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The Divine Right Of Obama

January 24, 2013 by  

The Divine Right Of Obama
Barack Obama swore on a stack of Bibles that he would uphold the Constitution.

I watched the coronation — sorry; inauguration — of Emperor Barack the Magnificent I — sorry; President Barack (don’t say “Hussein”) Obama. As he recited the oath of office for the second time in as many days (he took the “official” oath in the Oval Office on Sunday), a light switched on. At first, I thought it might just be the camera lights reflecting off of that fright wig stuck to the first lady’s cranium. But the light was actually a revelation, one much greater than the knowledge that Obama should put that thing back before the janitor notices it’s missing. Obama, who has made it clear that he thinks as highly of the Constitution as I do of The New York Times, placed his hand on not one but two copies of the Bible — one belonging to Martin Luther King Jr. and the other belonging to President Abraham Lincoln.

Obama — who believes he can overrule the 2nd Amendment by what amounts to imperial fiat; Obama, who endorsed Attorney General Eric Holder before, during and after Holder’s criminal mendacity regarding Operation Fast and Furious; Obama, whose nationalization of the Nation’s health held down the Interstate Commerce Clause and beat the justice out of it; Obama, who brazenly lied (and still lies) to the country about the Benghazi, Libya, massacre — literally swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” on an actual stack of Bibles. The arrogance to do so with a straight face, despite it being an affront to Nation, office and Almighty God, sets the bar at a whole new level. He even “tweeted” while in church… really.

What sort of person can so easily lie, not to mention blaspheme like the little kid in “The Exorcist”? I’m aware that many of you believe Obama is a Muslim. I doubt it. Others may believe he is a Christian. Not bloody likely. Others still may consider him a fairly typical American “Christmas and Easter” type. You’re all off the mark. Before you firebomb Bob Livingston’s in-box with demands that he replace me with “The Wizard of Id,” hear me out: the Obama I watched on Monday with his hand on two copies of a book by which he does not abide, swearing an oath in which he does not believe, is a spiritual man. And he attends Mass every single day. Indeed, he holds to his holy strictures with the devotion of a Trappist monk. His temple attracts millions of believers: The First (and Only) Church of Barack Hussein Obama.

He floated through the oath with such ease; it was almost enough to keep us from noticing that Beyonce lip-synched the national anthem. He thrilled the assembled throng with his plans for the coming years, including more debt, more war and less of something he referred to as “climate change.” I believe that might be the current moniker for the hoax formerly known as “global warming” and even more formerly known as “global cooling,” although normal people just call it “weather.” He demanded an end to partisanship, “We cannot… treat name-calling as reasoned debate,” while his minions booed Representative Paul Ryan. And he even worked in some material about a new dedication to immigration amnesty, which will probably grant citizenship to every Tomas, Diego and Javier south of the Rio Grande.

Only a man with absolutely no regard for the Bible and the Constitution could treat them both so shabbily. Only a man with absolute faith in himself could immediately turn to his minions and murder the truth so casually. And only a congregation mostly comprised of people who have either abandoned or forgotten the lessons of both of the aforementioned texts could cheer him on.

Hey, I can’t blame the guy for reveling in his own myth. I’m man enough to admit that if I’d gone through life so rarely hearing the word “no,” I might not have turned out so fabulously. I do blame him for forgetting the difference between fact and fantasy. And I do blame his supporters for attacking me for pointing out the difference.

The liberal deification of Obama violates not only the 1st Amendment, but the first commandment. We don’t recognize a monarch in this country. We don’t have a national deity either — ask any liberal, if you can get him to stop whining about prayer in schools long enough to listen. The man I saw take the oath of office believes he’s both.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I’m aware that many of you believe Obama is a Muslim. I doubt it.
    You doubt that he’s a Muslim. Then why, on ABC, a year or so back, did he say to George Stephanopoulos in and interview, “I’m guided by my Muslim faith.” ? Or are you like Megyn Kelly on Fox. You don’t believe he’s a Muslim because he says he’s not. That seems to be all the proof she needs. He has, in effect, admitted it.

    • Doc Sarvis

      He’s said he is a Christian MANY times. By your evidence, he may have said he was a Muslim once.

      • Doc Sarvis

        …Not that it matters in our country with Freedom of Religion.

      • Robert Smith

        “Obama — who believes he can overrule the 2nd Amendment by what amounts to imperial fiat; ”

        Really? Who are YOU to tell us what another believes, Ben?

        Oh and…

        Do tell us about ONE person who has had a gun taken away because of Obama’s efforts who didn’t have a criminal record.


      • Gordon

        Try youtube and punch in Obama-Muslim…. etc.. You will see him on a composite audio/video stating he is a muslim several times. Read his book. If you aren’t interested enouogh to do that, then you truly are a supporter.

      • ChristyK

        I think his saying he is a muslim and he is a christian is further proof that he is a self serving liar. A person who lies repeatedly, sometimes forgets what he lied about before and gets his lies mixed up, especially when not on a teleprompter.

      • Wily

        If the bum is not of Ishmael/Isau he most be of the free Masons (oxy-moron, masons detest Negro’s from being one of them) so if nothing else he’s a devout Liar and truth can’t be found in him!
        Very strange, we have an illegal citizen in the Oval passing laws & destroying our Constitutional Rights! He did not go to Constitutional law school in order to learn the true’s of how are nation came to be but how to destroy (it) us! The Illuminati’s days are waning quickly, the Creator will right the wrongs Sa-tan has done over (all) the years to His (God) Special Created Ones, absolutely!

      • http://N/A CintiCB

        He SAYS a lot of things-whatever is needed for the moment, knowing that truth and facts don’t matter because his dumbsh_t Welfare ‘victims’ lap up EVERYTHING his lying hypocritical mouth spews. Maybe, these ‘victims’ need to see some of ‘their’ money taxed to pay for the our new ‘base level’ of society (illegal aliens). These same ‘victims’ hate the rich people who pay for their birth, food, housing, ETC.

