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The Breakdown Of Law And Order

October 4, 2010 by  

The Breakdown Of Law And Order

The breakdown of law and order in the United States is a fact in this year of 2010. Harvey Silverglate documented it in his recently-published book Three Felonies a Day:  How the Feds Target the Innocent. If you haven’t read it you may not be convinced that there is a definite breakdown of law and order in the United States.

Money, capital and people are leaving the U.S. in ever-increasing amounts and numbers. But this is the last statistic that anyone will learn about. It contradicts the regime’s propaganda cover.

There is a rule historically that when the national debt approaches some 90 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) the rule of law breaks down. Well, this sort of thinking makes Ph.D.s think that they are accomplished researchers.

Actually the timing of rule of law breakdown is arbitrary according to how well the propaganda ministry can cover it up. I measure it according to my observation of what I term “the paper money syndrome.” After all, paper money is the rot and decay of the modern world. Unbelievably, some people are catching on to this.

Why, then, is the breakdown of law and order in the U.S. not an open book? Simple, and the answer is that the U.S. has the most sophisticated propaganda machine in history.

I have said that our propaganda system makes Herr Goebbels look like a piker. Governments, and especially the U.S. and British governments, rule by propaganda. They actually create our thinking. We do not think our own thoughts.

If people were generally aware that the breakdown of law and order is already a fact, it would guarantee immediate revolution and chaos. It would reveal many things:

  1. That government is organized crime.
  2. That the debauchery and the depreciation of the currency is the means of the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the middle class producers and savers of wealth to the money creators.
  3. That there is a silent and esoteric war by the money creators on the middle class. The goal is impoverishment so as to quash the greatest potential threat to the fiat system.
  4. That the government is changing the U.S. demographics with “illegal immigrants.” They make it appear out of control when it is in fact a government agenda. There are many angles here. But simply, an impoverished food stamp class can out-vote the American middle class, making it all appear spontaneous.
    Organized crime must not appear to have “arms and legs” and, above all, organized crime must never appear to be organized.
  5. That the political class, i.e. “elected representatives,” are paid to rubber stamp the government. Yes, the Federal government pays them, not the individual States. Nothing is left undone to make the political process look and appear to be democratic.
  6. The U.S. is conducting war with mercenaries (contract soldiers) who fight for money, not causes.
  7. Governments make mischief with fiat (nonsubstance). This fact alone makes government debt a pretense and a Ponzi scheme.
  8. “Healthcare” in America has just, and finally, been transferred to the pharmaceuticals and the insurance companies. This is a new and huge wedge driven between the food stamp class and the small business and middle class. This is hidden and subtle class warfare made to appear as a democratic process.
  9. And there is Wall Street. Here is the script: Wall Street hatched the “subprime” real estate bust. The government and the banks joined in creating a bogus “home buying market.” They knew what the crowd would do. They jumped in. Next followed the real estate crash and the threat of economic collapse and depression. Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson from Goldman Sachs said so.

The next event was what appeared the natural response of Quantitative Easing (QE). QE is printing money. This was the goal and end game to bail out Wall Street, the big banks, and at the same time dilute main street’s money in history’s greatest ever transfer, accomplished by simple currency depreciation.

All of the above and much, much more are symptoms of the breakdown of law and order, and fiat money is the quicksand foundation.

The breakdown of law and order goes hand-in-hand with the fiat paper money syndrome. Depreciation of the currency undermines law and order. But it is all invisible until toward the end and final collapse.

So what is the difference between the breakdown of law and order in the U.S. and Nazi Germany?

Germany had the overt symbols of tyranny and the transfer of the democratic process to the police state. There was the jackboot authority shrouded with the occult swastika. It was despotism in full regalia. Institutional life took on militarism and the harsh discipline of a police state.

America still has all the symbols of liberty and all the trappings of human freedom. It is what I term benevolent totalitarianism. It is totalitarianism made palatable with a democratic aura. Benevolent totalitarianism does not kill with the firing squad. Instead it kills with things like the “healthcare” system and fluoride in the drinking water.

Benevolent totalitarianism evolves into the breakdown of law and order through a synthetic and secretly directed make-believe democratic process. I leave to you the breakdown of the legal system in Silverglate’s book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.

It is a very sophisticated camouflage for the breakdown of law and order. The breakdown of law and order is a political cancer that must be concealed in order to extend the system until the rape is over.

Concealing the breakdown of law and order in the U.S. is of the very highest priority. It is the hidden national agenda.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • dan az

    And just think He said that there will be a surprise in Oct.I guess it wont be that he will finally show us his BC May be it will be suprise your now in marshal law and Im your dic tator.I feel that this article was right on but still no ending to what we all are about to endure.Yes it is time and we will be seeing much more very soon.If you pray then now is the time for if theres not a election in Nov.You can see the hand writing on the wall BUT if there is then we the people will win back our country.Even the blind can read the writing on the wall,So lets stop spinning the truth progs and libs its time for even you to make a stand.

    • Mike In MI

      Right you are, Dan AZ -

      Not only here where legislating frm the bench by making decisions at THE SUPREME COURT (Soto-Maio) based on the right “feelings”, also added in with laws that are supposed to be applied evenly accross the board. That’s a recipie for chaos if I ever heard it. (“Feelings” for my relatives, friends and palm-greasers, but the hell with republicans, tea-partiers and Christians.

      And another thing…I think it’s about time our government started doing things to get out of debt so we don’t have to go around kissing everybdies’ butt because they own us. I’m talking, at the moment, primarily about the business of our government warning our people to “be especially vigilant” because of terrorist murderers.

      The Hell with Obama and his licking the #(*!&#(%% of every two-bit Moslem terrorist on earth. If they think they want to blow stuff and people up….fine. Put ‘em on notice that the next thing they torch will cause a major vaporization in the area of the Hajj and any site Mad Mo’ frequented. The most tenuous and sensitive thing about idolatry is its symbols. Take out the idol or its geeographic centers of focus and it melts like poop in a rainstorm.

      Obama and his friends instigating and promoting these attacks (his lackadaisical attitude, in my mind, does constitute promotion of the evil) has got to stop. “Our president” – my butt!!!…OPPRESSOR!!!

      • Wanda Murline

        I suggest everyone locks and loads…you are going to have to protect America the old fashioned way if we cannot change it in November. My husband and dad did not put their lives in danger to protect this country’s freedoms to give it up to an a**hole that has no birth certificate to show us…that in itself should be the first thing that the Supreme Court hears…where’s the birth certificate and the passports from the 80′s and the college transcripts? If he can’t show them, he should be removed from office and put on trial for Treason…this is coming, you had better get ready because the people of America are not going to lay down and allow their take over without a fight.

        • Sapphira Sez

          I think the Birth Certificate issue should NOT go to the Supreme Court because the Court is too much to the left (yes, I know it is 5-4, but on this issue I fear they would just pronounce The Great Imposter a citizen and then the lefties and commies would win. As long as it is in doubt, obuma’s integrity and country of birth (Kenya)is in question. This reduces his standing in history to “possibly not qualified” and forever leaves a question mark by his name. So much for his “legacy”.

          • Corinne

            His “legacy” is already written by the demise of this country. He came, he saw, he conquered… and the ignorant KoolAid drinkers held the door wide open for him. It will take decades for us to overcome the damage he has done, that is, IF we last for decades. I agree that he should be impeached (for a LONG list of offenses), tried, found guilty, and sentenced to “life + eternity” in a Super Max.

          • Christin

            Good Point.

            Some how I think he will keep this secret under lock and key for as long as he can.
            What ever his legacy be… will it be truthful or revisionist history.

            As far as “The Break Down of Law and Order”… has anyone noticed since BO took the presidency that people are coming unglued…
            Thugocracy… anything goes, except Freedom, Liberties and Rights from God.

            Ya know if the Leader of America doesn’t have Character, Honor and Integrity like a Statesman, but instead Lies, Forces ideology, ignors and critizes Americans (on national TV), and pits groups of people against each other, and breaks his Constitutional Oath… then what do you think the rest of the population thinks about obeying the “Rule of Law” and doing the Right thing?

            Good article, Bob… thanks.
            The book sounds interesting and a worthy read.

          • slickporsche

            A professional hit man would be a really positive thing.

          • Earl, QUEENS, NY

            Some people don’t think we should force BHO to show his birth certificate and prove his eligibility to be POTUS, because they don’t think we can succeed?? Well, I disagree with that, and I say the ‘Birthers’ should take action. What have we to lose?? It’s not IF we take the action that matters, but WHEN we do it. IMO it should be after this year’s midterm election – when the new Congress is sworn in January. This is assuming the GOP (hopefully) will at least win back the House of Reps. I’ve read on at least one ‘birther’ website that if BHO is found ineligible to be POTUS and removed from office, much of what he did will become null and void. This includes his executive orders, appointments, nominations, and the bills which he signed into law, such as government run health/hell care, and some of the irresponsible profligate spending. Of course, if BHO had already been removed from office this year, the buffoon Biden would’ve become POTUS, and the democraps could’ve put all bad legislation through again. Thus if BHO is to be impeached, hopefully it will be in January, when Buffoon POTUS Biden will not have enough democrap votes to pass any more bad bills. Again I say: what have we got to lose by trying to impeach this Kenyan Marxist??!!

          • http://zzzz Preston

            10/5/10, Among the boy prez’ obvious flaws, I believe he will soon be faced with a new terror situation which may require his resignation in utter disgrace. Furthermore, he’s going to alienate our longtime ally: Israel. PW.

          • Christina

            @ Preston – could you elaborate? on the terrorism/resignation idea?

        • Ozlanthos

          They already have laid down and are waiting to be euthanized!Just listen to Glenn Beck! He claims to be all-American and such but what does he “do”? While the fed is scanning our cars and neighborhoods with x-ray vans, he’s trying to get you to buy gold from over-charging schemers, and telling everyone to “go back to god”!GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! One of the core founding principles of this country (right up there with “rule of law)was that we have the right to be free of religion!

          We are in the midst of the greatest dis-information campaign KNOWN TO MAN! They have us all running around in circles chasing our own tails while we have the single greatest investigatory tool on earth at our disposal (…the internet). It is time to use it for more than dling newly released movies, complaining on blogs, and surfing for good porn! We need to use it to study up on what our candidates actually have done! Not what they say they are going to do, not how they feel about stuff, but what they have done in the past! If people had done that in 2008, Ron Paul would have been elected and all of this would be moot!


          • JoeH

            Why find fault with Beck, he is doing what he knows to be right? He has a voice that a lot of us don’t. If we return to our creator we would begin to live better lives and make much better USA citizens.
            If we continue to degenerate spiritually we will never achieve what is necessary.

          • iowaheretic

            I agree with you 200%!

          • iowaheretic

            I agree with Ozlanthos, that is, NOT JoeH!!!

          • 45caliber

            The Constitution doesn’t say we have the right “to be free of religion” as some atheists say. It says we have the right of freedom of religion. That means you can worship whatever religion you wish. It does NOT mean you have to hide your religion from everyone else!

          • JeffH

            Oz, if it weren’t for the likes of the Beck’s and his lot in America we would be dumbed down completely to the core. As for the Gold comment, I’d say you’ve got a very long road ahead of you and I certainly hope you don’t own a business ’cause somebody would have to pay the bills.

          • JJ

            Ozlanthos as long as people like you are supporting Ron Paul he has a slim chance of going anywhere beyond where he is right now.

          • James

            The 1st Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” That is not the source of our right, rights are unalienable, they are not dependent on any constitution for their existence. The 1st Amendment simply restricts the federal government from making any law concerning religion.

          • CJ

            And if we continue to use the internet for information, and use the likes of you as the “informed source” of that information, we are all doomed. You spew mis-quoted lies of religion to keep the masses confused. It’s the likes of you why we are in this mess, Ozlanthos. The majority of posters here are far wiser than your attempts to un-unite us who will bring this country back from the brink of extinction.

          • BigBadJohn

            “We are in the midst of the greatest dis-information campaign KNOWN TO MAN! They have us all running around in circles chasing our own tails while we have the single greatest investigatory tool on earth at our disposal”

            Not quite you forget about Bush’s lies and misinformation campaign to justify his quest for war.


          • Corinne

            I agree with you about Ron Paul, but lay off of Glenn Beck! Beck puts himself on the line every day to tell people what they will not hear anywhere else. From your comments, it’s obvious that you have never listened to Glenn Beck (not really “listened”); if you had, you would be greatly less obviously ignorant.

          • Vigilant


            Why don’t you get off this Bush-bashing obsession and contribute something meaningful to the conversation?

          • Vigilant


            Let’s not be too hard on Oz. Anyone who depends on the Internet for info, and believes everything they read therein, deserves pity and understanding, not censure. Personally, I can think of few if any things which would have us “running around in circles chasing our own tails” more than the Internet (unless, of course, you are reading only one skewed point of view).

            So when Oz makes the obviously bogus claim that being “free of religion” is a core principle of the US, let’s try to understand where he’s coming from before we censor all religious channels on TV and radio, close the churches forever and incarcerate anyone who drops the name “God” in conversation or writing.

            Oz also apparently believes that Capitalism should be killed, too, since Beck’s activities in hawking gold sales is not “all-American.”

          • bruce d.

            Ozlanthos says:
            We are in the midst of the greatest dis-information campaign KNOWN TO MAN!

            You should know Ozianthos. Judging from your blog you are part of this great dis-information campaign.

          • BigBadJohn

            Vigilante, You miss the point, it is not about Bush bashing as much as it is pointing out the hypocrisy of blaming Obama for everything and ignoring the last administrations guilt My response was about the the “biggest misinformation campaign ever” which simply is not true – as I pointed out.

            My question is a very simple one, everyone is upset about the rhetoric that Obama is taking away your constitutional rights. Where was your outrage when Bush actually WAS taking away your constitutional rights?

          • spike

            Sorry, OZ,
            But I must respectfully decline to agree with you. While not a fan of Beck, I must say that his rally this August was a huge success. Many people of different races and religious backgrounds attended. Also, sir, may I say that Barry Obama has no right whatsoever, to proclaim “we do not consider ourselves to be a Christian nation”…
            I am a Christian,I grew up here. I read the documents and I’ve read the arguments as well. Most all of the persons who came here and fought the Indians and the British for freedom, and freedom to worship as they chose WERE persecuted Christians of different denominations. They all had one core belief,though, and that was in Christ. I want to tell you, that I have never NEVER seen the Amish stage a protest or bomb a US building. They don’t cover their wives faces, and demand their wives get driver’s licenses. They don’t get a parking ticket and refuse to pay it. They don’t pay FEDERAL income tax, and they do pay state sales tax, and they DO collect it. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I HAVE DEALINGS IN THE AMISH COMMUNITY. Also, after a man from the “outside” held an Amish school hostage, and killed innocent children, they did not, DID NOT bomb a government building. They did not demand “justice”. THIS, MY FRIENDS IS A PEACEFUL religion. NOT ISLAM.
            If that were the Muslim community, the government would still be kissing their a**and flags would have been burned all over the middle east. We would be fearing their next act of retribution. Let me tell you something, Oz,what you and the other know it alls seem to forget:
            this man, and this Government are supposed to work for us. We need to start demanding some accountability, and we need to have us a few more protests to that effect. The government NEVER asks me, as a Christian what anti Christian thing they can use my money for, NEVER. But yet they insist that I cannot use government money for this that and the other that may have a religious connotation. They say that my tax dollars that support my local school cannot have my religious beliefs be shown in a nativity set or a CHRISTMAS TREE, yet they can talk about Kwanza and Rhamadan. This is garbage, and I’m not taking it anymore.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I did not post the above!!! Even though it was a good Idea, I will not let anybody put words to my name!!!

          • libertytrain

            JoeH remember sometimes folks just plain have the same initials as we do -

          • DurangoKid

            Hey Oz (or wherever you’re from),
            Get a copy of the constitution pal….it says we have freedom OF religion, NOT freedom FROM religion. You are free to have ANY religion or NO religion…it’s your call. Beck is simply stating his opinion of how the country that was founded on Godly principles should get back to the basics and move forward from there. If you don’t want to participate in that, fine.

          • Gino

            Hey Big”O” I think you are a bit confused about out Constitution. It says we have freedom of religion ( too practice any religion we see fit including no religion) not freedom FROM religion. Two entirely different things. This country was founded on religion and I firmly believe because we adhered to those principles for over 200 years we became the greatest nation the world had ever seen. Now as we daily run from morality and ethics and God we are rapidly sinking into a cesspool of debauchery and destruction.

          • slickporsche

            Be careful, as some of what you are saying is true, but you are also starting to sound like liberal left Wacko. This forum is, I thought to be about conservative,republican, christian ideals. Now I did not say this Republican Party. Do not forget we are a republic and we would like to keep it that way. We do not want to be a democracy per say.

          • Vigilannie

            I’m not a G. Beck fan either…he has ridiculed tea party people on several occasions (which makes him two-faced to me). Our country was founded with ‘religious freedom’ not ‘free from religion’. We are free to worship (or not worship) however we want. However, obama (AND THE DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS) are certainly making it difficult for this to continue.

        • JA Rogers

          First off, I am Registered to vote and so is my wife! And we will vote!

          Secondly, We don’t need to see any Birth Certificate! It is plain as the Big Ears on his little head! His father was not a citizen of the United States of America and therefore Obuma is not A Natural Citizen of the United States of America and therefore cannot legally hold the office of President of the United States of America! Period, end of the Chapter!

          Now since he is illegally holding that office he and everyone who has helped him get into that office and stay there and thwarted all oppositional parties to bring this to light and the lagal system should be tried as traitors to the United States of America! What do we do to traitors to our Country? What do we do to traitors to our Country in the time of War? There should be no leaniancy (?) or Pardons for any of them!

          And anyone that wants to live in this Country because of it’s freedoms and the quest for the “Great American Dream” should be standing behind this and fight along side us, because if we lose, we will ALL LOSE! We will not have any more freedoms at all and the only dream we will be dreaming of is DEATH, Our own Death!

          • Paul

            Have to agree with you on much of what you said this obuma should be stood against a brick wall with a blind fold on

          • Vigilant

            JA Rogers:

            Please be VERY careful what you say. The Secret Service does not appreciate comments like that, nor do I, for that matter.

            We remove presidents by vote and/or impeachment, no other way.

          • LeRoy Lyons

            We better Pray to God that we win this Nov. or we will be like the one that commented that if we don’t get America this election the only thing we will be praying for is our death. It is very serious and people better understand this.

          • slickporsche

            I am thinking it will take war to get our republic back and dispense with the garbage. Voting and being complacent is what got us to this point and voting alone, will not get us out of this mess.

        • EddieW

          The Supreme Court has finally decided to hear a case on Obummers lack of birth certificate…I hope it rules in time to save Col. Lakin!!!
          They have denied his Constitutional rights…In Nov. we must turn this around…most in congress and the Pentagon want to do away with the constitution, and cut our freedoms to death, in favor of Fascism and Police State!!

          • Paul

            what do you know people that have a head on them and know how to use i t, that is to think for them selves. This prez has made a mockery of this country and it has to be stopped. every time you look at one of his conferences he is bending over and either kissing someones feet or something else. This false prez has got to be put in his place he uses race on every issue and that’s not right. If you listen to some of his speeches he has already said that this in no longer a Christian nation but a maslam country, what do you expect from a mad maslam. he should be sent back to where he came from if they will have him. And then you look at his views on the illegal problem he likes them more than this country, he takes more vacations than any else in the country even more than bush did he takes at least one to two a month so he should have to pay for those himself instead of the taxpayers doing that. After all he works for us not the other way around.

          • spike

            Dear Vigilant,,
            Sorry to offend your sensibilities, however, according to the first amendment, it is Okay for someone to say how they WISH the Obumma could and should, perhaps be treated for the treasonous way he has treated our country and our citizens. And, I say “sorry” with a tounge in my cheek, because, I’m not sorry, and the Secret Service can come knock on my door, too. Because this guy works for US not them, and he’s doing a lousy job. HE ASKED FOR THE JOB, SPENT LOTS OF ILLEGAL BUCKS TO GET THE JOB, AND IS SELLING US DOWN THE RIVER. SO, LET’S IMPEACH THE HE** OUT OF HIS a**.!!!!

        • Jeff

          Wanda, I agree, I believe we need to let the political process go forward but if the citizens of this country are not taken seriously and the government fails to listen to it’s citizen then I believe we have every right just as the patriots did to take this country by force. I just want to know will the military be on the side of its citizens or take up arms against the citizens of this great Nation. I have posted on other sites and I have stated many times that if the citizens of this great Nation have not had Enough then “Suffer America We Ain’t Had Enough Yet)!

          I hope come November that the citizens of this country have had Enough and they make it know loud and clear. Not just marginal defeats in the elections but by overwhelming defeating the opposition liberal communistic corrupt politicians they are. If they are in they need to go out it’s that simple, it’s time for a changing of the guard. Our politicians are just as corrupt as the worlds politicians they all are power hungry.

          We spend billions if not trillions of dollars sending money to the (Governments) of other countries just to keep these world leaders in power. Then they show up at another corrupt organization the U.N. and try to pass laws stripping away at our own sovereignty and our leaders go right along with it. Every politician the world over has but one agenda that is to bring America in line with a One World Government. That includes the corrupt leaders of our own government.

          So yes let the political process go forward and hopefully it will work but if it doesn’t call it what they may Americans better be prepared to die once again for this country call it radical if they want too. The patriots were radicals with a cause and they also were intelligent enough to warn us in their writings about the government they were creating may one day be a government that would be corrupt and out of control.

