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The Culture Of Vultures

July 24, 2012 by  

The Culture Of Vultures
The suspect in the massacre at this movie theater in Aurora, Colo., was not associated with the Tea Party.

Join me, if you will, on a journey back in time. Let’s visit those heady days of yore when the corporate media delivered unbiased accounts of important events, America met tragedy with sincerely respectful grief and former Bill Clinton Administration cabin boy George Stephanopoulos was revered as an icon of journalistic integrity. Just reading that sentence aloud ought to confirm one thing: I really need to lay off the sauce when I’m working.

Kidding aside, I can’t hearken back to those days for the same reason you can’t. Outside the fevered imaginations of left-wing sycophants and Stephanopoulos himself, those days never existed. So no one should have been surprised when, while covering the unfolding tragedy in Aurora, Colo., Stephanopolous and ABC News correspondent Brian Ross won the race to be the first liberal media to connect the suspect, James Holmes, to the Tea Party. It took Stephanopolous, Ross and the ABC/Democratic Party mouthpieces a few hours to find a “Jim Holmes” who belonged to the Tea Party and then erroneously associate him with the Aurora massacre. It took the same bunch of self-described “journalists” two years to notice President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were trying to keep a lid on the Operation Fast and Furious debacle. Granted, Ross did retract the report later in the day; but he couldn’t unring the bell. I expect that was the point.

But forget about Stephanopolous, Ross and ABC News. I have a feeling they’re going to be a mite busy for the foreseeable future. Something about a Tea Party member named Jim Holmes who didn’t shoot anyone being miffed that the aforementioned liberals gave him the “Spike Lee” treatment. Ross, help Stephanopoulos down from his booster seat. It’s time for remedial ethics training at the Richard Jewell School for Excessively Garrulous Sock Puppets.

Of course the left was going to try to pin the actions of a psychopath to conservatives. It’s a reflexive response. The entire philosophical foundation of liberalism rests on the concept of refusing accountability and exploiting emotion over logic. Rahm Emanuel, the ghoulish (in more ways than one) former Obama White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago, said it best: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” What he didn’t add was: “Especially if you can blame it on your political enemies.” The smoke had yet to clear in Aurora, and the Democratic Party mouthpieces were racing out to pile on.

Noted patriot Piers Morgan led the way on that front, tweeting: “America has got to do something about its gun laws. Now is the time.” Morgan was doubtless basing his question on the years of intensive Constitutional study required to be a British talent-show host. Actually, as I read Piers’ statement, I thought: “CNN’s resident limey just reminded me: America has got to do something about its immigration laws. Now is the time.”

He was far from alone. New York Mayor and Super-Nanny Michael Bloomberg chimed in while the smoke still swirled, tweeting: “It’s time for the presidential candidates to step up & tell us what they’ll do about guns in America.” Here’s a thought, Bloomberg: Stop enabling the sale of guns to Mexican narcoterrorists who murder American border agents. (Too soon?)

A host of Hollywood blowhards perked up at the possibility of gaining relevancy off the silver screen. Even the B-listers took their turns. Jason Alexander, previously noteworthy for his portrayal of George Costanza on the 90s sitcom “Seinfeld,” called for a ban on AR-style rifles. “They are not guaranteed or protected by our constitution.” He went on to equate ARs with nuclear weapons. I have one question for Alexander: “If you’re here, then who’s running Vandelay Industries? I hope you didn’t leave Kramer in charge.”

Democratic political vultures and entertainment industry buffoons raised the hue and cry: “Gun control!” Very few of them remembered that people had died and were still dying in Colorado — victims of a madman who had demonstrated the sort of skill with explosives that proves only that he would have found a way to kill, guns or not.

I have a tip for the anti-Bill of Rights crowd: There is no “gun control” story in Aurora. There is a human story in Aurora. Stop trying to manufacture the former at the expense of the latter. And if you won’t listen to me, ask Stephanopolous and Ross — assuming they’re not out searching for their credibility.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Eric Jones

    Mr Crystal the reason for the tea-party ” connection ” was NOT liberal bias but because when you run a 24 hour news story you need somthing to talk about so you either repeat the few facts you know and wait or to keep your ratings you grasp at any and all availible staws it’s that simple. and for claritys sake i must point out that the ” journalists ” are not left-wing sycophants just goverment sychophants they spout the ” official ” story without asking any questons no matter who is in charge.

    • Gary L

      Eric, do you honestly believe that the “journalists” in question are not left wing sycophants?
      It is obvious to anyone who actually looks for the truth, that most of the major networks are left wing butt kissers, AND real “journalists” are a vanishing breed.

      • copakeman

        i always watch the network news. i know they can say whatever they want to say about any story. i know the truth is never considered in their reporting, but their reporting is very entertaining to watch.does the truth even matter anymore ? i like the network news and my iq is 52 too.
        (head in the sand here)

      • Robert Smith

        The “news” for the most part is BIG BUSINESS.


      • firefight

        Robert Smith,
        Attaboy… have another cup of coffee.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        the REAL news is on alternative sources…the internet is a threat to them

        like the fact that the FBI webpage had a warning about terrorist attack on theaters on May 17th but as soon as someone mentioned it on a blog it was taken down. It smells like a false flag

        And then there are the reports of accomplices that you only find on the internet….perhaps Brian Ross and Sissynopolus should search the web.

        I sure don’t remember mainstream media mentioning that warning –do you?

      • SJJolly

        Gary L: Quite right, real journalists are a vanishing breed. One sure way for the management of the corporations owning most of the media — conservative and liberal — to maximize profits is to reduce the news departments to little more than low-wage coolies rippng news stories off the wire services, and handing them to high-wage beautiful people to read on the air. Sending reporters to news events, whether across town or across an ocean, costs money.

      • slapjack

        Bobby Smith the damage was already done, dipstick. It became a feeding frenzy for all the pond scum of the world.

      • TIME

        Dear Gary,

        There are “NO Journalist” as in ZERO; so vanishing they did that around 1880 ish.
        We have had nothing but differant levels of Propaganda / DIS -Information tossed out at us from that point forward.

        Saddly At this point in TIME we are getting FULL BLOWN – Hard Core Propaganda with two side but yet all still all set within the same coin.
        Thus it seems like its {TWO} when in fact its just “ONE.”

        Saddly due to the fact that the average IQ is way below 100 points, yet one other factor never reported by the Mass media.
        Thus all Mass media Hype / Political Thearter / Propaganda – will have a focus on what ever ray of light the masters want the average person do jump up and down about to bring about the “Change” they so wish at that moment.

        Thats why such obvious crosslinking takes place, its not nor has it ever been an accident its always by design.
        Thus just a simple case of – Good Cop v Bad Cop.
        {Then its compounded} by not only the simple daily TV shows, and mass media but the Movie & Music industry as well.
        Thus the very culture we have created by divides will in the end be the Humans very down fall.

        Profits, are not the driving force anylonger, as the vast amounts of the worlds real “WEALTH” is already in the hands of the small gang of world masters / Criminals who use Humans like puppets.

        So that leaves the main thrust of all Modern Propaganda set to create the divides that these masters want, so the Humans will then clamor for a solution to the alledged Problems of the moment.
        Afterall there is nothing quite as positive as when the slaves want their masters to kill off the other slaves they feel are the problem.

        Thus the questions are;
        #1) Will Humans ever learn to get along with each other?
        #2) Will Humans ever learn from their mistakes?
        #3) Will Humans ever learn that they are all GODS children?
        #4) Will Humans ever learn that NO one MAN #6, is above any other MAN?
        #5) Will Humans ever stop worshiping False Golden Idols?

        You tell me, can we as Humans ever aspire to our true nature?

        Peace and Love

      • Neil Swan

        Gary most of the major networks tell the truth. It’s fox that acts like you.


      • Eric Jones

        your definition of a ” real reporter ” is one that agrees with you? the main stream media are washington and wallstreet butt kissers they bow down to ANYONE who give them an entertaining story.

    • Barbara

      This is why I do NOT watch CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN nor MSNBC. Their facts are not there to uphold their news stories.

      • Ken

        This is so Barbara – however most of the imbeciles in this country DO consume this sh*t

        that’s supposed to pass for news and they buy it – hook, line and sinker!

      • Flashy

        Get rid of the Fairness Doctrine, allow conglomerates to control a market..and less news and more hype is the result. FOX McNews is a prime example of dumbing down the population…

    • Silas Longshot

      Really? You might think that a ‘resposible journalitst’ might wanna verifiy their details they blather on the network BEFORE they are sued by falsely accused victims of their shoddy, sensationialist ‘news’ lines. My bulldog lawyer would be all over their back pockets if they did that to me.

