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The Depression: Past And Future

August 17, 2011 by  

The Depression: Past And Future

America’s recovery has run out of steam. Job growth is nonexistent. Stock indexes cling to highs set earlier this year. Barack Obama’s moneyfest has failed to right America’s listing ship. Yet no one from the Potomac to Wall Street has noticed the obvious — that the U.S. is facing a deflationary collapse worse than anything that has happened in 80 years.

I remember the Crash of 1987, Black Monday, Oct. 19. The only thing I had going for my family was that I held enough gold to somewhat offset the huge losses in my portfolio.

But I was lucky. The ensuing recovery meant that I never understood the hardship my parents and grandparents endured during the Great Depression. I worry that may change.

Bedtime Stories That Give Me Nightmares

Upon learning of the great stock market crash that swept away fortunes, my grandfather said to my dad, “Good riddance.”

The family homestead on Alberta’s prairies seemed a world away from the vexations on Wall Street in the autumn of 1929. My grandfather could not anticipate that the sweeping loss of wealth and confidence would impact his life.

When the stock market crashed, the price of wheat gyrated and began a long decline from $2.50 a bushel to a low of 25 cents a bushel in 1934.

But it wasn’t just the collapse in grain prices that almost bankrupted my family; it was the disappearance of confidence that cut a wide swath over all businesses.

My dad told the story of my grandmother. She had bought about 5,000 bushels of wheat. When the margin ran out, the brokerage firm Tull and Arden Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta, called and wanted more cash. These margin calls happened more than once. My grandparents decided to put up enough cash to hold them over. They sent Tull and Arden $5,000 above the margin.

Many brokerage firms were going out of business. My grandparents asked around and were assured that Tull and Arden would not fail.

My dad told me of the morning his mother came out of their farmhouse to say that the radio had just reported that Tull and Arden was bankrupt. The $5,000 in additional margin money evaporated; my grandparents’ lifetime of savings.

There was talk that Tull and Arden would make good on their clients’ losses. That did not happen. My grandparents never saw a nickel out of the $5,000 they had sent to support their contracts. It was gone along with the original $3,000 they had invested. That equals $100,000 in today’s money. (You can run the numbers yourself here.)

Because the family homestead wasn’t mortgaged, my grandparents were able to hang on — but just barely. Many of their neighbors were not so lucky. As confidence dwindled, so did credit. The economies of the world corkscrewed downward, and my family faced hard times over the next decade.

The Dollar’s Quarter Century Of Decline

We are staring into the face of an economic depression. Bankers are again nervous that other banks might turn off the tap. And the banking crisis of 2008 still plagues the global economy.

Already, banks have once again begun hoarding capital. And the modern economy cannot function when credit is not available. Since most companies and households don’t take out big new loans every day, it takes time for this truth to be realized. But when this happens, panic will ensue.

Washington and the Federal Reserve are doing their utmost to turn back the deflationary tide. The Fed has already injected more than $1 trillion into the economy in a desperate attempt to resuscitate the business cycle. I believe if the President had his way, he would pump trillions of dollars more into American banks, automakers and any and all corporations that might help him get re-elected. What Obama and the Federal Reserve are unable or unwilling to understand is that all this money is killing the one great thing America still had going for it: the U.S. dollar. The greenback that was once revered around the world is now an asset that depreciates almost daily.

The endgame of this accidental or purposeful mismanagement of the American economy could be a 1929-style crash of dollar instruments and devastating deflation.

Obama Will Kill The Dollar, Too

I anticipate that the greenback will lose another 30 percent of its worth against major currencies in the next two years.

As my former publisher at Agora, Bill Bonner, wrote earlier this month:

Every empire ends up broke… and defeated. And the fate of every country that has tried to run a pure paper money system… with currency not backed by gold… has been a disaster. It didn’t matter what anyone thought or did. Once you head down that road, it seems that you have to go all the way. There are a lot of byways and side-roads you can take. But you always seem to end up in the same place.

The correction in bullion prices earlier this year has run its course. Political posturing by the President and Congress and their failure to deal with the fundamental economic and debt problems facing the nation are leading us toward bankruptcy. I believe this ongoing crisis will push gold to $2,000 per ounce by Christmas.

Some have accused me of being a gold bug. Not true. I am a survivor bug. I will take no joy in seeing gold at $2,000 per ounce or even $3,000 per ounce. Such prices will mean hardship for the people I love and for the country I love, the United States of America.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • People’s Rights

    No surprise at all; welcome to Obama’s world. It seems the USA is moving at lightning speed towards TOTALITARANISM. We’ve seen under Obama:

    - The Federal Reserve bank (a private corporation) forced small banks to fail
    - The Federal Reserve (a private corporation) just nationalized six mega-banks, and they are

    1.Bank of America
    2.Morgan Stanley
    3.Goldman Sachs
    4.JPMorgan Chase
    6.Wells Fargo

    - Obama nationalized auto industry (GM)
    - Now Obama wants to nationalize the infrastructure by creating a “Infrastructure Bank”.

    *** According to Personal Liberty, “The Administration of President Barack Obama is pressing Congress to create an “INFRASTRUCTURE BANK” to help finance rail and highway construction. Officials from the Administration have noted that the bank would be a new government entity that would provide loans to support public-works projects in both REGIONAL and NATIONAL SECTORS.”

    But who is Barack Obama? People say Obama acts more like a WALL STREET BROKER than a concerned president of a country in a serious trouble.

    *** Source Wikipedia:

    TOTALITARANISM (or Totalitarian Rule) is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.[1]Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a single party that is often marked by personality cultism, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of speech, mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror.

    This system politicizes everything spiritual and human:

    Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

    • People’s Rights

      MEGABANKS: The Banking Oligarchy That Controls Assets Equivalent To 60 Percent Of America’s GNP

      Today financial power is being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer individuals.

      In fact, the six biggest banks in the United States now possess assets equivalent to 60% of America’s gross national product.

      Back in the 1990s that figure was less than 20%.

      • Scott

        The Fed was created in 1913, Obama had nothing to do with it. The bank bailout, TARP, that was Bush. The Dept of Homeland security, the Patriot Act, both designed to spy on Americans and take away our liberties, also Bush. You folks need to get away from this left right nonsense; they are all actors on the same team being paid for by the same folks, those big banks you mentioned.

        • Old Henry

          And now we have RINO Perry slithering onto the stage.

          I got a kick out of his comments over the week end regarding Helicopter Ben. What a joke.

          • DaveH

            Perry is just another of the establishment Republicans that the Big Government Loving media will be pushing for the Republican Presidential nomination. Perry is just another dictator wanna-be. Witness his vaccination orders during his Governorship in Texas.
            The MSM ply their magic by calling people like Perry “front-runners” even before Perry announced his candidacy, and by leaving out any mention of Ron Paul.
            Why does the MSM fear Ron Paul so much? Because the Media Moguls, like other Powerful Corporate owners, fear mightily the Free Markets that Ron Paul represents. In the rough and tumble world of Free Markets nobody is guaranteed success, not even those currently on top. It’s much easier for them to buy favors from their captured Politicians than to do the hard work necessary to compete in Free Markets.

          • Jana

            I have a new name for Obama.

          • moonbeam

            Hey there Old Henry!,

            Glad you brought his name up. I did some reading on Perry and don’t like him. He another cowboy like Bush. In addition he has foot-in-mouth disease where he just opens his mouth and talks without thinking. Bad for this country.

            He also has very close ties with the Muslim community. If he gets in, look for a smooth road to sharia law, which is already trying to slither its way into our court system. He’ll never make republican nomination, I believe.

            In another post I made, one of the things I want to see when deciding who gets my vote is who these people are affiliated with. Strike #1.

            I’ve also done some reading up on the Muslim belief system. It’s a smile in your face then stab you in the back for those who do not ascribe to their beliefs kind of thing. Destroy America from within (being done as we speak).

            Right now, Perry, from what I’ve read, has double digit approval with people. He blows onto the scene and people immediately start drinking the kool-aide without doing due diligence. What’s that P. T. Barnum used to say? “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

          • ron

            This article reads like a gold line advertisement. This guy is just another ex day trader and one of those who caused this sad state of the economy.Read him at your own risk.

          • Jana

            That’s what we do with you.

        • Mike in MI

          Scott – Mega-correct-a-mundo!!!
          They may look like or, possibly even, think they are on different teams. But, when their ways all converge on the same target from different directions you realize that they/we are in the grasp of The Master Manipulator and Deceiver who ascribe to the perfidiousness of the whole charade.
          Proverbs 1 makes clear that these charlatans parading as our saviors are essentially a gang of thieves and murderers. They’re out to take us and ours. It may seem stupid to some; but when confronted by such refined evil there is really only one defense. That’s God and His Word in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in knowledgeable application of the spiritual operations of God’s power defined in Acts and Paul’s letters. Nobody’s going to succeed alone or under their own steam of human artifices. The Adversary sees and knows everything you intend long before you begin to move toward a goal. If people can’t or won’t submit to using God’s Ways of doing things they make themselves born losers. (Napoleon is a good example; as Britain, France and East Asia against the Axis in WWII – until the “former” America got into the fray, etc.)

          • Scott

            I agree. Now if I can only find a church that is not all politics and trully believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

          • Mike in MI

            Scott -
            There are home fellowships around all over the country where people are learning the stuff you need to know. That’s the way they did it in the first century and is the way it gets done today. There are classes, fellowships and seminars being held where folks are being taught (individually and in groups) the way God does things in a graduated, step-by-step advancement suited to whatever speed you are able and willing to adjust your thinking and “renew your mind” (Romans 12:1,2). The ones that are REAL will show you how to get and use Biblical reference and research materials so you never again have to “Take it on faith, son; that’s just what we teach”.
            YOU decide what you want and tell God straight up and (Hebrews 4:16) “come BOLDLY before God’s throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Then expect a door to open some day and be presented something that will leave you no doubt you are in the right place.
            You can go as far and as fast with God as you want if you know the way and do it his way. Lean not to your own understanding trust in Him and He WILL direct your paths. You may think He’s slow – but He’s never late.
            Leave the clotted brains and clotted minds far behind.

          • mark

            Actually the atheist Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany, not the “Christian” United States (which practiced massive racism and segregation during World War II). This was the only good thing the Soviets ever accomplished in the sorry history of their state.

          • Jana

            There is nothing new under the sun that hasn’t happened before.
            Man on his own is corrupt. That is why those of us who do know the Lord knows that through the study of scriptures, that we (who love God and do His will) will come out on top.
            That was good advice Mike in MI

          • Song

            Mark, pray tell: How old are you???

          • TIME

            Oh markie,

            You sure are as ignorat as they come man oh man are you one Phat ignorant worthless eater.

            The Russians would have been toast if the USA had not had the Lend Lease plan in place during WW II. JFTR, so to would have the Brits, as the Germans had them over a barrel and were about to wipe them both up with the floor.

            But you just keep on dreaming in LA LA Land where you live.
            Hey eat a tube of tooth paste, its really good for you. The FDA said so.

          • Jay

            mark is not ignorant, and is not stupid. In fact, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He makes provocative, and off the-wall remarks just to get a rise out of us. Anyone who falls for it, and responds to mark, has no one to blame but themselves! IGNORE HIM

          • Elevenarrows

            Well said, Mike in MI.

          • JeffH

            mark,mark,mark…the consumate Alinskyite & Marxist community organizer…

          • moonbeam

            Scott, “I agree. Now if I can only find a church that is not all politics and trully believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

            Good luck with that. You will be looking for a long time to come. The church I used to go to, some of the teachings did not coincide with what Christ taught. I left and have a wonderfully exciting personal relationship with Christ.

