of our land like this coke sucker has. Troops should have been sent to our back fence immediatly. Now there ARE thousnds of acres of American soil that American citizens can not go on because of these illegal wanna be Americans. They come by the 1000s to get your furors kool-aid and amnesty. All you armchair politicians are about to get a big ass dose of reality. I have an idea leave your secluded retirement home up in michigan or virginia and come down to Arizona for the weekend. Sure you could wine and dine and never see the problem but make the wrong turn and you would think you were in T.J. or mexico city. OUR SHERRIF has deported more of these people than anyone and he has one hand tied behind his back. All you great debaters and complicators might aswell get used to the idea of being ONE STATE with canada and mexico. OH and dont think for a minute that thousands and thousands on both sides of our government and this imaginary fence down here wont die. 1rst RECON should take D.C., 2nd should take the border. Then lets talk oooah

          • Duende

            Way to go Animal.

            I can’t get mad at the average mexican for wanting work and surely don;t blame them for the drug influence. There are too many really decent people just trying to make a go at it. However we’re in a depressed economy where it really hurts to share the resources we’ve worked so hard for.. but again, I don’t blame the mexicans. I blame the elite of the planet whop control an economic system that gives the majority of us crumbs and then watches as we fight over them with each other. They know they can get us to do anything in that state… and they are…while we’re distracted.

      • http://TheEndoftheRuleLaw Fay D.


        • eddie47d

          Fay, A few Mexicans join our military to serve our country and truly want to be apart of it. We have a problem on the border but not all are evil.

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            So open you home and resources and support them.

    • Rev.John

      Your not only stupid, well just stupit is enough

      • Doc Sarvis

        But I’m right.

        • Jacque

          No you are not right !!! You need to do little more research !! You need to just read everything he has or hasn’t done. I just can’t u understand why anyone would support anything he does ??

          • J.Michael

            Some “people” do not support everything he does. I’ve seen people twist the facts to justify their hate of this President. Now, Bob said pretty much no president has really done anything to inforce this law since it was created. So,where does that leave us? Granted this issue has come to a head and you have more politicians more worried about getting re-elected and getting as much money as they can than doing their jobs. I beleive that the President of Mexico can shove it. We send alot of money to Mexico to stop this, we should keep the money to pay for border inforcement. Where’s the DEA??? If the USA has been invaded by these cartels,then that should be looked at as an ACT of WAR and dealt with accordingly.

        • Right as Can Be

          Doctor S, post more because you are right.

        • JUJUBEAN

          You are not only not right, you are incredibly wrong! He is fighting the closing of the border. The Federal Gov’t put up signs 80 miles from the border to warn U.S. Citizens not to go any closer to the border!! That is NOT protecting us, that is allowing the cartels to have an additional 80 miles of our territory. Wake Up!!!

          • Doc Sarvis

            You stated that; “The Federal Gov’t put up signs 80 miles from the border to warn U.S. Citizens not to go any closer to the border!!”. So are they evacuating San Diego, Yuma, & Brownsville?

      • Tim R

        Dear Rev:

        Before you call anyone stupid…”your”, in the context used, is spelt “you’re” and “stupit” is spelt “stupid”. And let’s not forget punctuation.

        • never surrender

          Tim R, if you were only partially as concerned about addressing the mess our country is in as you are about correcting someone’s spelling and punctuation, you might have something to say.

        • Jacque

          Oh for petes sake,as long as he gets his point across. BFD !!!!

        • JLC

          Tim R — and “spelt” is spelled “Spelled”

    • Bernard from Michigan

      Obama has done nothing. He is late on every response the difference is that he is intentionally late because he knows what he is doing. He is not fixing anything he is only stirring up anger. Think about that.

    • Ellen

      How about the President taking time out from parties, vacations, and golf to go to Arizona and see what is going on there. He really does not want to see what is happening. Then he would have no excuse not to act.

    • Jim Bennett

      Doc: From what country do you come from? Please go back there and take the evil one with you.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I’m from the good ole’ United States of America and proud of it.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          Doc, move to Kenya they need your Democratic Socialist creativity.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I’m just a realistic Independent.

    • Bruce D.

      AZ has stepped up the enforcement. You can not give credit to Obama for that. He is purposely ignoring the problem. He feels it will help him get amnesty if he does.

      • eddie47d

        More illegals have gone home under Obama and fewer have come across. The border is more secure(on our side). There is still much work to be done to make us safer and even more secure. Give credit where credit is due and blame where it belongs.

        • Animal

          Eddie 47 where do you live? Because you dont know much about AZ. The only reason it is any safer is not from your administration . Its because of our sherrif

      • seeker1

        Obama has not ignored it……he has instituted a law suit to obliterate the State Law enacted by Arizona And a judge already has tried to cut the balls off of that law!

    • General Odesus

      Obama has don more good than harm.

      He has made changes the lobbyists don’t like.

      So they will fund the so called conservatives. Rise up and tell the Tea Party to —-.

      • JRC

        You are right, why do you think the corporate mouthpieces on the radio and internet are up in arms….they are nothing but puppets on a string directed by corporate America…they will tell you one thing and vote the other. They foster hate and dissent because they rightfully are peed off that they lost influence….the only problem is that the sheep don’t seem to see how much wool is being pulled over they’re eyes and how they are being led to the slaughterhouse by they’re corporate minders….

      • seeker1

        That is BS and you know it!

        • seeker1

          that was for the gen.

    • Chaney

      Doctor you are right.

      I agree with you.

    • Craig

      Ummm you are believing the crapola that the administration is spewing. Obama is not doing more for the illegal immigration problem. The deportations he mentions are for illegals that are already in our prisons. He isn’t going out and rounding up any illegals. He claims crime along the border is down, as if that makes it all A OK. He claims there are more troops on the border than ever before. Yeah a lot of good that does if they have no orders or the authority to do anything. You have too be brain dead to believe anything that clown says, He is a pathological liar.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      So the liberal press wants you to think. You have no idea what the Bush admin did in deporting illegals, because the press knows that is what the American people want, and they wouldnt let us know if the previous admin was deporting them or not. But they make damn sure they show some now. Only the Obama admin is stopping Arizona from enforcing the federal law that the feds wont. Obama is in bed with illegals, the hispanic vote, and he doesnt want to stop it. Fact.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      I live just six (6) blocks from the border here in the sieve of illegal entries, I sure as hell don’t see what your claiming, Oh I would guess that your cabeza – head is to far hidden in your “como se llama” , a little spanish lingo for you, come live here and see the truth.

  • Elizabeth Jeffcoat

    I believe Obama is not only evil, but totally ignorant about the United States of America and its citizens. I also believe he was not born on US soil!

    All United States citizens that believe in our Republic (Yes, it is a Republic, not a Democracy!) should peacefully insist Obama “pack up” and leave the People’s Oval Office — Yes, it is the people’s office.

    Further, those that legally come to our country for work should never be given citizenship unless they request … and follow all the laws pertaining to citizenship requirements. Illegal entries should be deported immediately!

    I am sick and tired of the politicians and their tactics! I am sick and tired of appeasers and crooks in our government, too! They are the very people that have greatly contributed to our once great country’s decline. However,I also blame schools and their unions, and irresponsible parents — too many young folks are totally ignorant about this country — a real shame.

    • Jacque

      AMEN SISTER !!!

    • Jim Bennett

      Elizabeth: I agree with you 1000 % The evil one should be removed.JB

    • BrotherPatriot

      Now that’s some common sense talking! Hope our elected in November follows it!!!

  • Bob L

    Obama is an arrogant tyrant. Although he has the scowl down nicely. A closet muslim and a heinz 57 who is ashamed of the caucasian blood in his body. Birth certificate? I doan needs no steekin’ birth certificate

    • Ellen

      Maybe he was born in Hawaii — if so, his arrogance in refusing to end the discussion by releasing his records is beyond reason. If he has nothing to hide, why does he not end the discussions now?

      • Bruce D.

        I use to think Obama was born in Hawaii until a supervisor where they hold birth certificates said his birth certificate is one given out to someone who is born outside the state. The two hospitals there including the one he said he was born in have no record of him being born there. Nor can they find any doctor who claims to have delivered him. I feel I was wrong siding with the liberals on this one. I should have know better to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • r t

    Following applies to NO ONE BUT REPUBLICANS IN USA.
    Republicans are abolute and total evil people.

    “I have called it fascist and corporatist in the past.”
    “Now I’ll just call it Evil.”

    • UncleSam101


      • Jacque

        HOW TRUE !!

    • Al Sieber

      rt, but, the democrats are in power.

      • seeker1

        maybe not for long my friend, not for long

    • Coservative at Birth

      In case you haven’t noticed, there are more people who identify themselves as Conservative than liberal. Exactly what do you find fault with the Republican form of Government, that makes you describe me as evil?

    • Peat Moss

      So sorry the party’s last half way decent leader was Eisenhower. He warned US about the military industrial complex.

      • TodayMattersTomorrowToo

        True. and all creeps in our Presidency have gleefully conned us… but this con artist is the CULMINATION of all those con. The devils he has put in offices and in non-official positions as Czars, must be removed by citizens. Bush started the Czar program, it is a SHADOW GOVERNMENT preparing to take over when our Constitution is destroyed. MANY people called and emailed Bush demanding that use of the word Czar be immediately ended… that we fought against all Royalty and it is traitorous for him to assign that title to ANY government worker. BUSH was too dumb to resist his controllers. So is Obama.

        FIRST. The parents who put their children in public schools are either helpless victims who cannot or will not protect their children, or people who approve of perverts and pedophiles controlling the childrens’ education. Public schools are now under the control of the NEA and the freak that Obama enabled as head of Education. If parents love their children and will sacrifice FOR them instead of sacrificing THEM, those parents will remove their children from all public schools in PROTEST DEMANDING that the pedophile head of Education be removed, and sued for perpetrating abuse on children.

        SECOND. The first point would end the increasing control by the Freaks of our children and our country. Realize that the Freaks want and NEED our children. They want to “train” our children, and when they are grown, mom&pop, YOU will be disposed of.

        Realize what is happening, Americans. Have the guts and enough love for your kids and country to make this protest. ALL AMERICAN PARENTS KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS UNTIL THE PEDOPHILE PROMOTER IS GIVEN THE BOOT UP HIS REAR INSTEAD OF HIS BOOT ON YOUR BABIES’ NECKS.





        • TodayMattersTomorrowToo

          oops, meant all Presidents SINCE Ike have conned us… only one had a true love for us, but he was manipulated till he was dizzy, God rest his soul, and give his manipulators the slide they have earned.

    • Bernard from Michigan

      Your lack of understanding is apparent. Your charges are baseless but your unpatriotic stand speaks loudly on your behalf and the liberals in this nation. I agree there are traiterous republicans in our midst but they are the ones who side with Obama for personal gain. A conservative is a conservative be they republican, democrats or independants. They do not want to tolerate, those who are weak knee’ed, won’t fight for our nation, try to lead our nation into slavery and bondage. On the other hand, the liberals (all of them) will tolerate same sex unions, make marriage illegal, allow the state to teach OUR children what to think, how to think and when to think.

      Your type should move to that nation that allows and wants to be led by the nose, I can think of many places, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Aphganistan, many african nations. Why I ask do you not move to the world of your desire?

    • kate8

      How do you explain that so many of the fascist/corporatists are democrat/liberal? George Soros comes to mind, as does Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein…Don’t you get it? They all belong to the same elitist club! Dems as well as R’s.

      Would I be correct if I stated that all liberals are evil? I have liberal friends and, while I think they are misled, I do not think that they are evil. There are good and evil across the board when it comes to the general population. At the top is another story. I think they are pretty much all sell-outs.

      BTW, before anyone jumps on me, I know that George Soros is not an American. But he is liberal.

      • JeffH

        kate8, Soros is an American citizen, but that doesn’t skew the fact that he is still anti-American.

        • kate8

          JeffH – Are you sure about that? Because I think he is European. And a member of Bilderberg, of course.

  • Bob L

    Obama: “One unregistered guest worker for “investigation” and heaven forbid, deportation,9 fine fellows and women for naturalization, two “guest workers” for cursory examination, 27 loyal-to-be American workers,[p-s-s-st, ditch the Mexican flag you boys] to be awarded green cards.” Is that fine for you, “Doc” Servus ?

  • minnie

    November will be about OBAMA’S DEFICIT, he is the one that has been spending all the money he can borrow from CHINA and using us AMERICANS AS COLLATERAL, as you would when borrowing money from a bamk. ALSO, OBAMA is more worried about who is going to take credit for upholding the LAW, than he is about AMERICAN LIVES. American people are getting killed weekly , SHOULD be considered an EMERGENCY AND TREATED AS SUCH.

    • Home Sweet Home

      I still have a bank account and a job thanks to OBAMA.

      • JUJUBEAN

        I think you mean “in spite of” Obama.

      • Strawberry Shortcake

        No you idiot. Thanks to the tax payers.

      • Craig

        So you think Oidiot let you keep YOUR money and YOUR job?

  • Randall

    All presidents since JFK were traitors and pro New World Order. We need someone who isn’t a politician to run for president. Why do they reach into a barrel of snakes when they need a candidate.

    • Bob Wire

      Oh so now a peanut farmer is a snake?

      An old gent that after retiring and 70 plus years old still puts on a nail apron on and builds houses for needy neighbors? ~ while he resting.

      Your glass will always be half empty.

      • JeffH

        …the old “peanut farmer” knows how to stir the pot while he’s wearing that apron too when he chimed in with his “racism is behind some of the opposition to President Obama” remark. Tell me he wasn’t throwing some gas on the fire, that sweet innocent old man…

    • J.Michael

      Cause snake handling puts one “WITH THE LORD”. Kind of like speaking in tongues.

    • Steve in Fla

      I have to agree with you Randall, Our country needs ordinary people to take office & control again. Get people who know what real life is like into office. Get rid of the corrupt politicians.
      Being in elected office should NEVER be a lifetime job.

      That is why I joined up with Get Out Of Our House.

      This is a start in the correct direction.
      Let us clean out the House & then clean out the Senate.

  • http://BobLivingstonPersonalLiberty Joan

    The End of the Rule of Law Article.
    I find your statements to be extremely accurate, especially the Evil part. You missed a few adjectives for Mr. Obama. He is divisive, deceptive, an egotist wallowing in his power. It is my hope that he will be stopped,
    and sooner rather than later.
    Thank you for a wonderful writing.

    • Ellen

      Also arrogant. His ego is so strong that he cannot believe that anyone does not agree with him. Can we not picture him pounding the table and stamping his feet when anyone has the audicity to disagree with him?

  • minnie

    November willl be about unemployment all over the country, some states more than other. Obama’s deficit caused THIS OBAMA’S RECESSION. November will be about Pelosi cleaning out the swamp, If you would evaluate on Pelosi’s job perforance from 1 to 5, 5 being the out standing perforance, the best. Pelosi would get a 1 ready for her pink papers. November will be about BEING A PATRIOT AMERICAN.

    • JRC

      Well, in November people will sit down before they vote and look at some facts

      Death miners,
      Death oil field workers
      The refusal of the Republicans to extent the job benefits unconditional
      2 Wars wages for the personal revenge of the Republican president and because he was peed of that the Taliban had conditions before handing over Bin Laden.

      Then they will look at the 2 parties and they will see that the republicans still run on a platform of very limited governmental oversight and corporate self regulation thus inviting more disasters and death.
      Then they will look back and realize that the recession and problems started before Obama took office…..

      The only conclusion for the people will be to NOT vote republican…

      • Ellen

        Nothing wrong with limited government.

        • JRC

          You are right, unfortunately all administrations for the last 50 years and more have NEVER limited the size of the government only expanded it…’s not about the size, it’s about oversight, rules and regulations and the ENFORCEMENT of those regulations that is needed in order to prevent more disasters that are caused by corporate greed. Corporate self regulation does NOT work as long as there is unchecked and criminal greed….and greed is a part of humanity…humanity would NOT evolve without greed….but greed needs to be checked and controlled so that others can not come to harm. The current republican platform is to put away with those checks to maximize profits to the point where there will be more people dying, more accidents happening like this oil spill. Who knows, the next one may be something like the chemical plant explosion in India…only if it happen in one of the US cities, millions will die not just a few thousand…are you all prepared to risk this? If so, go ahead and vote Republican. To vote for a party just because they are the lesser of 2 evils and disregarding a possible catastrophic future for yourself and your kids is as wrong as what the immoral current administration is doing.

          • J.Michael

            BRAVO! BRAVO! Republicans beleive in limited government? That’s what they say,but not what they do.

      • Big Mac

        Here’s the problem I have with most liberals/Democrats. Most of them fall into one of two categories….either they are so extremely wealthy (usually inherited, not earned)that the costs of all the “Changes” they are demanding will have no effect on them, OR, they are extremely poor (usually unwilling to work) and want to ride the backs of others. Both groups don’t know what it is like to work or create anything. I have taken on a “Creed” written by another that sums it all up for me.

        “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything it does not first TAKE from someone else. And, when half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and then the other half starts to believe that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they have worked for, that my dear friend is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

      • Coservative at Birth

        JRC Get your facts straight. The Republicans wanted the funds to extend the unemployment benefits to come from the unspent TARP money. They did want them to be extended. You should read the writings of J. Morgantheau who was the Treasury Secretary under F.D.R., and you will find that he believes that everything they did during the Great Depression made things worse. For example, spending money they did not have and raising taxes. Sound Familiar. If not then you are choosing ignorance over knowledge.

      • Epicenter

        God Bless You JRC

      • Craig

        The republicans did not refuse to extend the job benefits. They did not want to borrow more money to pay for them when there is plenty of money left in Oidiots bailouts. Nothing wrong with being financially responsible. Something Oidiot and dems seem incapable of.

        • JRC

          The problem is, that they said NO, and they’re conditions where so far out and nobody was willing to compromise. Do you really believe that the people that worked they’re whole life, lost they’re job because some –probably republican– outfit let them go and that were at the end of they’re rope CARE about what the exact reasons are? How short sighted are you? Those people do not care…all they know is that Obama at the first possible moment RESTORED the benefits they need to take care of they’re families……nothing else….and all of those affected now know that the republicans said NO…they do NOT care for the reasons, all they care is how do they get food onto they’re kids tables.They do NOT care about the future and who will have to pay for it…they care to feed they’re families and survive..

          This shortsightedness will cost the republican party millions of votes…and one wonders if they did that on purpose so they don’t have to deal with the current mess.

          • Craig

            Yes they said no to a bad bill. Any bill that borrows money to pay for it when we already have money sitting around is bad. The repubs are all for helping out, but doing it the right way. Not the wrong way, like the dems always do.

          • Craig

            And any American worker out of work needing those benefits knows that the way Oidiot is doing things is wrong and bad for the country. If they can not see the truth and facts as to why the Repubs did what they did, then they are just as ignorant as those that voted for the chocolate Marxist.

  • JH

    This is a battle of ideas and our enemies could very well be our Brothers, Sisters, Mothers and Fathers. Too many of our countrymen have already crossed over to a line of thought that is contrary to what many of us grew up believing defined what made America great. So many are employed by our governmental beast and fall in line with the power structure because their wallets demand they think in lockstep.

    During a discussion with a friend the other day, who has crossed over, he asked, “what is wrong with Socialism anyway?” I think this summarizes the disease that allows Barry Soetero and his ilk to exist at all.

    • Ellen

      It would take volumes to answer what is wrong with Socialism.



    • Al Sieber

      REY, they’ll ask Mr. Livingston for the same thing they ask me for when I’m pulled over here in Ariz. license, registration, and proof of insurance. if Mr. Livingston is illegal, they won’t ask him for anything.

    • Jerry D

      Reykool, we agree on one thing, neither the Republicans or the Democrats really want to change the status quo all that much. Beyond that, however, Bob hit the nail on the head. This Administration and virtually all at the head, including the Obamessiah, are corrupt and, I believe, ammoral. The Constitution of the United States has long been ignored or skewered by corrupt judges and politicians. It’s time to take back our country. If the American people don’t wake up and send a real message in November, this nation is toast.

    • Cameron

      Did you warp your mind on an overdose of BS or something? Your rantings are incoherent, your spelling is terrible, and your punctuation is awful. You are either a product of public school education or you are an alien trying to subvert America from within. Every President has his faults and shortcomings, but none before this one has been so virulently anti-American. God Bless America and God(condemn) the “Rev.” Wright and those who follow him. I hope “our” President enjoys his one term in office as dictator, because he will never be elected to a second term.

      • JRC

        Don’t be so sure about that, by the time his re-election will come along the average person will disregard his short comings and only look at one thing, did his policies benefit them..and unfortunately the majority will say yes…. People have a very short memory and do apply what they remember very selectively…Unless the GOP comes up with the “”perfect”” candidate, he will win again. And unfortunately, I have NOT seen anyone so far who will be able to successfully challenge him…and I am looking hard.

        • Pastor Rob

          Do a search for Col Allen West – a black man.
          Do a search for Herman Cain – a black man.
          Two solid conservatives and I would vote for either one.

          • JRC

            Yeah, but how much public support would they have? Enough to overcome the high level of support Obama now has after the unemployment benefit debacle that possibly cost the republican party millions of votes?

          • kate8

            Public support is dictated by one thing: media.

            They media covers the one’s approved by the elite. The ones who would be good for the people are ignored.

            Until we stop allowing the media to determine our elections, we will continue to get the picks of the NWO.

            BTW, I would vote for the men you mention, also.

        • dan of arizona

          If you cant find the perfect canadate then stop looking at the liberals there are a lot of conservatives out there that fit the bill.Im sorry that your oboma wasnt what you expected,dont feel alone there are plenty of others that feel the same way as you screwed and didnt get a time ask for vasilene

    • FEMA Camps

      The right support for these camps will be revealed.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear REYKOOL,

      You lose your bet. You state (readers, please excuse the caps), “…I BET THAT MR LIVINGSTON WAS ALL FOR IT AT THE TIME, SO OBVIOUSLY SOME AMERICAN LOVE TO CHERRY PICK “EVIL RULES”

      That happened in 1942. It would have been very difficult for me to be for or against anything that happened in 1942.

      Best wishes,

  • Gary

    Perhaps impeachment should be considered in the case
    of a president, (who swore to protect and defend the
    constitution), not willing to uphold the constitution as
    it is written, and willfully, obstructs the law where it
    should be applied to protect (American Citizens).

    • s c

      Gary, read Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution. After you’ve read it, you’ll understand why The Anointed One and Holder have NO use for the Constitution – or free Americans. And, it will give you a clearer understanding why Arizona is being squeezed.

      • J.Michael

        Damn good point! I’m dumb-founded, this President, %$@##@#%^^$%%^! AARGH!!! He should be down there with a full force of arms. Public property is being destroyed and Americans are being shot.

    • Jerry D


    • Fay

      Obama is not worried about impeachment as he is not legal he can not be impeached but can be turned out of office and held for terriosm and I am sorry if some of My spelling is off the message shouldn’t be. to others out there quit correcting other peoples mistakes. You sound much like a teacher and school starts soon so correct the students mistakes. The idea here is to state how You feel about this article (Which I agree with) and what is going on in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I am from Arizona I believe in My Governor and all She and Sherriff Joe are trying to do. as well as most of the law enforcement Personel

    • Only in America

      You know Bush outed the CIA agent so buzz off with your so called loyalty.

      • Coservative at Birth

        What CIA agent are you refering to?

      • kenholtz

        excellent example of a non sequitur

      • dan of arizona

        WOW where do you get your info from comic books?

    • BrotherPatriot

      To impeach Obummer is to presume that he was a valid candidate. When the evidence is ALLOWED/FORCEABLY brought forward showing that he is not a Natural Born…(only 1 parent was, btw)…then as I said before, we need to give him the boot to the ASS.


  • glenda buck

    In response to JVR’s question – not only do I “honestly believe that Obama is worse than Bush in terms of ignoring the rule of law and seeking to establish a police state”, but so, apparently do the majority of aware Americans. Where have you spent the past 18 months if you can’t see this? Open your eyes and ears – though the mainstream media doesn’t report the swell of anti-Obama sentiment, all you need to do to know it is to talk to a neighbor!

    Look at the jobless rate, number of people on unemployment, loss of homes, etc. Do you really think Obama has improved ANY aspect of life in America? How can you continue to support a man who gets laws passed by way of threats and/or bribery that the majority of Americans are against?

    And the waste! How can you or anyone condone the horrific waste of millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayer money going to unnecessary Obama-appointed czars and minions, and to support his flamboyant lifestyle? The waste of this administration exceeds that of even the Clinton years by many times.

    Yes, this man is evil. He is both amoral and immoral, and is raping the taxpayers of America unlike anything ever before experienced in our country.

    • Jacque

      I think everyone in this wonderful country of ours needs to pray to God we can save our country before he totally destroys everything !!

  • http://john_s_fox@yahoo,.com JOHN S FOX WYTHEVILLE VIRGINIA 24382

    we need to limit the time a congressman or public official can stay
    in office. we need to stop our jobs from moving overseas. we need to get rid of all members of congress and the president and vice-president
    less just start over…..

    • Ellen

      Term limits — NOW

      • Al Sieber

        Yeah, one term in office, and 3 in prison.

        • dan of arizona

          you know if they just brought back lenchings they would probably straighten up

    • Coservative at Birth

      We have term limits now. It is called the ballot box. Let’s remove their cushy perks, such as lifetime salaries equal to their last after one term and their subsidized health care benefits.

      • JRC

        That would mean you have to vote them out after 2 four year terms…otherwise (after 8 years of service) they will have the full benefits and life time pay…..and you might as well keep them and let them do something for the money.

    • seeker1

      How about limiting the amount of moneys they make and stop them from raising their own salarys

  • http://YaHoo DRKHORSE

    I REALLY enjoyed this article.It is VERY thoughful and FACTUAL.Thank you sir for writing this as we should ALL read it over and over and FORWARD it to FRIEND’S and ENEMIE”S.You ARE a TRUE AMERICAN.

    • JRC

      NOT quite as factual as you may think, Bob did his own “twisting” of facts and insertion of 1/2 truth in it…nicely worded but still lies. Just make a list of all his claims and then take of your political and conspiratorial blinders and do some honest to God research. You will see that Bob is either miss informed ( could be) or he intentional twisted facts just enough to be an alarmist ….I call it intentional. It is to lie just a little and twist the facts just a little to appease his followers…it is as immoral as the actions of the federal government during the last 30 years…..but hey, do your research and come to your own conclusion…and like I said, take off your political (left or right) blinders that narrow your mind before you start.

      • Cameron

        If you UNTWIST something, you have to twist it in the opposite direction. You claim Mr. Livingston is “miss”(sic) informed, but I think it is YOU who are misinformed.

      • Jacque

        We do need to be alarmed, and what do you think has been happening, if he passes the Cap N trade Bill and allowing more and more illegals into the country. And how can we forget the wonderful Health Care he has passed…. Just wait till you have to pay more and more income tax to cover the health care that our country can’t afford to pay for and the list goes on and on…..

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear JRC,
        Cute trick. Now, name the distortions, point by point.
        Best wishes,

        • dan of arizona

          Come on bob you know thats not going to happen its a hit a run typical no brain liberal wont admit they were taken for a fool and they want to take out on the truth victims of there own demise

      • Animal

        alarmist? more like realist!

  • Rick Bowen

    You can argue all day about which party is worst. It stands that neither Dems or Repub’s have done the real will of the people in the past. The constant taxing away of our wealth and inflating away our retirements. There is the heart of our problems. We need to vote them all out and start with a clean slate. Turn our tax system into the fair tax of flat tax. Provide incentive for small business to grow. I have been in business for 25 years and its getting harder every year. We need to have control of our borders and term limits for congress. Now there is a starting point….

    • Bob Wire

      Who was Lee Atwater?


    obama belongs in his country of birth, kenya he is here to destroy the usa, as we have known it, and doing a good job of it

  • Jp

    Yep this is bull sh#*t! Arizona has the right to defend it’s self by enforcing laws already in place. What’s next, are we just going to open the borders? After all aren’t they being discriminatory? I believe this is the backlash from the last eight years of having the far right whackos screw things up. After all they too ignored congress did whatever they wanted. This country has become a cess pool for fools with wealth and massive herds of idiots. I think I need to find a nice little island…

  • ben kulp

    There never was a birth cert,Obama is a demon!
    THE CHIEF DEMON ??? Straight from Hell! ! !

  • Rick

    A strong and successful community organizer knows that he can control his masses with hand-outs and promises!

  • winperk

    I am glad that so many people are waking up to the fact that Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro is a dictater!

  • Harlan Bloom

    I was wondering what the going rate to buy a judge is nowdays in case one is needed. I saw a cartoon the other day when a national guard was being given his instructions. It said “don’t shoot anythng running south”. Makes sense to me.

    • Ellen

      If someone tries to kill me, I have a right to do whatever it takes to protect myself. The goons throwing rocks and injuring our Border Patrol members are trying to injure – or kill — our agents. The agents have the same rights I have — if I am attacked, I will shoot.

      • Craig

        Go home, sleep well.

  • Tim R

    What you have written is true, scary and brilliant. Why does the left refuse to see what is going on in this country…do they not have a clue or are they just so consumed with “Bush hatred” that they will sacrifice their (our) freedom for Socialism or worse. Barrack Obama certainly pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone who voted for him, thankfully I was not one. In the words of Rush Limbaugh, “How’s that HOPE AND CHANGE workin’ out for ya’.”

    And as for Nancy Pelosi, whom you didn’t speak of, she who promised to “drain the swamp that is the US Congress”…she has been unable, or unwilling, because she’s part of the scum that floats on the surface…with all due respect…(he writes with tongue-in-cheek).

    • Jerry D

      Tim, the Left knows exactly what it’s doing. They know what the results will be and it fits into their plans. I used to think they were stupid or crazy. I still believe they’re crazy, but like a fox. If we don’t get this country turned around, the America we once knew will be nothing more than a memory.

  • Harlan Bloom

    One more thing-what are we going to do when he rescinds the november elections?

    • Al Sieber

      Harlan, good point, I’ve been thinking the same thing.

    • Vic Bailey

      Walk up to him very politely, and SMACK THE CRAP out of him. Semper Fi.