      • LM

        AMEN Silas!!!

      • Robert Smith

        Didn’t anyone else note that the story was almost immediately retracted?


      • firefight

        Robert Smith,
        It’s what one should do when one realizes that they have placed their foot in dog poo. BTW, what does “almost immediately” mean?

      • Ted Crawford

        Did anyone notice that when Obama stomped on his tongue , (” you didn’t build that “), it took the msm 94 hours to even mention it, while it only took about 22 minutes to falsely accuse the Tea Perty for this !?!?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Robert, the retraction doesn’t matter. They got it out there. That’s all they cared about. They made a link to the tea party and that was their intention. Subliminally people will link the two. Don’t underestimate the power of suggestion! These are the same dirty tactics they have used all along to discredit the tea party. They claimed that a tea party member spit on a black politician. The video was released to prove it didnt happen but most people still think that it did. All they have to do is say it and the sheeple believe it! Once an accusation has been made, it never goes away. It is always out there. They know that. They put it out there on purpose. Their retraction means nothing!

      • Mike in MI

        Good comment, Nancy in Neb. -
        Which brings up a further, and I think related point which speaks to a whole panorama of the liberal “ethic”. The corrupt news cycle of the centralized, leftist propaganda machine
        is deathly afraid of anything that is good, decent, wholesome or has any ties to things that have some intrinsic integrity. When you stoop to such degraded dishonesty as to take a horrid, man-made disaster as the Aurora, CO theater episode and then willy-nilly tie it to a group like the tea party and broadcast that tie-in without any proof of an established relationship over national TV you are shooting for a certain low-grade human dregs.
        Now, there’s another group in there who see what Ross and Steffy did and chortle simply because it’s been done…as though “we got away with another one.”

        Those people are the really dishonest, selfish, demagogic, freedom-haters of the world who are out to destroy and that’s all they want – just tear things down. You libs know who you are who “chortled” when you heard this story hit and you got some dark happiness out of it. That’s why, on this site, you are dismissed as fools, worthless, degraded specimens of a mutated not-quite-human set of beings. Your worthlessness can’t be hid.

      • Eric Jones

        Most americans can’t afford ther own lawyer and the news networks know it.

    • LM

      Eric, I have to agree with Gary on this one. I haven’t been able to turn on a television any day of the week for the past 3 1/2 years without seeing Obama’s face spewing garbage about his “concern of the day”. Not that he was really saying anything or cared, but they were all willing to put his face up there and jump on the head nod band wagon like a bunch of bobble heads talking about his speechs afterward.

      Obama has been campaigning since 2007 and hasn’t given it a break since. He has so many “journalists” and “celebrities” in his pocket it’s nauseating listening to them all sing his praises and poor out buckets of money to support him. If he gets a second term we are guaranteed “SCREWED”, not that I think Romney is any better of a selection. I think they both need to be thrown out and the bar needs to be set quite a bit higher for the next set of applicants.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        so true…much higher
        but as long as we are willing to vote for the lesser of 2 evils nothing will EVER change

        start voting 3rd party and turn off your

        that will get their attention

      • Eric Jones

        You are allowed to agree with anyone you like bu i must say again the main stream media bows down to the party in power whichever one it is.

    • Flashy

      hey…when you go for a reputation and take a stance to have a given profile, expect it to be your reputation and profile. TPers are surprised about the rep they desired ? Jeesh

      These are from the Huffington Post…because that was what I was currently reading. I’m certain the Conservative sites will have similar articles (Conservative being the Times of London, WSJ, NYT, Bloomberg, etc)….

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        That is a bunch of crap! The media’s image of the tea party is so far from the truth that it’s ridiculous! The tea party is made up of everyday people. They are mostly middle aged and elderly. They wave flags and hold signs that say “don’t tread on me”. They sit in their lawn chairs and listen to their local politicians and a few others give patriotic speeches about how the government is spending too much money. They talk about how much our country has changed and how they long for the old fashioned values that made this country great. They say The Pledge of Allegiance. They sing God Bless America! They encourage people to find out what a candidate stands for! They do not tell you WHO to vote for but tell you to educate yourself and VOTE for candidates with like values. The crappy left wingers have planted dissidents at a few tea party rallies, and you can bet that the CFR, (oh I mean the main stream media) was there to capture it! What the media has portrayed is the biggest bunch of lies in the world. Of course, they were successful! People fled from the tea party and it’s rallies because they don’t want others to think that “they” are like the media portrayed them! Now, the tea party has just been taken over by people who just want your money. The “true” tea party no longer exists! The media put out the biggest smear campaign ever and it was nothing but LIES!!! It is a perfect example of how the media influences people’s opinions, and NOT in a good way!!!

      • Jay

        Flashy says: hey…when you go for a reputation and take a stance to have a given profile, expect it to be your reputation and profile; look at me, i have no credibility, and everyone calls me, “Flashy the buffoon”.

      • Flashy

        “The media’s image of the tea party is so far from the truth that it’s ridiculous! ” nancy….the reputation is, in part, that of media. Though i would venture the rep of the TP and TPers stems mainly from the real actions and stances of the TP and TPers.

        heck…just reading the comments and slams from TPers on this site is enough to buttress much of the TP/American Taliban Far Right reputation..

      • Wil

        Like HuffPo has any credibility? It’s just part of ‘big brother’ Obama’s Ministry of Truth.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Flashy, the people that “you claim” represent the tea party people DON’T! The Tea Party is simply people who are fed up with the federal government deciding how WE should spend OUR money! TEA stands for “Taxed Enough Already!”. The only action that “true” TEA party members take is in the voting booth!!! Anyone making a claim to represent us is just that: “making a claim”. You don’t get to decide who represents ME and the millions who agree with me. So even though the media has silenced the TEA party, we are still out there and will vote accordingly!!!

      • Average Joe

        In the future, before opening you mouth and jumping up and down with both feet…you may want to sit down and open up another can of STUPID…and then wash it down with a very large cup of STFU!

        Please cover yourself…your ignoance is showing ( in my best “Cleveland” voice)….EWWWWW, that’s nasty!

        Best Wishes for a speedy recovery from your usual case of Cranio-Rectal inversion (Head up your arse).

        You cause the rest of us (thinking people) to suffer from Optical-Rectalitis ( a Sh!tty outlook on the survivability of the human spieces).


        In advance Flashtard…yada yada yada (your record is broken)…your opinion is noted and filed in the circular filing cabinet….do you feel better now?

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Isn’t it CONVENIENT when they are trying to pass the UN gun ban that we have an incident like this.

      True the media is looking for filler but it seems to be more than that even….a distraction

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Eric, the journalists are not only left wing sycophants, they are socialists (communists). All of the national journalists are members of the counsel on foreign relations (CFR). This is a socialist group that is trying to assist in bringing about the new world order. Anyone who disagrees with them is laughed at and criticized. They are smeared in the media. They are puppets of those who call the shots. You will not see truth in the main stream media unless it suits their agenda!

      • Eric Jones

        Exept that all the major news outlets are suppoted by corperations or wealthey individuals most of whom are conservitive.

      • Vicki

        Eric Jones says:
        “Exept that all the major news outlets are suppoted by corperations or wealthey individuals most of whom are conservitive.”

        Proof by bald assertion. Debate FAIL.

    • Rick Johnson

      Eric they INTENTIONALLY spent a couple hours searching through a data base of known Tea Party members to find someone with the same name. This is not running the few facts as you claim, this is intentionally attempting to tie the event to the Tea Party.

      • Flashy

        LOL…first, they probably did run a match search on the name. No big deal, SOP. Took maybe…maybe … two or three minutes and hardly any effort. Child’s play. Problem was..they didn’t do any cross referencing. Betchya an intern is looking for a new place to intern at.

      • Eric Jones

        No they were looking for a hook plain and simple.

    • speedle

      Well Eric, if that’s the case why is it that they never seem to err (in their enthusiasm to report) when the possible story is about a left wing perp? Let me explain why. The media knows that a good percentage of its audience (especially the audience of networks, CNN and MSNBC) is pretty much…uh….say… “uniformed”. They sorta make value decisions based on sound bites that are not a big distraction to whatever else they are doing (like smoking weed or attending a concert). The Media knows that for every drone that hears the original message, only a small percentage hear the ultimate “never mind” in the form a soft retraction of the previous “error”. Consequently, additional propaganda has firmly penetrated the thick skulls of some drones who, unfortunately, have the right to vote.