          Once again we know that the FBI,CIA and Justice Department will probably be on the side of corrupt government because that is who pays their mortgage. The FBI and CIA did nothing to Clinton when he gave those missile secrets to China rather the media got every ones attention off of treason and got everyone focused on his (BJ).

          The citizens of this great Nation better wake up and if the political process can not get it right then by all means we better be prepared to fight for cause that is bigger than ourselves. Radical, call it what they may but they are giving this country away; expecting us to just sit down and shut up; while they rape us over and over again and expect us to carry the burden of a free loading entitlement society and the political elitist that have run this country in the ground off the sweat and the backs of intelligent hardworking American.

          Come November we have a chance to make this political process work and I hope we will say it load and for those who win you get one chance to get it right or it’s one and your done as well. We are not taking it any longer Enough! is Enough. If that doesn’t do it I hope the military will be on the side of it’s citizens and lets take this country back.

          • Pathfinder

            Well said Jeff–Sic ‘em, I’m with you

          • slickporsche

            I like some of what you say Jeff, but mostly it is the same old rhetoric that got us to where we are. Let the sytem work?????? Has it worked,does it work? I believe so, but not when it has been allowed to become so corrupt. It is mostly “all over but the crying”. It is now time for you to raise your weapon and make an adjustment and a difference.
            Look at it this way. Do all these politicians lie? Do you really trust them? What they say, and what they do are two different things. You can literally think you know everything about a candidate, but will never know for sure until that person is elected, and then it is too late. How many times in the last two years has a candidate did a 180 degree turn on us? THere is no way to know what you are voting for, unless you can read their mind.

          • Christina

            “Every politician the world over has but one agenda that is to bring America in line with a One World Government.”

            That from which we broke free, in 1776, never stops trying to get its hold on us again…Good post, Jeff.

        • aman

          Really Wanda ???
          I have found that when it really gets down to action, people talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk.
          If the upheavel didn’t occur on Jan 21st 2008, then in all probably it won’t. But just in case I am wrong…I want to submit to you this.

          If the good people of Japan days before the nuclear bombing
          of it’s innocent citizins staged an all out upheavel demanding
          the head of the Emperor and sized control of the criminal goverment, thousands
          of lives would of been saved!

        • Kerry Mercer

          I agree with you my ancestors did not fight and die to have the land of freedom be hijacked by a Manchurian candidate with an agenda to put us on the fast track to destruction. The time has come to stock up on supplies and batten down the hatches, be ready to defend America, locked, cocked and ready to rock am I. I hear the drums and trumpets of the second American Revolution in the not too far distance. I am willing to give my life than let the evil doers triumph. God bless us for ours is a noble cause. God bless America now and forever.

        • Marie Mandel

          You can see this birth certificate online.

      • Tim

        Hmm, you still don’t seem to understand what’s going on. This isn’t a right/left agenda and never has been. Do a little more research here: This is complete with resources at the end.

        • JeffH

          Tim, you get the idea!

        • TIME

          Yes Tim, You do get it!

          Thank God there are some who have gray matter where it should be.

        • EddieW

          Tim…have you seen this..called a Demographic Problem…and what the world will be like in 25+ years??

        • Beepster

          I just read this article, and I agree with almost all of it. The American people have NO friends except themselves!!!

        • Sally

          I read that article. It was a long read, but so worth it. Thanks for sharing. I don’t believe all Jews that live in Israel are Rothschild Jews, and I believe that that area was given to the people to whom Jesus our Savior was born, by GOD. Knowing that, it was just to convenient for the Rothschilds, the “keepers of the Light” (Illuminati)to use that to their own benefits. But that too, is all prophesized in the Bible.

        • dan az

          Thanks for the link great stuff!!!

        • spike

          This is a really nice, concise, well “documented” conspiracy scenario.
          One that would take lifetimes of true evidence to figure out. If indeed, it is true, then GOD HELP US ALL. Hopefully, God will “help us all if we repent on our faces and seek his will” however, the few presidents it didn’t totally slam and scam were George Washington He was a freemason, and Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt (I didn’t see anything nasty about him in there)…so…what’s your point? Was Ronald Regan a bad guy too? How about Jimmy Carter (wince) was he a bad guy too? How about Gerald Ford, him, too? Who are the good guys? Was Winston Churchill one too?

          • spike

            Spikes, contiuing question to Tim. So what’s the deal with OBUMMER, THEN, TIM? IS HE ONE TOO? or, are you trying to imply he’s the only good guy in all of this, in which case, I’ll KNOW you’re lying.

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Most of the people here haven’t read this History of the Rothschilds, Tim, and many of those who have clearly don’t get it. Which is to say, they don’t understand the logical ramifications: two hundred and fifty years of financial manipulation of the Western world, behind-the-scenes power consolidated in the hands of a very few secretive, ruthless, incestuous families committed to a single plan.

          But even without understanding the “who,” Bob Livingston’s nine bullet-point piece succinctly explaining the “what” should be clear enough. However…

          Obviously most here (so far, anyway) don’t get that, either. Else they wouldn’t still be pinning their hopes on a failed two-party political sideshow and a gerrymandered, jury-rigged electronic voting system which has long been corrupt, and since Bush IIs “selection” a decade ago has been blatantly manipulated in plain sight. And they wouldn’t be arguing from religious biases, apparently without realizing how neatly their zealous commitment to party politics and one-sided religious convictions fit into the one-worlders’ plans.

          Not one, but TWO famous Rothschilds could not have put it more plainly: We don’t care a rat’s ass what this rabble of people and governments say they want, we control the money therefore they are chattel.

          No, it’s not simply “the Jews,” and it’s not simply “the Zionists.” Our true enemy uses both as tools and, at most, sympathetic cover to achieve their primary objective. They also use governments, manipulation of entire monetary systems, cultural religious fervor, and brute force. Through a tightly interlocked series of international corporations they control mainstream media (radio, TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, books, and much of the Internet), labor, education, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and energy. Most of their minions don’t have a clue who they’re really working for, or toward what end.

          The nine-point “Livingston List” in the article covers a lot of it from the perspective of an American citizen, without quite pointing the finger at who is ultimately behind the takeover of the Western world as we know it (it’s not just happening in the US, by any means). He could have added another:

          10. Their work is almost complete.

          • BrotherPatriot

            When I read anothers post about the Rothschild/Illuminati/UN/CFR/TC/Bilderberg equation…I raise my eyes to heaven & say, “Thank you, God.”

            I would also like to say TY to Joe himself here for helping to spread the word of truth. Only through an aware public can we hope to stop the Agenda that these corrupt, social, degenerates have put into motion so very long ago.

            Yes, though Mr. Livingston doesn’t take the full step forward and name them…his 9 points are spot on and the rest of us will take that final step and call the perp’s out into the light.

            I have done so above…but of course…I didn’t name one of the Major factions directly in that list. The Illuminati infected & took them over along time ago…leaving an outer shell of good, honest people to be the face of humanity within their organization. Much like the sweet outer coating of a MM with a rotten core in the middle. Most of those good outer shell people don’t even know they are serving their unknown, dark leaders Agenda.

            I’ll leave it to another to comment who this group is that has agents all over the world and who most likely has a building in your very city. They of course are directly involved in the Agenda with the groups that I mentioned above…and they have people seeded in everything within our society. The groups above & the one I hint at are parts of the Virus that infects the body of humanity…

            God Bless.

      • Richard

        I have often felt that if Israel took the same attitude, something along the lines of every time someone fires a rocket at them, they fire ten back at whoever, then pretty soon, those who hate freedom, the representative form of government, and the Jews, would learn that it’s best to live and get along. But sadly when your religion and your politics are one and the same, then there can be no peace, no matter who wants to pretend there can be. If you take it all back to basics, ultimately it is all about the fight between good and evil. That has existed long before man ever appeared on the earth, and will continue (not for us, but for others) long after man has disappeared. This won’t be soon and there is much chaos to come, but true Christians can be of good cheer because they know that God will never let them down, and although they may have to go through hardship for a while, ultimately, they will be in the right place at the right time. All is not as it sometimes seems. The purpose of life here is to learn. Apparently there are some things we can learn here that we cannot learn on the “other side.” I do not know why, but here is what I was told one night during my lunch break in September of 2003. It is from the ‘Epilogue: Space and Beyond’, of my autobiography, “Leaving South Carolina”.
        “It was September of 2003 and the planet Mars, according to the newspapers, was the closest to the planet Earth that it had been in 59,600 years. My lunch hour was at 2 a.m. and instead of eating in the break room I went out to my car and had a sandwich and some hot tea. The classic radio station was off the air until 5 a.m. so I reclined the seat in my Chrysler and was looking at the stars and planets. I have always found the vastness of space fascinating although I have no personal desire to go to the moon or Mars. Just to know that the planet Jupiter has at least one of its many moons covered with moving ice and to imagine as do some of our scientists that there is a real possibility of life of some sort existing in the very deep ocean beneath that ice is quite remarkable. I was thinking of some of the NASA photos I had seen recently that had been taken from the Hubble Space Telescope and marveling at the stars I was observing and thinking of their great distances from each other. Suddenly I just started thanking and praising God for the beauty and the greatness of the galaxy and all of the stars and planets (over a hundred discovered outside our solar system so far) and all the beauty of His marvelous creation. Somewhere in the Bible it says that God dwells in the praises of His people. As I was praising Him, just as suddenly the Spirit of the Lord spoke to my spirit or inner mind and said, “There is much life in the Universe but it is very far away. Because of the age old problem of good versus evil most civilizations that have reached the atomic age have destroyed themselves. The nearest sentient life is over 500 light years. The nearest life technologically equivalent to earth is over 1,000 light years. Mankind will never reach them, but they, may, in the distant future (not in the lifetime of anyone now living) reach earth. They have become masters of space travel”.
        The point is, we are not fighting Republicans or Democrats, or Communists or Socialists, or Christians or Muslims, we are fighting evil and as I’ve said elsewhere, evil often wins because we don’t even know that we are in this fight. Besides prayer we can vote next month and that will a good and helpful thing. In some states today is the last day to register so be sure to do so. DUM SPIRO SPERO!

        • Ozlanthos

          Thats pretty rich! You can actually look at the vastness of space, and still be so conceited as to assume a “god” that can create every sub-atomic particle of it cares who will win elections here in November??? That is hilarious! Good and evil are subjective. Evidence of this is simple. It is deemed “evil” to kill someone, but if they are threatening your life and you have the means to stop them with deadly force, utilizing those means in defense of your life is deemed “good”. Nevermind that the “reason” they are threatening your life is that you have been living in their traditional lands and consuming resources that they and their people depend on for survival (evil).


          • 45caliber


            I that that part of your name is true – it basically means you live in fantasy land.

            You say that the Jews are living on someone else’s land.

            You can say the same thing about the Arabs there. After all, the Jews owned that land for more centuries than the existing Arabs have.

            Please notice I did NOT say Palestinians. They were created the same time Israel was.

          • CJ

            Ozlanthos, your attempts of over-compensation for your inadquacies speaks volumes. You must really fear our finding out the whole truth, and you liberals loosing your socialization agenda.

          • Christin

            You are pretty cocky and arrogant today, or is that your ususal MO.

            Let the good people of God Speak.

            We do still have Free Speech as stated in the 1st Amendment don’t we or has your Goddless side taken that way already?

            It is people like you that think they know it all that have kicked God out of these conversations, schools, gov. buldings, and our world… and LOOK where it has gotten us… A GODLESS SOCIETY… full of criminals, haters of Free America, and Liars all the up to the WH.


            Quit shutting the Believers of God and Christ up… that’s what has gotten us to this point.

            “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
            Ephesians 6 : 12 (Holy Bible)

            There is a battle going on OZ, and you are either on God’s side or the side of “spiritual hosts of wickedness” (devil and demons) and “world rulers of this present darkness” (I’m sure you and others can name a few HUNDRED of those.)

          • spike

            What part of the Christian message is so repelant to you. Did ya ever read the book. …. The God who created every atom and everyliving thing in the universe, seen and unseen cares about everything going on in EVERY LIFE THAT HE CREATED. That is why, my dear sir, that he went to such pains to send a redeemer to us in such a humble way that could understand us, by virtue of his being fully God and Fully man. And so that God could then take our filthy sin, and , hence our punishment, sent him to die a degrading and grisly public death rather than call the legions of angels that he had at his command to relieve him of the burden he had agreed to assume. you don’t have to believe in Christianity, my dear sir. Simply do everyone a favor and read the end of God’s story (it’s called the book of Revelation) if you don’t believe what we say. We couldn’t have written it, it was written too long ago, however, the facts could, do, and will bear us out. If you don’t want to believe in Christianity, don’t. Jesus never beat anyone over the head to believe in him. We promise not to even perform Jihad on you. Simply don’t believe it. But don’t you dare blaspheme it, either.

          • Michael J.

            The premise of your argument is flawed. Hebrews and Palestinians were just different tribes of the same people that shared a legitimate claim to the land of Israel.
            Niether side was content to share this valuable real estate which was the original crossroads of the world. He who controled this land was guaranteed great wealth and power.
            The inevitable conflict between the tribes was as a result of the value of this land which had to be traversed by all who traveled between continents to the north and south or the east to the west in a time before sea travel or even recorded history.
            So to ask which group has the right to claim this land is like the proverbial question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg”?
            The answer to this age old riddle by the way, is niether, they both evolved simultaneously. And so did the Hebrews and the Palestinians.

        • 45caliber


          It wouldn’t be FAIR if Israel fired ten missiles back! The feds say so. After all, if you are stronger you should just take it.

          But I agree with you. Fire ‘em up!

        • James

          The Bible says Satan is the Prince of this World, and will remain so until Christ returns. Satan’s world nailed our God to a cross, that’s a good place start when learning about earthly politics.

          • Christina


        • EddieW

          Isn’t it idiotic? Hamas can fire 50 rockets at Israel, and no one says anything….yet if Israel fires one back, the world gets in an uproar, that Israel is killing “innocent” civilians!! Shows the true face of news in the US, and the true face of the world!!!

          • Bandit

            I know about the fight between good and evil after all I am on the front lines almost everyday. This oz person must be on the side of evil and the ungodly and a hater of all that is good.

      • Paul

        Mike in MI
        there is one thing that you forgot when you called him a butt kisser you forgot to mention he is also a —-

      • Killian

        Hey mike, you want to stop this government from continuing on its path to tyranny and despotism! re institute the constitution into everything then hang and execute all traders. This will never happen, and you know as well as do I that there are not enough people with the back bone! On a side note you want to end terrorism? Tell the stupid sand jockeys of the 7th century that we as in the United States will destroy all muslim worship sites with mega ton bombs, these sites include meca and every symbolic mud hut these idiots call there prayer what evers, then when anyone blows up one of our people or buildings then we unleash hell on the stinking ragheads.

    • refuse2lose

      Why do you think people are still crashing our borders,determined to come here and obtain the “American Dream”. Outsiders have this crazy vision about America being “free”and where you can worship without the threat of imprisonment. Then when they get here,they want to go back home.

      • CJ

        No, they just know they can speak out against our government without reprisal, and get the socialized payments for lazyness the country they came from doesn’t have the tolerance for.

      • spike

        Good!! Then they should go! Back to India, Pakistan, Africa, sudan, darfur, wherever….They don’t need to come here and tell us what to do until they straighten their own countries out.

    • Dave

      Crazy as ever there Dan. Thanks for furthering the right wing wacko ideology I always attribute to this information. What makes any of you really believe that Obama, or anyone else, is goign to invoke Marshall Law. It is you who are toting guns and threatening war against your own people, not the government. It’s funny how ackos like Bobn Livingston and Chip Wood have always been around and they always end up wrong. Now all of a sudden we have a black democrat in the White House and there’s gonna be Marshall Law coming and everything he does is Communist. Then all of you “Freedom Fighters” put Republicans back in office as a response. You’re all being taken advantage of. If you really want to fix the system then we should all be working together and discussing how to fix it. We need to be able to trust our government and, yes, our system is broken but it’s not some scheme by the Democrats or the liberals to make this a communist country. You can disagree but a lot of you have gone off the deep end here. There are people on the left that go off the deep end too and they’re just as crazy. Most Americans just want what’s best for this country but the discussion is being hijacked by the loonies. Don’t be part of the problem be part of the real solution.

      • Ozlanthos

        I agree Dave that we should be seeking to be part of the solutions rather than exacerbating the problems. However, when our government acts like a governing body worthy of trust, I will start trusting it again. We have “representatives” in Congress and the Senate, yet when over 70% of ALL Americans told them not to vote for TARP, the GM bail-out, and Obamacare, what did they do? THEY VOTED “FOR” THEM! Does that sound like the actions of people “executing the will of their constituents”? Not in my book!


        • Bruce

          Wow Oz!

          You and Dave are real useful idiots!

          Until the liberals quit trying to use Keynesian economics, we will be a socialistic country. They have never worked, anywhere, yet, each time a new left wing nut job that gets elected thinks that it will be different under their regime!

          Get a clue and wake the hell up!

          When you two welfare bums finally realize that the gravy train derailed, I hope you are ready for the other entitled bastards that will be breaking into your homes to take what they think is theirs anyway! Show up at my house and I won’t be calling 9-1-1! Morons!

          • PatriotSara

            Go, Bruce!
            I hope you’re running for office somewhere! We need decent people in leadership roles with their heads on straight!

          • Howie

            I’m just like you Bruce. I won’t be calling 9-1-1 either. I’ll be calling the undertaker to come and get them. I am ready,willing and able. That’s just how it is. I am waiting for them.

        • Bandit

          have you or dave really looked at what this prez has been saying or doing.
          In one of his speeches he came right out and said that America was no longer a Christian nation but a maslam nation if you take a good look at some of his admission papers for the colleges that he went to, where it asks what his religion is he put down muslem where it asks what his political preference is he put down communist/socialist. This prez does not have good intentions for this country he has already said that it needs to be more like england or russia.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          when are you and dave gonna learn that it’s MARTIAL law?? I just love how much of a useful idiot you two are to Nobummer!!! Just don’t flood the States with koolade tears in 2012!!!!

      • 45caliber

        You can only discuss a problem and arrive at a solution if both sides agree there is a problem. When one side insists that “I won!” and want to do everything their own way, that is impossible.

        It’s like a robber. When you sticks a gun in your face, all you can do is what he tells you to do. If you have your own gun, however, then you can argue.

      • hpinnc

        Folks,I was raised in a conservative,Christian home with good,decent morals & values.I would not say my Mom & Dad were religious or political fanatics.I guess you could say they kind of believed in “live & let live”. I have never tried to force my values or opinions on anyone,& I have some good friends that we don’t agree on every single issue,so with that said I hope you can see I am not some left-wing or right-wing,or religious fanatic.I see that a lot of these blogs are very opinionated,& thats OK,because I’ve always believed if we don’t stand for something we will fall for anything.One thing I would like to clear up to everyone is because I am Christian,conservative, & yes,even a “tea-partier”,oh,& I listen to Rush Limbaugh,Hannity & Glen Beck.I am not stupid as some of you may seem to think,I just have different views from yours.I have done quite well for myself,no brag,I just say that to say this.We live in a great country,I grew up during the ’50s.It seems to me the gov.has gotten bigger & bigger.Yes there are things the gov.should help out in,but now we have a generation of people who cannot do anything for themselves & looks to gov.for everything they need.If anyone cannot see where this present administration is tryingto take us,then I think you have blinders on,don’t get all your info.from the same source.Remember socialism & communism = tricle-up poverty for everyone.If you believe this,then go vote in Nov.If you don’t then stay home on election day.No JUST KIDDING.I respect your right as an American,to vote your conviction too.God bless you & God bless the USA.I love ALL my fellow-Americans,even the ones I don’t agree with.

      • zackery

        Way to go Dave. Keep spouting your neo-leftist propaganda. You are exactly the type of person the current administration sought during the 2008 elections and are doing their utmost to convince to return to the polls this Nov. To wit: the semi-literate, barely educated, easily led lemmings who will follow like one of Pavlov’s Dogs. Yep go drink more of their brand of Kool-aid. It is more akin to your thought processes. Tell me, who is Marshal? You keep referring to his law. Just what is it? You will have to pardon my ignorance,but I have never heard of it. Is it another new law the current Socialist Administration has passed in the middle of the night? (They are rather adept at performing such sleight of hand tricks you know). Or were you perchance referring to “martial” law? I really believe the current Leftist/Socialist/Progressive Administration would like that. Then they wouldn’t have to tolerate those pesky bi-yearly elections. They could then rule by fiat, i.e., Castro, Chavez, Stalin, Hitler, etc. Is that what you would prefer? It certainly sounds like it. FYI it is “the Democrats and Liberals” that are attempting to lead this country down the road to “communism” though I feel they would really prefer a stop at total Socialism. If that doesn’t suit their agenda then on to Communism. Are you practising the Internationale yet, or are you awaiting the current administrations declaration that the Star Spangled Banner obsolete and ban it. The SCOTUS has already ruled it is permissible to spit upon, trample, burn and otherwise desecrate the Red, White and Blue. For your edification that is the Flag of the United States of America to which I refer, the most recognized symbol of Freedom in the world. I was wondering if your Mommy is aware you are using her computer to interact with real people as opposed to playing computer games? Have a nice day Lefty.

        • alpha-lemming

          Socialism is merely the bi-partisan compromise between Constitutional government and Communist government. Or, phrased another way, the rest-stop on the way to Communism.

        • Paul

          As the poem goes
          and I quote
          “I think of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and the rest,
          Fooling the people into thinking they knew best
          They traded their arms for hoes and wooden staves, and they traded their freedom and wound up slaves.

