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The Devils We Know

March 27, 2012 by  

The Devils We Know
In 2008, the Republicans offered Senator John McCain in retort to the insult which is Obama.

Let me warn you right now: If the idea of President Barack Hussein Obama continuing his occupation of the Oval Office past next January will ruin your day, click through to the Personal Liberty Digest’s™ cheerfully presented tips on health and finance. They’re entirely worthwhile expert opinions and what’s more—they’re free.

Meanwhile, those of you who continue perusing this piece must confront this premise: barring a miraculous removal of Republican heads from Republican posteriors, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is going to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Extremely well-capitalized (as opposed to well-versed, well-prepared or well-vetted), Romney will then set about introducing his Vice Presidential nominee to the Nation while engaging Obama in combat. But I fear Romney will be unable to reassure voters who are increasingly hungry for respite from the unrelenting disaster which is the Obama Presidency. In an effort to counter Obama’s far-flung big-state liberalism, the GOP has selected as its standard-bearer a big state liberal; albeit a less awkwardly gangly one with better hair.

Obama is dominated by billionaire vermin such as George Soros and Warren Buffett. If he was any more beholden to the union thugs, Richard Trumka would be the Secretary of Labor. And his ties to Wall Street banksters like Goldman Sachs are stitched tighter than a pop singer’s hair extensions. Meanwhile, the names on Romney’s best friends list might be different, but they were all dressed by the same tailor.

In 2008, a majority of American voters swallowed the empty, race-baiting hype surrounding a little-known but reasonably polished-seeming Senator from Illinois. Following a campaign long on nonspecific catchphrases and overt support from the corporate media, Obama stepped into the Oval Office and immediately set about rearranging the national furniture. By 2010, the same American voters, fully aware of the spectacular mistake they made in electing Obama, set about correcting that mistake at the polls. And ideologically welded to Obama, Democrats from Capitol Hill to small-town mayors’ offices packed up their family photos, raided the supply closet for one last box of toner cartridges and headed home. Even the Democrats who managed to keep their paws on their offices had to fight tooth and nail to do it.

In 2008, the Republicans offered Senator John McCain in retort to the insult which is Obama. Despite slight mitigation in the form of Governor Sarah Palin’s presence on the ticket, the Republicans failed to offer anything more than Obama-lite, and the electorate responded with the same lack of enthusiasm the Republicans displayed in choosing McCain in the first place. By 2010, the GOP seemed to have developed an understanding of the disdain Americans show toward those who threaten liberty in the name of some twisted and/or stupid concept of the greater good. Unfortunately, the lesson clearly didn’t stick.

Indeed, when one factors in no fewer than four highly questionable primary or caucus outcomes, the Republican establishment is showing signs of not only forgetting what they learned at electoral politics class, but cribbing from the Democrats’ textbooks. Behind Romney in an increasingly suspect Republican race for the nomination lurks the unsettling Rick Santorum (“Republicans, I think to our credit, have sort of morphed away from the Goldwater idea that really government just needs to be smaller..”) and the unpalatable Newt Gingrich. Congressman Ron Paul, who is clearly the only candidate remaining who considers the preservation of true Constitutional liberties a matter of absolute honor, has been shut out of the spotlight thanks to a political establishment which—from the White House to Speaker John Boehner’s office—hopes that if they wish upon a star, he’ll go away. Short of that, they’ll behave like ACORN volunteers “community organizing” their desired outcome.

The odds of Paul surviving through a brokered convention are worse than the odds of MSNBC hiring a primetime mouthpiece who isn’t struggling with a serious personality disorder. And a third-party run would simply relegate Paul to the role of Ross Perot, version 2.0. Simply put: Mitt Romney is probably going to win the nomination; and he will probably select a running mate who is almost as exciting as one of those annoying precinct captains who thinks voting at the convention is the coolest thing he or she has done since that time they got their picture taken with the showgirls in Las Vegas. For those of you who have ever attended a major Republican gathering, you know precisely to whom I’m referring: the guy with campaign buttons dating back to Ford/Dole ’76 tacked to his lapel.

Therefore, I feel compelled to make a remark which may well shock you even more than my earlier prediction that Obama will likely be reelected this fall: so be it. If the Republican Party is content to react to Barack Obama’s almost virtually criminal arrogance by offering a more telegenic version of—well—Barack Obama, then they deserve to lose my vote… for starters. It’s entirely possible that the Republican establishment risks political oblivion in nominating a candidate who only edges Obama in the hair and wardrobe departments. Perhaps that’s a fate they’ve earned.

Conservatives have repeatedly been forced to hold their noses and cast ballots for candidates who are only marginally better than the shrieking liberals whom they oppose. As a result of our own excessive flexibility, we have unwittingly played a part in allowing an incremental shift in the Republican Party away from its conservative roots and toward the sort of monster-government espoused by the Democrats and their hordes of dependent minions.

I am no longer willing to select the lesser of two evils on Election Day. I will acknowledge that casting a third party ballot carries an inherent gamble: the reelection of Barack Obama. But given the Republicans’ intransigence in moving toward the true conservatism demanded by the people, they have hardly earned the right to replace him. Presuming we can survive four more years of “the madness of King Barack,” another four years of Democrats in the White House might finally wake us all up to the fact that we can do much, much better.

-Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • vicki

    We have 3 easy choices this election year.

    Obama, Miniobama, Ron Paul.

    My choice is clear. No more voting for the lessor of 2 Devils.

    Vote freedom. Vote liberty. Vote true justice.

    Ron Paul FTW.

    • Vigilant

      Dick Morris says,

      “Romney will end Obamacare. Obama won’t.

      Romney will cut spending sharply. Obama will increase it.

      Romney will block grant Medicaid and food stamps and stop their growth. Obama won’t.

      Romney will cut income taxes. Obama will raise them.

      Romney will stop EPA regulation of carbon dioxide. Obama will step it up.

      Romney will stop the NLRB from forcing unionization. Obama will continue it.

      Romney will do all he can to help Israel stop Iranian nukes. Obama won’t.

      Romney will appoint conservative judges. Obama will name radical ones

      Romney will crack down on Chinese currency manipulation. Obama is afraid to.

      Romney will starve Chavez by curtailing purchase of his oil. Obama won’t.

      Romney won’t bow to the Saudi monarch. Obama did.

      Romney will restore defense cuts. Obama will disarm us.

      Romney will approve Keystone and off shore drilling. Obama won’t.

      Romney will push for school vouchers and choice. Obama killed it in D.C..

      Romney will not cut Medicare to finance Obamacare. Obama is.

      Romney will reform Medicare by using competition. Obama won’t.

      Romney will stop debasing the dollar by printing more and more. Obama will print money.

      Romney will encourage photo id laws. Obama will veto them.

      Romney will appoint anti-terrorists to the Justice Department. Obama does the opposite.

      Romney will call Islamic terrorists, Islamic terrorists. Obama doesn’t.

      Romney will reduce the capital gains tax. Obama will increase it.

      Romney will turn America around. Obama hasn’t, won’t and can’t.

      “Either Santorum or Romney or Gingrich or even Ron Paul would be a better president than Obama and don’t let us forget it!”


      • Vigilant

        Dateline Washington, D.C., March 27, 2013

        AP – The stock and commodities markets reacted strongly to President Paul’s release yesterday of his comprehensive plan to reduce the Federal Budget. In mixed trading, the bearish influences of military-industrial, pharmaceutical and agribusiness stocks were more than offset by gains in traditional energy, retailer and manufacturing sectors.

        Gold and silver suffered substantial losses on world commodities exchanges, while the dollar’s performance against the Euro and Yuan reflected an increased confidence in the strength of that currency.

        In an electoral coup, Paul carried the 2012 elections, winning in 43 states where numerous contests defied the normal party lines and demographics. The losses sustained in NY, D.C., MA, VT, WA, CA and IL proved unsuccessful in denting the wave of pro-Paul sentiment that swept the nation. His coattails swept in three Libertarian candidates for the House and one in the Senate.

        Public and private sector unions demanded recounts in 5 states, claiming voter fraud. Even if the true, the extent of the fraud would have had no effect on the electoral count in those states.

        Republicans added to their comfortable majority in the House with an additional 25 turnovers, while hotly contested elections for seats in the Senate yielded 12 new Republican victories, giving them the filibuster-proof margin they had so diligently sought.

        The highly contentious Republican Convention in August upset the political apple cart and defied all conventional wisdom when it chose Dr. Paul as its nominee. Ironically Paul, known for his bulldog stances and tenacious hold on unchanging political ideology, surprised everyone when he switched course on foreign policy.

        While retaining his positions on profligate military spending, interventionism in general and nation building, he dismayed some supporters with the pronouncement that Iran could not be trusted to obtain a nuclear warfare capability, and that the US should afford Israel the strong backing it requires to squelch the ambitions of the rogue nation to her east.

        Moreover, Paul had softened his position on the legalization of hard drugs by a deft shifting of focus. Instead of attacking the war on drugs directly, he emphasized his commitment to the Constitutional position that the states have the final say in how to handle the drug problem.

        Few could have predicted the electrifying effect such a movement would have. From the gloom of a deadlocked and despondent convention came forth a dark horse almost perfectly suited to the tastes of the mainstream Republican electorate, while appealing to the socially liberal voters of both the Democrat and Libertarian Parties.

        Exit polls were early and abundantly in favor of Paul’s candidacy. Many interviewed said that his change of direction on Iran and drugs were the deciding factors in bringing them over to the cause.

        He even made inroads in the traditional liberal strongholds of the African American and Jewish vote, shaving 12 and 15 points respectively off those numbers. Women and the military voted 60% in favor of Dr. Paul, while first time voters went to Republican ticket by a margin of 55-45%.

      • Brad

        I agree 110% the imposter in office must go come this November. He should be hung from the WH front porch for treason and for the traitor he is , televised as an example in full public view.

      • Insighting Truth

        Even if Romney were to accomplish 100% of your list, which he will not, it will not make any long term difference. Every item in your list is nice, but only tinkers around the edges of the problem. Full enactment of everything you say Romney will do, does not change the big government paradigm that is driving us to ruin.

        Romney is not a game changer. He will do nothing to increase freedom in this nation. He is beholden to the same group of lobbyist as the Obama administration. No, the only answer is Ron Paul. Any of the other candidates desire only a shift of government power, from big government democrats to big government republicans, not a reduction in government power.

      • T. Jefferson

        Romney is talking the same garbage Barry did in 08. Ron Paul is the only consistent voting politician in the race. The rest are no better than RINO’s.

      • http://Firefox Simon Shute

        I agree with Dick Morris. Like him or not, to say that Romney is “Obama-lite” is foolishness. Dick’s list of differences between the two is pretty compelling. I think Rick Santorum made a grave mistake in suggesting that we might as well stay with Obama as vote for Romney. Such talk is sowing the seeds of Obama’s reelection, which will almost certainly take us over the cliff economically, bring more uncertainty to the already dangerous international situation and pull even further apart the loosening strands of the nation’s moral fiber. We desperately need to save this sinking ship!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Wow Vigilant, both your posts are fantasies. I agree with Ben and I’ve been saying it all along. Romney is no different than obama. I will not vote for him. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils. I will not accept responsibility for the destruction of the country that I love! Our country is on the precipice of survival. We must rout out the evil instead of shaking our heads and saying there is nothing we can do. I think that the vast majority of Americans recognize that our government is not representing us. Yet they continue to go along because they see no options. But I will not go along! The “elite” are pretending to give us a choice between two candidates but they are the same thing. It is all fixed! I will vote for Ron Paul because he is NOT part of the fix. I know that he will not win because “they” will make sure that he doesn’t. But I refuse to be part of the evil that is taking over over and threatening our country! I will stand up for what I believe in and I will pray because it will be in GOD’S hands.

      • TML

        “Romney will end Obamacare. Obama won’t.”

        It’s difficult to take this list seriously right from the start, when there would likely be “Brand B” (Romneycare) from Mitt.

      • Tazio2013

        With Dick Morris touting Willard “Mittens” Romney, BHO’s re-election is all but assured.

        Sapere aude
        Semper fi!

      • DavidL

        The problem with your interesting political analysis is that we have no idea what Romney will do once he is in office. That’s the problem with him.

        Ron Paul is the only candidate in this Republican clown show with the most integrity.

      • Leon Day

        I totally agree with Dick Morris comments–Mitt Romney will fix our economy, cut runaway spendng, cut bloated federal departments, establish favorable business environment for business start-ups, repeal Obama care, and direct our path that will result in eliminating our ever-growing national debt which exceeds 70 trillion dollars (total debt including all unfunded liabilities). Mitt Romney is a good man and lived a life that all Christian can be proud of–does not drink, smoke, faithful to his wife for over 40 years, and raised fine educated sons. Mitt Romney is man of compassionate heart. He gave 7 million dollars or 15% of his earnings to chairty–no others including Santorum, Ryan and Gingrich nor Obama ever tithed their earmings ever in their life yet they call themselves Christan–what a fake they are.

        Moral precepts should not be legislated–it should be the responsibilities of parents. If Santorum or Gingrich have their way, they would outlaw even divorces. Santorum is extreme and we do not need extremist. Obama is extreme on the left-side. They are unfit for White House.

        Our nation is dire need of man like Mitt Romney to make sense of it all–get our economy fixed so that we can pay for defending our freedom and our way of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

        Mitt Romney will fix our economy, re-invigorate our creativity, cut spending, balance the budget and get us on the road to eleiminting our debt.

        It is time to UNITE with Mitt Romney because united efforts is needed to win in November. For the good of the nation, Santorum should now unite with Romney.

        Mitt Romney will beat Obama in November.

      • Richard R. Tryon

        Morris right! Win the election first. Get rid of the Obama threat is paramount.

        Holding out for a modern day Goldwater is wonderful, but it risks losing because of the precarious position and the advantages Obama has built already for his re-election. We best not look at Romney as a me-too Republican, but as one capable of responding to pressure from all Republicans. At least he knows that he is a one term loser, if he fails to realize that the U.S. is not Tax-achusetts.

        Nobody can fix the Obama mess quickly. But we can build a field in which others will create jobs if they are not destroyed first!

      • Vigilant

        Mr. Crystal, welcome to the socialist wing of the Democratic Party.

        You should have stuck with your “Great 8” humor, because when you waxed serious today, you lost all credibility. After you and others of the Ron Paul personality cult guarantee the re-election of Barack Obama, will you fiddle while Rome burns?

        After “voting your conscience,” will you smugly stand by when the continued assault on the Constitution finally makes that document null and void?

        Will you applaud the missed opportunity of replacing the aging and infirm Bader-Ginsberg with a Conservative SCOTUS justice?

        Will you say, “I told you so” when Obama consolidates power through more recess appointments of environmentalists, communists and Maoists to regulatory agencies and czardoms?

        Where will you be when the President and Secretary of Defense await UN approval of any military action before even consulting with Congress?

        When they come to take your guns away, will you proclaim “Romney would have done that anyway?”

        Will you sleep well at night knowing your money will lose value while you slumber, and that the credit worthiness of the US may have dropped another notch during the night?

        Will you look on approvingly as the NLRB forces more and more startups out of right to work states?

        Etc., etc., etc.

        No, Mr. Crystal, you were on the right track when you belatedly came to the realization (along with John Myers, Sam Rolley and Chip Wood) that Dr. Paul’s chances of winning the nomination were slim to none.

        You went egregiously wrong when you bought into the fiction that Romney and Obama are the same animal. They are not birds of a feather, and any such claim is just plain false.

        So you go ahead and vote for Ross Perot/Ron Paul, and let your conscience decide at the end of the day whether re-electing Obama has really helped or hurt the United States of America.

      • BigBadJohn

        Romney will cut income taxes. Obama will raise them.
        Romney will restore defense cuts. Obama will disarm us.

        So Romney will continue Bush’s failed policies of cutting taxes and increasing military spending. How will this decrease the national Debt?

        Romney will call Islamic terrorists, Islamic terrorists. Obama doesn’t.

        Ask Al Qaeda what they think of Obama – Oh sorry you can’t they are all dead! Obama has killed the top 20 officer of Al Qaeda! What did Bush do – let OBL walk!
        “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority”

      • Milan

        Is anyone buying Snake Oil Salesman Dick Morris’s fantasy that flip-flopping, liberal, big-government Mitt Romney will cure America from the metastasizing evil of a government that tries to be our god? The status quo will only continue to contribute to America’s demise, whether it is labeled Republican or Democrat.

        We need a Doctor in the House! Only a man of courage and conviction can educate us on the perfect law of liberty and help us return to the Constitution with its design to protect our God-given rights of individual liberty and requisite personal responsibility: Only Dr. Ron Paul 2012!

      • TML

        Vigilant, “You should have stuck with your “Great 8” humor, because when you waxed serious today, you lost all credibility.”

        Actually it is just the opposite. He gained credibility by not falling victim to the false left/right paradigm.

        Vigilant, “After you and others of the Ron Paul personality cult guarantee the re-election of Barack Obama, will you fiddle while Rome burns?”

        Non sequitur and circular argument to suggest that voting for Ron Paul would guarantee the re-election of Barack Obama. And so now we are a ‘personality “cult”’? I expected better coming from you Vigilant.

        Vigilant, “After “voting your conscience,” will you smugly stand by when the continued assault on the Constitution finally makes that document null and void?”

        No, I will continue to fight if Obama was re-elected.

        Vigilant, “Will you applaud the missed opportunity of replacing the aging and infirm Bader-Ginsberg with a Conservative SCOTUS justice?”

        No, I would not applaud if Ron Paul was not nominated or elected.

        Vigilant, “Will you sleep well at night knowing your money will lose value while you slumber, and that the credit worthiness of the US may have dropped another notch during the night?”

        Nope… that’s why I’m voting Ron Paul… he is the only reason the debates have changed to monetary policy and the devaluation of the dollar.

        “you were on the right track when you belatedly came to the realization (along with John Myers, Sam Rolley and Chip Wood) that Dr. Paul’s chances of winning the nomination were slim to none.”

        The only reason his chances of winning would be slim to none is if the majority does not vote for him despite him having the principles and record the voters want. You seem to be a victim of the same big government establishment that you oppose by swallowing non sequitur stated as facts, as if omniscient, through sound-bite repetition, until you believed the lie yourself.

      • jcv1010

        Your not very Vigilant and rather than waste my time trying to change your mind. This article is for idiots like you, because if it hasn’t changed your opinion, what makes me think I can either. Republicans like you have contributed to the down fall of this once great nation. Your like cement all mixed up and permanently set and the only way to fix set cement is to smash it to pieces. The Democrats are doing a very good job of smashing the Republicans to pieces. Republicans will find themselves in shackles and will be the new slaves.

        Romney “WILL NOT” do any of the items you’ve laid out. He isn’t capable, because you can’t change a leopards spots or you can take a man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man. Take a look at Obama, he looks nice in a suit but he’s still all ghetto.

        So Mr. Vigilant your a fool of the biggest sorts, you and the rest of the Obama-Republicans.

      • Mark in LA

        The Republican Party hasn’t represented me since they gave us the imbecile corporate stooge Reagan, yet I am supposed to vote for who the Republican establishment gives me becasue they told me Obama is the boogeyman, is that the gist of it?

        I have a better idea, don’t vote for who the Republican establishment gives me until the party changes into something that represents me.

      • dave

        I don’t believe Mr. Romney will do most of those things. He is a RINO which, I stopped voting for. I came to that conclusion years ago, and when I have a choice between a RINO and Democrat, I vote third party. I have been doing that since 1992 (“read my lips…”).

      • Blue

        The way I look at it, if my vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama, then you deserve Obama for another four years. Paul is the only candidate who stands for the people, by the people. You seem to be fine with the fact that voter fraud is rampant because once the GOP makes their selection, there is no stopping them. You seem to be fine that lamestream media has blacked out the only candidate that makes any sense at all. If you want to blame someone for Obama being re-elected, then blame lamestream media and the 1% who have been robbing us blind. Romney couldn’t beat Obama even if Ron Paul had dropped out. He will say whatever he needs to say in order to win the nomination. That is Obamanation all over again. There is no difference between them. Look at this voting record and look at how he has flip flopped since his bid for the candidacy. Romney is totally out of touch with the average American. He only knows money, that he got through vulture capitalism, and the rich. He will NOT change anything. He will be bought off just like Obama was. This country will see it’s ascension into socialism, thanks to those who are voting for the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil no matter how to try to explain it away. I don’t vote for the “pretty boy” or the younger guy. I vote conscience. I would love to see how you explain to your children and grandchildren why you voted for evil, because absolutely guaranteed, it will affect their lives. This country is headed down the road to total destruction and there is only ONE who can save it….Ron Paul!

      • Maryland Freestater

        Hey fellow readers, listen:

        Dr. Paul will be at the Ritchie Coliseum outside U MD College park tomorrow, Wednesday night for a youth rally. Despite my 52 years, I’m, just as enthusiastic as any young whipper-snapper when it comes to supporting the only candidate who seems worth voting for.

        Prove the MSM wrong! VOTE RON PAUL ’12 – or shut the light out on our nation.

      • Greg

        Romney has said a lot that I agree with THIS YEAR, but I am afraid he will go back to his old ways.

      • PendragonRise

        Mittens is just another Wall Street lap dog.

      • Mel in Arizona

        Dick Morris has nailed it. Let’s stop the bloodshed among our own candidates and coalesce behind a principled patriot, Mitt Romney!
        Mel in Arizona

      • Tom W.

        Points all well made Vig! But will Romney really do all the things that he’ll says he’ll do right now or will he act like a fish outta’ water (Flip-flopping!) when oppisition comes his way?!! He’s definately the only person in the race who has been on both sides of EVERY major issue from Iraq to abortion!!!
        My main problem with Romney is the fact that he’s a Mormon and Mormonism is a cult! I’m a “Born Again Christian”, I TRULY believe that Jesus Christ is EXACTLY Who the Bible (God’s Holy Word!!!) say’s He is! He was born of a virgin, He lived a perfect sinless life, He went voluntarily to the Cross where He became the Perfect, All Atoning, Pascal Lamb of God, the COMPLETE sacrifice for the sins, past, present, and future of everyone who would TRULY believe in Him, and try ther BEST to live their life accordingly, And that He died and was buried in the tomb only to arise three days later triumphant over death, hell, and the grave! And that now He sits at the right hand of our Father awaiting Dad to say, “Son! Go get thy children!!!” Now I understand that the non-believer could care less and that’ll be their problem on THAT Day!!!(I’m praying for you NOW!) The RELIGION that Mitt follows was founded by the charlatan Joseph Smith. One can find out everything they need to about this man by reading his testamony, available online or it’s also the preface to the Book of Mormon, in his own words! There are certain racial overtones in their beliefs that I can’t believe haven’tbeen brought out in the light!!!
        I believe that a person has the right to privately practice any religion that they so choose. But if that person chooses to run for the President of the United States of America and they’re going to stand behind that religious conviction, then they owe the American people an explanation of why they stand behind or even knew of, (God forbid!!!) certain teachings of that religion, and also be given the chance to renounce the same. But the Mormon religion to me is no more than a cult and here are two blasphemious quotes, one by it’s founder, and one by it’s arguably most revered statesmen and one time president of their prestigious BYU;
        Quote: The scriptures say it, and I defy all the learning and wisdom and all the combined powers of earth and hell together to refute it. Here, then, is eternal life–to know the only wise and true God; and you have got to learn how to be gods yourselves, and to be kings and priests to God, the same as all gods have done before you, namely, by going from one small degree to another, and from a small capacity to a great one; from grace to grace, from exaltation to exaltation, until you attain to the resurrection of the dead, and are able to dwell in everlasting burnings. and to sit in glory, as do those who sit enthroned in everlasting power. And I want you to know that God, in the last days, while certain individuals are proclaiming His name, is not trifling with you or me.” (LDS President Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Vol.6, Ch.14, p.305-6, LDS Collectors Library ’97 CD-ROM)

        Quote: “Intelligent beings are organized to become Gods, even the Sons of God, to dwell in the presence of the Gods, and become associated with the highest intelligences that dwell in eternity. We are now in the school, and must practice upon what we receive.” (LDS President Brigham Young, Discourses of Brigham Young, p.245, LDS Collectors Library ’97 CD-ROM)

        The Bible is QUITE clear about whether or not WE (Bible believing, Born Again Christians) should support Mitt or not;

        “Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward. Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” – I John 1:8-11 (KJV)

        I can only imagine that casting a vote is the equivalent of bidding one God speed!

      • steve in AZ

        Whether or not many of your conclusions are true,sir, which I doubt, you forgot one:

        Obama will do as TPTB tell him to do. Romney will do as TPTB tell him to do.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Hey Blue, I only disagree with one sentence within your statement.
        “He will be bought off just like obama was.”
        I don’t believe obama was bought off by anyone. He was evil from the start. He was raised and “groomed” for this position. He is exactly what his creators created him to be. He was always a plant. He was groomed to appeal to the masses, a good looking, charismatic black man that everyone could love. All that talk about hope and change? All lies! He is doing everything he can do to further the agenda of those who created him.

      • DaveH

        Dick Morris advised Bill Clinton. Enough said.

      • DaveH

        Mark says — “The Republican Party hasn’t represented me since they gave us the imbecile corporate stooge Reagan, yet I am supposed to vote for who the Republican establishment gives me becasue they told me Obama is the boogeyman, is that the gist of it?”.
        Who do you think you’re kidding, Mark? You’re a Liberal. I doubt seriously that you have ever voted for anybody that wasn’t a Democrat.

      • Vigilant

        Having said what I’ve said, I need to clarify something. It will probably surprise some when I say that I’m voting for Ron Paul. I believe he is closest to my vision of what America should be. I don’t agree with him on a couple of things (Iran and legalization of drugs), but I’m not a one-issue voter. Moreover, I think that he would learn, as most presidents have, that he would need to compromise on some issues to be successful.

        Why am I voting this way? Purely and simply because I know that my vote will count for nothing electorally. I reside in the People’s Republic of New York, where Jesus himself could run against Obama and lose. My vote will add to the popular protest vote against both parties, yet not affect the electoral outcome. In short, I have the luxury of voting for Paul.

        In rock solid red or blue states the vote for Paul will not count. In the “Purple” states, i.e., the swing states, a vote for Paul could put the electors on the Democrat side of the ledger and that would be disastrous for the nation. The zealous voters for Dr. Paul in those states may be simply cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

      • Old Henry


        In the entire list I so not one mention of which, or how many, unconstitutional / illegal government agencies Romney will iliminate. None would be my guess.

        With that he will accomplish no long-term improvements.

        Romney also says he will restore military cuts. That is a very bad idea. He needs to continue military cuts by permanently closing ALL overseas bases in his first 12 months in office (for you Obama voters that is one year) You will notice I said military cuts, not defense cuts.

        As far as appointing conservative judges, I doubt that. As I remember reading, Romney appointed a pro-deviate marriage judge in MA while he was governor.

        Without pledging to shut down / permanently eliminate all unconstitutional agencies, once again, he will affect no long-term / permanent improvements.

        Ron Paul or nothing at all. We may be voting Gary Johnson.

      • Sam

        Dear Vigilant Dildo: You wus! Romney is the mini-Hussein or haven’t you progressed from Dr. Zuess? If Romney wins the GOP election, I will only then support him. But what you don’t seem to understand is, he will change nothing on his own. He is a liberal .. a simple fact .. one which you undoubtedly can’t or refuse to understand. If America does not have a solid majority in the House and Senate – a conservative, right wing Congress, then Romney will imitate his peers in the Democrat party. He will NOT do any of the things you stated, without being made to do so. I will not give away this election by voting third party and I surely hope that the rest of America will do the same, but the Republicans are no where near the party of conservatives that history says they once were and more of them lean to moderate and liberal visions, than ever before.

        Instead of a brokered convention, I would rather see our military combine solid forces and perform a military coup. It would be better to start over now, than let this debacle continue.

      • Vicki

        DavidL says:

        The problem with your interesting political analysis is that we have no idea what Romney will do once he is in office. That’s the problem with him.

        We know exactly what Romney will do. He will rename Obamacare to Romneycare. We have his track record in Massachusetts for examples.

      • Michael

        I do not believe Romney, if elected will accomplish a third of your laundry list. He is just another big government, left leaning moderate Republican. The country has little chance of reversing the last 4 years of W. Bush and the 4 years of Obama, no matter which Republican, currently running is nominated and maybe even elected.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant says:
        March 27, 2012 at 8:02 am
        Dateline Washington, D.C., March 27, 2013

        Enjoyed that immensely. Perhaps the time is now for Ron Paul & his supporters, Americans all, to start the final rejection of the political eletist establishment two party system and establish a positive change in direction to a strong Constitutional electable 3rd party presidential candidate.
        Reject the media induced fear propaganda that “a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama” or Romney is better than 4 more years of Obama.

      • Mark in LA

        No DaveH, I am a paleoconservative, look it up. Maybe they even have it in all the Mises crap you read. You see, us paleocons were never fooled by Reagan – just like Ron Paul wasn’t fooled by him. The only notable paleocon who was a Reagan stooge is Pat Buchanan, but then he owed a lot of his livelyhood to Ronnie. Pat did eventually come around in many ways, such as his realization of what “free-trade” really meant to the American worker. Pat still has a blind spot when it comes to Reagan though.

      • DaveH

        From Conservapedia:
        “Paleoconservative is a term that describes conservatives who opine strong restrictions on immigration, a rollback of multicultural programmes, the decentralization of the federal polity, the restoration of controls upon free trade, a greater emphasis upon economic nationalism and isolationism in the conduct of American foreign policy, and a generally revanchist outlook upon a social order in need of recovering old lines of distinction and in particular the assignment of roles in accordance with traditional categories of gender, ethnicity, and race”.
        Get used to it, Mark. I call everybody, who wants more Government, Liberals.

