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The Beautiful Backlash From Chick-fil-A Bashing

August 10, 2012 by  

The Beautiful Backlash From Chick-fil-A Bashing
The Chick-fil-A boycott didn't work.

What a mistake the gay and lesbian agitators made when they decided to attack Chick-fil-A and its outspoken president, Dan Cathy!

It was a mistake that several prominent politicians promptly compounded, with some of the most absurd threats ever uttered by a city official.

It was also an incredible blown opportunity for the Republicans’ candidate for President. Sorry, Mitt, but you got some lousy advice on this one.

The whole kerfuffle began when Dan Cathy, the son of Chick-fil-A founder Truet Cathy, said he was “guilty as charged” for supporting “the biblical definition of the family unit.”

Had he stopped there, I doubt anyone would have paid much attention to his remarks. After all, the Cathy family has been known for years for its Christian beliefs. The company has always put faith ahead of profits, refusing to let any of its more than 1,600 outlets open on Sunday.

No, it was a different Dan Cathy comment that gave his detractors apoplexy: “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’”

The left went absolutely ballistic. Gay rights groups called for a nationwide boycott of the business. The Jim Henson Company said it would no longer supply toys or other merchandise to the chain.

Politicians couldn’t wait to join the parade. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said that “you can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population.” He warned that the company would find it very difficult to get city licenses.

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee tweeted: “Closest #ChickFilA to San Francisco is 40 miles away & I strongly recommend that they not try to come any closer.”

In New York, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn wrote a letter to the president of New York University asking him to boot the fast-food outlet off campus. She also started a petition demanding Cathy apologize and change his stance on gay marriage.

In Chicago, where bare-knuckle bruising is a normal part of the political process, Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno said he would do whatever it takes to prevent the chain from opening an outlet in his community. And Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel piously declared: “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values.”

What a bunch of bullpucky. What colossal egotism Emanuel must have to think he can speak for the values of everyone in Chicago. No wonder he was such a good fit with his old boss back in the White House.

Let me point out that the media have not been able to find a single Chick-fil-A outlet in the country that has ever denied service to anyone because of his sexual orientation. If the mainstream media had been able to find even one example of such discrimination, don’t you think it would have made screaming headlines in the press and led every TV news show?

Where do these politicos get off, threatening a popular and well-respected business just because its president said something they didn’t like? Have they never heard of freedom of speech? Somebody better give them a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

The story probably would have ended there had it not been for Mike Huckabee, the former Republican Presidential candidate and FOX News host. He wrote on his website: “I have been incensed at the vitriolic assaults on the Chick fil-A company… It’s a great American story that is being smeared by vicious hate speech and intolerant bigotry from the left.”

Huckabee declared Aug. 1 as “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.” He urged people to visit a nearby outlet to show their support for the chain and its embattled president.

And, boy, did they! The Rev. Billy Graham issued a strong statement of support for Truett and Dan Cathy and promised to “Eat Mor Chikin” on that Wednesday. Several million people did so as well. In many places, the lines stretched for blocks as customers waited for an hour or more to get their order filled.

In Texas, Senate candidate Ted Cruz celebrated his come-from-behind victory in the Republican primary by serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at his victory party. Sarah Palin, who had flown to Texas to speak at a Ted Cruz rally, tweeted a photograph of her visit to a local Chick-fil-A outlet. And on it went.

By the time Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day came to an end, the chain had sold more chicken sandwiches and waffle fries than on any day in its history.

Sad to say, there was one prominent Republican who was conspicuous by his silence on the issue. Mitt Romney told reporters that he did not intend to say anything about the controversy. He would not endorse Dan Cathy’s support for the traditional definition of marriage. And he would not criticize the big-city politicians who threatened to punish the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain.

“Those are not things that are part of my campaign,” Romney said. Campaign officials promptly “clarified” the candidate’s remarks, explaining that while Romney favors the traditional definition of marriage, he wants to keep the focus of his campaign strictly on the economy.

Bad call, Mitt. You missed a great chance to gain the support of a huge segment of voters who aren’t convinced you’re one of them. I’m referring here to the so-called “values” conservatives, the men and women of faith who believe social issues are incredibly important.

Granted, Romney’s gaffe here won’t cause any of them to vote for Barack Obama this November. But it will certainly dampen the enthusiasm of what could be one of the hardest-working groups of political activists in the country.

Namby-pambiness won’t win this election, Mr. Romney. Heck, it won’t even counter all the Democrats’ lies and smears.

It’s time for an ardent defense of our country’s values — and a little bit of righteous indignation at the assaults on them.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood 

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • DaveH

    Freedom of Speech doesn’t apply to Conservatives.

    • FreedomFighter

      “Namby-pambiness won’t win this election, Mr. Romney. Heck, it won’t even counter all the Democrats’ lies and smears.”

      Mr Romney needs to thrash Obama, the demons-rats are running a scorched earth election; its disgusting, evil, sometimes illegal, and at the least repulsive. Yet its working on the dimwitted uninformed self indulged sound-bite morons, now seemingly at 52 percent of the country.

      Mr Romney needs to go on offense or Obama will win, America will be lost.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Congress Works For Us

        Ignore the latest poll from the Communist News Network. It is — again — way short of the number of Republicans needed to make up a true sample of the electorate, and is — again — too high on the number of Democrats needed to make up a true sample of the electorate.

      • Bill

        Romney is running the same campaign as McCain did. Inept. Romney does not have to get negative to put the gloves on, he needs to tell it like it is as he’s coming out swinging. If he doesn’t want to drag his knuckles every now and then, it’s 4 more years of Obama.

      • John Lozinski


      • DaveH

        The problem is, FF, that the emperor has no clothes. Romney is just Obama-lite, so he really doesn’t offer people a clear choice, unless you consider less-Freedom-taking to be a desirable choice.

      • Tiger716

        Not only did Romney wimp out on defending Chic-fil-A, but he didn’t even stand up and defend himself when the Dumocrats accused him of murdering some woman with cancer! Two bad moves. He wasn’t my 1st,2nd, or even 3rd choice for President. We seem to be stuck with him, though. I’d rather him than that sack of poop we have in the W.H. now! Hopefully, he’ll pick a strong V.P. I can hope and pray it’ll be West but I know better.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Joel Macejak

        Could not have said it better, FF !!! Kudos.

      • Sheryn

        Don’t worry Mitt, you won’t win anyway.

      • ChristyK

        FF, you state that Romney needs to go on the offense if he wants to win. I thought that too. There is just one problem. Almost everything that Obama should be attacked on, Romney is equally guilty of. Attack Iran without congressional approval. check check. support abortion. check check. Say one thing, do another. check check. Legislate by fiat. check check. Support gay marraige. check check. indefinite detention of citizens. check check. Patriot Act self written search warrants. check check. Change your position based on who you are talking to. check check. That doesn’t leave much to go after Obama about.

      • http://Comcast The fisherman

        who cares about the dam chicken crap. you keep screwing around the the birds

      • Peter

        Exactly, political correctness doesn’t work and is utterly stupid. i read a great definition recently which said. “Political correctness is that style of communication which suggests it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.” There are so many turds in society that we are allowing to be labelled otherwise, just so some poor sweetikins doesn’t get upset. It’s the same with ‘Merry Christmas’! Time for that garbage to finish. No more PC trash, we need to tell it like it is.

      • Chief Boring

        I couldn’t have said it better myself! Semper Fi! Fair winds and following seas. Chief Boring

      • sue

        Mr Romney has been on the offense too long. He needs to go into attack mode. He had better do it quickly.

      • Old Henry

        I am reasonably sure that Romney, as Juan in 2008, has been told by TPTB that Soetoro the communist foreigh national Kenyan is to have another term and that he (Romney) is to put on a good show only.

      • Bruce R Porter Sr

        I’m still voting for Ron Paul.
        Romney is just the establishment’s backup should dislike of the Kenyan get too great. His record is socialist at best.
        Rangers Lead the Way!

    • Flashy

      “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’” <—Cathy of Chick o fil.

      He is describing that exact of what he is doing. unless he has a local land line to his head honcho, i think it is somewhat arrogant he insists his reading and interpretation of the bible is the correct one.

      The reported sales went up on the day of 'appreciation'. Well, with the Progressive and Moderate attendance likely decreasing, that tells me there's a whole lot of Right wing American Taliban supporters with a tad bit harder arteries and a day closer to discovering whether they are correct in their beliefs.

      • DaveL

        Do you think it is “arrogant” when you think your opinon (stated above) is the correct one?You are entitled to yoour opinion, so why belittle someone else’s. The left does this all the time. Their opiniion is the only one that “counts.”

      • ArkansasRebel

        There is no other interpretation possible. Only the arrogance of those who wish to change God into their OWN image can explain any other interpretation,

      • Rebecca

        The Bible is very clear on God’s stance on marriage between a man and a woman and His stance on homosexuality. There is only one way to interpret what The Bible says on this subject. Read it. You might learn something.

      • Bill

        Flashy, I don’t usally reply to your posts – I think you write crap just to get a rise and then plessure yourself as you’re reading the reply. The left (and you) continually talk about tolerance, civility and diversity, but it seems it’s only directed at other people. You and the left need to learn it’s a two way street and start practicing what you’re preaching.

      • Power To The People

        Progressives are the Taliban Flashman! Keep drinking that dummy down solution you guys love so much and sit back and watch Rome burn.

        When a society allows every minority cause, act or so called right to take over telling the majority what to do, then the society will collapse from with-in.

        You progressives are writing our obituary.

      • John J.

        God hates sinners. Psalm 5:5 The foolish shall not stand in thy sight; thou hatest all workers of iniquity.

        Romans 9:13 As it is written, Jacob I have loved, but Esau have I hated.

        God does not love everybody. If you do not have faith in Jesus (God) shed blood for your sins, you have chosen to be God’s enemy.

      • JBruman

        NO … it is the bible … not his teaching. If you are ignorant, stay silent and no one knows. If you open your mouth you are found out!

      • Tim Orner

        Flashy, I Corinthians 6:9 Do you not know, that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom Of GOD. DO NOT BE DECEIVED, Neither fornicators, nor idoliters, nor adulterers, nor HOMOSEXUALS, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor exstortioners will inherit the kingdom of GOD. BUT, GOD came to this earth to pay for the sins of you and me Flashy, so that if you practice any of the attributes of the verse above, you can be saved from the justice that GOD is going to bring upon all who do not believe. The utopia that you liberals think you can bring to societies will only be realized in heaven. Hope to see you there!!!

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Flashy, it is always interesting to read your posts. You can never make a clear point, and your reasoning to get there is just laughable. And sad. So deluded.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Enjoy you eternal vacation in a really hot place. Two men or two women can not be married, as they can’t have children? Or is that too hard for your great mind?

      • Johnny

        let me get this straight POWER, for example, because we gave blacks the right to vote and freed them, we made this country weaker,…..i think your view is a little distorted……the reason the minority have RIGHTS, is so they CANT be taken away by the majority….NO MATTER what minority group it is

      • Curt

        Yo Douche Bag,

        New International Version (©1984)
        “‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.
        New Living Translation (©2007)
        “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.

        English Standard Version (©2001)
        If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

        New American Standard Bible (©1995)
        If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.

        King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
        If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

        Romans 1:27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

        Leviticus 18:22 “‘Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.

        Douche Bag, That sounds pretty straight forward to me.

      • Johnny

        I think that if two men or two women have been in a relationship, for years…..who love each other as much or more than a man and woman, and one gets sick or dies, it is just WRONG, for that person’s family or kids or whoEVER, to be able to tell the well or alive partner that they are not welcome at the hospital or the funeral, because of hateful people like YOU PEOPLE who are posting here…..who CARES whether you think being gay or lesbian is right or wrong….I care more about the people involved and how they would feel not being able to do anything about it because of people like you. If it takes them being married or having a civil union or whatever to make sure both partner’s rights are protected, then SO BE IT!!!!!

      • Alex Frazier

        @ Johnny:

        “I think that if two men or two women have been in a relationship, for years…..who love each other as much or more than a man and woman, and one gets sick or dies, it is just WRONG, for that person’s family or kids or whoEVER, to be able to tell the well or alive partner that they are not welcome at the hospital or the funeral [...]”

        I agree. It is wrong to do that to them due to their sexual orientation. But that doesn’t mean they have to be called “married.” Homosexuals were already offered legal civil unions that provided for things like that. That wasn’t good enough for them. They insist on being called “married.” Their conspicuous goal in their political endeavors is to force through legislation that obliges the majority of the population to be bound by law to declare, acknowledge, and support the idea that it is okay to be gay, and that contrary to being a deviant behavior, it should be recognized as normal when it is not.

        “let me get this straight POWER, for example, because we gave blacks the right to vote and freed them, we made this country weaker,…..i think your view is a little distorted……the reason the minority have RIGHTS, is so they CANT be taken away by the majority”

        1. “Minorities” and other groups that seek the vote are not looking to prevent injustice. They are looking to inflict injustice of their own. Women, for example, didn’t want the vote because of anti-women legislation. They wanted the vote in order to contribute pro-women legislation. Blacks wanted a little of both. They needed justice. But they also wanted pro-black legislation. So don’t kid yourself. Equal rights and universal suffrage is a sham.

        2. I hate to say this, but giving minorities of any variety the right to vote has made our country weaker. We should have never allowed ignorant or uneducated people to cast votes that have a direct impact on the lives of 300 million people. With all due respect to those who support universal suffrage, it’s not much different than giving everyone the right to prescribe and dispense medicine. Giving them the right doesn’t mean they know or understand what they are doing. There should be a written exam of some sort to ensure that only intelligent voters are guiding the direction of our nation.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Power to the People, ask if the Leftists/Progressives care that they are writing society’s obituary.
        Like Rome and Greece and Persia and Egypt, and all the other supposedly great societies, they rotted not so much from foreign invaders but the rot and disease that was on the inside.
        Note a beautifully perfect apple or pear on the outside, then cut it open and find it rotten.

      • S.C.Murf

        flash-in-the-pants, does this mean that you are a sodomite also? By the way gay is the word they gave to it themselves to make it sound better. You can look it up in any bible, unless you are afraid the book will burn your hands. God our heavenly father gave them this name, if you want to argue I suggest you take it up with HIM.

        up the hill

      • DaveH234

        Alex Frasier speaks volumes when he says we need only a “certain class” of people to have the right of others in this country. A test to vote because all you idiots out there don’t know as well as he believes he does?
        How asinine can you be and still call yourself an American? That is as Un-American a statement to be spoken here especially.
        What did all the “Freedom” fighting our country has done mean then? So you can vote but not that other guy you “think” is an idiot?

      • DaveH

        First of all, Government should not Force people to buy any product they don’t need or use. The vast majority of things that Government “provides” should be funded by user fees only. And for those few things that can’t be easily assigned to user fees, every voting adult should pay exactly the same tax.
        As there is no possible way in an unbiased way to ascertain peoples’ mental voting capacities, that is a moot point.
        The Best Government is the Least Government. As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Flashy, you have a little god complex? You seem to know nothing about everything and your stupid comment prove what I’m saying, grow up and admit you don’t know anything about anything. The fool says in his heart, there is no God, does it fit you?

      • my 2¢ worth

        This is for DaveL Flashy: “The left does this all the time. Their opiniion is the only one that “counts.”…

        This philosophy works both ways Dave, don’t be fooled. They both have to be wrong as they both have to be right, otherwise EVERYONE could recognize the difference.

      • Old Henry

        Well said JohnJ, well said!

      • APN

        Ole “flash in the pan” invoked the word GOD, who would have thunk it? Wouldn’t won’t to be you “Buddy.”

      • Nobody’s Fool

        Flashy, please sober up before you post!!! Your gibberish is totally unintelligible and unintelligent…in other words, Stupid!! Please go sleep off your latest drunk and try to THINK before you post again!!

      • Eugene Frana

        This might go right over everyone’s heads, but I like the verse in the bible where King Solomon said; “You people are all morons”. And God said;”That’s the way I designed them”.

    • Marty S.


      Shove it where the sun doesn’t shine and while your at it give the Constitution a good read. Conservatives are able to get loud too. That is the liberals’ way of doing things so back at ya Dumas.

    • Stormin Steve

      you’re right..we no longer have our rights intact. They are slowly dissolving. They started with, small things like smoking and other little issues. Now, it’s the big guns, 4th amendment, 1st amendment, now working to disarm us. Do you think the shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin were just random. Think again, these were false flags. Too many holes, all the facts were not released. A vote for Mitt is a vote for Obama anyway. Republican, or Democrat is a vote for our handlers. The shadow govt. if everyone would vote for Johnson, the ex governor of New Mexico, he is a libertarian and constitutionalist. He is like Ron Paul. Spread the word. We need Johnson, not Mitt, or Obastard!! Who’s his real daddy? Not Obama senior.

    • pweiters9

      8/18/12, Here’s how to put a dent in the liberal elite: don’t patronize their media outlets, movies, music, w/the exception of the Internet. If they can make things hard for a legitimate enterprise to set up shop based on politics, this threatens anyone’s livelihood the power brokers in any given locale don’t like.

    • jim s

      what about their hiring practices and oppotrunity? how many gay men and women are in middle management?
      how many, for that matter are employed by that God-fearing corporation?

  • Harold Olsen

    I wonder why people are surprised that Romney, liberal that he is, didn’t come out in support of Chic-fil-A. He has, in the past, in spite of his supposed religious beliefs, come out in support of homosexuals and same sex marriage. Of late, he has been silent on the subject. Of course, the brain dead media jumped on this right away. Like everyone else on the left, they quickly came to the support of immorality like they always do. The left opposes anything moral. Eight years ago, an Archbishop in Boston said, words to the effect, that any Democrat who claims to be a Christian is not a true Christian as long as they support abortion and same sex marriage. I’m in full agreement with that to the point that I do not believe there is any such thing as a Democrat or liberal Christian. They prefer immorality to morality.

    • Dave

      Really? Do you think Jesus hates gays?

      • Bryan Hare

        He is NOT PLEASED with them,,,

      • HH

        NO, Jesus doesn’t “hate” anyone. Homosexuality, according to the Bible is a sin, Jesus hate’s sin, NOT the sinner! Read the Bible, that’s what it says.

      • Paul Wells

        Crack a Bible, why don’t you, and review why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. There are at least 12 mentions of homosexual behavior and none of them is looked upon with favor. WWJD, you ask? Love the sinner, hate the sin. He was a fisher of men’s souls, but he always attempted to get them to TURN from sin. Clear enough for you, or do wish to argue further with God’s law?

      • Flashy

        Paul…whose god you talking about? We get that cleared up, we can start talking about what the rules laid out are. If you say the christian god, we’ll need to decide if it’s the Southern Baptist god, the Catholic god, the Methodist, etc… there are so many of ‘em and each has a different set of rules …

      • Howard Beale

        He definitely hates the abomination of homosexuality that they willfully choose to engage in. And kindly use the word ‘gay’ in its REAL definition, not the perverted slang.

      • firefight

        Once again, in your uneducated, moronic way, you attempt to communicate……with little understanding of reality. All the religions you mention worship the SAME God. They all believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. The reasons for the different names given to each group, I.E., Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, Catholic, etc., is because of the various interpretations of scripture by each group. I believe you will find that all of these groups are offsprings from one…..and if memory serves me correctly, the Lutheran religion is more closely related to the Catholic religion. No matter, your approach to any religion or group on this site, betrays you as one who will undoubtedly find out for himself where eternity will be spent……with or without cholesterol. God bless Chic-fil-A……and in my business, I always say, “Lord, I don’t know who they are or where they will come from, but they will come to me with needs for me to fulfill. I will do my best to fulfill those needs and in return, my needs will be fulfilled. Thank you lord for bringing these people to me.”

      • GrayStroke

        “Does Jesus hate gays?” ah in case you need a simple reply it is: YES! for all the church going 501(c)3 religious goers don’t bother rebutting I don’t care about your PC rebuttals again the answer is YES. I have read some really moronic replies about how Leviticus does not say anything about homosexual sex it just means to sleep.

        Really big stretch of twisting God’s word but then that is what Pharisees do best. Paul spoke of it in Romans 1 that they are ALREADY JUDGED. Jacob I loved Esau I hated. Amazing how you people love to twist God’s word to placate your personal perverted life style and support of it..

        We have invited God’s judgement long ago with killing a baby in the mothers’ womb. The fact HE has been this long suffering has really escaped the majority of the so called Christian and liberal progressive world.

        lastly will you even have the discernment to recognize God’s judgment as it unfolds????

      • Kenny G

        In an extremely prophetic statement that was made long before you were born, it is written that wide and easy to find is the road to destuction and damnation, and many will follow; but narrow and hard to find is the path to salvation, and only few will find it. With this in mind, I say live your life according to your own design, if that’s you desire; but please do not force your sacriligious life style on the rest of us who are true believers in God’s word, and choose to live a more pius and spiritual existence. So, I say to you, that I truly hope you’ll see the light someday, before it’s too late. Go Chick-Fil-A! God and Country.

      • Flashy

        LOL….typical of the American Taliban. I’m not anti-religion. Far from it. In essence, I’m not an admirer of organized cults who utilize some hyped unprovable fable to use as a tool to control the weak minded masses.

        One’s belief is their belief. it’s personal. To insist others adhere to it is rude, crude, unrefined. It’s a Talibanisc mindset and against the best interests of the society in which we live today.

        Who are they who would say Flashy’s Church for Wayward Girls and Soiled Women is a church of false beliefs ?

        y’all do understand the earliest case of communism was the early days of christianity right? Then the aristocracy saw what was occurring and created the Church and installed the Pope. Wycliffe came closest to halting that hierarchical control of that faith, but they did him dirty in order to split Europe into fiefdoms and warlord controlled spheres of influence. Huss made his attempt immediately following Wycliffe..but he got the hot foot treatment for daring to propose the masses deserved some say in the matter.

        Basically, it all boils down to the singular question when y’all try to say “god” is for or against something..whose god are you referring to?

        • Renée

          God does NOT hate gays, He hates the sin of homosexuality, he hates the sin of murder, He hates the sin of lying, He hates the sin, not the sinner. It is God’s will that ALL should be saved but if you can’t admit that you are a sinner, and every human that has ever been born is a sinner, then you can’t accept the grace that He so generously died for. You must repent and TURN from your sin and homosexuality, practiced is a sin. BUT, He still loves the sinner. HOWEVER, the only sin that people can commit that will keep you from the love of God is to deny His Son Jesus Christ. If you deny Him, you are lost, if you are lost, you aren’t going to spend eternity with God. Choices made now while we are alive tell us where we spend our eternity. It’s that simple. Blessings to all.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Do you think Jesus hates gays? Dave take the honor of answering this.

      • steve

        firefight, i don’t know what bible you have but in mine it’s the holy spirit . no mention of ghost. and my spirit, when i die, goes back to god. me , on the other hand , will be 6 feet under.

      • Benjamin Fox

        God hates the sin, not the sinner and what they do is sin, even nature says so.

      • APN

        ….. and the ALL OMNISCIENT FLASHY SAID…….Paul…whose god you talking about? We get that cleared up, we can start talking about what the rules laid out are. If you say the christian god, we’ll need to decide if it’s the Southern Baptist god, the Catholic god, the Methodist, etc… there are so many of ‘em and each has a different set of rules …

        FLASHY said “So shall it be written, so shall it be done!!!!!!

        Poor soul, just to high strung!

    • DaveH

      Morally, abortion and same-sex marriage are two very different actions. The first involves the taking of an innocent life, the second involves a voluntary choice between two people. The first is arguably the business of non-involved bystanders who are acting on behalf of the innocent victim, while the second is nobody’s business as any harm that may come to the marriage partners has been freely agreed to by them.

      • HH


      • Kate8

        As usual, the Left has managed to twist the whole issue and the right bit right into it.

        Actually, this should be a non-issue. Gays were not being discriminated against. In true communist overthrow style, they create a social issue to use as a club against their opposition. So, acceptance isn’t enough. Gays want to be celebrated. They want to force their lifestyle down the throats of our congregations, requiring that the churches throw out something they consider to be God’s Word, and they want church-approved marriage. What’s more, they are ramming their sexuality down the throats of the youngest of our school children against the protests of parents, who don’t want their children being sexualized and sexually indoctrinated AT ALL. And that IS what they are doing.

        Interesting that, at the same time, it is Christians who are being marginalized, attacked and persecuted. It is Christians who no longer have the right to their own lifestyle and beliefs.

        That said, the real issue is that marriage is a religious sacrament, a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. Always has been. And the government should have no place in it. The church as bought off by the state into preaching that marriage must be “legal” to be approved of by God, when that has never been the case. It is just more government interference and control of our lives and our children.