            After going to this church for a while, I said one day “Hey!, where’s communion?”

            The BS I heard after that was astounding. The “pastor” told folks we don’t need to do it. I said “Oh, so this pastor thinks his word negates what Jesus said to do? Jesus said “Do this in remembrance of me” and this so called pastor says we don’t have to? In my mind, he has put himself right up there on the same level as God. I remember somebody else trying that and got kicked out of heaven.

            So I pray you will find a church that strictly teaches the Word and not somebody’s misinterpretation of it.

            The best church I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of them, is Braeswood Church, on Fondren in Houston TX. Great Church! If you are ever in Houston visit there for worship. I’ve never been to another church like it and if I still lived there, that’s where I would faithfully be going.

            Blessings to you.

          • Jay

            Conspiracies have battered the Church for 2000 years — just as God warned us. Ever since Jesus walked the narrow streets of Jerusalem, spiritual battles have challenged Christians to stand firm on His Word and resist the wide ways of the world. Today the battles rage as fiercely as ever.

            The Social Gospel of the early 20th century shifted the focus of many church leaders from God’s unchanging Word to the world’s pliable illusions. Socialist seminary professors, pragmatic pastors, and deluded idealists validated their visions with hand-picked Bible verses that “fit” their social message. “Offensive” words like sin and redemption were redefined, contextualized or ignored. No need for the cross, since all people were considered essentially good.

            Naturally, as socialist ideals tore away at the old Biblical barriers to spiritual pluralism, the change process accelerated. Even “conservative” pastors — like their purpose-driven guides — began to view Christianity primarily as good “deeds, not creeds.”[3]

            Transformational tactics

            In Part 2, we documented these early strategies, patterned after the Kremlin’s plan for the Soviet “church.”

            Infiltrate church institutions.

            Adapt the Communist social campaign to America’s unique beliefs, wants, and values.

            Concentrate on seminaries where each new convert learns to influence thousands.

            Divert the heart and purposes of the Church from the spiritual to the material.

            Demonstrate tolerance toward beliefs and values that clash with God’s Words.

            “It’s not just tolerance, it’s to go beyond tolerance, to principle pluralism, which… means no religion has a privileged place,” said Richard Cizik, who represented the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) at the prestigious 2006 Clinton Global Initiative conference. “I would say one step even further, which is to say partnership…. The fundamentalists have a pessimistic view of the future and they have this perception, unlike evangelicals and liberal Christians, that there’s an unbridgeable divide between the believer and the unbeliever…. We don’t believe that.”

            Of course they don’t. God’s Word clashes with the world’s vision of pluralism! That’s why Jesus said, “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you…. If they persecuted Me they will persecute you… for they do not know the One who sent Me.” John 15:19-20

            The world readily accepts Christian love, charity, and willingness to serve the needy. It just can’t accept the source of that love. It wants the fruit of God’s Spirit but transplants its roots into the soil of humanism. To succeed in this assault, it fine-tunes the following strategies:

            1. Infiltration, then mass conversion to a counterfeit system. In Part 2, we looked at some revealing testimonies given by former Communist leader Manning Johnson before the Committee on Un-American Activities of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1953. Here are a few more:

            “The plan was to make the seminaries the neck of a funnel through which thousands of potential clergymen would issue forth, carrying with them, in varying degrees, an ideology and slant which would aid in neutralizing the anti-Communist character of the church and also to use the clergy to spearhead important Communist projects….

            “This policy was successful beyond even Communist expectations. The combination of Communist clergymen, clergymen with a pro-Communist ideology, plus thousands of clergymen who were sold the principle of considering Communist causes as progressive… furnished the Soviet apparatus with a machine which was used as a religious cover for the overall Communist operation.”[5]

            Of course, they wouldn’t call it Communism. Words like compassion and world service felt far better.


          • DaveH

            If you had any credibility I wouldn’t ask you for references for your statement “Actually the atheist Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany, not the “Christian” United States”.
            But you don’t, so I am.

          • ron

            So Moonbeam is there something wrong with being muslim or being friends with muslims? So much for tolerance of others. Seems there are bad Muslims as well as bad Christians, or am I missing something here?

          • Jana

            You are missing a lot actually, but what you are missing we can’t fix here.

        • s c

          S, you’re young, and you probably know very little about FDR and his utopian fantasies. It’s truly deja vu (again). It’s FDR II. It’s elitists who haven’t a clue, but they’ve been told what to do, and they’ll stick with it until they get different marching orders.
          America’s indifference toward the losers and back-stabbers we elect and re-elect has finally bitten us where we think. We’re seeing the symptoms, but the disease hasn’t yet set in. I don’t care what your politic are. Hang on. The ride is going to get very bumpy, and the innocent and those who can’t defend themselves will be the first victims. Those who believe in politicians and policies that are proven failures will get what’s coming rammed where it hurts most because they “believe.”
          FYI, if you have any interest in history, look up Howard Scott. LEARN about his Technocrats. They tried to destroy America in FDR’s day. They’re trying again right now. LEARN, if you have the courage. If you’re afraid to look, then be comfy with your coming “education.”

        • Norman F.

          Scott you are right about Obama and wrong about Bush. The Democrats had a veto proof majority in both houses when TARP was passed. Bush was an observer who should have vetoed it but didn’t.

          • mark

            No, Bush and his treasury secretary, Hank Paulsen actually drew up, proposed, and pushed very hard for the TARP. Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge on recent financial history knows this. It was a Bush adminstration idea. Socialism for the rich, free market capitalism the working class and middle class. “Save Wall Street and the Big Banks! Let’s the rest fend for themselves!”

          • Jay

            Obama Lobbies for TARP Funds, Stimulus Plan

            By Z. BYRON WOLF (@zbyronwolf)
            WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2009

            President-elect Barack Obama told Democratic senators in a closed lunch today that he needs the second $350 billion authorized by Congress as part of the TARP legislation last year and that he’ll veto any move by Congress to cut that funding off.

            And Obama was not the only member of the incoming administration trying to sell his plan to Democrats today on Capitol Hill.

            Larry Summers, the incoming leader of Obama’s National Economic Council, met this morning with Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee to get more of their input on the $700 billion plus the stimulus package, a separate bill to inject capitol in the economy. It was Summers’ third meeting with Democratic senators in five days on the stimulus proposal, which includes tax measures and infrastructure spending that Obama wants to pass early this year.

            Some skeptics of the stimulus recipe were in today’s meeting and sounded more optimistic about what will actually be in the package when details are officially announced.

            The two bills represent the main prongs of Obama’s short-term economic plan, but they will require some salesmanship for both Republicans and Democrats frustrated after signing a $350 billion check for the unpopular TARP funds and jockeying for what should be included in the stimulus bill.


          • Scott
          • Jay

            OBAMA ELECT~Tim Geithner Treasury IMF TARP Bailout Stimulus! Seeing patterns?


        • Nature

          Hey Scott

          When you said, “You folks need to get away from this left right nonsense” so why didn’t you? Do you have any idea of what you wrote? You’re making a “FOOL” of yourself. You were way off the subject, and People’s Rights was right on the mark.

          Grow up people and stop blaming others, Obama needs to do his job and stop taking so many vacations.

          • Kate8

            Nature – Obama’s vacations are extravagant and a poke in the eye to the taxpaying Americans, but his idea of “doing his job” is dangerous.

            He needs to take one more vacation, a permanent one.

            To GITMO.

            And take all his cronies with him.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, now that’s a plan I can get behind… :)

          • i

            Obama’s million dollar tour/campaign bus that we paid for and he is using to talk about jobs in the US eas NOT made in the US it was made in Canada. Just shows how much he really cares about American jobs.

  • ron

    And you think John Myers is correct? He’s no more than an ex investment banker who would have you vote aginst your own best intrest. But I see you have fallen for his bull hook line and sinker. Good Luck pal.

    • Al Sieber

      Yeah he’s right, prove him wrong. what do you think is going on in this country?

      • Al Sieber

        And why do you think gold and silver is so high?

      • Old Henry


        ron is another of the brain-dead walking Obummernuts who simply cannot face reality.

        • Al Sieber

          Thanks Henry, I won’t waste my time then.

        • JeffH

          …OH, one constant I’ve noticed with a good majority of the hit & miss crowd of liberals is that they mostly use “lower case” or “small letters” to spell their names. Not saying that other posters don’t also, just saying that it appears to be much more commonplace with the Marxist/progressive/socialist/commie crowd…I’s surmise that they’re generally unsuccessfull people with very little self confidence and were probably raised in homes that paid little or no attention to them…just an observation and an opiion…

          • Jana

            Very good observation. I agree.

          • mark

            Oh, now you’re a psychologist, too!

          • JeffH

            mark, mark, mark…I notice that you also use lower case letters when you post your “name”…just observant, that’s all. Observant in your constant Alinsky methods also…just sayin..if you walk like a Marxist community organizer and talk like a Marxist community organizer…then voilà…you must be a Marxist community organizer…surprise, surprise, surprise…not at all.

          • Kate8

            JeffH – I’ve noticed that, too.

            Glad you said something. I figured it would get a rise out of them.

          • moonbeam

            I use small letters in my “name” as well for the sake of convenience and chilling out. I can guarantee you I’m no liberal or marxist. Just don’t feel I need to be grammatically correct everywhere I type a comment. I’m also left handed, redhead with freckles and big brown eyes, which of course means I’m a vampire…:-)

          • JeffH

            moonbeam, you’ll notice that I said: “one constant I’ve noticed with a “good majority of the hit & miss crowd of liberals” is that they mostly use “lower case” or “small letters” to spell their names”

          • http://?? Joe H.

            God only made so many perfect people. All the rest he made right handed!! HeHeHe! From a lefty to a lefty!!

        • bob wire

          Oh Jeff, ~ give your cause & effect reasoning a rest.

          I notice that people that come here and whine and cry the most are the most well feed and have the most spare time on the their hands and take their predisposition out on anything remotely construed as liberal as you attempt again and again to define it over and over and over and over again. By day end, the only thing clearly not liberal is you.

          I’m beginning to suspect ~many at shut-ins recouping from a life threatening illness and this is their life.

          So does your “prognostics” allow for all caps people?

          • JeffH

            bobby, don’t you have a some tale to tell some where around a pot bellied stove in some general store in Timbucktoo?

            Who cares what you think or have to say? Certainly not I! I try to ignore your “muddled” ramblings as much as possible.

            Confusion say you still can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s***.

        • bob wire

          Attack the message Henry , not the messenger. ~ Bankers , investors and money people are not outside the loop of suspicion Henry.

          Why might you expect them to offer you the straight up?

          Mr. Meyer can defend himself and shouldn’t require your help.

          How did he acquire this dragons horde that he claims to offered a hedge to his other failing gambling ventures?

          Mr. Meyer is the one that open the door, inviting us in.

          • JeffH

            bobby, why don’t you grow a pair and attack the messenger, as any good liberal would do…oh that’s right, you don’t like labels.

            You have no problem going after OH, so be direct and go after Mr. Meyers, afterall it’s his messagem, not OH’s.

          • bob wire

            I have Jeff. ~ I have. You just fail to see what you didn’t want to see and find it easier to address me on a personal level instead. Mr. Meyers is being asked for more details in a polite less adversarial way.

            Attacks don’t have to be mean, nasty and ugly or come straight from the front Jeff.

            and don’t you worry yourself none about anyone balls but maybe your own.