          This is from a poem called “DO YOU WANT MY GUN” written by DR. GENE HOWARD c. 1992

          This poem says it all this is a very good poem goes alone with another.
          “SON DO YOU OLD GLORY FLYING UP THERE. Both of these where written back in 1992 and they both speak the same thing , that is if we do not take care of our country no one else will? the president that we have now does not care for this country as it is right now. He wants to remake it in his own image which is something perverted and upside down and back wards.

      • Bandit


      • honeybadger

        Y’know Dave You just made an intriguing statement, at least to me. You referred to Obama as a ‘BLACK’ Democratic President, do you know the definition of a ‘mulatto’? It IS interesting to note that a man who came from the ‘union’ of a really black man and a really WHITE woman is referred to as ‘BLACK’, just where do you get that tidbit?

    • spike

      Yesssss….I believe the great DICKtater (sp on purpose) really thinks he’s got allhis eggs lining the basket! He’s got the unions ponying up unpresidential (sp on purpose) and Illegal amounts of money, the SEIC filling positions in the white house, and the American people sucked into believing that the ‘jobs” he is “creating” are doing something besides keeping the Unions busy until they drain the taxpayers dry, lay all the pavement they can, cut allthe trees down they can, and fix all the train stations and bridges they can (with union labor, or government “labor” at a “government” “payscale”) that they can. Then they’ll add some more pork, tax us even more, and put a new bridge up…til that’s done…Folks, Last night I was on my way home from choir practice (we’re doing a charity event for Haiti) and I saw a bumper sticker on a pick up truck that said “ACLU; We don’t hate religion–ONLY CHRISTIANITY”…AND RIGHT NEXT TO THAT WAS A U.N. BUMPERSTICKER THAT SAID “U.N. NATION”…folks, we need to see the writing, stop fighting amongst ourselves, and for GOD’S SAKE VOTE. One more thing: How dare that s.o.b. Dare to say “we don’t consider ourselves a Christian Nation” Who the F is HE?

      • Paul

        Finally some one who has seen the light, of who this prez is and what he has been saying for the last year.

    • Goofy

      Reguardless every one of you are wrong and right.Your opinion your just a human like me.We have gotton week and we let it happen.We are the f-ups of this country or any country for that matter.We are ruining the planet and you bastards do not care.Why those of us that do are suffering and working are asses off when we should not have too.Because you got to make that f-n dollar that used to be respected.But as an American Soldier whom has had some action.Knows the appreciation of Freedom.As those whom before me and those now serving.The Constitution was written for a reason.They are rules of Our Nation for Our government to abide by for Us Citizens so we can live free to do what we want with in perspective of course.Meaning leaving you neighbors and friends stuff alone it is not yours keep your hands off or else.Which I have always liked.Now days a man takes your stuff or hurts your family you go to jail because you defended your property.Wi’ll that so called friend or family member is laughing his or her ass off.You can not touch me or you will go to jail attitude.F_U.So,you back down do keep from being arrested.The police will not listen to you so they do not care.You bond out and they got your money too.Great.they are supossed to work for you as well.Yeah Right.All that training and for what.You should be able to talk that Police officer with out any problem.NO MATTER HOW UPSET YOU ARE UNTIL THEY CAN CALM YOU DOWN.NOW IF YOU ARE JUST AN DISREPECTING ASS.THEN YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL BUT ONLY OF SUCH.Specially when you were in the defense.Not to take you to jail.What the hell happened to that.Most police these days have that you can not tell me what to do I have the badge and you can not touch me.So they do what they want.Again the attitude.A man can not even fight another man defending his stuff becuase he will go to jail.Not in my book.The government is doing the samething.Laughing.Our government has changed or trying to change what has been written and trying to add amendments to the Constituion that and will not even be worth writting in.Sounds great at the moment.But it will be useless for the future becuase it has no real true meaning or value.Like a car.It will depretiate.To satisfy some idiot whom think he or she is making a differance when they are only blowing hot air to make you the citizen think he or she knows what they are talking about when they only know bits and pieaces of what is going on and word it in way for you to believe.They are good at it.These intelligents are mindless incompedance.Our government national and state wide.This is our mind set due to these idiots.Pelosi,Clinton,Cheney Mr.Obama he does not deserve the title President or any other leadership go back to Illinois and the rest of the incumbent class.So they get thier way.Like Gay Marriage.Be gay not right but thats your business,live together your business.Being married like a man or woman.My business.It should not or ever be a unity of the same sex EVER!!!.Chritian or nonchristian.That is an insult to those of us whom are married with children or not.Its an abomination in the world of chritians.and always has been for decades.You people are eccentric and should not have that right PERIOD.If you get married than you must believe in GOD or the higher power of your religion.Every religion I know or have seen on TV or read about says it is wrong PERIOD.Back in the day you would be hung or stoned to death.Bring it back.Or change your ways sinner.F- your feelings.I have talked to gays and worked with them that as far as it goes.If you are a Doctor fine but if I find out you are.I will pass you up due to diseases.Or sue your butt for putting me and my family in danger.You have no right to work on someone that you could be putting them in danger as such.DO your everyday thing fine.Marriage NO WAY.You Want Change get off the f-n phones and off the f-n game machines and any other useless f-n thing that is not important but to have fun.Which mind you is ok to do to release stress.But these things are not changing the government so they are meaningless for now.People are to busy.Well if you are that busy to text and play games and on the phone for meaningless reasons.That time could add up to change in your pockets and in the future of your lives.HELLO.But the thing is none of US are doing anything but running Our alligators and opinionating ourselves to death wasting time and energy.Actions are power and strength.Alot of you need to shut the hell up and sit.THe pointing fingures is not getting it done.Everyone not taking resposiability for thier own actions.Ok bush and others messed up on somethings.Well that s why we vote the out and others in to fix the isssues.HELLO.Peoplecomplaining we must worry about what is on hand and move to the future.BUt hay look what he or ahe did back then.See the problem.People we have a Virus “Mr,Obama and the incumbent crew” in our subframe”the United States”.Stop talking and start making a differance in your areas and lets get off the phones and meet together as humans used to do and come up with a solution for Our country then make it a state by state elected reprsentitive of each state.Break it all the way down to the representive to Congress and Congress must let that represenitive speak on all states and citezens of our country.He or she will be our voice.This can be done in six monthes.Stick to the problems and solve them.The extra bs that has nothing to do with Our Constitution will be neal and void PERIOD.Next problem etc. until all of the solutions of been agreed upon by 75% of each group.Like in school.Each math problem has and always will have the correct and functioning answer.Life does not have to be Geometry.Simple mathematics has always worked and has always been solid.It worked.Most of life has always been on simple mathematis.It works.These idiots are making more out of something then needs to be.They got us confused as of today to make us wouder so we need them to continue on.But reality they have not got a clue what the hell they are doing.So they cover up everythoing they do and make up things to suck our walletsa and purses.Wake up America.You are losing your home.not now but soon.Thanks to those great people coming over here and helping change Our Contituional Rights.If you do not like our Laws STAY THE F_N OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR FAT WALLETS.GET LEAGAL OR PAY THE PRICE.Oh Wait.I am paying for it like the rest of us honest Americans.FU.I know this was long I do not like politics.I am an average joe like you.BUt I know when I am being screwed over like you.So what are you and I going ti do about it.Put yourselves in this position.Look at yourselves and do to yourself that you would not like done to you and then think hoew the rest of us would feel if you did to them.Probably would not like it.So do not do it.Make our changes that will work for each of the same.Hinse the created equal.You still an like differant things but to do it Free.
      Way enough said.See if we talked in person like a human should communicate this would not take up so much space.Plus seeing you is so much more fun.Hint.Lets get cracking people.We have a responsiblity to ourselves and to each other.Lets save our country before someone lese ruins it.GOD Speed.Peace.

      • Paul

        I’ll leave you all with this
        It is a poem written by DR> GENE HOWARD in 1992


        Do you want my gun, or do you want my life
        Do you want my gun, or do you want my wife
        Do you want my gun, or do you want my store.
        do you want my gun, or much, much more.

        What is it you really want, I must ask myself,
        For it is one of the few freedoms we have left.
        Maybe it’s something more political you seek,
        But cannot accomplish unless we become weak.

        I think of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and the rest,
        Fooling the people into thinking they knew best
        They traded their arms for hoes and wooden staves,
        And they traded their freedom , and wound up slaves.

        For when people can no longer defend their rights
        Their days become filled with sleepless nights,
        And soon their fears become much, much more
        When the secret police knock at their door.

        They took them from their family, and their home.
        And without a trial they locked them up alone.
        No visitors, no place that they could go appeal,
        For they were politically incorrect to party zeal.

        Today the majority of us are not politically correct,
        And what do the liberals want us to put in check?
        That’s right our guns, they want us to turn them in,
        For as long as we have them socialism cannot win.

        Each day our liberal government denies our rights,
        As they put GOD fearing people in their sights,
        So I will keep my gun, and I will use it if I must
        To defend my inherited right to say “IN GOD WE TRUST”

        For the very foundation of this great land of ours
        Is now being threatened, and it may only be hours,
        Till GOD is completely removed from every part,
        And this country is stripped of it’s very heart.

        For today freedom of religion is onlonger a right,
        But a battle ground for which we must fight./
        So if you ask me for my gun, the answer is NO!
        Try to take it, and if there’s a hell, you’ll know.

        This poem was written back in 1992 by DR. GENE HOWARD, pass it around the net everybody needs to read it if they can read.

        • spike

          Well, they’re not gettin my F’n guns. I’ll tell you what, They can try this national I.D. garbage, they can try to take our weapons, and our pets may have to have micro chips (I’ll shoot mine, or leave them go wild, first) but I have the right to bear arms, and I will defend mine and my home and family no matter what.

    • EddieW

      Dan the problem is..that the Police State is a;lready here!! Now you need photo IS to go to a new doctor…if you need to take a drivers test…that’s a horrible story!! but it gets worse daily!!!

    • http://yahoo Sheila

      I am horrified at what this great country has come to, it sickens me to know that this country elected a man that they already knew was corrupt. Now I have realized that all the democrats are corrupt because, they let Obama accomplish destroying our country, and have sat back and done nothing to stop him. I pray every day and ask God to forgive this nation for what they have done and ask for Him to bless us again. If America has not awakened to what is going on by now then, they will never figure it out and we have no hope! We need to stand together as a nation and pray that God will help the people to vote and get the republicans back in control of the senate and the house so that we can stop this spending all of our money and to repeal this healthcare bill that we don’t need in the first place, if Obama isn’t stopped and has control for another 2yrs. then you can kiss this country good-by along with all of our freedoms and the constitution. Please vote, if you don’t have a ride ask someone to get you there but, please people this will be our only chance. May God Bless us again!

      • Howie

        Sheila, I have to sympathize with you on your comment. However, to ask God to forgive them I question. I have always been taught that for God to forgive someone they must first repent of thier wrongs. Have you noticed anyone of them repenting. I just pray that God will see all Christians through all this mess that’s been created. And, I know that if we trust in him and endure to the end that he will see us through.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    well,for too many years,the folks running the liberal idea ,has caused a break down of trust,that has many people (normal citizens)buying arms just in case,these people running this agenda of treating this lawless thugs victimizing folks just trying to be law bidding,it shows (history) that when those in power are lawless,then criminals own the people trying to live their lives,and that is called chaos.its time to reasert our GOD given rights under the constitution and bill of rights,period.then the lawless ones will go where they belong and that is on chain gangs,to earn their keep.but as all good things,that will never happen,unless unless the american voters push the point home.

    • 45caliber

      One minor correct in what you said: “Its time to reasert our GOD given rights under the constitution and bill of rights,period.”

      Actually the God given rights are simply spelled out in the Constitution and bill of rights. They are not “under” the Constitution which implies that the Constitution can be changed to take away those rights.

      • Robert Smith

        From 45: >>>Actually the God given rights are simply spelled out in the Constitution and bill of rights.<<<

        When did you edit out "We the PEOPLE…"?

        That's where our freedoms come from.


      • http://GOGGLE vaksal

        TO:45 caliber you are correct,i concede,mistake made in compostion,thanks

  • BrotherPatriot

    Nice work, Mr. Livingston.

    Yes, when you look at it in this manner, does it not make things…add up?

    We have been at War for a very long time. The writing is on the wall…we have so many numerous problems that I’m not going to relist them all here…but the cherry on top…a man who we don’t even know his personal history acting as our Commander in Chief.


    This leads to the greatest break down in our military chain of command since…ever. Our nation is in crisis yet people are just chugging along in their normal daily routines. Well folks…your normal routines gonna change here if you all don’t stand up and vote for Constitutionalists who support our Constitutional Republic. Vote like your future, your childrens future and your very lives are hanging in the balance…because all that and more indeed is on the line.

    • Tomh0700


      We who were informed during the election of this – - “president”. knew who he was. Many were uninformed (thanks to the state run media, the ‘big thre’ as well as CNN etc.), many were informed but did not listen and there were those of who knew that all this man knows is socialism and communism and nothing about how to turn an economy around. Then there were those of us who opened our ears to the “private”, unadulterated media (mainly those “evil” talk shows) and saw this coming all the way from the day this man announced that he was running for office. The point is, the electorate became, as Marx calls them “useful idiots” for the “cause”. I sure hope we all have learned our lesson from this. It may take an entire generation to roll back what this regime has done to destroy our nation and our economic system. Unfortunately we will be learning the hard way.

      • Christin


        (What not 007?!)

        I am not so sure that we will have the luxury of that “second” chance… as they did after the 20th century progressives Woodrow Wilson and FDR… to learn and “fix” the problems caused by the progressives, Ruling Class Elites, and TPTB. There is more against us than ever before.

        Marxist, Pro-Muslim Executive branch, Progressive (111th Demo Congress) Legislative Branch, Liberal Activist Judges in the Judicial Branch and Supreme Court, Pro-BO MSM and Hollywood, Power-hungry Unions, Thousands of Communist organizations, AFL-CIO, ACLU, FED, IRS, EPA…. not to mention the jihadist Muslim population around the globe who is bent on chaos and death to Jews and Christians.

        The Democrats fight dirty… they smear, demonize, and lie to get the vote. The old-time Demos have been consumed up by the progressives.

        The Estblishment Republicans (RINOs) don’t want to support the Tea Party Candidates and step down or conform back to the parties real values.

        The “illegal population” is already voting and the State, Judges and Congress have allowed it…

        *CA Loretta Sanchez defeated Conservative Robert K. Dornan in 1996 by less than a thousand votes. An investigation – after the election – proved that 4,700 non-citizens “voted” in the election. Congress refused to throw out the results and looked the other way while they seated Progressive Dem Loretta Sanchez.
        BTW, a good conservative, Rep. Van Tran, is running against her Nov 2010 if you are in that district to vote.

        *TX It was found that 25,000 votes in Houston, a sanctuary city, had up to six votes cast to one address which was a red flag to investigators. Upon further investigation they found that those addresses were to empty lots and unlived in houses. They found only 1,000 persons to be real out of the 25,000 votes cast in the obama/biden 2008 campaign. The FBI was either called in or came to tend to the voter fraud charges and the building housing the 2008 Electronic voting booths burned down… poof, evidence gone.

        *MN The election was close between Dem Al Frankin and the Rep candidate. The Rep won, but Al Frankin raise cain and the judge ordered the city to open the closed ballots (which would be liberal)to add to the count, but denied the Rep candidate his plea to open ALL the sealed votes statewide including the rural areas which would have been conservative votes for him. Frankin won.

        How many other hundreds of stories are there like this going on across our country???

        We need conservatives WATCHING everything like a HAWK and PRAYING like a believer in CHRIST.

        The liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, marxist, Democrats are CHEATING and winning.
        That is the only way they can win, by cheating.

        I know God’s people will win in the END, but are we, the Constitutional Conservatives, strong enough to win this time?

        VOTE America and let’s say we give our all to take our country back.

        • VMC

          Might it be better to work together, like real Americans, and take our country FORWARD instead of back?

          • Christin

            It would be GREAT to work together as Americans, even “real” Americans, but can we?
            Unfortuantely, many Americans do not agree with the Constitution and Capitalism.

            Let’s be real or logical for one minute…

            Do you think the Progressives will ever work with the Conservatives?
            Are they doing so now… NO.
            Progressive Dems demonize, break the constitutional laws, strong arm, threaten with strings attached Reps and Conservatives and other state gov/banking/corporate bodies.

            Do you think the Socialists, Communists, Marxists will ever work with the Free Market Capitalists?
            They aren’t doing so now… infact they are destroying the Free Market Economy.

            Are the Hispanic/ Latino citizens working with other American citizens to secure and protect our American borders?
            No, it doesn’t appear so… many are screaming for open borders and Amnesty for illegals.

            Are the Islamic Muslims working with the Christians and Jews?
            No, no, no, …they are on jihad out to kill the infidel and build a “Victory” Ground Zero mosque.

            So you think the Lost will ever work with the Saved by Grace crowd in America?
            Many despise the Christ follower. Jesus said “they will hate you for my names sake” so now where are we?

            Is God working with satan (fallen angle Lucifer)?
            No, of course, not. God is Holy and Satan is …well NOT!

            Have you heard “If you don’t know your History you are doomed to repeat it.”?
            We ARE repeating it, because we have forgotten… the History Textbooks left out truth, original sources, and are now biased against America, Capitalism, and Christianity. Extended families live far apart and Grandparents and Parents haven’t taught the history of their lives to their children.

            We are moving forward, but actually repeating what we’ve already done.

            The Tea Party has been great and moved us forward, but we have lost more Liberties, Rights and Freedoms most people can’t even imagine than we have gained.

            You tell me how we move forward when almost everything American citizens do is about to become a crime.

            We will VOTE in Nov… we shall see if we get a “trusted” VOTE and Conservative change?

            I have read the Bible and I see how this one turns out, my friend.
            So we fight the Good fight and hope for the best.

        • http://none Mike

          I too have sometimes wondered how these people seem to be elected time and time again. Even when its been proven they were either corrupt or simply stupid. If we dont control the borders first there will be no stopping the flood we can complain all we like but if uninformed puddles of mush are allowed to vote in every election I dont se a way to turn it around. Take for example the border patriots who went to serve as unpaid border guards . They were villified as vigalanties and nut jobs by our press. Yet we here stories every day about border wars allready occuring. Seal the borders now. Apply voteing laws such as photo id and proof of residency that should never have been put aside.Ballots in ENGLISH only last I heard thats what 90% of us speak and read. And dont mistake me for anti anything I fully support people who come here leagly but also belive there should be requirements on that such as intinsive background checks on people who come here from Known terriost countries. Such as the recent times square bomber.If we were upholding our laws on border security this man may never have made it to our country and not been allowed to make a mockery of our leagle system in that showboat of a trial he recived.Sorry I wondered off topic a bit but I belive its all linked if we just follow the trail(illegal voters and the democratic party)And as well I concider myself a libratarian leaning independent. Yours Truly Mike

        • BrotherPatriot

          Love your post and we need more people such as you making comments such as this. We need more truth & exposure of what is and has been happening to us. We need a thorough examination of the votes and traces back to who cast them when found to be fraud. Then of course…prosecution. This may even entail the death penalty for the offender. <— That could help protect the future voting of American's…right…there.

          God Bless & once again…Ty for your clear voice.

    • Wayne

      If I started listing all the bad things about Obama, I would not know where to stop. Obama pushed health care down our throat when the majority of people did not want it, He is pushing for the Cap & Trade bill which will seriously hurt our econcomy, (energy bills will drastically increase if this is passed) he has put a moratorium on off shore oil drilling in the United States while at the same time he has given Brazil $10,000,000,000 to do off shore drilling in their country. He is against using coal, oil, he is against Christianity, he is a Muslim, he wants the head of the National Space Agency to work with the Muslim countries so they will feel better about themselves. WHAT???? You see where I am going with this folks. Obama wants to completely destroy our way of life in this country while building up the Muslin Countries. Can’t you liberal see what is going to happen when Obama along with this cronies gets where they want to go. You can kiss all the jobs, what’s left, good-by. There will not be any welfare either, because no one will be paying into the system. Who in the h— wants that for this country. You would have to be a complete imbecile to envision something like this. I pray that people will vote for conservataties who is against all the things that Obama is for.

    • Mitch Ennis

      Amen to a good article on the downfall of United States.

      Comment on our C in C. Mr. Messiah himself, blundering along ignorent to what the people want and need. I put this to all, look up the definition of the word Treason. 1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign. 2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state. 3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery. When the definition is read associate it with, an example, the UN Small arms treaty and how that would subvert the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States. Our C in C should be charged in federal court for treason.

      There are certainly to many things to list about the Big Man. My only hope is that we can rid ourselves of him and his minions and attempt to put the country back together.

    • Patricia Zimmerman

      We must be very careful about believing anything the government tells us. A lot of people know they lie, but believe all their lies regarding warfare. The above news piece underscores the importance of critically questioning the entire basis for all their wars. This is about a recent federal court decision, regarding a man who was held in gitmo without charge for years. The decision was unfavorable to the government. It immediately disappeared for 5 weeks and reappeared then with huge segments of the decision missing and changes made to make the man appear much more threatening to US citizens. They are trying to scare us into supporting war, but their wars are resource wars. We have been forcing countries around the world to privatize all their resources so that multi-national corporations can own them. In this way, nations cannot profit from their own resource production, their infrastructure cannot be built and people everywhere are kept impoverished. The US is one of the prime movers of this privatization movement. It is making serfs of people in many countries and they intend to make serfs of us here. We must question the notion of national defense when our military resources are being used so wrongly – and when our sons are being asked to die for such monumental lies. How many American sons have died for cruel lies? That is one of the important questions we should be asking? How much does our government really care about our national defense? Very little, I think.