        There is absolutely nothing to stop gays from having their own churches, religions, and marriages. But no, that is not what they’re after. What they want is to corrupt OTHER PEOPLE’S LONG STANDING CHURCHES AND RELIGIONS. They are seeking, and succeeding in many cases, to strike a fatal blow to the very heart of religious doctrine. BTW, is anyone suggesting that Muslims be forced to marry gays? I think not.

        This is nothing but another hammer used by the Left, like race, women’s lib (aren’t we all so much happier now?) and social status. And numerous others. They go out looking for causes they can use to further enslave everyone else, to force us all to bow to them.

        It’s time we just start saying NO. KICK ROCKS. We either have freedom for all or there is freedom for none. With the Left it’s always ‘my way or the highway’, because it’s never been about rights, but only about absolute control over every facet of life.

      • DaveH

        Well said, Kate.

      • Sirian

        To the point and absolutely correct! You’ve put it in very simple, direct words Kate8, Outstanding!!
        Yet still, they will continue with a twisted mindset of “the desires of the few outweigh the rules of the many”.

      • realsustainability

        Ok, but do NOT push any kind of morality onto those that don’t want it. Keep the LGBT stuff out of shools and out of the minds of impressionable kids & others that have no idea what it is. This is a Pandoras box that never should have been opened in the first place.

      • Mike in MI

        Ok, Dave, – (BTW, K88, great review!!!)
        Taken as far as you have, DaveH (regarding the rights of the two homos involved), I must agree – up to that point. Beyond that though, society has always set up laws, and rules, and customs, and conventions to protect the greater good of everybody in the society – which sometimes prevents certain people from doing things they want if their actions hurt others’ wellbeing. The reasons for some of those rules, customs and conventions have been forgotten or gone out of vogue.
        One of the problems people have with God, and/or His Word, is that He gives opinions on certain matters and others He gives no voice to. In His opinions He indicates it is safe for us or unsafe for us to engage in those activities. “Evil”, either active or passive, is what will befall us after doing it.
        “Active evil” usually hits quick and is easy to ascribe to the source of the problems that befall the foolish participants.
        “Passive Evil” is more deceptive in that it has a long latency before its awful effects come upon us. Therefore since a long time has intervened it becomes impossible for US to pinpoint the cause – although God knows full well the cause of the damage done. Passive Evil usually also affects many others by proximity to us either physically, spiritually or emotionally. These are the ones that do the most damage because of their inclusive nature and difficulty discerning the cause.
        Homos’ problems and their effects are extremely widely discussed in scripture. But, unless you’ve been taught the Biblical culture and follow certain words/ideas in context and history you wouldn’t see it.

        Lots of people think they are real smart and God is real arbitrary and the source of bigotry. Lots of things exist in this world that people can’t immediately sense or percieve. But, they didn’t create the world and don’t know (and will never, can’t possibly know by scientific investigation) everything about everything; be it good or bad.

        The reasons for staying way from homos and homosexual activity are among those things.

        Saying it’s “OK” isn’t ok.

      • DaveH

        What if you were picking on people who in no way were physically harming you or your property? I say “physically” because almost everything we do offends one segment of society or another. Leaders love that about people, and are always happy to accommodate them with even Bigger Government.
        What if there is a God, but you are being the Aggressor in his eyes? I don’t mean what “God has said” according to other human beings, but what that God actually thinks. What if that God decides that you have interfered with other peoples’ right to live their own lives however they see fit as long as they don’t trespass on other peoples’ bodies and property?
        What if there is no God, and it’s all a myth propagated by various people for various manipulative reasons?

        • Renée

          Dear Dave and all that don’t believe in God, Please don’t read this in an angry tone, I’m saying it with a loving heart and because I really do care. “I” choose to believe there is a God and I choose to believe that He created the world and that it didn’t just happen. There are too many things that can’t just happen like the human body, it is too intricate to just have come crawling out of some muck and vavoom, a human and if it were that you came from an ape, how come there are still apes? If Then God did in fact created the world and created Man and Woman, that must be the way that He wants it to be. Other wise the body would reproduce with a man and a man or a woman and a woman but either needs the other to reproduce. It isn’t just the practice of homosexuality that is a sin but so many other things as well. We don’t have to do them, AND there is a way to change that. Again, it’s your choice, no one can force you to believe but I know that God would love for you to do just that. The last sentence is the most important.
          1 Corinthians 6:9-11-Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

          Please don’t walk away angry, what I’m saying isn’t meant to bring anger but to make you think past what you have all along. There is a way and the only way is Jesus Christ. The world is going to get worse before it gets better, don’t you want hope to hold on to during this time of uncertainty? I don’t know how people can live from day to day without hope, I sure couldn’t do it. The article in question, the owner never once put homosexuals down, or ever said he wouldn’t serve them, he was asked a question and he answered it honestly. How can anyone fault him for that. It is people who are trying to start stuff, just like the arguements that are going on like this that even ask questions like that to begin with. I’m not here to put anyone down but to tell the truth the way that I believe it is. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

      • Mike in MI

        DaveH -
        Point taken. And that gets right to the bottom of EVERYTHING. What if it IS a bunch of arcane texts put together by a bunch of people in order to be manipulative of others? That would be quite easy to prove for there would be huge numbers of glaring errors. Also, the closer it was studied the more we would find it doesn’t equate with the basic facts of life or what is discovered about the nature of the physical world we CAN study (if we do the investigations WITHOUT bias and preconceptions).
        However, what is being found is that the old scientific positions are falling at an alarming rate and what we do find is coming very closely in line with what the Bible said long ago, way before they had any meansof investigating things like we have today. So, how’d they get that info? How could they have been so accurate unless they had access to someone or something with in-depth facts and associational patterning?
        There’s one other fact of life that has come up lately and been discussed minutelyby Stephen C. Meyer, PhD in his c. 2009 HarperCollins Publ. study “Signature in the Cell – DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design”. I challenge you to take up THIS gauntlet and deal honestly with his evidence and conclusion:

        The DNA in every cell on earth is a chemical computer system with defined, self-reproducing structure and function. It has a chemical, digital program with all the advanced programming elements we know of and use to accomplish the purpose for which it was designed. To the extent our finite minds can grasp, it can be adduced that – since such things exist – there HAD TO have been a preexistent intelligent designing agent with the capacity to dynamically plan, decide and execute the whole into existence. He does’t put a name on it, just on the process – “Intelligent Design”.

        Whatever THAT agent is it has incredible potential. Certainly it would have the ability to communicate whatever it might desire to what it produced. If it did the only questions that remains to us: To whom did it communicate? Was the communication stored? How could I be sure? Where do I need to go to discover such a fabulous store of information as IT might have transmitted? WHAT WILL I DO ABOUT IT

      • Kate8

        DaveH – God’s Laws are natural laws which are for the purpose of living a healthy and prosperous life. When we step outside of these laws we bring trouble into our lives as a natual consequence, not because of punishments. We reap things like discord, disease, and the like.

        Therefore, if one chooses to live contrary to these laws, he has been given free will to do so. We are absolutely free to bring trouble onto ourselves by our actions.

        However, we also have the right to want to shield ourselves and our children from having to live among those who wish to live in such a manner as we find offensive. This is what the government denies us…and forces us to have behaviors we find objectionable taught to our children. We are forced to hire people whom we do not want to represent us. We are forced, forced, forced… to the point where WE are being discriminated against and criminalized.

        Gays have always been around, and we should have the right whether to include them among our close friends and associates, as we do anyone else. They have the same right. People always prefer to live amont those with whom they share common values, and there is nothing wrong with this. And gays have the same obligation to respect the rights of “normal” people, which they often do not. They seem to enjoy getting “in your face”.

        I like the idea of the rule of “no harm”, where people respect one another in all ways. But as long as we have those who seek to control the lives of others, they will devise ways to claim offense in order to manipulate those whom they want to control.

        Once we recognize how we are manipulated by the “civil rights” of such people, we can stop playing their game.

      • DaveH

        Look, I really don’t care what you guys believe. All I ask is that you really do follow your religious codes and treat your fellow humans respectfully. That’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?
        The most important thing in each of our lives is that we like ourselves, and we can’t do that if we don’t follow our own moral codes like we expect others to.

      • Average Joe

        As usual, very well stated! ;) ;) ;)

        Best Wishes,

      • Mike in MI

        DaveH -
        My friend, I for one and I’m sure the others who’ve been posted here in this thread, don’t TREAT others with disdain, contempt or inhumanity when we meet them. For God’s sake, you can’t tell by LOOKING at them. Nor do we attempt to force our opinions and beliefs on anybody. If we did we would not have gone to such exents to try to formulate reasoned responses to opposing views. We just have a defined point of view having some Authority supporting our points which no point of departure proceeding from purely human reason could ever formulate. That is preciely why despots and evil governments throughout the ages have tried so desperately to extinguish God’s Word.
        But, it is humanly impossible to extinguish God because “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word WAS God.” (John 1:1) God’s word does not have to be defended. It only needs to be presented. Those who dispute it don’t dispute the presenter. They only dispute the Author – when it’s done accurately and in love for the hearers. When they dispute Him they WILL lose, define themselves and condemn themselves to oblivion.
        Besides that, show me a place, if you can, where God’s precepts have ever done damage to a culture or individuals which observed them? Bet you can’t because they are woven into the fabric of the Universe He created.
        Observe them and benefit. Contend with or contradict them and wonder what happened – defeat onesself.
        You’re a man of virtue, as I’ve noted before. You’ve watched and seen these things occur? Accidence in N-A-T-U-R-E-? Nah! The statistical confidence numbers wouldn’t correlate.

      • Mike in MI

        K8ey -
        I didn’t realize you and I were working in tandem in such a wonderful way – and with Renee’ also. Glad to be on the team with you two sweethearts…our hearts knit together. See you in person some day when we take our seats at the Lord Jesus’ banquet together. I’d love to introduce you to my wife and kids. You, too, Mr. Livingston. (Thanks.)
        This is fun!

      • Kate8

        Mike in MI – Wow. It seems that the MIC has developed an aerosolized vaccine that modifies the behavior of religious people. It does something to the brain.

        They said that it is administered via chemtrails and infects people with something like flu.

        My God. We really have to be strong in our faith and in ourselves these days to survive the onslaughts of the government.

        I wonder if this has anything to do with how so many people today abhor people with any real affinity with Spirit. Today’s new age ideas are rather self-serving and materialistic, it seems to me. But then, fluoride also blocks a person’s ability to hear God by calcifying the pineal.

        Gosh, today’s technologies are used with so much evil, are so diabolical in application. I do hope we are near the end of such a world. It’s heartbreaking.

      • Mike in MI

        To anybody who read my 8/12, 5:12 pm post above with interest there’s one thing I’d like to add that may clarify something I was leading up to – but forgot.
        The DNA system is a computer with both hardware and software. The two must fit together and be completely compatible in oder for it to work.
        Now, evolutionists can truhfully say, “Well, evolution could randomly put the chemicals together by chance and end up with a workable protein producing complex. It would be huge odds but, none the less, it is possible.”
        Problem is… the software. Whence came the program(s)? So many? So varied? Each one so complete? So difficult to alter?

        What was the programmer? That takes HUGE sentient activity!!!

      • DaveH

        Who programmed the Programmer?

      • Mike in MI

        DaveH -
        Try as I might throughout the years to find something somewhere in the scriptures, ask people who are more well versed than myself or drive my own mind to anything that makes sense… everything comes up blank. It might be there, but I haven’t seen it. The last thing I want to do is put an interpretation on a passage that twists it to the point I squeeze something out that isn’t there.
        The closest thing I, or anybody I know of, have found is: 1) “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God.” (John 1:1)
        2) “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

        This is a guess, but I have often wondered if there is something about being created, as we are, that precludes comprehending what preceded the Genesis 1:1 “beginning”. It’s like, our 5 senses register and the nerves carry and transduce for mental perception the bare minimum that we need for existence. There is lots in our environment that we can’t register at all. Some is innocuous; some is damaging. Some is fearsome but we’re not aware. In other words, there is a lot that we just can’t know…dark matter and dark energy for instance. On this plane of existence, perhaps God’s origin is in that bunch of things????
        Makes sense to me.

      • Mike in MI

        DaveH -
        By the way, the estimates of how much dark matter and dark energy exist in the universe are up around 60% to 85% of the total in extant. Yet, we don’t know either a blessed or a damn thing about the stuff.
        So, how much do we really KNOW about anything? Man’s hubris is phenomenal.

      • APN

        Well DaveH, in all your power and glory, given the FACT that you DO NOT believe in GOD the Father, just where do you get your “MORALS” from?

        Educate me in all your POWER and GLORY, ALL OMNIPOTENT ONE!!

      • DaveH

        Mike says — “So, how much do we really KNOW about anything? Man’s hubris is phenomenal”.
        Sounds like you’re making my argument for me, Mike. Thanks.

      • DaveH

        APN says — “where do you get your “MORALS” from?”.
        I leave people alone to control their own bodies and property. I get my morals from other humans, including those who wrote the Ten Commandments, and those who wrote the Book of the Dead.
        APN says — “Educate me in all your POWER and GLORY, ALL OMNIPOTENT ONE!!”.
        Actually, you have that backward, APN. I’m not the one who uses Big Government to force my will on other people.

      • Mike in MI

        APN -
        THAT, sir, is uncalled for. DaveH IS from what I gather out of his posts, is a man of integrity, many virtues and fundamental goodness. He has said he grew up as a Catholic, but saw fit to abandon it – for whatever personal reasons. If those are as good as his thinking presented in most of his writing here, they had substance.
        Further, there are a lot of us who grew up in the demoninations to a certain point and decided what they represented had nothing to offer us. That happened to me at the age of 12 and I ended up a declared atheist for a long time. Events conspired to set me to re-examine that position. God “tricked” me into getting to a location where I heard and saw some things I was on a quest to find. I bit into it and found myself in First Century Christianity.
        Since then I have discovered that I BECAME a son of God as a little kid. What brought me back to it was God’s love, that spirit still at work in there and some phenomenal events God put me in position to experience. I don’t care what “The Great Randy” might say. I KNOW what happened (and I was stone cold sober, alert and of sound mind).
        I’m sure I’m not the only one to whom such things have occurred. My parents and a good Sunday school teacher taught me some “morals” that really helped me and brought good to me (though I didn’t know why, then).
        The Proverbs speak to people of body and soul who can learn and do “right” and get blessed by God for it. The O.T. was written TO body and soul people. Anybody can learn morals and be ethical and benefit from it – whether they learn it from trial and error experience, observation of others or elder’s advice. Morals and ethics are virtues anyone can beneficially learn and apply…and teach.

        So, APN, your denigration of DaveH calls for something. You man enough – it’s a moral thing to do.

      • Mike in MI

        DaveH -
        My question about “how much do we really KNOW about anything?” was in relation to our hubris about being able to claim a little knowledge about “science (“scio” – Latin, to know)”.
        But If one can get information from a source that has direct knowledge of everything…well, you can learn as much as you can assimilate and remember.

      • DaveH

        Good memory, Mike. Yes, I was indoctrinated in the Catholic religion for 10 years.
        I like to think that I would have been a moral person without them, but who knows?
        I think religion does a service to mankind in the sense of giving us a base of morality, so I would hate to see the Progressives reach their goals of stamping out religion. However, there is no way that I could ever come to believe in a supernatural being. It’s just not in my DNA.
        Thanks for coming to my defense.

      • Mike in MI

        DaveH -
        Actually, in all seriousness, after seeing how you hande yourself, your easoning and the things you use in building examples I think that you are like I was all during the time I proclaimed myself to be atheist.
        I was saved (a Christian) from early youth, but just didn’t know it or what I had. Ergo, it did me no, or very little, good. If my gut on this is accurate I think the same could be true of you, too.
        Once you got it you can’t shake it, sorry.

    • uvuvuv

      i think their second column on the subject came before the chick-fil-a dust-up. this time around steve and cokie roberts wrote that the only people who oppose gay marriage in any significant numbers are the elderly, and the good news is they’re dying off more and more each day, ushering in a new era of peace, love and harmony. this is attitude is monstrous, that is, if you’re opposed to the gay agenda you deserve to die, and will. then they ironically add how the loving and tolerant democrats will be in the majority and they will bring in a golden age of acceptance and freedom. so why do we have expensive medicare if it just keeps these aged bigots alive and going to the polls? think of the enlightened future we would have if each heart attack gave us one less anti-gay hater. therefore if he’s re-elected, watch out, mr. belief evolver himself will shut down medicare, by executive order, of course. the money saved can be used to buy eye charts so they can figure out why the gays are missing what they’re missing. like legs, for starters.

    • http://none Charlie

      Wow! what Bible some of you numskull nerds been reading ??? better call out Scripture numbers because We can’t find some of what you are saying in the KJV or NASB…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 for Salvation…
      Read Matthew 10 for who King Jesus likes … Read Malachi 1:3 for who King Jesus hates…

    • Nadzieja Batki

      As to your last sentence lies the crux of the problem. Morality has become subjective. All little groups pick and choose what they will not do and then attempt to blanket all people and force them to be like them.
      Read about Rome, they brought law and justice to all their conquered colonies even if they had to kill and maim all people in the process. They allowed for every religion and all perversions. They gave people the choice that if they did themselves harm or caused themselves a disease they could die. The attitude would be akin to too bad so sad.

    • http://Yahoo Samuel Lopez

      You are right Mr. Olsen, that is the plain truth.

  • http://none Claire

    The gays/lesbians have been around for years, and will certainly be around until the end of the earth. The owner spoke his true beliefs, so what? We all say what we want. Much ado about something that will always be in existence. There are other issues (the economy, etc.) in America that need undivided attention. The media is nuts.

    • http://none Claire

      I will say what I want, and I WILL keep my guns. As far as keeping free speech, I will do so until the day I die. I will never ever give up my rights without one hell of a struggle. They will have to attack me first, but rest assured I will stand up for myself. I am a decent upstanding citizen and I will not bow down to any person or government that tries to
      control my life. I am a senior citizen, I’ve paid my fair share of taxes, and I have lived a good life for a long time. Big talk for a small woman but I mean every word I say.

      • Linda Smith

        Amen, Claire. My birthday is today and I am 65. Sadly, we are the generation who started this rebellion of the moral order of things, and I believe we need to step up to the plate and defend what used to be called community values. Wake up senior citizens, and rebuke the depraved and chaotic culture. Work to restore genuine morality, dignity and respect to our society. Let’s us end this culture of narcissism and build a culture of love of family, religion, and true patriotism for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.

      • David Ann Krug

        AMEN! from anothe senior citizen

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Claire, I was born in America and know no other way to live except free. I believe all our freedoms come from our Constitution and I am not politically correct and tell things as I see them. I do not go out of my way to insult anyone because they are different then I am, I do believe live and let live as long as someone doesn’t try to instill their perverted ideas on me, my children or my wife, if they do I tell them straight up that they could be as queer as they want to be, but I don’t believe in their way of life and I don’t want my family to hear what they believe in. If they don’t like my telling them what I believe then the next move is theirs and if it is the wrong move such as they want to assault me, I will instill as much pain on them that is necessary to stop them in their tracks, if they attemplt to use a weaopn on me, then I will always have a more deadly weapon to use and it will be legal since I do know something about the law from first being a prison sergeant them being a police officer for a total of 25 years. In the prisons I saw more disgusting sex acts that any straight man or woman should ever have to see in their lives, and the administration would tell us if we catch two inmates in a sex act to write them up, which was a joke because all the administration would do is give them a reprimand and when inmates were called for medication or sick call, the prisons had boxes of condoms for their use which was a contradiction of their own rules so I never would write an inmate up unless it was an atemplted rape or a rape.
        This upcoming election in November is the most important election that we will ever vote in since if Obama wins, he will surly bring America down on her knees, first by financially destroying her, then with his depraved ideas and agendas and lastly since he has shown time and time again that he will violate the Constitution whenever he wants to and dare anyone to try to stop him, he will abolish the Constitution and all of our freedoms that go with it, we will become a Communist Country since in these 3 and 3/4 years he has done so much damage but stopped short of completing his mission so he could do whaterver he wants to do once he is re elected and if that happens, it will be our last chance to stop this tyrant from taking all of our freedoms away from us and it is not something I look forward to since that means we will have a civil war and I for one don’t want to harm or kill any of my fellow Americans, but my country comes before anything else and I will do whatever it takes to keep our Democracy strong and will not live under a dictator or a Communist regime in America.

      • firefight

        You say, “so he could do whaterver he wants to do once he is re elected and if that happens, it will be our last chance to stop this tyrant from taking all of our freedoms away from us and it is not something I look forward to since that means we will have a civil war and I for one don’t want to harm or kill any of my fellow Americans,”

        I share and embrace your thoughts and feelings. Just one thing that I would share with you and that is your feelings about harming or killing fellow Americans. Anyone who embraces the decodant, satanic regime that has sprouted in this country, is NOT a fellow American any more than they are Christian, God fearing human being. I look upon everyone of them as the “Domestic Enemy” that I took an oath to defend my Country and my Constitution against. I will also defend my God and his Kingdom against the same. I do not hate the sinner, but I do hate the sin that he embraces and perpetuates. We can only ask to be the instruments of God to fulfill his will….. We are not God.

      • Kate8

        Claire – This is why I don’t understand why you always defend the very people who are moving even now (and always have been) to take those things away from us.

        You make judgments about those of us who blow off a little steam mocking the likes of Hillary (who has already signed the UN gun-ban treaty) and Obama et al, saying that we should afford them dignity when we speak of them, when they are vile, evil and treacherous, having betrayed America in the most unspeakable ways.

        They do not deserve even a shred of our respect. They have NO respect for us… quite the opposite. Respect is earned, and it is quite obvious that those of us who are watching do NOT respect them. They have violated their sworn duty to America, and they deserve the appropriate penalties for the worst of crimes against humanity. Which is a darned site worse than a few derogatory remarks. Ugly is as ugly does.

        Sure, ultimately we will forgive them in our hearts, because that is what people who love God do. But for now, we must remove them. We have every right to be angry with them, and anger is a great motivator, as long as we act with clear thinking.

      • moonbeam

        You know, I’m hearing so much talk about how we are going to become a third world nation, be a communist nation, turning socialist, etc, etc. Come on guys, are we going to just freaking sit here and let an illegal alien usurper liar change who we are? There are millions of us and only ONE of him.

        Sure, he has help, but he and they STILL do NOT outnumber us! We need to grow some balls and handle our business!

        Only WE THE PEOPLE can make REAL change in our country. Not some mysterious Kenyan born, raised in Indonesia, a sociopathic pathological LIAR with no concrete evidence of just who the heck this fella really is. He has used several different names and we swallow it, acting as if our hands are tied and we have no power. If we love our country, we should refuse to hand it over to an outrageous usurper.

        He hides his records, is blatantly involved in felonious ID theft (for which you and I would be in jail for) who arrogantly proffers up a fake birth certificate that has been resoundingly proven to be FAKE. He thinks we are stupid…are we? What more do we need to see? This can not be allowed to continue!

        We need to MAKE and DEMAND Congress do their freaking job. NOBODY goes on vacation/hiatus until the problems of the household of the US are addressed and remedied. In addition, the feet of the FBI and CIA need to be held to the fire. They have been remiss in their duties in protecting our Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

        So, time to “Boot Up”, America. Let’s take back America The Beautiful in November!

        O beautiful for spacious skies,
        For amber waves of grain,
        For purple mountain majesties
        Above the fruited plain!
        America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
        And crown thy good with brotherhood
        From sea to shining sea!

        USA! USA! USA!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Kate8, no person can give blanket forgiveness to anyone.
        All sin is First against God. Then the sinner or one who gives offense has to ask to be forgiven from the person who is sinned against or given offense.

      • Kate8

        Nadzieja – While that may be true in one sense, unforgiveness only harms the one holding it, not the offender. Unforgiveness creates energy blockages in our beings, which will surely manifest physically, in time. We forgive because it clears it out of US. It is for our own well-being.

        Unforgiveness binds us to the unforgiven, for as long as it remains within us. What we want is to be free. And when we forgive, unbinding ourselves, it is often enough to bring changes in the offender.

        Remember, even Christ, on the cross, forgave his tormentors. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Because he understood that when people commit terrible offenses against others, it is because they truly don’t know what they are doing. To harm others is to, ultimately, harm ourselves. If they really understood this, no one would harm another.

      • Don

        Amen to you Claire, I will be 76 on the 12th

      • http://none Charlie

        Claire, and other old timers , can you tell others how you became Christians according to The Bible ? or will I and others have to keep on guessing IF you are part of the problem or part of the solution ?

