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The Democrats’ Minority Problem

March 19, 2013 by  

During a CPAC panel discussion on the Democrats’ divisive racial politics, an attendee made the following remark: “Blacks should be happy that the slave master gave them shelter, clothing, and food.” That’s a remarkably silly point of view, and it would be best left to the Democrats who continue to espouse such policies under the guise of governmental assistance in return for votes.

Although the speaker was roundly jeered by the assemblage, he ended up in a personal discussion with the panel host, a black man named K. Carl Smith. Smith later said of the man, “[W]e left as friends.”

What Smith could have said was: “I’m sorry, sir. This is a conservative meeting. If you’re looking for inveterate and ignorant racism, you should try the nearest Democratic confab. Just look for the hoods.” But conservatism doesn’t recognize race as a character trait the way liberalism does, and Smith proved so by counseling the man and attempting to show him the error of his ways.

While Smith and the rest of the assemblage shut down the “slave master” nonsense, liberals let their racist freak flags fly on Twitter. Following a rousing speech by Dr. Ben Carson, the Democrats renewed their bigoted assault on the world-renowned physician. Carson actually mentioned during his remarks that detractors had treated him to a barrage of racial epithets in the wake of his critique of President Barack Obama. Subsequently, Carson was likely prepared for the racist animus liberals launched at him in return for daring to step off the liberal plantation. Among the barbs the left jabbed at Carson:



And the real winner of this week’s Robert Byrd Memorial Grand Dragon Award:

Carson, the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, is one of the most respected neurosurgeons on the planet. Only an idiot would call him “dumb.” Only an almost irredeemably stupid person would call him a “nigger.”

And then, American University professor Deen Freelon gave us a glimpse at his own racial syllabus:


Evidently, Freelon thinks people who object to his attempts to marginalize Carson — and any black man who doesn’t toe the liberal line — are the “lunatic fringe.” I wonder how many parents of American University students are rethinking that tuition check.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Congressman Allen West, self-made success story Herman Cain and others have dealt with the left’s racism, mostly with the sort of grace that Freelon wouldn’t recognize if it extinguished a burning cross in his front yard. For a political movement that Freelon and his ilk cast as out of touch with minorities, conservatism sure seems to attract a sizable number of serious — and seriously intelligent — people.

Democrats routinely manage to find the rare racist apples in the conservative barrel and then suggest that the whole lot is rotten. But conservatives criticize liberals over policy, not skin color. I wish Obama were a markedly different person. But I wish the same about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, both of whom are as white as the sheets Byrd used to wear to his Klan meetings.

During his own speech at CPAC, West told an enraptured audience: “I’m speaking from experience when I tell you that there is nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black American who wants a better life and a smaller government.” The liberal progressive reaction to him, Carson and others proves him right.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Warrior

    According to mr. freelon, apparently Dr. Carson has just “come out of the closet” so to speak. Such “intolerance” by the “esteemed” mr. freelon. Tsk, tsk. Anyway…. FORWARD!

    • Johnny D

      Dr. Carson is simply living proof that white skin is not a requirment for patriotic americans who love their country , but indeed one who offers good common sense needed to preserve it.

  • Jeff


    The whole “I’m rubber, you’re glue” thing loses effectiveness after about 4th grade. Republicans kissed off the minority vote when all the Dixiecrats joined up. Remember the Southern Strategy? You can point to George Wallace, but all his descendants are Republicans like that shmuck at CPAC you’d just love to go away. CPAC is great because you guys say exactly what you “think.”

    • John

      Nauseating…when are you going to wake up and realize Democrats and Republicans are both working for the same master? Some people, like Ron Paul, masquarade as Republicans while really being Constitutionalists to get elected. Just like Obama pretending to be a Democrat when really he is a Communist. Wake up! and enjoy your slavery!

      • Jeff

        In what Communist system do private businesses make the kind of profits our leading companies do. If you think every government regulation of capitalism, no matter how meek or ineffectual, constitutes communism, all I can say is learn to read and think, Comrade.

      • Average Joe

        “In what Communist system do private businesses make the kind of profits our leading companies do.”


        A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for with the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.
        (you know, the communist system that we have here).

        • Jeff

          [comment has been edited]
          “Communist” is not a general term of derision for anyone you don’t like. It has a meaning. Fortunately for common sense, the public has become so jaded to right wingers’ overuse of the word that it no longer has the power it once did. In the 50s and 60s, all you had to do was say the word “Communist” and anyone not in favor of nuking Moscow was put on the defensive. The country has grown up a bit, and you McCarthyite Morons are in the rear-view mirror.

      • Paul B.

        John… the type of MArxist Communism where DC and Big Business collaborate for unequaled wealth accumulation and power for both. Business buys its elected officials, then the officials reward them with sweet legislation that advances their positions in what should be a free market, but is so heavily regulated it always favors the politically connected. that is why both parties fight so hard to win elections, that means more power to control for the benefit of their contributors versus any others.

        We are headed for a two party system… and I don’t mean Reps and Dems, I mean Labor and business, both aided and abedded by DC, while they sit at the throne in DC and regulate all industry to the benefit of both, with the understanding that as long as they control the national purse strings, both will be favorably treated in the marketplace.

        Small business will soon become a thing of the past, as we move further towards economic collapse, as we have seen in Europe where labor and business are already the controlling parties. The loser in all this is the poor citizenry who are not connected, waiting for the handouts while performing the tasks of our political and crony elites. No more freedom, no more choice, we do what they say, when they say it, and that is just the way they want it.

      • Paul B.

        Excuse my typo… that should be a reply to Jeff, not John.

      • alpha-lemming

        Communism right here…. or perhaps Fascism to fund Communism. Taking over car companies is the most overt example, but “evil” big oil serves as a pretty good lesson as well. Those 10 cent/gal record profits by big oil results in 40-80 cent/gal (depending on the state) boons to Government for….??? nothing really. 40-80 cent/gal to restrict exploration, distribution, regulation that screws things up (…MTBE ring a bell???) and keep prices REALLY high to keep the 100s of billions of $$ rollin’ in for perpetual Government expansion. Textbook Communism.

      • John

        Jeff, I am not your “Comrade”. In a previous life I used to kill “Comrades”. I believe in the American free enterprise system now corrupted by evil globalists who pit one American against another in the name of “control”. They are winning. They need to be exposed. Communism is not a wonderful life unless you are a “Dear Leader”. Go to North Korea and try it for a while. Or stay here and wait. We are headed that direction.

      • Dennis48e

        Fascism and Communism are two sides of the same coin. The primary difference in the two is that under Fascism there is the illusion of private ownership of property. By illusion I mean the individual can own property in name but the state controlls the property especially as concerns business and manyfacturing. The state controls what can be produced, at what price, and in what quantity under both systems. The state controls the price of consumer goods and services under both systems.

  • Dwight Mann

    The problem is that the NWO banksters and elite want to make economic slave out of all of us.
    That is why we are going to see a collapse of the dollar.
    It may not ever happen though,because if the USA goes down, the whole world fill follow. It looks like the whole world is starting to crumble, and the USA is still somewhat strong, but on the precipice of collapse. . .

    • Butch

      May not ever happen??? Its inevitable. They want to form a one world govt, a New World Order, and the US is the greatest and ONLY obstacle in their way. The dollar is worthless. The only thing giving it value is the promise of our govt to back it. But our biggest problem of all IS our own govt. They want to steal our weapons because they don’t want a French style revolution where the elites and Banksters get guillotined for treason.

  • Jim B

    Dr. Ben Carson is a great American and will become an even greater American in time to come. He can truly be the Lincoln of our times, and that scares those who have dedicated their lives to changing the home of the brave and land of the free, to the land of free stuff, and serfdom! I repeat his words, words I’ve been saying for year now… WAKE UP AMERICA, WAKE UP!

    • Jeff

      Let’s see him run for Sheriff.

  • Flashy

    Ben…sometimes i wonder how you can walk around calling yourself a sentient being. Truly. Your entire article states that even though the GOP garnered less than 27% Hispanic votes, 23% of the Asian votes, less than 5% of the black vote, were soundly smacked down in the last election, likely headed to losing the House in 2014, and are in danger of being a regionalized party and then only because of minimizing non-GOP voting and fixing the elections of the Deep South …it’s the problem of the Democrats.

    it’s simple The problems with the Conservative Movement, with this Nation can be stated very simply. You and like ilk. The sooner you can be marginalized, the better this nation will be.

