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The Census Is Getting Personal

February 27, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Hannah

    I knew Obama would be blamed by you and your 53% who blamed him for the recession. You are not sincere to yourself, how can you be sincere to your pollsters?

    I am a Hilary supporter, but see nothing wrong with Obama, as president of America. I love President Bush, but you know Obama is not the cause of what’s wrong with the financial system. You just cannot stand Obama being in the White House. I have news for you. God placed Obama there, and neither you, nor the other haters will remove him

    • lawmann


      You yourself are not being honest with yourself or to those who are taking the poll. President Bush left the White House with a $400B debt to the US taxpayer. Since January 2009, that debt has grown to over $1.4T (that’s TRILLION), over 3 times what it was under Bush. The Democrats unilatterally voted to increase that cap to over $12.4T (yes, 12.4 TRILLION) on Dec 24, 2009 in a 60-39 vote. The only votes for the measure (60) were the Democrats. President Obama believes Government is the answer to all domestic problems; I contend that Government is the problem. The TARP, bailouts, Government take-overs, and frivilous spending have not only made the economic situation worse, but are prolonging it.

      We do not “hate” Obama, the term “Obama hater” seems to be reserved for those who do not agree with the liberal agenda; but there was no shame on the part of liberals for the “Bush bashing” that went on during the 8 years of the Bush Administration. To me that is hypocrosy.

      So to respond to your comment, yes, Obama and the Democrats are responsible for the current fiscal situation. In addition, God didn’t put Obama into the White House, misled American voters did, voters who were promised more than what Obama could ever deliver. Maybe you should e-mail the Obama administration about their insincerity.

      • Swansong

        Lawmann! 1000% in agreement.

      • Andrew

        BALONEY! The wars, the 2 huge tax cuts, the Medicare Prescription program were done as supplementals (off the books). Get your facts straight.

    • Joe A. Everson

      Posted: February 23, 2010

      By Bob Unruh
      © 2010 WorldNetDaily

      An appeals court has indicated it is listening to arguments in a case that challenges Barack Obama’s occupancy in the Oval Office with a ruling that gives special permission for an extra-long document to be filed in the case.

      WND has reported on the case brought by attorney Mario Apuzzo in January 2009 on behalf of Charles F. Kerchner Jr., Lowell T. Patterson, Darrell James Lenormand and Donald H. Nelson Jr.

      Named as defendants were Barack Hussein Obama II, the U.S., Congress, the Senate, House of Representatives, former Vice President Dick Cheney and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

      The case alleges Congress failed to follow the Constitution, which “provides that Congress must fully qualify the candidate ‘elected’ by the Electoral College Electors.”

      The complaint also asserts “when Obama was born his father was a British subject/citizen and Obama himself was the same.” The case contends the framers of the U.S. Constitution, when they adopted the requirement that a president be a “natural born citizen,” excluded dual citizens.

      • amy

        More birther bs…you people will say anything and go anywhere to dis President Obama.
        this country would be in much better shape if instead of working so hard to stand in the way of progress people put their energy in volunteerism and actual work for change.
        Intelligent, patriotic, caring Americans put Obama in the white house.
        Ignorant, obstructionist, lazy, racist fools are trying to re-write history. Get over it….we had to suffer Bush now it’s time to fix what Cheney and Bush did.

        • leela

          Question Amy:

          You’ve suggested “people put their energy in volunteerism and actual work for change.”

          I don’t care HOW MUCH You, I, or every American volunteers & works (if we can find it) — Do you think WE can reduce the approved 12+ TRILLION Budget Deficit the current Administration has created for us??

          • Andrew

            “Do you think WE can reduce the approved 12+ TRILLION Budget Deficit the current Administration has created for us??”

            I give you the benefit of good intent, however your inability to know what the deficit #s were when Obama took office are apalling. I suggest you study history, not from Right or Left, but objective sources with NO agenda. After your review of current history, go back to 1860. Study the Confederate constitution. You’ll find they had term limits, phasing out of slavery by all new borns to slaves are born free. Lincoln PERMANENTLY divided the US with the war, made it impossible for a much more level playing field for blacks where no one would have felt the need for affirmative action, etc. When you complete your history studies, you’ll be able to write with substance and integrity. The Regressives have some good points on the constitutionality of the new depths of info the census wants.

            The filibuster is unconstitional and destructive. Study the history of Poland over 100 years back when its provinces had to achieve a 60% majority on anything. The results were a weak Poland that got taken over by surrounding nations. Understanding history is needed to prevent repeating its bad parts. Health and Happiness to you.

        • Donna

          Hey Amy,

          Is that why the intelligent, patriotic and caring Americans are now “changing” their minds about obama and that’s why his ratings are continuing to drop? As well as the congress rating of 14%. Your key word is “progress”(read up on progressivism you may be surprised). If he has nothing to hide, the birth certificate will prove it. To me anyone who won’t put an end to the controversy by producing any document, may have something to hide. They asked John McCain for his and he produced it. Ignorant, obstructionist, lazy fools. you mean the ones who “actually” want to be handed everything and supported by the government? And we all know there are plenty out there. Stop with the racisim. It’s getting old.

          • Andrew

            “It’s the economy, stupid”. IMO, Obama should have tackled economy first and treated the pubs with brass knuckles, you know, the way the pubs get when in power. Econ recovery should have been accelerated by doing as many reconciliations as needed – like Bush. The logical way for health reform is public Medicare option where the premiums make it deficit neutral. Gov’t is accountable at election time, insurance companies are not accountable and have great owner ship of the pubs. US insurance being 2x the nations it wants to export to makes it non-competitive. Bush in not funding Adult stem research has China, Germany, New Zealand, Australia surging ahead in more and more effective therapies. I funded younger diabetic brother to go to Germany and his diabetes is 20% of what it was, he’s a new man. Diabetes costs US 200B/yr. Want to save a Trillion/year, have effective stem treatment for just 4 of chronic disabling diseases – another proud Bush/conserv/evang legacy.

        • Ronald Sluder 46970

          The Problem is this, Change that is against the Consttitution of the United States is not Change for America but for someone else.

        • Gary

          Calling people who demand verification of the pretender Obama’s citizenship “birthers” does not make the reality go away. Apparently, those who love Obama do so solely because his skin is black, because he is otherwise an empty vessel. That makes Obama-lovers racist hypocrites. The fact that he has spent millions to hide his actual birth papers and phony Columbia University claims should tell any reasonable person that this man is nothing more than a con man.

        • Michael

          He isn’t legal. If he was he wouldn’t be spending thousands on lawyers to throw the challenges out. It is common sense stupid. If it came down to $100 or me showing the “Proper Authorities” the documents, I would do it. Instead he has spent thousands.

        • MichelleO

          What fix it by tripling the national debt??????? stupid, stupid

          • MichelleO

            the stupid comment was meant for Amy

      • Andrew

        Good luck! Your better off buying lottery tickets – beter odds. LOL

    • Donna

      Hannah how can you say GOD placed Obama where he is, when in fact he didn’t even acknowledge prayer day as the past presidents have done. He would not even allow a fly over for this event, there again as past presidents have done.

      • Brock

        Hey Folks, God could have put Obama in place. He did the same for King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible (Daniel Chapter 1-4. Allow our minds to open a little. God could have put Obama there to chasten and punish his children in order to bring us back to Him(God). He loves us but we as Americans probably need a spanking right now. It is possible because history in the bible has proven it. In the end a God hating King Nebuchadnezzar was brought to his knees. He finally recognized God and became a humble servant to God. The last thing I will type is Gods words, not mine. In Daniel 4 verse 37 (Now I Nebuchadnezzer praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works ARE truth, and his ways judgement: and those who walk in pride he is able to abase(humble)! I ask everyone to read Daniel and then tell me that my first sentance isnt true.

        The only way America will heal itself is to pray more daily and fervantly. If we will spend as much time praying as we do watching one tv show a day, then God will bend his ear toward us and will be restored again as a great nation.

        Just my humble opinion.

        • mom

          AMEN! Brock, AMEN!