        I became down right angry when I heard that this impostor was swearing on Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.s’ bible. Dr. King was a TRUE HERO. O’bama can’t even ‘stand next to’ Dr. King, hell, not even be on the same planet as Dr. King!!! It’s really too bad that Dr. King hadn’t been our first black president!!! All O has done is ‘hold down’ his race and worsen the opinions of them (including among civilized non-ghetto blacks-at least, among the educated ones who I know). Most of them are just too damn stupid to realize it-hey, they still get their ‘hand outs’, so,’ ain’t be’s no prob(lem) here.’

      • http://AOL Terry and Vickie Davis

        He had to say he was Christian during his 1st term because he was gearing up for re-election in 2012. If he proclaimed he was Muslim then his re-election might have been compromised somewhat. Now that he has been put back in for another 4 grueling years he can “Come Out” with his true religious beliefs. I’ll bet it isn’t Christian either.

    • eddie47d

      One Bible was used by Abraham Lincoln and the other by Martin Luther King. Both will be controversial in Libertarian circles because they hate both of these men or should I say all three men.

    • ed c

      He’s neither muslim nor Christian, he’s, what I call an “ego-theist”. He believes himself to be (a) god. He can do no wrong in his eyes or the eyes of his followers(bo-ites)

      • Motov

        That is about the most accurate observation I heard.
        He doesn’t do well when he is confronted, he tends to dance around what ever the subject matter is, as to say “how dare you come by and pop my bubble”

      • Joz

        nicely put; just one note there is a ‘G’od and a ‘g’od . So he can think himself as ‘g’od any time.

    • Charlie

      Impeach Obama Now !!!

      • Merriel

        Charlie! He is NEVER going to be impeached because Harry Reid will not allow it. He believes that Obama can not only calm the waters, he can also walk on it. We have not had a balanced budget in over 4 years because of Harry Reid. He will NEVER let the papers for impeachment even reach the Senate. SO STOP CALLING FOR IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!!

      • Gordon

        Typical= If it looks like it might not work, don’t do anything……. no wonder this nation’s people are so screwed up in their private lives.

      • kimo3690

        AMEN Brother…. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        you can forget impeachment for no one has the guts to start the process. Face it we are doomed for no one will stand up to the anti christ

    • Tony Ruiz

      Thank you for this; I’ve seen and heard him admit to being a muslim on more than one or two occassions, and if people can’t understand that everything about him says ‘muslim’, they’re just not awake OR American. They elected, then re-elected a muslim. God help us all.

      • Jim Joe Bob Lee

        He is not a Muslim. He is not a Christian. He is more likely an atheist.

      • http://Yahoo anonymous

        A M E N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • kimo3690

        YEP YEP YEP…………. and STILL those will remain in denial….

    • Gerald

      What are you? And what do you believe in? So get over the fact the he is a smart Black Man.

      • WIA Ben

        Gerald, A Mulato is what he is. Half Negro (Kenyan), half Caucasian (White), More of a half wimp.

    • Benjamin Fox

      I have seen video’s of both obozo and his wife admitting he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, I guess people are asleep when he tells his lie’s or they just don’t mind the lie’s as long as he gives them a handout at the expense of those who work, build businesses and contribute to the betterment of all. Hides all the information that shows he was a student on aid from another country, more then one passport and more ss numbers then some of the best crooks. He, his gang of marxist and the plantation slave stole the election, some places had more votes then people? I guess that is the reason the left doesn’t want picture ID’s can’t vote the dead, the illegals and more then once, yet they need a picture ID to get welfare, food stamps, bank accounts and drive, so it hurts them to have a ID to vote, LOL, if it wasn’t a lie and immoral in would be funny.

      • kimo3690

        INDEED………. there are still people who believe the world is flat……. GOD HELP US!!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    President Obama is no more a lier than Ronald Reagan was. He is no more a Liberal than Ronald Reagan was. President is no more a Muslim than Ronald Reagan was. He is no more a Socialist or Comunist than Ronald Reagan was.
    President Obama is a far better leader in these difficult times than George W. Bush.

    • rswallick

      hahahaha, you still don’t get it. we are being played for fools by the political elit. more rules and laws, more govt, equals less freedom. it is time to take this country back and the institutions will not and can not do it, they are all crumbling. govt that does not govern, schools that do not teach, doctors that do not heal. folks, its up to us, grow some food, get to know your neighbors, store up some food, learn what wild edible plants (weeds) grow all around you, become self relient

      • alankorb


      • KG

        Tell me, who is the Government? In America?

      • Bill

        You are right on, RS
        The progressives are just brainwashed drones that are slaves to their masters. And the joke will be on them.

        As the economy continues to deteriorate and people get rationed a health care system that does not work, you will see more of the progressives turning on each other because someone will have more stuff than they do.

        It is time to prepare for the peasents with pitchforks being at your gates

      • Gerry Perez

        rswallick. No body is listening. When they realise it be TOO LATE. I am planning to move somewere else, and if I can’t, am storing food and preparing for the worse. G… have mercy on us.

      • DWFields

        All I have to do is look at the last 100 years of American history to see who is right and who is wrong. Let’s just say that Democrats have ended many more wars than they have started.

    • RJ

      Not only are you drinking too much kool aid you are bathing in it. Wake up,

    • czman

      Excuse me, what planet did you just come from? You need to study the history of this planet before you spout off absurdities like that. Reagan was one of the best Presidents this planet ever had. Maybe you can enlighten Earthlings on why you think ovomit is a better pres. than Reagan.
      And you probably no more a “doc” than I am a Reverend…

      • KG

        I guess you must be a part of that 1% who benefited the most from off-shoring, down-sizing, and disregard for our infrastructure.

        When the PATCO air traffic controllers went on strike, there should of been a general strike in America. Union membership has declined, NOT from people “choosing” not to work union, but that choice has been taken away, using people who got elected to govern, but don’t believe in “government.”

        Our present-day woes started under Nixon, were accelerated by Reagan, and finalized by W. There was a slight respite in the 1990′s, but, of course Bill Clinton, the Democrat was in office. We all know what happened when he raised taxes. Nobody here can say that they were NOT doing well in the 1990′s.

