The Dogs Of Liberalism


I’ve never really understood the idea of changing a sports mascot to spare the delicate feelings of some self-victimized group of people. What the professional victim types who shriek about supposed insensitivity in sports mascots are missing is the fact that no one selects someone or something they don’t like and respect as a mascot. That’s why they’re the Washington Redskins instead of the Washington Personal Injury Lawyers. It’s the same reason they’re the Cleveland Indians instead of the Cleveland Democrats. Moreover, it’s sports — not something really important, like Obamacare.

As stupid as these sports-mascot debates have been over the past 25 or so years, they may have reached a new level of brainlessness last week. Meet Carolyn Luby, a woman who describes herself as a “feminist” and currently haunts the halls of the University of Connecticut as a senior. And she is outraged — outraged, I say! — at the makeover UConn recently gave its mascot and logo: the vaunted Husky. In a recent open letter to UConn President Susan Herbst, Luby complained that the new Husky is visual code for rape. While you consider that lunacy, imagine how proud her parents must feel to learn exactly what the $38,616 they spend annually for their little darling to major in something called “Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies” is going toward.

Regarding the new Husky, which no longer looks like a family pet begging for a Milk-Bone and more like an actual sled dog, Luby wrote: “(W)hat terrifies me about the admiration of such traits is that I know what it feels like to have a real life Husky look straight through you and to feel powerless, and to wonder if even the administration cannot ‘mess with them.’”

My neighbor has a husky named Nadia. She’s a friendly enough dog, if somewhat aloof. To the best of my knowledge, she has never raped anyone, although she has dispatched a few neighborhood squirrels.  Far be it for me to suggest, but if Luby has had troubling experiences with sled dogs in the past, perhaps a school named for one might not have been the best choice for her.

To be sure, Luby’s concerns about rapist puppies are idiotic, albeit neither more nor less so than most of the complaints broached by “women’s gender and sexuality studies” majors. Indeed, the entire subject of her self-victimizing rant steps past silly on the path to embarrassing. But the underlying environment that produced her anti-dogism is hardly limited to the Department of Self-Proclaimed Victim Studies at the local university.

A little less than 150 miles south of Storrs, Conn., (home of your Huskies!) lies the campus of Columbia University. One of the Ivy League schools, Columbia bears a long and distinguished history as one of America’s top institutes of higher learning. Columbia counts among its alums not only President Barack Obama, but our own Wayne Allyn Root. And among its professors, it features a fellow named Marc Lamont Hill. The associate professor recently boosted Columbia’s already considerable reputation by extolling the virtues of unrepentant cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Hill is the same celebrity-academic who said to a CNN panel that Obama supporter, murderer and failed fugitive from justice Chris Dorner was “like a real life superhero” and “exciting.”

Down Interstate 95 from the ivy-draped walls of Columbia sits the cozy campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Like Columbia, Penn is an Ivy League school. And like Columbia, Penn features a professor who has mistaken twisted liberal ideology for knowledge. Associate professor of Religious Studies Anthea Butler took time away from her ostensible job as a teacher to tweet: “How soon is Sam Bacile going to be in jail folks? I need him to go now.” Bacile is the amateurish auteur behind “The Innocence of Muslims,” the little-watched video on which Obama originally attempted to blame the Benghazi, Libya, massacre about which he and his accomplices have yet to stop lying. Butler is ostensibly a professor of religious studies. Exactly which religion calls for the incarceration of bad filmmakers falsely accused by a statist President and a bunch of ululating jihadis of “mocking the prophet Muhammad?”  Never mind.

And those are just two of the many who serve as living proof of the adage “those who can’t, teach.” Ward Churchill, most of the faculty at Berkeley and even terrorist and Obama crony Bill Ayers have all contributed to the denigration of higher education. According to a study conducted by another school (the University of California at Los Angeles), the intellectual shepherds to whom we entrust our children self-identify as liberal more than 60 percent of the time on average, with fewer than 15 percent of their colleagues claiming a more rational outlook.

And the highest levels of academe represent only one of the infestations of liberalism in education. Before the professorial perpetrators get their grubby paws on our children’s minds, a host of liberals spend years mauling our babies’ brains. Government schools are overrun with union thugs masquerading — albeit poorly — as educators. Tales of secondary and even elementary school teachers flying their freak flags at full mast could fill a semester’s worth of reading. My personal favorite: Confronted with a student who asked a question about Obama’s past, Tanya Dixon-Neely of Rowan, N.C., shrieked:

He is a wonderful president! … As a teacher I’m not supposed to allow people to disrespect the president of the United States. … As a social studies teacher I cannot allow you to slander any president in here, past or current.

Social. Studies. Teacher. And people wonder why our kids are jockeying with the kids in the Balkans for a spot in the top 20 in world education rankings.

Not long ago, I enjoyed an exchange with Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, the second largest teachers’ union in the country. On the anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, she tweeted: “One year ago today Trayvon Martin was killed. His killer walked free for too long empowered by ALEC and the NRA.” When I pointed out that George Zimmerman has yet to be tried, much less convicted of anything, she claimed to be “mourning the death of Trayvon Martin.” I’m not sure how figuratively lynching Martin’s would-be victim constitutes “mourning,” but it’s been a minute since my last social studies class.

Luby and her phobia about dogs might be silly, but her tale is symptomatic of a greater issue. As the forces of liberalism darken the door of the citadel of liberty that is America, the next generation of free people is trapped in indoctrination factories wherein ideologues have replaced professors and ideology has replaced knowledge. We spend a great deal of time here at Personal Liberty Digest reporting from the front lines of the defense of freedom. But far behind the lines, the liberals are already building the next generation of soldiers; and they’re using the schools as the barracks.

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Stuart Shepherd

    How ’bout horses instead of dogs? And getting more specific on the part of the anatomy we’re referring to!

    • KG

      Read Ezekiel 23:20.

      • Vigilant

        Neither Marx nor his biographer would appreciate your reference to the Bible, KG. “Opiate of the people” was what they said, I believe. Better change your Gravatar if you expect to have any credibility here, sonny.

        • KG

          What can you expect? When your an eagle surrounded by turkeys?

          And any false doctrine could be called “Opiate of the people” . Especially right-wing sociopaths who think that the only solution for our woes is to cut taxes and destroy unions.

          You know, I would be behind the so-called “patriots” IF they would recognize that most of what the GOP stands for is just as crappy as what the Democraps have. Since more “conservatives” seem to be the captains of Industry, I naturally look down upon their anti worker attitudes. That’s why I’m forced, yes FORCED, to vote and support Democrats. And don’t give me that bu$#!7 about the parties being Identical.

          • JeffH

            Ahhh yes KG the dullard is still stuck in the past…the old Debtocrat – Repugnantcan paradigm.

            In KG’s case, much the same as nc and a few other ignorants…

            “It’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

          • JeffH

            Once again the cat drags in another of the ignorant progressives.

            “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”
            ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Collected Works

          • Right Brain Thinker

            OH gee! My comment to Jeffy was deleted. I guess the moderator doesn’t want us to hurt his feelings by exposing him to too much truth so soon after his return.

      • Vigilant

        Just moused over your screen icon, KG: it says, “136 comments, 137 votes.” Looks like you found only ONE person besides yourself to vote you up. Pitiful.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear KG,

        This is not the first time you’ve referenced this verse. Fascinated with donkeys and horses, are you?

        Best wishes,

        • KG

          About as fascinating as your denial of germs.

          Best wishes,

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Jeffy! Where have you been?

            I see that you are as “clever” as ever.

            “unrealistic rhetoric” is a good one, but “repetitive progressive indoctrination process of propaganda” tops it nicely. Lord love a duck, but that is a truly magnificent piece of mindlessness!

