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The Associated Press Scrutinizes Obama’s Speech

January 27, 2011 by  

The Associated Press Scrutinizes Obama's SpeechPresident Barack Obama's State of the Union address appears to have won over Democratic supporters, but a prominent news agency has scrutinized many aspects of the nationally televised speech.

Shortly after Obama's address on Capitol Hill, a CBS News poll revealed that 91 percent of viewers who participated in the survey approved of the proposals put forth by the commander-in-chief. However, the news provider acknowledged that many people who watched the speech and participated in the poll were Democrats.

The Associated Press conducted a fact check on Obama's proposals and found several discrepancies. For example, the President said that he will veto any bills that include earmarks. The media outlet reported that, in early 2009, Obama took a different stance on pork barrel spending.

"Done right, earmarks have given legislators the opportunity to direct Federal money to worthy projects that benefit people in their districts, and that's why I've opposed their outright elimination," Obama said then, quoted by the news source.

Furthermore the AP pointed out that Obama pledged to freeze government spending while also investing in America's future, but he did not provide many credible suggestions for budget cuts. Last year, he said he wanted to raise approximately $36.5 billion in tax increases on oil and gas companies, yet a Democratic-led Congress failed to approve the measure. During Tuesday night's State of the Union, Obama made a similar proposal, which is unlikely to pass in a GOP-led House of Representatives.

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  • Kinetic1

    Wow, this is all you can come up with? In case anyone is wondering what “many people who watched the speech and participated in the poll were Democrats.” means, it means that those polled were 44% Democrat, 25% Republican. The AP story referred to here is a scathing attack on almost everything the President had to say, but all we see here is a little poke. The AP made some serious points folks. It was clear from their analysis that they believe that President is willing to say almost anything he can to make the right happy, even if it’s unlikely to come true. Did we read the same story?

    My God, look at today’s posts. 2 run on rants by Ben Crystal, one a rehash of the old “we could save a fortune if we stopped funding ….. research (you might want to talk with Bobby Jindal about that tack) and the other a line by line showing of the humor that has made Mr. Crystal what he is today, whatever that is. Then we are served up two milquetoast pieces on the State of the Union: This one that is supposedly based on the AP article found here ( And a piece about the Republicans “1,2 punch” that apparently means that there were 2 Republicans saying “I disagree” in two different ways (Did anyone else begin to think Ms. Bachman was going to drag out Beck’s chalk boards?)

    Bottom line; this was it boys. This was your chance to dig in and make some real points, but you couldn’t even dig up the details on the CBS poll! What a waste of space.

    • Patriot

      Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Abbott just laid off another 1900 people, due to the costs and regulations due to ObamaCare! Humm, I thought we were supposed to create jobs! Hopefully, people like you will wake up, it really does not matter if you do since the majority of us have already seen the light our future does not include our President the liar! Also, fact check the entire speech was plagiarized from other Presidents, when liars run out of material they start to copy others, what a shame for America! If our Media was really do their job they would research these things to really expose the fraud that is our President, listen to the speech and learn there are no proposals at all, smoke and mirrors and the supposed educated elite have no idea. Our nation has become so dumb-down that our educated elite have no clue and are no longer capable of understanding!

      • bob wire

        “Abbott Laboratories said Wednesday that it would cut 1,900 jobs, or 6 percent, of its U.S. workforce in the wake of a series of disappointments in its drug development pipeline, triggering a restructuring of pharmaceutical commercial and manufacturing operation”

        seems they not expecting the same profits as before.

        Being sad about that is about like a cow morning the closing of a killing-house. Oh Dear ! what are we to do?

        When have ALCON here is TEXAS, ~ for the people who work there, it’s good work, they are a sought after employer.

        • Patriot

          Wow, Bob obviously you have it all figured out! Let me try to explain what businesses do is try to make profits even though regulations and subsidies to other business that could not make it our there own is stifling job creation, yes evil Profits are the problem! Guess what without profits there are no jobs or government spending, so now let’s try to minimize profits and see what happens. Please stop reading your biased news and learn the facts about PROFITS & business! Since you probably never had a real job you do not know how they work! Listen to what is actually happing due to ObamaCare it is actually all around you, but, you will never hear it “we have the best healthcare in world now we need to change it” guess who said this, you guessed our great President, apply logic and you get the truth, it is actually very easy, try to apply logic sometime.

          Here is a direct quote from the informed, which are the people who live with the damage of Obamacare. Alcon is a very good company and are doing great, they should be congratulated, they however do not work in near the regulated environment at Abbott and that is how it works when regulations are minimized.

