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The Communist by Paul Kengor

August 13, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    1: Frank was Obama’s mentor, not Obama himself. Many people have mentors. Having a mentor does not mean we adopt their philosophy much less the most extreme aspects of their philosophy.

    2: Obama had several mentors throughout his life. One of his mentors is not a sum and substance of him.

    3: He is using phrases like haunting similarity with what Obama believes. He is connecting the dots between what Obama has done and said he believes with communism.

    4: This is not just coming out. Obama put this information in his memoirs.

    5: It is a coincidence. His mentor was a communist. That does not make Obama a communist. Communism is based around total and absolute government control of the economy. That does not characterize the Obama administration at all.

    • Michael J.

      Jeremy Leochner,
      The evidence for Obama being an ineligible Muslim Communist is mountainous. Frank Marshall Davis (who may also be his biological father plus the photographer responsible for the nude pictures of Obama’s mother) is but one page in the voluminous information brought to light by concerned Americans, while being marginalized or buried by MSM.

      You are either a naive dupe blinded by his faux aura, or a knowing collaborater and part of the cover-up. For which you damn yourself to an eternity spent deep whithin the bowels of Tartaros amongst many a fellow treasonist.

      The American Regenesis is close at hand, though not yet fully formed, it’s cleansing rays of light peak over the horizon.

      • Michael J.

        BHO commie connections have been known for years by those who took the time to look.

        BTW, I post this information for the enlightenment of others, knowing full well you will disregard or belittle as you have been programmed to do. Must suck not being able to make choices outside the party narrative.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I am neither of those things Mike. The evidence that Obama is a Christian Citizen is mountainous. People have been “warning” about Obama since 2008. Yet the horrible things they were sure he would do he has not done. Now they are saying he is just waiting till his second term. To me it sounds like paranoia and an unwillingness to accept someone they disagree with.

      • sam1966

        Wrong, wrong, wrong, Jeremy. Obama bin Laden is no Christian, unless you think that Jeremiah Wright is a Christian. He is a Muslim and even said so himself in Turkey and on national press conferences. Remember him saying that the call to prayer from the mosque as being “The most beautiful sound in the world?” FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I disagree with that. Fine Obama said it. Gandhi once said “I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew”. Just because he said that did not mean it was his particular creed. His was Hinduism but he was tolerant and respectful of other religions. Tolerance is not the same as belief. And if Obama is a Muslim it does not matter.

        You need to love your country and be a decent human being to be a patriot. You need not have fear of god. Our country is founded on the principle that all people are equal. That means their individual creeds are all equal as well. I do not believe in god but my beliefs do not interfere with my love for my country. I consider myself plenty patriotic.

    • Vigilant

      “It is a coincidence. His mentor was a communist. That does not make Obama a communist.”

      Jeremy, here are a few more “conicidences:”


      “• His father wrote a paper which advocated 100% taxation of the rich, communal ownership of land and confiscation of private property, and penned an article in Kenya entitled “The Problems Facing Our Socialism”;

      • His mother was a Communist sympathizer who had been described as a “fellow traveler” while she was alive, whose teachers at Mercer Island High School forced students to read the Communist Manifesto;

      • His parents met in a Russian language class;

      • His mentor was known Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and in Hawaii from 1971 to 1979, Davis treated Obama like a son;

      • His brother Roy Obama is a Marxist, and also a radical Muslim;

      • His cousin Odinga is also a Marxist and a radical Muslim who seeks to establish Shariah courts in Kenya;

      • He attended a socialist conference at Copper Union;

      • He was hand picked by Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer to succeed her, and Palmer attended the 27th Communist Party Congress in the Soviet Union;

      • His campaign for the Illinois State Senate was organized by avowed Marxists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn.”

      And if that ain’t enough for you, kindly explain why a non-Marxist would appoint a card-carrying memeber of the communist party (Van Jones) to a Czar position…or an acting communications director (Anita Dunn), who idolizes Mao Tse Tung…or a health care mogul (Dr. Berwick) who says that national health care is by its very nature a wealth redistribution program…etc,., etc

      Many “coincidences” do a pattern make.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Where is the evidence for these claims. You cite a link to an article by a Mr. Walker. Where did he get these “facts” as the article calls them.

        1: Attending a socialist conference is not evil. I am a social democrat but I do not believe in communism. Far from it. Being a socialist is not evil. At the very least it is not radical or communist.

        2: You mentioned Alice Palmer attending a party congress. Are such events not attended by foreign dignitaries. After all how do we know she attended if what went on at these party congress’s was not common knowledge.

        3: Is Mr. Jones a card carrying member of the communist party. Is there evidence of that. Does Mr,s Dunn idolize Mao. What does Dr. Berwick’s comment have anything to do with communism. The bailouts were a wealth redistribution program but I would hardly consider them communist or even socialist.

      • cawmun cents

        I hope you do not reply to JL,Vidge.
        This guy is clueless how to find basic video 101 on You Tube.
        He is a textbook fraud and manipulator of truth,or he is the equivalent of a dullard,one of the two.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        My problem Cawmun is I do not always trust videos on youtube as evidence to base my understanding of a President. Sorry if I sound foolish. What I say is what I believe is the truth. I do not believe I am a fraud. Nor do I consider myself slow or stupid. Like I said I do not just trust videos as evidence. In the case of Obama I admit he makes mistakes. However I feel demonizing him is no less extreme then idolizing him.

      • Michael J.