      • http://none Claire

        I want to make it clear that I am not on a soapbox, I am not giving a “lecture.” I am simply stating my own thoughts. I, too, was born in America. Raised on a tenant farm and poor as heck. No electricity, no running water, no phone, etc. I have posted this before. I could write a book about poverty, I have lived it. Mother taught me and my 2 sisters to be honest and to work hard. And we did work hard to make good lives for ourselves. I am not perfect, but I have tried to live a good decent life. I will tread on no one, I try to treat others as I would want to be treated. I will do no harm to another human being, but again, I will stand up for myself should the need arise. . .. It is way past time for America to elect people that are trustworthy and honest, but we have a problem. Do you honestly trust the candidates that are running for office? Vote for the lesser of two evils?? As far as I am concerned, at this point in time, I cannot vote for either presidential candidate. The country is falling apart, and it will not be any better with Romney. The greed exhibited by both parties has come to fruition. We are now paying the piper as so to speak. The middle class is slipping away, they can no longer afford to run this country–now or in the future, and this is exactlly what is happening now. I have said before, the middle class has paid the brunt of everything. Eventually there will be two classes–the rich and the poor. There should be fair taxes–every person should be taxed according to the amount they earn, including the wealthy. The middle class certainly does. I consider myself middle class and I had 52 years with a wonderful guy, and I am sincerely grateful for having him in my life for so many years. Sorry, I can be rather melodramatic when I think of my husband.
        There is so much to be done regarding America’s government. Greed has played a large part for many many years and it will take years before America gets out of this mess. There is no magic wand, no quick-fix to make things better. I wish there was. No politician fits the bill. I get the feeling they are in it for their own self-gratification, not for America.

      • http://none Claire

        sophillyjimmy–my reply was to you.

      • http://none Claire

        Charlie–Old timer? That’s great! I haven’t been called an old timer until now,however, I like to think I may be wiser with age? Regardless of age, don’t you think we have all contributed towards the problem? How many of us have voted for a guy that didn’t quite “cut the mustard?” How many of us have been disappointed with our choices? In my lifetime, I have voted Democrat and Republican. I am not geared towards either party, I tried to vote for the person I thought would do a good job. And yes, I have been disappointed many times. It seems they “change” when elected.
        And Charlie, wait until you become a senior citizen, you will probably look at things differently?
        Regarding faith, my faith has been severely shaken. I lost my husband the end of January, and I truly feel he was a victim, not a patient. I have wondered why he went through the tragic botched surgeries, why he had to suffer. He was a good person, he was good to me, he was my heart for 52 years. At this moment in time, I am on shaky ground regarding faith.

      • http://none Charlie

        Claire, sorry to hear about your loss of a good husband at the hands of the some what Criminal Medical System, I have had some events of maltreatment at the hands of so called Doctors and that’s why I got into The Bible a little deeper than most , if God created us He’s the one that knows best how to protect us and take care of us…
        Have you ever read the food laws in The Bible ? that’s where God begins to tell us how to take care of our physical needs according to His Laws , but , it helps a whole lot to also learn about God’s natural science such as , Chemistry , Biology , etc …
        Your husband is now in one of God’s scientific dimensions , but , to begin to understand all that The Bible has from God / King Jesus for our “Blessings” one has to do what King Jesus and His Men say to do as written in The Bible , explore Matthew 6:33 and Acts 2:38 to be on the inside track of understanding all the other “stuff” The Bible has to say…
        IF, you have not accomplished Acts 2:38 with understanding , then , If, you want The Salvation of King Jesus Christ you should accomplish Acts 2:38 soon…
        BTW, I’m 76 years experienced and I gained that much experience by The Blessings and discipline of King Jesus Christ …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Ask and you shall receive ../

    • Power To The People

      Agreed….the far left and progressives will not be happy until we have the same speech control that exists in Europe. Watch what you say…one day the speech police will arrest you for it!!

  • KingKen

    Don’t dismiss this story as if it were an anomly. Free speech is under attack. Once they have confiscated your firearms they will be around to confiscate you for statements like this one.

    • nc

      KingKen, get ready! The feds are on their way to put you in Fema Camp prison for speaking because they are already taking guns from American Citizens! The citizens they are taking them from are school kids who show up in the third grade or earlier with loaded guns!!! Wonder where those guns came from?? They got out of a car sporting a NRA sitcker!
      Oh well! Boys will be boys..until they become daddies!!

      • DaveH

        As usual, the Internet Troll NC chimes in with a non-sequitur to “prove” his point.

      • moonbeam

        “The feds are on their way to put you in Fema Camp prison for speaking because they are already taking guns from American Citizens”


        Sick of hearing this too. This is AMERICA! It ain’t gonna go down like that! There will be the blood of revolution flowing freely in the streets. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY in this country is going to let this happen. We have Power of the People if we’d only get off our complacent asses and USE it!

      • http://none Charlie

        nc, thanks for stirring up these onboard heathens , but , the question came to mind , or you also a heathen ? you harassed DaveH into confessing he is a heathen , he should be happy about that because confession is good for one’s soul … This non-sequitur thing he writes of, could that mean DaveH is a part time christian ? since all roads lead to The King’s Book… Anyway keep Trolling , the fishing is good…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 …

      • DaveH

        I have never made secret the fact that I don’t believe there is such a thing as a God. I just think it has little to do with Freedom, so I don’t talk about it much. The people who truly follow their religious precepts are no threat to my Freedom. Only the hypocrites are a threat, and I have no problem dealing with that threat.

      • Mike in MI

        Hey DaveH -
        Does that statement include the muslims’ religious codes? Will it affect your FREEDOM and how will you answer when they put you on your knees and say, “Are you going to believe Mohammed or do I offer your head to allah?”

      • DaveH

        Actually, the only people who’ve ever harassed me about my non-beliefs have been Christian.

      • http://none Charlie

        DavidH,,,check out John 8:32 , is that about freedom ?? ,But , you are always going to have some “Boss” and The Boss of all bosses is King Jesus Christ , so, IF, you want to have “good” standing with “The Boss” you better find out what His “Contract” says…
        Praise King Jesus for salvation and Healing … Acts2:38…

      • Mike in MI

        DAVEH – ?????Wha-a-AT Th-th-h-u—????
        Tha t sounds just like…like a liberal responding to- – - one of your very excellent rebuttals:

        “That can’t happen to me…It never has.”

      • DaveH

        Now come on, Mike, name-calling should be left to the Liberals.
        No doubt there are pushy controlling Muslims. But there’s also no doubt that there are pushy controlling Christians. The US has been proving that for over 10 years now.
        I don’t care what religion they are, or which side they’re on. I just don’t like pushy controlling people.

      • Mike in MI

        DaveH -
        I know…and I agree some people say things that reflect very poorly on themselves and what they claim to stand for. The old sying bout flies, honey and vinegar. Your complaint at me was valid. And…truth be told there was at least a little tongue in fingertips, so to speak, humor intendd.
        Please don’t get too irritated at me. I did defend you above afterall after that APN person’s dickhead comment.(Not that he is , but it was, I thought.)
        I appreciate you…

      • Action not Words

        I’m very surprised that some of you still won’t connect the dots. Even our valued PLD has given of glimpses of how the government has started to use military personnel to police the American people without just cause. Furthermore, is it really so far fetched to believe that the most powerful government and military in the world wouldn’t have a plan in place to handle a revolutionary or wide spread dissedent stand by it’s constituents?
        And by the way I’m not an internet troll just typed in executive orders and choose this one from many, I would personally like to thank The Reagan Administration, specifically Ollie North who has seemed to have penned most of the exec orders, that I have read about so far, that will completely remove all rights of American citizens with just one signature.

    • Ted

      August is the silly season – just about every politician, reporter, and commentator is at the beach. Chip Wood is a day late and a dollar short on this one, it’s over as a headline story. Just remember the slogan of the ACLU, “The answer to free speech is more free speech.”

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        yeah Ted, and the ACLU is all about free speech as long as it is what they want to hear and they don’t want to hear what we the conservatives want to hear, so much for the ACLU and their phoney words.

      • Flashy

        Hmmm.. you dn’t happen to have any proof the ACLU is against free speech do you? Last I heard, they take on cases without regard to political issues. Seems only the wacked right get offended when the aspects of Constitutional Rights are defended

      • Ted

        I never thought I’d have to defend the ACLU on this website. After all, the ACLU is a single issue group dedicated to defending all individual’s constitutional rights against governmental interference or repression.

        Personally, I don’t trust anyone who says he supports personal liberty, but doesn’t support the ACLU.

      • Mike in MI

        Well then, somebody better inform the ACLU to switch their political affiliations rom left to right if they expect to maintin any consequence. The way Obama is carving up the Constitution they’ll have no basis for existence, soon.

      • http://none Charlie

        For all you NRA, ACLU and other such group believers ,better check out what the “Hegelian principle” of psychological warfare is all about , it’s a education “system” that a German brought in about 1800 ,it has been used often in America by so called Government , the NRA uses it ,so does ACLU and many others …
        Now psychological war is similar to Spiritual war , but, Mankind is a three part being mental, physical and spiritual and the spiritual is what makes The Bible a Warfare Manual for all Mankind because there are no other books as old as The Bible that start right off on page one declaring creation powers that The Bible does and starts with Military Discipline on the next few pages , God sets up a Military Discipline training condition for His first Warrior Man called Adam and then God creates a co-warrior called Eve giving “her” rank under Adam but with very powerful influence on the Leader , Adam .
        Now comes along this thing called a “Order” , only one to start with , for Adam to obey.
        Notice at Isaiah 45:7 that God said He created all things , good and evil , so God created another player in this war game called Life , Satan came along in the form of a snake to give the new game players of Life some “Order” discipline , if you have read Genesis you know Mankind has been warring ever since and violating all The Game Rules just about as fast as God creates them…
        What’s all this got to do with ACLU ?
        The Almighty God is our Friend OK, so who is The Foe ? Satan and his group which are the small “g” gods …
        So can most positively identify IF, the ACLU or any other group is Our friend or foe???
        ACCORDING TO , Biblical history and / or Law / Principles ???
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 …

  • Tom Cook

    Chip, one thing which little old Romney lacks is balls. He’s an enabler, not a hero. He’s no Sarah Palin and calling him a girly boy insults the female gender. He’s just weak and basically worthless. His one obviously good quality: he’s not a foreign-born, communist, anti-American narcissist bent on destroying our country.

    • Dave

      And neither is Obama, so what’s your point?

      • Aberdeem

        Yes he is

      • DaveH
      • Michael Norell

        I’m afraid you’re wrong Dave. This man is guilty of crimes we sent young men to prison 45 years ago. I believe Social Security fraud will still get you a year or two behind bars. No one has served as President in the last one hundred fifty years has been as much a racist as he creating as much racial animosity. This man is the “Poster Child” for the rapid death of our Country.

      • Rebecca

        Dave, Do you know FOR SURE where he was born? Are you an authenticity of legal documents expert? My guess is no.

        However, we do know that Obama is hell bent on this country being something other than a free one. Government control = Socialism, Communism or Monarchy. In any case, Obama is set to be in full control of your money, health, freedoms and very life. Fast-forward a few years…you are elderly, your guns have been taken, you cannot worship as you wish, you cannot get on a blog like this and state your opinion. Everything you have ever owned now belongs to the U.S. of A. and to top it off the government has decided it is time for you to die because you are no longer a contributing member of society. Hope you are ready for all that.

      • Sirian

        You requested points and those points have been made. So Dave, where is you’re fact based rebuttal? Another one of Obummer’s useful idiots? Quite so. . .

      • Winddrinker

        Obumscum is a cretin off the streets of some third-world country.. until he proves different. All we know about him is what is in the 136 Executive Orders that he has signed and he loves to spend our money on his lavish lifestyle.

        The TRUTH is that we have been told nothing but lies and all his records have been sealed by the Courts at a cost of Millions of Dollars to keep them “secret.” WHY!

        If he is a real American, what is he hiding? Lets see the passport, tell us how many different social security numbers and names he has used. Lets see the admissions applications for Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, that should tell us a lot about who this person is and in what country he holds citizenship. Americans have a right to know who is squatting in their White House.

      • Mike in MI

        Winddrinker -
        Squatting on our heads!!

    • http://yahoo wendell

      Tom cook says “Romney doesn’t have any balls”. I bet Mrs. Romney would disagree with you over that statment, since he got her pregnent 5 times. As far as being worthless, I heard Romney say the same thing about you.

  • MAP

    There is a major push for our moral code to be set and defined by radical left-wing, atheist, nut-cases. And if you disagree with their assessment, you are to be utterly destroyed by any methods, no matter how unjust or wicked, at hand. Welcome to the Era of the Leftist Inquisition, brought to us by the American Taliban on the left. They prove once again that leftist policies can only work by means of coercion, force and oppression. This is necessary, since any rational person rejects their entire ideology out of hand. They are, by far, the most tyrannical and dictatorial group of idiots in the entire history of the world. Freedom, liberty and rights are, to them, things of contempt, things that interfere with their fanatical vision of progress. They are statists because only a powerful totalitarian government can transform the world into what they, in their delusions, believe it should be. And they prove, over and over again, that atheists are, indeed, pure, absolute evil.

    • nc

      Map. I don’t know why you even bother to get out of bed each morning and have to live in a country being governed by the “most tyrannical and dictatorial group of idiots in the world’!!
      Such misery it must be for you to look out and see foreign troops controlling your streets! Children and useless old people lying dead in the streets! Your radio and TV being controlled by the government.
      Man, what misery we live in!! It is truley amazing that the irrational people who have voted the “leftist: into power over the years have Dumped” the NUMBER ONE NATION IN THE WORLD ONTO OUR BACKS! HOW UNGRATEFUL OF THEM!!!

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        nc, MAPP is not saying that it has gotten that bad YET in our country since our dictator and chief needs four more years to complete his mission but if he does by some miracle get re elected what you just said to MAPP will become a reality and the only people that could stop it is We The People that believe in the Constitution and I firmly believe in the 2nd amendment and will fight the enemies of my country foreign or domestic, if your messiah in the White House wants to be a tyrant then he is an enemy of America and whoever he sends out to fight us who love our freedom and our Democracy we will fight back with everything we have to fight with, so you want to mock what MAPP is saying with your dead people in the streets rhetoric but the possiblity is stareing us all in the face and either you are part of the solution or you are part of the problem and if you are a part of the problem then you should hope you live someplace where the people don’t think the way many of us making comments in here live or you may become a statistic if you want to take our freedoms from us. This is in no way a threat, it is a promise.

      • DaveH

        People just like yourself, NC, enabled the atrocities committed by Stalin and Hitler. People whose heads are so far up that they can’t grasp the simplest realities. Evil people don’t announce their true intentions. Not Now, Not Ever.

      • HH

        nc, have you EVER had a rational thought in you head? If you have it sure hasn’t come out here!

      • mark

        Dear DaveH,

        “Evil people don’t announce their true intentions. Not Now, Not Ever.” Really? Have you ever read Mein Kampf? Das Kapital? The speeches given early on by Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao about how they would crush their enemies, shut down the press and opposition parties, invade their neighbors, etc to expand their power? All these evil doers laid out very clearly exactly what they were going to do to their chosen enemies. On most occasions they did it before huge, cheering crowds. They didn’t hide anything. And they all acted with rapid speed – not gradually as so many poster on this site erroneously claim over and over again. One month after acheiving power, following the Reichtag Fire, Hitler ended all German civil liberties. Lenin moved with ruthless speed to impose his horrific regime also, as did Mao. No evil political leaders are quite proud of their programs. Listen to some KKK speeches. None of the Grand Dragons ever held anything back about what they wanted to do to Blacks, Jews, and Catholics.

      • DaveH

        Did Americans know what FDRs true intentions were, mark?

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        And, mark, if they did issue their intentions (I wouldn’t just take your word for it), it was to receptive ears, obviously, or they wouldn’t have been elected.

    • MAP

      More worthless drivel from a brain-dead, dulusional communist. NC, why don’t you take your whine where people are perhaps stupid enough to believe your lies, emotional appeals, and senseless noise. I live in the real world, NC. I don’t believe in your atheistic utopia with its death camps and slavery. You have neve once posted anything at this site that was relevant or worth reading. Your just a simpleton communist. You are an example of everything that is wrong with America. If you don’t like things as they are, move to North Korea or Cuba, though I doubt you will find many believers there either.

      • nc

        Map. it is you that is Pi$$ing and moaning about the state of conditions in the USA so why don’t you move to a country that offers you a better way of life!i have studied the globe and I don’t find a country that I like better or that I feel woul have EVER offered me a greater opportunity to live in freedom! DO YOU KNOW OF ONE?? This is my Utopia! Not perfect but way the HE!! in front of the country that is in second place!

        You problem is that you have chosen a philosophy of government that your fellow Americans don’t think is necessary to govern a modern nation in a modern world!!! So all you can do is stand on the side and throw rocks at the train!

      • Shane

        DaveH says:

        August 10, 2012 at 8:17 am

        MAP says — “And they prove, over and over again, that atheists are, indeed, pure, absolute evil”.
        Okay MAP, you got on my bad side now. I’m atheist, and I would bet without hesitation that I follow a moral code (Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not kill), much more closely than the vast majority of you “believers”.
        For instance, how many “believers” think that theft is okay as long as they vote for Government to carry it out? How many “believers” think killing is okay as long as they vote for Government to carry it out?
        You want Liberals/Progressives to leave you alone. So how about practicing what you preach and leave people alone who aren’t trespassing on your body or property?

        DaveH, I have a much clearer understanding of “you,” and some of the “why” as to your consistent unfounded and incorrect litmus testing of other conservatives that comment on this site. You have issues between conservative believers and those like yourself that are not. I can understand the sentiment on your angst with many “so called” believers. I do too, “greatly.” This coming from a believer. So I feel for you man, when the issue comes up that may involve believers such as myself and others attempting to live the gospel, or those others that are mere charlatans. The scriptures clearly state that many will claim dicipleship, but few will actually be. I don’t claim the insight or the know-it-all to accurately pick out those from within the group that would fall in one group or the other. But I do observe and follow those that appear inconsistent more closely.

        However, its your duty, as it is mine and all other mature adults, to decipher both the physical and social enviroment that we are a part of, which includes the deciphering of chatter from other humans. Understanding others is just a means to protect oneself and their circle of family and friends from a full range of harm. So yes, you and I should interpret the actions and statements of those we share this world with.

        But along with this self protective mechanism to observe others, is the principaled self probing of ourself. Self confidence is a good and desireable trait, but an undue self-admiration and egotism by which others are marginalized when they failed to fall lock-step in the same narrow beliefs is dangerous. This type of leader, usually results in a group of followers, that few within the group are willing to challenge even minuscules points of an issue with the leader. Mostly in fear of being called out, ridiculed or ostracized. For this type of tyrannical leader as a rule does not accept any questions or dissents as to their singular belief .

        DaveH, I will grant that you are the leader of this comment site. Not my leader, nor many of its readers. But by concensus of many of those that follow this site on a regular basis. One only needs to read the comments, and follow along with the “followers” comments to understand.

        Which is such a shame. Because I agree with most of your positions. Contrary to what you have stated, I’m a very strong conservative, and don’t need your accrediatation and acceptance. I also refuse to check my personal freedom in the hat/coat freedom closet to participate.

      • DaveH

        Shane says — “DaveH, I will grant that you are the leader of this comment site. Not my leader, nor many of its readers. But by concensus of many of those that follow this site on a regular basis”.
        Neither one of us knows what the “concensus” is. And it matters little to me. I have no interest in Leading anybody in any respect expect expanding their knowledge of economics, politics, and Freedom.

      • DaveH

        Shane says — “I’m a very strong conservative”.
        You’ve already established that you are a Progressive, so who do you think you’re kidding, Shane?:

        Anybody who knows what a Progressive is, and follows the above thread, can see that.

      • mark

        Why to you respond to nc with all these hateful and degrading insults? Why not respond to the point he his making that all these paranoid fantasies of Obama establishing a communist/nazi dictatorship here in America are a complete and laughable joke? That is what nc is saying. We still have our right to free speech, to vote, practice religion, assemble and protest, receive jury trials, organize opposition parties against the current administration.

        If we lived under a Hitler or Stalin type of government, this website would not exist, every synagogue and most churches would be closed down, the 2010 and 2012 elections would have been cancelled, the Conservative and Libertarian parties would be outlawed, and people who spoke out against Obama would all be put in their millions into concentration camps. None of this has happened and none of this will ever happen. I think this is the point nc was satirically making. Why not respond to this instead of spewing insults. Perhaps because nc has exposed the ridiculous nature of your exaggerated fears.

      • DaveH

        I am merely giving NC back what he has dished out, Mark. If you Progressives can’t take it, then don’t issue it.
        And I do answer NC with logic, facts, and references often. You know that well being one of our Internet Trolls who is here often with his nonsense.

      • DaveH

        mark says — “We still have our right to free speech, to vote, practice religion, assemble and protest, receive jury trials, organize opposition parties against the current administration”.
        Can your statements get any more inane, mark?
        Of course those things exist before a tyrant takes complete control, just as you might be fat and happy right before the 16 wheeler rolls over your car. Some of us are just smart enough to work to prevent the problem before it fully manifests itself.
        You are another one, mark, who has been here plenty long enough to have learned something, but you show no signs whatever of that, so I can only come to the conclusion that you are one of the many Internet Trolls who hangs out at this site trying to misinform good people. Fortunately the average reader (by my observation) isn’t buying what you are selling.

      • Mike in MI

        mark -
        The “regular” people of Cuba thought it could never happen in such a free and carefree island paradise. The Argentinians thought no such thing as Chavez represents (one of Obama’s close friends) could ever happen there.
        Who would ever want to control out of the way places like Bhutan, Nepal, Laos, Mongolia? N. Korea, what could be of value there, Tajikistan? Various African nations – Zimbabwe? Pretty clearly, something aside from the material “wealth of nations” or population size is more important to someone or something…and the goal isn’t traditional empire building.
        What sorts of values and tenets rule in the collapsing European region – even with all their “Western” histories and trappings?

        So…what do you suppose it is? What makes almost all the national leaders all over the globe move in such single minded accord in this one direction – at the same time?

      • DaveH

        Hugo Chavez happened to Venezuela, Mike, but Argentina is indeed a very good example of what happens to countries when they let the Progressives take over.
        At the beginning of the 20th century, Argentina was in the top ten economies of the World. Then the Progressives took over. After a hundred years of Big Government they now are ranked about 37th in the world, and it is nothing but one economic calamity after another there:

      • DaveH

        Argentina: A Case Study in How An Economy Collapses:

      • Mike in MI

        You’r right, DaveH. Thanks for the correction. These dolts sometimes make me so irritated I lose track of things. It shouldn’t happen so. I know they’re (the prog-frog trolls) all pitiful mutant things walking around in people suits.

      • DaveH

        I know the feeling, Mike. But that’s what they want — to throw us off center. Don’t let them.

    • DaveH

      MAP says — “And they prove, over and over again, that atheists are, indeed, pure, absolute evil”.
      Okay MAP, you got on my bad side now. I’m atheist, and I would bet without hesitation that I follow a moral code (Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not kill), much more closely than the vast majority of you “believers”.
      For instance, how many “believers” think that theft is okay as long as they vote for Government to carry it out? How many “believers” think killing is okay as long as they vote for Government to carry it out?
      You want Liberals/Progressives to leave you alone. So how about practicing what you preach and leave people alone who aren’t trespassing on your body or property?

      • MAP

        DaveH,as a conservative without party, I believe that support should come from wherever we can find it. Therefore, conservatives and libertarians make a fine fit along certain lines. We share many common views. It’s when Libertarians turn to morals that I jump ship. Perhaps you are an exception to the rule that I set above, but, if you are, you are only an exception. The most brutal and evil governments in the history of the world have all been atheistic (and leftist). It was atheists that operated the guillotines in the French Revolution, the death camps of the Nazi, USSR and Red China. No, you will not convince me to change my stance. I stand behind what I said.

      • Polski

        Hitler was Catholic. Stalin was a seminarian in the Orthodox church. If you consider history at all, all the wars, all the atrocities, all the murders, all the rapes, all the thefts, were due to religion. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic schools. That didn’t stop me from realizing what Catholicism has done to the world to create this negative society.

      • DaveH

        Religion has been the driving force of wars (and their killing) throughout history. Perhaps religious people should think about practicing what they preach?
        Libertarians don’t have morals? That’s a laugh riot, MAP. We are the only group of people who stick consistently to our morality. We, for instance, don’t allow Government people to do what ordinary citizens can’t do, such as killing and stealing. Our main morality is that people have a natural right to control their own bodies and property as long as they don’t physically trespass on the bodies and property of others. We stick to those Principles much more rigidly than most of the NeoConservatives stick to their stated Principles.
        Christianity is not at all inconsistent with Libertarianism, unless you don’t follow your own moral codes.

