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The Calcium Wave: A Miracle for Me!

January 7, 2009 by  

The Calcium Wave: A Miracle for Me!

I have studied nutrition for years, but I think that my study of the calcium wave is my most satisfying to date. Moreover, I consider my experience with the calcium wave nothing less than a miracle. Most people live a lifetime and never see or experience a miracle of any kind. The point being that this calcium wave information can be your miracle the same as mine. I couldn’t wait to share my miracle with you!

For the last several years I have had what I term a subclinical infection, and I suspect that this condition plagues millions of people and becomes terminal in the form of pneumonia, cancer, heart disease and so on and so on. The implications are legion in my view.

Medical journals from around the world, from Scandinavia, Europe and the United States, substantiate the existence and the powerful presence of the calcium wave in protecting the body against infectious disease.

However, the calcium wave could not be observed with the human eye until Howard R. Petty, Ph.D., professor and biophysicist at the University of Michigan Health System’s Kellogg Eye Center demonstrated that high-speed imaging techniques enabled him to merge knowledge of physics with cell and molecular biology.

He uses high sensitivity fluorescence imaging with shutter speeds 600,000 times faster than video frames. High-speed imaging enabled researchers to actually see the movement of calcium waves. The calcium wave images resemble the movement of a comet across the night sky.

Back to my personal story: My life situation more revolved around my subclinical infection than around my all-important study. Doctors didn’t have a clue. All they could do was prescribe antibiotics of many and varied potencies. I can tell you that they were of no effect. This is to say nothing of my nutritional protocol, which I take religiously. I was apprehensive that with my best information and effort, all was to no effect.

Indeed I was taking calcium lactate in powder form regularly. Then, as in a flash, it occurred to me that I possibly was not taking enough calcium. I knew full well that lack of calcium was conducive to illness and fever at all ages from a teething baby to mature seniors.

Again, my environment demonstrated my infection problem. My wife had four boxes of tissue—everywhere I sat or lay—and equally as many nasal sprays and one or two in my car. I really had not had relief from constantly expectorating infected blobs of mucus in many months. I considered this to be serious. I was unexcited about taking more calcium, but decided to do it anyway.

Well, I took three tablespoons of calcium lactate powder in water, motivated by desperation. Within 12 hours all signs and symptoms of my tormenting infection was totally gone after a multitude of months of discomfort. I intend to stay on this protocol indefinitely for continued relief. No, I couldn’t believe it and yes, I thought this was too simple to work such a miracle. But the chemistry and science of calcium therapy is conclusive and powerful.

Remember please that 99 percent of our body calcium is in our bones. It is the one percent that has to do with the pathology of infection and the calcium wave. This story all takes place within the human cell. For this action to occur, we must have a supply of ionic or diffusible calcium preferably from calcium lactate or calcium citrate.

The calcium wave sends signals to key players in the immune response. The calcium wave is a stream of calcium ions coming into the cell. As a cell membrane begins to surround its pathogen target, two calcium waves begin to circulate. When the target is completely surrounded, one wave traveling around the cell’s perimeter splits in two, with the second wave encircling the phagosome, or sac-like compartment. This second wave allows the digestive enzymes to enter the phagosome and finally destroy the target.

The human immune system is miraculous but it must have the proper raw materials to protect the body from infectious disease, both viral and bacterial which tends to attack from the outer world outside of our skin pathogens.

The four essential nutrient raw materials are:

1.  Calcium lactate as ionizable or diffusible calcium, two to three tablespoons daily. I use Ultimate Calcium™ from Health Resources™.

2.  Natural vitamin C complex, four to six daily.

3.  Vitamin D3, at least 5,000 to 10,000 IU daily.

4.  Natural vitamin F complex, four per day. Vitamin F is a fatty acid and can be gotten from cod liver oil if the oil is not pasteurized. All four are essential to create the calcium wave, and they are all available at a natural supplement company.

First the calcium must be in the right form that is absorbable from the GI tract into the blood. This is vegetable calcium (five parts calcium lactate and one part magnesium citrate.) It takes just one step to get ionized or diffusible calcium from calcium lactate.

Other forms of calcium are not so efficient or don’t assimilate at all. The word “ionize” means to give an electrical charge to the calcium. How important is calcium? Our parathyroid gland is designed exclusively for calcium utilization; no other gland is dedicated to just one mineral.

Enter vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is essential to pull calcium out of the gut into the blood.

And lastly, vitamin F is necessary to pull calcium out of the blood into the cell tissue. This is called ionizable or diffusible calcium. This is a critical indicator in determining sickness. Allopathic doctors never use this indicator, yet most patients entering the hospital have low ionizable calcium.

In summary, the calcium wave requires calcium lactate, natural vitamin C complex, vitamin D3 and natural vitamin F.