      • Sue

        Romney will turn this country around! It won’t happen over night and it will probably take some sacrifice from all of us. But this great country is worth it. We still have many freedoms of which other countries do not enjoy. My father was a great American. He served in World War II and Korean. He taught me to pray, to place my hand over my heart when ever the American Flag was displayed, to be kind to all people and to look to God. We need to look at the whole individual. We need to ask God which of the candidates would best serve this country. I personally feel Mitt Romney will do all he can to preserve the Constitution and our freedoms. He has my vote and I believe Ron Paul would make a great vice president! Freedom of speech is great!

      • just amused

        Vigilant, you are aware that Dick Morris is a useless tool right?

      • Used2B

        Dick Morris, neo-con. Just like Kings George 1 & 2, Conmey, Santorium, Shame-me, McLame, and the salamander. These are more of the same. Big government, Amorican empire building, puppets of the disgustingly greedy and wealthy, continuance of the use of the US Constitution as toilet paper. WAKE THE HELL UP !!! The country is being flushed down the toilet and you want to vote for more of the same. If the person you are willing to vote for is not going to obey and hold the US Constitution up as the supreme law of the land, as the chain upon their appetite for more power, then you are willing to vote for the country being flushed. Look behind the freakin curtain !! The demoncrites and republicruds, with very few exceptions, are 1 and the same.

      • dan powell

        none of what romney might do will be worth a dollar while he continues down the party road of spend, war, spend, war, spend, war etc and sucks up to the banksters who own him.

      • Tom W.

        Oh, and by the way, GREAT PIECE BEN!!! Showoff!

      • Butch

        Romney will say whatever it takes to win the election…even if its bullcrap. only Ron Paul can be trusted. Look at his message and voting record.

        • The Yakima Kid

          Romney *invented* Obamacare. Why do so many voters have the attention span of a squirrel?

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Network was a very prophetic movie….people suspend disbelief once the TV takes control
        - how the GOP will fire Ron Paul & try to keep his supporters in the fold,,,, ha ha…fat chance (I can’t believe this guy actually said that OR that they shamelessly rig these primaries)


      • Russ

        Which “defense cuts” will Romney restore? Have you noticed that defense spending has gone up annually? Probably not.

      • Anonymous Joe




    • Warrior

      February 21, 2013. today “gumby in chief” proclaimed that the only way to get gas prices down to a manageable level will be for the gubmint to nationalize the oil companies. So dingy harry proposed the new “affordable gas act”. The two remaining repubs in the congress objected but were quickly removed from the senate floor.

    • Teresa M.

      I agree! It’s time to stop voting for the lesser of two evils the lesser is still evil. I want my freedoms, I want my nephews to enjoy those same freedoms and incase you haven’t noticed it Romney will continue to remove them also. It was Mccain who co-sponsored NDAA and the majority of republicans back it including Romney. The repubs are just as dangerous if not more so than Obama. The only difference in the 2 parties is who they want to spend our money on. The truth is they are out of touch and don’t care to know anything but who their next big donor is. As for 4 more years of Obama, I think we have no one to blame but the people who are just accepting the lesser of the 2 evils. You my friends have set the stage for this madness. Instead of being heard and voting for your principles you have told the powers that be that you will accept whatever garbage they give you. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. So here we are folks any changes yet? So to Jane down below- No I will not shut up. You can vote for the garbage they give you, but I won’t. Things will never change if you just accept the way it is. If your not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

      • Teri Mount McCall

        I agree with you Teresa. Although I am “writing in” Newt myself. He is more experienced to undo ALL of BO’s BS and he is the sharpest knife in the drawer to boot.

      • DaveH

        No, you don’t agree with Teresa, Teri. If you did, you wouldn’t even think about electing Newt.
        The problem is that the vast majority of people still haven’t awakened to the fact that most of the Leaders have no intentions to represent the people. They represent themselves. They like that Power and they will tell the people whatever sweet-sounding lies that it takes to get re-elected. It’s as simple as that.
        The stupid things they seem to do are not stupid at all once you realize that they have no intentions to do what’s best for the people. The Leaders do what’s best for themselves. They throw just enough crumbs to the citizens to get re-elected.
        It’s time we all start getting educated to reality, and really learn what Freedom means. What it Doesn’t mean is “as long as you get to do the things you like, you are Free”. Due to the vast diversity of life-styles, we will never be Free until we learn to accept the Freedom of others to control their own bodies and property — even if we don’t approve.

      • 4me2777

        We have not gotten to vote yet in NM, a ‘swing’ state, I am voting for Ron Paul!

        My ex husband who is very high up in party politics (we always argued over politics) called me before the first primary and told me that Romney was their pick to run against as he is the same as what we have now and they will lose no ground with their plans. The reason for his call is that I’m probably the only independent that will talk to him even for a short time and he was interested in my view of the issues. Though I am an independent I am registered as a Republican for this election as that is the primary I want to vote in, the last primary I was registered as a democrat, I have switched back and forth for decades rather than lose the opportunity to vote in a primary because I’m an independent. Without support from the independents, he said, they cannot win.

        He demanded to know what news organization I watched as I refuted his globalist positions on issues that he questioned me on, when I told him that I got my news from research on the internet he was furious, he told me they were working on putting an end to that, and we have watched for months as one attempt after another has been made to shut down the only information that is ‘leaking’ out of the totally controlled MSM, he admitted that they DO have control of that, almost bragged about it. He had no reason to lie to me about their control over the person they had decided in meetings would be the Republican nominee, they being the persons included in the meeting he had just come from and was so excited about.

        This people, is how we are being controlled to vote for who we are told to vote for, this is how they control the elections by telling us who ‘can’ win and that we are throwing away our votes if we vote for Ron Paul, THEY do not want to run against Ron Paul whom they have no control over. How can they declare a winner in the media when the rest of the nation hasn’t voted yet? We need to hold primaries in all states on the same day and put a stop to this manipulation.

        I am not voting for the lesser of two evils, I am not voting for the wolf in sheep’s clothing, I will not be manipulated or subjugated by these puppet masters pulling the strings of the hearts of the people. Give me liberty or give me death has never been truer in over 200 years than this election. No matter what happens in the future I intend to do everything within my limited power to live and die free, to strive for anything less is to surrender to these tyrants, I will stand or I will fall but i will never crawl.

    • BigBadJohn

      Vicki I agree, I will not vote for Obama or anyone of the GOP leaders. I will write in Ron Paul, if I throw my vote away – oh well not the first time!

      • Vigilant

        It’s not throwing your vote away; it’s a vote for Obama.

        Votes for Ross Perot were votes for Clinton.

      • BigBadJohn

        oh well I voted for Perot also…..

      • Vigilant

        Don’t expect me to thank you for helping elect Clinton.

      • DaveH

        If we vote for unprincipled Leaders just because they can get elected, then how would we ever progress back to Principles?
        I’m with BigBad. I’ve been voting for Principled Leaders for my entire voting life. They don’t get elected, but then at least I can say I wasn’t responsible for enabling Unprincipled Leaders.
        Vote Libertarian, the only Politicians who believe in Real Freedom.

      • Vicki

        BigBadJohn says:

        Vicki I agree, I will not vote for Obama or anyone of the GOP leaders. I will write in Ron Paul, if I throw my vote away – oh well not the first time!

        Vigilant and others will try and tell you that you are voting for Obama if you don’t vote for the republican nominee. This is obvious nonsense propagated by the 2 sides of the party. That being the party of the elite.

        This year the choice is so obvious as to be painful. Voting for Romney is a vote for obama because you will get obama or obama spelled with an R.

        Those who vote for anyone other than Ron Paul have cast a vote for Obama.

      • BigBadJohn

        The definition of ignorance is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again but expect different results!

        Keep doing what you have been doing and you will keep getting what you have been getting.

        Are you happy with where the last two president have taken this country? Then just keep the blinders on and keep voting party lines!

      • Vigilant

        “The definition of ignorance is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again but expect different results!”

        Exactly! Vote for your R.P (Ross Perot/Ron Paul) and you’ve done just that.

        • AKay

          Actually it would be the definition of insanity, not ignorance.

          The only thing Ron Paul and Ross Perot have in common is their names begin with the same letters. The similarity ends right there.

          Rarely has a candidate ever campaigned upon pure constitutional principles, and I doubt that there ever will be again…except for perhaps Rand. An idea whose time has come means it has come RIGHT NOW. You may never get the chance to do the RIGHT thing, not the marginally adequate thing – THE RIGHT THING in your lifetimes.

          You want to make the GOP grand again? Then vote for the man that can accomplish exactly that. Ron Paul. It’s really easy. I know you can do it…

      • Vicki

        Vigilant says:

        “The definition of ignorance is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again but expect different results!”

        Exactly! Vote for your R.P (Ross Perot/Ron Paul) and you’ve done just that.

        False comparison. Ross Perot != Ron Paul.

        Here is a short list of some of the examples of the difference and a couple of similarities.
        “With such declared policies as balancing the federal budget, a firm pro-choice stance on abortion, expansion of the war on drugs, ending outsourcing of jobs, support for gun control, belief in protectionism on trade, advocating the Environmental Protection Agency and enacting electronic direct democracy via “electronic town halls,” he became a potential candidate and soon polled roughly even with the two major party candidates.[20]”

        All those are in the policies of Ross Perot.

        Looking at Ron Pauls policies you see the dramatic differences.

      • Vigilant

        Vicki, I think you know that I’m not comparing the philosophical positions of RP and RP., I’m talking about the abysmally poor running record of third parties in general. Please see my discussion with TML below.

      • Vicki

        Vigilant says:

        I’m talking about the abysmally poor running record of third parties in general.

        And we are talking about the abysmally poor record of the 2 parties of evil and evil-lite.

        Vote for evil or evil-lite and you will get the lessor of 2 evils. You still get evil, Constitution hating, big government politicians.

        Vote for the ONLY candadate who has taken a clear stance in support of the Constitution and has a THIRTY YEAR history of actions that match his stance.

        Vote Ron Paul or ObamaV1 or Obama V2. For me the choice is clear.

    • Ken S.

      Vicki, no matter how ethical and committed Ron Paul may be, a vote for him is a vote for Obama! ….. The practical and prudent side of “anti-Obama” voters can only allow them to vote for Romney as four more years of the current incompetent socialist will literally destroy our country. There is a real chance to make Obama another Jimmy Carter one-termer and we MUST grab it without hesitation and without guilt for abandoning the minority positions of Paul/Santorum/Gingrich. America got “snookered” in 2008, we must be practical and logical with our vote in 2012.

      • Conservative values, independent thinker

        Well Ken…if enough people continue to try to tell us to vote for the lessor or two evils…then you will be right. But if enough people vote for the one person who will really do the right thing for this country…you will be wrong!!

        Ron Paul…2012

      • Mel in Arizona

        You are absolutely right, Ken. Whether you admire and support Ron Paul, or not.
        There is zero chance for him to achieve the Republican nomination OR defeat Obama.
        I pray that his supporters can get behind Mitt Romney – who IS able to take down King Obama.
        Mel in Arizona

      • DaveH

        Logic has nothing to do with it, Ken. Logic dictates that if you want your country to go in the right direction, you don’t vote for candidates who go in the wrong direction, whether they can get elected of not.

      • Vicki

        Ken S. says:

        Vicki, no matter how ethical and committed Ron Paul may be, a vote for him is a vote for Obama! …..

        Your logic is a bit flawed. A vote for Romney is a vote for obama. This year it is especially obvious as the choice appears to be Obama or Miniobama. Changing O to R still gets you Obama.

      • Void1972

        You have to respect a person for their actions, not their words. Romney lives his life as a better Christian than most so called “born again”. He walks the walk. No BS.
        Many are born into a religion, and that is their world. Many do not agree with what is going on in their church, but go to worship our Lord.
        The Catholic Church has been corrupted for many decades by an evil that has infiltrated not only my church, but all religions. If you don’t understand this fact, then read “To eliminate the opiate.”
        A vote for any other candidate would be a vote for evil. If you are a true Christian, Then you know how deceitful satan is, much like obama is. They have much in common, they pray on human weakness to gain their needed following.
        Ron Paul is a good man also, but he will divide the good people of America if he decides to run. This is how evil will win.
        Please think about what your position is. A vote for a second candidate is a vote for satan.
        Satan has been in control long enough. It’s time for true hope and change!
        God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

    • Harold Olsen

      Of the four morons still left in the race, my choice is none of the above. I won’t vote for the lesser of two evils either. None of them are true conservatives yet they each claim to be the only true conservative in the race. No, I won’t waste my vote on someone I don’t believe in. I’ll write in someone I do believe in. Unfortunately, the party has anointed Obama clone Mitt Romney so he will be the one we are stuck with and Obama will get reelected and this country will become a total dictatorship. In 2012, if we actually have an election, will be the last free election for probably decades to come. I believe that Obama will do whatever he can to stay in office for the rest of his life. I’m still waiting for something to happen to give Obama an excuse to declare martial law so he can “postpone” the election.

      • Mel in Arizona

        Harold…… just aren’t thinking clearing………planning to waste your precious vote that way?!! Get behind a strong champion of America. Evidently you have not actually heard the truth about Mitt Romney’s positions. Do a bit of research (and not from his enemies -
        from Mit, himself, about what he believes and promises to do, and I believe that it will surprise and delight you.
        Mel in Arizona

      • DaveH

        Then you are mistaking NeoConservatives with Conservatives, Harold. Because there is One True Conservative in the race. His name is Ron Paul. Paul is the only one who represents the citizens. The rest represent themselves and their fellow Leaders.
        We’ve gotten to this point in time because the call to Leadership generally attracts the worst segment of Society — those self-serving people who want the Power and Perks that come with being in Government, and because the average voter thinks every wrong can be controlled with enough Power.
        Every wrong can’t be controlled, but Politicians are always happy to cater to peoples’ controlling instincts in order to be elected. The inevitable result is the loss of our Freedom.
        The only guiding Principle that will enable a return of Freedom and Prosperity is to recognize peoples’ inherent right to control their own bodies and property, even if you think their actions foolish, or unsightly, or any other personal pet peeve you might have.
        To do otherwise is to further the degradation of our once Free country into just another also-ran country run by despots.

      • Vicki

        Mel in Arizona says:

        Harold…… just aren’t thinking clearing………planning to waste your precious vote that way?!! Get behind a strong champion of America.

        Correct. That champion has a name. Ron Paul.

        Don’t waste your precious vote on Miniobama.

      • Tom W.

        Mel, Mitt is a heretic! Why would you vote for a man whose religion states; God was once a man. Brigham Young said, “If our Father and God should be disposed to walk through these aisles, we should not know Him from one of the congregation. You would see a man and that is all you would know about Him.” (Journal of Discourses, Vol. II pg. 40) Now I agree that that might be taken a little out of context, but please let me continue. Although most Mormons no longer practice polygamy, they do teach that God the Father has many wives, and that He now lives on a planet near the star Kolob, with His many wives having spiritual children. (Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:9, 16) They also teach that Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers. (Ensign Magazine, Dec. 1980, pg. 5) According to Mormon teaching, war in Heaven erupted when Jesus and Lucifer both approached God with their plans of salvation at the “Council of Gods.” (Abraham 3:23-28 & Talmage, Jesus the Christ, pp. 15&16) Lucifer’s plan was to make the people worship God, but Jesus’ plan was to show the people how to worship God. Lucifer’s plan was rejected and Jesus’ plan was accepted, and that Jesus became the Savior only because His plan was accepted. (Pearl of Great Price, Book of Moses 4:1-3) And that Lucifer became Satan when he rebelled and was thrown out of Heaven with a third of the spirits. They were sent to this planet. This is where demons come from. And of the other two thirds, one third stayed with Jesus in the battle, the other third didn’t fight as valiantly. These were the spirit children born to God and His wives. The ones who were faithful to Jesus were born as babies with white skin; the ones who didn’t fight as valiantly are born as babies with black skin. ( Doctrines of Salvation, vol. I, J.F. Smith, pg. 61. Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie, pp. 526 & 527, 1966 edition) Now how in the world does that explain Barack?! And if you live your life obedient to their laws and ordinances, according to Mormon teaching, you’ll become a god with your own planet. “As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become.” (Articles of Faith, by James Talmage, pg. 430) Mormons believe in large families because of their belief that where God is, there are many spirits waiting for human tabernacles, and each child they have will become a home for one of those spirits. (Mormon Doctrine, by B.R. McConkie, pg. 698. Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:22-28) Mormons once taught that Jesus had many wives, including the two sisters of Lazarus and Mary Magdalene. And that Jesus couldn’t become a god, unless He was married. (Journal of Discourses, vol. I, pg. 345 and vol. II, pg.210, Mormon Doctrine by B.R. McConkie, pp. 117&118) amongst other erroneous blasphemies!!!
        Why would I vote for a man who would prouldly proclaim to be a member of such a CULT?!!

    • Mel in Arizona

      Total BS Vicki! Only Mitt Romney can defeat King Obama. Love to see Ron as VP!

      • DaveH

        Then we may as well be stuck with Obama. Romney will head us in the same direction, only maybe a bit slower and less perceivable until we are a third-world country.
        Argentina had one of the top 10 best economies in the world in the early 1900s, but then they started implementing political procedures much like those our country is currently following. Now they are in the high 30s or low 40s (depending on the source) economic rankings.
        Our current Politicians are a cancer on our country, and the only way to cure that cancer is a radical Polectomy. And Ron Paul is the doctor.
        If you take the time to read this one book, Mel, it might wake you to the extreme amount of Propaganda we’ve all been subjected to:
        Once the blinders have been lifted, you will start seeing much more clearly.

      • Vicki

        Mel in Arizona says:

        Total BS Vicki! Only Mitt Romney can defeat King Obama. Love to see Ron as VP!

        Does not matter if miniK Romney can defeat wantabeK obama. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. No matter which of the 2 wins you still get obamanomics and Romneycare.

      • Tom W.

        Yeah Mel, you’ll always be able to count on Mitt to be on the winning side of every issue! Once he figures out which side that is!!! He’s sooo plastic, he sweats in different colors!

    • Tom Day

      If we lose the election, it will be because of people like yourself, Rush, Levin and Sarah who denegrate Romney constantly. Romney is more conservative than Santorum or Newt, LDS (mormans) are the most conservative people in this country. Romney is nothing like Obama,he can lead us into this century in a positive way. He will deal w/ China, Illegals and he knows how to make the business call America prosperous and you do a dis-service to us all throwing the same ole talking points out as though its true, stop lying to yourself, Romney will win, so stop helping Dems and help us move forward.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        “if we lose the election”?
        If romney wins, we still lose!

      • DaveH

        And a burglar is less onerous than a rapist. But would you choose either one?

      • DaveH

        That was to Tom.

      • jerry

        The trouble with most all religions Muslims,Mormons etc. is that they serve a false god .Jesus Christ is God. He is the one who will continue to bless the US or not.

      • Tom W.

        Tom, I’ll bet you a dollar to a dime that if Mitt wins the GOP nomination, that before that night is over, there will have already have been several documentaries on MSM channels exposing Mormon beliefs as heretical!!! I’ll bet that they’ll even find a common ancestor in Mitt’s and Warren Jepp’s family trees!!!

    • bob jones

      There is only one honest and honorable candidate running, and that is Ron Paul, which is why the GOP stated before the first primary that they would do whatever it takes to make sure that Ron Paul does not get their nomination. They know he cannot be bought and they certainly have kept their promise to do whatever it takes to defeat him, I have never seen such complete and total, out in the open voter fraud like we have seen this year and that takes some doing, it is something they have a great deal of practice at, and with the help of the cowardly, corrupt media they have perfected it. They must be so proud of themselves. [There will be no vote for the lesser of two evils this time, it is only Ron Paul]

      • Geno

        It’s as if the MSM is trying to tell us something….why are they so strongly opposed to Ron Paul???? Is it because Ron Paul would be good for America and bad for the evil from which the MSM actually takes its marching orders?

        The message is clear…the more the status quo opposes Ron Paul, the more We the People need to support him!!!

      • Tom W.

        bob, how can you call your candidate’s inability to attract voters, voter fraud?!! That’s just bein’ a sore loser isn’t that right Bob?! Sure RP didn’t get a fair shake from the MSM, but did he or you really expect one?! Politics is dirty pool and the one who can make themselves seem the most attractive to the most voters wins, end of story! Ron made some waves and some good points but has failed to win over the voters to his way of thinking. Domestically I’m with him almost 100%, especially when it comes to exposing the FED for what they truly are! Romney is a part of that!!! But when it came to the foreign policy stuff such as his NIEVE’ stance on Iran and Islam in general, I think he missed the mark BADLY!!! I know that perception shouldn’t matter, but it does! Ron Paul comes off more as your kooky old grandad than as leader of the Free World!

    • Max

      Exactly, If we don’t elect Dr. Paul, America is lost. Obummer or another Republicrat is not the answer. We tried the Bush’s, Had such awful choices as Bob Dole and John the middle McCain. I 100% refuse to vote for the lesser of two evil’s. I will write in Dr. Paul if I have to. The rest of you either get with our only hope or prepare to defend yourselves cause all hell will break out if it’s Obummer or one of the other 3 Republicrats.

    • simian_pete

      Doesn’t look good vicki !!!

      Ron Paul for President !!!!

      The Republican party just doesn’t “get it” ….

      THE USA won’t have another chance …..

      The REPUBLICANS propose Romney – who is part of the problem…..

      They should propose a CONSTITUTIONAL solution – Ron Paul….


      God will have the last word in this election ….

      If this means the end of the Republican party – because of their irresponsibility .. SO BE IT !

      IF this means the end of Barack Obama and the Power Elite .. So BE IT …



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  • cawun cents

    Wow Mr. Crystal,

    You took a lot of words and effort to say what many of us have been blogging for quite some time.In so much as any candidates brought forth for election,you have a choice of Brand A and Brand B,which are both essentially the same with the exception of how they skew their political views.
    The problem is that there is a lukewarm,middle of the road,moderate,mentality at work here.
    The centrist point of view,which to me is like saying I like my rice cakes plain.
    When I grow weary of being treated like the illegitimate red-headed stepchild of a political point of reference,I just call myself a moderate and all my troubles flee the scene.
    Or so it is thought.
    What I am really saying is that I dont have strong enough convictions about anything to voice an opinion about anything.So I covieniently go to the middle hoping to find someone who I can be enamored of,and someone who jjust doesnt rub me the wrong way.
    Good luck with that strategy pal.
    Rather than make a stand I am willing to accept the shortcomings of whoever is tossed my way.
    I am a moderate.
    Hear me whimper.
    It just dont get any simpler.
    It is like being at the Alamo and being worried about how you are seen by others,while the army of Santa Ana is trying to decapitate you.
    That is the choice of the American Moderate.
    To be worried about their convictions being seen by others as something distatsteful.
    it is much easier for everyone involved,if they dont have to show any convictions,and can retreat to whatever side of the fence they jump to.
    If there is one thing I could ever applaud the leftist harridans who post here on,it is that they have convictions.
    For this fact,I admire them.
    I dont have a problem with them personally,it is rather their position on the issues and conditions which I have taken umbrage to.
    But the moderate is quite another thing.
    If there is anyone I would like to give a sound verbal thrashing,it is a moderate.
    It seems as if nearly everyone I know is a moderate,according to their own minds.
    There are some conditions which I take a middle of the road stance on,but very few.
    We are here at a crossroads in our national history,and many folks just cant seem to make up their minds about which way to go.
    In my mind it would be to our national advantage to turn back toward God,and quit pursuing this dragon of debt,which we daily chase as if it were something we were ever going to catch.But some folks have a problem with God,so I try to leave Him in my own thoughts,and blog about the positions which what I consider opposing positions take,without inserting God into the picture hoping that someone will listen to what to me is sound reasoning.
    I try not to wear my Christianity on my sleeve as if it is a hammer which I can use to bash my opponents with.That is not what I consider a proper use for my faith.
    Occasionally I throw it out lest my actions say otherwise to those who post here regularly.
    But I am no moderate,nor do I take a moderate stance when it comes to my nation.
    That is the equivalent of being Goldilocks in the Three Bears story.
    It can get you into a scatstorm rather efficiently,with little hope of getting you back out of it.
    There you have the condition of the politcal scene here in America in a nutshell.

    • C West

      That’s the biggest NUTSHELL ever! I agree, stand firm, Mr. Conservative.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      CC, I think it is time to wear Christianity on our sleeves! I think the time is rapidly approaching where the true battle is coming down to the battle between good and evil. I will stand on the side of GOD. Too many of us cringe in the background because we believe in freedom of religion, freedom to have our own opinions etc… Well my opinion matters too and I will no longer hide it under a rock. Being a Christian nowadays make us a target of attacks from the left, but I don’t care! Turning back to GOD is the ONLY thing that can save this country. I will proudly wear it on my sleeve and I can only hope that someone else will be influenced to do the same!

      • Conservative values, independent thinker

        Proud of you Nancy…I’m doing the same!! Ronald Reagon once said;

        “Evil is powerless, if the good are unafraid.”

        We can’t live our lives in fear…that is how we got in this mess. We have been taught to be silent rather than face the possibility of stepping on someones toes with our beliefs…yet we are being run over!! Speak out proudly…”He has overcome the world”. We are on the side of right and it needs to be heard! The more Christians speak out, the more Christians will speak out. There is strength in numbers!! It has only taken 2% of evil to almost drowned out good and because of this…they are growing!!…let’s reverse the situation!!

        There is power in the written and spoken Word!!

      • Maryland Freestater

        More a reply to Cvit, but here goes…

        I LOVE columns like this because regardless of philosophies, these should cause one to THINK!

        I like what you said about ‘keeping quiet’ – this is the left’s way of conditioning (or attempting to) people into keeping their true opinions to themselves: with the intent to cause people to ‘learn’ to ‘stay quiet’ on any / all matters that conflict with ‘PC’ ideology.

        [PC should've been called "AC" (anally-retentive politically correct) 'cos most white and Obamesque liberals, at least the ones I have to deal with, all have a collective corncob stuck firmly up their a$$e$, facing sideways. Kill-joys one and all. ]

        Not that ‘conservatives’ are much better… but that’s another rant.

        I became politically interested / active for both pragmatic and spiritual reasons. I want a future that’s better To and FOR my descendants than my predecessors and me, and it looks like many people are hell-bent on denying them this birthright. This then invokes the spiritual aspect – much of our leadership, regardless of poli9tics, commerce, even religion, are EVIL. Yet, how does Evil perpetuate? Subterfuge – disguise it with BS (Hope and Change, I’m for the little guy, it’s for the kids…). Hell, my 12th grade religion nun didn’t believe in a Devil, an Anti-God – and when one can buffalo an ‘old-school’ Catholic nun into beliving THAT, One can fool ANYBODY.

        My 2 kopeks’ worth. RESPOND!

    • Darryl

      I am a “moderate conservative.” I favor a strong military, fiscal responsibility, less goverment interference in my life, the end of government’s invasion of privacy, lower taxes, deprtation of illegal aliens…..forget it. I AM A CONSERVATIVE!!

      • Smoke101

        Darryl- agree with everything you wrote; to everyone else-until conservatives can retake the Rebulican party and make it ours again any vote for other than the nominee is a vote for the slime ball in the White House. If you want him to destroy the country go ahead and vote for Obama straight up because your vote ends up doing just that. So vote for the DEVIL you know or the one you seem to be so sure will be the same. If Rommey is the guy who wins keep in mind that he can be pulled to the RIGHT if we stay involved…Slime Ball is for sure going to be out of control and we will have a revolution…I’m ready-are you? Don’t be STUPID people!!!! 101 AIRBORNE VIET NAM DITTOS

      • anonymous

        are you sure you were in the military? ron paul has over 70% of their support maybe if you talked to some of them and found out why they support him it might shed a little light on it. Also there is a website for both veterans and active military that might help

      • Smoke101

        ANONYMOUS- Am I sure I was in the military? KMA REMF! To figure that out ask a Nam vet. Just dont tell the vet I called you that-he’ll probably knock you out. As to your 70% poll; do know alot of vets and do volunteer work with the local VA VFW, and Legion; what I hear is RP is like Neville Chamberlin-you’ll prbably have to ask someone on that also!

  • doctordoctor

    This is a better column than the one about the black thug who got what he needed–9mm. We loathe Romney just as we loathed, and still do, McCain. I don’t think obongo will be allowed to ruin this country further–I predict he’ll be Kennedy’d if the stupid blacks, dumber Jews, and mindless proles with their hands always out reelect the Kenyan mus communist. There are still more decent Ameicans than the others, not by much I’ll admit. We absolutely must have a brokered convention and come up with a good candidate–Allen West would be good–Marco Rubio is not eligible despite some stupid Republicans lack of understanding of the Constitution.

    • myopinion

      If brackass manages to steal the election again, we will no longer have a constitution and bill of rights. He will finish what he has already started and he will be the last reigning figure head this country will know, that is until shasa takes over ownership as the youngish in line to the throne in making

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        You are right about that. He seeks our destruction!

      • STEVE E.

        Perhaps some states will succeed then.

      • Vicki

        myopinion says:

        If brackass manages to steal the election again, we will no longer have a constitution and bill of rights.

        Oh we will have both. The government you talk of will discover what consent really means.

    • Annie

      Please doctor, your prediction of being “Kennedy’d” falls so short of reality that I wonder hugely about your deductive reasoning brain.

      IF he he hasn’t been “kennedy’d” already, what makes you think it will happen EVER!

      And, by the way, YES, obama MUST be evicted from OUR house (the White House) and it should have already have happened.