      Also, I agree that the immigration policy is designed by intent. I also believe they have intentionally brought in millions of people who know nothing of democracy and who care little about it. This is part of their plan, also.

      It is all a very very cruel hoax on the American people and on the people of this world. It is class warfare, them against us, unfortunately.

    • Roy Rees

      This is true, but we have only ourselves to blame! At least the ones that voted for this “far left liberal”. Law and order starts with the President and he’s not providing a very good example! And now these so-called liberals don’t have the b…. to vote against him! Most of the “so-called” lower class citizens don’t even know why they voted for him. Except that he is “tall, dark, & handsome”! Some don’t even know where their FREE money is coming from (taking from the rich and giving to the poor)! One lady on the news said she guessed he had a private stash somewhere!!! She probably never paid income tax or even knew why they collect income tax! And OBAMA is playing right into their hands to get their votes. Just like he is doing with the border problem….he wants the illegals vote too! This is what disturbs most of the upstanding Republican/Conservative public!

  • Vicki

    A bedtime story. We will have an election in Nov. The Republicans and perhaps independents (Libertarians?) will win and win big. Many RINOs will be ousted along with Democrats.

    Then between election day in Nov and swearing in the new Congress in Jan the lame duck democrats and quite enough rino republicans will pass every possible additional element of the progressive agenda. Obama will sign most of it.

    The newly elected politicians will swear up and down that they will get rid of all of it when they take over in Jan 2011. The will not. Even if they were to try they will not have enough votes to overturn a presidential veto. They will be able to claim it wasn’t their fault.

    We will suffer.

    This is the stuff of nightmare. Prayer is strongly encouraged.

    • dan az

      The truth of the matter is that when the house majority is in the hands of the republicans that is when this undocumented worker will see the insides of the gray bar hotel and all that he has signed into law will become null and void!Dont give in to the negative side of things thats for progs and libs keep the faith in the right side and we will overcome.

      • Robert Smith

        Point: Ronald Reagan was the one who started the amnesty thing.


        • bruce d.

          Of course. Everyone knows Barrak Obama is on our side. Ronald Reagan set Obama up for the fall. Obama really cannot be blamed for anything because look at all the presidents since 1776 that Obama has to pick up the slack for. I noticed libs are going right to Reagan now and by passing Bush. All in all as long as Obama doesn’t get the blame who really cares what happens to this country.

          • JoeH

            Obama blames everyone and anyone he can find to take the heat for his
            stupidity. He has an agenda and he doesn’t care who it hurts as long as it isn’t him.

          • Robert Smith

            Ronald Reagan STILL started the amnesty thing.

        • BigBadJohn

          and GWB cut workplace enforcement of illegal aliens by 93% between 2000-2004

          • eddie47d

            BBJ; That in turn opened up these corporations to smuggle in even more illegals. Cheap labor,cheap wages and the downturn of our economy and the middle class.

        • PatriotSara

          Robert Smith, Point: Reagan didn’t have history to refer to when he allowed amnesty. We would throw (even) Reagan to the curb if he passed amnesty with the history we now know. I sure hope you’re really trying to get to the facts and not promoting some agenda. We’ve had enough of “agendas”!

          • Robert Smith

            PatriotSarah says: >>>Reagan didn’t have history to refer to when he allowed amnesty. <<<

            Actually in 1940 the US government amended the Naturalization Act to give Latin Americans citizenship.


          • JeffH

            Robert Smith, are you intentionally being vague? That amendment says nothing about amnesty or sets any precedence regarding amnesty.

            1940 The Nationality Act of 1940, Section 201, 54 Stat. 1137.

            “Section 201. The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:

            “(g) A person born outside the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, has had ten years’ residence in the United States or one of its outlying possessions, at least five of which were after attaining the age of sixteen years, the other being an alien: Provided, That in order to retain such citizenship, the child must reside in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling five years between the ages of thirteen and twenty-one years: Provided further, That, if the child has not taken up a residence in the United States or its outlying possessions by the time he reaches the age of sixteen years, or if he resides abroad for such a time that it becomes impossible for him to complete the five years’ residence in the United States or its outlying possessions before reaching the age of twenty-one years, his American citizenship shall thereupon cease.

            (h) The foregoing provisions of subsection (g) concerning retention of citizenship shall apply to a child born abroad subsequent to May 24, 1934.”

        • 45caliber

          So? It was wrong then and it is wrong now.

          • Wayne

            I agree with you 45calilber. A previous wrong does not make a future wrong right. In other words, two wrongs does not make a right.

        • Ted Crawford

          Reagan had an agreement with the democrates. His part was to allow amnesty for 2 million, even that was a progressive lie, illegals and the democrates would allow the passage of laws to secure the border. Surprize of surprizes, the democrates lied!!!

          • Robert Smith

            I see Ted… Blame it on the Democrats!

            Lesson learned (not).


      • Bob

        If the Republicans win the House and Senate then there will be a false flag attack so they can declare Martial Law. They don’t have to do it before the election. It wouldn’t make any sense. Why create a terror attack before the election. They may not need it and can have it another time.

    • spike

      You are, indeed, right. We must exercise our God given right to …PRAY! Prayer is the only thing, besides those of us who are not sucked totally in by these Pray, and vote, folks.
      P.S. I got an email from Ron Paul’s people about the new “national I.D. card that they’re trying to smuggle in under Immigration reform.” Anybody else heard of this?

      • Robert Smith

        spike says: >>>PRAY! Prayer is the only thing, <<<

        That could only mean one of two things… Well maybe both:

        Another way to efine prayer (invoking diety) is "casting a spell".

        The other way to think of it is establishing "group think."

        Now, let's all bow our heads in submission, oops prayer.


        • Vicki

          Lone wolves get eaten. Practicing “group think” and working together is how humans got to the top of the food chain. Working together does not mean being clones. It does mean common cultural agreements. The USA is a shining example of that. A group of people got together and created a concept of freedom for the individual far ahead of any other country on the planet. The common cultural agreement is even written down in 2 specific documents.
          The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

          Just for amusement you should read the entire Declaration of Independence to see how many of the original 19 complaints against King George can apply to the current (and recent) government.


    You are right about money leaving the USA, it is in the jobs going elsewhere due to NAFTA, a war of choice and fed by propaganda, paying corporations to move the jobs elsewhere. Just who thought this system was going to work, I did not then nor has my thoughts on this changed. We have executives making salaries 500 times the middle income, justified thieves helping their friends get raises. The Enron deal comes to mind often, where will it all end.

    • dan az

      think about
      It will end when the puppet masters have their strings cut for good!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Problem is Dan, that there is so many fingers leading out from the puppet masters, even if they’re strings are cut, like a cancer bew masters will rise else wear. These masters have been around for a couple hundred years, it will remain a contintinual war.

        • dan az

          Hey Angel
          thats probably true but we have to stop them now or we may never get back what they stole.Freedom requires blood sweat and tears Thats a small price to pay for what we once had.If and when they show their slimy head again then we must keep up the fight for all of the world not just US. Greed for money is not all there after its power that they want, to rule the world is evil but I guess its the nature of man to want what they cant have.

    • David

      THINK ABOUT the unions. NAFTA has helped keep inflation in check which causes havoc with unions because they can’t raise prices to offset their pay and benefits, which are not sustainable. This is their last ditch effort to overthrow the average middle class working man.

      Let’s crush them after the elections!


        Yea, just where do you think the people working in other countries spend there money, in the USA, nope. Just how much taxes do they pay, none to the USA. And besides that we are using taxpayer money to give to these companies to send our jobs elsewhere. Now how much does that aid the USA.

        • David

          With quanitative easing, the dollar is getting weaker which increases exports and makes unions happy. Isn’t that what “o” is supposed to do….pay off the unions.

          If we didn’t appear so weak, as a country, we wouldn’t have this global gov problem. Let’s shut down oil drilling in the gulf in the name of environmental protection while paying Brazil and Mexico to do the very same thing in the same region. Can you say transfer of wealth?

          Your union pension will be worthless is this is allowed to continue so wake up.

    • Dagney

      Actually, it’s none of your damn business how much money an executive makes. If he’s worth that much to the stock-holders, or the people who buy his service or product, then fine. What is all of our business is the CRONY capitalist deals he runs through our government to make more regulations that artificially give him an advantage and stiffle his competitors. THAT is what you need to be complaining about. NOT how much he makes from the company he owns or works for.


        It is my business as a stockholder. So it is my damn business.

        • PatriotSara

          We need to focus on the corruption in our government; it is so widespread, we can’t worry about whether the stockholders are getting their “fair share” out of the executives. The stockholders are free to go to another company to invest if that’s what their concern is. What do I care what the stockholders are getting out of X company if I’m not invested there? Why would I want my (corrupt) government involved in that??

          • PatriotSara

            Amen to Dagney. We need to focus on the corruption/cronyism in our government, and hand out severe punishment to all incursions. Enough already!

          • spike

            Then does this mean that all Obummer’s “cronies”, too? His SEIC friends, his union supporters, to whom he now has to poney over taxdollars and contracts so they can keep some of their meeting halls open for the next 4 years? He out and out told some guy at one of his “walkabouts” that he believes in “it’s better for everybody if we spread the wealth around”…let’s penalize the rich people for being rich, and let’s make them all leave America, so only the poor people, and Obama will be left, and the government of course. I wonder if there will be enough houses of the Senators, and Congressmen for all of us to have a job cleaning for them, and gardening for them for 5cents an hour…then we can all have government jobs, and we can all have “national I.D cards” so the immigrants can’t get our jobs (LOLLOLLOL)…………

        • Dagney

          Depends on the amount of stock you hold now, doesn’t it? So, whining about what an executive makes is just sophistry. Stop with the class warfare, will ya? It’s the Marxist in Chief’s stock in trade and, if it continues, it will tear what’s left of this constitutional republic apart.

          • JeffH

            Well said Dagney!

      • PatriotSara

        Amen. If the employee(s) can generate the impetus and/or ideas to support tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on, of others then the employee(s) bring the same value to the table as the owner/executive and should make comparable salaries; if not, then the employee(s) should be satisfied with what they can get in our “free” market. Surely the grumbling employee(s)can’t be looking to the socialist/communist models for their inspiration; or at least, not if the employee(s) are thinking logically and with reason!

        • Dagney

          If people are looking to the Marxist/socialist for inspiration, they are practicing the evil of ENVY and are not using their own intellect and talents. This is a fight between good and evil, it’s as simple as that.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Yes it is…a fight between Good & Evil. With the lines further blurred by the intellectual, degenerates who operate on both sides of the lines sewing discord and promoting dissention amongst us to keep us from being united.

            Only common sense & a belief in God will steer us to the America we all wish to have.

          • iowaheretic

            to BrotherPatriot; How can you say “common sense and a belief in God” in the same sentence? Thomas Paine wrote the book “Common Sense” which inspired the revolution. It had noting to do with “God”. The British believed in God too. The Muslims believe in “God” too! If people would stop trying to force thier own version of “belief in God” onto everyone else, then just maybe civilization could advance.

          • BrotherPatriot

            This is for iowaheretic…and anyone else of like mind…

            This is my Opinion…

            God transends all man made religions. He is all things…the grass under our feet, the very air we breath, the trees, the ocean, the very energy of the universe…in which we are but motes of water in the ocean thereof that connects us all together & with God. This is my belief in God and I’m not forcing my belief upon you or anyone else. I respect however you wish to worship & believe in Him so long as it doesn’t impinge upon the rights of others or call for the destruction of all other religions…such as what Islam calls for.

            This is the God that I speak of. I follow no organized religion…I follow my heart and what I Know is true in my soul. He needs no definition to exist for me to believe in him. Where ever he is spoken of, where ever that is…Church is in session.

            Common sense and God is all we need. Be good…treat each other right…as we ourselves wish in our hearts to be treated and for me…that’s enough. You read between the lines of most religions and you’ll come to the same conclusion of what is being said.

            Man made versions of, “This is how you must believe or you are going to Hell!”…is an atrocity to what God is…in my belief. So say whatever you want…believe however you want…but do so in a manner that allows only the promotion of Goodness…then were on the same page and that’s the common sense I speak of.

            God Bless you all.

          • Vicki

            iowaheretic says:
            “If people would stop trying to force thier own version of “belief in God” onto everyone else, then just maybe civilization could advance.”

            And which religion(s) is currently famous for forcing its version of “belief in God” onto everyone else? Please be specific in your examples.

            For instance I did not see anything that Brother Patriot or any other Christian has done here to force their version on anyone else let alone everyone else.

          • Vicki

            P.S. English usage sometimes is tricky. The ref to Christians in the above post was not meant to specifically include BP but would not disclude him should he happen to be Christian.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Dagney Why is it, that the Most Successful individuals of Capitalism, are so willing to stand with the vermin who try to destroy it?__Faires

      • Bob

        Dagney An executive makes millions after he moves the company out of the US. He makes alot of money for the stockholders so they give him large bonuses in between. The American people are rewarded with more foreign CRAP.

        • Dagney

          Excuse me, but if there were no onerous regulations (that’s ONEROUS, not regulations needed to support free trade and keep criminal elements in check), the companies would not be leaving this country. Our FREE MARKET Capitalist Society is the biggest engine for prosperity the world has ever seen in history. If we were to roll back the criminal element of our government (that includes the redistributive elements of ENVY), we would see all those companies clamouring to bring their business back here.

        • Vicki

          The American people are not (yet) required to buy that “crap” so why do you care?

          Stop being a victim and go start your own company to make not”crap”. You will get to experience first hand the fun and games of government bureaucracy. Perhaps you might even begin to appreciate how much work it is to run a company.

  • Michael J.

    Mr. Livingston, I presume there will be an October surprize as others have commented. Obama and company have used this tactic with great sucess to secure the 2008 presidential election, for example when the financial dam ruptured to release the manufactured chaos that ensued. I often picture Barney Frank and Chris Dodd coddling, nurturing and propping up the economy just like Atlas holding up the world until the exact moment when it would do the most harm to the Republicans.

    I too, subscribe to the political theater that you so deftly describe. My question however is, who is the producer? Who is coreographing this stage play of societal ruin?

    • Robert Smith

      Michael J. asks: >>> Who is coreographing this stage play of societal ruin?<<<

      Follow the money.


      • bruce d.

        Obama got quite a bit of money from Goldman Sacks for his campaign. I guess the TV networks ended up with it now from political adds. The networks take the money and give it back to Obama in more campaign contributions. So Obama seems to be the magnet for others peoples money. Stimulous money anyone? You don’t have to pay back. I’ll just raise taxes. The money always seems to comes back to Obama.

        • Michael J.

          bruce d.
          Bingo, that’s what I have been saying about stimulus money since it’s conception.

        • Robert Smith

          From bruce d.: >>> The networks take the money and give it back to Obama in more campaign contributions. <<<

          Did you miss the part where Fox gave the Republicans over a million bucks?


          • Wayne

            Robert, that just shows that Fox knows who is right in this fight. They want this country to prosper, not go under, the way it has been for the past 20 months under Obama and his cronies.

      • JeffH

        …all the money will lead right to the Rothschild’s and their methods of world banking.

        “Money is Power”, or shall we say, “The Monopoly to Create Credit Money and charge interest is Absolute Power”. (Alex James)

        Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838: “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”.

        Letter written from London by the Rothschilds to their New York agents introducing their banking method into America: “The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

        I would like to suggest that some of you read this.

        • JeffH

          What is unique about old power and money of the Rothschilds is their uncanny ability to sustain their power and wealth, and keep it within the family. While it is a tribute to the power of family, the danger is their ability to control and influence the daily lives of average human beings, with fewer resources and less power. Such power can lead to the temptation of becoming as powerful as the gods. Control over such important forms of value such as gold, as an instrument of liberty, may lead to the temptation of exercising dominion over such liberty. The maintenance of power and wealth is ultimately motivated by an anxiety of losing the security that such power has provided. The power and wealth of the Rothschilds carries with it enormous privileges and hopefully a sense of responsibility for the welfare of others. While the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have exercised philanthropy to the benefit of many, even this exercise has benefited their corporations through a tax system which rewards such “charitable” and “atruistic” organisations. What distinguishes the Rothschilds from other world power brokers, like Soros, is their diminutive “presence” in the world, in spite of their untold influence on almost every aspect of our economic existence. Their continued bullishness on gold exhibited through their activities in the LBMA and gold trading suggests that we maintain our confidence in the this barbaric relic. Ultimately, however, one must be keenly aware of the potential controlling influence over gold which the Rothschilds and their merchant banking brethren can exercise, and thus placing our liberty in their hands.

          It has been said that “the wealth of Rothschild consists of the bankruptcy of nations”

          • BrotherPatriot

            You can not refute the historical facts that supports what JeffH is saying. Obviously, my research has led me to the same conclusions and I’m in the same boat as you, good sir.

            It all links together in the same equation that I & others such as TIME, JeffH, Kate8, Anthony, me & others keep saying.

            I know it’s almost to damn “out there” to believe…but the irrefutable facts of History is screaming out to us…you just have to take the time to do the research. Once you see the factors in the equation…it adds up just like math and the money trail says the same thing.

            As more & more people come to the same conclusion and turn our angry eyes upon them…their NWO will lie still born even through all their preparations and money control. This will lead…to them making drastic measures…in my opinion. Look for more false flag attacks…

            As I & others declare them criminals…many of our elected even treasonous to the Constitution…we the People need to go after them and shut them down. Their crimes against Humanity demand it from us…so many innocents have suffered at their hands and they care not a wit.

            They are truely Evil…and need to be dealt with martial force. It’s all their kind knows & understands…in the end God will win. This I know and believe.

            Yol Bolsun. (May there be a Road.)

    • Tazio2013

      The name of the producer of the stage play; i.e., Kabuki Theater, may be found in most of the last two week’s issues of “The Daily Bell”

  • Wayne

    And to think there are still idiots out there that are supporting NObama and this stupid Congress who don’t even read the bills they are signing. The morons who voted for this man should be made to go and live in some of the Muslim countries to see how those governments treat their citizens. I really cannot express in words how I feel about this current administration. I just hope to God that the decent people wake up and vote the Democrats out of office. We can then work on getting NObama kicked out in 2012, God willing.

    • Mick

      Wayne says:
      And to think there are still idiots out there that are supporting NObama and this stupid Congress who don’t even read the bills they are signing. The morons who voted for this man should be made to go and live in some of the Muslim countries to see how those governments treat their citizens. I really cannot express in words how I feel about this current administration. I just hope to God that the decent people wake up and vote the Democrats out of office. We can then work on getting NObama kicked out in 2012, God willing.

      Wayne, I totally agree with you and am hoping that we still have more decent people left than thugs, otherwise we’re basically screwed.
      The descent of moral values, discipline and accountability has created an awful situation in our country for the past few decades which by the way was primarily run by democrats,
      However you Republicans have to take part of the blame for compromising their principles, if the left want to play word games and call the right the party of NO , so be it but stick to the values the people had voted you in for, do not cater to the party of corruption., you missed on all counts, so if you want to regain the majority and reestablish some order in the lives of Americans, you better learn to say NO more often.
      As for the Democrats, anyone voting for those power hungry souses will be responsible for the fall of this great nation and will not deserve any understanding from decent citizens..

      • Wayne

        Mick, the only reason this is happening is because once the election is over the people who vote do not follow their representative to see what the are doing, or not doing in Congress. When Congress vote against things such as not making this country an English speaking country, voting for the “cap and trade” bill, not wanting to tap our own energy source, but buying from our enemies,(Muslim Countries)and the list goes on and on … This is the mindset of our Current administration and the majority of Congress. I know that we have had our share of bad Republicans in office. We have got to take a few minutes, or even a few hours out of our time to follow our particular representatives, and see what they are doing. We need folks that are going to be looking after the welfare of this country and not the rest of the world with this huge debt we are in. In essence, we can blame ourselve, the American People, for letting this country get in this shape by allowing Congress do the stupid thing their doing, like not reading the bills they sign and running us into the huge debt. Any prudent man, or woman, would not do such a foolish thing. I would never vote for any of my representative that has supported Obama in these things. We have two Democratic Senator currently in my district and they have supported this president in everything he wanted to do. Thanks God one of them did not win in the primary. I will be voting for the newcomers, not the ones in Congress that has supported Obama, and not those old politicians who has made a career in Congress.

      • john

        its to late to save america. if you research history
        (ancient history ) and biblical scriptures you will find that god had said that if you defile his temple he would destroy you. if you do your research in both areas u will find that god refers to the temple of the human body and even in old stone carvings it shows the symbol of dna. now u have a president that has given the ok on stem cell research and they will defy the temple. even in revelations it says the us which is the daughter of babalon will be utterly destroyed . thats why many people are saying its time to get out

    • john

      by that time it will be too late . america will keep spending like never before and beef up its military as much as possible because it never intended to pay back its debt. the reason for this is that they know about whats comming and are trying to get ready for it before it happens. i seen numerous presentations about niburu or planet x or as all ancient races and religious texts called the destroyer which is supposed to pass close by us again as it has in the proven past of its 3600 year orbit between our sun and our twin dark sun. apparantly its supposed to cross our ecliptical plane in dec 2012 and cause 8.0 earthquakes worldwide and a pole shift which sience said happend the last time it passed . it also caused widespread death . so the goverments have been building seed banks worldwide the last one i see finished was in iceland its the biggest. so the gov dont care about us its all a circus act they know things are going to change big time so they dont care about debt. but they wont tell us about it u have to look and find out about it yourself and do your own research. it all started in 1983 when the iras telescope found somthing big comming at us . as a matter of fact we are not causing global warming as all the planets in our solar system are heating up the same as ours is its all because this plant x is getting real close now heck the us built a telescope on the south pole to watch it come as thats where it is best seen from

  • Robert Smith

    The largest transfer of wealth in America is yet to come. When the Social Security system goes private supply and demand will inflate the stock market beyond any infalation in the past. The money changers are sitting there waiting for it to happen.