          • JeffH

            bobby says “You just fail to see what you didn’t want to see and find it easier to address me on a personal level instead.”

            obby, aren’t we ALL guilty of that, or are you just a cut above all of that? …and yes, I do find it easier to address you on a personal level…takes the middleman out of the equation…

        • moonbeam

          You hit on something there. It reminded me of an article I read recently about why African Americans are letting Obama off the hook. It was written by Star Parker. Her article is here

          Was on a visit back home and while playing cards with two of my uncles I said “So, who here voted for Obama?”

          WELL, the eyebrows went up as they tried to defend him. Thought I was going to have to pull out my can of whup-ass to defend myself. They asked me what I don’t like about him. I calmly told them he is a sociopathic pathological LIAR, for one thing.

          OMG! Veins and eyeballs started popping out all over the place. lol

          They think he is doing a good job and this is the opinion of most, not all, in the African American community.

          Again, speaking with another uncle and aunt, they are in love with him (well, my aunt is anyway. My uncle said nothing).

          Not all African Americans think this way, but most I talk with just do NOT get it. They either are not doing due diligence or are going along because Obama is considered to be black. I personally don’t care if he is polka dotted. He needs to be gone.

          I tell them, “Okay. Just wait until 2012 when you fill out your taxes for 2011. That’s when parts of Obamacare kicks in 01/2012.” If you don’t have health insurance, you will pay a fine. If you don’t pay the fine you will go to jail. Nice job Obama.

          They don’t believe me. They say “That’s not in there.” I tell them oh yes the hell it is too and a BUNCH of new taxes waiting for you to boot! You’re not paying attention to what’s really going on here!

          Guess they haven’t noticed the increased health insurance premiums they are now paying. Guess they don’t know it is a direct result of their precious Obama’s healthcare initiative.

          I most certainly do “get it” and I’m NOT letting Obama “off the hook” as Star Parker’s article asks about.

          My focus is on the voting polls in 11/2012 and evicting Obama OUT of the WH!

          • Kate8

            moonbeam – It’s not just the black community who love him, either. I know plenty of OTBs who adore him.

            It seems that they just trust him to take care of them, and don’t pay attention to what’s really happening.

            And when the bill comes due and the SHTF, they’ll do what they always do. BLAME CONSERVATIVES. It’s all the TeaParty’s fault now.

    • Mike in MI

      ron -
      In the Bible – Romans 1:27-32 – it talks about people who have been “given over to a REPROBATE mind”. Your posts leave me with a distinct smell of rimmers’ breath in the air and the impression you’ve been hollowed out like a coke-headed gutter dweller who flunked rehab twice.

    • Jay

      The one accusing another of self-serving, never disclose their own reason(s) for doing so. What “axe” are you grinding, ron?

  • Angel Wannabe

    I Remember the days, when my Mother and I would pick up my Dad at work. 4:00 was quitting time and when bell rang, 1600 men & women poured out of the plant to go home. Sadly I remember every store front in town was occupied. From bakeries, hardware to specialty shops and Boutiques.___With that said, Here I blame the malls.

    For some the Recession/depression has been long known. Although times passes and companies come and go. Here they changed hands once or twice or just closed and now lay in waste.
    35 years ago our town bustled with industry and manufacturing, Entrepreneurs flourished. Hell I remember the days you never left town for a job._Now, if you want work and don’t want to punch a cash register, ya either work in another town or work for yourself.
    Unions, Tax and Regulation & the EPA. Have put the screws to the little man so bad, that there is more, condemned and for sale signs on store fronts and old industry plants, than there is business.

    Well Done Washington, my hands are clapping!__Your my f-in Heroes!

    Karma’s a bitch and In a couple years, Washington, you may the ones be looking for work!!!

    • Raggs

      If oblama gets his way we will soon see everything as a “state control”… This is what China is where the state runs everything…
      The communist democraps and their leader communist muslim oblama want nothing more than to control everything that we do in our lives… Congress is of NO help, most of congress lies about their true agenda of state control…

    • DaveH

      Angel said “Karma’s a bitch and In a couple years, Washington, you may the ones be looking for work!!!”
      That is perhaps the most frustrating thing for me. After raping our country’s citizens, the worst those creeps will suffer is to lose their jobs. Some punishment.

      • Jana

        Yes, and they will still get their pensions. Even the ones who “resigned in disgrace” some for actual crimes, will still at age 60? (I think) will still get their pensions. They are thinking of raising it to 62.

        • moonbeam

          If it were left up to me, their pensions would be cancelled and used to pay down the deficit they voted to accrue.

          But first I would wait until they are waiting for their first checks. When they open up the envelope containing the pretty-in-pink transaction receipt of the money into their checking accounts, it would say:


          What a swift hard kick in the groin that would be, wouldn’t it?

          Ooooooooh, if they would only let me run things for 30 days. Just 30 days is all I ask.

          Foreign aid: STOPPED
          Rebuilding foreign nations: STOPPED
          Our Troops: HOMEWARD BOUND!
          China imports: HEFTY IMPORT CHARGES
          American businesses overseas: HOME NOW IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE DOING BIZ WITH THE US!
          Oil In America: DRILL NOW!
          Don’t like how we do things here?: GET THE F***K OUT AND DON’T LET THE DOOR KNOB HIT YA!

          I could go on, but you get my drift.

          • Jana

            I love it!

          • Marty S.

            Amen to Moon Beam’s comment.

          • Christin


            Yea, I’m with you on that one too…

          • Mike in MI

            Wow! moonbeam – What a wonderful wish list (AND ONLY THE ANTE).

            Seems moonbeam just shed a whole lot of sunny rays around. Lit me up anyway. Hey, you ever consider running for president?
            Just for jollies, why don’t you ask your relatives above if they would vote for you if you ever did run. Then show them your list.
            No, better not. That wouldn’t be a good move for a smart poker player – cash-in your chips before you even shuffle the cards.
            Bless you man, I like the way you think and write…depth with a lilt. Good on ya!

  • Rabbi

    I have watched all this going on, and one thought kept running through my mind; “This has all happened before.” The European side of my family tree no longer exists; I say that in honesty because what happened between 1933-1939, is now happening today. Those on the left who think the far right are Nazis is a misdirection. Pretty soon, if we don’t stop this madness, we all very well may be saying, “Hail Obama.”

    • Old Henry

      Yes Rabbi, I was calling Little Barry a Black Hitler back in 2007. Every time I saw that scum Muslim the hair on my neck would stand up. He is evil incarnate.

    • Raggs

      The 30′s were a result of the Great dust bowl disaster.
      What we have here and now is a “CREATED” crisis by the obamantion administration.

    • Mike in MI

      Rabbi – Have you or anybody noticed that he is intent on gutting, killing off and debilitating our military? Before long we’ll be in virtually the same positon we were in 1936 regarding our military – and fighting the last war to boot.
      Well, no matter I guess. If some other catastrophe doesn’t overtake us first, the battle in our streets is (as I’ve said elsewhere here today) going to have to be primarily spiritual – which requires strong, disciplined, knowledgeable, healthy minds/bodies along with specific skills and the kind of grit it took to fight the Civil War.

      • Jana

        Obama (PRESIDENT OF BLAME) is definitely not good for our country.

        • Jana

          Obama is SUPPOSEDLY coming out with a another new plan to stimulate our job growth.
          Unfortunately we can’t afford his plans (if he even has one!)

          • TIME


            One has to define JOB growth, it could also mean what we leave in the pot after a cup of Joe. Now thats Job Growth Barry can live with!

            As its filled with “HOPE and Change,”
            Hope that he will loose a few pounds with out any effort, and change as his load shifts from up load to Down load.

          • JeffH

            Jana, the O’man always has a plan for a plan…makes me wonder if he’s always planning to work on a plan for a plan or if he’s all “planned out”. You and I know he’s never had an original idea or plan on anything…he’s a parrot with a very small vocabulary and can only repeat what other’s say…hmmm sounds like several other familiar “parrots” who frequent this website…hmmm!

          • Kate8

            JeffH – “He has a plan for a plan”…Good one!

            He says anything to make it look like he cares about our country and is actually doing something. Of course, only the libs are buying it. Lies. All lies.

            He’s playing on our dime (as we’re crashing and burning) while laughing his head off at us because we can’t do anything to stop him. He’s nothing but an cheap (but expensive) con man who has “people” who take care of the details to insure that even those who see him for what he is are powerless to fight him.

            Sooner or later, though, even the most clever evil ones meet their Waterloo. Cosmic Law is absolute.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, I got the idea from FOX Buisness’s “Follow the Money” host Eric Bolling…he mentioned something to that effect about who knows what but it struck a nerve and up pops Obama’s name…gotta admit, the Dems and Obama always say they have a plan(besides redistribute the wealth)which we never see any details of or ,as in Obama’s case, he’s always planning to put together a plan…makes sense to me… :)

          • Jana

            And his plan for a plan will be revealed after his re-election. Wow and yippee.
            Funny how these leftists are so predictable.

          • JeffH

            Jana, then I guess we’ll never know what plan he had planned!

          • Jana

            Now that sounds like a plan I can sink my teeth in. :)

      • JeffH

        Mike in MI…BINGO! Well said!

        • Mike in MI

          Well, thanks, JeffH – I appreciate it…and you.
          You been puttin’ five in a row, (up,down,sideways and diagonal) all over Bob L.’s daycare funland here all day long. God bless.

          • JeffH

            Thanks Mike in MI, we must keep up the good fight FOR GOD AND COUNTRY fellow patriot.

  • Simian Pete

    Good thought provoking post Mr. Myers !

    I’m feeling optimistic today. Hopefully someone will come up with a new marketable source of cheap energy soon. I’m betting on the Farnsworth Fusor. Once that technology get’s going – look out ! – America’s Back ! Ha Ha !!!

    I’m “pondering” that the Federal Reserve Bank wants it charter renewed ? Is that why they are pumping so much paper/digital money into the economy ? Maybe an Obama win in 2012 isn’t the only reason.

    Here’s a good question for y’all ! Does a Gold/Silver backed currency exist anywhere on Earth ?

    • Old Henry


      The FED is pumping digital money into the system to devalue our currency and destroy our economy. Remember, the FED is a private corporation owned by foreigners who are working to usher in the NWO. Our nation is essentially the last barrier to their plan.

      As for your question, I have no idea, but someone here will know. Prabably DaveH or Al S.

      • moonbeam

        Now I see why, among other reasons, Ron Paul wants to kick the Fed to the curb. They are actually an illegal entity.

    • Al Sieber

      Simian, I believe the Euro is backed by a very small percentage of gold, but don’t quote me. last month in India they found $20 billion in gold in 2 treasure vaults underneath a old temple, in King Tut’s tomb they found a lot of gold buried for 30 centuries, and nowhere in these old tombs have they ever found a sack of paper money.

      • Kate8

        Al – So which of the power-mongers has his hands on it?

        I was sent a very powerful movie yesterday, called “The Quickening”. It’s very thought-provoking.

        While it’s based primarily on Mayan and Hopi prophecies, it correlates perfectly with Revelation and Hebraic prophecies.

        BTW, the Jewish people teach that the Lord’s Feasts are God’s prophetic timeline. At the end of September we are coming into the Feast of Trumpets (many believe is when the Rapture will occur). It is the only Feast where “no one knows the day nor the hour”, and requires two witnesses to watch the lunar procession and inform the Priest when the moon is in position for the Feast to begin.

