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The Capitol Hill Tax Problem

September 13, 2010 by  

The Capitol Hill Tax Problem

With the discussion in Washington, D.C., heating up over whether to extend the tax cuts instituted by President George W. Bush in 2001 and 2003 which are set to expire on Jan. 1, 2011, an interesting story appeared in The Washington Post last week.

It seems that many of those on Capitol Hill who feel the rich should “pay their fair share” aren’t interested in paying their own “fair share.” It turns out that 638 Capitol Hill staffers owe the IRS $9.3 million in back taxes, and Federal employees across the board owe $1 billion.

In fact, 41 of President Barack Obama’s White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes.

So next time you hear Obama telling you that you need to pay your “fair share,” ask him when members of his staff—and other Federal employees—are going to pay theirs.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • dan az

    Sounds to me that it must be alright that we dont pay our taxes either!

    • Bruce D.

      To me they need to give tax breaks to those who hire new people or create new jobs. Those that get the new jobs will pay taxes because they now have jobs. Obama and the left are determine to create an atmosphere of hostility toward business and people who have worked hard all their life to accumilate wealth. It is just unbelievably dumb. It seems Obama thinks everyone can work for the government.

      • eddie47d

        Tax breaks for small businesses has been suggested by Obama .Tax breaks for new hires also. My wife is the business manager for a small business and has been talking about that tax break.

        • Bruce D.

          He has been talking about it but so far his course of action is a Stimulaus packages in exchange for political favors. He has been in office one year and nine months. He would have gotten approval his first month in office by both sides if he wanted it. But he stayed clear of it so far as it is a free market solution and he wants big government, big brother solutions.

        • cheryl

          I am afraid that nothing will get done, no matter how great or needed by the American people it is. So long as the GOP sticks with its policy of say/vote “no” on anything that the president approves of, we are in continuing trouble. When any party decides to put their party first above the needs of folks/businesses (real small businesses!)it is a scary day. No president is bad/stupid on every single issue, and no party should sport a pre-determined/decided “no” before they understand the issue. The GOP is acting like they think they are mind readers, and that’s going a bit too far. When they regect their OWN ideas and good ideas for the sole purpose of making an administration “fail” we, the citizens of this great country are in big trouble. They must stop the “clan style” behavior for the sake of the United States and asap. Those of us without a set “party” are very worried that everything is for “show” or for a vote (even outright lies to make a point)and that we are only pawns to be manipulated. The Tea Party should see that being “anti-government” in and of itself, does not make a good candidate. If they agree on an important issue, we should make sure that have some basic knowledge of other issues. We don’t want to toss the baby out with the bathwater, and remember that there still are a few good reps. in Washington and we need to research more details. “The devil you know can be better than the one you don’t know” in some cases. Nothing is as “easy” as throw all out and start again. We cannot afford to act so fast that we just don’t think or care to. We must still care and think things through on our own, never being “told” what to think by a politician or commentator or pundit. Not easy to be a real American – much thought is required.

          • Bruce D.

            The Democrats will not be in controll of Congress after the November elecions. So I suspect they will become the party of ‘no’ and we will not hear a peep about it from you.

          • Waldo

            If I am not mistaken were not both houses of Congress controlled by the Democrats during the Bush years? Who creates the budgets that got us where we are today? The President only has power to veto the spending/budget proposals not create them so who is really responsible for the deficit mess we are in now? It takes two to argue and both parties have their fair share of the blame and that is why we should re-elect nobody and put new blood in office that have not had time to be so corrupted and create term limits or else this country is going to be sold to the highest bidder.

          • dale

            Sounds like you are everything that you say you hate.One sided, hate a party because it’s not your party.

          • Craig

            “No president is bad/stupid on every single issue,”

            So far this one is and has. There always has too be a first and Oidiot seems well up to the task of doing everything wrong.

          • Denniso

            Waldo, both houses of congress were controlled by Dems in only ’06 to ’08. You can’t slip the Repubs and Bush out of responsibility for the crash by ignorance of the facts….

          • Ozel01

            @denniso: You woul be correct, Dems took control in 06 but the nucleus of what caused the economic catastrophe is a democrat brainchild through and through. Republicans, all the way back to 2001, were arguing for tighter regulation of Fannie and Freddie but were demonized by Dems as wanting to take the American Dream of owning a home away from millions of hard working Americans. Fannie and Freddie, being heavily leveraged in toxic mortgages were ticking time bombs waiting to happen. I fault the Republicans for not going ahead and fixing the problems with Fannie and Freddie back then. It may have greatly reduced the impact of the mortgage sector meltdown and staved off this depression. However, the Democrats are more to blame because 1) they created Fannie and Freddie, and then 2)they did not want any onerous regulation that would impeded their revolving door of personal wealth. Republicans introduced bills up through 2005 but each and every time they never made it to the floor for a vote over democrat filibusters. I bet you were all for the filibuster then but now that Republicans can filibuster legislation, you are probably for changing the filibuster rule. Even barney Frank, two months b4 Fannie and Freddie collapsed, said he saw nothing wrong with them and that they were sound. Now he says they need to be abolished. But wait, that would kill the American Dream of owning a home for millions of Americans wouldn’t it? That is what they were saying from 01 through 05. Meanwhile, people like me get to sit back and say “I told you so but you wouldn’t listen.”

          • Gard

            Saying no to something that you don’t agree with is the right thing to do for either party.

        • Buzz Breslin

          Obama is an economic illiterate. He has no idea how a business runs, how a marketplace works or how to manage a lemonade stand.!!

          • hpinnc

            Cheryl, I hope you see & read Buzz Breslin’s reply.It applies to you also.I am glad there are a few on Capitol Hill who will stand up & say no to King Obama.He is trying as hard as he can to destroy our country & turn it into a socialist,marxist country,the next thing to Communism.How has that worked where it has been tried & tested.Socialism may work for a while until the gov. runs out of the tax-payer’s money,or the printer breaks down.Get your head out of your –s & help throw these “Socialist Progressives” [communists] out of office.If the politicians would get out of the way & leave the economy to the American working men & women, we could fix the economy & put people back to work pronto.

          • Denniso

            The Repub philosophy of deregulation and beief in a ‘divine’ free market that can operate best if left alone is what is responsible for the crash. Sadly some Dems believed the myth for a while too,though most of them have now seen the light…Repubs are still sticking to their failed ‘free’ market voodoo.

          • Ozel01

            @denniso: Sadly, the voodoo is on your side in that matter. I believe their are enough in congress who are just giving the Pres and his minions enough rope to hang themselves (and us by default) with. Certainly, the American free enterprise model has created and sustained more wealth and prosperity than any other model in history. Why do you suppose America enjoy’s the highest standard of living on the planet? Ever heard of Eldridge Cleaver? He founded the Black Panthers and pushed for a marxist/socialist state. After murdering some people, he fled to Cuba adn then some other socialist/communist nations. After eight years hiding behind the socialist/marxist principles he sought in our country, he gave himself up and returned to face his punishment here in America. He said he had seen the light and knew the systems he sought to estblish here were really a failure. He would rather live in jail here than free under those oppressive regimes. So, don’t take my word for it. Take it from a man who thought marxism was the greates thing since sliced bread until he saw the results of it first hand and recanted the entire philisophy.

          • denniso

            aye,aye,aye…I’m not proposing Marxism! I’m saying what every economist w/ any credibility says, that capitalism has to have controls and enough regulation or it implodes in time…that is what happened w/ the crash. Allan Greenspan,an Ayn Rand libertarian,allowed the housing bubble to build, believing that the market was self regulating, when he now admits he was wrong and the market can’t do that w/o catastrophe. Fannie and Freddie have been around for a long time and have helped the entire housing market function for millions of homeowners. It wasn’t just they who made mistakes, what about the banks and financial houses that bought up lousy loans w/o knowing what they were doing? The collapse was inevitable because of the runaway bubble that cannot sustain indefinitely, and once prices started falling then many people were quickly underwater in their loans and the snowball was rolling.

            Blaming Fannie and Freddie and people from both parties who have supported their mission may feel good to you,but it’s WAY too simplistic and wrong.

      • guyb

        America, Lets get real….. Our elected officals are more interested in tell you and I what we will and will not do then leading by example….Obama ran on a six letter word. CHANGE!!!!!!! He never told us about the change he had in mind…. America, you voted for change so lets change the ones in office. Lets vote all the democrats out of office and force any elected offical running for any office to love America first and vow before America to do the very best job possible for America or lets not let them run for office. Lets see, No paying of taxes,no birth certificate,no c-span.America,Lets take back our great nation.

    • eddie47d

      That $831,000 in back taxes is not a huge amount overall but the message is loud and clear. If these politicians can do it then why can’t we. A very poor example has been set indeed.