          “Abbott blamed the cuts on new fees and pricing pressures associated with the health reform law and a “challenging regulatory environment” at the Food and Drug Administration, which approves new drugs.”

          Direct quote AP! We need to fix our country now before too many Bob’s get the wool pulled over their eyes; the Emperor really has no clothes! Snap out of it Bob!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I wonder if Bob and kenetic even bothered to listen to the economic report yesterday? The one where they said new unemployment claims climbed by over 40,000 claims??? Really sounds like the economy is improving, huh?

          • bob wire

            “Direct quote AP! We need to fix our country now before too many Bob’s get the wool pulled over their eyes; the Emperor really has no clothes! Snap out of it Bob!”

            well Sir. What industry in particular are we discussing here my friend? And what is it about the word reform you are failing to understand?

            This industry is making large profits at who’s expense? They are being asked to deliver to a market. If a restructuring is required to get slim and trim, some changes will be required. The first thing management seems to look at it labor.

            The automobile and steel industry has went through the same process has it not?

            America has feel well behind the rest of the world in productions as we have invested our time, energy and focus on military matters. Accept this as so, ~ or do your research and find out for yourselves.

            It’s very easy to get lost in the need to bail water, we forget to drain the swamp.

            I don’t take these lay-offs lightly and it is concerning but this industry in question is where the rubber meets the road in lower health care cost and this shake up should come as no big surprise.

            What should raise concerns is “no changes”

            Now as for KOOL AIDE , yes, I’ve had a glass or two and understand the long view, purpose and directing leadership is wanting to go today. We can expect some displacement as the US struggles to take leadership roles in areas we are greatly lacking in today.

            We have spent 11 years chasing sandmen while the rest of the developing world has moved forward.

            In Germany today, they have an Urban City Parking lot, many stories tall that operates like a vending machines. You drive onto a ramp, get out of your car and the ramp takes takes your car and warehouses it safely in a dedicated slots somewhere inside a massing complex. When your return, you pay for the timed “parked” for the dedicated slot and your car is retrieve by automated mechanics and delivered to you on the ramp, taking only a few minute.

            This model parking garage requires very little space or effort to use.

            This is but one example how far behind America is to it’s European competitors in civil matters today. There are many more.

            Blind Kool Aide drinkers?, I think perhaps, you best describe yourself.

            Turning back time is not an option available to us no matter how much you might long for it.

        • Al Sieber

          JoeH, you got that right, a lot more are getting laid off.

      • Al Sieber

        Patriot, glad you brought up the point that his speech was plagiarized from different presidents speeches, I noticed that also.

      • Kinetic1

        “Keep drinking the Koolaid”? I didn’t write a word about support for the President, so what are you talking about? My point was that their was ample ammunition in the AP story to put some teeth in this site’s critique of the State of the Union Speech, but all we got was the same old same old. AP Scrutinizes speech tells me that there were some real controversial moments in the SOTU. So what were they? Don’t give us a sharp lead and then a paragraph or two of filler. “GOP lands two counterpunches..” That title suggests that Reps Ryan and Bachman had some damaging points to make in their rebuttals, but the article gives us little or nothing to go on. I guess they figured that we all saw their speeches and there was no point in going over them. So what’s up? I learned more about Fluoride on this site then I did about the rebuttals.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I didn’t bother watching the SOTU. I am sick of the lies and regardless what was said, it won’t turn out like that….

    • Rose

      Yep, as usual just smoke and mirrors as usual from Obama and liberals. They really do want to raise taxes, impose more legislation, and probably bring more czars on board at ridiculous salaries and no oversight. I did not listen because he did not fulfill any of his previous promises. But, there are many out there who just love Kool-Aid. If they drink enough, they will disappear and maybe we can forge ahead to return America to the great and profitable America. And, yes, without profits no business will stay in business. Why would they? If you want socialism or communism, I invite you to go live in those countries. I have and I don’t want to any more. Wake up and smell the coffee, and stay off the Kool-Aid!

      • DeJay

        YES!!! Stay off the Kool-Aid. The original Kool-Aid has been bought out by Kraft and it no longer tastes like the original Kool-Aid.

  • Miss Debbie

    I agree Kinetic…the GOP is too soft..Mr Nice guy period is over!! They are going to have to step up and get mean now!!Downright hardnosed about everything we oppose and stand up for America..WE don’t want to hear blah blah blah…we want to hear WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO BE OR WE WILL BECOME A PARTY OF NO LIKE YOU’ve NEVER SEEN B/4!!!!!

    • J.M.R.

      agreed m. debbie maybe we should send the repubs a steel rod so they can shove up their spine so they could have a back bone.