    • TheLibertyCell

      “Sentient,” or to be aware. I am aware of other wonderful words like transparency, rule of law, “not one dime,” etc. Are you sentient, Flashy?

      • Flashy

        LC…you can rant and rave and spew bile all you want. You are being marginalized, pushed into the corner and whatever you say chalked up to ranting nothingness of a crazy. The TP, the American Taliban, the gun fanatics, extremists all…care not one whit about this nation. Such is honest and obvious in the message and acts of that wacked out fringe. You may call yourself a “patriot”, you may appear insulted when the obvious is pointed out..that you are not even close…but deep down, you know it to be true. you know deep down you wish for the end of this nation as we know it. Heck, i’d bet you have wet dreams fantasizing about an armed revolution, and forcing your cause upon the People.

        Read your reply. It has no solutions. It rankles with insult and anger. In no way does it address the issues. Hate, fear, ignorance…a “we” versus “them” mentality. The TP trilogy.

      • Paul B.

        [personal attack has been removed]

      • Flashy

        Paul: Talking points is the extremists term for facts. Interesting logic sequence…someone is described by a group of tried and true proven nutcases as being the one who is wacked…. think that one through. LOL

      • Paul B.

        No Karolyn I don’t, and neither do you… that would be speculation. Yes, I guess you know those who you have encountered, but to generalize the whole based on a few is wrong… just as wrong as generalizing the left based on the nut jobs of your extremists.

        To you though, I guess to push the preferred narrative, you must make those generalizations, otherwise your arguments carry no weight. I don’t know, or hang out with any people who think that way, make those comments, etc. Yes I have encountered bigots and racists in my life… less as my 54 years have passed, but decent people disregard those as fools and idiots, and in NO WAY MAINSTREAM, as you would prefer to classify them.

        It is the left’s constant categorization of conservatism that creates the illusion you profess, which why they do it, so it APPEARS to be fact rather than pure conjecture. And if you want more leftist trash talk, how about the NBP, Rev Jackson and Mr. Sharpton are the worst at propping up the narrative of conservative racism… that is the only way they confirm their legitimacy. They are wrong, and you are wrong to continue to spread your wishes as truth.

      • Paul B.

        Flashy… Yes, and the left treasures their talking points as they are disseminated across the media spectrum so you can ALL STAY ON MESSAGE, for that is the critical factor that promotes the Liberal agenda… consistency of message… a tried and true tactic and mastered by the left. the problem is conservatives are real humans, not autobots, we have individual ideas, individual beliefs and perspectives on life. that is what makes us special. Just because we accept a WIDE variety of opinions, as we all have the right to do, the left’s intolerance, evidenced by the constant drumbeat of hate towards anything not a part of THEIR message is what will eventually be your downfall.

        Peaople are inherently individuals, which the collective left can’t tolerate. We can’t have any people thinking for themselves, so we must berate, and marginalize independent thinking, as such, any Blacks who dare to criticize the left’s patented message, must be destroyed for fear that others will want to have their OWN opinions.

        Such is the troubled life of a Liberal… keeping all the natives in line.

        AND FLASHY… nice try at the categorization of me into the “group of tried and true proven nutcases” But I stick to my story… you live in fantasyland… not so difficult to “think that one through.” LOL back at you!!!

        • Jeff

          “Peaople are inherently individuals, which the collective left can’t tolerate. We can’t have any people thinking for themselves, so we must berate, and marginalize independent thinking, as such, any Blacks who dare to criticize the left’s patented message, must be destroyed for fear that others will want to have their OWN opinions.”

          Name one Black Conservative who’s been destroyed by criticism from the Left. I can’t think of a single one, but there were many, many lives destroyed in the 50s and 60s by right wingers like McCarthy and their “blacklists.” How many lives were targeted and destroyed by that great right wing hero J. Edgar Hoover? And Clarence Thomas is supposed to be the victim? How long do you think a liberal talk show host, White or Black, would last if he or she made comments as crude, disgusting, and idiotic as those Rush Fatbaugh made about Sandra Fluke or that Michael Savage makes virtually daily? Right wingers have carte blanche to say anything about “liberals,” but the reverse does not appear to be the case.

      • Paul B.

        Easy Jeff… Ed Schultz and Bill Maher.

        Two on the other side, Herman Cain, and Allen West, along with the personal damage done to every black conservative you mentioned.

        And to drum up the 50′s and 60′s as examples is like using the KKK as a tool of the Democratic party. Yes it was, but that was then. Despite the attempted attachment to the right, the KK was mostly Democratic, as seen vividly through Senator Byrd and his connections with said organization. So your demonization of the right, via worn out racial epitomes is just that, worn out and mostly wrong.

        • Jeff

          Herman Cain? First, he’s a very rich man. He didn’t get to be President, but now he’ll get even richer talking about 9-9-9 and Uzbekybekybekystanstan on Fox Noise. And how do you blame the “Left” for his downfall? Most democrats would have loved to see him as the Republican nominee. His zipper problems, real or concocted, were strictly an internal issue on the right.

          Allen West? He lost his bid for re-election because he regularly said idiotic, embarrassing things. His constituents decided they’d rather not be represented by a National Joke who says things like half the Democrats in Congress are members of the Communist Party. Let us know if he ends up unemployed eating cat food. I think it’s unlikely. He’ll probably become a million dollar lobbyist somewhere.

        • Jeff


          You can twist things however you want, but it is clear to nearly every one that while not all Republicans are racists, the racists have found a comfortable home voting Republican. Robert Byrd would be 96 years old this year, and he was a KKK member from approximately 1946 until 1951 or 52. While I do not minimize that membership, he spent his entire Congressional career apologizing and attempting to make up for that youthful indiscretion. He did not close ranks with Strom Thurmond as did Trent Lott and announce the country would be better off had Thurmond been elected president in 1948.

          Bill Maher is an HBO comedian. People pay to watch him. When he was on ABC, he was fired – not for saying Rush Limbaugh was a big fat idiot or that Bush was a chimpanzee. He was fired because he said that while you could say many negative things about suicide bombers, you couldn’t really say they were cowards.

          Ed Schultz made an improper comment about a female commentator. Once. As a result, he was taken off the air for a week. The person he “insulted” has her own show on Fox, I believe. Rush Limbaugh loves to pick on people without the wherewithal to fight back. I really don’t care what the fat loudmouth says about Obama or Clinton or anyone else in the public arena. They’re big boys and public figures who certainly don’t need me to defend them against a glorified rodeo clown. But when he picks on a private citizen like Sandra Fluke and calls her a slut and a prostitute? It’s called slander per se. And he said it over and over and over. And he’s an idiot because he assumes the number of birth control pills a woman takes is related to the number of times she has sexual intercourse. Any network executive who countenances such outrageous behavior by a DJ – well, he’s the real prostitute (or maybe he’s the pimp).

          As for me listening to Fatbaugh? I have in the past but I’m insufficiently masochistic to put up with his bombastic nonsense for more than a minute or two. And he’s relatively mild compared to some others like Michael Savage. I used to work for a guy who had him on all afternoon. He regularly insults anyone he “disagrees” with in the most graphic terms, and he’s still on the air. He can say things that are absolutely, demonstrably false (like his comments about autism), but his audience of crazies is still there. What I take from that is that conservatives just want people to bash liberals (i.e. anyone with an education) and they’re not too picky about whether the person talking really has anything constructive to say.

      • Paul B.

        AND Jeff… FYI, obviously you don’t listen to Rush, for if you did then you would realize to make that comment is totally out of line and false… but that is what the left does… make stuff up, make comments that have no basis in reality, then use them as a basis for equally idiotic statement when the whole argument falls apart at the first statement.

        Why don’t you try to listen to him and not simply swallow whole the lies you read about him online from hate spewing liberal sites you must frequent to make such a comment.

    • Paul B.

      You are right, the left so continually marginalizes conservatives with false accusations, “creating” an image that represents more a self reflection of themselves than a true image of conservatism.

      Ben is right, we don’t classify people, putting them in neat little boxes for how we treat them. It is the ideology of the left that creates the problems for minorities, not the openness and acceptance of conservatives towards people based upon their actions, their contributions, their self respect and respect for others that matters most.

      Somewhere along the lines the tolerance preached by the early leaders, like MLK and JFK, has been abandoned for the rantings of those seeking only to create division and stir hatred only to serve the purpose of holding on to those who can be so easily manipulated… the less educated, or the low information citizen who is intimidated by the left’s constant acknowledgement of the lies spewed by their elitist leaders.