      • Eric Jones

        They do it,s just that to people like you either you’re ripping the left a new one or you’re a communist who wants to destroy your own countrey.

    • Pat

      Another newsperson (not on ABC) did a quick search like Brian Ross did and came up with a sex predator and a murderer with the name Brian Ross. OMG – ABC really hires quality people for their programs….LOL Fair’s fair, Brian!

  • DaveH

    Anti-gun fanatics are simply accessories to the murder of those people who might have otherwise armed and protected themselves against people like James Holmes.

    • Joe Brooks

      Dave H, we are in agreement on a topic! You may like this story. The bad guy points his pistol right at him:

      • Robert Smith

        My problem with that is: Why didn’t he hit any of the perps? They were within feet of each other.


      • Joe Brooks

        Read the article and watch the video, he hit them with every shot. The police found them at the local hospital. Good Heavens, Robert.

    • Robert Smith

      Nope. In this nut case it wouldn’t have helped. He was suited up so most pistol rounds would have had little, if any, effect.


      • Tom T

        Its obvious, you have never been shot while wearing ballistic armor. Yes, it will stop the bullet and save your life BUT it’s also the same as being hit with a baseball bat at the impact point as the energy of the bullet velocity is still transferred to your body.
        In laymens terms…”it hurts like a SOB” and will knock you down and knock the wind out of you but you will live.

      • firefight

        Hi Robert. It’s me, Firefight,…….. and I’m here to educate you. Ever been hit by a .40 cal. round while wearing Kevlar? Didn’t think so. It hurts like hell. Anywhere from having an anvil dropped on you to being hit by a semi. Trainees have even been knocked off their feet, had ribs broken and for sure nasty blood bruises and deep tissue damage. You don’t die, but you sure as hell think you will. Now for some more facts. A glock 23 with a Crimson Trace grip laser is what I carry and at 25 yds. I can hold a sub 2″ group. That’s what makes ME confident I could have neutralized this psychopath……and I would have done it with a head shot. No point in wasting ammunition on body shots to Kevlar.

        Now, here’s something for everyone to think about while looking at how the left jumped on the non-existing Tea Party connection. This boy, in his early 20′s, a college drop out with no job manages to purchase an AR-15, two Glocks and a shotgun….bare minimum cost of $3,000.00 plus over 6,000 rounds of ammunition and enough explosives to level the apartment complex he lived in, and all of the tactical gear which could go well over $8,000.00. And, he, who wants to kill everyone he can, tells the cops that his apartment is booby trapped. Time to start connecting the dots. Where did all his money come from and why would he tell the cops about his apartment being booby trapped? And, why, within 24 hours of the incident, we know more about this gunman than we do about Obama after 3 years. Almost like a script was preparred for the aftermath. Do you think maybe this whole thing was set up kinda like Operation Fast and Furious? What a perfect time for something like this to happen. You do know what’s going on in New York, don’t you with the UN? This sounds more like a progressive liberal/marxist/communist plan to me to get more gun control and popular vote for gutting our second amendment. Folks, this is how they work. I personally don’t think this incident was a fluke of some deranged 20 something year old kid. I think it goes way deeper than that just like Obama’s past and how he got all the money he got to go to Occidental and Columbia. Start asking questions.

      • MW

        Not true, Robert. While body armor MAY prevent penetration of the rounds (but not always), it still transfers tremendous power to the wearer… Rounds fired at him would have caused significant pain and likely could have caused him to drop and be, at least, temporarily disabled/disoriented. If multiple rounds had been fired at him there would still have been a good chance of hitting unprotected areas (body armor does NOT, contrary to popular belief, completely protect the wearer – it’s intended to prevent lethal penetration at key points only). Considering the popularity of 9mm +P, .40 and .45 caliber handguns, “most” of today’s handgun rounds would still have (at a very minimum) slowed him down long enough for others to either take action against him or get further away from him (minimizing the damage he was able to cause).

      • MW

        Firefight: I Completely agree with you on the motivation/preparation/financing/support of this event. This smells, very badly, of a setup. ‘Am glad that many others are recognizing this, too. Several articles have already been written about it.

      • DaveH

        Yep, False Flag events have been staged by leaders throughout history to get their ways:

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I’m in agreement with you, firefight! Too many things stink! And I don’t believe in coincidence! I’m waiting for answers that we’ll never get!

      • independant thinker

        I read yesterday that he did not have ballistic armor on his chest. It was a quilted impact resistant vest. I have not tried to veriofy this yet but would bear checking.

      • rocketride

        Body armor increases the area of your body surface the bullet’s kinetic energy (KE) is spread out over. Depending on the mass and velocity of the bullet the KE (which equals the mass times the square of the velocity) involved can go on up into the same range as a swung baseball bat (much more mass, much lower velocity)

        If the bullet hits ordinary clothing or naked flesh all that KE is concentrated at the tip of the bullet (say a circle 1/4″ diameter as an average) and the bullet pokes its way into your body (trailing a shock wave as it goes), which ends up with a bleeding hole in it which will almost certainly incapacitate you. (The bullet can also be built to do other interesting tricks to make that wound channel bigger and messier.)

        If it hits kevlar armor, the same KE is spread over an area maybe 4″-6″ diameter. It doesn’t punch a hole in you, but all that KE still arrives in that part of your body in the forrm of a shock wave so you get knocked over, bruised, stunned, etc., and you likely still be incapacitated for a time, but you’ll probably survive. (Though you should see a doctor because some of that bruising could involve internal organs.)

        No, I haven’t personally been shot while wearing a a ballistic vest (or not) but it is a simple exercise in physics.

      • CZ52

        “No, I haven’t personally been shot while wearing a a ballistic vest (or not) but it is a simple exercise in physics.”

        It is also easy to understand after reading reports of police officers having to spend the night in the hospital being checked after their vest stopped a bullet.

      • independent thinker

        I had time to do a quick check and found the following.

        “The vest was purchase through and the company CEO admitted the shooter’s vest, identified as an “urban assault vest”, came from their mail order company. It’s made of “heavy-duty nylon” and has no Kevlar or other bullet-resistant materials.”

      • S.C.Murf

        Face shot, haven’t seen one gas mask stop a 38 or 45 yet.

        up the hill

    • Flashy

      one has to ask…why is the radical Right supporting policies making it easier for a lunatic or criminal to buy a gun than for an American to cast a ballot?

      • Ted Crawford

        Thank You, for YET another idiotic rant there Comrade ! WOW !

      • Flashy

        Ted…you support no laws which restrict access to firearms even though there are a number of deaths each year by being shot, and a number of robberies, muggings and hold ups where a gun is used …correct? You support Voter ID laws which makes it more difficult for Americans to cast a ballot…even though there is no evidence of voter fraud. The only fraud able to be shown is by election officials, not by voters. why do you support making it easier to arm the bad guys…and make it more difficult for Americans to cast a ballot?

        And if asking this question makes someone a Communist in your view … you have serious anti American issues.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Flashy, what a load of crap! We don’t support laws restricting weapons because it is our constitutional RIGHT to BEAR ARMS. Not just to own them but to BEAR them. If you think that gun control protects people, YOU ARE WRONG!! After Great Britian banned the citizens from owning guns, gun crimes went UP 40%!!! Their citizens are now at the mercy of the criminals!!!
        When you say that we want voter ID laws to make it more difficult for Americans to vote, again you are full of crap!!! We want voter ID laws to STOP ILLEGAL ALIENS and DEAD PEOPLE from voting! Saying that Americans don’t have ID is bullcrap! If you drive, you have ID. If you go to school, you have ID. If you get food stamps, you have ID. If you’re on welfare, you have ID. If you’re on social security, you have ID. If you’re on Medicare, you have ID. If you’re on Medicaid, you have ID. If you have a JOB, you have ID. If you own a business, you have ID. If you have a bank account, you have ID. Did I leave anyone out??? I do not believe that ANY citizen of this country would not be able to produce identification!!! The reason the democrats don’t want voter ID laws is because they depend upon the illegal votes to win!!!

      • Patti Patterson

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I support the right for EVERY American to own guns if they so wish. I still have found no strict gun laws that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals. I just think that the law abiding citizens should be allowed to protect themselves against the criminals that are going to get guns no matter what. I also support voter ID. I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be better to lose 10,000 citizen votes, than to have 100,000 non-citizen votes.

      • CZ52

        Flushy (thank you Opal) I believe if you check you will find most gun owners support the instant check that you must go through each time you purchase a firearm. It is certanly NOT easier than voting.