      • dan of arizona

        I like bitch slap him better

  • Tomh0700

    Very Good and on point, Mr. Livingston! You are right, he (Obama)is just evil. I have no longer kept my silence, as I have often been guilty of doing. I am right now trying to educate and get my now young adult children as to what this “regime” is doing to our country and what is coming if we don’t wake up and turn this around quickly. More importantly, it will mean disaster for their generation if they do not get educated about this and get active. As I have said many times to both my children as well as friends and acquaintances, if we don’t wake up now, one day we will wake up and find ourselves under communist rule.

  • Lon Z

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country !

  • Nick D. Petrovich

    Unfortunately, Americans have been brain washed over the past 60 years into believing that bread and circuses are forever, and they have put into the White House an amoral Bill Clinton and now a marxist ideologue whose objective is to demolish American values and make America into a third world country. America is being invaded by the hordes of illigals, criminals and narcos while maintaning military bases all over the world, ivading soverein countries and killing their people under false premises.Now we are beginning to pay the price.


    Nick from Mexico

    • lampbearer

      Nick signed as “from Mexico”. Can I be the first to say that if Nick is not a citizen, he is one that I would gladly welcome as a LEGAL immigrant. He’s already better spoken and with more sense than many of my American-born countrymen. I’d also like to nominate that Carlos Aponte from Puerto Rico on America’s Got Talent — he seems to understand the American Dream.

      As a matter of fact, assuming that the economy isn’t trashed like it is now, I’d gladly welcome people who want to follow the law, are willing to ASSIMILATE — i.e. leave behind their political leanings of the country of their birth that OBVIOUSLY DO NOT WORK, learn our national language (ENGLISH) and do things OUR WAY — as I would do things their way in THEIR country.

      And now that we have touch screen voting machines we need to have a random civics test of 10 questions out of a possible 500 to pick from that flash on the screen before your vote is counted. If you don’t know which branch of government passes laws and can’t name even 1 amendment in the bill of rights, you have no business voting because you are just going to do damage.

  • Ronald Hughes

    Since the election of Franklin Roosevelt we have had forty two years of democratic rule and forty two years of republican rule. We had better “times” from Roosevelts rule untill Reagan was elected than any time in this nation.I don’t blame either party.I think one is as responsible as the other. Each spring most house wives have a house cleaning. I think that process is one hundred years over due for Washington D.C.This situation has not been brought on by Obama,as so many republicans would attempt to make you beleive.It is the product of the international bankers,the ones who killed the Kennedy brothers for trying to effect change in favor of the people. All presidents since then have taken their orders from the inter-national bankers.

    • Windowsca10

      Absolutely true. Reading these blogs is mind boggling – have any of you heard of Your anger toward one, who took on such an ongoing mess, being blamed for everything – what are you thinking? And as far as “Christianity” Is this how your beloved God would want to see you behaving? Aren’t you the same ones that believe God created all? Let God out of the box of confined thinking that is turning you into a hateful, fearful bunch. When Gandhi said ” I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are nothing like your Christ” it was this behavior he was speaking of.

      • eddie47d

        So true.

  • Jack

    Yes, Obozo and all those around him are EVIL. They are the worst kind of scum the world has to offer. How could any intelligent person have voted for this Maoist? He told everyone what he would do if elected and now that he is in power, I am not sure we can remove him, even with elections. I believe we must return to God if we are to survive.

  • Only in America

    Obama, standing up for the constitution in Arizona is the right thing to do. In-spite of some Americans naivety on what the constitution protects or doesn’t. It protects us from hunting down people for just being different. Like Hitler did with the jews or other discrimination. Just fix the laws on immigration and target all illegals. Of course, you have to pay taxes to have someone to hunt them down. The 9-11 terrorists came through CANADA. Atta was here legally till his visa expired. There are many here among us from many nations who have expired visas.

    Obama was wrong on the oil spill. Boycotting BP is stupid. This is a national issue of energy independence and how extreme do we have to go to get off foreign oil. Burning coal cleanly is some of the answer. Reducing carbon emissions may be. I thing we have tipped the balance already and it is to late to put the climate genie back in the bottle. So get used to much higher seas, warmer weather and climatic conditions that may change where and what crops may grow. Sure you can debate it but I think you miss the opportunity to fix or prevent it.

    New sources of energy solar, wind, zero point, solar waves of particles should be part of a national or global security program.

    Face it, medical care was not good before and something has to be done. But do you really think any thing good can be written into a law if one party wants to obstruct it and the lobbyists represent more influence than one man one vote. So you get more of the same.

    Now keep in mind supply siders if you don’t want to pay taxes then everything from libraries, schools, highways, military, VA benefits and welfare will go. So you can better spend your money and the government won’t waste it. What gets cut maybe what you found useful.

    Don’t complain about wall street or the bank failures if you supported decontrol of these entities. You got what you deserved.

    You can always vote them out. That is nothing new. Politicians expect to get voted out. The influence remains the same.

    • Craig

      Nobody is hunting anybody down for being different. Clean out your head gear. We are tired of people taking advantage of our generosity and disrespecting our laws. These people are ILLEGALS. Is that too big of a word for you to understand? This is nothing even close to what the Nazi’s did. Not even in the same solar system of similarity. And Oidiot is not upholding the constitution. He is not enforcing our immigration laws, so AZ has the right to protect itself. If he was upholding the constitution then he would not have shoved an unconstitutional health insurance mandate down our throats, or not going after unconstitutional sanctuary cities. The man despises the constitution because it a charter of negatives rights to him. It is a roadblock to his agenda.

  • Jerry D

    Bob, I would suggest that someone that is ammoral is even more dangerous that someone who is immoral. If someone is immoral, they do have boundaries and limits, albeit terribly skewed ones. Ammoral people have no limits. Anything goes that advances their agenda. They have no moral limits with which to deal.

  • Stutz

    Bob, Thanks for a thoughtful and wonderfully written article. You have again expressed my feelings better than I could have myself. Question is, when will folks like Doc Sarvis catch on catch a clue. Probably when it’s too late.

  • Peter

    Bob, you sound like this is a surprise to you? Why should it be a surprise to anyone? It has been written about for centuries, and it’s part of the ‘great falling away’ from Biblical truth, foretold in Revelation.
    Best thing to do about it? Buy gold, then get all of your friends…and enemies…saved! Because this BO, who has or had the appearance of a great hope for the US, has been revealed, only 2 weeks after his election, as an anti-Christian liar, by passing pro-abortion legislation, then allowing homosexuality in the military, as well as numerous other programs that have shown him to be not what he claims.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Christian extremist, or an ‘end times maniac’, just one who knows how to read, and who chooses to follow the narrow path.

    • eddie47d

      Peter; “buy gold”,are you a gold worshiper and put money before Christ? Is that a biblical truth? Gays have been in the military long before Obama. Pro-abortion legislations had been place long before Obama. That to some degree does make you an Christian extremists,but I will pray for you.

      • Peter

        Eddie47d, man you are off the planet!
        You don’t read what was written!
        Democrats have always supported abortion, I know that.
        What I was referring to was the FACT that BO claimed to be a Christian, yet one of his first acts was to re-approve the murder of the unborn.
        Gays have been (quietly, in the closet) serving in the military for years, true. BO just bought them out of the closet and said “Homosexuality is right for the military.” (or words to that effect). I’m reminded of the cartoon showing a gay soldier bemoaning that “I can’t shoot him, he’s too cute!”
        Regardless, the approval of abortion and homosexuality are not the hallmarks of a Christian. It’s not that we hate the people involved, and folks who shoot abortionists or beat up gays should suffer the full force of the law, because only God has the right to judge anybody. We actually hate the sin, not the sinner, and if that’s too difficult a concept for you, well all I can do is pray for your education.

        • Peter

          …and BTW, I don’t worship gold, but gold is real and tangible, especially in times of financial turmoil. The current economic systems are utterly devoid of any basis in reality. They are all based on notional ideas of worth for invented capital structures. The emperor has been naked ever since the gold standard was removed, and nobody wants to admit it.
          I worship God and use gold, not the other way around!

  • Bob Wire

    >>”That’s because the rule of law is dead in America. Now we have the rule of man—or government agency. The rule of man—or government agency—is a rule of Evil because it knows only the moral bounds of those making the rules.”<<

    Hmm? That's the way it's always been ! Nothing is new and nothing has changed. ~

    Man is moral and bound inside the framework of his mortality. It is his rules and his laws that address , serve and protect him a$$ets.

    It is man's soul that God laws address and this is for you to chose to accept.

    Being moral alone has little to do with "creating evil" ~ evil is the absence of the light and the way and for man to choice ~ as it's always been.

    You need to Trust me on this one ~ the rule of law is not dead in America and evil only exist in the voids of Godliness.



    • Ellen

      Hitler also blamed the Jews. Wake up.

      • Al Sieber

        Ellen, Hitler blamed the Zionists, and from there it gets complicated.

      • Cameron

        Hitler was half-Jewish. He was the illegitimate child of a Jewish servant girl who was raped by her Austrian boss. We don’t know if el Presidente Obama is illegitimate or not because like his birth certificate, his parents’ marriage license has not been seen. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

        • eddie47d

          And you are helping to stoke the fires!

    • Al Sieber

      John, you’re right. they are Zionists, all Zionists are Jews, but all Jews aren’t Zionists. the true Jew follows the Torah, not the Talmud. there are Christian Zionists also.

      • Bob Wire


        All drunks are not painters but all painters are drunks

        sadly accurate

        • Al Sieber

          BW, you mean a painter like Hitler?

  • Tilde A.S.

    Obama is just a liberal leader with mission and vision for US but some republicans who nearly collapsed not only US as a country and her economy but also brought the devilish world financial crises, are just giving dog bad name in trying to hang him. what US need for now and what Obama is exactly trying to do, is to make more friends in the world against the enemity and haterate established by the republicans…

    • Cameron

      Another product of public schools or an alien who hasn’t mastered the English language yet, take your pick. If it’s the second, it’s because he doesn’t expect English to be the “official” language of the US much longer.

    • Coservative at Birth

      The colapse of the financial markets was brought about by the revocation of the Glass Steagal act of 1933 in 1998 by Bill Clinton and the Congress, and the dusting off and insistence by the Clinton Administration that we loan money to people not qualified to repay it. I warned many people of the economic bust that was on the horizon as early as 1999. They foolishly ignored my warnings.

      • Bob Wire

        I was thinking it was because of Noah’s flood!

  • PatriotBob


    I think this is our boy Barack’s slogan…………

    He NEVER compliments or praises the working people in this country……….Only the deadbeats and the entitlement bunch. In another words, those who blindly follow him and question nothing. You know like NBC,ABC, MSNBC,and CBS and lets not forget the Democratic Congress. Anyone who questions his policies and intentions is gonna get a beating. Statements like “reading line for line” and “maintaining transparency” and now, we the people should not demagogue or politicize a national problem. It’s like reliving an old version of MAD magazine!

    • Ellen

      Now we have President who is waging war on FOX News. Do not remember when a President took on a News Program. He keeps attacking them, while their ratings increase daily, with more listeners than all the other supposed news programs combined, whose ratings decline daily. Obama does not understand how anyone would dare to question or disagree with him. Let us really “drain the swamp” come November. A good start would be getting rid of Reid and Pelosi.

      • seeker1


    • eddie47d

      I heard Obama praising working Americans on NBC yesterday. Where do you all come up with your spin?

      • Craig

        He only just now praised them after these many months of people criticizing him for not praising them. He is a lying, dishonest, arrogant, low class pandering clown.

  • http://aol judy macneal


    Vote them all out in NOVEMBER then vote the president out in 2012!!!!

    • Ellen


    • Ray

      I speculate that the “Chicago Thug” has assembled a team to create such anger among the citizens of the United States that they will have small revolts just in time to justify the declaration of martial law and “logically” suspend the 2012 elections. Note the number of letters above that say “vote them out”. Obama can’t take that chance. He is using our established law against us while mandating whatever he needs to anger the citizens. I believe we are going to see our first military coup d’etat before then.

      • Cameron

        NOW does everyone understand the TRUE reason why Liberals are so vehemently opposed to the Second Amendment? It is what ensures the rest of the Amendments will be honored, or somewhat honored. If the right to keep and bear arms disappears so will the ability to vote Liberals out of office and Jimmy Carter will be observing elections in America to tell the rest of the world how fair they are! Our only hope would be that the majority of our military would honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  • Darrell Russell

    It is unfortunet that this man is in the position he is in. But this was well calculated and orchestrated in the many organizations that supported this (MASSIA in their eyes).
    Hopefully Nov. will not be to late but then there is the lame duck session yet to endure and no one knows what this congress will attempt to do not only further this agenda and show scorn for the people for voting them out of office.
    I am afraid that the majority of the voters who voted for this man have little to know education and are willing to do any thing for a carton of cigarettes or a six pack of beer.

    • Ellen

      Right — my advice to the Government — STAY OUT OF MY LIFE. I am reminded of Raegan’s comments — The scariest words one can hear — “I am from the government and I am here to help.”

  • Jimo

    Good article! You included a lot of solid points regarding the bad decisions made by our elected officials. They’re out to protect their interests and in that I mean make money for those industries who helped put them in office. They forget who buys they products or services.

    Yet the one thing I couldn’t get out of my head while reading your article was that much the same applied to the last administration. My point is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Republican or Democrat or even a Tea Party member – it’s the person and their interests. It up to us, the American People, to straighten out this mess by putting people in office who care about the people and the country – not the their pockets or the bank accounts of their special interest.

    So matter what party line you vote with – take a good hard look at the candidate. And don’t fall for their “two months before elections – I promise you the world” nonsense.

    I final word – every Senator, every Congressperson that is in office today should be replaced. Because even if they didn’t preform corruptly, they allowed it to go on around them. Out with the old – in with the caring!

    • JRC

      I like Bob’s articles even though he does twist the truth a lot and lies in order to appease the right.
      Bob would have far more followers and more people would read his blogs if he would stick to “facts” and scientific principles and not twist them to create fear and stir up the masses.
      His basic message is potent enough and would convince many…but a lot of people look at his lies and half truths and disregard the rest of the message. My advice to Bob, do some research, stay away from lies and 1/2 truth and just try to get your message across without embellishments and fear mongering…it will do a lot more good for the cause.

      • eddie47d

        JRC; Here,here!

    • Cameron

      Power corrupts, and (perceived) absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Jacque

    Most Americans by now are well aware of what Obama is trying to do to the people of this nation; no one is doing much of anything about it perhaps beyond demonstrating peacefully in our streets in the hope that the perpetrators of Obama’s agenda will be voted out of office in November. Having worked on one Recount, there is no doubt in my mind that the last five elections were rigged. The winners have all been members of The New World Order. Obama is already planning to control all subsequent elections. The system of disenfranchisement has been honed to a science over the years and I will be very surprised if voters will succeed in cleaning house in 2010 and 2012. Meanwhile, we are sitting on our hands. Waiting.

    • Raggs

      I’m not so sure about November… You have to realize the corruption we are dealing with….

      Good article..
      However there are some points that have been left out..
      1st the financial reform will give the government complete access to your bank account and credit cards, It’s just a matter of time before they will tell you what and when to buy. refer to revalations.. look up RFID chipsets.

      2nd the next invented crisis by the government will destroy our second admendment… this will cause choas and civil unrest… look up FEMA camps… The prisons are already over crowded, so for the millions that refuse to be inslaved by the government will have a place to go…

      3rd fraud at the polls… (it speaks for itself)…

      • eddie47d

        I believe you are inventing crises or at least enhancing them.

  • http://none John E.

    You are all wrong, he is a radical Islamic Muslim bent on fulfilling their agenda and quota. I feel the same way that most of you do, LOCK and LOAD but first I think that all Americans should send a hand written letter stating what Americans feel to the White House, all our Senators, Congressmen, House of Representatives in our state and federal agencies and sign your name with your address and phone number. Do not be soft spoken, speak out LOUD so that they can hear, if there are enough letters flooding the agencies, some one will have to listen. Writting these comments WILL NOT get the job done.
    I have done it, I am on their watch list but if everyone does what I am asking, their won’t be enough of them to watch us all. Then if that does not get the job done then it is time for a full pledged Revolution to save our Republic.
    Remember the quote by Edmund Burke;
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    God Bless America and God Save the Republic.

  • jimster

    Finely someones says the truth

    • JRC

      Take a piece of paper, write down all the claims Bob made, remove your political blinders (left or right) and then go and research each of the points…then tell me if you still think the same way.

      NOBODY should ever take someone else words and comments…unchecked…and repeat them or believe them…unless of course you want to be a sheep that does not think and just follows along.

  • Marilyn

    Not until the 2nd Amendment is destroyed/re-written by Obama and his cronies will there be a revolution within the United States. That is when The People will rise up and say Enough is Enough. We have enough pro-gun people who will take action.

    Tax increases will wipe out most Americans, rich and poor. Watch the stock market go to pieces once tax increases begin. All of the Obama “progressive” programs that have been shoved down educated American’s throats should have been halted by our voted Congress men and women. Pelosi must have been promised a thousand virgin men in heaven! Those who allowed Obama’s outragious programs/desires should be tarred and feathered and removed from Washington DC. Shariah Law will end America as we know it. Radical Islmism is prevalent right here in the United States. No one has bothered to stop it. Now, the Muslims want to build a damn Victory Mosque near 9/11. I say declare the entire area a National Battle Ground, then the Mosque cannot be built! Let the Muslims build their Victory Mosque somewhere else on their own land.

    Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ locked up 40,000 illegals and ICE will not take the illegals so are the illegals put back on the streets to keep murdering and raping Arizona’s citizens and other illegal Mexicans?

    Impeachment of Obama should have started in January 2009. He had just enough time to show his true agenda and we, the people, allowed him to stay seated in the White House along with his Socialist Democratic Congress. I actually pray for Obama and ask God to lead him instead of the Radical Muslims. Fascism/Socialism is not welcome in the United States by Real American Citizens. Shariah Law should NEVER be permitted!

    If Obama’s agenda is considered “Recovery” then I want to know what Intimidation means. To Obama, I give a crotch salute as he leaves the White House. To our Socialist democratic and turn-coat Republican Congress, I give a grand farewell each November.

    In November 2010, For Governor, There are 6 GOP Incumbents, 7 Democrat Incumbents, 12 GOP Open Seats, and 12 Democrat open Seats. That’s a good place to continue turning our country back to normalcy.

    • seeker1


  • Rex

    Hellllllooooooooo!!!!! Wake up sheeple, don’t you all realize that the New World Order (NWO) is being erected right before our very eyes? When government passes laws that are contrary to the Constitution it should be evident that we no longer live in what used to be called “America.” America has been hijacked! The leaders we now have, have hijacked this government. They do what they want and are taking the money from the poor and redistributing the wealth amongst themselves. We live in a time probably unprecedented of anytime in history. Everything that is going on is by design. The next 9/11 is the financial collapse of the American dollar and lifestyle. And, you know what? It’s all being done right under our noses. When a disease, plague, or unruly so-called leaders are about to take down their victims their schemes and agendas come out into the open and they don’t care who knows. This is what’s happening, once they clamp their agenda upon the sheeple then the NWO will emerge. What can we as a people do about it? Nothing! Why?! Because too many people are too concerned about who is going to be the next American Idol, or what next electronic gaget they’re going to buy. Or how they’re going to win in the games they play on the internet or play at home. America and the people of the world are distracted and the Wall Street and the hijacked American government knows this. They’re not afraid of the politicians running for office. They’re paid off or will be.

    Have you ever wondered why there are Christian Churches nearly on every corner in America, yet this country is rotting to the core? That should tell you that this so-called institution called Christianity is not what it is cracked up to be. Millions of Americans go to church on Sunday yet this country is rotting and is putrid in the nostrils of the Most High. America/Christianity rejects the Laws of God, natural disasters strike us nearly everyday. Yet people continue in their zombie like ways. Give me more entertainments and food so that I can stuff myself even more.

    Wake up America! You have been duped! Not only by the political realms but by the entertainment, and religious realsm. Repent American and the world, cast off your evil ways and return to the Torah of the Most High and get redemption through the Son of God, Yeshua. Do this before it’s too late! If you wish to talk about this emamil me at Thank you for reading this, Rex

    • http://none John E.

      I think your lost Rex, mabe you should search a little longer.

    • TodayMattersTomorrowToo

      You are right, Rex. Remember, those without understanding will not understand.

    • Tru Blue American

      Rex – - – You are right on! Only the guidance of the Holy Spirit speaking to the redeemed will give real wisdom.
      The wisdom of man is mere foolishness to God! Christ is the answer for even fools!

  • J. Patrick Wills

    The BVM warned in 1917 (Fatima Message) appearance to three children, what would come from the Russian (Marxist) revolution ..that, unless the Church acted to consecrate Russia to her for ‘conversion’ (return to Christianity), then this (communist) ‘error’ would spread throughout the world, which is where we find ourselves today. Worse still .. the rising threat of Islam, now marching to subject humanity too their darkness .. “having become as blind leaders” – Jesus (“Sin is insanity” – BVM, MCOG)

    MacArthur warned at the end of the war: “We have had our last chance ..” With the above two scourges in combined ‘blindness’.. will bring about what Christ prophetized: “Think ye I’ll find faith on the earth when I return?”

  • Mark

    Power to the people has become power to one person. We the people are
    who pays the people in government [OUR EMPLOYEES]and like any job someone has, if it’s not done properly then we as [EMPLOYERS] fire these
    [EMPLOYEES]. THAT IS THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE: SO WAKE UP AMERICA and rid the work place of this garbage.

  • Lloyd Revalee

    Unles you have already decided that Obama is the sole p;ower of our government, a dictator who makes all rules and laws, you should put the blame onthose who are really responsible. CONGRESS!!!!! The very people we have selected to protect us and insure that the provisions of OUR Constitution are followed. The fiest part of the Constitution, Article l, Section 1. states “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of The United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” Congress has the responsibility and the authority to enforce all aspects of our government, therefore controlling what the President is allowed to do. The President’s responsibility ad authority is to enforces those laws that OUR Congress inacts. Let Congress know that you expect them to do what you sent them to Washington for. Protect the American people, not those invaders fromother countries.

    • Raggs

      Yeah sure…. That worked real well for the past two years when everything was done behind closed doors by the democrats,

    • Tom Moses

      Congress is ceding over their legislative power to the Executive branch. Congress does not care if they get re-elected, the cooperative members will all be future members of the House of Obama. In the House of obama, the only approval needed to make a law is obama. The left has already taken control of the court system. There is no checks and balance left except for the 2nd amendment, and this is the battle obama is looking for!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Marlon Folden

    The border problem will ultimately lead to the downfall of the Unted States. It’s not a matter of if, but when we will get hit with some kinda dirty bomb that an OTM brings across the border and uses to kill a couple hundred thousand Americans. Then watch the economy really impload and the real revolution will begin. Bye Bye Miss American Pie!!! That will be when people start pulling their heads outta the sand, but it will be too late… anarchy will commence. So all you good little liberals out there, take heed & just remember “I told you so”!!!

    • eddie47d

      The border is a problem and it is being worked on. The more urgent problem is on the other side in Mexico. There are many good people in Mexico but their government is rotten to the core. Their police and military are corrupt little cowards. Until they all get out of bed with the drug cartels nothing will change.

  • Jack

    The time is approaching for every law abiding citizen of all colors to decide. Fox broadcasts projections Progressives will lose the House and many Senate seats in November. When that doesn’t come to pass what then? Amnesty will be next and all of the Mexicans will ensure the reelection of Barry just like the 90% of blacks who voted for him the first time. I have proposed by my actions and words equality for all legal citizens in America since MLK. The question for all people of color is where does you loyalty reside–with your race or the constitution of America. The question white/Caucasian people need to ask themselves is are you going to defend the constitution and rule of all law in America in the face of all tyrants of any color or foreign power or are you go to submit. Many Christians have known this day was coming but no one really wants to face the reality of what’s happening.

    Think back to the day before 9/11 and what your everyday life was like. Everyday since you thought life in America would get better. But it hasn’t not even with Bush. The improvement was based on perceived security from another attack but the economy never really got back to normal. If you would start a diary or keep a visual milestone chart of news events you will see its always something and it always gets worse. Never better. Bill and Shawn’s ratings may be great and they can talk every day and night but they too are members of the elite and are doing their biding. We have already been taken over. Our only hope is the American military. That’s why Barry stated and Fox reported that his goal is a civilian army greater in size and power than the current American military.

    Finally, the first time I heard Barry speak I called a friend and told them that if he ever speaks to the America people he will be elected the next President. He has the power of the spoken word –the ability to read from a TelePrompTer. If you think you are all in trouble now what do you think will happen when the real antichrist shows up and begins to solve all the problems of the world? All of you will be duped.

    MLK taught you there is safety in numbers as law abiding citizens of America. The civil rights movement was not armed they took a hell of a beating and biting dogs and water cannons. They placed their fate in the hands of God.

    We need to appeal to any remaining democrats and republicans to declare they are setting aside their political affiliation and to remove Barry legally from office. Then we need to come together as Americans of all races one nation under God of many religions and embrace the constitution and the rule of law.

  • Tom Moses

    Thanks Bob,
    Very precise article, and there is no better description than “Axis odf Evil”.
    Sometimes i think Obama wants us all to feel the agony of the oppressed. But, wouldn’t be better if we all including the oppressed feel the joys of liberty & prosperity. I fear these policies are leading the world back into war.

  • flash

    Our biggest problem is not Barack HUSSEIN Obama. The gargantuan issue we face is that a majority voted him into office. These voters either agreed with his ideology, didn’t take the time to investigate him or knew they would be better off financially with him as president through social program handouts and union bailouts. These voters are still here and if HUSSEIN has his way, he will add tens of millions of voters to his ranks through amnesty under the cloak of comprehensive immigration reform!


    “I say what I mean and mean what I say”
    “ Promises made-Promises kept”
    “When I make up my mind it stays made up”
    “I do not take cues from anyone”
    “You can’t say one thing and do another”
    “Trust me I’m a straight shooter”
    “I’m the commander, I don’t need to explain, I do not need to explain why I do things”
    “I need a WAR to be a successful president”
    ”I’m the War President”
    “I’m the Peace President”
    “A Leader never admits mistakes”
    “I’m the Decider and I decide what is best”. God Bless the King!
    “Lucky Me, I hit the Trifecta”
    “God told me to attack the terrorists in Iraq to keep them from attacking us”.
    Exact words of Hitler except he said Poland not Iraq.
    “I’m a Recovering Drunk” said Bush. Judy Keen USA Today12-29-05
    ‘There is no point in discussing the pros and cons of the war”

    “You know what I’m gonna tell those Jews when I get to Israel don’t you Herman?
    I’m telling em they are all going to Hell”. Ken Herman Austin reporter.



    1.Osama Bin Laden is my number one priority. (at least this week)

    2. We need an Office of Strategic Influence (Next decade maybe)

    3. I will follow the UN Resolution as long as it takes-10-27-02
    10-31-02—The UN needs to act now
    2-13-03—The UN needs to show courage (like I did during Vietnam.)

    4. I am a strong believer in Fair Trade—(except steel and softwood lumber) (votes first)

    Ed Crane—Co-Founder and President of The Cato Institute-“Everything this
    Administration does is political”

    5. We do not need for the Homeland Security Department to be a Cabinet position.
    I made up my mind on it. Boston Globe—6-9-02 “Bush Flip Flop”

    6. I will get Osama Bin Laden “Dead or Alive”—(go get em cowboy)—5-13-02-(“I don’t know where he is, I have no idea and I really don’t care.) (It’s not that important. It’s not out first priority”) (“I say what I mean”). (“When I make up my mind it stays made up”).

    7. I will use the bully pulpit with OPEC. (Sic em bulldog my gas now 4.00 per gallon)
    Supply went down and Prices went up and (“This is just the Free Market at Work”)

    8. I will never apologize to the Chinese for “stealing our plane”. Please guys! Be nice.
    Return our plane. “I regret it” was later comment.

    9. I mean what I say—“We can expect an attack”. Each month warning. When BOY?
    Forced Security Head to Post Orange Alert when poll ratings fell. No posts after reelection? Why? Terrorists suddenly disappeared?

    10. Wash. Post-2-8-03—Bush seeking a promise from IRAN (Evil) for humanitarian help
    in event a slaughter is done in Afghan. (Sounds like Reagan?)

    11. NYT-1-23-03—Bush (Man of steel will) “rescinding” old policy and implementing a new policy that allows managed care organizations to limit and restrict coverage of emergency services for poor people on Medicaid. This was after criticizing HMOs for refusal to allow treatment. If this is a Devout Christian I am Jesus Christ.

    12. We will not negotiate with North Korea. Wash Post 1-16-03—Bush is now willing to consider agricultural and energy aid. (Hold on! This is EVIL of axis)

    13.Individual investors who borrow money to buy dividend-paying stocks should be penalized. (Gosh! What did I say—I did not mean it) NYT 2-5-03

    14. I mean what I say until yelling starts. Military pay increase of 2% then 4%.
    Stars & Stripes-12-30-02—Bush asked Defense Dept. to lower the announced pay raise for the military from 3.7% to 2%. Congress finally got 4 in 2004 budget.

    “I am tired of all the Lying and Deception”—Amen! Halleluiah! Then stop it Boy.

    15.I mean what I say—I am the education president. Please. First budget increased by 1.5% which had averaged 5% increase per year over five years. (Sounds like Clinton was the educated educator to me.)

    16.Wash Post-12-2-02—In June 2002 Bush promised 500 Million to fight mother-child transmission of Aids . In Aug he vetoed the first transfer of the 500 million. In 111 days since his promise 222,000 babies have been infected with Aids. (I wonder if Jesus Christ is tossing in his bed)

    17.“Secretary O’Neill is doing a good job. The economy is improving. I have faith in him”. (Your faith lasts two weeks boy then fire him)

    18.The Homeland Security Bio-Terrorism Bill is too expensive. I will veto it. An Ok is not a veto boy.
    (I mean what I say” but maybe I will not this time.)