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Good one, Jeffy. Duh!

          • JeffH

            I know, I know…it was obvious and you get it.

    • rendarsmith

      Because a horse won’t remind a rape fanatic of rape?

    • Steve E

      How about a Tijuana donkey?

  • peter

    We all live in lttle boxes and we all look the same? Where have I heard that before? It’s scary when we really investigate how our offspring are being indoctrinated by idiots who consider themselves ‘ educated’. They should walk about with a notice on their foreheads reading ‘ vacant lot – apply next door ‘ so that we can recognize them and be forewarned of their bizarre behaviour.

  • johna650

    Only surprise here is the 15% of professors who adhere to more “rational” principles. Has to be a typo, must mean 1.5%? They are almost all certified nut cases who suck up Marxist myths like dry sponges.

  • johna650

    My son attends a college where they refer to such majors as “Bitch Studies.” I cannot think of a more appropriate aphorism

    • Gullible-White-People

      this has been going on since 1913, when they usurped banking system. this is not an ideological battle of left vs right, GOP vs Dems, Socialism vs liberty. This is ethnic warfare against white people.

      Why do hostile globalist elite defend Israel as a Jewish ethnostate with Jewish only immigration, but ravage white majority Europe/North America into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Gulag with dystopian non-White colonization?

      East Asia is 99% yellow. Africa is 90% Black. West Asia is 99% Brown. But 3rd world colonizers are annihilating Whites, just as China annihilates Tibet.

      Why do gullible Whites cuckold for murderous anti-White elite, who confiscate White people’s guns, infiltrate/subvert our banks & espionage agencies, indoctrinate White kids in academia/mass media, plunder White jobs/wages, & butcher White soldiers in bankrupting wars?

      “Native” Americans are not native. They invaded from East Asia. Yellow & Brown races committed 10-times more genocide, slavery, imperialism than Whites. From Greeks till today, Whites were victims of Jewish/Crypto-Jewish, Turkic, Muslim, N.African imperialism, slavery, genocide.

      Gullible Whites should reject subversive anti-White ideologies – libertarianism, feminism, liberalism, & reject hostile slanders of racism/collectivism. Love to all humanity, but White people must organize to advance their families, their fertility, their homelands, their interests. Spread this message. Reading list: , , ,

      • Ringgo1

        Whew! You are really far out there, pal. Maybe you’re on the wrong site.

  • Deerinwater

    Ben states “Luby complained that the new Husky is visual code for rape. While you consider that lunacy, imagine how proud her parents must feel to learn exactly what the $38,616 they spend annually for their little darling to major in something called “Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies” is going toward.”

    Well Ben. ~ she is beating everyone up with what her mind is telling her to see!

    I don’t see “Rape” , you don’t see Rape” ~ but she does!

    But you go about doing much this same thing ~ with you “Liberal this and “Progressive” that.

    It’s what YOU see! ~

    Yea, she is a fruit cake! obsessed! ~ The demon is in “her mind” ~ not yours or mine. We simply cannot see it and consider she as over reacting and just maybe a half a bubble off plumb.

    While your demon is something different!

    If we could remove the word “Liberal” from the English language, you would be hard pressed to find something to write about. ~ “Liberal” is your devil!

    So? ~ just how important are these fruit cakes what walk among us that demand we acknowledge their demon?

    I say. ~ it’s a big world out there, ~ and there is a whole lot of “free will” poorly spent by people wanting to practice their 1st amendment rights.

    Not finding anyone willing to pay me to expose my personal devil ~` I’ve learned to just laugh about it and go on.

    • Bob666

      Yo Darwin,
      I believe that we have found Ben’s polar opposite.

      • FreedomFighter

        Back under your rock toad.

        “The reality is that both the American culture and the global culture have been under an all-out assault by psychological warfare where the goal is to take prisoners captive and make them slaves through mind control and that is precisely what is happening now.”

        It starts in our schools, continues with television print media, video, games, movies and the celebrities that the system creates. Just take a look, a critical look at what is on television from cartoons to commercials, to sitcoms – soft programming of society.

        Turn the TV off, scrutinize your children’s school, teachers and assignments and read the books they bring home and you will see the attack on family, society, the focused attack on American culture. Its part of the communist manifesto to destroy the family and indoctrinate all into the collective.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI
        Semper FI

  • KG

    I’ll leave the sport’s mascots out. That is a “cute” issue. However, I will defend the posture of Academia if for one reason – freedom. Freedom to experiment with thought and Ideas that seem repugnant, and yet lay the foundation for future exploration. At one time, It was determined by Society that Slavery of Negroes was OK. However, a few “enlightened” Christians along with educated people such as Fredric Douglass helped pave the way for a better future.

    And that’s what we are really talking about – The Future. However, after reading the tone of many of Bob & Co. articles, as well as the responses from the audience, it seems as though many have already “given up” on the Future. I personally think that telling a child that the World is coming to an end is child abuse. Just as telling them that our benevolent G-d has created a place of eternal torment for His creations.

    • FreedomFighter

      “World is coming to an end is child abuse. Just as telling them that our benevolent G-d has created a place of eternal torment for His creations.”
      Stop with the Luciferian doctrine KG. The world will not end, maybe this system will, GOD needed a place to put the trash and the torment you describe Is to never again be in the presence of GOD.

      Real abuse is never teaching your child the Bible.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

      • KG

        Yea! Like the false patriots! Or the people who claim Christ, and still act like total #$%^$#! That’s “Luciferian” all right. BTW, was that an intentional reference to the dark lord? Because he was the “Light Bearer”. Kinda like the knowledge of Good and Evil? Which all “patriot” parrots like yourself claim to have.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          KG, But YOU claim to have knowledge of Good and Evil and YOU claim that YOUR knowledge has more imperative. Just YOUR knowledge does not take into account a transposition that occurred, YOU now see Good as Evil and Evil as Good.

          • KG

            What is so evil about helping people who need help? Or fighting for workers to have the right to collectively bargain for better wages and working conditions? Do I have the knowledge of Good and Evil? Well, the truth is we have ALL eaten of that tree. That’s what makes people so mad as to kill – for an idea in their head. Cause that’s about what 99.9% of whats discussed here is – Ideas in peoples heads – and nothing more.

          • FreedomFighter


            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

    • Vigilant

      “However, I will defend the posture of Academia if for one reason – freedom. Freedom to experiment with thought and Ideas that seem repugnant, and yet lay the foundation for future exploration.”
      What a crock, KG. You’re talking about an academia that died a long time ago. If you are indeed such a proponent of free speech as you purport to be, perhaps you should start a mission to kill the PC that has infected virtually all campuses. When you have finished your affirmative action to balance out the leftist professors with Conservative ones, you can then start on giving conservative speakers a fair chance.

      • nc

        Vigilant; trip on down to Liberty University or Bob Jones and watch liberal thought with liberal speakers take a real beating! If that is the ear candy you want to hear, go for it!! It’s America! How PC it that????

        I understand that each student at each of those
        institutions of higher (?) learning(?) receive a free radio welded to receive only the Rush Limbaugh programs and the sermons of that Christian Right preacher who got caught doing coke and sleeping under his male trainer!

        • Vigilant

          nc, you are indeed delusional (or just a plain liar) if you think rampant socialism has not taken over almost every campus.

    • Vigilant

      Laughably, KG says, “I personally think that telling a child that the World is coming to an end is child abuse.”
      If that’s truly the case, then you better level your sights on the global warming hoax.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Except that the revelation BS is the hoax and the global warming is real.

        • Vigilant

          Whatever, have it your way if it makes you feel better.

        • Ringgo1

          Global warming is real? Good grief! Even “global warming” proponents have walked back from that and are now calling it “climate change”.