      The mere fact that obama’s communism has taken such a strong hold on his identity voters and lesser illiterate citizens of our beloved America is surely indicative of the “HOLD” his socialism/communism has already garnered.

    • Carl Manning

      Do your homework, doc. Allen West supported the Debt Debacle. He would be a disastrous candidate for ANYTHING! He’s just another GOP socialist neocon nutjob like all the rest who has betrayed the electorate.

      • http://n/a James

        Doesn’t anyone out there object to the vicious, racist rants of DR/Dr.? Or do we Conservatives just overlook such hate speech. The silence is deafening.

    • Geno

      They only terminate the good ones.

  • GiveMeLiberty

    Since THEY will nominate Romney regardless, I will write-in Dr. Paul on my ballot (although that’s probably not possible on touch screen voting machines). However, I will ask if it’s possible AFTER I show my ID. Old enough to vote, your old enough for ID. If your poor enough to get FREE government everything, then you should qualify for a FREE government ID…that of course is another story.

    I’m with you Ben, “I am no longer willing to select the lesser of two evils on Election Day” either!

    • Mel in Arizona

      Why waste your precious vote?!! In reality you ARE VOTING FOR OBAMA’s re-election!

      • DaveH

        I dispute that contention, Mel. Romney would get slaughtered by the Liberal Press. They are doing with Romney exactly what they did with John McCain. The MSM wants the most Liberal Republican to win, just in case, but after Romney has won the primary, the MSM will once again switch their attention to supporting Obama. Romney won’t have a chance against Obama because he really doesn’t offer much different than Obama does. Romney is just Obama-lite, so the passionate voters will ignore Romney. The press will slaughter Romney because he really doesn’t off a clear difference in agenda (based on his past actions, NOT his words — which mean nothing).
        Ron Paul, on the other hand, offers Real Principles of Freedom, and he has the voting record to prove that his aren’t just Words, like in Romney’s case. Obama wouldn’t stand a chance against Obama in any real debates, except with the voters who vote based on emotion rather than logic, and those kind aren’t going to vote for anybody but Obama anyway.
        You really need to read these two free books (in the order presented), so you can get a clue about what’s been going on in this country since its inception:

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        That should have read — Obama wouldn’t stand a chance against Ron Paul in any real debates.

      • Geno

        The fact is, Ron Paul would have a better chance of beating Obama than Romney or any of the others. Obama’s henchmen would be at a loss to find anything to use against the good doctor. He bases his principles on the Constitution! What is Obama going to say to that?? The Constitution is outdated and it is time to change it? Barack Obama against Ron Paul would be such a high contrast it would be easy for even the most brainwashed to see the differences. And Ron Paul would make it more obvious just how un-American Barack Obama really is. I would love to see the two of them in a debate!

      • Vicki

        Mel in Arizona says:

        Why waste your precious vote?!! In reality you ARE VOTING FOR OBAMA’s re-election!

        Correct. Vote for Ron Paul. Any other vote is a vote for Obama.

      • Max

        It is a right to vote for who you feel is the best candidate. In my opinion only Dr. Paul represents the way I feel. Therefore I will vote for him. I refuse to compromise and vote for the lesser of two evils. I want our Constitutional Republic back, period! We have only one option and that is Dr. Paul with Judge Andrew Napalitano as his running mate. Any other option is flawed and by definition the lesser of two evils. Well not me!

    • Carl Manning

      Trust me, it’s possible. I wrote in Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party in 2008 on the Diebold electronic voting machines in Georgia. I wasn’t about to support Obamination or McShamnesty, not that my vote counted or anything. The electronic Diebold machines in Georgia STILL HAVE NO PAPER ACCOUNTABILITY TRAIL thanks to our despicable former GOP SOS, Karen Handel and the current despicable GOP SOS, Brian Kemp, who allowed the ineligible Obamination on the ballot. These Diebold machines can be easily manipulated with a mouse click.

  • rendarsmith

    “I am no longer willing to select the lesser of two evils on Election Day.” I feel the EXACT same way! Brilliant Masterpiece Ben!

    • Annie

      rendarsmith: Do you not realize that voting ANY third party absolutely and completely ensures an obama re-election. Is that what you WANT?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Annie, the destruction of our country comes either way! Do you want to be part of that? I’m tired of feeling buyers remorse. I’m tired of hearing “well, you voted for him”. I will not comply!

      • American Girl

        Annie, why is it so hard to understand that there is NO philosophical difference between Obama and Romney? This is not a choice… and TPTB don’t really care which one takes office. Integrity dictates that one’s vote should be cast for the person who demontrates integrity and honor. We all know that there is only one candidate who fits the bill… Ron Paul!

      • kkflash

        Annie, what you say is only true if sheeple like you allow themselves to be herded. Stand up and show some courage for once. If enough of us refuse to “go along just to get along” Ron Paul can actually win. As I’ve posted here before, we have two chances to get Ron Paul elected: We can continue to fight for his Republican nomination, as he himself is doing, OR if the gavel eventually falls for Romney at the Republican convention, we can still have Ron Paul on the ballot in November, not as a write-in candidate, but as the legitimate choice of the Americans Elect party, where Ron Paul is solidly in the lead for their nomination. Their website is here:

      • STEVE E.

        It won’t be the third party (Ron Paul) voters who will put Obama back in office again. It will be the ones voting for RINOs who will put him back in. The RINO voters are the ones that are brainwashed by the GOP Establishment Wholesale Brainwashing Machine, not the Ron Paul voters. If Obama wins, it may finally destroy to GOP Establishment and then, perhaps the GOP brainwashed people may come around to reality. It may take further disasters created by Obama for the GOP Establishment to come to their senses.

      • Mel in Arizona

        YES! It is really so clear. Why are so many of our friends so blinded by hatred? We must
        come together behind one candidate that will heal the economy, help pull back the liberal drift on the supreme court, stand up for America, and follow the U.S. Constitution. Does that sound “moderate?” Then, I guess, I’m really a moderate – though I’ve never ever thought of myself that way – and I KNOW that we need to tone down the hate speech between our Republican candidates, but……come on………ANY one of them are SO much better than Obama!

        Those who threaten to write in someone other than our candidate or not vote at all ARE, IN REALTITY, VOTING FOR OBAMA.
        Please reconsider!

      • DaveH

        I disagree completely, Annie. We have arrived at this point in our Political history because people like yourself have succumbed to the lesser of two evils Propaganda. As a result we keep getting Politicians who keep growing our Leviathan Government ever larger.
        There is a natural inclination among Politicians to grow Government, and they will do it as long as we keep going along to get along. It’s time to break the mold and quit letting them make our choices.

      • Vicki

        Annie says:

        rendarsmith: Do you not realize that voting ANY third party absolutely and completely ensures an obama re-election. Is that what you WANT?

        Agreed. Stop voting for all those losing parties. Vote Ron Paul and get us back on track to freedom and prosperity. A vote for a party is a vote for obama.

      • Carl Manning


        we’re voting for the Constitution, not “the Party” or “the Man” or “the win”. The Constitution, like our vote, is NON-NEGOTIABLE!!!

      • anonymous

        americans elect is created by obama to trick people into thinking they are supporting ron paul, when they are actually supporting obama only use the official ron paul website

  • s c

    Ben, I would have hoped that more people would make the necessary connection, but it seems that the praise of self, love of weak minds and a gut-level preference for clinging to ‘the best government that money, greed and evil can buy’ is more important than freedom.
    Be very careful, America. There are times when what you wish for is the worst thing that can happen. Not until the world gets a much-needed crotch kick will all of the dots come together. The price for that ‘illumination’ is freedom itself. I can’t fathom how or why some people would gleefully put their kids, families and friends into slavery, but then I don’t have what it takes to understand the flaws of the human heart or the manipulators who learned how to manipulate and make puppets of those who serve them.
    People, ‘the ends justify the means’ is a curse. It is NOT a blessing.

  • TIME


    Need I say this yet again, well I guess I must as its really quite obvious.

    We have not had any choice in whom we get for any office be that your state Congress persons upper or lower house or your CEO, as in whom you call your POTUS.

    We don’t have a Government we have a Corporation known as the United States INC.
    We don’t have a POTUS, you only think you do, we have a CEO of the noted Corporation, as such you need to understand that a “Corporation is only in it for what it gains”
    There is no We the People.

    > Thus WE the people have NO say in how it runs. But if your bright enough to get it. Then really Good For You.. You can at least then work toward fixing the problem with the millions of us who have figured it out.

    Google or what ever method you so wish; The Season of Treason vol 1 – 3

    This is a simple 4 hour commitment… All you have to do is sit and watch, hell even take notes, PLEASE DO – check out his work product, its all out there for you.
    As in any form of science – the Proof is of truth is when anyone can take the same equation and get the same results time after time.

    I am not going to argue with any of you, but the facts are whats within the context of these is in fact whats wrong with this nation.
    If you choose to think not, again I don’t care, again I will not argue with you.

    If you do get it, I will be happy to let you know of many other feeds that will also aid you in details that are all related to what you will see within Kurts youtube feeds.

    You can’t fix a flat tire by replacing the Sun Roof

    Peace and Love to all who dare’s to wake up.

    • FreedomFighter

      Season of Treason III Full – The King’s House

      Full version of Season of Treason III. It consists of 4 parts. The Will and Testament, The Law Merchant, The Birth Certificate, The House. Kurt Kallenbach presenting.

      Make it easy for some of you to find this video, at least I think this is it.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Eddie G.

        Freedom Fighter,thanks for the heads up , I’m going to watch the video. My grandson is a Marine boot at this moment. Semper Fi!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I totally agree with what you’re saying and I will watch it! Thanks for posting the link, Freedom Fighter!

    • Vigilant

      TIME, I issued a challenge to you some time ago, which you patently ignored. I now repeat it: Show me ONE word, sentence, or paragraph in the Organic Act of 1871 that incorporates the USA. You can’t.

      It incorporated the District of Columbia, as thousands of village and cities have done, nothing more or less.

      • TIME

        Lacking of any form of Vigilance. Lets round out a few bend edges for you.

        #1, I don’t care that you can’t comprehend what you read – thats your problem not mine. Fix it or not.

        #2, I also don’t care to argue with someone who has ZERO gray matter as you have clearly displayed within most all your post. See Point #1 for more details.

        #3, I also don’t need to show you, nor explain anything to you, if you can’t read, nor comprehend – again thats not my problem. Please see point #1 and #2 for more details.

        All that aside, I will say this yet again {all the Doucments} are out there rather you like it or not. Please see Point #1 – #3.

        Peace and Love .

      • Vigilant

        Well, Mr. Alinsky, you never fail to deflect the subject rather than answer the question.

        Unlike you, I HAVE read the Organic Act and I find nothing to support your conspiratorial nonsense. If you have read it, your answer would not be evasive.

        If you have any integrity, let alone reading comprehension, just answer the question: Can you show me ONE word, sentence, or paragraph in the Organic Act of 1871 that incorporates the USA?

        …or will we be treated once more to a non-answer?.

      • Vigilant

        Need more TIME to read the Act?

        No, you won’t find the answer in “Rules for Radicals.” You already played that card.

  • Thomas Clancy

    I fully expect Romney to “pull a McCain” and select a dynamic, energizing, conservative female or non-white or both for his VP. Maybe someone we know or not–there are bound to be many out there. By November, his choice will have sweetened the ticket for GOP voters, and maybe even a good percentage of the most die-hard Ron Paul supporters.

  • Lin

    By writing in Paul, or anyone else, or by just not voiting, you are voting for Obama. We cannot survive 4 more years of Obama. These next 4 yrs will be even worse. There will be no stopping him. Please put your feelings aside as to whether Romney’s consevative enough and vote the most conservative running. West and Rubio would be good, However, they are not in the race at this time.

    • TML

      “By writing in Paul, or anyone else, or by just not voting, you are voting for Obama.”

      Wrong… I would be voting my conscious; for the person/candidate that best represents my principles of personal liberty and limited constitutional government. Anything else is a false choice.

      • Brad

        TML you may not be allowed to have a consious if you allow Obama another 4 years

      • http://n/a AmFer

        “Taking the higher road” is not the best choice in this case. By letting a Democrat run the country (again) with, hopefully, a Republican House and Congress will perpetuate the stalemate and the “Democrat” we know, will use EXECUTIVE POWER. You lose!

      • TML

        Brad says, “if you allow Obama another 4 years”

        Voting for who I think is the best qualified candidate (Ron Paul) is not allowing Obama another 4 years. Voting for Obama would be.

      • TML

        AmFer says, “Taking the higher road” is not the best choice in this case.”

        It’s not about taking the ‘high road’. It’s about voting for the candidate that I think best. It is an assumption that voting for Ron Paul is a lost vote, perpetuated by the regurgitated argumentum ad nauseam fallacy that ‘he has no chance’ or is a ‘nut case’, kook, nut job, etc. and then ads the circular argument that to vote for Ron Paul is voting for Obama.


      • Aniko

        You don’t even know how to spell what you are voting (CONSCIENCE), let alone what it means! You are voting your stubbornness in spite of all the odds, just because it sounds so “conscientious”. Ron Paul has proven to be a non-entity in Congress throughout his THIRTY years there!

        Santorum is Gingrich’s understudy while the “star” is alive and well! One statesman that proved his mettle is there for taking yet most of us fell to the pricey lies against him, with a heavy dose of quotes taken out if time-referenced-context. Most have fallen for the “good looking millionaire” and his scorched earth campaign, not for his vision for America, but destroying the most threatening candidate to reach his goal of becoming “god” while still on Earth. Ron Paul NEVER attacked THIS menace to our next presidency, but nibbled at ALL the rest. WHY?? Who is the REAL spoiler in this nominating process?! He would like to pave his son’s future since he is well aware that he proved to be a NOBODY in the political world.

        I am thoroughly disgusted by the Ron Paul idolatry! The answer to our present problems (and it is myriads) is Newt Gingrich! Yet because every insider politician and the media fear him, we can’t see him. WE WILL get what we deserve with such nincompoops voting AND pontificating!

      • TML

        Aniko says, “You don’t even know how to spell what you are voting (CONSCIENCE), let alone what it means!”

        I apologize for the typo, but you did know what I was talking about. I am well aware of what it means.

        Aniko says, “You are voting your stubbornness in spite of all the odds”

        I suppose you could call it stubbornness. In matters of principle; stand like a rock.

        Aniko says, “Ron Paul has proven to be a non-entity in Congress throughout his THIRTY years there!”

        Obviously he has been, since we are discussing his campaign for the Presidency. What I find most intriguing, is that he has an undisputed consistent 30 year voting record, never wavering from his principles of personal liberty and limited constitutional government.

        Aniko says, “One statesman that proved his mettle is there for taking yet most of us fell to the pricey lies against him, with a heavy dose of quotes taken out if time-referenced-context. …destroying the most threatening candidate to reach his goal of becoming “god” while still on Earth.”

        Statements which seem better suited for Ron Paul, as most have fallen for the lies against him, given that he is the most threatening to ‘big brother government’.

        Aniko says, “Ron Paul NEVER attacked THIS menace to our next presidency, but nibbled at ALL the rest. WHY??”

        Perhaps because his better to concentrate on the issues at hand, and steer the debates, and help people understand his positions better in the short time he is given in each debate, rather than present unrelenting ad hominem to defame opponents… which is never good form.

        Aniko says, “I am thoroughly disgusted by the Ron Paul idolatry!”

        What is so disgusting about personal liberty and limited constitutional government? What exactly do you stand for? Being a supporter of Gingrich… do you even know what you stand for?

        “The answer to our present problems (and it is myriads) is Newt Gingrich!”

        Highly debatable… Gingrich is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

      • kkflash

        Anniko, in Newt’s long political career, as well as in his personal life, the only thing he has proven is that he looks out for Newt Gingrich consistently. He certainly has no track record in protecting individual rights, or the principles of the Constitution. The reason he’s not able to gain any ground in the Republican race is that he doesn’t stand for anything. Of all the Republican candidates, I’d vote him “most likely to have his opinion decided for him by the special interests with the biggest campaign contribution.”

        Additionally, folks here don’t idolize Ron Paul. We idolize the US Constitution and he’s the only man in the race who’ll defend it.

      • Mel in Arizona

        AMEN, TFL!

      • BigBadJohn

        TML I AGREE to all of the other Ron Paul nay sayers:

        A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

        If you are unwilling to try to get this country started down the right trail —- don’t complain when it does not go your way!

        Romney and Obama are interchangeable just because one has and “R” by his name and the other a “D” does not mean squat!

      • Aniko

        RE your question what Newt stands for:
        Newt stands for conservative democracy with representation elected by the will of the majority, not money or “influence” purchased by peddling positions in his administration after a win for him.

        Newt believes that leaders are meaningless if they don’t have the support of the majority of voters, therefore he explains his idea clearly and at a level that is understandable at a lay-man’s level.

        Newt believes what the Constitution means: a GUIDE to leadership in a representative democracy. He understands both the definition of democracy and representation of the “demos”= people.

        Newt believes that leaders have to be able to inspire the people they are leading with common sense ideas and with bold dreams that are doable if the will is free to work without powerful government interests’ interference.

        Newt is a leader in the classical sense of the word but because American education does not instill studies of the ancient Latin or Greek classics most Americans don’t understand Newt’s ideas or ideology.

      • JeffH

        TML, I particularly enjoyed your “rebuttle” to Aniko. Ron Paul’s constant Constitutional message brings to mind a speech by Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775:

        Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death…”The question before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.”

        “…Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

      • TML

        Aniko says, “RE your question what Newt stands for:
        Newt stands for conservative democracy with representation elected by the will of the majority”

        Ok, that is the definition of Republic

        “, not money or “influence” purchased by peddling positions in his administration after a win for him.”

        I’ve heard of many financial scandals surrounding Newt Gingrich…. Shall we debate all of them here? I’m very open to that has I have not engaged such topics in debate.

        Aniko says, “Newt believes that leaders are meaningless if they don’t have the support of the majority of voters, therefore he explains his idea clearly and at a level that is understandable at a lay-man’s level.”


        Aniko says, “Newt believes what the Constitution means: a GUIDE to leadership in a representative democracy.”

        The Constitution is, by definition, a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed. It is the law of the land, and not to be considered a mere “guide” of leadership to a Republic. The Constitution is expressly for the purpose of restraining government from violating the natural rights of its citizens… it is a set of fundamental rules. Suggesting that the Constitution is merely a guide suggests that it may be disregarded given certain conditions. This is unacceptable to me.

        Aniko says, “He understands both the definition of democracy and representation of the “demos”= people.”

        We should all understand the definitions of democracy and republic.

        Aniko says, “Newt believes that leaders have to be able to inspire the people they are leading with common sense ideas and with bold dreams that are doable if the will is free to work without powerful government interests’ interference.”

        I agree

        Aniko says, “Newt is a leader in the classical sense of the word but because American education does not instill studies of the ancient Latin or Greek classics most Americans don’t understand Newt’s ideas or ideology.”

        America doesn’t teach ancient Latin or Greek history or ideals? I’m an avid student of history and understand the studies of ancient Greek and Latin ‘classics’, but I would still love to hear your take on these studies and how you believe Newt would apply them today… although, I prefer a president have instilled in him/her the ideology of the founding of this nation, and apply those ideals.

      • TML

        JeffH, “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”


        And thank you for the link

    • della

      You are so right! Isn’t this election much more important than any so far? For those of you who buy this idea that Romney is no better than Obama, all I can say is you are not using your commonsense. Anyone is better than Obama! No, I am not a fan of Romney, did not vote for Romney here in SC, but if he is the nominee I will certainly vote for him. If I have to hold my nose, then so be it. I do not want to help Obama by choosing to be selfish in this election. We can not afford another term of Obama. If you want to help finish destroying America, go ahead. Don’t vote in the election or write in Ron Paul. Then you can tell your children and grandchildren that you helped re-elect Obama to office. Won’t that make you real proud?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        STAND UP for what you believe in!!! I will tell my grandchildren that I did the RIGHT thing! I will teach my grandchildren to stand up and fight evil wherever they see it. I will teach my grandchildren not to cower and go along with the despots that are trying to take away their GOD given rights! I will stand with good! I will stand with GOD!!!

      • TML

        della says, “For those of you who buy this idea that Romney is no better than Obama, all I can say is you are not using your commonsense.”

        I don’t buy into anything that Romney is no better than Obama. I buy into the idea that Ron Paul is better qualified to hold the office of POTUS based on how he has changed the debates toward monetary policy, printing fiat currency used to fund unjustified unilateral ‘military actions’ policing the world, and lost liberties as a result… along with his 30 year solid voting record of limited constitutional government.

        della says, “Anyone is better than Obama!”

        Anyone? Really? Where’s that commonsense?

        della says, “If you want to help finish destroying America, go ahead. Don’t vote in the election or write in Ron Paul.”

        Non sequitur
        Voting for Ron Paul will not destroy America.

        della says, “Then you can tell your children and grandchildren that you helped re-elect Obama to office. Won’t that make you real proud?”

        No, I will tell them that I voted for the best candidate that represents the principles of personal liberty and limited constitutional government. That would make me proud.

      • kkflash

        Why do you persist in supporting a system where Republican or Democrat amounts to the same thing? I’m sick and tired of watching the overgrowth of the political elite under the 2-party system. I’m from Minnesota, where we elected Jesse Ventura. So-called conservatives and liberals both laughed at his candidacy, right up until they swore him in as governor. He turned out to be a surprisingly decent governor too. At the very least, he stood for something and he stayed consistent in his positions. He shared a lot of viewpoints with Ron Paul, and he won against the RINOs and the Dumbocrats.

        I’m voting for Ron Paul, not only because he shares my Constitutionally-based principles, but to send a message to the current political elite of both major parties that those principles cannot be bought from me, but will have to be taken by force, and if they choose to continue trying to do that, they’re going to have a hell of a fight on their hands.

      • Mel in Arizona

        You clearly nailed it, Della. I’m so amazed at the self-righteious non-thinkers that can’t find enough purity in our Republican front-runner, that they would actually squander their vote on mis-place “principle” and allow Obama to be ushered in, instead!!!!!

      • Geno

        Actually, this is to Aniko:

        The major flaw in your reasoning is believing this country is a democracy. Read the Federalist Papers and the Constitution. This nation was founded on the principles of a Constitutional Republic. We DELEGATE authority to our elected officials. They are supposed to be our servants and defenders of our right to life, liberty and property. Do you think Newt will repeal the Patriot Act and abolish the TSA? The TSA is clearly a violation of our 4th Amendment rights! Does Newt get it? Or is it better to give up our liberty for a little false security?

        Only Ron Paul gets it. He will repeal the Patriot Act and abolish Homeland Security and get the TSA out of our crouches!

      • Vicki

        della. Vote for Romney “then you can tell your children and grandchildren that you helped re-elect Obama to office. Won’t that make you real proud?”

        Or vote for the Constitution and the founding principles of this country and vote Ron Paul. A vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama.

      • Vicki

        Mel in Arizona says:

        I’m so amazed at the self-righteious non-thinkers that can’t find enough purity in our Republican front-runner, that they would actually squander their vote on mis-place “principle” and allow Obama to be ushered in, instead!!!!!

        Mis-placed principle? You would set aside your principles? Hmmmmmmm…….

      • DaveH

        Mel says — “I’m so amazed at the self-righteious non-thinkers that can’t find enough purity in our Republican front-runner, that they would actually squander their vote on mis-place “principle” and allow Obama to be ushered in, instead!!!!!”.
        And I’m amazed, Mel, to hear the same old mantra uttered by ignorant people who for my entire adult life have voted for the lesser of two evils that the establishment has put forth. As a result, Big Government just keeps growing ever larger.
        It’s time to take the rings out of your noses, Mel and Della, and start voting with your brains and reason instead of your Propagandized Emotions. We can NEVER get our Freedom back if we don’t vote for people who WANT to restore our Freedom.
        Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that fits that bill.

    • ChristyK

      Romney & Obama will run this country in almost the exact same way. Obama might run us off the cliff a little faster, but we’re going off the cliff either way. If Obama drives us off the cliff, then people may realize that socialism/fascism/tyrrany will not protect us and does not work. We will then have the ability to rebuild this country (with extreme difficulty & hardship). If Romney drives us off the cliff, then people will blame capitalism and the constitution for our problems. Our country will never rise again because the people won’t understand what makes a nation great and how important freedom is. If our country is going to be destroyed, lets go down in a flame of glory and immediately start rebuilding. Let’s not slowly fade away, never to be seen or heard from again.

      I will vote my conscience. I will vote for the only candidate that will obey the consitution, that will stand on principle, that will not lie to me, and that will defend my freedom with his life. I will vote Ron Paul.

      • Mark in LA

        These people won’t bother to think. How quickly they forget Bush II and his “promises” about conservatism and especially our foreign policy and how Clinton’s “nation building” was a thing of the past. They forget that once he got in he created a panel trying to figure out a way to sneak an illegal alien amnesty past the people by “marginalizing” the Americans (70% of the country) who were against it. They forget that he bragged “see you at the signing ceremony” when this joint committee (which McCain was part of) unveiled their horrid amnesty plan. Yes, this is the party we need to make sure gets elected so that we can “save” the country.

      • Eddie G.

        ChristyK, I think it’s unfortunate that the debates spent more time with Romney/Santorum and some of Gingrich but left Ron Paul standing there like he was a bothersome turnip. All I hear about that sinks Ron Paul is his foreign policy. What’s wrong with it? Nothing! Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex which Paul is very savvy to. We used to go to war,win it,and come home. That’s what Paul is saying. Because DDE was ignored of his warning ,wars go on and on without any concept for victory because of the stupid “rules of engagement”. Paul is tired of the incredible waste of money on perpetuated wars so the military can have more toys to play with. He’s all for maintaining defense and use as needed not because it has become a cash cow for industrial complexes. I can’t understand why people have to listen to the media about Paul when it’s very clear to get one’s head wrapped around what he’s saying. He’s a staunch Constitutionalist with a consistent voting record along those lines. This is real medicine from a real doctor who knows what it’s going to take to cure this country’s ills. Save a trillion in his first year in office? Ya durn tootin” !! Paul wants to junk the Fed and hello real money vs Fed fiat funny money. Goodbye to EPA and a host of other alphabet soup agencies that create more problems than they solve. They’re not needed,weren’t prior to their establishment,and not needed now still. Goodbye food stamps except for too elderly or disabled to work. Otherwise grow a garden,go shoot a deer or feral pig and feed yourself ’til you find work or succeed in small business.The government or society owes you nothing except to deliver your mail and protect the borders. And thank you Ron Paul for not politicizing energy or guns. So Paul is exactly what people want therefore what’s the problem? Even Gingrich remains a better option than Romney/Santorum. But…people are still stupid,they won’t let go of the Dummycrats or RINOS so we’ll still be in the same stew and worse for another 4 years.

      • Bob

        There is only one chance to salvage the American Republic system of individual liberties our Founding Fathers gave their us and that is for everyone who opposes big Government Socialism stand and vote together. Anyone that is not a radical Socialist Progressive as is “Obama” will do. The fact is the Republican candidate choosen will likely not be everyone’s ideal first choice. None of the candidates running are even remotely as bad as Obama. If we suffer four more years of Obama you can kiss the America you were lucky to be born in “goodbye for ever”. If you choose a write in vote, or a third party vote you may as well vote for Obama. If you consider yourself an American Patriot, its your duty to your Country to remove Obama and any Socialist in Congress from office. Keep your eye on the goal. The Socialist have a lot of money and are well organized. If those of us that oppose Obama are divided in any way, we are screwed!

      • Mel in Arizona

        PLEASE, ChristyK, stop and THINK! Along with conscience and principles……’ve just got to use your head, too!

      • DaveH

        Mel says — “PLEASE, ChristyK, stop and THINK! Along with conscience and principles……’ve just got to use your head, too!”.
        A fine example of thinking you are, Mel.
        It always amazes me when ignorant people advise others to “THINK!”.

      • Vicki

        Bob writes

        Anyone that is not a radical Socialist Progressive as is “Obama” will do.

        True. However you and I and other conservatives who post here are not running for President. The only one we know of who is running for President is Ron Paul.

      • ChristyK

        Mel, I did stop and think. I have been reading news, politics, & history voraciously for ~5 years. I have been seriously considering what I believe and why. I have modified some of my beliefs and solidified others. If you read my comment above, you would hear my explanation of why I chose to vote Ron Paul. If you just want to believe “Anybody but Obama”, you may do so, but do not accuse me of not thinking. I have been thinking non-stop about these and related issues for 5 years and have a very detailed understanding of my beliefs. Unlike most people, I have considered all points of view. I have used facts from world history, American history, read the consitutition and other founding documents, I have studied economics texts, military history, and much more. I am a logical person and an engineer with business training and experience.

        Why don’t you try reading my explanation of why I think Romney would do more harm than Obama, even though Obama will try to do more harm. Read it with an open mind, and consider the ramifications.

    • kkflash

      Lin, I’m going to ask you the same question I’ve asked others like you on this site: Do you want to change the country, or do you just want to win an election? There’s no point to electing Romney, Santorum or Gingrich just to get rid of Obama. With them you still get overblown government, constitutional ignorance, and continued loss of personal freedom. If you think Ron Paul is the best personal for the job, then show some conviction and cast your ballot for the man.