    19. I do not approve of an Independent Investigation of 9-11. (“I mean what I say” but—yelling is too loud).

    20.I am against international money laundering controls. (9-11—“I changed my steel mind”) They may catch daddy.

    21.We will have major social security changes. Wash Post. 11-11-01—Andrew Card on Meet the Press on 11-10-02 “I am not sure we will reform it” This was a Centerpiece of his campaign..

    22.-12-30-02—We will not tolerate a North Korean nuclear arsenal. (Act nice guys if you want our $$$)

    23.We do not hit civilian targets(in Afghan). There is no evidence. (Red Cross building not civilian—Veterans Hospital is military—Warlord Party heading to Kabul to celebrate was armed with .22 rifles—Wedding Party was violent and firing in the air at our planes 20,000 feet above them)

    24.Wash Posr-11-15-02—“If you are not happy with the administration’s policy toward Iraq at any given moment just wait a week or two. A new policy, more to your liking, is bound to appear”.

    A. Go it alone week
    B. Let us wait for UN week
    C. “Regime change” is goal
    D. remove wmd is goal
    E. Secretary of State is nor speaking for the president
    F. Attorney General is not speaking for the administration.
    G. I am sick and tired of this waffling and waiting.

    25.Steel Tariff—I really did not mean that much. I angered some people. Reduce it.
    (When I make up my mind it stays made up)

    26.Carbon Dioxide is a power plant pollutant I will control.. (Oh! It will be too costly to my energy contributors so forget it suckers—cough cough)

    27.Reuters-6-26-02—‘I have confidence in the Palestinians when they understand we are saying they must make the right decisions”—“I can assure you we will not be putting money into a society which is not transparent and which is corrupt”.
    (Was he referring to his administration? Sounds like it—transparent—corrupt)

    28.I am against human cloning in any form. (well, not quite “any”)

    29.“I knew nothing about dangers of 9-11”. Eight months later. “I knew a damn bunch (but I was too busy on Vacation and looking for more to blame on that President who stomped my dad. Darn it is tough being dumb, inarticulate and following such a brain and great success)

    30.“I am in excellent physical condition.” (Darn, staying up till midnight in Paris zapped all my energy—Boy—try conditioning your mind))

    31.I am on top of everything. (Why did you say twice on TV—“I am not in control the Pentagon is running the War (Afghan)—You have a White House base—same as Al Qaeda. Only more secretive)

    32.I will veto bill increasing benefits for disabled military retirees (Yep! He was war hero.. 6-20-02 in Wash Post. I do not change my mind. Until 2004 Budget).

    33.-6-14-02—released 23,653 of ”cherry picked” Reagan papers after refusing to do it. “When I make up my mind it stays made up” Is this BOY real ?”

    34.I mean what I say—‘I will provide 100 million to help preserve the Rain Forest” 12M is not 100. And he has MBA.

    35.Budgeted funds for his dad’s Crusader cannon then demanded that Congress kill the big sucker.

    36. Airline Security is very important to me. Then, why did you fight so hard to keep guns out of cockpits? Why did you ignore Al Gore Study on airline security?

    37.Barred part-time Mexican and Canadian students from U.S. schools after 9-11. Then, after howls reversed his decision. “When I make up my mind”

    38.Simon (candidate for Gov. of California). “He is a breath of fresh air.”
    Bush sho hated that California Smog for he avoided Simon while in his presence.

    39.“I will not engage in bailing out countries.” 30 billion to Brazil just a tip?

    40.NY Times-Richard Stevenson-2-14-03—“Bush eases Ban on AIDS money to pro-abortion groups abroad.What will he tell Falwell?

    41.-March 6—“We will call for a UN Security Council vote.” Geo. Bush
    March 13—“There may be no vote” Colin Powell
    NY TIMES-“Bush promises to adopt peace plan”. The Guardian-“Bush reversed his previous insistence that the Middle East Peace effort must wait till after Iraq SLAUGHTERAMA

    42.NY TIMES–Edmund L. Andrwews-2-26-03—Less than a month after President Bush proposed a radical overhaul and expansion of individual retirement and savings account the White House has abandoned their idea. (“When I make up my mind it stays made up”) (“Promises made promises kept”) (“I say what I mean and mean what I say”)


    43. NY Times-Patrick e. Tyler-5-17-03—“In reversal, plan for Iraqi self rule by June 1 put off indefinitely. “When I make up my mind(scorched?) it stays made up”? Sho!

    44.BIG WAFFLE—Washington Post-8-19-03-Dana Milbank & Bradley Graham—
    “Bush revises view on combat in Iraq”.—May I on USS Desertion he said– “Combat Operations are over”.. Now—“Actually, Major military operations continue because we still have combat operations going on”. Is this boy of scorched brain or what?

    45. TEACH FOR AMERICA PROGRAM ZAPPED BY BUSH. I am pissed off. Big time. In 2000 campaign Bush promised President Wendy Koop to expand it. His aides asked President Wendy Koop to quadruple it. . On July 11,2003 she got a letter “We regret to inform you your application was not selected for funding”. Gone. Zapped totally. Bush is one of sorriest not just worst in history. Read TIME—8-17-03. Joe Klein article headed “WHO KILLED TEACH FOR AMERICA”? Sorry, but I am so furious I have difficulty writing. I do not like to curse but xxxxxxx.

    45.OBL not priority or is he?

    A 9-13-01—“The most important thing is for us to find Osama Bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him”.
    B. 9-17-01—I want justice. Wanted :Dead or alive.”

    C 12-28-01—“Listen awhile ago I said to the American people our objective is more than Bin Laden—Press pool in chapel on ranch

    D. 3-13-02 “I am truly not that concerned about him. ”The New American 4-8-02

    E. 3-13-02—“I don’t know where Bin Laden is. I have no idea and I really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” Wow!

    46. Bush told bob Woodward in his book “Bush War” that “he didn’t feel that sense of urgency” about Al Qaeda prior to 9-11”. Now claims had great sense of urgency.

    47.Nov 2003 Bush made highly touted speech about spreading democracy in the entire Middle East. NYT reported he backed away after it was denounced by Egypt Mubarak and Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

    48. 2-2-04 Budget Director Bolton-“we will not need additional funds for 04.”
    5-5-04 Bush “I am requesting that Congress establish a 25 Billion contingency reserve ”

    49. 3-9-04 Press Secretary McClellan-“Condoleeza Rice will not testify before 9-11 commission it is matter of principle.” President Bush on 3-30-94 “Dr. Rice will testify.”

    50. 3-19-02 Ari Fleischer-“Creating a Cabinet Office will not solve the problem.”
    6-6-02 President Bush “Tonight I ask the Congress to join me in creating a single permanent department securing the homeland of America.”

    51. NYT 1-29-04 “Bush resists outside investigation on WMD intelligence failure.”
    2-6-04 Bush “Today, by executive order, I am creating an independent commission, to look at American intelligence capabilities.”

    52. Wash Post-1-19-04-“Bush opposes extension of time for 9-11 commission.”
    CNN-2-4-04—“Bush supports time extension for 9-11 commission.”

    53.NY Times 2-26-04-Bush limits testimony to one hour.”
    Spokesman McClellan-3-10-04 “Bush sets no time limit for testimony.”

    54.Larry King Live 2-15-00 Bush says Gay Marriage is a state issue.
    2-24-04-Bush “Today I call upon the Congress to promptly pass, an amendment to our constitution defining andprot4cting marriage as a union of a man and woman as husband and wife.”

    55. 3-6-03 Bush vows to have a UN vote no matter what 3-18-03-Wash Post-“Bush withdraws request for UN vote.”

    56. Columbia Journalism Review—Bush vetoed Patients Bill Of Rights as Governor but boasted how he got it passed. Now, flip flop to double straddle. He touted the Texas law as super duper.
    When a challenge to the Texas Law went before Supreme Court Bush joined with two HMO’s in opposing the law. Could it be because the HMO’s are Pioneers in his campaign. Doesn’t this man have any honor or integrity?

    57.Remove troops from Korea. A proposal by Cheney. Bush on 3-13-02 “There is no question we have obligations around the world, which we will keep. There is a major obligation for the 37,000 troops in South Korea. It is an obligation that is an important obligation. I know it is important and we will keep that obligation.
    US Newswire-8-19-04.

    58. Speech in Michigan 8-16-04—“We have got to use our resources wisely, like water
    It starts with keeping the Great Lakes water in the Great Lakes Basin.. My position is clear : we are never going to allow diversion of Great Lakes water.”
    Per Associated Press in July 2001 Bush said “I want to talk to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien about piping Great Lakes water to the west and southwest. A lot of people don’t need the water, but when you head South and West, we do need it.”
    AP 7-19-01—White House release 7-17-01 “remarks by the President in Roundtable interview with Foreign Press.

    59. Cheney in Elko, Nevada 8-14-04 “Kerry recommended sensitivity for terrorists. No war was ever won by sensitivity”. Interview with Hugh Hewitt—8-12-04—“From the standpoint of the shrine (Najah), obviously it is a sensitive area, and we are very much aware of it’s sensitivity.” The Daily Howler-8-17-04

    60. NY Times-8-31-04—
    April 13,2004—“Can you ever win the war on terror? Of course you can.”
    July 19,2004—-“I have a clear vision and a strategy to win the war on terror.”
    August 30,2004—“I don’t think you can win the war on terror”
    “I say what I Mean and Mean what I say”
    “When I make up my mind it stays made up.”

    61. March 5,2000—on CBS Face the Nation—Independent group attacking his opponent John McCain—Bush said: ‘That is what freedom of speech is all about. People have the right to do what they want to do, under the-under the First Amendment in America.

    August 23,2004 Bush said: “the practice of independent groups to run smear ads is bad for the system. They should be banned. ”Never heard of Swift Boat?

    62. Bush said over and over in late 2005—“I will veto the McCain Bill on Torture”
    The Bill passed overwhelmingly in Congress and old –“When I make up my Mind it stays made up” –said “This is a great bill and I will sign it”.

    63. Many times Bush stated “I will not negotiate with terrorists”. Many times he called Iraq insurgents “terrorists”. Newsweek-2-6-06—Military leaders admit they are in negotiations with “Insurgents”.
    Ho! Hum! Just another day in Bush Waffle House.

    64. Speech in LA—Belliaco—Peter Fredson—4-24-06
    Bush—“I know people here are suffering at the gas pump. I feel your pain. I Pledge to the people here f I find any price gouging it will be dealt with firmly

    He did not note the simple obvious. Exxon demand is down but PROFITS are at all time high for any corporation.

    65. National Anthem in Spanish—Bush says it is wrong. In 2001 Campaign he had singers sing it in Spanish and applauded them.
    “When I make up my mind it stays made up.”

    66. “A leader never Admits mistakes”
    Press conference with Blair in 6-06 Is he normal?
    “I regret saying “Bring Em On” and “Get OBL Dead Or Alive”

    67. 4-9-99-Bush said-“Victory means exit strategy and it’s important for the president to tell us what the strategy is”
    6-5-99—Bush said—“I think it’s also important to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn”
    6-24-95—Bush said—“It doesn’t make any sense to have a timetable. You know, if you give a timetable you’re-you’re conceding too much to the enemy”.
    “I say what I Mean and Mean what I say”. Moogumboo.
    68. Bush at Twin Towers—“I take a sacred vow that we will never stop looking for Osama Bin Laden”
    7-5-06—Osama Bin Laden Search Group disbanded by Bush.
    (I say what I Mean and Mean what I say
    69.Bush Press Conference on Lebanon crisis—8-06-Chris Elliott seaboard on line
    ”I’m not prejudiced. As a matter of fact Dick Cheney’s daughter is Lebanese. I think a marriage should be between a man and a woman not a woman and a man.” So clear George! Snort! Snort!
    70. Interview by Couric with Bush on 9-7-06 and Bush said-“One of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq with the war on terrorism”. Lordie! Is he sane? The only connection was his manufactured one to sell the Iraq slaughterama. Records show only 2% of those captured or killed in Iraq were non-residents of Iraq. 98% Freedom Fighters and/or Civil Warriors.
    71. “The buldge on my back in Kerry Debate was ill-fitting suit”. Not so Said NASA Photo expert. A Box.
    No so said ItalianTailor who made the suit. “It fit perfectly”.
    72. Told Wolf Blitzer on 9-20-06 I would “absolutely send troops into Pakistan to find OBL.” Week ago said he would not without Pakistan permission since it is a sovereign nation. Trust me. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Sometimes.
    73.Bartcop-9-28-06 Bush said in the interview ”If the terrorists weren’t in Iraq, they would find some other excuse, because they have ambitions”. This an adult speaking? Fourth grader!

    #73 is almost beyond comprehension.

    73. Unbelievable-Unreal—He said it—Interview with G. Stephanopoulos week 10-22-06—“James Baker plan is to develop a strategy between– “STAY THE COURSE”– and “cut and run”? Bush Reply—“We’ve never been about “STAY THE COURSE”.
    Tell me he is sober! Please. —“STAY THE COURSE” –has been his frequent chant.– 5-5-04—But we will STAY THE COURSE 4-16-04—That’s why we’re going to “STAY THE COURSE”—4-13-04—“and my message today to those in Iraq “WE’LL STAY THE COURSE”
    –8-4-05—“WE WILL STAY THE COURSE”. We will complete the job in Iraq”—8-30-06—“WE WILL STAY THE COURSE”—
    details at think It is hard to accept he is not mentally deranged.
    74. WE DON’T TORTURE—why are our soldiers being convicted of it. Bush has been six years of mental torture to the people.
    75. 11-13-06 “People who hate us. They hate the idea that somebody can go buy a home”” They will need to buy many to replace the ones we destroyed. Needlessly. Do you believe that is the reason./Or—is it that four members of 101st raped a 14 year old girl, burned her body, and killed parents and 6 year old sister? Or, destroyed Fallujah home to 250,000?Or, killed 550,000 innocent persons. Or or or or This Recovering Drunk is brain scorched frat boy.
    76. 11-06-06—Tony Snow-“The president says we are winning the war”. This after Robert Gates testimony in the Senate “we are losing the war in Iraq”. Iraq Survey Group testimony–”We are losing the war in Iraq”.
    Bush said to his Biographer in 1999–“A Leader does not admit mistakes”. He just takes another shot of Jack and smiles.
    77. 12-20-06—Press conference-“We are not winning or losing in Iraq”. Last week in press conference-“We are absolutely wining”. ”I say what I Mean and Mean what I say”. “Trust me”.
    78. 12-06—“I think it’s been a very difficult year in Iraq.
    It’s my job to listen to a lot of opinions and come up with a strategy that says “we have a plan”.
    Same person who said many times “The Democrats do not have a plan for Iraq”. He never read Reid 528 Page plan which Senate Repubs would not allow on the floor for a vote.
    79. Bush wrote 10-14-03 memo to Rev. Troy Perry on 35th anniversary of his church. Prior to this letter Bush had proclaimed “marriage is a sacred institution defending traditional family of man and woman.
    Perry had promoted Gay Marriage many times on national press. His church members were astonished that Bush would write such a memo. Even World Net Daily castigated Bush on it. memo 11-12-03
    ‘I will do anything to win” credo of Bush Family.
    80. April 2003—Iran wrote White House offerring discussionCheney sid “We do not negotiate with terrorists we destroy them?
    6-7-07 Secretary of State in Iran negotiating. Trust us.
    81.No waffle just stupid –cnn showed (7-19-07)Bush speaking about an amputee he had met.
    He said “He is a good man. we are going to get him new legs”.
    82. Wait one moment—Bush signed an Executive Order on 7-20-07 Outlawing Torture. Last month he told a group of High School students in the White House “We do not torture”. How many times has he and Tony Snow said it. Why outlaw a vacuum?
    He was lying then or now. You chose.
    83. 7-23-07—Bush has spent five years disclaiming any correlation between Vietnam and Iraq. Speech to VFW on 7-22-07 was entirely about the correlation of Vietnam to Iraq. Disgusting to take this blarney blabber from a loon.
    clarence swinney
    84. How much more can I stomach—
    8-8-07 Bush to Neil Cavuto—“No, I’m not a federal bailout guy—Let the Market work”.
    8-31-07—Bush in speech—“we will help home owners who can’t pay their loans”.
    85.Alki again? NY Times 9-4-07—Book-‘Dead Certain” author interviewed Bush who said he knew nothing on Bremer decision to fire Saddam’s army. Bremer wrote NY Times saying he personally told Bush and got a letter thanking him and praising him as a great leader. Bremer said many defense officials were told of the decision ahead of time.
    Bush is a Recovering Drunk (by admission) so you can understand his faulty memory.
    86. 9-6-07 Sydney Morning Herald—phillip cooley—Deputy Prime Minister asked Bush what he saw in Iraq—Bush replied –“We’re kicking ass”—and killing hundreds of thousands and maiming tens of thousands for life—same loon who said this—He was asked what he and Dad talked about when alone. His reply “pussy”. Is he sane? Dead or alive—Bring em on
    87.LOON?—In Australia for the APEC summit he made these two very very stupid remarks according to AP 9-5-07 –
    To Australian PM–”Thank you for being such a fine host for this OPEC summit”—“Thank you PM Howard for visiting “AUSTRIAN” troops in Iraq last year”. TELL ME HE IS NOT STUPIIID.
    88. 2-14-07—Reuters—Bush certain “Iran” was providing weapons to fighters in Iraq. Two hours later he said he had no knowledge Iran officials were part of the arms deal. He is smart? Ho hum.
    89. Just dumb remarks—“you know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror”–
    “if the Iranians were to have a nuclear weapon, they could proliferate”—“those who enter the country illegally violate the law”—‘It is a time of sorrow when we lose a loss of life”–
    —“I believe that—young cows ought to be allowed to go across the border”—“the illiteracy level of our children are appalling”—
    “Is our children learning”
    He graduated from two colleges?
    Director of national intelligence mike mconnell told the senate so called patriot act helped thwart an alleged terror plot in germany.
    Gov official told NYT he was wrong. It was under old FISA act.
    McConnell said he was wrong. Lied or mistaken?
    91. Alcohol Mind At Work—9-19-07—Press Conference-“I think I got a B in Economics 101.”
    Grade records show two courses and grades of 71 and 72. This punk is unreal.
    92. Same press conference. “I got an A for keeping taxes low and being fiscally responsible with the people’s money.” He is insane. Totally Nuts. Spend & Borrow is let kids pay tomorrow. Sixty per cent increase in spending on borrowed money is not responsible. DRINKING AGAIN?
    93. On Iraq war 9-20-07—“President Saddam Hussein brutality had made it impossible for a unifying leader to emerge and stop the sectarian violence that engulfed the Middle East Nation. I heard somebody say “where’s Mandela”. Mandela’s dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandellas.” Nelson Mandella is alive in South Africa. Yes! He is on Jack again.
    94. 9-24-07-Bush was asked if he is an asset or liability for Republicans in next year’s election. His reply “strong asset”.
    He has not read the many articles in major papers that the candidates are running frorn his horrible record.
    Oh! I forgot. He does not read papers or watch TV. What a punchy!
    95. 9-25-07 Bush with group of kids in White House on NCLB—He said–“childrens do learn”. Wow! Normal mind?
    96. The LOON told a Harvard Professor—“People are poor because they are lazy”
    97. Beyond comprehension. On SCHIP veto Bush said these immortal words of inaneness—“No one goes without Health Care in America. After all, you go to an emergency room.” I ask Americans in seriousness-IS THIS LOON SANE?
    98.10-18-07 A reporter asked Bush why he vetoed the schip bill. His reply “To ensure that I am relevant”.
    President smartass recovering dry alcoholic puke punk
    99. Middle East Hero-In campaign Bush told how he would solve middle east conflict.
    He said “I will ride herd” on recalcitrant leaders by picking up the telephone whenever necessary and help produce an agreement”.
    Typical bravado moogumboo by a recovering dry drunk.
    Jennifer wrote that Bush “has been more a sporadic speaker than engaged enforcer over 7 years of turmoil” The Nov 2007 Annapolis meeting is his last stop effort.
    Jennifer Loven AP in N&R-11-25-07
    100. In 2004 campaign Bush said this “We will lead an aggressive effort to enroll millions of poor children who are eligible but not signed up for the children’s insurance program(schip)”.
    He vetoed twice the SCHIP reauthorization bill. Center for american progress 12-13-07
    It was reauthorized in Feb 2009 under Obama and D senate adding from 7M to 11M children.
    101. Bush bragged during campaign how he would have an open administration.
    We know the record of closed administration. Rated most secretive in history.
    This is excess. Judge rules they must release the visitor logs for the White House.
    Bush does not want to reveal crooks like Abramoff, gays, destroy government nuts like Grover Nutquist, etc. who have made many visits. Open is Shut to this Gang.
    102. 2008—“I will veto the new GI BILL OF RIGHTS it is too expensive”.
    Passed overwhelmingly. He signed it.
    103. Last Monday 7-21-08, Bush signed an executive order to reverse his 7½ year policy against oil drilling in some offshore areas, falsely suggesting that it will help lower the soaring price of gasoline. Bush’s flip-flop on offshore drilling is just the latest attempt to divert attention from the conservatives’ failed energy policies.
    104. 9-26-08-The Los Angeles Times points out that the “wholehearted endorsement of massive government intervention represents a startling about-face for a president who has insisted throughout his career that such meddling creates problems instead of fixing them.”
    Principles fade in face of gunfire
    105.—nov 13-08-nyc speech—“I’m a Market-Oriented guy but not when I’m faced with the prospect of a global meltdown. More regulation is needed.”
    106. Stiglitz Free Fall—Bush said: “We are in a Recession because we buildt too many houses”..Folks! Is that a Loon or what?

    Later in same speech(nyc) he said:
    “the greatest threat to economic prosperity is not too little government but it is too much government involvement in the market.”

    106. Potpourri–
    “This thaw — took a while to thaw, it’s going to take a while to unthaw.” –George W. Bush, on liquidity in the markets, Alexandria, La., Oct. 20, 2008

    “We’re fixing to go down to Galveston and obviously are going to see a devastated part of this fantastic state.” –George W. Bush, Houston, Sept. 16, 2008

    “The people in Louisiana must know that all across our country there’s a lot of prayer — prayer for those whose lives have been turned upside down. And I’m one of them.” –George W. Bush, Baton Rouge, La., Sept. 3, 2008

    “First of all, I don’t see America having problems.” –George W. Bush, interview with Bob Costas at the 2008 Olympics, Beijing, China, Aug. 10, 2008

    “I’m coming as the president of a friend, and I’m coming as a sportsman.” –George W. Bush, on his trip to the Olympics in China, Washington, D.C., July 30, 2008

    “There’s no question about it. Wall Street got drunk — that’s one of the reasons I asked you to turn off the TV cameras — it got drunk and now it’s got a hangover. The question is how long will it sober up and not try to do all these fancy financial instruments.” –George W. Bush, speaking at a private fundraiser, Houston, Texas, July 18, 2008 (Watch video clip)

    “I think it was in the Rose Garden where I issued this brilliant statement: If I had a magic wand — but the president doesn’t have a magic wand. You just can’t say, ‘low gas.’” –George W. Bush, Washington D.C., July 15, 2008

    “And they have no disregard for human life.” –George W. Bush, on the brutality of Afghan fighters, Washington, D.C., July 15, 2008

    “The economy is growing, productivity is high, trade is up, people are working. It’s not as good as we’d like, but — and to the extent that we find weakness, we’ll move.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., July 15, 2008

    “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter.” –George W. Bush, in parting words to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy at his final G-8 Summit, punching the air and grinning widely as the two leaders looked on in shock, Rusutsu, Japan, July 10, 2008

    “Amigo! Amigo!” –George W. Bush, calling out to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Spanish at the G-8 Summit, Rusutsu, Japan, July 10, 2008

    “Throughout our history, the words of the Declaration have inspired immigrants from around the world to set sail to our shores. These immigrants have helped transform 13 small colonies into a great and growing nation of more than 300 people.” –George W. Bush, Charlottesville, Va., July 4, 2008

    “Should the Iranian regime-do they have the sovereign right to have civilian nuclear power? So, like, if I were you, that’s what I’d ask me. And the answer is, yes, they do.” –George W. Bush, talking to reporters in Washington, D.C., July 2, 2008

    “But oftentimes I’m asked: Why? Why do you care what happens outside of America?” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., June 26,2008

    “I remember meeting a mother of a child who was abducted by the North Koreans right here in the Oval Office.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., June 26, 2008
    107.On August 25, 2001, just seven months after taking office, George W. Bush learned that his budgets had already erased the previous administration’s huge surplus — that was paying off our country’President Bush said today that there was a benefit to the government’s fast-dwindling surplus, declaring that it will create “a fiscal straitjacket for Congress.” He said that was “incredibly positive news” because it would halt the growth of the federal government.

    Gillman of the Dallas Morning News, attempted to get a reaction from the departing president about his new digs.

    “Mr. President — you excited about your house in Dallas?” Gillman asked.

    “Todd, why do you care?” Bush responded. “You live in Washington, D.C.” LOON OR WHAT?


    These inane comments explain this comment Bush made in 2000 campaign to a group of recovering addicts in Iowa:

    “I’m on a Walk just like you. It is a never ending Walk as far as I’m concerned.

    Is anyone treating him as a Dry Drunk?


    • Only in America

      Bush was a puppet.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Clarence Swinney,
      Actually, you are quite wrong. I wrote much about the assault on freedom under the George W. Bush administration. Please subscribe to my printed newsletter, and access the archives online and you will see.
      Best wishes,

      • AnhydrousBob

        In regards to CLARENCE SWINNEY -

        I’m all in favor of some sort of length limits. If you’ve got more than a 1000 words, set up a website and post a link here. Did anyone read more than about 10% of that?

        • JeffH

          CLARENCE SWINNEY is a professional blogger. Google him and you’ll find many references.

          • Craig

            Blogger, yes. Professional, no.

        • Animal

          maybe 20

        • dan of arizona

          my eyes crossed at 10%

    • kate8

      Good grief, Clarence. Are you obsessed with Bush or what?

      Last time I looked, he wasn’t in office. Besides, I don’t know any conservative who worships Bush the way you libs deify Obama.

      Most of us see Bush for what he was: Another puppet of the NWO, just like Obama.

    • VanZorge

      clarence – you have one of the worst cases of ‘bush derangement syndrome’ that i have seen in a long time.


    • Void1972

      How can anyone reply to the truth? Bush, Clinton, Bush and so on. America got to our current situation form Republican and Democratic humans that we the people voted into office.We the people are all huamns, and we make mistakes.
      Life is not a white issue, nor a black issue, it is our life. We work or not to live our life as we see fit. Our human struggle. But what a waste of life to suck off any system that provides every thing of life with out struggle. Section 8. Live your life and don’t let those who will make you a useless indivisual, a usless individual

  • John D. Schafer

    I am a retired Spanish teacher,familiar with Mexican ciulture. Illegal immigration is one tool that Obama has to stuff the ballot box. However,there are other important issues tied to illegal immigration, namely U.S. sovereignty and RECONQUEST of land that Mexico lost to the U.S. Please consider the folloowing …

    I received this form a friend in Florida. It reminded me of when I used to take my students to Mexico when I was still teaching. If you go to El Castillo, now a historical museum in Chapultepec Park, Mexico City, you may still find a room there in which a painting depicts a map of NUEVA ESPANA , or New Spain, which encompassed modern Mexico, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, parts of Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, etc. The Mexican children are taught that this is still part of Mexico, despite the fact that Mexico signed over this territory after losing the M exican War. I also recall conversations with Mexican intellectuals- doctors, lawyers, businessmen, etc. in which they tried to get my reaction to their idea of how great it would be if Mexico could reconquer this territory. This was in 1973, and I didn’t think their dream had much chance of becoming reality. With all the recent news about illegal immigration, I fear their dream may come true. I have maintained that the flood of illegals is nothing more than unarmed invasion of the U.S. The following quotes seem to back up my opinion….


    Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets; “Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die . . Through love of having children, we are going to take over.

    Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council. “They’re afraid we’re going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They’re right. We will take them over . . . We are here to stay.”

    Excelsior, the national newspaper of Mexico, “The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.”

    Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas; “We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population . . . I love it. They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it.”

    Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, “Remember 187–proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to non-citizens–was the last gasp of white America in California.”

    Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor, “We are politicizing every single one of these new citizens that are becoming citizens of this country . . . I gotta tell you that a lot of people are saying, “I’m going to go out there and vote because I want to pay them back.”

    Mario Obledo, California Coalition of Hispanic Organizations and California State Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Governor Jerry Brown, also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton, “California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave.”

    Jose Pescador Osuna, Mexican Consul General, “We are practicing ‘La Reconquista’ in California.”

    Professor Fernando Guerra, Loyola Marymount University; “We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos . . . ”

    Are these just the words of a few extremists? Consider that we could fill up many pages with such quotes. Also, consider that these are mainstream Mexican leaders.

    On February 15, 1998, the U.S. and Mexican soccer teams met at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The crowd was overwhelmingly pro-Mexican even though most lived in this country. They booed during the National Anthem and U.S. flags were held upside down. As the match progressed, supporters of the U.S. team were insulted, pelted with projectiles, punched and spat upon. Beer and trash were thrown at the U.S. players before and after the match. The coach of the U.S. team, Steve Sampson said, “This was the most painful experience I have ever had in this profession.”

    Did you know that immigrants from Mexico and other non-European countries can come to this country and get preferences in jobs, education, and government contracts? It’s called affirmative action or racial privilege. The Emperor of Japan or the President of Mexico could migrate here and immediately be eligible for special rights unavailable for Americans of European descent. Recently, a vote was taken in the U.S. Congress to end this practice. It was defeated. Every single Democratic senator except Ernest Hollings voted to maintain special privileges for Hispanic, Asian and African immigrants. They were joined by thirteen Republicans. Bill Clinton and Al Gore have repeatedly stated that they believe that massive immigration from countries like Mexico is good. They have also backed special privileges for these immigrants.

    Corporate America has signed on to the idea that minorities and third world immigrants should get special, privileged status. Some examples are Exxon, Texaco, Merrill Lynch, Boeing, Paine Weber, Starbucks and many more.