      • guyb

        Our elected officals will not lead by example….Look, Obama promised c-span so America could see who was working for the people and who was working against the people,no back room deals,no special interest groups,crossing the isles for all input,we can go on but whats the point…..No c-span tells me Obama does not want America to see him and pelosi and reid have been working against the people.If obama thought him and pelosi and reid were working for the people then c-span would be everywhere in the white house.Look—America—-Its time to wake up…Lets make our elected officals be on the side of the American people and lets hold all of our elected officals to there promises.

      • dan az

        Is it me or are you comming around to common sense?

        • Craig

          I was thinking the same thing. This has to be somebody that took over his name.

      • Gard

        I can’t beleive that you don’t think that it is a big deal! That is alot of money.

    • EddieW

      Obummer won’t extend the bush tax cuts, he wishes to further destroy our ecomomy…now huge tax increases coming in Jan…and they want a 1% transaction tax…1% on your deposits, 1% when you draw money out, 1% on everything you spend the money for…it ends up a 20% tax increase, plus they have passed cap & trade!! hyuge tax increase, the health bill is nothing but a huge tax increase…they want 90% of our income, and will not be happy with less!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Krauthammer said today that he believes the cuts will be extended, but only on about december 10 or later, after the vote in November is over. Then there will be so much pressure that the dems that are left will cave and pass extensions!! I agree 100% with him!!

  • s c

    Not too many years ago, HST said “the buck stops here.” Apparently, Herr Obummer’s motto combines a twisted blend of lsd and prozac, and his motto is ‘Bend over and smile. I know what’s best for you mortals.’

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The IRS has a number you can call to report someone not paying their taxes. how about we call and report Nobama’s staffers????

      • J.M.R.


        • cheryl

          The President did not give a “pas” to the Black Panthers. The “New” Black Panther party (NBPP)is the one you refer to. You refer to the decision by The civil Rights Commission (mostly conservatives appointed under Bush. The Dept. of Justice found no necessary witnessess and that the case was without actual merit. Bush did not prosecute/file charges in a similar case in Arizona; when an anti-immigration activist brought a GUN (not a nightstick) to the polling place, saying he just intended to take photos of Latinos.
          We must remember that there were only 3 men there and only one was actually accused. They were accused of “intimidating” but there was no evidence other than holding the nightstick. Again, you can’t prosecute without witnesses. They hurt no one, and threatened no one with violence. I do not know why one man from this small group (the whole membership is very small)got so much attention. There was no violence. There are so many important issues today, this one never should have wasted our thoughts or attention.

          • Craig

            Actually all there needs to be is a feeling of being intimidated. The act of carrying nights sticks, dressed in black military garb, is enough. Several people that went into that polling place said they felt intimidated. That is enough to prosecute those New Black Panther scumbags. But good ole Oidiot told the justice department, headed by his buddies, to not prosecute.

          • Wretha

            I suppose the VIDEO has no merit, and is not a credible witness… remember the VIDEO? Perhaps it only played on Fox news, not on any of the other news networks.


          • dan az

            the reason that this one black guy was pointed out was that it is our right to carry in this state and he was not telling any one not to vote for those crackers was he? He was not at a polling booth which by the law here is also against the law! Right? Today we all carry concealed so it would be pretty hard to say that we are easily intimanated by some black muslim want to be kitty cats.

          • J.M.R.


          • Gard

            We know that you would like this to go away, but it will not as long as there is a double standard, and you know what I mean.

          • MSSouth

            Wow Cheryl, that wasn’t intimidation I saw of that idiot who was standing in front waving that stick? What is your defination of intimidation and what dictionary does your defination come from?

      • s c

        You’re right, Joe H. However, you can be sure that this son-of-Frankenstein, thug, pc, Hitlerian administration went out of its way the day Herr Obummer invaded the White House, and notified EVERY agency that anyone who dares to say or do anything that isn’t ‘pre-approved’ will be summarily FIRED.
        I would be surprised if the IRS isn’t being used as a ‘motivational tool’ to persuade certain people to shut up. Can you guess which group of people gets ‘special’ consideration as long as Herr Obummer is in the White House? Try and find someone in Congress who doesn’t say every government agency is doing a ‘fine job’ and everything is “perfect” since saul alinsky’s #1 disciple moved into the White House.
        Like they say in Las Vegas and Chicago, Joe H, “the fix is in.”

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Don’t we all know it!!!

      • Duke

        ….$100 bucks says that call would get you an audit!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Probably, but I planned to call from a pay phone!!! LOL!!

    • cheryl

      “Herr”??? Trying to link the president to hitler is hurting the credibility of the right/consevative movements. You can say many things, but historically he is nothing like hitler – not even close.
      What makes you think that he has or wants to have millions of people murdered? Perhaps folks need to read about hitler. When they do, they will look for a different comparison. When the reference is made, many folks stop listening to your points. Lets keep it real for the sake of the United States.

      • annnort

        Cheryl, perhaps you should read about Hitler. He was VERY left like Obama. Hitler was not right wing. He was a progressive socialist nut case. JUST LIKE BO.

      • dan az

        The anointed one is useing hitlers play book word for word read it!

      • Craig

        That is all your simple mind knows about Hitler eh? Learn about Hitler and you will see, besides the genocide, that Barry Hussein has very much in common with Hitler.

  • Greyhawk

    Good morning friends and family. This morning I awoke around 4:00 a.m. after getting a good night’s sleep after having had one of the best weekends in my life. This past weekend, I was back home in LaFayette, Alabama to celebrate our class reunion, the class of 1966. In that little small town in East Alabama, I lived in a culture that was representative of all the great things about America, and it was filled with the great people that were the products of this great culture in America that was still in tact in that little town. The kids I went to high school with were the best kids in the world, and they now comprise some of the best minds and citizens of the world and the United States of America. Our Class reunion was held on 9-11, 2010 just because it fell on a Saturday and also fell on a Saturday that was not a Home Game for our Beloved Auburn University Tigers—A Big War Eagle to All. It was a great weekend which I enjoyed by seeing my classmates, some of which I had not seen since High School. But, to see who these men and women are today, just inspired me to no end. Thanks to all of you my friends.

    At any rate, as I sat here this morning, a lot of things went through my mind as I thought about this past weekend, which fell on 9-11 and all the things that had been in the news in recent weeks involving 9-11, including the national and international attention that got brought down on one man who dared practice his first amendment right to express himself. The event was about some unknown preacher with a congregation of 40 or 50 like minded believers who wanted to use 9-11 as an expression of their beliefs and in doing so were going to burn some Korans, which they have every right to do. The Mainstream Media and our Own Government Came Down on this little man, who was one of We, The People, with all the force they could muster, and the man was intimidated and threatened to the point that they put his life in danger, and he had to back down.

    When I watched the News Media drum up support against this little man and take a local event and turn it into an international circus, and to hear Generals and President’s condemning this little man, and telling him that he Was The Problem, I knew just how much Intolerance Our Government and Main Stream Media have of We, The People, if what We, The People, do Not Go Along With The Government’s or the Main Stream Media’s Beliefs, and Agenda.

    So, as I sat here this morning, I made up my mind that I am Personally going to Celebrate 9-11 in the future my own way. From thinking about that, I posted the following on my Facebook this morning. I love you all and I love my country, and I love Freedom. God Bless America and God Bless You All—Have a Great Day and Happy Trails—Jerome Ennis

    Jerome’s Proposal for a 9-11 Celebration annually as a Celebration of All Things That Made America Great.

    On subsequent 9-11′s, Americans should have a National Barbeque Pig/Burn The Koran Festival as a National Day of Remembrance that the Nation Of Islam declared war on the United States of America and on Western Civilization as a whole.

    And, we would also use this day as a Remembrance That We Are The United States of America and that We, The People and our Great Nation and All It’s Underpinnings, which includes our Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution also came under attack. These Islamic Fascists do not believe in our way and form of government which gives individual rights and liberties to free people. These Islamic Fascists do not believe that we Should Be Able to Be Christians or Jews which are religions that according to Islam, are to be destroyed along with any Infidels who practice any beliefs besides Islam.

    First, we would barbeque our various kinds of our favorite pig such as ribs, back bones, neck bones, pork chops, etc. and saving as much of the pork drippings as possible to be used later.

    During the afternoon and early evening, we would eat our meals, after saying Grace and giving Thanks, of course, and generally socialize and talk about our lives and the great things that we have been able to accomplish because we live in America. The country that was created by great men and women of vision, hope, values and beliefs that inspired them to create first, the Declaration of Independence, which declared that Men and Women should Not Live Under The Tyranny of a Monarchy, which could declare and dictate any rule of law they deemed was in the best interest of the Monarchy, in spite of what the people’s will would be, and in most cases, the Monarch’s Rulings were in direct opposition to what was in their Subjects or the People’s they ruled best interest.

