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The Art of the Lie

February 8, 2010 by  

The Art of the Lie

When my children were growing up I could usually tell when they were lying to me. A subtle fidget, a flicker of the eyes or the pitch of their voice would give them away.

That’s because they were taught from the start that lying was wrong. My wife and I drummed it into them, and they believed it. Since they knew what they were doing was wrong it was difficult for them to pull it off.

I’ve always been pretty good at spotting liars. Not as good as Dr. Cal Lightman from the Fox show Lie to Me; but pretty good. It was a gift that served me well as a reporter.

Of course it’s a lot easier to spot a lying politician today than it used to be. How do you know they’re lying? It’s cliché, but, it’s when their lips are moving.

Did you watch any of the President Barack Obama’s recent State of the Union address? I tried counting his lies but within about 15 minutes I ran out of fingers and toes. No matter, his life is a lie—from his sham birth certificate to his autobiography to his campaign promises to his pledges as President. But the amazing thing is that he does it so effortlessly. And he’s so good at it he’d probably get away with it if those nasty facts didn’t keep getting in the way.

He promised transparency during his campaign, but does everything behind closed doors. He promised healthcare negotiations on C-Span. But negotiations are done in secret. He promised everyone they could keep their doctor, but the public option would end that. He says if someone has another idea he’ll listen, but he shuts dissenters out of the process. He says the Supreme Court overturned 100 years of law, but Justice Samuel Alito says, “Not true.”

Obama also bashed lobbyists. That was right before he invited them to sit in on White House briefings. In his SOTU speech he said: “We face a deficit of trust—deep and corrosive doubts about how Washington works that have been growing for years.  To close that credibility gap, we have to take action on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue—to end the outsized influence of lobbyists; to do our work openly; to give our people the government they deserve.”

Hmm. I wonder why there’s a “deficit of trust.” Maybe it’s because of things like his failure to mention that more than 40 ex-lobbyists work in his administration, as the The Washington Examiner reports.

But that’s not all. According to

The Treasury Department on Thursday morning (the day after the SOTU) invited selected individuals to “a series of conference calls with senior Obama administration officials to discuss key aspects of the State of the Union address.”

The article goes on to say:

A handful of lobbyists told The Hill on Thursday morning that they received the invitations and were planning to call in.

Some lobbyists say they are extremely frustrated with the White House for criticizing them and then seeking their feedback. Others note that Democrats on Capitol Hill constantly urge them to make political donations.
One lobbyist said, “Bash lobbyists, then reach out to us. Bash lobbyists [while] I have received four Democratic invitations for fundraisers.”

And then there’s Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). In a press release issued Jan. 27, he said, “In the upcoming elections, voters will face a choice between Republicans who are standing with Wall Street fat cats, bankers and insurance companies—or Democrats who are working hard to clean up the mess we inherited by putting the people’s interests ahead of the special interests.”

That statement would lead you to believe he opposes standing with Wall Street fat cats, bankers and insurance companies. But two days later, at the DSCC winter retreat in Miami, Menendez and 10 of his fellow senators were entertained by a long list of Wall Street fat cats, bankers and insurance companies who paid around $30,000 each to the campaign coffers of the DSCC, according to

Included in that list are insurance companies like Allstate and Aflac; pharmaceutical manufactures like AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and Novartis; financial groups like American Bankers Association, Managed Funds Association and Sallie Mae; large corporations like FedEx, UPS, Ford Motor Co. and Home Depot; and lobbying firms like Quinn Gillespie and Associates, Podesta Group and Heather Podesta and Partners; and an assortment of other big corporations, lobbyists and special interest groups. In all, 129 of these organizations attended at $30,000 each for a total into the DSCC of about $3.87 million. Just for a one-day trip to the beach.

And who can forget that low-life former presidential candidate, John Edwards? According to Byron York in The Washington Examiner, with the National Enquirer set to break a story during the 2007-2008 Democrat presidential primary that Edwards had fathered a child with campaign staffer Reille Hunter, Edwards crafted his own lie.

He encouraged campaign worker Andrew Young to claim the child as his own. This would make it a “one-day story,” Edwards claimed, and would do minimal damage to the campaign. For two more years Edwards would cling to this lie while his marriage to his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth fell apart and his baby was denied a true father.

It’s certain that lying by politicians is a not a recent phenomenon. We could go back to the beginning of politics and find examples. But here are some recent examples that come to mind:

There was George H.W. Bush’s 1988 proclamation of, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” The following autumn saw Bush proposing a number of tax increases, prompting a headline in the New York Post that read: Read my lips. I lied.

Bill Clinton had his own “Read my lips” moment when he said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” We learned then, for politicians, it depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is, when a lie is being investigated.

George W. Bush had his own credibility problem. He vowed after the 9/11 attacks: “My administration has a job to do and we’re going to do it. We will rid the world of the evil-doers.”

The world apparently ended in the mountains of Tora-Bora, where those calling the shots put a halt to hostilities allowing Osama bin Laden and his surviving thugs to retreat into Waziristan, a desolate lawless region of Pakistan where al-Qaida remains to this day.

Bush’s vow to follow the enemy wherever he was went unfulfilled.

Instead, he focused his energy on Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. While a strong case can be made that there was a need to depose Hussein, placing a greater importance on going there rather seeking out bin Laden and his ghouls in the aftermath of 9/11 demonstrated he lied when he said he wanted bin Laden dead or alive.