    • Vigilant

      KG says, “However, a few “enlightened” Christians along with educated people such as Fredric Douglass helped pave the way for a better future.”
      Strange you don’t mention the name of the man most responsible for that emancipation. It’s Abraham Lincoln, and before the Lincoln haters come out of the woodwork, I’m talking about his active sponsorship of the 13th Amendment, NOT the Emancipation Proclamation.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Are you aware of Lincoln’s true opinions of the negroid race?

        • Vigilant

          Indeed, I know he was a racist, as was the overwhelming majority of Americans, both north and south. I also know that he went to war to preserve the Union, not to free the slaves. I know that the Emancipation Proclamation was purely a military move to weaken the CSA.
          I am aware that one can be a racist and still believe that slavery was an abomination, as did Lincoln. I know that Lincoln’s last speech broached the idea of giving the right to vote to Negroes, and it was most likely this that got him assassinated.
          I know that he actively supported the passage of a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw slavery, since he knew that the Emancipation Proclamation was not permanent, and as permanent policy was not Constitutional.
          Above all, I knmow that

        • Vigilant

          Let me also add that the charge of racism on Lincoln’s part is normally intended as a “gotcha” that fails miserably when seen in the light of the fact that Lincoln was indeed ultimately successful in freeing the slaves forever.

  • Al Chemist

    I’ve heard the expression “If looks could Kill?” but “Looks can rape!” is a new one. Wow!

    • Karolyn

      Have you ever heard the term “undressing her with his eyes.” Aka “leering.”

      • Ringgo1

        Are you suggesting that the ability to imagine someone naked is the same thing as rape? Are you that desperate to be contentious?

        • Karolyn

          You are not a woman, so you don’t know how it feels to have somebody leer at you. Yes, it is classified as a form of sexual assault, as is speaking salaciously to someone who doesn’t want to hear it. Of course, they are not illegal; however, they are very distasteful.

  • Ron

    Not only did god create the world in six days and maybe even worked nights as well to get the job on schedule, he rested on the seventh day. What exactly he did on that day which defines rest is unclear. But if the truth were known from the lost texts, he was making room in hell for the critics. When the count is taken there is going to be a lot more souls in hell than in heaven, that’s for sure.
    But which political philosophy democrat or republican is going to get the open door to the pearly gates and the other the iron gate with “he who enters here shall never return’ we won’t know for sure until after the election.

    • Karolyn

      OMG! Are you for real? Saying that entrance to “heaven” will be determined by political ideology? ROFLMAO!

      • Ringgo1

        Well, now you are getting close to something to b!tch about.

  • Cribster

    Luby needs to get her mind out of the gutter and deal with her issues rather than foist her problems on the rest of society.

    • rendarsmith

      That’s how feminists are. They see rape in everything as an excuse to victimize themselves and vilify men. They are OBSESSED with it.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        We are led to believe that the New Age Movement/Goddess Worship worshipped nature and were in touch with the earth spirits and were as one with animals. So how is it that this Luby is afraid of a picture of a dog. I would think that she would actually go to the picture and commune with it

        • Karolyn

          Weirder and weirder….
          How do you connect her and New Age? You know nothing about this woman. Actually, you know nothing about New Thought either.

          • Jeff

            List the things Nadzie DOES know about. It’d be a short list.

          • Ringgo1

            Thank you, oh arbiter of “New Thought”.

          • Karolyn

            I only speak about things I know something about, contrary to many other posters.

    • Vigilant

      It’s obvious she has no idea about the Husky “culture.” They are not known for their ferociousness but for their work ethic. A Husky is naturally independent and boisterous and its life goal is to RUN, not rape. “Shadow” is enthralled with humans, not as sex objects or menu items, but as friends. He has never had a fight with another dog, and looks forward to every human encounter as a social experience.
      Methinks the young feminazi has confused Huskies with Wolves.

      • Jeff

        I agree that her thesis seems a bit wacky. Of course, it’s a Ben Crystal article so I expect most of her argument is left out, but even assuming she’s a bit eccentric, why call her a “feminazi”? Isn’t that your (and Rush’s) term for any woman who won’t go out with you?

        • Vigilant

          No, :feminazi” is my term for a supposed protector of woman’s rights until the moment that someone like Bill Clinton violates them. It’s a term to describe a female of the species who feels no compunctions about murdering fetuses so she can keep her girlish figure. It also characterizes those woman who belittle other women because they don’t work outside the house. The word additionally applies to those who staunchly support the political aspirations of women who are liberals, but denigrates any woman in the political field who espouses conservative philosophy.
          And, judging from the more vocal ones I’ve seen, the term also covers those women who couldn’t possibly get a man to go out with her.

          • Jeff

            I must admit I’m no expert on definitions in the Dittohead language, but the times my ears have been assaulted by His Protuberance it seems to me “feminazi” is a term of art Rush reserves for those women with the temerity to disagree with him on something, anything. Much as “environmentalist wacko” appears to mean anyone who cares at all about the environment. If you’re going to use the language of the Dittoheads, you’re going to be tarred with their idiocy.

  • rendarsmith

    This is a good article Ben. This radical feminism and rape hysteria have done so much damage to this country and all of western civilization and it’s about time we start exposing it. Then again, I guess that holds true for all forms of socialism.

    • Karolyn

      “Rape hysteria?” This country does have a serious problem with sexual assault, and it needs to be addressed. Part of the problem is people like you who don’t get it. Do you know that one in four college women gets raped? We live in a rape culture here in the US. Would you believe that there are small societies in the world that have no rape because women are revered and considered as equals? Did you know that the US rape rate is higher than that in Europe? Until I worked in the field, I was not aware of just how severe the crime is here. How do you equate feminism with socialism?
      Here are some stats for your edification:

  • nc

    Ben, there is something about the First Amendment that smacks of DIVERSITY! DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT, SPEECH, ASSEMBLY, RELIGION! YOU KNOW, THE AMERICAN THINGS!!!
    It was never automatic that we would become the world leader among nations! It came from the diverse leadership of the diverse minds from those diverse University professors at the very DIVERSE Universities you have just dogged!
    You may recall that the CONSERVATIVE folks dogged the college students of 20s. and 30s. for their decadent ways !!!! The same students who produced our GREATEST GENERATION!!

    • Vigilant

      “It was never automatic that we would become the world leader among nations! It came from the diverse leadership of the diverse minds from those diverse University professors at the very DIVERSE Universities you have just dogged!”

      Au contraire, my communist adversary! It came from the leadership of minds schooled on the Enlightenment thought of Northern Europe and committed to a belief in the Creator. The WORLD used our Constitution as a model LONG before your socialist infiltrators (traitors) began the process of dismantling it.

      Better see a doctor about that myopia.

  • Robert Smith

    “When I pointed out that George Zimmerman has yet to be tried, much less convicted of anything, ”

    There is NO doubt George Zimmerman killed a young boy. The only question is if getting out of his vehicle, stalking the kid, and trying to play local law enforcement official gave him the right to kill the kid.


    • Sarah417

      All you see is what the MSM wants you to see. Trayvon was no young boy nor was he a kid. He was almost 6 feet. He was a tattooed junkie with a hostility to whites. that doesn’t excuse the crime but gives it a different perspective.

      • Karolyn

        “tattoed junkie”? Where did that come from? OMG! The kid smoked pot?

    • Steve E

      I think he had that right when Travon jumped on him and started beating him.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Right Brain Thinker

    a few seconds ago


    Excerpt from a posting on the Climate Denial Crock of the Week, one
    of the best sources on the net for breaking news on AGW and climate

    “Carbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere are on the cusp
    of reaching 400 parts per million for the first time in 3 million years.
    The daily CO2 level, measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii,
    was 399.72 parts per million…”

    2013 is going to be a BIG year for the Earth’s climate, just as 2012
    was. Watch the doings of the arctic sea ice cover and the Greenland ice sheet over the next six months. By October we may be in deep doodoo.
    ice sheet. The next 6 months are critical—-by October, we may find
    that we are in very deep doodoo.