      Until that changes, those poor manipulated souls will never be truly free.

      • Jeff

        I am sure you said wonderful things about MLK while he was alive.

      • Paul B.

        Jeff, Are you speculating like Karolyn likes to do? Without basis or fact, your opinions of what I think about anything are beyond your comprehension, so I would appreciate your keeping them to yourself. When you have evidence of anything, you can share it… but then that is NOT the Liberal way…. using conjecture as fact, repeat it enough times, then maybe they will believe it. Falsehoods from the start.

        • Jeff

          I really don’t know what you’re talking about. If you think I’ve mischaracterized your thinking, tell me how and tell us what you really think.

      • Paul B.

        FYI, I have always had a deep respect for MLK as he preached acceptance, he preached individualism, he preached self worth and character rather than the collective generalizations the left prefers to espouse. They hold him up as an idle, but trash everything he stood for as they condemn anyone who holds his values personally. He is an icon they have prostituted and twisted for their benefit.

        BTW.. I live in Memphis and have experienced the fallout of his death. It has taken decades for the minorities in this city to realize it was one white man not the collective of whites who killed him… even today, the residuals are evident as many blacks still hold very prejudiced views of whites, and consistently play the “you owe us” card to get special treatment.

        It is that “special treatment” that is creating the vast majority of problems the blacks face. they can’t see past their own prejudice, promoted and rallied by the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, to take any responsibility for their own situation personally and collectively and a group. I’ve lived it and seen it in this city for years.

        As Americans and humans, we should ALL be treated THE SAME. It is the preferential treatments in general of one “group” over another that creates the division, and the majority of problems we face as whole in society. elimination of almost all the favorable treatments would go a long way towards healing the rift and strengthening our overall economy. And I mean corporates, DC elitists, labor unions, women, minorities, everyone and every entitiy should be given equal opportunity, and equal treatment under the law.

        • Jeff

          MLK was a far more radical and interesting thinker than the “teddy bear” caricature used to make him palatable to a mass audience. His thinking did not end with “I have a dream.” Conservatives never liked him, and they accused him of being a Communist (like the Packers ran over left tackle). He opposed the Viet Nam War and was basically told to mind his own business and stick to lunch counters. If you think he would not have favored affirmative action policies to reverse 100 years of post-Civil War official discrimination, you are mistaken.

    • Nancy

      Sorry- you’re wrong. The statistics you cite are incorrect and irrelevant as the 2012 election like 2008 was full of fraud. Check out to see how it was done in one community and through our colleges and universities. We are currently updating the site with results of 2012 election and the fraud that occurred across our country especially in battleground states. I imagine, if we don’t demand voter photo ID we will never again have a free and fair election thanks to the “progressives”. What a misnomer!

      • Uknowho

        So 2008 and 2012 election were full of fraud because your person didn’t win and have zero proof of that assertion. Sorry, that dog just don’t hunt.

        Personally, I believe the GOP lost because.

        1) Their war on women’s reproductive rights
        2) The conservative history of racism (It used to be the Democrats in the 1950′s and previous, now its the GOP)
        3) Scapegoating the illegal immigrant issue as the reason for the bad economy.
        4) Being painfully obvious that the GOP is in the pockets of the wealthy and they do their bidding exclusively.

        All you need to do is look at the RNC convention and compare against the DNC convention. The RNC is almost all white males… The DNC looks more like the make up of America.

        Sorry Nancy, The extremists in the GOP may have to change to be relevant in the future. But I hope they don’t change because I would like nothing better than to see the RNC and DNC religated to 3rd and 4th party status.

      • Jack


        I hate to say it but your website is a joke if you are saying it shows that the 2008 and 2012 elections were stolen.

        The website talks about one student and an another person whom someone else was supposed to have cast a ballot for them during the 2008 election. Nothing is said about which election the ballots were actually cast in.

        The film gives grossly incorrect information about the registration process. It flips back and forth between the federal registration and state registration. The federal system is the same for all 50 states while each state has their own registration system.

        Since the one person’s vote was in 2008 there is no reason that the website did not say what the outcome was. Merely posting an what is claimed to be a police report (illegible at that) and saying a few things that were supposed to be in the report is not proof. In fact the lack of detailed information would lead a thinking person to believe that the website is not trustworthy.

    • Jeff

      I fully agree. The Repugs seem headed for extinction like the Whigs, but don’t get complacent. They’re like Freddy Krueger! I remember when I was in high school in the early 70s, Pete McCloskey came to talk to us. McCloskey was actually a Liberal Republican (long extinct) and he was begging some of us to become Republicans “or the Republican Party will die.” Nixon was President, Viet Nam was going strong, and we were in a working class town in Northern California, so I don’t think he convinced anyone. But I’m sure quite a few of those kids voted for Reagan about 9 years later.

    • Wil

      Flasher,you marginalize yourself and your fellow bigots more with every post. It is thanks to people like you that the youth are turning away from such insanity and turning to conservative ideals. Keep up the good work.

      • Jeff


        I know about the bubble, but do any actual facts ever get in? Or do you just live in your own alternate reality?

  • Mike Austin

    All of the hatred still coming from the party of the KKK. Why don’t republicans point that out more? The guy had a kernel of truth in what he said about the slave being grateful to be fed and clothed. In todays world he returns the gratitude by voting for more free food and clothes.

    • Paul B.

      That’s right… the Left are the NEW slave owners. these poor blacks think they have it good since they are fed and clothed, but in reality they are simply sheep in the pasture with self created fences that will keep them poor in the SAME pasture forever.

      That is unless they break free and take some responsibility for self improvement, self advancement, creating the self worth they need to break out, like many have done. But those who have are cast with stones from across the pasture fence, as though jealous, but still do nothing the same for themselves, content to be fed and clothed by their MASTER, the Democratic party.

      • Jeff

        Black voters recognize who’s on their side and who isn’t. Blacks are still disproportionately poorly educated, poorly housed, and poorly fed. The GOP’s proposed budget severely cuts programs designed to level the playing field. This will disproportionately affect minority voters. In addition, Repugs have attempted to suppress the minority vote through all these state laws directly aimed at minorities. I.D. laws, curtailing early voting particularly on the Sunday before election day. How stupid do you think people are anyway? Why is it that in Republican controlled states there are always insufficient voting machines, and therefore unconscionably long lines, in the minority neighborhoods? Did you see what Rick Scott did in Florida to discourage minorities from voting? It enraged minority communities and may have made them vote in larger numbers.

      • Paul B.

        But Jeff, that is the point… Blacks, as you stated “are disproportionately less educated, poorly housed and poorly fed.” even after decades and trillions poured into their society, disproportionately provided the resources and regulation, and everything they have asked for, to escape, but they haven’t. Why is that???

        Maybe it is the Democratic policy that has kept them there, the handouts that bind them to their fate, disincentives for personal growth and accomplishments. the EEOC, Affirmative action, preferential admission into colleges and other educational advantages have been provided, but to little avail. Why is that?

        It isn’t the money, it isn’t the handouts, it isn’t anything we can provide them that will bring them out of the “disproportionate” situation BUT THEMSELVES, and the desire to be more, to do more, to become more responsible for their OWN FATE.. individually and collectively as a group. It starts and ends within their groups.

        Your accusations show your naivety towards reality. Most of your accusations are unfounded, and most often can be countered by an equally unproven claims of fraud from the right. Bottom line is our system is broken, on both sides. We lack the conviction of our founding principles of self worth, self respect and responsibility.

        The black community needs to take more responsibility for its own success, the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world need to stop the racist rants, and instead promote black advancement, achievement and herald those who have found success, like the conservatives who HAVE taken the responsibility personally, rather than sit and spew the lies about white suppression holding the black community down. Every opportunity has been given to them and as you stated have failed to achieve the desired results. Maybe those policies are the hinderance to black success not the solution as many blacks have tried to say these past several years.


        • Jeff

          Personal responsibility is absolutely essential, but it is not necessarily sufficient, to solve the problems we have in the inner cities. If businesses are not willing to invest there, the Government must do so. If there are no jobs to be had, it’s difficult to fault someone for not getting one. A kid born in the inner city has several strikes against him before he even starts. If we are serious about remedying this, we need early education, nutrition programs, child care so the mothers can work, job training, etc., etc. These are the very things the Republicans want to cut. You can’t just wall off Detroit and pretend it doesn’t exist.

      • Wil

        Jeff, all that and not a word about the racist NBKKK attempts to threaten and intimidate the real minority there-the ‘crackers’?