    Did you know that Mexico regularly intercedes on the side of the defense in criminal cases involving Mexican nationals? Did you know that Mexico has NEVER extradited a Mexican national accused of murder in the U.S. in spite of agreements to do so? According to the L.A. Times, Orange County, California is home to 275 gangs with 17,000 members; 98% of which are Mexican and Asian. How’s your county doing?

    According to a New York Times article dated May 19, 1994, 20 years after the great influx of legal immigrants from Southeast Asia, 30% are still on welfare compared to 8% of households nationwide. A Wall Street Journal editorial dated December 5, 1994 quotes law enforcement officials as stating that Asian mobsters are the “greatest criminal challenge the country faces.” Not bad for a group that is still under 5% of the population.

    Is education important to you? Here are the words of a teacher who spent over 20 years in the Los Angeles School system. “Imagine teachers in classes containing 30-40 students of widely varying attention spans and motivation, many of whom aren’t fluent in English. Educators seek learning materials likely to reach the majority of students and that means fewer words and math problems and more pictures and multicultural references.”

    When I was young, I remember hearing about the immigrants that came through Ellis Island. They wanted to learn English. They wanted to breath free. They wanted to become Americans. Now too many immigrants come here with demands. They demand to be taught in their own language. They demand special privileges–affirmative action. They demand ethnic studies that glorify their culture.

    Send copies of this letter to at least two other people, 100 would be even better. Help us get the word out.

    California Coalition for Immigration Reform
    5942 Edinger, Suite 113-117
    Huntington Beach, CA 92649
    Phone 714.921.7142

    • Viva La Mexico

      Yes, the good old days.

      Arizona was not an original colony.

      They should leave the union.

      • USC

        I recall that unpatriotic Americans supported Mark Sanchez when the played for USC. They may be Jet fans now.

        What is happening to this once great nation?

      • http://personallibertydigest cmanap40

        Well viva, I guess America will have to come down to mexico and kick your asses just like in the Mexican-American war in 1846 to 1848. We will make Mexico a state and then all you people from only Mexico will be legal. This would solve every problem regarding the so called broken immegration law. You’ll like being a Gringo. The privlige of being an American is a great blessing. Why should you care about Mexico anyway, it will never come to any greatness. The Spanish Land Grants are still in effect and like always you all are ruled by a few super rich families.
        One thing I want to know about you Latinos. When you get into America, how can you vote for a person who supports radical abortion. He even wants to kill a baby when the abortion is botched and the baby is left to starve to death. This is what Obama voted for when he was in the Illinois Legislature. The healthcare reform also will use taxpayer money to perform abortions. I thought most of you Mexicans and latinos were Catholic. I am Catholic and there is no way I would vote for anyone who promotes anykind of Abortion. How can all you latinos vote for a baby killer like Obama? George Bush was letting Mexicans and wveryone else when he was in office. He didn’t stop any people from coming into America illegally and the republicans are mostly against Abortion. So why vote against your Religious beliefs when you can get the same results for immigration without voting for the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist Democrats.

        • Only in America

          So are you ready?

    • Phil

      Here is an interesting site. The speaker is a school teacher on the public payroll:

    • Al Sieber

      John D Schafer, you are right, I’ve spent some time in Mexico and learned what you’re saying, they hate us. too bad most of the American people don’t know this, but; I think they’re finding out and I hope it isn’t too late.

      • kate8

        Al, Many of us are painfully aware of how much Mexicans and other non-Americans hate us. We just don’t know what we can do about it.

        • Claire

          kate8– I have a few friends and relatives in different countries, and yes, a lot of different cultures do hate Americans. There is nothing we can do, just keep our friends close and our enemies closer.

          • Claire

            kate8— I wish to add a lot of our enemies are right here in the U.S.A.

  • James Hay

    THIS IS WHY THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY SHOULD ERRADICATE THESE UNMITTIGATEDLY EVIL PEOPLE BY ANY POSSIBLE MEANS THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY IN THE DEFENSE OF OUR COUNTRY AND OUR OWN DEFENSE AS AN PEOPLE.THRER IS POWER IN UNITY AND ONLY THROUGH UNITY CAN THE AMERICAN pEOPLE CAN RETAIN WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS.If you truly love this country and what it stood for before these Socialist Criminals took control thanks only to the Vunerable voters who believed the lies of these minons of Hell Particurily that son of an Islamic Whore Obama you will fight for what is rightfully yours.

    • Wide Load

      Sarah Palin needs to whip up more hate against people who look different or sound different.

      Vote a bigot in to support your views.

      We still legally have guns. Obama hasn’t seized them yet.

      • kate8

        WideLoad, So, you think we should just hand over our country to foreign nationals who despise us and want to conquer us?

        What the heck is wrong with you?

        • Claire

          kate8— What about pantload? lol

          • kate8

            Hi Claire – I just don’t get these people who think we owe something to the rest of the world. Namely, to let them flood into our country, taking our jobs, resources, tax money, getting special privileges at the expense of Americans, overpopulating our nation, taking over our cities and driving out generations of Americans, making many of our own cities unsafe for us to enter…..I could go on.

            When we speak up and say, “Wait a minute!”, we’re called hateful and racist.

            I’m so over it. We’ve given away the farm, and are hanging ourselves in the process. It’s got to stop.

          • Claire

            kate8–I know exactly what you mean. Our government has destroyed anything and everything that is good for America.

  • jeanr

    John Denvir, I believe the Rothchild’s are Kenites. Is that the same as what you wrote?

    • Al Sieber

      jeanr, go to the website: IAMTHEWITNESS.COM, you’ll find your answers there.

    • kate8

      The Rothschild’s original name was, I think, Braun (or something like that). Rothschild was chosen to sound Jewish, and means “red shield”, and uses the Star of David, in red, as their crest.

      They were actually descendents of Edomites (Ishmaelites). According to many middle-eastern Christians, the antichrist is a descendent of Ishmael and Esau, or an Edomite. So, they are not true Jews descended of Isaac and Jacob, but are Zionists (counterfeit Jews).

  • Mike Purdin

    if he hadn’t extended unemployment benefits, where would the people be who can’t find work thanks to dem and repub making incentives for companies to move to other countries to amke their products and yes dem and repub presidents are to blame also. yes there are some who have abused it but you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    i myself don’t like drawing unemployment, but right now i have no choice. with way jobs are it is unbelievable companies won’t hire because they don’t know what is going to happen in next 6 months let alone next year or so. and if you think living in unemployment is so grand, here is something to think about, have to chose to pay bill or buy food, pray that car or something in the house doesn’t break down. it was rough before being unemployed, price of food, gas, and utilites.our goverment has work to do away with middle class and make it either poor or rich. and they protect themselves from the laws they past for us. the only thing we can do is find people who run for office who really care and clean out washington d.c. completely. and vote in people who want to rebuild usa

    • Craig

      You got to be kidding? When did the government give
      “incentives” for businesses to move out of country? Are you talking about onerous high corporate taxes? Draconian environmental laws? Basically the governments creation of a hostile environment for business? Are those “incentives”? Do not sound much like incentives to me.

      • pappy

        That is nonsense
        corps pay little or no tax despite the law,then get subsidies to boot
        Exxon 47 billion profit no taxes it goes on and on under the trickle down scam
        The whining rich and corps have been on the back of the working class forever
        killing unions,lowering wages,benefits all the while getting fat off the sweat of the middle class which is no more just what the Reptiles want.
        The wealth has already been redistributed upThe Ten Commandments of Conservatives.

        I. Thou shalt talk about Christian principles, but not live by them

        II. Thou shalt attack opponents personally when you can’t win on policies

        III. Thou shalt call yourself pro-life, but be in favor of the death penalty

        IV. Thou shalt call yourself pro-life, and put guns in the hands of school children

        V. Thou shalt give lip service to democracy while taking away civil liberties

        VI. Profit is the Lord Thy God, thou shalt not put the people’s interest above those of your corporate contributors

        VII. Thou shalt make sure fetuses have health coverage, but leave children and babies behind(If the shoe fits wear it!)

        VIII Thou shalt bear false witness against your opponents and liberals, and demonize them**

        IX. Thou shalt run on a moderate platform, then enact right-wing policies as soon as possible

        X. Thou shalt call the media liberal, so that people forget that the media is owned by corporations with a conservative fiscal agenda

        • JRC

          Very well put and every point fitting

        • Craig

          Yeah right the corporations pay no or little tax. Keep drinking that koolaid boy. You are an economics and business illiterate.

  • M.L.


    • Craig

      Time for Texans to stand up, if the feds won’t, and go down to those ranches and blast the hell out of those scumbag gangs. Hell I’d go help.

    • JRC

      It is a hoax people,

      it started with Jeff Schwilk and has been repeated at and embellished at about every right wing blog. It has been debunked not only by the Laredo Police department but also by individuals actually investigating it. For Bob to even bring it up in this blog shows that he acts as irresponsible as the people he condemns.

      • Freedom for US

        Like most right wing BS if it is repeated often they go off the deep end, even though it is not true.

  • Lupe

    So much hate! Seriously, so much ignorance also. The Lord forgive you for being so judgmental and seeing only “YOUR” side and only the “BAD”
    in this administration – like the media reporting the bad and negative on everything. blessing!

    • Phil

      What Lupe said. We need to stop the invasion from both borders and police up the internal mess that the politicians and the illegal industry have created. There is no place for stupid hate. We have a great legal front door into this country that processes over 1,000,000 a year of all sizes, colors and shapes. Just close the back door and get the law breakers out and a possible pathway to citizenship. Elimintae the vacation/anchor baby crap immediatly. Require e Verify for employment and heavily fine employers that hire illegals. We don’t need a standing Army at the borders, just deincentiveize the reasons they are here. If you like to hate, hate the politicians that created and propagate this efn mess and the illegal industry corporate sponsors. Google LaRaza (The Race) and LULAC. Drill down to corporate sponsors, you will be anazed.

  • M.L.


    • Phil

      There are many many thousands of illegals from many other countries here, not just Mexicans. In LA Harbor they have openrd sea containers full of Chinese. Chinese have made the route here up through Mexico as well. There are also many many thousands that have overstayed visas. One fine example is Obama’s aunt that was ordered out of the country by the courts, never went, recieves sec 8 housing, welfare, just magically got citizenship for law breaking and a shiny new hip replacement on the taxpayers’ back. Enjoy the ride. This gov’t does not work.

  • Oil Barron

    BL if you don’t have allegiance to America you should LEAVE.

  • Vello Ederma

    You are correct in stating that what Obama is creating is a fascist, corporatist state. Like Mussolini’s Italy. Russia is already pretty much a fascist state. It would be incorrect to call Obama or even today’s Russia communist. There are, of course, basic marxist principles involved in the fascist scenario and socialist, of course.

  • Only in America

    It may seem worst to you when the secret tribunals you supported are judging you.

  • Marathon Man

    Why are all the republicans nuts?

    Did Bush ruin the party?

  • Bill

    The reason why Republicans and Democrats seem to be so similar is that there are so many progressives that have infiltrated their organizations. The progressives have taken over the Democrat party and the progressives are the neo-cons. The Bush’s are progressive and just about every politician that does something strange and anti-American and anti constitutional are progressives. The evil is progressivism. The usurpation by the progressives have been going on since Woodrow Wilson, the first progressive president. We are just now seeing the climax of the progressive movement with Obama and the evil it entails and the consequences of that evil.

    Carter, JFK, LBJ, FDR, Nixon, Clinton, both Bush’s and Ford were all progressives. Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan were not progressives but their administrations were infiltrated with progressives that made them look awful.

    Remember progressives think they are better than everyone, smarter than everyone, they know better than everyone and it’s just natural that they run everything and everyone. For them to be held accountable for any of the consequences of their actions is foolishness. After all, they did not screw it up, someone dumber than they did or the American people are and were to stupid to know what good they have done because their intentions were as pure as the newly driven snow.

    The progressives think that to be held accountable to an old document like the constitution is absurd because they are smarter and way superior than those foolish old founding fathers who were intolerant racist, bigots, homophobes, women haters and Christians. Just to believe in God makes you an idiot and a fool so says the progressives. Just ask any progressive and they will tell you all of the above is true and correct, they can even back it up some science they have fabricated.

  • jeanr

    JRC, sorry but you are pathetic. If you really believe what you wrote here, then you must be one of them.

  • George Senior

    JRC you are an intelligent person. I accept your view point.

  • Tea Party Tim

    The names of Tyranny are many (monarch, communist, socialist, fascist…) but the end result is that the people are controlled by the government. The name of Liberty is singular and that name is the United State of America.

    The battle for control of America comes down to three distinct ideas, Tyranny, Liberty and Anarchy. It is in all honesty that simple.

    Tyranny purposes equality in property but produces a wealthly ruling class and a poor sub-servient class.

    Anarchy purposes equality in power but ultimately leads to Tyranny.

    Liberty purposes equality in opportunity and has produced the greatest form of government that the world has ever known.

    The true question is what form of government would the people today have rule them.

    • Tea Party Tommy

      Whatever the TV says

      • Tea Party Tim

        Actually, TV had not been invented when these ideas were debated by the Founders, so what is your point?

        • Tea Party Tommy

          MY point is that you are a bunch of lemmings without an original thought.

          • Craig

            No I think most of the people here are conservative. Dems/liberals are the lemmings and none original thinkers.

          • JeffH

            Polly want a cracker? baaarrraaaccckkk!

          • Tea Party Tim

            The nature of human beings has not changed. The current direction that the Obama administration is taking this country is not new either. It has been tried and failed, over and over again.

            Ecclesiastes 1:9
            The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

    • Bob Tallon

      My thoughts often go to the form of government most people want that provides the following SUV,s , amply amounts of Viagra, Beer, Sports seven days a week, reality shows, televised religion, and weed free lawns. Liberty and peace are just words not factored into anything on the road to excessive consumption. Those above desires in and of themselves are not evil but the overwhelming obsession created by televised commercials masturbating and programing minds into unending desires shows we can die from our own success as well as failure. If you do not get what you want NOW you are a victum. Wow have we changed!!

    • Claire

      Both parties have contributed to this chaos America is in. It has taken years and now they have finally done it. For the past 30 some years this is the path these politicians have taken, all of them. Both parties have lied and cheated their way into their positions. I have no use for any of them. They all need to go and be replaced with people that have common sense, morals, ethics, and honesty. Where are we going to find these people? Who can Americans truly trust? They all have some sort of baggage, if we haven’t heard antying about certain politicians then it is just a matter of time before the truth comes out. None of them walk on water and it seems like they change the minute they are in office. Money, greed, power talks and honesty and morals walks.

      • Claire


  • thomas


  • Angel

    Pay no attention to the people who are posting comments in defense of or praising this administration – they are without a doubt trying to stir up trouble or are saturated with the koolaid (or activitists supporting BO’s agenda).
    BO has 6 months til January when the new elected officials take office. He will be doing everything in his power to force an action by the citizens that will allow him, in the eyes of the world, to declare martial law. I have been monitoring, like you all have, the actions that are taking place. We now have foreign troups in our country (against Federal law) – these troups are from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the UK. They are ostensibly here to train on 6 of our military bases. This is being done, “to help impose martial law in the event of a terrorist incident in the U.S.” They are currently on military bases in Oklahoma, Washington, D.C., Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas. According to FEMA’s website: “This scenario enables participating senior officials to focus on issues related to preventing terrorist events domestically and protecting U.S. critical infrastructure.” I read a website message Sunday that added another fly to the ointment: “7:29 a.m. Houston…we have a problem! Last night, 7/30/2010, I sat in my backyard near Bar Harbor Maine, and counted 50 UN aircraft heading for canadian airports. What are they doing? Why are they going there? Is ot(sp) possible that the final stage of the takeover is at hand? I fear the worst. God Help us all.”

    For your information – the definition of Martial Law: is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis – usually only temporary – when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, and provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread. In most cases, military forces are deployed to quiet the crowds, to secure government buildings and key or sensitive locations, and to maintain order. Generally, military personnel replace civil authorities and perform some or all of their functions. The constitution could be suspended, and in full-scale martial, the highest ranking military General would take over, or be installed, as the military governor or as head of the government, thus removing all power from the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government.

    Martial law can be used by governments to enforce their rule over the public. Such incidents may occur after a coup d’etat (Thailand 2006); when threatened by popular protest (China, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989); to suppress polital opposition (Poland in 1981); to stabilize insurrections or perceived insurrections (Canada, The October Crisis of 1970). Martial law may be declared in cases of major natural disaster, however most countries use a different legal construct, such as a “state of emergency”.

    Martial law has also be imposed during conflicts and in cases of occupations, where the absence of any other civil government provides for an unstable population. Examples of this form of military rule include post World War II reconstruction in Germany and Japan as well as the southern reconstruction following the Civil War.

    Typically, the imposition of martial law accompanies curfews, the suspension of civil law, civil rights, habeas corpus, and the application or extension of military law or military justice to civilians. Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunal (court-martial).

    Great care, thought and must be applied at this point (i.e. don’t act without fully thinking through what you might consider). God Bless Us All

    • Coservative at Birth

      I have thought about it long and hard. Give me Liberty or Give me Death.

      • Viktor Leben

        Thanks for fighting for us Conservative at Birth …

        I thought long and hard about “it” too …..


    • dan of arizona

      When marshal law was inacted in the philapeans marcus became the dictator for quite a long time so how is it that obumer wouldnt do the same?

  • Ed. Sargent Sr

    How true what you have written. if only the majority could realize this.
    I firmly believe that Obama is Satins right hand and is methodically
    out to destroy the US and all it stands for. may all the people see this before it is to late. he sees himself as the ruler of the whole world in he future. may the people wake up.

  • http://n/a Robert Cohn

    This evil man needs to be impeached, if that is possible after the midterm elections. He is not worthy of the presidency, nor competent, nor honest.

  • FreedomFighter

    U. S. Maritime Service Oath of Office
    Oath for commissioned officers:
    Having been appointed an Ensign in the United States Maritime Service,
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm)
    That I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States
    Against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
    That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
    That I take this obligation freely,
    Without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;
    And that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office
    On which I am about to enter;
    So help me God.
    United States Armed Services Oath
    Enlistment oath:
    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God. (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).
    Oath for commissioned officers:
    I, _____ , having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God. (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)
    Graduation Exercises of Officer Candidates, War Shipping Administration Training Organization, United States Maritime Service Officer School, Fort Trumbull, New London, Connecticut on on June 13, 1944

    Obama needs to be impeached, removed from office by the US Military, or removed by an uprising of “We the People” of the United States of America. The Obama army of Marxist subversives, radicals in government positions, removed. Laws preventing another such emergence of Anti-Constitutional, Anti-American political movements enacted.

    We are facing a direct takeover of the American Governmental system by Marxist/Fascist and Communist enemies. We Americans are at the brink of walking off the cliff into a chasm of enslavement and evil, and if we do not act with honor and “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic” we doom our children to slavery by the evil being perpetrated upon us now.
    It is sad that we have let and anti-American wannabe dictator become president of the free world, but it is what it is, and we must correct the mistake, whatever it takes. For the future of our children and our children’s children we must not let this travesty of freedom continue.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Only in America

      When Spain and Italy had their fascist days they were never communist.

      • Coservative at Birth

        So, what is the point? Facism, Communism, and Socialism are all very similar in the destruction of individual libery.

      • FreedomFighter

        Either will destroy America.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • http://personallibertydigest cmanap40

        Spain fought against the Zionit-Bollshevik-Communists and Russian Mercenaries. Franco was the so called Fascist Dictator who lead the battle against the Bolsheviks with the help of Germany.
        Germany under the Fascist Dictator, Adolph Hitler fought Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist Russia. Hitler and Germany fully expected that England would not fight against them because Hitler had great respect for the British Empire and did not want it to be destroyed or weakened. Hitler miscalculated the influence of the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist, Winston, I love Uncle Joe Stalin, Churchill. Then we have the Jewish Zionist Franklin D. Roosevelt who agreed in Ideology with Churchill and got America into the war, WWII, against a Christian Germany , and America ends fighting fighting with and for an Athiestic Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist Russia. So, it is because of this historical tragedy that America is being attacked by the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communists under Barry Soetoro, or, Barak Hussein Obama. It caused the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, First Gulf War , and the wars in the mideast now. We are fighting again for the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist Israel.

        • http://personallibertydigest cmanap40

          I forgot to mention that Germany and its leader Hitler wanted to fight Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist in the form of Russia since Russia was taken over by the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communists. Hitler and Germany wanted to stop the spread of Zionist-Bolshevism throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Germany was under attack by the Zionist-Bolsheviks before WWI was over. It was Zionist-Bolshevik Union parties who led strikes against German Armaments Factories, and the German Railroad system and also stopped the supply of food to get to the German front in 1918.
          Fascism is not Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist-Socialism. They have no similarities and are in a constant struggle against the two Ideologies. National Socialist Worker’s Party of Germany does not mean that it is Socialist as in Marxism, Engels, The Illuminati, Talmudic Freemasonry, Kabalism, Jacobins of the French Revolution. What the Socialism in the German National Socialist Worker’s Party means is the amalgamation of the German Folk or people of Nordic or Aryan ancestry. Socialist had nothing in common with Socialist Ideology.

          • Al Sieber

            cmanap40, thanks for your post, thats pretty close to how it really was, I read the history leading up to pre Nazi Germany in Europe:1914-1930. whats happening now, happened before.

        • Viktor Leben

          Hey Dude !

          Why the anti-semitism ?

          Just because 1 out of every 1,000,000 Jew is an atheist commie didn’t give Hitler the right to kill the other 999,999 innocent jews ! How many Bolshevik soviets Jews were their in Russia during the revolution, just a few thousand ?

          Their are more commies among Gentiles than their is among Jews !

          Your post is another example of a NORDIC LEADER masterfully using SEDUCTIVE REASONING. You really don’t believe what you are saying, you just want to rule the stupid ALPINE EUROPEANS.

          You ALPINES that are reading this garbage .. these leaders are giving you anti-semitic PROPAGANDA.

          The Czars of Russia gave us the BOLSHEVIK JEWS. The Czars and the Russian ruling classes persecuted, killed and destroyed the JEWS in Russia for many generations. SOME OF THE JEWS LOST FAITH IN GOD. That’s the Nordic Leaders fault and the stupid Alpines that followed them !

          The Russians leaders got what they deserved, so did the German leaders !

          I don’t think the Israelis would take me. I’m of German Descent and 100% gentile pork. But if their was a war I would side with Israel, against the whole stinking world !!

          These leaders, like the Czars of Russia, persecuted the Jews

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    Is any body paying attention out there? Get your head out of your Ipod. Can,t any body see the relationship between the body scanning at the air port, and the cry of racial profiling? The storm troopers don’t want invaders stopped and asked for thier papers, but it is OK to let the enforcers at the airport get thier kicks looking at the necked bodies of men and women. There is no comparison. That is disgusting. The pen heads that support the invasion of our country are not outraged at all about that. We are doomed people. As I took a look at the religious moron that was sited for leaving battles out water in the desert for the invaders, I realized we are over run with these nut cases. They all look alike, they have the same spaced out look. They have no mine of thier own, they follow the bible, and the interpreters of the so called good book, which is responsible for many avoidable tragedies.

    • Red Eye Camera

      So you don’t buy that safety and security mumbo jumbo?

    • Only in America

      Leonard W. Giddens Jr,

      They still think that just since they haven’t taken our guns yet we are still free. They gun ownership is an opiate of the conservatives. They already sold their freedom.

  • Tea Party Tommy

    Obama has been a Great Leader so far.

    It is too bad he is BLACK and a democrat. Doesn’t that just piss you off?

    • Craig

      He is only half black. So I am only half pissed off. But he is a 100% low class, low life, statist plick.

  • Joann

    No one needs to worry about anything because if we the American people stand by and let Obama do what he wants there will be no more elections or anything else BECAUSE HE WILL HAVE MADE HIMSELF A DICTATOR BY THE TIME THE 2012 elections roll around.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Marlon Folden

    Wow! Clarence Swinney you really got us conservatives with that expose of tripe! Whats that old saying? If you can dazzle them with brilliance, baffel them with bullshit! How much time did it take you to put together all that crap? Sure Bush did us no favors on many accounts, but come on take off the rose colored glasses and look at what Obama and his pals are doing! Get real, and get off the old news about Bush and concentrate on what’s happening now.

    • eddie47d

      Marlon,Sweeney was only pointing out that Bush and probably all Presidents flip flop and we have to be reminded that they are mostly the same. Bush supported issues then vetoed those same issues, he condemned projects then turned around and signed them into law. All Presidents have foot-in-mouth disease but Bush was king.

  • Coservative at Birth

    In May of 2008 I read the Obomination by Jerome R. Chorsi, P.H.D. It was then that I decided to become a true American and buy firearms for the first time in my life (60 years.) If you haven’t yet read this book, I strongly reccomend that you do and pass it around to those who continue to remain ignorant.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    That is your difference between man and God. God’s law’s are there, and will be enforced. Man doesnt pay attention to them, but one day he will be held accountable for his actions. On man made law, men masquerade around the truth, look the other way, and pretend what they do is ok, as long as nobody see’s them or catches them. But God see’s it all, and there is no escaping Him. You can think you got away with it, but you did. With man, you can fool him and do things he doesnt see and get away with it. But it doesnt make it right now does it?

  • marvin

    to get amnesty for 20 million criminal illegal mostly mexicans obama had the dept of immigration[uscis] A newly revealed memo, obtained by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) who is leading the fight against amnesty, shows Obama Administration officials offering a detailed plan that would offer actual or de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens without Congress ever taking a vote. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs downplayed the USCIS memo that surfaced on Thursday and details 18 different ways administrative actions could be used to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.,come on people how much more tell we impeach this clown has no respect for you me congress all this liberal want is power and keeping his liberals in power,anyone that work on this memo need be fired

  • Bob Tallon

    You just have to come to the conclusion that our American Government is evil I think we are seeing the progressive dismantling of the constitution and the creation of a new nation state that is akin to being in a large cult. Just do not load yourself on to the train or drink the KoolAid. That is why Ron Paul types are made fun of by press. I hate to say it but many republicans are in on this as well as most democrats

  • Jim Williamson

    Please, for the sake of freedom, which without will render the majority impuissant, we must challenge ourselves to question those in “authority”, and read, study and explore their claims as well as the claims of those who oppose. Get envolved! Don’t rely on someone else to feed you information without your proving it true or false. And don’t depend on the media to do your homework. I did and I still am looking, listening, reading, searching for the truth!…and I find that Mr. Linvingston is dead on with his “End of the Rule of Law” statements…but find out for yourself..and you will find a lot more info to support these statements! I have.

  • David Huff

    Everyone has an opinion and so do I, I believe Obama and his radicals are trying to collapse our economy so he can declare marshall law and then declare himself permanent dictator, now that is a scary outcome.

  • Beans

    Amnesty Day, doomsday for America as we know it. 25-30 million so called illegal immigrants will get the official go ahead to apply for all the goods and services we offer our citizens, and bankrupt the treasury. Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is just a tactic to create an emergency situation and cause enough consternation in the public ranks to raise concern of a revolution. With this excuse, the administration could suspend the constitution, close the House , Senate and Congress, establish an anti revolutionary dictatorship, and pursue a fascist cleansing of the population. Are you ready.

  • Mick Russom

    If you support Obama and his Regime, you support a Statist authoritarian who is an empty suit who speaks in platitudes who is beholden to the oligarchical collectivists and banking cabals. You are against freedom, liberty and our constitutional republic and the notion that all of our rights are inborn and are given by our creator. Some autocrat in Washington does not grant rights – the constitution simply enumerates them for added protection. The constitution also limits the Powers of the Federal Government yet an expansionist authoritarian view is used in modern times contrary to what Madison had intended. If you support Obama you support the biggest threat to our free will in our history, and when the last bastion of freedom in the USA falls, there is nowhere else to go.

  • http://bobLivingston Power to the People

    TPT..are you a plant?

    All, Barry is the tip of the spear. He is the puppet of a cause that has marched since the early turn of the 20th century. Look at history for he holds in high regard FDR, and Hoover…they were progressives bent on control of the people and both had many racist beliefs. Gos to show Barry is either ignorant of history or more crafty then thought. The movement is very lodged in all aspects of our lives….government at all levels, public schools, universities and last but maybe the worst…media! Find the speech Michele O. gave to a group where she says they have to “change history”, “enlighten our minds”….which means brain wash us all to follow the new savior…..Barry.

    • Tea Party Tim

      Just wanted to make all aware that the “TPT” was toward the “TP Tommy and not the “TP Tim”.

  • sylvester

    Impeach Obama and lock up his Czars and Acorn thieves.


    Why does lib America think they can solve the rest of Americas problem by just saying no more hate”.This is beyond the human ability to just ignore the FACTS.

    • Bill

      That is where the hate is, the libs.

      • Claire

        Since I am neither Liberal OR Republican, I can see the hate in both parties. I can see the propaganda being spread by both the left and the right. Neither is without guilt. Neither party is worth wasting my vote on. It is getting closer to November and the garbage has begun. I expected nothing less from these parties.

        • Claire

          And the media.

        • bill

          Claire, your eyes are clouded and the only ones that are evil, immoral and amoral are the democrats. the good democrats if their are any have sided with evil and evil they are. until you can clearly see with your eyes as to evil vs good you will be labeled yourself as someone that has no clear vision of truth. just like when pilate asked christ what is truth and jesus answered he could no understand it because he was lost in wickedness,

          • Claire

            bill–So now my eyes are clouded. Perhaps I could say the same thing about you. Maybe your eyes are clouded too. Tell me, do you say my eyes are clouded? Is it because I don’t go along with the Republicans (RINOs)? Is it because I don’t believe everything the radio entertainers say? I do my own research and find the truth myself. I do not rely on the radio entertainers and the cable news channels. A person can tell what radio host is left or right. Same with the TV cable news. Greed and yes, evil exists in both parties. Greed, dishonesty, and the lack of ethics and morals exists in both parties. Neither party has a good “reputation.” This administration and past administrations have contibuted to this mess we are in. Don’t judge me for believing the way I do, I am not passing judgment on you. We have the freedom of speech, you and I both. You have every right to say what you want and so do I.