    • jane

      Hannah if you don’t see anything wrong with stealing the wealth of americans to give to Chicago thugs and their special interest chronies, if you want to look like Europe(bankrupt,burning,violent and going without….Paying 65% of the little they make to save the planet(lies to steal their wealth) Well then, you keep telling the people that have been fleeced, there businesses closed due to Obama..OBAMA taxes, how dumb they are, Go ahead vote for Hillary,Obama,and all the “New World Order” freaks. You Like being told what and when to do…well keep voting us back to slavery.Or you could just move to France or Honduras or Iran, they do what they are told and they work to give their money to the Dictator and his friends. Didn’t you know Chaves is a mentor to Obama and gang…You better wake up girlie while you still own a little money and a few personal rights.

    • Mona

      God is not involved in politics. If he was, we wouldn’t have the corruption we have. I can’t see that any of these administrations have done a lot for the people. If I spent money like our Government does, I would be out in the streets. Obama isn’t the only one that hasn’t seemed to know or care how to run our country. He is just doing worse than the rest.

    • Eva

      Just because we don’t want Obama in the White House doesn’t necessarily mean that we hate him personally. We hate what he’s doing to the country by expanding government and redistributing wealth, which he said he would do on the campaign trail. He also said that the middle class would not be taxed, but he’s changing his mind on that. Remember “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.” If you review the story of King Saul, the first king of Israel, you will remember that it was not God’s will for him to become king. But out of the stubbornness of the people’s hearts, they chose him anyway, which God allowed. Saul was not a good king. Though God may have allowed Obama to become President, He may have done so out of the stubbornness of the hearts of those who voted Obama in. Fortunately, according to the Bible, if as a nation we humble ourselves and repent of our wrong doings, God will heal our land, so that once again all of us can have the opportunity to prosper. But first we must humble ourselves and repent.

      • Andrew

        “We hate what he’s doing to the country by expanding government and redistributing wealth, which he said he would do on the campaign trail.”
        At least he was honest on the campaign trail, unlike Bush. BTW, US greatest economic expansion happened from the late ’40s to late ’60s. The middle class won WW2 which conservs/pubs opposed entering – if they had won out, US would’ve had the NAZI knife to it’s throat. The GI bill of that time got many vets a higher ed helping US climb the economic ladder to super power status. The end of the Vietnam war (an idiotic waste) and the Arab oil embargo wrecked the ’70s (Carter was no help, failed to do a “JFK” on Iran, like, “release the hostages or Iran will be wiped off the map”. Bush didn’t have the stones to give Taliban 24 hours for giving US Bin Laden else be wiped off the map, and he talked so tough – LOL.

        Redistribution of wealth allowed US to become a super power, the rich could have moved abroad and lived like kings, they did anyway, even with redistribution. Reagan ran great deficits and tripled tax rates on the middle class which is diminishing by the day. Bush helped export 6 million jobs – what a patriot NOT. NO God will turn US around, it’s up to US. Why don’t you study unbiased history and analyze for cause and effect before writing propaganda and absurdities.

        • eyeswideopen

          Well said!!!

        • Dave

          “unbiased history”…would that be “Andrew’s version” or the “Progressive/Liberal/Marxist Revisionist” version? Obama rejects the exceptionalism that makes us America. He wants us to be Far West Europe and he’s succeeding at it. He’s spent more money in one year than this country has spent in it’s whole history…to include the hated George Bushes term. (Yet he continues to blame Bush…get over it.) This impostor/empty suit has one goal in mind…the destruction of what makes America America: Hard work, strong belief in God, self-reliance and the insistence that America and its people will not tolerate the destruction of their culture and way of life by outsiders. It isn’t very strange that Obama, an outsider (Kenyan, British citizen Muslim) is doing exactly that…destroying America. Obama continues to “apologize” for America to a cluster of nations that are dependent on America for their economic, culture, and political survival. America is destined for third world status as long as there are fools like yourself who continue to push for the Obama Plan of Hope and Change. My Hope will remain in the TRUE Messiah and, no thank you, keep your “Change”.

    • Ronald Sluder 46970

      Hi Hannah
      Strange this fight that we are in. It is not one of Flesh and Blood it is one of the mind, a battle of witts, a battle of words. The scriptures say one that would put down another s Character is the same as one that has killed him. So nothing I have to say bad of anyone. I do say and can tell from my suroundings that there is much amiss in our country. We may not be able to pinpoint just where or who,however if we see flames coing out of the building we know there is a fire there. We must get back to the United States Of America Consttitution or this country soon will not be. At one time we were a God Fearing Nation, not it is said I can’t even speak His Name. And you want to squable?

    • kathy
      This will be interesting to see why Obama spent well over 3 million dollars of his own personal funds to seal up all records including birth certificate, Columbia University college transcripts, passport, and on and on. Why doesn’t anyone that attended Columbia University remember Obama? Hmmm.
      No, I don’t hate Obama; but, I do hate a Fraud! Especially a Muslim FRAUD intent on destroying our country. And no. I am not a right winged radical, nor a “birther” conspiracy theorist, nor a racists. I am just a typical hard working American female concerned about our rights eroded by a Muslim with a Communistic agenda. And yes Hannah…A MUSLIM who believes in the Koran which scripture demands the beheading of all Christians & Jews. Don’t believe me? RESEARCH!
      And did you see the pic of a Christmas tree ornament hanging on the White House tree? It was an ornament with Chao’s face on it. Oh..u probably don’t know who that is do u? Better WAKE UP! Start doing some actual research besides listening to the Mainstream Media BOOB TUBE! You will never say that “God put Obama in the White House” again! Shame on you.

      • eyeswideopen

        Muslims, don’t have to try and destroy this country, we are doing fine all by ourselves. The fear mongering done by the repubs to split this nation are discusting and sound just like the John Birch Society of the 60′s. The repubs think you can start two wars, pass Medicare Advantage(800billion) none of which was funded and cut over a trillion in tax revenue without any repercussions. Now they want the power back to fix what they screwed up, and we are supposed to trust them? LMAO!!! First you would have to admit what you did, and that AIN’T gonna happen.

        • Algorp

          to eyeswideopen….
          Your eyes might be open, but you forgot to take the bag off your head.

    • http://boblivingston anne

      Hannah time for you to know the truth rather than living in a dream world.

    • marvin

      YOU THINK THAT OBAMA IS SO GREAT but you need to look at jimmy carter he started this home buying scam buy tell fanny and fred to give home loans to people that could not pay for them aka obama so less take from the evil people with money and give it to them that did not earn it and you that will bow down to[VOTE]for me i will see that you are taken care of for life all for free ,free,free,thank obama all mighty we will all be free ,to let the goverment run are life no more worry no more medical bills no more house payments no more car payments Thank OBAMA ALL MIGHTY we are free at last ,,but here in the real world obama is just a left wing power grabber like all with the GOD complex

    • crista smith

      Anyone who feels the way you do about the people you mentioned needs to be physcoanalyzed(?).

    • Alan

      Hannah, So you are a Hillary supporter. Then you are a socialist. Hillary is a progessive as she has stated she is a “modern progressive” in her campaign for president. Saying she is a “modern progressive” must be a way of softening the issue of being a progressive. To be a prgessive means to go against the American constitution. To be a socialized goverment means the goverment is in control of our rights as it is in control of all systems of business as we are seeing the Obama administration now taking over big business`s such as the car industry ,the banking industry,and now the financial reform will take over every aspect of fiancial control of our whole goverment system. So, doing all of this, our constitution is out the window and our rights as free Americans have gone with it. We will soon see a new world order and then we all will see another world event as we saw with Hitler with the mass muders and genocide. You are a complete fool to think for a second that socialism is a good thing. Socialism is control of the people. Our days are numbered and yours are too as we will all (world wide) have to be tortured and tormented. How do you think the Russian people have done under socialism or the Chineese or the people in S. America. Haven`t you seen the the crimes against humanity that those nations have committed against their own people? Millions upon millions have been murdered all because the goverment ruled them through sociaslism. But first they usually starved them and made them live in squaller. Did you not see the killings in Tiannamin square when the people revolted or just wanted to have a say? Socialism isn`t a kind way for humanities but, a cruel way for goverment control. You have been free all of your life. Now you will be puking in sorrow when you see the most simple freedoms taken from you.When you start to realize your doom. We are in the beginning of the end as you haven`t seen nuthin yet.