      • Mel in Arizona

        Dear kkflash, With ANY important decision, whether buying something, supporting something or someone, or moving somewhere, etc. you have always got a good, better, and best choices.
        Right now, we can each support the primary candidate of our choice………..but once we HAVE a Republican candidate to oppose Obama, you must realize that we all need to pull together to promote him and our Republican pary platform (Have you READ the Democrat and Republican platforms, even?) and decide at THAT time, who is good, literally, who is better, and who is best

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree with you! obamas doing a lot to destroy this country but he didn’t do it alone. There were plenty of republicans who went along with the patriot act, ndaa, etc…just changing parties isn’t going to fix anything. We’ll still be traveling down the same road.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mel, when I’m buying something or supporting something I don’t settle for “so so” because that’s all I see today. I keep looking for the “best”. Especially when it comes to something as important as this.

      • http://Comcast Robert Steele

        Dear kkflash & Vicky, You both are strong Ron Paul people and I would vote for him in a second if he is the Republician choice. Of the four candidates running only one will be selected. If your favorite canditate is not selected you and every other conservative must stay with the party. Why, because I believe Obama will do so much damage to our Constitution and push us so far to the left, America will never be the same. Look at the massive National debt he has added in just three years. He goal of redistribution of individual earnings, and entitlements will bankrupt us. No small business can succeed in Obamas system. I emplore you support whichever Republican candidate that is chosen. If not for yourself think of your children and grand children. It is our Patriotic duty to provide future Americans with the same liberties and opportunities we had. United we will prevail, divided Marxist Socialism consume our Nation.

    • Vicki

      Lin says:

      By writing in Paul, or anyone else, or by just not voiting, you are voting for Obama.

      A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. Especially obvious this year if the rinos choose Romney for the nominee.

  • Dick Caruthers

    My feelings exactly. Thank You

    • Brad

      Well Obama it is then….Congratulations!!! Are you beginning to feel the urp coming up from where your balls once rested? Anyone you allows Obama to stay in office is a traitior and needs to be hung along the side of him when the pissed off people who want their country back catch up with the man who thinks he is KING!!

      • STEVE E.

        Then vote for Ron Paul. The RINO voters are the ones that will destroy the country because they did not vote for Ron Paul and just gave the vote to Obama. Ron Paul Voters are right. The RINO voters are the ones choosing the lessor of two evils.

      • Vicki

        Brad writes

        Anyone you allows Obama to stay in office is a traitior and needs to be hung along the side of him when the pissed off people who want their country back catch up with the man who thinks he is KING!!

        Keep that in mind when you vote. A vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. Just look at all the other choices.
        Obama, ObamaLite, Miniobama and so on. All big government politicians.

      • Smoke101

        Paul can’t even win a State!! Whats he got? 5 to8% support by rabid fans!!! Paulbots are just as bad as Obama voters!! Both cant be argued with–HAVING A BATTLE OF WITS WITH UNARMED PEOPLE IS POINTLESS! This countrys problems center around apathy and the SMARTEST ones in the room actually being the dumbest! If paul is not the nominee then he doesnt exist…you’ll figure this out when it’s TOO LATE! History repeats itself is redundant….get stocked up on food, water, and precious metals! (mostly LEAD) Paulbots-buy more KNEE PADS!!!

      • Vicki

        Smoke101 says:

        Paul can’t even win a State!!

        Perhaps there is a bit of voter fraud?

      • Vicki

        And when the MSM covers voter fraud you know there is something there.

      • Vicki

        And now a little demonstration on how easy it is to hack a popular electronic voting machine.

  • Power To The People

    Time…I agree that we are willing players in a drama meant to pretend choices….but there are none. We supposedly choose Presidents thinking they have some grand power and ability to run the country all the while our debts continue to spiral out of control, our money continues to loose value, our rights continue to be abridged and we discuss who is more conservative or liberal.

    Folks, there are no conservative or liberal politicians. There are only power brokers and the rest of us! We lost our government a long time ago. Has anyone taken the time to think about how in the world McCain won the nomination last time? It was ordained by the established power brokers. He was the least favored by the average potential voter but won the nomination??

    I too hope for people of conviction to step forward and set the wheels in motion to bring about real ideas. They will never be allowed to get through the rigged system I am afraid.

    The only way we will get change to save our sinking nation will be when people finally realize the gig is up, the system is rigged and power has to be taken.

    • Jack Betz

      Power– I agree with you 100%. The Bible talks about this it is called ” the second law of thermal dynamics”

  • Dave67

    Lets see here… The author wants to say that liberals are the problem and that America can be saved by conservatism (ie Reagan Revolution style conservatism)

    Lets look at the conservative record shall we?

    Conservatives opposed women’s right to vote, equal rights for minorities, the SS safety net.
    Reagan conservatives started us down the road of tax cut and borrow that exploded our national debt.
    The two largest attacks on American interests by foriegners in the past 30 years were committed under conservative administrations (Lebanon and 9/11).. Reagan cut and ran… Bush used 9/11 to go into Iraq
    Conservatives used 9/11 to invade and occupy Iraq
    While Conservatives got us into two wars, they past tax cuts for the wealthy (hey, military people!!! How did you like shouldering all the sacrifice for the two conservative’s wars? Did you enjoy your 4 or 5 tours while the wealthy made out like bandits?)
    What happened to the National Debt during 2001-2006? It exploded…

    Funny now conservatives say they have all the correct answers… Pity when they had the power, they spent like drunken sailors, they failed horribly to protect this nation and the wealth gap widened greatly.

    But keep on drinking the kool-aid that conservatives know what they are doing and know how to lead… Their record… shows otherwise.

    Conservatives are the most scared people on the planet… They fear terrorism so they gave us the Patriot Act…. They fear knowledge so they like to ban books, movies etc…

    Conservatism? No thanks…. We have seen your record…It stinks.

    • John

      You are one confused and misguided puppy dog Dave. I’ll give you the R’s on Patriot Act and the one the Pres. just signed allowing indefinite incarceration without trial of Americans who have been deemed an unidentified “security threat”, but… On nearly every point you have it exactly bass ackwards. The R’s fought for equal rights, the D’s fought it to the end. Reagan agreed to a $1 t ax increase for every $2 spending cut. The Dem. congress raised taxes AND spending. You may not have been around when every budget submitted by Reagan was greeted by a Democrat’s press conference announcing it “Dead on Arrival”. That was back when the President (following the law) submitted a budget to Congress and the Congress (as required by law) would review, amend, and pass it. I’m sure you are aware that is something that has not occurred in the 3+ years of the Obama administration. Keep getting ALL your information from Left Wing sources and “don’t worry – be happy”.

      • Dave67


        Did I use the term (R)? No… I used conservatives…. Nice conservative trick though…You guys know your record stinks…

        • John

          Ok Dave, you’re right. Now would list some “Conservative” members of the Democrat party so I can see just who it is you are talking about. Lord knows we have darn few on the Republican side.

      • Dave67


        Most Democrats in the South are conservatives, the Dixiecrats that switched to the GOP in the 1960′s and 1970′s, Ben Nelson, he is a conservative…. The Bluedogs….


        Love you too…. kisses… Clinton was part of the problem as was Reagan and your boy Bush who told us to use your home as a bank? Reagan’s policies failed this country in the long run… Even his people now admit to his failures.

        SC Murf,

        So your ideology never divides huh? Do tell…. Its never conservatives that do anything wrong… Amazing isn’t it? How wonderful for you… Between that and church, your side absolves themselves from all the evils that they do….

      • Mark in LA

        Why does Reagan always get a pass with you people. Reagan wasted trillions on weapons he knew weren’t needed, thats where the deficits came from and it is where the Democratic intransigence came from. In addition, Reagan always rolled over without any fight. This is like the idiots claiming Reagan was “deceived” when he signed the amnesty that destroyed America. However,the real truth is that the Reagan adminstration told Simpson that the amnesty came first. The Reagan administration was processing the applications so fast that there was massive fraud – the Republicans probably deluded themselves into thinking they were creating new Republican voters. The most fraud ridden provisions of the law were placed their by Republican congressmen at the behest of farmers who wanted cheap fieldhands.

      • DaveH

        Mark says — “Why does Reagan always get a pass with you people. Reagan wasted trillions on weapons he knew weren’t needed, thats where the deficits came from and it is where the Democratic intransigence came from. In addition, Reagan always rolled over without any fight.”.
        Make up your mind, Mark. First He (as if acting alone) “wasted trillions on weapons”. And then you say he rolled over without a fight. Either the weapons were his idea or not. You can’t have it both ways, Mark.
        And Trillions?
        In 1980 (the year before Reagan got in office) total defense spending was $168 Billion.
        In 1981 (Reagan’s first year) total defense spending was $194 billion
        In 1982 (Reagan’s first year) total defense spending was $222 billion
        In 1983 (Reagan’s first year) total defense spending was $247 billion
        In 1984 (Reagan’s first year) total defense spending was $269 billion
        In 1985 (Reagan’s first year) total defense spending was $295 billion
        In 1986 (Reagan’s first year) total defense spending was $314 billion
        In 1987 (Reagan’s first year) total defense spending was $320 billion
        In 1988 (Reagan’s last year) total defense spending was $330 billion
        So, even if the extra defense spending was only Reagan’s idea, and all the extra spending could be attributed solely to Reagan, it amounted to .85 Trillion, NOT Trillions.
        For all his faults, Reagan was the last President to take any kind of Principled stand against Big Government. The fact that he was ineffective was a tribute to the unbridled Spending urges of the US Congressmen.
        In fact, Reagan vetoed more Spending bills (78) than any other President in my lifetime. The rabidly spendthrift Congress overrode 9 of those vetoes.
        How many vetoes has Obama issued?

      • DaveH

        Then Mark says — “The most fraud ridden provisions of the law were placed their by Republican congressmen at the behest of farmers who wanted cheap fieldhands”.
        Have you ever considered the fact, Mark, that those “cheap fieldhands” have braved harsh conditions, even the possibility of death, to come here voluntarily and work for those cheap wages because their own Government has become what so many of you Liberals advocate and as a result, their economy is impoverished?
        How can your Liberal heart bleed for those US citizens who are impoverished due to their own lack of initiative, and then turn so cold against those who risk such hardship to earn their own money?

      • DaveH

        And, by the way, Mark, I trust Mises authors because they usually do their homework before they speak — unlike yourself.

      • Mark in LA

        No Dave they don’t do their homework. Like all economists they spout their opinions as though it were proven fact when it is just more speculation. The same kind of unfounded drivel that comes out of the mouths of political pundits. The problem with you Dave is you aren’t smart enough to see that their assertions are not proof of anything.

        If you think Reagan shrank government or was held back from doing so by the Democrats, then you are dumber than Reagan, if that is humanly possible. The only known person to actually be more stupid than him is is son Michael – you might be the second. Its amazing too that somebody calling himself conservative would support an amnesty of illegal aliens. One of the bedrock priciples of conservatism is respect for the law by everybody including the government. Reagan was no conservative.

      • DaveH

        Mark says — “No Dave they don’t do their homework”.
        Right there, Mark, you proved your lack of credibility. You have no idea what their knowledge or their efforts are.
        You are the one who is merely speculating, Mark. If you had any brains at all, you would see the inconsistency in your statement.
        I have seen no evidence of reason in your comments. You merely use personal attacks, slander, and other manipulative devices in a futile effort to win the debate without facts.
        You, Mark, are a typical controlling Liberal who can’t carry on a factual debate.

      • Smoke101

        Correct SIR! Daves a Progressive toad-schill! You can’t fix STUPID or have a conversation with a brain washed IDIOT!

    • Brad

      F___ You Dave 67, Johnson, Carter and Clinton distroyed the nation with their fight to give everybody who did not earn the ability to own a house. The housing bubble were the means to all of our economic issues.

    • S.C. Murf

      dave67 you are still stuck in that old grid lock of lib vs conserv. You will never get it that it happens to be both sides against we the people. I believe it’s high time for you to make that POPPING SOUND please. You are part of the problem, go away

      up the hill

    • STEVE E.

      Dave67, Just vote for Ron Paul and you will be alright.

      • Dave67

        Steve, I just may but he will NEVER get ther GOP corporatist nomination. Paul has some good ideas that need serious discussion but where he is out to lunch is the idea of the “free market” as it relates to global trade.

      • DaveH

        You need desperately to read this book, and learn something before you open your mouth any further:

        Free Trade is good for everybody except the Power Hungry Leaders and their Crony Capitalists.

  • charles cross

    Since Reagan republican pres. canidates have been a cruel joke on the Amerikan people. They promise the moon and deliver the outhouse. I have heid my nose for 30 years. Bush lite was the worst of all, except for two subpreme justicies

  • Jane

    I see that “personal liberty” is bent on electing Obama again. I wish you people would just shut up.

    • DaveH

      As we wish you would, Jane.

  • T. Jefferson

    Ron Paul is the most consistent conservative on the ballot. Romney, Santorum and Gingritch are no better than RINO’s.

    • Shane

      Joch itch is better than testiclar cancer. But “T” you’re already mentally neutered. What’s the harm in losing your balls also? So vote third party in November.

      • DaveH

        At least he had a mind to begin with.

  • Tazio2013

    14 Defining Characteristics of [Amero]-Fascism: The U.S. in 2012

    When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. — Sinclair Lewis, It Can’t Happen Here. (1935)

    Gregory Patin
    Activist Post

    In the spring of 2003, ex-corporate executive and political scientist Lawrence W. Britt published an essay in Free Inquiry magazine entitled “Fascism Anyone?” In his work, Britt examined the traits of the two governments that formed the original historical model for fascism, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, and five other protofascist regimes that imitated that model, Franco’s Spain, Salazar’s Portugal, Papadopoulos’s Greece, Pinochet’s Chile, and Suharto’s Indonesia. He identified 14 characteristics that were common to all of them.

    These traits have since been widely accepted as the 14 defining characteristics of fascism.

    Nearly three generations removed from the horrors of Nazi Germany, all of these regimes have been overthrown, but fascism’s principles can still be found in many nations. History tends to repeat itself because many leaders and nations fail to learn from history, or they draw the wrong conclusions. Sadly, historical amnesia is the norm in the world today.

    In the U.S., leaders, teachers, media and citizens proudly claim that America is a democratic society with certain freedoms and rights guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution, Bill of Rights and rule of law. But is that really the case?

    A close look at the 14 characteristics of fascism in light of what has changed in America in the past few years may raise some questions as to whether or not Americans truly live in a democratic society.

  • sabulaman

    Ben, surely you’re not suggesting that you will vote for Obama, as opposed to Romney, as if there is little difference?

    • Vigilant

      That’s precisely what he’s suggesting.

    • kkflash

      I think the author is very clear in his last paragraph, that he’ll not do what you suggest, but will vote his principles and his conscience, even if it means risking another 4 years of the abomination that is Obama.

      • Vigilant

        He said, “I am no longer willing to select the lesser of two evils on Election Day. I will acknowledge that casting a third party ballot carries an inherent gamble: the reelection of Barack Obama.”

        In other words, he admits the “gamble” could mean the re-election of Obama, period.

        Parse words all you want, the cause and effect relationship holds.

  • Ken Kelley

    There are three ways to vote for Obama.
    #1. Go into the voting booth and actively vote FOR Obama.
    #2. Stay home and don’t vote.
    #3. Vote for a third-party candidate who (almost by definition) has no chance of winning.

    • Aniko

      # 4 Write in on the ballot Ron Paul

    • STEVE E.

      #5 Don’t vote for Ron Paul and vote for the RINO

    • kkflash

      As long as you think like that, and continue to spread your tripe, you can’t call yourself a conservative. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

  • YesCubanB

    If only the party weren’t hijacked by these current extreme, paranoid, radical nutjobs currently in office maybe the party of Nixon would be taken a little more serious. Looks like Obama’s gonna get for more years. Republicansforobamadotorg

  • TML

    Ben Crystal, “And a third-party run would simply relegate Paul to the role of Ross Perot, version 2.0”

    Only in the mind of fools would Ron Paul be relegated based on a past third party candidate whom didn’t even hold similar principles and policies, and certainly didn’t have the support that Dr. Paul has.

    Ben Crystal, “I am no longer willing to select the lesser of two evils on Election Day. I will acknowledge that casting a third party ballot carries an inherent gamble”

    It’s great to see people waking up, and standing up.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” – John Quincy Adams

    • Shane

      TML!!! Thank you.

      You may send your contributions via the web at:

    • Shane

      TML, the gist of comment by Ben, and those that have made comments. Is that they will be voting Ron Paul third party. Which is vote for Obama.

      So again. Send your “additional” contributions to

      I did not critize those for voting for Ron Paul in the primary. But those that do in the general election as a third party canidate. Will actually be voting for Obama.

      You know that.

      Others know that.

      Just get some balls and admit it.

      • TML

        Shane says, “Is that they will be voting Ron Paul third party. Which is vote for Obama.”

        Non sequitur (does not logically follow) and circular argument.
        A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Ron Paul… not for Obama.

        Who’s the nut-job here?

        Shane says, “You know that.”

        No I don’t know that…

        Shane says, “Others know that.”

        Neither do you or others know that, as if you/they are omniscient. If others voted for Ron Paul on the principles they themselves stand for, such as personal liberty and limited constitutional government, then Ron Paul would win the election, and not Obama. Your statement that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama, is made through mere assumption gained through the perpetration of yet another logical fallacy of argumentum ad nauseam that ‘Ron Paul has no chance’, thereby creating the full circular argument.

        Shane says, “Just get some balls and admit it.”

        I will not admit your logical fallacies

      • STEVE E.

        Another example of a RINO voter who is brainwashed by the GOP Establishment Wholesale Brainwashing Machine. A vote for a RINO is a vote for Obama.

      • kkflash

        It ‘s a real laugh to hear “get some balls” from a eunuch without the guts to stand up for his principles. If you have an issue with Ron Paul or his political positions, go ahead and say so. If you support his views, but won’t vote for him, then you can just cluck your way back to the hen house.

      • Shane

        TML, you’re reply comment is mere gibberish. You comprehend not, as you are closed to listening to the opinions of others. Rational or not.

        I don’t have to be for or against Ron Paul, to realize that a vote for him or any other so called conservative candidate, is a vote away from the eventual Republican candiate. Thus a vote for Obama.

        Now you know what my point was that you replied on. You choose to ignore either out of ignorance or malice. I care not at this time which.

        TML, you also know that Ron Paul can not get elected in 2012 in the General Election as a third party. So poke me with your puny arguments. Feels good.

        Hell, he can’t even win the Republican primary. So take your sore grapes home, as a pithy ignorant sore loser. kkFlash and Steve E can form your little self patting click. Where rational, fair, honest points of discussion are not allowed.

        I actually like some of Ron Pauls stands. Am friends with quite a few die hard Ron Paul backers. This is not personal. Unlike TML, Steve E, kkFlash and many others on this site. I keep my eyes open, my ears cleared, and comments few. Easier to listen, when not verbalizing.

        Ron Paul will not win the primary. Nor does he have a chance as a third party in Novermber. A conservative vote for Ron Paul or Newt, or any other so-called candiate will take away votes from the eventual Republican nominee, however less than ideal.

        You know that. So stop your childish gibberish. Explain how your vote will make it better for my children and those of my friends. With another four years of Obama.

        I’ll vote for a three legged dog over Obama, if he has a REAL chance of winning in November.

        Ben Crystal can’t be that blinded.

      • TML

        Shane says, “TML, you’re reply comment is mere gibberish.”

        It’s not gibberish, it’s Latin.

        Non Sequitur (“It does not follow”) is the simple fallacy of stating, as a conclusion, something that does not strictly follow from the premises.

        Argumentum ad nauseam (argument to the point of disgust; i.e., by repitition). This is the fallacy of trying to prove something by saying it again and again. But no matter how many times you repeat something, it will not become any more or less true than it was in the first place.

        Circulus in demonstrando (circular argument). Circular argumentation occurs when someone uses what they are trying to prove as part of the proof of that thing.

        Shane says, “You comprehend not, as you are closed to listening to the opinions of others. Rational or not.”

        I comprehend plenty. There is a difference between being closed to listening to the opinions of others, and engaging them under scrutiny. Just because you fail to convince me to espouse your opinion doesn’t mean I’ve closed off to hearing it, or agreeing that you have a right to your opinion.

        Shane says, “I don’t have to be for or against Ron Paul, to realize that a vote for him or any other so called conservative candidate, is a vote away from the eventual Republican candiate. Thus a vote for Obama.”

        Yet, such a statement presupposes that the eventual candidate will not be Ron Paul. Such statements have been regurgitated repetitiously ever since the debates began. Your conclusion “a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama” is the same as your premise. In other words, you are using what you are trying to prove as part of the proof, using logic which does not strictly follow from the premise, and repeating it over and over hoping I will agree with you.

        Shane says, “TML, you also know that Ron Paul can not get elected in 2012 in the General Election as a third party. So poke me with your puny arguments.”

        I’m sorry, but I really don’t know that, as I am not omniscient (able to see the future).

        Shane says, “Hell, he can’t even win the Republican primary.”

        Perhaps… but that is not even finished yet, so you’re shooting your wad a bit prematurely. Besides, the world is bigger than two sides of a coin, left/right, liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican… so that doesn’t really mean anything in the General Election. Personally I believe that it is this false left/right paradigm idea that has people swallowing such fallacies that a Vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. Touches ideas of absolution such as ‘if you’re not with us, you are against us’ mentality.

        Shane says, “Where rational, fair, honest points of discussion are not allowed.”

        They are certainly allowed here if you can present them.

        Shane says, “I actually like some of Ron Pauls stands. Am friends with quite a few die hard Ron Paul backers. This is not personal. Unlike TML, Steve E, kkFlash and many others on this site I keep my eyes open, my ears cleared, and comments few. Easier to listen, when not verbalizing.”

        Well, that’s good. Although, you assume I’m not listening. Indeed I am… and will concede your point if your can logically verbalize it. If your point doesn’t stand up to scrutiny than I will not accept it… if it does, I will concede.

        Shane says, “Ron Paul will not win the primary.”

        Perhaps… it’s not looking good, but it’s not over yet, so I don’t know that.

        Shane says, “Nor does he have a chance as a third party in Novermber.”

        Shane says, “A conservative vote for Ron Paul or Newt, or any other so-called candiate will take away votes from the eventual Republican nominee, however less than ideal.”

        Naturally… yet it also takes away votes from the more liberal side of the spectrum… away from Obama, in fact.

        Ron Paul attracts people of all ages, race, and political parties. Many democrats even have registered as Republican to vote and support Ron Paul in his campaign. The problem is that you blindly exclude, for no logical reason, a third party candidate as being legitimate in the left/right paradigm.

        Shane says, “Explain how your vote will make it better for my children and those of my friends.”

        How will your vote make it better for your children and those of your friends? That’s the question you should concern yourself with. I will vote for principle, for liberty, for limited government, and the candidate that best represents them… one who is against unjustified unilateral military actions, intervention, and policing the world, and who is against the monetary tricks used to fund them… the tricks which are devaluating the dollar and putting my children, and their children’s children in debt. That’s what my vote will do for your children, my children, and those of our friends. I owe it to you and to them to remain steadfast on such principles.

        Shane says, “I’ll vote for a three legged dog over Obama, if he has a REAL chance of winning in November.”

        And yet, you won’t join us in voting for and electing Ron Paul? Again… how will YOUR vote make it better for my children, and those of my friends?

      • Shane

        TML, you have proved a point made earlier. Your incessant written verbage does not negate that Ron Paul will not win the Republican primary. Nor does he have a chance to win as a third party in November. While I concede, it’s possible for pigs to fly. Have not seen any, and don’t expect to see any fly pigs flying anytime soon. Ron Paul’s electability and the electability of Obama for a second term if Ron runs third party is and was my point to my comments.

        So your excessive gibberage, is just that. Gibberage. I say, would you accept a bet with ten to one odds on something of monetary value. I say Ron Paul does not take the republican primary. You say he could. Then lets back it up. Then I would be willing to give you a chance to win it back and then some, double-down the original bet, that Ron would not win in a third party race in November.

        In fact, would you bet your right arm, over my two and I’d throw in my two legs. I know the bet is crass. But the point is that one such as yourself can say anything. Make preposterous claims that you would never back up with anything of value as risk collateral. Just talk, talk, talk. Just how many angels can fit on the head of a needle? If one knew the answer, how does that help our citizens at this time. You’re comment is just that. Wasted talk, as you do not present any factual or even a good opinionated piece on how Ron will win. Why you believe it. Oh, yes! Pigs fly. Can you show me the photos? Not photo shopped.

        Till pigs fly. TML, keep those fingers of yours on the keys, as I suppose it’s therapeutic for those of your ilk. Just keep repeating what you believe. Ignore the facts. Change the subject if proven wrong. Most of all, never, ever, admit you’re wrong. No matter how obvious circumstances present themself.

        • The Yakima Kid

          Not interested in Romney, Obama, Santorum or Gingerich. Why should I care if it is the Right or the Left that is violating my rights?

          BTW – the myth that Ron Paul is being “bought off” by Romney for an office for his son is just that – it was started by yet another NeoCon.

          If you want to know why the Republican Party is disappearing – just look at Romney, Gingerich and Santorum and the Republican establishment that has played fast and loose to give us such wonderful candidates as these, McCain, and Palin. With a little help from the liberal media, they’ve guaranteed us another regime indistinguishable from Saudi, or any other state that locks up citizens indefinitely without charges.

    • Vigilant

      “Only in the mind of fools would Ron Paul be relegated based on a past third party candidate whom didn’t even hold similar principles and policies, and certainly didn’t have the support that Dr. Paul has.”

      TML, you just called Ben Crystal a fool. Better make up you your mind which side you’re on.

      • TML

        Vigilant, “TML, you just called Ben Crystal a fool.”

        It is foolish to make such a basless connection. Better?

        Vigilant, “Better make up you your mind which side you’re on.”

        Could you elaborate on that? I follow ‘truth’, where ever it may lead.

      • Shane

        Vigilant, you’re an idiot. Ron Paul can’t even win a state in the Republican primary. What makes you think that a liberal democrat would pick a third party candidate such as Ron Paul over Obama in November?

        You know it can’t happen. Which quarantees a Obama re-election.

        Vigilant, what exactly is your purpose on this site? To throw the election to Obama?

        The argument is not what you wish, or I wish. But what can we obtain this minute, this day, this month, this year.

        Those that wish another four years of Obama under the excuse that one or all of the present candidates running against Obama don’t meet the litmus test is troubling.

        It would seem that we have many Manchurian want-to-be’s on this site. Or someone at the asylum has loosen the internet access requirements.

      • Vigilant

        “It is foolish to make such a basless [sic] connection. Better?”

        Not really. Ben Crystal said, “And a third-party run would simply relegate Paul to the role of Ross Perot, version 2.0.” Mr. Crystal made the connection. You are saying he is foolish to make the connection, which you now compound by calling it baseless.

        Logic’s a terrible weapon, especially when used against you.

      • TML

        “It is foolish to make such a basless [sic] connection. Better?”

        Vigilant, “Not really. Ben Crystal said, “And a third-party run would simply relegate Paul to the role of Ross Perot, version 2.0.” Mr. Crystal made the connection. You are saying he is foolish to make the connection, which you now compound by calling it baseless.”

        Well, it is foolish to make the connection because there is no logical basis for such. I rephrased so as not to be confused with a personal attack.

        Vigilant, “Logic’s a terrible weapon, especially when used against you.”

        You called me on a possible ad hominem – I rephrased – and still have not offered a basis for the connection. The Rose Perot campaign can not reasonably be connected with the Ron Paul campaign, and attempts to do so seem merely to support the non sequitur that a ‘vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama’.

        So… how are you using logic against me?

      • Vigilant

        Crystal: ““And a third-party run would simply relegate Paul to the role of Ross Perot, version 2.0.”

        TML: ““Only in the mind of fools would Ron Paul be relegated based on a past third party candidate whom didn’t even hold similar principles and policies, and certainly didn’t have the support that Dr. Paul has.”

        I rest my case. I have to assume you have an understanding of the English language.

      • TML

        Vigilant, “I rest my case. I have to assume you have an understanding of the English language.”

        Do you want me to apologize?

        Ok… I apologize for arbitrarily calling Ben foolish for such things.

        I’ll try again.

        It is an unsubstantiated claim that Ron Paul, in a third party run, would be, or should be, relegated… based on a past third party candidate whom didn’t even hold similar principles and policies, and certainly didn’t have the support that Dr. Paul has.

        Better? :)

        Now… would you like to attempt making a logical connection to support the claim, or not?

      • Vigilant

        “It is an unsubstantiated claim that Ron Paul, in a third party run, would be, or should be, relegated… based on a past third party candidate whom didn’t even hold similar principles and policies, and certainly didn’t have the support that Dr. Paul has.”

        TML, Mr. Crystal’s contention (and mine) is that the odds are greatly stacked in favor of major party success based on history, regardless of the principles and policies. It’s in the history books that “Third party candidates very rarely win any elections. For example, such a candidate only won a U.S. Senate election twice (0.6%) since 1990. Therefore, it is very rare to have a national officeholder not affiliated with and endorsed by one of the two major parties. Currently, there are only two U.S. Senators (Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders), who are neither Democrat nor Republican, while no U.S. Representative hails from outside the major parties. The only two U.S. Presidents without a major party affiliation were George Washington and Andrew Johnson.” (Wikipedia).

        I think that last sentence is very revealing. Moreover, only once since 1972 have Libertarian presidential candidates received more than 1% of the vote (1980, 1.1%), and none received even a million votes during all that time. If you don’t believe me, go to

        Ross Perot took 18.9% of the popular vote (19,743,821) in his run, taking not one state but throwing the election to Clinton. You may disagree with me as a matter of opinion, but even if Paul garnered 20% of the popular vote, it’s unlikely that the electoral college results would follow, and he would end up being the spoiler as was Perot.