Of course, it’s more than likely that bin Laden actually died somewhere along the way and the Bush Administration knew this but wanted to have a bogeyman handy to justify continuing the war. And now the Obama Administration, which seems to enjoy war as much as Bush did, is continuing the charade.

Suffice to say that the only safe course of action is to assume a politician is lying every time he or she speaks. Never, never take one at his word, unless you’re content to believe a lie. They can be judged only on what they’ve done.

Unlike our children, whom we teach from a young age to tell the truth, politicians apparently never learned that lesson. After all, as Seinfeld’s George Costanza character once said: “It’s not a lie if you believe it’s true.”

That’s the philosophy that has allowed politicians to elevate lying to an art form.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Freelancelot

    A well-written essay, Bob.

    • Arkham Grundy

      Here is how the other side thinks. A quote from an acquaintance:

      “Thirty years of this blatant bullshit – heaped on top of mountains of massive lies; and 45% of this country still can not connect the dots! Wow!

      It is obvious to anyone with two I.Q. points to rub together, that the GOP are anti-american scumbags, whose only purpose is to transfer every single penny of wealth in this country to the richest 2%.

      It must be amusing to sit in your exclusive country club – drinking $700 glasses of brandy, and watch the idiot tea baggers protest in support of YOUR fascist policies which have screwed them royally, while they denounce and hate the very people that could actually make their lives better; much much better.

      I wonder if the extremely evil ones – like Murdoch and Ailes, make bets on how badly they can (word removed for offensive content) the tea baggers, and still have them marching in the streets on their behalf? What a hoot it must be, to be a fascist elite in the U.S. today!”

      • D Cranford

        WOW, You must be really happy with your welfare check and those other entitlements they are promising you. Should we pay your mortgage too. How about getting a job and supporting yourself and let’s get rid of this “poor pitiful me” campaign the Democrats push. Keep them ignorant and poor, give them everything and they will vote for us. Great philosophy Obama………..

        • denniso

          Arkam is right, we have been undergoing the largest transfer of wealth seen in this country in a century,w/ the Repubs pretending to stand for the working people at the helm. Real wages have stagnated for a decade while the wealthiest have gotten richer. The Repubs keep fighting against small fixes like the min wage, under the phony ruse of ‘free markets’…

          • John

            Wait until Osama – oops obama (lower case) gets through with you, “you ain’t seen nothin yet” cuz he’ll take it from all of us (it’s already begun). Or perhaps the slight increase in the the national debt has escaped you. Probably because you have those 2 marvelous IQ points that you and Arkam share and all you want is the Dem sponsored entitlement programs. If you’re capable, check out who has the money – Dems.

          • American Citizen

            Bullfeathers, every time the minimum wage is raised, more jobs are lost, that’s been proven. Obama will do nothing to better the business climate so businesses can do more hiring instead of laying off or moving to a foreign country or just plain close down.

          • denniso

            The minimum wage was raised during Clinton’s term and we had job growth…it was raised once I believe under Bush and we had job growth,after the little downturn in his first term.
            We’ve tried no minimum wage before and we know what happens…slave like wages for the lowest in the labor pool. Is that what America should be known for, slave wages that no one can possibly live on??? Doesn’t sound very Christian to me…

      • JeffH

        Gee ancient Ark, did anyone tell you that the GOP didn’t have a house full of Fibber Magees too? Can’t you comprehend anything? Then again, you follow the proverbial “carrot” like a jackass wearing blinders.
        May I ask who runs the “Big House on capitol hill” that has promised over and over, among so many broken promises, transparency? His name is (eck!) President Obama. In case you didn’t know, he’s the “Hrad Liar” these days.

        • JeffH

          meant “Head Liar”.

        • Arkham Grundy

          I just thought you might find it interesting how the other side thinks. these are NOT my personal opinions.

          • JeffH

            Thanks for setting the record straight. I know you wouldn’t think that way, would you?

          • libertytrain

            I had no problem reading your comment. You stated it was someone elses opinion and put their opinion in quotes. You did it just fine – I’m confused why others didn’t get it —

          • Markk


            That’s all right, we know you probably stay confused.