    • Greg Murphy

      By the way, are you aware that the right side of the brain is the imagination side, and that the left side is the analytical scientific side? This means that your facts are probably not correct. Who cares, anyway? I would prefer to live in comfort not in extreme heat or extreme cold, which is what you would prescribe.

      • Greg Murphy

        To RBT: Who measured the CO2 level 3 million years ago? Are you suggesting that the measurement of ice cores are infallible? I just watched a program that suggested that their accuracy is in question by some scientists. This hoax is a political movement to reduce population through euthanasia and force abortions. You have succumbed to their propaganda. There are many of us who refuse to believe in your God.

        • Kuurus

          One interesting item is that gas bubbles in ice migrate over time.

        • Right Brain Thinker

          Greg repeats blah-blah-blah from the deniers and shows his ignorance of AGW science. I don’t think anyone has found any ice cores going back beyond a million years. The evidence from that far back is found in ocean floor deposits and rocks on land. And any suggestion that ice core data is not accurate is just more grasping at straws by the few remaining deniers. That’s all they do—snipe at the real science until they are found out to be lying, then move on to another lie. It’s getting old.

          And it is a total joke that someone who talks about “hoax”, “political movement”, and “reducing population through euthanasia” is so lacking in self awareness that he would accuse some else of “succumbing to propaganda”. Lord love a duck, Greg—-that IS funny!

          • Ringgo1

            You are aware that most of the supporters of “global warming” have now walked that back and refer to “climate change” instead?

  • David

    Unfortunately teachers in today’s society no longer think for themselves. I come from a family of educators and purposefully did not choose that path for myself. The teacher’s union runs the schools and basically tells them how to vote and the convince themselves that they need to further indoctrinate our young children with their views. A teacher should be unbiased and teach the facts, let the children see all sides.

    When my son was in 7th grade and Obama was running for the first time, they used the election as teaching tool and did mock campaigns. My son chose to support McCain. Aside (I asked him why, he told me that because Obama wouldn’t wear
    the American flag pin that he felt that he was unfit to serve as
    president. This then spurred him on to use the internet to get his
    information regarding the candidates. Hence, you can see why
    Washington wants to control the internet and have you get you
    information from the media.) Back to the main point. The teacher proclaimed that everything would be equal. My son’s would come home and tell me that the room is covered with Obama posters maybe 2 McCain posters, then those got covered by Obama posters. My son would come home and be furious that his teacher was so biased. I would chuckle and tell him that it was good that he could see that. Unfortunately there are too many sheeple.

    • Jeff

      My son is approximately the same age as yours. Kids at that age (7th grade) are still pretty impressionable and tend to parrot what they hear. A friend of my son’s parroted what he had heard at home, to wit: that people only voted for Obama because he was Black. I bit my lip and said nothing. This kid is a good friend of my son’s and he goes to a very conservative Christian school. The kids are now 16 and I don’t believe he thinks such nonsense anymore. Indoctrination works both ways, but you seem to think it’s OK when kids adopt the prejudices of their parents. Most kids of conservative parents become somewhat more liberal when they go to college unless they go to an avowedly right-wing school like Liberty or Bob Jones. I’m sure you have no problem with that kind of indoctrination, but you don’t like it when a professor introduces kids to books you didn’t pre-approve.

      • wildbill555


        Wrap your liberal mind around this one teeny,tiny little irrefutable fact,If Obama had been any other race than black with his hidden background and less than stellar history of any notable accomplishments the idiot would still be nothing more than a shady,lying disbarred Ex-Lawyer in Chicago working for and with his criminal compatriots in academia.May every last one of them all rot in hell.
        Wild Bill

      • speedle24

        Jeff, Helloooooooo…are you there? Obama absolutely WAS elected because he is black. Do you actually think he would have won if he were white? Have you lost all ability to use your rational mind and totally succumbed to the doctrine of political correctness? Man, that is sad.

  • David

    I went to the University of Lowell back when they where the chiefs. They chose to change the mascot to the Riverhawks because Cheifs was degrading to the indians. I was beside myself that this stupidity was really happening. I looked at it as a tribute to the Native Americans that inhabited the area before us. That was 20 years ago and the stupidity has only snowballed. Our country has taken the voice of the few over sound common sense.

    • Jeff

      It isn’t a tribute to people when you compare them to wild beasts. Calling a team the Indians or the Braves and having fans paint their faces and use a tomahawk is not exactly a tribute to an older culture. Remember, the teams they’re competing with are named for fearsome animals (lions, tigers, bears). You might look at it a bit differently if a New Jersey team were called the “Wops” or a San Francisco team the “Grinning Orientals.” Those names would obviously play into stereotypes and would in no way be a tribute to any culture. I don’t know that every such name needs to be changed, but the mere fact a name has been around a long time is not a reason to keep it.

  • Patriot_Dave

    I see… So this fear of coming down out of the trees or up out your caves to walk upright in the vast fields of humankind and to become ‘educated’ is governed by a fear of a mythical snake that intends to deceive you?… The FREEDOM to explore thought is just as important today as it was when the Constitution was conceived and written….. Education is about teaching individuals how to think for themselves and yes at times some things will sound crazy. However, this does not give any of you the upper hand or inherent ‘right’ in determining how to go about ‘educating’. If this ‘Liberalism’ is so bad it should not have survived this far and produced all of the Greatness that is HAS…. But it has survived and so has ‘stupidism’, ‘negativism, ‘conservatism’, ‘atheism’, ‘racism’, ‘elitism’, and at least 9 world religions…. so GET OVER IT!… If you truly want the ‘craziness’ to die off then ignore it… giving it voice only feeds it…. whether it a positive voice or a negative voice….

  • Chester

    Before you start in slamming on teachers, I would STRONGLY suggest you at least attempt the task. I hear so many well trained idiots rant and rave about how poor a job the teachers are doing, yet not a one of them will even attempt to take on a class of twenty or more juveniles and teach them how to add two and two to get four. Again, before you condemn, attempt to do it yourself. It isn’t as easy as it looks, and might even plant a bit of liberalism in a bunch of bound up conservative minds.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Chester Payne,Who made them choose to be teachers? Where did the imperative come down from that “thou shalt be Teachers because no one has knowledge except you”. When did teaching become a tyranny?

      • Karolyn

        What are you TALKING about? Your responses are having nothing to do with the posts.

        • Kuurus

          A teacher should inspire a child to learn not scare them to it.

        • Bob666

          Yo Karolyn,
          As if any of her post ever have?

    • Ringgo1

      In my school, there are more conservative teachers than liberal.

  • Vigilant

    My Siberian Husky, “Shadow” (pictured) doesn’t appreciate the slander. The closest he ever comes to rape is to leg-hump, but you only need to shoo him away to get him to stop (unless you like that sort of thing).

    • Bob666

      Now that was funny.
      Maybe Shadow needs to make an appearance with Ben on his Saturday morning piece.

  • hungry4food

    They are Ideological DOGS Of Liberalism !!!!!

    Check this Out , this is their Way of dealing with Overpopulation , instead of educating Responsible Living just become a killer of Life , become heartless and Deny the Divinity of Gods Will .

    Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry – NEW YORK

  • Dave


    Unfortunately for most conservatives, they do not realize in order to be educated, you have to have a certain about of “liberal” thinking in order to accept things like science and new information that challenges convention.