      • Shane

        DaveH says:

        August 10, 2012 at 9:37 am

        Religion has been the driving force of wars (and their killing) throughout history. Perhaps religious people should think about practicing what they preach?
        Libertarians don’t have morals? That’s a laugh riot, MAP. We are the only group of people who stick consistently to our morality. We, for instance, don’t allow Government people to do what ordinary citizens can’t do, such as killing and stealing. Our main morality is that people have a natural right to control their own bodies and property as long as they don’t physically trespass on the bodies and property of others. We stick to those Principles much more rigidly than most of the NeoConservatives stick to their stated Principles.
        Christianity is not at all inconsistent with Libertarianism, unless you don’t follow your own moral codes.

        I read this comment from you DaveH, “after” my previous reply comment. Boy, how perceptive was I? Very!

        Your emotional and judgemental attitude have been clearly revealed, and have overtaken your attempts at a controled persona on this site.

        You are human after all.

      • DaveH

        As usual, Shane resorts to personal attacks in lieu of facts.

      • Kate8

        DaveH – It is my observation that religions are established for one reason: to control the minds of people. People are admonished to accept all precepts of said religion on blind faith, even when they go against reason and logic. IOW, check your brains in at the door.

        It is the world’s rulers who have used religion, if not even invented them, in order to get people to do their bidding, to fight their wars, in the name of various ideologies. People just want to do what is right, and are easily convinced of what is pleasing to God by the dictates of charismatic men. And religion is a no-brainer for power-hungry despots.

        Religion is not synonymous with faith or spirituality. Yeshua cautioned us against religion (which is established by man, not God), and much to say about the corruption of the churches. He condemned the Pharasees for their focus on the letter of the law, which is meaningless unless it is held within the heart. He clearly told us that Love is the greatest commandment. Without Love, the rest is as nothing.

        God gave us minds…would He have forbidden us to use them? Yet, religion would have us close down our minds to even His very Voice in order to follow their strict dogmas. We have received very strict guidelines as to what we may investigate and pursue and what we may not, and what we MUST accept as true even though everything in us holds it in question. We must SILENCE that questioning and be a robot in order to be acceptable.

        To a sane person, how does this make any sense at all?

        The papacy made sure that we no long even understand, let alone honor, the various cycles of life, the Earth, our solar cycles and galactic cycles that the ancients understood, and did this by changing the natural calendar and traditional Feasts. It is forbidden to even learn about these cycles. The reason for this was that we should feel separate from the rest of God’s Creation of which we are very much a part, in order that we should look to worldly rulers for guidance rather than God’s built-in guidance inherent within ourselves. So, religion has, in effect, usurped God, by usurping our minds.

        God commanded that we have NO OTHER GOD. Yet, what is religion but a false god, to which we give our minds and our money. God can be found from within the heart. That is the Door to the Father, and here is no other way to find Him.

        DaveH, I know that you do not believe there is a God. That is fine…He believes in you.

        His Presence exists in all of Creation, whether we see it or not. It cannot be otherwise.

      • coal miner 1

        Polski says:

        August 10, 2012 at 9:35 am

        Hitler was Catholic. Stalin was a seminarian in the Orthodox church. If you consider history at all, all the wars, all the atrocities, all the murders, all the rapes, all the thefts, were due to religion. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic schools. That didn’t stop me from realizing what Catholicism has done to the world to create this negative society.
        You are 100% right.
        Christianity,since its early beginnings has killed more innocent people than the communist,one hundred and eighty million to be exact.Hitler,Stalin,Chou,and Mao has nothing on them.They are still committing atrocities.

  • Pingback: Anonymous

  • Liberty Rock

    Time Bring Back The Anti-Gay Law For Crimes Of Sodomy Of The Same-Sex Is Sentence & Punishable To Death Or Life In Prison Committing Immoral Acts Of Sin Violating God The Creator Sacred Law Punishable By God In Heaven.
    The Law Is Still Active In US That Democrats Buried Under The Rug 40 yrs Ago Allowung Gays Break The Anti_Gays Sodomy Law In America. Look It Up & Read.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Liberty, I am as conservative as they come, but if the queers want to do their things behind closed doors I think it is their right to do so since the Bill Of Rights states we have the right to the pursuit of happiness, and as long as they don’t do what they are doing now that they have the Communist in the White Houses blessings, they will answer to a higher authority when their soul leaves their bodies.

      • nc

        Sophillyjimmy, In an earlier post you were trashing the ACLU for protecting only “speech” they want to hear! Do you really think the ACLU “agrees” with what Sean Hannity preaches? They came to his aid when THEY felt his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to “free speech” was being violated even when he was using it to trash Gays? Did you know that?
        Do you think the ACLU is a fan of Rush Limbaugh?? They also came to his aid to protect his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to privacy!! Did you know that?? Do you think the ACLU is poltitically atuned to the rants of Ollie North who admitted to intentionally violating acts of Congress?? They came to his defense to protect his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to a fair ttrial! Did you know that? Did you know that they have appeared in court actions to protect the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of others on the RIGHT??
        Obviously you don’t know a great deal about WHOM the ACLU has represented and will represent! You don’t seem to know very much about communism either!

    • DaveH

      Your chosen ID is an oxymoron, Rock. You want to mess with other peoples’ lives who aren’t harming you or your property in any physical way, and you have the temerity to call yourself Liberty?

      • HH

        “The gay’s aren’t harming us “physically” in any way”? Dave I agree with a lot of the things you write here but with the gay agenda, it may not be “physical” but why do they persist that we recognize them as they continue to push their gay agenda off on the majority of the country who doesn’t want it taught to our children in public schools or displayed in our streets? They are but a small minority but they continue to push it on us, we don’t want it!

      • DaveH

        You’re mixing apples and oranges. I did NOT say Gays should be free to force their agendas on unwilling participants in Public Schools or through the heavy hand of Big Government. My answer to that, though, would be to eliminate Public Schools. Let parents send kids to the Private Schools of their choice.
        There are a lot of things that disgust me, but I would never dream of forcing my way on others using Big Government as my Bully Boys.
        Government has no business in either giving Gays special protections, or in depriving them of Freedom. If you, and others like you, persist in taking away the Freedom of Gays and others who mentally offend you, then how can you complain when they do the same to you and me?
        Government needs to butt out of the Marriage business. Marriage should be a voluntary contract between two people, performed by willing ministers or other witnesses.
        We all need to get our Freedom compasses reset, and work together to roll back Big Government.

      • HH

        Your right Dave, I just needed to put on a different pair of glasses. I didn’t quite understand your point of view until I read it again, with comprehension. Apologies offered.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I am surprised that we don’t have a Society For The Protection of Thieves And Robbers. They must also make a living.
        A Society For The Protection Of Liars And Obfuscators.
        The Society For The Protection Of The Obdurate.
        Etc., Etc., Etc..
        All petitioning the government to give them legal status.

      • DaveH

        No apology necessary, but thank you HH.

      • Mike in MI

        Nadzieja Batki – “…we should have an association for…”
        Well of course we do, my dear. It’s called the 9th Circuit Court out west and any other courts where liberal judges sit to bring hope and change to Ameriika-aa-ah…ha!

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    Arthur Blank of Home Depot is a big supporter of all things GAY.
    I have decided to shop at Lowe’s from now on as a protest against the forcing of this agenda down our throats.
    Both sides can play the ‘boycott’ game (except the left-wing media won’t run stories that would hurt pro-gay marriage businesses).
    If you believe that “marriage is between a man and a woman” I urge you to BOYCOTT Home Depot…..

    • Arthur Fonzarelli

      ….I would also urge all of you to urge your like-minded friends to BOYCOTT Home Depot.

      This administration, along with it’s allies in the left-wing media have attacked Christianity in America. There is a movie coming out soon (‘Corpus Christi’) that depicts Jesus and his disciples as gay. It”s time that the silent majority wakes up and BOYCOTTS all businesses that sponsor such blasphemy.

      Do you think Hollywood would ever attack Islam or Judaism in this way?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Since Christ was Jewish and Judaism condemns aberrant behaviour, the movie producers do a blanket hate for both Judaism and Christianity.

      • Kate8

        Arthur – That is truly disgusting. I dislike Home Depot, anyway… and now I’ll never set foot in one for any reason. Same with Target.

        The PTB are really pushing this gay thing on our youth. The impact movies like this have on them cannot be understated. They glom on to anything that seems cool and hip, even when it conflicts with their upbringing, for many reasons. But I know so many people who just want to appear ever-so open-minded and tolerant, so they lash out on anyone who “clings” to traditional morality. Immorality really craves approval so they can feel okay about being immoral… Nothing worse than feeling shunned for your actions.

        Plus, it gives free reign to be as immoral as you want, with no apparent consequences. Since the elite are all sexual deviants and perverts (and that’s their good side), they want to indoctrinate the rest of us into embracing their (lack of) values.

        There will always be, however, a small number of us who will choose to follow the plan laid out by our Loving Creator in order that we might have peace in our hearts and a light on our paths.

        “And He looked out and saw that all flesh was corrupted.” “There was none righteous; no, not one.” “As it was in the days of Noah.”

    • nc

      Arthur, what about those people who believe that “marriage is between a man and woman” BUT who also believe that “DIVORCE is between a man and a woman”? There seem to be a lot of those types. Is it possible that Jesus had gay friends and followers? All of his other followers were “sinners” if I understand the Bible and he didn’t kick them to the curb or BOYCOTT THEM!

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        nc, I don’t read the bible and make the words to fit my beliefs, I read the bible many years ago and I also read the Q’uran and either was written by Jesus, they were written by flawed and corruptable men. What I believe is in God, and the teachings of his mortal son on earth Jesus and Jesus is not only in churches which are just like the temples that Jesus tore apart since the rabbi’s were making a mockery of God by making money in the temples. I also was told by the Monsignor of my church that my church is a business and I am naive if I think otherwise and he said that because I wanted my daughter to go to a parochial school since the public schools in Philadelphia were dangerous even back then so he told me that ai don’t give envelopes to the church and I told him my wife goes to mass every Sunday and I told her to give cash in the basket that was passed around so I know it will be going to God and not to the church, and when I told him that, he told me since I feel that way to get God to put my daughter in the school, needless to say I did go over the desk after him and told him to get God to get my hand off of his throat, and a miracle occurred, I wan’t going to kill him just put him to sleep, but the miracle was the next day while I was in work, my wife called me and told me that my daughter was admitted into the parish school, so the Trinity is in my heart and I am a good man, and I do believe that good always conquers evil but sometimes good has to be very good to win, and I am very good even now that I am an older man, I will fight anybody, I am not saying I will win but I will make sure that whoever I have to fight will know he was in a fight and he will remember the pain I inflicted on him, and if it comes down to having to use a weapon, I am better then I have ever been with what I use, and I use it for good only.

      • HH

        Go back and read it again sophillyjimmy, Jesus doesn’t abide in temples (buildings) made with hands, he abides in the hearts of his followers. The body and heart of the Christian is the temple of the Holy Spirit now. 1 Cor. 6:19-20

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So why are you advocating that the STATE (the government) interfere with what is not a STATE function?
        You are all for separation of Church and State.

    • Daveh234

      Why did you ever go to Home Depot anyway?
      ACE HARDWARE and other franchised/locally owned shops are where all should be going.
      All the big box retailers are killing the roots of our local business communities.
      While they may not have the lowest of prices although many times they are cheaper or no more than Home Depot’s price.
      While it’s getting harder and harder to support the local options because they are getting pushed out by the Big Bullies they are part of our local fabric and keep the rewards local, too.

      • DaveH

        Funny. A Progressive railing against Progress.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        You are right Dave and I use the local small hardware stores all the time and if I need tools I will only buy Craftsman or Snap On wsince they are still American made and they last forever. Same thing when I buy auto parts since I still restore classic Ford’s for race and show, I buy from only the local parts store that sell American made parts and not the Pakistan junk that many stores are selling for parts.

    • uvuvuv

      to the list add starbucks, general mills, target, jc penney and amazon. i think companies should just be companies, without getting into this social justice thing. if you want to talk real justice how about us all returning to europe, asia and africa so that the indians can have their land back? do you think any of these companies will jump on that one? how about the gays themselves? they do have a stake in looking after the downtrodden, right? you betcha!

  • David

    Write in your presidential vote for Ron Paul. Buck the system. Defy the odds. Join the Revolution.

    • Arthur Fonzarelli

      David: I think Ron Paul would make an excellent President HOWEVER writing his name in is wasting your vote……worse yet it may insure an Obama victory….

      • DaveH

        And the alternative is what? Obama Lite?
        I’ve been hearing the “lesser of two evils” theory for 40 years now. And for 40 years I’ve seen our country become less and less Free, with more and more of our money going to pay for those who are stealing our Freedom.
        If you want to travel to a location due North of you, Arthur, how long do you suppose it will take you to get there by traveling West?
        When we vote for Establishment Politicians (Crony Politicians), we are rubber stamping their bad behavior (that of promoting their own self interests and those of their politically-connected Cronies). In 4 more crucial years of loss of Freedom, the PTBs will just put up another of the lesser of two evils for election. And foolish people will once again vote for the “lesser of two evils”, thinking somehow that will ever lead us to Freedom.
        There is only one real solution. We need to wake up and QUIT rubber-stamping the candidates that the Establishment puts before us. Until we start doing that in mass, our country will continue to head South.
        Vote Libertarian, the only truly Principled political party in the fray. The more we vote for Principled Politicians, the more uninformed people will wake up and join the cause.

    • Aberdeem

      I could write in Ron Paul if I wanted to vote for Obama.

      • DaveH

        Then you will get Obama-lite and our Freedom will continue to erode.

    • David Ann Krug

      YEP! Ron Paul is our ony hope. I was going to vote for Romney but I see now he is only playing the political game and not standing his ground. Clear he will ride with the wind of power and not serve the people any better than Obama.

      • Ken

        I like Ron Paul but he has absolutely no chance of winning the election. Any vote for Paul is a vote wasted. Those wasted votes may insure Obama’s victory.

      • DaveH

        Voting for Principle, Ken, is never a wasted vote.
        The wasted votes are those spent rubber-stamping a candidate who doesn’t really represent you.

      • HH

        Ken, IF everyone who made the statement you just made would go ahead and wright Ron Paul in HE WOULD WIN!

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      David, I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, but anyone who will vote for him in the general election is voting for Obama, so you are either a fool or you are an Obama plant in here, now which is it David?

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        David, one more thing, Rand Paul endorsed Romney for president over his father and I am sure he wanted to see his father run as a Republican but it didn’t happen so if Dr. Paul’s son endorsed Romney, and if you don’t vote for Romney then I say your are an undercover sugar teet liberal.

      • DaveH

        Actually, Jimmy, Ron draws about evenly from disaffected Democrats and disaffected Republicans.

      • Average Joe


        You write:

        “Rand Paul endorsed Romney for president over his father and I am sure he wanted to see his father run as a Republican but it didn’t happen so if Dr. Paul’s son endorsed Romney, and if you don’t vote for Romney then I say your are an undercover sugar teet liberal”.

        Do you actually do any fact checking before shooting yourself in the foot?

        Rand Paul has stated that he will support the Republican nominee. Now, using common sense and a bit of knowledge of the nominating process, you would know…that the nominating process happens at the convention…which will be held later this month in Tampa Florida. IN other words…he will support the nominee..once there actually is a nominee ( which there isn’t yet). Rand Paul has consitently stated that he fully supports his father ( as he has done all of his life) first and foremost, however, if Romney does win nomination…he will support Romney as a show of solidarity within the Republican Party.

        Stop spereading half truths and misinformation…you do diservice to the people searching for truth.

        Ron Paul 2012! In it to win it!

        Best Wishes,

    • Action not Words

      Agreed Paul would be a better choice. I also agree that voting for the candidate that would most closely represent the American people is exactly why we vote in the first place. However considering that they pushed Romney to the front over Paul,even if Paul was to get in, we would still have to go thru the same lack of cooperation as what we have been seeing from both of the popular parties.Bigger picture to be considered.. our government is a direct reflection of ourselves. Consider the few who post here; never agreeing, fast to label ,and once the label is made closes the other off practically to the point that I doubt they even read eachothers posts or stop to think about any given thought or point. Later tonight after you wash your face and brush your teeth before you climb in bed take a look and thank yourselves for the destrution of the once GREAT USA!!!

  • Gea

    First amandment protects free speech, and although I believe that gays and lesbians should be able to marry (and lead more stable and committed lives), the owner of Chick-filA has a right to his oppinion, which he expressed in a rather polite way.

    On the other hand we have a President who extolls Koran and Hadith which promote supremacist ideology of delusional Jew hatred, similar to Nazi ideology, in addition to apartheid (dhimmitude), mysogyny, pedophilia, polygamy and murder for Allahu Akbar. The Democratic convention starts on 9/4 with the day of Muslim prayer and may finish with another 9/11 Allahu Akbar. Those things are much more important than what Chick-FillA guy said.

    I do not want to eat chick-FilA because I find it too greesy for my artheries, but support their freedom of expression, as long as they do not ban anybody (with shirt and shoes) to come and eat in their store.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Gea, I don’t eat any fast food, I prefer homemade Italian food or when I do eat American food, I prefer a 3 pound prime rib rare and it is a great feeling as I eat it I could feel my arteries harden with each chunk, lol. If eating what I like is going to kill me then I will be layed out with a big smile on my face.
      And I agree with your ideas, that even the queers should be happy in life then when their souls leave their bodies they will have to deal with a higher authority, and it is their souls not mine.

  • Dean Brandt

    Well said Chip Wood. I have been waiting for some prominent politician to step up fight.

  • http://aol malcoolmX

    let’s face it;; “we the people” are going to HAVE TO DO THE HEAVY LIFTING;; Mitt is not the type. but he also is NOT A COMMUNIST.

    • Ted Crawford

      We have always been Constitutionaly Mandated to do the ” heavy lifting ” We, unwisely abdicated that right to our Politicians, it’s long, long past time to retake our responsibility!

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Well said and to the point Ted.

      • Mike in MI

        Almost right, TED C., but too nebulous and sweeping.
        What we did is abdicate the authority to our Legislative Branch Representatives (both House and Senate). Then, they in turn in order to keep their positions and self-esteem but reduce their work load turned their responsibilites nd functions over to the ExecutiveBranch which set up hundreds of various departments and committees to handle their newly gained powers and (unConstitutional) authorities.
        Attempts at wresting it back from the Executive Drones will surely alert and infuriate the whole nest of Africanized bees to action. Problem is these bee-ureaucraps aren’t subject to voting pressure – they’ve got unions, U-U-N-N-I-O-N-N-SSsss!!! Contracts, Judicial protections and TENURE….A-A-GH-h-ah, no-o-o-o
        This is not like an irresistable force meeting an immoveable object. .. IT’s a u-u-n-ni-o-n. It’s a living, giant lugey. It slithers, it slides, It gives way, it engulphs from the right, the left, behind, below, above. Its Bill Murray and his intrepid band getting slimed, phlegmed, lu-hu-hu-gie-heed. NOT THAT?
        yes…t..h..a..t-t-t,,,oh no. yup
        Try to fight and you don’t get resistance … you get phlegmed.

  • Israel

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him (Obama) with the presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.” From the Czech Republic-it was translated into English from an article in The Prague Newspaper “Prager Zeitungon”

    • DaveH

      Right on, Israel.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      It shows that the Prague newspaper didn’t sell their soul like most of our media did Israel, my hat is off to them.

    • Johnny

      I would like you to explain to me exactly what Obama has done to hurt this country that republicans he inherited this mess from didnt do worse???? I will be awaiting your response with my arms crossed

      • DaveH

        Republican Leaders have certainly been complicit in taking our country down the road to Serfdom. But worse than Obama? I guess we should start, Johnny, by you getting a little more specific about what the Republican Leaders do worse than Obama.

      • Johnny

        that was ISRAEL’s post and HIS words, I want HIM to tell me what Obama has done that is so dangerous to our country because I just dont see it……for one thing, republicans have voted against EVERY single bill that would create jobs, the transportation bill that would create jobs fixing our infrastructure has been blocked by the filibuster in the senate….I can tell you why it APPEARS that Obama is failing…..just go and research the record number of filibusters in the senate and then you will have your answer…..fiuxing highwats and bridges is NOT RADICAL…..putting teachers and policemen and firefighters back to work is not radical either….but repiublicans make it out to be and want to blame obama for high unemployment

      • Concerned Montanan

        Johnny, there are whole books written about what Obama is doing and intends to do in order to destroy this country. How fast can you read? You will have to uncross your arms first.

      • DaveH

        Johnny says — “republicans have voted against EVERY single bill that would create jobs”.
        Government doesn’t create productive jobs, Johnny. If Politicians knew how to create productive jobs, they wouldn’t need to tax the rest of us to pay for their lifestyles, now would they?
        But they do take money from the Private Sector which does create productive jobs. If Governments were good at creating jobs, there would be great economies in the most Socialist countries. But there aren’t.
        Perhaps you could read this book and learn something:

    • Power To The People

      Hope you are right….but we can’t rely on hope….we must rely on action. Too many voters place more value in the power of one and not in the power of many! One man or women is not the solution to our problems. It will take decades to right the ship from the drift it has been on. For years the polls say that 65-75% feel the country is on the wrong track….but time after time voters put the same crooks back in Congress.

      Remember, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity!

    • HH

      Well said Israel, and Johnny, you need to crawl out of your cave and look around!

      • Johnny

        what Israel said can apply to both republicans AND democrats……our country was doing fine when clinton was in office and not so well when BUSH was in office, and bush proceeded to hand to Obama a US that is nowhere NEAR what BUSH was handed when HE became president…….now you can say all you want about how this is obama’s policies blah blah blah, but they arent…..stimulus is NOT an Obama policy, it is what most economists said what was needed to get the economy kick-started and you can see that jobs started being created after the stimulus went into effect even though republicans cried about it, they CRY about everything he does….ALL of them…they scare you into thinking he is foreign or not one of us, but you know what, I dont see what they are talking about

  • realsustainability

    The LGBT community represents a very small part of the population and is undeserving of th attention it is trying to get. Certainly no one wants to see anyone hurt or otherwise denigrated but this issue is being forced on the vast majority like it is some great revelation. Gay folks have been & will be around for ever. But that does not NOT automatically confer special privlidges and warrant changing laws that are centuries old to suddenly include a very tiny group that would disrupt the very fabric of the nation. Gay marriage has been voted legal is a few places. Go there and enjoy your gay lifestyle but leave the rest of us alone and do not force your lifestyle on anyone. The people have spoken time and time again on this issue in recent elections so let it be done with. I don’t hate or even dislike gay folks, but do NOT want that lifestyle held up as preferable or even acceptable in my daughters schools or community. If the LGBT community does try to force me to accept it, I promise eartying at Chick-Fil A is the mildest of reprecussions they can expect. I am not a Mitt Romney supporter but he is right in this instance. Do not speak to fringe issues but stick to those that are truely relevant.

    • Marvin

      Gay marriage hasn’t ever been voted in as legal where the people got to vote for or against it.The only places it has been legalized are places where the state legislature voted it in. Even in the leftist bastion that is California,the people voted it down. I am not judging their lifestyle (that is God’s responsibility,and His alone) I am just saying that it is a lifestyle that is against nature (gays can’t reproduce,the most basic of an organism’s drive) and it is a foreign lifestyle to the vast majority of people.

    • DaveH

      The gays should not be granted special privileges by Big Government, nor should Big Government take Freedoms from them. We just need to get Big Government out of the issue.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        The only way to do that is to vote for those that are not afraid to do what their constituents demand of them, they work for us and we dictate to them what we want and when they go rogue on us they get voted out, it is that simple, our forefathers didn’t make it hard for us to do, but we lost our way by letting government do what they want and not what We The People voted them in for.
        Obama being elected was quirk, only a few of us read his books and read between the lines, the rest listened to his Hope and Change BS, now we all have to deal with it at least until January 20, 2013 and if those that blindly voted for him didn’t learn a valuable lesson then shame on you.

      • Johnny

        but it is okay for “big government” to be monitoring pregnancies and for them to dictate what women can and cant do with their bodies right???? THIS is why republicans are such hypcrites…..not ALL Republicans, but it is okay for goivernment to be involved when it is an issue you want the government involved in and when it isnt, then there is a problem with BIG GOVERNMENT……what a great sound byte though…..

      • DaveH

        Did I say anything about Abortion, Johnny?

      • Johnny

        wouldnt that be considered BIG GOVERNMENT that you SOOO demagogue…..BIG GOVT this and that, but when republicans make government bigger all I hear are crickets from YOUR side… is always govt is too big and we need to cut when a democrat is in office

      • DaveH

        What does that have to do with anything I said, Johnny?