  • http://MozillaFirefox DeeC

    Dear Hannah, First,I love your name. I am so glad you support our President as I also think the same as you do. I am upset over the questions that the 2010 census is asking. If these are necessary questions why won’t the census speak up about their reasoning or necessity for them. Maybe they want to know if a person is handicapped so that handicapped ramps can be made for the subways and businesses. If there are more handicapped people in one area of a town it may justify more handicapped access buses or even taxis. If the census wants to know how you get your income, such as where you work. It may be relevant to say whether or not you work in the public or private sector. So that more jobs can be developed in one area over another. As far as asking whether or not a person has insurance may make a case for the health care insurance debate. Life,home or auto are different though-Why would they need to know that? That may lead to questions such as: How much is your home worth? Do you own a car? How much life insurance do you carry?. Maybe they need all this information so that they can have a baseline knowledge of where money is being spent? WHY? Oh well…maybe the Census should answer that one. NOW, NOW for all those who want to be critical, I’m only saying MAYBE! Thanks to all who made it to the end of my opinion!

    • jane

      Wake UP!!!!! PLease for the sake of our children….WAKE UP…this is unconstitutional!!!!! Yeah maybe they can identify child trafficing potential(possibly ACORN’s side line)Maybe areas of elderly/retirement will be identified for CHEMTRAIL purposes!!!!!! I would have laughed at someone writing such things only a year ago, but now if you state the facts you sound like a paranoid fool. Just think, the world has hated some of our presidents(like Bush) But a lot of the world is truely thinking that Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST!!! A greedy little narcisis with many progressive greedy narcisis friends that want their 15 min. of fame ruling the world!!!! They deserve their own little island so they can rule their world, tax it to death and steal from each other for fun!

      • Andrew

        “Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST!!!” That makes Bush the true Satan. Religion is the cause of incredible bloodshed by war. Politics and gov’t poicy need to be separate from religion. Religion of any type should be allowed to flourish with counter balances to prevent extremism from wrecking the country.

        • Jase


          You have spoken continually in your comments about being educated and studying the history of events and nations to further educate ourselves on things are happening based on past events and decisions. How is it then that you can state that religion should be separated from politics? The entire U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written by a group of God fearing Christian men who in the very writing swore an oath to God, for the upholding of these documents. Not to mention the very laws themselves are a direct reflection of The Law given to Moses for his people. If you research the key people or the founding fathers who wrote these documents and established this great country of ours, they were believers of the God of Israel, the God of Moses, and whether you know it or want to except it or not, the God of YOU. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess. Every includes you and me. Thanks

          • Andrew

            You obviously are not a student of history. Our founding fathers were not Christians, they were Deists. Many of them were anti-religion. Thomas Jefferson for example was a deist and saw organized religion as a very negative influence upon society.
            In spite of right-wing Christian attempts to rewrite history to make Jefferson into a Christian, little about his philosophy resembles that of Christianity. Although Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence wrote of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, there exists nothing in the Declaration about Christianity.

            Although Jefferson believed in a Creator, his concept of it resembled that of the god of deism (the term “Nature’s God” used by deists of the time). With his scientific bent, Jefferson sought to organize his thoughts on religion. He rejected the superstitions and mysticism of Christianity and even went so far as to edit the gospels, removing the miracles and mysticism of Jesus leaving only what he deemed the correct moral philosophy of Jesus.

            Distortions of history occur in the minds of many Christians whenever they see the word “God” embossed in statue or memorial concrete. For example, those who visit the Jefferson Memorial in Washington will read Jefferson’s words engraved: “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every from of tyranny over the mind of man.” When they see the word “God” many Christians see this as “proof” of his Christianity without thinking that “God” can have many definitions ranging from nature to supernatural. Yet how many of them realize that this passage aimed at attacking the tyranny of the Christian clergy of Philadelphia, or that Jefferson’s God was not the personal god of Christianity? Those memorial words came from a letter written to Benjamin Rush in 1800 in response to Rush’s warning about the Philadelphia clergy attacking Jefferson (Jefferson was seen as an infidel by his enemies during his election for President). The complete statement reads as follows:

            “The returning good sense of our country threatens abortion to their hopes, & they [the clergy] believe that any portion of power confided to me, will be exerted in opposition to their schemes. And they believe rightly; for I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. But this is all they have to fear from me: & enough too in their opinion, & this is the cause of their printing lying pamphlets against me. . .”

            Jefferson aimed at laissez-faire liberalism in the name of individual freedom, He felt that any form of government control, not only of religion, but of individual mercantilism consisted of tyranny. He thought that our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions, any more than our opinions in physics or geometry.


          • Andrew


            A bit of advice: I suggest that you do more research and actually read some history books before espousing distortions and procrustinations about the values and beliefs that our country was founded upon.

          • eyeswideopen

            Jase, if you believe that the Constitution was written for the Christian nation, why wasn’t religion addressed for four years after the Constitution was ratified? Why wasn’t Jesus/Christ name anywhere in the documents? Under God, yes, under, Christ, no. I am a Christian who understands our Founding Fathers and the fine documents they left us. I will go get you a site you can read and then you will understand why they didn’t include religion.

          • eyeswideopen
    • Andrew

      Agreed! The census has more questions as US is a more complex society, BUT some questions violate privacy. The TeaGOPs are bending the census issues for new ways to get back in power at any cost. Propaganda, repeated lies and fear mongering are their way. The last great pub pres was Eisenhower – sad it’s been so long.

  • s c

    Hannah and DeeC, you two sound like you’re barely out of high school, and you just can’t wait to fork over personal information to what is perhaps the worse data miner in the world. Put your trust in those who EARN it. Uncle Sham rarely deserves it.
    At some point, the government will be so powerful that it won’t hesitate to ask questions that are extremely offensive to anyone who loves freedom and sees politicians for who and what they are. Do not march boldly into the coming New World Order.
    And be damned careful what you wish for. King Obummer may give it to you.

    • Andrew

      “Do not march boldly into the coming New World Order.
      And be damned careful what you wish for. King Obummer may give it to you.” Shrub beat him to it. Allowed 6 million jobs to go abroad. Cheney and Reagan, “deficits are irrelevant” – I guess they meant if they were GOP created.

  • SiliconDoc

    What’s really frightening is they scheduled a Q&A, demanded questions in advance, then CANCELED the whole deal when they didn’t find a compliant brain dead no rights exist for me there is no Constitution except a living and breathing totally flexible to anything one, sheep.

  • skinny minnie

    Thank you Jerry Day for sharing your opinion.
    Why should we tell some strangers our personal information.???
    I want to know, why they want to know all that???
    They are suppose to count taxpayers…End of story…!!!

    • eyeswideopen

      skinny, hate to tell you , but every site you visit, is gleeing info about you and your family. Every key stroke, for banking, entertainment, shopping, information gathering, is recorded and used by someone, wanting to sell you something. Haven’t you shopped for car insurance, put your home address in and automatically all the cars at your residence pop up on the screen? Right now, someone knows you are at a political site, there is no more privacy. You did hear about the Patriot Act didn’t you? This is life in the 21st Century.

  • Jodee

    Like Jerry said, the census is allowed only the NUMBER of people living in your home. Nothing more. Thats all they will get from me WITH a copy of the constitution and alot of questions for them. I suggest all people get a small copy of the Constitution and send it with them along with ONLY the number of people in your household. And make SURE its ONLY every 10 yrs. as the Constitution states! Then write or plead the 5th on everything else.
    And…this had nothing to do with whether we “Like” obama or not. Its a matter of our FREEDOMS.I am actually anxious for them to come knocking. If its ACORN, make sure you slam the door as they leave (after telling them to go flip sand!)

  • ElizabethZ

    All you have to do is read some of the responses to commentators like Jerry Day and it shows just how uneducated our people from the government schools are. Civics is no longer taught in school from k through 12, nor is it anywhere in most colleges. I am gratified to know that I am not alone in refusing to answer such questions. When the census taker comes to my door, he/she will get a single answer, period.

  • TSmith

    The whole idea of the census being for counting taxpayers is ignorant, the census is becoming a tool for politicians to use to throw numbers around on TV when they speak about this or that.

    We have to stop letting these people put us into little boxes on a sheet of paper. Things like the census promote racism, believe it or not, and I’m a 27 year old white boy with a degree in Information Technology.