        Jeremy Loechner said,

        “Sorry if I sound foolish.”

        Sounding foolish is the excepted norm for Borg-like drones. Your post also convey lethargy and creepiness. Do you have a brother? Is his name Jared?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I admit I do drone on sometimes. I apologize. Actually I do not have a brother named Jared. I do not have a brother for that matter.

      • Melody

        Don’t bother with Jeremy. He is either a troll or and idiot. As the saying goes…

        “For those who understand, no explanation is nesassary,
        For those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible”.

        • sam1966

          “The problem with our liberal friends isn’t that they are ignorant, just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

          Ronald Reagan


          You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • DaveH

        Jeremy (aka Flashman) says — “Where is the evidence for these claims”?
        Where is the evidence for anything you post, Jeremy? Or as your other personality would say — Look it up yourself.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I am no troll Melody. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but I am no idiot. The problem with your proverb is you may be wrong. As such when you wish me to understand what you are saying it is difficult because I believe you are wrong. Hence why I ask for evidence and why I do not simply believe you.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I will try to be more supportive in my claims Dave. I will use this post as an example. I am disagreeing with what I believe is a conspiracy theory that Obama is a communist. How exactly do I present evidence that there is no elaborate conspiracy. Anything I put forth will simply be declared yet more evidence of some sort of cover up. Its like the moon landing. Those convinced that the moon landing never took place will never except evidence to the contrary. Nor will those convinced Obama is not from this country or is somehow trying to fundamentally change it. I can only offer what I believe is evidence that he is not a communist. Like the billions of dollars in bailout money he gave to wall street. That is a well known fact. Why would a communist give billions of dollars in money to big business with no strings attached. I am trying to prove that Obama is not a communist. I think his actions are not those of a communist or a radical.

        And once again I am not flashman or anyone else. The truth is the truth and simply saying again and again that I use multiple names does not mean I do so. Nor will it convince me to stop saying what I want to say.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        So a reporter who believes Obama was an Indonisian citizen finds what he calls proof Obama was an Indonisian citizen but does not explain the source material and who dose not explain it.

        For support which I can only assume is evidence he was born in this country or that he did not attain Indonesian citizenship I can offer:

        which delves into the idea that Obama lost his American citizenship and gained Indonesian.

        I will also offer

        1: PolitiFact | Obama Birth Certificate statements

        2: PolitiFact | PolitiFact’s guide to Obama’s birth certificate…/politifacts-guide-obamas-birth-certificate/

        which delve into other Obama citizenship statements and conspiracy theory’s.

    • swampfox

      Obama zombie speaks…..I wish I had a bbbrrraaainn

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Zombies have no frontal lobe which is responsible for rational thinking, analysis and observing of information. I believe Obama has made mistakes and he deserves to be held accountable. I believe his mistakes and not presumed mistakes should be considered and discussed. I am exercising my frontal lobe when I make that statement. Does not sound like a zombie to me.

      • Michael J.

        Jeremy Loechner said,
        “I believe Obama has made mistakes and he deserves to be held accountable.”

        And what, pray tell may these mistakes be? Forgeting how many states there are? Or for being angry when a secret service agent used his prayer rug to wipe his feet on?

        • sam1966

          Michael J, D’oh! :-) :-) FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • DaveH

        Jeremy’s right. Zombies don’t have multiple personalities like he does.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        1: Obama has failed to live up to his promises of universal healthcare, the closing of Guntanamo Bay and the delayed keeping of his promise to end dont ask dont tell.

        2: He has continued the patriot act and helped push through the National Defense Authorization Act.

        3: He has neglected true regulatory reform and gave billions of dollars to big business’s without any strings attached.

        4: His support of the so called Fast and Furious agenda.

        Those are just off the top of my head mistakes he has made.

    • DaveH

      Jeremy (Flashman) says — “Obama had several mentors throughout his life. One of his mentors is not a sum and substance of him”.
      Oh? And who were those mentors, Jeremy (Flashman)?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I do not know Dave. I have not read his book, I admit that. But I know from personal experience that you can have multiple mentors in your life. I am sure Obama had many people he respected and learned from in his life whether he mentioned them in his book or not. My issue is it appears that Mr. Kengor is nit picking a specific person and declaring that this person was the biggest influence on Obama’s life. We all meet people of various ideals and creeds in our lives. I have had many interactions with people on this site and I have learned from them. But I hardly think that I have became like the people on this site. I have learned some things from you Dave. But would you say I am anything like you. I doubt it. My point is mentors do not equal those they mentor. Obama is not Frank. Obama is his own person.

  • Bob

    Just because you mZnaged to get a serious s o b as vice president doews not negate the fact that raymond Kravis and Miiion Romney wrote the book on legally destructive business practices.

  • Bob

    Just because you got Paul Ryan as vicew president, a serious, machiavellian thinker -sob to be vice president, thjat does not negate the fact that Mitton Romney wrote the book along with the SOB Raymond Kravis on doing and promulgating destructive anti-business business practice.

  • Bob

    Just because you got Paul Ryan as vice president, a serious, machiavellian thinker -sob to be vice president, thjat does not negate the fact that Mitton Romney wrote the book along with the SOB Raymond Kravis on doing and promulgating destructive anti-business business practice.

    • sam1966

      Did you really have to say it 3 times? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

  • swampfox

    Why did my reply not go to where I wanted?????

  • swampfox

    go romney!!!!!!
    we patriots are going to chuck obummer out this November.

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