      • Bill

        Hi czman
        Comparing Reagan to Obama is like comparing a rat to an Eagle. A good example of revisionist history

      • Bill

        Hi again, czman
        Is your name indicative of your choice in firearms? Good choice

      • Bill

        KG is either a public sector union member or a good example of the dumbing down of America

      • Robert Smith

        “Reagan was one of the best Presidents this planet ever had. ”


        Remember that amnesty thing Reagan did?

        Remember what the tax rates were?

        Remember how he bailed out Chrysler?

        Remember how Reagan cut military spending?


      • kimo3690

        Obie DID take several excerpts from past Ronald Reagan speeches…… ANOTHER ploy by him to “appear” ALL encompassing……. BS IMPEACH HIM NOW!!!

    • peter

      He may be a better leader than Bush, but is that actually a compliment ? Is Amadinejad a better guy than Assad?

    • Tom Cook

      “Doc” huh? What kind of “doc”–chiropractor? Because you are obviously not smart enough to get into medical or veterinary school. Probably you are a doctor of women’s studies or black studies or some other meaningless study. You are just another pathetic liberal loser.

      • crp

        tom, chiropractors go to school longer than a GP..and a veterinarian works on multiple species , they cant ask their patient whats wrong , they just have to know….so your post makes no sense.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Doc Sarvis, pretty bold faced lying of yours defending a liar. Your lying is more egregious because you see and hear O lying and then deny O is lying.

    • Abby

      What kool-aid are you drinking? You have bought his lies as gospel truth; you sir are a sheeple. Have you ever heard of the raptor? (sp), Methinks this is in line with that future event. Are you ready???

    • Gordon

      LOL LOL…… you be beaucoup dinky dow.

      • OneGuess

        Gordon, you got it. Dinky dow is right. So, diddy mao.

    • Motov

      OhBozo is the worst politician, the worst president, and by far the most corrupt government this nation has eve seen. I really hope in the very near future there will be an awakening that you cannot trust someone who says something,… then turns around and goes against his word.

      • Ted Crawford

        I would respectfully beg to differ with you on one point here Motov. Obama is the consumate Politician! A little analysis of the term ‘Politic’ will demonstrate my point: Poli – being “many” and Tic – being a “blood sucker”, He fits that discription better than any Politician in my lifetime! Everything else you said was completely accurate!

        • Motov

          I stand corrected, I’ve been using that definition for years. What I fail to understand is the evidence of the crimes this man committed, a novice prosecutor would have a field day in court, if the “justice” system worked like it is supposed to. From his phony Birth Certificate, Social Security, and Draft Card, and his alias Barry Soetoro, To his other activities of shredding the Constitution, with socialized medicine, and broken promises, Why is this guy not in a place making license plates?

      • kimo3690

        AMEN Brother Obie’s “hipocrisy” and BS is nauseating!! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW for the worse violation of AMERICA’s Constitution in HISTORY!!!

    • Robbie Borot

      ” they are both secretly related ” and Obama’s is asking for more bail out money just like George Bush did in 2008

      • kimo3690

        BUSH is gone MORON….. Hussein Obama is in charge NOW and tearing this country a new azzhole……. and all you can do is bend over?!? GOD HELP US….IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!

    • The Resolute Voice

      It’s thinking like yours that confirms for me that this country is in BIG trouble. Hitler pulled the wool over Germans and many others supposedly well educated and sane individuals, including JFK’s father, with the same thinking, And we all know how that blind belief turned out – 50 million dead.

      • kimo3690

        TY FINALLY Someone who KNOWS history!!!! AMEN Brother

    • Bette Livermore

      I have ignorant people but you dont even reach that high.This Obama wants to be king of the USA. He has been given everything and earned nothing. How can anyone respect him? What has he done that was good for our country. NOTHING

  • Warrior

    If you would just give me “money”, I could “fix” this climate. What? You won’t? Well, we’ll see about that. The biggest “global hoax” is about to commence. Are you ready?

    • eddie47d

      The greater hoax is being perpetuation on the gullible freight wing who have their own sinister gospel (separate form the Bible) and Ben is their messiah of hate and division. Maybe he should practice the 9th Commandment and stop bearing False Witness against so many. In this case it may be against Obama but the authors cocky “arrogance” shines through. He should leave important topics to those who have real knowledge instead of shredding the facts to suit his agenda.

      • Ted Crawford

        Poor Eddie! You were appearently not around the last time the Leftists attempted to take over America’s Energy Industry, in the 1970′s. I, however was. These same Organizations, NASA, National Academy of Sciences, World Meteriological Agency, even ole Energy Czar John Holdren armed, as now, with reams of “Peer Reviewed Research”, Computer Models, and ‘Expert’ Opinions,assured us that if we didn’t allow them to regulate and control our energy industry, we would suffer under the grip of a “New Ice Age” ! In fact, according to all their evidence, New York City is now covered by an Ice Sheet over a half a mile thick!
        Interested in facts? Google “Neutations” or “Chandlers Wobble”! Predicted by Isaac Newton in 1755, further explained by Seth Chandler in 1891 and proven by Hays, Imbrie & Shackleton in 1976, incidently the same time that these Climate Change Gurus vanished from the public eye!

      • eddie47d

        Nice bit of information Ted yet that hardly takes away from the total package of arrogance that has been displayed by BC

    • Bill

      You are right on, Warrior
      What a scam. Let’s charge that evil America with a carbon credit tax and we will redistribute it to the poor countries that do not have the same opportunities as those vial capitalists.

      A good definition of sending money to a third world country is taking from the poorist in a rich country and giving to the richest in a poor country. Carbon credits are just extortion making the Al Gores of this world rich

      I commend you, Warrior, for being amart enough to see through the BS

    • kimo3690

      INDEED……. and guess whatt?!? Obie is gonna start drilling for “oil” here in America and let ALL the lefty-Liberals think he has SAVED the country’s economic concern BS……. remember the date you heard this……. cause it is coming………..