Calcium lactate powder mixed in water is far easier to take. If not palatable to some people, add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for taste.

Important notes on calcium lactate:

Seventy percent of hospitalized patients were found to have decreased levels of total calcium and ionized calcium. In hospital patients, there was a strong association between sepsis (toxemia) and hypocalcemia (low ionized calcium). Fever in children is directly related to low calcium. Hypocalcemia is a very common abnormality in acutely ill hospital patients and is associated with a poor prognosis.

Ionized hypocalcemia (low calcium) is common in severely ill children and they have a higher mortality rate. Unmanageable children who have chalky teeth are nervous and restless, and are typically calcium deficient.

The ability to suppress viral and bacterial infections is greatly reduced in a low calcium environment.

Dietary calcium enhances human resistance to intestinal infection by E.Coli and salmonella. Dietary calcium is also effective in reducing the severity of diarrhea.

Human bone is 1/3 calcium, 1/3 protein and 1/3 water. It is actually the missing protein in the elderly that leads to osteoporosis.

During fevers, infection, acute inflammation, etc., in order for the white blood cells to function efficiently ionized calcium must be abundantly available. When blood ionized calcium falls below 50 percent of normal—seizures are experienced. Reference: Textbook of Physiology, Zoethout and Tuttle, 9th Edition.

Another big thing!!! Since my first mega dose of calcium lactate powder I have had zero gastritis. I’d had fairly serious gastritis for twenty plus years. Hallelujah!

Final summary: We can raise the blood calcium level and eliminate disease in almost minutes. That includes both bacterial and viral diseases. Those of you intelligent readers, who activate the calcium wave, please let me know your results.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Denis

    You got me.

    What is Vitamin F?

    This posting is the first I have heard of this vitamin.

    Need information. Thanks

  • Merl 734

    What is the missing protein that causes OsteoP in the elderly?

    Can it be taken in power form?

    Many doctors advise not to get proteins from red meats or eat any acid producing foods; as acid is a bone thief. These docs say to keep the body balanced and more to alkaline. Many diseases also thrive in an acidic system.

    Never heard of Vit F; however I will Google research it.

    Another article mentioned that lower hormone levels and lower DHEA were culprits in OsteoP. Yet, many doctors from NIH, etc.; say that BioID hormones and related hormonal agents can cause cancer.

    Alcohol, including wine, is also carcinogenic. It might be good for the heart but bad for other parts of the body.

    I think the cause of OsteoP is much more complex than anyone has ever imagined. It might have to do with the mysterious and complicated interactions of many biological processes, and organ functions that begins to gradually shut down at menopause.

    Still, it is wise to do the best than one can while one can to treat this disease and have bone scans every 2 years.

  • Merl 734

    Correction about acid/alk balance. Acid foods do not need to be completely eliminated. Doctors advise to keep acid foods balanced with alkaline foods; so the Ph of the body is in balance. It is not good for Ph to go too far one way or the other. There are acid/alk food charts available online. The worst acid foods are candy, baked goods, alcohol, red meats, coffee, etc. The best alkaline foods are greens, some fruit juices, some veggies. You can test for acid/alk balance using testing strips available at drugstores.

  • Mona

    I have taken calcium since 1976. I quit taking it because I get tired of it and it isn’t long before I see the results. I get weaker and hurt more. I used bone meal but had to take a lot of it. Roger Williams said that some people need 5 times as much calcium as others. My wrists and knees get weaker when I quit taking it for a few months. It usually takes a few months to feel better after I start taking it again. I read a story about an 80 year old man falling down stairs and not breaking any bones is why I started taking it. My left wrist was so weak that I couldn’t use it and I was in my 30′s. After a month on calcium, it was stronger and quit hurting. I also take lots of other supplements.

  • Merl Elton

    When I hit menopause, I took hormones for 5 years. The hormones did not help with anything; and endangered my health–what a scam. I was also taking calcium, vitamins, minerals; and exercising regularly. In spite of all that, I still got osteoporosis. I was not taking Vitamin D; because reports say that too much D causes liver and kidney problems. I have since switched to a highly absorbable calcium; take Vitamin D; bone-building minerals, and exercise when I can. While, I have shown some improvement in bone density; I still have osteoporosis. My improved nutritional regimen keeps the pain at bay. However, rebuilding bone takes a long time. Depending on the results of my next DEXA, I will decide whether or not to modify my program.

  • Merl Elton

    One of the biggest bones theives is salt. Others are substances that from acids; namely: sugar, alcohol, protein, preservatives, and inorganic pollutants in the environment. Older people need to maintain systemic balance to stay healthy. Too much acid causes joint and bone degradation; and organ malfunction. Who knew it would be so difficult and complicated to maintain our health?


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