    And in remembrance of the United States Constitution, which was the document that defined how we would be governed. The document that was designed with checks and balances to insure that no Dictator or Monarch could ever have absolute or totalitarian or fascistic powers and could govern or rule against The People’s Best Interests. The U.S. Constitution that had as it’s First and Only Amendments added from the start that were called the Bill Of Rights, Amendments, 1-10 that defined the People’s Rights and all 10 of these First Ten Amendments defined What Our Rights as Free Citizens Were. These were Rights Directly Defining what the Central or Federal Government Could Not Do or Interfere With as Relates To it’s Citizens who were all Sovereign as were The Individual States. These Bill Of Rights were to insure that We Would Never Have a Centralized Authority that Could Govern in a Dictatorial, Totalitarian or Fascistic Manner as Monarchs, Czars, and other Forms of Centralized Governments that Had Absolute Power at the Top.

    And, then around sundown, we would gather around a bond fire and throw in a few Korans and pour on some accelerant which is the Pork Drippings which we saved earlier from the fabulous pork barbeque. (Note from a Happy Camper: Pork drippings are great for starting fires. When I go camping, I save the Bacon Drippings to fry eggs, etc. and any that I have left over that is not used to fry things or to season food, I use to pour over my fire wood as it is a great fire accelerant once you get a small flame going.)

    You see how we could use 9-11 as an Event Of Declaration that We Will Not Be Subjugated, Humiliated, and or Destroyed by a Religion That Hates Us and We Will Not Allow This Type of Religion that has at it’s roots, Fanatacism and Narcissism that makes it’s adherents believe that Everybody Except Them ought to Be Destroyed if they are unable to convert them.

    And, we would be using our 9-11 celebration to remember that We are The United states of America that was Founded to Insure that We Would Continue to Be The Land of the Free and Not Be Dictated To and Controlled By a Central Government Which Can Become and Has Become Totalitarian and Fascistic.

    And, we would be celebrating the fact that We Are Taking Our Country Back to It’s Original Constitutional Boundaries that Put The Power in the Hands of We, The People and our Individual States and not in the Hands of A Centralized, Out Of Control Federal Bureaucracy that not only has become Totalitarian and Fascistic, but at the same time is Doing More Harm Than Good and at the Same Time has become so huge and costly to Operate that it is Consuming The Nation’s Entire Capital Wealth just to Service Itself and To Pay Back It’s Political Machine that helps keep it in power. The Federal Government Is Consuming Our Nation and Weakening It to the Point that Islamic Terrorists can now just make threats of violence and retribution, and our Federal Government Officials, Politicians, and even Generals Tremble in their Boots to the Point that they Are Telling We The People What We Can and Cannot Do To Celebrate our Freedom or to Show Our Disgust For Our Own Government Officials or to Show Our Own Defiance To Our Enemies.

    Well, in future 9-11 Events, I am going to Celebrate the way I just described as a way of Telling Our Own Government That They Cannot Take Away My First Amendment Right which was given to my by our founding father’s blood and guts and subsequent fathers and mothers since that time.

    And, as a celebration and reminder to our Federal and State Governments that they have Become Too Big and Costly to Operate and in doing so, they have become more and more fascistic in how they are governing as they are continually coming up with more and more ways to regulate and tax us just to fund itself as they grow out of control in size and lust for centralized power.

    And, as a reminder to show our Enemies, whether they be Islamists or some other Isms that have sprang up in our nation in the form of religions or governments such as Communism, Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism that We Are The People Of The United States Of America, and we will not Be Silenced and Intimidated by Terror or Threats of Terror by our Enemies, foreign or domestic.

    Yes, 9-11 ought to be a Day of Remembrance and a Day To Rejuvenate our Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Spirits as One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice For All.

    A Day that we Declare: Never Again to 9-11 type attacks and Never Again to Our Federal Government that is Ruling Against The Will of The People and has grown so big and cumbersome that it cannot do anything very well, including defending our nation from 9-11 type attacks.

    Before the Military was downsized and cut into, we had an Air Defense Command that was Up and Running and Operational 24-7, 365 days a year with Aircraft sitting on Ready Pads with Engines Running and Pilots Standing By. These Air Defense Commands were strategically located in key spots all over this nation, and anytime that any aircraft, foreign or domestic, civilian or military flew into air spaces not authorized, those planes scrambled to check them out and if they were deemed hostile or that they were putting lives in imminent danger, those planes would be shot down if they did not willingly respond and land in a safe place. End of conversation.

    We have to rebuild our Military, and to do this, we have to stop spending billions and trillions on Welfare and Other Programs that not only do not help anybody, those programs actually destroy lives as they destroy people’s sense of self worth that comes from working for a living and having self respect and dignity.

    Liberty and Justice for Our Own Citizens First, and It does Not Stand For Liberty and Justice For All Lawbreakers Who Enter Our Country Illegally or To Those Who Dare Attack Us In the Cowardly Way That These Islamists Did on September 11, 2001.

    So, you see folks how we can use 9-11 as a day of Thanksgiving for Living In the Greatest Country in the World, and as a Reminder to Our Government That We Will Not Live Under a Dictatorship, and that We Expect Our Government To Provide For The National Defense and Not as a Nanny State that Controls and Regulates Our Every Freedom of Choice and Then Taxes Us For Exercising our Liberties, and as a way to Tell Our Enemies, which right now seems to be Islam that We Will Not Tolerate Attacks on our Nation, and That We will Never Accept Islam as a Mainstream Movement in the USA, and all the Terrorist Acts Being Carried Out in the World Today, including the 9-11 Attack in the USA were carried out by Muslims who Were Following The Dictates of their Founder, Mohammed, that are Contained In The KORAN.

    So, in burning the Koran at our Celebration, we are sending a message to Muslims that we abhor every word of the Koran and it’s founder who dictated the words found in the Koran as a way of expressing his own arrogance, his own hatred for Jews, Christians and Others and as a way of expressing his Sexual Perversions which included the marrying and or raping of small girls as young as age 7, and a religion that gives men the right to not only abuse women, but the right to murder them if they do not comply with his wishes and demands. And, we will not allow Islam to become Mainstream in the USA as the French, British, Germans, and others have done, and have lived and are living to regret the day that they allowed Sharia Law to be practiced at any level in their nations. We will not tolerate Sharia Law in the USA and if Muslims Want To Be U.S. Citizens, they will abide by Our Laws and Customs and not Supplant ours with Their Own Sick and Perverted Sharia Law which is a combination of Law, Government, Politics and Religion that was founded by a mad man.

    So, you see folks, 9-11 can become a Day that Trumps Them All. A day that reminds us of all the things we as a people have taken for granted. Most of us believed the U.S. military was still on the job in areas such as the Air Defense Command, and we found out too late that was not the case. And, since 9-11-01, the Air Defense Command Still Has Not Been Rebuilt. But, our Dear President Obama has said, “We are going to use NASA to reach out to Islam, and to celebrate all the great things Islam has contributed to the Space Program??? What planet is he living on?? And, Obama has said taht our Space Program is going to stop being used fo defense technologies and exploration, but is going to be used mostly for Studying Global Warming and other Green Initiatives.”

    9-11, 2001 was a Wake Up Call, but we fell back asleep and in 2008, we elected a Radical that is destroying the nation and who also apologizes to the Islamic World & Bows To Saudi Kings, who are the Popes of the Muslim World.

    Never Again—-Remember 9-11 and Pray For America to Be Blessed and Delivered from the Incompetence that now is being represented by this president and congress. And, in the future, vote for people who truly love this country but who also have as part of their agenda the belief in Limited Federal Government and the Down Sizing of the Federal Government and putting things such as public education, and other matters back in the hands of local and state governments where they belong and which were the intentions of our founders of the constitution.

    And, demanding the Federal Government Rebuild the National Defense and Military Apparatus that includes Re-Instituting the Air Defense Command, and Demand that the Federal Government Abolish the Nanny State and the Regulatory Bureaucracy that has Destroyed Our Industrial and Manufacturing Base. It was the Industrial and Manufacturing Base in the USA that built this Dynamic Nation and It’s Dynamic Economy That Produced the Greatest Country with the Greatest ability to attain middle class and a good standard of living than any other system or country in the world. We cannot allow any of the Foreign or Domestic Isms or Religions destroy this great nation, as it would also destroy the great people of this great nation.

    We are the greatest nation on earth because our system has allowed for the creation of the culture which I was honored to grow up in. My weekend class reunion and meeting up with my old friends was a reminder of how far down the tubes this nation has gone since our day. We were the Products Of A Great Nation and We had reached the Pinnacle, and we had been blessed, and since that time in 1966, the Federal Government has attained and siezed ever growing power and control and are destroying this great nation, and have almost killed the means of production.

    Our class was the end of the greatest era in the USA, and at the time, we were just young and innocent and thought that America would Continue to Expand in Greatness and Goodness. That is why I call my age and our era, The End Of The Innocence, and along with the Ending of that Innocence, the Federal Government Began It’s Wholesale Assault on We The People and Began the Expansion of the Size, Power and Control of the Federal Government at the Expense of Individual and States’s Rights.

    But, the last time I checked, the Constitution of the USA is still Around as is the Declaration of Indpendence. It is up to We, The People, To Take America Back To Constitutional and Effective Governance.