          • Claire


          • libertytrain

            Claire – good comment -

          • Claire

            libertytrain–I don’t let these attacks bother me. I just return a retort. I am amazed at the anger, but I should have expected it. It is going to get worse. There are some new people on this site, and they have a right to their opinions just like I do. Hope all is well with you.

          • libertytrain

            Claire – and you do a fine job – me, I’m just trying to get back to my old schedule pre toddlers and still dealing with father’s health issues. My girl comes back from Kandahar at the end of the month -

          • Claire

            libertytrain–I will be so happy for all of you when she gets home. I hope and pray we pull out of those countries and soon. Like tomorrow! I was never for this war and I am inclined to agree that we should have dropped a bomb and got it over with. Isn’t that awful to feel that way?! I am truly sorry for the hardships it has caused the soldiers and their families. These soldiers and their families are all I care about. To heck with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and all those countries that have thrived on war and dissent for centuries, since time began. Gosh, I was so hopeful when Obama said he would get them home in 17-18 months during the campaign. I should have know better. Just another one of the false promises that he never intended to keep. I am so disappointed and fed up with this administration. Bob is ticked off too. We started bitching about things tonight and we decided to shut up and give it a rest–at least for tonight!!
            Now they say the oil is all gone. They are lying again. Now we have two Democrats in government no doubt guilty of tax evasion. Geez, don’t any of them have any ethics or morals? These two should have been thrown out of office the minute their crimes were announced. Who do they think they are? America deserves better, we deserve better than the corruption that has been instilled in our government for years. I can’t believe the indivuals that “stand up” for the Islams/Muslims. Bloomberg has announced his approval of the mosque being built close to the 9/11 site. Two blocks away. I could bitch slap him too. These so-called politicians are traitors, they have sold us out for the almighty dollar. I could really go on a rant this evening but it would be so long no one would read it. God help me for saying this, but I am ready for war tonight! Americans must get these lying cheats out of office. I can’t stand them anymore. Gibbs is a wimp right along with the rest of them. Geithner, Holder, Pelosi, Reid–they all act like they are not playing with a full deck. I have watched them on TV and they really act like they are in another world. libertytrain–someone is running this government and it is not these people. Something is horribly amiss.

  • http://yahoo Bud

    It isn’t surprising to me what the muslim dictator is doing, just look at his past,his views have always been liberal and unamerican. From his liberal teaching days to his time in the Senate, the man has never been a leader or has the ability to lead. Only fox news was exposing his real character and agenda during the campaign, so why is everyone so surprised by his policies. My dad’s theory is he his secretly backed by some billionaire muslim extremist’s that support hamas and other world wide terrorist groups, these men know they cannot defeat us militarily on the battlefield, so they have got their boy in the white house to bring us down from within. We cannot let this happen, we have to vote in repubs and tea party candidates that are vehemently opposed to their agenda and policies.

    • eddie47d

      Your dad needs to get off the whacky stuff and quit pushing distorted information. That does more harm than good.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Just might be more closer to the truth than any of us know eddie. Just might be. Seems to lean that way by the things he says and does, and by the people he associates with.

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, maybe you can steer us, that question Obama’s patriotism, in the right direction. Don’t you find anything Obama does a little “off kilter”? I’m not talking about Bush now, I’m talking about O’man. Tell us all of the “good” Obama has done for the United States of America, please?

  • Richard R. Tryon

    In 1990 I watched the “wheels coming off” of the Soviet Union while in Moscow with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Our tour guide confessed that millions of Russians had been fooled for decades into believing that the Soviet Union would bring peace and prosperity against the war loving tribes of the U.S. She and her neighbors had been given opportunity via Gorbachev to speak openly and to help restructure the failed socialist state. It was a desperate attempt to save the Marxist notion of Utopia. The Soviet leaders had known for a long time that their revolution was based on a huge mistake. God did not make human nature to work for dictators and nobody can plan your life and direct it in detail without running an authoritarian dictatorship that has to fail!

    Now we have a President, ready to lead a world government, who has no clue about how to run his so-called native country. He is competing with Ahmajinedad for global leadership with the power of Islam behind him. Obama correctly sees no power in Christianity or the minority Jewish faith, but Islam taught him at an early age how power, and power alone can terrorize people into conformity. The Russian communists and the German Nazi lead in the same way. He sees class warfare under socialism as the key to gaining the power needed in the U.S. to save all illegal aliens or immigrants along with his core group of voters who have nothing to lose that they recognize.

    If we do not rise up and physically overthrow our socialists, if they are able to win in November by using all of the Chicago gang’s tricks to steal the result, we will face a certainty of a dictatorship that will have the power to destroy by death all who oppose.

    I hope and pray that we still have a chance to save individualism over collectivism in November. If not, it may only be a matter of time before the rule of law will be declared by the Executive branch that just issues orders via agencies to do what Congress is not willing to do, and that will disarm all but the federal forces.

    If we are smart, we will encourage the Governor of AZ with thousands at her side to defy the gunners in U.S. Army tanks that Obama will send to keep the borders open for the illegal drug industry and millions of poor Mexicans wanting to be part of an amnesty to be declared in a similar fashion.

    Yeltsin stood on a Russian tank and defied the gunners as did a Chinese in Tiananmen Square. It is not odd that few gunners want to shoot their own citizens unless they are properly trained to do so! If the Governor wants me to come stand in front of that tank,I will do so!

  • Annie Ladysmith

    Is it just, frickin’ maybe possible, to call this tyranny exactly what it is….a complete take-over of America by the Zionist Fifth Column of the International Jew. Will someone, besides Texe Marrs, please figure it out and call it for what it is!
    Study the French Revolution and see how the “Elders” did it there!
    I will tell you one thing, they will have the stupid sheep goyim’s blood running in the streets and highways, just like in France, just like in Russia, just like in WWI, just like in WWII. In America the blood will flow for the synagogue of Satan has finally made it’s move, you are now at the mercy of the “Elders of Zion” which has nothing to do with Zion but HELL. Stupid sheep, Israel, stupid stupid sheep!

  • Annie Ladysmith

    p.s. Obama is a Jew, his mother was a Jew, the bowing to king Saud was a joke, figure it out, they have guillotines, what?, they are not going to use them? Are you all so frickin’ naive?????????????????????

    • Claire

      Good grief.

    • Viktor Leben

      Could you Nazi anti-semites please leave ? You are giving the tea baggers a bad name !

  • Annie Ladysmith

    Bob, are you a Zionist pig also??? Are you a crypto-Jew? Have you been bought? Why aren’t you telling the truth??? You are a fear moungerer! You are one of them!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Why would you say that? And do you have something against God’s chosen people, the Jewish? I mean, dont you see how they have been persecuted constantly over the years? Do you not understand that this is by the hand of God for them being disobediant to Him. And they still are. There are a handful called Messianic Jews that have acccepted Jesus Christ, but most have not, and God will continue to punish them, as He did all through the Bible. But, you have to remember, they are his chosen people, and, now this is important, and He always save a remnant of them. Always. And we better protect them, as the minute we remove our hand from protecting them, He will remove His hand from protecting us. I guarantee it.

    • Claire

      Good grief. What is this world coming to?

  • karl koebke

    Our downfall began long ago! Woodrow Wilson placed the first nail into our coffin and began his insane interfence in European affairs. It continued with the dictator FDR selling our victory to the Russians and enslaving Eastern Europe for 50 Years. We continued with Korea and a never ending stalemate. Followed by Vietnam, the great society under the fool Johnson, the mess continued under Nixon an even greater fool who ruined Cambodian and Laos for peace with Honor?. Whos honor? The imbecile Carter ruined Iran besides the economy and interest above 20%. President Reagan restored order and success only to be ruined by the fool Bush. Clinton was busy explainung Sex on television and interfered in the Balkan.The next Bush started two unnecesseary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both can’t be won. We can’t fix our borders and spent bilions to sell democeracy to the Islams. The present occupant of the Oval Office will provide the rest, by placing the last nail to the coffin. We still can rid us from the morons in Congress, however, we can’t get rid of the idiots who voted for the Messiah, providing Obama care from the cradle to the grave.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      You think you have it all figured out, and your not even close. You have no clue of what you say. Of course, we could have sat back and let the Taliban and Al Quada take over the middle east, cut off oil supplies, destroy Israel, and watch God remove his hand from us. But then, you just dont get it.

  • Matt Bender

    Dear Bob et al,

    Bob is correct these bureaucrats are simply evil. If you start with a false premise arriving at a correct answer is difficult at best that is why we must start teaching our neighbors simple right and wrong, fundamental moral and legal precepts, to think critically. How does one make a rational decision based on false information? You can’t. Just as theft can endanger your very survival so too can missteps predicated on half-truths can land your family on the street. We have lost our spiritual and political identity. We ignore the simple truth of the commandments. Heck most 501c3 church’s of men (precluded by choice and statute from speaking truth) scurry around the truth of the commandments yet not a tittel has changed said Christ. Having been educated (if that’s the correct word) in the public, Prussian based, school system its no wonder we have no lawful understanding of our God given rights or how to enforce them having Aswandered them away to our benefactor, the state. While US Attorneys may find it amusing that the peasants of our nation have surrendered their rights for privileged licenses some of us find the situation disturbingly perverse. Why would you need a license to do that which is moral? Of course you don’t but the vast majority, so well brainwashed, can’t think themselves out of a paper bag.

    The constitution originally read “for the United States” not “of the UNITED STATES and included the 13 amendment (1790) – the pains and penalties for titles of nobility not slavery. So what is the UNITED STATES? Why did building signs announce the DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES yet inside over a door it may read United States District Court? How is it that our constitution established courts of law, equity and admiralty yet we the people are fooled and forced into federally administered statutory courts not courts of law. How is traffic court criminal when there is no damaged property or victim? Why do we allow ourselves to be treated as fictional statutory chattel instead of flesh and blood men? Why have we testified against ourselves by signing marriage licenses, occupational licenses, and social security cards. Do we not see what the path of least resistance has gotten us? Why do we throw up our hands in disgust and say “it’s the government what can you do about it” when the government or the courts are mere fictions and it is not those pieces of paper who are robbing you but the individual men having sworn a contractual oath to defend and protect you. The president is also sworn to “preserve” – which means he must veto virtually every piece of legislation that comes across his desk to force the legislature to override his veto. These bureaucrats and politicians are traitors who must be held individually accountable for their breaches of trust. If your state is like mine virtually no one has a valid oath let alone having recorded it properly. What good is it to elect a judge from your county when judges from other counties are trying your cases? You can’t vote them out (your right to vote is meaningless). This is how you wrestle back the promise that once was America – sue the individual for his breach and in turn all those complicit with him. God be with you.

  • Pantherjim

    It is finished, folks. This once great nation which got it’s freedom and laws from GOD HIMSELF, is coming under bondage and judgment. We are reaping what we sowed. This nation as a whole as become more interested in self indulgences, self gratifying interest and so on than pleasing our CREATOR. We can take about Obama is doing this and he is doing that and he has appointed this person to perform that agenda. And congress is not doing the will of the people. Face it, they all have sold out to an evil agenda, they don’t care about the American people and they never will. This has been in the works (destruction of the USA) for the past hundred plus years. Believe it or not this has to happen. When people turn away from the TRUE GOD, there are consequences. There is nothing new under the sun, it is what it is, accept it or not. I say come on back JESUS because there is no man or women among us who can fix this mess, period. Until our Lord and Savior comes back, it is my hope that all of mankind can wake up from this anti-Christ world system and accept the gift that God gave each one of us and that is Jesus-Yeshua. Oh for those people who are probably tuned off by now, guess what, God loves you too and he gave you freewill to choose whatever you want, that is between you and God.

    So every body out there who have ears to hear and eyes to see, seek for things from God first and not get caught up in the things of this world. Yes there are some nice materialistic things on this planet, but there is a price to be paid, literally. Thank God every day for what he has given you and never take it for granted and remember that men of this world will fade away (also lie,steal,cheat,murder,etc.), but God is for ever.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you. This says the Lord. Man instead seeks money and riches, and they become his god, and they dont fulfill him, and he keeps on striving for more and more, and still feels empty. And this country is getting so messed up because we keep removing God step by step. And our fearless leaders just can see it, as they keep chasing money and power.

  • kenholtz

    The “Big Lie” is alive and well in Washington DC. The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, for a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

    His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

    Sound familiar?

  • Mike Austin,TX

    I still think Barry is the best thing for this Country. No liberals, I do not worship at the feet of this traitor. I mean that he is the one who is galvanizing Americans to be more involved in politics and the future of this Country. He will be viewed as the most destructive President when this is all over.
    We will recover as a nation, even if it means some unpleasant dis-obedience. Show the facts. The liberals have none. Do not compromise on any level. That is how they weasel in.

    • JeffH

      Mike Austin,TX, you weren’t the first to say it and won’t be the last but you are correct! Thanks O’man for opening the eyes of Americans to the near final assault by the globalists on our free nation. I don’t blame or begrudge the liberals and the leftist Democrats that “believe” Obama is a hero and doing the right “things” for America and the world, blindly supporting his ideologies and his warped agenda. This guy is supported, manipulated and directed by a few others(Rothschilds and Soros is the front man) that hold themselves and their ideals far above that of any government or nation in our world. The Democrats and Republicans keep us, “the sheeple”, fighting amongst ourselves pointing fingers, blaming left and right, this and that administration. This isn’t any new idea and controlling economies, nations and governments for personal gain is what they do. Starting wars, keeping the “sheeple” in up in arms, economic and environmental disasters, anything to manipulate the “sheeple” away from focusing on these “globalists” that look to control every facet of your and my life.
      Our own government is filled with corruption, anti-constitutionalists, theives and liars, traitors to our country and our Constitution and to our free republic. They are facists, communists, socialists and Marxists, greedy, power hungry. Very few patriots are left.
      It is our job to find these patriots to America and put them in place to help us rebuild a Constitutional government…by the people and for the people. We have an opportunity to stop these “controllers” in their tracks by not allowing them to take our country away from us, our freedoms and the American dream. This upcoming vote could be the last chance we have to save this great nation from a total takeover and total tyranny.
      I know which direction I’m going in, my only hope is that I live long enough to see it once again.

      God bless America,
      Land that I love,
      Stand beside her and guide her
      Thru the night with a light from above;

      From the mountains, to the prairies,
      To the oceans white with foam,
      God bless America,
      My home, sweet home.
      God bless America,
      My home, sweet home.

      • kate8

        JeffH. I’m with you.

        God bless America. And God be with all of us in this dark hour.

  • JRC

    Well, Bob, you wanted some points, of the top of my hat I can give you a few of them, the others still need some research.

    First, the Mexican takeover NEVER happened, it all started with a story by Jeff Schwilk that ran amok on the net among right wing blogger. It has been debunked by the Laredo police department and others that have actually gone and investigated.


    The Judge ..being an appointee of Clinton or not threw out the provisions on constitutional concerns..not because Obama wanted it, so that’s a bid short sighted of you to say so…How come you all support the constitution…but as soon as it does NOT support your political goals you want nothing to do with it? Isn’t that called hypocrisy?

    Back scatter scanners…my, my, what a fear mongering..can cause cancer? really? Despite that there are no studies to support that point, on the contrary all have found that non ionizing radiation at a power level that low is not cancer causing…if you so afraid …don’t use your cell phone, or your cordless phone at home as the radiation level per square inch is far higher and…closer to your brain. It is non ionization radiation (something I work with every day but in a different field (television) it is of extreme low level and does NOT penetrate the would be worthless if it did…you conveniently failed to mention that one chest xray or mammogram delivers 1000times more radiation to the human body. Nothing but fear mongering to make a point.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear JRC,
      No. No. And, no.

      First, there are at least two confirmations of the story beyond the one you cite. I believe the story is true. But, even if it’s not, there are numerous instances documented by your precious main stream media of border incursions by Mexican military and paramilitary units. The central point remains valid… Obama doesn’t want to secure the border. He has become the law.

      Second, the judge used pretzel logic to validate her ruling. She ignored judicial precedence and constitutional law. There will be more on this from Ben Crystal tomorrow. Stay tuned.

      Third, I have written about the dangers of the naked body scanners–both to body and to our liberties. You can read about that here:,,

      Again, nice try.
      All the best,

      • dan of arizona

        Thank you bob some times all it takes is the proof

      • Only in America

        So do you think Bob L respects your freedom?

      • Bob Wire

        >>”Obama doesn’t want to secure the border. He has become the law.”<<

        Obama IS the President and empowered as such for the last concurrent 16 months. He is working inside the systems was case with all prior administrations.

        That he's not doing "what you want", "when you want" it is not a responsibility he accepted as there is another 82% of American voters that expect their voices heard as well.

        He'll get too it Bob. ~ and when he does "you won't like it"

        Trust me.

  • Matt Bender


    While I agree we are cooked at the temporal level are we not still required to serve God, do good, to protect the innocent to the end? Was Dieter Bonhoffer correct when he said “to do nothing in the face of evil was to be complicit with evil and against God”? Don’t give up rabbi.

  • Santi

    Bush said over and over that he was called to run for president by GOD. I believe that he was, it was to set all the people agianst the republicans and now we have a president that is doing away with our way of life. So to you guy’s that believe in obama as a great guy, I pray for you. I believe we will never see another fair election in the USA. Have you seen pelosi, she has that weird look on her face, she confident that they will win the election? I say to you guy’s talking about picking up arms, what we need to do is pick up the bible instead. evil wants you to pick up arms and rebel, you would fall into their evil ways. Do not step down to their level. turn to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and repent for he is alreay on his way!!!!

  • TodayMattersTomorrowToo

    Gotta laugh at the representative of evil in the photo.
    The skinny dude (actor) already lost one eye (costume) and is about to bust all his fingers of his left hand.

    Swords can be two edged, and so can chains… after he smashes his victim, hope he looks in the mirror and sees himself crying in pain… and sees how silly he looks.

    The demands of egos for power over others destroys the owners. That will be shown in an anticipated trip-up when we watch Barry miss one of those steps debarking from AF1 that he is so afraid of… he holds his hands waist high and watches the stairs as he bounces down “energetically.”

  • Alfred Kimmel

    Goverment is to serve the people and protcct them. Stop the endless invasion and distruction of this belssec country. Encourage Free Market and the American Economy. Allow people to pull ourselves out of this One World Mess!

  • alpha-lemming

    EXCELLENT article!!!
    Goes a LOOoooOOONG way to explaining the 33% waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy, theft that is the Feds’ track record for utilization of the tax payers dollar. They have to pass laws and then selectively enforce (AZ vs. SF, NBBP etc.) or totally ignore (citizenship perks, voter registration etc.). They’ll sure as h*ll keep funding the law and the accompanying bureaucracy. Then they’ll pass more laws and do the same thing. You think embezzling that much money is easy?!?!?!? IT’S NOT… they have to work REALLY hard at it!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Tyranny is Evil..I dont believe Jesus sat back while the money changers were disrespecting Gods laws..If Gods laws say treat others as you would be treated..and these sunzabiaches continue to violate “The Laws of nature and of natures God entitle them” (from the declaration of Independence), and of the “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the persuit of Happiness” , then they started it, but by Gods laws and our unalienable rights we do not have to sit back and take it, or watch other be forced into it.

    • Dick Cheney

      Jesus sat back till he wanted to die.

      Are you ready?

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I just read a similar article (CNSnews, 8/2/2010, “Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy”) pertaining to the Feds’ hindrance of efforts to enforce immigration laws. And what makes the matter even worse – it’s not just on the issue of illegal aliens. Infringements on our 1st Amendment rights disguised as ‘hate crimes’ laws. They also forced health care reform/deform upon us against the will of a majority of Americans. BHO and his Democraps are purposely destroying our economy so they can remake it into their vision of a Marxist Utopia. It’s pathetic that all of this could’ve been prevented were it not for the foolish mistakes of American voters in 2006 and 2008. Our only hope now is that they’ll wise up and correct these errors in the 2010 and 2012 elections. And if not, we may need to organize militias. We hate to bring up the ugly possibility of another18th century revolution, but if it’s the only way to save America, we can’t rule it out as a last resort.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Read the Declaration Of Independence slowly…tell me where we are at then….
    As I read it, over and over again The only thing that “This Goverment” hasnt done is declare war in the Bullet shooting sence..yet…If you read that document…we’ve come full circle people.

    Democrat, Libertarian, Republican, Liberal..none of that matters right now, the Tyrants running and enabling the Govt are one step from pushing people over the limit into full blown revolt.

  • BrotherPatriot

    I haven’t read the comments yet but did read the article. Very, very strong words Mr. Livingston. But of course they are right on target & I agree with them. This man, through his own actions and non-actions has revealed himself to be an enemy of America.

    I used to say that Nancy Peloski was part of the key to getting rid of him through Impeachment. That we had to remove her first & make sure a true Patriot would replace her in order to get a successful impeachment.

    I no longer feel this way.

    Impeach implies that Obummer had a lawful right to hold our highest office position of the country. It’s obvious that he doesn’t as the evidence mounts concerning his inelligiability to be our President. This man should be ousted & every single one of his policies (including Obamacare, etc) should be ripped out at the roots as well as all his appointed staff should be fired. Not being entitled to be President voids it all.


    And yes, I agree…what we are dealing with is pure Evil following an evil Agenda of the Elites.

    Enough is Enough.

    • TodayMattersTomorrowToo

      Judges are refusing to hear cases involving birth certificate.

      One that did accept backed off and refused just before the scheduled hearing.

      Some hear those cases brought under different topics but when b c brought up they “judge” frivilous or other excuse and dump it.

      I’ve heard that the reason the cases are being rejected is that the Judges know that this man is not legally our president… and they know that our congress knew but let him ride, same with house and supreme.

      Judges know if such a case proceeds and the requested document are revealed to the public, our entire government will fall…. all politicians will leave office… WOW and those Judges think that would be a bad thing? No, we would just call Manpower and get some temps… seriously, only good guys would step in because the bad guys would not want to be hauled out and dumped with the current trash in the next cleanup.


      Please understand that we Christian Americans consider all judges who are qualified to hear these cases, and who REFUSE to hear and adjudicate and thereby prevent American citizens their Constitutional rights, are HEREBY CONSIDERED CO-CONSPIRATORS AND TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


      Perhaps some of you will die natural deaths before we reach our goal of access and justice. If so, please realize that we Christian American Citizens, have already sent our Case for YOUR judment to the Supreme Court Of Eternal Judgment.

      Start now to prepare to present your Defense in the presence of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, all the American Revolutionary Patriots, and all those who gave their lives in the Continental Army and Revolution and other fields of battle to defend freedom, truth, and the American way, giving their all to enable others to escape the slavery of Dictatorship.

      The Case against you will identify you as a willing servant of Satan, a Traitor to Truth. Understand that there is no bail, there is no early release available to you. You have denied truth to the United States of America, AND to the world, enabling tyranny, dictatorship, and slavery.

      You will, perhaps for the first time in your judicial careers, adjudicate honestly, condemning yourselves with your final judgment to which there is no appeal. THAT case WILL BE transparent to all.

  • http://LibertyAlert crystlfire

    PAPPY must belong to the BLACK KKK PANTHERS. He is the biggest racist I have heard yet against whites. WOW, that pappy is a derelict and must be using the libraries computer. He is insane!!

  • magjoh

    The GOP is running scared. They is pumping every sort of propaganda they can muster up. People know their tactics and it is not going to work. Sorry.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Really? They didnt look to scared when they won Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts in back to back to back elections just recently. And they wont look to scared when they sweep the democrats out of office in 2010. Or when they boot Barack in 2012. Of course, by the time that date comes around, I think even his own democrats will throw him under the bus, and run Hillary, as they know Barack is un-electable. His mantra on TV of change change change, fooled a lot of people. Now that they see the negative change he meant, its all over for him. Back to being a community organizer for him. Thats all he is qualified for.

    • dan of arizona

      mag pie
      weze be pumping that muslim out of office and sending him back to you.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor, IL

    Now after reading alot of comments and the very scary article, what do we have to do to make things right? Do they really want a revolution of, for and by the people? Cause that’s what we need to do. They won’t listen to anything we say or do, the real Constitution loving people. I would love to settle this at the ballot box, but that’s so fixed anymore, I’m not sure I trust the polls, after what ACORN did in ’08. The evil must be exorcised.

  • http://none Alex

    You morons just cannot accept the fact that there is a Black man in the White Guy’s House—when will you people be able to move forward, knowing that your decrepit values no longer fit into a better-educated and more tolerant world?
    Obama Socialist? Not by a million miles!
    I dream, along with millions of others, of a true Socialist democracy, but that is years and years away.
    For now, we must settle for incremental change for the better. The problem is that the old White Christian template the White Estates of Amerika tries to cut everyone from still holds true. But that is changing.
    Grow up, weak-minded neo-conartist Fright Wing Rethuglicans–a better world is on the horizon! Understand that your corporatist Capitalist racist homophobic xenophobic militaristic ways no longer apply in a thinking world.
    Also—quit with the nonsense that there is a majority standing against the Obama health reform–this is pure hogwash. The majority of people want these changes. The problem lies with the scaredy-cat TeaBag tribe—WHO BROKE UP EVERY ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN THE CHANGES IN PUBLIC FORUMS WITH ‘DEATH PANEL’ CRAZINESS AND MOB DISRUPTIONS—dumb Amerikans who never listened to anyone outside of Flush Limpjaw and the Faux News gaspipe.
    Pray for Democratic Socialism! Pray for the death of the old mean whiny White Estates of Amerika!

    • JeffH

      Alex, heard it too many times before, like an old, well used broken record…yada yada yada…time for you hacks to get creative again.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Alex, go be creative in Kenya or maybe Cuba is closer >

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      I pray that Obama can get you a free pass to Kenyan ASAP, I’m sure you will enjoy Democratic Socialism there, the Dreams of his Father, hurry before he’s removed from office.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      It has nothing to do with color you racist son of a gun. My black UPS driver heads up Tea Party gatherings, and your telling me he is racist towards Obama? He is a black man you loser. Put the race card away. It has nothing to do with skin color, and has everything to do with being a left wing liberal democrat pacifist appeaser socialist. Thats it, bottom line. Your a racist, and you need help. If you want to play race, lets do this. Seems to me white America elected Obama president. How many white presidents of the NAACP have there been? Thats what I thought. Now if the blacks were the majority of the population, do you think they would elect a white man? Thats what I thought. Did not over 90 percent of black people vote for Obama? Dont you think that is a little racist? Maybe just a little? What oh what would have been said about America had 90 percent of the white population voted for McCain? They would have been labeled racists. The double standard is gone. Racism exists because of black hatred of whites. Thats it. And you sir, are one of the racist problems this country has. You and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        On the mark, Beberoni, Alex is just another Race Baiter and a Shake Down Artist, as for me he represents a descendant of The Buffalo Soldiers, you know?, Indian Killers in Blue Coats.
        Alex, Kenya is still waiting for your Democratic Socialistic creativeness. God knows they need you.

        • Duende

          OK Wild Indian. Is it possible Beberoni’s, UPS driver is just a resurrected Buffalo Soldier…but instead of a Blue coat a brown shirt? Just checking.


      • eddie47d

        Berberoni, How many black leaders does the Klan have? Now that’s about as ridiculous as the naacp having a white leader.

    • California70

      Hey Alex,
      If America was “racist” like you are screaming…Obama wouldn’t be the President right now.

      You evidently aren’t the sharpest pencil in the box.

      Mr. Obama is a “closet” Muslim and a full-blown Marxist! What about that don’t “you get”?

      That’s why people are disgusted with him you idiot!

      He has taken the Law into his own hands…he doesn’t follow the law…he is destroying the law.

      That means Alex, that you are one of the “little people” just like the rest of us. ZYou just don’t seem to “get it”.

      Communism/Marxism ruins life for everyone except the “ruling class”.

      HELLO – - – - -!!

    • Angel


      You are so right – these teabag morons have destroyed the Republican Party and the conservative movement with their childish garbage! “Socialist!” “Meanie” “Racist” “Muslim” “Nazi” “Evil”

      Nobody here talks the issues, they just insult the other side like it is the 3rd grade playground.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Read the article, Duh !

    • dan of arizona

      come on alex I know who you are a scared little kid in that big white house that just cant get why people wont listen or play along.tell them your real name barry.

    • Tea Party Tim

      Maybe you should take a look at some facts on the support that Obamacare has.

      Hmm..70% voted to reject it. My…My…can you possibly be more deluted.


    HEY THERE magjoh,why would you say the GOP is scared?be specific.don’t deal in generalities.stand your ground.



  • Angel

    You cannot be serious with this garbage.

    We have POLITICAL disagreements with this administration – this is not war! More has been done to undermine society from the corporate infestation of all phases of our life – education, health care, public works, the military, etc. – than anything this disorganized bunch of elected leaders with a (D) after their name could ever possibly do! FOLLOW THE MONEY! Who benefits?

    • JeffH

      I can only bellow loud and hard at anti-corporatists who blame the corporations for all of our worldly problems…don’t you guys have a salt block you need to find and lick?

      • eddie47d

        Jeff; “blame corporations for worldly problems” Exploitation by capitalists and corporations from within and from outside have ruined many a country.Too many take a countries resources and leave without proper compensation. They promise manna from heaven,exploit cheap labor and then leave. Especially in Africa. In S.E. Asia people flock to the cities for jobs promised by corporations. They leave what little they own (land and food) and end up in miserable slums. The jobs aren’t there,they have little food,no sanitation,and crime they never knew of. These people would have been better off staying on their farms. Corporations would have a better reputation if they didn’t make deals with the devil(dictators). They did that for years in Central and S. America and all the people got was wars. In some countries corporations are a blessing and a great partner in society. Even here in the USA we can be taken for a ride by greedy CEO’s and price goughing.(Big Pharma,Bankers,Investment companies,Insurance giants and sometimes oil companies). We won’t even get into the environmental damages some corporations bring down on countries. I know Jeffy,corporations aren’t going anywhere and that’s the way the world runs but I took my blinders off years ago. Now don’t you have a thornbush to lick?

        • dan of arizona

          you have impressed me again you all must sound like a conservative some one with a real opinion

        • JeffH

          You can take the idiot out of the country or the city but you can’t take the idiot out of the idiot!