        Scripture tells us that, while we won’t “know the day nor the hour”, we WILL know the season.

        Anyway, the timing described in this movie is remarkable, and the hour is now upon us.

        Be sure to watch to the end.

    • DaveH

      Apparently not, Pete, at least according to this article:

  • Old Henry


    Thank you for another good article. This is a message that must be driven home continually in an attempt to wake up the zombies and educate the ignorant.

    I contunually battle the urge to “get lazy” and loosee my edge. Falmily, and friends, think I am going over the edge, around the bend, loosing it.

    When gold was around $900 I told my older sister, born in 39, that gold would be $1300. Her reply, “You’re nuts”. She has come a long way since then, but still mentally shakes her head whtn I talk of stocking up necessitites.

    The current generation wandering our nation have, for the most part, not known really bad times and are pretty much spoiled. Add to that the dumbing down of our educational system and the pervasive entitlement mind-set and we have a recepe for disaster.

    • John Myers

      Dear Old Henry,
      Thank you for the kind words. And thanks to all of you for reading.
      John Myers

  • Mike in MI

    Dear Mr. Myers -
    What can you mean, “accidental or purposeful mismanagemant of the American economy”…?
    It is my opinion that if I were in Obama’s seat and were truely an honest and compassionate man I would look at what I’m accomplishing (“wreaking” may be a better term), see all the sufferring, despair and destruction, then admit I’ve made some awful mistakes and either change direction or resign. That is If I were truely honest, compassionate and had ANY sense of personal accountability. This could be legitimately called accidental, the result of stupidity or ineptitude.
    Howerver, I don’t see him taking any such steps in the face of imminent disaster. Instead I see him tripling-down on his devilishly illogical designs (products of an absolutely perverse and reprobate mind). And THEN lieing to us about what is going on when he presents to us his repetitive and blasphemously stupid script.
    No, sir. I don’t think there is any possibility of “accidental”. What he is doing from day one has been planned destuction to establish a one way descent into irremediable chaos and anarchy.

    • James

      I tend to agree with Mike in Mi, pouring stimulus money and other benefits into the economy will merely postpone the collapse. However, I wouldn’t President Obama for it, he’s just following orders from higher ups. What will happen is what happened back when FDR did the same. When he took office in March 1933, 25% of Americans were unemployed and all the federal banks and stock exchanges were closed. Eight years later, after pumping tons of money into the economy, still 17% were unemployed. Five of his socialist programs had been declared unconstitutional. He prodded Japan into attacking us so he could ally with the Soviet Union and destroy anti-communist Germany. Even after WW II, as many were unemployed as there are now.

    • Old Henry

      America Burns.
      Our Nero goes on yet ANOTHER vacation.

      America Burns.
      Our Nero plays golf.

      And no, I did not leave out a letter…

      • Mike in MI

        O. H. – Nice, but I don’t think he’s one of those. He seems more lik one of those Mule-toes. Got the ears for it wouldn’t you say?

    • Raggs

      Mike… You got that right!!!!

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Sad but true. Anyone interested in surviving the coming downturn in economic activity should prepare now.

  • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN






    • Old Henry


      Please unlock your Shift key.

      • Mike in MI

        Ray – Ditto O.H. Your screaming about blinded my earballs.

        • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN





      • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN




        • Song

          Good grief Raymond. It is called on-line etiquette and is no different than being polite in public. This is a public forum. When you hold a conversation with someone in person, do you shout at them?

          • RAYMOND HARBIN




        • Nadzieja Batki

          Please turn off the Caps. The posts were great but hard to read. Some of us have done what you have done but with gentle reminders we saw the error of our ways.

          • RAYMOND HARBIN


    • Nadzieja Batki

      The intent is to completely destroy the “middle class” since it is not a stationary or stagnant class. We are the only country in the world that has fluid economic mobility. Destuction of this mobility will give us the typical tyrannical class and the “poor” who will never move out of the serf class.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Sorry about the typo. Destruction is what I should have written.



  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    Yet another piece of miss information making this a piece

    Fitch Ratings says the outlook on long-term U.S. ‘AAA’ rating is stable following a recent downgrade by Standard and Poor’s.

    • Old Henry

      SMSgt Z:

      Wanna buy a bridge?

      • Raggs

        LMAO…. :)

    • Mike in MI

      Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they’re established by, regulated by and subject to the authority of the feral gubmiit would it? Sarge, some day you’ll realize you’re shooting at your neighbor in the foxhole beside you.

      • Mike in MI

        or fragging your chaplain and corpsman.

    • DaveH

      That’s because Fitch’s doesn’t want a piece of this:

      The fix is in.

      • DaveH

        Will Moody’s get some huevos, or will they capitulate?

    • TIME

      SGT Zoo Bubba Boo,

      man you must have hit the Opium dens way to hard in Nam in 68. Or was it the Tysticks were to heavy dude?
      Your post clearly display your still higher than a kite.

    • Jay

      Sarge, wake up, you’re dreaming!



  • http://yahoo Rob

    I’ll say it again….If things are so bad in our country, which they truly are, a question should be asked. Where is the OUTCRY and visual protesting from the citizen of this country? This president and our state elected reps. have taken us over the cliff. Have we become so complacent that we wait until the next election to be heard? Think of the damage being done in the mean time.

    • FreedomFighter

      Nobody believes it can happen in America. To few of us, to few, the mass will wake up when the grocery stores are empty and the TV goes off, just like some are still waiting for that check from Obama’s money stash.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Raggs

      I seen something on Fox news this morning… A college student was taking a poll… the poll was asking other students if they believe in the redistribution of wealth from the rich to the less fortunate over 90% of the stundents agreed that the rich should support the poor through government laws… The pollster then asked if students that have a GPA of greater than 3.8 be asked to help out students by taking some of their points and spreading them those that are struggling with a GPS of 2.0 or less… 100% of the students rejected the idea saying I worked hard for my GPA why should I have to help someone that doesn’t work hard for theirs?

      • DaveH

        Here is an example, Raggs:

        • DaveH

          And here is a young budding communist explaining why the above is a “highly amusing logical fallacy”:

          This guy thinks he’s “logical”?
          I wouldn’t want to have him on my debate team.

          • mark

            No actually that FOX college charade is a classic logical fallacy. Beck uses this stuff all the time and his fans eat it up even though his examples make no sense. The majority of wealthy people in the United States today are wealthy because they inherited their wealth. Redistributing some of their income cannot be compared redistributing a GPA average. Because the overwhelming number of GPA averages are not inherited or gained through cheating, rather they are legitimately earned. Big banks, Wall Street firms and corporations do not legitimately earn much of their money. In fact thanks to George W. Bush, we the taxpayers had to give them $700 billion of our money. Lots of rich folks in our country simply inherit their wealth or make it off the exploitation of others, therefore unlike earned grades, they should redistribute at least a part of it to the people who in many (but not all cases), they have stolen it from.

          • Raggs

            Mark you continue to amuse me with your lack of knowledge.
            The scenario of wealth redistribution is just as equal as the GPA scenario in BOTH cases taking from one group to benefit another group regardless under what pretence or disguise you explain makes it SOCIALISM point blank plain and simple….

          • Song

            Mark There is nothing to say to your indoctrinated, brainwashed mind except for that you are a STOOGE!

          • TIME


            markie Boo is really an Idiot savant, no really.
            His savant abilitys are being able to post while he’s working on someone else dime and time.

            Otherwise he’s as briliant as a road apple.

          • DaveH

            The only people I know who are stealing (taking peoples’ property against their will) anything is you and your Liberal cohorts, Mark.
            Some of the rich may have used political power to achieve their wealth, but as I have said many times, Mark, I have seen no evidence in your comments that you advocate the solution to that which is getting the Government and their Force out of the Marketplace.
            The rest have earned their money from voluntary transactions, and if you want a piece of that, Mark, rather than making excuses for your theft you can pool your monies with your fellow Liberals and earn your own.
            As far as inheritance goes, their parents wanted to give their money to somebody they love. Why not? It is their money, Mark. Nobody tells you how to spend your legally acquired property do they, Mark? Well, wait a minute. Nobody, that is, except Obama who wants to force us to buy Health Care Insurance whether we think it is a bad investment or not.

          • DaveH

            By the way, that TARP money that you speak of, Mark, was passed by a majority Democrat Congress. And then Obama and his majority Democrat Congress went on to pass the Stimulus packages.
            You just don’t get it do you, Mark? That is what Big Government does. They steal from the taxpayers and give to themselves and their Cronies, while pulling the wool over the eyes of gullible people like yourself.

          • Jay

            A nice thought mark, but you failed to mention a couple of things. Who would be doing the collecting, and the “re-distributioning” of this wealth?

          • DaveH

            Mark sees a Planet of the Apes. I see the real culprit — Big Government:

          • Mike in MI

            DaveH – It’s too bad our murkey markey has never read any of the stories told by some of our correspondents here who came to this country from some of the Eastern Block nations or Russia pre’88-’89.
            He should get an opportunity to hear how the places were run by favoritism and blackmarket dealings. Laws were for the lower classed – but if you committed crime as an elite what was “Fair and Just” was for sale. (Sort of like how Liberal Presidents’, Reps’ and Sinators’ evil deeds usually get swept under the limestone steps. But conservatives doing a dirty deed get pummeled with everything that comes to hand by libs, censured or ejected. Some have enough honor to retire, having percieved their disgrace – not a lib trait: recognizing disgrace.))

      • DaveH

        This site is great. More power to these young people:

        • DaveH

          This video is great:

          The funny thing is that these students don’t realize, that they ARE going to being paying their portion of the National Debt, whether they like it or not.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            DaveH,they will have no way of helping pay off the national debt. The money they will owe for their college tuition and trying to survive living expenses and probability of only getting low paying jobs (if they can be found), this group will be a ready source of votes for any man who will give them a solution (even if he is the one who caused the problems in the first place).

          • Jay

            Nadzieja, it appears you are an astute student of prophecy?

  • Larry

    We are fortunate enough to have lived through the best days in American history, the hay days are behind us. I have been saying since 2008 the lifestyle of the American people is going to change forever. It has been a slow painful decline ….. there are no magic bullets to turn the unemployment numbers, there are no magic wands to wave to change the housing market. Both parties have led us on the path of self-destruction over the years.

    The BIG CREDIT CARD balance is delinquent, be it cities, counties, states and the federal ………. where’s the money?

    • Old Henry

      The money Larry, is in the printing presses. Remember Greenspan’s comment a couple of weeks ago?

      I think we can have more “hay-days”. The question is, do we have the will, the spine, the determination, to make the needed changes?

    • http://yahoo Rob

      Agreed…but, when are we citizens going to wise up and put the screws to our elected reps. Their words are CHEAP retoric….it is what they DO is what hurts. TRUST is gone. We need to stand up, be seen, and heard. Not wait until the next election.

      • Larry

        I have 75 employees I don’t think two of them knew there was a deficit debate going on, if they did they knew nothing of what was really at stake … they were too busy! TV programs “Desperate House Wives”, “Dancing with the Stars” baseball, football ….. I have experts. Other than that they are clueless (todays Zombies) and tired of my suggestions or innuendos. Therefore the vast majority if they are fortunate to be gainfully employed are not too worried as long as they have food on the table and a bed to sleep in, the future is not their worry nor do they feel they have any control they are just along for the ride.


        • Nadzieja Batki

          Your employees probably believe that you owe them their jobs and no matter what they will have those jobs. If your economic situation should anytime change and you had to discharge the employees to protect yourself and your family, you will be considered the evil super rich.