    This is my 9-11 Declaration.

    Have a Great Day, and Happy Trails–Jerome Ennis

    • Donald R. Megerle

      Have a Great Day, and Happy Trails–Jerome Ennis …. You da man!!!!
      Take America Back To Constitutional and Effective Governance. Go get em!!!

    • BCC

      I approve!

    • Duke

      For a muslim to touch pork is everlasting death…A better effect would be to ‘soak’ them… then pass them out!

    • cheryl

      WHY do you think that a religion is the enemy? Islam did NOT attack us that fateful day. We nearly all lost a dear one on 9/11 and we must remember that many American Muslims lost their lives that day – they died because they were Americans. Being a Muslim has nothing to do with 9/11 and it is a grave error to think so. I am a Christian and know many wonderful Muslim Americans, many whose family roots here in America go back to the 1800s! Hundreds of Muslims were murdered with Christians, Jews and every other religion Americans have a right to practice. The forefathers of this great nation would be sick to see this attack on freedom of religion.
      There is no freedom to be a terrorist, and the terrorists hide behind their religion like so many wack-jobs and killers. Islam is a great religion of peace, that the terrorists perverted. They use a version of the Quran that was “up-dated and CHANGED by Saudi Arabia who we have been “friends” with! The real original Quaran has nothing to do with hate or violence, and innocent Muslims should never be attacked because of 9/11. We are still hunting them, and they ARE condemned by 99% of the Muslim world.
      The Quran and the Bible worship the SAME GOD so please do not confuze that issue. Both worship the same God of Abraham! They loved Jesus and worship the Virgin Mary. Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers/sisters. Much of your Bible is in the Quran as well. Our religion does NOT call for us to hate Muslims. It is against the Biblical teaching. We cannot afford folks to make themselves radicals against a religion; in retaliation to something they did not do. Radical/EXTREMIST/TERRORISTS are the enemy! We can’t resort to acting like extremists OURSELVES to show that is wrong! We are Americans and proud of it! And of our FREEDOMS not hate or bigotry.
      The KKK uses our Bible and twists the words in a similar fashion.
      The “minister” has quite a history of hating Islam but has NEVER READ the Quran! Look at the damage he has done to our troops because no one from the Right spoke out in time. I know a soldier who called home to say “folks here THINK folks still burning Qurans and that many Americans support it!?? It’s like we have done all this work for nothing if @home they are suddenly hating Muslims!!! Troops are in danger, because it is like saying to Christians that Muslims are burning our Bible and very WORD of GOD!!! That is attacking all of Islam badly. We are finishing Iraqi Freedom to free Muslims! Our efforts will be negatively impacted after so many of us sacrificed our lives and limbs. Together we fight terrorists who the regular Muslims DON’T support at ALL! Minister has rights but did the wrong thing for America’s safety, peace and security! The military doesn’t hate Muslims! Since day 1 we knew and were told that by president Bush!!! Bad message. What’s going on???”

      • ValDM

        Do you REALLY believe that malarkey you just spewed??????? Try selling that nonsense somewhere else. On this site, WE KNOW BETTER. If you aren’t part of the solution, then you ARE part of the problem. Muslims want ALL who don’t convert to be dead. The so-called “moderate muslims” you know are simply waiting until the time is right and then, it’s OFF WITH THEIR HEADS”.

        • Karolyn

          I just spent some time yesterday with a woman from New York who has Muslim friends. She told us some hilarious stories about situations they had been in together. They are her good friends, and she had nothing bad to say about them. You simply cannot lump all Muslims together no matter what you say the Koran says. I believe it’s the same with different interpretations of the Bible. World News on ABC is starting a series tonight about the Koran. I, for one, won’t miss it. Of course, you’re gonna respond that ABC is liberal media. Well, why doesn’t Faux News do an unbiased series on the Koran? Fat chance! They don’t want to lose their conservative sheep followers.

          • Ozel01

            I don’t need n unbiased view of the Koran. The Koran is only found in Arabic Scrpit. Arabic Script has been the same since way before the Koran was allegedly given to Mohammed. The Koran also stipulates that it cannot be translated into another language. That is why any translation that does not also have the Arabic is called a Koran Translated ot a Koran Interpreted. I have read the Koran a few times. I know exactly what it says. Additionally, I can look around and see what is going on. I don’t need it filtered through any kind of media lense. Muslims in France, Britain, and Canada 9and possibly other places I have not heard about) are pushing for separate Sharia courts to try Muslims. That is just another step along the path of Sharia law for all. An argument I had with a gentleman in Detriot a month or so ago is really elementary. Suppose we have enough Muslims gain a seat in Congress. Do you really think a majority of Americans would revolt when they vote to move our justice system to Sharia instead of common law? If they got the vote to get them in office, they can do anything they want to do. Unfortunately, I already know our country is doomed. We will be relegated to the dust bins of history as many other nations before us. I know this because the Bible gives us no prominent place in end times prophecy. So, we will fall to something or someone somewhere along the way. Perhaps it will be total subjugation to the UN. What it will be I don’t know. What I do know is that we have been on a failing path for nearly 100 years and we probably aren’t going to take the necessary and painful steps to remedy the situation. We will continue kicking the can down the road for another generation to fix until it can no longer b kicked down the road. Unfortunately, we are probably getting very near that point as we speak. So, yes, Islam did bring the war to our shores. Islam again wants to invoke its victory over us by building a mosque at ground zero. They did so in Isreal with the building of the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount. The did so in Mecca and made Mecca the center of their worship. It is interesting to me that Mohammed would choose Allah as his god. Allah was the moon god of the Arabians. Why would he choose a lesser power? Islam can be viewed in two distinct periods. The first, the Medina period, was a period where Mohammed focused on converting people to Islam. That period of Islam is marked by peace and tolerance. Then there is the second, Mecca period. This is where Mohammed changed tactics and began slaughtering anyone who did not bow down to him and his religion. The same has continued until this day. Even islamic countries that claim to allow freedom of worship don’t really allow it. If you enter into a conversation with anyone about religion and you are simply talking candidly about your faith without trying to convert anyone, the person who you are talking to can often file charges against you and see you sitting in jail for a lengthy period of time, if not being put to death. So, even though Islam started out as a religion of peace, it morphed into a religion of war that has continued to thi day.

      • Karolyn

        Thank you Cheryl. However, unfortunately, we can’t get through to these small minds here.

      • Mombear

        You dont have a clue as to what your talking about and have never read the Quran Or the Bible to make the statements “they worship the same God”

      • Gard

        Where in this world are you from and are you even American?

  • Mercedes

    Interesting article. It seems that to be able to work for Obama a prerequisite is being a tax cheat. So I think that since Obama works for us so in turn those who work for him work for us, We the People/their employer would like to see a least of those that are not paying their taxes. Anyone with me on this?

    • ART

      Yes, Mercedes, I agree with you. We, The People, employer of these above the law, non tax paying elitists do have a right to know who these people are. I think a list of such tax dodgers should be posted by the IRS as public information. But, since the head of IRS, Tim Geithner, Sec. of Treasury, dodges taxes; I guess this is one of the benefits of working for federal government. We, The People, must continue to pay our taxes so these “holier than thou” can continue to be paid for doing such a good job for us. How absurd…how stupid, gullible, and tolerant We, The People, are going to be until we say, enough is enough. I think November 2, 2010 and continue on November 2, 2012 such a message will be heard through out this great country. We are Americans and will not be subservient to any cult or individual’s ideology…even though he thinks he is the anointed one. More absurdity from the elitist. Are you with me on this???

  • SirWilhelm

    Who is leading our government and the main stream media? Obama. And many suspect, and I am convinced, he is a Muslim. In the closet still, but his actions speak louder than his words, which are almost all lies. Muslims, for those of you that still might not know this, are encouraged to lie to non-Muslims, because all non-Muslims are the enemy. One of their biggest lies that they try to perpetuate is one of Obama’s favorites. That we are not at war with Islam. Because they don’t want us being conscious of the fact that Islam is at war with us. While the radicals fight us with terrorist jihad, the rest engage us with dawa, infiltration of our culture and society with Islamic culture and society, and every Muslim has to do their part to further it. As long as we’re lulled into thinking they are all peaceful moderates, if they’re not jihadists, they’re not resisted, and continue on their path to victory. Allah bragged he was the Great Deceiver, would not a Muslim POTUS be his greatest deception?

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Fair Tax…. Fair Tax… Fair Tax… If you don’t know if you are for it or against it, read up on it! Every one will pay the same amount of tax per purchase. You spend less than the millionaires, you pay less. No more taxes to be taken out of your check. It’s all yours to spend or save as you please.

    The IRS has too many loopholes! Abolish the IRS! Abolish all taxes except for the Fair Tax…


      The Fair Tax is regressive. It will load the taxes on the lower income brackets. I am for a flat tax, the elimination of Social Security and Medicare Taxes, the elimination of property taxes, and the institution of tax deductible retirement and medical savings accounts.