      • Jay

        Flashy says: one has to ask…why is the radical Right supporting policies making it easier
        for a lunatic or criminal to buy a gun than for an American to cast a ballot?

        Flashy, are you suggesting that Obama and Holder are of the radical Right?

      • TML

        The premise that voting is, or would be, more difficult than obtaining a firearm, is false.

        Besides, it’s not about making it easier for the “bad guy” to obtain firearms, it’s about making it easier for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms. Criminals do not care about the laws, obviously… they can get them through black markets if they wish.

      • Opal the Gem

        “And if asking this question makes someone a Communist in your view …”

        No it doesn’t automaticaly make you a communist, makes you look stupid though.

      • Jay

        Flashy says: Ted…you support no laws which restrict access to firearms even though there are a number of deaths each year by being shot, and a number of robberies, muggings and hold ups where a gun is used …correct?

        Don’t forget to include in your rant, Flashy, the number of robberies averted, and the number of lives saved as a result of citizens being armed.

        Flashy says: You support Voter ID laws which makes it more difficult for Americans to cast a ballot…even though there is no evidence of voter fraud. The only fraud able to be shown is by election officials, not by voters.

        Why would voter ID make it more difficult for Americans to cast a ballot?

        Flashy says: why do you support making it easier to arm the bad guys…and make it more difficult for Americans to cast a ballot?

        That, is a ridiculous statement, Flashy.

        Flashy says: And if asking this question makes someone a Communist in your view … you have serious anti American issues.

        A poster below already answered your last question, Flashy.

      • firefight

        I would call you a retard but that would actually constitute an insult to people who actually are retarded.

  • grannymae1

    Ben, This is one of your better articles ! I love it ! You nailed those idiots. It is my opinion that every single news media on the air today makes everything they can of any so called big story and they will play it for weeks and even months if possible. By the time they are done with this story you won’t recognise it any more. They will put so much spin on it that the truth will get lost and they will have this guy tried and hung. My question is , is there’s more to this story than meets the eye? I’m thinking maybe there is. This guy had not only guns but teargas canisters and an appartment full of bombs ! Now where did this man that has no job and for what most people that knew him seem to think, he didn’t have an interrest in guns and explosives so why all this equipment? What did he use for money to purchase all this stuff and if he didn’t purchase it how did he get it ? I saw the pictures of him in his first court apperance and this guy did not look to me like some crazy or even some guy that was intouch with his surroundings. He looked like he may have been on drugs of some kind or something. There is a lot more to this story than (the tea party) ! The news media needs to back off and report only the facts and give the people that have been hurt some time to heal and those who lost loved ones also a time to heal ! As for all those big bad gun controlers they need to get a new life ! If someone was determined to kill someone they wouldn’t have to use a gun ! They could use a rock, a car a hatchet a bomb a granade or most any other form of weapon ! Knife or bow and arrow etc. you get the picture. I heard of one man who used his car to kill his wife and daughter, so maybe we should get rid of all cars too ! Besides how are you going to keep guns out of the hands of the government ? Seems like they are responsible for the death of a border patrol agent and who knows how many people across the boarder in Mexico! It is time we get rid of all these people who have only one thing on their minds and insist they start getting down to the business of getting this country a budget for a change.

    • Sirian

      The answer to your question of “what did he use for money to purchase all this stuff”, per say, is very simple. It’s called multiple credit cards, money from student loans etc. He could have found various sources of money (parents included) to fulfill his desires.

      • MW

        That still begs the questions that are being asked about how he got his hands on body armor (this stuff is not freely available for civilian purchase), why he would tell the police about boobytrapping his home when his alleged intent was to harm as many people as possible, why the timing on this was SO freakin’ “convenient” for the anti-2nd-amendment crowd to help them push for the UN small arms treaty vote, this week, which will gut not only our bill of rights, but our national sovereinty at the same time. This smells, to high heaven, of a setup. Wake Up, America. Your rights are being quietly stripped away from you while you sit there and wait for “someone” to make you “safe”. Liberty has never been “safe”… it is always ‘messy’… but it is still the best solution for human growth, progress, happiness and creativity ever devised. It needs to be protected.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Since the news sources have described the Aurora, CO theater shooter Holmes from head to toes how is it that they haven’t been able to figure out where the money came from for his personal maintenance and weapons spending spree. Privacy issues of credit cards have already had search warrants issued on them.The police/FBI probably have all the receipt information.

      • rocketride

        OTOH, if the money DID trace back to left-wing groups (and I’m NOT saying it does, I’m being all hypothetical and stuff, here), do you think we’d ever hear about it from the MSM unless someone like Matt Drudge broke the story and it got away from them? Given their ‘druthers, they’d spike that story so far back it would end up in that warehouse a few rows behind the Ark of the Covenant, up on a high shelf!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I want to know if it traces back to the government! He had a federal grant for studies in the field of neuro sciences! Neuro sciences! Sets off bells for me! Add everything up. People who knew him said this wasnt like him. He had a federal grant in the field of neuro science. He was very intelligent. He drops out of school suddenly. He spends about $20,000 on all of this equipment. He is able to rig his apartment with bombs and chemicals in such a way that the experts say they’ve never seen anything like it. At least 2 witnesses have said that he had an accomplice. They said that a man in the front row, to the right got a phone call and went and opened the emergency door. Seconds later the shooter entered the same door. The witnesses said that the smoke bombs were thrown from the right and the left of the theatre. Then the shooter stops shooting and goes outside and waits for the police??? And then he tells them that his apartment is rigged with bombs??? Then when he makes his court appearance days later he’s so drugged that he can hardly hold his head up??? I think the whole thing STINKS!!! I think it was designed to make people docile so they can get the gun treaty passed. Wow, everybody will want gun control now, right??? We need the government, the new world order, to protect us!!! I think it STINKS of a FALSE FLAG OPERATION!!!

      • Karolyn

        Nancy – Are you aware that mental illness, like schizophrenia, exhibits in males most often in their 20s. This guy obviously suffered a psychotic break. Did you see him in the courtroom? Even his mother showed no surprise when she was informed, and she is a psychiatric nurse.Believe me, I know of what I speak after having had experience dealing with people like this

      • Karolyn

        Sirian – It was reported this morning that he got $26,000 per year for living expenses with his education grant, and he did not live the high life.

      • independent thinker

        “This guy obviously suffered a psychotic break. Did you see him in the courtroom?”

        Or, this guy obviously shows all the symptoms of someone who was programed for a specific action and now that the action is over the program has ended so he is in a daze.

      • Sirian

        That is what I meant by “simple” from what you listed. Another one of various sources. As to what you said in reference to men in their twenties tripping out, yes, that may be true but then again, is it not possible if not very much likely that Holmes has not actually tripped out at all? From all of his pre-planning and such could a mental disturbance not be recognized by anyone around him in the months prior to? In other words, could it actually hold any water? I seriously doubt that it would. As to how he may have been looking while sitting in court yesterday, think back a bit on a movie that had both Richard Gere and Edward Norton were in – “Primal Fear”. Is it not possible that Holmes is playing the same game as Norton’s character in that movie? He is obviously wrapped up in movies or his hair wouldn’t be a combination orange/red. And they don’t have to be nothing but Batman movies. If you haven’t seen that movie, watch it – you should be able to see how Norton’s character could be so easily associated with the mannerisms of Holmes while in court. Just saying. . .

      • Karolyn

        Sirian – When he failed his test, everything changed, and that could precipitate a psychotic break. Sometimes it takes one incident to put mentally ill people over the edge. His mother has stated that she was concerned about his isolation.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    While this is very tragic, I really want to know why no reports by the MSM of the assassination attempt on Secretary of State Clinton while in Israel??? The story has leaked out all over Europe and the W.H. hasn’t denied it?? I would think that’s front page news, no??

    • Warrior

      Interesting reading. Thanks for the link.

    • Wyatt

      Why no story on the attempted assasination of Hillary Clinton ? Probably because it never happened other than in her head . This is just the same as her allegedly being shot at back in 09 while visiting a secure military base in Pakistan , pure bull !

      • revnowwhilewecan

        You may be right but I find it a tad suspicious that reports came out in Europe and the W.H. hasn’t even issued a denial. If it’s b.s. then refute the claims like they do everything else. Silence is guilt in this country!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        rev, silence is not necessarily an admission of guilt, but may be so in Europe or other parts of the world. Sometimes silence is golden, other times it is just plain yellow (cowardice).