      • http://none Charlie

        DaveH, just tell Johnny reb he has a non sequitur mentality and Obama is in violation of
        Deuteronomy 17:15…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38

    • uvuvuv

      the dems have been bottom feeders ever since jan 20 1969 when lbj’s war became nixon’s war (remember his famous quote? this war was started by my predecessor) and the dnc discovered the hippies, that were loathed by everyone) as a new voter base. with each new demographic they picked up (crack blacks, atheists, muslims, welfare, abortion, feminists, free love, drug culture, illegal aliens, gays and chaz bono) they have left their traditional labor voters further and further behind. the reason the dnc loves the gays so much is they’re noisy, they’re always looking for a fight, and they generate lots of free publicity. recall that neither the dnc nor rnc would touch the gays until aids broke onto the scene in the 80s and the gays were mobilized to demand aids research and aids medical care. this got the dnc’s attention. wow! we can use these guys! if the evangelicals were smart enough to do a lot of yelling the dnc would welcome them too, as unlikely as that sounds.


    If he is not going to criticize big city politicians for bullying and blatantly disclosing that they will intentionally do whatever they can to refuse certain business’s that don’t carry the same opinion as they do to do business and bring jobs to their city. If Mitt is not going to criticize that form of illegal and strong arming tactic, then means he condones it and has little principles by which he stands by. More like a coward,

    What will this wimp do when it comes down to foreign threats from other leaders towards americans. Bow down and claim it is not in his agenda to debate those issues?

    A leader should take a stance and stand firm on what he believes is right. Otherwise, if he has no backbone, then he needs to slither back under the rock he came and let someone else run in his place that does have a backbone.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      A true leader could be a wimp Wild, but he is only as good as who he surrounds himself with. I also think he will be just as weak as Obama when it comes to foreign affairs but he will not bow to a Muslim leader nor will he take cheap threats from third world countries like Iran and North Korea. Once elected if he chooses Condi as his Secretary of State, then I will not worry about foreign affairs as long as she could run things her way, we will be a strong country again and we will be respected again like when Reagan was president since Reagan showed gonads and he had a strong Secretary of State.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Chicago and other cities who want to shut down or refuse business space to Chick-Fil-A,are creating a closed system where the head chieftains pick and choose who will be “privileged” to be part of their cities. All businesses will have to pass muster an get approval of the chieftains.
      Will the chieftains also pick and choose what persons will be allowed to move into those cities? Will people have to hand in their IDs when they come into these cities and get them back when they leave?

  • Randy131

    “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.” No wonder all the liberal politicians and Democrats are so upset, the man implied that GOD knows better than them, for which they will not only never admit to, but adamantly deny, and so goes the threats by them against Chick-fil-A and it’s COO Dan Cathy. This is just more proof that liberal politicians and Democrats don’t believe in GOD, which doesn’t say much good about them, but what does it say about the people who support them? God knows ‘ALL’, including who the people are that support them!

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      God is in all of our hearts Randy, and He knows that the majority of us believe in his will and we do the right thing. As a nation many were led astray by Bill Clinton he made the people believe that our economy was doing great because he was still riding the wake of Reagan, and many American’s abandoned God for the prosperity they thought they had, and when all the temproary fixes Clinton and the Democrat Senate and Congress collapsed after Bush took over, then 9/11 happened, the people lost faith in Bush since in his second term, he had to deal with the Godless Democrats in the Senate and Congress so they thought they found financial salvation in the unknown Communist Muslim, now that he is going out of his way to destroy America in every way possible, including our love of God, we will have to prove to God that we are not another Sodom and Gamorra, and we first have to kick this dictator to the curb in November and pray that God realizes that the majority of us are good, and not Godless pigs.

      • http://none Charlie

        sop hilly jimmy, Sodom and Gomorrah is at Genesis 19 , note spelling of Gomorrah, yeah I know , the guys goofed on writing The Bible, ha ha ha…
        BTW you will end up at Matthew 7:22-23 , IF, you have NOT got Acts 2:38 accomplished.
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

  • Johnny

    I disagree with the fact that chick fil a appreciation day did anything to the gay and lesbian movement… got a bunch of right wing religious fundamentalists to come out and support chick fil a for one day or one week or whatever and then go back to eating whatever they eat, but if people are serious about boycotting them, they will continue to boycottt and maybe these are people who actually eat there….I havent eaten there in a while, but the only thing that matters is WHO is not going there….if you get some people to come out once, and wait hours to get a chicken sandwich, I really dont see them doing it for any extended length of time…..also, I would like to know what LIES and SMEARS the author refers to when talking about what the Obama campaign has said about Mitt!!!! ……….elaboration would be nice…..if anyone is spreading lies, I would think it was the Romey campaign, which is weak at best and cant even get their spokeswoman to say the right thing…..the problem is, when you have flip flopped on each and every issue, what do they expect her to say…..the person who will win the election in november is the one who can best rally their base……and if republicans are able to keep democrats from voting with all of these stupid voter ID laws

    • DaveH

      We have to show ID to drive. Why should we not have to shoe it to do the Very Important action of Voting for our representatives? Sorry, but I just don’t think it’s right for dead people to vote or for people to “vote early and vote often”.

      • Johnny

        there are NO suspected cases or confirmed cases of voter fraud….every time I see a story about voter fraud, it is being done by republicans…..and what if you dont drive, what they ought to do is give EVERYONE a free ID…..poor people cant afford to get IDs, people on welfare, or retirement benefits now can have direct deposit so they dont need an ID to cash a check they dont get anymore and just withdraw money from an ATM…..I have heard that they are allowing people in republican leaning counties in OHIO to vote early and vote often, but democratic leaning counties are NOT being allowed to vote early, because every county has 4 board members, 2 rep and 2 dems, the dems agree that early voting is good so they are going along with republicans, in the democratic leaning counties, the republicans are voting against it and then their republican secretary of state gets to do the tie breaker and votes no, so you have republican leaning counties allowed to vote early and democratic leaning counties NOT allowed to vote early….THERE……………….RIGHT there, is your voter fraud

      • Johnny

        you had 4 years now to investigate these “DEAD” people voting, then why havent they proved it……it shouldnt be very hard to prove that a person who voted in the presidential election was dead prior to casting their vote….if it is SOOOOOO widespread why is there not ONE confirmed case…………….anywhere?

      • DaveH

        How would you know if there’s fraud or not when you don’t know who’s casting the vote?

      • DaveH

        Johnny says — “there are NO suspected cases or confirmed cases of voter fraud”.
        Never use absolutes, Johnny.
        Here is just one case I found with little effort:

      • DaveH
      • Flashy

        DaveH….enlighten us. how many actual instances of voter fraud have there been the past 10 years? you know the answer…it comes out to 0.7 per state (source is the recent testimony by GOP officials in the Pa voting rights case).

        Fraud is mostly where it’s easiest to commit and gain to be made … by election officials. Now f you look up how many instances voting illegalities were committed by election officials, take a gander at the ratios involving ones affiliated with tipping the scales to the GOP. it’s easy data to look up…I wonder if you will.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “it comes out to 0.7 per state (source is the recent testimony by GOP officials in the Pa voting rights case)”.
        You’re kidding, right Flashman?

      • Flashy

        DaveH…nope. fraud committed by the voter his/her self in casting ballots. I’m serious. Almost every instance of election fraud is committed by the tier above the voter..the election officials stuffing ballot boxes, votes missing, dead or ineligible voters.

        As to people who walk into the booth and commit fraud? I’m serious about that number.

      • DaveH

        Then post a link, Flashman. Back yourself up once in a while. I, for one, don’t believe anything you say without verification.

      • DaveH
    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Johnny, who flip flopped more then Obama, he has been a blatent liar since he was elected, he went to being against gay marriage to pro gay marriage, he told a bunch of queers at a fundraiser that his wife goes all the way down just for money, so in essense he pimped his own wife off with words that are degrading. Tell me one thing that Obama said that was the truth. Tell me of another president that had sex with another man especially while he was married or tell me why Larry Sinclair gave him up about their romp in the back seat of a limo then moved it to a hotel room where they were both filling every of each others orifices while high on cocaine that Obama supplied.
      You Romney does with his own hard earned riches is his business but what Obama did with our hard earned taxes is our business. Obama has the blood of Officer Brian Terry on his hands along with his criminal homie AG Eric Holder, but paid a man to claim his wife died of cancer because of Romney when Romney already sold Bains several years before and if anything Romney kept that steel plant open for and additional 8 years. If you can’t see the sleaze factor in the Obama adminisration then you are blind and if you can’t hear the lies that Obama says eveytime he opens his mouth you are also deaf.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Well now we know that a mature man didn’t write and post your comment.

    • Wil

      For one,how about Reid’s “unnamed source”( most likely his own senility)telling him that Romney has paid no taxes for the past ten years?Or the Obama camp’s claim that Romney is personally responsible for giving a woman cancer? You’know,if you would pull your head out of the sand (or is it Obama’s derriere?) and look occasionally,you might see some reality.

  • William 1

    No, it was a different Dan Cathy comment that gave his detractors apoplexy: “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’”
    The left went absolutely ballistic
    Oh I’m sorry WHO IS SATAN’S’—-LORD? GOD? THE GOD OF —-ISRAEL–WHOOOOIEEEE! Com’on boys –go ahead and mess with ——Israel-still The Apple of Gods EYE-that means the center of Gods eye-go ahead and poke your finger there-heh heh heh heh heh! The all -hell?s gonna come down on ya!

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      If the liberals are defying God’s will, then they will feel the pains of Satan William, and Obama will feel the most pain for his Godless actions.

    • HH

      William, the next time you read the bible try to understand it. The Israel of today is a godless nation because they reject the Christ. Jesus said that no one can come to the Father except through him (Jesus). The NEW Israel is NOT a place or a certain land but a people, a people that consist of born again Christians. We no longer have to support the Christ rejecting nation of Israel, most denominations don’t understand this but it IS the teachings of the New Testament, read it!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Go reread your Bible again because you are the one who believes Replacement Theology. With this you are working hand and glove with the terrorists who want to destroy the nation of Israel.
        If there is no land of Israel or a people called the Jews then God of heaven will not have a reason to come down and create a kingdom over which he will rule out of Jerusalem and over all the nations of the world.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Nadzieja Batki,

          You write: “Go reread your Bible again because you are the one who believes Replacement Theology.” I suggest you go reread your Bible.

          Matthew 16:28
          Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” (ESV)

          Mark 9:1
          And he said to them, “Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.”

          Luke 9:27
          But I tell you truly, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God.”

          The Kingdom was established on the Day of Pentecost as described in Acts 2. God needed no physical land to establish his spiritual kingdom.

          Best wishes,

        • HH

          Nadzieja, I HAVE read the bible AND I understand the bible. Please take the time to read and cross reference what I have written below, it’s what the Bible says not what I say. You can’t think as flesh you must think as spirit.

          Christ said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.” John 18:36

          “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up”. 2 Peter 3:10
          If you will go and read the first 9 verses of 2 Peter 3 you will see that he was speaking of the second coming, which IS the day of the Lord, and what will happen to the earth and it’s works on that day? Where will Christ have to rule? Remember His kingdom IS NOT OF THIS WORLD!

          You said, “With this you are working hand and glove with the terrorists who want to destroy the nation of Israel”.

          No, I don’t want to destroy the nation of Israel they’ve pretty much done that themselves by rejecting Christ. I would like to see the nation of Israel repent and accept Jesus as their savior ALONG with the terrorist.

          Then you said, “If there is no land of Israel or a people called the Jews then God of heaven will not have a reason to come down and create a kingdom over which he will rule out of Jerusalem and over all the nations of the world”.

          You don’t believe God can preserve his people? He CAN, and his people of today are born again Christians NOT the Christ rejecting nation of Israel.

          Once again Christ said that His kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD! This is what the Jews of his day AND today do not understand. They were looking for an earthly king just as today, most denominations are teaching this error. His kingdom is here NOW, it WAS established on the day of Pentecost, it is a SPIRITUAL kingdom. It was NEVER meant to be an earthly kingdom. God IS a spirit and they that worship him MUST worship him in spirit AND truth!

          “Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” Matthew 16:28

          Notice that there were some standing there on that day who would NOT taste death until when? Are those people still alive today? Now read Acts chapter 2.

          Jesus ascended back to Heaven, before that he told his disciples, “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also. John 14:2-3

          Please, forget what your rabbi or priest told you, open the Bible AND your mind. Pray for understanding, seek and ye shall find…… THE TRUTH!!!

          This is NOT what I say, it’s what the Bible says!

          And before you refer to the book of Revelation carefully read the first 2 chapters, it CLEARLY states that it was written TO the seven churches in Asia about things which must SHORTLY COME TO PASS. It is NOT a message for us 2,000 years later. The ONLY message that applies to us is the gospel of Christ; believe in him, repent, be baptized and live a Christian life.

      • http://none Charlie

        HH, you know some “stuff” about The Bible , good for you … BTW the New JerUSAlem is called out at 2 Samuel 7:10…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and healing…

  • Slider

    Thank God that some Americans still have the courage to stand up for their rights according to our Constitution!! Remember Americans, freedom does come with a price. You want to be an outspoken Christian, or an outspoken criminal they both have consequences. The criminal gets a free attorney, three meals daily as well as other perks paid for by Americans. The Christian gets a free kick in the teeth from our communist leader. I’ll take the kick in the teeth and then I will kick back. I am choosing to keep my Lord, my guns, my degrees that I EARNED, and the traditional values that i instill in my children and I will be happy to bask in the glory of God while I do.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Then we will stand side by side and fight evil together Slider, and I fought evil my entire life and was at deaths door many times while fighting the good fight, but God kept me here for a reason since I was given my last rites for fighting evil as both a prison sergeant then as a police officer. I could have taken the easy way out and accept bribes on both jobs and I am not talking chump change, I am talking enough money to keep me in the life of luxury for the rest of my life but I refused to sell my badge for money because I had two young daughters and I am the one they looked up to, and I refused to destroy their lives before they had a chance to live it as adults, but now that they are adults, I could say I am the proudest father alive and wouldn’t change on thing about either of them, they were good kids, young ladies and now women, thank God.

  • Linda Steaveson

    My mother was a minister. Several of my relatives are ministers so I’m not oblivious to the Bible. That’s why I just love it when “people” set about quoting the Bible believing they know what it contains and the meanings of the messages within. First off, “people” need to know what the Bible really is and what the Bible really contains and from where the information comes. Read the history of it; the Nicea Council, the Nicene Creed, King James’ own thoughts and feelings about what his subjects should be doing and not doing. It all boiled down to power and control and if “people” would stop to think about it logically and spiritually, and ask for enlightenment, they might see things a little differently. This entire world and the way it operates is based on power and control of its inhabitants. That doesn’t mean this world is worthless, what it means is we have free will and that free will comes with consequences. We don’t need “people” thwarting our free will and trying to play God themselves. Oh yeah, have a good day.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Your mother may have been a “minister” but you are not your mother. You may have been around the Bible but have you read and studied it for yourself.

      • Karolyn

        Says Nadzieja, the Bible scholar.

    • HH

      My mother is a seamstress, my grandmother was a seamstress…………….. that don’t make me a seamstress!

  • David Ann Krug

    The end of life as we know it might be a lot closer than you think. Either you are a believer of God or you are not. If you do not follow the teachings of God’s word, then you are NOT a believer. I realize that you can not change your sexual preference but you can control it the same as any christian controlls himself from sinning.It’s a challange.But I am not the one to judge you, I leave that to God. EVERYONE has their own temptations to resist.

  • Chris

    I can’t believe so many are making such a big deal about the president of Chik-fil-A’s comment; aren’t there more important issues in this world and one’s life to deal with?
    Correct, because of all this bru-ha-ha, it may hurt the chain’s profits so I feel the president should have kept his belief to himself………I could care less about the business because I’m a vegetarian so don’t patronize such places, but I would not want to hurt “my” business this way. (By the way, the article says the Cathy family has been known for its christian beliefs and that the company has always put faith ahead of profits………how? The definition of christian is “kindness and goodness”, so I don’t think making “blood” money by slaughtering umpteen numbers of chickens is either “kind” or “good”). The bottom line is “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, which is EVERY “AMERICAN’S” right, so those who don’t like his comment need to get over it (or leave our FREE country) because he is not the only american who feels the way he does about gay marriage. Suppose everyone who owned an eating establishment and supermarket voiced the same opinion as the president of Chik-fil-A……..what is the gay community going to do…………starve? I, particularly, LOVE gay people because they help keep overpopulation down, but I don’t feel their union should be called a “marriage” because of all the controversy over it…… could be called something else and still have all the perks of a marriage…….maybe “that” will calm down the hotheads. As far as religious beliefs go, well, it is a “belief”……….and anyone who fights over religion is an idiot when there are so many MORE important things in life to be concerned about. You want to be concerned about something? Be concerned about how the government is wasting YOUR taxdollars……they are taking away your freedom to the “pursuit of happiness” to enjoy what you busted your butt earning…….now “THAT’S” something to be concerned about!!!!

    • Howard Beale

      Poor, innocent chickens were ‘slaughtered’? Are you for real? Why don’t you just use the word ‘murdered’? Chickens are a RESOURCE — like cows and pigs. I’m sure they’re not made to suffer, but being a resource for humans is their purpose.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Chris, because ou are a vegetarian does not give you the right to condemn a man because he caters to people that are Omnivours which the majority of Americans are. Our ancestors were meat eaters and it passed down from generation to generation. God put animals on the earth to be consumed by man and other animals. The sole purpose of rabbits and wildebeasts are to be food for other animals that is why God made them to breed more then most other animals. When Jesus walked the earth he ate meat and fish but that didn’t make him evil, his followers were fishermen and he calmed the waters so they could catch more fish.
      Mr. Cathy sells chickens and again chickens populate quickly so man will always have enough of them to get nourishment from, so because Mr. Cathy’s business is to cook and sell chiken as his primary food, it doesn’t make him a bad man since God lives in his heart and Mr. Cathy didn’t say anything derogative towards the queers he just stated what he believed the bible said.
      Evil is the man that is the dictator and chief running America right now and if you feel that Romney is not perfect, he is not just like all of us humans are not perfect, we were given free will by God, and what we do with that free will is going to determine who goes with God after our souls leave our mortal bodies and who will not be in the presence of God for eternity.

      • Chris

        To those who do not like my comment about blood money and chickens, I will just say that I have to live by what I feel is right in my heart, no matter what the bible or anyone else does and says…….I wonder how many people would eat animals if they had to kill them
        because they were not so neatly packaged as steaks and nuggets. Animals are feeling and intelligent creatures in their own right and deserve a life of peace, just like man. In this current world, where many people have other things to eat……….and way more items than in biblical days, I don’t feel it’s right to take the life of another creature because LIFE is “precious” no matter to WHICH creature it belongs. AGAIN, the bible, God, etc., is all a “belief”………..and yes, I DO believe in God.

      • HH

        Chris, I’ve killed many critters for food! Deer, rabbit, squirrel, dove, quail, turtles, fish etc….. What you tree huggers don’t understand is that those animals DO NOT have a soul, ONLY humans have souls. Those animals were put here for our nourishment so get over it!

    • f6valk98

      “…….because of all this bru-ha-ha, it may hurt the chain’s profits so I feel the president should have kept his belief to himself……”

      I think you should look again Chris, I think Chick-fil-a had the biggest single day sales in their history, maybe overall in the fast food industry. Patrons were lined up for 3 or 4 days before August 1st. If they look back at sales for one week I believe that week will be the highest sales overall.

      This just shows us that Chick-fil-a doesn’t need Boston, Chicago or any other city that has succumbed to the gay minority and won’t allow Mr. Cathy to build his restaurants there.

  • gunner48

    Romney better grow some rocks or he is going to join the McCain club. he will be member #2 in the club. Of losers…….Butch up their Mitt…….This election is going to pass you bye….People are still looking for a leader……Your either part of the Solution or part of the same liberal problem…..let get back to basics in this country……

  • K.R. Lombardia

    I am a conservative but could care less about gay marriage. We are not here to judge. That’s God’s duty to do that. The gay people are the ones that will have to answer to Him. Didn’t Jesus say not to judge? I think being gay is something genetic, not choice. Every gay I know doesn’t want to be one. They have prayed not to be. Read the Dave Kopay Story. It brought me to tears.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are conservative in exactly what way?
      Not judging is a cop out, because life does not give you any options not to make judgement calls.

    • Chris

      The late, great psychic Edgar Cayce said: the soul experiences man, woman, and “both”……what do you think he meant by “both”?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Edgar Cayce knew some tricks. Whoopee.

      • Mike in MI

        Chris -
        Edgar Crayzee was adept in spirit “things”, all right. Crayzee ‘dept in something early in his career and carried it around on his shoes everywhere he went after that. Whatever spirit he had at work on him wouldn’t let him do it under his own power of mind and learning – which is disturbing. That is not how the spirit of God functions anywhere I can see in scripture… which is how you know if what you see, read or get involved in is true or bogus. God says how He wants things done and follows His own guidelines to keep His people safe, on a solid base and under protection in an area of life that has been awfully muddied by evil actors – like Cayce”, possessos..

    • HH

      “We are not here to judge. That’s God’s duty to do that. The gay people are the ones that will have to answer to Him. Didn’t Jesus say not to judge”?

      Actually NO, the passage, “judge not lest ye be judged” is for the most part taken out of context. As a matter of fact, in John 7:24 Jesus said, “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment”

      • http://none Charlie

        HH,,,any modern day Preacher or modern day Prophet can point at The Law and speak “Judgment” from The Book of King Jesus Christ, it is His Law Book,,,BUT,,,any Preacher or Prophet has to have his “Gift” from accomplishing Acts 2:38, with Acts 2:38 comes “Salvation” and The Gift of The Holy Spirit…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

    • Mike in MI

      Mr. Lombardia – Re: “Judging and judgment”
      This site is a good place to make sure you have done your research and checked your sources before you put something in print. The apostle Paul had gotten information from some Corinthian believers that some really stupid shenanigans were going on among some of the believers who were sinning like drunken sailors. So he told them how to handle the matters.
      First off, he got in their faces about taking their quarrels to local unbelievers’ courts. He rebuked them, “Know ye not that we (Christians) shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?” (STUDY First Corinthians 5:12 to 6:7)
      If you only take heed to the things that people say or write but don’t take your questions to the right source you will end up being led to say and do things you will wish could be taken back.
      Somebody told you, “Don’t judge!!!” The Bible says, “Judge among yourselves who is right and wrong within the fellowship and DEAL with it. God will judge the unbelievers.” Well, who do you give the most authority to?

  • John Leftwich

    I agree that it would have been nice for Romney to come down on the traditional marriage side of this controversy but it won’t affect his campaign. You don’t really think that the conservative values folks are going to vote for Obama do you? Of course not!

    • Ted Crawford

      Given the recent judicial decision in Hawaii, the 33rd attempt Nationaly to legalize same sex marriage and the 33rd straight defeat, it seems that many more than just Conservatives disagree with the proposition !

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    Who cares!
    Chip keep on eating that fried food and abused chicken. It’s your right and by the looks of you you’ve had more than your share.

    If this was a survey or a poll, then we’d now know that Christians who are against gays love to eat greasy fast foods, guns and money.

    Interesting how the crowd that is against a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body, will go out of their way to support a bigot moron’s right to discriminate because it’s free speech. God knows business and making money is always more important than anything else. As always we’re focused on the important things in life.

    God bless America now pass the ammunition and Oh I’ll have some more fried food and a big gulp of that high fructose corn syrup.

    You are what you eat.

    • DaveH

      Abused Chickens? I would say killing them is pretty abusive, regardless of how they are raised.
      Speaking of killing, being a Progressive who advocates for “collective” policies, how do you rationalize things like this?

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        DaveH you are so obsessed with Communism and afraid that it clouds your judgement and comprehension.

        The only collective I advocate for is worker owned cooperative corporations. They are here and they are working better than your tired old pretend capitalism, free market and globalization system. The people are tired of boom and bust and massive inequality.

        You can hang on to your old outmoded ideas all you want. Like it or not It’s coming.

        Sharing, cooperation and peace is the future

      • http://none Charlie

        DaveH,,, what saith The King’s Law Book about killing and eating animals for food ? see Leviticus 11 and the other first five books of The Bible…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

      • Mike in MI

        Hey, ERRC, di’ja get yer bissh off, yet?- How about that there GM collective? They’re sALES AND BIZZNIZZ ASS run by them there onionheads ‘z only off ’bout 40% – 45% that Obammer ‘l let ‘em ADmit. You count that az real good…huh?
        I hear they’re thinking about movin’ outta country so they can make a buck. Izzat whut you heerd, too?