          • libertytrain

            I do find it a bit sad that we lash out before actually reading the comment – people on both sides seem to pick out a word here and there without reading the actual post – So because of the ridiculous method of some posters, I will in fact stay confused.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I personally find it sad that the democrats demonize big business, then accept huge checks from them to regulate things in their favor. Isnt this a bit hippocritical? Last time I looked, the so called rich pay over 90 percent of the taxes in this country, that keep it operational. Last time I looked, 95 percent of people employed, are employed by what the democrats deem to be rich. Have you ever noticed that when someone hits a lottery, the assinine large amount of taxes that are taken out? Thats the rate the so called rich are paying all the time. Wear their shoes and see if you like it. Im not rich, Im in the 50 – 60 grand area. I work 10-1/2 hours a day to make that. I live comfortably. I applaud the so called rich that are raped by our government for ungodly amounts of tax revenue. I guess Arky, you didnt notice that when Bush put through his tax cuts, which the democrats demonize as favoring the filthy rich, that over 3 million jobs were created. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out, that if government keeps its stinking fingers out of business’s money, that business will take that money, expand, and hire more workers. Now youve got more people building things, more people working, more tax revenue’s being generated, and its a win, win situation. Im all for lessening taxes on this so called rich guys that keep this country afloat. Im all for reducing the stinking handouts to these guys I see sitting on the front porch, drinking 40′s and smoking dope and cigs all day. Im tired of paying taxes to support that kind of life style. The democrats love to expand these social services, keep these people out of work and dependant on them, and just throw them a bone like this, and they are too stupid to figure out the government is the ones that are keeping them down like that. Our taxes should not support someones life style of refusing to work. But quit demonizing the rich. Those guys pay more than their fair share, way more. Put it this way. A heck of a nice guy here in town died, a very wealthy car dealer. He gave millions to charities over the years. He employs over a thousand people at all his lots here. When he passed, his son had to sell a golf course he owned, to pay the death tax. What? I dont care how much money you have. He earned that money, allready paid taxes on it. He owned this business, paying taxes, hiring people who also pay taxes, and because he had moeny, the government decides they should have some more of it when he is dead? Come on man. The so called rich do not deserve that. Of course, maybe Im more interested in truth, justice and the American way than you are, because Im not a democrat. This is rediculous, and so is your and the democratic party’s demonization of the wealthy. One final question Arky, ever have a poor man give you a job? Just wondering.

      • Ken

        Mr. Arkham, I’m not quite sure from your post if you are giving your heated remarks to all dominant parties of America, or what. Please explain. From what I’ve experienced over the many years I’ve been watching the 2 party system operate, they are pretty much similar as to their hidden agenda. That is, moving toward the “New World Order”. Have you ever heard of the “Tri Lateral Commission” or the “Builderberg Meetings”? These are not just figments of imigination of people that some would like to be thought of as “Conspiracy” thoughts! So, I respect your passion about what ever you might say, however, I would suggest that you would give up the 2 party system (from what ever party you affiliate with) and become a free thinker. I remember when I used to be a Republican, probably because of my up-bringing and those dirty democrats just wanted socialism which would lead us to a collapse of our government. That is what happens when one written document is replaced by an idealogical (not written down on paper) concept that would fill the vacuum of the constitution. Anyways, I think you get my drift. I’m not being critical to your points of view, I would just want to direct your passion to the concept that American’s would be better off if they would just be more responsible to their destiny, that is to say, more vigilant to their destiny. Politicians will destroy America. We have met the enemy and they are us!! Sincerely, Ken From Henderson NV

        • Arkham Grundy

          There is truth in what you say, Ken. I suspect that the people who really control things are those of whom we have never heard, or have only heard of in other contexts. It is important that each individual filter through the nonsense spilled out in the media to distract us and get everyone arguing about insignificant issues while they continue to pursue an agenda hidden from public scrutiny.

        • Anna

          I can only see that Americans just keep voting in people to office and then just complain, complain forever after how they operate once they win. The losers will bash the winner, the winners will eventually bash the winner, and then even after all this bashing goes on, Americans just keep voting in people to office.!
          Is this making any sense to anyone? So why is everyone bashing each other when everyone is to blame.

          • Billinindependence

            Anna you need to substitute “voting in politicians” for “voting in people”. I have a distain for politicians as Will Rogers did.

      • Dan2

        Well spoken Ken!!!! Divided we fall and the Bilderberger group knows this all to well. The people in the Upper Government know they stand to get a good position in the next government (World government) if they sell out this one. It is a 2 headed snake, and we need all new government civil servants up there.

        Two DVD’s to watch for more information are; (Alex Jone’s) Obama Deception, or The fall of America and the Western world (Doug Casey).

        • http://Don'thaveone Sally

          Even though it is fiction, one needs to read Book one of the Left Behind Series. It is very interesting in light of the One World Government and all the promises made to people that helped get it into play – all these politicians like OBama can’t wait until this happens. Are they all in for a surprise!!!!!!!!! They will be dumped like a truck full of rotten tomatoes.

          • http://Don'thaveone Sally

            How does one find out an up-to-date list of participants in the Tri-Lateral Commission, Bildeburger conventions and I know there is a third. I would like this information before going to the poles in November, that is if the Anointed One allows elections this year.

          • JeffH
          • JeffH

            Barack Obama himself is a Council on Foreign Relations member, has strong ties to Zbigniew Brzezinski, and participated in a clandestine meeting with Hillary Clinton at Bilderberg member Diane Feinstein’s house at the time when 2008 Bilderberg members were congregating only a few miles away.

            Change? Obama Inner Circle Filled With Bilderbergers

            14. SUSAN RICE – U.N. AMBASSADOR

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            My gosh, even Bilderberg was smart enough to leave out Pelosi? This is in reply to JeffH list.

      • zpunk

        How about 60 years of Democratic fiscal nightmare called the THE NEW DEAL,Social Security and WELFARE?

      • James Eagles

        I continue to be amazed at supporters of both parties Democrat and Republican who continue to rail against the party they do not support for screwing them while turning a blind eye to the party they do support while they screw them in a different way. I ask all of you who write in these spaces when the hell are you going to finally wake up and see that they are all screwing all of us. When do you finally stand up and say enough is enough. Our federal government is the most wastefull and crooked organization that ever created on the planet Earth. It did not get that way because of just Republicans or just Democrats. Wake the hell up people…..

