The Dream Of Insurance For All: Make Less Money, And Government Will Pick Up The Tab


I was talking with friends and new acquaintances at the local Oktoberfest celebration last week when the topic of Obamacare came up. One couple, a young husband and wife, offered that they earn a comfortable, but not affluent, living. They’re presently uninsured and, newly married, were already planning to shop for health insurance as the new year approaches. The wife, owner of a growing food cart business, is self employed but earns the majority of the couple’s income. The husband earns a salary as an office assistant in a small law group.

I’m paraphrasing here, but when we started talking Obamacare, the husband told us:

You know, my wife and I have been talking about it, and I’m seriously considering going to my bosses and asking them either to give me a dramatic pay raise so we can afford some kind of good insurance of our own choosing, or to give me a dramatic pay cut, so that our combined income qualifies us for subsidies on a half-decent Obamacare insurance plan. With the money we make right now, we can’t afford the Obamacare ‘gold’ or ‘platinum’ premiums unless we qualify for subsidies, and we have no idea if the private plans we’re looking at now will be affordable once the insurance company revises its pricing structure to make up for whatever it could lose if not enough healthy people sign up for its Obamacare coverage.

Like I said, that’s a paraphrase, but that’s the essence of this young couple’s dilemma.

Apparently, their concern is one that’s increasingly shared by many others in the Nation’s middle and lower-middle classes.

A weekend article in the San Francisco Chronicle documented the new phenomenon of people asking for less money just to have President Barack Obama’s affordable insurance.

“People whose 2014 income will be a little too high to get subsidized health insurance from Covered California [the State-managed Obamacare exchange] next year should start thinking now about ways to lower it to increase their odds of getting the valuable tax subsidy,” the story advises.

It goes on:

Take, for example, Jacqueline Proctor of San Francisco. She and her husband are in their early 60s. They have been paying $7,200 a year for a bare-bones Kaiser Permanentehealth plan with a $5,000 per person annual deductible. “Kaiser told us the plan does not comply with Obamacare and the substitute will cost more than twice as much,” about $15,000 per year, she says.

This new plan, Kaiser’s cheapest offering for 2014, would consume about 25 percent of their after-tax income. The new plan still has a $5,000 deductible but provides coverage for things her current policy does not, such as maternity care, healthy child visits and coverage for dependents up to age 26. Proctor has no use for such coverage, since her son is 30.

Premiums are also going up for many people next year because insurers can no longer deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions or impose lifetime coverage caps.

All of this has to come out in the wash, and there’s no way for Obamacare to be affordable to someone without making health care payments completely untenable for somebody else.

Nothing illustrates just how regressive a scheme Obamacare is than watching willing participants in the workforce adjust their expectations of the American dream to accommodate a new personal goal in the era of socialized medicine: the goal of earning less money than they have in the past.

“If they can adjust (their income), they should,” Karen Pollitz, senior fellow with the Kaiser Family Foundation, told the Chronicle. “It’s not cheating, it’s allowed.”

No one wants to make less money to do a job that hasn’t changed. Who isn’t betting that middle-class tax fraud increases exponentially in 2014?

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • vicki

    It’s not like we didn’t warn them

    • Marc de Piolenc

      You said it. And it’s not like their own brains shouldn’t have warned them. What Obama claimed to be able to do is impossible on its face – no further inquiry needed.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, ~ not impossible , not at all, ~ as smaller nations have been able to come to grips with providing health care. ~ There is no reason what so ever that we can’t.

        It only a shopping list, ~ of items and needs, ~ Butter and Bullets and Band-aids, cigarettes and beer or a sack of flour, sugar and coffee?

        The money will be spent ! ~ on something ~ otherwise why print the stuff?

        • ezekiel66

          Smaller nations are also giving up on the cradle to grave idea. The money will be spent on something is what you say. What gives you or anyone else the right to have it spent on them?
          What is going to be funny is that it is imploding before it even gets started. To date only 58,000 have been able to enroll.