      • http://naver sook young

        Our new leaders have already banned earmarks in the House and voted to overturn Obamacare (something we don’t need from the government), but I hope they do a lot more. Right now they have legislation to ban federal funded abortions and I think it will pass. I also hope that they can do something about our ever increasing debt. I just can’t see how our government can just keep printing money when the Constitution says they can coin money, not print. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

        • herman richardson


          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Herman… So are you pro-life? The government should not be funding abortions. I think that is what you meant, but I wasn’t sure…

          • Ted Crawford

            I strongly oppose abortion.For those of you who now believe I’m a right-wing Bible thumper, I am in fact a Diest. My objections are purely personal belief. Having said that as a conservative moderate I can find no legimate path to eliminating it. As a tax payer I do believe that I can clearly oppose the use of tax dollars to pay for it!

          • Bruce D.

            It is really in your face when they make you pay for something you morally oppose. Some not only want an abortion but demand that others pay for it. Some people really have a lot of nerve.

        • ajb

          when will they stop the talk and do something

        • Kinetic1

          sook young,
          It’s one thing to argue for following the Constitution based on “original intent”, but to be so literal is absurd. Coining is a term for creating, not a literal definition of making coins. I could go into detail on the rights of the Congress, but suffice to say that I can “coin a phrase” without stamping a phrase on a piece of metal and the Congress can print paper/cloth money and still be “coining”.

          • Ted Crawford

            While you are correct in the technical sense, it’s clear that our Founders understood that paper money would surly lead to just such a devastating situation as we now find ourselves struggling with!

          • Kinetic1

            As long as our paper was backed by gold and silver, it wasn’t a problem.

          • Bruce D.

            Technically you are right but Soo Young also has a point. The paper money was to be redeemed in silver or gold on request. Marxism can only prosper on borrowed money or printed money without gold or silver backing. A Marxist society based solely on productivity goes quickly into decline as people begin to realize the folly of hard work when what they earn has to be redistributed.

    • herman richardson


  • Charles

    Regretfully, I do not trust this White House nor Main Stream Media. None of us who practice deceit, can or will in the long run win. The sad thing is the number of innocent people who are hurt in the process when such is practicedd. Truth and grace will in the end win, and the more that can be practiced, the more others will be blessed as well.

  • ralph schneider

    (Almost) full of sound and fury signifing(almost) nothing-sotu

  • bob wire

    “However, the news provider acknowledged that many people who watched the speech and participated in the poll were Democrats.”

    Well there you go! that explains everything doesn’t it!

  • Norm

    There are basic budget and revenue facts that are not in dispute.

    These should factor into every discussion about the budget:
    1. Top marginal rates have been generally descending for the past 70 years, from 81 percent in 1940 to 35 percent today.

    2. Over the past 30 years, income has grown nearly 300 percent for the top 1 percent, but only 25 percent for middle-income Americans.

    3. The percentage of all taxes paid by each income group—including income, payroll, sales, etc.—roughly reflects its total income. In other words, our tax system is barely progressive. Despite the cries of the wealthy for tax relief, they pay only a slightly greater share of taxes than the significantly less wealthy, as a percentage of total income earned.

    4. Our annual budget is significantly out of balance:
    a. Spending is about $3.8 trillion.
    b. Revenue is about $2.5 trillion.
    c. This leaves a deficit of about $1.3 trillion.

    5. The big buckets of spending are pretty clearly separable:
    a. Defense—about $900 billion.
    b. Social Security—$730 billion.
    c. Medicare—$490 billion.
    d. Medicaid—$300 billion.
    e. Interest—$250 billion.
    f. Nondefense discretionary—$610 billion.