  • robert

    he needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly

    • Gordon

      The elected politicians nor their constituency have the fortitude for it.

  • Eileen Curras

    Barack Obama swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” on a stack of Bibles that has a meaning to him and there is no arrogance on that. Almighty God, will protect him.

    • czman

      Egad! another kool-aid drinker or maybe too much “medicinal grass”…God is laughing at that self-import of a waste of space…

    • Deborah57

      Is that the same Almighty God that the Democratic Party wanted to remove from their platform during the convention. God works in mysterious ways, but one of them is not through Barack Obama!!

      • eddie47d

        Your still a confused rabble rouser Deborah. They didn’t boo God but of making Jerusalem a permanent Jewish capitol. That’s a contentious issue and would have inflamed more wars if that would have happened. Hopefully in the future it will be possible or even a joint capitol within the city. Time will tell.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Anyone can swear on a biggest stack of Bibles that exist and still be the biggest crook and liar in history. The books are just that books. By the way, Satan knows the Bible inside out and around so to be impressed that O swore on the stack of Bibles is a load of Pious BS.

      • Ted Crawford

        If Satan does exist, he seems to know more about the Bible than most who claim to follow it! Just what benifit could any Christian believe might be gained by swearing on a book that clearly states we should not swear any oaths on anything at all? Matthew 5 : 33!

    • Steve E

      I was going to say previously that Obama used the Bibles so that he would fool some Christians that he was a sincere Christian and loyal to the Constitution. I was also going to say that he could not fool anyone who says they are Christians because Christians are wise enough to not be fooled into that. However, I was wrong. Eileen was fooled by it, and there is the evidence.

      • e

        You’re fooled all the time Steve E by Bible thumpers who proclaim God but commit wrongful deeds. Nixon did,Reagan did,Clinton and Bush did too! Maybe you ought to retreat to your basement and sing When the Saints Come Marching In. Because I don’t see too many out there!

      • Steve E

        e, I am not talking about Bible thumpers who proclaim God but commit wrongful deeds. I am talking about the few real Christians that are left on this earth today. Although I am probably not one of them, I do admire them.

    • gerry

      I’m sorry Eileen but the Mighty O is working against Him…..

    • Peter Wieckhorst

      Obama is ATTACKING the constitution personally. His 23 Executive Order do restrict and INFRINGE on the 2nd Amendment. His demand for legislation from Congress to do more of the same are all attacks on the Constitution. If he wants to change the Constitution the Constitution itself provides the way with either amendments or a Constitutional Convention. But he will not do that because it puts the power and the RIGHT to make those changes right where they belong with the PEOPLE of this country, and therefore, they are not likely to pass. So he is trying to destroy it HIS way. These orders and proposed legislation are therefore, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and that makes them unlawful and illegal. The 2nd Amendment is quite short and VERY plain and to the point. It has to be it is NOT open to debate it is ABSOLUTE, because it provides the protection for the rest of the Constitution.

      • DWFields

        Do you even know what you’re talking about?
        Try reading those Executive Orders again. In no way is he infringing on the 2nd Amendment–not one way. I’ve read them.

    • Charlie

      Impeach Obama Now!!!

      • Gordon

        maybe in his third term

      • Ted Crawford

        TO WHAT END! While it’s reasonable to assume that he might be successfully Impeached, given the make-up and especially the leadership of the Senate, how would this Impeachment accomplish anything more than the other two?

    • The Resolute Voice

      The REALLY scary part about Obama and his swearing-in & speech, etc., is that he actually believes the stuff he does and says. That’s a scary sign of a very self-absorbed narcissist.

    • Motov

      Seems to me he has done anything but protect , preserve or defend the Constitution,
      Instead he reject, fold,spindled and mutilated and perverted the constitution

    • kimo3690

      YEAH RIGHT!!! and the Easter Bunny is gonna bring you some eggs…… LMAO!!!

  • glenn

    obama thinks he is infallable and untouchable. he is correct as long as we the people do not pay attention, think our voices do not matter and we the people just stand by and let him do what he does. as long as we just talk the talk and not walk the walk. if all these groups would actually ban together on 1 or 2 issues at a time. when all of us ban together and put words into action with our votes,protesting, emailing/calling politicians, boycotting and not buying stuff from known liberals…. a divided nation cannot stand. we will fall if a solid majority of us do not get on the same page

  • Kane Bonkers

    The obama trolls are out in mass today!

    • Charlie

      Impeach Obama Now!!!

    • Gordon

      98% of this stuff exists to stir up the trolls. People with good common sense realize what is happening and are not fooled by the political liars.

      • kimo3690

        AMEN brother……… those of us with the ability to “reason” recognize the “smoke & mirrors” that Obie is using…… VERY Hitler like!!

  • Bill Johnson

    You will never convince me that this liar and his minions are any thing but bad for the american people.

    • kimo3690

      YEP YEP YEP Amen Brother!!

  • David

    Ben must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for column ideas. What an unmitigated load of crap. No wonder conservatives sound so stupid when they talk. At least the ones who listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. Or read and believe the likes of Ben Crystal.

    Remember, it’s all about the money. These people say what they do because it earns them 6 and 7 figure incomes. Logic, common sense, intelligent, well thought out and researched commentary – that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is feeding the easily duped what they want to hear. And these guys are masters at it.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      David, you have no idea what anyone reads,who anyone listens to so all you are doing is fabricating untruths. I should just call what you are doing lying.You hate Conservatives and Libertarians so they just have to be bad because you want them to be bad.

      • alicia

        Nadzieja Batki, Born in the United States I’m presuming! David said it exactly as he read it. This article has no substance, this site is always against anything President Obama does. He has done nothing that shows he is not a christian. Unlike many of you who claim to be Christians, but are ready and eager to condemn others for their views and constantly use God name in vain. God is a loving, caring, and unjudgemental, forgiving.

      • momtokippy

        Sure Alicia, killing American citizens by drone and innocent children by drone is sooooooooo Christian!

      • kimo3690

        That sums it up perfectly Right ON!!