  • Conservative Canadian

    Well said, Old Henry and good article John.
    It always amazes me that people think that everything’s going to be alright and that there will never be another great depression. The banks will never fail, grocery stores will always have food, the government will never make it illegal to own gold. Yet all of this has happened before, all over the world and not that long ago on our own continent. Don’t feel alone Old Henry, my family and friends think I’m crazy too whenever I mention stock piling or staying debt free.

  • Miriam

    I am 78 and have less but am better off than I was in that other depression. People would have you believe that our “recession” is about over, but I’m here to say that when you have 14 million people out of work, it’s a depression, not a recession. My father was a WWI navy veteran who had to ride the rails to get a job in a diner (and turned out to be an excellent cook). At times he worked 16 hours a day in the Pennsylvania oil fields, came home and hunted deer, squirrels, rabbits, birds of all kinds (quail is a great delicacy) to be able to feed us. We had a vegetable garden then, and a “victory” garden in World War II, all the while he raised four daughters by himself. My wealthy Aunt Leata wanted to adopt me, but my father would not hear of splitting me up from my 3 older sisters. He did all the cooking until the four of us became old enough to help, and he sang to me in the rocking chair old navy songs and his hilarious version of home sweet home (he knew no lullabyes). He would be 113 had he lived ’til today. Sorry I got far afield; you’ll have to excuse me on the grounds of “old.” Never get old – it’s just a teeny bit better than the alternative – ha.

    ANYWAY, the point I started out to make is that I was in that other depression; I know a depression when I’m in one; and I’M IN ONE. Howard Zinn, famous people’s historian and anti-war activist said before he died at age 87 that no president has ever done what we wanted him to do unless we “pushed him to the left.” I’ll admit President Obama is harder to push than most but mostly what he’s to blame for is his incessant need to deal with those right-wing radicals (don’t let them get away with calling themselves conservative – conservatives went out in the 60s or 70s), when they’ve told him over and over they will do nothing to let him succeed. Howard Zinn said eveyone should vote, but that as soon as the button is pushed we need to assume that nothing will be done until we demand it; this was true of FDR, Harry Truman, JFK, and almost every President in my lifetime, and it will be true of President Obama or he will not win the upcoming election. You should get over it and do something about the fact that we have no democracy at this time: We have oligarchy, government by the few; plutocracy, government by the rich; tyranny, government by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove, oh my, the war criminals who will never be prosecuted, and government by the Roberts Supreme Court.

    Still you should vote. Voting should be a mandatory civic duty, just as jury service is a civic duty. And demand that the powers that be in Washington and elsewhere forget about the national debt until enough jobs are created to put the unemployed and underemployed back to work. All my favorite presidents have done unconsionable things: FDR interred the Japanese Americans; Truman dropped those two horrendous bombs on Japan, JFK took too long to support civil rights in the 60s; Clinton got us into NAFTA – and on and on ad nauseum:

    The 2nd Amendment should not apply to psycopaths (it was originally intended for the purpose of a militia (look in the Constitution – the 2nd Amendment is about two sentences long and all that’s mentioned is the militia. Get money out of politics, or there will be an end to any party except the one that’s getting money from the rich. I believe Equal time should be divided up among the people running for office, but what do I know? I’ve been laboring under the impression that We the People own the airwaves, but it seems that has gone by the boards.

    There’s so much more, but suffice to say that Democrats apparently have forgotten their own philosophy: “the greatest good for the greatest number of people” OR “if those at the bottom are doing well, we’re all doing well.” No one to speak of believes that anymore except for Howard Zinn, wherever he is, Russ Feingold. Bernie Sanders, Barney Frank, Ed Asner – AND ME, a Democrat since April 12, 1945 (age 12) NOW A EUGENE DEBS SOCIALIST masquerading as a Democrat.

    • Robert

      Thank you Miriam for reminding me of why I should vote Republican/Tea party

    • LES

      These are the people that have enabled the government to become the cancer it is today.

    • DaveH

      I suggest you take some time, Miriam, to read this free online book:

    • Song

      Miriam: Our country never was a democracy.

    • Raggs


  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    The Democrat party’s solution for everything is to spend tax payer money. Unfortunately, this almost never solves anything and often tends to make things worse. They sometimes have what sound like good idaes but then mess it all up in the details and beuracracy.

    • 45caliber

      The Demos believe that they can spend your money better than you can. As one said some years ago, “There is this vast sum of money out there (your incomes) that isn’t being used correctly. If we can use it, we can do great things for our country.”

      • Elevenarrows

        Wondered where you were, 45caliber…
        The audacity of these people! To think that they have a better idea how to use this “vast sum of money”. I think Obama has deliberately created more resentment among the masses towards the “upper classes” in order to create chaos and unrest. Ironic that we conservatives feel we must be on our best behavior so as to not be accused as terrorists or considered threats to the peace while Obama and the progressives quietly go about creating their subtle revolution. I honestly think there will be rioting in the streets, looting and worse…I doubt their agenda will be hidden from the dumb sheep much longer.

        • 45caliber


          I agree. But I suspect the rioting is meant to come here.

          Back in about 1967 there was the Detroit Riot. It went on for several weeks. The Army was finally called in to stop it. It turned out that the police, etc. that tried first were given the order to not interfeer with the rioters as long as “they weren’t harming someone.”

          That seems to be the status in England now. The police step in only when they see someone being attacked.

          I expect to see that here. After all, what better “crisis” can you think of to confiscate all weapons and institute a police state? Doesn’t the government have the right to “protect” its citizens? Particularly to protect them from the home owners and business owners who don’t want them to break in and steal everything?

          • Elevenarrows

            Unfortunately, 45, I think you are right…again. The flash mobs are probably going to increase…why not? Even the acting-president has condoned taking from the rich if they have something you want.

          • Karolyn

            I don’t know. You would think that it already would have happened given the extreme heat felt in much of the country this summer. Heat always adds to anger and frustration. I believe that the riots in Newark, NJ, when they were happening everywhere in the 60s, happened in the summer. Prime time for angry mobs to erupt. There was the one flash mob in Charlotte on Memorial Day but nothing since. Actually, it seems as though there has been less violence than usual in Charlotte. I watch the Charlotte news every morning, and there haven’t even been any murders or drive-bys in some time. The nerws has been rather tame this summer.

    • DaveH

      The question is — are they really trying to improve the economy, or are they simply using that as an excuse to mask the redistribution of the citizens’ wealth to themselves and their cronies?

      • JeffH

        Ah ha! I think it is the latter!

      • Jay

        “Republicans believe every day is 4th of July, but Democrats believe every day is April 15.”
        -Ronald Reagan

  • vicky

    So John, what is the solution??? If you are an average American who can’t afford to buy gold or silver where do we invest our devalueing dollars and where do we redirect our 401s or safeguard our retirement investments in government or bank options??? Do we just store food and wait for everything to fall apart or do we believe in the American spirit and hope for that to overcome the mess that we are in?

    • 45caliber


      Buy small things that will be of great value if things break down to the piont that goods will no longer be readily available. Food that will keep, clothing (not as good a deal but still …), asprin and other cross-the-counter medications that actually work, etc. Bullets are always a plus since they can be traded as well as used. You can always use these things yourself if needed if things do NOT go bad – but I think that is a lost hope. And despite many comments to the contrary by the suppliers, most of this stuff will still be good in ten years with some care.

      • Jana

        Develop a skill that will allow you to barter for things aka goods, as my mother always said. People will still need services. Learn to bake breads and cakes and barter with them. Grow a garden and barter with the veggies.

        I remember seeing movies of women selling eggs in the depression because they had chickens. This kept them going. We may not be able to sell the eggs, but you can exchange them for something you need.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I agree with all you say EXCEPT letting them know you have extra ammo. That in itself can make you a target. Never trade your ammo, you might need every single round!!!

    • DaveH

      If you can afford your computer, Vicky, you can afford to buy silver coins. No matter how small the amounts, you need to start somewhere.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Lady, for all you verbiage you are still a Socialist and you are part of the group who helped grow the government into doing what it was never meant to.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      My comment was to Miriam and her verbiage to distract.

  • 45caliber

    There is one glaringly big difference now vs. what used to happen with the dollar.

    Back ten years and more ago, if there was an inflationary problem, the Feds would raise the interest rate on the money they loaned the banks to loan to you. As a result the rate would go up – there would be less borrowing – and the dollar value would stabilize.

    Now notice what is happening. Inflation is bad – so they lower the interest rates and print more money.

    The reason? At that time, all world currencies were floated against the value of the dollar. And the Rothchilds (who owns the FED) makes all their money by buying and selling currencies.

    But now? The Rothchilds are trying to float all currencies, including the dollar, against the Euro. So they work to stabilize it and encourage our dollar to fluxuate.

    After all, if there is no fluxuation in value of currencies, how can they make their billions?

    • DaveH

      We’ve had excess money creation and the resultant monetary devaluation since the creation of the Federal Reserve.
      Use this great inflation calculator to calculate the value of money for any number of years between 1800 and present:

      Especially note that the dollar actually became MORE valuable between 1800 and 1913, as it should be with increasing productivity. But now, even with dramatic increases in productivity, our dollar buys less. Why is that? Because the Government is consuming our goods faster than we can produce them.

  • hicusdicus

    Its all over. America is dead it just has not fallen over yet. The only pleasure I am going to get out of Americas demise is seeing all the democrats finally realize that they have been fed rat poison and start running around like the poisoned rats they are.

    • s c

      h, it’s not all over. The world is hurting because people have trusted in politicians and government. A brilliant man once said that ‘government is essentially the negation of liberty.’ Progressives and other mental defectives haven’t learned that message – yet.
      Government in general (Big Government in particular) is a substitute for God.
      Look around the Washington scene. Do you see any mortal who is good enough or smart enough to be a substitute for God? We had a revolutionary situation back in the 18th century. We may have another shortly.

      • Dan az

        I agree and I think come the election this time it maybe the start of the 2012 revolution to end all the corruption and stupidity that has ruined this country.I know I’m sick of it,And if I were a progressive or a liberal I would be running for the hills.Because they have a target on their azz and there is know way they wont be held responsible for what they have managed to do to this country.I hold all of you responsible and I’m sure the majority will to so you had better hope that we can elect the only people that can clean up your mess.This is not a threat in anyway its just a fact.

    • 45caliber


      The libs all believe that IF (not when) things go bad they can still get all they want from us conservatives by simply demanding. They had done just that for about seventy years now. If necessary they will order the military (who HAVE to obey the CIC – right?) to get things for them. They literally cannot believe that there won’t be enough there for them even if they were able to take everything we have. And they simply do not believe that any conservatives (except criminals) would ever consider harming one of them. They are SPECIAL. We aren’t.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If you get ANY pleasure out of the demise of this country, then please leave!! Myself, I will fight tooth and nail to save this republic and what it used to stand for!! the beacon is still there, the light is just burned out.

  • Dan az
    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dan az,

      We continue to have technical difficulties that plague us when traffic is especially heavy. The problem has been identified, but it will be about 3-4 weeks before we will have a fix in place. Please bear with us.

      Best wishes,

  • Ed Taz

    I have a question that few people ask. Most question are about interest rates going up because of our debt situation and banks refusing to loan money. If a person has no debt, but has a lot of liquid cash, will his interest paid by banks go up? Right now most banks are paying less than 1 percent on money markets, CD’s, and savings accounts. Just a year or two ago I was getting 5 percent interest. Are those rates gone forever?