        • Jeff


          I would respond but I didn’t complete my degree in Gibberish.

      • Paul B.

        Jeff… But it mostly starts there. A responsible person will FIND a way to make a living. DC subsidies is what is creating the problems in the inner cities. The collusion between big Business and DC are killing the job creation opportunities in the inner cities, regulations that make it nearly impossible for a small business to open, hire employees, create opportunities for many residents to advance.

        When DC or even many local governments get involved, the waste, corruption, collusion, etc end up wasting more money than provide intended benefit. Simply feeding the masses is not enough… creating educational opportunity already exists for most, but hasn’t worked, spending money that must be first taken from job creators is not the solution.

        We must allow individuals to take risks, provide lower taxes as incentives for taking that risk and allowing them to keep and multiply their hard earned rewards so they can reinvest in that which got them there, creating opportunity for more.

        Government involvement removes the risk, removes the reward and as such creates a wasteland for opportunity. Why take the risk when they restrict your ability, increasing your risk of failure, then penalize you for success. That is NOT a recipe for inner city success.,

      • Paul B.

        Oops… that should read Government INCREASES the risk, removes the reward…..

    • Jeff

      “All of the hatred still coming from the party of the KKK. Why don’t republicans point that out more? ”

      Because, Mike, most people know enough history to know that all those Southern Democrats you want to link to Obama switched to the Republican Party as soon as the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were passed. That’s nearly 50 years ago. If all you’ve got to recommend the Republican Party is Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Southern Democrats from 50 years ago, it’s no wonder your popularity is about as high as water-boarding.

    • Jeff

      “The guy had a kernel of truth in what he said about the slave being grateful to be fed and clothed.”


      I get the impression you’re a bit younger than many of the Geezers on this blog, but if you don’t want to be thought of as a bigot, don’t say things that are clearly of bigotted origins. “The guy” had a kernel of corn where his brain should be. It is way beyond offensive to in any way justify slavery by suggesting the food the master gave the slaves to keep them alive and working was in any way just compensation. If you didn’t know that before, get some smarter friends. You could also justify murder by suggesting the victim would no longer have to fill our his tax returns.

  • Karolyn

    No matter how you spin it, outspoken racists and bigots are always conservative. Ever meet a liberal redneck? I will not generalize like so many people do, and I do recognize the fact that there are liberals who are racist and hide it under a smile and a handout. However, I have never heard a liberal use the n word but have heard it plenty from the republican conservatives down here in the south. Actually, having lived in the northeast most of my life, i heard it a lot there too. Ii am not one to judge all conservatives by the few, though.

    • Paul B.

      I guess you failed to read the Tweet from American University President, Deen Freelon above. I think that is the problem with Liberals, their selective memories. They NEVER seem to notice the trash talk from the left, even when it slaps right across the face. Whenever the left talks bad about people, they excuse it because they believe, I mean truly believe that they are right, what they say is the truth and therefore acceptable.

      Such hypocrites the world has ever seen.

      • Karolyn

        I never excuse bad behavior, Paul. You would never catch me standing behind an assinine statement from a liberal. I will call a spade a spade, no matter where it comes from. I do not consider myself a liberal anyway (not anymore), but a left-leaning libertarian.

      • Paul B.

        Then why Karolyn did you make the comment you made when the obvious was sitting right in this article for you to read?

        I appreciate the fact that I would “never catch (you) standing behind an assinine statement from a liberal,” for we never should, and almost every case, true conservatives never would either. But you have to agree that intolerance of the left to even consider anything conservative as acceptable in any fashion or form is wrong, and the fact that they are on constant display with that attitude is wrong as well.

      • Paul B.

        Without picking an extremist or fringe dweller, name me ONE politician, radio broadcaster, or TV personality, that is conservative and uses the word nigger in any conversation.

        I can name at least a few on the left that have no qualms calling a conservative any nasty name in the book, and never called on it… two immediately come to mind on the left… Mr. Schultz, who just got moved to the weekend dead zone and Bill Maher, and if you want to talk about condescending leftists, how about Mr. Olbermann, Mr. O’Donnell and on many occasions Ms. Maddow. How you could miss the inconsistency of your comment is beyond comprehension by ANY rational informed person?

      • Karolyn

        I’m not talking about politicians, Paul. However, you never know how they speak in private.

      • Paul B.

        No Karolyn I don’t, and neither do you… that would be speculation. Yes, I guess you know those who you have encountered, but to generalize the whole based on a few is wrong… just as wrong as generalizing the left based on the nut jobs of your extremists.

        To you though, I guess to push the preferred narrative, you must make those generalizations, otherwise your arguments carry no weight. I don’t know, or hang out with any people who think that way, make those comments, etc. Yes I have encountered bigots and racists in my life… less as my 54 years have passed, but decent people disregard those as fools and idiots, and in NO WAY MAINSTREAM, as you would prefer to classify them.

        It is the left’s constant categorization of conservatism that creates the illusion you profess, which why they do it, so it APPEARS to be fact rather than pure conjecture. And if you want more leftist trash talk, how about the NBP, Rev Jackson and Mr. Sharpton are the worst at propping up the narrative of conservative racism… that is the only way they confirm their legitimacy. They are wrong, and you are wrong to continue to spread your wishes as truth.

      • Wil

        It must be the free Obama blinders they’re wearing.

      • Jeff

        Comparing liberal commentators with Limbaugh or Savage in the vile comments category is like comparing me to Babe Ruth in hitting home runs. It is one thing to ridicule the other side or to make fun of Bush or Palin or Bachmann (or Obama or Clinton, as I’ve already said). What makes the right so different is they relish in calling their opponents vile names – even those not in the arena. Fatbaugh refers to virtually all women as FemiNazis and to anyone concerned about the environment as an Environmentalist Wacko. Name one feminist he hasn’t called a Nazi or one environmentalist he hasn’t called a wacko.

        The shooter who went into the Unitarian Church to kill liberals had read Savage’s “book” and those of some other right wing wacko authors. You will not find a mainstream liberal book with anything like that kind of tone. Of course they criticize Bush for the Iraq War. But the tone is at a much, much higher level of discourse than the grunts and insults of Limbaugh, Savage, Coulter, etc. If you can’t see the difference, I pity you.

    • Vigilant

      Karolyn, you say “No matter how you spin it, outspoken racists and bigots are always conservative.”

      That statement is a bigoted comment, if I’ve ever heard one.

      Merriam-Webster defines “bigot” as “a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.”

      You are wrong on a number of counts. I am a Conservative and I harbor no such racist sentiments. It is irritating, quite frankly, to be condemned as such simply to advance a political objective that seeks to continue the enslavement of blacks by making them chronically dependent upon government.

      Outspoken racists are found in both of the races, and outspoken anti-racists as well. Or do you believe that white on black racism is OK but black on white is not?

      In both cases, Deerinwater recently pegged the nature of a racist as one who has so little feeling of self worth that the only way he can feel worthy is to put down someone else.

      Billions of hours have been wasted on racist arguments when the time would have been much better spent recognizing the innate worth and dignity of all human beings.

    • speedle

      “outspoken racists and bigots are always conservative”

      Yeah Karolyn, I know what you mean. Those racist rednecks like the Reverend Wright, Louie Farrakhan, Maxine Waters, the Black Panthers, etc. – Conservative bigots all.

  • Gramma

    I started watching Glen Beck and the Blaze last fall. One of the reasons I LOVE Glen Beck isn’t because he is so wonderful, but because I see a steady stream of black conservatives, from Amy on “Real News” to Ben Carson and a number of other guests on Glen’s and other shows. (From a very straight white woman, she is one of the most beautiful black women I’ve ever seen, not to mention she’s smart) To me it is exciting and refreshing to see these people. We live in a sparsely populated rural county where there are virtually no persons of color. The only thing we saw or heard for years about blacks was what was in the news, yet all those years my father kept saying, “there are good blacks right along with the thugs you see in the news; you just don’t hear about them.” My father, a WWII Vet who was shocked by the way some of his fellow servicemen talked about and treated fellow black servicemen would be so pleased to these black conservatives standing up and saying, “Hey, we’re here.” Each time I see a show with someone like Amy or Ben I practically cheer and wish daddy was here to see it too (he passed four years ago in March) so he could smile at me and say, “I told ya so!” Even though the news biased my view of black people, my father taught me to judge people not by the color of their skin, but by their character. I wouldn’t like Obama if he was white, but I don’t think he’d get away with the things he’s done if he were white. I’m not good at remembering names but I love the young black gentleman doing all the you tube videos on gun control, I greatly enjoyed the three young black people, two of which were women who guested on Glen’s show on how the new gun laws would discriminate more toward blacks than whites. Why hasn’t the race card been played in this issue? Because we’re better than that. We can’t ~ God can. He sees, He knows, we need to ask in faith.