    Politicians are blocking us off according to nationalities and using those numbers against us. If people can’t grasp this then “Baaaah” see you at the political slaughter house.

    Should they not be able to take census from taxes? The whole idea of spending extra money for the census seems dumb to me.

    I’m an American and I pay my taxes, you don’t need to know anything else.

  • Warrior

    Let’s see. We file our tax returns every year displaying our earnings, who we’re employed by, how many are in the household, ages,etc, etc. We pay property taxes each year that displays the value of our homes.

    What is the point of all of this again? Do you think illegals are going to answer the door and respond to all these questions?

    Oh, by the way, it appeared the new jobs bill provided some more money for the censeless taking.

  • lawmann

    In 2000, there was a huge push by census takers to ask for personal information. I do not see any issues with providing the Constitutionally mandated information to the census takers; that is 3. Three is the number of individuals living at my address. Hoe much I make, the value of my home, how far I drive to work, my disabilities, and so on are really none of their business.

    I was actually threatened by the census taker with jail and a hefty fine. I told them “3″, and closed the door on them.

    This year, my answer will once again be “3″.

  • Downsized

    Step 1- control the media
    Step 2- control the financial institutions
    Step 3- control manufactoring
    Step 4- control healthcare (they’re workin on it)
    Step 5- control food supply (FDA)
    Step 6- declare martial law and confiscate all weapons (Next?)
    Lenin,Stalin,Marx,and Mao would be so proud……..I’m just thinkin’ out loud…..

    • Downsized

      Wow, I used to get arguments when I said stuff like that.Now I really am afraid…….

    • Andrew

      “Step 1- control the media, Foreign owned Fox does a great job at that
      Step 2- control the financial institutions, NO regulate them, are you clueless as to what neo reckles deregulation did to US?
      Step 3- control manufactoring, neopubs did great job – they exported 6 million jobs under Bush alone, Reagan did similar.
      Step 4- control healthcare (they’re workin on it), working on public option which WILL pass with Medicare premiums deficit neutral, give criminsurance companies competition, we have control over gov’t at voting time, no control over ins.
      Step 5- control food supply (FDA), break it up or eliminate the incompetant agency.
      Step 6- declare martial law and confiscate all weapons, never happen, I and too much of US like them for various reasons, I like the security they bring me.
      Lenin,Stalin,Marx,and Mao would be so proud……..I’m just thinkin’ out loud…..”, Right wing fascist dictatorships are so proud of last US regime.

  • http://personallibertynews grape

    I worked for a utility in n. c. . last censes as I went through the black neighborhood working day after day their was cecses packages left all over the neighborhood, in mail boxs,porches,you name it.none were completed they just did not care. am I a racist? no just telling the truth

  • Chuck Gilliam

    Inflation means that EVERYTHING goes sky high, and that is usually caused by a weak dollar which is usually caused by printing presses running wild. Is that right?? Census taking is a method of employing a whole gaggle of those unemployed individuals, whose bosses find a way to spread money around like it was running free as a spring. Is that right?? Ah ha ! And therein lies the real truth. With 53 million homes to visit, I can easily see the creation of Obama’s 3 million jobs and an explanation of how his friends will all get rich. And who was it that said Obama is not as bright as people think he is? ha. But tell me this, anyone, if we have a sky rocketing inflation where our home values will ascend to the levels prior to our big crash, is that a bad thing? If the Real Estate market stays low while everything else goes sky high, what will that do to those investing in gold and silver or other commodities? Is that also a bod thing? Do I sound confused? Well, guess what, it is only because I AM! Everybody is confused! We need to hate Obama all together, or respect the lousy bastard for what he is and for what we the people expect him to be, or NOT to be. More confusion ! And the answer is the Zionists have done it again ! Woe, woe, woe, is me !

  • http://Hotmail Cody

    Hello, The more we become a Socialist Society here in America, the more that we are going to be required to answer questions put to us like you will find in the new census. You’ll know the signs, especially when the census askes, “Do you, or does anyone in your household, own firearms?”

    When retired Russian Military Officers were asked, “What was the number one problem Russia invisioned in attacking U.S.A?” The answer? “Americans are armed”.
    We still are. Lets keep it so because if you think that the Gov is screwing you now? Wait till you lose your right to bear and own arms.

    • Andrew

      Loss of gun/weapon rights ain’t happening. I’m a rational progresive in AZ with various weapons. Thought I was pretty good with accuracy and tactics until a Special Forces friend took me out in the desert for the best training available. I never look for trouble, weapons are for situations of attack on me by drug runners in some sections to rednecks who may not like some of my occassional bumper stickers.

  • Jean Allen

    Hi all,
    Great forum. I would like to say that I only give our names and the number of people in the household. That’s it. I just send it back. Don’t be a sheeple. You don’t have to fill it out. Just say no. And if they come to your door, you say, “I’ve filled out the census, and I’ve sent it in”. If they try to take measurements or GPS coordinates of your home, call the sheriff. The Sheriff of your county has the power to keep government officials (however misguided) at bay, and is supposed to protect the citizens. The census takers are just people who are desparate to make a few bucks, so don’t take it out on them. Be polite and insist that they leave you and your family alone, and that they stay off your property or you will call the sheriff. Kindly inform them that what they are doing is Anti-constitutional. They will get the message when they hear it up and down your street and in all the neighborhoods.

  • Barb

    Obama & his census thugs will get the message that the vast majority of Americans aren’t as stupid as they seem to think we are! The more Obama interacts with the general public like this the more he is going to see that he is in way over his empty head! He’s already showing signs of running scared, so is Pelosi! If we keep standing up for our rights no matter how minor it seems and do it often and loudly we will prevail! My entire neighborhood is just chomping at the bit waiting for those census thugs to show up!

  • Kristy

    I also have a problem with what this census is costing us. The last time around it came to $15 per person this time it is $45!!! 14 billion dollars!!!!! WHY did they feel the need to advertise it during the superbowl? Do you know what it costs for a superbowl ad? The census is a huge waste of money. Only law abiding citizens will answer the questions- as has been pointed out the illegals are not going to do it. And the government already knows all of this info about those of us who pay our taxes. So they are spending a ridiculous amount of money obtained from the tax payer to count the tax payers. If people do not think the government already knows all about us and where we are etc. just try not paying your taxes and see how long it takes them to find you.

  • http://WILLIAMS230@BELLSOUTH.NET robert williams


    • Andrew

      “THE SOCOLIST BUMS CAN GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY THAT MYSELF AND OTHERS LIKE ME FOUGHT TO KEEP THE FEW FREEDOMS WE HAVE LEFT”, Yeah, the Patriot Act has infringed. My family was in combat in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and Gulf war 1. So, why don’t you leave US?

  • Felitodcat

    Ditto to the above.

  • Felitodcat

    Obama has not been to church a single time with his “christian” family since he has been in office. Maybe he misses the America hating reverend Jeremiah Wright. Obama makes a lot of promisses he can’t keep. He’s a one term president. Good ridance!

  • Andrew

    “Obama has not been to church a single time with his “christian” family since he has been in office. Maybe he misses the America hating reverend Jeremiah Wright. Obama makes a lot of promisses he can’t keep. He’s a one term president. Good ridance!”

    Don’t care if Bush or Obama go to a “Christian” or any church. Bush, with the help of Rove, a student of Josef Goebbels, helped lie US into the Iraq money pit, the unfunded tax cuts when fighting 2 wars – an idiotic first, unfunded medicare drug plan. With the hole neocons left US in, they clearly hate 95% of US far more than Wright. If Obama is a one term president, he’ll have rammed so much sensible stuff through, the neos will be having strokes. Bush used reconciliation many times on BIG issues, don’t cry when Obama does what your lying hero did. You can’t always get what you want, get used to it.