        • Time

          James, Very Valid points! Its that little gang of progressives. They ever say they are, how can anyone miss it.
          So lets see Barry stated he is a Progressive, MacCane stated he is a Progressive, what choice do you have again?
          Lets see Progressive Light Mac O, or HEAVY HANDED PROGRESSIVE Barry O.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Until another party arises with good people, its been reduced to the lesser of two evils. You cant say, well Im just not going to vote, because the democrats will win every election, what with their going into the hoods with buses and buying someone a dinner in exchange for their vote and stuff like that. What else is there to do?

        • James M

          So, what to do then? I support neither party and wonder the same thing. When are people going to wake up? I see a third party in play coming 2012 but who’s going to lead it? Palin, not for me. I believe we need a revolution in this country to stop the corruption but who will lead it? Palin, not for me. I do how ever like Ron P. I write letters to congress, well to my state rep. at least explaining my anger and dissatisfaction in our government but not even a response. I hear you but am I the only one?

          • rwnut

            We are awake! Where have you guy’s been? Haven’t you heard of THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT? Also called,”WE THE PEOPLR”. The Movement met today(16th)with Michael Steele and the Republican Party. After that meeting a representative of the Movement said on Fox News(2/16/10)that she told Steele,”we the people do not have a “leader”,and will not be hyjacked by the Republican Party”. And we the people will vote out the liberal/progressives such as Lefty McCain and others.Get in the tea party movement and vote the anti-americans out. You have no excuse when there is a movement that will get our country out of this mess!
            “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”
            George Washington.

        • Pathfinder

          I realised this fact (both parties are destroying our liberty) lomg ago. That is why I am a registered Libertarian.

        • http://none Bill57Noi

          I agree with you. I’m for ridding ALL elected officials and bringing in term limits. 2 max. Also, no retirement except for the President. This will fix Social Security and Medicare pretty fast.

          • Sheila

            Term limits is NOT the answer for Congress. Why would we want term limits on good conservative reps? Just research who are the most conservative reps in your state and district in the two major parties WHO CAN WIN THE ELECTION! Don’t vote 3rd party candidates because they are just wasted votes.
            The same goes for president. Don’t waste your vote on a 3rd party candidate no matter how good he is! That is why we have obama in there now, is because of 3rd party candidates taking conservative votes from Palin & McCain. WE DON’T WANT OBAMA IN THERE FOR 4 MORE YEARS BECAUSE OF SPLIT CONSERVATIVE VOTES!

        • Kathy

          I agree.

        • carl morgan

          when we have someone that really understands the problems of our country we will never change. if our people would get rid of all special interest groups such as ACLU,federal reserve,council of foreign relations, all secret orgs. but we need someone who loves america and freedom.

        • jeff walker

          We need the Minutemen to hold a
          ‘Hang-the-traitors’ party in DC.
          Of the 540-odd beaurocRATS probably
          500 are guilty of treason.

        • Kevin

          Bush didn’t have any power: How about the power of VETO???
          Libertarians look even better to me these days!
          We don’t make anything here in America anymore, that’s why we are slaves to China and others.
          I feel all your pain, I want better for my children, but I think we have miserably failed them thus far.
          Crooked politicians? Term Limits? We have both, just vote their sorry butts out of office! Ignore the big money ads, investigate for yourselves and vote your conscience and then we’ll see what happens.
          The left coast and the right coast controls everything, they see this too and voted in Brown, see what a few people can get started? Keep the ball rolling, find candidates you can support and do it! Not just with money, with your vote!
          And when there is not a candidate you like on the ballot, write one in! That will at least get some attention….

        • Richard C Brown

          “End Human Bankruptcy” an idea whose time has come.
          If your mother or dad whipped your ass when you were little can you remember wanting change.When I get older I will……. .
          If the government whips your ass then you want change too.
          The promise has been change.We love the word change.It is “Candy” for the ears!!!!!
          It is like the retail business.Tell them what they want to hear.Sweeten the conversation and hope they do not come back.
          I hate change but, I realize that change is needed.You can get your ass
          kicked anywhere from 4 to 8 years or more.Is it possible that we learn to like it and the Peoples issuing the licks are learning too?
          We are here to bail them out.They know better than us because??????.
          OK enough of this!!!!
          We are Bankrupted Individuals.By the way who is the bully in the pull pit.

        • clay quinn

          It has left me confused; knowing, the rest of the US voters knew how corrupt
          Chicago ,and Il. politicians are yet elected his fake American. I warned everyone I could that “If you have a Democrated,senate,congress,and elect a Dem. president you get a “Dictatorship”! One that stands up and throws in your face a healthcare bill that puts people in Jail.Bails out banks,takes private industies over and tells YOU the voter, sit down and shut up.we know verything better than you. As for Mr. Hall statement, you have lived on this free land because of us VETS who died for that right. your daddy was a blind american you sir ,should open your eyes and small mind. Obama has tried to sneek in communist rule Thank God for the Tea Party AMERICANS! who fight for your rights.