      • DaveH

        Eric the Red says — “The only collective I advocate for is worker owned cooperative corporations. They are here and they are working better than your tired old pretend capitalism, free market and globalization system. The people are tired of boom and bust and massive inequality”.
        You can do that in Free Markets, Eric (worker owned corporations). But you aren’t advocating Free Markets, are you? Or do you even know what it means? By the way, booms and busts are caused by the Federal Reserve which the Progressives instituted in 1913. Do some reading, Eric, and learn something.
        Eric the Red says — “You can hang on to your old outmoded ideas all you want. Like it or not It’s coming”.
        Outmoded ideas? Sorry, Eric, but your tired Progressive Politics have failed throughout History. Why do you think it will be different this time?
        And anybody, who has the stomach to read your typical comments, knows that “coorperation” is the last thing you perform.

    • Howard Beale

      Ah yes — the tired old lefty argument that it’s a woman’s ‘right’ to play God and decide who lives and who dies. Once a women is incubating another human life in her body, that body is no longer 100% hers. As much as you resent being reminded of that truth, it remains, unchanged.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Yes but that is only the opinion of a misogynist bigot and who cares what you think. Worry about your own body and stay out of other people’s lives. The day you can get pregnant is the day you can decide but only for yourself.

      • http://none Charlie

        Eric,, King Jesus is The Boss of ALL Life ,,,put that in your peace pipe and smoke it…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

      • DaveH

        There goes some more of that “cooperation” Eric advocates.
        You’re a joke, Eric.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      By your comments you are the one being bigoted and hateful.
      All must be like you and obey their master Eric B..

    • S.C.Murf

      eric says “you are what you eat”. Looks like you’ve been eating a lot of BULL$HIT.
      I’ve read these reply’s and a lot of people believe that the lost will suffer in the Lake of Fire (HELL) for eternity, not to bust anyone’s bubble but do you really think that God the father is going to make man suffer longer than the 3 days he had Jesus suffer (for all mankind”s sin), pretty egotistical wouldn’t you say. I believe it to be (suffering) 2 days where all things will be made known to man kind and then the realization that you will have no part in eternity. Jesus said there will be whaling and mashing of teeth. The eternal fire that the bible talks about is the flame that makes sure you will not return

      up the hill

      • Mike in MI

        MURF – How could you???? My, o-o-o-oh my.

    • Johnny

      Eric, you sound just like you do on wrestling, lol

  • Barb Patton

    I really do have a problem with Mr Romney, he is good looking, well dressed and has good teeth, HOWEVER – I for one do not detect any of the p@ss and vinegar one expects when you are fighting a battle for one’s life. Mr Nice has got to get over it and start to growl like a pit bull and show everybody that he really can make a go of being a successful President. methinks at times he is merely “posturing” to in a way “compliment” the ayatollah barack hussein obama;s stance. WE THE PEOPLE are indeed sick to death of this long drawn out play that would never get mention of being fairly decent in a movie rag. Please Mr Romney – who is wearing the pants in your entourage? We know that our janet winds the key on the back of puppet barack – but WHO ARE YOU LENDING YOUR EARS TO? Let me know —- please.

    • DaveH

      He did have a lot of piss and vinegar when he rammed Romney Care down the throats of Massachusetts citizens.

    • Renée

      We are being duped by the enemy of all that is good and right and holy, remember that in Ephesians 6:12 it says For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Don’t believe everything you read, don’t go by what anyone says, if you believe in God, go to the word and get the facts. This is a spiritual battle not a political one.

  • Michael Papich

    Romney acts like he wants to lose the election. What a lousy alternative to Obuma.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Romney has a typical trait of “Nice People” in which they believe being a wimp with no spine is being nice. Let the Leftists and evil have their way because we must be nice. Let us have our pockets picked because we must be nice. Can’t condemn malevolent and predatory people because we must be nice.Don’t confront thieves and liars because we
      must be nice.
      Where in the Scriptures does it permit anyone to be a wimp?

      • cawmun cents

        Folks want to add their own humanistic rules to God’s grace.
        They say you must jump through this hoop and that hoop,to be accepted by God as a Christian.
        Were they there hanging on the cross next to Jesus,when he told them they would be in Paradise with Him that very day?
        Was that person capable of Acts 2:38?
        Did they think that Baptism made folks who rose from the dead, at Jesus’ command do so?
        Was Lazarus baptised?There is no biblical proof of that.Why would later people be subjected to rules that folks alive when Jesus walked among them werent subjected to?
        What about those who were saved,by their faith?
        Were they reqired to be baptised before their faith made them whole?
        Is there any biblical proof that those who rose from the dead,biblically speaking had been Baptised?
        Was there any instance in the Bible where it was necessary to be baptised,to be given the Holy Spirit?

        Similarly,when you speak of strength,is it human induced strength that you speak of?
        If I meet a man where there is no water,and he confesses Jesus,but dies before we make it to the river,does that mean he has no chance?
        Does that mean by some form of humanistic thinking that he is then condemned?
        Think about what you read.
        You may assume that John 3:16,is then made false by Acts 2:38?
        Where have your heads gone to?
        Does the very word that poured from the mouth of Christ in John 6:39,escape your attention?
        NLT “And this is the will of God,that I shuold not lose even one of all those He has given me,but shall raise them to etrnal life at the last day.”
        Jesus’ word,according to John.
        When did you receive the Holy Spirit?
        The day you first believed,right?
        For whether by baptism or by faith,it was first required that you believe that Christ died to save sinners.
        You being one of them.
        Had you not believed that John 3:16 was the key,then the human way of thinking making it necessary for you to jump through another hoop,would be pointless would it not?
        So why is it necessary then,to jump through another hoop?
        Did you read the word?
        NLT John 19:30,”when Jesus tasted it,he said,”it is finished.”Then He bowed His head and gave up His Spirit.
        What do the words,”it is finished.”mean to you?
        Does it mean that he was just commenting on how the life was leaving His body?
        Or was He referring to the work that He had accomplished?
        Which was it?
        You cant have it two ways.
        If He was referring to the work of salvation,then how can you add ANYTHING,to what He says is finished?
        Ah yes…a question of what is said in scripture.
        But what do I know?
        Apparently very little……

      • HH

        cawmun cents, you must get the timeline straight, the people you mention lived BEFORE Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. Those folks lived under the OLD law! As for the thief on the cross. who but Christ could tell someone that they were forgiven of their sins? Baptism wasn’t “required” until AFTER the day of pentecost. Who’s to say that Lazarus wasn’t baptized? The scripture doesn’t tell but if he was alive AFTER the day of pentecost I would bet my bottom dollar that he WAS baptized!

        What about Nicodemus? Christ told him that he MUST be born again! Not to return to his mothers womb but to be born of WATER and of spirit! Born of WATER? Buried with Christ, in the likeness of his death through baptism, and raised, in likeness of his resurrection, to walk a new life. Those who died before the day of pentecost were not held under the law of grace but under the law of Moses. When Christ died on the cross and rose on the third day he ushered in a NEW law, a law of FAITH!

        “Was there any instance in the Bible where it was necessary to be baptised,to be given the Holy Spirit”?

        No, anyone can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, just because you have the gift of the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean you’ve been saved. Read the account of the Roman Centurion in Acts 10:47-48 “Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we? And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord”.

        Why would he COMMAND them to be baptized if it weren’t essential to their salvation?

        Do you know what the gift of the Holy Spirit is? The gift of the Holy Spirit is the word of God. Today that’s the Bible, anyone can have the bible but just because they have the bible does not mean their saved! In the first century there was no written word, the gift of the Holy Spirit then was the knowledge of the gospel. It was in their hearts as foretold in Jeremiah 31:33 “This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after that time,” declares the LORD. “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.

        Read 1 Corinthians 13:10 “When that which is perfect is come that which is in part will be done away with”. That which is perfect today is ONLY the Holy Bible.

        “If I meet a man where there is no water,and he confesses Jesus,but dies before we make it to the river,does that mean he has no chance? Does that mean by some form of humanistic thinking that he is then condemned”?

        Who knows what’s in a man’s heart but God? That’s why I’m glad He’s the judge and not me!

        “You may assume that John 3:16,is then made false by Acts 2:38″?

        No, Acts 2:38 is a continuation of John 3:16

        “Does the very word that poured from the mouth of Christ in John 6:39,escape your attention”?

        No, please read the rest of the text, vs 40, “For it is my Father’s will that all who see his Son and believe in him should have eternal life. I will raise them up at the last day.”

        It is the Father’s WILL but we have a choice, we can do his will or not. We are free moral agents and God does not force his will on us. We have to make that choice! If we make that choice then He will “raise us up at the last day”!

        “Had you not believed that John 3:16 was the key,then the human way of thinking making it necessary for you to jump through another hoop,would be pointless would it not”?

        So you think a commandment of Christ is pointless? Mark 15:15-16, “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth AND is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned”.

        “So why is it necessary then,to jump through another hoop”?

        Because Christ COMMANDED it! Mark 15:16 says “he that believeth AND is bapbized” NOT “he that believeth OR is baptized”.

        “But what do I know?
        Apparently very little”……

        And I would like to change that with a little more knowledge of the scriptures!

        Cheers to you!

      • http://none Charlie

        We think your Bible math is short on one end and long on the other ,,, lets take a measurement of the hypotenuse of Acts 2:38 ::: “Peter said to them , “repent and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins ; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit .”… The sum = you become sinless and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit , the gifts are called out at Romans 12:6,7,8 ,,,1 Corinthians 12:1–31,,, clue,,,most likely your gift will come thru your “Personality” and you may have more than one gift , I have two…
        BUT,, to remain sinless one must repent every time one even thinks about sinning ,,,so,, you must know as much Biblical Law as possible for your learning will be on going ../
        The Bible says sin is transgression of The Law see 1 John 2, 3…

      • Mike in MI

        HH – Back up a minute to the fourth paragraph in your post above.
        You were doing fine ’til you got to that point. You didn’t get it right because you didn’t read to the end of the whole of the context. The whole account God is relating here goes on into Acts 11:18.
        After Peter went in unto those dirty old Gentiles the head honchos in Jerusalem called him up on charges to account for his “transgression”, in their eyes.
        They made him recount his experience to them which carries the matter a little farther than what you see in Acts 10:47-48. He was going to baptize them after they received the spirit…but never did.
        In Acts 11:17 his report is that to have baptized them would have been to “withstand (ARGUE)” with God. God reminded Peter about the Acts 1:5 incident where they were told that John the Baptist’s water trip was going to be replaced with spiritual baptism. That little three letter word “but” in there is mighty important.
        Your conclusion about being saved and receiving spirit, as in Acts 2:1-4; 10:47-48 (11:1-18) and other passages is wrong. (If you have a problem with that STUDY Romans 8: 9-15.) This is more accurate when all the records are put together regarding receiving something spiritually, being baptized (post-Acts 2 Pentecost), being born again, having eternal life, being a son of God, having Christ in you and being “saved” (Romans 10:9-10). These all refer to the same thing, only explaining different aspects of it in the passages where the names appear.
        What you averred above is very damaging teaching. Change your mind, please.

      • HH

        @ Mike in MI said, “What you averred above is very damaging teaching. Change your mind, please”.

        Can’t change my mind on the truth of the scriptures, it says what it says. Not what I say, it’s what the scriptures say.

        You need to get with Charlie, read or re-read the New Testament. Pray for understanding because you obviously don’t have that understanding yet.

        Remember, the Bible does NOT contradict it’s self. Any other teaching would be a contradiction of the scriptures, and THAT’s dangerous!

      • http://none Charlie

        Mike in MI,,, HH is mind programmed into Judeo christianity so he picks and chooses Scripture WITHOUT using the Bible equation for “Truth” at Psalm 119:160 “the sum of your word is truth” which = the sum of God’s word = Truth… One cannot leave out part of an equation and have both sides equal ,,,SO,,, to arrive at a particular Bible Truth one MUST have all needed Scriptures harmonized , BECAUSE ,ONE will come up with some of the HH lies , such as all people are equal under God , that is NOT provable with Scripture alone , Matthew 15:24 proves there is a Special group of People that King Jesus came to save , Malachi 1 also proves some people are “cursed” forever ,,,is that equality ???

      • HH

        Charlie, you and Mike in MI have no idea what you are talking about,,, The scriptures are written so ALL can understand. The plan of salvation is for EVERY ONE! It was designed so ANYONE could understand it. Too many people try to read into scripture what isn’t there. The Bible says that you must become as a child to inherent the kingdom of God…………. in other words it’s for the simplest of minds. Read Matthew 18:3…….And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. You try to be intellectual whilst interpreting the scriptures but believe what Christ says, “unless you change and become as little children, you WILL NEVER enter the kingdom of heaven”!!!

        Hear the Word, believe the Word, Repent of the sins you have committed and accept Jesus as you salvation! Be baptized for the remission of you sins and live life like the Christ would have you to! It’s that simple……. even a child can understand that!

      • http://none Charlie

        HH,,,Matthew 18:3 speaks of being humble as a child,,,but,,,Matthew 18:3 DOES NOT DELETE Matthew 16:19, which gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom and one of those keys was spoken by Peter at Acts 2:38,,,also none of the above Scriptures delete Matthew 15:24,,, Malachi 1 speaks of a people that CANNOT be saved ,,,then 1Peter 3:21 ties in with Acts 2:38 to prove that it is Salvation … A number of Scriptures have to be harmonized some times to arrive at a “Truth” answer for a particular question …
        Baptism is called out so many times in The New Testament , no one can honestly say it can be left out of Salvation , so, believe only salvation is utter nonsense … You have been duped by some bodies non Bible verbiage mixed in with Scripture …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing ,,,that’s not in The Bible ,,,BUT,,,it ties in with Scriptures …

        • HH

          “Baptism is called out so many times in The New Testament , no one can honestly say it can be left out of Salvation , so, believe only salvation is utter nonsense … You have been duped by some bodies non Bible verbiage mixed in with Scripture” …

          You REALLY don’t read what I have to say, so what’s the point in having a discussion with you? AGAIN, GO BACK AND READ WHAT I HAVE SAID! NOWHERE DID I SAY THAT THERE WAS SUCH A THING AS “BELIEVE ONLY” SALVATION WITH OUT BEING BAPTZED! NOWHERE!!!

      • http://none Charlie

        HH,,, I know you did not mention “believe only salvation”, I threw that in for free because it’s one of the typical Judeo-christian type lies among the three that are easy to prove wrong with The Bible…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

      • Mike in MI

        HH -
        What difference does it make what YOU said? You’re just a little full of yourself there son…wouldn’t you say? IF you’re a believer, BELIEVE what the Bible says and shows.
        We started this exorcise in Acts 10:47-48. Right? Go read a place in scripture where baptism is left OUT of the picture (ACTS 10:44-46). Peter taught from Acts 10:34 to 43 and covered everthing they needed to know to get born again. In verse 36, he taught them, “…he (Jesus Christ) is Lord of all”. In verse 40, 41 he plainly taught the resurrection from the dead – that he had been with the risen Lord. Then he taught V.43 “…whosoever believes in him shall receive remission of sins”. What happened then?
        Peter said. “Bring on the water, buckets full and truck loads and oceans of it so we’ve got enough to make sure everything gets fully soaked.”??? Not even a little bit…
        Verse 44 – “While Peter yet spoke these words the Holy Ghost (“pneuma” – spirit) fell on all them which heard the word.” Nobody that believed needed a drop. God was using the occaision to prove to Peter how much water he needed to get HIS JOB done.
        The next verse uses a word “poured out” that shows God brought His own spiritual juice to do His function in the proceedings. Peter taught the word. God did His work. The proof to Peter and the other Hebrews present was “They (Cornelius and other gentiles) spoke in tongues and magnified God.” Nothing else would have convinced those snooty Hebrews.
        Baptism in water went away, as far as God was concerned on Pentecost morning at about 9:00am in Acts 2.
        Physical water is unnecessary in this ACTS 10 account. Why is it necessary anywhere, anytime, any reason since?

        • HH

          So Mike, I can see that you are one of those who pics and chooses whatever scripture suits YOUR beliefs. Since Peter was given the keys to the Kingdom and Christ told him that whatever he bound on earth would be bound in heaven then Peter’s words hold authority over the, what did you call them, “head honchos in Jerusalem”.

          Matthew 16:17-19 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

          Also you quote a passage “Acts 10″ claiming it teaches there is no need for water baptism any more. Explain how it get’s around a direct commandment of the Lord?

          Matthew 28:18-20 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

          Teaching them to OBEY EVERYTHING I have command you!

      • Mike in MI

        Just a little epilogue to my last entry to HH.
        The upshot of the events in which the gentiles, Cornelius and his company, believed and manifested the proof they got saved was tht Peter and the six other Hebrews who came with him were “astonished” that God brought them there for THIS. These gentile “dogs” had the spirit fall on them just like it did on the twelve in the beginning.
        The Hebrew believers never had gotten away from their water baptism habits and mind set. Peter was so astonished that, after the fact and fulfilment of God’s working, Peter wanted to hang some human doilies and bangles on it to dress it up…make it “better”, add some human “works” deal in with the word. So, Peter ordered that baptism should be performed.
        Before baptism took place God reminded Pete about what Christ Jesus had told them in ACTS 1:5. “For John truly baptized in water, BUT you shall be baptized in holy sprit not many days hence.”
        In Acts 11:17 when news got back to Jerusalem about Peter and the six other witnesses he took with him going into a gentile home and eating with them the leaders thought he’d lost his mind…and demanded an explanation. He gave it all and included the fact that no baptism was carried out – because to do so would have been to “withstand” (ARGUE against) God. Peter thought that NOT wise. So, since no baptism was required or wanted by God, it was left out.

        • Renée

          SO Mike, because there are three definitions in the Greek for Baptism and one of them is overwhelm, not being dipped or getting wet, Are you saying that in Mark 16:16 He that believes and is baptized shall be saved would actually be translated, Believe and be overwhelmed by the Spirit and you will be saved. Is this correct?

      • Mike in MI

        HH -
        This is as much The Word of God as any place else you care to show me. I, too, know about all those other places after 40 years trying to learn and make stuff fit all across the scope of this Book.
        I think I’ve dealt fairly with this passage, presenting what it says and showing what Peter did with what God wanted.
        There are some things from the Gospels period that you can NOT square with the teachings and events after Acts 2. To me it is clear that Christ Jesus’ ascension and seating and giving of holy spirit ushered in some new policies in God’s dealings with and on behalf of men.
        You don’t? Tha’s your privilege. I just know God will never be able to do for you everything He would like and that His word says He can.
        He doesnt respond with everything He’s got where we have errors in our heads.
        God Bless, my friend.

      • HH

        Mike, here’s what YOU said, “Peter wanted to hang some human doilies and bangles on it to dress it up…make it “better”, add some human “works” deal in with the word. So, Peter ordered that baptism should be performed”.

        So Peter ORDERED baptism? Please review what Christ told Peter as I have shown before.

        Matthew 16:19 ……….. and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

        According to this scripture in Matthew, Peter had ALL authority to order baptism and with that ORDER it was bond on earth AND in Heaven.

        If you confess Christ AND are baptized, will you go to hell for being baptized? What if on that final day when you stand before the Lord you find out that baptism WAS essential for salvation and the Lord says to depart from me you who work iniquity? And your work of iniquity was telling people that they didn’t have to be baptized.

        2 Thessalonians 1:8 ……in flaming fire, inflicting vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

        Two sets of people are dealt with here, those who do NOT know God and those who do not obey the gospel of the Lord. The second set of people are the ones who were taught about God/Jesus but did not obey the gospel. Baptism IS part of the gospel.

        • Renée

          HH, do you mind if I chime in here for just a second…I don’t think that God would have such a requirement, as that would lead to works and we can’t earn our way to heaven. I don’t think that you will NEED to be physically baptized and the reason I say that is, what if a person comes to the Lord on his own and there isn’t an opportunity for a physical baptism before he dies or something. I believe that God will totally go by the content of our hearts rather than a physical baptism. If I am correct there are three meanings to that word in the Greek and one of them is overwhelm so I think that might be and I made a comment to Mike to ask if this is what he was trying to say, He that believes and is Overwhelmed (definition of baptized in the Greek Lexicon) by the Spirit will be saved. Mark 16:16 I don’t know if this helps or makes things worse but either way, if you want to be baptized, I don’t think there is a problem with it except if you are under the impression that getting baptized will get you into heave, but if you aren’t and you have given your life to the Jesus Christ and accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, and you have the Holy Spirit as that amazing gift that God left for us while we are here on the earth, I think you’re good! Also, we are known by our works because we want to serve God and show appreciation for all He’s done and will continue to do not because we are trying to make our way into heaven that would just be a waste of time. However, let your light SO shine..that is very important. May the Lord watch over you and bless you.

          • HH

            “…I don’t think that God would have such a requirement”

            Respectfully Renée, it is not what YOU think it’s what the Lord thinks!

            So, in the words of the Lord Himself;

            Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

            He that believeth AND is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Mark 16:16

            I really don’t see how anyone can logically omit a direct commandment of the Lord.

          • Renée

            HH, this is not to be an arguement as God does look at the contents of a person’s heart and from there He will judge. I will not tell you what you are to believe, it is in the bible and that’s good enough for me, how we discern it, well that’s going to have to be between us and the Lord. May He bless you and keep you safe.

          • HH

            You are absolutely right, I wasn’t trying to be argumentative I was just stating the facts of the Bible…… “as I see them”.

            That’s why I’m glad Jesus is the judge and not me!

            Thank you for your comments, may God bless you too.


          • Renée

            Amen HH, Amen!!! What I see more than anything anymore is that people just want to have an arguement, It isn’t who’s right or who’s wrong, it’s about what God says. It makes no difference what other people think or feel, if God says it, that’s all there is to it. God can defend Himself, we are to set examples of love and acceptance to WHOEVER it is out there. We don’t have to tolerate or accept the sin but if God still loves the sinner, who are we as believers to be any different. I refuse to argue with anyone on this site anymore, it’s not worth it, but I will stand on the truth and I will continue to share the love of Jesus to the best of my ability and who ever hears or reads and wants to know more, thank you Lord that they have heard or read what was written. God’s Word is like a double edged sword that cuts through bone and marrow. Our opinions don’t really matter when it comes to the Word, if God said it, that’s all there is. Keep sharing the Love of God HH and let Him be your guide as you write things on these public forums so that HE will receive ALL the glory regardless of what anyone else writes. The enemy of God is the one that tries to stir things up. We can’t let him win. TO GOD be the glory, Great things HE has done! I hope and pray that all of us out there that are believers will set the example of the Light of Christ and may He bless you all for every word that glorifies God.

          • HH

            Enjoyed the chat Renée, keep the faith.

            In Him, HH

  • Roger

    “Hand them a copy of the constitution?), yeah the one that EACH of THEM swore an oath to when they took office, and turned around immediately and perjured that oath. Why we still put any faith in any politician, with the exception of about a handful is beyond my realm……

  • Ray

    Romney is starting to remind me of McCain. Bad BAd BAD. He should have jumped into this with both feet, he did not, why?

    • DaveH

      The fix is in. The String Pullers like the rapidity with which Obama has pushed Progressivism onto the American people. Why mess with success?

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Oh DaveH you wouldn’t know a progressive idea if it bit you in the arse. Obama is not a progressive he is merely a centrist. You are clueless when it comes to American Left Progressive Independent ideas and the Green Party. And by the way they are independents. Unlike the Tea Party who are really twisted extreme right Republicans pretending to be independents bought and paid for by the Koch brothers and a other billionaires.

  • Yacobus

    Mitt Romney needs to become more aggressive! He lost an opportunity here and it surprised me knowing of his faith. He has no Kahunas and this will be his downfall. If he does not start being on the offensive and continues to wimp out on the negative ads, HE WILL FAIL and we WILL SEE King Obama and no more America as we know it. Don’t doubt my words… I know what is about to come. Do you want to be a slave to this King? Me neither! Vote Obama out in November.

    • DaveH

      I don’t want to be a slave, regardless of whether my master is Obama, or he is Romney.

  • Sarah R.

    In the meantime keep your powder dry. Good words. We’re all being set up. Romney was chosen simply to boost Obama’s ratings. Romney has had way too many opportunities to get down and dirty with Obama but has chosen not too, why? The DNC has lied many, many times about Romney but he and the RNC just sit back and take it on the chin, why? And now you have a huge chance, Romney and RNC, to prove yourselves by just saying something good about our first Amendment rights, freedom of speech and you blew it, why? I’ll tell you why. Because America is being set up. You are being led to believe you have a choice. No choice here. Should by any stretch of the imagination Romney pulls this off we’re only going to get a socialist president rather than a Marxist president.

    • Johnny

      maybe because they are NOT lies, Sarah, do you think Mittster made all of that money with the kind of business he ran caring about anyone other than his INVESTORS…..if you do, then pull your head out of the sand….MITT cares for MITT and the sooner you realize it, the better,

  • Rafael

    Go for the family values.