    Where do you begin to scale back spending or raise revenue to bring us into long-term balance, while laying a foundation for a competitive economy?
    Keep in mind, there are only three things that can be done to close the gap—borrow more, tax more, or spend less. There is a clear consensus that dramatic borrowing will not be acceptable to the markets once we are beyond the immediate recession. The political will to raise taxes, unfortunately, is not there—witness the unfortunate extension of the Bush tax cuts last December. This means that the only real issue becomes which spending will be cut—and by how much?
    The Republican answer is simple, and wrong. We got a glimpse of the Republican answer last week, in the Spending Reduction Act issued by the Republican Study Committee—the policy voice of the Republican Party. (Presumably, the response to the president’s State of the Union, to be delivered by Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican anointed budget whiz and incoming chairman of the House budget committee, will echo this document.)
    First off, the RSC proposes to cut only $2.5 trillion over 10 years—not even enough to make up for the additional deficit created by extending the Bush tax cuts.
    And where exactly do the Republicans want to cut? Not at all in defense, Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, the biggest drivers of current spending. Moreover, these are the buckets of spending that if not altered will generate larger deficits every year and contribute almost nothing to our future competitiveness.
    Instead, they propose that virtually the entirety of the cuts—$2.3 trillion of $2.5 trillion—come from nondefense discretionary spending. That means slashing spending in everything from education to scientific research funding by a whopping 20 percent to 30 percent over the next decade.
    This approach is a political punt of the worst form. The Republicans appear to be afraid to make a single tough decision on entitlement spending, defense, or equity issues. They are simply caught in a dogma of “cut where the political cost will be least” and ignore what the impact on the future will be.
    Nowhere in the Republican document is there mention of even sensible defense cuts—such as the trillion dollars over a decade suggested by Lawrence Korb, a senior Reagan Defense department official, or any discussion of raising the retirement age for Social Security, or any consideration of raising payroll taxes on the wealthy to keep Social Security solvent into the future.
    Nope. The Republican approach to the federal budget continues to be vapid and dangerous for our future.
    The moment for President Obama to draw a line in the sand approaches. Whatever disappointment there may have been over the decisions that got us here—the lame-duck tax agreement in particular—this is the moment when budget decisions will set the trajectory for the next decade. He must insist that the obligation to bring greater balance to the federal budget not forsake the education, R&D, and infrastructure investments critical to the future.

    • Ellen

      Norm, You are incorrect on item 3. In addition to paying a higher percentage of their income (currently 35%), the ‘wealthy’ don’t get tax write offs that middle & low income earners get – no write off for children, education, etc. They only get to write off a portion of their mortgage interest and charitable deductions. And, they have to pay the Alternative Minimum Tax. If I remember, this ‘wealthy’ category cutoff is $150,000 annual income. If you live in a city (who else makes this income but people in cities), $150,000 is not wealthy. If you live in a small town where expenses are lower, $150,000 is quite a lot of money. But, as we know, incomes and area expenses are related. I think the recent statistic (2009) is the top 5% of earners pay 73% of taxes, yet they take in less than 50% of all income. Obama likes to fuel the fires of class warfare, but that doesn’t help anyone and it’s generally based on emotions rather than facts.

      • Norm


        One of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffet, made headlines in 2007 when he claimed that the current tax system allows him to pay less tax than his secretary.

        The issue of taxation for the wealthy is a source of constant debate in the media and in the political spectrum. Regardless of your stance on tax breaks, there is no doubt that the IRS is cracking down on the traditional “tax havens” typically reserved for the wealthy — particularly abuse of charitable contributions, offshore transactions and trust formation. In fact, those three techniques are listed on the IRS’s annual Dirty Dozen list.

        • Ellen

          Warren Buffett did say that, but his situation is rare. The bulk of his income is from capital gains which are taxed at 15%. How many people are in that boat? My guess is only the ultra rich. I agree with most of your original points, by the way. Perhaps the politicians fuel the rich vs poor fire to keep us from focusing on the reality – that we’re all over-taxed to pay for failed policies. The nearly 1/2 of all ‘taxpayers’ don’t pay taxes are the real problem.

      • eddie47d

        No matter which way it gets painted the Middle Class takes it on the chin.The Democrats are handing out goodies to serial welfare recipients and the Republicans shower the already wealthy with more tax breaks and pork. Business owners do get plenty of write offs;which we mortals don’t get. I’d like to see less deductions for both individuals and businesses. That includes mortgage deductions and yes I still have 9 1/2 years left on mine.

    • bob wire

      it’s not rocket surgery is it Norm.

      The GOP has went on Record saying; Taxes are fine as they are, so spend less it will have to be.

      So the ax is to fall on someone. Here comes your Early Republic with “NO” trash pick-up.

      We’ll get back to basics, educate our own children and see how that works.

      • bob wire

        It is time to reign it in and not for just the Fed.

        The problem is, people are not happy with the world they have “bought” and paid for. I can’t say that I blame them.

        There is just too many things that I would have never been in the market for that were bought for me by proxy.

      • Kinetic1

        Though I had respect for many home schoolers in the past, the growth of this practice seems to be fueled by a desire to insure that kids are not taught anything scientifically or historically sound. I can’t believe some of the nonsense I hear from these home schooled kids today.