        I highly value the Constitutionalist positions of Dr. Paul, and I certainly wish him the very best, but I believe his real value is and has been directing the national political conversation to examine the founding values of the country and confirming that those values still exist. My belief is that he needs to continue working to modify the (Republican) party values from within rather than outside the loop.

        P.S. I apologize to you for the previous edginess of our exchange. You’ve seen me here enough to know that I get anally retentive about word meanings and the language, too much so sometimes.

      • TML

        I was hoping you would respond in full… I’ve been going over the wording, wondering what the hell I was missing, lol.

        Vigilant says, “TML, Mr. Crystal’s contention (and mine) is that the odds are greatly stacked in favor of major party success based on history, regardless of the principles and policies. It’s in the history books that “Third party candidates very rarely win any elections. For example, such a candidate only won a U.S. Senate election twice (0.6%) since 1990. Therefore, it is very rare to have a national officeholder not affiliated with and endorsed by one of the two major parties. Currently, there are only two U.S. Senators (Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders), who are neither Democrat nor Republican, while no U.S. Representative hails from outside the major parties. The only two U.S. Presidents without a major party affiliation were George Washington and Andrew Johnson.” (Wikipedia).

        I think that last sentence is very revealing. Moreover, only once since 1972 have Libertarian presidential candidates received more than 1% of the vote (1980, 1.1%), and none received even a million votes during all that time. If you don’t believe me, go to”

        Historically, I concede… and would not and could not argue with the facts that third party candidates rarely win election. However…

        Vigilant says, “Ross Perot took 18.9% of the popular vote (19,743,821) in his run, taking not one state but throwing the election to Clinton.”

        …I take issue with the idea that Ross Perot ‘threw the election to Clinton’ merely because he ran as 3rd party. It is a fallacy to think that; because two things occur simultaneously, one must be a cause of the other, without a specific and direct chain of causation. Such claim is impossible to prove beyond reasonable doubt and exists only in the laws of association, specifically the first law contiguity. In theoretical, and rhetorical retrospect; if the Republican Party candidate would have won, and remained in office, would Ross Perot then be considered by Republicans (or Democrats) to have thrown the election to Bush Sr.?

        I assert that Bush Sr. failed to garner enough votes to secure the election due to his own failures in office – raising taxes despite promises to the contrary, perceived recession, and war with Iraq (although Clinton did the same military action during his Monica Lewinsky scandal) – and not because Ross Perot had ‘stolen’ such votes.

        Vigilant says, “You may disagree with me as a matter of opinion, but even if Paul garnered 20% of the popular vote, it’s unlikely that the electoral college results would follow, and he would end up being the spoiler as was Perot.”

        I do disagree as a matter of opinion, even against historic evidence, based on the momentum that Ron Paul has achieved in comparison to such figures whom have been less successful running as a third party candidates. Did you, for example, value the Constitutional positions of Ross Perot? There are very rare instances of upset to the status quo, despite all odds, as evident in the founding of this country. Call me an optimist, but I believe that if the people joined together under the principles to which they truly believe in, we would have a third U.S. President without major party affiliation that sets the world stage.

        Vigilant says, “I highly value the Constitutionalist positions of Dr. Paul, and I certainly wish him the very best, but I believe his real value is and has been directing the national political conversation to examine the founding values of the country and confirming that those values still exist. My belief is that he needs to continue working to modify the (Republican) party values from within rather than outside the loop.”

        And I whole heartedly believe that even if he does not secure the nomination or even the election, such continued presence in direction and leadership of debates to the true issues of this country, are absolutely required into the general election.

        Vigilant says, “P.S. I apologize to you for the previous edginess of our exchange. You’ve seen me here enough to know that I get anally retentive about word meanings and the language, too much so sometimes.”

        No apology necessary… made me think hard about my words. :)

      • Vigilant

        “Call me an optimist, but I believe that if the people joined together under the principles to which they truly believe in, we would have a third U.S. President without major party affiliation that sets the world stage.”

        Wholeheartedly agree, and it’s something I would much desire to see. But, I’m either a pessimist or a realist, on two counts:

        (1) When you say, “if the people joined together under the principles to which they truly believe in…,” my question would be, “what do Americans today truly believe in?” My fears are that the media, politicians, the public so-called “education” system, and the universities, are grinding out purposely misinformed robots who have been programmed against Capitalism and dumbed down with no knowledge or appreciation of our history.

        (2) I’ve often observed that, historically, once you organize anything it turns to merde. The pure ideals and lofty aspirations of a movement always fall prey to the power-seeking, corrupt criminals and snake oil salesmen who have no interest in it beyond what they can scam. Churches, charities, political movements, etc., always morph over time to something quite different. My fear is that the movement you speak of would ultimately become a haven for the corrupt and self-serving, as have the Dems and Repubs.

  • FreedomFighter

    I am no longer willing to select the lesser of two evils on Election Day.

    IMHO both parties are compromised, the entire system is compromised, unless we as a country stand up on our hind legs and show some backbone, America is lost.

    IMHO nothing short of armed revolution will fix the country if Obama is re- elected. Sad thing is, thats what the Powers want — so they can kill all resistence b4 the rest of the sheep wake up and we are to many.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Aniko

      “Armed revolution” will guarantee a dictator for life in the person of Obama as Secretary of the UN! You are a blood thirsty fool who cannot see the tree from the forest!

      • kkflash

        It sounds to me like you’re saying you’ll support Obama if and when he names himself dictator, rather than take up arms to protect your own rights. Have a fairly characterized your position?

      • kkflash

        ‘scuse the typo… Have I fairly characterized your position?

      • Shane

        Aniko, be wary before signing up under kkFlash’s army. He’ll be the first to slink to the safety of home and hearth should insurection take place.

        Those that that talk the most about what they will do, will do the most that is the opposite of what they boost.

        Find Steve E or Viglant, you’ll find kkFlash. Hiding in women skirts. Just look for skinny hairy legs shaking. What a sight.

      • FreedomFighter

        The Constitution of the United States of America

        Article II

        Section 4. The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

        Obama making himself a dictator is High Treason,

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Vigilant

        Shane says, “Find Steve E or Viglant, you’ll find kkFlash.”

        I believe you have misunderstood my posts. Please go back and read them again.

  • Moby49

    As an independent with moderate tendencies, your shrill calls of “off with their heads” could be the reason why you keep losing. You scare the bejesus out of the rest of us.

    • FreedomFighter

      You sir should not be afraid of “us” we are sheep just like you, only we have peeked over the fence and have seen what is coming…

      Destruction of the United States, theft of American resources, enslavement of American population thru debt and police state

      New World Order government

      Extermination of 60 to 90 percent of the worlds population, thru war, starvation and contagion.

      Genetic manipulation of remaining population into mental and physical stunted beings that are slaves to the elite, controlled by drugs


      Does not matter what you believe, they the elite believe in there god Lucy.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • kkflash

      Please help me understand your point of view. What is an “independent with moderate tendencies”?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear kkflash,

        It sounds like someone standing in the middle of the road looking at his feet.

        Best wishes,

      • Sirian

        No wonder we have such problems with traffic – independent moderates are standing in the middle of the road looking at their feet. . . :) That’s a good one Bob!!!!

  • George Castady

    Anyone who comes close to thinking that Romney and Obama are close to the same thing has lost their mind. They are the kind of proud individual who would sacrafice their country’s well being for the sake of their ideologly. Sure, it would be nice to have Reagan back, but he’s dead now and the Republican party has to learn how to walk again before they can mount with wings as eagles. John McCain did make me puke but to throw out the baby with the bathwater when so much is at stake is just out and out irresponsible.

    • Mel in Arizona

      THANK YOU, George. You are so right. It is so clear, yet……..there are so many that fail to grasp this simple concept. Again, thanks!

  • dan

    Don’t vote the party…vote THE MAN : Ron Paul

    Romney can’t possibly win

    • Shane

      Ron Paul can? Dan, Dan, Dan!!! Obama thanks you for your vote.

      • STEVE E.

        No, Obama will thank you for your RINO vote.

    • Vigilant

      dan, I’ll say to you what I said to Ben Crystal: welcome to the socialist wing of the Democratic Party. Your views and your vote will ensure the re-election of a communist.

    • Mel in Arizona

      Your head ‘s in the sand………or somewhere, dan. Are you still in your cave? Catch up on the news…….Paul? Really? And Mitt Romney has no chance??!! Really?! Wake up from your dream and look around. Turn on the radio, TV, or read a newspaper. In the real world, we have to make a decision as to who can best beat Obama, and it isnt Paul, sorry.
      Between Obama and Romney you can’t make a choice? You can’t see any difference in
      experience, morality, character, vision, belief in America, dedication to the Constitution……

      • AKay

        That’s your problem, Mel. You keep watching the MSM as if it’s legitmate. TPTB want you to keep repeating the drivel that Ron Paul is unelectable, that Romney is the only chance, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum. Ron Paul BEATS every other candidate in a head to head match up with Obama. That is a national poll! Quit regurgitating the MSM spoon-fed claptrap. Do some real research, instead of spouting fear-mongering, fatalist rhetoric. The STATUS QUO is a FAILURE.

      • JeffH

        Funny Mel, with me it’s been just the opposite…by not listening to the radio and not watching TV I have avoided the political ads and the MSM indoctrinatin and propaganda that seems to have gobbled you up. I used the internet as my source of info and background…and, of course, Libertarian and Constitutionally conservative websites full of discussion from every walk of life. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I watch TV and listen to the radio…I’m just very aware of the message that’s intended for the sheeple.(Followers. Lemmings. Those with no cognitive ablilities of their own)

    • Shane

      Steve E, what a waste. Those that know me, know me as a very conservative individual. But I’m no political luddite. Belief in anything can be dangerous, without rational common sense.

      You can also judge a man by what he eats. My mother told me so. You can judge a man by whom he willing assoicates with. My father told me that.

      There’s a considerable following on this site, that I would follow both my parents advice on.

      • STEVE E.

        If something is not right, it must be destroyed and replaced with something that is right. I bet your mommy and daddy didn’t teach you that.

  • Joe Lucido

    If Obama wins this election, there is not going to be a “next time”. The fate of this country will be sealed. Forget about any true conservative ever getting to the point of actually running for President and winning it, it just is not going to happen when the media is in the tank for every liberal retard who comes down the pike. Until conservatives control the media, to think a true conservative being President is a fantasy. There are too many people who do not pay attention to what’s really going on in this country and believe everything they hear, and they vote. What do they hear and read when the liberals control the content. Liberalism, that’s what they hear, and that’s how they will vote.

    • Dave67

      Yeah Joe, Thats why in the past 30 years… 20 of them we had conservative GOP presidents…

      Conservatives are such fatalists when they are kicked out of power…

      • S.C. Murf

        You are still sounding very muffled dave69, need to make that popping sound and everything will look and sound better.

        up the hill

      • Brad

        Dave 67 I hate you jiggaboo loving liberal jackasses.

      • Dave67

        More precise analysis from Bradley…. He must be one of those deep conservative thinkers I keep hearing about.

        Murf, That clicking sound is Brad’s synaptic connections firing blanks in his head.

        There is a reason the least educated in the country are conservative….Its just easier than thinking about issues and using reason.

      • JeffH

        Brad, hate the liberal/progressive/commie all you want…but cut the unnecessary racist remarks.

  • Cleophis FlyJuice

    Mitt Romney is a HUGELY successful CEO as well as having balanced the budget in Mass while cutting taxes 19 times.

    Real unemployment is around 11% and Mitt will repeal Obamacare day 1.

    I will vote with pride for a real leader.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Romney will not repeal Obamacare, contrary to what you believe. What we are seeing of Obamacare is a side show. The tinkering of medical services and insurance companies has been going on for years.
      Try to remember that the ones (governmental agencies) who tell you and the insurance companies what to do with your life and health, when to do it, where to do it, etc., are the ones who control your life.

    • Mel in Arizona

      I’m with you, Cleophis. Let’s vote Mitt Romney and boot out King Obama!

    • kkflash

      “The combined state and local tax burden in Massachusetts increased during Romney’s governorship… According to an analysis by the Tax Foundation, that per capita burden was 9.8 percent in 2002 (below the national average of 10.3 percent), and 10.5 percent in 2006 (below the national average of 10.8 percent).”

      Romney’s MA budgets produced surpluses in 2005 and 2006, but once he got Romneycare passed, it all went downhill. Regarding his last Massachusetts budget:

      “As it happened, fiscal 2007 ended with a $307.1 million deficit” AND

      Mitt Romney’s approval rating in his home state of Massachusetts in November 2003, after 10 months in office: 66%; in November of 2006 after 42 months in office: 34%

      All the above is reported per Wikipedia. Under Romney’s leadership, MA taxes as a % of income were up .5%, but the budget deficit didn’t disappear. He just handed the now growing problem to the next governor. So, it seems to me his record shows that even during an economic boom from 2003 to 2007, he ended up spending more than he took in. He said he didn’t raise taxes, but the facts say different. (In reality, he increased state user fees dramatically, so that he could later say with a straight face “I didn’t raise taxes in Massachusetts, and still balanced the budget.” That’s political double-speak, and he’s clearly just a RINO.

  • Milt

    Mr. Crystal, your comments are idiotic at best.

    • Insurgent

      Do not watch him!!!

    • STEVE E.

      Another example of a victim of the GOP Establishment Wholesale Brainwashing Machine. Ron Paul is the man if you want to live by the Constitution.

  • Mary…….WI

    Obama is doing everything in his power (dictatorship) to make sure the usual liberal voter fraud will take place this Nov by going after states that require voter ID. He’s a liar and a cheater. AND he should be tried for treason the way he treats the constitution of the USA and the American people. Leader, NO….Dictator, YES. I’ll vote for anyone other than Obama. He, along with his fellow liberals in crime, have destroyed this country.

    • Dave67

      Who gave us the Patriot Act? Sold out our manufacturing base? The Iraq war? Tax cuts while we are at war? Deregulated the banks and Wall Street?

      You are clearly misguided….

      • Mary…….WI

        Clinton gave us NASDQ, dems OK’d housing for anyone with no down payment etc(you know the rest of the story) Obama took over GM, took over banks, taking over healthcare, reduced our defense capabilities, sticks his nose where it shouldn’t be ie Trayvon, beer summit, asks for civility by the American people and turns around and does the opposite. Perhaps if you stopped watching MSN, CNN and TRIED watching FOX you might learn a few things. AND if Obama is re-elected I hope you enjoy the new government that will take over. Just think….everyone will be equal and walking around like zombies and will be serfs to the government. Stupidity is NOT a virtue.

      • Dave67

        Fox??? LOL I choose not to be brainwashed by the GOP’s talking points…. Thank you though…

        You do know the fed Gov has shrunk under Obama? The Fed ranks have shrunk…. But that doesn’t fit your talking points now does it? You know who expanded Gov? Ronald Reagan and George W Bush… Your heroes…

        We need 3rd parties…. Now more than ever.

        • Judith

          During Barack Obama’s presidency, the number of federal government employees has grown by 123,000 — more than 6%. Government spending has grown by 3.3%. This is not opinion, it is documented fact.

      • Dave67

        Judith, From the NYT…

        Three years into his presidency, he has exceeded Reagan in one area: reductions in government jobs.

        .Over all — including a decline of 12,000 public sector jobs in the Labor Department report for December — government employment is down 2.6 percent over the last three years, compared to a decline of 2.2 percent in the early Reagan years. That is a record.

        Don’t let facts get in the way of a good talkling point….

        • Judith

          Sorry, Dave, but your figure includes reductions in state and local government jobs. Typical of the NYT to try to mislead the public in order to shore up the liberal position. The federal employee workforce has grown by 123,000 jobs.

      • Dave67


        I am like Missouri…. You are going to have to show me with a reputable source.

        • Judith


      • Vigilant

        Dave67 says, “You do know the fed Gov has shrunk under Obama? The Fed ranks have shrunk…. But that doesn’t fit your talking points now does it?”

        “How much has President Barack H. Obama grown the size of the U.S. government’s budget since coming into power in January 2009?

        If we go by President George W. Bush’s final Fiscal Year 2009 budget, in which the average amount of federal government spending for each year through Fiscal Year 2013 was projected to be $2.732 trillion (in terms of inflation-adjusted, constant 2005 U.S. dollars) and compare that value to the average amount of federal spending that President Obama is currently projecting for both 2012 and 2013 of $3.185 trillion (also in terms of constant 2005 U.S. dollars), we find that President Obama has effected a permanent federal government spending increase of at least $452 billion.

        Or in other terms, President Obama has permanently grown the size of the U.S. federal government’s budget by 16.5% during the four years he will have been in office by the end of his first term in office. The federal government’s spending is one-sixth bigger today than it was projected to be at this point four years ago.”

        What do you have to say now, sonny?

      • JeffH

        Dave67, who gives a damn who gave them to us…what is important is to recognize that the Dems and Repubs are just opposite sides of the same coin, with few exceptions within their respective parties. Each party will usurp the Constitution, slowly remove your freedom and liberty and spend money like drunken sailors. Go ahead, keep your head rattling in the Dem/Repup – conservative/liberal paradigm if that’s what floats your boat.

        My battle is for the survival of our Constitutional Republic against the progressive/Marxist/socialist/communists whose daily assault on “our” freedoms and liberties include members of both parties…yeah, that means Obama and Bush too.

        Public figures feel the need to at least give public lip service to the words, freedom and Constitution. It is our job to publicly win back the definition and understanding of the words and fight those that seek to destroy them.

        Under progressive philosophy, freedom is understood as a condition brought upon individuals by the state, not a right already naturally possessed by the individual. Furthermore, the state decides which groups of people are worthy of such freedom, termed “valuable associations.” Progressives continue to use the word, freedom; they simply redefine its meaning.

        Can you say socialism? Socialism is an applied form of Marxism, as is fascism and communism. Socialism means the state owns and directs most of the means of economic production, that economic activity is directed primarily by central government planners and not by the demands of a free market, and that government is the primary owner of capital. In whatever degree, a forced redistribution of income, from the wealthy to the poor, occurs through the dictates of the ruling class. Karl Marx and other communists believed socialism is the middle stage of society, coming out capitalism and entering communism. Countries can be socialist in varying degrees, depending on how close they are to outright communism or how much freedom they allow to exist.

        The progressive positive view of rights and “freedom” casts society into three classes: those using freedom to exploit others, those being exploited, and the ruling classes in government and the “intelligentsia” who set about to right the wrongs. In setting about to liberate one class, the ruling class exercises power over the other both remaining classes. The oppressors have their liberty curtailed and property confiscated, in whatever degree, in the interests of the greater public good, for welfare’s sake.

        In order for Americans to accept socialism, socialists have to dress it up in freedom’s cloak.(Re: Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”) No one, seeking to push any agenda onto the public, disparages freedom or the Constitution; they have to give freedom some kind of lip service. They are playing on freedom’s home field, not the other way around.

        Partisans of freedom need not play word games like progressives. We simply need to educate ourselves and those around us, to let the lessons of liberty guide and instruct us. If enough people appreciate this fundamental understanding of freedom and the Constitution, no politician, elitist, or media talking head can sell us socialism.

  • JokesonUS

    There is no true conservative or libertarian with enough fire power to get elected President. Obama will be re-elected and our once great country will continue the slide from an independent and free country to an extension of Europe. Our economy will be tied completely to the European one and the dollar will be replaced by the Euro which will be renamed to reflect the addition of the American state. The world will evolve into a bunch of second/third class entities and will just languish in our own stupidity. This is the fate that has been our destiny since day one of the United States. Learn to live with it.

  • Tazio2013

    For a POV more important than the November “election”:

    The Road to Roota or The Implementation of a NEW Gold Standard

    As you can see – all the information comes DIRECTLY from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and all I am doing is interpreting the information. Putting the pieces together.

    Once you understand the Road to Roota Theory EVERYTHING happening today in our insane world makes sense as it is all being done to bring us back to our “ROOTS”!

    1) Abuse and pervert all un-backed fiat monetary instruments in order to crash the system.

    2) Allow the massive proliferation of debt and derivatives to assist in the destruction.

    3) Remove and destroy the “banksters” that have ruled and controlled our lives for over 100 years.

    4) Destroy all electronic and paper assets and debt in a Global Monetary Meltdown in order to truly “start fresh”.

    5) Preserve the sanctity of the Social Security System so there is a way to “reallocate” a new currency in the United States after fiat money implodes.

    6) Abuse and destroy the US Constitution so the people can learn WHY this document is so important.

    7) Massively abuse the powers of the Federal Government in order to guarantee the rejection of “Big Government” and a return to State run governments as intended by our Constitution.

    8) Return to the type of Nation that our Founding Fathers intended us to preserve for future generations.

    Yes. It’s a VERY big, all encompassing goal and one that very few can imagine would be possible looking around us today.

    But it will happen…

    It is our DESTINY!

    • Aniko

      “Money is the root of all evil”! Anyone who idolizes money (OR gold) over ideas, commons sense and compassion for those who cannot help themselves is doomed! Can’t you see that worshiping gold/money is a sin, with a capital S?
      While money is a necessary evil, it is NOT our biggest threat! The world still chooses to invest in the country of the $! Our economy has to be re-set to be able to grow and take us back to be the leaders our ideology granted us. It NEVER was the ideology of selfish “non-intervention”! It was NEVER I’ll do just fine if I have MY gold/money safe!

      Leadership means to be a leader of ideas, not just MONEY! The US of A was NOT the richest country at its inception and its money certainly was not even in the competition, but the unique experiment of people governing themselves, in faith and humility to God Almighty, by whatever name you worship Him! IDEAS of freedom (subject to God ONLY) and responsibility, unique and revolutionary for the times, is what made us who we have become, but sadly relenting it now for the “security” of “gold-backed money” is the worst idea! THAT IS NOT THE ANSWER! Vision and ideas is what can get us back to who we are and to strong and principled leaders once again! Newt Gingrich IS that MAN for our age, NOT Ron Paul!

  • Shane

    So Ben, you’ll bed with the likes of Dave67! Rather than compromise your feelings. Sorry Charlie, I mean Ben. You’re a bright fellow, but lack the steady wisdom that would see you through the intellectual gamemanship of the over importantance of those like yourself worrying about the number of angels on the needle. All the while ignoring the immediate and more troubling issues at hand, as you cry and take your marbles home.

    It’s commentaries like yours, that remind me of my father’s insight and comment. That in a pinch, take the farmer’s wisdom over the self-regarding intellectual.

    I’d vote for a three legged dog covered with fleas, over what we have in the White House now. With a smile and glee in my heart.

    My vote will be for light, however dim. Over that of darkness.

    • Shane

      My comment would be to Ben Crystal.

  • Gene Baldassari

    Until enough voters are willing to dismount from the left/right – better of two devil – merry-go-round, this Titanic will sink so deep that recovery will become a forbidden concept.

    So – if the monopoly parties refuse to present me with a viable choice, the only wise solution I will see would be to look elsewhere.

    • Vigilant

      “Elsewhere?” Kenya’s a good choice.

      • Gene Baldassari

        No – elsewhere means third party. The USA tentacles reach everywhere, so there is no point is changing geography. – only candidates.

  • Ted Crawford

    Thank you Mr. Crystal! You’ve reignited an anguish that I haven’t felt in over 40 years!
    By your article anyone not willing to vote for Dr. Paul is not a Conservative, for that matter, they are even stupid! ” baring the removal of Republican heads from Republican posteriors “!
    According to Dr. Paul all conflicts sinse 1945 are at best extra Constitutional and Illegal actions! That renders any of us that served in any of these actions MURDERS!
    It’s been just over 42 years since anyone has called me that, You are very right about one thing Mr. Crystal, if Americans can’t think any better than that then we deserve to fail!

  • David Klinchuch

    Dave67 (reply above) gets it. Neither political party is worth a crap — they are shills and puppets for the same masters. Only Ron Paul comes close to speaking the truth. To get our Republic back we must: 1) Send the Administration, 90 percent of Congress, and the Judges to hell, 2) get rid of the FED since it is controlled by foreign interests, 3) abolish the CIA and NSA, — add the military leadership to the list also 3) smash Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, etc., 4) put Berneke, Buffet, Soros, and other treasonous trash in jail…………….. well the list goes on and on and on. Folks get out of the liberal, conservative, donkeybutt (Democrat), Repoobs, etc. paradigm. You are under mind control from the establishment. Most important America, get down on your knees and truly repent….. the Day of Judgement is at hand.

    • Shane

      David Klinchuch. Stop the motor mouth. Show me you have balls. How are you going to send 90% of congress and judges to hell? Revolution? So when do you start.


      Still waiting…………………………….

      Don’t have all day…………………………..

      Come on David Klinchuch, when does the revolution start?

      Oh! After you vote Ron Paul third party, and Obama is re-elected!

      David Klinchuch, still waiting.

      • Herbert

        Shane you must not know David is a communist nut job and they even tell him to get back in the box.

      • Shane

        Herbert, it would seem that David has quite a following on this site. Loonies to the left of me, loonies to the right. Darkness crowding out the light. Light only finding harbor in those with a desire for decency.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      David, you are absolutely right! This is not about republicans or democrats. It’s not about conservatives or liberals it’s not about right or left! It is a battle between good and evil! We cannot fight this evil on our own. They have the power, we do not! But we have GOD! He alone can save us! We need to pray! Pray like you’ve never prayed before! Time is running out.

      • S.C. Murf

        You tell them girl !!!!! Their next great world leader will be none other than satan himself, and those of you who do not believe this really need to make that popping sound. ALL of the secret organizations that are the real power behind the thrones of this world are all satanists.

        up the hill
        Sioux City Murf

      • Dave67

        So… we had God before… you know… when minorities knew their places and we wiped out the American Indigenous populatioin via Manifest Destiny?


        Here is an idea… Less god and more personal responsibility. Please believe in fairytales in your own home with your own family. Leave it out of the Gov. If you want god in Gov, Please go visit the wonderful land of Saudi Arabia or Israel and see how peace loving those lands are.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave, you can’t blame GOD for man’s evil. The further we get from GOD, the worse our situation becomes! This country, upon it’s conception was dedicated to GOD. Our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution declare that freedom is our “GOD given right”. Everything that made this country great, came from GOD. The more we try to take GOD out of the equation, the more evil and corruption have taken over. I’m not saying you need to worship GOD, we do have freedom of religion (note:that’s freedom OF religion, NOT freedom from religion!). But, neither do you have the right to dictate to anyone else. All of us who believe in GOD need to stop letting others remove him from our country and our government. And those of you who don’t like the way America was set up,perhaps should relocate because America IS about GOD whether you want to believe it or not! You cannot change our history and the ways that you are changing our present are going to destroy our future! Return to what our Forefathers intended.

      • Dave67


        Every President except for Obama were white Christian males…. They played a HUGE part in this country’s downward turn. You choose to ignore that little fact. Obama is black and Christian.

        Corruption was here at this country’s inception and it is here now. You can only hope for layers in society to help minimize it… Religion (Chritianity, Islam, Judiam etc are all MAN-MADE creations and are used for man’s own wants and desires).

        If there is a god, you cannot prove it and I cannot disprove it, I would think god would be above narsassism and would have not created so many different religions. But then the religious always have an excuse for that don’t they?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave, just because someone tells you they are a Christian, do you believe them? I see evil and I see good. I choose to follow good. So “leaders” who lead us into evil can call themselves whatever they want but that doesn’t make it so. Don’t just listen to what they are saying, look at what they are doing. Then decide who you are going to follow. Listen to the “still, small voice” inside you and do what’s right.

  • Mark Potts

    I long ago put away the maniacal philosophy of voting for the lesser of two evils. My vote will be cast for Ron Paul whether he’s on the ballot or not. I hope Dr. Paul does run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t come out on top of a brokered convention. If he’s not the man then I PREFER that BHO is re-elected and with a majority in the house and senate. I am sick and tired of this slow death of a thousand cuts being inflicted upon us by the so-called conservatives. Put the statists in full charge so we can crash this thing quickly and hit the reset button. It appears the only way we’re going to re-establish constitutional rule of law in this country is to die and start over from scratch and the quicker the better.

    • Shane

      Mark Potts, may I introuduce you to David Klinchunch. He’s planning a party after he votes third party in November. I think the theme is “Better Obama than Common Sense.” He would know.

      Have fun.

  • Tallman

    What is appalling about most of the posters here is that there seems to be so little faith in our country and its ability to survive what many perceive to be a disastrous administration. Calling for armed insurrection is the surest way to bring disaster to the country and the constitution. I have survived the administration of thirteen presidents, and the losers have always screamed apocalypse because their side lost. Of course, we did survive, and the country survived, and the Constitution survived. Our country and our Constitution are bigger and stronger than one person and one administration. The greatest danger to the country is when people lose faith in the country.

    • Shane

      Tallman. Those that scream the loudest, have the deepest bunker far from the front lines.

      While I enjoy Bob’s newsletter. This site has a lot of looneys.

      • FreedomFighter

        Obama Replacing U.S. Military With His Own National Security Force?

        This latest unabated assault on the US Military by the Obama Administration will eventually destabilize the all-volunteer military force and open the way for Obama to recruit his new National Security Force, which is outlined in the flawed Obama Health Care Bill; that provision is in the legislation that was forced upon the American people by a Lame Duck, Democrat Controlled, Congress just before the last Christmas recess hat congress would have in 2010.

        You guys need get your heads out of the sand. Hitler did this

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • FreedomFighter

      Corzine Directly Ordered Transfer of Stolen Customer Funds: Gerald Celente Reports

      You sir need educate yourself.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • http://n/a James

      Agreed! The USA is the best place in the world to live. Yet most of the folks who post here think we’re going to hell in a hand basket. Paranoia, anger, fear, disgust and negativity don’t get my vote. Some of this armed revolution stuff reminds me of the ideological crazies who attacked Oklahoma City. I’ve not seen one post that thought the guy who said Obama should be “Kennedy’d” or otherwise destroyed was far beyond the bounds of decency. I DO hope the Secret Service gets to know him….