      • rocketride

        Because, if she did catch a hollowpoint (or whatever), would anyone really care?

  • sean murry

    This is you expect when dealing with lib idiots.

  • Marilyn

    I guess this is progress and they have evolved. They used to blame everything on Bush.

    • nc

      Marilyn, do you think that those people who hold Obama responsible for the ALL of the problems with our economy don’t hold bush responsible for enough of the problems? It is “All Obama” in spite of the “numbers” that existed when bush left office?Bad housing numbers!Bad stock market numbers! Bad job loss numbers!! You remember, don’t you? Or do you remember?
      My main reason for being here is to try to educate people to those numbers and get the people who voted for bush to MAN UP to their contributions to our problems! I have long ago given up on hoping they would try to help with the problems.

      • Silas Longshot

        So, you gonna man up to all of 0bama’s numbers? 3-1/2 years into his reign and not only no improvement, but getting worse.

      • Deerinwater

        They will never, ever do that nc, Today’s media has turned politics into a “spectator sport” to market for profits. The spectators have their favorites and become loyal fans regardless as if they were a Giants fan.

        Then too, tell us the worth of any admission you might get? Nothing!

        If they can’t see “it”, it does not exist. They run on “feelings” and not rational thought.

        One look at this alleged shooter and I get two thoughts; ~ He is drugging or he is demented in a host of ways.

        I* don’t see a Republican, a Democrat, a Tea Party supporter, a conservative, a progressive, I see a child that has gave some family hell for years and unsure of what to do with him. Most likely loving and hating him at the same time.

        This kind of person is “impressionable” and could act out his feeling using any “trigger” that captures his attention and excites him.

        This is the downside of a free society where we have laws that protect the individuals rights.

        There are many Charles Mansons in the world.

      • Robert Smith

        Actually things are better. Even the stock market gambling hall is hitting record highs.


      • J.Wilson

        Nc.. you mean the sabotaged housing market by clinton, protected by the dem led congress and bwany fwank in particular, that set-up the market to fall from a derivatives trigger event led by george soros and pinned that upon a president that had no awareness of the treasons being committed against our economy by proggie communists? THOSE bad numbers? We are awake and aware you useful idiot.

      • phideaux

        ” Even the stock market gambling hall is hitting record highs.”

        Apparently you don’t check the markets very often. Yesterday and today the market overall has tanked.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Time for people to WAKE UP!!! It doesn’t matter what letter they have after their name!!!

    • Deerinwater

      Silas Longshot says:
      July 24, 2012 at 8:26 am
      So, you gonna man up to all of 0bama’s numbers? 3-1/2 years into his reign and not only no improvement, but getting worse.”

      response; only if you man up to watching Fox and listen to Rush exclusively as it is they that have informed you of such things.

      The GOP and their operative are the single greatest force today preventing the economy from improving. This is all a part of their strategy as laid out by Mc Connell in March of 09 , to hold “O” to a single term. The GOP considers party politics supersedes nation interest of all Americans.

      GOP leadership don’t care about you! They serve only the power that a dollar can buy while wrapping it in the Red, White & Blue and hanging a Cross on it.

      Eat up!

      • Jay

        Oh my goodness, deer. You just submitted precisely that of which you just accused another; echoing a specific dump-site! Which might yours be, btw?

      • Deerinwater
        • macgyver1948

          Deerinwater…. When people express their hate for a thing or a person before that thing or person is really known to them there is really nothing more that could be said to them. TEA and their GOP property have said they do not want Obama years before he was elected. In the years since we have heard many TEA and their GOP property state their top priority is “to deny Obama a second term” as stated in the video link you provide with Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican from Kentucky), very much a TEA property. They have been “denying” Obama’s second term since he was elected – before inauguration. There is nothing to say to them through their hate because they wont listen. Hate, as they show for Obama, is to embedded in them if they didn’t even give him a chance from before he was elected. So why bother? We should just respond to them at the poles.

  • David

    Ya, let’s do something about all those gun laws…get rid of them! and while we’re at it, let’s get rid of anyone who thinks we need more new legislation to make more anti-gun laws.

    • LM

      AMEN David!!!

    • 45caliber


      I agree. If they won’t enforce those gun laws they have, why do they feel that more of the laws would make a difference? And since they won’t enforce them, we evidently don’t need them at all in the first place.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The politicians get the warm fuzzies because “they did something because they care”. The human fools buy into this and keep reelecting them.

  • Wyatt

    The bottom feeders will always leap at the first link they get to anything if it is a link to the Tea Party and or the Right . Georgie Stanphanopolos was Clintons lap boy back in the 90′s and is still the lapdog of the left . He wouldn’t know an honest fact if he fell over it

  • Rennie

    The refusal to disclose a motive just confirms my suspicions about the rush to blame the Tea Party for the actions of a leftwing nutjob and registered democrat, just like the AZ Giffords shooting. Someone doped up on psych drugs would be just the tool to commit a “false flag” in support of the revoking of our second ammendment rights. Lets go back through the list of multiple death firearm attacks, and see how many were registered as republicans or democrats, that would include the guy who walked into a Hilary Clinton campaign office in NH and took them hostage, the guy who executed a Clinton campaign official in Little Rock, the one who shot up the ACE center in Binghamton, VA Tech, etc. all of which they immediately blamed on the right wing, talk radio, etc. Never on the leftwing or Hollywood graphic violence which, in the setting of a movie theatre during a violent movie, is just so ironic you would have to be as blind as the newsmedia to not see it.

    • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

      Rennie , You forgot to include (its all Bushes fault) And as far as CNN’s resident limey , It’s showing how low they can go to import some idiot limey to try to enlighten America. Why in the cornbread hell did we expell his limey forfathers from our shores. That kind of crap is enough to throw him out. No one needs his kind of instigation to change anything this country does . Who invited him here anyhow? He is so typical left its pathetic. Grand standing the talk show , not shutting his stupid mouth to let anyone even answer a question , as if it had anysense to it any how.

  • nc

    Rennie, we see it! We see it! It’s an Obama-FBI “false flag” conspiracy to ban ALL guns in time for Obama to call off the 2012 elections ,become a dictator, fill up the Fema Camps with political prisoners, fullfill the 1913(?) conspiracy and declare that he is a Marxist, communist, socialist,Muslim, Kenyan ordained before birth in a mud hut in Kenya to become Preident of the USA and kicked it off with birth announcementS in a newpaper in Hawaii on the Date of his birth! HOW MUCH PLAINER CAN IT GET?? WHY CAN’T “THEY” SEE IT?

    • 45caliber


      Out of curiosity, how did you manage to get from journalists to the Presidential campaign?

      • Opal the Gem


      • Jay

        Aggressive cluelessness?

      • nc

        45, it is out of total disregard for the idea that Ben Crystal will ever ever create a discussion on responsible journalism that I see no need to discuss his “style” of journalism! So I go looking for “stupid” where I find it! Like everything being a false flag conspiracy by the President because those people didn’t like him from day one! That was the post I was responding to and it was here when I logged on today! I didn’t create that thread!

  • Liberterian

    If the total news media of this country, right and left, would quit dramatizing these stupid kind of actions, these deranged a – holes commit they would not become overnight heros. What greater fulfill for someone that probably would have never amounted to anything. Don’t blame it on the guns, they are only our tools for a better life (fun and protection) what more can you ask for.

  • DavidL

    I could not agree with Ben more. You know for what else I condemn “Stephanopolous, Ross and the ABC/Democratic Party mouthpieces”? Without proof, and even with evidence to the contrary, they attack Obama as a Muslim, communist, socialist, anti-American, drug addict, Kenyon-born, America hater, UN-American, foreign, radical liberal, anti-capitalist, anti-rich, gay lover, anti marriage, union lackey, anti-gun, anti Second Amendment, corrupt, and anti-constitution. They are even now claiming that a majority in Congress are communists.

    What nerve. What gall. What chutzpa! Oh, wait. That was Ben, Fox “news”, and the extreme (“severe”) conservative wing of the Republican party. My bad. Moving on. Did you hear that, unlike Mrs. Romney, Michele Obama can’t cook?

    • rocketride

      So, retard, which of those things is Obama not?

  • 45caliber

    The story of Stephanopolous and Ross is, unfortunately, not uncommon any more. As noted with Ross, the people remember (and believe) the lie and excuse the retraction. It is no wonder that journalists are considered the same way as politicians and lawyers – a profession that makes its money by lying.