          • Deerinwater

            “What gives you or anyone else the right to have it spent on them? ”

            Which is it? ~` We are being asked to pay for our own and now you are asking what gives me the right that I spent on other’s ~

            So I ask ~ which is it?

    • Deerinwater

      ~ in what way were they warned ? for little has changed. ~ to seek Federal or Federally subsidized Employment while you are young perhaps? ~ would be my warning.

      While we know, everyone cannot work for the government. ~ It’s just not in the cards.

    • mari

      Yes, they were warned but they were also susceptible to the charlatan selling snake oil. Picture Obama standing at the foot of a covered wagon, barking out his deal that is too good to be true. “O-care will heal rickets, stubbed toes, impotence, hair loss, digestive ills, ailments of the heart, hypochondria, rebellious teens, colicky babies, disgruntled men, hysterical women, consumption, and whatever ails you. One thin dime and health and vigor are yours”. Charlatans exist because human nature is fickle. The promise of freebees is more enticing then gathering information, thinking, and then taking the harder road. I only hope that the saying, “once bitten, twice shy” applies here…I kind of doubt it, though.

    • wheasonjr

      Warning them does not get the people of the US out of harms way. I work for a company that supplies health insurance, but I can see that if prices rise it will affect my companies insurance. They are in business to make a profit like most companies, unless your web page has a .gov, and it the price gets to high I will at the very least have to pay the difference unless they decide to discontinue their health benefits all together. They have less than the min. work force to go without.

    • wheasonjr

      Warning them does not get the people of the US out of harms way. I work for a company that supplies health insurance, but I can see that if prices rise it will affect my companies insurance. They are in business to make a profit like most companies, unless your web page has a .gov, and it the price gets to high I will at the very least have to pay the difference unless they decide to discontinue their health benefits all together. They have less than the min. work force to go without.

  • JimH

    Replace the word government with the words taxpayer.
    The tax payer will subsidize ME.
    Making others pay my doctor bill is a right.(not)
    The fact it needs sudsidies means it’s a failure.

    • Warrior

      Just think of it as the “gubmint” office pool! Winners and losers.

    • Deerinwater

      Hmm? ~ Right! ~ the old system employed Federal Subsidies and yes, ~ it was “failing” and why the need for reform as this disparity was becoming far too wide and did not include enough tax payers that were being asked to help shoulder the load with their tax dollars.

      That ,~after years of Federal subsidies having been shelled out had created a class of “entitled” by virtue of select employment who wish to ignore any disparity, ~ has not been lost on me.

      I really don’t know where the “just and final” answer to this disparity lies but at least, ~ we’ve moved off of center point ~ off Status-Quo, for such disparity could not continue much longer as quality American jobs have been sold-out by Corporate Interest and the desire for higher profit taking.

      It’s not over, by along shot. ~

      The only “new factor” being introduced into this young couples story is the mandate to take personal responsibility for your health care.

      This mandate will force a resolve and resolution into being. ~ without which there would be none.

      While , ~ more month at the end of the money, ~ is not a new development but a very old one.

  • Korproral Knish

    Just as the govt. must truly secure the southern border before any amnesty for illegals, there has to a lowering of premiums before any healthcare reform/subsidies for those who cannot afford it. The GOP has been promoting the purchase of insurance across state lines to drive competition & lower rates since McCain ran for prez & the LOONY TUNES LIBs led by Der Fuhrer Obummer has been ignoring it…since this must be done via congressional legislation, it appears the insurance lobbyists have gotten to the DEMs

  • Warrior

    So much for the 800 pound gorilla, enter the 2 ton rino! Here’s your CHANGE and oh right, HOPE the “gubmint” picks me!

  • Vigilant

    So far, a strange absence of the usual suspects (Alex, KG, r brooks, Dave, smilee) trying to counter the FACTS of the Unaffordable Care Act.