  • Russell

    Ridiculous article. Romney is our very best chance at chance of defeating Obama and this author would rather try to “send a message” or hold out for a supposedly “more Conservative pick.” I have news for you all, Santorum spent money like a drunk liberal when he was a Senator, and Newt has done global warming commercials with Nancy Pelosi and he called Paul Ryan’s budget plan “right wing social engineering.” Not to mention Newt’s personal baggage which is HUGE. Mitt Romney had to appeal to the left & middle to win in Mass., and that detail is often omitted from the discussion by those opposed to him winning the nomination. Besides that, Mitt has said repeatedly that he would repeal Obamacare & cut spending. If/when Romney wins the POTUS we’ll hold his feet to the fire or we’ll vote him out in 4 years. Either way Romney can’t possibly be worse than Obama, not even close.

    • Carl Manning

      You have a fine case of selective amnesia like most Romney supporters and those who support the other Socialist Neocons. Romney supported Bush’s 700 Billion dollar TARP theft of our money to give to the banksters…

      For God’s sake, how many times must we Ron Paul supporters correct you Neocon amnesiacs before you nominate another Neocon Nutjob to take us to hell in a handbasket???

  • Thomas

    Marco Rubio is not a natural born US citizen and therefore is inelligible to be president.

    • Brad

      Thomas I dont think that is a true statement but a rumor set up by the liberals.

    • JeffH

      …the same scenario as Obama…

  • Darryl

    I like Romney, and he is a conservative. If any of you would take the time to look up his record as governor of Mass., you would find a rock solid right wing guv.

    What bothers me is that Obama keeps saying he has another 5 years. It must mean that ACORN will be up to their dirty tricks under a varierty of different names. The dead will rise up to vote, illegals will suddenly have come up with voter ID cards, and cigarettes will be passed out to every bum in the country to get them to vote…..electric bill in hand to prove residency.

  • Stephen Boneau

    You RonPaulAniacs kill me! He has some good ideas, but also has some VERY BAD ideas as well. And if you diehards refuse to back the republican nominee you will be the ones to blame for another 4yrs of Obamanation, plain and simple. You guys want to see further erosion of our rights, how about Obama getting the opportunity to add another Supreme Court Justice or two! Elections have consequences. I’m not a huge Romney fan as I wasn’t a big McCain fan, but we wouldn’t be where we are now if McCain would have been elected and the continuance of an Obama administration will cause untold damage to our great nation. Come November it will be a two horse race – Pull your head out and vote responsibly! God bless America!!!

    • picnick

      I find it hilarious that you are trying to guilt me into supporting Romney. I have one vote to give and the GOP establishment has forced me to choose between Romney and Obama. I choose Paul. Romney is a tool of Goldman Sachs just like Obama. I have been educating myself on these candidates for 6 years. I am LDS and I will not vote for Romney. Why should guilt play any part in my vote? I am voting for who I want representing me. All your paranoia and political games are funny to me. I take my vote very seriously. I go into this election with eyes wide open.

    • American Girl

      Stephen, “but also has some VERY BAD ideas as well.”

      Care to elaborate?

    • TL

      Actually you are the one that needs to pull your head out. You people crack me up that actually think the President makes any decisions. A president is merely a mouth piece for the glogal elite, the big bankers that bought and paid for them. The global elite run the world and the President and government are pawns carrying out their orders.
      We would be in the same place if it would have been McCain. The right left paradigm is a hoax, a fraud. They work for the same people!
      There are a lot of people here with extensive knowledge of politics. The problems is the outline of the box needs to be expanded and take it to another level.
      Do some research on the Illuminati, CFR, Tri-lateral Comission, Skull and Bones, the Bilderbergs and find out what these people are about.
      Look into things like ‘Agenda 21′, ‘Operation Northwoods’ (pertaining to carrying out false flag terrorist attacks on US soil), the ‘Miac Reoprt’ (defining individuals who talk about Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution, and people wearing ‘Levi’ jeans as terrorists in certain counties)
      Research the book ‘Ecoscience’ by John P. Holdren and ‘Brave New World’ by Aldus Huxley and the globalists plan for depopulation. Through the use of vaccines and poisoning the water (fluoride). Listen to people like Bill Gates talk about reducing population with the use of vaccines. (youtube video of Bill talking about how to reduce the carbon footprint). Ted Turner has made the comment that the world will be a nicer place when there are only 10-20% of the population left. Queen Elizibeth’s hubby (prince whomever, whos name eludes me at the moment) made the comment that if reincarnated he would come back as a deadly virus (to wipe out the population) ‘for the cause’.
      These are not nice people, they don’t love you. You are considered ‘chattel’, ‘canon fodder’, ‘eaters’, to them and they want you gone.
      Do some research on vaccines by people like Dr Len Horowitz, Dr Russell Blaylock and Dr Sherry Tennepenny(sp) and dangerous adjuvents(sp), not through the CDC.

      here are a couple of places to start;
      new wolrd order-blueprint of MadMen
      Agenda 21
      Dr Blaylock on Vaccines – Natural News

  • Sondra Clark

    “Emphasize that democracy is always unfinished and its preservation demands constant vigilance and responsibility.” From an article written by Kenneth E. Berger for the Carmi Times, White County, Illinois. Title–Educate Today For Democracy Tomorrow The date-Thur. Nov. 15,1956 1956 1956 Isn’t it time we start? Demand the “hired help” we trusted to represent us OBEY THE CONSTITUTION they swore to uphold & defend. Traitor=1.a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust. 2. a person who betrays his country by violating his allegiance. The same paper had an article about the middle east danger zone & big problems in Egypt. Freedom, the Constitution and Dr. Ron Paul!!!!!!!

  • Handaham

    Like it or not, it takes money to get elected. If the Government keeps taking yours you have no ability to stop them. You already know that Obama will rob you. Some of the other candidates may as well, either by taking it from you or making it worthless. In each race, vote for the candidate that is better morally. Evaluate them on their adherence to the ten commandments. The longer you hold out, the better your odds of surviving as a nation. Take the odds. It is all you’ve got.

  • Dwight Mann

    It is Crystal Clear Ben
    That you do not know how many electorate delegates are all in for Paul, as are many citizens. . .
    We do not want anything less that the only Honest, ethical, unwavering and constitutionally correct, Dr. Ron Paul.
    The paul campaign has a plan for victory, and it does not include Romney.
    Maybe we boycott the election, and have a new one. Maybe we write in RP. Maybe we destroy the profligates in DC (DEM and GOP)
    Maybe RP will have enough Delegates in the election to secure a nomination. Do not despair, the American constituency is working to restore their Republic. . .

  • kellys

    I am sticking with Ron Paul, the rest are Obama look alikes. If the country goes down the tubes with Obama, so be it, we deserve it. It will go down if Romney/Santorum or Gingrich have their way, they are just different flavors of the same poison. Maybe then America will wake up, for those that are adamant about voting for the lesser evil, we have been doing that for 50 yrs and look where it has gotten us.

  • Judith

    What a load of nonsense. It is this intractable, rigid idealogy which has led us to the sorry point where we find ourselves now. When the Democrats control everything, there is a backlash and then the Republicans control everything, precipitating another backlash. Has it ever occurred to any of you firebrands that perhaps “moderation in all things” is more than just a cliche? And just for the record — anyone who thinks Ron Paul is any better vetted or any less nutty than Barack Obama, albeit at the opposite end of the political spectrum, is delusional.

  • Jimmy

    I never have believed a word Obama has said from day one when he gave his grandiose speech at the democratic convention.
    I can believe much more of what Mitt Romney
    has said than what Obama has said during his term as President. My vote is going to Romney who really cares about our future and our YOUTH.

  • Sonja

    While I understand, and do not disagree with, those who say “I will not vote for the lesser of two evils,” you are foolish to think that Ron Paul will win this election, despite all of our wishes that he will. Will your conscience rest easier knowing you voted for Paul, or knowing that your vote guaranteed Obama’s reelection?

    • picnick

      I’m Voting for Paul. It is the fault of the GOP establishment if Obama gets re-elected. They are the one pushing these horrible options. I am also working tirelessly to teach people about the debt and inflation. That is how I will rest well after the election. I will know that I have done everything I can to educate the electorate on things of true importance. If you think you can guilt me into happily supporting Romney you should ask yourself what type of self-respecting patriot should be forced to “hold their nose and support a candidate they do not trust?”

      • Russell

        By voting for Ron Paul you are throwing your vote away. I’m a big Ron Paul fan & I hoped his message would resonate this time around but it hasn’t. He isn’t even running second or third in most places. That’s a recipe for re electing Obama…………….

    • Carl Manning

      Actually yes, my conscience will be totally absolved because I will be voting for the Constitution and the rule of law and the only guy who has a viable plan to eliminate most abortions in the United States by giving the issue back to the States (READ: THE PEOPLE) instead of the federal government. With both parties, the number of abortions remains at around 53,000,000 and counting. they have both done nothing to oppose this madness that will be judged by Almighty God. I will also be voting to end the insanely un-Constitutional nation-building prompted by the fictional Global War on Terror manufactured after the false-flag event of 911 in order to establish bases to surround Iran to satisfy the evil Zionist terrorist Mossad agents who control the State of Israel who came to power by killing many innocents just the same as they did on 911; the lunacy of converting centuries-old, tribal Arab sheikdoms to republican democrats; and maniacal bloodshed of innocent foreigners and young American soldiers based on the 911 lie that the GOP Neocons, Zionist Mossad agents in both parties, and the Dems under Zbigniew Brzezinski perpetrate now endlessly under the license of the fictional Global War on Terror based on the 911 lie and a hideous perversion of the meaning of patriotism.

  • Mr Big

    We have been had no matter what.
    The colusion between the parties to destory America and take away our freedom has been a long time in comming. Every sence R.R. 40 left the progressive wing of the Republican party G.W.H. Bush and his son along with key law makers like Mc Cain, Kyle, Santoruim, Gingrich etc have given them tust enough votes to pass the legislation to take us to hell.
    G.W.H. Bush signed on to United Nations Agenda 21 and without sending it to the Senate for radifaction they used the Presidents Executive Order to implement it along with IClEI from the United Nations.
    They have used global Warming lies as the stick to beat us into submission.
    Treason Wikipedia
    Noun-1- the offense of acting to overthrow ones government or (to harm or kill its sovereig) 2- a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

  • http://none noveldog2301

    Ben sure said a lot , word wise, to actually say so little common sense wise. I guess that is what he is getting paid for. The more words he uses the more he gets paid.

    Face facts. Mitt Romney is the only viable candidate who stands a snow ball chance in a really hot place of defeating Barack Husein Obama.

    Mitt believes in God, Country, and is a family man. He has acquired plenty of business knowledge, and he understands it well. He is by far the best qualified to lead us out of this quagmire of debt and mass confusion that Obama, and his Democratic cronies, have led us into. Vote Romney in 2012….he will serve you well!

    • American Girl

      One of the best insights to Romney I’ve seen.

      Mitt Romney. Was he a job creator or a corporate raider?

      That’s the question this film answers.

      And it’s not pretty.

      Mitt Romney was not a capitalist during his reign at Bain. He was a predatory corporate raider. His firm didn’t seek to create value. Instead, like a scavenger, Romney looked for businesses he could pick apart. Indeed, he represented the worst possible kind of predator, operating within the law but well outside the bounds of what most real capitalists consider ethical.

      He is exhibit number one the left wants to use in the coming election to give capitalism a bad name.

      He and his friends at Bain were bad guys. Any real capitalists should disavow Romney’s ‘creative destruction’ model that made him wealthy at the expense of thousands of American jobs.

      Mitt Romney and his cronies pioneered ‘deindustrialization,’ a process by which they searched out vulnerable companies, took them over, loaded them with debt, and collected obscene fees while doing so. He sent jobs overseas or killed them altogether, and then picked apart the remains – including pension funds – before the companies went bankrupt.

      Some might call that the free market. Most of us think its just plain wrong.

      If you wonder why America has lost so many manufacturing jobs overseas, look no further than Mitt Romney — the King of Bain.

      Think you know Mitt?

      Think again…

  • Herbert

    It is not a Republican thing but a country we have a two party system right now a 3rd party may come about but right now it is at the bottom of the food chain.the only way to look at is Obama has to go along with what who ever else that can be voted can not throw your vote away.I don’t care if it is Bozo the clown I am voting for him.if you vote for some one else it is a vote for Obama if you stay home it is a vote for Obama.there is to much at stake here to fool WAKE UP OUT THERE

  • jc21

    I guess the relevant thought there is “Presuming we can survive four more years of “the madness of King Barack,’ ”
    I for one am extremely doubtful that what remains of our Republic would survive another 4 years.
    As a conservative Libertarian, I have thrown my vote away more than once. This year will be different. Whatever it takes to break the monopoly of the Democrats and autocracy of Obama’s rule, so be it.
    I too believe the current Republican “leadership” is not the “end all” of what a good government should be, but considering we currently have a Senate that refuses to do it’s job by passing a budget, or calling a vote on anything they disagree with, we have a million miles to go to regain a Constitutionally respectful government. Republican and conservative voters at least show a bit more backbone than the liberals in holding their reps accountable after an election.

    Baby steps are better than no steps. We are just a vote away from losing any hope of regaining our relevance as a Republic.

    Vote smart.

  • Ted Birnbaum

    I too am disappointed that Romney will probably be the nominee. On the plus side he has
    clearly stated he will declare China a currency manipulator. But he is a pragmatist with no strong affection for liberty…or the Constitution. Why are we presented with this lousy choice??…because our democracy stinks. The people at this website like to claim America is suppose to be a republic, not a democracy. That is foolishness. We are both. If you want better choices for the election, you should be trying to improve our democracy, not denounce it. Improvements like….runoff elections or counting for all elections, direct national popular vote for President instead of the anti-democratic, antiquated, trouble making Electoral College, only Federal taxpayers should be allowed to vote for House Representative…and those Representative should run at large and the winners (100 of them) should vote in the House with the number of votes cast for them in their election. Then we would have a real democracy…third parties would flourish and the Republicans and Democrats would no longer take turns at corruption and incompetence.
    We also need laws that stop the incest between office holders and public employee labor unions AND also any corporations that do business with the government. By the way, I voted for Ron Paul in my state’s primary…but expect to vote for Romney in the general election.

    • Mark in LA

      And this will do what, exactly?

      On the plus side he has
      clearly stated he will declare China a currency manipulator.

      Thanks to Republican free-trade policies designed to use overseas labor to break unions and force Americans to wages below the cost of living, companies have hundreds of factories they own or are dependent on in China. No Republican is going to do anything more than wimper out a meak bark or two when the CEOs start calling him up once the Chinese threaten them with nationalization of those factories.

  • Milan

    Thanks Ben. I’m with you. Too many of us have been lukewarm too long, voting for the lesser of two evils. Being neither cold nor hot, we are not deserving of the perfect law of liberty America’s founders believed in and tried to bequeath to us. I have had a change of heart, thanks to the message of the uncompromising, incorruptible Ron Paul.

  • merlin

    The Republican party has many faults and I take exception to some of the things they do as well as some of the programs they support. And many of their elected officials fall far short of what the American people could hope for. However. The Democrat party has been taken over and is controlled by left wing extremist. It has reached the point that a more acurate name for the party would be The Socialist Democrat Party of America. They put forth idaes and programs that sound great and worthwhile. But these idaes and program never accomplish what the pulic thought they would. They never work. They create more beuocracy with arbitrary rules and regulations that are given the force of law. They expand government control over our lives and and spend our tax dollars or put the nation in debt. In the end no one is better off and we all loose some of our freedom.

  • AKay

    The establishment republicans had a chance to win the election, but chose to play the same game over and over. People keep clamoring for anything but Obama – but also seem to be saying “anyone but Obama or Ron Paul.” If you REALLY want Obama out of office – you vote principles over this false party paradigm. Because should Romney by some miraculous act actually win the presidency, all you clamoring that “he’ll save amerika and we’ll hold his feet to the fire THIS TIME” are just plain fooling yourselves. History shows that you will think some big change has come about (when it is only slightly cosmetically different) and you will slip back into complacency thinking you’ve won, when the win is completely hollow. We’re on a sinking ship – there is only one way to save it, vote for integrity and principles or vote to change dictators. I’d rather people stay mad to stay in the fight than slip away back into a false sense of victory.

    I’ll vote my conscience, I’ll tell my children that I chose to stand for something than fall for anything.

    Ron Paul 2012

    • American Girl

      AMEN! Well said!

  • http://Yahoo Dave 6729

    Republicans are not Conservative! They are tax cutting, Treasury robbing, Nation Building , Tax Dodgers that want to go to war for profits and the Party that Eisenhower warned us about. What they want is a Plutocracy or rule by the rich and everyone else to be poor and no restrictions on their profits as they rob every business and corporation under the laws of Scientology. Their one God is wealth and they will do anything to attain it..

  • Sonny

    Why doesn’t the Republican party find the woman who was on the e-mail circuit about a year ago telling the American people of the scary similarities there are now as when she lived in either Poland or Germany? She can’t believe how the American people can be duped like they were. I know what your thinking. They were duped, yes but now we have a template in which to see the horrors of the future.

  • old hillbilly

    Democrat progressive communists get two votes while the rest of us are stuck with one vote – a pedigreed cloned loser at best. “Gee Ate” Commissars elected O’Boomerang the democrat candidate for president. That frees loyal progressive democrats to elect an O’Boomerang clone to be the Republican presidential candidate. “Gee Ate” finances the Republican O’Boomerang clone with unlimited free air-time, progressive controlled debates, and endless cash to crush any legitimate competitive contender. Democrats vote again in November. Republicans can either hold their nose & vote for the clone or stay at home & not vote. Call it globalized freedeom… consumed… GONE!

  • Robert

    To those of you who are throwing in the towel – - – I FEEL SORRY for you! By sticking to some inane and redundant philosophy of not compromising your values by not voting for someone whom you do not totally agree with is foolhardy and stupid. I can’t believe that loyal patriotic American’s would take this action. If Romney is only “slightly” better than Obama then that is a step in the right direction. Then perhaps we can elect an even “more slightly” better candidate next time and surprise, surprise we just might, mind you, just might reach a point where we have someone we really like. One step at a time is much better than throwing ourselves off a cliff. If Obama gets the flexibility he wants in a second term he just might get a third and a fourth. We are witnessing the making of a tyrant and dictator so we better do something about it now and not wait for the “ideal” candidate which may not even exist. Wake up America – - – now is the time to fight, there may not be a tomorrow.

  • Hanzies Mom

    I would vote for Mickey Mouse, my dog, or anyone else. I agree that Romney is not our saviour but O is our end! Either way I also agree that it is in God’s hands. If O gets back in office it will be the last election we will ever have. He WILL become our dictator. Please read your bible. We are one of the lost tribes of Israel, descended through Abraham, by Mannasah. We have lost our way, and unless we get down on our knees and repent as a nation, we will be destroyed. Just think what our lives would be like if we all obeyed the Ten Commandments. No murder, no stealing, no lying, no corruption. Look around, wake up, and pray. Just reading these comments shows that O has succeeded in his policy of divide and conquer. Love your neighbor as yourself please!

  • silvernickel

    We currently have a Democratic Party hijacked by Progressives and a Repubican Party infiltratrated by Progressives (Rinos). Were not going to vote our way out of this mess that has been brewing for a hundred years. You can thank those who filled for many years the 435 congressional seats, 100 senatorial seats, 9 supreme court justice positions and 1 office of the president for where we are today. We have met the enemy and they is us. (Pogo)

  • Spence Downs

    Seek as you might, there are no true statesmen left in this nation. Politicians galore, but no real statesmen. The very fact that the Republican runners for the Office of President found it necessary to slice and dice each other shows that true civility is dead. None are to be trusted. The underlying problem is that this nation has turned away from God Almighty, on whose principles this nation was founded. That is very clear. There are true believers, but as a nation, secular humanism has taken over. Truth has become a lie. A concerted effort has been underway to remove all symbols of Christianity: remove His name from our money, remove all reference of God from our public buildings, remove the Ten Commandments, remove crosses from public view and from military cemeteries, prohibit prayer in schools, destroy family values, push “alternate” lifestyles, push pornography into every aspect of media, denigrate religion if it is Jewish or Christian, indoctrinate the children in socialism/communism and redistribute wealth. Most recently there has been a push to place government in control of religious conscience. Some so-called “christian” denominations no longer preach Jesus Christ but rather a “social” gospel. They openly embrace sin and call it “choice”. They preach heresy and deceive many. So be it. But God has also judged this nation by removing His blessing, and regardless of what man does, this nation will go down in ignominy as have all the other empires that rejected Him. There will be no great “revival” as a nation as many hope. The times are getting short and this nation has finally turned away from Israel as well. Way back in the beginning, God said to Israel, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.” God cannot lie! America is going down, regardless of who occupies the White House. The heart of America has become corrupt! How sad!

  • David Klinchuch

    Shane you don’t have a clue …………. unfortunately there are too many people like you.

    • Shane

      David, I know very well what is going on in this country. But you don’t clean a dirty table top with a dirty towel.

      David, you are either dirty (evil) or ignorant. Both are dangerous.

      I’m disgusted also with both parties. One party is however heads above the other in regards to vileness and evil. You can see it in its lower caste system. The people.

      There are exceptions. There are general rules. There is only one absolute.

      Generally speaking. The lower caste on the right, is more moral and decent than the the either the high or low caste on the left.

      Just call it light vs. dark.

      This election is about accepting darkness and embracing it. Or striving for the light. Even if it’s only a glimmer at times.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The “devil” is in the details. You two aren’t really that far apart. You just disagree on the means to end the evil. Those of us who see the evil and want to bring about it’s end should try not to attack each other. Don’t judge people based on which “party” they belong to or which “party” is better or worse. Stand up to evil and fight it wherever you see it. Look for points on which you can agree and seek solutions.

    • Shane

      Nancy, you’re about as wrong as wrong can be. You have ignored my comment, without responding directly to my printed words. One can do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Or wrong things for the right reason. But God judges on the heart.

      Self imposed blindness is not honorable. Two people can take the train to the same location, but still not be similar. Your comment did not even include factual similarites between the two.

  • Milan

    So often we hear America referred to as a Democracy. The founders tried to bequeath us a republican form of government. I found this (copied from another blog) helpful and wanted to share it:

    “Republic Versus Democracy – Ron Paul Speech in U.S. Congress
    Submitted by We the People on Mon, 02/08/2010 – 22:30
    Daily Paul Liberty Forum
    A very important basic concept which is not correctly taught in government controlled schools.

    Comment US Army Training Manual (1928-1932)
    Submitted by roythom on Sat, 03/17/2012 – 05:09.

    I came across this definition a couple of years ago from the US Army’s own training manual published from 1928 to 1932. . . . I am sure there are some veterans around who could validate the authenticity:

    “Democracy, n.:- A government of the masses. – Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of direct expression. – Results in mobocracy. – Attitude toward property is communistic… negating property rights. – Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. – Result is demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, [chaos].”

    A constitutional republic has checks and balances that are not evident in a simple democracy. Note the references to “communistic” and “negating property rights”.”

  • Freedomrules

    Ron Paul has some good ideas but he doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Voting for any third party candidate is just what O’bama is hoping for, you will be a willing participant in his scheme. Romney may not be best (he’s not my choice, nor are the others still in the running) but we’ll still have a chance at recovery. So go ahead, be a bonehead, vote for Paul and ensure the annoited one four more years.

    • AKay

      If every person that said “Ron Paul can’t win,” voted for Ron Paul – HE’D WIN!

      • Geno

        And if every person voted based on their values (not what the media tells them) Ron Paul would win. I wil vote for Ron Paul because he is the only candidate whose ideas ring true to my core values about the principles this country was founded on. These are not “RepubliCON” values. Nor are they “DemoCRAPIC” values. They are values based on the Constitution and the Declaration of independence and the historical principles that led to the creation of these great documents, such as the Magna Carta, and the philosophy of John Locke and the ideas of enlightened writers such as Thomas Payne and Frederic Bastiat.

        If people would only read the great works of the age of enlightenment they would understand why Ron Paul is such an important candidate.

        As for me, I will vote for Ron Paul no matter what. And if he is not elected and we witness the demise of America at least I can say proudly that I supported the only candidate who could have saved us.

      • American Girl

        Exactly! But, once again, the ministry of truth has told the sheeple who they will vote for and who will win. We deserve what we get, as the vast majority of “voters” only know about the candidates what they derive from their lies and lying promises. The price of freedom is vigilence… but do people even bother to research those running – those who will be making every decision effecting every area of everyone’s life? Had the masses bothered in the last election, Obama wouldn’t be there (and McCain wouldn’t have been the one opposing him). The power brokers have staged the play and we have been a willing audience. Honestly, anyone who thinks that it matters whether or not it is Obama or Romney is deluded.

        With that said, I would not waste my time going to the polls if I could not vote for Ron Paul. If he is not on the ballot in November, I will write him in and be VERY proud to do so.

        See what happened “When Romney Came to Town” and envision him at the helm.

  • Herbert

    Conservatives get crucified by the media, while liberals get a pass. That’s one HELLAVA disadvantage. Nobody else has the courage to suffer the “slings and arrows” as the current candidates do. Who do you want? Daniels chickened out. The ex-gov. of Minn.(I can’t remember his name) let his ego get in the way; and quit too early. Nobody else has the cohones. Four more years of Obama is out of the question. Can you say, HELLO THIRD WORLD. Romney stinks, but he’s the only one with a chance. Sitting it out is ridiculous. Do what you have to do.

  • picnick

    I have been a lifelong staunch Republican voter with an emphasis on fiscal conservatism in voting. After seeing how the GOP establishment has treated Dr. Paul in the past 2 elections I no longer have any allegiance to the GOP. They have lost THEIR way. The GOP was become a big spending, big government, big debt, war party. These past 2 elections have taught me that voting the party line is wrong because it puts the wrong man on the ballot. Ron Paul has earned my vote by being the most principled, sincere, wise, and consistent candidate. If that makes me crazy in the eyes of the GOP establishment, I’m fine with that. I will also remind them that they are the ones who have drifted in the wrong direction. NOT ME.
    I only have one vote to give and I choose to give it to the man who has earned it, not bought it.

  • Dave Bernier

    Totally agree with Ben Crystal’s article. Hoping all 4 Republican candidates stay in the race up to the Republican nomination. Will not be enough votes to nominate any of the 4 candidates on the first ballot. This will release the voting delegates to vote their conscious. My hope is Ron Paul wins the nomination! Hoping for a Ron Paul/ Newt Gingrich Republican nomination!
    God help us if Obama wins!

    • Alex

      You “{t}otally agree” with Mr Crystal’s article? That includes, then, the notion that Warren Buffet is “vermin”? A bit harsh…

      Though I am no supporter of egregious wealth, Mr Buffet seems to have opened himself to the wrath of the Reich Wing simply because he, too, realizes that our economic system is horribly skewed in favor of the plutocracy.

      I do not closely follow the Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless as so many of those on the Right seem to do—all wigged up on Trump and the Kock Brothers and Oprah and Gates, but it seems to me that Mr Buffet has amassed his ridiculous fortune the good old American Way, something the sheeple of the Right always squawk about. That he is aware enough to realize that this wretched country is top-heavy and that One Per Centers like him should pay their FAIR SHARE should be applauded, rather than blasted. For Mr Crystal to call him ‘vermin’, and for you to agree, exposes how deeply the Neo-conartists have penetrated the collective Fright Wing (un)consciousness.

      The great California writer John Steinbeck once very shrewdly remarked that, “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

      None of you will ever suffer Mr Buffet’s worries, but in the delusion that you just might, the idea of your fulfilling of the social contract sure keeps you up at night.

      • Jay

        If the devil’s greatest trick was to make the world believe he didn’t exist, then Warren Buffett’s greatest ruse has been to make the world forget he was a hedge fund manager.

  • http://google john p.

    Obama has done nothing .but put our great,great,great grand children
    in debt . Obama and the democrats all got to go. these people are
    trying to destroy our country .

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The debt is only a symptom of the problem. It is a means to the end.

  • Carl Manning

    What is so tragic about so-called commentators like Ben Crystal and countless others is that if they really were Constitutional Conservatives as they purport to be, they would by no means continually endorse the Republican Party whatsoever. How many chances do you have to give the GOP to represent the Constitutional Conservatives before you become convinced THEY NEVER WILL: 4 elections, 5 elections, 10 elections, 20??? It is so defeatist and downright useless and a waste of time to quadrennially and biennially hear these commentators at first beg the GOP to see the light and get behind a non-Neocon, truly Conservative Constitutionalist who is not a moderate, pathological liar, warmonger, babykiller, socialist, and/or flip-flopper. Then, when the GOP invariably picks its Moderate Establishment candidate and reliable whore, they always say either let’s go ahead and hold our nose, coalesce together, bury the hatchet, compromise our principles yet again, and pick the lesser of two evils, or I’ll have to go ahead and vote Third Party this go-round. If these commentators would go ahead and make a clean break with the GOP and start advocating a Third Party movement, we could cause Constitutional COnservatives to become energized behind a Third Party and utterly destroy the GOP overnight. When Lincoln ran for the Presidency in 1860, there were 4 political parties in the race! The GOP had only been in existence a mere 6 years when he won the Presidency. The candidate the fledgling GOP ran for the Presidency in 1856 was named Fremont. Fremont won around 11 States, which for an upstart political party which had only been in existence for 2 years was phenomenal! Those who think Third Parties can’t make it have only to look at history to know it is indeed possible; it is the greatest fear of the Establishment in both mainstream political parties. The American Electorate only has 15% who are diehard GOP and only 15% who are diehard Democrats; everybody else, the remaining 70%, are Independents. Ross Perot was ahead of Clinton and Bush I before he prematurely left the race. In fact, Clinton was in last place because more would-be Clinton supporters broke for Perot. That’s the lie the GOP and this ignorant commentator still pass on as fact to keep you feeling disenfranchised if you vote Third Party. If these sad commentators would just realize their true power and potential to galvanize a new Third Party movement, much of their hopes and dreams could be realized, but it will NEVER happen via the GOP that has long since outlived its usefulness. The GOP belongs on the ash heap of history like the Whigs Party it long ago replaced. It’s time to quit apologizing for the GOP. It’s time to divorce the GOP once and for all. Name one good thing the GOP has done for you lately. CAN’T DO IT??? Zero, zilch, nada! GOP=RIP

  • The Yakima Kid

    The most tragicomic episode I have ever witnessed was a certain California state wide Republican meeting where after giving a speech about how the the future of the Republican Party lay in attracting young people, the organization forced all of the Ron Paul supporters to leave the building while another candidate spoke.