    I am the biggest Washington Redskins fan there is. I have loved the team since the George Allen days. I am white and grew up in the DC area. I think of the term “Redskins” as a simple brand. I don’t think of the term Redskins has a willful slight against the indiginous people of North America at this point. But the fact is, “Redskins” was born out of a derogatory term. It is not my call to make if the term is deemed “racist” etc. It is the group it is describing. Afterall, Nobody in Houston is looking to call sports team the Houston “Wetbacks” or anyone in Nashville looking to call the team the Nashville “Niggers”. You would not even think to call the team anything of the sort. It is up to the people that are the subject of the mascot to truly judge.

    I also like the fact that he denigrates teachers because he does not possess the gene that gives back to others and society. Teaching is and should be an honorable profession and teachers should be respected. But not to people like Ben who sees all that “book learnin” as elitist. Maybe if he understood that most people who go into teaching view it as a calling and not just a money-making venture or understond that these people sacrifice greatly financially to help the youth of tomorrow. Ben has no clue. Ben is just an angry conservative (redundant I know) when anyone dares question his world. The conservative borg hates it when there is diversity of opinion.

    • Dave

      Apparently you are stopping yourself from making any sense.

    • Bob666

      And once again, a semi-lucid comment and __________ you’re a liar. Are we out of Happy pills?

  • mc

    I think we lock her up. She’s a danger to herself. And to my rights.

    • Karolyn

      That sure sounds like an intelligent remark. I thought conservatives were for personal liberty. Do want freedom or don’t you? I guess only when it suits you. Unbelievable!

      • Vigilant

        “Do want freedom or don’t you? I guess only when it suits you. Unbelievable!”
        Do you recognize satirical remarks or don’t you? I guess only when a non-Conservative speaks them. Unbelievable!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Conservatives tend to be folks who don’t think about things much. They prefer to be told what to think. Check out this study (one of many):

    • Nadzieja Batki

      But you were just told what to “think”. You were the one to believe the study.

      • Doc Sarvis

        As I noted, there are a number of studies which I read and thought about (regarding each one’s validity) and came to my own conclusion. I took into account the study’s methods, application, sample size, and conclusions in my analysis.
        A good process, you should try it.

    • JeffH

      Liberals love to think of themselves as intellectual and nuanced, but liberalism is incredibly simplistic. It’s nothing more than “childlike emotionalism applied to adult issues.” Very seldom does any issue that doesn’t involve pandering to their supporters boil down at its core level to more than feeling “nice” or “mean” to liberals. This makes liberals ill equipped to deal with complex issues.

      Since liberals tend to support or oppose policies based on how those policies make them feel about themselves, they do very little intellectual examination of whether the policies they advocate work or not. That’s because it doesn’t matter to them whether the policy is effective or not; it matters whether advocating the policy makes them feel “good” or “bad,” “compassionate” or “stingy,” “nice” or “mean.”

      Because of this, liberalism has more in common with religion than it does with other political ideologies like conservatism or libertarianism. Moreover, liberal beliefs are more like religious doctrine than any sort of battle-tested policies that bear up under logic or examination. Although the interpretation of the doctrine that the Left supports may change a bit over time, just as religious doctrine does, it’s essentially taken on faith, like scripture.

      “The only things that a liberal can do wrong is to be insufficiently liberal, to question an important plank of the liberal agenda, or to do something politically that aids conservatives.”

      • Dave

        LOL… Yes Jeffery…you super-genius conservative logic wins again… Logic is exactly what conservatives use when they try and prevent same sex marriage or the response after 9-11.
        We get attacked on 9-11 and what do the conservatives do? Give us the Patriot Act and invade Iraq. Perfectly logical…
        We get involved in two wars that cost lots of money… conservatives keep the tax cuts going so the military families are the only once who sacrifice.
        Poor Jeffrey, conservatives do not even possess the ability to think about what are the definitions of “socialism”, “communism” and “Marxism” are before the lob them at people who they disagree with because they are just so darn logical.
        Keep grasping at straws Jeffrey, Bob L will give you your cookie later… good dog… good dog…

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Dave,

          You write: “We get attacked on 9-11 and what do the conservatives do? Give us the Patriot Act and invade Iraq. Perfectly logical…” Since you felt the need to bring my name up in your discussion, here are some facts. Facts are bothersome things, and I know you hate to deal in them because the create problems for the left/right paradigm in which you live, but the USA Patriot Act passed the house 357-66 and the Senate 98-1. On Oct. 24, 2001, 211 Republicans, 145 Democrats and 1 Independent voted for it. 3 Republicans, 62 Democrats and 1 Independent voted No. The Senate was split 50/50. Landrieu did not vote. Feingold voted no. On May 26, 2011 Obama used autopen to sign the 4-year extension of the act. To pin this solely on Republicans is disingenuous, as is pinning the war on Iraq solely on Republicans. This is not to defend Republicans, which I don’t do, but to hold you to account. I’m certain you appreciate my looking out for you.

          Best wishes,

          • Dave


            Who came up with the idea of the Patriot act? Conservatives

            Who came up with the idea of invading Iraq? Conservatives

            Who used 9-11 to justify the war in Iraq?
            Conservatives (22 Democrats voted No to give bush the authority to attack Iraq, 1 Republican had the courage to say NO)

            Democrats are complicit from the votes and I never said anything to the contray but to say you don’t deal in the left-right paradigm is laughable. You and I got into a discussion about the conservative history on racism and slavery and it was YOU that brought up the fact that Democrats opposed civil rights in thwe 1950’s and 1960’s when you know full well that prior to the Civil rights movement, it was the Democrats that were the more conservative party but you just happened to skip that little detail and you implied the Dem party of today is the same as the one in 1950 and somehow the GOP is the same as the one in 1950. You deal in the same pools I do when it suits you.
            Of course Obama continued the Patriot Act, he is a corporatist just like the conservatives in the GOP are and I find it hysterical when people here call Obama a socialist, communist or Marxist because it is a clear indication they have no clue what those terms mean.
            JeffH is also funny when he asserts that somehow conservatives are more cerebral when it comes to making laws and policy as the Patriot Act, laws banning same sex marriage illustrate. In my mind, there isn’t a more scared person on the planet than a social conservative… scared of homosexuals, minorities, women asserting themselves…its all very scary to a conservative. That is where many of their laws come from.
            You are assuming that I believe Republicans are solely responsible because its what you and Jeffery WANT to believe so badly…It helps keep things in a nice and tidy box for you.
            If you hold people to account then do that. I will do the same. Be honest when you write about the debt and what Obama has and has not done to get us to 16T in debt. You are the match to all those who need to believe that Obama is the devil and the anthesis to what this country stands for. I know I will never convince you to be more even handed in your writing or to be more honest. You are here to give your conservative slant on the world. Some people will buy your version, others will not. I am one of those people that will not and will challenge you to be better and more even handed. I am certain you will appreciate my looking out for you.

          • JeffH

            Do ya feel any better Dave? That was quite a rant for an opinion piece…and that is all you ever offer is your opinion. I’m happy that you are so concerned with what I say or present here at PLD…I guess you progressives have to fuel your hate someway.

            I get it that you are filled with hate and blame conservatives for the ills we’re faced with today…but it just ain’t so. Somehow you equate Repugnant GOP with conservatives…get you facts straight and quit making excuses!

            Conservatives are the real monority political group in DC…barr none!

            In 1995 Joe Biden Basically Wrote The PATRIOT Act. It was his baby and he took credit for it.

            Biden himself draws parallels between his 1995 bill and its 2001 cousin. “I drafted a terrorism bill after the Oklahoma City bombing. And the bill John Ashcroft sent up was my bill,” he said when the Patriot Act was being debated, according to the New Republic, which described him as “the Democratic Party’s de facto spokesman on the war against terrorism.”