        • Robert Haines

          Hi James;
          You are so right. Truer words were never spoken. These slimey bastards in Washington, both parties, don’t give a damn about us. The only thing they think about when they get up in the morning is;” What can I do today to help me get re-elected”.Nothing else matters. The whole freekin bunch, Wall Street, The Fed.and Congress should be put in a very large pit and destroyed before they completely destroy us.
          Will Rodgers said many years ago;”WE HAVE THE BEST CONGRESS THAT MONEY CAN BUY” These slime bags would sell there mother for a quarter.Bob Haines

        • kanewolves

          My friends, as Senator McCain would say, all the graft, corruption, and special interest groups being placed before the American citizen, is why the Tea Party movement took roots. The reason Democrats belittle these folks so much is because they are scared of them. George Bush got a short reprieve after Sept. 11, then the Democrats strategy became clear, whatever he says or tries to do, ridicule him. They figured if they called him evil enough times people would start believing it, and they were right. They will try it again. The more seats Republicans win in the Senate and Congress, the more Democrats will wail about how disfunctional they are. Pay more attention folks. Obama has been in office for 13 months, he has had his super majority for one year, until Scott Brown came along, and what has he accomplished? He got his kids a dog and has tried his best to spend us into the amount of debt that will turn us into a third world country. Every promise he made has turned into a lie. The Tea Partiers don’t want Republicans or Democrats so much as they want people in Washington and our state capitals who will take the bull by the horns and do what is necessary to straighten out the mess we’re in, regardless of who made it, and there’s enough blame to go around for both parties regarding that. The Tea Partiers are common folks of every political persuasion, and need our support, not indifference. Only my opinion.

        • Jim Fridas

          So whats your suggestion? Hang them? Tar and feather I understand works well, how about the firing squad? Wait I know a trial to see if Obama is really an American!!!

          • rwnut

            Jim, I believe Kanewolves suggestion is…..join the tea party movement and vote the un-american riff-raff out of our government!Something tells me you don’t really want change at all! (You did have some good suggestions though.)

        • Wallace Spinks

          I agree with you whole heartedly. Never have i seen such a crooked, greedy, powermad bunch of
          incompetent idiots that we have in our government.
          Thank God i didnt vote for them…

        • duckmd1

          It is my belief that ALL incumbants should be voted OUT, I don’t care if they (Republican or Democrate or even Independent) seem to be doing “good” things right now. ANY incumbant who has been there more than two terms, is out, period! Put term limits in, take their “golden parachute” retirement plan away, make them enroll into the very health bill that they are trying to “cram” down our throats!! Allow the “lobbyists” to visit the capitol offices only once during a 1 year period! NO union representitives allowed to donate ANY type of money, trips, etc. to ANY government employee or representitive! Come on people, elect some honest, common sense people to represent us. Remember that most of these incumbents are “lawyers” so they want to pass more laws to propagate more business for their cronies in every branch of government and civilian organizations–maybe if we elected Non-lawyers???

          • Natalia

            That’s not such a good idea duckmd1 ..Read below. The same applies to people who want to serve up term limits. We would end up being the losers.

            Stephaan says:
            February 13, 2010 at 1:49 pm
            Voting out ALL incumbents is not such a great idea.
            ex: We have a Democratic Rep. in my state that is NOT anywhere close to being your typical liberal Democrat! He is a Constitutionalist, and has been all of his political life. He has championed citizens gun rights, lower taxes, and smaller government ever since he’s been in congress.
            How could we EVER replace him, and WHY would we EVER want to try? Who would we replace him with? Replace him with some “UNKNOWN & UNPROVEN” lying politician who claims to be for the people blah blah, and then find out he was lying during his campaign as soon as he casts his first anti-American vote in congress? I DON’T THINK SO!
            I would rather keep voting for a conservative that has proven his political beliefs with his votes, because I have SEEN HIS VOTING RECORD, AND I KNOW HE SUPPORTS A FREE AMERICA!!
            A politicians voting record is PROOF of what, and who he is! Just look at obamas voting record, and then look at the lies he told during his campaign. If EVERYBODY had done their homework on obama, HE WOULD NOT BE P.O.T.U.S. The information was out there about obama, it’s just too bad that not enough Conservative Americans did their homework. The same thing happened in 2006 when the liberal socialists got control of congress.
            I SAY KEEP ALL THE GOOD ONES, AND JUST WORK TO GET RID OF THE BAD ONES, AND EVERYBODY SHOULD ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN FOR THE ONES YOU LIKE, AND AGAINST THE ONES THAT YOU DON’T WANT, AND START RIGHT NOW! Contact your questionable Reps. and Senators now, and tell them that if they cast one liberal vote before November, they will be looking for work the day after the election. Concentrate on the worst ones first.
            There are good and bad ones in all three parties. Getting rid of the bad ones is a big enough job in itself. Ousting all incumbents is counter productive, and a waste of valuable time and resources.
            The same applies to TERM LIMITS!

        • Fla Storm

          I think the answer is obvious: we hold political views like they are a “Belief system,” the same way we hold religion. Those who agree with us are right, and the opposition is always wrong.

          Few of us do our own research, and given our poor Civics education, we simply cling to the one we’ve chosen as right. How we “chose” a side may be a more interesting study, but today’s politics are so polarized, at least there’s no problem knowing the difference!

          If you doubt this simplistic answer, just listen to the debate over Global warming. Remember: it was introduced by a politician (Gore) who ‘believes’ certain scientists but not others, and we are asked to believe him… or Glenn Beck, e.g., [also no scientist]!

          In the background, somewhere, some scientists do debate, but the MSM only present their side’s beliefs, while Rush & friends present only theirs… Why aren’t we having a forum of scientific studies presented without ANY political input? First, much of the data is theoretical, and calls for an opinion (belief!), and besides, why would we trust a scientist now, when we believe he’s just as enmired in political beliefs as we are?!