    Because with the tale of “human rights” – that scholars and intellectuals post modernist created – this planet goes toward a change in people without no knowledge of culture;
    without no civility. That is to say, in a place where priority is debauchery; this status that eliminates completely the freedoms of human beings that they say to protect and to strengthen to the sellers of bait of snake that mimic of prophets for the generations of the millenium 2000. We are taken the wrong way. A route where everything goes. From the atheism to the widespread drug; where reigned the sodomism and the marriages between the same sex do heterosexuals are seen as Martians and weddings between a men and a women are a shamefaced anathema; where the parents have neither rights nor custody on their children, and where the above mentioned turn in enemies of his ancestors as norm of subsistence.

  • JK Jackson

    Chicken Science – Two roosters cannot make another chicken. Two hens cannot make another chicken. Enough said!

  • Thinking About

    I wonder what would Jesus do, after many times of showing how he loved everyone and how he extended his hand to show every sinner he was willing to forgive them for their sins.
    Are “christians” extending themselves to everyone? How about “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”? Is this a part of the bible which should be discarded?

    • DaveH

      You have a point there, TA. Jesus taught tolerance, and it is a good thing.
      But what we have here is the issue of tolerance of Free Speech. Dan Cathy expects to be able to speak freely, as do the gays.

      • Flashy

        DaveH…you are correct. this has become an attempt to stifle free speech. Cathy can say anything he wants, and people can respond with their opinion and shopping habits. However, the American Taliban are attempting to silence those who disagree with Cathy’s views and decide to speak out.

        no one is saying Cathy should be prevented from speaking what he wants. they are stating their opinion of his stance and announcing their actions in protesting his stance.

        So who is attempting to stifle free speech? Those speaking their opinions on Cathy’s rant…or the American Taliban attempting to silence those opinions?

      • DaveH

        Who is attempting to silence Free Speech?
        “Gay rights groups called for a nationwide boycott of the business”.
        “The Jim Henson Company said it would no longer supply toys or other merchandise to the chain”.
        “Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said that “you can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population.” He warned that the company would find it very difficult to get city licenses”.
        “San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee tweeted: “Closest #ChickFilA to San Francisco is 40 miles away & I strongly recommend that they not try to come any closer””.
        “In New York, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn wrote a letter to the president of New York University asking him to boot the fast-food outlet off campus. She also started a petition demanding Cathy apologize and change his stance on gay marriage”.
        “Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno said he would do whatever it takes to prevent the chain from opening an outlet in his community”.

        Those all came from Chip’s article. You did read the article didn’t you, Flashman?

      • Flashy

        DaveH….what you cite are the opinions and actions of those who disagree with Mr. Cathy. I read nothing where people are calling for silencing his speech by law or violence.

        yet, just on this site…there are those aghast that Moderates and Progressives dare to voice a counter-opinion and are calling to ‘protect’ Cathy from people exercising the same Right he enjoys.

      • DaveH

        Do you really think anybody buys your equivocations, Flashman?

    • Howard Beale

      The part of Scripture that appears to be so conveniently discarded these days is, “Go — and sin NO MORE.” (emphasis added).

      • Renée

        However, what is sin to those that don’t care? Those that know and understand that do but those that don’t…well, it’s do what you want, when you want even if it offends or hurts others. This is our society now days. It’s really sad that people just don’t care about anyone other than themselves these days and God has been left out of the picture. We wonder why our world is spinning out of control.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Is your Christian extending mean being a doormat for all?

      • Thinking About


      • cawmun cents

        Yes….what did Jesus do?
        He didnt let the Pharisees walk all over Him with their ideas of propriety did he?
        Not a chance….
        He pointed out the flaws in their reasoning.
        They were whitewashed tombs.
        They were a brood of snakes.
        They went by human rules.
        The main one of which was that their father was Satan,and not God who is to be forever praised!
        Praise God that he lets the blind remain so!
        Praise God that he forgives all who believe in His Son’s sacrifice for their sins!
        Praise God that human wisdom is actually nothing and that God’s wisdom is wisdom!
        Praise God who doesnt seek to continue making pe[ple jump through hoops to inherit His Kingdom!
        Praise God that human rules account for nothing!

        • HH

          Praise God cawmun cents! AMEN!!!

  • 46thPres

    All Romney needs to do to win this election is tell the American people the truth about Obama and his policies and there effect on the working class of the American population.
    If he does, it will be a landslide.
    Hope For Change in 2012!

  • Benton Bain

    Romney wants queers in the Boy Scouts, Gave queer marriages to Mass.
    Romney is a bad RINO. Another election I will have to hold my nose while voting for the lesser of evils.

    • Ted Baker

      Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils. There are others on the ballot, like Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party.

  • Nanc

    All the more reason to vote for Ron Paul.

  • Polski

    8 years of Dubya/Cheney got us here. So if we end up with 8 years of Obama, it won’t be any different then the 8 years of Dubya/Cheney. All of you that are “PURE” republican or “PURE” democrat are horrible-terrible/terrible-horrible just like your presidents.

  • Renée

    In regard to this article, it makes no difference what people say about those who love God and are called according to HIS purpose. We know what the end result is and evil DOES NOT WIN!!! Those that appose God might want to think about their choices because what we do while we are alive, determines our eternity!

  • Bible Man

    First of all I want to commend you on your work in keeping people informed of what is happening, especially since the news medias are silent when it comes to things that are against our constitution. Second; shame on Mr. Romney. There is an old saying which goes like this: “If you don’t take a stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.” And Mitt has done this. He’s afraid of what the medias and the voters will do if he takes a stand for the right. Maybe all conservatives should write in Mr. Cathy’s name for President instead of voting for the one we really don’t trust, especially since we don’t trust either one.

    • Ted Baker

      A vote for someone because he is the lesser of two evils is a wasted vote. Vote your convictions, even if he won’t win.

      • Pathfinder

        Grand idea Ted but please tell me, who besides BOB and Romney is there that stands a chance at being elected?
        Again, the two party system distilled the field of candidates to what is there now.
        So tight is the presidential grip on power that no democrat dared to oppose BOB.
        So, who is the least of the two evils” ? Again, we will hold our noses at the polling place
        Chose wisely!

  • DavidL

    A “beautiful backlash” is not exactly how I would put it. That’s like saying the white southern bigot who came out in support of Bull Connor’s use of dogs and fire hoses against those protesting for civil rights was a “beautiful backlash”.

    1. This is NOT, as this piece suggests, a simple case of free speech or closing on Sunday because of Christian values. Everyone respects that irrespective of whether or not he or she goes to church on Sunday or agrees with the speech being expressed. I certainly do. It’s about Chick-fil-A coming under fire from activists for giving millions to anti-gay hate groups that advocate against gay rights.

    2.Chick-fil-A opened the door to the heat they are receiving because they picked a side. Now their is nothing wrong with picking a side and taking a stand. But if you are going to do so, you better be prepared to take the heat from the other side and not whine about it.

    3. On what side did Chick-fil-A come down? They came down on the side of the bigot. They came down on the side of discrimination. Huckabee and Cruz are bigots. Romney is not. He’s a coward for not standing up to the ignorance and bigotry of his CURRENT BASE, but at least, for now, he is unwilling to announce phony bigotry to gain votes. We’ll see what he does later if his likability and trust poll numbers go any lower.

    4. This also will pass, and more and more of American society will recognize this ignorance and reject it. Remember the years of Christian preaching against inter-racial marriage because it is an abomination and a sin against God? Remember the years of Christian preaching against integration because the black man is inferior? Remember the history of Christian preaching in favor of the domination and discrimination against women? (This one is still alive and well today among Conservative Christians).

    5. Romney is no Conservative.

    6..Chick-fil-A is unhealthy junk food. Why would anyone who knows anything about health want to eat it?

    • DaveH

      DavidL says — “It’s about Chick-fil-A coming under fire from activists for giving millions to anti-gay hate groups that advocate against gay rights”.
      Perhaps you could enlighten us, DavidL, about what those Gay Rights are, and why they should get special protections that the rest of us don’t get?

    • HH

      DavidL you have NO CLUE what you are talking about, I refer to your point #4.

      “This also will pass, and more and more of American society will recognize this ignorance and reject it. Remember the years of Christian preaching against inter-racial marriage because it is an abomination and a sin against God? Remember the years of Christian preaching against integration because the black man is inferior? Remember the history of Christian preaching in favor of the domination and discrimination against women? (This one is still alive and well today among Conservative Christians)”.

      “TRUE” Christians, notice I said “TRUE”, did not preach against; inter-racial marriage, integration or in favor of the domination and discrimination against women because none of these are a sin in the eyes of God. The Bible teaches that we are ALL EQUAL in the eyes of God, except for the differences in our gender as He spoke of male and female. As for homosexuality, THAT it is an abomination against the Lord and TRUE Christians will continue to “preach” against that!

      • Thinking About

        Very well stated, though Cathey has a right to his expression so does the rest of the citizens of the USA.

      • http://none Charlie

        HH, need some Scripture to back up your words, Better check Matthew 15:24 , King Jesus does discriminate , God’s Chosen People are The Children of Jacob Israel …
        Have you accomplished Acts 2:38 ? …

      • HH

        @Charlie, you’ve taken Matthew 15:24 COMPLETELY out of context. This passage talks about the faith of a Canaanite woman who’s daughter was demon possessed. If you read the WHOLE text you will see that Jesus confirmed the woman’s faith and healed her daughter, is that discrimination?

        Yes, Jesus was sent to the lost sheep of Israel, he did his job, he showed them that he was the Christ and they rejected him and crucified him. Later the apostles Peter and Paul were sent to convert the Gentiles who, after accepting Christ and being baptized, were added to the chosen race of Christians. Jews who don’t accept Jesus are NOT of the chosen race anymore!

        It’s fine if you quote the Bible, but PLEASE keep it in context. And yes, I have been immersed FOR the remission of sins in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Although just in the name of Jesus would suffice! Doing this, Acts 2:38, ADDS me to Christ church, God’s chosen race of Christians.

        “And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved”. Acts 2:47

      • http://none Charlie

        HH,,,does one Scripture delete another Scripture in context or out ??? you write as you may be mind programmed by Judeo-christian doctrine ..
        Matthew 15:24 ::: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”… does that mean King Jesus was sent for some one outside the house of Israel??? HH you are in violation of Revelation 22:18-19…
        Notice , King Jesus called the Canaanite woman a dog and she admitted she is a dog , then King Jesus gave her ONE blessing because of her “Faith”, faith mean action upon belief , her faith was recognition of King Jesus and asking for healing of her daughter …
        Notice 1 Peter 3:21 says ” baptism now saves you “.. what’s your “Twist” on that verse??? Maybe you should get RE-baptized per Acts 19…
        Could it be , you have been duped, deceived and deluded by the Satanic powers that be.??? ACTS 2:38 IS SALVATION !!!
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing ..
        BTW, The Bible says the Children of Israel are God’s chosen People ,NOT, just the Jews, the tribe of Judah is only one tribe of the Children of Israel …
        Read The Bible verse per verse AND in total contexts ,,,PER Psalm 119:160…

      • HH

        I’ve have stated JUST what the bible says! I’ve added NOTHING to it and TAKEN nothing away from it. You obviously don’t understand the teachings of the Christ. He was the completion of the Law and He brought in the NEW testament of faith, not of heritage or of bloodlines but of a belief in Him. If you can’t see that then you’re as lost as Satin himself. I truly hope you will soon find the light. It’s there for you, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be open for you. Pray for understanding and ye shall receive it.

      • http://none Charlie

        HH,,,you left out the fact that King Jesus called the canaanite woman a dog …You added that Peter was sent to the Gentiles , Paul was sent to the Gentiles … How many mistakes does it take to get stoned for the Prophets of Old ??? correct your self your mind is mis programmed , you could end up at Matthew 7:22–23…

      • HH

        “HH,,,you left out the fact that King Jesus called the canaanite woman a dog”

        What’s that got to do with discrimination? Jesus didn’t discriminate against her, he healed her daughter didn’t he?

        “You added that Peter was sent to the Gentiles”

        Yes, Peter took the message to Cornelius who was a Gentile, read Acts chapter 10

        “Paul was sent to the Gentiles”

        Paul WAS sent to the Gentiles, if you don’t know that then you really need to get your bible out and study. He FIRST went to the Jews, they wouldn’t listen, the Gentiles however, were willing to receive the gospel of Christ.

        “How many mistakes does it take to get stoned for the Prophets of Old ??? correct your self your mind is mis programmed , you could end up at Matthew 7:22–23″…

        What mistakes? You really don’t understand the Bible do you?

      • HH

        Charlie said, “Notice 1 Peter 3:21 says ” baptism now saves you “.. what’s your “Twist” on that verse???”

        What’s MY twist? It says what it says, what’s YOUR twist?

        Is baptism essential for salvation? Go with me to the scriptures and let’s ponder the conversion of Saul. There are 3 accounts of Saul/Paul’s conversion, (Luke tells of it in Acts 9:3-6) (Paul recounts it to the people in Jerusalem in Acts 22:6-16) and (Paul tells King Agrippa of his conversion in Acts 26:12-18).

        Let’s look at the information in the first two accounts since they are the most detailed.

        First let’s look at Acts 9. We know what took place on the road to Damascus, the light shown down and blinded Saul and he asks Jesus, “Lord, what do You want me to do?” Then the Lord said to him, “Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” Remember Christ said that you will be “told what you MUST do”. Not what you MIGHT do but what you MUST do!

        Once Saul arrived in Damascus he went to the place he was told to go. In the meantime Jesus went to Ananias and said to him, “Arise and go to the street called Straight, and inquire at the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus, for behold, he is praying”. Remember Saul is at the house of Judas and what is he doing? Praying?

        What do you think Saul was praying about? I got a good idea………. he’s probably praying for God to forgive his sins against the Lord because he did not know that he was persecuting Him……….. THAT would be my guess, do you have a better guess? What else would he be praying about? MOST denominations today teach that one only needs to pray the “sinners” prayer to be saved. Don’t you think that Saul was praying the “sinners” prayer that day in Damascus? I do! Let’s continue on in Chapter 22.

        We know that Ananias came to Saul and said, “Brother Saul, receive thy sight” and his sight was restored. Remember the Lord told Saul that he would be told what he MUST do.

        Ananias relay’s to Saul the things that Jesus told him to tell him, the things that he MUST do! “And now why tarriest thou? arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord”.

        Don’t tell me that it’s just calling on the name of the Lord saves you, if that’s all it took then Saul would have been forgiven (saved) when he was praying in Damascus and he would have had NO reason to be baptized.

        One MUST humble him/her self and submit to Christ by being immersed in the watery grave of baptism, imitating Christ death, burial and resurrection, raised to walk a new life. So, 1 Peter 3:21 says ” baptism now saves you“. Yes it does!

      • http://none Charlie

        HH,,, let me add a little,, Ha Ha ,,, the sinners prayer ? give Scripture for that , Paul was “Converted” by King Jesus ,,.But,,, who baptized Paul? conversion and baptism are TWO different events … Conversion = Repentance ,,, one can be converted days or years before baptism , but notice Paul was 3 days later for healing and baptism …
        The “Law” is still valid today see Matthew 5:17 for that right from King Jesus…
        All people ARE NOT EQUAL see the story of Esau and Jacob ,,,Esau’s Lineage is “CURSED” for ever see Malachi 1,,,is that discrimination by God??? Who is the house of Israel ? that’s the Lineage of a Man named Jacob Israel , the twin brother of Esau…
        Matthew 15:24 is a discriminatory statement by King Jesus stating what “People” He was sent to “SAVE”,,,but,,,some dogs will get a few crumbs (blessings)…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38…

        • HH

          Charlie, you obviously don’t understand ANYTHING you read…. including scripture. Notice that I said. “MOST denominations today teach that one only needs to pray the “sinners” prayer to be saved”. There is no scripture that validates a “sinners” prayer and I never said there was! I believe that after one hears the Word and believes that the man called Jesus is the Son of God that they MUST be baptized for remission of sins… ASAP!!! Saying the “so called” “sinners” prayer doesn’t get you saved.

          You need to go back and re-read the New Testament because you are obviously missing some VERY important scriptures regarding who can or can’t be saved. Especially the book of Hebrews! Hebrews explains the New law of faith and how it supersedes the Old law of burnt offerings and blood sacrifice.

          Hebrews 9:12 — “and not through the blood of goats and calves, but through His own blood, He entered the holy place ONCE FOR ALL, having obtained eternal redemption.”

          Hebrews 10:10 – “By this will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ ONCE FOR ALL.”

          He didn’t say that Christs body was offered for ONLY this tribe or NOT for that tribe, the scripture reads, “ONCE FOR ALL” ! What part of FOR ALL don’t you understand?

          “But,,, who baptized Paul”?

          It doesn’t matter WHO does the baptizing read the first chapter of 1 Corinthians.

          “conversion and baptism are TWO different events … Conversion = Repentance ,,, one can be converted days or years before baptism , but notice Paul was 3 days later for healing and baptism” …

          Oh contraire my friend Charlie with little knowledge of the scriptures. Notice that EVERY time a conversion was mentioned in the scriptures those that believed were immediately baptized!

          Acts 22:16 “Saul, why tarriest thou? Arise and be baptized and wash away your sins”…….
          Saul didn’t know what to do UNTIL Ananias told him what to do and then he was immediately baptized!

          Acts 16:31-33 They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved —you and your household.” Then they spoke the word of the Lord to him and to all the others in his house. At that hour of the night the jailer took them and washed their wounds; then IMMEDIATELY he and all his household were baptized.

          Acts 8:36-38 And as they went along the road they came to some water; and the eunuch said, “Look! Water! What prevents me from being baptized?” And he ordered the chariot to stop; and they both went down into the water, Philip as well as the eunuch; and he baptized him.

          Acts 10:47 and 48 Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we? And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord…….. This is the account of the conversion of Cornelius the centurion.

          That’s 4 examples of baptism’s being done immediately.

          I implore you to go back to my previous post, slow down and actually READ and TRY to understand what I’ve written. I believe you really don’t understand what you read do you?

      • http://none Charlie

        HH,,, do you know what Psalm 119:160 says??? do you know what “cognitive dissonance” is??? More later , gotta take a coffee break ….

  • Average Joe

    All I can say after reading all of the comments…I’m still voting for Ron Paul 2012! (even if I have to write him in with a crayon).

    Watch this… Share this…Vote for America! Vote for Ron Paul 2012!

    Best Wishes,

    • Ted Baker

      Good for you! Vote your convictions.

    • DaveH

      I love Ron Paul, but if he doesn’t run what possible good can it do to write him in? The chances that enough people would write him in to get him elected, in my opinion, are almost nil. And then on top of that we have the problem of vote counting. I have no confidence at all that the write-ins would be faithfully processed.
      If would be much better to cast your vote for the Libertarian Candidate so at least the party gets some increased attention by people (most people) who have no clue what Libertarians (Ron Paul is one) stand for. As our numbers grow larger it will have a snowball effect on the voters’ knowledge of Libertarian Principles.
      Of course my dream ticket (and I think yours too) would be Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano. But first they have to actually run.

      • Average Joe

        DaveH ,

        Vote your convictions….it just that simple.
        I have been a Ron Paul supporter for close to 20 years…I am not going to jump ship now…simply because others feel he has no chance of winning. Anyone who is a true Ron Paul supporter will not set aside thier convitions and “jump ship” just because the sea gets a bit rough.
        Never in the history has any third party candidate managed to get elected to the office of the presidency…the two party system has the fix in (an undeniable fact). Gary Johnson will accomplish only one thing…a further split of the votes against Barack Obama…which will almost undoubtably cause the re-election of the POSER in Chief….please don’t split the vote further than it already is by voting for a third party.

        You write:

        “Of course my dream ticket (and I think yours too) would be Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano. But first they have to actually run.”

        DaveH, I used to think that you were not listening to the MSM…have I been wrong? Ron Paul IS still in the race…in spite of what the MSM is telling you….turn off the tube.

        Ron Paul 2012! IN it to win it!

        Best Wishes,

      • DaveH

        You did say — “I’m still voting for Ron Paul 2012! (even if I have to write him in with a crayon)”.
        And that MSM comment stung like a bee, buddy. lol. No, I don’t watch any news programs anymore since Fox took Freedom Watch off the air. My understanding (probably from something said on this blog) was that Ron Paul had thrown in the towel.
        The Liberal side of me is Hoping and Dreaming that you’re right and he runs. But if he doesn’t, I still maintain what I said about writing him in. Certainly I’d rather you do that than to vote for Romney, though.
        Nice videos, by the way.

      • Average Joe

        DaveH ,

        “My understanding (probably from something said on this blog) was that Ron Paul had thrown in the towel.”

        So far, he hasn’t thrown in the towel. However, I believe that the RNC is trying to exclude him from participation during the convention. I still plan to attend the convention, and sincerely hope that all of those delegates for Ron Paul ( should he be excluded) stand up and turn thier backs (on National TV) on thr RNC and refuse to vote. If they do so and refuse to vote, the RNC will have a major decision ( as well as a major explanation) to make about thier exclusion of Dr. Paul…with the whole world watching. Doing so, I believe will cause a major upset for the RNC and a major win for Dr. Paul.
        The only thing that I fear about the convention is..agent provocateurs within the crowd…trying to cast a bad reputation on Ron Paul supporters by stirring up trouble and blaming his supporters for the “trouble”. No true Ron Paul supporter would ever advocate violence in any form…but if there is…we will get the blame…count on it. The key…disregard the media accusations and consider the sources.

        As for my comment about the MSM…as I stated…I was under the impression that you did not put any faith in thier ramblings…and I am glad to hear that you have decided to continue discounting the sound-bite mentallity that ( unfortunately) so many people buy into.

        The other day, you and I had a discussion about Gary Johnson and I will concede that I never found a link to prove my assertions concerning his warfare stance, but I will remind you that you had some reservations (based on his platform) yourself.
        Always remember…jumping ship during rough seas…usually results in drowning at sea, while riding out the storm allows us a better chance of surviving the storm. Hang in there with us…at least until after the convention and then make your decision as to whether you continue support for Dr. Paul or cast your vote for Gary Johnson….but please don’t jump ship duirng the rough seas part of the cruise….we need to batten down the hatches and ride the storm out.

        Ron Paul 2012! In it to win it!

        Best Wishes,

      • rotor700

        You have not been paying attention! Ron Paul was running for president, but the left bashed him, the lefty media would not even acknowledge him as a candidate, like the did the rest of the candidates. The communist left, is playing hardball, and its time the “Right” starts doing the same, instead or cowering like the bunch of “Wooseys” they really are.

  • Dhip

    Why can’t people see that this guy Obama is a communist, brought up to be a communist, his best friends being communists? What in the sam hill is wrong with Americans, at least red-blooded Americans?

    Why has Obama spent 4 million dollars to hide his past? 4 MILLION DOLLARS

    • DaveH

      They can’t see it because they don’t want to see it. They’re too busy lining up to receive their rations from the Big Government Gravy Train of other peoples’ money.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Don’t you ever get tired of your own BS and Lies. I know I do.

    • rotor700

      I can answer your question about “Red blooded Americans” They are few and far between , and have become silly little cowards.

      • Dave

        “silly little cowards.” Yeah, just like you!

  • Ted Baker

    Mr. Romney is on the left, too, and he will not beat the lefty, Mr. Obama. That’s why I am voting my convictions. I’m supporting Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party.

    • rotor700

      Apparently , you have decided to commit suicide, or at least help your country do the same. You must secretly want obama to win. The other truth is, that the Democratic party has been infiltrated by communists, and is now owned by the communists. Over 80 of them are card carrying for the communist party of America.

      • Dave

        I want Obama to win. One, because he’s a better man for the job than Romney. Two, just to piss you off!

      • Average Joe

        Thank you for your well thought out and informative posts here today (sarcasm).

        It would be better that you keep you mouth shut and allow us to think that you are a fool…rather than to open it and remove all doubt (as you have done so numerouslyhere today).

        Open mouth…switch feet….

        Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
        Douglas Adams

        Best Wishes,

      • angelwannabe

        Dave__ there is a lot of Liberals jumping ship there romeo….so hows ’bout toddling off to Huff and Puff, I hear they’re in dire straights for paid liberals trolling for suckers on conservative sites……toodle-loooo

  • Old Sully

    The slander of the Chic-fil-A CEO by the antichrist media and mayors is a small part of the assault on American values. A far more sinister effort is underway in the educational system. It’s all about power not rights.

    Homosexual activists will not be content until their curriculum is mandated in every public and private classroom K-12, and mandatory studies in every college. Their goal is to recruit as many children into this practice as possible.

    California leads the way with a long list of legislative efforts, the most recent a law requiring public schools to teach the “historical contributions” of homosexual Americans was approved by the California legislature and signed by Gov. Brown on Tuesday, July 7 2011. The law also prohibits any school material or instruction that reflects adversely on homosexuality, bisexuality or transgenderism, and prohibits parents from removing children from classes over offensive material. This will impact the textbooks available to your school as California is a large state.