    • eddie47d

      Nadzieja: “fabricating truths”. You should have looked in the mirror before saying that. I dare you to take on any commentor on the right who fabricates truths (like SC or Alondra) and rip into them. Your fair,truthful,honest? Oh please!

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Oh please eddie47donkey! look yourself in the mirror!

      • eddie47d

        The sarcastic Mexican again! No worry.. I look in the mirror everyday and like what I see too bad you can’t say the same!

    • Paul

      And you progressives (the “new” word for liberals) get all of your “facts” from whom?
      Chris Matthews?!!!

    • Ted Crawford

      If you have empirical evidence or substantive examples that discredit what Mr. Crystal states, please present it! Otherwise all you have is an Alinsky Rant, worth less than even an Obama Dollar!

      • eddie47d

        “he puts his hand on a Bible in which he doesn’t abide” Strictly conjecture and self flattery by BC. I see more signs of Christianity in Obama than alot of Christian who claim differently.

      • Opal the Gem

        ” I see more signs of Christianity in Obama than alot of Christian who claim differently.”

        eddie must be a follower of Rev. Wright like obama.

  • neva

    As I recall when NObama was sworn in as a Senator he had two bibles then also. The Holy Bible and the Qua ran. He has shown his true belief from the beginning. He is a Muslim. NObama equals no money, no home, no business, no guns, but, you can have a free phone, unemployment and all the food stamps you need.

    • David

      There are so many lies and fabrications being shared that I fear we are turning into a country of idiots. Show me a picture of Obama being sworn in using a Bible and the Koran. Just more right wing propaganda based, as always, on BS.

      And no, I don’t think Ben is delusional. He’s just saying what he needs to to earn a paycheck. Just like 98% of pseudo-conservative blabbering heads.

      • neva

        I’m sure you can look it up all by yourself. Assuming you are that smart. Then again look who you are defending.

    • DWFields

      You expressed an opinion as a fact, then qualified it as absolutely unsubstantiated by the words, “I believe”. I’m sure if you really tried, you could find out from an impartial source (the state or federal record) exactly what documents or books he had under his hand when he was sworn in as Senator. If you don’t have the facts, don’t make yourself look foolish by expressing opinion as fact.

    • kimo3690

      YOU nailed it!!!!

  • http://aol Kennith O’ Day

    I DO believe that your assertion that PHAROBAMMA has in fact ignored the Oath of Office…..but he is not alone the Jackal Colony….aka…Congress is guilty of the same
    treasonist endeavors. The Supreme Court is in the sack with the King, as well.
    What happened to the checks and balances that we were taught in grade 8 Civics????

    How are these liars, scoundrals and thieves held to account for their violations of oath??

    It all began with the Patriot Act my fellow Citizens….treachery incorporated rules at will….passes Law at midnight with the concurrence of the Corporate leg of the beast….the Media.

    May God have mercy on us…….I do believe that he has removed his blessings from our once great Nation.

    The Federal Reserve is in charge of our dismal fates… in all crime follow the money,
    but with the system in place that is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

    • Paul

      Good call Kennith!

      Anybody care to look up The NDAA 2013 passed by the Senate with a vote of over 80%.
      That means both parties signed on. A sign of things to come? God have mercy on us all!

    • DWFields

      You mean George W. Bush’s “Patriot Act”? Remember, the current version is but a modification–in some areas a weakening–of the original.

    • kimo3690

      NAILED IT!!!

  • Jim B

    All governments are the cause of economic disparity, blight, perpetual poverty, and war, just to name a few of their evil doings. Our own government has been busy for decades destroying the way of life in America, its slow steady decline, and its recent quickening has left everyone pitted against each other, for which the government nurtures. This is what evil does, this is what they are good at. History proves to us that humanity cannot tolerate government for very long (albeit a lot longer than we have had to endure our own government catastrophe that lays before us), our forefathers new this, and attempted to empower us over government tyranny which they knew would eventually attempt to rule over us all. The inevitable is soon upon us, Obama may bring speed to its outcome, we will see.

    • Wellarmed

      There is no room with which I can bring disagreement with your statements. Those who wish too utilize selective memory can only focus on the tyrant with which we now are face to face with.

      He is not alone if the figure is true that over 80% of our senators so willingly signed on to the NDAA which stands in direct conflict with the foundation that our country is built upon.

      This is a problem with both the democratic and republican party and the nation unfortunately cannot break the cycle of abuse. This is a self inflicted wound, and healing cannot take place until one recognizes that WE have a problem and may be in need of treatment.

      We did have a third party option but we elected to stay locked in our perpetual downward spiral rather than exercise it. Like most drug addicts they truly do need to hit rock bottom before they can pull themselves up by the boot straps.

      I believe that it would be a sound time to recite your rosary, if that is what brings you peace.

  • Alex

    Poor Ben Crystalnacht! He once peppered his pathos with unfunny rim-shot humor, kernels of korn that just never seemed to ‘pop’—but he is unhinged now, his delusion more forceful, palpable. This is a sadder Ben, and this growing melancholia is reflected across this country’s Fright Wing.

    Young Americans seem much more poised to pick up the smouldering Torch of Progress dropped by the vanguard of the American Left than to resurrect the Hitlerian Reagan Youth. This explains the disquiet on the Right—it is just not going to get “better” for you. Take it from this Enlightened grandfather, America: BANG! BANG! You’re dead…

    Today’s youth reject so much of the baloney we were fed— Man Infest Destiny, American Infectualism —and, aided by the near-Universal access to information and exchange of
    ideas afforded by the internet, this will only increase. Young people accept the Science of Global Warming if their parents do not, and will work to limit and, where possible, heal the damage wrought upon the Earth by the scourge of Capitalism. They are moving away from a material-centered existence by understanding that we all share the Earth and all its resources. They question this country’s piggish obsession with ‘property’, the peddling of Fear and its consequent genuflection before the Almighty Firearm. They reject Militarism and Empire.

    Progress will lead to the end of this dumb experiment, this nation built on Theft, Genocide, Forced Labor, and Ethnic Cleansing.