          • Dave

            LOL of Jeffrey, yes you have such a command of the facts that you use the Koch Brothers own site to try and refute me on the Soros thread. LOL.
            I am so happy that you and your conservative brethern here are so careful who who they label what.
            And give it a rest… the prevailing policy since 1980 has been differing versions of Reganomic/Corporatism from. The GOP are the political wing of Corp America. The Democrats are only slightly less so.
            Opinion? I have mine and cite sources which are not good enough for you but we are supposed to believe right wing sources like Beck, The Blaze, NewsMax etc and pro-gun nut sites… Ok sure thing Jeffrey..
            Jeffrey, you are so cute when you are unbalanced so.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Dave,

            You write: “You and I got into a discussion about the conservative history on racism
            and slavery and it was YOU that brought up the fact that Democrats
            opposed civil rights in thwe 1950’s and 1960’s…” I do not recall this discussion at all. Please enlighten me.

            Best wishes,

          • Dave

            Bob, it was in the Dec/Jan timeframe and I was under Dave67. The discussion was the conservative record on civil rights and I told you that conservatives opposed civil rights and liberals were for it which is one of the reasons I am proud to be a liberal and why I believe social conservatives are a joke. Then to counter my arguement, you mentioned that the Democrats (as if I am a Democrat) opposed civil rights in the 1950-1960’s. That statement of yours invalidates your credibility that you are somehow above party and the “left-right” paradiagm because if you are any student of history at all, you knew that the Democratic party was the party of southern conservatives until the civil rights act was passed. After Kennedy and Johnson passed those landmark pieces of legislation, those conservative “Dixiecrats” switched parties and became the basis the modern Republican party. Today, the Democratic party is FAR more inclusive of diversitry of thought, race, religion than the GOP. The DNC and RNC conventions in 2012 prove this to be true. The RNC is nothing but a sea of “white” while at the DNC you have a huge amount of diversity in that convention.

            Now having said that, the RNC and DNC are still bought and sold by many of the same corp masters but the conservatives in the RNC are nakedly so. The DNC at least feign like they care about the poor, the middle class. Both parties still need to go and we need more liberals in power, liberals as I define them, not you and your fellow conservatives define them.
            But back to the original point, if you search your database for our discussions you will find that exchange and you know what I said is absolutely true.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Dave,

            You write: ” The discussion was the conservative record on civil rights and I told you that conservatives opposed civil rights and liberals were for it which is one of the reasons I am proud to be a liberal and why I believe social conservatives are a joke. Then to counter my arguement, (sic) you mentioned that the Democrats (as if I am a Democrat) opposed civil
            rights in the 1950-1960’s. That statement of yours invalidates your credibility that you are somehow above party and the “left-right” paradiagm (sic) because if you are any student of history at all, you knew that the Democratic party was the party of southern conservatives until the civil rights act was passed.” Ok. I believe I have found the “conversation” you referenced. However, it in no way “invalidates” my “credibility” as you will note that after I provided for you the vote totals I followed with this comment: “As to who in these groups are conservative and who are liberal, you tell me.” I don’t find that you did.

            You write: “Now having said that, the RNC and DNC are still bought and sold by many of the same corp masters but the conservatives in the RNC are nakedly so. The DNC at least feign like they care about the poor, the middle class.” On this we agree to a certain extent. I wouldn’t characterize the Rs as being more “nakedly so” than the Ds. Or perhaps I just have x-ray vision.

            You write: “The DNC at least feign like they care about the poor, the middle class.” Feign is the operative word.

            You write: “Both parties still need to go…” Agreed.

            You write: “and we need more liberals in power, liberals as I define them, not you and your fellow conservatives define them.” Then please provide for me a definition, because we clearly are suffering from a communication/definition problem.

            Best wishes,

          • Dave

            Yes, that is the conversation. Now follow me here… You made the point that more Republicans voted for the civil rights act than Democrats and you are absolutely correct. Would you agree or not that the south and midwest are more conservative than the coasts?

            Here is the vote in the house for the Civil Rights act of 1964.


            You will notice the “NAY” votes are coming from the south and midwest. Exactly where most conservatives states lie… So after the Civil rights act passes, the conservatives in the Dem party got angry with Johnson and Kennedy and they left to join the GOP. That is why the GOP is decidedly more conservative today than the Dem party and why the GOP has more whites. It was the results of those actions in the 1960’s.

            So my point stands, conservatives opposed civil rights as a group. liberals supported the change.

            Now, let me help you with your problems around your definition of liberals.

            Liberals are FOR equality

            Liberals are FOR diversity

            Liberals are FOR big money out of the political arena

            Liberals are FOR Social Justice that comes from getting big money out of the political process.

            Liberals are FOR strong education that allows us to be competitive in the world.

            Liberals are FOR a strong technology, transportation, and power infrstructure.

            Liberals are FOR smart Gov, not bigger Gov

            Liberals are FOR a strong social safety net to prevent people from sinking, not to have them live off of.
            Liberals are FOR Social Security, Unions and any other mechanism that helps the middle class and poor and those who does not have have a seat at the money table due to lobbying and political access afforded to the wealthy.
            Liberals are FOR strong regulations in the environment, credit, banking and wall street arenas to prevent what greed from trumping what is best for the country/planet.
            Liberals are AGAINST Corp welfare
            Liberals are AGAINST greed in the medical/insurance/pharm industries bankrupting people.
            Liberals are AGAINST all war unless we are attacked first.
            Liberals are AGAINST supporting dictators
            Liberals are AGAINST the RNC and DNC because we understand both serve many of the same wealthy masters.
            Liberals are AGAINST trade policies that are bad for US workers and unions.
            Feel free to use this as a guide…
            As a proud liberal, I am not a socialist, I am not a communist (nice idea to have a classless system with no strong central gov and everyone just helping each other because its the right thing to do but its unrealistic) nor am I a Marxist. I am a liberal Patriot who loves this country and all that it can be and I work to help this country form a more perfect union.
            Thank you,

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Dave,

            You write: “Liberals are FOR equality.” Exactly what does this mean and how is it achieved?

            You write: “Liberals are FOR diversity.” Exactly what does this mean and how is it achieved?

            You write: “Liberals are FOR big money out of the political arena.” So you don’t believe in freedom of speech?

            You write: “Liberals are FOR Social Justice that comes from getting big money out of the political process.” Please explain to me constitutes “social justice.”

            You write: “Liberals are FOR strong education that allows us to be competitive in the world.” And who or what group is not?

            You write: “Liberals are FOR a strong technology, transportation, and power infrstructure (sic).” And who or what group is not?

            You write: “Liberals are FOR smart Gov, not bigger Gov” Yet you want a government big enough to ensure the above. Is that correct?

            You write: “Liberals are FOR a strong social safety net to prevent people from sinking, not to have them live off of (sic).” And how is this to be paid for without stealing the wealth of the earners?

            You write: “Liberals are FOR strong regulations in the environment, credit, banking and wall street arenas to prevent what greed from trumping what is best for the country/planet.” I’m not sure what you mean by “greed from trumping what is best for the country/planet” or who determines what is best or who or what gives “them” that moral authority to decide.

            You write: “Liberals are AGAINST Corp welfare.” “Liberals” do not corner the market on this. Conservatives are as well.

            You write: “Liberals are AGAINST greed in the medical/insurance/pharm industries bankrupting people.” As are conservatives.

            You write: “Liberals are AGAINST all war unless we are attacked first.” As are conservatives.

            You write: “Liberals are AGAINST supporting dictators.” As are conservatives.

            You write: “Liberals are AGAINST the RNC and DNC because we understand both serve many of the same wealthy masters.” As are conservatives.

            You write: “Liberals are AGAINST trade policies that are bad for US workers and unions.” Conservatives agree regarding U.S. workers. Some would agree
            regarding unions. I do not.