    • Bob blum

      Sorry to hear that you will take what is pushed down to you. I prefer to work within the system in order to reform it for the it’s betterment. You are correct that you do not always get what you want, but to give Up and not fight for what you think is right is a sin against the constitution and the USA. The amount of hateful blame being thrown around serves no purpose other than detracting from the real debate. Everybody has there own opinion and the right to voice it thanks to the constitution. If change is needed the American people will reach a concensus and admendments will be made. At that point I will gladly follow it’s new direction.
      The census worker canvasing my neighborhood appeared twice at my door and was given the number of people residing at my address. When asked other questions I directed the worker to the approprate government agency. And finally I asked what security procedures were followed to protect my personal data to which they turned and left. The surprising thing be me was the census worker was able to threaten legal action but when asked to explain what law I violated and how they had no answer at all, not one word. So I must assume that they were instructed to act like thugs but run when challenged. Oh, did you know that all census operations were moved to the white house?
      Thanks for listening.

  • Marv

    Lets face it, you can not have your party for 100 and then a 1000 show up? Yes Bush and Obama are educated people to a point. Didn’t you ever wonder, if these people in Washington were so smart, Why are we in the mess were in? It’s called GREED! These two Parties have destroyed America? They have there own agenda! I’m sick of parties! I see it for what it is! Wake-up!

  • Joel Kruskie

    You may be on to something there Marv. But it’s not greed for money, that’s a by product. The greed is for power. With all the power who needs money? If you’re looking for a real patroit for president, it will be some one who won’t take corporate donations but appeals to the individual donations. You don’t have to be a ivy leaguer grad, just know right from wrong and use common sense. Some of those programs may hurt for a time but will tend to bring families closer together and make the country stronger with pride. As far as the census goes, in my case the answer is one patroit and the way out is behind you!

  • http://none John Detwiler

    Whether Obama is or is not the question, The question is are his policies good for our country? Well the answer should be obvious. NO he is responcible for listening to a bunch of incompetents who are intent on one thing. Leading the United States down the path of insolvency and Socalism. If you are the least bit religous I suggest a lot of prayers.

  • Jeff

    Andrew, We need more Americans like you. Keep it up.
    Obama is a muslim and is soft on terrorism created by muslims. Surely not an American. Who paid for his “Harvard” education? It is obvious don’t you think?

    • Andrew

      Jeff, many Americans are not born rich and earn scholarships to the Ivy league schools. “Obama is a muslim and is soft on terrorism” – oh no, we’re back to paranoid talking points. Your red herring ain’t going to work, try substance for a change. I am not blindly supportive of ANY pres.

      Bush and crew were blind to cultures and Iraq is having its last election. Many Iraq politicians and “higher ups” have expressed the desire for Saddam to be back in recent days. Iraq will become a slighly kinder authoritarian state. Making Iraq a democracy was Bush’s 5th excuse for the Iraq war.

      I’ve been critical of Obama NOT putting strings on his part of TARP and other things. I got thousands to demand he use brass knuckles on pubs as they always use them. Demanded he use reconciliation – like your hero, Bush. If he gets real progress for US at home and abroad as a one term pres, that’ll beat 2 terms of generational destruction by Bush. Rove used speeches of Josef Goebbels (changing a few words) for Bush to sell the Iraq war – I looked up Goebbels speeches and Bush speeches, wasn’t surprised on how the war of lies was launched.

      Fighting terrorism with large mil forces is like trying to hit flies with a sledge hammer. Afghanistan is not the issue as much as Pakistan is per killing off the Taliban. I come from a family that has 3 generation of combat service for US. Dad was with British intel in WW2, CIA for 20 years when immigrated to US. FYI, al Qaeda is now amorphous – intel and special police are how to nail them before too much damage, will take 2 generations to accomplish.

      US out of ME and energy independent will go a long way. There’s a new book out on how to really weaken al Qaeda in 2 years, only seen a synopsis so far which looks sensible – check the link I provided you. Read it in full as I’m going to. US has NEVER faced this kind of war and is still learning. Get your “facts” from non-partisan sources before writing dribbel. Cheers.

      • eyeswideopen

        Hands clapping.

  • http://google DTHOMPSON


  • Doc Dane

    Love the ad hominem arguments – could the current administration be the “unjust king” we have always been warned about? Dietrich Bonhoeffer said it “wasn’t enough to protest the wheel but one had to act against the wheel.”
    American politics has become corrupt over the years right under our noses. More and more representatives (at all levels) are charged, many indicted, and some convicted of corruption yet we just mosey along and expect them to “right themselves.” Won’t happen. America’s type of government depends upon, demands(!), an educated electorate that understands the issues. We lost that years ago.
    Even the undereducated know you cannot ‘draw’ upon an empty checking account but we listen blindly as our leaders (both sides) spend America into internationally slavery. Freedom and the ‘free market’ are being stifled, suffocated and our grandchildren will pay. Even the very rich will fall and be trampled under that wheel. Why?
    As this thread clearly shows, even when presented with VERY clear and concise “proof” of government OVERSTEPPING its boundaries we cannot come together and agree. Life after the ‘tower of Babel’. No consensus ultimately leads to “divided, we are conquered” and that will happen. Freedom will be something we remember around campfires in the wild mountains as we scurry for our lives. We’ll pass on the recollections as ‘lore’ to our grandchildren hoping for someone to bring everyone together and rise up to regain our freedoms. Too far gone for that to occur now…

  • http://N/A Shewolf

    I have recieved my 2010 census; it DOES NOT ask for all those things Mr. Day says it does! It only asks; how many in home; name(s), ages, do/donot own home, nationality, telephone number. Nothing more is asked.

    • eyeswideopen

      Shewolf, don’t ruin their good time, they want to believe the worst. Fear mongering has become the mantra of the repubs/conserv and I know as I used to be a repub and bought into most of the crap. During Bush’s first term, I started noticing the hypocrisy and decided to start researching. Now, I check everything. Thanks for being honest about the census.

    • Andrew

      It comes with 10 questions. Not anything like Mr. Day is saying to stirr up the ignorant lower class pubs. Just more lies from the neocons who want to stirr up fear on privacy matters to create backlash. Similar to how Germany ginned up its people to support invading Poland. Rove is a plagiarist of Goebbels. Pubs at it again: play on fears with lies and propaganda.

      Gotta love the secret memo on playing on fears of lower class pubs and stroking the egos of well off pubs – it’s all over the media, raised a ton of $ for dems. Insulted rich and working class pubs. LOL

  • Ed

    Paranoia, Who’s “They”
    “They” are going to get you. The Government is no different today then 234 years ago. Dont pretend those who were the “powers to be” in 1776 used government any different then the same powers’ of today of 2010. You are a glut, in a free-market society, another sham if ever there was one. We (the people) had them (you) in 1776 and to this day and will always have your kind, as long as the government lives. God Bless America.

  • Diane Korson

    Re: The Census Is Getting Personal video:
    After watching this video, I became quite concerned, so I checked the website, There are 10 questions. They do ask for your name, birth date, phone number and race, which are indeed disconcerting. But, as Shewolf mentioned, they do NOT ask all the more intensively personal questions stated in this video. None of those 10 questions are any more private than the info that many public agencies ALREADY have. Perhaps if you refuse to answer the 10 questions or return the form, they could then come around to your house and get more nosey with the other mentioned questions, so I am going to fill it out and send it in. We need to be careful to pick and choose our battles and follow proper channels of complaint. Why incur a reputation for hostility to the government? This does far more harm than good and damages one’s credibility!

    • eyeswideopen

      Diane, this is just typical republican fear mongering, to get the masses fired up.

      • Andrew

        Don’t you love how they got nailed with their secret memo on use fear and hatred on working class pubs and stroke egos and such on wealthy ones. Caused a huge spike in donations to dems while offending their own, this is absolutely hysterical – they’re off their meds.

  • http://boblivingston anne

    I received info from Census bureau a year back. the loaded pamphlet asked question one need to answer. did not send back my phone rang morning ,noon and nights for several months. finally someone showed at my door. I gave her my answer. the number of people who lived in home period. that is all the 4th amendment asks for.

  • Sky

    This video sucks. I can’t hear him, I CAN’T RAISE THE VOLUME, AND THE GOOGLE ADS WON’T GO AWAY. He sure does move his lips well!

  • Private American Citizen

    I am not answering anything other than # of persons in the home.

    How can we get the freaking gov out of our lives? I have had it and am mad as hell.

    I have never been political, never, but now – I am absolutely furious about what our gov is doing and refuse to take it any longer.

    Email a print out of those questions for the census nazis and millions of citizens can post large signs in our yards that read – Hey Census Socialist – answer these questions before you ring the bell.