    One translation from the book of Psalms: Oh God, declare my enemy and all those like him guilty. Let them be caught in their own traps. Drive them away because of their many sins, for they rebel against you.

    • Butch

      I like yr post except you seem to think Beck is “the real deal. He supports the NDAA, dogs a true Libertarian, Ron Paul; and thinks 9-11 victim’s families should “shut up” because they want a TRUE investigation into the 9-11 false flag against America. Couple things missing from the 9-11 Commission’s report: the fact that Building 7 fell WITHOUT being hit by a plane, and that Norman Mineta was in a bunker w/ Dick Cheney when Cheney ordered a stand down order when the plane was approaching DC. Even if you wanted to be a govt shill and explain away these glaring ommissions, they absolutely should have made it into the official record. There is much more but the point is made. Beck hates 9-11 victim’s families for wanting truth and justice for their loved ones.

    • Karolyn

      Hey, you know there really are good black liberals too. However, I do understand where you’re coming from.

  • dan

    ah, the good old days when wearing a hoodie meant not being a hood…
    must be a ebonics thang

    • dan

      …and just for your edification : the KKK was co-opted by the Democrats just like
      the GOP co-opted the TEA-Party

    • Karolyn

      And you can’t judge a book by its cover. There’s a young black man in my English class who loves to wear his hood; and he is a very intelligent and upstanding guy. Personally, I think he hides under that hood.

      • speedle

        Oh my. Well Karolyn I suppose he is “hiding” for fear of being abused by some mean old white people. Your statement pretty much says what it is all about with liberal “white guilt”. Geez, I think I am going to puke.

  • rendarsmith

    It’s truly amazing how liberal blacks will criticize conservative blacks, calling them “sell-outs” and “uncle toms”. If any whites point this out, they’re racist!

    • Jeff

      Don’t forget about Uncle Clarence Thomas.

  • Deerinwater

    I was wondering if any of the writers on PLD would address this historic GOP meet that was to address “change” and the possible need for any change today. I was hoping that maybe Mr. Livingston or John Myer might weight in and offer us their views.

    Having made a point to keep up with the closing summary offered by the chairman of the GOP and as Ben Crystal points out, ~ it is true, ~that culture diversity was one of the many topics brought forward. It was also proposed, that over 10 million dollars to be budgeted toward commuter systems upgrades alone. Then there was the endorsement of comprehensive immigration reform was offered up as meaningful change, a shift in party position to advance the GOP appeal.

    It’s my personal feeling that the core of “today’s” GOP party is just too content with it’s self to make the changes necessary to enjoy a broad base appeal ~ leaving the GOP to move some furniture around in the same old house and hang a new sign outside,

    The best thing that could happen for the welfare of the nation is for the GOP to split up if it requires purging it’s ranks and in the forming of a third party. ~ Permit these creepy “Norman Bates” characters to “leave” the party. ~ They need their own “Bates Motel” and get ta hell out of the GOP. ~ If there is enough of them to be seen as a “voting block” that could hold sway to the election process, ~ great! So be it. I would be willing to accept the change in dynamics that it would present to garnering the vote.

    Change is not something that the Conservative mindset does well. i have heard of a tiger changing his strips ~ but I have never witnessed it. ~

    The most fundamental change the GOP has before it ~ is learning to deliver what it promises to the Average man ~ and not the select few that lines their pockets before the game even starts.

    The GOP is wanting to privatize social security and health care ~ The venture capitalist sees this as a gold mine to be exploited ~ they tell us, ~ government waste interfering with supplying these “products” , that this products could be offered without government interference more efficiently. ~ That we don’t need government and government oversight lording over the American people interest on such important matters. ~ They tell us that “our interest” would be best served with privatization. That the profit motivated incentives would serve Americans best! ~ Hmm? that the GOP track record on forecasting the future of such matters has been so dismal coupled with the Government having to bail out our largest banks, socializing loses while privatizing profits of these venture capitalistic concerns ~ I find worrisome with such talk.

    If the GOP is willing to drop these ideas until such a time ~that management of private corporate interest offers the America people a stellar track record of integrity to provide such products , they could attract more American voter. I don’t see the GOP doing that, do you?

    Today the GOP seems to be ~”stuck with itself” a befitting reward for the conduct and track record that it has created for itself.. ~ I find myself not fitting in either camp , conservative or liberal by the conduct and behavior of both.

    • Wil

      It seems to be a common obsession with liberals,in that they never fail to open their mouths and prove beyond any doubt that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

      • Deerinwater

        Expand with your flaming comments Sir, ~ or drop it.

        I would never say “It seems to be a common obsession with conservatives ,in that they never fail to open their mouths and prove beyond any doubt that they have no idea what they’re talking about.” ~ for one reason, ~ it’s simply is not true but only a sweeping generalization and being too damn lazy to post a thoughtful comment found worthy any consideration.

        Wil, you only posted an attack and nothing more. ~ Is this indicative of the character and makeup of the GOP?

        You come back, if you dare ~ I would enjoy exposing you for the village idiot.

      • John Woodbury

        Really DIW you do expose him every time you open your typing to get your DNC pay check.

    • Paul B.

      Deerinwater… interesting points you make. Reps do have an identity problem as many of us are tired of the RINO’s who fail to hold true to our conservative principles. And by that I mean adherence to the constitution, limited government influence in the marketplace ( we need a moderator, and arbitrator, not a participant who controls the free market through favorable legislative practices for the elitist cronies who fund the political system) Dc is becoming more of a Chicago mafia with their pay to play tactics.

      We believe that immigration is needed, that most of those here should be given an opportunity to create a life in this country, be legal participants and contributors to society. We believe that there are fundamental principles that should be adhered to by any immigrant to maintain the melting pot instead of the classified “groups” the left prefers to do. The Dem elite like to put people in boxes and treat them collectively as groups, diminishing the individuality of people, making it easier to divide, to create victims and oppressors, to promote the Liberation theology, the primary tactic of a community organizer to rally the troups.

      It is this destructive behavior that the Dems promote that kills the American spirit. Yes we share many of the same ideals as Americans, but the Dem leaders prefer to segregate, to control, to manipulate the system for their own personal power and wealth accumulation. They treat people like they are too ignorant to fend for themselves, creating a dependent nanny state, their trademark for the less fortunate, to keep them beholding to them for the handouts they provide.

      we need a country of independent thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, small businessmen who form successful benefits and get to keep the rewards of their efforts. We believe int he right to protect ourselves from any and all adversaries, wherever they may emerge and attempt to take away our liberties.

      Yes the Republicans are in turmoil over which direction we should proceed, but the Dems consistent message is killing the American dream through derisive and divisive commentary and policy. The ideology of collectivism, or statism as it typically results in, is NOT what separates America from the rest of the world, the reason people sacrificed everything to come here… for the OPPORTUNITY, not the guarantee of success from hard work. The De3mocratic party fails to inspire that individuality, thereby eliminating the motivation for success.

      The answers don’t come from DC, equal opportunity is not mandated through policy, it is the lack of regulation that creates freedom and opportunity and equality… and that is the primary message conservative must push to combat the erosion of our liberty and freedom, and a healthy and growing economy.

      • Liberty Lover

        Great post, Paul. The road to hell is indeed paved with the good intentions of arrogant, power-hungry fools.

      • http://naver samurai

        Well said Paul. Here is a video showing a libturd senator talking about a high minimum wage. I think shw is off her rocker.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “There are three points of doctrine which forms the foundation of all morality, the existence of God, the immortality of the human soul; and a future state of rewards and punishments. Suppose it possible for a man to disbelieve either of these three articles of faith, that man will have no conscience.”

        John Quincy Adams

        • Jeff

          Well, it is absurd for you to make more than $2.00 per hour what with all the misinformation you “teach” your students. They’ll need years of therapy to undo the damage.

    • Flashy

      Deer..I wrote this yesterday, in light of your comments i am repasting. Feell free to comment. I’d be interested in your thoughts…
      Reince Preibus, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Wayne LaPierre, etc. all look like the spokespeople of the future of the right wing conservatism and that is the case the Republican party is in deep trouble…..