    • Deerinwater

      Sleeping in, I suppose. It’s dark and rainy morning here, ~ think I’ll catch another 40 winks myself.

  • carl_AF

    A comment by Deerinwater, makes a mention of Personal Responsibility. This will never be permitted by the present government. The reason for being responsible for your own actions is a thing of the past. There was a time that if you din’t look out for your future you would have a problem in fulfilling your needs. Not now, this administration wants to fill everyone’s needs with the individual having no responsibility. Back in the fifties, we in the military were constantly shown films informing us about Communism and we were the ones to stop the spread before the domino effect destroyed the world. Well, it looks like we did not do our jobs very well as the United States is coming to the point that the government will take care of us. And this is being caused by a lack of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

    • Briylaln

      How can this administration hold the citizenship responsible for their actions when the commander in chief seems to be one of the most irresponsible individuals I’ve ever seen.

    • BigIron

      Actually, the couple mentioned IS acting “responsibly” but it is the “minions” of the PTB/NWO who have defined “responsibly” by creating “their” rules by which the couple must abide. Change those “rules” to those of the “natural order” and their behavior will change accordingly … because they will act to “do the best they can do”!


    AH,COME ON PEOPLE,SPREAD THE WEALTH!that’s what this monstrosity should be labeled as!this is all about money!obama said”how much money you need?how much is enough?haven’t you got enough?”this thing is about taking your money to give to others that do not have it!he wants our 401K’s,bank accounts,checking accounts,savings,safety deposit boxes-this progressive liberal scheme is to take the workers wealth(not theirs)and spread it around equal like!!this is just one step in a lot of steps the progressive machine is rolling out that people are blind to!open your eye’s people,this will rob you of all your money and so will all the rest of the steps(when they come)this corrupt gov’t is slowly taking all our rights and our money!this insurance plan is just a load of crap!(one ear mark-force their way into my home whenever they want!)that means they can forceably come into your home whenever they want to!and do what?,take my gun’s,any money i have stashed for a vacation or presents!this LAW OF THE LAND is a way for them to control us.what does health care have to do with that?wake up and open your eyes people!

    • Monster Truck

      IBCAMN is right…
      This is not about health. This is an economic weapon of mass effect aimed right at the middle class working stiffs. It is designed to ruin us and make us slaves to the state. My future and the future of my children is being stolen.
      I can only resist so long, so, IBCAMN, if we end up in the same FEMA camp, look me up. We can have some fun telling all the other “inmates” that we told them so between our re-educational beatings we are sure to be getting before we are executed for our thoughts.

  • JLouisK

    I’m disabled, trying to find work which is almost impossible for non-disabled as well. With these new impositions, the desire to go back to mainstream employment diminishes. To afford everything “barry” wants, I would be worse off by working. It seems like I’m being punished for wanting to become Self Reliant. The system truly traps and enslaves the people.

    • BigIron

      JLouisK you are exactly correctin your assessment. And that IS what the PTB/NWO and their “minions” desire to have happen which is why they have set up the rules in the manner that they have.

      Force the people to get down on their knees and bow to the “state” for their lives and make, of them, good little obedient slaves who dare not fail to obey their masters without question. To the “slave”, the “master” is “god”.

      • ChiefBoring

        Yep, when ACA fails, as designed, the dems will start crying for a single peyer system, and the insurance industry will die by the wayside. Doctors will of neccessity become part of an offline medical system in order to earn a living, because the single payer system will set the reimbursement level to what the government wants, not what it actually costs.

  • BigIron

    Generally, people will do “the best they can” and that is what this couple is doing. This story could almost have been plagiarized from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. “Game theory” would suggest that this couple is playing the “game” by the “rules”. That these rules are both stupid and ignorant if one want really wants “people” to behave “responsibly” should be a “no brain required” conclusion. The couple is “playing” the “game” with a “strategy” that was designed into it, a strategy that is “contrary” to nature’s “rules”! The couple is, however, playing the game “responably”!