    Signed: Still a Free American. I and millions of other Americans plan on keeping that way!

    PS – Get out of my yard – this is still private property and you do not have my permission to be here.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, that’s the ticket. Don’t get counted and your area gets less of the Fed tax $ it pays if your area has grown, not to mention inaccurate congressional districting. I’ve seen the census form and it has no privacy violating questions. So don’t fill it out, I recommend this to all conservopubs – leaves more $ for the rest of US.

      • Bob blum

        I fully agree with giving headcount for districting purposes but I fail to understand federal dollars distributed based on census data. I think that is the job of our elected represenataives.

  • Joseph Phillips

    The Babylonian Talmudic Jew
    March 20, 1991 President Bush signed into law a Congressional Joint Resolution entitled, “A Joint Resolution To Designate March 26, 1991, As Education Day, USA”. This joint resolution became Public Law 102-14. Public Law 102-14 states emphatically that all civilization from the beginning has been based upon a set of laws entitled “The Seven Noahide Laws” and thus officially put the United States under Noahide Law. These seven supposed universal laws, according to the Encyclopedia Americana, p. 737, state that they are “a Jewish Babylonian Talmudic designations for seven biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before the revelation to Moses on Mt. Sinai and consequently, binding upon all mankind.” The Encyclopedia Americana continues its explanation of the Noahide Laws, “Throughout the ages, scholars have viewed the Noahide Laws as a link between Judaism and Christianity, as universal norms of ethical conduct, as a basic concept of international law, or as a guarantee of fundamental human rights for all.” They are meant to be a substitute for the Ten Commandments. They are a set of seven moral imperatives that, according to the Talmud, were given by God to Noah as a binding set of laws for all mankind. According to Judaism any non-Jew who lives according to these laws is regarded as a Righteous Gentile and is assured of a place in the world to come (Olam Haba), the Jewish concept of heaven.[2] Adherents are often called “B’nei Noach” (Children of Noah) or “Noahides” and may often network in Jewish synagogues. At this point, we need to briefly list these seven Noahide Laws.
    The Encyclopedia of Judaism locates the Noachide Laws in the Talmud Bavli, the Babylonian Talmud.
    [NOTE: On the Babylonian Talmud (T.B.), the following statement is representative Jewish scholarship: "There are two editions of the Talmud, the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud. Of these two, the Babylonian Talmud is authoritative for Orthodox Judaism, which regards it as divinely inspired... The superiority of the Babylonian Talmud is so great, that when people now talk about the Talmud, they always mean the Babylonian Talmud. The authority of the Babylonian Talmud is also greater than that of the Jerusalem Talmud. In cases of doubt the former is decisive."] [R.C. Musaph-Andriesse, Torah to Kabbalah, New York, Oxford University, Press, 1982, pg. 40.].
    The Noachide Laws – The Encyclopedia of Judaism
    (1) Civil justice [the duty to establish a legal system];
    (2) Prohibition of blasphemy [which includes the bearing of false witness];
    (3) The abandonment of idolatry;
    (4) The prohibition of incest [including adultery and other sexual offenses];
    (5) The prohibition of murder;
    (6) Also that of theft;
    (7) The law against eating flesh [a limb] cut from a living animal [ie., cruelty in any shape or form] (T.B. Sanh. 56A)
    The Talmud also states the penalty for disobedience: “One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57A)”
    The Chabad Lubavitch in Cyberspace provides information on the Noahide Laws: The Seven Noahide Laws – A Guide for Mankind In Depth Look at the Seven Noachide Laws
    The penalty for violating any of these Noahide Laws or Noachide Codes is spelled out on page 1192 of the Encyclopedia Judaica, “… violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation.” Wow, in other words, if one person steps forward to accuse another person of violating any one of these seven laws, that testimony alone would be enough to decapitate the accused. Notice, there is no assumption of innocence until proven guilty, nor of the prosecution having to prove their case. On the accusation of one person, the accused may be legally decapitated. It has been pointed out that the second Noahide Law which prohibits blasphemy will preclude the worship of Jesus Christ, who was once accused of this very crime by the Sanhedrin.
    Noahide Laws are the basis for International Law under the United Nations to which the UNITED STATES is signatory to. Public Law 102-14 sets the foundation for American and United Nations Law to be established in such a way as to uphold these Seven Noahide Laws. These seven laws are a counterfeit of the Ten Commandments.
    Babylonian Law–The Code of Hammurabi. []

  • Joseph Phillips

    The Talmudic Anglo
    English Law, like the English language, is a mixture of different elements of diverse cultural influences. After the conquest of 1066, the Normans imposed on the English an efficiently organized social system that crowded out many Anglo- Saxon traditions. The Talmudic Jews, whom the Normans brought to England, in their turn contributed to the changing English society. The Talmudic Jews brought with them a refined system of commercial law: their own form of commerce and a system of rules to facilitate and govern it. These rules made there way in to the developing structure of English law. Among these elements of the legal practice included written credit agreements also known as Shetar, or Starr, as it appears in English documents. The basis of the Shetar, or “Jewish Gage,” was a lien on all property (including realty) that has been traced as a source of the modern mortgage. Under Jewish Talmudic Law, the Shetar permitted a creditor to proceed against all goods and land of the defaulting debtor. Both “movable and immovable” properties were subject to distraint. []

    Starr, or Shetar as defined in [Blacks Law 5th Edition page 1261] means: “The old term for contract or obligation among the Jews, being a corruption from the Hebrew word “shetar,” a covenant, by an ordinance of Richard I, no Starr was allowed to be valid, unless deposited in one of certain repositories established by law, the most considerable of which was in the king’s exchequer at Westminster, and Blackstone conjectures that the room in which these chests were kept was thence called the “Starr-Chamber”. []
    “Star Chamber” [definition]
    Star Chamber (stär) noun
    1. A 15th-century to 17th-century English court consisting of judges who were appointed by the Crown and sat in closed session on cases involving state security.
    2. star chamber (stär chAm¹ber). A court or group that engages in secret, harsh, or arbitrary procedures. [Black’s Law 5th edition page 1261]
    The Star Chamber is used today in the International Criminal Tribunal. Speaking at the August 11, 2000 session of the ICC’s Preparatory Committee, Judge Gabrielle Kirk McDonald, President of the Hague Tribunal, urged that the ICC’s authorizing statute “should be one of principle and not of detail…. [It should] be a flexible statute based on principles which may be developed by the Court as circumstances require while still providing sufficient guidance to establish an international framework within which the Court can work.” [The Winds Org]

    The United States Citizen
    General immunities pertaining to prosecutors, judges and government agents

    1.) Prosecutor may violate civil rights in initiating prosecution and presenting case.
    - United States Supreme Court in Imbler v. Pachtmanz 424 U.S. 409 (1976)

    2.) Immunity extends to all activities closely associated with litigation or potential litigation.
    - Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Davis v. Grusemever, 996 F.2d 617 (1993)

    3.) Prosecutor may knowingly use false testimony and suppress evidence. – United States Supreme Court in Imbler v. Pachtman, 424 U.S. 409 (1976)

    4.) Prosecutor may file charges without any investigation.
    - Eighth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Myers v. Morris, 810 F.2d 1337 (1986)

    5.) Prosecutor may file charges outside of his jurisdiction.
    - Eighth Circuit Federal Court of appeal in Myers v. Morris, 840 F.2d 1337 (1986)

    6.) Prosecutor may knowingly offer perjured testimony.
    - Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Jones v. Shankland, 800 F.2d 1310 (1987)

    7.) Prosecutor can suppress exculpatory evidence. (Exculpatory defined: Evidence showing one innocent)
    - Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Henzel v. Gertstein, 608 F.2d 654 (1979)

    8.) Prosecutors are immune from lawsuit for conspiring with judges to determine outcome of judicial proceedings.
    - Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Ashelman v. Pope, 793 E.2d 1072 (1986)

    9.) Prosecutor may knowingly file charges against innocent persons for a crime that never occurred.
    - Tenth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Norton v. Liddell, 620 F.2d 1375 (1980)

    Ignorantia juris non excusat or Ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Latin for “ignorance of the law does not excuse” or “ignorance of the law excuses no one”) is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because he or she was unaware of its content.