            Perhaps our views are not as diverse as you would believe?

            Best wishes,

          • Dave

            Bob writes: “Perhaps our views are not as diverse as you would believe?”

            I am proud of you Bob… I feel like you are making progress. Now you can spread the word that Liberals are human and want many of the same things Conservatives want instead of feeding the conservative propaganda machine that equates liberals/progressives with socialists, communists and Marxists. Too many here including many of your writers seem to have a problem with understanding definitions of those words. I will promise in turn to tell my liberal friends not to start using the term “fascist” is droves to describe conservatives.

            Now you ask a few questions, let me help you.

            I write: “Liberals are FOR equality.”
            You write: “Exactly what does this mean and how is it achieved?”
            I respond: Equality is achieved through education and the gov not getting into the business of discrimination like the laws against same sex marriage promote.

            I write: “Liberals are FOR diversity.”
            You write: “Exactly what does this mean and how is it achieved?”
            That means people of all races, religions, color, sexual orientation, etc being treated as equals and welcomed to be equal participants in making this country a better place through education and laws that allow that to happen in society.

            I write: “Liberals are FOR big money out of the political arena.”
            You write:”So you don’t believe in freedom of speech?”
            I respond: Logical fallacy… everyone having the same level of political access and the ability to get the propaganda out is not being against free speech. It is making sure one group doesn’t get to pad its already considerable wealth on the backs of those who do not have the same levels of access (corporatism and class warfare that the wealthy are winning going away)

            I write: “Liberals are FOR Social Justice that comes from getting big money out of the political process.”
            You write: “Please explain to me constitutes “social justice.”
            I respond: When big money goes out of the political arena and lets say everyone can only give $50 per person/organization to any candidate/party per year. That means nonsense like the bank bailout while home buyer got the shaft is less likely because everyone that Congress that is supposed to represent will be on an equal footing when it comes to access and “favors” that means the avg person has a greater chance at an equal shake from the politicians.
            You may disagree which is fine… You are a conservative why I am a liberal. We are going to diagree, but don’t you feel better that you now haave an understanding that liberals are not evil and want a nanny state, big gov and to take away your freedom?
            Now spread the word Bob for better discourse in this country. Be a leader in the movement.

          • Flashy

            Mr. Livingston…to make certain we have the facts correct…something i know you are in favor of…what you term ‘the extension’ of the patriot Act was not exactly being totally correct. What Pres. Obama signed was an extension of two parts of the Act…a four year extension of ‘roving wiretaps” i.e the person not a set piece of equipment…and court ordered searches of business records.

            I’m certain you appreciate my looking out for you …

        • JeffH

          Progressive Dave , if the shoe fits you, wear it with pride.

          You say “Keep grasping at straws Jeffrey, Bob L will give you your cookie later… good dog… good dog..”
          It’s obvious by that childish and irrelevant comment that it doesn’t take a whole lot for you to satisfy yourself…rolls off like water on a duck’s back.

          Well all I can do is LMAO at your ignorance and give Bob L & PLD kudos for their quest to share truth and honesty…something you might try yourself.

          Progressive and liberals like you are narrow minded, living life wearing blinders…and as Bob and many others you disagree with have said many times:

          “here are some facts. Facts are bothersome things, and I know you hate to deal in them because the create problems for the left/right paradigm in which you live”

      • Liberty Lover

        Brillian comment, JeffH. Whatever their IQ, liberals all share a stupidity when it comes to history (more a wilfull refusal to develop a realistic understanding of history in many cases).

        • JeffH

          Liberty Lover, Thanks, but it’s far from brilliant…just an honest assessment of liberal/progressive thought…or lack thereof.

          • vicki

            We have had lots of evidence of how the liberal mind works but nothing is more effective then to watch their reaction when presented with a self evident truth that anyone can easily verify. Just point out to them that

            ~300 million Americans didn’t shoot anyone and watch them try and defend their liberal (usually anti gun) positions where they want to infringe on the rights of those ~300 million Americans.

          • JeffH

            Vicki :) …and oh how they come completly unhinged.

            There are a quite a few here that have no concept of reality and two or three in particular come to mind.

            The fear they project is evident in their comments and they have no idea that’s exactly what they’re doing.

            Beside that Vicki, the pressure cooker did it!


            ~300 MILLION Americans DIDN’T SHOOT anyone AT ALL. Not even by accident.

            Join the NRA, GOA, SAF and the rest of us in telling them to STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT

            STOP IT

            STOP IT NOW

          • vicki

            :) I find it especially amusing when they copy bits of my point to try and ridicule. Usually the subject of their point has all the power to NOT be punished. A luxury that the ~300 Million Americans who didn’t shoot anyone don’t have.

            Join the NRA, GOA, SAF and the rest of us in telling them to STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT

            STOP IT
            STOP IT NOW

          • JeffH

            Don’t forget the factless “schooling” a few claim to give us and then brag about it all the while not realizing just how childish and foolish they are.
            I’d have to say that Forrest Gump said it best: “Stupid is as stupid does”

      • Doc Sarvis

        I provide a study and you provide an opinion piece, that’s rich.

        • Dave

          Jeffrey has a problem understanding the difference.
          Liberty Lover is also histerical as he fails to understand the selective amnesia conservatives suffer from when it comes to history. 2001-2008 simply did not happen… The tripling of the US debt under Reagan? That was all Democrats…. The cowardice of Reagan when over 200 marines got blown up in Lebanon? (what could Reagan do?) The almost 200 US Embassy workers that died after 9-11 (No big deal BENGHAZI!!!! BENGHAZI!!!!) 9/11? (Bush kept us safe afterwards)
          But we should continue letting them think their stuff don’t stink when it reality, it stinks to high heaven. LOL

          • Dave

            No, its just what happened… Reagan cut and ran… So much for the idea that conservatives are better at securing this nation than liberals are. The people who did the bombing got off scott free. That is the record. Deal with that failure.

        • JeffH

          Speaking of rich Doc…your study is filled with big, big holes – It was conducted by a group whose political idealogy is liberal.

          Political Diversity in Social and Personality Psychology
          Yoel Inbar and Joris Lammers – Tilburg University

          A lack of political diversity in psychology is said to lead to a number of pernicious outcomes, including biased research and active discrimination against conservatives. The authors of this study surveyed a large number (combined N = 800) of social and personality psychologists and discovered several interesting facts.

          First, although only 6% described themselves as conservative “overall,” there was more diversity of political opinion on economic issues and foreign policy.

          Second, respondents significantly underestimated the proportion of conservatives among their colleagues. Third, conservatives fear negative consequences of revealing their political beliefs to their colleagues.

          Finally, they are right to do so: In decisions ranging from paper reviews to hiring, many social and personality psychologists said that they would discriminate against
          openly conservative colleagues. The more liberal respondents were, the more they said they would discriminate.

  • Flashy

    Wow…if the level of quality and obvious panic mode writing on PLD of late is anything to gauge the crazies and their desperation as marginalization of their ilk occurs, it should be a Democrat Congress in both houses come November 2014.

    For instance Ben somehow has the to write …. “I’m not sure how figuratively lynching Martin’s would-be victim constitutes “mourning,” but it’s been a minute since my last social studies class.”

    Well mr. Crystal, i suggest repeating third grade as I did not see anything from what you write about any “lynching’ except from your hyperbole. In the prior sentence, you wrote the trial hasn’t begun, and chastize for assuming. then, seemingly without thought, you did the same which you criticized…”would be victim” ?

    Wow…Mr. Livingston…you call this writing by Crystal as quality?