    THEN it will go bust like any ponzi scheme. The stock market can’t grow forever. All those hard working Americans who trusted in Wall Street will be ripped off.

    And for all those who contributed for the last 40 years or so… How will Social Security take care of them when the money supply for it goes to Wall Street?



    • Michael J.

      Robert Smith,
      That’s right, when the likes of Bernie Madoff engage in such a nefarious deed, it’s called a Ponzi Scheme. When an entire nation is thrust into the same, it’s called “Hope and Change”.

      • Robert Smith

        And the winner of a clue is Michael J.: It is still the right that advocates the privatization of social security.

        Has everyone forgotten just how much was lost in the stock market during the Bush collapse?


    • BigBadJohn

      Robert are you forgetting the 6 trillion from the national treasury that GWB and the republicans gave to their supporters from 2000-2008?

      • Vigilant


        You better back that up with facts, if you have them (which you don’t).

        • BigBadJohn

          01/19/2001 5,727,776,738,304
          01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913

        • BigBadJohn

          OK 5 trillion – sorry

          01/19/2001 5,727,776,738,304
          01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913

          • Vigilant


            Typical of drive by hitters!

            How about this, smart man?:

            Total years of Repub control of the House of Representatives during the Bush era: 6 years, debt ceiling increases $2,394,333,227,088.

            Total years of Dem control of the House of Representatives during the Bush + Obama eras: 3.75 years, debt ceiling increases $5,440,423,044,497.

            At this rate, the Dems will have outpaced the Repubs to the tune of 8,704,676,871,195 on a six year extrapolation. In other words, the Dems are eating up our seed corn at a rate some 3.64 times as fast!

            If you’re going to use stats, have the integrity to use them correctly instead of skewing them to fob off your personal point of view. You have learned well from Al Gore and the UN “scientists.”

            P.S. Thanks for the URL link, which outed you for what you are.

          • BigBadJohn

            Vigalint, First off your numbers are not correct.

            01/19/2001 5,727,776,738,304.64
            01/19/2007 8,675,085,083,537.48
            01/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08

            2.9 trillion for the first 6 years
            2 trillion for the last two, but this includes 800 billion from Bush’s bail out of the banks. Sorry but that is a direct result of 12 years of republican deregulation.

            I truly do not support the democrats, but do not think I can vote republican either. And I see the Tea party in the same vein as Newt’s republican revolution – just more re-branded BS for the simple minded.
            I am a person with no party….


      Social Security is bankrupt right now. The I.O.U.’s put in the trust fund by the Treasury are coming due next month. Just who do you think will pick up the tab? If I had the opportunity to invest the money in whatever vehicle I chose over the last 45 years, I guaruantee all of it plus interest would still be in the bank, and it would be mine not spent by the Federal Government. You are either ignorant or an ostrich.

      • Robert Smith

        >>>I guaruantee all of it plus interest would still be in the bank,<<<

        Oops, how many banks failed because of the Bush depression?


  • Wayne

    Mr. Livingston, I reported in an earlier post that I was not able to print from this forum. I wanted to let you know that I found the culprit. It was a corrupt file in my MSN Explorer. I uninstalled, then reinstalled MSN Explorer. That took care of the problem. I was unable to post back in the original forum as the problem I was having deleted the e-mail that the original link was in. Thanks.

  • Rosco1776

    I wish I could explain it like that to the people around me, very good!

  • Mark Matis

    Got your guns and ammo yet? Or do you expect to rely on “Law Enforcement” to preserve, protect, and defend your rights? Just like they do with their oath of office to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution…” on a daily basis.

    • J.M.R.

      YES I GOT MINE. before the progressives got so muchpower when you broke the law you lost your rights. but now the innocent are not protected.its time for hunting parties to be formed catch these scum bags and find a rope and a oak.

      • http://none Gary

        When hunting season starts, i’ll take care of justice on the spot. There won’t be time to hunt for a tree or rope. anyway who can carry that many ropes?

  • markpepper

    Dear Mr. Livingston,

    The recent statement of Murdock’s to congress about giving amnesty to illegal aliens confirms my long standing conviction that he and Turner use adjacent urinals at the same country club. Read the statement of the WSJ with respect to its journalistic agenda carefully. Support is there for our system, for now.

  • William Asbury

    A friend of mine – Federal Goverment Agent – said if there is anyway possible, get out of the country as fast as you can. The United States is going to become worse than Hitlers Third Richt ever dreamed of being.

    • Bob

      William Why is your friend still here? In another country you can’t have your guns. If you go take your friend with you. We’ll stay and fight for OUR country.

  • BillNelson

    Mark, well said. They should change the swearing in of public officials and eliminate the constitution section. It appears no-one abides by it anyway. I got my guns after seeing the government totally helpless to protect citizens following hurricane Katrina. ‘Be prepared’.

    • Les

      They weren’t completely helpless, they had no problem going door to door and taking guns from people that were protecting their houses from looters. That was “law enforcement” at it’s finest. The ones that weren’t out looting along with the rest.

      • Wayne

        Obama is wanting to take our guns also. Once he gets our guns what do we protect ourselves with? Let’s take out his cronies next month to keep that from happening.

        • Robert Smith

          From Wayne: >>>Obama is wanting to take our guns also. <<<

          False. Look at the ONLY gun issue that came up. He continued the Bush policy in parks.


          • JeffH

            Robert Smith, wake up on the gun issue…Hillary-the UN Small Arms Treaty-Obama’s perfect anti-gun voting(check it yourself)record who has surrounded himself with anti-gun proponents.

          • Wayne

            Robert, you are wrong on this. I don’t have any website to back me up, but I know that Obama is against folks having firearems. Now if you have something some where that can prove me wrong, please send me the information. You probably don’t believe that Obama wants to share the wealth either. This is what I heard him tell Joe The Plummer. You probably do not believe he is a Muslim either. Well, I have heard him on two different occasions say he was a Muslim. I do believe my own ears, and I still have all of my faculties.

          • Robert Smith

            Hey Wayne, here’s what Obama has actually said:

            I don’t have a problem with keeping guns from the hands of criminals… Do you?

            I don’t have a problem with keeping assault weapons OFF our streets… Do you?

            BTW, keeping assault weapons off the streets doesn’t mean that ugly guns get tagged and others don’t. Fully automatic weapons in the hands of drug dealers is where I think we should be paying attention. Don’t you?

            Do you object to the enforcement of current gun laws?


  • Mick

    Wayne, I totally agree with you and am hoping that we still have more decent people left than thugs, otherwise we’re basically screwed.
    The descent of moral values, discipline and accountability has created an awful situation in our country for the past few decades which by the way was primarily run by democrats,
    However you Republicans have to take part of the blame for compromising their principles, if the left want to play word games and call the right the party of NO , so be it but stick to the values the people had voted you in for, do not cater to the party of corruption., you missed on all counts, so if you want to regain the majority and reestablish some order in the lives of Americans, you better learn to say NO more often.
    As for the Democrats, anyone voting for those power hungry souses will be responsible for the fall of this great nation and will not deserve any understanding from decent citizens..

    • Wayne

      Mick, I am not saying that all Democrats, or Republicans are wrong, or right. However, in my mind it does appears that the majority of the Republican are more on board with the conservatives values than the Democrats are. I don’t really care what party the person is running on, but I want some one who have the interest of the majority of the American People in mind instead of their own personal interest like a lot of the career polities have. Who shoved the health care bill down our throat when the majority of the people were against it? Who in the house voted for the cap and trade bill? The Democrats, even though Obama personally stated on TV that if this bill passed, it would drastically raise everyone’s energy bills. Who would want this? Do you? He puts a moratoruim on drilling here. A few months ago he either loaned, or gave Brazil $10,000,000,000 for off shore drilling in their country. Do you feel this is right? He is against using coal. What do you think this will do to energy rates? I have heard him say, before the election, that he was against nuclear power plants. Don’t you think this may increase your energy cost? Nuclear energy is the cheapest of all. Obama only wants wind and solar energy. Does that mean on a cloudy, windless day we will not have any electricity to run our furnace? Since I am retired I have had plenty of time to follow Obama and his idealology, and to tell you the truth it scares the he– out of me. You can have your Obama, but I think he is on the verge of ruining this country to the point of no return. It would be wonderful if we could clean up the earth, I am all for it, but not at the expense of the people, even you. I do not believe that we will ever get to the point where we can quit using oil and coal in the next several decades. When they can get our energy cost where we can afford it by using wind and solar then I may change my mind, but in the mean time I say, drill, drill, drill, baby. Let’s also keep the folks who depends on their livlihood mining coal, busy.

  • TIME

    We are at the gates right now, the facts are that what is coming has been working slowly for the last 100 plus years.
    Any of you that have been learning know what I just said to be true. The Pawns and the REAL Power are about to make the last few moves.

    We have only months before we step into hell’s domain the NWO has worked very hard to get us here, and the last few road blocks can be worked into the plan with little to no reststance.
    You will so busy trying to keep your familys safe most will be BEGGING for the NWO to step in and fix the problems.

    ** Just a quick note – I went up to DC this weekend just to get a look, there were no more than 40 – 55 thousand people there.
    By the way Thats really a very high count.
    Folks the crazes are ready, and the NWO crew who are just thrilled that they have these “Pawns” to do their dirty work for the last push, think of the Pawns as the brown shirts in Germany, or the radicals in Russia in 1918.

    We will be going back to the Dark Ages for as long as it takes for the world to”change” for people to grasp what FREEDOM is, thats if ever, keep in mind the last time it took 5000 years, how long this time?

  • http://Yahoo Bonnie Fleming

    I really think the administration, and all those who are associated with it, have no conception of the strength of a free people when they are pushed to the limit – and that limit isn’t far off. We are going to have a revolution…how soon, and what will start it, I have no idea, but our history is different than any other country that has been socialized. All it is going to take is the right spark and when God gets enough of the devil pushing his children around….He will provide it. The federal agent who said to get out of the country is a traitor to all those who fought and died to make this country free….and apparently does not love his country.

    • Vigilant

      Well said!!

  • Gary Frasier Gloversville, N.Y.

    Robert Smith , You are exactly right! Wall Street and the Banks have started this and they are going to end it. Their “Greed” will never end as long investors support them and pay for their big bonuses. If investors knew what was taking place behind their backs they woul’nt invest another dime. But then I guess ” Greedy is as Greedy does”.

    • shell

      Show Wallstreet and the banks and this idiot Gov, Nov we fire the idiots, and Dec we pull out money out of stocks. Get a good fireproof safe and let them all fall. The bigger the better. So far the Govt can’t control us pulling out of the stock market.

  • Bob Wire

    Yep ! it’s time for many of you to leave! Get your passports in order and your money secured in offshore and Swiss accounts.

    As for myself, I’m dug in and going to ride it out. Send me a post card.

    • Wayne

      To me Bob it sounds like your incapable of taking care of yourself and you need the government to do it for you. They can helo you by telling you how much salt to put in your food, tell you what kind of meat is good for you and whats not good for you and etc, etc, etc. The only thing is, where will the govenment get their money from? Everyone will be out of a job. Do you suppose we can let the Chinese do all the work and keep borrowing from them for our living? I don’t think so. One of these days the Chinese will wake up and realize we can’t possibley pay all that money back and they will cut our purse strings. Then Obama and his cronies can take you over. It does not get any better than that, does it?

  • Lita Z. Biejo

    Let us just be an independent voter and vote out to get rid of all these corrupt politicinas starting with BO.Let us not be carried away with their promises and exceptional rhetorics. May I remind you also that everytime the Democrats take over, everything is a complete disaster as they are worst than the Republicans.

    • Wayne

      Amen to that!!!!

  • JC

    All 9 points are exactly dead on! Get Ready!

  • Dan Burke

    Some of this I may agree. Some I do not. No matter what I think about all this, I loved the following:

    “That government is organized crime.”

    With how the Democrats, and especially the Republicans, are reacting to the Tea Party movement, this seems so very true.

  • http://? lavarre


  • Les

    My mom was in Berlin in WWII. She said that during the final days they said “God helps those that help themselves”. History has a way of repeating itself over and over again. The Roman Empire didn’t see it coming either. All things are now in place for the collapse of the new Rome.

    • Wayne

      Les, I hate to agree with you on this one, but I think you are right. Just look how this nation is so divided now. Got a Muslim sympathizer in the white house along with Communist, socialist, tax cheats and etc. You name it, and it is there. They are taking the virtue out of our children by not allowing prayer in school. Who in the nation, but an idiot, could support this current administration and Congress. They are against everything the Founding Fathers were for. Why do you suppose we have kids killing kids in our schools, in the work places and all across this nation. I grew up in a Christian Home, had good parenting, and I never thought of doing anything like this. I sincerely believe it is because my parents instilled me with good value that I can relate to. I just feel sorry for the younger people since a lot of them do not realize what is in store for them. They are voting for the very people who will lead them to the slaughtering pens. Just like Nazi Germany, unless we can change it in November.

  • jim capy

    Where do you go when you leave this country?


      Same place Rush is when he left the country.

      • http://yahoo Robert

        When Rush leaves the country, he goes to the Dominican Republic, and plays with little boys.

        • Angel

          Hahahahahahaha!!!! So true! So true!

          • Vigilant

            If you know it to be true, you must be one of the little boys.

        • Wayne

          Robert, what a nasty thing to say about some one just because they are a conservative and do not agree with your ideology. You would not want someone to say that about you because you are a liberal, would you? I am a conservative. I would never say that about some one with whom I disagreed with.

    • EltonJ

      The Earth is hollow, by the way. If you want to leave the country, go to Agartha.


    Reagan Amnesty. I supported. Unintended consequences.Like Nafta,
    He did it in 1985. After 5 years they were allowed to bring immediate family members into the country.In 1990, 1,500,000 were allowed in country. Then, mom, after five years could bring in her immediate family members. Quota was 500,000. Bush sr increased it to 700,000.
    My neighborhood known as Beverly Hills Section. Now Hispanicville.
    I have no problem. My friends. Nice families.

    • Vigilant


      “Reagan Amnesty. I supported. Unintended consequences.Like Nafta,”

      You gotta pin that one (NAFTA) on Clinton.

      I marvel at a self-styled “historian” with no objectivity whatsoever, and can’t write (or think) in complete sentences.


    Democrats fault they do not attack junk–in advance
    GDP and Jobs had big growth 1932-1937
    Yes! Big economic gain was certainly WWII.

    Phil Gramn gave us Bank–1999–Bank change. Big Banks then bought up most local banks. Deja Viu S&L Disaster.
    Today Phil’s Big Banks own 80% total bank deposits.
    Wall Street of America–Replaced Main Street of America.
    Phil’s pals gave us Housing Disaster one of largest in our history. Millions of families hurt badly for many years.
    Destroying Construction industry.

    Phil 2000 Law
    Financial Wall Street of America to become Casino Derivative Of America.

    Rich Investors jumped into Gambling from investing in stocks And building businesses And jobs.

    1990s were boom years with 237,00,000 net new jobs gained per month. Unemployemt as low as 3.9%=Full Employment Democrat ever brag on it???

    After 2000 Law
    31,000 Net New Jobs per month over 8 years. Lowest since Hoover
    Democrat ever attack on it???
    Dow was 11,720 in 2000. 10,700 now ten years later.
    S&P lost 30% of value.
    Democrat ever attack on it???
    GDP growth was from Housing Debacle and Bush increase in spending by 100% and borrowing 6000B from China.

    No Value Added. Velocity of money went south
    It was Gambling. Pass one billion from one hand another hand
    A Winner=A Loser.

    It was a horrible ten years for America’s Middle Class.

    Liitle Income Growth— Little Wealth Growth— Large Debt Growth
    2001-2009 Top 1% (1,400,000) took 67% of Total Individual Income Increase. 90% took 10%.
    Third World Country Stats?????

    In 2008 top 1% owned 43% of Total Financial Wealth
    80% owned 7% (120,000,000workers)
    Third World Country Stats
    Democrat ever attack on it???

    Reagan + Bush gave, primarily, the Top 1% 2500B in tax Cuts.
    They borrowed 7700B to pay for it.
    From 1980 to 2009 that 1% had a 281% Gain in Income
    Middle Class got 25%
    a Third World Country Distribution
    Democrat ever attack on it????

    Republican priorities total failure. 100% 100% Total All. 100% 100%

    clarence swinney
    political historian-Lifeaholics of America since 1991

    • marvin

      CLARENCE SWINNEY the differance, being your stuped and can not take the blame for your own mistakes the liberal view thru rose colored glasses,less just blame the gop and when we screw up less blame the gop,trouble with your thinking is here in the real world we do not all see the world as as you and all liberal do hell some of us can even think for are self and don,t need your liberal leaders like obama and biden and pelosie or reid thinking for us, now here is an amazing idea read and think be for you post bush is history obama is in the white house now ,it is 2010 not 1986 or 2001

    • JeffH

      CLARENCE SWINNEY is here to promote his employers agenda, the progressive/liberal Democratic Underground and the Huff Post.
      Look his name up and yu can find the answers to his allegiances.

    • Vicki

      CLARENCE SWINNEY says a lot of statements and gives no cites. It is presumed that the statements are all fantasy (lies).

  • Kim Costanzo

    If we take an overview, It has been said that America was the “grand experiment” of freedom and a free market. It was messy but at times a very successful one. With Obama and his neo-commies trying to change us to the failed models of Germany and China, etc, etc… THEY are engaging in their own “grand experiment”. What they have not banked on is that Americans are a different breed from the scared Europeans who capitulated. We Americans were born free and it is ingrained in us. It will probably get “messy” again, but I would bet on US, not them.

    • BrotherPatriot

      God Bless America and the Americans that are going to stand up and kick some Ass if it comes to that…were not all sheep. >.<

  • marvin

    on cspan blumburgler and murdoc both need be run out the of country both have more money then brains saying illegals need be made legal,while the true number of illegals is not known, it is over 20 million,do i have a problum with legal immigration no,if they can take care of them self,do i want to support their bad choises of having one kid after a nother,do i think it ok to steal someone id and use it,do i think is ok to trespass on my or your property with no reguards for the law,do i think it ok to demand some thing that is not yours,if i break the law i pay,when mabe 1 out of 100 liberals want to deport illegal and 70 of 100 conservatives want them deported,this country can not and will not survive ,when you have stuped people that have never had to work to just eat most of we the people have never made a million dollars but when you have people like blumburgler 2 0r 3 hundred million murdoc with billions and kerry 180 million obama 50 60 million it is easy to tell we the people that we know what is best,as long as my your bank account has more money then month,we are ok, un like the el rich,o that can not see pass there own nose,and think just because we the people an,t all rich, we don,t know right from wrong,and that illegal is the same as criminal so in nov go to the poles and vote the scumbag,s out we don,t need more laws that liberals won,t enforce,we need the laws we have enforced the same on all the people [citizens]all the time, not some of the people[illegals] when it is expedient to keep you in power

  • Right Wing

    I’m not sure I completely agree with the “reasoning” that we find ourselves in the state we are in. I just find it difficult to believe in the “puppet-master” theory over the theory of evolution. There are an awful lot of humans that, given the choice to work hard for money or steal it would choose the latter. When you water down the methods of “stealing” for example by using a government to distribute public funds to the needy in name of civility, then you increase the number of “thieves”. The majority would love to “win” the big lottery and in my mind this is where the erosion of social fabric begins. Read Garrett Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” for a more detailed illustration.

    • Right Wing

      Regardless of how we arrived at this current state what we are basically experiencing is class warfare. Based on Bob’s take, it comes from the carefully orchestrated efforts of the elite class with a broad conspiracy all linked by fiat money. From the other perspective the middle and upper classes are being threatened by a growing lower classes that provide minimal contribution to the financial health of the nation, if any at all. Class size implies power and as long as politicians pander to a solid voter base then they stay in power. This is how a democracy works. Unfortunately, our country was not intended to function as a democracy even though the term is used (liberally) to describe America. America is a Republic that is supposed to function on the rule of law so that the nation prospers and survives. It is unfortunate that at times some suffer at the expense of the whole surviving but such are the natural laws of our existence. It is not intended that our federal government should eliminate this unfortunate consequence by providing social welfare; however, we have seen a slow transformation of charity from a personal moral choice to a federally controlled obligation. It stands to reason that in times when the financial strength of a government burdened with entitled masses becomes strained, the state of law and order will be severely challenged. This theory leans on the adage that, “desperate times breed desperate actions”. Having said that, I find it unfathomable that the actions of Obama’s administration have severely aggravated the situation? It does not matter to me whether the administration is desperate to grow a voter base or orchestrating a hostile takeover of America…the end result is the same. If enough concerned citizens remain then a failure to enforce a meaningful change is evidence of complacency. If you care enough to make a difference then a failure to act by the peaceful means of the vote might just leave your future generation to engage in a new revolution. Which is the bigger crime: leaving your future lineage with a huge debt to pay, or leaving them with peaceful tools to reclaim what is rightfully theirs?