  • Joseph Phillips


    The United States is bankrupt and has been since 1933. The U.S. “went off the gold standard” in 1933. The U.S. “went of the silver standard” in 1964. Remember? That’s when all the coins were debased for cheaper metals like copper and nickel. Therefore, the United States has no gold or silver backing for currency and daily operations as required by the Constitution.

    So, what assets are left? So how does the United States finance its daily operations?

    The only asset left is the people. In the government’s own language, it is called “the good faith and credit” of the American people. But, what is that “faith and credit” based on? Look at Senate Resolution #62 above. “ALL PROPERTY BELONGS TO THE STATE” and you are now a “mere user” of “their property”. In their own words; you allegedly have “so-called ownership” by the (so-called) “virtue” of a Bankrupt Government? But, how did this take place? Where did the U.S. Government find the “faith”?

    Solution; collateralize people for the “credit” by getting the people to “believe and have faith”.

    How? By registering them (all United States Citizens and Americans) into international commerce, and selling bonds on them. The person becomes the surety on the bonds, or the “pledge” for the “faith” to build the “credit of the United States”. The asset bonded (the personal collateral) is the “energy” or the future labor of the people which is payable at some undetermined future date. Thus, the people become the “utility” for the “transmission” of energy, which is your labor and intellectual property over time.

    When a baby is born in the United States, a birth certificate is registered with the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state of birth. The keyword here it is “registered”; as in, “gifted with a certificate” that is given by the parents of the child to the “virtue of the government”, and then registered in international commerce through the DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES. We are Human Resources [Executive Order 13037 Sec. 2(b)] WILLIAM J. CLINTON Filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 8:45 a.m., March 5, 1997

    NOTE: Now you know what a “human resource” is. Your energy and intellect are “re-sourced”, meaning taken from the “source” (i.e. You) and “sourced” to something else (i.e. The U.S. Government’s monetary system of “good faith” (belief) and credit.

    The baby becomes the surety, whose energy is due at some future date. When the Birth Certificate is registered in the U.S. Department a Commerce, the Department of Treasury issues a bond on the Birth Certificate and the bond is sold at a SECURITIES EXCHANGE as a “Derivative” (meaning a derivation on the Name….in ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME See Blacks sixth edition dictionary) and bought by the Federal Reserve Bank through the Deposit Trust Corporation (aka: DTC) at 55 Water Street, in New York City, about two blocks down the street from the FED. The DTC is a high-rise office building and the sign out front reads: “The Tower of Power”.

    You’ve seen that TOWER, right? Remember the LORD OF THE RINGS and the Energy Transfer Towers of the MATRIX.

    When the Birth Certificate is registered, a separate legal entity is created; a mirror image of the real flesh and blood. This separate entity, or alter ego is called the “straw man”. Remember the Straw Man with “no brain” in WIZARD OF OZ?

    The Straw Man is the “accommodation party” of UCC 3 — 415. The name is credit. (See Blacks 6th. “Accommodation party” and “Straw Man”). Therefore the right (or the use) has been separated from the title (or deed). The “”straw man” holds the title (and “he/it” belongs to the government’s client who bought the bond/title) and the flesh and blood man has only naked possession with the limited “right” to use the thing (like his body or his alleged possessions and land, which now becomes “usury” of another title/property).

    When the straw-man violates some rule or statute (for instance a traffic ticket), the flesh and blood man must appear at the arraignment and admit the straw-man’s name (credit) and then “pay it’s debt to the society”. The “energy” on the surety is due and payable by the flesh and blood man who is in use of the straw man. The flesh and blood man is the “offender” through the improper use of the straw-man. An “offender” is on the offensive team until he screws up and goes on the defensive with the defendant and loses.

    This is why civil rights suits get dismissed out-of-court on Civil Rule 12 (B)(6): “failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted”. The word: “claim” is another word for “title”. So you have “failed to state a “title” upon which relief can be granted”. You do not own the “title” even to our own bodies anymore, and the United States verified this with SENATE RESOLUTION #62…”All ownership is in the hands of the State” and your “use” of any property or labor, including your own….”is subordinate to the STATE”.

    What is the result?

    A very sophisticated form of peonage-servitude and the Constitution does not apply because the government, on all levels, is thrown into international commerce, the law merchant, now known as the Uniform Commercial Code. [See Public Law 88 -- 244 in which the U.S. subscribed to private international law. See definition of "goods" under the UCC at 2 -- 105 (1) and 9-- 105 (1) in which animals, i.e. -- humans and their unborn offspring, become "goods" sellable in commerce.]

    Revelation 18:…..11-17″The traders will cry and carry on because the bottom dropped out of business, no more market for their goods: gold, silver, precious gems, pearls; fabrics of fine linen, purple, silk, scarlet; perfumed wood and vessels of ivory, precious woods, bronze, iron, and marble; cinnamon and spice, incense, myrrh, and frankincense; wine and oil, flour and wheat; cattle, sheep, horses, and chariots. And slaves—their terrible traffic in human lives.

    So if this scenario is correct, how does one get back the bond that has been sold on the Birth Certificate? How does one “break the collusion” with a system that one does not believe in or even really know or understand? Read on.

    More Conditions as a U.S. Citizen
    Our taxes go to fund international abortion and murder. President Obama reversed The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2151b (f)(1)) for voluntary family planning programs revoking the Presidential memorandum of January 22, 2001, for the Administrator of USAID (Restoration of the Mexico City Policy), the Presidential memorandum of March 28, 2001, for the Administrator of USAID (Restoration of the Mexico City Policy), and the Presidential memorandum of August 29, 2003, for the Secretary of State (Assistance for Voluntary Population Planning). [ADMINISTRATIVE ORDERS DOCID: fr28ja09-105 President Obama January 23, 2009]
    Therefore U.S. Citizens are particeps criminis: an accomplice in a crime.

    • Andrew

      “The United States is bankrupt and has been since 1933. The U.S. “went off the gold standard” in 1933.” WRONG on both counts. US went off gold standard in 1971 under Nixon. US came out of debt in the ’50s, had some debt on and off through the ’70s. From Reagan to today bigger and bigger debt grew. Bush Cheney had no problem with increasing deficits and doing 2 wars, the Medicare prescrip plan as supplementals (off the books). An accountant would go to jail over that.

  • Joseph Phillips

    The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF.
    [IRS Publication 6209] [Diversified metal Products v. IRS etal. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I.] [Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.]

    “100% of what is collected is absorbed solely to pay the interest on the Federal Debt … all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services
    taxpayers expect from government.”
    [-Grace Commission report submitted to President Ronald Reagan - January 15, 1984]
    Exchequer is “That department of the English government which has the charge of the collection of the national revenue; the treasury department. [Black’s Law 5th Edition pg 506]

    The I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund) is an Agency of the U.N. (United Nations) [Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Ed. Pg 733]

    Free men: Before the Norman Conquest, a free man might be a man of a small estate dependent on a lord. Every man, not himself a lord, was bound to have a lord or to be treated as unworthy of a free man’s right. Among free men there was a difference in their estimation for Wergild. See Homo liber [Blacks Laws 5th Edition]

    Homo liber: A free man; a freeman lawfully competent to act as a juror. An allodial proprietor, as distinguished from a vassal or feudatory. This was the sense of the term in the laws of the barbarous nations of Europe. [Blacks Laws 5th Edition]

    Allodial: Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal. [Blacks Laws 5th Edition]

    Proprietor: One who has legal right or exclusive title to anything. In many instances it is synonymous with owner. [Blacks Laws 5th Edition]

    Americans are not free. They have No Rights, No Title, and No Interest. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant. [Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st. Session]

    The United States gave up all rights, title, and interest. If you claim to be a U.S. Citizen by your own admission, you also have no rights, no title, and no interest. “The United States of America by contract, gave up all right, title or interest in said property, without any conditions set forth;” [Ensminger Case 1995]

    “Amaru-ka”/America is an Indian name, and it means “the dominion (i.e. Power and land) of Ameru…god of the Amorites”. Literally…Ameru is “God…the Feathered Serpent”. And, the further reality is that none of this matters, because “Ameru-Kai” and all the subject citizens were subjugated over 200 years. (that would be “sub-Jew-gated”…..hmmmm….what a word). Ameru-cons

    Patriots…..what is the constantly value in this term. It is bantied about like a “god” itself. The word: patriot literally means: “one who has oath/allegiance to the PATER”. Patri-Ot(h)…..Oth…oath…comes from the Hebrew language. Patri is the Pope….EL PAPA, or Patria Potestas [the Power of the Father] and the Patron [guardian or protector] so Parens Patriae, obey the Father

    The United States “patriots” have appropriately titled themselves…the want a “Republic” and all “republics” were ruled by a Caesar/Kaiser/KhaiZhar….who bore the title of PONTIFF. That is the Pope….PONTIFF MAXIMUS…CAESAR…..CHRISTOS ON EARTH.