          • dan of arizona

            good point

    • Tea Party Tim

      Sure. Are you saying? We don’t want to work anymore. Destroy the evil corporations and any legitimate business that is profitable, but leave the money grubbing politicians alone. Wow!

    • JeffH

      Martin, who stands at the front of every line looking for their fair share of the corporat’s coffer? A hint maybe? POLITICIANS with greasy palms! Do away with political contributions and problem solved? Not quite! Ever hear of bribes? Any politician worth his or her salt is open to bribery, be it from corporations or non-profits, so blame the corporations if you will, I’ll continue to blame the greedy politicians.

      • eddie47d

        Greedy politicians wouldn’t be greedy if it wasn’t for greedy corporations greasing their greedy palms.

        • JeffH

          fast eddie, politicians aren’t crooked by accident. Corporations don’t make them crooks either. Figure it out on your own…if you’re capable of that.

          • eddie47d

            Slow Jeff; Obvious you aren’t capable with your in-capacities. Corporations always want deals and they go to politicians to get those deals.I know it can work both ways and that makes them both crooked. Nobody likes a crooked politician yet you are too eager to stand up for crooked corporations.

          • Tea Party Tim

            Fact of the matter is that if we would abide by the law, which is what we are supposed to do in a Republic. Those accepting bribes and giving them would be found guilty of Treason. A crime that carries a maximum punishment of death. It would not take long to solve the problem with those motivated by greed, if they were brought to justice.

  • California70

    Why aren’t we as Americans, asking questions?
    Is it that we are not asking the right questions?

    How is it that Obama is getting away with this anyway?

    Where is the Congress in this?

    Why are they not forming a committee to impeach this man?

    Tancredo is talking about it…but, I don’t see him DOING anything about it!

    Have all our politicians gone nuts?

    • dan of arizona

      No just more like the lack of!

  • James Corbin

    Our freedom is being taken from us slowly and the pity of it all people can’t see what is happening. When the government gets full control we the people will have NO say. If the government can dictate
    to you and tell you—you have to buy insurance after awhile you will have to buy a government car—-Chevy, Government owned. Why can’t people see what is going on. Plus a trillion $ debt and rising.
    They want to break the country and start over with SOCIALISM!!!

  • Dee

    It used to be of the people, by the people and for the people, but now it is for obama, by obama and for obama. I am so damn sick of this government.

  • http://personlibertydigest Dee

    It used to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but now it is of obama, by obama and for obama. I am so damn sick of this government.

  • Conrad von Risch

    You want to stop all this? Do you want REAL change that will make a difference? Then GET INFORMED and GET OUT AND VOTE. Register your entire family to vote, make a holiday out of it, take the kids out of school on election day and take them to the polling place and show them how voting is so important. Then take your family out to dinner or ice cream and make it a fun day! Apathy is what got us where we are at now. THEY did that at the last election and see what we have now in office. From the president down to the local elections, get out and vote these repressive liberal Democrats out of office, including the RINO’s.

    • Bob Wire

      Okay ! but only if you get rid of the CINO’s (christians in name only)

  • Danny

    YES! Obama and his demons really are Evil…His horns are already starting to show. ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN COULD SEE THAT FROM DAY ONE.. We vote them out and that will be the end to all his bull evil ways. Thin we can put Obama and his demons on a small island and he can have all the illegals he wants…maybe one them might like his health plan…
    All we need is more registered voters at the poles than illegal, none citizens..

  • http://don'thaveone John Claypool

    It is my opinion that the majority of Americans are afraid of the oposition.

    • Claire

      I for one am not afraid of the opposition. I am simply disgusted with all of them. The opposition is just as bad as what we already have.

  • Give me a Break!

    All I see anymore is a man who wants all the power for himself, and pats himself on the back when he achives his goals. His excuse for proceeding with his agenda is that Bush and his policies were a failure and the Republicans are a failure, so he will do the total opposite wheather it be right or wrong to prove that his policies are perfect in every way. The rule of law does not in any way fit his objectives, so he turns away from it convinced that the American people will accept his interpatation of law that suits him, and reasures us that the change he promised us will in the long run be better for this country according to HIS truth. The Constitution and all it amendments mean nothing to him, so he proceeds, unchecked, to change it and possible get rid of it altogether, then like a dictator he will rule us all with no conscience or feeling for his fellow countrymen.

    • Craig

      One has to wonder if Bush and his policies were a failure, then why did Oidiot vote along with them 80% of the time when he was a so-called Senator?

      • Bob Wire

        Hmm? Interesting Point Craig!

        We can easily turn that around and look at it several different ways.

        assuming your 80% figure is correct

        #1. 43 enjoyed the support of a democratic congress and congressional support was a non issue.

        #2. President’s don’t make laws, congress does.

        #3. President’s carries a final veto and no bill becomes law except by his hand.

        #4. The President initiatives dominates and plots the course of the nation, his administration beats the drum and sets the pace and ideally hopes for least 20 % bipartisan support.

        #5. ????

        I could not find a figure on bipartisan support offer by the house and senate today as it’s broken down into issues and bills. But I was surprised to find on many matters bipartisan support is not completely extinct but alive and well.

  • chuck b

    john claypool

    you’ve got it wrong the majority of voters are just plain ignorant. they let the msm pollsters decide their vote, they know very little about anyone they vote for and in this last election the bleeding hearts could have cared less, he was black that’s all that counts and he is a street wise con artist. (communist nieghborhood organizer), a devout muslim.

  • Claire

    Looks like the above article has everyone in an uproar. Good job, Bob.

    • Bob Wire

      Yea Claire, he did ! didn’t he?

      I’m left with mixed feeling about it.

      Maybe turning up the heat now is just what we need!
      Maybe it’s best to blow the lid off the Tea Pot now as to later. I think some good material will come from such an event.

      Let’s see just how ugly this can get. I’m ready to see happen and it be done with it. ~Show us the ugly so we can clean up, regain some sense of civil composer and move on.

      Timing is very important on such matter ~ too early ~ too later will matter.

      I want to think it’s early ~ but I’m not driving ~ but more of a passenger in a slow motion train wreck.

      Maybe we should get out and push!

  • Reb

    I just read an article that says if you spell Illuminati backwards…. this link takes you right to NSA, the National Security Agency website.

    So when they say it is a matter of national security what they are really saying is it is a matter of the Illuminati. How is that for being right in the face of the sheeple who seem to keep on following the clueless sheep in front of them. FYI, our founding fathers were deeply concerned about this sick organization and it’s central banking system.

  • Mike Bowman

    It has become abundantly clear to me since his being “elected”, that the only term that fits this man and his administration is one that defines what they are doing; if one is against GOD, then one is the anti-christ. This perspective may not be what some folks want to hear, however, to them, my only reply is “READ YOUR BIBLE”.

    • Bob Wire

      Hmm? well since it’s so “abundantly clear” I would think you might offer us a few examples! Share this abundance with us and quite speaking in innuendos and committing 9th commandment transgressions.

    • Bob Wire

      and then some laws are enacted under a ingeniousness ruse ~ for someone to have dominion over others and exploit their position for personal gain. Then they share the proceeds with the ones that assisted with the ruse.

      These people are commonly referred to a politicians and special interest groups.

  • susanburnette

    I’m so tired of hearing these loons blame bush when bushcome into office the dumb dem that was in office before him signed into law that the american companys could go overseas and pay less and make more so where do you dumb asses think all the jobs went ? bush did alot of things wrong but he was not the one to sign most people lives away. that president that liked cigars so much,it started with him so jump on his friggen wagan

    • Bob Wire

      well Monica had a great humidor , how can a man make a great Cuban cigar better? ~ That’s a hard thing to do. BuT I think he might have done it.

  • eddie47d

    Mr Livingston is really pushing “his agenda” and he has a very faithful following. That doesn’t make him right or wrong or any better than Obama’s agenda. Bob always says that government is bad and you always say “yes Bob,government is bad. Not much thinking outside HIS box. An example of my own; In 1918 the world had an pandemic and over 50 million died (600,000 in USA). Now citizens screamed for government intervention. “Why doesn’t the govt. help us” “The govt. doesn’t come up with solutions they just let us die”. Now Mr Livingston or Chip has said the govt. shouldn’t be innoculating anyone on past comments. Now when govt. does get involved people scream the opposite and say this same govt. should stay out of their way. It’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario. More recently many of you have said govt. should stay out of helping private business (no bailouts,let companies rise and fall on their own,ect.)Then comes along BP and they insist that they do not want govt. help and will get the problem fixed and will pay for everything. Obama took their word and left them to their own devices. The situation got worse and Obama didn’t react fast enough and you all screamed that he dropped the ball and it was his Katrina. In other words Obama should have intervened from the start but if he did you would have screamed govt. take over much sooner. So the plot is written long before the President does anything and the ending will always equal failure.

    • JeffH

      fast eddie says: “Mr Livingston is really pushing “his agenda” and he has a very faithful following. That doesn’t make him right or wrong or any better than Obama’s agenda. ”

      Then tell us, what does it “make” Mr. Livingston. You are a great source of contradictions. Mr. Livingston has not been “entrusted” by the people to lead the United States, O’man has. Why don’t you tell us who is acting as a “traitor” here? Who is supporting the Constitution here? Who’s has become an enemy of the people and states rights and who is suing states, Arizona, for tying to support and enforce immigration laws. Who puts everything out front for anybody to read and comment on and who does their dirty dealings behind the American people’s back, behind closed doors? Who affects the rule of law? Who affects the very freedoms we hold dear to us?
      Not Mr. Livingston just so you know.
      Tell us all fast eddie, no excuses, just the facts if you’ve the wherewith-all just this once.

      • Bob Wire

        So you and Mr . Livingston have identified the source of all of America’s evils and woe’s and led right to the sitting President that’s 15 months into a 4 year tenure?

        How clever! I’m impressed with such nimble sloth’ing !

        What gave him away? ~ Was he hiding in the “white room” of the White House?

        • libertytrain

          Your arrogance is showing again.

          • JeffH

            libertytrain. BW is like a Jabberwocky…love to hear himself talk and make a minimal amout of sense…not worth my time to sort through and decipher his garble.

          • libertytrain

            JeffH – as always, you are correct in your assessment – but sometimes one finds the need to add two more cents to the thread.

          • JeffH

            libertytrain, of course I concur.

          • Bob Wire

            Arrogance or being a dimwit? I’ll gladly claim the former. I can’t begin to count the punches I pull in an attempt to do “no harm” ~

            Jeff, it’s no surprised you fail to understand anything I offer. I only write down when I feel the need to respond to absurdity and have written you off long ago as background static to otherwise spirited debate. Your ability to comprehend is superseded only by your insightful and eloquent writing style.

      • eddie47d

        Jeffy, You don’t care about the rule of law only the barrel of a gun.Go lick some more thorn bushes.

    • Reb

      It is called Problem, Reaction, Solution. The elite create a problem. The simple give an hysterical reaction. The elite have the solution they have been trying to impose for years. The masses never learn and forget history as soon as each problem is over.

      In other words a problem is created with full knowledge what the reaction will be and they will be in the wings ready to take a few more rights and freedoms away in order to ‘protect’ us.

      • Void1972

        Reb, very good and true statement. Problem, reaction solution is known by all chess masters and has been used throughout history.
        The last problem created was the World Trade Center.
        The World Trade Center was built to bring down. Built in 1973 and destroyed twenty eight years later for the sole purpose of expanding of government agencies, and taking away privacy and freedoms of the American people.
        If you Look at the world today, you can see what the next problem created by those who run our world will be.
        Why would all American corporations build a Communist nation into a super power?
        Who owns these corporations?
        Why would America’s elected officials let these corporations build a Communist nation into a super power?
        Who owns these elected officials?
        Marvin Antleman wrote a book in the early 70s called “to eliminate the opiate”. Read this if you can find it, and most of your questions will be answered.

        • Reb

          McCarthy was trashed and demeaned for his communists exposing efforts but he has since been vindicated. He knew who they were in this nation and now that number has exploded.

          Try and find Oliver Revilo’s speech on the subject of communism in America. It is very informative.

  • Stephen Russell

    Are we now to be called these:
    United Socialist States of America
    United Facist States?

    We arent America any more since 2008.

    Obama blames Bush for XYZ but hes done more Harm since Bush.

    • Bob Wire

      You claim harm ~ yet fail to identify the harm, so we are suppose to just take your word that great harm has been inflected?

      Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way ~ LABEL it! name it, identify it with words beside “isims” ~ what evils do you see? ~ If you wish to convict ~ state the crime and support it.

  • Reb

    I have read the bible and am fully convinced it is the blueprint of pure evil. The OT has a god that hates everyone who isn’t one of his chosen. He consistently commands them to kill, steal, enslave and rape, even little girls. He causes his own people to kill and eat their own children for the silly excuse they are not serving him in gladness and joy! He then goes on to say he did this “to horrify them and show them he was god”. Only something very evil would do such things. He makes them cook their food with their own feces. I for one and delighted NOT to be one of the ‘chosen’ or ‘elect’. I prefer the simple golden rule that was taught eons before the NT existed.

    The NT is not much better just more user friendly. Jesus refers to non-jews as dogs and refused to heal a Samarian child whose mother was begging him. His disciples talked him into it to keep from drawing attention. The constant battle between Paul and the disciples is obvious to anyone who can read but few people catch on. Jesus taught in parables so the common people couldn’t understand what was being said. He took his disciples aside and taught them the true mysteries, just like all the other secret societies of the world. Paul was of another secret cult and his eventually won out and the RCC was born.

    The book of Revelation is a horror story and if you read the plagues being poured out they are what is being done to us right now. At the end the ‘elect’ AKA ‘elite’ are the ones who get to live in the new earth (NWO) and they get the joyous task of butchering the common folk known as the heathens (de-population). The few heathen survivors are said to be ruled over by men who will rule them with rods of iron. That book was not written for the benefit of mankind but was written against all non-zionists.

    There has never been one shred of evidence outside the bible for a man named Jesus in that time frame or for most of the other bible characters. Religions are tools of deception, control and war making for obscene profits for our elect/elite.

    See Georgia Guidestones, FEMA coffins, mass graves in America, Halliburton detention camps, FEMA clergy response teams.

    • Bob Wire

      well Reb, I understand your views of the bible and how you managed to get them.

      There is indeed two different Gods described in biblical text both all powerful while one being a vengeful jealous God and the other a loving forgiving God.

      In just a few word there is little help I can offer you in understanding.

      Just attempt to understand ` the early text were dealing with simpler and meaner people that only understood fear. The elders needed a mean God for the threat factor.

      >>Jesus taught in parables so the common people couldn’t understand what was being said. << that wasn't the reason!

      Parables are an attempt to get people to think at a much deeper level.

      Also Parables don't usually make much sense UNTIL you get ! That is the nature of a Parable, often a sort of mediphore

      • Bob Wire

        sorry “metaphor” that posted before I was ready!

        I enjoy there old Jewish stories but I don’t view them in the same light as many Christian’s think we should.

        My thoughts about that?

        Get over it!

        I consider who wrote it and to whom ~ was it in the third person? Early man embellished just like men today ~ leaving us to read between the lines to obtain a meaning.

        • Reb

          No, jesus clearly told his disciples when they asked him why he used parables that he if the people should at some point understand his teachings he would have to heal them. That is deception.

          Also, if god’s creation were so mean, ignorant and brutal then he did a sorry job of creating them. The fault lies with the manufacturer. The brutality was not the doings of the people as they did what this maniac god ordered them to do and are still doing it.

          • Bob Wire

            have it your way ~ and you are right about one thing

            man is all the things you think and much much more.

    • Viktor Leben


      Y’know Reb, I got to disagree with you. All those people had it coming including the children ……
      It’s to bad we can’t stone are really bad children, we would save a fortune $$$ !!! I like that part in the Bible where the children are killed for mocking Elisha ,…2 kings 2:22.

      2:23 And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.
      2:24 And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.

      One of the sites says “children” should be translated “young lads” ….. The rotten kids weren’t allowed to grow up and become even more evil adults .

      • Reb

        I hope you are kidding and if not, I really hope you are never made judge in any court anywhere at anytime.

    • Tea Party Tim

      If you bothered to read some of the ancient history books, you would find plenty of references to Jesus and his disciples. It seems that they created quite a stir a couple of thousand years ago, that still hasn’t quieted down.

      • Reb

        Please advise which books you are referring to. If you are referring to works written after the fact and time don’t bother. If you claim to have read books by contemporaries of the era of jesus then you will be the first in history to do so. The translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls would be very interested in seeing them as they have searched for such proof for years. Jesus was not mentioned one time in the scrolls even though they were not hidden away until around 69ad. Even the so-called church fathers never had access to any such works and admitted all their knowledge was handed down and was hearsay. I have in my possession every known writing of the church fathers. I am waiting. There is no court in the land that permits hearsay as evidence.

        • Tea Party Tim

          Josephus for one.

          • Reb

            LMAO….Josephus got all his information second hand just like all the others. He wasn’t even born when jesus was supposed to have lived. You cannot find one written word of any eyewitness of jesus or his disciples because none exist. Eucebius clearly wrote that only four gospels were chosen from over 50 that existed and he chose 4 to represent the 4 winds or seasons! How is that for divine leadership? The church also admits the gospels were named by the redactors of the NT(church fathers) and were ALL anonymous writtings. You need to do a little more homework.

            Also, many theologians and biblical scholars now believe the author of Josephus and the works of apostate Paul were the same person. The biography of both men are mirror images of the other. It was all politics, greed and power just as it is today. You people have no clue what you are truly worshipping.

            If we had no more evidence for our founding fathers than we do for the bible characters only a fool would believe they existed.

            You might do some research on Biblical Patriarchs were Hyksos Shepherd Kings and see who those lying mongrels really were. There is plenty of history available on these devils who evolved to be the modern day zionists(Khazar jews). Grow up.

            This nation was not founded on any religion and most certainly NOT christianity.

            Thomas Paine stated that “serving a mean god makes a mean man”. No wonder religious people love to hate and kill one another.

          • Tea Party Tim

            It would seem that you need to focus on the truth instead of spreading your propaganda lies. Josephus and the Apostle Paul mirror images. If you have read the least bit of the two of them, it would be far from obvious that it is not so. The authors of the Bible are known and historical. Respond if you like, but there is no point arguing with lies. There are thousands of them and a complete waste of my time.

          • Tea Party Tim

            Also, in regard to the founders you might want to read The 5000 Year Leap it is full of quotations (with footnotes or the original documents) that are sufficient evidence to know beyond question that the founders were indeed Christian.

            But from this point, I will choose to just “scroll the troll”, so post your heart out.

        • Tea Party Tim

          You are displaying a great deal of Biblical ignorance here. The Dead Sea Scrolls were from the Old Testament and pre-dated Jesus.

          • Reb

            I’m ignorant??? There were over 800 scrolls and the vast majority of them were scrolls that pertained to the lives, beliefs, rules and everyday issues. Those scrolls mentioned many people and sects of judaism. Those scrolls were being continuously written as life continued for the Essenes. When they knew Rome was about to stomp the hell out of Jerusalem they hid them and out of all those 800 scrolls that included contemporary information on all that was happening in Israel not one word of a man named jesus, his miracles, his disciples, paul or anyone else having to do with them. They wrote of the modern day Sanhedrin, the Sadducees and Pharicees but no jesus. The wrote of the Herods, Pilate and many of the biblical priests but no jesus.

            The copies of the OT books was just a minut part of those scrolls. The remainder is an extensive account of the life of the Essenes up until 65 to 69 AD. That is another reason it took over 60 to force the scrolls from the RCC. They didn’t want the world to know the Essenes had recorded almost 200 years of real time history up past the so-called lifetime of jesus without making one note of his existence even though they didn’t fail to comment on all other activities around Jerusalem, good and bad.

            If you would pull your head from one book and the butt of your paid hireling preacher you might learn a thing or two and stop embarassing yourself by parroting nonsense you learned in churchy. You are still on a child’s sunday school level.

          • Tea Party Tim

            “Scroll the Troll”.

          • Reb

            As usual when ‘christians’ can’t produce evidence for their arguments they just pick up their marbles and go home in a huff. You sir are a (offensive words removed). You are a hypocrite and everything you posted is a damn lie and you know it, you (offensive words removed).

            Run little sissy man and hide. You get your info from the christian forger Dan Barton who had to retract much of his book of the forged quotes he concocted and said they were from our founders. That damn slimeball is one of the featured men in the book ‘Liars for Jesus’. You would also qualify as a main character. You are as dumb as a wet sack of doorknobs and a dishonest man to boot. (Offensive words removed)

          • Reb

            The 5000 year leap was written by a known communist(W. Cleon Skousen)and one of the most vile racists to ever take a breath, who was once an FBI agent. Even after his FBI years the FBI keep a vast file on this con. He was also a mormon with some very twisted ideas and Glenn Beck is an avid follower of this deranged psyco. I guess we now know what kind of person and traitor Tea Party Tim is, but apparently his real party is the communist party.

            Here is an exerpt from the FBI files obtained through the FOIA:

            In August 1960, Mayor Lee wrote a letter to Mrs. Elizabeth Laine of Arcadia, CA in which he made the following comments:

            “To further explain my position, let me say this, that while Mr. Skousen has written a book and talks against Communism, actually he conducted his office as Chief of Police in exactly the same manner in which the Communists operate their government. The man is also a master of half-truths. In at least three instances I have proved him to be a liar before the City Commissioners and the newspaper reporters. To me, he is a very dangerous man because he preaches one thing, practices another, does not tell the truth, and cannot be relied upon. He also was one of the greatest spenders of public funds of anyone who ever served in any capacity in Salt Lake City government.” [HQ 67-69602, #286; 8/8/60 letter from J. Bracken Lee to Mrs. Elizabeth Laine, Arcadia CA]……………..

            Here is just one of dozens of sites where the unvarnished truth can be found on this carnival barker who was nothing more than a communist shill and anyone who follows men like this should be removed from this nation or horse whipped, tarred and feathered.


  • http://Yours Francine Meinelschmidt

    He’s good at reading teleprompters but an horrific leader. What side is he on? Guess we know by his actions.

    • Bob Wire

      so far ~ my side, ~ the working American , the veteran, the aging, the children, the student, the mother, the father.

      I can pick and choose what I see as the most important just as you can while being no more wrong the you.

  • RC

    This story about the 2 ranches being taken over by Los Zetas is a lie. Don’t believe this.

    • Reb

      Bob, where did you learn of this? I also had my suspicions but no proof.

      • Reb

        Sorry RC I used the wrong name.

        • Bob Wire

          The local sheriff drove out to the ranch and checked it out.

          A right wing blogger started it and it was picked up by “certain” media. that wanted to believe it and there you have it!

          horse manure thrown to fan the fires of discourse.

          • Claire

            Bob Wire–Three months until November. The lies and mudslinging has just begun. Both parties will be promoting all the hate and dissent they can muster. I wonder if we will get any idea of WHAT they will do for America and exactly what they stand for if elected.

          • libertytrain

            Bob Wire – this fellow – Bob Krentz – is “still dead” after being murdered by illegals on his ranch – check out the interview he gave back in 2005 –

          • Bob Wire

            That’s not the “incident” we are referring.

            We are discussing current events inside at 24 hour news cycle

          • libertytrain

            Ok – let me rephrase it. If that story is incorrect, there are still stories that are correct. Bob Krentz is still dead, though, if he hadn’t been murdered by illegals, he would have had the ability to comment on this particular story as well.

          • Bob Wire

            With all respects ~ We whites have been fighting national Mexican, Native Indians, renegades, Pistoleero’s,yellow fever,typhoid, rattlesnakes, bad water, no water, and foul weather several hundreds of years for a piece of dirt. While we’ve found the bodies of settlers whole family stretched out and mutilated on fence wire. They took only the babies with they and only if the camp within two days horse ride. A 6 to 10 day horse ride is a long way out for a raiding party.

            So one incident ~ while bad, pale in comparison to the backdrop of Texas history.

  • Kim

    And the trouble with all this is America sneezes and the rest of the world catches a cold!
    I’ve been following Robert Ringers liberty education series and boy is he ever spot on. And I’m an Australian,I feel sorry for you having someone with the delusions of grandeur the obama has,I’ll probably feel even sorrier we we start feeling the repercussions of what is going to occur in the no longer good old US of A down here!
    Perhaps you could convince him to go over annd spend some time(a lot of time) with his comrade in arms mugabwe?

  • Bob Wire

    Congratulations Bob L.

    it appears you have became the final word on matters of “Evil”

    You are pushing the envelope !

  • 4gsltw

    General Petraeus should bring his troops back to the U.S. and remove the radical communists in the White House and wherever they find them. They should then put them before a tribunal, convict them, and shoot them.

  • leave the insanity

    Whatchoice will we have if we become a third world nation as fast as it is happening? I recall that neither did Bush do anything about the borders. The problem is Mexico does not educate its general populace, only those w/ money. The rest come here for opportunity then they receive low pay for jobs we do not wish to do. There is a thing called justice for all men. The governments and politicians are usually only self interested in greed and power.All Obama did was help the banks, large corporations etc. get more money. He did nothing as he promised, for the average working Joe.He will lose a reelection and the democrats will lose Congress. Also, the fact he is not truly Christian stands against him, since the Bible clearly states by the Word of God, that He who is with Israel is blessed. America was founded on Faith and the Faithful will amass to defend it.

    • Reb

      Cyrus Scofield(crooked lawyer, enbezzler, adulterer, ex-con and all around slimeball) was funded by the same zionist sack of dirt that bribed and blackmailed Woodrow Wilson to allow the formation of the Fed Reserve. Scofield was to print a new edition of the bible with his infamous side notes. The rapture doctrine and the worship of zionists jews was unheard of before those crooks came along. They opened a new seminary where this rotten doctrine would be put into action.

      Now the christians support the very ones who plan to rule this world and kill most of the population. You are being lied to and used.

      • Claire

        Reb– Your first sentence describes a number of current politicians.

        • Reb

          HUH????? Are we talking about politicians or bible redactions for money? All the elite, politicians and clergy are all cut from the same rotten cloth and are greedy liars and you believers are the sheeple.

          • Claire

            Reb—Get off your high horse. I am referring to “crooked lawyer, embezzler, adulterer, slimeball. Don’t you think these words could apply to a lot of politicians? And don’t call me a sheeple. Who do you think you are? For your information I don’t have any respect for either party. They are all crooks.

        • Robert Hauser

          Yes, like how about the entire two whore house of congress?….Thomas Dine who headed AIPAC at one time openly bragged that he had the whole Senate in his vest pocket. Reb is right.

      • Viktor Leben


        “I hate Illinois Nazis”

        – Elwood and Jake Blues

        • Claire

          Viktor Leben–If you are referring to me as an Illinois nazi, you know what you can do with your statement. How dare you call me a nazi. If you had bothered to read any of my posts you would know better than that. But no, you have to get on your high horse too and attack anyone that says anything that contains common sense. So don’t start in on me, it won’t work.

          • Viktor Leben

            I was talking to REB … sorry if I offended you!

          • Reb

            Geez Claire, I just read your post the way it seemed to appear so you can stop with all the “how dare you” to anyone who steps on your sensitive toes. Get over it and grow up. People like you are the reason there is little to no intelligent productive communication on these blogs. Stop wearing your feelings on your sleeve because none of this is ‘all about you’. This entire world is in dire trouble and whether we all agree on everything or not is hardly the problem.

            We can agree we are in danger of losing our rights and our nation. Take a deep breath and relax. You are right that ALL politicians are scum and liars.

          • libertytrain

            Reb – you must be new here – you obviously don’t know Claire.

          • Claire

            Reb–Grow up? Sensitive toes? People like me is the reason why there is little to no intelligent communication on these blogs? My, you think highly of yourself. Have you ever really stopped and re-read your own posts? You are on quite an ego trip, aren’t you. Let me tell you something–none of this is “all about you” either. Who made you judge and jury? Who are you to pass judgment on anyone on this blog? I certainly have read more intelligent posts from other people on this blog than what you put forth. Get off my back, and spew your nonsense somewhere else. I don’t have time for your pathetic accusations.

          • Claire

            Viktor Leben– Since you said “Illinois” I thought you were referring to me. I jumped to conclusions, living in a state that is so widely known for its corruption is not easy. In fact, it is rather humiliating. Thank you for your reply, your courtesy, and common sense.

          • Reb

            now I know a little better and she ain’t looking too good.

            who put you in charge here? The last time I checked this is a public forum and I have as much right to post as you or your little buddy egor. You two surely believe in Constitutional Rights as long as they work in your favor and to hell with someone who has views you dislike. Too bad. Lady, you don’t tell me where to post and what to say. If you don’t like my opinions then don’t read them. That should be simple enough even for someone of your lower intelligence level. You are a hypocrite and come a dime a dozen all over the internet. Goodbye to you and it was not nice knowing you. I intend to keep posting and you keep your pie hole shut.

          • Claire

            Reb–And who put you in charge? Piehole? Have you looked in a mirror lately? You aren’t looking too good either. If you can’t take what you dish out, then perhaps you are one of those people that are a dime a dozen. Intelligence? you aren’t displaying much right now, especially since you have to resort to name-calling. Did I call you a name? No, I did not. Therefore, who has the lower intelligence level? I could care less where you post, and I will continue to post wherever and whenever I want.

          • libertytrain

            Claire – wow – some folks are really in sad shape, mad, angry, rude, oh well. Hope all is well and good with you and your summer is cooling some.

  • http://gmail i41

    eddie another 47 times of over loading your pee brain. The first president of the Nuckleheaded Colored Abnormal Assine Peoples Organization was a socialistis white democrat. Check the history books, before engaging you biggoted vent below your ears. Front or back the vents are interchangable. Onumnutts doesn’t like USA laws and keeps using more executive orders, Alex I know you have a fetish for marxist muslims and you act just like a Russian agent with your crap veiws and thoughts.