    You Reich Wingers played all of your cards—Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Benghazi, Birth Certificates, Wealth Redistribution, Solyndra—- NOBODY blinked. The president was reelected easily. The Democrats INCREASED their Senate majority and beat the GOP in the House races by OVER ONE MILLION VOTES!

    Continued GOP obstruction of Progress will only lead to sweeping the House clean of Teabaggers. Hillary will become our first woman president in 2017, and her emphasis on a more sustainable future than this ridiculous Capitalist system of exploitation allows will guide us in transforming to a just world which will be shared.

    Seriously, folks—-you’ve got nothing for 2016…

    • momtokippy

      Alex must have gotten an Obamaphone.

      • Paul

        Admitting he is a grandfather, puts him to be around the age where he probably drank lots of Timothy Leary’s kool-aid. So much for ENLIGHTENMENT!!!!

    • Paul

      Seriously Alex,
      1 million votes in a nation of over 315 million does not constitute a MANDATE from the people!

    • roger

      you sound like a NAZI!! please, speak English.

    • DWFields

      If only you were right. The problem is that not enough people care and as a result it’s the noisy ones that get the most press. That’s why the right wing has been so much in the news of late.

    • WTS/JAY

      Alex: Today’s youth reject so much of the baloney we were fed— Man Infest Destiny, American Infectualism —and, aided by the near-Universal access to information and exchange of ideas afforded by the internet, this will only increase. Young people accept the Science of Global Warming if their parents do not, and will work to limit and, where possible, heal the damage wrought upon the Earth by the scourge of Capitalism. They are moving away from a material-centered existence by understanding that we all share the Earth and all its resources. They question this country’s piggish obsession with ‘property’, the peddling of Fear and its consequent genuflection before the Almighty Firearm. They reject Militarism and Empire.

      Hmm…That’s about as healthy as it sounds. Your “youth” is someone else’s idea of what it should be, not what it is. Definitely there’s no suggestion that it should have anything to do with what you think it could be. What a delightful way of ignoring an entire generation. Call em all criminals, give em some crappy environment to live in, and a few naughty toy heroes, and things are fine. Juvenophobia, perhaps? Normal Advanced Apathy? Maybe not, it might just be how they’re training people to respond to a market.

      • crp

        man infest destiny????

  • Steven

    We mix God in the wrong places. You can’t do whatever you want, and expect God to be on your side bless you. God blesses the righteous who trusts in Him, and America is doing neither, starting with the president. We reap what we sow.

  • Ethan Clarke

    For the GOP to fight Obama over gun control could be likened to asking a two headed Komodo Dragon to bite itself.

    • gunner

      Open your eyes. It isn’t just the GOP on this issue. Many Democrats in Congress are strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment and have stated that they won’t vote for restrictions. Harry Reid is in a real pickle on this one.

  • AK Tom

    You fools who believe obama is a christian are even worse than those who belive he is a muslim. As Ben has stated, he worships at the altar of himself. BHO is a pathological narcissist. He is more in line with the one who is known as the father of liars.

    • kimo3690

      OMG!!! YOU Nailed It!! Right On Brother!! BTW sooooooo was Hitler!!

  • jopa

    Ben starts off by mentioning the non use of President Obamas middle name during the ceremony.They didn’t use George W Bushs middle name either.Very few Americans even knew the (W) stood for Wacko.

    • gunner

      Did you even watch the inauguration? I did and they used his full name. They always use the full legal name when swearing in an official.

      • jopa

        gunner.Yes I did watch it however during the day there were a couple of other occasions when it was omitted.It may have been a recording from a previous event.

  • Sarah

    You are so right Ben Crystal. Obama does not have enough brains to run an errand much less America. I would just like to know who is. what group, behind him. I would like to have names and don’t say George Soros. George is delighting in what is happening but he is not the cause.

    • DWFields

      Who is behind Barak Obama? How about 51% of the American People? How about the entire Democratic Party? How about a number of otherwise unaffiliated politicians?

      Simply put, more people are behind him than against him. At least for now.

      • Wellarmed

        That may be the same percentage of subjects willing to let British soldiers be quartered in their residence. Our Constitution was created and the Bill of Rights formulated to protect the minority form the majority. You are incorrect if you feel that liberty is subject to polling data, and I fear that you may exercise your right to vote with such poor historical research behind your comments.

        May one day you befall the fate of those who so willingly ignored the responsibility that freedom requires.

    • kimo3690

      BILDEBERG Group…… look it up………..


    This man is just blatantly immoral and no amount of Christian scripture is going to give him credence, he truly is best suited for a the criminal cult of islam where lies, intolerance and criminal acts are condoned by peerage……Liberals are a special kind of stupid…

  • Greg

    The fact that many in this country cannot (or will not) see who this man is, what he is doing, and where he is leading us is stunning. It’s actually beyond ignorance. A hopeful, willful blindness that happily goes over the cliff and attacks anyone who doesn’t follow.

  • dhip

    “A nation…cannot survive treason from within…the traitor …wears the face of his victims…and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation—he works secretly…he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared…….” Cicero, 42 B.C.E.

  • Mike

    Alex, all I can is WOW! The President was duly elected, but according to the numbers did not receive any “mandate” to rule (look at the vote totals from specific counties). His past ACTIONS as the President and his avowed plans for the future show his true feelings for the Constitution. I don’t care if he is a Muslim, Christian or Druid as long as he follows the Laws of the US. The President is a typical narcissist and truly believes he is above the Law and societal norms, he believes he is the Law and his actions prove the point. While I completely disagree with all his polices, decisions and actions, I see no “high crimes and misdemeanors” for which he could be impeached along with the fact it will never happen, and I really don’t want to see Laughin’ Joe in the oval office.