    And the Republican leadership is too stupid to recognize that they only disgust more and more people. From calling the police on those who wish to record the events at caucuses to falsifying votes to the infamous conduct in Nevada in 2008, all the Republicans do is alienate anyone who isn’t a war-mongering religious nut job.

  • Jeff

    I am 100% for Ron Paul.

  • Al

    Given all the previous comments, (admittedly, I haven’t read them all) there is no real difference between Obama and Romney.
    Both of the above are bankrolled and owned by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and the rest of the Wall Street banking establishment. Both Obama and McCain were likewise bankrolled in 2008. Those bankers love to hedge their bets.

    Ben Crystal is right. Voting for either Barack or Mitt is voting for the status quo (i.e. the Wall Street cartel).

    My vote?
    Ron Paul if he’s the Republican candidate.
    Ron Paul if he’s a third party candidate.
    Some other third party candidate. (Probably Gary

  • Tex

    Amen, Ben! And don’t worry about it – vote principle over fecal matter every time you get the chance. Funny, of the ten or so “conservative” republicans that send me e-mails, six are on social security (and are scared to death of any spending cuts); three are double dippers; one lives with his mom and is on disability; one collected unemployment for three years (after losing a temp govt. job even though his spouse is a millionaire), and one guy runs a small business. And he is the only one that actually wants to cut spending. Over 175 million people are DEPENDENT on a government check.

  • Blue

    I agree Nancy in Nebraska. The rights of Christians are being attacked every single day. We are seeing unprecedented lack of ethics and morality in this country. Obama and his administration have removed God from everything. If we don’t return to our Savior, we will be totally lost. The agenda of the evil elite and all their bought and paid for minions is not something this world wants to witness, let alone live in. The horrors are just beginning but there is much more to come. I will not turn my back on God no matter what the consequences. I fear separation from God more than my death by man.

  • perry

    If you don’t vote for rommey obama will win . as much as i like ron paul,ill have to vote for rommey.if obama wins it will be the end of USA as we know it.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      If you vote for romney, you will be part of the problem, not part of the solution. Things cannot continue to go as they have been going. You think anything is better than obama. They are the same thing! No difference! We need change in this country and I’m not talking about obamas kind of change! We need to throw them ALL out!

  • Lorraine

    Simple solution: Draft Allen West. He could beat BHO.

  • robert stoltz

    Ben Crystal,
    What don’t you understand about, “ANYBODY BUT OBAMA/”
    Your not so subtle suggestion that if obama wins, republicans deserve it sucks!
    I just cancelled my subscription so as to avoid such lunacy in the future.

    • FreedomFighter

      Yes I tend to agree,

      Slow the agenda with Mitt, build up the 3rd party for 2016, to soon not enough momentum right now to make it work.

      IMHO if Obama is elected — America is done for.

      Mitt – maybe not as quick, though he is NWO to the core.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Greg

    Of all the candidates, only Ron Paul is right of JFK. Think about it.

    • Alex

      Nothing to think about there, Greg…

  • bill

    Romnney has the same backers Obama has nethere one of these two has this country interast for freedoms and rights of a free republic they just have a lust for control of the people and goverment and do as they please just like Obama has been doing for the last three years so thats why i’ll only vote for RON PAUL

    • Sue

      First of all you don’t even know Mitt Romney. All you hear about Mitt comes from the news media and they aren’t very good sources. Most of you don’t know your butt from a whole in the ground! Personally I think Mitt and Ron would make a good team! They are both good men, they aren’t perfect, but neither are you. Look at a person’s personal life to see what they stand for. Both of these men want the best for the American people. I know Mitt Romney is a praying individual and will seek to know how the Lord would use him. Have faith in God! Our Father in Heaven is always in control. He will send tornadoes, earth quake, storms, famine, or whatever it takes to bring the people together and back to him.

      • American Girl

        I agree Sue… let’s look at Romney’s personal life. Good? Not in my book

        See what happened “When Romney Came to Town” and envision him at the helm.

  • turingschild

    Congratulations Ben, you’re finally seeing what I’ve been saying throughout this campaign. Unfortunately, the GOP no longer represents Conservatives or conservatism. The only way out of this hole, short of armed rebellion, would be if every Conservative fled to the Libertarian Party and started over again. And of course, the odds of that happening, let alone succeeding, are infinitesimal. Do I hear the Fat Lady warming up?

  • Michael in Iowa

    I do not know where the idea comes from, the roots of the Republican party are NOT conservative. The GOP started with the Lincoln administration which was NOT constitutionally conservative.

  • wan wilton

    you dont know what you are talking about& sounds like you are trying to get obama elected again

  • DaveH

    Ben says — “Conservatives have repeatedly been forced to hold their noses and cast ballots for candidates who are only marginally better than the shrieking liberals whom they oppose”.
    No, Ben, they have had a choice to elect the only True Conservatives, who believe in the kind of Freedom most of our Forefathers fought for, for at least 40 years now — The Libertarian Party. But they chose apathetically to let the MSM propagandists steer them around by their noses. We get what we work for.

  • Alex

    Where is DaveH and the rest of the Vitriolic Ad Hominem Squad? Mr Crystal labels Warren Buffet as “vermin” and not a peep?

    Silly Crystal tags Mr Buffet as vermin because he disagrees with his position on the social contract and the duty of the Gluttonous Few, especially in the course of two wars and a flattened economy, to fulfill it.

    Vermin? Really, Mental Ben? It is exactly this type of histrionic bathos that constantly undercuts even the sparest bit of sense in your otherwise, well, just plain ignorant prose.

    • JeffH

      Alex screams bahhhhhhh at the top of his lungs then proceeds on with the everpresent Alinsky method of ridicule. You’ve learned your lessons well Comrad Alex. Are you a firm believer that “the end justifies the means” Comrad Alex? Your imagination is sorely lacking Comrad Alex!

    • DaveH

      Because Ben isn’t using his name-calling solely to replace reasonable statements, Alex, like you Liberals do.
      And since I’m a guest, I tread lightly when it comes to criticizing the authors.
      Also, it’s no secret that I dislike Liberals (very much).
      Liberals are vile, disgusting creatures, who have no pangs of conscience when it comes to forcing their ways on other people or when it comes to riding on other peoples’ backs.

      • Jay

        What Alex is really trying to say: You are a rigid, religious fanatic! You are fearful of change, aggressive, and not very stylish. I could list some more flattering traits about you, but you’re a conservative so you’ll probably pull out your shotgun and go ape on me. While you’re at it, why don’t you be gooder at educating yourself and work on being more cultured, you know, embrace more cultures other than your own because I loathe the traditional American way- what America was built on. I am a liberal and proud of it because I read more books than you, travel the world, and am empathetic to every living thing. I can save the world, one tree at a time. lol…

      • DaveH

        And you’re empathetic to every living thing.
        Yeah, right.

  • Dave67

    Vigilant says:
    March 27, 2012 at 11:10 am
    Dave67 says, “You do know the fed Gov has shrunk under Obama? The Fed ranks have shrunk…. But that doesn’t fit your talking points now does it?”

    “How much has President Barack H. Obama grown the size of the U.S. government’s budget since coming into power in January 2009?

    If we go by President George W. Bush’s final Fiscal Year 2009 budget, in which the average amount of federal government spending for each year through Fiscal Year 2013 was projected to be $2.732 trillion (in terms of inflation-adjusted, constant 2005 U.S. dollars) and compare that value to the average amount of federal spending that President Obama is currently projecting for both 2012 and 2013 of $3.185 trillion (also in terms of constant 2005 U.S. dollars), we find that President Obama has effected a permanent federal government spending increase of at least $452 billion.

    Or in other terms, President Obama has permanently grown the size of the U.S. federal government’s budget by 16.5% during the four years he will have been in office by the end of his first term in office. The federal government’s spending is one-sixth bigger today than it was projected to be at this point four years ago.”

    What do you have to say now, sonny?


    I say apples and oranges…. You are using spending to make you deluded point (paying for wars still, higher unemployment rates, losing revenue due to tax cuts) and I am using actual gov employees

    There you go Junior….

    • Vigilant

      You’re damned right they’re apples and oranges! You fell right into that one big time!

      To take a cue from another place, another time, “It’s the spending, stupid!”

      • Dave67

        Oh boy… Do I really need to explain to you that spending does not equal the size of gov growing?

        Try again kid….

      • Vigilant

        LOL! I rest my case.

  • hereinsd

    One thing that none of you are considering is the FACT that during the next term of whoever gets elected, the state of our economy is going to be in shambles. We will have run away inflation like never seen before and there is no stopping what has already been put in place. The question is who is going to get blamed for it, will it be Obama or Romney? My guess would be that if Romney gets elected, he will be a 1 term president that gets blamed for not fixing the now impossible problem with our economic condition and in 2016 we will be right back where we started from with another Democrat in the White House.

    If we instead focus on taking the Senate and adding more seats in the House, we can at least control what gets sent to Obama’s desk enacted into law. We could try to put the brakes on the additional harm he will cause and take the White House in 2016 with a real Conservative candidate that the whole country will be willing and happy to elect. A candidate that will bring back pride in our country. A candidate like Ronald Reagan and it will be a landslide!!

    If instead the Republicans happen to take the senate and get more house seats and control congress with Romney as President, it will be the Republicans who will be spending us into oblivion and it will be a landslide election in 2016 for whoever the Democratic candidate might be. If you doubt this, just look at what happened the last time the Republicans took control of congress, did we get a lower balanced budget? I think not!!

  • Andrew

    Dick Morris says alot of good things that Romney will do that Obama won’t do. I like that however I’m not hearing the one thing NOT said.

    That would be; Getting back to Constitutional mandatedf govt, not a “Party Driven Ideologue Administrations”.

    We MUST get both parties to obey our Constitution, now!!! As it stands right now, we have a two party dictatorship that conveniently ignores this document.

    Romney isn’t going to change this. Under Romney spending will continue (really a hidden tax), tax breaks to corporations continues, bloated govt agencies that continue unfettered regulation will slow down our economy. Useless short term fixes for the oil problem, never permanent solutions.

    I never used to believe anything from Ron Paul but he is making more sense and he is one person who will lead us back to a Constitutionally principled govt.

    • Dave67


      When did Dick Morris become an expert on ANYTHING? He is a paid hired gun to the highest bidder… Now he sucks off the GOP Teet…

      The guy is an immoral idiot.

      • Carl Manning

        The only thing Dick Morris was ever an expert at was sucking the toes of DC hookers.

  • Dennis Powell

    If all you can say about Newt is that he is “unpalatable,” your case for ignoring him has no legs. He is the obvious choice and the answer to all your objections!

    • hereinsd

      Lets see, he was against Rep Paul Ryan’s Medicare Reform Plan
      He was making the rounds promoting the Medicare Part D coverage fiasco.
      He believes in Global Warming and even hugged trees with Senator John Kerry.
      He supports the Health Care Mandate
      He has gotten paid to consultant to support the use of ethanol
      He has gotten paid as a consultant for Freddie Mac

  • ranger hall

    Man no wonder the country is in the state it is, Just listening to some of you people and how well you have been brainwashed for so long.
    YOUR vote should go to who you think will do the most good for the Country and its People,Win or lose you have made a point that will be remembered, To vote for someone else because you think your choice will not win, THATS BRAINWASHING.
    To me they are all Politicians, But i will vote for someone that appears to be a little different from the rest. This seems to be Ron Paul.even tho i feel that he will not make it, WE will put one of the Powers to Be picked People just as you have always done, Dem or repug does not matter ALL belong to the same club.
    WE should start A third Party, All Dems or repugs WHO have served in office would be excluded from joining, American Peoples Party
    But even this would not work.The People are just to seperated and To busy or Lazy to make it work.
    The People need to take Control of the People that are put into office<<Any office that is responsible to the People, AND that is all of them.
    Laws need to be changed to punish these people, But these people write laws to Protect themselves.
    SIMPLE the People need to be HEARD, But all we do is complain to ea other.
    When has a Politician EVER listened to the People.But they really dont care what you think AS long as you just follow the BELL.
    If we wait for God to solve these problems, we may be waiting for a long,long time.
    a Squad of soldiers came under attack,out numbered most killed,some wounded, the sgt looked over the men and noticed one soldier was not firing his weapon,just hugging the ground, the sgt moved over to the soldier and said why are you not shooting, the soldier replied i am praying to god to save us,The sgt said to the soldier Fire your weapon kill the people trying to kill US, And if you are alive when this ends, YOU can thank God if you want to.

  • FreedomFighter

    Former Navy SEAL: “Cold Civil War, but for how long?”

    On the heels of NDAA, ObamaCare, Stimulus, Son of Stimulus, Patriot Act, takeover of auto, energy, media and movie industries, and the relentless implementation of Agenda 21… the Obama regime running our country into the ground has issued an updated Executive Order which suggests the probability of impending MARTIAL LAW.

    We are left to scratch our heads and ask……… Why now?

    The only possible answer is…

    America is in fact, right now, in the vicious throes of a Cold Civil War.

    Cold as in non-violent and Civil as in nationwide; an attempt to force a new government-controlled ideology upon an unwilling public.

    And the forces implementing this agenda are relentless.

    Full Artical:

    Thanks again Steve for the great link, Angel Wars was a great book.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Sirian

      Outstanding article FF, Outstanding!!

  • Angelina

    I don’t think that I or the country would recover from another 4 years of our current president. I’m voting for Ron Paul in the primary, but if he doesn’t get the nomination, I’ll vote for whomever does. Looking at the other candidates, and judging according to their voting records, I believe they are malleable enough to bend to our will–we conservatives great big squeeking wheel. We did it while Bush was in office (remember the sneaky Dubai ports deal?) and there are more people who are awake and aware now that will watch whomever our new president is like a hawk. However, I certainly can understand why Bob and others feel the way they do, or even people who don’t want to vote at all given the poor candidate pool. For all of us, it is a matter of conscience. But whatever happens, it’s up to US to fix it. One of the best ways is to have strong regional communities where everyone knows everyone else has the other’s back. Also, getting involved in every aspect of local politcs. Any place you can make an impact, do some good. One of the reasons we’re in this mess is because nobody cares about local stuff like they should, not to mention local elections in other places. The reason I say this is because when Alan Keyes and obama ran in IL, a friend notified me and I contributed towards Alan Keyes (still think he’s great, the best debator of our times, the mention of his name would make liberal empty talking heads mute on Maher’s show back in the day). It didn’t keep obama from winning but at least I tried. But the very best thing we Christians can do is to put on Christ and PRAY ! Don’t forget the People Power folks in the Phillipines. Christians all over the country stopped what they were doing, started praying, over a million with their entire families went to meet the tanks praying and singing their anthem and national songs, and the enemy was defeated!



    Good morning , Before I start making comments that some of you might consider to be senseless , I want to make very clear a couple of points ;first I do not consider myself an expert on “politics” or any other subject , second, (you probably) will not believe me ,but it happens to be TRUE I do not have the “opinion” that ALL politicians are “CROOKS”.
    I sincerely believe that many of them try their best to make things better for our People and Nation ,but is not easy when some in their own Party side with the “enemy”, in this case Obama and his “partners”.We all know that our Nation can’t possibly survive four more years with Obama and his “partners” in the White House and Congress.It is very difficult for me to understand why is it that many of you seem to beleive that we will only have two choices in Nov.2012 ; Obama (God forgive) and Romney(not much better).
    In all the comments that I read today 03/27/12 nothing was mentioned about the “one”candidate that , in my opinion could solve our problem , Rick Santoroum.
    He is the only one that has the practical experience and , most important , the “principles”that others seem to lack. Let’s not forget that Gov. Romney , as a Governor only had to worry about “his” state , on the other hand , Senator Santoroum as a good Senator , was concern with “all problems in the Nation”; and even with many international problems. Obama’s ObamaCare(the American tragedy) is nothing more than an almost “carbon copy” of Romney’s (RomneyCare??). Besides , Romney’s promises are more flexible than a rubberband ,constantly changing to “accomodate”the latest poll.
    When you listen to Obama and Romney , I am sure you will notice a great similarity in the way they try to “clarify” their previous “promises”. We all know that Obama hates our Nation and the Moral , Spiritual and Religious Principles we stand for. I don’t think that Romney feels or thinks the same way,as we know he is a Mormon and therefore is not a Christian but he shares , at least some of Our Principles.Rick is a man that without any doubt Loves his NATION and PEOPLE as well as the Principles for which we stand.
    He is a Catholic Christian and as such will do his best to lead (not force) our Nation in a Christian way with HIS BLESSINGS….NOTE! Ginghrich is also a good candidate with a lot of experience in Congress and some good ideas (NOT populating the MOON).He is also a good Christian and would be ,in my opinion a better choice than Romney.Definitely our very WORST choice IS Emperor!O,Banana!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

    • kkflash

      I appreciate that you are trying to look on the bright side of the Republican candidates.

      Just a quick correction to one of your statements: Mormons are Christians. In fact, the name of their church is actually “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”.

  • Winston84

    ‘Election Fraud – This Hoax Affects Everyone’ – Please, go watch this 23 minute video posted on you tube. Wasn’t it Stalin that once said…. ‘it matters not how people vote, what matters is, who counts the votes’…

  • hereinsd

    Here is the problem with our system of voting. Watch this video that explains the problem in simple terms and a possible solution.

    The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained

    The Alternative Vote Explained

  • Geno

    When will Americans learn from history? When will they open up their eyes and realize the way it’s always been….Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same big government fiat currency. There has only been a shift in power from one party to another over the past 50 years. There has never really been change. If you want to change the direction this country is heading then you have to change the way you choose your candidate. Instead of following the media favorites why not do just the opposite. Who is truly the most unique candidate? Who has a different approach to the way government should be run? It is RON PAUL. The choice is obvious. If you want change then you have to do something you have never done before: Choose a candidate who is the least favored by the mainstream media. Choose the only one who is truly different from all the others. After all, what do you have to loose now? Obama for another 4 years will accelerate America’s demise. Romney will just pick up where Obama leaves off. Ron Paul will shake things up and electrify America. CHOOSE RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!!!!

    • Carl Manning

      Yeah, it’s a no-brainer. Just find the guy the media, the Dems, and the GOP absolutely abhor, the guy they make fun of, the guy they play dirty illegal political tricks with, the guy who supports the Constitution, and the guy they pretend doesn’t even exist. That guy would be Ron Paul. That’s the guy the American People should be supporting 150% even in a write-in campaign if he doesn’t get the corrupt GOP’s nomination. I sincerely hope Ron Paul will go Third Party after the GOP nomination process is over because Ron is a fish out of water in the Neocon/Zionist-controlled, 911-hoodwinked GOP. He has cross-party and immense Independent appeal because the Constitution never goes out of fashion with the American People! He can most definitely win in a three-way race against Tweedle “D” and Tweedle “R”. Ron Paul needs to do 30-minute infomercials like Ross Perot did to maximum effect. 30-second sound bites here and there in the MSM won’t cut it with getting his message across. He needs to explain himself to the brainwashed American electorate.

    • reggie3

      Reagan was sure a change from “Blood and Guts” Carter.For one thing,I got my job back.

  • jopa

    I have watched Romney during his victory speeches and he looks like a frightened mouse with his eyes twitching and nervously glancing in all directions.He will never be a strong and courageous leader if he has so much fear just being among the low lifes of the teabagger movement, rednecks or anyone else making less than 5 million a year.He has lived too sheltered of a life and does not know reality and even the people around him realize this.That’s where the Etch a Sketch comment comes in, just tell em what they want to hear until you get in office, clean the comment board and tell how it is going to be.Perhaps Obama doesn’t go around calling Islamic terrorists names like Romney does but if they get out of line Obama will call for the shot between their eyes.We have seen a lot of that recently.

  • Average Joe

    My vote is still commited to Ron Pal….for those that don’t like that…too bad…so sad.
    I will vote my conscience….period. The Republican party can either embrace Ron Paul and his followers…..or they can lose the election…it’s no sweat off my backside either way.
    Obama, Newt,Mitt, or Rickybob…same coin…different faces……they cannot and will not get my vote….and all of the crying and whining from those who disagree with my choice..won’t change that one simple fact….so don’t waste your time….by responding.

    RON PAUL / ANDREW NAPOLITANO 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carl Manning

      Great choice but I would also like to see Ron Paul team up with James Traficant, the Congressman from Ohio who went to jail for standing up to the Zionists who control this country and its media. Imagine a Ron Paul/James Traficant Presidency that decides to investigate 911! It would be REVOLUTIONARY!!! Heads would roll all over the place, and the Establishment would be destroyed!

      • Average Joe

        I chose Napolitano because Ron Paul has stated publicly (on at least two occasions over the last year) when asked about who he would like as a running mate…His statement was, “I sure do like Judge Andrew Napolitano”. I would imiagine that that will be his choice as VP…. they are both definitely on the same page morally and Constitutionally.

  • Steve

    At our recent county convention last Saturday we had the largest republican turn out in history. All most all of the delegates no matter what candidate they espoused said something like: I am for this or that candidate but will vote for any one who is nominated to defeat Obama. That is a good sign folks.
    Now let me say this in case you do not remember. I voted for the independent in the past and have looked back and seen the mistake. There is no glory or meaning in voting for the guaranteed looser this time around. Last I heard Paul had 50 delegates or so and Romney had 500 +. It may have made my conscience feel better at the time to make a statement, but was not and has never been the best option for the nation.
    Now for the practical side of things, I like Ron Paul, I think he may make a good Vice President, however being a doctor and carrier politician does not equate to being a qualified business man in the big scheme of things. Romney’s superior business experience will make a big difference in getting things done. You who compare Romney to McCain are out to lunch. McCain was a carrier politician, and so is Paul for that matter. Romney is the proven leader in the field and he can turn us around.
    Last election I was very disappointed when Romney dropped early. Now I feel he was smart in doing so. He has shown he has the common sense to be able to read the tea leaves as it were. I now wish Santorum and Newt would do the same.
    The Last election was very polarized over religion in the primaries. I remember the rhetoric and also how we heard it about the Catholics in the Kennedy election it was the same thing. Religious predigest, now remember and consider how Obama claimed he was a Christian just to ride the wave? Is he Christian? I don’t think so. Does it matter? And call me predigest if you must, but this country was founded on conservative Christian values and it may be an issue if we move toward adopting Muslim law. I have heard much of anti Mormon rhetoric in this cycle claiming Mormons are not Christian and can not help to think most of the opposition to Romney is based on that. Think carefully about where your bias comes from and study it out a bit. You can start by goggling “The Articles of Faith”
    I am not preaching here folks so please take it for what it is worth.
    The hard fact is Mormons are Christians and there are about 14 million of them that will tell you that around the world if you bother to ask. That is spelled out in their first article of faith published back in the 1800s which reads:
    We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.
    There is another article that says: We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.
    I know for a fact that the Mormon Church is about the business of Christ only and preaches from the pulpit in every chapel they have in the world by the direction of the leadership and that they do not endorse any candidates for public office. They do not allow any political meetings in there chapels as to offer any legitimacy for any candidate. They admonish members to participate in the election process and study carefully the candidate’s positions and qualifications then exercise free will and vote according to the best qualified personal choice.

    I think that one man as a president can not do it alone and we really need now get behind a candidate or team who has proven morals and start imposing term limits and start vetting the new candidates for the house and senate. Remember absolute power corrupts absolutely and it is high time to change that senate power structure.

    Let me assure you that I personally know the Romney Family and have known them for years and you will not find a better family to represent the country anywhere.

  • American Girl

    OK… for all the defeatists out there who “like” Ron Paul but believe he is “unelectable” and therefore will throw pearls before swine by voting for Romney… Now hear this;

    BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul Winning Nomination (Either Way)!

    I’m encouraged ;)

    If this doesn’t play out the way it should, my vote will still go to Ron Paul, because I’m not a sell-out… never was, never could be

    • Average Joe

      I posted that video last week and like you, I am encouraged…however (and there is always a however)..shortly after Josh Tolley posted this…the Repugs started talking about “Rule 40″ and stopping Paul from being able to be on the ballot at the convention.

      I really Like this Josh Tolley, he is very well spoken…and makes so much sense…anyone that can listen to this man…and not get it…are completely hopeless and worthless as human beings.

    • JeffH

      :) Thanks to both of you for posting you’re videos and alerting me to the voice of Josh Tally.

      • JeffH

        …errr Tolley…

      • Average Joe

        You’re very welcome. I always thought that this is what these forums were for…sharing information. I subscribed to his channel, so that when I miss the show…I still get it in an email. I must admit that he really has a way of explaining things that is so simple and straight forward, that I often wonder…”Why didn’t I see that before?”. A very articulate individual, with a wealth of information to share.

    • reggie3

      Yes you are.You are voting for B.Hussein Obama if you write in Paul.

  • Traditionalist

    If so-called conservatives griping about Romney had come up with a serious candidate the result might have been different. On the other hand, some of us (conservatives) have been in the trenches since the Goldwater days (remember him?) and actually like Romney. He was the only competent one of the bunch.

  • boyscourt

    Here, here, Ben! Well written, well thought. Kudos! Now take some time to elevate your humor to this level :/
    To all others: Read Ben again! Actually think about his position. Sure you are PO’ed with the predetermined development leading to the 2012 elections.

  • della

    After reading most of these comments, I don’t have any doubt Obama will have another term. I don’t understand people I suppose. At this point, I am so dismayed. There is no way either of the Republicans could be as bad as Obama. I feel I should congratulate Obama on his imminent re-election by dividing the Republicans. Divide and conquer! Go ahead, folks. Proudly say you voted your conscientious and stood your ground while the dictator completes his mission on the destruction of America. Am I afraid? Not at all. I am prepared to die; I am a Christian and my security is in the Lord Jesus. This could be the final election in America. In God alone is my hope!

    • American Girl

      Della says:
      “There is no way either of the Republicans could be as bad as Obama. I feel I should congratulate Obama on his imminent re-election by dividing the Republicans. Divide and conquer! Go ahead, folks. Proudly say you voted your conscientious and stood your ground while the dictator completes his mission on the destruction of America.”

      1st of all, “either” means 2… hmmm… what happened to Ron Paul?

      2nd, Obama has not divided the Republicans… the party has, with blatant supression of Ron Paul (with the most, overall support) and election fraud.

      3d, I will always, proudly vote my conscience. Regardless of whether it is Obama or Romney, this country, as we know, it is coming to a grounding hault. Both are owned by the same power brokers. The only possible way back to sanity will be through Ron Paul. I pray God gives us the chance to recuperate and turn back to him.

      4th, You are afraid or you wouldn’t have posted saying you weren’t. As a Christian, you should know that not only is God “aware” of what is going on, but He is actually orchestrating it. We, the so-called followers of Christ, have turned from the truth to allow (and even embrace) the destruction of our once prosperous nation. How? By our blythe acceptance of everything that is contrary to the teachings of Christ (Scripture) – not to mention the fact that one practically has to whisper His name in public in order to stay “safe”. Do you think God is wringing His hands and wondering if we’ll ever “get it’? I don’t know about you, but I see the judgement before us and realize that it is for our good. Like I said, I pray for a stay of execution… may God have mercy on us.

      Ron Paul or bust!

      • della

        There is no fear in me! I know God is in control. The outcome is in His hands. He allowed Obama to get elected the first time, perhaps to awaken this nation. I also believe we have to use the sense He gave us too. You sound like a Christian and I hope you are. The bible tells us not to fear, but I also know a house divided can not stand. We are told that when we have done all we can, then to stand and see the glory of God. I will be voting and waiting. BTW, I did not mean to leave out Ron Paul. I meant the 4 of them.

  • John

    The idea is to defeat Obama. I was for Santorum until he violated Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.
    The Republicans threw Gingrich under the bus years ago and is unelectable.
    Paul can’t win either.
    If you stay home on election day rather that cast your vote for Romney, you are, in effect, voting for Obama.

    • American Girl

      I won’t stay home. I’ll cast my vote for the only honorable candidate, who has been true to his word since he took office 30 yrs ago. R O N P A U L

    • Jay

      What a choice John. Either vote for Barabbas, or his brother. I refuse to be complicit in America’s destruction; so i will vote for neither one. Rather, i will cast my vote for Ron Paul; and you can go suck an egg!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Gee, after following this all day, I’d say the republican party has a problem. They are so out of touch with what republican individuals want. I have believed from the very start that the republican party was going to shove romney down our throats no matter what. Well guess what!?!