  • Bob Wire

    >>i41 says:
    August 3, 2010 at 12:29 am

    eddie another 47 times of over loading your pee brain. The first president of the Nuckleheaded Colored Abnormal Assine Peoples Organization was a socialistis white democrat. Check the history books, before engaging you biggoted vent below your ears. Front or back the vents are interchangable. Onumnutts doesn’t like USA laws and keeps using more executive orders, Alex I know you have a fetish for marxist muslims and you act just like a Russian agent with your crap veiws and thoughts.<<

    Administration of Barack Obama (2009-Present)
    Disposition of Executive orders signed by President Barack Obama:
    • Subject Index
    • 2009 – E.O. 13489 – E.O. 13527 (39 Executive orders issued)
    • 2010 – E.O. 13528 – E.O. 13546 (19 Executive orders issued)

    Administration of George W. Bush (2001-2009)
    Disposition of Executive orders signed by President George W. Bush:
    • Subject Index
    • 2009 – E.O. 13484 – E.O. 13488 (5 Executive orders issued)
    • 2008 – E.O. 13454 – E.O. 13483 (30 Executive orders issued)
    • 2007 – E.O. 13422 – E.O. 13453 (32 Executive orders issued)
    • 2006 – E.O. 13395 – E.O. 13421 (27 Executive orders issued)
    • 2005 – E.O. 13369 – E.O. 13394 (26 Executive orders issued)
    • 2004 – E.O. 13324 – E.O. 13368 (45 Executive orders issued)
    • 2003 – E.O. 13283 – E.O. 13323 (41 Executive orders issued)
    • 2002 – E.O. 13252 – E.O. 13282 (31 Executive orders issued)
    • 2001 – E.O. 13198 – E.O. 13251 (54 Executive orders issued)

    Administration of Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
    Disposition of Executive orders signed by President Ronald Reagan:

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
    40 Presidential Drive
    Simi Valley, CA 93065-0600

    Years of Service: 1981-1989
    Visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
    • 1981 – E.O. 12287 – E.O. 12336 (50 Executive orders signed)
    • 1982 – E.O. 12337 – E.O. 12399 (63 Executive orders signed)
    • 1983 – E.O. 12400 – E.O. 12456 (57 Executive orders signed)
    • 1984 – E.O. 12457 – E.O. 12497 (41 Executive orders signed)
    • 1985 – E.O. 12498 – E.O. 12542 (45 Executive orders signed)
    • 1986 – E.O. 12543 – E.O. 12579 (37 Executive orders signed)
    • 1987 – E.O. 12580 – E.O. 12622 (43 Executive orders signed)
    • 1988 – E.O. 12623 – E.O. 12662 (40 Executive orders signed)
    • 1989 – E.O. 12663 – E.O. 12667 (5 Executive orders signed)
    Administration of William J. Clinton (1993-2001)
    Disposition of Executive orders signed by President William J. Clinton:
    Clinton Presidential Library and Museum
    • Subject Index
    • 2001 – E.O. 13186 – E.O. 13197 (12 Executive orders issued)
    • 2000 – E.O. 13145 – E.O. 13185 (41 Executive orders issued)
    • 1999 – E.O. 13110 – E.O. 13144 (35 Executive orders issued)
    • 1998 – E.O. 13072 – E.O. 13109 (38 Executive orders issued)
    • 1997 – E.O. 13034 – E.O. 13071 (38 Executive orders issued)
    • 1996 – E.O. 12985 – E.O. 13033 (49 Executive orders issued)
    • 1995 – E.O. 12945 – E.O. 12984 (40 Executive orders issued)
    • 1994 – E.O. 12891 – E.O. 12944 (54 Executive orders issued)
    • 1993 – E.O. 12834 – E.O. 12890 (57 Executive orders issued)

    and the pea brain point IS?

    He actually thinks he's the President?

    • eddie47d

      i41 has always been a jackass so it’s best to ignore him. He’s one of THEM and that makes most on this site look pretty darn nutty.

  • Dave

    In my opinion and it’s only an opinion, I think Obama is a closet gay. He is full of anger and rage because his muslim brothers would stone him if they ever found out. BTW, don’t forget koran burning day on 9/11 – stand up for America and burn a koran. Hell, burn two.

    • JOYCE


    • libertytrain

      Dave – given what so often happens to Muslim little boys because it’s ok to use them for their male relatives pleasure – anything is possible. I had known a Muslim years ago that was a serious nut-case because of the male relatives pleasure bestowed on him — long before any of us knew much about the Muslim group preferences.

    • eddie47d

      I don’t love or hate the Muslim religion but are you trying to instigate trouble for America? A public burning of the Koran would bring a rath of evil down on this country.Are you one of the bring it on extremists?

  • Robert Hauser

    Referring to the Almighty Fudgesicle as a “fascist” is perhaps a half-click less stupid and uninformed as calling him a “nazi” and penciling in the Charlie Chaplin mustachio on his face…..the Fascisti of Italy were formed in March of 1919 by a group of seven Italian war vets, one of whom was Benito Mussolini who had served in the Great War with valor and honor and, like Hitler had been both seriously wounded and highly decorated —-he was in fact called “the man of a hundred wounds”. Mussolini’s entire young life including his early political career as the editor of an Italian socialist news organ was marked by grinding poverty—-he eked out a living by working as a coal miner and as what they called in those days a “navie”…i.e. a dock walloper.
    In three and one-half years, Mussolini and his fascisti engaged the communists who had openly threatened, right on the floor of Italian Parliament, to kill King Immanuel III and his wife, in violent street battles and eventually drove them out of the country just as Hitler was doing on the streets of Munich.
    The word “fascist” derives from the Latin “fasces” or bundle and that ancient Roman symbol can be found not only on the back of any American dime but right on the plush carpeting of that Sanctum Asinorum known as the Supreme Court which has been so vigorous in recent decades in “interpreting” out Constitutional rights straight down the sewer—-but that’s another topic—the Founding Fathers of this country adopted the symbol of the fasces or bundle to signify the binding together of separate stalks to create a strong bond that could hold against adversity. Such a concept did in fact save the nation of Italy from being “divided and conquered” by the communists and brought to total financial ruin.

    And that is very much NOT Barry Soetoro….your ever so precious chocolate jesus.

    Barak Obama is nothing more than a consummately sleazy, narcissistic, self-bloating, jive-ass opportunist and Adam Clayton Powell clone who couldn’t lead a two car funeral and who wouldn’t know “fascism” from Vogue magazine. If much of anything politically he is an anti-White closet bolschevik rat who wants to wipe out all trace of White European creative genius and culture that gave us the Constitution and made this country the most prosperous and far more importantly the most freedom loving on earth at one time which it is all too obviously no longer…..that is hardly “fascism”. That whole comparison is the depth of absurdity.



    • Bob Wire

      What makes you think they would find you of any value? Where does your immunity lie? You make a mean chile pie? You create your own demise.

  • barbara raade

    has any one read revelations in the bible about the anti christ how he will woo the people with peace and security. will be able to get people to follow him in his economic promises by convincing that he is the savior of the country and the world hmmm who does this sound like

    • Bob Wire

      PeeWee Herman?

      Revelations can turn your mind to mush and leave you paranoid of the postman.

  • Bob Wire


    And who are these people he’s appointing? They are avowed communists, practicing Marxists, anti-Semitic Islamists, perverts that promote sex with children, homosexual activists, secularists, atheists and radical environmentalists.<<

    how much of what you claim can you prove? ~ with Your focus and resources ~ it should be easy enough to do. so why not do it?

    Your summary statement deliberately hit every knee jerk hot button that fuels your following, showing no regard for the 9th commandment, facts or the truth.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Bob Wire,
      That’s simple to do.
      I also direct you to Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption.
      Best wishes,

      • Bob Wire

        With the greatest of respect Mr. Livingston ~ Your leading Thread Post of “If You Are Known by the Company You Keep, What do Obama’s Associates Say About Him?”

        fails to offer any hard data or proof to your claim. It’s conjuncture and speculative at best and appeals to only the most simplest of minds.

        That “The fruit don’t fall far from the tree” maybe true but the seeds travel the globe! ~ And it does rain fish! ~ fish eggs anyway ~

        so it is true!

        We can’t see the forest for all the trees that restrict our view!

        If you applied this same process of reasoning to Jesus Christ ~ he’s not be worthy the respect we offer him today.

        If you applied this to Ronnie Regan he’d not stand so tall in your eyes.

        If you applied this to Gandi ~ You’d never heard him name.

        I will agree with one thing though, It’s hard to fly around with turkeys and soar with eagles

        • libertytrain

          I don’t agree with your assessment of the article in question.

    • Tea Party Tim

      I am uterly amazed that Mr. Livingston offered a response on this one. If you have a computer (which you do) and know how to use the internet you can go to youtube and see what these people say about themselves. Further if you are familar with non-fiction books, you can see their own writings and endorsements. Finally, you can google most of them and see the organizations that they belong.

      I do not believe that they will however, knock on your door and say “Hi, I’m “so and so” and wanted you to know that I support Tyranny in what ever form it may come whether Marxism, Communism, Socialism or a Monarchy.”

      It would seem if you did a just a wee bit of research that you would not be so out of touch with reality.

  • Void1972

    Reb, very good and true statement. Problem, reaction solution is known by all chess masters and has been used throughout history.
    The last problem created was the World Trade Center.
    The World Trade Center was built to bring down. Built in 1973 and destroyed twenty eight years later for the sole purpose of expanding of government agencies, and taking away privacy and freedoms of the American people.
    If you Look at the world today, you can see what the next problem created by those who run our world will be.
    Why would all American corporations build a Communist nation into a super power?
    Who owns these corporations?
    Why would America’s elected officials let these corporations build a Communist nation into a super power?
    Who owns these elected officials?
    Marvin Antleman wrote a book in the early 70s called “to eliminate the opiate”. Read this if you can find it, and most of your questions will be answered.
    I think the next solution is world war. Throughout history when countries were becoming too over populated, or a people were becoming too restless, those who are would bring the population down and quiet the restless with wars.
    Nothing has changed in history. Humans have not changed. History will repeat.

    • Reb

      Yes, To eliminate the opiate is a great book and can be found on for free.

      Give a person enough drugs to get them hopelessly dependent, take those drugs away and they will go mad and do anything they can to get another drug and will faithfully serve the supplier. Religions were created to serve that purpose and it has done it’s job well.

      The NWO one world religion will be the new opiate and the mindless fools will become addicted to the new security blanket.

      “The first priests was a wise man who met a fool” author unknown

      • Void1972

        Look at what is happening to our world, and please see it for what it is!
        Now tell me there is no God!

      • Void1972

        first please read the entire book, and give me your understanding.
        then read to elimiminate the opiate. please opine.

        • Reb

          I never said there is no god but if it is the one presented in the bible I will pass. That is total blasphemy to attribute that bloody book with an all powerful Creator. Since satan is the ruler of this world and the greatest deceiver, that book fits him more than a just God. Revelation even declares he deceives the whole world not just part of it. The only way that can be done is by religion. Any god that creates such a place as an eternal burning hell can burn there himself with my blessing. The OT god tells his chosen to kill, steal, lie, cheat, rape, abuse children etc etc. He even says he is a man of war. You are reading about the ancient ‘elite’ and their concocted demon god and I will have no part of such filth and human degradation.

        • Reb

          I suggest you read The Thirteenth Tribe which is also free on scribe. The author was murdered along with his family.

  • David J. Sanchez

    Bottom line is that over the last few terms each President has been undermining the Constitutional/Republic laws of this Nation and completely bypassing the legislative bodies of both houses of Congress who have the sole authority to make the laws. We are becoming a dictatorship by allowing the Executive branch and it’s agencies to rule by fiat without questioning and overriding the decrees being forced upon us. This precedent must be brought to an end immediately and ruled unconstitutional by our (U.S.) courts. Dave S.

  • Ron Brahin

    I think we the people have been going about this all wrong. Just telling them we don’t like something goes in one ear, and out the other. That’s assuming they care what we think at all. What we must do is emulate them, in tactics.

    Closing the border is necessary and is serious crime against humanity. Every day thousands of people commit a crime in the U.S. and enter illegally. They also carry disease this country has not seen in seventy five years and more. The terror threat increases daily from criminals from other countries entering the U.S. with explosives, parts to make dirty bombs, Drugs, Disease, Weapons, creating undue havoc upon our citizens and this is a National Security Emergency and to not stop it is a Treasonous offence. We must start using terms that resonate, that people can understand an frankly
    Terms that should scare the hell out of them. Maybe then they will turn off American Idle reruns an start questioning the government.

  • usmadgirl

    Bob Livingston,

    Thank you for this brilliant article. Not to diminish your previous articles, but this is one of the best I’ve read since I discovered your site almost a year ago.

    It’s such a shame that only you & just a handful of others with a voice in the media are the only people in this country telling it exactly like it is. You, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Kevin Jackson, Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, Jon Voight, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, & a few of others “get it”! If anyone else “gets it”, they certainly don’t “express it” or “expose it”!

    I grew up during the radical hippie days, but, thank God & good parents, never did drugs of any kind, never protested the war or “the man” or anything else, but now some of the people who DID are running (ruining) our country & are responsible for our lives & livelihood. Obviously, the radicals in the White House did a LOT of heavy drugs because they are so incredibly brain damaged that they can’t comprehend common sense issues & frankly I’m sick to death of the EVIL, radical agenda they are inflicting on this once great country.

    Obama said, “This is the greatest country in the world. We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”! Now, I’m just a hard working middle class, simple person, who grew up in the South in the Bible Belt, went to public schools & only had two years of junior college, but if that’s not a complete idiotic contradiction, I’m “Bawney Fwank”! If something is the “greatest thing”, who in their right mind, would choose to change it? This is just “proof positive” the sort of sleezy, conniving, lying “Saul Alinski-indoctrinated” thugs we’re up against.

    Only a fool would want to “transform” the greatest, most powerful, beacon that has shined for over 2 centuries for all the rest of the world to see & would’ve risked their lives to be a part of. America was the last hope & now, those of us who have sense enough to love it & our liberty, respect those who have fought & died to keep it, are now watching it pass away before our very eyes. If we sit back & do nothing to stop this train wreck, all those who fought & so many who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom, from the beginning of the founding of this country until the present, will have all done so in vain & it makes me sick & angry!

    We are living in a progressive “backwards world” where right is wrong, good is bad, evil is great. God & Jesus are bad, Mao & Che are good! Christians & Jews are evil, Muslim extremists are good! Straight marriage is abnormal, gay marriage is normal. When did all this crap begin & was I so busy that I didn’t notice it all happening or did it just happen all at once?

    I’m not only angry at this criminal administration, I’m so angry at the people who just voted for this maniac simply because they were either angry at Bush or the Republicans or because they’d feel like “racists” if they didn’t! I’ve heard so many say that people were blinded by his charisma & his eloquent speeches. WHAT? Let’s see, you’re considered eloquent & qualified to be the president if you know how to read a teleprompter. Even I, with my Southern drawl, could be “eloquent” if I had someone to write a speech & put it on a teleprompter for me to read. Good Lord, what’s wrong with these people?

    What were they “hearing” when he told the country pretty much what his intended agenda involved! If I hadn’t heard ANYTHING other than, “under my cap & trade plan, your energy bills will necessarily skyrocket”, that alone would’ve done it for me! I knew what I was hearing & I knew what he was going to do. I just didn’t think he’d be able to destroy the country so fast & furiously as he has. If you’d told me just 2 years ago, that our country was going to be invaded & unconstitutionally controlled by the radical, leftover hippies, I would’ve told you that you had completely lost your mind!

    Now, I don’t like immigrants coming here ILLEGALLY, but the BIGGEST problem I have with illegals is their coming here & hating our country because we have a problem with them coming here illegally! HUH? If they want to wave their Mexican flag, then they need to wave their flag in Mexico. If they hate our country, then they need to go home & try to change their own country & leave ours alone! If you want to come here legally to work & live in our country, then you’re not a Mexican-American, you’re an American! Otherwise, you can go back home & be a Mexican-Mexican. That’s the same with all ethnicities. Either you’re an African or you’re an American. Unless you’re Obama, you can’t be BOTH! Either we’re all Americans or we’re not! United we stand, divided we fall & boy are we falling like a 747 that lost its engines!

    I could write a book about what I’m sick of, but I said all that to ask you this: WHY are “We the People” allowing this to happen? This is OUR country, not the government’s! So what are we going to do to END this criminal insanity, these “treasonous” acts against our country? If someone tells me that this administration is not committing treason, I’m going to tell them that they’re sadly mistaken.

    1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
    2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
    3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

    If I’m not mistaken, treason is illegal & used to be punishable by death! This administration has violated, trampled & ignored the very foundation of our constitution because he took an “oath” to uphold a constitution that HE thinks is a “flawed document”! How can you swear on a Bible that you don’t believe in to take an oath to uphold a document that you don’t believe in? He’s been trying to overthrow this country & collapse our economy, our dollar & capitalism since the day he took that dishonest oath!

    I hear from you & Glenn Beck & the few others brilliantly describing what’s happening, but I need to hear what we’re going to do about it BEFORE our economy has completely collapsed irreparably, BEFORE our dollar is worthless, BEFORE we’re living in the Un-United States of Venezuela, Cuba or Iran. I’m intelligent enough to KNOW what’s going on, but I don’t know how we’re going to fix it. How are we going to get the thugs out of the PEOPLES’ White House? Do we go knock on the door & say, “Hey! OK, we gave you over 18 months’ trial period of on-the-job training & you’ve screwed everything up, so you need to pack your stuff & get out of OUR HOUSE, NOW”?

    If I ran my 16 year old abstracting business like Obama & his criminals are running this country, I’d be out of business. Do you think if someone working at a job did it like this administration is doing theirs they’d still be employed after 18 months? H#!! NO! No company or employer would put up with this crap! WE are Obama’s & his thugs’ employers & we need to FIRE THEM NOW! How do we do that? We can’t wait until November when he’s granted “amnesty” to all the 30 million additional “Democratic” voters or we won’t have a snowball’s chance to win back the House or Senate! We are on the verge of living under an eternal Obama Dictatorship & here we are, talking & writing about it daily, but taking no action to resolve the problem!

    You are truly correct in your perception of this administration – pure EVIL is the perfect description. Thank you for your insight! Please respond about HOW we’re going to change our current leadership!

    God bless you & God bless our country!

    • Reb

      “Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Kevin Jackson, Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, Jon Voight, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, & a few of others “get it”!”

      You have got to be kidding!!! I would say when the pied piper of the NWO comes tooting his flute you will be among the first to follow.

      • Bob Wire

        They’ve “got it” alright! and gave it to you!

        The only known cure for it is education and sadly that doesn’t come in liquid form or came be administered by second parties.

        How hard is it to get someone to willingly vote against their own best self interest?

        The Dumber the better is a great place to start with such ambitions.

        Repeat after me;

        Cooperate America is my friend and government is my enemy

        • Tea Party Tim

          Where on earth do you work? I would have to assume for the government from some of these comments. If not I pity the ownership of the company that would have an employee that absolutely despises them and their ability to be profitable.

          • Bob Wire

            I’ve been self employed since 1978 ~ I own and operate an contracting firm. Not one Federal, State, City or Country contact on the books and never was. ~ No programs, no loans, no hand-outs, no free lunch, no free ride.

            I’ve paid my way and willing to pay more if people would quit looking a everyone else and pointing a finger of blame and get back to the business of business.

            And it hasn’t been easy!

          • Reb

            Spoken like a well trained sheeple seeking to please big brother.

          • Bob Wire

            what is it with you people?

            You don’t have to be an “employee”. Whats so hard about understanding you can be “independent”? To not depend on government or Cooperate ?

            You speak as if there but one option.

            Why must you look to “Someone” else for your livelihood?

            That’s the way you think! ~ The only way you know how to think.

            My father was the same way ! No vision ! FEARFUL and insecure! ~

            This is America sIR! You can carve out a living with baby diapers or aluminum cans ~ IF Corporate America doesn’t get to the bureaucrats and “Law” you completely out of business first. ~ “Big If” and it’ll just be worse if you people have your way.

            Thanks for you comment ~ It speaks volumes about what’s wrong with people today.

            People unable to stand on their own two feet or willing to subject themselves to a possible hit or hardships ~ if they can find some butt to smooch on and get a pay check and some illusion of certainty , they are then content. ~ “I got a good job!”

            I learned all needed to know from a chicken one day. As a small boy attending a rural circus. ~ They had this chicken that could tell your Fortune for 25 cents. He was in this booth and just setting there waiting on you.

            You put the coin in the slot ~ and it released corn that fell in a random order into several trays. ~ The chicken had to decide which tray and he’d peck at it ~ this chicken pecking would lighted up your fortune. I thought it was pretty stupid even at 8 years of age.

            And so it is with all of us ~ we tend to be content being a Fortune Telling Chicken, ~~ If I sit here and do this! then I’m rewarded.

            If you have the appetite of a chicken ~ I guess that’s okay.

            I have many bosses! I kiss butts and kick a$$ everyday. ~ Everybody is my boss! My employee are even my boss ! As they work my butt off making sure the jobs done well, no one gets hurt , nothing gets lost, stolen or broken ~ I have to have something I can invoice and feel good about while staying in black ink.

            But unlike many of you ~ I hold no illusions about my tomorrows ~ it’s just another work day. Another opportunity to do my very best at what I do.

          • Tea Party Tim

            So now we are to believe that you are vetting against yourself as part of the evil problem as an evil business owner. LOL. Your arguments ring hollow.

            As a matter of fact I have engaged and currently am engaged in both private enterprise and employee in unrelated businesses.

      • usmadgirl


        You & the people like you who have no clue to whom you need to listen for the truth are the reason this country is going down the path of irreparable destruction! Over half the country listened to O-dumbo & look where it’s gotten us!

        From whom, exactly, do you get YOUR “truth”? I don’t believe everything ANY person says. I don’t TRUST anybody except the ALMIGHTY, but the people I listed love this country & are passionate about where it’s headed & most of them don’t trust anybody except the Almighty either!

        No, I’ll not be following the piper to the NWO partly because of the people I’ve listed & mostly from God giving me the gift of being able to discern the truth from sugar coated lies. Those on my list are the ones trying to warn us of the NWO & where this evil administration is taking us; so what is your problem?

        Maybe the “pied piper” has already “played YOUR tune” if you believe & are “following” anyone other than the ones I’ve listed. If you don’t believe THEM, then you wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face!

        • Reb

          What a (offensive words removed) you are.

        • Reb

          Those on your list are deceivers getting their thirty pieces of silver and you don’t have sense enough to figure that out. Glenn Beck even uses vapor rub under his eyes when he needs to boo hoo like fool. He missed his calling but I think the Ringling Brothers are still looking for a few good clowns. All that man needs is a big red rubber nose and a pair of long floppy clown shoes and he will be all set.

          Beck and his secret of crying on cue.

  • David

    This piece has so many factual errors one wonders if Mr. Livingston is really grossly uninformed, or is playing the usual republican/conservative game of wedge issue manipulation. Shame on you Mr. Livingston.

    The immigration laws ARE being enforced all over this country and especially in Arizona. If the Arizona law “mirrors” the federal law, then what is the need for the Arizona law in the first place? It doesn’t mirror the federal law and he knows it.

    This administration has done more to secure the border than any other President in modern times. This is a fact. Do your homework, ladies and gentlemen, instead of just allowing political manipulators like Mr. Livingston to fan the flames of ignorance, hate, and violence.

    • Coservative at Birth

      If they have, then why are there warning signs? Why are most of the people in AZ upset with the Federal Government?

    • Coservative at Birth

      You claim there are factual errors, but you do not state what they are. Exactly how does Bob’s article fan the flames of ignorance, hate, and violence? I think you are espousing ignorance.

      • Bob Wire

        geee! there some many ~ where shall we start!

        how about here!
        >>”Ignoring the Constitution Congress passed a healthcare reform bill—dubbed Obamacare—against the will of the majority. It will impose onerous taxes and regulations on the citizens and result in rationing of substandard healthcare and higher prices.”<<
        Congress was no ignored! ~ and a majority prevailed!

        But I know I waste my time ~ or I'd high light many more.

        This article in very inflammatory and panders to a certain mindset that enjoy and favor what Livingston has to offer along with the many others like Rush, Glenn ~ and Fox Media.

        You see yourselves as elevated above others. ~ Other's, their behavior and thoughts offend you and cost you money! ~ They are stupid , foolish and wrong while you cast yourselves as "victims" and guilt of just being good Americans and Christians.

        Seems my posting privileges might be amended as I couldn't post on the most recent thread where BL claims 56% of American's wish to appeal Health Care Reform as per "Rasmussen polls" , I researched this ~ and find they very bias and "currently" unreliable while having a a prior history of being so. ~

        Things Change ~ and everyone needs to keep up.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Bob Wire,
          The unconstitutional acts of the Democrat-controlled Congress and the Obama administration have been covered here ad nauseam, as you are well aware. I believe you may have commented on one or two of those articles. If not, I trust your search skills will serve you well. There is a search box at the top of the page. I invite you to employ it.
          Best wishes,

          • Bob Wire

            Dear Mr. Bob Livingston,

            I agree that the 111th Congress rulings have been discussed at some length both here and other places. To date, there is no record of unconstitutional rulings on the books by this Congress and I know of no person(s) offering anything but frivolous threats to suggest there will be.

            However, I will concede to the notion it’s not outside the realm of possibility in the far future. Anything being possible fewer being probable.

            Taking your advise, I did search the subject.

            >>ACTS OF CONGRESS
            IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY

            The earliest on record
            1. Act of Sept. 24, 1789

            Provision that “. . . [the Supreme Court] shall have power to issue . . . writs of mandamus, in cases warranted by the principles and usages of law, to any . . . persons holding office,

            The most recent on record for a grand total of 159

            159. Act of March 27, 2002, the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002,

            To date, August 3rd 2010 the 111th Congress has no record of enacting unconstitutional laws.

            I take it you yield that all were passed by a majority vote?

            Thank you for your insightful banter, lively forum and warm civility as we work through our mutual discourse.

            Best Regard,

        • Coservative at Birth

          You had better believe that over 60% of the people want the Obamacare debacle repealed. Check out Proposition C in Missouri. It passed 71% for 29% against. I’d be willing to bet that some of the 29% did not realize that they were voting against.

          • Bob Wire

            Yea, I heard about that , but it was 58%.

            Missouri ~ is a great place to be from ~

            We got them by the thousands down here in Texas a few years back as they bailed out of their backward starving state. ~

            Federal subsidies on “Corn Gas” ~ was the Fed’s way of pumping them up and feeding the one’s left behind while keeping their dignity as a farming state. ~ H Clinton and many other’s paved the way ~ What can one say ~ ? We throw them a bone.

            Corn Gas is a joke! Corn is too valuable! ~ Learn to make it out of something less valuable and let’s talk about it again.

            My mother’s people were oxen farmer from Missouri ~ so I’m talking about my own.

            When the week long privately donated free healthy care clinic comes to their towns the lines will be very long.

            We’ll see about that 80% figure.

        • Tea Party Tim

          Majority is a novel idea for a Democracy. Fortunately, we are a Republic, so it works a little differently. Majority rule is inconsequential in a Republic. It is the rule of law that is of primary importance in our Republic and the supreme law is the Constitution. Perhaps you could sight the Constitutional authority given for a Healthcare mandate. Waiting…waiting…Yeah, I didn’t think so.

          • Bob Wire

            >>”Majority is a novel idea for a Democracy. Fortunately, we are a Republic, so it works a little differently. Majority rule is inconsequential in a Republic. It is the rule of law that is of primary importance in our Republic and the supreme law is the Constitution.”<<

            Hmm ? Waiting for what?

            My interpretation of what you offer us?

            You are saying "To heck" with a majority ~ and the true power is in the hand of the people that "Interpret" and create laws.

            I'm not interested in such a notion at this point, but thanks.

            Give me back Bush! at less we had a fighting chance.

          • Tea Party Tim

            Wow! You really have no idea how the American government was designed to work. Are you familar at all with the three branches of government? Are you at all familar with the seperation of powers? Are you at all familar with the meticulous checks and balances that were designed into our Constituion. Waiting…waiting..nope..I thought not.

      • David

        “Conservstive at birth”

        See paragraph two and three just for starters.

        Here are a few more for you:

        The author claims that there were “false flag terrorist events on airliners.” False? They were real.

        Recess appointments are constitutional. Bush used them. Reagan used them.

        The author really demonstrates he’s off his rocker when he writes:

        “And who are these people he’s appointing? They are avowed communists, practicing Marxists, anti-Semitic Islamists, perverts that promote sex with children, homosexual activists, secularists, atheists and radical environmentalists.”

        This rhetoric used by Livingston is ignorant, wrong, and serves to anger, alienate, and divide at a time when we as a country must come together in unity and solve our nations problems. Most of which, thank you very much, comes to us because of republican/conservative incompetence and corruption.

        • DaveH

          You are the ignorant one, David.

          For those who want to see the words coming from their own lips:

          I know, David, the videos were altered and their lips were made to say words they didn’t really say.

          Do you Ignorant Liberals think you can find people dumb enough to swallow your pablum on this board?

          • Bob Wire

            Will I’m sure not ignorant or liberal and in truth, not completely sure why I’m here.

            I could say many things, ~ I could say I’ve been ran out for everywhere else and this was the lonely place left!

            I could say, I heard all the whining and commotion and thought someone was dieing and might need my help.

            But neither wouldn’t be true.

            I came here to understand you! , what it is about you that makes you say and feel the things you do. It’s hasn’t been an easy thing to do as you are all different and took different paths to get to where you are at.

            I’d be willing to say, while all of you are gathered in one place and share some common ideas, you are still fragmented,scattered and unfocused.

            Inside this 18% spin-off majority hides the very reasons why the GOP has failing as a leading party today. You picked your leaders and they are still in place ` working for you.

            It’s my sincere hope there is some good things that comes out of this 2010 Tea Party “affair”. As American politics was created and depends on the notion of “worthy opposition”

            I’d like to encourage all to refrain from all below the belt cheap shots and personal attacks and stay on the issues, proving yourselves worthy.

            Self image is very important and needs to be a true representation of yourself. What I’m seeing more then I wish , is disgruntled mob rule mentality. The willingness to kick a man that is down ribcage in for sport, for no special reason other then he’s been placed on the ground by “others”

            I fear we have too many Fortune Telling Chicken in the mix today to ever get very far with needed change as they sabotage, circumvent, dilute with half truths, lies and cast doubts and confusion.