  • PATRIOT OR TRAITOR (@Gaylon1938)

    THE LIBERAL MEDIA is what it is. Just like Obama they can not report or tell the truth. Everyone wants to make the Tea Party the vicious objective party to the middle class. In reality the TEA PARTY is the middle class and has their best interest at heart. I am so disgusted that only one or maybe two networks on TV report the truth and it is not two of the following NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. You are correct about the false reporting is already out there and is being utilized by the braindead supporters of Obama liberally. They already will tell you that it is the truth just as it was Sarah Palin’s fault that the Arizona Senator got shot. This is the complete reason we are now going through I pray, the four short years that Obama used to destroy as much of our Constitution as he can. This is the reason that the people of color can only see Obama as one of them even though he is not. They do not realize that he is the middle classes worst enemy. They will soon find this out when Obamacare goes fully into effect. The Illegals are what they are. Ignorant, and hoping for Obama to give them legality. Lord let us pray, they do not ever achieve this goal, for they breed like fire ants and will flock to this nation to live off of us for years to come. They can not speak English and present there is no law that enforces that English be our Nation’s language. This is an atrocity. But, then who would have thought this nation along with poor white trash could vote someone of Obama’s caliber into the highest office of the land without an ideal of who or what he was. Russian Premier Krucsheaf (Spelling) once said that America would fall from within. Just as Genesis states in Ch. 6 vs. 20-27, that people of Obama’s character will never have the brain power it takes to govern as this nation requires.

    • nc

      Traitor, the poor white trash may not have known all about Obama but the INDEPENDENT VOTERS sure as H*ll knew all about bush, the Republicans platform with trickled down economics and what it had done to this country! Plus the bush wars and Katrina failure! bush beat John McCain as much or not more than OBAMA! LIVE WITH IT!!

      • Jay

        nc, put a sock in it. Obama is Bush2 with a tan. Look at his policies since 2008, they are identical, a continuation of Bush2! That is the reason there has been no change since obama took office. Not because of the Bush legacy, which i agree, was a disaster, but because obama continued with the same policies! Dude, wake up…!

      • firefight

        Where do you people come from? I don’t seem to recall four years of Bush blaming everythhing that went wrong on Clinton but you sure as H*LL see Obama blaming everything that’s going wrong during his watch on Bush. How many Czars did Bush appoint. How many times did Bush turn his back on our veterans and our military or on our nation’s borders. How many times did Bush circumvent the congress with Executive orders and disregard out Constitution? Did Bush cut off Federal assistance to any state as Obama has? What about Obama’s and Holders involvement in the HUGE gun running scam Fast and Furious, a government scheme run amuck to make American gun dealers look bad so this administration could get more support from their nose led morons to support the gutting of all American’s right to keep and bear arms. By the way, that second amendment right is what will most likely spare this nation from the likes of you who think guns are evil. Inanimate objects do not have the ability to be evil. Only humans have that ability but you seem determined to blame their evil doings on the tools they choose to commit their evil deeds. And…..this is exacty what this Communist inspired administation is counting on. People who can not equate the difference in guns for evil and guns to defend freedoms. Wake up!

  • Ted Crawford

    The only thing that Ross and ABC are sorry about is that they couldn’t link it to the Tea Party !

  • uvuvuv

    if he’s gay, and/or democrat and an atheist or muslim, don’t be shocked, shocked but there will be no mention of this. just like with j sandusky, somehow the g word never came up. but if he’s an evangelical or repub, watch for the 4 inch headlines. just like they tried to hang oklahoma on evangelicals because timothy mcveigh was living in this country at the time, so there was a good 40% chance that he was a born again. ergo, close enough, christians are terrorists. hint, with his hair orange like that he probably just came from a gay pride parade. someone should check this out. what are his affiliations? now if it turns out that he is undeniably a gay atheist dem, they will say he’s “troubled” because a right wing teacher once gave him an F.

  • Thinking About

    While jumping to conclusions of whether Holmes is a member of the Tea Party or a follower of their theory you have also jumped to conclusions about others jumping to conclusions since there has not a determination of the motive behind this attack. So not Ben Crystal you are also a member of the jumping to conclusions.

    • Opal the Gem

      I don’t know what you are thinking about but it makes no sense when translated to print.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agree! I tried but…

  • uvuvuv

    some writers above suspect that this was somehow a set-up, like the burning of the reichstag. here’s what’s odd, they never caught the sterling hall bombers but they caught timothy mcveigh within an hour because he was speeding. and how did that explosion level that building even though it wasn’t a shaped and aimed charge? the twin towers, built of concrete and steel burned and collapsed because of the jet fuel, right? well that certainly puts every frying pan at risk. but let’s buy that. so how did they collapse vertically so that the nearby buildings weren’t affected? demolition experts do this by meticulously pre-wiring the buildings with explosives for a controlled sequence of detonation, but you can’t expect a building to dutifully fall like that when hit with an airliner randomly hitting at 600 mph. this is not off subject. the aurora case is another head-shaker where certain pertinant facts will be papered over.

    • 45caliber

      They stopped McVey because he was speeding. But they caught him because the government used a good satellite photo of him to send to all the police agencies. They don’t want to let the average civilian realize that you are being watched by satellite every moment here in the US. Over half of all “spy” satellites are pointed at the US and they take a picture of every part of it every four seconds. These photos can also pick up heat signatures in buildings so even if inside, your movements can be followed. They can read license plates from orbit – and the edge is toward the sky. They can read a newspaper from space! About the only place they can’t watch you by satellite is in tunnels or caves.

      • independent thinker

        I have seen speculation that OK City was a government job and McVeigh was chosen because they were sure he would keep his mouth shut.

      • 45caliber


        I doubt it. However, the explosion was far greater than it should have been since the FBI office had two tons of TNT stored there. The truck explosion set it off and it did most of the damage rather than the truck bomb. It was also the reason the kids were killed. McVey was given the blame. The FBI excuse for storing it there was that it was “evidence” and they had no other place to store evidence.

  • St.Steve

    Here is a riddle. Why can’t Chris Mathews wiggle his ears ? If you can’t figure it out, your a liberal.

  • Jay

    Barack Obama was used. Of course, he knew he was being used when he made the deal. But what he didn’t know was how quickly he would be used up. Now he has to face face the humiliation knowing that he betrayed the people and the country he claimed to champion – and knowing that everyone else knows it as well – but also knowing that he’s gotten what’s coming to him.

    Obama made a deal to get the job in the first place.

    The deal was that he would carry on with Bush’s bailout of the banks, with Bush’s two wars, with Bush’s suppression of civil liberties, that he wouldn’t prosecute or even investigate any of the enormous fraud that had brought down the country, or the lies that had railroaded it into war.

    Even before he took office, he began fulfilling his end of the bargain. He appointed Larry Summers head of the National Economic Council.

    It was Summers, more than any other person, who was responsible for dismantling the Glass-Steagall regulations that had acted as a firebreak against banks looting the country since the Great Depression. Summers had made millions consulting for hedge funds before taking the office.

    Obama appointed Timothy Geithner Secretary of the Treasury.

    Geithner had been head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, another central actor in the hear-no-evil-see-no-evil-speak-no-evil dereliction that passed for financial oversight in the Bush administration. He had been a major architect under Bush of the financial bailout that passed trillions of dollars to his former banking cohorts on the pretext of saving the system.

    Obama re-appointed Ben Bernanke chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

    Before becoming Fed Chair, Bernanke had been Bush’s Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. Together with Geithner, Bernanke is the person most responsible for the collapse, the one person who could have slowed the asset bubble while it was still possible. He had been at the helm of the Fed since February 2006 and a member of its board for years before that.

    Obama re-appointed Robert Gates, Bush’s Secretary of Defense, signaling that there would be profitable continuity with Bush’s wars, gulags, and other military expressions of empire. And then, of course, he quickly tripled the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan even without a coherent strategy or even statement of goals.

    He put together a “stimulus package” of $787 billion when reputable economists were screaming that the collapse in demand from the Great Recession was at least four times that amount.

    Then, in an attempt to appease the Republicans, he made one third of it business tax cuts, despite the notorious ineffectiveness of such policies in generating jobs. When states cut back their payrolls and spending in the slump, it effectively neutralized the impact of Obama’s program. Yet he never seriously attempted to get more.

    He proposed no jobs program to employ the seven million people who had lost their jobs. No infrastructure program to repair the failing roads, bridges, tunnels, water and sewerage systems of the country. His anti-foreclosure program was a joke.

    Some three million homes will go into foreclosure this year alone while one in four mortgages are under water. The share of equity that middle class Americans own in their homes is now lower than it was before World War II.