    • Dan az

      It dose not matter how much you have in assets you will not get a loan as long as your white.FACT!I have a friend that has a 5 an a half million dollars in assets and the banks refused him a 50k loan because he was the wrong color.Their Words!GET IT!Small business’s are closing every day because of this crap.Unemployment is increasing because of this.They get there money from the printing press that has nothing backing it at 0% intrest.They launder it for the feds by buying treasuries that give them 3% on the funny money and then give it back to them.They keep the interest!So why would they loan you anything long term if they get the money back in short term.

  • Kristin

    All of this technology and we’re in a recession? The only thing that will put people back to work is to get rid of this Obamacare. No one has the right to make people get health insurance. Period.

  • FreedomFighter


    Still everyone for what we owe, just like they did US thru history.

    End the FED. Dont need them, they are illegal, easily replaced. Goverment can make its own imaginary money, lets face it, why pay them to create electrons for bankers?

    Ditch the United Nations, or reorganize.

    Tar and feather imports to spur made in America

    Downsize IRS: Flat Tax, National Sales tax


    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Dave M

    Hey mark, whether you realize it or would even admit it if you did, SENATOR Barack Obama voted FOR TARP. Now, let’s stop playing the blame game and get this clown out of office before it’s too late for EVERYONE!

  • Barry Harmon

    If David Hackett Fischer ( is correct in his masterful “The Great Wave,” what we are living thorugh is a transition from an era of inflation to an era of price stability.

    We may be in the end game of a century of inflation and debt accumulation. This transition will see disturbances and dislocations as we had in the 1900 to 1920 period and before that in the 1790 to 1815 period. These were periods of transition from inflation to stability or stability to inflation.

    Our political and financial system is geared toward debt, but the new paradigm will be equity / ownership. Once we break the link between debt and the US dollar and go to a true fiat currency we will be able to get our house in order, assuming the powers backing the Federal Reserve will allow us to. Forget the gold and other backings of the currency, there isn’t enough to support the world’s economic needs. (If you like the gold standard, read the history of the world financial system from 1910 to 1940, especially the CreditAnstalt saga) Forget issuing debt to allow us to issue money — why should we pay a tax on our money, which is what the interest on the federal debt is? A fiat currency system can’t be any worse than what we’ve had for 100 years and what’s the difference between a fiat currency system and the present system, except that under a fiat system we don’t pay a tax on our currency? Under the present system the banks won’t let us pay off our debt.

    Along with this change will come a diminution of the power, size and number of banks, exactly the reverse of what was intended with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1910-1913. Maybe we are looking at the end of central banking as we know it; I hope so, for central banking has been a disaster for the world since it was forced on us in this century.

    Just a few thoughts.

    • Song

      Good points Barry and just yesterday I heard on the news that more and more Americans are paying their debts on time and are paying them off. You would think that would be good news but no, like you mentioned, bankers don’t want us to get out of debt and they are “troubled” with this recent trend of “debt consciousness” and say that it will only hurt the economy more. Personally, I cannot wait to get out of debt, mortgage and all because I will NEVER deal with bankers again! Debt is the noose around our necks and makes slaves of us all.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        It is a very good feeling! It may be just my mind, but last year when we made our final payment on our house, my bad back seemed to be a little straighter!!! All we owe now are our monthlies, gas, water, electric, and of course, our taxes!!! It’s still a load off my back!!

  • DaveH
    • Song

      That it does DaveH

    • Jay

      The question I would pose to obama: How could your predictions ever have a snow-balls chance in hell of coming true, if the country has NO INDUSTRY?

  • Raggs

    Seriously…. Did ya know that there are at least 80 golden eagles killed in californicate every year due to the wind mills?????
    A federal offence that would land any one of us in jail for no less than ten years and a fine of ten’s of thousands of dollars all of the while millions of barrels of oil cannot be tapped in the US due to environment issues…

    • DaveH

      The environmentalists are getting all tied up in knots trying to figure out which bad idea they will Force on us next. Bunch of doofusses:

      • Elevenarrows

        I’d say the idea to have to add urine to your truck to get better mileage is pretty far up on the list of crazy gov’t intrusions in the private marketplace. I drive a Ford F350 crew cab dually and would like to upgrade to a newer truck, but my uncle went to test drive some and the salesmen told him he would have to purchase urea to add to his fuel. And, of course, it wasn’t cheap. When I heard about it, I said, isn’t urea PEE?! Seriously, are they now making trucks we have to purchase pee for??? Why can’t you pullover on the side of the road and take care of your business for free? Why do they even make trucks that “require” pee??? I sometimes wonder if I’ve awakened on the planet of CRAZY…

        • Karolyn

          Urea is used in SNCR and SCR reactions to reduce the NOx pollutants in exhaust gases from combustion from diesel, dual fuel, and lean-burn natural gas engines. The BlueTec system, for example, injects water-based urea solution into the exhaust system. The ammonia produced by the hydrolysis of the urea reacts with the nitrogen oxide emissions and is converted into nitrogen and water within the catalytic converter.

          • 45caliber


            I’m not sure of the others, but natural gas does NOT have nitrogen in it unless someone is adding it to the mixture. It is in the air but that shouldn’t be affected by burning the fuel. Natural gas is Carbon and Hydrogen. It burns with Oxygen from the air to form water and CO2. So it burns VERY clean.

          • Elevenarrows

            Karolyn, I think you miss the point. I don’t care about the “scientific” propaganda behind pee in fuel. My objection is to the ridiculous intrusion of gov’t in the auto-making industry. I don’t want to buy a truck that requires that I purchase urine to add to my fuel because some crackpot in the EPA thinks my diesel truck isn’t good for the environment. BTW, for everyone out there who thinks stinky diesel trucks are terrible, let me point out that my husband’s diesel has over 450,000 miles on it. He has not had to go out and use up more of the earth’s resources to have another truck built to replace his. That truck will go and go and go…I expect mine to do the same. Let’s not forget the EPA convinced the loons in DC to add ethanol to our fuel…yeah, that was a great idea…turns out it doesn’t even pay for itself, but hey, it accomplished what they wanted: farmers now grow “ethanol” instead of FOOD.TO sum it up, Karolyn, urea in fuel is another stupid idea by those who want to control EVERYTHING…CAPS/screaming intended!

        • Raggs

          Yeah next they will want you to have a cow… literally… a pick-up with a cow in the back for fuel… or prehaps a hose up your arse to catch the farts.

        • Raggs

          You can always put a wind mill in your back yard but as soon as you hit an eagle with it just make sure that you have read the fine print where as YOU are liable and not the govment.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I’ve got a plan to get rich. I’m designing a giant cage to cover all the wind mills!! The holes will be small enough to preclude even a humming bird from getting through!!! Whadya think??? course it might make them a little less efficient as they might disrupt the air flow over the blades!!! Ha Ha HA!!!!

  • BigBadJohn

    FACT Bush inherited a 100 Billion dollar deficit and turned it into a 1.5 TRILLION dollar deficit, a 1500% increase.

    Obama inherited a 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit and turned it into a 1.8 trillion dollar deficit a 30% increase.

    Just who put us in this mess?

    Simple way out of the current mess, UN-DO everything that Bush and republicans did during the 2000,s.
    400 billion tax cut
    300 billion increase in military budget
    400 billion in middle east wars
    150 billion unfunded prescription drug plan.

    There is 1.2 trillion dollars of the current 1.8 trillion dollar deficit!

    • Song

      BBJ you have posted this before and your numbers have been refuted at length, which you choose to ignore. What do you do, copy and paste? It’s time to stop the “blame game” and realize that the year is 2011. What makes you think your post has any more credibility now then when you posted it before? BTW I benefited from the Bush tax cuts and so did just about any average, hard-working, middle class American…

      • BigBadJohn

        Being upper middle class, I saw no benefit from Bush’s tax cuts, except for that first $500 check he sent me.

        Now however, I have restructured all of my investments to take advantage of Bush’s tax cuts.
        So while you now pay 35% of your paycheck into taxes, I pay 15% living off of my dividends.

        • Song

          And your point BBJ since you seem to know so much about me haha

    • DaveH

      Where do you get the $1.5 trillion deficit as stated for Bush?
      I’m getting about .5 trillion (455 billion to be more exact) for 2008:

      Don’t forget that the Democrats controlled Congress in 2007 and 2008.
      If you’re including the TARP package, Obama could have stopped that if he had wanted.

      • BigBadJohn

        Dave don’t believe “deficit” numbers, Bush never counted the wars as part of his budget, they were always “special appropriation”.
        I go by what the national debt actually did.:

        01/02/2007 8,678,229,324,205.41
        01/15/2008 9,194,165,780,462.91

        Sure looks like 1.5 trillion to me…….

        • DaveH

          You are bad, John. At math that is.
          $9.194 Trillion – $8.678 Trillion = $.516 Trillion

          • Mike in MI

            DaveH -
            Maybe we should recommend BBJ to the Oblama-lama-ding-dong WH staff or even Larry Summers’ old job. Looks like he’s good at progressive math.

          • BigBadJohn

            Sorry Dave thanks for catching my math error. However, you did not catch the fact that those numbers were for 2007. My Bad.

            Here are the numbers for 2008, check the math and you tell me…..

            01/02/2008 9,210,587,444,062.47
            01/15/2009 10,627,708,753,691.49

    • Raggs

      Hey john… I guess that you have to be “BIG-n-BAD” because you sure are stupid!

    • JeffH

      BBJ…at least you’ve finally changed your tune about Bush inheriting a Clinton surplus…

      • Jay

        Jeff, 30 years from now old BBJ will still be blaming Bush. “Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch…”.

        • JeffH

          …and then… :) yer killin me :)

        • BigBadJohn

          If the shoe fits……

          Reagan took us from less than 1 trillion dollar national debt to 3 Trillion. Certainly was the start of our downfall……
          Bush added 1 trillion in 4 years
          Clinton added 1 trillion in 8 years
          GW Bush added 5 trillion in 8 years
          Obama is adding close to 2 trillion per year.

          We need to stop this madness now and roll back spending and taxes to 2000.

    • 45caliber


      If all of that was deficiet, I might agree with you. But the military part is necessary – despite the costs of the war.

      But say we do that – let’s also undo everything the Dems have done since Oblama took over. That will see that we don’t continue in debt. In fact, we might even have a chance to pay off some of the debt we now have.

      • bob wire

        Hmm? ~ I think you are on to something 45

      • BigBadJohn


        If Obama inherited a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit and added another 300 billion to , sorry but eliminating Obama’s 300 billion still leaves us with 1.5 trillion deficit….

        As far as the military needing it, the GAO just announced that the military has lost – has no idea where it went – 1.5 trillion dollars since 2000. If they have money to burn, sounds like a good place to start.

    • Dixie Suzan

      Diversify. I have a 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe note in my pocket. Zimbabwe bucks may hold up better than US Bucks. Besides it is always comforting to have 100 trillion dollars in your pocket. Trillions and trillions everywhere and not a spendable cent.

    • DaveH

      You should read this, BigBad, and learn a little:

      • BigBadJohn

        OK so I agree stimulus does not work.

        Look at the numbers – tax breaks do not work either. Every time we have had a republican president pushing tax cuts the national debt has gone up..
        Reagan tripled the national debt and GW doubled it again.

        Under Clinton, taxes went up deficit went down, the value of the dollar soared and we had the longest stretch of prosperity in history.
        Balancing the budget has more positive impact on the economy than tax cuts do!

        So let’s roll everything back to 2000, can Obama’s programs and undo everything that Bush and the republicans did during the 2000′s….