      • Vigilant

        Right Wing:

        You said, “Unfortunately, our country was not intended to function as a democracy even though the term is used (liberally) to describe America. America is a Republic that is supposed to function on the rule of law so that the nation prospers and survives.”

        I hope you meant “fortunately.” We are a Republic, as you say, and the Founders were very wise in making us so. The original method of appointing senators (by the state legislatures), the Electoral College, and the checks and balances originally prescribed in the Constitution were intended to allay the fears of the Federalists that “tyranny of the majority” would occur.

        Making the installation of senators a matter of popular vote (17th Amendment), as well as the deterioration of the built in checks and balances will, I’m afraid, eventually result in a new tyranny of the majority when that majority is comprised of the “takers” rather than the givers in this country.

  • Mila

    In Soviet Union many people with money migrated to U.S., England, Germany, and South America in time of crisis. Now, please someone tell us where people with money will migrate from U.S. in time when economy collapse. I believe now some people with money are going to leave U.S.

    • marvin

      Mila i guess i am to old and to dumb to run ,first thing sounds like you have gave up on this country,the only way for evil or bad people to win is for good people to give up ,i learned along time ago never tell someone your going to kick there ass do it first then after you have there attention tell them this is the way it is way it will be ,i have been up and down but i am still around i won,t run i won,t quit,and never surrender i have vary little but it is mine and if you want to take it come on it may not look so great after the fight is over,we the people and give me liberty or give me death,are not just fancy words in a book or scroll they really mean something millions have died to pass this on

    • Wayne

      Mila, please explain to the dumbnuts on this forum why these people decided to come to the United States, and not go else where. I personally believe it is because we had been one of the best countries in the world. Why do everyone want in, but no one wants to leave? There again, I believe we had been the best country in the world. Notice, I said we had been the best country in the world. If this current administration, and Congress are not ousted in November, these words (had been the best) may become history. You Communist, Socialist and what ever some of you folks are on this forum had better wake up and vote for the best person, not necessarily, Democrat, or Republican. I said the best, regardless of either party that still believes in freedom and who want the best for this country and the people.

    • tg7357

      Rich people will vacate to the Carribean islands or France. Poor people will run for Canada.

      • TIME

        How do you all miss the point, that there is “NO PLACE TO RUN.”

        • dan az


  • H. Kirk Rainer

    I don’t know about “benevolent” (Totalitarianism); Sheldon Wolin and Chris Hedges use the term “inverted” to describe the impossible combination of democracy and imperialism. An empire cannot be represtented by a democracy; thus, the illusion of a democracy.

    Another association to Germany (Nazi) is the proliferation of laws or decrees; from America’s Engineered Decline (William Norman Grigg):
    “So vast was the number of enactments and so opaque was the bureaucratic jargon…special lawyers had to be hired to enable firms (businesses) to function.” (Consider the size of the U.S. Tax code, the Federal Register, and other common resources). Grigg’s recalls Cicero — who maintained that free societies are defined by the existence of a relatively small number of clear, easily understood laws.

    As to the breakdown of law and order, consider the unprecedented growth of our countries prison population (and similar statistics). The “final solution” to crime in America is simply to build more prisons — as though such a solution could work! When will the authorities finally reaize that reform (of the laws) is needed — and not more prisons? I suppose when the budgets can no longer support status quo…and privitizing is not an alternative.

  • libra


    • zackery

      I am sorry Libra but I do not read comments from people who SHOUT. Try turning off your CAPS lock if you want people to take you seriously.

      • spike

        Hey, Zackery,
        I can’t even fathom that you can’t “read” shouting, but know this:
        THERE AREN’T ANY ITALICS AVAILABLE, SO I MUST BE SHOUTING, TOO WHEN I USE CAPS.And if your too worried about someone’s cap setting to read something then say something useful, then please-

  • DaveH

    As I have always said – Too much Government leads to chaos as there are so many rules that nobody can know and obey them all, so they just quit trying.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Yep…the Declaration of Independance, Constitution, & Bill of Right are all short documents.

      There is a reason for that. Keep it simple…stupid.

      • felice

        And we need to start playing cowboys and muslims to keep it that way!

        • BrotherPatriot

          LoL…had to set my coffee down over that one, felice! Thanks…hehe.

    • Wayne

      Yes. If you don’t believe this, just ask Charlie Rangel who is the head of the Federal Tax Committe who did not pay his own tax. If this had been a person out of Congress, or not one of Obama’s Cronies, they would have ended up in Federal Prison by now. I also have to name treasurey secretary, Timothy Geither, since he, and I believe a few others who did not pay their taxes either until they were caught. Of course not any of them were charged and Obama is still keeping Geither on the payroll, as well as Rangel. How can you and I have any respect for this type of administeration? I just know the liberals on here will berate me for relating this. I believe they think it is ok to do these kind of things as long as you don’t get caught.

      • DaveH

        That’s what I mean. There are so many laws that all of us are unavoidably breaking them occassionally, so it gets down to where people just lose their respect for the law and do anything they damn well please as long as they figure they won’t get caught. A breakdown of morality.
        The other insiduous nature of too many laws is that the people in power get to selectively enforce them against their political enemies.

  • Tunaman

    Folks, We’re all human and are MORTAL! So be sure YOU are a believer in CHRIST and ask for forgiveness by HIS blood! Pray eveyday, be armed so as to be able to protect your family! Look up,for CHRIST is coming again! Read your BIBLE especially the BOOK OF REVELATION! Watch for what is happening in ISRAEL! GOD has a covenant with the JEWS! The LAND HE gave them will NEVER be divided! There will be an armagedon! Oh by the way there is NO mention of the USA as a force in the final DAYS! Read your BIBLE; The book of Revelation!!!!!

    • EltonJ

      Uhm . . . Read the parable of the ten virgins also.

    • James

      Tunaman, Back when all twelve tribes of Israel were in Palestine, under King David, the Lord told Nathan the prophet to tell David this (2 Sam. 7:10): “I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more.”
      If they were in Palestine when this promise was made to Israel, and then will move no more, then this new “place of their own” cannot possibly be in Palestine. Or stated otherwise, true biblical Israelites would not now be in Palestine.

  • Wayne

    For the good of this ocuntry I hope the two parties start vetting the folks who are running for President and Congress. Just think, if the Democratic party had vetted Obama the question of whether, or not he was a United States Citizen would never have been an issue. I guess we can place all this blame on the Democrats for this. I can tell you when I first applied for a job in law enforcement, I had to produce my birth certificate. The folks performed a strict vetting procedure on my past, and I had to take an oath that I would swear to protect local, state and federal law. Now look at what the Obama administration is doing to the State of Arizona for trying to protect their border. This administration must be a night mare for those folks in Arizona. Obama is kicking the folks in Arizona in the face in thinking he will have more foreigners (Mexicans) to vote for him and his cronies. How can you liberals who are supporting Obama validate what Obama is doing to this state? If he does it to Arizona he will do it to your state too.

  • FireMall

    With all this hype here about what the Dot “O” Gov is doing, there is one thing that some here do not see with the present state of America.
    For example: The one segment of the economy that is one of the foremost indicators of what is coming down the pike ,is the Housing / Mortgage market.
    As of last week ,all the Big boys in the Dot Gov backed housing market have suspended Fore closers under the false pretense / Excuse of the 4 major banks all having paper work issues with the Forecloser processes.
    BS–is the main ingredient of this, yet one more lie of an excuse, for what is actually going on.
    The housing market is running on a false value system & being instigated & held up by a Global plan of Dot Gov.
    There is no way that all banks have paperwork issue in repossessions. The banks are actually on the verge, once again, of insolvency thus a new round of Repos Will cause a major crash of the Too big to fail banks. I.E. the Real reason there is a second round of Bailout / Stimulus money being promoted by the Admin. Can’t have a double dip recession this close to Nov 02. .
    This also ties into the Asian & European economies. Right now , the major problem nation is Japan running at a 20%++ inflation rate.
    The general public thinks the Redistribution crap of “O” is only relevant to the U.S. , Not so, the World’s banks /Powers are manipulating the simple Supply & Demand principles of economics for the sole purpose of redistributing Global Wealth. However, the IMF world bank is having big issues with helping with one Nation’s economies without Hurting other nation’s economies. Shell Game Economics of global governance. Period. it has nothing to do with any individual nation’s economy.
    All the member nation’s economies of the U.N. are being driven to the edge of collapse either by the self / covert-imposed threat of Inflation , And or Deflation.
    In short , it’s all about equalizing Wages, economies of & within The Global Economy Agenda. i.e. New World Order, the political parties are both fully invested in this coming plan and trusting either Political Party is only a smoke & Mirror tale of what the Real Plan is . Thus the underlying result of Lawlessness & Disorder Created by the Very Dot “O” Gov and Marshall Laws being imposed & inevitable when the Masses say Enough is Enough & have no choice but to rise up & revolt. Even the warning that this situation is more than possible. Scary part of this — We The People’s Gov as well as the World enforcers are & have been preparing for such events for many years while the Masses are focused on Diversionary issues.

    • FireMall

      BTW— I have grave reservations about the Nov elections having ANY corrective results in stemming the tide of corruption In Government for the reasons stated in the preceding post. I believe the actions of the “In” “We the People’s Face’s” present admin should tell all that the elections are for show only and have Nothing to do with the Real issues that too many People are un-aware of. As in Dot Gov is not running the show, they are only puppets for the more involved Global Power Entities.
      Imo—anyone that thinks the Repugs are intending on cleaning house needs to rethink / research what “all” our so called elected official’s history with legislative voting & resulting actions thereof has done to promote what the Obama admin has no hesitation in doing in forwarding the Global Plan. .

      • zackery

        Sorry, I meant FireMall not Firewall.

      • dan az

        Fire Mall
        You are correct but If we dont try then what purpose is there? The only thing that there is for now is to wait until we see if the elections are held.We where a free nation and we will have that back with the courage and blood shed that made it so. These are trying times for the weak at heart but having had freedom,then taking away that only makes it more difficult for them to succeed in there master plan.We are not a nation of sheep thats why we where saved for last.

    • zackery

      Firewall what is your interpretation of “Marshall Law”? I Googled it and came up with this:

      In economics, the Hicks-Marshall laws of derived demand assert that, other things equal, the own-wage elasticity of demand for a category of labor is high under the following conditions:

      When the price elasticity of demand for the product being produced is high (scale effect). So when final product demand is elastic, an increase in wages will lead to a large change in the quantity of the final product demanded affecting employment greatly.
      When other factors of production can be easily substituted for the category of labor (substitution effect).
      When the supply of other factors of production is highly elastic (that is, usage of other factors of production can be increased without substantially increasing their prices) (substitution effect). That is, employers cannot easily replace labor as doing so will lead to a large increase in other factor prices making it useless.
      When the cost of employing the category of labor is a large share of the total costs of production (scale effect)
      The “Hicks-Marshall” is named for economists John Hicks (from The Theory of Wages, 1932) and Alfred Marshall (from Principles of Economics, 1890).

      Or were you perhaps referring to “martial law”?

      • FireMall

        Yep; I stand corrected. Martial law is what I was referring to. Seems I have a mental block with some terminology.

  • Jim Cumber

    Point 1: ABSOLUTELY RIGHT SMACK ON! We UNDOUBTEDLY have the most CRIMINAL government since King George III was kicked out!

    Point 2: They are NOT “Money Creators” – they are Money COUNTERFEITERS! In the US Constitution, it speaks of “coining money”: NOWHERE does “printing money” appear! To have transferred the control of the US Money Supply from the Congress to a private banking cartel (the misnamed “Federal Reserve” would have required a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT: the so-called “Federal Reserve Act” of 1913 was NOT such an Amendment! The Federal Reserve is the greatest criminal conspiracy in the History of the United States: the employees thereof should all be hunted down and prosecuted under the Ricco Statutes as an organized Criminal Conspiracy, and that means EVERYONE from Ben Bernanke right down to the last “stockholder” in the misnamed “Federal Reserve System”!

    Point 5: This pinpoints the DISASTROUS XVII Amendment, which STRIPPED the Sovereign States of their Representation in the Senate. The PEOPLE were to be represented in the House of Representatives. The SOVEREIGN STATES were to be represented in the Senate. ONLY AFTER the States were stripped of their power, did we see such DEBASEMENT of the US Constitution as has occurred over the last 97 years!

    In short, WE ARE ALREADY BROKE! Our “money” is AND HAS BEEN SINCE 1913, WORTHLESS! “The King has NO Clothes!” The Federal Government is BUCK NAKED!

    Unfortunately, voting for EITHER the “elephant” or the “donkey” will do you NO GOOD, because BOTH the “lame stream” political parties are controlled by the SAME “SECRET COMBINATION”! It is known as the Council on Foreign Relations. Remember the 2004 Presidential Election, when “Dubya” was running against is “lodge brother”, John Kerry? THIS DEMONSTRATED THE CONTROL OF BOTH PARTIES BY THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS!

    Read the book “Tragedy and the Hope” by Professor Carroll Quigley. If it’s 800+ pages are too long winded for you, try “The Naked Capitalist” by the late Professor W. Cleon Skousen, at only about 200 pages or less, and I GUARANTEE that you will be so flaming ANGRY that you will throw the book against the wall, then (after you’ve “cooled off”) you will pick it up and finish reading it, because you will realize that it contains information EVERY American Citizen needs to know!

    I am a precinct chair for the Constitution Party in Utah County, Utah. I will NOT vote for ANY Republican, and CERTAINLY NO Democrat! If the Constitution Party has no candidate running for a particular office I would rather vote Libertarian than EITHER of the “lame stream” parties! ;(

    • James

      I would suggest being Independent, the Libertarian Party would dissolve our national borders and ignore the constitutional limits on the federal government, just as do the Republican and Democatic parties. Any incumbent congressman who doesn’t advocate independence from all foreign intrigue, should be voted out of office.

      • DaveH

        That’s a damned lie, James. The Libertarian Party would shrink Government back to its Constitutionally Limited size and then some. And we don’t advocate open borders, we just believe in making immigration easier. Less hoops for them to jump through. Our country was built on immigration. For anybody who wants to know the truth, read, or, or, or watch John Stossel or Judge Napolitano on Fox Business Channel.

        • James

          DaveH, I stand corrected as to constitutional limits, thank you. The LIbertarian party says: “Our goal is nothing more or less than a world set free in our lifetime, and it is to this end that we take these stands.” “Consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships.” “Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders.” Respectively, that tells God to take His morals and shove it, and “unrestricted movement…across national borders” means ‘open borders.’

    • Vigilant

      As much merit as I find in your comments, I find it sad (or perhaps scary) that your vote will simply help the leftists to maintain control over gov’t. Any “third party” vote is doomed to obscurity, and will only serve the Dems.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        We didnt get in this mess because of a Third party. Those who forget History are DOOMED to repeat it.
        The two part system/delusion/insanity was created by the elites and socialist you hate, yet so many Americans are too blind and UNWILLING to change. Fools…the very thing that will un-hinge us from tyranny is the very thing you shun….

      • Vicki

        For many years I voted for the lessor of 2 evils. All I got for my trouble was evil.

        No more. Now I do not care what their party is. I only care about their actual voting record or when they have none (Obama for instance) what they said BEFORE they ran for office.

        That I why I knew Obama was bad for us long before I knew his skin color.

      • DaveH

        Actually, Vigilant, Libertarian candidates may actually take more votes from the Democrats. We believe that a person has a natural right to control his own body and his own property. There are many Democrats that aren’t thieves, but just don’t like the Republicans for their aggressive efforts to protect people and countries from themselves (vice crimes, world’s policemen).
        The Libertarian Party believes in real freedom, not the kind of freedom where you are “free” to do the things the controllers approve. We also believe people should be responsible for their own actions. So, if they screw up with their natural freedoms, nobody else can be made to pay for their mistakes. They must pay for their own, or go begging.
        We would not allow Government to give other peoples’ money away. It is not theirs to give.
        I vote Libertarian, because no other party comes close to our sensible approach to politics.

        • Vigilant


          I’m not as familiar as I would like to be with the principles of the Libertarians. I’ll look into it more closely, seems to have a great deal of merit.

          • Vicki

            Try this quiz to see more about where you might be in a political spectrum.


          • Vigilant

            Thanks Vicki! I took the quiz and ended up right on the line separating conservative and libertarian. I have been called a social liberal and a fiscal conservative by other people.

          • Vicki

            Welcome :) I am on the vertical point where it says libertarian.

  • Angel

    Wow, Bob. You better watch it. Your nine points mirror the Cheney-Bush agenda. And they don’t like these things revealed.

    • Sapphira Sez

      blamebushblamebushblamebushblamebush. Too bad you have such a small vocabulary…and brain!!

      • Angel

        The Cheney-Bush policy severely damaged the credibility of the conservative movement. Examine the facts! We have to retake our own party before we can retake the government.

        • JeffH

          Just what party must we retake? Both parties are in the same boat and stealing from the same coffers.

          • Wayne

            JeffH, that is the reason after we vote we will have to follow our representative very closely to see if they are doing the will of the people. If not, we can vote them out in either two, or six years and start all over again. Eventually they would get the message. Maybe it is like Senator Kerry says, the American People are just too dumb to be voting. I’ll have to agree with him on this one since he got voted in by the people in his district. And there are a lot of other dumb people who voted for: Barny Frank, Chris Dodd, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, oh boy, I could go on and on with this one. We can all go to this website and keep check on what our Congress are doing if we are not too lazy:

        • alpha-lemming

          Correct… except to those who know. “W” is not/never was a conservative (steel subsidies, NCLB, free scripts, TARP etc.)… likewise the ’08 candidate McLame… but rather progressive-lite. The MSM “called” him/them conservative (which really P-Oed REAL conservatives) so using THAT criteria… definite harm was done to the brand… but it wasn’t done by a conservative implementing conservative ideals of governing.

          • Robert Smith

            From alpha-lemming: >>>but it wasn’t done by a conservative implementing conservative ideals of governing.<<<

            Seems conservatves have forgotten about Goldwater, a REAL conservative who didn't want government in the panties of women (he was pro-choic). He pubicaly stated that gays in the military weren't a bad thing, etc.

            I think the neo-conservatives are simply a hate group.


          • alpha-lemming

            No argument here. Don’t confuse conservative governing with the party faction (your definition?) that wants to micro-manage what’s going on in everyones’ bedroom. No conservatives I know (fiscal and Libertarian) espouse this view but they do exist. And appealing to our better angels vs. demons is a good thing but it’s the role of friends, community and church but NEVER EVER the role of legislature. That being said, Goldwater, Reagan, and Coolidge(?) may be the only real conservatives (read: NOT progressive) we’ve had in office since the Civil War.

  • herbert emerson

    i was born in jan 1937,after the great ww one the grate depression of 1929 ,wwtwo was cooking up ,these things were to never be forgoten,how ever mention dec 7th 1941 to younger people never heard of it. now the same thing we will never forget. that appears to be the gov’s response to every thing .everybody get’ all patrotic, for some new cause or other to getinto a fight in some contry we never heard of . the gov.congres and senitors , start the wars and the people go off to fight them.few political figures . jumps int uniform to fight for the cause.

    • 45caliber

      If we could always put those who start the war into the lines, there would be no more war.

      • dan az

        now thats a fact!!!

  • JohnB

    Bob, I agree with you 100%, but what can we do? It’s all true, we’re on our way to the NWO, where big business controls everything we do (or don’t do). There doesn’t seem to be any solution to the ever-growing problem of “big brother”. I support Lyndon LaRouche and his plan for re-employing some 3 million people with the NAWAPA project. It should have been started some 40 years ago. Check out

  • Bitter Libertarian

    I propose an Amendment to the Constitution;

    Un Elections

    When an elected Official is believed to have committed a Violation of Constitutional Law, as originally written, by their constituents, those Voters within their respective district are guaranteed an immediate redress of Grievance. The Constitution shall be read as written in original text. Interpretations diverse or stretched from original script and intent are forbidden. This Grievance must be signed by no less then 1000 petitioners or 10% of the District population whichever is less, and must be sealed and presented within 60 days of the Violation to the Governor(s) of the state(s). Within 5 working days the Governor of that state must establish by executive order a Special Citizen Hearing. The Governor shall provide suitable accommodations which are available to the public for the hearing. The Hearing shall be comprised of 20 Volunteer citizens (no elected official may be of the 20) who have all signed the petition, 5 shall be selected by the long straw to serve as Speakers. This Special Citizen Council shall review all facts presented by concerned citizens in writing, surrounding the Violation within a 10 day period within a 30 day review process. A majority vote of 90% of the 20 must be reached in order to decide results. Hearing members shall be compensated from salaries normally applied to the officials pay & compensations.
    Officials found to have Violated the Constitution shall be Immediately removed from Office losing all benefits of that office and any entitlements for Life. They are to be considered Un-Elected and ineligible to hold office, or have any direct or indirect dealings with Government agencies. If the Governor deems Criminal Charges are found, the Official is to be placed immediately under arrest and Tried for Treason.
    A Special election shall take place to fill the vacant seat within 90 days.

    I know…in my dreams :)

    • tg7357

      Not so fast. Check your state constitution. 19 states and the Distric of Columbia have provisions in their constitutions for the recall of elected officials outside of election years. Go in the ‘net and type in ‘recalling elected officials’ and see which states have this. The internet site I read said its never been done before, but hey! The US has never been 13trillon doallars in debt before either. Its a new day and a new day means trying new things, right?