    • ART from Little Rock, AR

      Yes, Robin, I agree with you regarding “Fair Tax”. We, The People, must start insisting all our elected representatives push and support this new policy. This would close the Geithner loop hole (dodging taxes)plus eliminating IRS would save 25% (IRS expenses) of funds collected. Plus, We, The People, would save tons of $$$ not having to file income tax returns. Also, this would eliminate such things as back taxes, which now is over $1 billion just on our employees. We, The People, need such a policy NOW!!! Anybody with me on this???

      • Bill from N.C.

        “Right on Art” Tell your congressman to support H-R 25 in January.

    • RivahMitch

      Sorry. I don’t buy the “Fair tax” concept. I don’t give a damn about its being “regressive” (now there’s a liberal/progressive “code word” for you.) I oppose it because, as has been demonstrated in Europe, most people are too dumb to appreciate that it’s the government taking their money as opposed to the manufacturers/sellers of the goods or services purchased. I do favor a “Flat Tax” paid by everyone because the result is that everyone pays and everyone has a stake in reducing government and tax rates that they can readily see.

    • alpha-lemming

      Flat tax…. end withholdings…. and move elction day to April 16th.

  • Bob

    this story is about taxes not Muslims. Why are people so afraid of them?


      I wonder why? Have you read the Quran? They have vowed to kill on non believers since their inception as a Military Cult.

    • mr

      There way of thinking is cruel, barbaric and evil. They do all this praying and then can turn around and do what they call “honor killings”—to their own family. They want to instill their beliefs
      of Islam onto America. I will be one of thier biggest infidels because I hate everything about them. I WILL DIE FIRST BEFORE I

      I saw a video that showed Americans joining the Muslims. Surely, no ones life is so bad that the answer would be to turn to the Muslims.

      • 45caliber

        A lot do join the Muslims – because Islam does not believe in “turning the other cheek”. In fact, it says that if someone does something to you, you should hit back harder than you were hit – and then be ready to accept the other person’s appology and request for peace. Some are even going to the point of attacking you because they know you will be upset and attack them after they attack you. It is the fastest growing religion in prisons now.

    • chick

      because they are like the goverment.. a bunch of suth sayer’s.. speak with forked,well you get the drift.. lie lie lie…

      • Bob L

        sooth, does it, as in forsooth :-)

    • Charles

      Get a copy of the Koran and read it. has copies for $7.00 + shipping. Don’t stay blind concerning a dark religion which purpose is to destroy all who do not believe they way they do.

    • Craig

      Because any people that have such ugly women that they need to keep them covered to not scare the populace is a people you need to be
      afraid of…lol

      • 45caliber

        Actually I think they keep them covered up because they don’t think it is fair that some father could sell off his beautiful daughter with no problems but might have to pay someone to take his ugly one. So they hide the faces of the women and sell them to the highest bidder.

      • Karolyn

        I guess you’ve never seen how beautiful most of the Islamic women are. Actually, most of the pictures I’ve seen show them all to be good-looking people.

        • 45caliber

          A lot of them are – for about 2 years when they are fourteen or so. But it is very hard to tell when they cover everything up.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          now surely you jest!! There is no race of people that ALL are good looking!!! I know, now you will tell me you didn’t mean all, If you didn’t then don’t say it!!

    • 45caliber


      You asked why people were afraid of Muslims. I don’t believe that people are actually afraid of them (yet) but they are wary of them. Primarily because a number of them are doing their best to kill as many people as they can all over the world and promising to kill even more. You aren’t paranoid if people really are out to kill you.

      • Karolyn

        Where are the multitudes of Muslims out killing people. It is only a comparative handful.

        These responses are not lining up right.

        • Garry Bowman

          Karolyn your statement about chnging the words in the HOLY BIBLE is dangerous ground to tread on. Go to Revelations the last chapter and see what it says about adding to or detracting from the words therein. Go back in history to the crusades lotsa heads got lopped off in the name of a holy was. Wake up kid. These poepl want to dominate the world and will kill to do it,plus they have patience. They’ve been at this for over 2000 (2) thousand years

          • Karolyn

            The nebulous “They”. You will never convince me, nor do I believe you really believe that all Muslims are out to get us. It is simply not true! I do not personally know any Muslims, but I know people who do and say they are good friends and good people who are not extremists. My niece married one this past July, and he is a wonderful guy. His family was great, and we had a lot of fun together at the wedding. His father is originally from Iran and came here many years ago. Where did I talk about changing the words in the Bible? Maybe I was talking about translations, of which there are more than one, each taking different verses and coming up with different words.

          • MSSouth

            Karolyn, do you believe that Christians live by every word of the Bible? If you do, then you need to believe that all muslins live by every word of the koran. In so saying, when the koran tells them to convert or kill all infidels, believe me that is what they believe. I think you are being very foolish to bet your life and the lives of your loved ones on what other people tell you about so called moderate muslins. I think being muslin is like being pregnant, there is not half way!!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          since, from your talk you seem to have some second sight to be able to tell which ones are murderers and which ones aren’t please do tell me which ones are!!! Next time my wife has to fly on business, will you fly with her so she can use your second sight to know if any of the four or five that are usually on her flight are or not??? ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID????

    • Karolyn

      Because they’re paranoid. No matter where the discussion starts, it always comes back to Muslims. Small minds.

  • Stephen

    About the only thing I agree with here is to get out and vote.
    What difference does it make who the threat is. This country has a long history of control by violence and coercion at home and abroad. We also have a long history of corrupt legislation and no moral compass. We have a long history of religious intolerance.
    When are we going to finally come round to respecting other peoples choices?


      When they come around to respecting mine.

    • James

      The Apostle John (whom Jesus loved) wrote (2 John 9-11): “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”
      John, here, was speaking mostly of Jewish imposters among them who had denied that Jesus was the Messiah and brought about His death…but…

      • Karolyn

        Yeah, yeah, James but, but, but. Change the Bible to suit your purposes.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you mean like your little friend above, Tinkerbell who says that the muslims and Christians worship the same God even unto loving Jesus??? you two are the biggest fools on this thread!!

  • Charlie ORoark

    This has got to be the greatest article I have read Jerome Ennis. Thank You so much for writing it. I just wish you would hae written it before 9-11 and inspired more than this one preacher to burn the Koran. They burn our Flag all over the globe on a daily basis and we don’t go balistic and maybe we should. We are too easy going and accept this behaviour, I guess it’s supposed to be political correct but we’ve got to change that NOW! WE THE PEOPLE of this GREAT NATION have got to band together and do something NOW before it is too late!! Get out and VOTE and don’t just vote Democrate or Republican because that is the way you (or your parents) have always voted! Listen to what the people you are choosing are saying!!! VOTE FOR THE PERSON BEST SUITED FOR THE JOB!!!! Don’t just vote to vote!!

  • JoeH

    We need to get congress back to representing US. We need to stop the spending and get our debt paid off. I know there are those who get into debt over their heads, but some of us are wiser than that. America cannot afford to give away health care to Illegals. This administration is destroying us. Lets vote them out and pressure them to use wisdom. Which has been completely lacking in this administration.

  • John C

    Tolerance only applys if it is a secular progressive idea or thought.
    They are really the people bringing this country down to their narrow minded, intolerant views.
    Remeber November! It comes a rolling.
    Start now to get out the vote.

  • darlene

    what a great voice for America, Greyhawk! I’m with you 100% and I believe all Americans with half a brain on up are also with you. We can’t worry about the rest, they will just enjoy the benefits when we take our country back, without even knowing how close we were to being destroyed by these radical, leftist, marxist, muslim sympathizing, capitalist haters.

  • Bill from N.C.

    “Right on Robin” The Fair Tax should be law of the land.We had this regressive tax since 1913,and its time for a “Change” to turn this country around.Thanks to President H.W.Bush for bring it up and President Clinton for signing NAFTA for the lost jobs in this country.Tell Congress to bring “H-R 25″ The Fair Tax Act to the floor for a vote when the new Congress comes in on January 2011.Go to Fair to see how your congressmam is a co-sponser or not.

  • jcarroll

    Well said Jerome Ennis. Did we gain our independence by being cowards?? And keep it so far?? We should make it a legal holiday with your suggestions like we celebrate the 4th of July. Pig BBQ and Koran burnings all across the country the same day. You can’t appease a mad dog. He will still bite you. But make him afraid and he will leave with his tail between his legs. Religion?? NOT!! A whole and forced way of life A cult.

  • http://gmail i41

    Flat tax is the way to go, but our only hope is to make sure everyone pays a share. Think of the lawyers and accountants that would have to chace ambulances and bocome book makers. Only if enough new people in Washington get to put pressure and force a new way forward on fairness even if just taxes. Just remember if a democrat says they see the light, they need to be told when was that ever true.

  • Bill from N.C.

    Until the 16th Admendment is abolish,the Fair Tax will not work.