      • RichE

        Nancy in Nebraska,
        Your own party is making you eat broccoli? My, my, what’s the world coming to? LOL

    • Carl Manning


      What is more important: defending Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment or defending the US Constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC???
      The GOP Establishment RINO Socialist NEOCONS have used this 11th Commandment of Reagan, their GOP GOD, as a justification to avoid having their horribly anti-Constitutional and economically reckless socialist policies scrutinized. NeWTOn GATTingrich wouldn’t want anyone to know that when he was Speaker in 1994, he endorsed a book called “THE THIRD WAVE”, which openly advocated the destruction of the US Constitution for it being an outdated relic. Yes, this guy is what passes for CONSERVATISM today in the GOP! WHAT A SICK JOKE on a gullible GOP electorate by the GOP Establishment!

  • RichE

    {snip} ” Conservatives have repeatedly been forced to hold their noses and cast ballots for candidates who are only marginally better than the shrieking liberals whom they oppose. As a result of our own excessive flexibility, we have unwittingly played a part in allowing an incremental shift in the Republican Party away from its conservative roots and toward the sort of monster-government espoused by the Democrats and their hordes of dependent minions.”

    OMG! Ben, did the dog eat your homework again!

  • Bryce

    I’ve not got time to read all of these, but choosing the lesser of two evils (if that’s what so many of you feel we are faced with) is still the best option. REMEMBER, there will possibly be three Supreme Court nominations made by the next President. Do not cut off your nose to spite your face!

  • AJ

    The elite want four more years of Obama and then they’re going to slip us Jebbie Bush. Oh it’s all been planned out that way!

    • GiveMeLiberty

      I am an ultra-conservative, just like Mr. Livingston and I despise progressives. But I do swear, if I see the name Bush ever again on a ballot, I will perish from dehydration as a result of continuous vomiting….The Bushes and the Clintons have raped us for 23 years and it continues to this day….God help us!

  • Carl Manning

    We have an overwhelming, controlling Republican majority in the House that hasn’t done a damn thing to oppose this President, but has instead given him free license to spend our money recklessly on whatever he wants to spend it on. This same Congress would not even investigate his ineligibility or propose Contempt of Congress charges against Eric Holder or even try to Impeach him or Obama in the face of numerous violations of Constitutional government. How then can any of us believe that the GOP in the House will be any different with a Republican President, no matter who he is??? The problem is BOTH parties; it’s US AGAINST THEM!!! 3rd Party now or never!

  • Jay

    .Would you rather be a Neoconservative or a Progressive? That is a trick question. The trick is in the fact that, although there may be differences between the rhetoric and short-term agendas of these groups, their long-term goals actually are the same.

    They may differ over how to fight a war in the Middle East but not over the right of the President to wage such a war empowered by the UN instead of Congress.

    They may differ over what kind of speech should be forbidden (“subversive” speech vs. “hate” speech, for example) but not over the right of the government to forbid it.

    They may differ over how fast to bankrupt the nation to provide benefits for its citizens but not over the assumption that providing benefits is what governments are supposed to do.

    They disagree over tactics, timing, and style, but not objectives.

    They fight for dominance within the New World Order, but they work together to build it.

    That is because both groups have embraced the underlying ideology of global collectivism.

    The illusion of opposites has been a dominant part of the world’s political landscape for over a century and it has been the primary reason for the advance of collectivism during that time. In the epic struggles of World War II, millions of patriotic citizens within the combatant nations passionately supported their leaders, believing they were defending against an evil empire. Russians fought for Communism; Germans fought for Nazism; Italians fought for Fascism. Yet, these were merely variants of the underlying ideology, called collectivism, that was common to them all.

    Americans, of course, were horrified by such political doctrines and fought, instead, for Democracy. They did not realize that, while that word filled their heads with visions of freedom and justice for all, their leaders had another definition as they quietly converted the United States into a collectivist regime incredibly similar to the ones against which they fought. The contest was never about ideology. It was always about who would be the victor and who would be the vanquished; who would emerge from the war with world power; who would control the natural resources; who would create the new boundaries; who would judge and who would hang.

    In our present era, there are few champions for Communism and practically none for Nazism or Fascism, but everyone claims to be a champion of Democracy.

    Neoconservatives and Progressives, alike, sprinkle their rhetoric with this word like salt on a fresh baked potato. This is a clue that it has no meaningful definition. It is used as a political mantra to hypnotize the masses into a receptive state of mind. After all, anyone who speaks in defense of Democracy has got to be a good guy, right?

  • Dave

    I am voting for the only real choice and will stand by my principles and hope that if Obama
    buys the election or simply inserted by the people who count the votes then when the system finally fails I can’t wait to see how the free loaders will react when they find out they ate us out of house and home and the free money is gone. For me is it Ron Paul period and more I hear the more sure I become.

  • Jay

    Suave, articulate and personable, Obama is proving to be just as deadly as Bush, but clearly more cynical. A great, loyal tool of the establishment, Obama has dampened protest from American liberals. Though they know he has betrayed them, they’re reluctant to show appropriate outrage because, not that long ago, they have cheered and wept for him so openly. The day after Obama won, Rebecca Solnit burbled in the Nation, “Citizenship is a passionate joy at times, and this is one of those times. You can feel it. Tuesday the world changed. It was a great day.”

    The President of the United States is a traveling salesman for the military industrial
    complex. In 2010, Obama came to India to visit the Mumbai home of Gandhi, a hero of his, someone he would most like to dine with, very touching, before announcing a mega arms deal of GE fighter jet engines and Boeing military transport planes. Yet, as he bombed Libya, Obama tried to sell F-18 fighter planes to Brazil. According to an aide, “President Obama underscored that the F-18 is the best plane on offer” as he made a “strong pitch” to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

    The President of the United States is also a spokesman for murderers and crooks. He doesn’t rule, but obeys. His main job is to deceive the masses as he serves his enablers. He can say anything at any time, and means none of it. The President of the United States is the world’s most visible actor, in short. Campaigning in 2007, Obama said, “If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself. I’ll walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States.” Quite a performance. As Wisconsin teachers fought to retain their right to collectively bargain, Obama said absolutely nothing. One would have to be a fool to think he would join them.

    Off-shoring began under Clinton, and has continued unabated. Under the banner of free trade, the only goal of Globalism is to couple capital with the cheapest labor available. Since organized workers are anathema to the bosses, American companies have moved their factories to totalitarian countries where workers have little rights, where they cannot be unionized. The idea is to roll back the clock to the earliest days of industrialism, where workers toiled all day long for next to nothing. A bill was even introduced in Missouri to eliminate child labor laws. It seeks, in part, to get rid of “the prohibition on employment of children under age fourteen. Restrictions on the number of hours and restrictions on when a child may work during the day are also removed.” Don’t laugh. This may be a sign of things to come.

    As for work that can’t be outsourced, foreign workers are allowed or even invited in. U.S. borders are not porous out of charity or ineptness, but because this benefits American businesses. During the recent housing bubble, builders employed countless Mexican workers, and every stateside restaurant these days seems to be staffed by Mexican busboys, cooks and dishwashers. Chinese engineer students can stay after graduating from American schools, and Indian doctors and nurses are given special visas. There are certain jobs, however, that can’t easily be staffed by aliens, such as teachers, for example. If Albanians could be imported to teach English and American History to American kids, it would have happened already. The latest attack in this relentless war against American workers is the announcement that Mexican truckers will soon be allowed to drive into the U.S. Though ignored by the mainstream media, this calamity won’t just put tens of thousands of American truck drivers out of work, but also many American dock workers. Containers can be shipped to Mexico, then trucked into the U.S. by cheaper Mexican drivers.

    Again, American borders are porous by design, just as other countries’ borders are routinely violated by the U.S.A. There is a huge difference, however: when Americans enter another country illegally, it’s never to empty foreigners’ bedpans or to wash their dishes, but usually to kill them.

    As Obama fizzles out, as he loses legitimacy, the power brokers will come up with other figureheads and slogans for American liberals and conservatives to become passionate about. These candidates will jabber, jab and insult each other. As in professional wrestling, the battle will appear fierce. Barack, meanwhile, can look forward to a lucrative memoir and six-figure speaking fees. Even that man of malapropisms and snafus, the much despised Bush, is getting $150,000 each time he opens his mouth these days.

  • chuckb

    carl manning, you have it right, the republican congress has sold us down the river, i can’t remember a more weaker congress, boehner and mcconnell are political stooges and weak kneed. the bolsheviks are even far worse.
    we do need better representation in wash. i thought the tea party was the answer and yet they turned into a fizzle too.
    one thing for sure, barry has been such a disaster it has opened the eyes of many and the republicans offering the candidates they have brings everything to a head. you can say romney would be better than barry, but, that’s not the answer, that doesn’t mean he can do a better job, only it won’t be as bad. if we had the ability to form a third party now it might surprise some of these crooked politicians, especially the republican hierarchy.
    the media and barry have picked the republican they know they can beat.

  • devil dog, USMC,DAV.

    The only hope we have for a true coservative principled, valued society and foreign policy, which will bring us back from the dark ages that oguana put us in, is RICK SANTORUM.Wake up people, and listen to the message. He is the ONLY candidate with no baggage that the others bring.

    • AKay

      Rick Santorum is far too interested in what goes on in the privacy of people’s bedrooms. It’s nobody’s business…and any laws he wants to pass regarding such, would be grossly unconstitutional. No, thank you!

      • Deerinwater

        No Kidding AKAY! I look at Rick Santorum lovely family and think ~ Oh $hit, you poor family , ~ dysfunctional is so hard to see.

        Rick’s understanding of the world is somewhere between Junior High and College level.

        This man knows so little about women, what they need and requires, it’s truly amazing he has one.

        A Strong woman is behind him is my guess.

        • Angelina

          Could you please give specific examples? I’m a woman myself, and I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • GiveMeLiberty

      Seriously? The only one without baggage? Please, just his whiny voice is enough baggage for me. I’m with you though, gotta get rid of Barry (I prefer his Christian name) but if you really study the field, Dr. Paul is the only candidate WITHOUT baggage.

      And, as a prior vet, I like that he’s the only candidate who SERVED! Couple that with his commitment to PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution and he’s the ONLY candidate!

      • Deerinwater

        I agree, Ron Paul’s baggage is less personal and more political.

        What Ron Paul is doing, is telling like it is, Having worked with people for many years now, I find very few people appreciate such directness.

        You can’t change people, try as you may. The only think left in your control, is to change yourself without prostituting yourself.

        Ron Paul doesn’t seem to have the capacity to do this unfortunately. It’s “love me, love my dog” with Ron Paul. This does not offer him enough appeal on the national stage to get the support needed to be electable, while it works well for him is the deep south bayou’s of south Texas.

        I have a dentist like Ron Paul, I just hate to go to him, while he’s the only dentist I trust. I don’t like what he has to say to me or the way he says it. Does that make any sense to you?

  • 4me2777

    Still haven’t finished reading all of the comments, I was in the hospital at dark thirty this morning for tests and although I’ve made one comment since I got home I’d like to share another before I call it a night and finish reading this in the morning.

    First I’d like to thank all of you who have participated in this discussion in a civil manner, it has been enlightening and thought provoking as was the article, truly excellent.

    The thought I want to share is this
    Independents are now 40% of the electorate. Polls show that 41% of college students consider themselves indies as do 35% of African Americans under the age of 30.
    according to Independent voting

    if 40% of the voters have not even voted yet and if a large percentage of those who will not claim any party affiliation have not voted along with those of us who are registered to a party only to vote in the primaries then how can anyone say it’s all over and Ron Paul has no chance to win? We haven’t even finished the primary much less the general election and almost half of the total voters will not even be eligible to vote until the general election, it is something to think about at least.

    Goodnight and best wishes to all

  • http://Stockert Paul

    This country is in worse shape then i thought because my state of ND voted for Rick Santorum? He’s nothing more then a camillion who will back slide on issues to cover his ass and to pass the Trend. I’ve watched him do it over and over. People like him are only in it for the Position and the Retirement. He’s an IDIOT like all the other three are. What a bunch of mindless idiots some people are.

    Ron Paul is thee ONLY man we should all be voting for PERIOD! Romney is going to run the same bull—- administration that Obama has because he’s also BLIND in one eye and can’t see out of the other. Ron Paul says we should Legalize all Drugs in the USA. People are like oh boo boo what is this maniac suggesting! Here yesterday the Drug Lord of Mexico went public and thanked our Presidents from Bush Sr. to Obama for running the Fight On Drugs. This is what made this Drug Lord a Billionaire! Wake the hell up people and smell the Coffee! Ron Paul is THE MAN that we need to be our next President. Listen to him once then use the Brains God gave you!

    Ron Paul for President…….IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • greatshades

    Ron Paul is the ONLY choice. No one else will make any real and positive changes to move this country back to the Constitutional Republic it was meant to be. I have voted for the lesser of two evils enough times. This time, I’m sticking to my principles. ALL FOR PAUL IN 2012.

  • GiveMeLiberty

    A short analysis of presidental elections…Since Teddy Roosevelts acquisition of the throne, there have only been TWO presidents who weren’t considered party establishment boys going into the general election after winning their nominations.

    One was Truman in 48 (Duey was SUPPOSED to win…up to that point, the dummycraps held power for 18 years and THEY (man behind the curtain) needed to make the illusion we share power; but postwar enthusiasm won the day and pushed Truman over the top). Remember that newspaper from the propaganda media that declared Truman defeated? The other was Reagan in 80 (don’t think Bush Sr wasn’t the party boy that year…when he failed to beat the Gipper, they had to force Ronnie to give him a VP role). Reagan was an outsider and THEY didn’t like him….TOO CONSERVATIVE for THEM good ole progressives. Hmmm, things don’t really ever change do they?

    Funny, I just realized two additional historical points I illustrated here that has forever ALTERED the American dream, the American individual and our people in general….

    1. 20 years of dummycraps in power 1932-1952 (birth of the iron-handed nanny state)
    2. Bush Sr. became VP which absolutely led to the Presidency, which then led to 23 straight years of war and enough legislation to probably sink the Titanic. Love ya Bro…NOT

    We can’t vote lesser of two evils anymore! Don’t care if it set’s up the criminal to win. God, values, and doing the right thing will override that. We need to always make sure there is a candidate on the ballot who will PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution, not rape it. That’s where my vote will go from now on!

  • reggie3

    Just remember 1992.Clinton won because of Ross Perot.So all of you “Stand UP” fools out there,go ahead and vote for paul.It will make our Traitor in Chief very happy.

    • nursetrixie

      I think it is so funny to hear folks say stuff like this as it sounds like a sore looser. It is the fault of a candidate and their supporters if they do not garner enough votes or better yet delegates by being the best candidate. By the way….you may want to look into the delegate process prior to Tampa….you will wish you had learned about it before it made such a difference.

  • ranger hall

    I like this 150,000 for a 30 min. speech by Bush,All Politicians get their paybacks when they leave office.But this is nothing new
    Just like this election nothing good is going to come out of it,Its just going to be the same old Garbage as always.They make the rules and we follow them.Only complaining to ea other as we follow the Bell.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Are you surprised the the Paul Loons are going to insure Obama’s re-election? I certainly, am not. If you are going to throw your vote away, at least do it intelligently and write in Newt Gingrich.

  • Phil Grudzinski

    Sorry Mr. Crystal, I’d hold my nose and vote for Mickey Mouse if he were on the Repub ballot. ANYONE BUT OBAMA. And as far as Ron Paul, I’ve listened to most of the debates and don’t need to know the media has not been kind to him; he’s too far out on the fringe for me.

    • Dave Bishop

      I agree, listening to Mr. Paul and reading some of his ideas reminds me of the ’60′s and ’70′s flower child talk folded in with pipe dreams. Mr. Paul’s understanding of world politics is somewhere between BHO, John McCain, and Alex Baldwin who promised to leave if Bush were elected. He lied.

      I would rather go down voting AGAINST Obama than not voting or writing in Ron Paul.

      I am a Conservative Independent, but there are none of my species on the horizon. More’s the pity. America’s tide has washed away the true independents and left us with those who live in a bubble.

  • Deerinwater

    Nice concession speech coming from the likes of you Ben Crystal.

    Many points I could point out and take exception too.

    One being, “it was” McCain’s to lose and he did.

    Two being, Obama won in spite of his race and not because of him race. You seem to chock on that notion but “why”, is hidden in a cloud of mystery. My guess is that you refuse to believe a black man could by his own merits. Obama simple out preformed Mc Cain at every turn in the lead up to election day. Staying above the fray, “O” set the pace and stayed out front, shaping the message, running a solid campaign and came to be known as “No Drama Obama” in spite of all the effort to create needless drama by

    Three; While Palin was a pretty woman and looked as if she could pull her weight and more she was indeed a hockey mom with lipstick and clearly knew where every Walmart was in her state. Todd is a luck guy if he like her Moose Chile , I’m certain that he loves her deeply.

    Four; “W” was dragging some short coattails by the insanely foolish handling of matters as head of state. Kissing babies, out Jesus’ing and out patriot’ing adversaries is the only thing that he has ever excelled at and he could not have don that without men like Karl Rove and Lee Atwater.

    And yes, it’s as I suspected months ago, Romney will be your GOP candidate . You could have done much worse.

    2010 midterm gains gave the Tea Party a false sense of success as clearly many of the winning candidates have over played their hand and face recalls.

    Ron Paul might best be seen as a Johnny Appleseed in this long game to move back away for socialism as he’s planted many seeds of constitutional consideration. Ron Paul does not impress me as a man that harbors false illusions, he knew the odds of success and failure. He has not failed in many ways but planted seeds that will continue to grow.

    But we need to some how get beyond these racial bias and I can see it’s not going to happen, you people won’t allow it. But you and I will not always be here and that problem will simply disappear one it’s own someday.

  • RichE

    You said, “This man knows so little about women, what they need and requires,”

    Would you please expand on the needs and requirements of women and are they covered under the constitution.


  • chuckb

    what a joke, barry won on his own ability!! baloney, barry without the teleprompter couldn’t win at a bingo game. he was elected by bleeding hearts, his color made tingles run up and down their legs. his debating is non plus. he is nothing more than a political fraud. mccain made him look good and he did not confront barry on anything, it was almost like mccain wanted to lose. it looks like the gop is trying to lose again by nominating romney.
    with a base of about 42 million bolsheviks, minorities and illegals it will be hard for barry to not get re-elected. if he is this country will be in civil war before his term is up.

  • Robert trevino

    First off Ron Paul is left…hes no conservative i call people like him marxists wrapped in the constitution.He has good friends like Ralph Nader a well known marxists and Soros a fabien marxists.And as far as rommney and santorum…..rember Reagen was thought of as Rhino……in california he raised taxes and went left on many issues.But over TIME and once elected he was one of our best republican presidents….who was very conservative and took on the fed… of only 2 presidents ever to do so.If you dont think Ron paul is left here= and here for Ralph nader a millionair socialists= .Nader is a green party candidate…ohh yeah green party started in germany….there not very pro business pro corporation,wonder were all the hitler youth went…hmmmm??????

    • AKay

      What a farce – the actual Huffington article mentions everyone that was a part of that “task force” and no where, I mean NO WHERE, does it mention Ron Paul. The only people that **seemingly** draw any parallels to Soros and Ron Paul ALL WORK FOR ROMNEY/BAIN CAPITAL/ClearLight…and they don’t actually prove anything or have any sources that proves such. Good grief, a hit piece that draws many false assumptions with no proof…you gotta do better than that…

    • Geno

      Outrageous! And No Proof. Dr Paul’ s speeches and books discredit this lie.

  • James

    The party needs it’s but kicked for exactly the reasons you pointed out. I’m out of it in disgust. I’ll look again if those running turn around, or I’ll look for something better. Things won’t last very many years running things the way Republicans or Democrats willingly run things. It may last a long while though because there is a lot to ruin in a country. It’s still inevitable. Maybe we’ll rebuild from the ashes? Probably not.

    • Smoke101

      Not much we can do this year or in in the future unless we take back the party from the establishment. NO ONE SCREAMS FIRE UNTIL THEY FEEL THE HEAT! This year we have to go with the hand we were dealt. Everybody knows the COMMIE in chief intends to destroy the country-the republican nominee is a box of choclates.Got a sweet tooth or do you have a supply of knee pads? Wish I felt better about this but I do know what we’ll get with Obummer. Stay involved and march if needed if the republican wins and RULES A GAINST OWER WILL!! If the JACKASS candidate wins …LOCK AND LOAD! 101 AIRBORNE DITTOS….DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!

  • Gary from NY

    The critical thing that we have to remember is that we need to get BHO out of the White House. That is our end game. Romney stands the best chance of doing that. Granted conservatives, like myself, are not totally happy with some of his stances, BUT appealing just to conservatives will not win the election. You can die on your sword of “principal”.We need to get the Independents and the Reagan Dems. If Ron Paul were to get the nomination, I’d write-in Michael Savage or Dennis Prager. Paul would be even worse for Israel than BHO.

    As for Mormonism – it should not be a factor – he does not wear his religion on his sleeve. What’s to say that “born-againism” is not a cult? I’m Jewish – so you could all be part cults – not that I believe that, but since Christianity traces it’s roots back to Judaism, I could take that position.

    If we have a third party run by RP or someone else, and it costs us the election, then shame on them. We do not need a Ralph Nader or John Anderson.

    Let’s get this nomination process over so that we have enough time, energy and financial resources to take on the would-be Emperor and his minions. Can’t we all just get along for the greater good?

    • AKay

      Firstly, Ron Paul, in national polls, beats ALL other candidates in a head-to-head match against BHO. Secondly, Israel’s prime minster told the US Congress that they do not need nor want our help. Are we to deny Israel their national sovereignty against their will?

      What has gotten the U.S. where it is today is the “just go-along-to-get-along” complacency. Winning for the sake of winning and forsaking PRINCIPLES just to win is unforgivable. Is that the message we want to send to our children?

      The election is already lost due to hardheaded “Republican’s” that refuse to see Romney for what he really is. He’s Obama “lite” with better hair. That is it. Even if you make the argument that he is the lesser of evil, it’s still damn evil.

      Also the “greater good” usually means someone (in this case – lots of someones) is getting royally screwed….

  • Jon

    I believe Obama will win in November because of Romney. All too many Ron Paul supporters, whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, will stay home or vote for the third party (in disgust). In either case, each will be a vote for Obama. And we won’t have to worry about the next one, because this will likely be the last free election held. Sad.

  • Lawrence

    Better the devil we know. I will never hold my nose and vote for another liar pretending to be a conservative. I fear America is doomed.

  • OutsidelookinIN

    If you wonderful Republicans really wanted the Presidency in ’08 why would you run S.P. for VP? Why? Do you really want the Presidency or this is some kind of Charade?

  • Mimi

    I cannot argue with the premise you make, Mr. Crystal, however, like the comments following the article, I think it’s a dangerous and reckless decision. Though Mr. Romney has never been my choice, to abstain and give your vote to Obama is indefensible, given what we can expect from him in the future. You might as well say you want the government he’ll enforce. I can’t believe any one who is intelligent, and sees what has been done in this country by the Obama administration, would give him their vote in abstention. That is shameful, in my opinion.

  • http://n/a Paul Ground, St. Louis

    Ben, I ordinariily like and agree with your work, but this time, you have it completely backward. It is not “excessive flexibility” that dooms conservatives, but excessive inflexibility.

    Every conservative demands an ideologically perfect candidate. But they can never agree who that is, So every cycle, moderates consolidate early behind one candidate, while conservatives split their votes six, then five, then four, then three ways. When, shockingly, the moderate candidate prevails, conservatives bellyache and claim that they were vicitims of some sinister cabal. One irony of that state of affairs is that ordinarily, conservatives believe in accepting responsibility for one’s own successes and failures. But that principle never seems to pertain when a moderate wins the Republican nomination. That result is always dictated by an evil conspiracy.

    The problem conservatives have isn’t moderates. The problem is arithmetic: it takes 50% + 1 to win. So if you’re out there splitting your vote six ways, that’s your business. But it’s also your fault, and you ought to quit whining about outcomes dictated by your own ill-considered conduct. If you want to have a contest to identify which candidate you agree with on every point, have it — but don’t think it will win the nomination. If you want to win the nomination, consolidate behind one candidate and quit whining that he cast three wrong votes in 10 years in Congress.

    Einstein said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

  • June

    Whatever happens, folks, remember this – -IF you “write in” a third party candidate’s name, that WILL hand the election to obama-soetoro AGAIN; we cannot, we must not allow that to happen. Whomever IS the Republican nominee, we MUST cast our vote for him, or loose to obama-soetoro! We MUST all stand together, if we are to take our country back.
    If the Republican nominee is NOT our personal choice, if we are NOT happy with his performance, then his first term WILL be his last and we WILL replace him!

  • AKay

    You know, I have been fed every b.s. excuse against voting for Ron Paul for the last 3 years. (And called a litany of bad names…) I have endured long arduous arguments with neocons & progressives. I have invested my time, my money, and yes, even my heart for this cause of liberty. What does it say about me, if I turn around and vote for the the very thing that I have been railing against these last few years? How do I look at my children and say, “well, the bad guys are going to win, so I better just welcome it with open arms…” ?. The die has already been cast long before now. Ron Paul has legions of dedicated followers – not just voting for the man, voting for this idea of freedom. The “Republicans” lost the moment they railed against Ron, railed against liberty. Maybe a few of the RP followers will be scared into voting for whatever puppet wins the nomination but otherwise, it’s too late, in my not so humble opinion.

    Thank you, Mr. Crystal, for speaking the truth.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • spinuzzi

    To all those who speak of “throwing our votes away” I say this:
    I am a Christian FIRST. I will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils, as that would still be voting for evil. Instead I will do what I believe is right in GOD’S eyes, and trust Him with the out come, for He is ever in control.

    Repentance – America’s ONLY hope!

  • simian_pete

    Ditto Ben !!!!! Mega DITTOs !!!!

    STUPID REPUBLICANS !!!! HA HA HA HA HA !!! What a bunch of idiots !!!!

    You know who the Republicans are probably going to nominate ? ROMNEY !!!

    That’s because the Republicans are a PACK of LOSERS who WANT BARACK OBAMA to WIN !!! HA HA HA HA !!!!

    What a bunch of inbred ‘tards !!! HA HA HA HA !!!

    Ben, don’t mourn for the Repubs…. THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO SUICIDE !!! HA HA HA HA !!!!

    The Repubs are just like them seriously inbred country folk in the movie “Deliverance” HA HA HA HA !!!!

    Just bring your BANJO to the convention !!! BUT DO NOT go out WALKING after hours at the REPUB CONVENTION or they may make you “bend over” and squeal like a pig !!!! HA HA HA HA !!!!!!

    • June

      If I were to judge you, by the way you write and speak, then I would have to think you’re one of those “seriously inbred country folk”??

    • Keith Benjamen Ehlert

      dang boy,get back on your meds!

  • http://none watergirl

    Ron Paul is a physician who is methodical , he knows exactly where to insert the scalpel , he has a steady track record for a reason. Because he stays on Course and he keeps his word . If he tells you he will make government smaller he will do it, you can bank on him. Ron Paul knows the Government needs brain surgery and some people are saying, “let’s just get the game OPERATION and call it the lesser of two evils. I say this, You fearful fools I am ashamed of you. If enough of you fearful ones stood up and did something for Dr Paul, this lesser of two evils would not even be on the table. Wake up study Paul and do something. There is a baby about to be born here and you have the choice of how to raise it, Evil and fearful or good and trusting… YOU DO, YES YOU!

  • June Gagnon

    Please, please, please do NOT give this election to obama-soetoro; if you “write-in”, or vote 3rd party, that’s “exactly what you will do”! Even if the GOP nominee is NOT my personal choice, I will vote for him- -if he does NOT perform, to our expectations, or desires, then he WILL BE a one-term president. WHOMEVER HE IS – -he WILL be better than obama-soetoro. ABO – -anyone BUT obama!

  • Nunya

    What a complete load…

    If the Republicans actually nominated Ron Paul as their candidate for the general election, you would see Obama win in a landslide that would dwarf anything in the history of the country. Even if you personally agree with his policies, it’s easy to see that the vast majority of Americans do not and would never vote for him, no matter how right he might be.

    The Republican party is the furthest right it has been in who knows how many decades (if not its entire history). If even they aren’t conservative enough to nominate Paul, who in their right mind would even dream that the electorate as a whole would choose him?

    • nursetrixie

      Obviously you are watching too much TV! Think about this on your own. Romney and Obama will continue war in which 75% of American’s want us out of. Romney and Obama both support nationalized healthcare which most of Americans do not want because of mandates. Romney and Obama both believe you consult anyone other than the Congress in deciding to do to war. Both will keep us in the United Nations. Ron Paul pulls in people from all walks of life, both sides of the aisle as well as independent voters. In national polling Ron Paul is voted to defeat Obama and Romney is NOT. Turn off your TV and learn what is REAL. The choice for president this year will decide if you live in a free country or not.

      • Nunya

        Obviously you didn’t read what I wrote, since you responded with lots of policy chatter. I said it doesn’t matter whether any of us agree with him policy-wise or not – he will not be elected. Yes, he pulls in people from all walks of life, including individuals from both parties and independents. But he doesn’t pull in enough people to have a remote chance of winning. You may be able to cite two cherry-picked topics where you can imagine that most people agree with the most simplistic statement possible of his position, but that is a far cry from most people actually agreeing with him and an even further cry from most people agreeing with him on a broad enough range of topics to decide to vote for him.

  • Jason Burns

    Thank you Ben! I have a new respect for you. For liberty and the constitution! Anybody but Obama… and Romney!


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