        • RobertLfromCt

          “the growth of this practice seems to be fueled by a desire to insure that kids are not taught anything scientifically or historically sound” Just curious, do you really believe that is the motivation? How did you form that opinion? Do you know the statistics on how home schooled kids do on SATs compared with the public schooled kids? And, could it be that parents don’t want to allow their kids to be educated by liberal teachers who continually fail to present both sides of an issue? Could it be that parents don’t want their kids to become part of a education system that dumbs down curriculum so all kids pass with better grades, yet score poorly on standardized tests? Could it be that parents don’t want their kids to participate in the highly sexualized public school social life? Just wondering if you’ve ever spoken to any home scool parents.

          • eddie47d

            Home schooled kids,Charter Schools and private schools are all good choices and should be encouraged. Most public schools have a variety of problems and they have to cater to many different parental problems. Public school teachers do try but never seem to have the support of parents or community. Public schools are more open and honest in what they teach and don’t exclude anyone. Whereas charter schools can be more selective in what teaching materials they use and who is included in those subjects. Discipline is a bigger area of concern in public schools and takes up way too much time. The best answer is more parental involvement.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          If that’s true, then why do the home schooled constantly do better on the standardized tests than public school educated??

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Kinetic1… Please elaborate on the nonsense you hear from home schooled kids… I know a few and most of them are smarter, better mannered, more mature than their government schooled peers.

        • Bruce D.

          I think what you do not really like Kinetic1 is that home schoolers are taught rugged independence and that they do not have to rely on government for their survival. Also it is quite possible you do not like that many are not taught evolution as a science. You may want to impose the idea that everyone believe that their great, great…, grandfather was a monkey.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Bruce D.
            In kinetics case, It may nt go back that many generations!!!

          • bob wire

            hey and I always kind the idea of several wives.

            You must warm them up to that idea somehow! See the plus side.

            Home schooling will create what you want!

    • Robert Newman

      What I’ve been thinking for the past few years is rather than Washington worrying about “which” programs to cut, why not start with an across the board cut of 5-10-15% of ALL PROGRAMS?????
      This would start the ball rolling and if Washington wants to cut entire programs after discussion, that’s fine.

    • Conservative at Birth

      You sound like a typical Marxist. Revenue is the problem not the spending. Why are you on this site?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        conservative at birth,
        Spending is not the problem?!?!?!? Well now I see why the progressives have us in such a dire deficit!!! Let’s say you make 50,000 a year and continuously spend 70,000 a year. You think spending is not the problem with this scenario???

    • Ted Crawford

      While your numbers seem to be accurate they are, in large part an effect of another dynamic of the Economy, regulation. While common sense regulations are very necessary, I don’t trust Big Business any more than I trust Big Government. Many regulatory actions are not so much “protection” as they are revenue driven. The Cap and Trade bill and the new EPA imposed regulations on The Energy Industry are clearly in that venue. Historically the actual resultant revenues are lower! The secondary and even more negative effect is to drive many Companies out of business or off shore!

    • Trishmartin45

      Social Security and Medicare are programs paid to recipients from deductions taken from EVERY paycheck of each recipient every pay day of their working life – this is OVER AND ABOVE the withholding tax paid on every pay check of their working life. It was decided that the government would be a better steward of retirement funds than the individual. Yeah, right! Sadly, the government has embezzled from those supposedly “dedicated” funds to the point that folks who have paid in for more than 40 years may not get their money back. The way Social Security and Medicare are presented by most posters here, you would think that money is government money graciously DONATED by “the government” to the recipients rather than a promised repayment of supposedly dedicated retirement funds deducted from their paychecks over a lifetime.

  • http://google SUNBUM

    This country is screwed up, because of greedy, smart politicians, who only care about power and their own self interest, This, However; is not the real problem. The real problem is, citizens of this country have become lazy, and indifferent . ” WE THE PEOPLE ” no longer deserve this country. Because of our indifference, we will lose it to a bunch of greedy people that ” WE THE PEOPLE ” have put in office. There is no doubt that many liberals, or so called ” progressives ” hold much of the power in this country,& are devout communist; This includes politicians and media people. They think I am a, radical, nut case. That is what these people will call any one that stands up to them. Read the history of the Russian revolution! Socialism was the goal of these people; IT HAS NEVER WORKED. When it fails the next step is Communism.

    Progressives, in this country, did not just pop up, in the last few years; They have been here since the late1800′s. They are all over the world. When they see a weak country, they pop up and try to take it over. They don’t come; They are already there. They can see a problem building long before it manifest itself into a large problem. progressives will look at a country, look at its laws, its resources, and its people, look for weaknesses, or study them and try to create weaknesses that never existed before. This is how, power hungry, progressives take over a country. they are slowly taking over the United States
    The progressives really got their power with the start with the unions. They saw this as a weakness and a way to gain power. By taking over the work force of this country, with Unions, they can, and still do, control a large part of the country. With the help of the Democrat party. They are making this country weaker each year. They do this by ignoring our constitution, making us dumber & lazier with policies designed to do just that ! They know a person poorly educated will be a poorer person, also; an uneducated person is usually a lazy person. These are easy people to recruit to communism. They are dumb, lazy and if the politicians played their cards right, dependent on the government for their very existence.