          Just imagine what our forefathers went thru, to establish our unique governing system, tossing out centuries of bad science and politics! It kept us out of harm’s way these 234 or so years.. even if scant few of us bother to read or research the brilliance of their work.

        • Randy Ray

          I think that the “Tea Party” has done more to wake up Americans than anything else — except maybe Glenn Beck. I am hopeful that now that people are waking up, they will put feet to action and vote the rascals out of office. This may take a few iterations but hopefully we will get to the point that the lying, scheming, no-gooders will eventually get voted out of office and we can bring about effective change that is beneficial to all of America.

          • eyeswideopen

            Randy, I would like to believe that the Tea Party has done wonders, except, when you look into the audience you don’t see any Latins, Blacks, Asians, minorities of any sort or any young people. It seems as though it is a white only, elderly group, which does not represent America.

          • TEA in the harbor

            eyes wide;
            So what’s your point? Is there a point in there somewhere?
            If minorities don’t want to attend tea parties, that’s their choice isn’t it?
            Are you saying minorities don’t care to attend TEA parties because they are all on the dole and like having a liberal socialist government supply their welfare checks and free medical care every month? Maybe so, that’s also their choice.
            I would think that is why most NON WORKING minorities don’t go to TEA parties because they don’t agree with the principles, but every working minority man and woman SHOULD BE THERE because the government takes their taxes too.



        • http://netzero Jack Roland

          Amen Brother, Amen. Look into the “GO” Party, spelled “GOOOH” pronounced GO, might be a third party.

        • margaret kelly

          Please give me more information…you sound very knowledgable and probably should have your own Blog! I have a twenty-five year old daughter who was ‘hell-bent’ on being a politician…she’s one of the SUNY Chancellor Award Winners in Albany, NY…studying ‘International Studies’ and Political Science’…and is ‘pre-law’! In the past two years she has gone totally sour on even the good parts of our government. How can I help her?

        • http://Yahoo Loella F.Barilleau


        • David Jones

          I could not agree with you more. It used to make a difference which party was elected in the fifties. It is all about power now and I don’t believe the president is the one making the calls. It is either the trilateral commission or big business. Barack O. is just a puppet.

        • Karina Cotler

          Yes, the people must wake up and realize that ALL the labels are meaningless – democrat, republican, socialist, left, right, conservative. The real divide is between we, the people, and the big money elite who control the government, the president, the military, the “news” media, the money. We, the people, have much more in common with each other than we do with corporations, which neither eat, breathe, love, get sick or die. Corporations were created to serve us, not the other way around. We don’t have to buy what the corporations are selling, including our elections.
          If we stand together. we can beat this system and rid our nation of this absurd notion of Corporate Personhood. The Boston Tea Party was the first anti-corporate action and it helped spur on the revolution. It’s time we finish that revolution and make America truly a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

        • gail lightfoot

          The only Political Party that understands freedom like our Founders understood freedom is the Libertarian Party. We embrace Freedom for all – religious or non-religious, natural born or immigrant:

        • R. Wincek

          The Progressives are the evil ones in both parties. Hillart Clinton just announced she was one.Obama and his appointees are also.
          Progressives are Marxists.

          • Karina Cotler

            Once again, the Powers-that-Be LOVE it when we call each other the evil ones! That’s how they control us – divide and conquer. It’s worked for thousands of years.

            The real enemy is the system which allows the interests of big money to control the world. That includes us, the people – all the people – we’re nothing but a labor pool and cannon fodder to them.

            We the people have more in common with each other, despite all the labels, than we have with corporations and the needs of money.

            The Powers-that-Be are very few compared to all the humans on earth – and they are terrified that we might some day wake up from our trance, connect the dots and unite for the common good.

            Until then, all this divisive talk is only playing into their hands.

        • Don

          AMEN !!!!

        • Joe Redhawk

          You could be mistaken with that… You really can trust the Government. Don’t say no you can’t, Just ask an Indian…. (LOL) Seriously, I agree with you. They are all crooked. But it’s been that way for a long time now, this country needs an enema in the Government Department. But the question is where to start. Obama, is an empty suit, someone else is pulling his strings, but who? I have my ideas on who, but can not say for sure.

        • mark

          I totally agree with you James. We should get rid of all the rotten fruitcakes from both parties. Get the remainder to work together for the good of the country. If not Secession should be in order. Then…
          Seal off the borders. Kick out the illegals. Get our industry back in America. Get rid of Welfare. Time to purge the country of the greed and power mongers. Last but not least. Kick the U.N. out of our country and tell the EU to stay out of our business.

        • jason wahl

          i am a conservative democrat so i can can talk about my party. this is no longer the party that i use to belong to. my party has been taken over by the communist. they call them self liberals look at what they do not what they say. obama can not tell the truth its just not in him to do so. what ever he says expect the opposite and then you will know what he is up to. he is turning this in to the united socialist states of america {USSA} we must stop him and keep the country that we all love and would fight and die for. p.s. god bless america we need it

        • daryl

          1 Stop all govt. retirement before 20 years (house % senate) 2 Reverse all bills that apply to congress and not the public. 3 Lobby for pay- go directly to China

        • David VanNorman

          Dam near all of them needs replaced if not taken out and hung .We pay them and they treat us like we don’t exist.