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Big BJ,
          Then why is Nobummer now talking cutting taxes to the middle class??? If he knows it won’t work then he is purposly trying to ruin the economy!!!

          • BigBadJohn

            Yes he is trying to ruin the economy.

            The republicans will not let him raise taxes and are trying to kill the stimulus package. So he might as well follow along with the republicans plan to default the US government. But he just might get reelected anyway if the middle class thinks he is doing all he can.

        • DaveH

          Why stop there? Let’s roll everything back to the early 1800s when the Federal Government was still working for the States not visa versa.

          • BigBadJohn

            Dave that would be great but the most pressing problem now is the national debt. Address that first then lets push for states rights!

  • Munk

    People, a small, elite group of men, run the World. If they decide that a world-wide depression is needed, it will happen. Nothing we do are say, absent a total rebellion and purge, will ever change this.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are making that small group of elite men omnipotent,in reality they are predacious little rats.

      • Marty S.

        And don’t forget they get lobbed into the lake of fire at the end of the tribulation. The good guys win in the end game but it won’t be a picnic folks. We each need to get right with God, pray like it depends on Him and prepare and like it depends on us. Vote conservative in the next election starting with Ron Paul for President to replace the imposter we have now.

  • Munk

    *or say

  • Raggs

    Hum… So I wonder… Fitch and Moody’s obviously threatened by the oblama administration not to decrease the US credit rating?????

    I will lay money on me being correct…..

  • Libertarian58

    Nothing will change and the economy will NEVER improve until the FED and IRS are abolished. Period.

  • Jay

    As more tax-the-rich, class warfare propaganda spews from the White House and its lackeys in Congress I thought it would be useful to examine how propaganda and scapegoating are used to sway the masses.

    Edward Filene established the Institute of Propaganda Analysis (IPA) in 1937 to educate the American public about the nature of propaganda and how to recognize propaganda techniques.

    Filene and the IPA identified 7 propaganda devices most commonly used by propagandists to marginalize their opponents and sway the masses against them.

    Here are the magnificent seven:
    Name Calling

    Glittering Generalities



    Plain Folks

    Card Stacking

    Band Wagon
    In this issue, the first in a seven volume series, we discuss the technique of name calling.

    Here’s how the IPA describes it::

    Propagandists use the technique of name calling or labeling to create fear and arouse prejudice by using negative words (bad names) to create an unfavorable opinion or hatred against a group, beliefs, ideas or institutions they would have us denounce. This method calls for a conclusion without examining the evidence.

    I have identified 5 names liberal propagandists regularly call Republicans to create a prejudicial, unfavorable opinion of them in the minds of the public:

    1. Greedy

    The tactic

    Republicans and conservatives generally do not support tax increases and believe that the operation of the free market is better able to solve social problems than direct government intervention. It is, therefore, rather easy for the propagandist to convince the masses that Republicans oppose taxes only because it allows them to keep more of their own money.

    Of course, there are many reasons why Republicans oppose tax increases that have nothing whatsoever to do with the size of their own wallets. And the record of Republican charitable largess stands up to or exceeds that of their Democrat counterparts. So with even a little bit of research one could easily dismiss the “greed” charge.

    But the propagandist, the cynic that he is, is counting on the masses not to make further inquiry.

    Why it works

    Nobody wants to be associated with greedy people, so this label, when it sticks, will naturally deter many people from becoming Republicans and even more people from voting for Republicans.

    All name calling techniques work because the people they are designed to persuade are physically and intellectually lazy. It’s much less work to accept the slanderous label as true on its face than to take the effort of finding out the real truth of the assertion even though the answers are just a mouse click away.

    2. Racist

    The tactic

    The term racist is used by the left to ensure that blacks remain overwhelmingly loyal to the Democrat party.

    This is why there is nothing more threatening to liberals than a black Republican. His mere existence has the potential of exposing the big lie that the Republican party is in and of itself a racist party.

    Consequently, the propagandist must deal with the conundrum of why any black man or woman would want to belong to a racist political party.

    His answer?

    Black Republicans are not really black after all.

    They are House Negros.

    They are Uncle Toms.

    Why it works

    I suspect being called a race traitor is about the worst thing you can say to a black person.

    It is perfectly understandable that a young black man or woman would think twice before joining the Republican party, espousing its views or admitting to anyone, anywhere at anytime that he or she has ever voted for one of its racist members.

    But as the country moves ever more rapidly toward racial equality, this technique’s testicles start to shrink.

    The left is desperate to keep that racist label affixed to the Republican party because it knows that when it no longer sticks the Democrat party will lose its stronghold over blacks.

    That time is coming, but expect a lot of splashing, flailing, kicking and race-baiting before it happens.

    3. Evil

    The tactic

    If you lie often enough you begin to believe the lie yourself.

    Eventually the propagandist, through sheer repetition of the lie, convinces himself that the labels he has used to describe Republicans are actually true.

    They are greedy, racist and sexist.

    Buying into his own propaganda, the propagandist is now compelled to conclude that Republicans are innately evil.

    Amazingly, he makes this conclusion even though he loathes the Manichean construct of “good and evil.”

    Propagandizing has a way of contorting the propagandist into some very awkward positions.

    Why it works

    This one is so silly that I question its effectiveness. Even the most gullible of persons can see that some Republicans are decent people.

    Still, some folks having been brainwashed by this nonsense since they were children do actually believe (apologies to Johnny Weismuller) that:

    Me, good. You, bad.

    4. Stupid

    The tactic

    Some propagandists are smart.

    They recognize the hypocrisy of having pilloried George Bush for making un-nuanced assertions like “you’re either for us or against us” while at the same time maintaining that Democrats are good and Republicans are evil.

    Nevertheless, they are bound by their mission to come up with something that will explain why any non-evil human being could possibly want to be a Republican.

    And the only possible reason they can find?

    Republicans are flat out stupid.

    This is another of those charges that just a minimal amount of research reveals to be absurd on its face.

    In fact, Democrats admit that it’s untrue by boasting that they are the party of the uneducated, the downtrodden, and the unfortunate while castigating Republicans for being the party of the privileged and advantaged.

    Why it works

    This one is much more effective than the charge that Republicans are evil because people know from their own experiences that intelligence is not distributed evenly.

    Democrats have done a good job of persuading people that the mere fact of being a Democrat is evidence of a person’s innate and superior intelligence (not to mention his humanity).

    In short, its psychologically comforting to believe that you belong to a sect of smart ones while they belong to a sect of imbeciles.

    5. Sexist

    The tactic

    Like the racist label the left uses this pejorative to drive a wedge between women and the Republican party. As they do with black Republicans leftist propagandists reserve their most vicious attacks for Republican women.

    The fact that any woman would deign be a Republican is anathema to them.

    They look at Republican women with disgust and disdain regardless of their life stories or political opinions.

    But you don’t have to ask me, just ask the ex-governor of Alaska.

    Why it works

    This one is even less effective than the charge that Republicans are evil.

    Historically, women have not overwhelmingly supported Democrat candidates (although in 2008 women strongly supported Obama).

    But again, there are plently of women out there willing to buy into the notion that Republicans want to see women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen making casseroles.

    The fact that George Bush made Condoleezza Rice the highest ranking black woman government official in history is of no import to them.

    In fact, I suspect that they suspect she might even have a penis.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Thanks for a good read.

    • Jana

      That was very interesting. All the left has are tactics and lies which is classified in your article as EVIL, so yes, the leftist use EVIL TACTICS.
      Another one could have been BLAME. The Democracts have become the party of blame and we have a man in the WH who should go down a the President of BLAME.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        nobummer has caused people to coin a new phrase! you remember the cut “lame brain”? Well thanks to Nobummer the new phrase is “Lame Blame”!!!!!

        • Jana

          Joe H. :)

      • Mike in MI

        Jana -
        Should his name now become Oblame-ah.

        • Jana

          Mike in MI,
          Good one :)

  • Stanley

    Hello Mr. John Myers,
    Please define and explain “deflationary collapse”.
    Deflation – decrease in prices?
    – decrease in available jobs?
    – decrease in Gross Domestic Product?
    – decrease in credit available?
    – increase in purchasing power of federal reserve note?
    Or, is a correct summary of your article is that we’re facing an
    “inflationary (decrease in purchasing power of federal reserve notes)
    collapse (decrease in available jobs, GDP, credit, consumer goods)?
    Thank you.

    • Raggs

      I would say… Pick your poision it is all deadly and taste like kool-aid.

    • Jay

      What part of “increase” and “decrease” don’t you understand? Does your lap-top, or computer not come with an on-board dictionary?

    • Mike in MI

      Stanley – “Stagflation” (STAGnation with inFLATION)
      That’s what they called it during the Carter years – see we’ve been here before. Liberessives are good at causing this sort of thing culturally – just bad at remembering (or admitting) what they did that puts us in the outhouse pit (unless you examine their repetitious policy continuum which predictably causes it’s occurences). Don’t holler,”BUSHEY-BOY” at me ’cause I account his sorry butt high on the causation list, too.
      It costs more money to buy the same value. Ferinstance, in Fall 1961 in Detroit MI an old FREE PRESS I found advertized 1 lb of cut up fryer chicks for $.33. What cost today? Next month?
      Deflation goes the other way but the Fed works it out with their power broker-in-chief that the productive and frugal middle class get fleeced. Money buys more but da gubmint taxes producers more heaviy so the benefit is short lived. And they lie about it.

  • Jay

    If you want something from civilized society you must give something in return. This something, at a bare mininum, is adherence to the rules on which that civilized society rests.

    Read what Max Hastings of The Daily Mail Online has to say about the current group of thugs rioting London:

    They are an absolute deadweight upon society, because they contribute nothing yet cost the taxpayer billions. Liberal opinion holds they are victims, because society has failed to provide them with opportunities to develop their potential.

    Most of us would say this is nonsense. Rather, they are victims of a perverted social ethos, which elevates personal freedom to an absolute, and denies the underclass the discipline — tough love — which alone might enable some of its members to escape from the swamp of dependency in which they live.

    Only education — together with politicians, judges, policemen and teachers with the courage to force feral humans to obey rules the rest of us have accepted all our lives — can provide a way forward and a way out for these people.

    They are products of a culture which gives them so much unconditionally that they are let off learning how to become human beings.

    My dogs are better behaved and subscribe to a higher code of values than the young rioters of Tottenham, Hackney, Clapham and Birmingham.

    Sadly, no matter how many examples we are given of the dangers of class warfarism and wealth redistribution, some politicians, economists and members of academe will continue to assert that the London rioters – and their counterparts in the States – are victims of circumstance who have been cheated by the rich and successful out of what is rightfully theirs. These rioting thugs are hypocrites because they want most what they hate most.

    • bob wire

      No argument here Jay, ~ I wonder if your dog is better feed as well?

      I really don’t know the conditions these people live in ~ but I do know it for them to change it ~ if they don’t like it and this bad behavior is not the way.

  • bob wire

    “The only thing I had going for my family was that I held enough gold to somewhat offset the huge losses in my portfolio.”

    “The only thing”?~ come on now Mr. Myers, don’t be coy. ~ beside your health,a social and legal support system with people and agencies protecting your family, your home and hedging the loss of your loot from your own decisions, you were sitting on a small gold mine.

    I’d say you are a blessed clever man, more so then many.

    Back then, I think I might have had a gold necklaces, 500 in cash, a struggling business, and a woman that was wanting to keep up with the Jones that worked as a bank tell counting money all day. ☺

    As at least she’s gone, but she took my gold necklace!