      You couldn’t find a bigger and more diverse carnival sideshow of circus freaks in this country even if you ran full page ads in newspapers across the country.

      This party disturbing collection of an almost psychotic mindset of what they think is real patriotism are pandering to the nutjobs, gun nuts, survivalist, militia types, doomdayers, deadenders, hate groups , white supremest, bigots, racists, fringe psychotic people, misogynist, religious bigots, anything but what is considered patriotic and decent American values.

      If this is the future of conservatism or even the Republican party, then the majority of the this country needs to pay attention, because this is as destructive and threatening to democracy in this country as the Taliban and Al Qaida are to a peaceful life in the middle east.

      Those nutjobs at CPAC sound and look more like a revival meeting of a reunion of Jonestown unification church members………this is scary. This is one scary bunce of misfits and crazies that are as ignorant to what real America is, as middle eastern terrorist group…..losers!

      • deerinwater

        Flashy says. “Reince Preibus, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Wayne LaPierre, etc. all look like the spokespeople of the future of the right wing conservatism”

        Response; Hmmm? I certainly hope not Flashy. for we need the GOP to offer “worthy opposition”. ~ I fail to find much in the way of worthy opposition with the people that you mention.

        But that was largely what this cpac meeting was suppose to be about, how to proceed for this point in time for the GOP. ~ Where it’s all for naught, ~ we shall see in the coming months. Was the message received? Was it accepted or rejected? Who’s to know for certain, while I do have my opinions.

        It’s my personal belief that the GOP is not lead by any popular figure that we all know. I see today GOP as serving as little more than a proxy for World Bankers and Corporate Interest. They only take orders, and not the true “leaders” but glorified Butt-boys for the elite’s.

        But we must understand, in a nation of 327 million people, with one person and one vote has placed the affluent at a significant numerical disadvantage come election time. Finding themselves at such a disadvantage ~ they had learned to be crafty and cleaver to see their desired fulfilled. With such grand profits, ~ the showing of rewards and appreciation has became accepted common practice. ~ It’s not a bribe ~ but an incitement! It not extortion, it’s only encouragement!

        The GOP has aspired to be most gracious in lending a sympathetic ear to this minority and for which they are well rewarded, In fact , they are rewarded so well they can no long longer represent the majority of American! This odd predicament that they have placed themselves in is one of their own making as they have accepted the money from today winner with hopes that they will be tomorrows winner as well. In fact, ~ that is the GOP goal and driving purpose. ~ to maintain and insure status quo, ~ no change! Today winner shall be tomorrow’s winners~ EVEN IF THEY SCREW UP!

        When the GOP speaks of today’s American’s , they are no taking about you and I, but someone else ~ people that I don’t even know. It was that way with Ronnie Reagan, it was that way with Mitt Romney , as we see Mitt Romney willing to blow off 47% of American’s as not his targeted audience, suggestion they little more then a “bight” on society, leeches and blood sucker. While all along it was Mitt Romney that has preyed off of the pension funds of working Americans. ~ As for Donald Trump, he has hide behind the protections of bankruptcy court too many time to count ~ unwilling to pay his bills.

        The GOP loves to see the tail wagging the dog. That is the way they tend to look at the world. ~ upside down and backwards. Just waiting for the rich man to throw them a bone and willing to do anything for the “opportunity”.

        This behavior ~ is what must change with the GOP. ~ as I’ll not sure just how many times they can change their message without changing their behavior and still attract American voters.

    • speedle

      Deerinwater, I’ll give you some facts. You say “..the GOP track record on forecasting the future of such matters has been so dismal coupled with the Government having to bail out our largest banks”. Do you consider that to be factual? Perhaps you should remember that the financial disaster was initiated by Barney Frank and his co-conspirators by forcing the lending institutions to loan money to people who couldn’t possibly pay it back. The GOP ( including Bush) tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to fix this insanity before it all hit the fan.

      You also fail to remember that Ronald Reagan’s policies caused 20 years of prosperity with his policies of free market support and minimizing government interference. It’s true that he spent a lot of money on defense, and the payoff on that was the defeat of the Soviet Union without firing a shot.

      People like you will not likely ever understand this type of thinking because you believe that people who get wealthy providing services that people want (along with jobs for the “average man”) are less preferable to bureaucrats managing the economy into the ground for the benefit of their cronies who support them and at the expense of the taxpayers. The only hope is that you become outnumbered by those “creepy Norman Bates” types.

      Speaking of “creepy”, what is more creepy than Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Frank, Waxman, Sharpton, Van Jones, the good reverend Wright, Maxine Waters, geez….I could go on forever. Would you like to have a “creepy” politico contest between Democrats and Republicans? Let me know.

      • Deerinwater

        speedle says ; ” Would you like to have a “creepy” politico contest between Democrats and Republicans? Let me know.” ~

        Response; Sure! Certainly ~ if it served any meaningful purpose “speedle” ~ sure! you bet! I’d love too engage you in such a contest of the “sleaze factor”

        But allow me to ask you something ~ what would and who be served by the time spent masturbating with such a topic ~ when I must depend on your judgement to determine the winner of such a contest?

        You refuse to accept my judgement and I damn sure don’t accept your. So ~ I tell you what ~ I’m willing to claim being the winner already ~ now you can protest ~ and that where such a contest would end, so let’s start there and save us both the trouble.

        Listen to me here for a minute ~ you are blaming credit institutions for making bad loans on politicians. ~ Did these institutions have nothing to gain ~ or just no balls?

        I am a professional myself ~ and I assure you that the customer is not always right. ~ I refuse to engage in practices that poorly serve customers and violated professional standards set not only by the minimal standard of Law but by myself ~ I’ve got some skin in the game and a name that I was born with to protect.

        I take the personal responsibility to set high standards in my profession. ~ I’m not a beggar asking someone to throw me a bone. And it’s noteworthy to say ~ in the defense of loaning institution, ~ not all of them shared this default problem ~ but mainly just the sorry a$$, no good ones that was out for a buck. ~The same holds true in my profession, ~ we have some scoundrels in the contracting business that make it only harder for quality contractors with their unprofessional and unethical conduct. .

        Clearly ~ these lending institutions in question did not see it that way. You are suggesting that Bill Clinton and Barney Frank put a gun to their head , and that is just not the case. ~ This red lining that banks and loaning institution was using was creating inner city rot out. This rot out ,tears at the social fabric of a community and a attempt was made to address it. ~ That “some” lending institutions abused the purpose and intent ~ in some fevered grab-fest in greedy fashion ~ ~ I think the blame could be shared by many.

        ~ Lending institutions, city planning and zoning depts, surveyor’s, title companies, real-estate agents, real-estate brokers, inspection companies, Title companies, Insurances companies, city and county taxing authorities , attorney”s , subterranean insect control companies, foundation repair companies, painting contractors, HVAC contractors, Plumbing contractors, Roofers ALL HAD A VESTED INTEREST IN SEEING REAL-ESTATE WAS BOUGHT AND SOLD. ~ while the final deal was determined by market forces and lending institutions.

        Now if you wish to lay this problem all at the door step of one or two men “speedle” ~ I don’t think sharing any banter with you about “sleaze factor” would serve much of a purpose and be more of a waste of time.

      • speedle

        Deerinwater, It is you who was making the gratuitous comments about certain GOP politicians being “creepy”, not me. Don’t act like I am the one engaging in mental “masturbation”, and given the “Star Wars” bar scene of sycophants that Obama surrounds himself with I don’t think you want to have the “creepy” contest.

        But back to the important issue – that of you trying to shift the responsibility for the mortgage fiasco away from its creators. Are you actually naive enough to believe that Clinton and his henchmen could not and would not do massive damage to financial institutions that did not play ball with his political ambitions? You seem to have no idea what goes on at that level of politics and big business. Get this Deer, the banks were forced to comply or suffer the consequences. The fact that they sold the loans to other institutions to avoid eating gigantic losses is completely understandable. They did not create the derivative problem. It was a natural outgrowth of the edicts of the Clinton Administration (Barney Frank).

        I don’t know what kind of “Professional” you are, but you are certainly a pompous one for presuming that another business should take a bullet for the good of an industry. Clearly you have never had that kind of political pressure. The bottom line is the people primarily responsible for this mess are the politicians that passed the laws to put the process in play. Because you refuse to accept that irrefutable fact there is nothing left to discuss, no rationalizations for corrupt politics, no blame shifting to the “greed” of business.