        • Karina Cotler

          I posted a reply yesterday or sunday, but don’t see it here. Do you only print comments you agree with?

          • libertytrain

            Karina, if you read the comments, I’m sure you’ll see there’s quite a variety of all viewpoints. Remember sometimes comments get sent to spam automatically for word uses, or weird links – could have just been a fluke as well.

        • Kenneth

          Like here in Australia politicians keep their politics separate from faith. They are christians last to everything else.

        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          Thank you Mr James Eagles – TRUTH people – re-read his post.

      • Wes Baggett

        Preach on brother, preach on, you just saved me the task of saying just exactly what you said. The lies leading up to the Iraq conflict alone boggles the mind but the “GOOBER NATION”
        will believe anything the right wing oberfuhrer say. Hell, Bubba, it must be true, i heerd it on Fox

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You must be talking about the lies that before Mr.Bush was even a nominee for president, that Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton, and Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry and Howard Dean and every last stinking one of them stood there live on my TV and in my radio, and stated that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and is dangerous and has to be stopped. Yes, I remember them very well, only this was one of the few times I believed them. Or we could have done like they did with Hitler, and waiting until he literally destroyed and overtook all the countries around him, and then decided to get involved. Get off of your agenda man, its foolish.

          • Natalia

            Good post Beberoni,
            There wasn’t a person in this country that didn’t believe Saddam had WMDs’ until a couple years later when we couldn’t find them. Saddam WANTED everybody to think he had them so his neighbors would fear him! That’s why he would only let the inspectors check certain palaces, or buildings after a week or two. He gave the appearance that he had them and he was moving them from place to place. Of course now all the liberal socialists just use it as another tool to “blame Bush” but all those loser freaks believed it too, “then” they just won’t admit it now…. What a bunch of wankers

        • Kenneth

          The media must hate Bush and Blair. Back when Iraq war started they were writing articles that Saddam had buried his WMDs in Syria which was true. Now they do not mention this just saying no WMDs were found in Iraq with the readers today not knowing the TRUTH. Media is being Politically Correct which means they are Information Incorrect deliberately telling lies.

      • Mary

        The federal government cannot do something FOR anybody without doing something TO somebody else.I have no right to someone else’s wealth and neither do you. I work 2 jobs, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten a paycheck from a poor person.

        Don’t drown in the kool aid.

        • Bill

          I have. I call them my customers. I wish they had more money to spend and the wealthy had less to horde. Spending creates jobs; Hording creates the need for more Government spending. Look at how the Fed. Govt. has grown since Reagan’s give away to the wealthy.

          • JeffH

            You must be one of those that defrauds the government, huh Bill?

          • Claire

            For years, I have always heard this: “You have to spend it to make it.” Like when starting a business….

          • DaveH

            I haven’t heard anybody dredge that concept up for a long time (hoarding). Do you know what money is? It’s a debt instrument. If you purchase goods or services from somebody, you give them money so that someday they may collect for the goods or services provided using that debt instrument. If that person never spends the money, he has effectively provided those goods and services for nothing in return. How is that wrong-headed? If you wrote a promisory note in return for a loan and the note-holder burned the note, thus forgiving the debt, is he somehow evil for that?

          • Claire

            DaveH– This concept is old, but it is a thought.

          • Pathfinder

            I don’t suppose that you realize that Regan’s tax policies INCREASED the government’s revenues. The main problem was that congress increased spending at a rate which used up the extra money and then spent even more; thus increasing the debt. This is like a person getting a 10% raise at work and then increasing their spending by 20%; a perfect method to go bankrupt.

          • eyeswideopen

            Pathfinder, it was an increase in the SS base and increase in the SS taxes that increased the revenue during Reagans reign. Please see This guy from the Cato Institute explains how bad Reagans policies were. If they were so great why did poor old Bush Sr. have to come in and rasie taxes again?

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Amen Mary. Leave the rich alone, I think they are depended on way to much to pay taxes in this country. They pay 90 percent of them. They hire everyone that works. Why are they so demonized by the democrats, who then turn around and take huge checks from them? Hippocrites.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I guess you dont realize that 90 percent of the taxes paid that run this country are paid for by these same rich guys you so hate. And 98 percent of all people employed are employed by these same rich guys you hate. Just collect your food stamps and welfare checks, thank Obama and the democrats for these little handouts that keep you down and dependant on them, and close your yap and quit complaining, because things are bad because uneducated guys like you vote democrat so you can keep collecting your little handouts that keep you down in your place dependant on government.

        • lumberjack

          You took the words right out of my mount. This
          present administration is pushing socialism as
          fast and furious as they can. Once they get you
          dependent on government handouts, the next step
          is to control your health care and then, as
          history will attest, the next step is gun control,
          and then dictatorship…

    • Brenda

      I say VOTE THEM ALL OUT. I am tired of the blame game. All about money & controll. Any trueblue genuine people left out there. Our only hope is>>> God is still in control, lets see who He brings to the table. I’m ready!!! Vote them all out in 2012.

      • Jason Calley

        I wish I could agree with you, but frankly, I think it is too late to vote them out. They already control who gets onto the ballot, who gets media coverage, which votes are counted and how the votes are counted. Do a search on “black box voting” if you wish. After taking office, they even control which of their own exclusive club is impeached.