  • Liberty Lover

    When my very bright daughter got her first job as a teacher, she expressed dismay that her starting salary was 10k less than that of her best friend whose first job was in accounting. After all, teachers mold the minds of those who will shape our future! I asked her if she would be willing to trade jobs with her best friend and she answered “no, of course not.” I then pointed out to her that she had just proven conclusively that the psychic rewards to her from teaching the young were worth a minimun of 10k.

    I believe that the liberal bias in education is grounded in envy. It’s too glib to say “those who can, do, while those who can’t, teach.” Many of the best and brightest choose to enter the field of education because they see it as a noble profession (I’d argue that it barely qualifies as a profession these days) with short work days, long vacations, and instant power over others. When I went to school, it was the lesser intellects that typically majored in business administration, yet graduates in this field are usually better paid than teachers (most of whom lack the foggiest idea of the concept of supply and demand). The envious psyches of teachers are tailor-made for the ambitions of union bosses.

    • Liberty Lover

      Similar comments apply to those who enter the field of journalism They tend to see themselves as elite thinkers and communicators, yet they are among the lowest paid “professionals.” Small wonder that the heros of the profession tend to be haters of capitalism.

  • Kinetic1

    Mr. Crystal,

    This may well be your most dishonest article ever. did you even take the time to read Ms. Luby’s open letter to the dean? My guess would be no since, by all apearences you were depending or the “reporting” of the Daily Caller for your information. No where in her letter did Ms. Luby say, or even imply that “the new Husky is visual code for rape”


Ms. Luby’s beef is with the “superficiality of this Visual Identity Program” (the logo re-design). She juxtaposed the UConn Presidents statement that the new logo “is intended to show what UConn and our student athletes convey every day: poise, confidence, competitiveness, and the determination to succeed” with the fact that, in the past year;

    The UConn Men’s basketball became the first BCS school team to face a postseason ban based solely on low APR (Academic Progress Rate) scores.

    A UConn Football player was arrested for “yelling, pushing, and spitting at his girlfriend”.

    And another was arrested on charges of third degree burglary, first degree criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.

    In her opinion, the school has done little to address these sorts of issues with their sports program and instead chooses to paint over the problem with consumerism and corporatization. Now how does that equate to “the new Husky is visual code for rape”?

    Clearly, Mr. Crystal you were more concerned with Ms. Luby’s choice of major than what she actually had to say. Of course this makes sense, given that your main goal was to find yet another reason to attack Liberals working in education. If this article is an example of “a more rational outlook”, then maybe it’s a good thing that only 15% of teachers think like you do.

  • FreedomFighter

    Researchers discover a hidden viral gene in GMO crops is this the Armageddon Virus

    “To the most likely culprit in the rise of this new H7N9 virus, this report continues, is a newly discovered toxic gene identified by EU scientists and found hidden in genetically modified crops found in China, and almost all of North America, which have been used for animal fodder.
    The EU’s official food watchdog, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), first notified the world of dangerous substance, identified as Gene VI, this past January (2013) with it top scientists warning that “This situation represents a complete and catastrophic system failure,” and that “There are clear indications that this viral gene might not be safe for human consumption. It also may disturb the normal functioning of crops, including their natural pest resistance,” and “A reasonable concern is that the protein produced by Gene VI might be a human toxin. This is a question that can only be answered by future experiments.”
    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

  • Robert Sanders

    So, if they hear only conservative dogma at home or in church, that’s OK. But, if they go to college and get all sides of the issues and general knowledge, that’s brainwashing. No, it’s called an education. Even if mose professors are liberal, it doesn’t mean they are shoving their opinions down students’ throats. Ask your children and they will tell you that most professors are respectful of contrasting views and respectfully enter these thoughts into discussion. And, that most present facts and theories, not propaganda, despite what some may think. Yes there are some nut cases who rant and discriminate against some with differing views, but that’s rare and they are on both sides.

    • vicki

      If Colleges and Universities actually taught all sides (or even more than just 1 side) we probably wouldn’t have as much of a problem.

      • Deerinwater

        modesty amusing Vicki ~~ no doubt about it ~there are fruitcakes out there occupying high places that are attempt to package and label their absurdity with ‘claims” of being this or that.

        But being gender or culture conscience is not a liability with any political affiliation but reflect maturity and thoughtful consideration to points of view. ~~ needless to say, even myself and a Diesel Dyke came find common ground in certain areas while being so far apart in others.

        This unending effort to slip a turd into worth oppositions Punch Bowel for fun and sheer amusement has exceeding any reasonable understanding of “meaningful political banter”.

        Where it be ~ guns or sex ~ why this need to allow passion to overwhelm the mind of all rational thought.? ~~ Just because other’s are “sick” does not give you and I the “right” and permission behave in a like manner.

        Someone must be the grownup in the room.

      • Bob666

        Oh Vicki,
        Have ya spent much time in a college classroom?


    I wouldn’t call them Liberals, as that would be an insult to all Liberals…no, i would call them; mental-patients, swines, vulgar little maggots who don’t know how pathetic they are; worthless bags of vomit, canker sores who refuse to go away, fiends, cowards, degenerates, noxious and depraved. I feel debased just knowing they exist. I despise everything about them. A bunch of bloody nardless newbies, twits, parasitic pond scum, putrescent masses, walking vomits, spineless little worms deserving of nothing but the profoundest contempt. Jerks, cads, weasels. Their lives are monuments to their stupidity. They are a stench, a revulsion, a big suck on a sour lemon, and i wish they would go away…but i wouldn’t call them Liberals!

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I am a liberal and I see no problem with making a Husky mascot look tough.

    And I have heard the theory that liberalism infests our schools time and time again yet no one has ever given me the hows. What exactly is being taught in our schools that is so liberal?

    • vicki
      • Jeremy Leochner

        I am not concerned about perceived bias Vicki. Nor am I concerned about the political views of professors or staff. All that matters is what is taught in the classroom. I want some evidence that something is being taught in schools which is liberal. A professor can be a liberal. But if his teachings are not biased than it does not matter. I want evidence that professors attitudes are influencing their lessons. And that includes professors with conservative bias. It seems bias is okay as long as it is not liberal.

        • vicki

          “I want evidence that professors attitudes are influencing their lessons.”

          Then go to class. Or just talk with students and professors.



  • Lucas Chang

    Interesting Post. I liked the reference to “Washington personal injury Lawyers”.

  • Motov

    I find today’s students have no clue what It takes to make it out in the world.
    The ones I have met (and attempted to train when I was in the working world). tend to think they are above doing manual labor.

    They also seem to have an attention problem, when I explain to them why some things must be done, in order to keep our customers happy with our product. It often takes time for these kids to learn from the school of hard knocks the reality of life. Individual excellence, not group dynamics is the way to build a solid reputation that will go long way.

    Liberal thinking teaches group dynamics, you must belong to some group with a “special” agenda, (Often with acronyms for identification,) seeking “special rights” to “level their playing field”.

    They live in a fantasy world they do not understand and accepted many fairy tales about Big Government.

    Conservatives know there is no substitute for individual excellence, and to achieve that goal, personal liberties, like The Bill of Rights, to protect them from a Big Government that would steal their successes.

    Is it any wonder to those who perform well on a daily basis get an attitude when they are ripped off from the fruits of their hard work, only to see it flushed down the tubes when given to those who won’t lift a finger for another?

  • Chester

    If you don’t want “liberals” teaching your kids, get off your duffs, get the necessary degrees, and see how long YOU can last as a teacher. One of two things will happen, either you will be far less of an ultra conservative after working with the kids for a year or two, or you will throw up your hands in disgust and quit being a teacher. Very few conservatives seem to have the mandatory patience to listen to a room full of kids carrying on when they think teacher isn’t looking without slamming a few things around. They also seem to not be able to interact well with a bunch of questioning subordinates.