    For those of you who continue to believe that Progressivism will lead to the utopian nirvana here is the US need to read a little history. The Progressive movement which began under Theodore Roosevelt and has been carried forth by EVERY President since has never ever worked, man has too much individual avarice to comply. The 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments will become history by Presidential fiat with Congressional approval, its what they ALL really want. America was a great experiment(read The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire) and could become great once again, but “We the People” must make it happen. The ruling elite in DC won’t! “We the People” are in charge if we will simply take charge. Our great nation is on the brink of economic collapse and the vast “unwashed masses” will simply allow it to occur all the while believing that the government will keep on keeping on and all will be well, just ask the people of New Orleans, New York and New Jersey how well that worked out for them!

    I am a proud Constitutional Libertarian Conservative and I see good points from both sides of most issues. We as a nation must find common ground or we all fail together, quit trying to blame each other and fix the problems, there is enough blame to go around. It matters not one whit who was right or wrong if we are all living in some 3rd world ****hole.

    • DWFields

      I have two specific questions for you:
      1.) What political party took us from a budget surplus where we were actually bringing in more money than we were spending and took us into the deepest debt in American history in a mere four years?
      2.) What political party campaigned on and stalled our political process for two years without ever once offering any kind of counter solution to any of our country’s budgetary woes using a “Just Say No” policy?

      Why should anybody trust a group that does things like that? I am sure that if President Obama were as “Imperial” as you claim, he would simply fire all the politicians and demand an all-new election like so many other countries have done these last 12 years.

  • deedee96792

    I was outraged and my insides felt like they were literally getting in a twist when I heard him SWEAR ON A BIBLE to uphold the integrity of our Constitution as he ahs been trying to change and kill everything our constitution and America has EVER STOOD FOR.. The potus makes me SICK!

    • DWFields

      Exactly which political party has been trying to change the Constitution?
      Which Presidential candidate once said, “We’ve got to do something about this Freedom of Speech thing”?
      Which group has tried, not once but many times, to change the laws dictating who is eligible for Presidential office?
      Which group has tried, not once but many times, to make one single religion the National Religion despite our Constitution expressly stating “Freedom of Religion”? (By the way, that also means Freedom FROM Religion, if so desired by a citizen.)

      Now. Who has been opposed to our Constitution?

  • Nut Ball
  • charlie

    Robert Smith says:
    January 24, 2013 at 7:56 am

    “Obama — who believes he can overrule the 2nd Amendment by what amounts to imperial fiat; ”

    Really? Who are YOU to tell us what another believes, Ben?

    Oh and…

    Do tell us about ONE person who has had a gun taken away because of Obama’s efforts who didn’t have a criminal record.
    Lost a gun to the Prince Georges County, Maryland, County Gestapo! That’s right Robert – you’re a little behind the game.
    On a phony complaint in the neighborhood, the Gestapo decided to raid other houses; and confiscate all weapons. NEVER to return them!
    This IS the Liberal Agenda – as prescribed and supported by Barrack Husein Obama.

    I can tell you what they believe Robert! I want to see that cop, – with my weapon in his cold dead hand.

    • DWFields

      You seem to have an interesting point there. Now, exactly how did you attempt to redress that issue? What did YOU do to counter that obviously illegal action? Who have you sued? Who have you petitioned?

      It sounds to me too much like you just sat there like a sheep and let it happen without even trying to correct the real problem.

      Or were you part of the problem? Maybe your weapons were confiscated because you were irresponsible with them and put other residents’ lives at risk, like the 10-year-old girl killed in Cecil County, MD by someone who simply fired a shot into the air on New Year’s Eve just 3 weeks ago. Owning a firearm might be a right for all Americans, but personal irresponsibility sacrifices the privilege of possessing them in the same way that any convicted criminal sacrifices his right to own once he commits a crime.

      “Reckless endangerment” is a crime, by the way.

  • mark

    “What sort of person can so easily lie, not to mention blaspheme like the little kid in “The Exorcist”?, Ben asks. Why you Ben, you are exaclty that sort of person. You do it over and over again on this blog. The truth means absolutely zero to you compared to your endless smearing of the politicians and political party that happens ot disagree with you.


    A little American History they don’t teach to you in school…

    The right-wing leadership of the Socialist Party of America opposed the Russian Revolution. However, those members who disagreed with this policy formed the Communist Propaganda League. In February 1919, Jay Lovestone, Bertram Wolfe, Louis Fraina, John Reed and Benjamin Gitlow created a left-wing faction that advocated the policies of the Bolsheviks in Russia. On 24th May 1919 the leadership expelled 20,000 members who supported this faction. The process continued and by the beginning of July two-thirds of the party had been suspended or expelled.

    In September 1919, Jay Lovestone, Earl Browder, John Reed, James Cannon, Bertram Wolfe, William Bross Lloyd, Benjamin Gitlow, Charles Ruthenberg, William Dunne, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Louis Fraina, Ella Reeve Bloor, Rose Pastor Stokes, Claude McKay, Max Shachtman, Martin Abern, Michael Gold and Robert Minor, decided to form the Communist Party of the United States. Within a few weeks it had 60,000 members whereas the Socialist Party of America had only 40,000.

    The formation of the Communist Party with its emphasis on electoral politics, alienated members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and other militants who believed the road to revolution lay through direct or mass action. These people argued that it was the industrial unions that would be the primary means of organizing and preparing the masses for revolutionary activity.

    Charles Ruthenberg was appointed as National Secretary of the party. As the author of The Roots of American Communism (1957) pointed out: “Ruthenberg was the natural choice for National Secretary of the Communist party for two reasons – he was a native-born American, and he had demonstrated his ability to run an organization. Almost no one else qualified on both counts.”

    Initially, the American Communist Party was divided into two factions. One group that included Charles Ruthenberg, Jay Lovestone, Bertram Wolfe and Benjamin Gitlow, favoured a strategy of class warfare. Another group, led by William Z. Foster, William Dunne and James Cannon, believed that their efforts should concentrate on building a radicalised American Federation of Labor.

    Ruthenberg argued in an article published in Communist Labor: “The party must be ready to put into its program the definite statement that mass action culminates in open insurrection and armed conflict with the capitalist state. The party program and the party literature dealing with our program and policies should clearly express our position on this point. On this question there is no disagreement.”