    • James

      I agree with Bill, here, repealing the 16th Amendment would remove its exception to Art. I, Sec. 9, Cl. 4: “No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken.”

  • Gene Weist

    I, Like most citizens of this nation, have been wondering when our government would wake up to what is going on in our homeland and stop worrying about what is going on abroad. We can no longer worry about the welfare abroad while the situation at home is at jeopardy.
    The laws of this nation pertain to all that preside here and should be the same for all. If some group doesn’t agree to these laws or live under different laws they should go where their laws are practiced, not try to change our laws to their satisfaction and if they can’t live in harmony with people of other religions they should leave.

  • jim anonio

    Were is this info coming from? Its hard to digest.Help

  • Chloe Foster

    What a sad inditment against these elitist who feel they are above the law, and tax laws only apply to us lowly working class peasants. Shame, shame on them! Pure unadulterated, unAmerican, leftist, evil.

    • Karolyn

      Just like Republican nominee for Gov. of SC. She’s an accountant and a tax dodger.

      • Claire

        Yes, the tax dodgers are coming out of the woodwork. I heard of another one today.

  • Thomas Avery Blair EA

    Too bad so few “Main Street” wage earners have never read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” that exposes the original plan way back in 1910 to fleece middle-income American wealth away from those who work. Pity the folks deprived of any real hope of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ahd into the pockets that don’t work and consume entitlements just for drawing breath, governmental “leaders” and the banking cartels (including those on Wall Street) and a select (small) group of others.

    They (the millionaire/bankers) planned it out very well i 1910 and their plan is exactly on schedule in 2010!

    I’ve “hunkered down”, living well below my means, buying only what I actually need; cashed in my IRA and savings, and most of my checking balance, and bought “survival silver”; bullets for my (legal) concealed weapons; water purification tablets; canned and dry goods for my pantry and a stock of essential medications.

    You may think me a crackpot, but frankly I really don’t care. I’m doing what I think I must to insure that my family and I survive the Obama Administration for as long and as well as I possibly can. I hope I’m 100% wrong but I’m prepared for the worse and hoping for the best possible.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

    • James

      Thomas, I agree, if the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the 16th Amendment of 1913, had been later repealed, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  • jimmy joe

    the other morning,i watched the obama media,ask newt gingrich,as a former majority leader does he have some sound advice,for john boehner,if he becomes majority leader.and shouldn’t john boehner stop gridlocking,and obstructing the presidents agenda’s,quit listening to those tea party types.newt,who has for the last 10,or 15 years has been more of a groupie for leftist like hillary(i want my birka)clinton;)who was a cheerleader for barack obama,in the early stages when most of us other than establishment republicans,saw him ,and his economic terrorism,political agenda,party,and pundents for who,and what they are.newt,with his typical talking out of both sides of his mouth.depending on whatever audience he’s addressing.basically gave his advice,for john immediately call president obama,and tell him,mr. president what can the republican party,do to; “kiss your ass;”not surprisingly the very next day. john boehner,after a month of lies,and hate speeches against this country,and john boehner,does what this man with no vision,or character,newt gingrich tells him to president the republican establishment is more in line with you,than the taxpayers,teaparty,and especially those bible believing christians,who are our you mr. president we want a bigger party,full of benedict arlin spectors,and gov,charlie i’ll be your judas iscariot crist,not a purer party like,calvin coolidge,and ronald reagan;and of course as the gop never fails to the liberals victory,in the jaws of defeat.john boehner tells the president i’ll be your waterboy,and sign on to another unread,tax credit(welfare check)for the so-called middle class,that will only benefit unions,illegal immigrants,and al gore’s ponzi schemes(global warming)green jobs,that will be redistributed to the use to sue the american taxpayer for human rights violations,and racism,against innocent drug dealers,sex traffickers,murderers,rapist,child molesters,and terrorist that are future democrat constituients,journalist,educators,aclu lawyers,and politicians;and what establishment republicans,will be inviting to the gop.with their talking points spin of we need a bigger more godless,lawless,republican party,not a purer republican party.those that claim that,will always cross the aisle,and sell america down the drain,to please anyone that will boost their ego,their celebrity,resources,and power,the same despise those like sarah palin,because she speaks truth to power,seperates the wheat from the chaff,shoots from the hip,instead of the talking points spin,that both parties are famous for.for the same reason they despise rush limbaugh,mark levinn,sean hannity,and ann coulter.they carry truth,vision,priorities,honor,and morals,to the debate while liberals and bigger party not purer party republicans,carry talking points spin,division,corruption,and special interest,how much for your children,your life,and your liberty,and your soul,politicians;we are all waiting for the democrat october suprise;it’s the same one as always,the republican party bows to the alter of the democrats as they can’t seem to ever handle being in charge,of this country.proof’s in the pudding;dems have had full control of congress for 60,out of the last 70 years;bending over backwards to suck-up to the progressive liberal marxist communist socialist,movement its way past time for the cross the aisle.what will i get for my district,if i help you liberals destroy the constitution,republicans,to find a new occupation;maybe bank robbery,or cash for flunkies,pimps,and prostitution,advisors guide for dummies,novelist;or how about just moving to north korea,i hear they are looking for new leaders that legislate,and govern as you do;exploit the innocent,and law abiding,while advancing,the lawless,and the corrupt;jimmy joe;”the liarfryer”

  • Miner49er

    It reminds of the fictional character Napoleon Pig from Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

  • True Born

    Bill, the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified! No need to abolish, just relegate it to the scrap heap where it belongs!

    Fair Tax or Flat Tax? Whichever you choose. I resigned from the IRS in 1992 and have kept ALL my money since then. The IRS is an illegal and unconstitutional entity. If everyone stopped participating at once, the problem would be solved! A fairer method would be instituted immediately. The job of the Federal Government is to deliver the mail and defend the borders – PERIOD! It isn’t doing the job with the borders, and e-mail & FedEx is doing the mail delivery. That leaves defending the borders. Get busy with that, and pass the same immigration laws that Mexico has on the books! Mexico has a lot of room to talk about OUR immigration laws!! Read theirs and see what TOUGH really is….

  • http://N/A H.D. Hemmings

    It is interesting to think that taxes have nothing to do with Muslims, especially when there is serious doubt about the man in the white house. Obama is a communist who hates the United States, and he is hell bent on destroying it. Read Cloward and Pevin and you’ll understand completely. Obama grew up an angry black man and has learned through his parents, grandparents, mentors, college professors, friends, and associates to hate the United States. He simply doesn’t want to believe there is anything good about the country. His parents, teachers, mentors, and friends have all been radicals and communists. Look up Van Jones and read about Obama’s friend and czar. Look up Eric Holder and see why we have never tried the teroorists who planned 9 – 11. My God, why don’t people read about this man and his methodology. He wants to destroy the country and is making every effort to do so. Go out and vote in November and take many of your friends to the polls with you. Without a substantial change in D.C., our country will not survive as we know it.

    • eddie47d

      The masterminds of 9/11 were not tried because they were educated by the Whahabis of Saudi Arabia and they are untouchable.

    • Karolyn

      Yes, you absolutely know all these lies are true. It must be nice getting the real word straight from God, who is the only being that knows what is true and what is not.

  • Manuel

    Waha, waha, waha, what a bunch of cry babies,where were you when G.W. was blowing out the economy with his made up wars? By the way take a look at other countries, is it really that bad? You never had it so good

    • Sandy

      Oh, where were you on 9/11? Head in the sand it sounds like!

    • Craig

      I bet you have no clue if some of people on this board where he also complaining about Busch’s liberal spending sprees. Got news for you, all wars are “made up”. Fact is the rags needed a good can of whoop arse opened on them. The middle east has been the source of most of the grief the world has had to endure for many many years. Bush was not gonna take it any more.

      • Karolyn

        The problem is the people of the Middle East are so beaten down they can’t stand up for themselves.

        • Craig

          Awwww..maybe we should go over their and give them a hug.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Why I’m sure that Karolyn would just love to do just that!!! I’m sure, also that she would love wearing a cloth over her face and cow-towing to a man all day!!

        • Ozel01

          Beaten down?!?!?!?!?! ROTFLMAO!!!! And just how much time have you spent in the middle east? I have spent more than six yearss in the region. They aren’t beaten down. They are just mad because the whole world hasn’t converted to Islam.

          • Karolyn

            You cannot tell me that people who are being killed and threatened on a daily basis and have lived with this for a long time are not beaten down! If they weren’t beaten down, they would rebel against the fundamentalists and Taliban who are doing the killing, and we wouldn’t have to fight for them. The afghan people don’t want the Taliban back; and is the Taliban not off-the-wall fundamentalists? Everyone talks about Muslims like they’re animals. They are God’s children just like us. They love and hurt and hunger just like us. The more hate and anger you spread, the worse it gets. What you dwell on manifests.

    • 45caliber

      You remind me of the Congressman who said he couldn’t understand why the people in the US were upset about a simple 5% tax increase. After all, we paid less than the people of most other countries do.