    And now the conspicuous, embarrassing truth is that he’s not needed any more except as a tilt-up dummy sustaining the illusion of democracy. And you can see why.

    The rich owners of the country who put him into office in the certainty that he would be a smooth liar, able to sell the masses on the empty opiates of “hope” and “change” – they certainly don’t need him any more. Do the rundown.

    The owners of the banks don’t need him. They got their buddies, Obama’s appointees Geithner and Bernanke, to buy their trillions of dollars of toxic sludge with taxpayer money, saving them from imminent bankruptcy.

    They’ve got the Fed loaning them money at zero percent interest so they can loan it back to the government at three percent and to payday borrowers at hundreds of percent. It is literally a free, no-risk license to print money.

    The same bankers, the ones who caused the Great Collapse, got Obama to create the fiction of financial reform that left them bigger than they were before the collapse and with their exotic derivatives – Warren Buffet’s “financial weapons of mass destruction” – untouched. They are making the largest profits in their history and paying themselves the biggest bonuses on record. What do they need Obama for any more?

    The insurance companies don’t need him.

    They got him to create the fiction of health care reform by requiring 32 million Americans to buy their intentionally defective products and getting middle class chumps to pay for it. Their stock prices doubled as soon as the reform bill was enacted, a pretty clear sign of what the smart money boys knew about the deal.

    They got Obama to abandon his campaign promise of enacting a public option that would have actually brought down the cost of health care. So we still have a system that costs twice what any other industrial nation’s system costs and which delivers inferior results. It is still on track to bankrupt the country by consuming one out of every six (soon to be one out of five) dollars spent in the economy. What do they need Obama for any more?

    The weapons makers don’t need him. Since Eisenhower, they’ve been the king makers in American politics. They’ve gotten a continuation of the never-ending wars they have always been able to engineer.

    In fact Bush’s Secretary of Defense Gates, now Obama’s, commented recently that the U.S. was never going to leave Afghanistan. It’s clear who’s running that show. What do they need Obama for any more?

    The oil and gas companies don’t need him. They got the collapse of climate change legislation that they wanted at Copenhagen. Even as their products hurtle the earth toward inescapable calamity, they are left with effectively no restrictions on their poisonous products. What do they need Obama for any more?

    From the minute he took office, he has carried out his designated role of pacifying a rightly restive populace about their economic security while shifting ever more of the nation’s wealth to those who are already the most wealthy; of continuing the country’s program to impose its empire on other nations by force; of dismantling historic constitutional protections of the people against intrusive and abusive government; of subordinating the people to their new corporate masters.

    For a guy who’s billed as a “Great Communicator” he has utterly failed to articulate any narrative whatsoever of national transformation or renewal, of rescuing the nation from the precipitous downward spiral begun under Bush, his predecessor.

    He couldn’t even manage to pin ownership of the failed economy on Bush, even though the Great Recession started in December 2007, more than a year before Obama took office.

    And finally, with legislative gridlock the only certainty for the next two years, the Federal Reserve has taken control of the nation’s economic policy.

    Its new policy of “quantitative easing” (printing money) is not only despicable in its own right, the recourse of scoundrels and national failures (think Weimar Germany in the 1920s), it is completely undemocratic, carried out in secret by the most notoriously elitist, private institution in America.

    It is a capitulation to a self-anointed feudal-like autocracy without modern equal, an undisguised admission that it is the banks and their owners that run the country. And it is the inescapable result of Obama’s policies.

    It’s hard to feel sorry for Barack Obama. When all the politics, posturing, posing and pontification are over, his party lost because he betrayed his base and they could not stomach voting for his people or his party again.

    He’s proven himself a duplicitous executive and a feckless “leader” who has “led” the Republicans to their biggest pick-up in the House in decades. Now he has to live with it.

    But the damage is incalculable. It will last for generations. It will be an embarrassment to watch him try to pretend to be effective the next two years, with everyone – himself included – knowing that he is used up. But he is. Good riddance!

  • Jay

    Is it guns, or people, that kill?

    As the old saying goes, Teddy Kennedy’s cars have killed more people than all the guns of 99% of all gun owners in America. And this true around the world.

    My brother lived in ultra-safe Switzerland for years. Why is Switzerland so safe? Is it because guns are outlawed? Hardly.

    Wikipedia notes: “If you were a Swiss man, you would be a soldier as well.

    Every able-bodied Swiss man must go to the army in Switzerland for 90 days (Rekrutenschule-Ecole de recrue) and then every 2 years until the age of 42, he must return for practice for 19 days.

    This allows the government to raise an army of 400,000 men, fully armed, within 24 hours, as every soldier has an assault gun in his house, complete with ammunition. But there is more to this than a picturesque democratic institution.”

    Moreover, “Each individual is required to keep his army issued personal weapon (the 5.56x45mm SIG 550 rifle for enlisted personnel or the SIG 510 rifle and/or the 9mm SIG-Sauer P220 semi-automatic pistol for officers, medical and postal personnel) at home with a specified personal retention quantity of government issued personal ammunition (50 rounds 5.56/48 rounds 9mm…) (

    Could it be, as former gun control advocate turned gun rights supporter Dr. John Lott of University of Chicago maintains, in his eponymous book More Guns, Less Crime, that we are safer with more guns?

    Certainly, a single trained concealed carry theatre-goer in Colorado would have put an end to the rampage much earlier, with significantly less loss of life.

    As Exhibit A: scarcely one week before the Colorado tragedy, a similar situation had an opposite ending in Florida, where 71 year old Samuel Williams stopped an armed robbery when two masked men entered the Palms Internet Cafe around 10 p.m.

    Dr. Lott documents many thousands of similar situations. As a matter of fact, Gun Owners of America, at, cites statistics indicating guns are used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense, or around 80 times a day (other statistics estimate this number could range as low as 1.5 million, but either number is a lot!). This includes 200,000 women a year using guns to defend themselves against sexual abuse. As a matter of fact, as of 2008, armed citizens killed more violent bad guys than the police (1,527 vs. 606).

    It appears George Washington had it right, when he said “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference—they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.”

    What about concealed carry? Statistics from the recent past show states that passed concealed carry reduced their murder rate by 8.5%, rapes by 5% and robbery by 3%.

    Florida, which passed concealed carry in 1987, saw its higher than average homicide rate drop 52% during the following 15 years after passage, to below the national average. And no, concealed carry does not result in chaos, as the average Floridian is more likely to be attacked by an alligator than by a concealed carry holder.

    As a matter of fact, the US. Dept. of Justice, in its (admittedly dated) publication, “The Armed Criminal in America: A Survey of Incarcerated Felons, Research Report July, 1985,” stated that 60% of felons they surveyed agreed that “a criminal is not going to mess around with a victim he knows is armed with a gun”; 74% agreed with the statement “one reason burglars avoid houses when people are at home is that they fear being shot during the crime”; and finally, 57% of felons agreed that “criminals are more worried about meeting an armed victim than they are about running into police.”

    Meanwhile as gun sales climb to record highs – 47% of American adults currently report that they have a gun in their home or elsewhere on their property, and given that many gun owners have multiple guns, there may be more guns now than Americans – 2010 FBI data shows violent crime continuing to fall in the United States, with homicides dropping out of the top 15 causes of death in the country. The statistics undermine a favorite argument of anti-gun groups that “more guns equal more crime.” The reverse is true. As Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. Noted, “These statistics vividly demonstrate that the lawful possession and use of firearms by law-abiding Americans does not cause crime…There have never been more firearms in civilian possession in the history of the United States, and crime, including homicide, continues to decline throughout the country.”

    The truth is, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

    The truth is, that the Colorado shooter would still have found ways to get, or make weapons, even if they had been made illegal (certainly, Timothy McVeigh and the leftist Unibomber found a way!).

    The truth is if guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons made Oprah fat!

    And finally, the truth is that, as Stephen Dubner wrote, “far more children die each year in swimming pool accidents than in gun incidents.”

    • 45caliber


      Just a note. All soldiers in Switzerland are required by law to practice with their weapons monthly. The ammo is free at all the many gun ranges. As a result, there are many matches, and many women also shoot. So do many teenagers.

      • Jay

        Hey 45, do you think that might be the reason why Switzerland is a very safe country to live in or visit? Unlike many other European countries, violent crime including assault and robbery is virtually unheard of in Switzerland. The rare cases of violent crime that do occur, often involve foreigners who are living in Switzerland.