    The growth of the American Communist Party worried Woodrow Wilson and his administration and America entered what became known as the Red Scare period. On 7th November, 1919, the second anniversary of the revolution, Alexander Mitchell Palmer, Wilson’s attorney general, ordered the arrest of over 10,000 suspected communists and anarchists. These people were charged with “advocating force, violence and unlawful means to overthrow the Government”. Palmer and his assistant, John Edgar Hoover, found no evidence of a proposed revolution but large number of these suspects were held without trial for a long time. The vast majority were eventually released but Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman, Mollie Steimer, and 245 other people, were deported to Russia.

    Benjamin Gitlow was one of those arrested. His trial began in New York City on 22nd January, 1920. He told the jury: “The socialists have always maintained that the change from capitalism to socialism would be a fundamental change, that is, we would have a complete reorganization of society, that this change would not be a question of reform; that the capitalist system of society would be completely changed and that that system would give way to a new system of society based on a new code of laws, based on a new code of ethics, and based on a new form of government. For that reason, the socialist philosophy has always been a revolutionary philosophy and people who adhered to the socialist program and philosophy were always considered revolutionists, and I as one who maintain that, in the eyes of the present day society, I am a revolutionist.” Gitlow was found guilty on 11th February, 1920 and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He served over two years at Sing Sing prison.

    Charles Ruthenberg was also arrested. In October 1920, Ruthenberg was tried for alleged violation of the state’s Criminal Anarchism law, said to have been breached when he was involved in publishing the Left Wing Manifesto written by Louis Fraina the previous year. Ruthenberg was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years. He remained in Dannemora Prison until released on a $5,000 bond on 24th April, 1922.


  • Connie

    Stupid, just plain stupid.God Bless Our President and God help you!

  • GiveMeLiberty


    Great catch on the Bible irony! I missed that one and thank you for pointing it out.

    I noticed two other ironies during the coronation, (after I forced myself through vomiting convulsions just long enough to watch a few minutes……morbid curiousity)!

    One, I could only gaze in amazement as I watched all that smugness listen to the beautiful song, “Sweet Land of Liberty” and wondered if they could actually hear the words! Two, during the troop review, where many troops were carrying parade rifles, it ocurred to me, all this ramped-up crap about gun control and these dudes were obviously comfortable with so many government folks carrying weapons that day…..both real for protection and faux for show!

  • adrianvance

    Bibles are good props for the Elected Ruling Class and especially the Communists.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • goodsteve

    In light of such an overt attack on the 2nd amendment, how can anyone
    belive him? His oath is about as much good as a milk bucket under a bull.
    Him defend the constitution? Yeah, right! Defend it, indeed! Abraham
    Lincoln once said “You may fool all of the people some of the time. You
    may even fool some of the people all of the time. But you can never fool
    all of the people all of the time.” Obama needs to take that to heart. After
    all, just who did one of those bibles that he swore that oath on, origionally
    belong to?

  • Darryl Dabigd Davis






    • Motov

      It is MORONS like you this country doesn’t need, OhBozo Is illegal and every politician in Washington DC knows that, but refuse to admit it because they would reveal their crimes of neglect of their duty as well.

  • ibcamn

    Are some of you blind?Obama swore his oath to his mother!it’s in his book!and remember,Obama believes that he can lie as long as the outcome of said lie turns out the way he wants it to,then,to him,it’s not a lie!!hello!!read up on your enemy!!!if you listen to his speech,it was filled with contempt for us and lies abound!read between all of that, and ,he basically told us what he’s up to!!his plans to destroy America,and he’s doing it his way,the way HE wants to,and sees fit!never mind that this election was rigged from the day all the idiots(people who voted Obama)but him in the white house,progressives have been buying up people to ensure his seat for 8 years,that’s why he was so cool about being re-elected and told all of us(from the get go)in 2014 or end of my term in 2016 or in my next term or my final term,he was already telling us he had it in the bag!you just had to listen!all the plans that had been laid in place for such a day are being put into play now and that’s why Americans can’t see why no matter how much we say NO to him and his kind,sheet just keeps going his way!he knows he has the brainwashed ethnic vote,and some of the stupid white people too(they are the eager to please bunch-brown nosers)and that’s why he has the god complex like his union and police groupie’s.he wants to be a king,like his mother wanted him to be.didn’t you guys see the look of”i am your god,bow down minions”on his face?and the evil look on his ape-excuse me-wife’s face?during the grand crowning of his a$$?and why let beyonce’ fake sing? but no one else did!(but they are just white singers,not black!)make one sound and perform better over another,right there should tell you the integrety of a person(s)…….

  • robert

    i believe he is evil to the core. i will never and have never looked at him as president. as far as im concernd we have not had a president in r@ years.

  • Dwight Osborne

    He’s definitely not a Christian and most likely not a muslim, either. He’s most likely an agnostic. It’s beginning to look like he could be the ac, that’s the antichrist for those of you who don’t know or have discernment.

  • Andy

    Ben Crystal wrote this article blah, blah, blah, you do Know what the frick your talking about, blah, blah, blah, he is a Muslim, and he is promoting Islam through out the world, blind leading the blah, so he goes to Mass, he’s been putting up a front since he left his civil rights lawyer job. Your an idoit no wonder this Country is blind of what Obama is, and the shape this country is in, with minds like your’s running around.

  • William

    Why does he wear a ring with the inscription “there is no god but allah”?

  • Yankee

    How is it that people can get so stupid?

  • ChristianMathLover

    Yup, he talked about taking on ‘climate change’ even though there is a pretty weak case for it. check this article for more info.

  • Independent

    Some good discussion here but a lot of dogma too. Right vs. Left; Reagan vs. Obama; Christian vs. Muslim… These are divisions the corrupt WANT us to bicker over!

    There are Sheeple in all parts of the political spectrum, and our problems did not come from any one Presidency. Look deeper and stop fighting with your fellow AMERICANS so we can fix this catastrophe.

    Big money in politics has left us with corruption. That’s what we all need to unite against.


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