    Another effort May 31, 2012. The California state Senate voted to prohibit parents from seeking professional counseling for their children with the goal of preventing them from becoming homosexuals. Guess who will be interviewing your children to determine if they are homosexuals or not.

    This is tyranny of the state over the family.

    Christ made it clear that it would be better for a person to never have been born than to lead children in to sin. I urge all who promote the homosexual educational agenda to repent because life is short and hell is forever.

  • Keith

    Good for Romney and good for the USA!. Not getting sucked into a street fight on a peripheral issue such as the “definition of marriage”, is a good move by the Teflon candidate, Romney. It’s the Economy, Stupid! Getting a few shots in on this issue is not worth motivating die hard lefties and gays to vote who are otherwise disillusioned with the economy and the presidents performance. Many Obama supporters from 2008 that I have spoken to have said they are just not going to vote. I wouldn’t give them a rallying issue. Oh, and without sounding redundant, “It’s the Economy, stupid!”

  • uvuvuv

    if 1.5% of the population can’t get married, why should the other 98.5% lose any sleep over it? and the news is in, gays can get married. they might have to marry girls to do it but they can get married, without any judges, legislatures, or referendums. i can see 2 guys liking each other, i can see them deeply esteeming each other as friends, and i can even see them set up housekeeping. i had roommates myself over the years. but to consecrate this with marriage cheapens and defiles this sacred institution that even the assyrians, chaldeans, egyptiians, babylonians and sumerians venerated and respected. these civilizations go way back before abraham was even born, so you can’t lay this just on the christians. the old testament texts of the bible had to be memorized because the hebrews didn’t have a written language, and so a very small group of people even knew what it said. so how could it have any influence on the other civilizations that came along subsequently, including the phoenicians, the greeks and the romans? it didn’t. and yet as ignorant as they were of the bible they had the nerve to uphold marriage as between a man and a woman. so don’t point any fingers at the christians. you would have to go back to 3500 bc to find the source of traditional marriage.

  • E. G

    Flashy sounds like some of the other ‘liberals’. He/she does not like what is said contrary to what he/she believes and therefore the other side of the coin does not count. So much for equal thought process and ‘freedom of speech’. Further more, apparently so many of the ‘liberals’ do not know history, nor do they intend to learn history. It was not only Sodom and Gomorra that were destroyed but there were other cities that were destroyed as well. What do these people think the word ‘sodomy’ means – a ‘poke in the dark’????

  • R.Marcel Comtois

    The way I understand is Dan Cathy was asked a question by some reporter and he answered honestly…….there is nothing wrong with that…….also, I don’t blame Mitt Romney for not getting involved in the fray……..I know where he stands……..
    the reporter might have been there to cause some trouble……someone correct me if I am wrong here….

  • James Maxwell

    Sure wish that Chick Fil A had bumper stickers, I have a feeling that it would scare the
    hades out of those whine-0-crats who started this debacle. Think it would suprise
    everyone as to how many people would put a Chick Fil A sticker on their vehicles in
    support of them. Plus it might even show support to open more stores with christian
    principles. Friday is get me a Chicken Sandwich with Waffle Frys and a malt.

  • sirena

    Wow – an awful lot of delusional comments on this page. Sorry, I wasted a brain cell reading through them.

  • FreedomFighter

    Black Panther Veteran Warns of A Trojan Horse Named Obama

    “Wow – an awful lot of delusional comments on this page. Sorry, I wasted a brain cell reading through them.”

    To few to spare?

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Average Joe

      Thanks for the link…well done! BTW, I live in Brooksville and remember the incident that Alex spoke about. Hopefully more folks will watch this and begin to wake up.

      Best Wishes,

    • rotor700

      Sounds like you were injured in combat, and used the only brain cell you had left. Unless I do not understand your comment, and who it is aimed at.

      • Dave

        “Sounds like you were injured in combat, and used the only brain cell you had left.”
        It sucks to be you!

  • Buck

    One important factor in the Cathey family’s makeup is their phenomenal generosity and their daily outpouring of love and money on the less fortunate. It’s true the Cathey’s prefer to keep their philanthropy out of public view but little nuggets can be mined, provided one does a little digging. For example, how many people know that Truett Cathey and his wife have adopted more than 1,000 children? (I’m sure the number is much higher than that since it’s been about 15 years since the number topped the thousand mark!)

    These children come from varied backgrounds and most were considered “un-adoptable”: kids with AIDS or other debilitating (and costly to treat) health problems; “crack” babies; castaway children born to prostitutes. Children of all races, religions and, yes, sexual orientation. All the Cathey’s need to know is that a child is in need. Imagine having to feed, house, clothe and educate (all the way through college) plus pay millions of dollars to care for the health care of that many children!

    For the record, I am in no way affiliated with the Cathey family or any of their enterprises. No, I was a simple cop who patronized the Dwarf House, Truett Cathey’s first restaurant, and countless Chic-Fil-A outlets. I always knew that if I encountered a child or a whole family in need, Truett Cathey was there to extend a loving, generous, helping hand and, if needed, a shoulder to cry on.

    I don’t know the rest of the Cathey family but I’m sure that they are all living proof that the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. They not only “talk the talk” they “walk the walk”. It’s true: their “values” are not those of Chicago, San Francisco, Boston or New York. Thank God!!!

    Perhaps some of the loud-mouthed politicians who’ve never earned a dollar that didn’t come from the public teat and make little or nothing in the way of charitable donations could learn from the example set by the Cathey family, but I strongly doubt they will. It might cut into the time and money they spend on spewing their hate-filled, venomous blatherings.

    In any event, I pray that God will forever bless the Cathey family. I’m sure that they will be welcomed to Heaven with the simple words “Well done”.

  • gunner689AI

    The fags are mad at Chic Fil A because they see them as exploiters of their favorite sex toys.

    PC is BS

    • JON

      Please go “F” yourself!

      • gunner689AI

        Gee Jonny, did I hit a sore spot. Did your chicken die and you can’t find another date ?

      • Mike in MI

        Gunner -
        NAW, he – no – it is just a dumb cluck.

    • rotor700

      Good one gunner! hahahahahahaha LMAO

      • Dave

        What, are 12 and still in junior high?

  • coal miner 1

    Shane and Polski

    In 1478, the Spanish Inquisition was established with the papal approval of Pope Sixtus IV. The reform and extension of the ancient tribunal which had existed when Christianity was established as the state religion 400 AD.

    • coal miner 1

      “Anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with Church dogma must be burned without pity.”

      - Pope Innocent III

    • Mike in MI

      OK, let’s make some corrections and refinements regarding the usage of terms, now. It may modify some things in some minds and clarify others.
      Christianity is what God set up and defined in the scriptures He transmitted to the first Century apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers starting with the history titled “Acts of the Apostles”. Most of God’s instruction to Israel before that (Moses’ Law, the Prophets and the Writings) was superseded by “the all truth” Jesus foretold would come with the Comforter. Then, Israel rejecting him disinherited themselves.
      Establishing first century Christian faith is God’s crowning achievement of the ages. It says it is His “masterpiece” and that what the apostle Paul taught remains effectual “until the day of Christ” at the Lord Jesus’ return. It’s simple. It’s straight forward. It’s powerful.
      Add to it, subtract from it or change it and those things are not Christianity. Those things altered by men, God is not responsible for. They are religion. God’s not in it and we can’t MAKE Him participate.
      In some churches there has been so much added, subtracted and changed they are barely recognizable as being associated with what God had Paul and the others write.
      If it isn’t Christianity, DON’T call it “Christian”…call it religion. If you don’t know…call it religion.

    • Kate8

      Well said, Mike in MI. Religion is about belief. God is about Truth.

      In fact, there is only ONE TRUTH, and that Truth is GOD. Everything else is belief.

      It seems apparent that the reason the Jews were disinherited is because they refused to see that God is found only through the heart and not the mind, through living His Ways through Love and not by law. (The heart is the Door, the Way. Christ said, “I Am the Door”.)

      It’s the difference between living for the material/temporal (satan’s domain of illusion/delusion), or understanding that we are first and foremost spirit eternal. The former is always about self-gratification, and the latter is about being One with God/Divine Love/Life. The Jews rejected this message, and therefore were not able to understand the message Christ brought to them. They were looking for an Earthly king and warrior to save them so that they could rule a material kingdom, so they rejected the Path to His Heavenly Kingdom (Consciousness). Because of this, they have had to wander in the desert until the end of the Age.

      “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it; and he who loses his life for My Sake shall save it.” He whose consciousness resides solely in the physical shall, in time, be consumed by death. But he who seeks first the Way to God’s Kingdom (Consciousness) through the Path of Love shall know life-eternal through Spirit.

    • Mike in MI

      Amen, K8ey, and regards to you my friend…and yours.

  • Stewart

    99% of the comments on this page sound like they are from people who are spiritually dead inside. If you consider yourself a Christian, then please start acting like one and follow the teachings of Jesus instead of acting like you hate everyone else.

    • http://none Charlie

      Stewart, how did you become a True Christian according to The Bible ? your comment indicates that you may only be a Judeo-christian…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

  • boyscout

    Chip, This is a non issue for me. Big Issue for Chic Fil A though – millions in free ads. Kudos on a very lucky out come. Not sure that Mittens would even consider this issue or getting that involved with any low brow establishment. Change the establishment name to Chaunteclair’s, offer a French style prepared free range chicken in full course with wine and he might stand up.

  • old hillbilly

    We continue to miss the point. As long as we can’t bring ourselves to define the abomination, the “abomia-knightes” are going to rub everyone’s nose in their vile mess! Love… to dig into the feces??? Tongue in the dung???? It’s too sickening to openly write or discuss… the perfect abomination… call it our Obamanation!

    Mad at God & want to destroy His religion? Go for it, but do it somewhere else where you will not offend me and mine.. live in the muck and mire… enjoy if it turns you on. Let perverts redefine the sanctity of marriage, and marriage will be perverted.

    • Dave

      Wow! You certainly have a sick mind. The things you posted made me ill!

      • angelwannabe

        Well Dave thats exactly what is done, is there someother “sweet” way you’d like to put it, so the homosexual act sounds more acceptable, more pleasing, to us & society?.

        ..I can guar-dam-tee ya, there isn’t anything you could do to sugarcoat homosexuality, to those of us who think its disgusting…just sayin’….

    • IB6UB9

      “Let perverts redefine the sanctity of marriage, and marriage will be perverted.”
      You mean like all the modern day married couples who end up divorcing because they can’t keep the promise they made at the altar. Half of all marriages these days end up in divorce Maybe we DO need to redefine marriage. It doesn’t seem to be what it’s meant to be….thanks to all those straight couples f**king it up.

      • HH

        Again IB6UB9 you are an IDIOT.

        “Let perverts redefine the sanctity of marriage, and marriage will be perverted.” I can’t argue with that!

        “You mean like all the modern day married couples who end up divorcing because they can’t keep the promise they made at the altar”.

        For you’re information IB6UB9, my grandparents were married for 60+ years both my mothers parents AND my fathers parents. My parents are working on their 60th year now! My sister and her husband are approaching their 40th year, my wife and I will be married 31 years this month. My brother and his wife just celebrated their 30th anniversary a few months ago. We know what it means to commit oneself to another, we were taught that growing up. The problem is that the family unit has been lost by the influx of those who were NOT taught the sanctity of marriage that is between a man and a woman.

        “Half of all marriages these days end up in divorce Maybe we DO need to redefine marriage. It doesn’t seem to be what it’s meant to be….thanks to all those straight couples f**king it up”.

        As you can see from my statement above our family of “straight” couples have committed our lives to our spouses. NO, marriage does NOT need to be redefined! It needs to be practiced and taught to our kids by example as my parents and grandparents did to me so will my wife and I do to our children and their children.

        Marriage is between a man and a woman, a man married to another man cannot reproduce, a woman married to another woman cannot reproduce……….. It’s a LAW of nature! You HOMO’s are going against nature it’s self………… and you think THAT is OK?

  • Shane

    DaveH says:

    August 10, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    As usual, Shane resorts to personal attacks in lieu of facts.

    Gee DaveH. You constandly label others as a way to marginalized and condemn. Then use accuse me of personal attacks.

    DaveH, you really have a serious problem. My two previous post resulted in no intellectual conversation from you in which to point me wrong. Yet on your last comment directed to me, you called me a progressive.

    Again, you are labeling on slim pickings. Ignoring my multiple previous post as to the danger, as you are so clearly are the poster child of rigit ideologues. Those that condemn others under a rigit formula that I can assure you, even your little followers, family and friends could not follow.

    Trying to figure out where you came up with your assumption that you have the right to be the arbitrator to set the standard along the political spectrum? But I do enjoy listening to your piousness. It must be awesome tofeel that you have all the answers, down to the dot and the slash.

    Well, got to leave this sand box. Leaving on a camping trip to the beach. Hope the fish are welling and the babes are in abundance.

    There is actually a world beyond the screen.

  • angelwannabe

    So many Lefties, so little time……I’m always amused at the lefts “my Way or the Highway approach to free speech…

    The gays aren;t happy just being what they are – they want to be a fully accepted & credited into our lives, whether we agree with the life style or not and they’ll snake they’re way in if they have to. Which is exactly what they’re doing.

    They’ve made freedom of speech a platfom of political correctiness in which to push they’re “same sex marriage agenda” as if they’re way of thinking is the “way”__well it isn’t ,and Mr Cathy and the lines of supporters lining up for chic-fil-a, has proven just that__Anyone who wants to be in asame sex relationship knock yourselves out, Those of us opposed to it, STILL don’t have to like it and have a right to say so!!!

    • Dave

      The “Right” is only a location. It doesn’t mean you’re always right [correct]!

      • angelwannabe

        ….I’m right in my world bud, because we each manifest our own reality__you have your opinion, I stated mine, you can take it or leave it__Pretty simple!




    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Oh so bigotry is a gut feeling Hey!

  • rotor700

    I’am shocked that someone acually had the courage to stand up to this hoard of sexual deviates. I’m personally tired of their movement and would like it stopped in its tracks. I also think it is a real shame we are not siezing the opportunity to elect a real honest, and down to earth person, like Ron Paul for president. We are really missing the boat on that one.

    • Dave

      Sorry, but you can’t always get what you want! Sexual deviates? You mean like some of the priests in the Catholic Church?

  • IB6UB9

    I like making my own special sauce for MY chicken sandwiches. It’s creamy and so delicious. It’s a very simple recipe. Only one ingredient. Yum Yum!


      WOW, “IB6UB9!”



  • http://personalliberties Dirty Deeds

    To all that went to chick f la thank you. Now. With that said. We need your help one more time. Theres a movie out called.2016. Look it up watch the trailer. If you do have any friends that are obama zombies. Take them to go see it. If you think things are bad now. Well my friend, you haven,t seen nothing yet. The fitst four years was just a warm up. Take church groups everybody you know. Tell them about this movie. We have got to do this. If not. Then. The america we know. Will no longer be here for our own kids. Much less our grand kids. But hey, if your ok with it. Thinking, it won’t effect me. Well think again. Watch tjus movie. Its the voice in your head before (expletive deleted) hits the fan. We have got to win this thing. Because, by 2016. Its not going to matter any more. Think about that.

  • DEE






    • IB6UB9

      It’s clear you have your beliefs. When it comes to two consenting adults [straight or gay] who want to have a marriage, the ONLY one YOU should be concerned about is yours and yours alone. A marriage between two people [straight or gay] have absolutely nothing to do with yours. Around the world, people get married everyday, You don’t know them. You don’t know of their ceremony, and yet, they get married without your knowledge. How on earth would their marriage remotely have a personal impact on your life? It wouldn’t! Why is it your business to interfere in the lives of others? Because you assume it is!

      Why do you assume you know everything about a person regarding GOD. You cannot know the truth in a person’s heart. Only that person and their relationship with GOD truly know. Not you.

      You said that “WE DON’T NEED TO HAVE A FREAKIN PARADE EVERY YEAR TO REMIND US. HETERALSEXUALS [spelled-> heterosexuals] DON’T HAVE PARADES!” I hate to burst your bubble, but here are just a few “FREAKIN PARADES” from a very large list:
      National Veterans Day Parade, Tournament of Roses Parade, National Memorial Day Celebration & Parade, Soulard Mardi Gras – Lumiére Place Grand Parade, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, West Indian Day Parade, The Holiday Promenade of Stars Parade, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Caribbean American Family Day Festival Parade, Brazil Independence Day Parade, SoHo Art Parade, Feast of San Genarro Parade, Steuban Day Parade, International Cultures Parade, Muslim Day Parade, Mexican Day Parade, African-American Day Parade, Dominican Day Parade, Pakistan Independence Day Parade, Phillipine Independence Day Parade, Mermaid Parade on Coney Island, Cuban Day Parade, Bronx Latinos Unidos Parade, Dance March Parade, Global Marijuana Parade, Turkish-American Parade, Haitian Flag Day Parade, Norweigian-American 17th of May Parade, Martin Luther King Jr./369th Regiment Parade, Haitian-American Day Parade, Greater NY Good Neighbor Parade, Sikh Cultural Society Parade, Greek Independence Day Parade, Chinese New Year Parade, Lunar New Year Parade.

      • Honest Al

        Yep! And a queer swishing hips in every one of them.

      • FreedomFighter

        Reject the “GAY-STOPO”, just like the gestopo the GAYSTOPO uses terror and intimidation to further the agenda.

        The parades are usually a freak show.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • HH

        IB6UB9, you idiot! None of the parades you mention are about heterosexual-ism! They are parades to celebrate certain events, NOT sexual preferences!




        THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE – CHILD REARING. A FEW MONTHS AGO, THE WINNER OF “Jeopardy” [A GAME SHOW] WAS A MALE HOMOSEXUAL WHO MENTIONED HIS “husband” TO Alex Trebek. [The homosexual winner had been married in Massachusetts]. SINCE “Jeopardy” IS A “FAMILY” SHOW, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT A PARENT TO DO WHEN A CHILD ASKS, “Daddy [Mommy], did that man say his husband?” THIS PARENTAL DILEMMA ALSO APPLIES TO THE “Days of Our Lives” HOMOSEXUAL CHARACTER, “Will Horton.”





    • HH

      I appreciate your comments here Dee but please, you don’t have to YELL!

      • IB6UB9

        I bet you have a big one! Love to see it!

      • HH

        As I said before IB6UB9, you are an idiot!

      • IB6UB9

        You’re repeating yourself! Does that mean senility is setting in?

  • Palin16

    Someone please send some Chick-fil-A sandwiches to Bawney Fwank and the Hildebeast,

  • David

    The ignorance and bigotry espoused here is mind-numbing. While the gay community made a mistake attacking a company that openly funds anti-gay programs, the bigotry I saw was from those who came out to support an anti-gay activist.

    As to our country being destroyed if Obama is reelected – that’s just stupid talk. He hasn’t done it yet because, if you took the time to learn how our gov’t and economy really works, you’d know the power resides in Congress, not the White House.

    • DaveH

      Well, that was convincing. I think I’ll switch to become a Liberal now.

      • http://none Charlie

        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 for Salvation…

    • DaveH

      Here’s your chance, David, to learn how an economy really works, so you actually have some knowledge about an economy instead of just thinking you do:

    • DaveH

      David says — “The ignorance and bigotry espoused here is mind-numbing”.
      Bigotry yes. Mainly the ignorance I’ve seen displayed, though, is from Liberals who think that everything they disdain can be eliminated by Big Government. Social pressure is the only effective way to end bigotry. Government only drives it underground where it stews until an eventual eruption of hatred and violence. But Government is always happy to pretend to solve the problem at the rest of our expense.
      The best way to address the problem is to get Government out of the Marriage issue altogether other than to enforce voluntary explicit marriage contracts (not the implied ones). If people want the protection of a marriage contract then they should have one drawn up and know exactly what they’re signing up for, none of this implied contract business where somebody else decides after the marriage crumbles what the partners “agreed to”.
      I realize this will fall on deaf ears with Liberals who don’t understand the concept of Voluntary choice unless they want to end an unborn baby’s life.

      • IB6UB9

        You think you know everything about people who are of the liberal persuasion.

        “More conservatives are pedophiles than liberals.” Saying that makes about as much sense as saying “Liberals who don’t understand the concept of Voluntary choice unless they want to end an unborn baby’s life.”

        You are nothing but a f**k wad!

      • http://none Charlie

        Code69,,.,Clean up !!! OR you are on the way to hell in a hand basket made in China…

      • DaveH

        I am in awe of your intelligent comment.

      • DaveH

        Show me a Liberal who doesn’t want Big Government to force his agenda on everybody else, IB6UB9, and you’ll be showing me a True Conservative.

  • DaveH
  • Capitalist at Birth

    Why is everyone in the media bashing the Romney campaign for no apparent reason? Did Barrack Obama comment on this manufactured controversy? Do you know? Are you bashing their campaign as well for not commenting on such a shallow subject. I full support Chick Fil-A. and visited a store on August 1st.

  • Henry David Ritscher

    Marriage is a religious sacrament. The Government can perform a Civil Union. Many governments have accepted marriage as the equivalent of a Civil Union for various reason. As part of the ceremony the priest, minister, or pastor will say: By the authority of God and the state of ___ I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. Or something similar. Since there is a wall of separation between the government and religion, in the USA, it is up to the church to say who may enter into Holy Matrimony. The government can specify who may enter into a Civil Union.

    • http://none Charlie

      Most state god churches are NOT under contract with King Jesus AND the Constitution and /or state statutes DO NOT overrule King Jesus and His Law Book ,,,first in time , first in law,,, Knowledge is Power …
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

  • JON

    A new discovery for the cure of Homophobia:

    • gunner689AI

      Jonny: the term “homophobia” means being afraid of queers. I don’t know anyone who is afraid of queers just the direction, down the sewer pipe, that they and their supporters are trying to drag our nation to. Speaking of words; where do they get calling themselves “gay” ? Gay means happy and carefree. The terms “queers” and “Sodomites” is a much more appropriate and accurate term.

      PC is BS

      • JON

        I don’t know why gay is used either. However, “Sodomites” is a term that also applies to straight people who engage in oral and rear end sex. And there are a lot who do: one and/or both. And since there are so many more straight people on the planet, there are a lot more straight “Sodomites” then gay ones.





        FROM A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE, “Sodomite” AND HOMOSEXUAL ARE THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE TERMS. [In reference to "Sodomite," it would be improper to utilize the term for female homosexuals since "lesbians" are not mentioned in the Bible]. THE WORD, “queer” – AS WELL AS, “gay” – CAN BE OFFENSIVE BECAUSE THEY DEAL WITH TYPES OF HOMOSEXUALS. IF A CERTAIN HOMOSEXUAL IS CALLED THE WRONG VERNACULAR TERM, HE/SHE COULD BE OFFENDED.

  • Pingback: Too Much Spending Is The Problem : Personal Liberty Alerts

  • Peter W-J

    The worst that can Happen to the enemies of The Father,Jesus and the Holy Spirit is to a person filled with the power of The living God who explains “what is Written!

  • Dennis

    I am not surprised by Mitt Romney’s “no comment.” The truth about Romney is that he is not much different than Obama. I lived under Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts. Romney is nothing more than a RINO and he too is a sell-out when it comes to the American citizen. If Romney does get elected, all that will happen is Obamacare will become Romneycare. Romney already did it in Massachusetts so why would he change anything for the whole country. We have been sold down the river and it no longer matters which so called political party gets in power. Both the Dems and the Repubs sold us out a long time ago. God will not help us because for the most part, this nation has walked away from God.

    • http://none Charlie

      King Jesus and one Man can be a Majority ,,,King Jesus Christ is The King of America…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38…

  • tncdel

    While I agree with Chick-Fil-A owners and that Romney should have commented in support thereof, a far more important thing Romney needs to address that is inter-related with our economic woes is how Obama has been trying to attract more job-stealing illegals here with work permits, amnesty, “free” healthcare and everything else, even college at taxpayer expense.

    Romney is wasting golden opportunities to thrash Obama.



  • har82

    Nice to see so many people in the country supported these people. Love it when the democraps get kicked in the teeth hahahahaha.

  • Chris

    Animals DO have souls…………how “arrogant” to say otherwise.

    • HH

      ["Animals DO have "arrogant" to say otherwise".]

      Animals have souls? Prove it!




        • HH


          I’m a Christian and I know hundreds of fellow Christians and NON of them believe that any animal “other than a human” has a soul!

      • HH

        Correction, that’s NONE….. not NON….. sorry!

  • Ann

    Romney tried to be a gentleman for quite a long time, because (gasp!) he actually IS one, but true, he’s going to have to rev up to be a bit sparky to overcome Obama the liar.


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