    • dan az

      Bitter libertarian
      That was great!are you a lawyer? That needs to be put into a national vote somehow Im sure it would be unanimous Good job!

    • Christin

      Bitter Libertarian,

      That was great!
      Now it is a part of ALL our Dreams.

      Sometimes DREAMS come true!!

  • Bitter Libertarian

    The only thing that will Hold off this flood of Inalienable rights violations is to go after them full force to remove them all from office. The List is easy..if they voted YES to the health care Bill they are guilty and should be on the list.

    FEAR of removal from office and the rapid means to do so will pack more “punch” then anything else.

    • FireMall

      IMO, One major obstacle to the Recall [so called] rights of some of the state’s citizens is the fact that the Gov & politicians still have to be involved in the process.
      Due to the Honor among Thieves scenario recalls are next to impossible to get started to the point of the buddy crook being ousted.
      Also, once again this goes back to the November elections possibly having no great effect in stemming the Tide of corruption in Dot Gov.
      Even when the well identified crooks “are” ousted , the incumbent’s backup contingency plan of installing yet one more “so called” representative of “We The People’s American way” incognito crook to carry on the Socialist Torch is a very real possibility.
      I can only Pray to God & my Saviour that ‘We The People” have not been awakened too late to reverse what has been , the “Plan” , for over 60 years.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        By hook or paper we need to oust this pit of Vipers…

        Revolt is coming, I personally believe it will be as Gerald Celente forecasted in the form of a tax revolt…Americans will refuse to pay, the IRS & police will come in force (traitors to America) and thats when the shooting will start. I may die, but I for one will not sit idly by when I see my neighbors getting raided by the Gestapo. the money…the FED is at the heart of this whole problem.

        • nikenow

          I can see this happening.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Add to that list…all that have ever supported taking guns from American’s. The list becomes even easier to fill…

      God Bless.

  • Mila

    It is true some people with money are going to leave U.S. in a time of economy destruction and transformation. Those people with money will leave U.S in fear to lose everything what they have. But people who have little or nothing are going to suffering in U.S with a broken economy and little jobs available. Please, someone tell us do we have a time to stop these economic crises?

    • 45caliber

      Most of us hope and PRAY we do have that time.

    • James

      Mila, the economic crisis we are in will get worse because of federal laws that have already been passed. The Healthcare Act will require 30 million un-insured Americans to buy health insurance, which they can’t afford. The rich and upper middle-class will have their tax rates raised which means they’ll have less money to expand their businesses. The prices of everything will go up because of the government’s deficit spending. This will result in foreign nations who hold dollars as their reserve currency to dump them, which will result in the demise of the dollar. Our $13+ trillion national debt, is unpayable, we can barely afford to pay the interest on it. And our borders are wide open, for destitute illegal aliens to race for the few jobs that are available.

  • John

    WE must stop the federal reserve bankers. and Stop and expose the true meaning of both. THe main cause:”Obama Deception DVd HQ full lenght and Police state 4 THe Rise of FEMA.WE must stop the control of all freedom .WE must stop the hired police force by the bankers name AMERICAN.It was design to give the police an bad name and others it the Americans.Watch it on you tube.

  • Russ

    The writer has fallen for the same propaganda he speaks about, speaking about Germany and the false holofraud when in fact America backed communist Russia and caused communism to prevail, READ General Patton’s diary and letters to his Wife. Germany was no threat to America or Britian, that’s the propaganda. Amazing how the war to end them all was just the beginning of wars and the socializing of America and the start of the UN. The Germans hung remarked before their death that America would see one day what they Germans fought against, meaning communism. Most are too blind and stupid to read all of history and fall for the propaganda about Hitler and Germany. Germany defended itself and was forced into war by the communists running Britain from behind the scenes. The same Bolsheviks that destroyed Russia in 1917 who now rule America too. They go under many names but their goal is the same, to destroy all nationalism and replace it with multicultural cesspools of fighting third worlders and displaced white Europeans. The same USA bankers financed the Communist Revolution in Russia, that wiped out wall street and were bailed out. Until you people get a clue it will not stop. But your minds belong to slogans the same communist media and writers fill your head with…all propaganda. Do you ever ask why we support Israel no matter what they do to us? As to the food stamp class, Food stamps cost nothing compared to the welfare given to the rich capitalists in America and all the foreign aid given away. We guard the borders of other countries but refuse to protect our own. You the writer are ignorant as to the real world and facts. More propaganda as I read it. Let’s face it, you’re scared to offend a minority because you’ve been programmed not to speak certain things, lest you offend your Semitic masters. So my thoughts on this article are this, if your not going to tell the truth, then shut up because you are just more propaganda for the already dim witted who cannot figure it out either, but who may be trying to figure it out. Anytime the word Nazi is used in an article you can just about bet it is propaganda. This is America and that was 1933-1945. Your so called writer has his own agenda writing such, probably a secret Zionist communist.
    These are my opinions, read them carefully and check to see if I am telling the truth. I am!

    • FreedomFighter

      The artical is dead on.

      We fight the enemy within and without: Marxist/socialist/communism

      At this point in America, only an unaware fool cannot see the Progressives progress toward the communist New World Order and enslavement of mankind, not just America.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • chuck b


      i’m inclined to go along with your comments. the education system has dismantled any and all history (accurate) pertaining to the causes of ww2. the communist agenda is alive and well in the u.s. gen patton knew who the enemy was, that’s why he wanted to use the german (army) prisoners and take out the russians. our politicians steered the war from wash.dc just like the korean and vietnamese war was handled,


      RUSS,it’s nice to see someone knows a bit about history,it’s the two party paradigm that’s destroyed America since 1913.

  • VMC

    I’m just curious, how many of you are registered to vote? Just add you screen names under reply if you are registered.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I’m registered to vote

      • FireMall

        Texas has has the Motor Voter registration.
        If one has a drivers license , we get registered.
        It was originally designed to insure a larger Court system Jury pool . because too many people actually quit registering to vote because it meant that the registered voters would also be called to jury duty.
        The county automatically sends a new voter card very year now. Along with Jury summons. LOL

    • PissMilkShake

      I get to vote three times here. I am tresregistered.


      I vote

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

    Actually the cry for break down in law and order is not hidden. Our president has practically put a gun on our hands and marked out our spot on the sidewalks. His policies are meant to make us so mad that we will riot in the street. And based on the way I feel lately I am not to far from doing it. Good thing I learned a while back that to give into ones feelings is not very smart. Feelings are feelings. Actions are something else. We must remain calm and not give him what he wants. That’s why when he was first elected he said “we need a citizens civilian army.” For What? For the reactions that he expects us all to carry out. A mosque at 9/11? Suing of Arizona? Bring it on – you can do better than that Obalmee.

  • Bob Wire

    Item # 1 ~ should read “disorganized crime”

    the other 11 items were prolific under 43 ~ and have been very stubborn to get a handle on today.

    But if you wish to blame one administration and wish to leave, please don’t allow me to change your mind, but you are going to miss a lovely Fall.

    Normally we are burnt up! and shades of tan to brown this time of years. But not this year! North East Texas is carpet of many shades of vibrant green.

    GOP midterm gains a certainty ~ I hope they have enough to make a competitive team and willing to suit up and play ball.

    2012 is too far away to predict ~ but national sentiment is not being accurately projected or reflected here today.

    BL thread post could easily apply to the prior administration. ~ BO has attempted to halt much what was offered in the original thread post and been met with great resistance. It’s not easy to stop such things that have so much momentum and money behind them. Once the Genie is out of the bottle, he’s most difficult to persuade back in.

    Enjoy your trip.

  • FireMall

    Hmmm ?/ Sounds like a takeout from old—Dazzle the masses with brilliance {to get elected } Then baffle all with pure BS afterwards.
    Then shoot all of them either way ??

  • Michael shaking head

    Amazing, If you do not like your goverment, VOTE. Vote everyone of them out. VOTE the INCUMBENT out and keep voting the INCUMBENTS out and eventually, your Goverment will wake up. pretty basic, you have the power. Don’t think for a second any one of them is a “good guy”. Vote EVERY INCUMBENT OUT! Or, your just asking for it. when both parties are broke, then you can have your Amerika back.

  • deport all muslims

    Everyone one of you wasting you gums are going to find out in the end, the bigger problem we have right now is the muslims. I can hear all of you when the muslims institute sharia’h law, you’ll be bitchin about that more than what our government has done, but by that time it will be the U.S. muslim government you’ll be raving mad about. You’ll have “insane hussein obama” to thank for it!!!

    You all better read the new documented book “muslims mafia”! Because they are operating in our Country right now as I speak. If we don’t come together and fight this islamic germ,… we’ll all be speaking islamic arabic!! So will your grandkids.

    • Allan

      Didn’t Binladen warned that they will destroy US from the inside out?
      Or was Binladen just the messenger, fall guy or puppet?
      Of course the true answer will be as simple as Kennedy’s assassination.

    • FireMall

      I saw the writing on the wall long before Diane Sawyer was conned into her TV propaganda program meant to promote the Muslim world & beliefs and also meant primarily to instill guilt upon those who see the danger in Sharia Laws being installed in America as a religious Right of the Islamic nation .
      I noticed another propaganda program with that British anchor of “O” on wthe network of “O” in promoting much the same gimmick as Sawyer was trying to instill on the Thinking Americans.
      Pitiful & sad that the socialist lefties stoop to such low levels of falsities in even Using the Muslim world to promote slavery of All People of the world.
      Seems the Sheep of “O”‘s paln have pulled out next to the last stop on seeing that Socialism / Islam is the creed of the future.
      I won’t say what i think would be the last Stop to be pulled to finalize the Plan. however, i would say that it’s a Pretty Ugly picture.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Yep…as has been said before by me & others…America has many enemies but there are 2 that stand out more than all the others.

      1) The Islamic threat that you speak of…that is self evident if you look at what has been done to Europe.

      2) The NWO and all their variously named organizations…UN, CFR, TC, Bilderbergs, Deep level (degree Masons)/Illuminati…etc, etc, etc,.

      By being aware of them as a Nation and People…we can begin to safeguard ourselves and protect our Consitution. We need to return to the basics. We are a Constitutional Republic…enough about how we are a Democractic society. We aren’t…so why do we have Democrats to begin with? It has been said by…I think Anthony in a different topic…that the 2 party system was implemented to divide our great country and prevent us from being what we could grow into. The greatest nation on the earth where the best minds in the world will gravitate to…this would end all monarch’s…etc…or sumtin to that degree.

      So what he said is revelant to my statements in the past…we are at War. We have been for a very long time…basically since we formed as a Nation and they have quietly infiltrated us from the within.

      If we are a Republic…and we are…then should we not all be Republicans by the very nature of our Constitution? This doesn’t mean we all have to think the same…far from it…but doesnt’ it mean we are all supposed to support the Constitution and our Rights that have been granted by God and not the Government? Seems like this whole 2 party thing is a farce to begin with and meant to drive a wedge into us…which it has effectively done.

      End career polititions and set term limits on Congress. End the 2 party system…we see what the Democrats have done when they have power. Do we want more of this in our future if they regain majority again after this November…will they change their agenda? Do we not see what that Agenda is, yet? Socialism doesn’t work…especially if the citizens are armed. Enough is enough already…lets fix this root level problems that plague this great nation and truely, return to some common sense.

      God Bless.

    • Wayne

      You are so right. Now that they have their Muslim Friend in the White House the Muslims have everything going for them. They are privy to all our secrets. All I can say is I think the people who voted for Obama are too damn dumb to vote. This was expressed by a Democrat, John Kerry, himself. Not for this reason, but for other reasons. Vote fir the Conservatives in November and then make darn sure they are doing their job by watching what they do in their term in office.

  • Allan

    America open-arm welcomed immigrants
    Illegals may be breaking the law as we see it, but not so if it interferes with Their Plan.
    Individual liberty is a double edge sword. It satisfies the freedom They want you to believe in; yet it also obliterates unity… Their true intent.
    Left and Right is nothing more than “pulling cats tail”
    They will preserve Their three hundred million plus network with “give me your liberty or I will give you death”!
    Region is just one of Their tools that They don’t treat any different than the constitution.
    This Great Land weeps as she witnesses an inevitable end to her true character.
    Brothers and sisters distinguish your meaning of individual liberty as well as the left-right sabotage before it’s too late.

  • Jack

    We are missing the most important link!
    In 1802 Thomas Jefferson said: “I believe that banking institutions are MORE DANGEROUS TO OUR LIBERTIES than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation,then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

    We have allowed the “Federal Reserve” (which is not Federal but a private global banking sydicate) whose one goal is a One World Government under their control, to take complete control of our banking system and Wallstreet. They control Obama who is no more than a flunky loud mouth for them. They control over 80% of our News Media, they contol our FEA school system and have brain washed our citizens for over 50 years. Our middle and young people are dependant upon the government they have set up and control.

    Until the people realize this and acknowledge it as truth the USA will soon lose its Sovereignty and fall to that Global One World Government.

    • FireMall

      Jefferson was without a doubt one of the most persecptive / wise men of all time.
      Too bad all the Liberal Revisionist have taken the education system of America to such low standards just ot have support of a sure to fail all of America’s society.
      Even more troubling is the fact that “We The People’s” youth are indoctrinated to this scheme {via Mis-information & or, no_information } and even the wiser, more informative parents are incapable / powerless in making their own kids See what the older ” thinking” folks know is happening to a Once Free nation.
      If my own daughter in law & teacher, didn’t know who Pelosi is but is an “O” supporter , how will her students ever learn about the wisdom of the Founding Fathers ??

      • Robert Smith

        Here is an example of the words of a founding father.

        “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.”
        — Thomas Jefferson, 1814


    • Allan

      “He who has the gold rules” is absolutely accurate according to Nathan Mayer Rothschild:

    • BrotherPatriot

      So very true, Jack. Many of us have & are saying the very same information that your post is about.

      It’s about getting to the ROOT level of problems. The banking cartel is that ROOT. Once you follow the money trail it reinforces everything that we speak of.

      Alittle common sense would go a LONG way to fixing this great Nation.

      I have great hope in America. I have 0% hope in the government…so people, let’s take America back and vote conservative Constitutionalists this coming November. That at least can be a start we can build upon.

  • nikenow

    Well written. I think it is all over except for the shouting, or final battle. America started with a bang but we are ending with a wimper. The Humanists will have a few years of control, but then they will self-destruct, and be no more.

  • Allan

    One pointed out the problem but many’s eyesight can only see as far as the finger.

  • Raggs

    I have made several post that some may see as “BAD”… or ugly..
    Some of my post have been not so much “politically” correct.

    That being said I’m glad I have stood up for what is right regardless of everyone else…

    That leaves me with one question…
    So how is your sugar-daddy obama treating you now?

  • Rennie

    Bottom line, it’s about individual freedom. It’s the concept of a God that gives us the most important freedom or choice, to decide whether or not to worship Him, and no lesser being, no person, has the right to demand our worship. These rights of ours, as outlined by John Locke, are divine, to each indivisable person, inalienable, these are the concepts that did not begin in 1776, but can be traced back to the Declaration of Arbroath or to Athens, maybe even Minoa and beyond. People have been fighting and dying against the forces of tyranny as long as any written history. No good religion encourages tyranny. Beck has done good things in his suggesting reading list alone, I read Road to Serfdom, Human Action, Capital and Freedom probably 25 years ago, and cherish a copy of “The Selected Writings of Thomas Paine” given me by my grandfather. I did not learn of Hayek, Friedman or Von Mises in high school, we learned about Marx and Lenin, and were told Stalin corrupted their vision, which I’ve learned since is utter nonsense. Turn on the liberal agenda they push on us in high school and college, and educate yourselves, while we still have the freedom to do so.

  • GetKnowledge


  • GetKnowledge


    If they would open they closed minded little brains, they would see that they key to getting all the money they want is to do like the Bible says: “They shall beat their weapons into plow shears, and they will study war no more…” That is the key!

    About 98% of the earth’s land is still available for growing foods and producing food products to feed the nations. That’s where tons, and tons of money can be made.

  • Vicki

    GetKnowledge says:

    “About 98% of the earth’s land is still available for growing foods and producing food products to feed the nations. That’s where tons, and tons of money can be made.”

    And who claims ownership of this “available” land?

  • Beau

    It is painfully clear that our Party in Power is using our tangled and unintelligible mess of Laws and Un-laws or “Codes” to strangle the life out out of us. And they will if we let it continue. At this point the only real way to “go forward” in any real way is to Nullify all the existing clap-trap that has been created going all the way back to the only law that is Just and Equitable and that is the Ten Commandments. The three branches of the Government have been neglected their duty to uphold the Constitution and each administration has progressively looked the other way when each sucessive piece of the National Foundation was stripped away. 200 Years of malfeasance does matter. They are all guilty. Their silence is the proof of their complicity and their shame. That is the true reason for our condition today and Obama and company are just the latest, greatest con-man team to occupy the White House. So who has the Courage to do the needful? Of all the hopefull candidates eyeballing the next presidential election and all the men and women who are contesting for seats in Congress, I do not hear one that is crying out about the great changes needed to correct our plight. All I hear is how they are going to paper over this or that minor problem with more Laws and manipulations that work within the status-quo of organized deciet, debauched currency, back room dealings and dis-information. What we need is hold the political feet to the fire and start from the top down and then turn around and work from the bottom to the top again. One last question. Do you see or hear any politician standing on the steps of Congress calling out to the people to clean out the UN and send them packing? Or the Federal Reserve Bank? Declairing that Social Security has on obligation to pay anyone anything, by law. That the Government has legalized the theft of its Citizens belongings and property and it must be stopped? Or insisting that laws be read and debated before getting signed into law? That convicted Killers and Criminals with life sentences be executed? That Traitors be brought to trial and executed? That personal property must be protected? That the borders be closed and illegals deported? That the Constiution be upheld? No you have not. For what do we need Washington?

    • honeybadger

      Beau you do good work, I really appreciate your view on this particular point, primarily because it is correct, also because I thought for a moment there I had composed it!

  • Allan

    In order for Them to win They must master the game and rules.
    Yes God blessed us with “free will” and They know that well.
    They merged in and made you the “supreme-individuals” so that you will fight like cats and dogs over small discrepancies and differences.
    Study what little kids fight over…absolutely nothing. However, in doing so you have little unity.

  • Allan

    In order to understand the mechanics and their strategies you must understand the root.
    All this didn’t happened over night but till now it has come to a boiling point.

  • Constitutional, Chris

    The “Culture of Corruption” is the “Cancerous Plague” Destroying America!

    This Plague is NOT confined to Washington District of Criminals: It is SPREADING as a rapacious disease, over ALL of America as the States have Perverted, Obfuscated(hidden by trickery of Law)and corrupted their Liscence of Government, to: a mere Pretense to ABUSE their own, (and other than their OWN)Citizens to fuel their: Cupidity(GREED)and avarice(Insatiable Thirst for Money and POWER)under specific Abomination to the true “RULE of LAW,” conjured by evil Spirits of the Black Nobility of Canaanite Law Merchants, foisted upon WE THE PEOPLE in a SCHEME called Admiistrative{management}Law and fiendishly thrust upon the asserted Ignorant Masses in a form euphamistically referred to as: a: “Kangaroo Court” cleverly adopted as a form of: Ancient Roman Civil Law, Oriental Despotism, Summarian-Babylonian rule by the ASSUMED: DEVINe Right of SATAN/Shatan, as the complete ASSIMILATION of ALL POWERS of Government, are used to the Complete, Absolute, Destruction of the Ignorant Masses to the express Pleasure of their master SATAN, under the evilly conSPIRITorial plan of: jus fetitles, for the WAR against RIGHTS provided by YAHUWAH/GOD to Private Property(jus privatum) by: Felonius Criminal Conversion, to: Public Property(jus publicum) for the THEFT of: Fruits of Labor of Sovereign Spirit Children of our Heavenly(ShamaYAim)Father.

    This SCHEME, by mere TRICKERY of LAW, is effectuated by the High Priest of SATAN(hearing Officer and Judges) acting for the STAR CHAMBER (Boards of Supervisors/ INQUISITORS) in absolute PERVERSION of the “Natural RIGHTS of Man” to: “Law of the Land” (jus sanguine) in complete OBSTRUCTION of: Fairnes, Due Process of Law, Right to Jury Trial, and Adjudication per Rule of Law!

    These Abomonations to GOD/YAH are also proceeeded against DEVASTATED VICTIMS in POLICE MURDERS, under the Artifice, Scheme and Device of the INQEST(INQUISITION/ Spanish Inquisition) process of the “Police Review Boards,” expressely as an EVIL SATANIC conSPIRITcy to EXHONERATE MURDEROUS FELONS acting(masquerading) as “PUBLIC SERVANTS” while the SECRETary(Clerk)REDACTS, DELETES, MISCOLORS, Misinterprets and otherwise obfuscates (HIDES by Tricks of LAW) EVIDENCE detrimental to Officers of the Courts, Prosecutors and Judges purportedly acting in the interest of JUSTICE but in fact and at LAW Perpetrating further IN-JUSTICES on VICTIMS of Crimes against Natures GOD/YAHUWAH!

    The PRECIPITATING seminal cause of the REVOLUTION by the FOUNDERS was OBSTRUCTION of the: “RULE of LAW”! Untill this: “DESTROYING SCHEME of LAW” is WIPED of the Continent the SATANIC FORCES of Cainaanite Law Merchants will continue to DESTROY WE THE PEOPLE and our RIGHTS provide by GOD/YAH! AHman, HAleleuYAH (Praise be to YAH/GOD)

    • BrotherPatriot

      That…is some very hard reading. However, due to my research…I believe I understand what you are trying to say. Much of it is true…but very hard to decipher.