    These people now make up a large portion of this country, and getting larger every day. As things stand now 47% of family households pay no fed. income tax. We are lucky it’s not 47% of the voters, however; the democrats are working on it. Give them time. The more they take from the working people and give to the poor & non-workers, the more voters for them. The more poor they can sneak into the country and make poor citizens out of them the more votes they get. Only a few more years, and they have it.

    This is why OBAMA must not be allowed a second term. He is nothing but a devout Communist. Look at his past, Look at what he has said, and done in the past, and is doing now. He has set this country on a course of bankruptcy. Obama is spending as much as he can, as fast as he can. What he can’t spend he will give away to other countries. This man is a traitor. He is out to destroy this country. Yes progressive, tell them I’m a nut, because; I say in just over 200 years, we have gone from, a traitor general ( Benedict Arnold ), to a traitor in the white house ( Obama ) .



    • Patriot

      John do not lose faith, I believe in the people of this country, the sleeping gaint has awakened the majority are solid conservatives! We must take this country back, thank God for the Tea Party, honest debate has been the hallmark of our society, Keep the Faith!

    • Robert Newman

      I’m with you brother.

    • Kinetic1

      I know you don’t want to hear this, and I’m certain that it will do little good to tell you, but the path to bankruptcy was set long ago. Remember when Reagan decided that the deficit was not important? Remember when he and Clinton started “borrowing” money from Social Security to prop up their budgets? Remember when Bush II started two wars and refused to put either in the budget? This path was not forged by Progressives and communists, it was set in motion by greed, and greed doesn’t need a party. We’ve watched as politicians of all strips have defended military spending that is un-wanted. The next-generation Medium Extended Air Defense System, for example, is continuing to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in government funding despite an internal Army report that blisteringly concluded that MEADS was ill-suited to defending troops from the kinds of attacks they were likely to face now or in the near future. No one wants to take the hit in their own district. No one wants to upset their contributers. No one wants to pay higher taxes. It’s not a Progressive/Communist plot to take down the country, it’s just greed.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’m glad to see you finally came around about Clinton!! He didn’t leave a balanced budget!!

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Kinetic1… Are you sure the borrowing from social security was started by Clinton? I thought it was Johnson.

        • Trishmartin45

          to Robin from Arcadia – You are correct – Johnson is the one who took the Social Security funds from the dedicated account and placed them in the General Account – where anyone from anywhere in the government could “borrow” them. I was always taught that borrowing implied REPAYMENT – something that has NOT happened.

      • http://google SUNBUM


        I know its all Reagan’s fault,and he was the worst president we ever had, and Roosevelt the greatest. I don’t try to discuss any thing of value with libs. It would make more sense trying to bail out a bathtub, by taking the water out of one side, and puring it on the other!!

        • bob wire

          reverse physiology?

      • Bruce D.

        “Remember when Reagan decided that the deficit was not important?” Kinetic 1 that is just a blatant lie. Reagan claimed the deficit to be his biggest disappointment. Although what Reagan spent could be considered minor compare to Obama’s deficits. Reagan not only had to deal with progressive democrats but also progressive republicans. Reagan could only accomplish what he did by joining forces with conservative democrats which do not exist anymore. We are still trying to weed out left leaning progressive republicans from the republican party. Giving away other peoples money gives you a lot power in Washington and your home state. No one knows that better than Harry Reid and most likely you.

        • bob wire

          Well Bruce, Reagan did indeed, say or suggest both these things at one point it time. So you heard only half.

          That I can’t remember when or why at the moment, might only matter to you.

  • http://com i41

    Congress and the Pres. salaries have climbed almost 5X since the 1970. They work less and get more benefits. I notice these beltway smucks aren’t taking any hits on their pay checks. If every one would contact their representives and make some serious noise, see how they like the ecobomy. It may be in their minds and so called experts it is improving, but try a little real life experience.

    • bob wire

      Times 5? (5X) are you sure? I don’t think so.

  • Merlin

    These polos must be very selective about who they interview. Are there some prequalifing questions?


    Obviously you cannot be sent to jail for distributing false information that only a idiot would believe, you just have to be smart enough not to be caught giving a live interview to a credible reporter…..or answer any questions of substance.

  • RobertLfromCt

    This post about the AP article was indeed a disappointment. Go to for a much more definitive analysis.