        • Jeff

          “and given the “Star Wars” bar scene of sycophants that Obama surrounds himself with I don’t think you want to have the “creepy” contest.”

          I know you guys think you can just pull the old kindergarten trick of saying about someone else what’s obviously true of you (like saying the Democrats have a minority problem), but sometimes reality simply must intrude. It was Steve Schmidt, a Republican who worked for W and for McCain, who dubbed CPAC the Star Wars Bar Scene. Naturally, you want it to apply to any Democrat you can think of. It refers not to all Republicans – just the ones nutty enough to be invited to CPAC like Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, and Donald Trump. In other words, people who are much better at coming up with soundbites that will make the headlines than at serious policy proposals.

      • speedle

        Jeff, did you just arrive from space? I (and others) used the “Stars Wars” bar scene tag starting ten years ago. I was not first mentioned by Steve Schmidt. As I said to Deerinwater, you don’t want to have a creepy contest whether it be to define the “creepiest looking”, “creepiest acting” or “creepiest philosophically”. The democratic party “is” the party of creepy oddballs and misfits.

        • Jeff

          Any party that counts among its stars Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Louie Gohmert, Fatbaugh, the gang at Fox, Turdblossom, and the Neocon Gang that lied us into Iraq needs to do some housecleaning before it mentions the word “creepy.”

      • Jack


        You need to go back to school and take another history class. If your post was being graded for factual correctness, you would get an F. You are just repeating false conservative talking points that were created to confuse people like you and shift the blame from the people and reasons that really caused the problem to those who did not.
        If they didn’t try to shift the blame then people would know that the “deregulation mantra”
        of the republicans/conservatives/libertarians frequently does not work in the real world.

        Barney Frank had nothing to do with the real estate/banking collapse. The people who were mainly responsible were Senator Phil Graham, all the other republican Congressmen and Senators, and a handful of democratic Congressmen and Senators who in 1999 and 2000 voted for Graham’s bills – the commodity reinvestment act that opened up the commodity markets, including oil, to speculators thus allowing them to manipulate the prices or the repeal of the banking law that prevented commercial banks from speculating with their depositor’s money. In all fairness, President Clinton also deserves some of the blame because he didn’t veto the bills.

        We also should not forget the republican’s efforts that changed the law that made “credit default swaps” and deravitives legal. Without those two things the financial institutions would not have been able to create the mess they did. A special thanks should also go out to Alan Greenspan who worked so hard to allow those activities and for the deregulation of the financial companies. At the time Greenspan basically said – after all, those financial people are so smart they don’t need government regulation because they would never do anything risky. Since Obama took office, Greenspan has admitted that he and his policies were wrong.

        The banking law you are referring to became law in 1978 or 1979. It didn’t force financial institutions to make loans to un-credit worthy people. The law just prevented them from red lining – adopting a policy that they would not loan to anyone living in a particular area no matter how good their credit was. Stop and think for a minute, why didn’t the law cause a problem during the Carter through Clinton years, yet it took only 7 years after the banking law changes to cause the collapse?

        President Bush didn’t to try to correct the laws that caused the problems. He supported them as part of the Republican “deregulation mantra”.

        You seemed to have forgotten all about Reagan’s 1986 tax bill that basically killed the luxury boat, car, etc. business by imposing a 10% luxury tax on sales of luxury items and killed the real estate investment business by preventing passive investors from deducting their losses on rentals. Don’t forget the Savings and Loan collapse after Reagan had them deregulated. The boost to the economy came from running up over 2 trillion dollars in debt.

        The main difference between the “creepy” people you name and those that you worship are overall the “creepy” people are more concerned about how something affects average people. Your people are mostly concerned only about how something affects themselves and the richest people.

        For instance your people are insisting that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs be changed as part of deficit reduction. Since Social Security is a separate program paid entirely by payroll withholding taxes – how is that program contributing to the deficit? Since it doesn’t affect the deficit, how will changing it reduce the deficit? Why must that program be changed now when the problem is not supposed to occur, if at all, in the late 2030′s? How does making Medicare a voucher program in 10 years help reduce the deficit now?

        Republicans/conservative have wanted to kill Social Security and Medicare for decades.
        Are they trying to change these programs because doing so will reduce thee deficit in the near or far term or are they doing this to damage and eventually destroy the programs? Since what they want to do will not reduce the deficit, the answer is they are trying to undermine the programs and lying to the American people about what they are really trying to do.

        • Jeff

          Excellent post. It is amazing how Republicans accept things as axiomatic that are demonstrably false. They believe lower taxes and de-regulation bolster the economy. They do not. When Clinton raised taxes in 1993, the Republicans stated as a matter of fact the economy would be destroyed. That didn’t happen until Bush lowered taxes while starting two wars. The Bank regulatory apparatus put in place by FDR prevented a banking crisis for 55+ years until the Banks found a way around the regulations and we had the S&L Crisis. The repeal of Glass-Steagall, while bought into by many Democrats including Bill Clinton, was the brainchild of three Republican Senators, principally Phil Gramm.

          The Repugs may have learned to speak the language of the moronic “cultural” conservatives, but the aim of their policies is ALWAYS deregulation of big business to increase short-term profits and lowering the taxes the wealthy pay on those profits. Reagan ushered in a radical change in American governance designed to shift income and wealth upward. To the right wing, this is the economy as it should be. To the rest of us, it represents a continuing coup d”etat.

  • American Dreamer

    All these libtards don’t understand or want to know the truth. ( about Government take over)
    DR. Ben Carson, tells as it is, Just as Romney with his 47%. The more people that gets government aid, the more this country fails to be the home of the dream world.
    And Obama is hurting the working people. which are getting very discourage, that their hard working dollars, are feeding the government, who sends billions of dollars across the sea. I really don’t see that every one is doing their share. Especially, Obama the traitor.
    That gave in to the Russians. on the missiles, In Europe. Trying to disarm Americans,
    while sending weapons across our borders, and over seas. Wake up America, we are becoming weak nation under Obama. and his cronies Dems. Time to get bake to reality. And take America back as the strongest, and free nation.
    My opinion. just like some of yours that don’t agree. Which I don’t agree with yours.
    that’s what makes this country strong. As the songs says it all ( in the living years)
    So piss on all you Obama cool-aid drinkers .and dope heads.

    • Jeff

      Militarily, we are as strong as virtually the rest of the world combined. No one can challenge us militarily, but occupation of a country is not a football game. The strongest army doesn’t necessarily win because the nature of the “battle” is asymmetric. Does anyone believe we had an army or navy anywhere near the British in 1775 or in 1812? Does anyone think North Viet Nam could match the US Army in strength? Of course not, but the question is also irrelevant because when you seek to occupy a country with foreign troops, it can’t be done easily.

      What will weaken us is the Republican austerity plan. When the economy weakens, we will not be taken seriously overseas. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE LIKE A REPUBLICAN, YOU’D BETTER VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATS!

  • Laurence

    Another gem

  • jopa

    I believe in a two party system however after watching parts of the wannabe comedians of CPAC I believe they are about to become extinct.Donald Grump pulling a major Clint not talking to one but a whole room full of empty chairs, that was kinda funny.Sarah P. did a good job with her skit and the Reince Prebius impersonation of Pee Wee Herman was superb.He was still doing it the next morning for the Press Club.They didn’t have much of anything to say that would help the country or it’s people, or anything of significance to anybody.I really believe with that cast of characters they are pretty much doomed.Oh well.

  • Jim B

    This is the doings of evil, of politicians and bureaucrats hell bent on causing mistrust and hate amongst the American people. It is not left or right, this is governments poisonous venom infecting our very being. The vast majority of us have lived day to day without the need of government, to be told what to do, when to do it, who to do it with. We have betrayed ourselves by allowing them the ability to give themselves authority through proxy to take by force, from us, that which we have earned only to accumulate a 17 trillion dollar citizen supported debt. We have allowed government to much leash, given them to much authority, too much money to be living under these intolerable combative conditions. It’s time we stop looking at each other as the cause and start looking at the true evil behind the curtain, we the American people are NOT thy enemy!

  • Uknowho

    Maybe conservatives should look in the mirror and take two pictures… One of the RNC convention, the other of the DNC convention.

    You will notice a sea of white male faces at the RNC gala…and at the DNC, you will notice a much more varied population that their gala.

    And the RNC and CPAC want to know why they are going extinct… That is part of the reason why… that and their fear-mongering, arrogance, intolerance and old bad ideas will continue to help conservatives lose national election after election.