      Of course it MIGHT be that we don’t want to end up like those citizens of other countries – barely getting enough food to feed their families IF they are lucky.

    • dan az

      Man u el liter it
      I’m sure there is enough people here to give you a flight ticket to what ever country you are from or want to go to.So please take us up on it!

  • Merl

    Wonder what would happen if we, the small people, did not pay our taxes? We’d be sent to the Hausgaol; that is what.

    • 45caliber

      They would also seize everything we own including the clothing on our backs. As Clinton remarked one time, “It is easy to control people when you have the power to take everything they have. Once you do that, they can only try to find enough food to live on and don’t have time to cause you trouble.”

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      If everybody refused to pay their Fed taxes what could they do ? There is not enough jails to lock up everyone and the courts would be buried for decades with proccessing. sounds like a plan

  • Merl

    Because our leader has put us in a weak position, closet radical Imams are now allowed to dictate that we build mosques at the sites where they believe they conquered us. If we do not build we face threats of mass deaths. At least when Bush was in the Muslims would never boss us this way. Will they next demand Sharia law under pain of death? If we continue to bow to them, yes.

    • Karolyn

      Paranoia at work.

      • Ozel01

        Your stupidity at work.

        • Karolyn

          Right back atcha!

  • Charles

    What would IRS do if 100 million tax payers refused to pay taxes until the Washington crowd paid their taxes and Obama stopped the tax increases? Do you think Obama would get the message that the Boston Tea Party is relevant today? Or would he keep his head in the sand, refusing to listen to the needs of the USA citizens. (I said “USA citizens” because it seems he is too busy listening to the needs of non Americans both foreign and domestic.)

    • Craig

      Oidiot would just give his buddies money to pay from the un-used stimulus money.

  • Kaye Smart

    The capitol hill staffers, federal employees, and Obama’s aides need to pay their taxes with interest and resign now. They do not deserve the vote of the American citizens who pay taxes. Term limits 2010!!!

    • Craig

      I say they all have to pay their back taxes and do the honorable thing and commit Seppeku.

      • 45caliber

        I agree. And if they don’t, someone should help them – just as they did in Japan.

    • Christin

      Hey, if the government cheats don’t pay their back taxes by April 10th (or sooner), I say we ALL shouldn’t pay any federal taxes –period. Cut the feed trough off… that’ll cut gov. spending immediately and the national deficet won’t grow either!

      PS. Make queen Nanc pay the taxpayers back her five figure plane trips since she’s been speaker… that should about pay down a billion or two, ya think?

      PSS And freeze or lower congressional pay till they get a balanced budget… that should save another billion or two, ya think?

      Shoot we can get this paid off in no time if we cut the piggies loose.


    Every one should be paying their taxes, it cost a lot of money to run this nation, we love good roads, police departments to protect us, military to protect us, court systems to hear our arguements, firemen to come when we call, it goes on and on. We have overspent ourselves and now we are going to have to pay up. We gave tax cuts and lost billions, got into a war of choice and spent billions, gave tax breaks and tax money to companies to move our jobs from the USA, who do you think is going to pay for all this, tax payers. Complain all you want about Obama and whine you think he is a muslim, probably the whiners who thinks he is a muslim is muslim themselves and are trying to get him to admit something he is not. We played the game of “War President”, now it is time to pay.

    • Craig

      Yeah that’s it just pay and keep our mouths shut. Nobody in this country should ever have to pay no more than 15% of his money total on taxes. We are over taxed enough. Time for the blood suckers to get back to the government the founders envisioned. The constitution lists the powers and authority the government shall have and they have over stepped that by leaps and bounds. It is precisely this over stepping and bloated government that is taking OUR money. Time for it to be whittled down to what the constitution says it is supposed to be. We can always set up charities to help those that cannot take care of themselves.

      Got news for you genius, tax cuts where given to businesses not so they could leave but to stay and hire more employees. Businesses cannot stay in business when they are forced, buy unions, to pay exorbitant wages and pensions. Businesses cannot stay in business when they are forced to pay huge $$$ to comply with over burdensome regulations. Taxes breaks are nice, but are a small piece of the heavily anti-business environment the libs have set up for businesses.

      • Christin

        God only asks for 10%.

        I’d say gov ain’t no where close to being like God… give ‘em 5% and tell them to live at home more and no need to make so many stupid laws and regulations to improve on a great Constitution and it’s Amendments. If they were home more and not in DC we’d probably have LESS problems…AMEN?!

      • 45caliber

        I’m like Ray Stevens. If 10% is good enough for the church, it should be good enough for the government.

    • 45caliber

      Think About:

      I have no trouble paying taxes for things like roads, schools, hospitals, etc. But I have a LOT of trouble paying for things like ‘bridges to nowhere’, pork designed to reelect someone, payments to party supporters, and sheer government waste! Everyone could easily have their taxes cut in half and still have more money coming in than the government could spend IF they were actually kept from spending on this waste.

      • Christin

        Thought about it…
        and agree with it.
        Make it so, 45caliber!

  • Sandy

    Why is it that IRS employees must file and pay all taxes or they will be fired. This rule is called 1203b and all IRS employees are familiar with it. Why wasn’t our Sec. of the Tres. held up to the same standard? Why aren’t all Federal Employees? It’s time to sweep these cheats out of Washington!!!!!!!

    • 45caliber

      Agree. And that means all the bureaucrats who aren’t elected and don’t pay taxes as well. Every one caught not paying should be fired and prevented from ever holding another public job the rest of their lives.

    • Jacob

      AMEN!!! Could not have said it better myself! Did you know part of your taxes goes to the study of exotic ants….? Come on now!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Almost a million of the stimulus money was sent to Africa to teach men how to properly wash up after sex!!! Boy, THAT sure helped stimulate our economy!!!!

  • John

    All of us peons should ask for the elitist title like our so called government representatives. Then we will pay no taxes, our taxes will be paid by the hard working legal Americans. Sick of this spread the wealth reasoning by our so called representatives. It is no longer a government by the people and for the people, it is by the elitists for the elitists.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Let me tell you about “fair-share”. -
    Higher-income groups earn a disproportionate share of pretax income and pay a disproportionate share of federal taxes. In 2007, the highest quintile earned 56 percent of pretax income and paid 69 percent of federal taxes, while the top 1 percent of households earned 19 percent of income and paid 28 percent of taxes. In all other quintiles, the share of federal taxes was less than the income share. The bottom quintile earned 4 percent of income and paid less than 1 percent of taxes, while the middle quintile earned 13 percent of income and paid 9 percent of taxes.

    • 45caliber

      The sad thing is that none of the libs will believe you – even though you are quoting government data.

  • eddie47d

    The wealthy have abused their trust in the American people. Whether it’s corporate greed,bonuses for failure,or ridiculous CEO salaries. They have pulled the wool over our eyes for for decades now. Their abhorrent lifestyles and their lack of producing meaningful jobs (while tax breaks were in place) has got to come to an end. THEY also need to be replaced with businessmen and women who put America first,not just making their own pockets deeper. I have no trouble with taking away tax breaks for the wealthy. They don’t deserve them! We have a double edge sword that is cutting us. We need to reduce big government and put an end to corporate elitist greed.

    • s c

      E, you won’t say it, so I’ll say it for you (no thanks needed). This prez [Herr Obummer] needs to be spanked for being rich. He needs a serious dose of humiliation for daring to be rich and in the White House.
      He needs to be seen as ‘The Anointed Pretender’ who went to Washington to divide America. He needs to be outsourced to any country that has low enough standards to accept him. One his best day, this prez is a puppet. He needs to be outed for being in the back pocket of corporations.
      Don’t you feel better now, E? Your conservative membership card IS IN THE MAIL! *(sorry, no more checks for sending in progressive-leaning feedback)*

    • Craig

      “Their abhorrent lifestyles and their lack of producing meaningful jobs (while tax breaks were in place) has got to come to an end.”

      Their lifestyles isn’t any of your damn business, nor mine or anybody elses. And to say the rich do not produce meaningful jobs is insanely ignorant. Bill Gates hasn’t produced any meaningful jobs? Maybe you should tell his employees that seeing as how you know the rich are not producing squat.

      • Karolyn

        Well, Craig, they are making more and more money now and not doing any hiring. Many of the large corporations are doing very well. they don’t care about we little people. And they should. We ae our brother’s keeper!

  • Bob L

    Who, in the name of Oz, did the Obama administartion give that 800+ billion dollars of incentive to? The Federal Reserve? If it wasn’t carefully spread amongst the small banking institutes, who has that gigantic pile of loot? Smaller banks can’t/will not loan out to small and medium business if they don’t have it to give and are very concerned over what the lord and master will do next.

    • 45caliber

      I have not seen the entire list of spending with the ‘stimulus’ money, but I now a substantial amount was given to several unions who supported Dems, ACORN (which they had to recind), and other such groups. The money that went to banks went to the really big ones only – and most of that was written off as profits for the stockholders. As far as I can tell, none of it has ever actually gone into anything that might help the economy or the poor. It was basically used to payoff the Dem supporters.