    I have a hard time relating, no doubt my failing. For what it’s worth, I’m proud for anyone that can start out flat footed and capture income. I’ve found it next to impossible, but I am getting better at it.

    I now have zero debt, a woman that wears a size one, that doesn’t count money all day, a new gold necklace,50,000 dollars and good health.

    sometime I feel rich while 50,000 is a 8 day stay in the local hospital.

    • Jana

      bob wire,
      I figured you would HAVE to have a Stepford wife.

    • John Myers

      You are correct Bob,
      I have many things going for me. I had great parents; I have a wife of 31 years and three kids that are making it on their own. And I have the oppotunity to write for PLD and to readers like you; so yes I am blessed.
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  • Dixie Suzan

    I have a ancester who fought in WW1.

    He was with the first American Expeditionary Force sent to France. He became one of America’s first gas casualties from mustard gas on the Western Front at age 24. He wasn’t expected to live but he did though he could never work again. As a patriotic possibly soon to be dead American he bought Liberty Bonds during the war while hospitalized and married. He skimped to do it. Every Liberty Bond sold in WW1 was redeemable in Gold coin. The 2nd Liberty Bond drive allowed cashing the bonds starting in 1932, though full maturity was 1947. He was broke in 1932 and when ready to cash in some of his bonds FDR went off the gold standard and repudiated the gold contractual obligation on all the Liberty Bonds. The FDR devalued the dollar by 40%. Formerly it was 20 paper dollars to the ounce of gold. It became 32 paper dollars to the ounce of gold, except you couldn’t own gold. Gold was only available to pay foreign debts. The Liberty Bond holders were paid 20 paper dollars per ounce of non-available gold coin in redemption of their War Bonds.

    The final coup de grace was when President F.D. Roosevelt in 1933 announced, “All safe deposit boxes in banks or financial institutions have been sealed… and may only be opened in the presence of an agent of the I.R.S.”

    Whatever the IRS found in the safety deposit boxes that they thought they could tax and get away with it they taxed. All you had to do is fight them in IRS court during the deepest part of the Depression.

    My ancestor never trusted the Feds again.

    • Jana

      Dixie Suzan,
      I don’t trust them now either.
      That was a heartbreaking story. He fought for our country and thought he had a little security- – - – then to have it pulled out from under him.
      Hmmm, maybe we ought to hide our stuff in the back yard in a coffee can -uhhh no, they are plastic now, but in some kind of can instead of having a safe deposit box. Just thinking here.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        i don’t know, plastic doesn’t rust!!!!

        • Jana

          Good point.

  • Karolyn

    The Disastrous Debt Crisis Myth

  • Jay

    Listen and remember to hear not only what liberals say but what they really mean.

    “Right to privacy” – Abortion

    “Heteronormative” = Making comments too specific to only heterosexual relationships

    “Progressive” = Left Liberal or Socialist

    “Radical” = Conservative

    “Undocumented Immigrants” = Illegal Aliens

    “Special interest groups” = Non-liberal groups

    “Monopoly” = Any corporation with market cap over $500 million

    “Fundamentalist” = Conservative

    “Greed” = Profit motive

    “Rigid Ideologue” = A conservative who stands on principles.

    “Compromise” = Agree with liberal agenda

    “Affirmative Action” = Racial Preferences

    “Lies” = “Policy Differences”

    “Patriotism” = “Judgement”

    “Racism” = “Anyone who Disagrees with Us”

    “Fascism” = “We don’t have a clue what it means, but we use it anyway”

    “Assault Weapons” = Any Firearm including scary looking guns with a military appearance. The functionality of said guns is irrelevant.

    “Cut” = Reduction in the rate of growth

    “Pandering” = What Republicans do when supporting something liberals don’t like. Usually applies to the NRA or religious right.

    “Coddling” See “pandering.”

    “Health Care” = Abortion rights

    “Unconstitutional” = “we don’t like it.”

    “Open Minded” = “Subscribes to Liberal Dogma”

    “Profiteering” = Not losing money

    “Managed competition” = Government takeover

    “Overheated economy” = Prosperity

    “Fully fund” = Write a Blank check

    “Diversity” = Lock step conformity with liberal agenda

    “Closed-minded” = Does not agree with liberal agenda

    “Right wing extremist” = Please See ‘closed-minded’ & ‘extremist’

    “Social responsibility” = Force someone else to pay for it

    “Socially responsible investments” = Invest in money-losing ventures that liberals failed to get taxpayer funding for

    “Welfare for the rich” = What people have left after taxes

    “Corporate welfare” = Gross revenue minus taxes

    “Corporate subsidy” = See ‘corporate welfare’

    “Deserving poor” = People who vote for liberals

    “Tax the rich” = Tax anyone with a job

    “Multiculturalism” = America is responsible for all the world’s ills and is inferior to all other cultures

    “Choice”= The right to terminate (kill) your unborn child, but does not include the right to decide where your child will attend school if he or she survives “choice”. Choice to carry a firearm for self-defense? No! Choice to privatize your Social Security? No!

    “Oversight” = Government

    “Working Americans” = Only lower and middle class Americans

    “Conduct a review” = Strategic delay.

    “Exploit” = Employ

    “Consistent ethic of life” = “We’re not really pro-abortion, but we’re embarrassed by the Church’s pro-life teachings because it places at odds with our favored party, the Democrats.”

    “Militants” = Islamofascists

    “Insurgents” = Terrorists

    “Freedom Fighters” = Please see “Militants” and “Insurgents”.

    “Decriminalization” = Legalization

    “Regulate” = Ban

    “Unilateral Action” = “A small coalition of the “bribed and coerced”.

    “Undermining democracy” = When any Republican legislation passes.

    “Assault” = Republican/conservative legislation on civil rights, medicare, welfare, social security, etc.

    “Unprecedented” = Anything a conservative does to challenge thirty years of liberalism.

    “The constitution is a living document.” = The Constitution is malleable enough to be reworked at the whim of the courts.

    “Deficit Reduction” = Tax Hike

    “Mean-spirited” = Any Republican attempt to roll back the welfare state or any entitlements

    “At risk youth” = Any kid likely to become a criminal. This phrase is used when pushing for spending for some social

    “Hate rhetoric” = Criticism of liberals.

    “Angry white male” = A white male who voted Republican/conservative.

    “Racism” = Opposition to anything a minority wants.

    “Gun lobby” = National Rifle Association (NRA)

    “Religious right” = Conservatives who believe in God.

    “Extremist” Anybody who opposes anything a liberal wants.

    “Guns on the street” = Private ownership of firearms. Also includes guns locked inside cabinets.

    “Bipartisanship” = When “moderate” and/or “Rino” Republicans go along with the liberal agenda.

    “Tax breaks for the rich” = Any Republican tax plan.

    “War on the poor” = See “Tax breaks for the rich.”

    “Democracy” = Liberal legislation

    “Criminal’s gun of choice” = Whatever class of firearm the liberals are trying to ban at the moment. Crime statistics concerning
    the particular weapons are irrelevant.

    “Contributions” = Taxes

    “Stolen election” = When the Republican candidate gets more votes than the Democrat candidate.

    “Progressive” = Socialist

    “Independence Card” = A government debit card to replace food stamps.

    “Discrimination against poor women” = When republicans pass legislation

    “American People” – Democrats, all others fall into the right-wing conspiracy camp who aren’t considered American, and have no 1st Amendment

    “Pat Buchanon Republicans” = Racist bigoted Republicans. Please see ‘Extremists”.

    “Moral Victory” = Voters approved ponzi socialist scheme

    “Christian Right” = People who go to church and vote.

    “Gun nut” = Any person who owns a gun.

    “Enlightened” = Those that openly protest or boycott Conservative or Libertarian agenda

    “Tools” = Money

    “Ultra Conservative” = A person who is too conservative.

    “Womens Rights” = Supporting the right to destroy a fetus for any reason, including personal convenience.

    “Fetus” = An unborn child that is to be aborted.

    “Baby” = An unborn child that is not to be aborted.

    “Censorship” = A government’s refusal to fund a work of art

    “Sexist” – A man who disagrees with women who hold liberal views.

    “Victims”: = The liberals target constituency….Black people and women, but essentially members of every group, except heterosexual males and ethnic groups that tend to hold conservative

    “Homophobe” = A person who believes that man-woman love and marriage ought to be society’s ideal.

    “Investment” = We want to spend more of your money.

    “Filthy Rich” = A person who works two jobs.

    “Obscenely Rich” = A person who employs others.

    “Intolerance” = Disagreeing with the liberal point of view.

    “Propaganda” = Facts and data that supports an opposing view.

    “So and so has an agenda” = A person who disagrees with a liberal.

    • Marty S.

      Finally, a glossary for understanding liberal speak. Thanks Jay.

    • DanB

      I think you made a mistake.

      “Monopoly” = Any corporation with market cap over $500 million

      My proposed correction:

      “Monopoly” = Any corporation not under government control or not funding desirable progressive action. Exceptions reserved for businesses too big to be granted to be hidden from public examination.

      GE is good because they are closely knit with the government and promote progressive agendas and politics. The arm and reach of GE is too big for most of them to understand. It is easy to see the branches of GE as separate businesses because people associate GE with household electronics. Meanwhile the Koch brothers must run a monopoly (but of what?) because they fund conservative causes? Google is just too big to ignore, so it gets some scrutiny, but they brush over most of it. It is unfortunate that Google uses their name all over the place. Too big profile to ignore how big they are. Probably would get a complete pass except Google does some of the violations against privacy and so forth that the liberals would like to reserve for government.

  • Rosco1776

    Vote Peace, Prosperity and Liberty, vote Ron Paul 2012!!

    The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. — Curtis Dall (Franklin D. Roosevelt’s son-in-law), My Exploited Father-in-Law

    Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. — President Woodrow Wilson, 1913

    This Federal Reserve Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President (Wilson) signs this bill the invisible government of the Monetary Power will be legalized. — Hon. Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., Dec. 23, 1913

    We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominate men. I have unwittingly betrayed my country. — President Woodrow Wilson, 1916

  • Troedini


    As allways in crisis: War, War, War, ……

  • banking scam

    The whole ‘National Debt’ and ‘inflation/deflation’ talk is a political puppet show to cover up a banking scam designed to steal all the U.S. wealth. If the U.S. Treasury Department were printing the U.S. money (as the Constitution says it should) instead of ‘borrowing’ from the Federal Reserve we would not have such a thing as ‘National Debt’.
    For how to get out of this see

    A pox on both parties. Voters should boycott both Dems & Reps. When “it’s not who votes but who counts the votes”, if Dems & Reps get NO votes then it will be harder for them to screw with the voting results.

  • Korean Vet

    After being a witness to the “BIG DEPRESSION”–I’ll guarantee that you
    will not wish to see one again-! The bad news is–that we’re well upon
    our way to the next one-! Just like the “BIG ONE”–I don’t expect to
    see a “Real Recovery”–until it happens-! My forecast says–”Not until
    the Summer of 2015-!” (From 1930 until 1937 for the “Big Depression” &
    Seven years after 2008–for this present One-!) You younger people will have to watch out for yourselves–we don’t have the “Mom & Pop”
    grocery-stores that gave you credit for food in the 1930′s & we don’t
    have the Railroad box-cars to ride in–”to look for Jobs”-! And I know
    you can’t “Hobo” on the Airplanes that we have now-! But Good Luck to
    all of you-! I made it–& so can you-! But chose your friends very


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