    They earned the defeats they get.



  • Tony Ruiz

    Carson is: An American! He is colorless and wide awake. I’m mexican by heritage, American by birth and I recognize him for the asset to our country he is

  • Rabble-rouser

    Whitey Ben Crystal speaks.

    • http://N/A CintiCB

      Why don’t you try seeing yourself as something more than your skin color? I know, you be’s ‘da victim’. This is why some, at the N level, don’t like the brilliant and common sensical Dr. Carson. He PROVES that a black skinned person can rise out of Welfare/ghetto. I know, ‘How dare dis race traitor show dat I ain’t be’s no victim!’ Yeah, yeah, yeah-Wa wa wa!!! Many hate Bill Cosby for the same reason. All of this ‘token black’ BS is a thing of the past. It would be great if all of these wittle N ‘victims’, here today, could be sent back in time to when there, truly, was rampant racism, ‘token’ nonsense, and hatred of one because of their skin color. If the slothful Ns who are here today had been around when civil rights reform was actually needed there would have been none of the needed progress. A lot of them would have liked being in that era because then they could REALLY ‘be’s da victim’. The biggest problem facing the N level, today, is that they’re running out of excuses for being ‘da victim’. The biggest problem facing the civilized blacks is the N level blacks. Their behavior is keeping the N word alive (their ONLY accomplishment in their pitiful Welfare paid lives). When they invaded my neighborhood, the black home owners were the first ones to put up ‘for sale’ signs. They worked SO HARD to separate themselves from the Ns and with the invasion, they be might seen as one of the Ns (by appearance, alone). Dr. Carson will have the same problem that Herman Cane did-he just ‘ain’t be’s ghetto enough’.

      • Jeff

        You can rig a system so a certain group is downtrodden, mal-educated, malnourished, raised in poverty, etc. and a few will defy the odds and do extraordinary things. By definition, most people are not extraordinary. George W. Bush was an extremely ordinary (and that’s being charitable) person born into an extraordinary circumstance of wealth and privilege. Had he been George Walker and Black, born in an inner city, do you think he’d have ever risen higher than night manager at a McDonald’s? Highly unlikely.

        Even in the 50s, when even you would agree it was almost impossible for a Black man to succeed, there were individuals conservatives could point to to “disprove” discrimination: Joe Louis, Willie Mays, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis, Jr., and a few others. It is undeniable we’ve come a long way and you can now point to President Obama as evidence of what an extraordinary person can do coming from humble origins. But what about relatively ordinary people? There’s still an enormous gap between someone born into the middle or upper middle class and those born poor.

        • http://N/A CintiCB

          Jeff, When I saw that there was a response from you I thought, ‘Oh no, here it comes’, but, you were not insulting, which is nice to see. You make some legitimate points. It still remains, though, that no one should be despised +/o insulted (as some did towards Dr. Carson) for working hard and making themselves successful. So much of the failure, of so many, stems from their parents having a victim/defeatist mentality. All of my life, my parents drilled (DRILLED!!!) into me, “No matter how impossible something seems, there is ONLY ONE thing you know for sure-that you DEFINITELY WON’T if you don’t try.” SOOOOOOO MANY times this tenet has made an incredibly positive outcome, often, unbelievably so!!! Dr. Carsons’ mother is the main reason that he is such a success. All of his life he didn’t have to hear what victims they were. He got encouragement and good life lessons from her. It would be great if ALL low income parents received parenting lessons from her. She sounds like she was an incredible parent-WE NEED MORE LIKE HER!!!

          • Jeff

            When it comes to issues like this, it has always been my opinion that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans assume that hard work and responsibility are enough to overcome all the obstacles in one’s path. Those obstacles include generations of official government policies followed by societal attitudes that may as well have been official. The campaign begun during slavery to justify its existence (i.e. the inferiority of Blacks) is still bearing fruit today. I have read studies showing that Black kids do fine on exercises if they’re called games but as soon as they’re called tests, their performance drops. As I said, extraordinary people will succeed regardless of the obstacles.

            Democratic solutions, on the other hand, assume the Republican “solutions” but also assume hard work and responsibility, while necessary, are not sufficient for the vast majority to reach anything approaching parity with middle class kids raised in literate households. My wife used to teach in a poor school at the border. Sometimes her students would call her when there was some kind of family issue. I recall going down there late at night and seeing babies running around the complex at 11PM. The kids lived in apartments poorly lit with no place for them to even do homework. The parents spoke little English and were likely semi-literate in Spanish.

            The right wing caricature of affirmative action and of Black leaders like Jesse Jackson is that they want everything given to them without work. Nothing could be further from the truth. The message of virtually all “civil rights” leaders to their followers has been to turn off the TV, make your kids do their homework, stress education, etc. That was the message of the PUSH Coalition. The purpose of affirmative action was never to let kids into Harvard who couldn’t read or write. But let me say that George W. Bush scored 1200 on the SAT. It’s a decent score but nothing spectacular. I had a similar score a few years later, and I no more thought I had a shot at getting into Yale than would a baboon. I did get accepted to Penn, but that had something to do with the tennis coach’s interest in me (no money though).

            Nobody considers it “affirmative action” when the not-so-bright son of a famous father gets into Yale. For a kid from the ghetto to score 1200 (that would be 1800 today) would take the kind of ability it would take W, given his background and all his advantages, to score a 1400. That was the purpose of affirmative action – to identify those kids who had the capability to do the work. They still had to compete and do well. They might need remedial classes, but that’s often the case for middle class kids as well. I went to a UC campus and was amazed at how many of the freshmen, kids who scored 700+ on the Math SAT, had to take remedial English.

            I don’t really understand all the buzz about Dr. Carson. I’ve heard him speak but didn’t see that he said anything particularly noteworthy. If he’s saying let’s cut taxes and services to the poor, he’s just another Republican. Might as well be Paul Ryan.

          • http://N/A CintiCB

            Jeff, Success, or lack of, is incredibly contingent upon ones’ environment. Look at the successes of some ghetto kids who were taken ‘under the wing of’/mentored by someone of a different mindset. It seems that one of the largest factors that have kept ‘down’ many in this group is the Welfare system-it has just become ‘a way of life’ for so many. We need to stop giving them fish and teach them ‘how to fish’. Anyway, when I started reading your post, my ALL TIME FAVORITE quote (Booker T. Washington) came to mind. I have it written out on a piece of cardboard and placed where I can always see it. I, greatly, needed it when I had some STEEP ‘mountains to overcome’ (different from most peoples’ tribulations). The quote is as follows: “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed” Good stuff, huh!?! Right under this one I wrote one that I got from a cryptogram that I’d completed: ‘Some people see obstacles as opportunities-they are known as heroes’. When I’ve told some of B.T.W.s’ quote, and they looked confused, I give the example of; There is a person working at Mcdonalds who is deaf and was raised by abusive alcoholics. A different person is the president + CEO of a Fortune 500 company, that is family owned (basically, born into the position). The minimum wage Mcdonalds worker has succeeded in accomplishing SO MUCH MORE than wealthy president of the big company. SO MUCH can be accomplished with the right mindset!!!

          • Jeff

            I agree, but it is also true that the definition of “success” is very different depending on where you come from. If you are from a wealthy or influential family, your minimum level of achievement may exceed the wildest dreams of someone born into a more humble circumstance. I think of Michael Reagan. Son or Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman. Became a talk show host after his father became President, but before that, he was a boat salesman. What do you think you could have accomplished with that kind of head start? So, for someone like that to criticize a kid who grew up with no such advantages is a bit hard to listen to. It’s almost like Prince Charles using himself as a role model.

  • http://yahoo DC Tapley

    Dr. Carson is a very smart man and he can see what BO is doing to this nation. The statements that the Doc made was to let BO know the jig was up and he was letting the whole world know. To bad the left can only find fault with his skin color!

    • Jeff

      I’m sure Dr. Carson has overcome a lot in his life to get where he is, and I’m sure he’s an excellent doctor. But if he’s taking up the cause of the Ryan budget, he’s simply wrong. I don’t believe skin color is a defense against being wrong.

    • Jeff

      What responsible person on “the left” has made racial remarks concerning Ben Carson? He is obviously a great doctor, but he misapprehends the reality of the American system. Many people who achieve feel a need to give something back to those who were less fortunate or less able, for whatever reasons, to overcome obstacles. His is an inspiring story, but it’s hardly a substitute for societal action required to solve societal problems.


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