    • 45caliber


      Yes, I do. Two of the other safest countries are Chech (can’t spell the entire name) and Israel, believe it or not. Chech police provides free guns to the citizens for defense and Israel requires all groups to have armed guards.

    • Eric Jones

      It,s the bullet that kills.

      • macgyver1948

        Eric Jones… It is the mind which directs the finger to pull the trigger that kills. The gun is only a tool with no mind of its own. I am for the Second Amendment but assault weapons should carry very large penalties for use and we who aren’t cops or military do not need them to hunt for food. The risk is to great.

        I remember an attempt in New York City where the people were asked to turn in all their guns. Many did but of those who did I wonder how many criminals complied. Stupid attempt on the part of the City Government to get guns away from those who shouldn’t have them, the criminals.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Truly sad. Often out of a desperate attempt to make political points people try and connect killers to their political opponents. For once I can agree with Mr. Crystal. Though I may disagree with him on politics I do agree the story in Aurora is a human story.

  • Karolyn

    Of course, Conservative “news” people never do anything like this. Noooooooooo! And actually, I never even heard about it til Ben’s blog here. Note that Obama has said he sees no need for changes in gun laws. However, there should be some kind of oversight for someone buying 6000 rounds of ammo online.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      1. There are no conservative news people.
      2. If obummer really doesn’t want changes in gun laws, why is he having hilary sign the un small arms treaty? He just doesn’t want to take responsibility for it. Blame it on the un.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I kinda have to disagree with you about conservative news people Nancy. Megyn Kelly, Jon Scott, Trace Gallagher and Chris Wallace to name a few.

      • 45caliber


        They are only conservative when compared to the rest. They are not “conservative” in a real sence.

  • Karolyn

    My question is: “What is going on in Colorado?”

  • Karolyn

    “The Culture of Vultures” – I would think that Ben Crystal is classified in there too.

  • macgyver1948

    Ben Crystal.. You do know how to slant a story, in print and in your videos, to how you want others to believe. You and Root, for the conservative examples, do that just fine but some on the left who do it too do not to the extent you two do. This blog of yours on the nut case shooter was your usual but it is fairly balanced and even funny in parts. I liked you Georgie Boy – Vandelay Industries reference. Are you sure Kramer wouldn’t do a better job? It would be tough to figure. You just have no use for Liberals except for things to write and speak about so I think I understand your objectives..

    I have read as much as I could find on this nut-case shooter and I still wouldn’t jump to the conclusion he is TEA related. But even if he is a card carrier of TEA it still won’t say he did it with their blessing or knowledge and I am in no way a supporter of TEA. I do have to agree with you when you say “victims of a madman who had demonstrated the sort of skill with explosives that proves only that he would have found a way to kill, guns or not”. I am a believer in “guns do not kill, people do” because there were so many successful murders for centuries before guns were invented. Or did Cain use a gun to snuff Able? Anyway, I do not like the idea of giving life and a soul to inanimate objects.

    I do not own a gun now but I might in the future. I have worked with enough cops who have said they are glad to know many civilians have guns because they themselves cannot be there to help us all the time as needed or fast enough. I just wish more of those with guns would learn guns.

    One thing I wish people would do on all sides, Conservatives as well as Liberals and Independents, is to check things out and look for the total “speech” or “article” or Video. That is because only taking “out-of-context” edited crap is insulting and misinforming. It also goes to the credibility of the presenter when found out. It would be nice for all newsy people to check their facts and know they are telling “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” before publishing so they wont have to present their unfindable insincere retractions later. But – It’s all about the selling of the “news” however they can for now.

  • Dave67

    Jumping to conclusions so you can be first or to prosecute your agenda whether to link this guy to the tea party or to somehow think its an end game by Obama to take guns away from citizens is inexcusable.

    But we have to discuss why getting a gun requires less background checks, less registrations and paperwork then getting a car in many places. But all the gun laws in the world do not change the fact that we live in the most fearful country on the planet. It is sold to us on all sides… Even Bob Livingston is not immune from sending e-mail that is fear laden.

    We have to address why in countries with more guns per capita like Canada has less gun deaths per capita. That is the question that we need answered.

    But this guy Ross is a microcasm of what is wrong with the 24 hour for profit news stations like CNN, MSNBC and FOX. They are mostly garbage.

    • 45caliber


      We are not the most “fearful” country in the world. That’s one reason we have guns. The people are not really afraid. They WANT us to be afraid and therefore drive the media stories that direction. If you check around the US you will find that the places with the fewest guns (New England and Cal.) are the most fearful. The South and South West in particular have more contempt than fear.

      Actually guns have more background checks than cars – you don’t need to check with the FBI to get permission to sell someone a car as you do a gun. Paperwork is a pain too even though you don’t have to sign loan papers. Canada does not have more guns than we do – no one does unless it is Israel or Switzerland which are two of the lowest in the world. But if you compare crime to crime or death to death, we are also not the highest in gun deaths in the world per population. Russia is first both in crime and gun deaths. Japan is second in gun deaths due to suicides even though the ownership of even one bullet there is a manditory one year prison sentence. We aren’t even in the first 25 despite the report put out during Clinton’s time that the libs keep quoting. That report compared all gun deaths in the US to only criminal deaths in the world. Sudan probably should be one of the top in gun deaths but the authorities who count the deaths consider it at war and don’t count those even though it is unarmed civilians who are getting killed.

    • Public Citizen

      Getting a gun requires considerably more in terms of time and money than getting a car.
      I recently walked into a local car dealership with my wife and she drove out about 3 hours later in a squeaky clean new car.
      The last time I checked, there was a mandatory wait time of several days before taking delivery of a hand held firearm [revolver or semi-automatic pistol]. This after filling out more paperwork than required for the above referenced car deal.

  • deepizzaguy

    Maybe the Tea Party should adopt the song “Charlie Brown” because everybody always picks on him.

  • Bill Stutchman

    Even Bill O’Reilly and Fox News got in on the lies.As smart as O’Reilly claims to be, he did not seem to know anything about guns and gun laws as he tried to browbeat the US Congressman he was interviewing. He said that that the gunman bought 60000 rounds instead of the 6000 reported, he called the AK 47 a machine gun and a heavy weapon when anyone with any kind of knowledge of guns knows that there are many calibers that are more powerful. If the papers reported right the gun was a AR 15 not an AK 47 anyway. He also stated that anyone could walk into a gun shop and buy a machine gun, I guess he never took the time to find out that you first had to apply for a class III license, go thru an exstensive background check, pay several hundred dollars for a license and then find a dealer with a classIII license, shell out from $8000 up to buy a machine if they have one on hand.Either O’Reilly’s stupid or he is pushing the anti gun agenda of the Obama regime.All these anti gun people use any tradegy to futher their cause and most don’t know the first thing about guns and what people use them for. Bill Stutchman

    • Rodney Flenniken

      One thing is for sure he has never served in any Military branch of service or he would certainly have known better. It would seem that he does not do a very good job of researching what he is going to be talking about on national TV.

  • Public Citizen

    The hysteria mongering presstitutes have a compulsive need to link this aberrant behavior to gun control. Their minds recoil like a snail hitting a line of salt at the FACT that this lunatic would have used homemade grenades to cause even more casualties if firearms weren’t available.
    The Aurora, Co. sheriff was about to soil himself at the press conference at just the thought of how well the joker-wannabe had booby trapped his apartment with homemade explosives, described as grenades.
    The irrefutable facts in this situation:
    1. Colorado is a “shall issue” state for concealed carry permits.
    2. The Cinemark theatres have a “no guns” policy nationwide, therefore none of the licensed-to-carry individuals in the auditorium was in a position to disable the shooter and thereby reduce the number of casualties.
    3. The shooter was able to bring multiple weapons into the facility through an unmonitored emergency exit.
    4. The theatre staff first became aware of a problem when people started fleeing the auditorium.
    5. Number 4 is documentable by the sequence of 911 calls.
    6. As demonstrated by the booby trapped apartment, this individual did not need firearms in order to inflict mass casualties.
    7. As in 99%+ of this type of situation there was no cop on the scene until several minutes after the shooting stopped.
    8. Unless people are willing to bear an across the board 90%+ tax rate it is impossible to have the financial resources available to put a cop in every room all the time. The alternative is to depend on vigilant private citizens being in a position to take action when these situations inevitably occur.
    9. The other alternative is a 100% news blackout 100% of the time on reporting these incidents, which means CNN, MSNBC, etc. is left with very little grist for their news mill.

  • Brazen

    (offensive comment removed)


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