  • http://firefox PW

    I like the one who says, “write your Rep.” DC I am assuming. Having worked in a congressman’s office some years ago, I can tell you that the congressman only sees those letters that either pose a threat in his state for re-election or is a big contributor. The rest are robo responses. we all were briefed on what to show the Rep. There are standard letters for every complaint imaginable. The legislative assistant high believes and is educated to answer most of the personal letters and then it is personally signed or correction made by the congressman. Again, very few except for friends and financial supporters.Anything else is crap. I know, I live in Michigan and I can’t find one person here that voted for our President or agrees. And if they did they would not do it again.
    I happen to turn on Congressional channel the other day. The name of the Rep escapes me, but I did listen to what he had to say. I do know that he was from OK. He had a list of all the Departments and sub departments in DC. No one on the list was the Department of Energy. The cost to the American people for this Depart. was the highest.
    He had a list of figures and had a solutions on how to cut the cost.
    Social Security I believe had 152 inner Department within which he stated was totally unnecessary. He went line for line for every Depart and where they could be cut. It was totally amazing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much these Department heads make. I don’t mind that so much, but many of them don’t even show up for work. Home Land security is one that has terribly abused the system. You can’t fire the dead wood that work for the govt. that in itself just does not fly; mis-conduct, laziness, tardiness and again, the list goes on. Before anyone can clean up the mess, they have to clean their own house. There should be a freeze on pays all pays that the tax payer foots. How come no one does any poles on cleaning house.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama

  • http://com i41

    PW, I personally like to go to any where the politations have a meetings. I have noticed few of them will schedule a meeting durning the week when the working stiffs can get a chance to go to these feel good meetings. Right now we have a slub democrat, who will not have any open meetings or show up the last 2 years. But sooner or later they will have to surface and we are betting he will retire. His biggest back lash is coming from the working people and now his voting for big spending and social crap is starting more fires to be getting hotter as he hides out or in the beltway more. Plus the green energy crap is just getting pretty tough to buy in to.



  • Gayle

    Hard to believe ap actually admitted they polled mostly demos. Nothin on the republican response. Give um time, it seems more of the news agencies are leaking things. I saw the last of obamas talk! what a waste of time. I liked the way Boehner just sat. He flinched once about the obamacare statement. If only the GOP would keep it’s word about their promises. In my opinion, Americans got lethargic about government and spending. I always felt there were too many liberals in government, but now I know the problem is a lot worse and hopefully people all over will wake up and NOW. Please don’t forget that is our money!!

  • Connie B

    Anyone who has listened to Pres Obama’s speeches should just about have them memorized by now… Every single one of them is nothing more than another campaign speech! A SOTU speech — purportedly what was delivered to us the other night — is supposed to update the American public regarding the STATE OF THE UNION! We all know the state of the Union is critical! We all know that we canNOT

    • bob wire

      I heard it as more a Pep rally

  • Connie B

    –continuing: — CANNOT continue to sustain the crushing debt of entitlements that simply are unaffordable. We all know that the Health Care legislation (passed before any one of us, including any one of the legislators who voted it in had read it in its entirety or analyzed it, or actually knew all of its ramifications) so proudly and arrogantly signed into law by our current President – MUST BE REPEALED AND RE-WRITTEN IN A LOGICAL FORMAT ACCEPTABLE TO AND AFFORDABLE BY ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. Does anyone reading this realize, for instance, that in 2013, Obamacare provides for a 3.5% SALES TAX on real estate transactions? I am a REALTOR, and as a member of the National Association of REALTORS, we are girding ourselves to rid our future of this onerous tax – built into Obamacare as a means of funding it. And that is only one little sneaked-in financial blow to us citizens to pay for this bamboozle. Another is the thousands of new IRS employees (yes, we’re adding jobs, all right — on the backs of all of us taxpayers) to administer the built-in tax collection devices of Obama’s Health Care! (Does anyone remember Mr President-Elect stating emphatically that “anyone who earns $250,000 or less will not experience any new taxes in any form whatsoever? LIES LIES LIES!).
    Getting back to the SOTU speech, just what did any of us learn from listening to it what IS the state of the Union? All I can recall of it is all the glorious and magnificent ways we are going to improve our world: Fast-Track Trains (going from where to where, who knows?); Wind and Solar Power (rather than oil, which America has in abundance and this Administration refuses to liberate); the timed pull-out of our troops in Iraq (contrary to the advice of Field Generals — another repeated major mistake that Pres Truman made when he pulled MacArthur out of Korea, brought everyone back from the Yalu where MacArthur had fought to victory and was in a position to unify Korea at that moment; instead our President yielded to the UN, after sacrificing thousands of our own men in the field, and shut the war down to where it all began — Today we are still struggling with the extremely critical issue of North Korea (and its ally, China) threatening the entire region with its new-found nuclear power.
    Will we ever learn from History?
    Will we ever actually learn from President Obama the true State of the Union? Not from the kind of speech he delivered the other night!