      Our system/government/legal institutions have been corrupted by the powers that control much of the world. These powers follow Lucifer. They have not been fully effective in the pursuits…due to one reason…we the People stand against them. However, over time…due to their massive influence, control of money & the media plus the most powerful propoganda machine ever created…television…they have slowly numbed the public to their evil. They have us continually surrounded by it and that is indeed…numbing us to their imagery. It has saturated Hollywood, naturally. I see their symbology even on the kids channels…Nickelodean & the Cartoon Network. The pagan spiral symbol is every where, as well as the all seeing eye, pyramids and subliminal messages saying that bad = good. There is much darkness in this world as we steadily move forward into the end times. Indeed, a reckoning is coming.

      However, the People are coming awake to it. My optimistic view is still steady and I believe we can turn this around…and if not…we’ll fight until we do. Good will overcome this evil and it may take great sacrifices for this to come true…but come true it will as this is God’s plan.

      Why do I believe this…because in the end…the average human being wants to live peacefully with his neighbor and just raise his/her family. As humans we encompass all things…both good and evil. But there is more good in our souls than evil…as we have the spark of God within us. He is all things…and we are connected to him by our very existence. To bad so many chose not to recognise this truth and turn to the immediate satisfaction offered by the Dark one, at the peril of their own souls.

      God Bless.

  • Bud Parker

    Lots of talk about The President’s “Missing Birth Certificate.” The real issue is not where is the Birth Certificate. Rather, what exactly is the definition of “Natural Born Citizen” as it was originally conceived to be. Google “John Jay” +”Natural Born Citizen” as a starting point. BOTH parents must be Americans to qualify as a “Natural Born Citizen.” Shush! It is a closely guarded State Secret! Everyone is misdirected looking for the paperwork, while the real issue is parentage. Obama could have been born in the Oval Office and still not qualify.

    Natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens and naturalized citizens, are those born in the United States of parents who are citizens. Did you notice that the word “parents” is plural?

    Natural-born citizens are also those born outside the United States and its outlying possessions of parents both of whom are citizens of the United States and one of whom has had a residence in the United States or one of its outlying possessions prior to the birth of the child.

    Hence, a child born abroad to two US citizen parents is a natural-born citizen: Provided, That at least one citizen parent had previously resided in the United States or one of its outlying possessions. U.S. Code: Title 8, 1401.

    • Allan
    • BrotherPatriot

      Bingo!!! Excaltly, Mr. Parker…well said & it’s the truth!

      Doesn’t matter where he was born if both of his parents aren’t citizens! His father NEVER was a American Citizen! Enough said…Period!

      All who supported him & got him into the office are guilty of Treason as well! Out with them ALL!

      It’s common sense people and we have to get real, my brothers & sisters. Call it for what it is…reveal the truth! No need to impeach as that implies he had a right to be there…he DOESN’T..!!!

      God Bless!

  • http://none Glen

    The main stream liberal media and politicians can tell all the lies they want and most people today don’t want to know the truth they want to believe all the lies out there. The lies wont hide the truth eventually the truth wins out but by then it’s too late to change. When people start living in shacks because the can’t maintian their standard of living. They making third world wages ($3.00 a day or whatever it is). The lose their medicle coverage sisnce they can’t pay the premiums or in case of medicare and medicade doctors wont except patients. Or the medicle screening board created from this healthcare reform bill decides to deny you treatment, procedure or whatever you might need. The job creating, job hiring middle income (small business) becomes all but almost non existent becuase they are taxed out of exsistemce. The sad part is that the truth is as plain as the nose on our face we just don’t want to see it.

    • BrotherPatriot

      It’s never to late to fix this…you’ll see here soon. America is special…we stand up when the time comes for it. Just you wait & see…enough is ENOUGH!

      I’m STANDING with more & more joining me DAILY!

  • Dennis Bartlett

    For those that think that Beck is the end all let me put in a quote from Vladimir Lenin , “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves ” Worked perfectly for him and also Hitler and Mussolini. I’ve followed Beck for years and before Fox I knew him as a kid selling donuts to me each Saturday for my crew. He is not what you think he is and plays both ends against the middle. You have to hear what it is that he does not say. The two biggest stories in America is Obama’s legitimacy and the trial of Lt.Col.Lakin. He and the rest on Fox will not bring up either one and whether or not the Colonel is guilty or not he is being denied his Constitutional rights with discovery being denied to him. C’mon Beck you are for the Constitution aren’t you? Anyone that can’t think for themselves will believe everything he says and that’s a pity and immoral. You cannot deceive unless you throw in enough truth to make it sound right.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Here is some supporting evidence to what Mr. Bartlett is saying.

      Watch his body language…what does it say to you?

      He is allowed to only go…so far in what he says & does. Remember these people are extremely intelligent and work both sides of issues all the time. This is proved by how they supported both WW1 and WW2. If you aren’t aware of that…then you need to do some research into the truth…it’s been going on for a very long time.

    • Allan

      Spouses witness each others success as well as failure and never condemn each others growing pain. Ironically, among strangers and even friends without a second thought would freez others in time and condemn them for ever. Glen Beck has found his way through God and is taking advantage of his show to share. You don’t have to see his show or listen to him but why rob him of his freedom to satisfy your own… that’s mentality zero brother!

    • Bud Parker


      I completely agree. The only people that have more of a commercial interest (money) than politicians are the media. I worked for a 3-Star one time that told me, “When you can’t figure out why Congress does the stupid things it does, or refuses to do what is right, just follow the Money Trail.” “Nothing else matters in Washington except money.”

    • Bud Parker

      Should LTC Lakin be convicted, and that is very likely, it will be a sad day in the annals of American History. He will have the satisfaction of knowing that he is a martyr for the Constitution.

  • eddie47d

    What was George Bush’s agenda in using Blackwater (Z’s) mercenaries? Was he trying to institute a private army for useful purposes later on. Z is run separate from the US military so where is the accountability from these soldiers of fortune? Why were they paid handsomely for doing the same work as our troops? Were the Navy Seals and Green Berets thrown to the wayside?

    • BrotherPatriot

      We aren’t told about alot of what the covertly hired mercs do for our government. There is a reason for this…many of our men would leak out the truth…if not openly balk at illegal orders. The mercs are accountable to only one thing…money & their contract to do what they are hired to do. Most of course…have 0 morals.

      As a former Navy SEAL…I can say that much honor resides in our military still. Yes, we will do what is asked of us…but we still are Americans that have hearts & brains and still use them. This is why Merc’s enter the picture…unfortunately and we have traitors in our government that will use them.

      America is waking up…we are going to turn all this feces around. Mark my words…the American Patriot has been awakened. The sleeping giant…stirs.

  • Russ

    This site does not allow the truth, the whole truth. My truthful comments were deleted, so Bob and boys are no better than the MSM and all we speak against. It’s ok to bash anyone on this site except criminal Jews. Therefore unsubscribe me from all the trash you send.

  • Vigilant

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! We don’t need rabid antisemites peddling a load of propaganda here. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • Wayne

    Look at what I found: I was thinking that some one on this forum, or maybe one of the others forums that NObama was not going to take our firearms away from us.

    ALERT: The UN and the Obama regime are conspiring to pass the Arms Trade Treaty to regulate and/or ban YOUR FIREARMS RIGHTS. Obama nominated gun hater and former Seattle Mayor, Greg Nickels as an alertnative representative to the UN. Obama has nominated Nickels to swifty carry out his plans for world wide gun control. If Obama and his anti-gun cult members have their way, the treaty could become international law as soon as 2012. The globalist gun ban agenda wants to disarm the world one gun at a time! Take action NOW to protect YOUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!

    • PissMilkShake

      What you want me to do? Go to DC and slap some sense into them? They will vote to have us all chipped and neutered before it is all over.

    • Bud Parker


      Don’t worry too much about it. It will not happen in America. One big dilemma for the Bozo’s in Government is the sheer number of firearms that cannot be accounted for. Hundreds of millions that cannot be traced to an address, a person. That would require “Registration” as perpetrated by Germany, Austria, and so forth prior to WW2. Ain’t gonna happen.

      One more big push against the common sense of the American people and there will be a non-violent Revolt in the country. Imagine if 20 million citizens all just went to visit the Nation’s Capitol as tourists; all on one single day. Stop by your Senator’s Office to simply say, “Hello.” Except there are already 25,000 people squeezing in there to do the same. No marches, no organized gatherings… Just millions of free citizens packed in the Halls of Congress with smiles on their faces. Think it would make them nervous? That would be the only “WAKE UP” call they would get.

  • PissMilkShake

    The totalitarians and criminals are the law enforcement, legislative, and judicial personnel who have to be behind all the drug dealing, slave trading, money laundering, privledge granting, plantation court ruling, low down dealing that is government now. So, do not look to kindly or get too friendly with these people because they are either dumb or involved in criminal activities that ruin society from the core out.

  • Allan

    All blogs, email and forums are monitored. This site has little choice but to protect it so all can continue to chat here.
    I have witnessed scary scenarios that I don’t dare discuss here.
    All I have to say is that whatever action will be taken it has to be absolutely strategically done in order to avoid waiste of time and utimate defeat.

    • PissMilkShake

      Hey Allan. I have seen police sponsered drug dealing and police promoted murder of a drug dealer who owed more than he could pay. Does it get worse than that?

      • Allan

        I learn something horrific while in Costa Rica that I don’t dare tell it here. I had coffee with one of their local police captains and his story was absolutely unthinkable… two weeks later CR TV English news broadcast that the American people are accusing the CIA of trafficking drugs.

      • Allan

        Big question is why the Fed refused to help AZ, instead suing them for enforcing Federal law? While there’s a contract out for the AZ police chief? How on earth did these 27+ tunnels come from and why it took private citizens to discover them? Is AZ interfering with something?

  • American Citizen

    With Elena Kagan going to recuse herself from most of the cases that come before the Supreme Court, our justice system is in deep do-do.

    • PissMilkShake

      How is she going to recuse herself on numerous cases. What fantasy. Her ego is as big as her butt. She will have a say on them all even if one decides her right to be a lesbian and marry one when the need strikes her.

      Piss Off

  • Evelyn

    OK, We’re told and understand the problem. SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? What is one to do to prepare for or protect themselves? I’m tired of always being told “THE SKY IS FALLING”, BUT no ones ever advises anything with a SOLUTION. All the middle class and upper middle class know this sorry government is destroying us, but we need a solution. It’s easy to see and tell what’s happening to our economy, but I’d like to see someone inform those of us with a SOLUTION.

    • PissMilkShake

      Eve, we almost had the solution in the form of a depression. As a country, we must gain control of the money supply. That means the end of subsidies of all kinds. Social Security is not a subsidy as the modern receipent paid in unless he is on disability. Disability will have to be tightened. Deflation is necessary to stop the race to out borrow the Jone’s and make inflation so bad gramps has to work at MacDonald on the closing shift. Foreign nations can be paid off with fiat money.

      Since most of the hoarded us money is overseas, we must start to either make goods they want real bad, I would start with medicine that no one else can make and charge them the max. Also, no more free food and arms. Cheap labor will return to the US on the path of breakin, jail, court appearance, choice of time in military or work release. IF they refuse to work at a skill level that matches them, continue to be involved in crime, send them overseas to battle and hope they do not come back. Now, how to get our money back from the little orentials and persian gulfers. Loan them money and fight a currency war with them. Having a thousand pounds of Bens is no good if you cannot spend them. Nationalize the foreign auto plants if need be. That would surprise them for sure.

      Radical times take radical measures. Having tree fourths of the US doing nothing productive is radical. That is the current situation.

      • Bud Parker


        You mention the hording of fiat money overseas. When I was in Vietnam the same thing happened with Military Payment Certificates. We simply printed a different looking (color) currency and you had 48 hours to exchange your honest money for the new stuff. If you brought in a freight train car load of money to exchange… you had a lot of explaining to do.

        The next step would be to fire-bomb the Federal Reserve Building. Go back to “Hard Currency.” Gold and silver. Except, of course, it is gone. I bet Fort Knox has been raided decades ago.

        “Money is the Root of ALL Evil.”

  • John Trainor

    Glen Beck, if you really analyze, is bed with the dominionists, and that is definitely not returning to cooperation with our Creator. It is rebelling against Him and setting the U.S. on the road to national apostasy and theocratic tyranny. Listen to what the Religious Right is really saying, i.e., Lou Engle saying, “There’s an underground church no one knows about. Once we get the control, it’s over.” There will be extermination of homosexuals and other targeted groups will follow.

    Whenever the church has gained control of the state, she has punished dissenters. This evil is almost at the point of realization and will be the overwhelming surprise in all of this. The papacy and the Religious Right are battering down the wall of church-state separation and will use the economic meltdown to seize control. But it will be nothing but the final nail in America’s coffin when they begin persecuting a small minority that won’t go along with their big plans, because they will find out they are fighting God Himself.

    All those traitors in and out of government who are purposely destroying American sovereignty, our Constitution and the dollar will come to naught, just as the builders of the first tower of Babylon came to naught. Don’t lose heart as America looks about to fall – she eventually will, but God reigns and He will in no wise forsake those who are loyal to Him through the general ruin fast approaching. Their bread and water will be sure and Christ will wonderfully deliver them when He returns in great power and glory in the near future. In times past, we talked about Christ’s coming back soon, but now you just really KNOW.

    • PissMilkShake

      I wouldn’t dirty a bullet in a fag.

  • Sheryl

    Could this all be a ploy of the U.S. Goverment to victimize the people or could this out rage be something they brought on themsevles for so many lies and unjustices that they commit don’t be fooled this the goverments fault for so many lies told and they thought this would go un answers people are tired of lies.

  • Allan

    No one has the answer; however, do some reading on Soul Alinsky.
    Both Obama and Hilary were his students. Source said that both are devoted followers.

  • Allan

    Big question is why the Fed refused to help AZ, instead suing them for enforcing Federal law? While there’s a contract out for the AZ police chief? How on earth did these 27+ tunnels come from and why it took private citizens to discover them? Is AZ interfering with something?

  • jopa

    Vigilant: I remember a co-worker of mine at one time made a comment in a bar about doing harm to then president Reagan.Apparently his veterans benefits were messed up and he made a comment that someone thought was worthy of reporting to the Feds.He disapeared for about six weeks and when he came back he was a totally differant person.It was never discussed how he even managed to keep his job and there were many unanswered questions as to his abscence or what had happened in his period of leave.I am pretty sure the same programs are in effeect today and I sure would not want to undergo that type of interrogation.

    • Vigilant


      Many on these sites seem to forget that this country was founded on rule of law, not men (or women).

      Freedom of speech, a cornerstone of our liberties, is oftentimes abused by frustrated and angry people. We live in an age where people are ruder, cruder and lewder than ever, where many people’s self esteem is probably so low that they believe they have to make “shock” statements to be heard. In their misguided view of the world they are liable to overstep not only the bounds of propriety, but the limits of the law itself.

      ANY threat to the life of the President of the USA, veiled or otherwise, is not only irresponsible but illegal, and deserves to be treated with the harshest and most expeditious methods. In my mind, these threats are akin to the proverbial yelling of “fire” in a crowded theater.

      As I said, the Constitution provides remedies and provisions for kicking a Federal official out of office. Any time someone urges, advocates or even intimates that a lethal method be used to accomplish that purpose, that person is himself/herself a traitor to the ideals of this nation and should be incarcerated.

      • PissMilkShake

        Sorry to have to tell you Vig, but that ole hoe the “law” has been abused and used so much as to be near meaningless. Is sale of pot, crack, meth, and assorted other chemicals for internal us agin the law? Is breaking into a property and stealing whatever you can right down to scrap agin the law even if you are a ragged out drug head who needs ten more days until the next government check. Is police condoned murder, bribery, and fraud agin the law? I have seen it in practice. The players are still on the loose. You are as out of touch as a man who thinks he can trap beaver for a living in downtown Los Angles.

        Not only is the law ignored; it is over burdensome and over applied to the honest, working, and trying to get by population. Government and her cronies are the force behind all this. To stand up for the law is to stand up for a whore. And, do not get to thinking you are Jesus.

        November 2, 2010 is going to be a rude awakening to all you sycophants who have sucked at the tit of liberty all these years and were too dumb to realize you were confusing your own self interests with ideals such as law and liberty and freedom. The tea party is going down hard and will drag a splittered Republican party right along with it. No right minded individual of any color, gender, or age would want to be in politics now. The politician is hamstrung by all these moronic laws. They can’t do anything without breaking some law. The only thing they can do is make more law.

        So, get ready for more of worse of the same for years to come. Take a big gulp of a PissMilkShake from Washington. If you don’t like it go brush out your mouth with a chainsaw.

        As for shooting anyone, they are not worth the cost of a bullet. In time, they will destroy themselves. Best be learning how to be a good communist. Start by attending any event with community in its title.

        Piss Off

  • Bud Parker

    We often wonder what we can do. Here is an idea that may illustrate how many Americans are getting quite irritated with Washington. Let’s all just go visit DC as tourists. No agenda, no demonstrations. No marches, or any other organized events. Let’s all just go visit our Congressman and Senators to say, “Hello” with a smile on our faces. The idea being to be non-threatening in an overt way.

    The difference is this; Let’s all do it on the same day. Imagine millions of smiling, happy, visiting Americans clogging the offices of government. Go to see your Senator and be one of hundreds of thousands doing exactly the same thing on exactly the same day and exactly the same hour. Believe me, that will send a message. Of course, it will never happen because we can’t interfere with our lives long enough to save the Nation. Taking action may interfere with your watching, “Dancing With The Stars.” They know that. You do not.

    • PissMilkShake

      Sorry Bud, I could come up with a better idea while undergoing heroin withdrawl.

      • Bud Parker

        OK PissMilkShake,

        Let’s hear about 3 or 4 of your ideas. I’m open to anything at this point. What say you?

  • David Lakatos

    The only thing that worries me is that all this talk about the U.N. and our goverment and this new world order.They already are talking about small arms being Banned the world over.It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a breakdown of law and order.That our goverment would go so far as to bring in foreign troops to surpress any civil unrest.The reason they would do that is because they wont be abel to trust our millitary.



    • Allan

      3rd party:
      Read up the relationship between the Rockefeller and Rothchild.
      There’s also a book called “creature from Jackell Island” on the Federal Reserve.

    • Allan

      Sorry I misspelled the name… it is “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

  • Allan

    Now the Fed said they will still arrest people smoking pot even if CA legalizes it; sounds like they are protecting the demand of the substance. Along with strong arming Arizona from enforcing the immigration law and won’t protect the police chief from the cartel contract. This smell really bad.

  • Allan

    As of this morning, Obama is trying to nationalize all the IRAs, pentions and annuities. That would wipe out all retirements and everyone will get an “iou” instead of checks!
    Please write your congressman to strike down this BS.

  • Allan

    The Obama healthcare scheme includes a buildup of another 17,000 IRS agents. This was confirmed by the IRS commissioner Douglas Shuman in his testimony before Congress. An estimated 77,000 job providers who employ between 50-200 workers face a potential $2,000 per employee fine if the new army of IRS healthcare enforcers find them to be out of technical compliance with the mandatory insurance feature of the new law.
    An additional 116,000 small businesses employing between 35-49 workers will also come under the jurisdiction of the new IRS health enforcement division.
    Meanwhile, if you are among the country’s tens of millions of Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) holders, starting in 2011 you will no longer be able to use tax-free funds for over-the-counter drugs. And if you pull money out of an HSA for a non-qualified expense, your tax penalty also doubles to 20% (in addition to the existing requirement that your withdrawals are added to your taxable income)… even pro-Administration fat-cat Warren Buffett called “2,000 pages of nonsense…”

  • Bud Parker

    Regarding the fiasco of the Federal Government interfering with a State’s Sovereign right to security of it’s citizens… The last time I checked, when a State is a litigant in a suit there is but one Court that has authority to hear the case, much less pass judgment; The Supreme Court. What is with all this Federal Court business sticking their nose into it? If the Republicans are not in cahoots with the Democrats why have they not raised that issue? Perhaps it is because dissent is counter to the Agenda.

    We believe we have choice because we can vote Dem or Repub. Red or Blue. Each Party is the Slave to the same master. One pushes to the Left, one to the Right. The result is always a zig-zag path straight ahead, snickering about what dupes we are.


  • Allan

    “Left” and “right” hands lead to the same body… is America ready to replace both? Or is it possible at this point?
    One of the first thing needs to be done is to get rid of the Federal Reserve System that was created by Rothschild, Rockefeller, J.P Morgan, Warburg and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The word “System” is used because it was never a bank, Federal Reserve System is creating money out of nothing, loaning it to the U.S. government and then collecting interest on the loan. It is, perhaps the greatest private “ponzi scheme” in history.
    This intervention by the Federal Reserve System is keeping interest rates on U.S. Treasury bonds artificially low. In a true “free market” situation, the interest rates on U.S. treasuries would rise to reflect the rapidly declining economic situation in this nation.
    Due to the massive explosion in the size of the U.S. government debt and due to the very weak U.S. economy, interest rates on U.S. treasuries should have shot through the roof by now. Rational investors would normally require an increased return for the increased risk that U.S. treasuries now represent… But that is not happening. Instead when there are no buyers for U.S. treasuries at current interest rates, the Federal Reserve System just steps in and buys up all the excess bonds that need to be purchased. Remember that the Federal Reserve System is owned and operated for profit by a very powerful group of elite international bankers. Further reading:


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