    So, patriots that remain patriots….are about to get smoked. Chaos, death, destruction. IT IS COMING….BELIEVE ME.

  • Joseph Phillips

    10,000 Leagues Under the SEE

    Britain was first invaded in 55 BC. by Julius Caesar, then again in 54 BC. In 63 AD. Joseph of Arimathea was sent by the Pope in Rome to try and establish the Catholic Church in Britain. In 77 AD. Britain was taken over through conquest by Rome. The Imperial governor Julius Agricola was put in place to rule over Rome’s new territory. Britain was as of 77 AD. subject to Rome, with Roman law.
    In 407 AD. Emperor Constantine III withdrew the Roman troops from Britain leaving a political vacuum. The Celts (Irish) and the Vikings (Scandinavians) saw an opening to obtain land. In 410 AD. Britain won its independence from Rome, when the Goths ransacked Rome.
    In 446 AD. the British government sought help to defeat the invading arms of the northern countries. Rome was unable to send troops because it was defending itself from Attila the Hun. So Rome offered mercenaries to aid Britain, Britain hired these barbaric mercenaries which were from northern Germany, they as you know are called Saxons.
    In 450 AD. the Saxon barbarians began to massacre the Britons and take their land; in this manner they occupied the country of Britain. The Saxons were pagans some believed the Druid religion, others worshiped the same gods Rome worshiped, mercury and Venus, etc. etc.
    The long and short of it is the Saxons were not responsible for a Common law by themselves. They were not Christians and did not support Cannon or ecclesiastical law, and their law was influenced greatly by Roman law. The major difference was the Saxon king called himself king of the English, and William the Conqueror called himself king of England, meaning, William the Conqueror claimed he owned the land and the Saxon king made no such claims. Under Saxon law citizen meant freeman, and under Roman law, continuing in England in 1066 under William Conqueror, citizen meant subject. Under both systems you were forced to pay taxes to support the government. A tax payer is always a subject, so under William the Conqueror, he left no doubt as to your status, the Saxon kings were more subtle, the outcome is the same. Taxation and the subjection it confirms, is not always a bad thing. It depends on the government. Case in point, those that are Christians, are subject to Jesus Christ and are taxed 10% to support His government.
    Look at what happened at Runnymede with the Magna Charta, the Barons thought they were gaining freedom, by the king granting those rights under the Charta. However, if they had stopped to read the 1213 Charta, wherein the king granted and ceded the Pope all of his lands, they would have known the king could not grant the rights without the blessing of the Pope. Did not the Pope sign off on the Charta of 1215, as a party to the Contract? Ask yourself this, did the granted rights end their tax obligations to the king, or the Pope? No. So is the granting of rights a problem or hindrance to the money lenders? No. Did the 1215 Charta in anyway overturn the obligations of the 1213 Charta? No, and they could not. Here is another reason.
    Guess what America, and the rest of the free world, that claim their rights come from the Magna Charta, which was ratified by Pope Innocent III and of course the king under duress on June 15, 1215, on August 24, 1215, Pope Innocent III Declared that the Magna Charta was null and void, [(Geary) 49.3 August 24, 1215 parliamentary origins in England, Internet Medieval Source Book.]
    To continue, Edward I, in 1297 was forced to re-declare the 1215 Magna Charta, because the Pope forbid his monks and bishops etc. etc., to pay taxes to the king, so the king began to tax the Barons again, and they drew their swords. King Edwards action holds less weight than that of his predecessor king John, because as of August 24, 1215 the Charta was an invalid document. Not to mention the issue I raised earlier concerning debt obligations of a previous Charter could not be voided.
    The Pope by his confirmation of the Magna Charta was jerking the chains of the Barons, so to speak. As I said in earlier papers, there was no way the Pope would give up what was granted/ceded to him in the 1213 Charter. The Magna Charta could not void an earlier Charter which contained a debt obligation between parties, without all parties agreeing. Since the parties of the 1213 Charter would continue to be born, it was an irrevocable trust.
    As example, read the 1689 Declaration of Rights, which became law. Did it, or could it overturn any financial obligations under previous Charters? No. Read the third section of the 1689 Declaration of Rights. It says if any provision of the Declaration comes into conflict with earlier Charters, the Declaration will be as if it were never written.
    Do you see how not only Americans, but the entire world have been conned into thinking we are free? Every time the king has been challenged, the king grants rights to the combatants and they go home saying “WE WON”, however nothing changed, because the king retained his power to tax, through previous Charters and new tax obligations created by accepting the kings benefits.
    Another example, the Declaration of Independence and the war of Independence that followed, is no different than any other time in the history in challenging the king. The king said, OK, I will grant my created Corporations, the states, Independence and allow them to establish their own governments. But the governors retained the power granted by the king and the council of state. The states then consolidated their corporate Charters under one Charter, called the U.S. Constitution. Could the tax obligations of previous Charters be removed by our Declaration of Independence, or a war which did not remove the control of the king, which is obvious since in the peace Treaty of Paris he was granting us land? No.
    No where in the 1783 Paris peace treaty will you find granted rights to the inhabitants of the states. No where in the treaty will you find where the taxes of gold, silver and copper (mineral rights) were ceded to the states. So much for allodial title in the states, freeman status and allodial title are synonymous, you can’t have one without the other. Since the king did not cede all of his corporate enterprise he retained his taxation and the subjection of those that enjoy his benefits.
    “YIELDlNG AND PAYING yearly, to us, our heirs and Successors, for the same, the yearly Rent of Twenty Marks of Lawful money of England, at the Feast of All Saints, yearly, forever, The First payment thereof to begin and be made on the Feast of All Saints which shall be in the year of Our Lord One thousand six hundred Sixty and five; AND also, the fourth part of all Gold and Silver Ore which, with the limits aforesaid, shall, from time to time, happen to be found.”
    (Feast of All Saints occurred November 1 of each year.) The Carolina Charter, 1663
    “SAVING always, the Faith, Allegiance, and Sovereign Dominion due to us, our heirs and Successors, for the same; and Saving also, the right, title, and interest of all and every our Subjects of the English Nation which are now Planted within the Limits bounds aforesaid, if any be;…” The Carolina Charter, 1663
    “KNOW YE, that We, of our further grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, HAVE thought fit to Erect the same Tract of Ground, Country, and Island into a Province, and, out of the fullness of our Royal power and Prerogative, WE Do, for us, our heirs and Successors, Erect, Incorporate, and Ordain the same into a province, and do call it the Province of CAROLINA, and so from henceforth will have it called…” The Carolina Charter, 1663
    Nothing has changed the parties of interest still rule. It is our pitiful lack of knowledge and understanding of history, which causes us to hang our hats (Independence) on documents that maintain and did not change our subjection. Does this sound familiar to what has happened to the blacks? They assumed, since they were made citizens and given more rights, that they were now free. As you know a 14th Amendment citizen is subject to its creator, who granted their rights, the corporation and the trusties, subject to the contracting parties, the Crown and the Pope. Maybe, now you know why history repeats itself, it has the same authors.
    [Tripoli Treaty Article 11 signed on November 4, 1796]
    In a late 18th century treaty reached by America with certain Muslim pirates of the African coast, one part of which, Article 11, states:
    “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries”

    “No! We’re not a Christian Country. We’ve never been a Christian Country. We’re a secular Country, by our constitution. In which Christians live and which many Christians have a voice. But we’re not a Christian Country.” [Billy Graham May 30, 1997]

  • Dr. Ernesto F. Sosa

    Please make a form we can PRINT OUT
    to use when they
    come to our door.

    “Thank You In Advance”

    Dr. E.F. Sosa


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