            I fear there is few, true venture capitalist in this crowd and more people with vested interest in government programs or cooperate America. People that are truly uncomfortable with notions of “change” and willing to derail discussions by saying things like, the last 100 years America has been under an attack by a liberal influence. They want to return to the constitution AND they want to change it too! ~ well that’s just great!

            Oh boy! Such things as that really helps cloud issues and stops meaningful discussion.

            If you are one of the ones that’s standing by and waiting for Government or the Wealthy to tell you how to proceed with your lives today, you are a part of the problem and really offer us no solutions today.

            It’s inside each of you to make a difference, the question is ~ will you? Or are you going to continue to hide in a crowd of painted faces and full warpath gala attempting to intimidate?

    • libertytrain

      Immigration laws being enforced? Need to come out of that dream world you are living in.

  • bobk90

    When is the REVOLUTION going to happen here in the states against a Federal Government that cares nothing about the American People and CRAVES only power? Soon I hope! The time for talking is coming to an end and all must prepare to defend and protective themselves from the Federal Government, regardless of the form it takes! Beware the WOLF in SHEEP clothing!!! Who wants nothing more than to make you a SLAVE in a GLOBAL SOCIETY! Obama might be the LAST ELECTED PRESIDENT ever, which is to say I see only 3 possible out comes to the current problems we face. A Revolution and overthrow of our current Government by force just like our forefathers did in 1775 against England; the Chinese Invade to Secure Any Asset they can for the repayment of the the Trillions owed to them via Obama and Democrats excessive deficit spending; Obama and fools, create a disaster that he will use to Declare Martial Law and throw away that annoying document called the “Constitution and the Bill of Rights” and becomes the Dictator he always wanted!!!

  • Coservative at Birth

    After reading most of the posts, I am very discouraged about our future here in the U.S.A. It is nearly impossible to have an intelligent discussion with nearly all Democrats today. They want to spew their talking points, confuse the facts, and generally blame someone else. They continually attack the only honest media outlet (FOX) as being a mouthpiece of the Republican Party. Why do I feel so alone in my observations regarding the current state of affairs, after discussing politics with my neighbors. Because they have chosen ignorance over knowledge, and promised security over liberty. I have offered to loan them my copies of The Obama Nation, and Liberty & Tyranny, as well as access to my complete library to no avail. In November of 2008 I dedicated myself to become a true patriot. I think too many of my fellow citizens are buying into the constant propaganda blaming all of our economic woes on G.W. Bush and the Republican Party, and that the Republicans want to take us back to 1950, and will not vote against the dismantling of our Constitution. This will lead to further economic decline and eventually chaos. Get ready for the knock at the door.

    • Bob Wire

      >>”After reading most of the posts, I am very discouraged about our future here in the U.S.A. “<<

      Well anyone would if you believe all the "crap" thrown out for your consumption.

      I was reading a article on "Depression" recently ~ It high lighted 5 causes ~ 5th was constant users of Forum and Porn sites.

      I bear great news for you Conservative at Birth!

      Locate and view the film "Boggie Man" a story about Lee Atwater and it will help you see through most of this BS haze ~ that's coming out of peoples mouths and across the air waves.

      The perspective ~will make you feel better about what is happening today by improving you understanding.

      Know the truth and it will set you free! ~

      Not blissfully free! ~ just free.

      Lee Atwater had the ability to get inside peoples heads and create havoc!
      His demise ? ~ could only be called God's intervention.

    • David

      OMG! Do yourself a huge favor, and the country, by stop listening to FOX. It is not a news organization. It is a propaganda wing of the extreme right republican/conservative party. They are blowhards as are Hanity, Limbaugh, Palin, Levine, and the other members of the lunatic fringe right of this country. They are doing their thing and making big bucks at the expense of the unity, health, and prosperity of this country. They use patriotism as a self-serving money grabbing punchline. Please wake up. Read some books. Listen to several real news shows and get a varied perspective on these things. You have been alienated and manipulated and are being used.

      • Coservative at Birth

        My sources of news and information are very diverse. NPR,PBS,CBS,NBC,CNN,FOX. I have determined that FOX is more balanced and provides both sides with opportunities to explain, defend, and espouse their stories. I have over 400 books in my personal library, and over at least 300 that I have read. I think I am still allowed to comprehend and analyze all the information I avail myself to. I challenge you to debate anytime and anywhere what is truth and honor.

        • Bob Wire

          Well it’s certainly an observation from a personal perspective regardless how many books one might have.

          I don’t have that many books but I do have two TV’s and I’ve placed them together and viewed Fox and Msn at the same time, many times.

          What did I find? ~ Fox it’s more pleasing to the eye. Much like Vegas, nice pleasing colors and pretty people. Compared to Fox, the others are more like watching a drab mud duck hen swim about a small mud hole.

          Content? ~ They both omit any news that is not flattering to their cause. Fox might do an update on Al Gore marriages problems ~ The others offer no such news. MSN will highlight foolish statements made by Sharon Angle makes. ~ Fox doesn’t bother covering such things.

          Fox ~ does offer many different show ~ but most fail to really go to any get depth on any one issue ~ or to say ~ it would be a “special” if they do. The Programing is lighter and faster moving.

          MSN ~ seems to use a shovel and they dig and dig and dig on issues.

          They offer three shows every weekday evening, addresses many of the very same issue and they overlap each other and they hammer and hammer, dig and dig on issues.

          There is indeed a serious difference between Fox and all others.

          Fox is more entertaining.

          It’s best to read your news ~ before you watch the news.

          For most all TV media today are attempting to make the news and not just report it.

          Fox was the first media station to start offering News spin. ~ That’s what Rupert is all about selling the package and keeping it sold. Needless to say ! It’s a game “two” can play.

          If you watch FOX you tend to believe you are a majority and represent the backbone of America. ~ By virtue of what is not completely clear. ~ Fox rating? true they are high, but it’s debatable if they are a true reflection of demand ~ do your own research if you question.

          I believe the Christian Far Right favors Fox. ~ Why would they not? ~ With all the fairy issues and same sex crap going’s on in the left’s agenda? That’s a big voting block of people.

          This approach of news delivery along with the likes of Lee Atwater and his protegee Karl Rove have created the mess we see in media news coverage today.

          I would say ~ most all people have caught on to this at this point.

          Those would be the people you don’t see or hear anything about.

          We only hope they show come election time or at least I do!

  • James

    I would just add to this article that our unsecured borders policy started long before President Obama’s administration. When the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) was passed, we took a giant step in that direction. President Bush advocated expanding our southern border to width of 150 miles, which would have been a prelude to its dissolution altogether. In view of the fact that millions of foreignors now hate out guts, that policy is insane, and it’s obviously bipartisan. If hundreds of thousands enter our country illegally every year, it’s a certainty that hundreds of those came here to do us harm.

  • DrG

    “avowed communists, practicing Marxists, anti-Semitic Islamists, perverts that promote sex with children, homosexual activists, secularists, atheists and radical environmentalists.”

    As a libertarian atheist, I am mildly offended at being lumped in w the rest of this group. I do, however, agree w much of the rest of this article.

    If we ended the welfare state and legalized recreational drugs, border control would be a non-issue, as the only people crossing the border would be legitimate tourists and those who desired to work. American citizens don’t want the jobs that the illegals are doing. Budgets for police and prisons we be significantly lower, and tax revenues would go up. Terrorist organizations all over the world would lose their main source of revenue- illegal drug smuggling.

    We could also drastically cut military spending.

    • TodayMattersTomorrowToo

      My garsh, Doc, think about the affect of your happiness on your health and length of life!
      I diagnose that the first stress and unhappiness for you, is that this is a Christian Nation. Read our Founding Father’s documents and their personal journals.

      Please don’t worry, be happy, don’t ALLOW yourself to be lumped with anybody! Get some stammmmina, Doc, move to Mexico. They have everything you seem to like.

      Seriously, why don’t you move to a better location, one that loves athiests, that has plenty of available drugs… and may the Doc’s who participate, be your surgeons when you most need them.

      Adios!! (no Amigo).

      • Reb

        You lie. This nation was not founded on christianity and the majority of the Founders were Unitarian or Deists. There are many bogus quotes all over the net and they can also be quickly disproved. Most of those bogus works were created by, of course, lying christian authors who rake in millions from simple minded fools who never read one damn authentic work of any of our Founders. The God our Founders refer to is the God of Nature and they refer to Him as Nature’s God. They also use the term Creator of the Universe. You will never find one authentic reference to jesus or yahweh as being the ‘gods’ of this world or this nation. I suggest you get a copy of the book ‘Liars for Jesus’ and you will find bogus quote after bogus quote that are now being used to fill an agenda by these wolves in sheeps clothing.



    • Reb

      I hate all caps! How lazy can people be to type everything like it is the hot news of the day? Geez, what is the problem with you all caps folks? Who was your typing instructor? STOP IT! IT IS ANNOYING AND CHILDISH.

      • Bob Wire

        agree ~ I don’t read them.

        let’s face it ~ no control of the simplest of skills, where could their mind be at?

        The mind being the most difficult thing to control of all!

        “pass the towelette paper please” I’m short a few sheets of being completely done here!”

        Sure! ?? help yourself ???

  • Gary Emch

    It is just a matter of time when Obama tries to take away another
    freedom that so many Americans have fought for and died to defend our
    standard of life. Obama is the best example of a person who has never
    did anything good for anyone and who has never served in the military
    but enacts terms of war that get our troops killed. From what I’m hearing by the majority of people it will be one more act against the
    people of our country that will cause a revolution. Obama will be dealt
    with and a new and much less corrupt government will be in office. Only
    then will we see America regain its lost honor and pride! The people are
    preparing for what must be accomplished for the good of our nation.



    • Reb

      Good grief! ANOTHER ONE.

      • Bob Wire

        Well~~? It’s not a Tea Party exclusive!

        but they are working on it!

        With all respect ~ we all started somewhere and grew. Help these people, please.

        As someone helped you.

  • Da Norseman

    Any radical leftist will tell you that that socialism and communism are not all the same, and yet, they say it in such a clever way just to dupe anyone into believing them. On the contrary, both ideologies do follow the same principles in many cases. Marx’s writings indicate that both socialism and communism could be used interchangeably. Many communist countries were officially named using the word “socialist” as in the case of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    Many radical leftists will tell you that they support socialism or some form of it, and that they oppose communism. That is false! Any radical leftist who steers a country toward socialism is bound to bring it into a communist system through lying as it happened in Cuba two years after Castro’s forces seized power from the Batista regime. Marx defined communism as the final stage in society, which would be achieved through a proletarian revolution and only possible after a transitional stage develops the productive forces, leading to a superabundance of goods and services. But did it work?

    Toward the end of the tsarist era in Imperial Russia, there was the aristocracy and the working class. One was rich and the other poor. The poor demonstrated repeatedly for a “better” society, which they prevailed through revolution. From the time Lenin seized power in 1917 until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, that country was a real hellhole under a communist system. The aristocracy and private ownership was abolished. All property was expropriated and state owned. The working class was divided among the various communal co-ops, receiving only a meager income. Goods and basic food supplies became scarce and were rationed since they had to be distributed equally, and there were long lines. The black market was prevalent in communist countries for the consumer who was willing to pay much more than his wages permitted.

    What kept communism and socialism alive was due to the use of propaganda through state run media broadcasts. Anything that benefited the government was broadcasted while censorship was the norm that went against it. Communist governments also utilized jamming devices to prevent broadcasts from neighboring non-communist countries from being heard. All radios and televisions were sold in communist countries with a narrow band frequency that permitted only pro-communist broadcasts. Cuba, another communist country that has substandard living conditions and services, jams anti-communist, anti-Castro or pro-capitalist broadcasts coming from neighboring Florida or the Dominican Republic. It’s the lies that keep that regime going, and if the truth leaks out as it did all across Russia and Eastern Europe back in the 1990s, communism would collapse!

    Above all, socialism, communism as well as National Socialism, fascism and other similar ideologies are just government tools used to manipulate the minds of and to bring superiority and fear over their citizens who are “owned” by the state through political greed and intimidation. It is a form of human husbandry, which promotes serfdom and peasantry – otherwise known as slave labor. Five countries remain communist: China; Cuba; Laos; North Korea and Vietnam, while elsewhere communism failed!

  • 45caliber

    Laws are enacted for two reasons: First, it is to protect you from the aggression of someone else. Second, it is to establish an equalization of all people. If the law is followed, then everyone is equal under the law.

    But if someone decides to enforce the law for some and ignore it for others, then the law is simply not there. The person making that decision has insured that there is no equality so the law is meaningless.

    If there are no laws – then there is only chaos. Every man for himself. Any enforcement of the laws is done only if you can buy that enforcement – which is for you alone.

    At the moment, thanks to Oblama and friends, we are reaching that state of chaos. The only holding point, so far, are the states that are enforcing their laws. If Oblama can get away with insisting the state has no right to enact and enforce a law, then we have chaos.

    I hope you’re all ready for it.

    • bill

      we will enforce the law by the butt end of our rifles and guns, we will be victorious. the obama communist party usa is getting very nervous and very trapped and like wild beastly dogs they will strike at us even if they have to use the dumb ass incompetent police departments to do their dirty work. they will think they are doing the work and upholding the law but in reality breaking the rule of law.

      • Bob Wire

        Are you willing to stake your life on that?

        I think you might want to pace yourself if you plan to see how this ratched up fevered pick ends.

        Want are you going to do if Obama makes a two terms?

  • mavis

    Obama and Soros must be stopped. Impeach him now.
    Obama and Soros are truly evil.mehpensacola,fl

  • Void1972

    Recently discovered in a Manhattan library’s records: In 1789, George Washington borrowed a copy of Emmerich de Vattel’s “The Law of Nations” and never returned it. Many historians have documented this important treatise as the basis for much of the Constitution’s framework. Vattel’s book includes this interesting statement:

    I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.

    Vattel seems to equate the phrase “of the country” with the concept of patriotism and implies that this feeling arises not from geography, but from the moment of birth within the family. (Note that “patriotism” has the Greek root patrios, “of one’s father.”) Aristotle discussed this notion of allegiance that arises from family ties versus place in his Politics, Book 3.

    Proponents of the view that the founders relied on Vattel and understood the significance of “citizen by consent” versus “subject by birth” were also excited to learn of the recent discovery of Jefferson’s deliberate smudge on the Declaration. Many so-called birthers and opponents of the practice of “birthright citizenship” rely on this conceptual distinction and Vattel’s definition of “natural-born citizen” in their arguments against Obama’s presidential eligibility.

    Much of the hullabaloo over Obama’s birthplace misses the central point of these philosophers’ contentions, simply put in the old but wise saying: “Home is where the heart is.” Obviously, it is critical for many reasons that our leader behold America as the apple of his eye. Personally, I believe Obama’s birthplace is indeed Hawaii. But now that his home is in the White House, his heart-place becomes the pivotal question.

    Most of us do find our heartstrings attached to our own birthplace, and the conspiracy theories surrounding Obama’s are understandable, given what little information is available. Obama’s translucency in failing to release his long-form birth certificate or other details of his life has only fueled the theories. Fans would love to brag about his stellar grades, scholarly articles, and other achievements. Supporters want to read books about Obama that he didn’t (supposedly) write himself. Reporters long to interview classmates, past associates, clients, and friends (that is, anybody other than his pastor of twenty years, favor-trading politicians and business associates, and some guys in his neighborhood).

    Obama’s wife has in speeches referred to her husband’s “home country” as Kenya. Many Americans have parents who were born in other countries, as do I — however, I can’t recall ever thinking of the foreign country of my father’s birth as “home,” nor would my family describe my country as anything but America. Maybe Michelle, who admitted she wasn’t proud of her own home country until her husband began his presidential campaign, simply prefers to think of Kenya as Obama’s.

    When Obama suffered writer’s block while creating his autobiography, he retreated for several months to Indonesia. He spent a summer in Pakistan after graduation from college. One of several family trips to Kenya found then-Senator Obama alongside his cousin Odinga on Odinga’s campaign trail. Obama must have missed learning U.S. geography in elementary school (likely since he attended a Muslim elementary school in Jakarta), for he told us he was unable to campaign in all 57 U.S. states (although there are 57 member-states of the Islamic Conference).

    In a campaign speech for the U.S. presidency that Obama gave — not in the U.S., but Germany — he spoke of himself as a “citizen of the world.” This self-label he must not take lightly, for we have seen him on more than one occasion bowing to foreign leaders.

    Not a “Journolist,” and therefore not aware of approved descriptions for our president, writer Dorothy Rabinowitz called Obama an “alien.” Obama recently made a remark that it appears could confer American citizenship to ET: “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth — it’s a matter of faith.” The Globe (the tabloid) again dared recently to publish another Kenyan birth certificate story, further fueling the conspiracies.

    Obama, who was against the use of his middle name and acknowledgment of his Muslim heritage before he was for it, claims that America is no longer primarily a Christian nation and seems to have some difficulty describing our enemies in a language America understands.

    John McCain’s heart, although physically born in a Panama hospital outside the U.S. military base, has been proven, based on a life of service, to be firmly rooted in patriotism for his country. Publications staffed by Journolists that questioned McCain’s presidential eligibility early in the campaign were answered with McCain’s release of his long-form and a Senate resolution. One wonders whether Obama’s eligibility was ever discussed among these same Journolisters before they, in choreographed unison, ridiculed the Obama “birthers,” a name the only Journolister to be fired (so far), David Weigel, claimed he was the first to coin.

    A recent edition of The Washington Times National Weekly ran a full-page advertisement by plaintiff Commander Charles Kerchner (of a still-active eligibility lawsuit) headlined “Kenya My Country, Tusker My Beer: The Elephant in the Oval Office.” Kerchner’s attorney, Mario Apuzzo, was recently cleared of frivolous charges as he continues to appeal his case.

    Real photos of Obama drinking Tusker Beer have not been captured, but he does seem to have a curious interest in Kenyan politics, spending (possibly illegally) $23 million of U.S. funds to promote a new Kenyan constitution which is both pro-abortion and pro-Sharia. Tea Partiers only dream that Obama would take such an interest in the Constitution he swore to uphold.

    Tom Tancredo, Jeffrey Kuhner, and Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely have begun calling for the impeachment or resignation of Obama based on his disregard for our Constitution and other crimes.

    Our current Congress — busy disregarding the Constitution themselves and passing thousands of pages of new laws the contents of which they, along with the rest of us, anxiously wait to see — can’t even produce a budget, much less examine whether this president is violating his own oath. Not long ago, Congress felt it necessary to examine whether Clinton lied under oath about having sex with an intern. Is lying to a judge about a romantic tryst more egregious than lying to the American people?

    These days, it hinges on who’s doing the lying or breaking the laws. Under Obama’s Justice Department, the definition of equal enforcement depends on the meaning of “equal.”Thoughts, motives, income level, skin color, and an “R” or a “D” after a title now fill Lady Justice’s vision.

    G.K. Chesterton once penned this lovely thought on patriotism: “Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her.”

    The sleeping giant that loves the real America is just beginning to wake up and wonder if Obama’s heart does indeed reside with us, and whether he feels at home with baseball, Boy Scouts, and apple pie.

    Obama’s father did not dream of citizenship, service, or patriotism to America, but rather remained a communist Muslim member of the Kenyan government until his death. It seems the America that Obama loves is a country fundamentally transformed according to the hope of his own audacious vision.

    If, instead of the oceans, our mountain of debt continues to rise to unsupportable levels, and the next Congress dares consider impeachment of Obama (or if he’s spotted in Arizona buying ice cream) instead of asking to see his papers, Americans may choose to give him some papers of their own — a one-way ticket out of the White House and to the homeland of his heart, wherever that might be.

  • Steve

    ANY one on this page who defended EITHER a democrat OR a republican; you are a fool and you are lost!

    If the Republicans or the Democrats could have fixed this nation, they would have done it long before now. Both major U.S. political parties are dominated and controlled by the “monet trust” (banks/corporations). They do NOT work for, nor do they represent “We the People”; but instead represent the global elitists; the super-rich foundations; the NGO’s; the global bankers; the global corporations; and the lobbyists. Bankrolled by the money dynasty (principal owners of the federal reserve banks), they have emerged as our present day aristocracy, the “ruling elite families” which includes generations of Rockefellers, Kennedys, and the Bush family; perennial “intellectuals” like Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Albright, Christopher, and Rubin; the gang at Goldman Sachs, all the members of the “Council on Foreign Relations” and the “Trilateral Commission”; and all of the one-time and/or yearly attendees at the annual “Bilderberg” conference.

    This criminal cabal of power elites, banks, corporations, revolving door government officials, and the mainstream media have effectively destroyed our economy, and the foundation of constitutional government which we have taken for granted. These evil people have stolen the wealth of the US Treasury whilst exploiting the power and might of the US Military to achieve their agenda. Meanwhile, corrupt government officials continue to pass unconstitutional laws to the benefit of themselves and the elite. They believe our Constitution and Laws don’t pertain to them. It is imperative everyone know that both political parties are controlled by the “elite”, and that our presidential election is a fraud between their two preselected candidates. Their “man” always wins.

    We transition from the lies, deceit and prevarication of one administration to the lies, deceit and prevarication of another; it is, in fact, a continuation of the same betrayal of constitutional guarantees, unlawful and unrestricted immigration, insecure borders, wild frivolous spending, and government encouragement of the continuing transition to a deeply immoral society. The government will persist in eroding our constitutionally protected unalienable rights, and what little is left of the people’s sovereignty will most assuredly be legislated away. In days gone by our leaders were chosen from among the people: they were the servants and we were the Master. Now our leaders are chosen from (and by) the elite: they are the Master, and “we the people” are their servants.

    • Tea Party Tim

      I would have to assume that you never considered registering and voting.

      • Bob M.

        Tea Party Tim misses the point. Voting doesn’t work. At all. Completely rigged. Happy grazing.

        • Tea Party Tim

          So, I suppose that you have built your shelter and are prepared to die without even lifting a finger to make a change at the ballot box. Voting obviously does work, look at the change that we got in 2008. Reality is a vexing problem.

  • mmmm

    lowest interest rates ever…thats my dollar of hard saved dollars earning ability aqt the lowest rate ever!!!!!! yep..evereything is fine as i spend my savings into poverty

    • Bob Wire

      That you have the leg up to consider investment ~ makes you tea party material ! great for you. Many are looking for just milk money these days my friend.

  • Ten Megaton

    Impeach? How about hanging the bastards.

  • victor

    Christopher Story died after a short illness? i would like to be assured that he did not die of multiple self inflicted gunshots to the head.still checking we lost a true trooper.

    • Reb

      I haven’t heard this and sorry to hear it now.

  • Constitutional, Chris

    Seems to this; mere student of the “jus naturale” True Law of

    nature’s GOD and formenr U.S.Army M.P. attached to C.I.D. that

    pursuant to the solemn oath or affirmation of the P.O.T.U.S. Sworn to

    under the spectre of Million of the Publick’s eyes in: bona fide

    Witness to said voluntatary assent to Terms of the Contract the

    Constitution for the Continental United States of America Republic,

    de jure, that the Party assenting to the onerous terms of obligation

    of the Contract, Barrach Hussein O’bama is by: “mere tacit operation

    of Common Law of the sovereign Nation” the “Commander in Chief of the

    Armed Forces” thus subject to the: “Uniform Code of Military

    Justice”(UCMJ)and may then be in Violation of several Articles therin

    in re: Treason , Neglect of Duty, Subversive acts to subvert and

    DESTROY the Federal Govenment by express Acts of: Omission and

    Comission, devised to FOMENT insurection and violent revolution by

    means of: muliliferous ATTACKS on the Security and Dignity of the

    Nation and coconspiritorial efforts to: effectuate stealthily

    conjurgated “artful” crafting, of legislative acts, to invoke

    involuntary servitude, by a scheme of: Communist Slave Nation as

    evidenced in the specifically express: multifaceted installation of

    the: 10 Planks of the “Communist Manifesto”, by artful crafting, of

    dubious voluminous conflagurations of asserted Legislative Acts!

    (Violative of the Constitution and specifically in explicit

    contradistinction to the: Source of the Powers Absolute: We The PEOPLE

    This Satanic Conspiracy of evil, may offer multiple grounds for

    Arrest and Incarceration, as an Absolute, bona fide “Enemy of the

    State”by “Military Court Martial” as a “Foreign Insurgent Enemy


    What SAY YE NOW? see: (Blacks 6th) for definition of terms within

  • JH

    Don’t get hung up on the right/left paradigm. Both of them are out to control your mind and steal your money and freedom. It’s like we’re all sitting in a football stadium cheering our teams to victory. Underneath it all there is animosity and a great cost to play and to show up to convince yourself and the rest of the sheep your side is best. It is quite a simple solution yet takes great courage all you have to do my friends is vote out the incumbent EVERY TIME! Don’t let these jokers make a career out of what should be a service to their country. The only reason they keep running is they can’t find a better job in the real world. These government positions have become too sweet to not attract a bunch of flies. Vote ‘em out EVERY TIME and send them back to find meaningful employment. They are killing us and we keep cheering them along. They aren’t our team, they aren’t your team. They are their own team and they’re in charge. Until we get the good sense to send them back home EVERY TIME!!

    • Steve in Fla

      Excellent Post JH.
      “Don’t get hung up on the right/left paradigm. Both of them are out to control your mind and steal your money and freedom.”
      Absolutely correct. None of our Congress critters (in either house) give a damn about the everyday Taxpaying U.S. citizen.

      “It is quite a simple solution yet takes great courage all you have to do my friends is vote out the incumbent EVERY TIME! Don’t let these jokers make a career out of what should be a service to their country.”
      Jokers is right.
      And career politicians? Working their Entire lives in gov’t isn’t something our founders would have even considered much less done.

      “These government positions have become too sweet to not attract a bunch of flies. Vote ‘em out EVERY TIME and send them back to find meaningful employment.”
      Get enough new people in office & eventually our country will have control of it’s gov’t again.

      This has to be the best part of your post JH:
      “They aren’t our team, they aren’t your team. They are their own team and they’re in charge.” They definitely Aren’t on our team.

      “Until we get the good sense to send them back home EVERY TIME!!”
      Vote them out & vote in new people. Ones not owned by lobbyists/special interests.
      And here is a good start to do exactly that!

      Thanks JH for the very thoughtful & correct post.

  • justin

    I think this is the bagining of an antichrist movement revulation reviles every thang no one can hid frome god,im not perfict but dang it man Obamma needs to be arested for trust passing on U.S soil he is here illegaly and AMERICANS need to stand up its all abought sorry retards trying to get thare way with money and power so no one will be crying make every one happy by takeing GOD out of evaery thang soware the fags will have the right to fuge pack and rap and to carry on thare eval ways a manthat law homosexuality is evil it is an abomanation to god almighty and.
    We need to take ou terrist not American sacirty and rights for controll. the mark of the best is almost here dont be desived by the chips the one world goverment will try to implant in us this is a move of the antichrist. cant bye sell eat with out the chip that is what revulation says abought the mark of the beast after it has taken place than he will arise and show himself this is just a preparation for it we can die trying to fight for rights and the gosple of JESUS CHRISTi hate evil.
    what is evil sin any thang that defiles the body what is holyness and purity now and days it is all coruption and it is not long dont be desive bye the move of the secreat of the government do right not wrong no one is a person to be place like a market animal lol we are humans flesh and blood not robots or any thang to be controlled bye a stupid one world government WARNING TAKE HEAD.the government has lots of secreat movements that none no’s abought how can some one have such great power to change law isnt what the bible says thare will come one tht will have power to change laws and make new ones what do you think is happening

  • x

    Martial law was declared after 9/11, except Jeb Bush declared martial law in Florida in the weeks before 9/11.

  • Trimelda

    Hey everyone, especially those who think Obama is “just swell”, let me hip you to the place he learned his politics from-Sweet Home Chicago.

    I grew up in a ghetto in Chicago that has been controlled by Damn-it-craps for almost 80 years. They are the most racist, sexist pieces of skin wearers I have had the misfortune to know. Why do I feel that way? Because they have done everything they can to kill the American Dream and destroy poor people. I KNOW how they are. I watched my town shrivel up and die because of these jerks. So, if you think Obama will do any less, think again.

    He is a disgrace to Americans everywhere; especially American Black people. Why? Because he is a fake American, a wanna be Black man(?), a coward, a blow heart and the tool of a bunch of greedy, evil people. You watch and see, this puppet will get offed by a white man so that many of my poor, deluded people will riot, get shot and die for the glory of Martial Law. It makes me sick to see it. Get on your knees and pray. Forgive each other and dump the race hating bs so we can once again be One Nation Under God and get rid of this tyrant!

  • Robert

    The majority of our citizens are either complacent or are in denial. The radical Democratic Party or should I refer to them as CommuProgress Party, are out to destroy the principles, values, and morals that this great nation was founded on. When we look back over the past century, it is not hard to see what the future will be. Biblically, our days as a free nation are numbered. God sees what is happening, and will as he has in the past, turn his anger against all who have turned their backs on him. This includes those that remain quiet and allow evil to rule. It is time for True God Fearing Americans to stand up for Biblical Values and bring this country back to its roots.

    • Reb

      This nation was not founded on christianity or any other religion. Our Constitution calls for Freedom of Religion so we can choose to believe any doctrine we choose or not believe at all.

      It certainly does not mean those who are christian can claim this nation as a christian one or brow beat the hell out of others who choose not to follow that creed.

      Most of our Founders were Unitarian(Washington) or Deist. The god they spoke of was Nature’s God not some slobbering maniac psychopathic killer or his son.

  • Bob Wire

    You could Robert, but it’d be a lie and make you a liar.

    Why don’t you just give up and let “GODS” will be done?

    I think think you are too quick to invoke the Lord’s name myself.

    We’ve got this God! ~ but watch our back ~ okay? and watch over Robert !


      Thanks for telling it like it really is….THE TRUTH!


      My reply is to Bob Livinston
      Thanks for telling it like it really is….THE TRUTH!

  • Barbara Kelly

    God Help America

  • john

    Bob Wire: You sir are a horse’s arss! Traitors find there reward at the end of a ROPE!. A lib