    If we desire “their behavior” to “change” then we need to change the rules of the game to encourage a more desirable behavior. That is what the PTB/NWO and their “minions” did when “they” set the current “rules of the game” to increase the level of slavery of the “people” and so far it’s working beautifully for them. They want us to blame the couple when we should not … we should change the “rules” and apply the “blame” to those who actually deserve it for their interference in natural order.

  • Terry Bateman

    Live free or die. Cancel Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Pell Grants and loans. The people that die without benefits will be better off dead than depending on the government. Hospital and other medical costs would come
    way down if there was no third-party government medical insurance.

    Failing that, make all income subject to social security and medicare witholding
    taxes, double the percentage, cancel Obamacare, Medicaid, and Chips.
    Automatically put everyone in medicare not covered by private health
    insurance. Give corporations and small businesses that provide health
    insurance to employees 10% income tax rate. End of health insurance

  • Shawn

    The elephant in the room that no one mentions is that you get the “subsidies” with your tax refund. You have to shell out the FULL dollar amount for the insurance and then wait a year and a half to be reimbursed. Still sound “affordable”?

    • BigIron

      Shawn, Actually, Obamacare is the “cockroach” in the room”.

      We have only a little of two months to insure that the Fed ends. If and when the Fed ends so many, many of our problems die with it. Obamacare is just a part of the “smokescreen” designed to hide from the “people” the necessity to the PTB/NWO to renew the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 in order to keep stealing the wealth of the “people”.

      America must regain control of her money supply by ending the Fed forever or Obamacare is the least of our worries!

  • BigIron


    What no one is talking about is the “evil gorilla” in the room. MA Rothschild is said to have remarked: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws!” Woodrow Wilson. the President who signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 into law purportedly in his later years lamented: “I fear I have destroyed my country!” Unfortunately, his fears were well founded!

    The Federal Reserve is NOT a branch or an agency of the American government. It is a “cabal” of private, international, for-profit banks which have been allowed to produce a “private”, “unlawful” currency to used alongside “lawful” currency of the United States. It was supposedly set up to control “booms” and “busts” in the economy but it reality it has done exactly the opposite … for its own advantage, the advantage of the “cabal”.

    The “Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was, almost certainly “unlawfully”, passed into law on December 23, 1913 and was chartered for 100 years. In that time the value of the dollar has decreased from one dollar to 4-cents. The “cabal” has stolen the wealth of the American people for the enrichment of the “cabal” (the PTB/NWO).

    By the original law, the Federal Reserve Act ends on December 23, 2013! … unless it is “extended”, “renewed”, “rolled-over into a government agency (such as the Treasury)” or in some other nefarious manner given a new life. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN at any and all costs! It is time for the Federal Reserve to cease, to die, and for America to resume control of its money and its destiny …and to recover our stolen wealth.

    Much of, if not all of, the “junk” going on today is just “smoke and mirrors” so that the “minions” of the PTB/NWO can perpetuate the Federal Reserve and their control of America and the virtual enslavement of the “people” by the Federal Reserve Note (FRN)!

    Has anyone else noticed the total lack of media coverage of this “most important event” from ANY source whatsoever? That to me says that ALL the media is controlled by the “minions” of PTB/NWO.




    “I’ve been very clear on this matter. You must buy the Insurance you don’t want on my website that doesn’t work, or i will fine you.” -Barrack, I will Hose you good, Obama.

  • John

    What will these people do when the price of food goes up? I have noticed since 1973 the price of food is at least 10 times higher than it use to be. I can remember when chicken was less than .08 a pound and watermelons sold at .03 a pound and gas was under .47 a gallon. I believe that inflation and fraud is a major problem that this country has to address.

    • Abe Blue

      The quality is the real fraud. Why pay a high price for food filled with toxins? Eat real, real, local and know your sources or our US cancer rate just might increase.