  • 45caliber

    I have to agree with this one! In fact, I would like to have mandatory audits of all elected and appointed officials by the IRS every year – and if any of them show up not paying their taxes twice, they are charged and sent to prison for it. Further, I would like the IRS, when they find one of these characters not paying, would actually try to collect instead of writing it off and going after the working man who generally tries to pay correctly.

  • Da Norseman

    By extending the Bush tax cuts, this may be a deterrent to these greedy politicians who are pocketing the money rather than put it to good use. Look at Charlie Rangel! Look at John Kerry! They are among the tax cheats in Washington getting rich off our backs and not paying their fair share, which is the reason why Kerry is avoiding having to pay Massachusetts taxes by registering his yacht in Rhode Island. Obama is just as guilty by exempting his staff from paying their fair share.

    No wonder there is so much tax evasion going on by the same crooked politicians who support higher taxes. It’s time to audit them!

  • linda

    The Blame Bush theme is so tired and old. The speding Obama does is even older than that. We are fed up. Stupid people should stop and think for a change. Id they are poor do they run out and spend more? No. These rich fat cats in Washington who do not listen all need a tar and feathering of old. I know that won’t happen today but we can vote them out. Sure everyone deserves a tax break. The so called rich are the ones who hire us. If they are paying to much taxes don’t look for a job soon. How many times have we called for them to stop spending. They choose to spend way beyond our means so let them repay the money. I say vote them out. The republicans are saying no because that is what We The People want. While Obama has put drillers out of work in the gulf by way of his moratoriam he has okayed a loan from the United States to a mrxican company to drill in the gulf. While he is making arms deals with Russia to get rid of bombs and mass weapons he is selling The United Arab Emirates and slew of planes and all sorts of arms. Just who will they use them on in the future. Does past arms sells not show Washington anything. Please wake up people before our banks go bust and we owe every nation in the free world and have solds arms to so many countries we get blowed away ourselves. Are we awake yet?

  • linda

    I once watched a video about muslums in Up State New York learning to fight and how to slit throats. You can still google and see it if you search for slit throats and up state new york. These were muslums. Far be it from me to say who is more dangerous between these people and those christians they arrested in Michigan but I am not afraid of christians. Check it out and see for yourself.

    • denniso

      Do you forget that the Christian Tim McVeigh incinerated a couple hundred little kids in their day care while doing their schoolwork and beginning the day? How about the Christians who tortured and killed Mathew Sheppard because he was gay?
      Evil does not know arbitrary boundaries,religious or political.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        And you know they are Christians how??? show me proof! and not the national inquirer!!!

        • denniso

          Something like 95% of Americans believe in God…85% call themselves Christian. The majority of criminals and terrorists in this country are Christian because that’s what most people are, so it’s an educated
          guess that McVeigh and the other scum were Christian.

          • renee

            Christians are supposed to follow Christ, Muslims to follow Mohammad. There is a difference, Christians who murder are sinning in a grievous way.

  • Diana

    Now I hear rumblings about a 1% transaction tax on every bank transaction you have.

  • http://gmail i41

    Karo;yn. your canary brain over loaded your alligator vent called your mouth. eddie47 told you a fact on the muslims from saudia arabia, they were waahaabis and are untouchables. That is a deal made with the king and the ideological mislim nut jobs. Kings can stay in power if no body defangs the sect. I see why you need to go back to school, this time quit eating the glue and chew pens. eddie told you something true and your liberal jackassesd mind stayed shut tighter than a worms eye.

    • denniso

      i41…can’t you try just once to be civil on this uncivil site? Especially when talking to a woman? You’re a disgrace as a man.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Yeah, i41 can’t you be civil to denniso???

  • Karolyn

    I wasn’t responding to Eddie47. Why don’t you put on your glasses i41. Is that the reason your spelling and grammar is so bad? Seriously, I can barely understand what you write. However, after reading it, I wish I didn’t understand any of it!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      too bad they don’t make glasses for the mind, then they could help YOU!!

  • Jacob

    Americans!!!! This is the problem with our country we can’t even be civil on here, always have to blame one party or the other… They are almost all wrong Rep and Dem and they have us side tracked arguing with one another instead of holding our GOVERNMENT as a whole responsible. Its not just the $831k owed from Obama’s staff its the $9.3 million from all from all of them on capital hill. I don’t care what party you are if you as citizen owed a fraction of that your bank accounts and assets would be levied!! Yet many of you on here are only interested in blaming or pointing out one side or the other. I know its extreme but I’m with those that want to take em all out of there and start over with true American citizens that care about this country not their party or their wallets!! If only we could get out of their one side vs the other and come together as Americans and demand our Government work for us, our American party would well out number the Rep and Dems on the hill. We should seriously all consider re-registering as independents free of one party or the other and make a strong statement that we aren’t voting for you just for your party but instead we don’t care your party show us your going to work for US!! If they say they will and don’t then they will have no chance in getting re elected! Bottom line… Screw Dem and Rep alike if they are not willing to put you, me, my family and AMERICA as first priority over the big business that funded them, their own non paying taxes pockets and even the “party” they are may be tied to.

  • Martin

    We do not need more or “better” laws or managers. The original Constitution with the Bill of Rights, if adhered to is enough. We The People can handle the details of our lives quite nicely. The Supreme Court does not seem to understand Property Rights. They also don’t seem to understand the Bill of Rights as the Law for the Federal Government. As stated earlier, the Federal Government has limited duty’s, spelled out in the Constitution. Hold them to it and only it. For 60 years we’ve had a war on poverty (how’s that going?), for 40 years a war on drugs (prohibition has never worked except to empower the criminals both on the street and in our government agencies), for 9 years we’ve had 2 foreign shooting wars. When our government “employees” take their oath of office, they swear to defend and protect the Constitution of The United States of America. If they make “laws” that violate the Bill of Rights or vote for such rules, why is this not Treason? In war, is Treason not a capital offense? While the misunderstanding of the Federal Governments role and duty’s by the voting public has been dominant for over a hundred years, maybe capping those guilty of this treason would be too extreme. Still, treason against the Constitution is what has allowed this mess, both economically and socially. The world seems to hate us, but not for a lifestyle or religion, but for the hypocritical nature and the missed promise of our Bill of Rights and the lax control of our government. It does not take too much of a historian to see that most of our “wars” and foreign incursions throughout the past 120 years have been for the benefit of special interests that want to use our military to protect their corporate efforts to control and exploit other peoples property and resources. National security, right! Government sponsored monopolistic control of markets and industry is what stifles innovation and immagination (we still use internal combustion engines and associated fuels after how many wars to control or protect such archaic technology?)
    The transition from this socialism towards a true free market economy will be difficult. The transition from this nanny state and reliance on government for law looks to be impossible as long as people still believe that we simply need to have better managegment without adherance to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as written.
    In a Free society, disagreement and opposing views should and would be the norm. As long as the law is essentially to “Do All You Have Agreed To Do and Do Not Encroach On Other Persons Or Their Property”, society will be fine.
    While I think it is obvious that President Reagan sold out his administration to big government and the big moneyed interests, he was correct when he said that “government is not the solution, government is the problem”.
    Most of the people on this blog understand this, so I echo the sentiment, we must control the 535 people that actually make the rules. I personally thought the 08′ election was the “camels back”. Voting in Nov. to oust those who won’t or can’t follow the Constitution is a must (allways has been, but we can’t go back).

  • John

    Those working government jobs are paid with taxes collected from those not working for the government.
    Unlike those in the private sector, people in government jobs don’t pay taxes. They just return a small portion of the taxes they received from the private sector.

    • Denniso

      So, you want a society w/ no gov’t jobs? Everything should be privatised? Would you include soldiers and military contractors in your ‘gov’t jobs? Police, firemen,sewage plant operators? You want to get rid of them all? Privatise the military? NO society has functioned
      at all for centuries w/o gov’t jobs because smarter people have found out that the ‘market’ can’t or won’t do some things needed by modern societies.
      Gov’t workers do pay taxes,it doesn’t matter where their salary comes from,they individually pay just like others.
      Except for the working poor and lower middle class, your taxes are essentially figured into your salary as a cost and what you are left w/ is more than enough to survive and usually flourish. Especially in the case of the rich, there is no actual tax burden since the disposable income remaining to people above,say $100,000-$150,000, basically rules out any ‘burden’ of taxes. If someone can do pretty much what they like w/ money,work,leisure time,retirement, they are hardly burdened. The only real ‘tax burden’ falls on people at lower income levels where a lack of money dictates every choice every day of their lives. Think about it before going off half cocked…

  • Tim Anderson

    DON’ DELETE THIS! Your site has a lot of great stuff. I hate to even mention IRS, but if you have tax problems there are only two guys that even count? Check them out. They will take care of you and your readers!


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