    Connie B

  • bob wire

    oh shucks ! China has No. Korea and we have Israel, our Orangutan on a chain.

    If you have to have someone,~ anyone explain the state of the union to you ~ you are not taking advantage of all the many forms of media that is being offered everyone or bothering to read and stay a breast.

    And yes, Truman blinked, I personal think he lost confidence with MacAuthur after losing and abandoning the 8th US Cavalry in the Unsan.

    MacArthur was a flamboyant peacock and really couldn’t be trusted to use sound judgment.

    Housing is one of the larges single investment more people buy ~ the predators are always at such a waterhole at closing. If you are to be an Alpha Predator, that where you will be.

  • bob wire

    Your Tea Party has just met the brick wall.

    Darn reality really sucks doesn’t it?

    Well? you had a good run, opened some eyes, moved some money around and put some wind under a few peoples wings.

    You’ll see some returns in the future. That’s the way such things works.

  • Lonnie Williams

    Humm I had so much better things to do than to even waste my time listening to Obama, my only interest will come when I see WHO I can fight for to HELP defeat Obama and his democrates and republican who vote against the will of the people in 2012. I think after what I’ve seen on congress and the senate having nothing to say on illegals watch boarder wars sometime.. what a wake up. Look at the murders in Mexico and we want more here?? Illegals were sent home our unemployment rate would drop 80percent. I would have never thought a state like AZ would lead the march in anything but seeing how they have stood against our washington idiots I am impressed GO AZ GO
    If we cut the spending to these people who live off of welfare or make them go to work by provide care for their chilren.
    Why should I pay for someone else to go to school or college, come on my property tax has done that much to long as well as the 60 years of incometax I have paid. I have spent a life time paying for crap I do not believe in. Give them a loan fine but these grants SUCK, you want it then by God pay for it yourself. AND how in the devil is any college teacher worth what they get paid GET real cut the perks and salaries and guess what problem solved.
    If we cut anything lets cut these programs that no one has paid into.
    We could start with Obama, Congress and the Senate no one is worth what we pay them or the benefits they get for life afterwards.
    I do not believe one thing I hear from Washington or any of the policies they put forth. We need a real teaparty we need to take our country BACK period.

  • bob wire

    “I would have never thought a state like AZ would lead the march in anything but seeing how they have stood against our washington idiots I am impressed GO AZ GO”

    Well, You’re first thought was more accurate. ~ Arizona is not leading anything.

    That a small National political faction is using a “poor” frontier state to spearhead it’s contempt and highlight immigration issues is what we have in Arizona today.

    Arizona does have many problems, this is true. First and foremost being all those white folks that decided to move to a desert full of Mexicans, native Indian, rattle snake and heely monsters for a dryer, warmer climate with all the money they made up north. It’s was once consider cheap to buy and cheap to live there. Now the government and Walmart are their largest employers as the late arrives are being taxed to death and demanding security and garbage pick-up.

    So lead out Arizona, I’ve no interest in following, I was born and raised in Texas and understand the dynamic at play here, even if the rest of you don’t have a clue.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Again we have to consider that BHO is undoubtedly beginning his campaign for re-election, hoping to deceive drones and other uninformed naive liberal morons. In a way, BHO may resemble a child. That is – some kids I’ve heard of who want to be firefighters when they grow up. Some of these kids may set fires in their yards so they can extinguish them and say they did. Likewise, it seems strange that BHO talks about creating jobs. In his first 2 years in office, his policies have destroyed some 4 million jobs and given us the longest period of above 9% unemployment since the Great Depression!! BHO also talks about deficits and cutting spending. LOL!! In his first 2 years as POTUS, BHO (along with his democraps in Congress) has added more to national debt than all past presidents and Congresses combined!! Of course, there are differences. 1st, most kids don’t intend to burn their family’s property to the ground. But BHO does what he does deliberately in hopes of destroying America and its economy, and transforming this nation into his idea of a socialist Utopia. 2nd, most kids cannot, and/or will not, blame the kid who used to live in the house for any property damage. But like a child, BHO will whine and blame everything on his predecessor GW Bush. And it’s pathetic that so many drones and naïve liberal morons believe BHO’s ‘Blame Bush’ drivel!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!


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