        There are NO LEGAL WAYS AVAILABLE to us when the system itself is so corrupt that our votes no longer matter.

        • DaveH

          One thing is for sure – if too many people adopt your attitude then indeed there will be no chance to turn things around. Apathy is what got us to this stage in the first place.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Upon researching politics, I believe wide spread lying as a daily means to get what you wanted, was basically expanded and perfected by one Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Evertime he wanted something, he just lied about it, to the people, to congress, to everyone, and it worked. The democrats have fully embraced this as their everyday way of doing business. Thats why I dumped them 11 years ago. Well, that and they threw all morals down the drain.

      • Pathfinder

        AMEN ! Both of the parties (Democrats and Republicans) are corrupt. That is why I am now a Libertarian. The American people need to show the old, corrupt parties that we are not limiter to choosing from among their oligarchy.

      • Natalia

        Brenda, You might want to read Stephans post below. Why would you want to vote out the good ones that you like. You’ll never be able to replace them with even better ones. The way the liberals control the vote, we would end up with ALL liberal socialists.
        Stephaan says:
        February 13, 2010 at 1:49 pm
        Voting out ALL incumbents is not such a great idea.
        ex: We have a Democratic Rep. in my state that is NOT anywhere close to being your typical liberal Democrat! He is a Constitutionalist, and has been all of his political life. He has championed citizens gun rights, lower taxes, and smaller government ever since he’s been in congress.
        How could we EVER replace him, and WHY would we EVER want to try? Who would we replace him with? Replace him with some “UNKNOWN & UNPROVEN” lying politician who claims to be for the people blah blah, and then find out he was lying during his campaign as soon as he casts his first anti-American vote in congress? I DON’T THINK SO!
        I would rather keep voting for a conservative that has proven his political beliefs with his votes, because I have SEEN HIS VOTING RECORD, AND I KNOW HE SUPPORTS A FREE AMERICA!!
        A politicians voting record is PROOF of what, and who he is! Just look at obamas voting record, and then look at the lies he told during his campaign. If EVERYBODY had done their homework on obama, HE WOULD NOT BE P.O.T.U.S. The information was out there about obama, it’s just too bad that not enough Conservative Americans did their homework. The same thing happened in 2006 when the liberal socialists got control of congress.
        I SAY KEEP ALL THE GOOD ONES, AND JUST WORK TO GET RID OF THE BAD ONES, AND EVERYBODY SHOULD ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN FOR THE ONES YOU LIKE, AND AGAINST THE ONES THAT YOU DON’T WANT, AND START RIGHT NOW! Contact your questionable Reps. and Senators now, and tell them that if they cast one liberal vote before November, they will be looking for work the day after the election. Concentrate on the worst ones first.
        There are good and bad ones in all three parties. Getting rid of the bad ones is a big enough job in itself. Ousting all incumbents is counter productive, and a waste of valuable time and resources. The same applies to TERM LIMITS…..

    • http://none Bernadine

      Well writen I Knew What Obama was not what he clamed to be when
      he turned his back to the flag.He showed disrespect for this
      contry. I did not vote for him.It is real hard for me to beleive
      the American people voted him into office. I can not stand to
      listen to people who flap their jaws a say nothing, and who can not look you in the eye. If you watch him he lookes every where except at
      the camera.BUT you all think government medical care would be great
      Must Have Been All those ILLEGALS WE HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Its shows the power of advertising. Spend a few million bucks, go on TV and say change change change and point the finger at the other guy, and uneducated people pull your lever at the voting booth. The power of advertising. And the lack of education.

      • Pathfinder

        We should learn from history. Back in the days of the Roman empire they also started a “welfare” system; we know it as “free bread and circuses.

      • keith

        not everybody!i’ve worked my ass off for every thing i have ever had,i used to go around cutting yards for $5.00 a whole yard,i pushed that damn lawnmower all over jax fla.i chopped out bushes and edged sidewalks while sweating like a cold soda bottle.i never got a allowance,my dad told me to get off my lazy ass and earn my money,i had a paper route and had the money to go to a movie or buy a box of shotgun shells to go shoot at the dump with my freinds.
        i still do construction work and have NEVER EVER and never will ask the govt for nothing!after being in the marines for 18 years i can’t stand anything govt related,hell i hate to stand in line at bugerking,anyway,my dad said ”never be a bum””,i earn what i get the old fashioned way,by my own merits and i exclude myself from your ”everybody!”

    • Al

      It appears Everyone lies today, many like our politicians
      have made it an art form even though they unlike what they
      promise are becoming transparent. We’d be better off
      electing our officials from the names in the phone book
      and after 2 years out. No campaigning just public service.

  • Robin from Indiana

    How sad our government has grown to be so corrupt. I never thought I would live to see it get this bad. We must hold our politicians accountable! If they can’t be held accountable, then they must go! The current administration has taken this to a new low. The only way has got to be up. We simply cannot allow our government to go any lower!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      If we keep electing democrats it can get a lot lower.

  • s c

    The words of this article descibed this rotten administration the day Obummer took office. The words are true today, and will be true as long as two-legged weasel-politicians seek self-absolution via corruption, transparency based on lies and slavery in the guise of freedom.
    Once again the words of the Founding Fathers ring true. Do not trust political parties. Do not trust career politicians. Do not trust anyone who fears truth. Deny power to those who love lies. Reward those who get positive results, and never hesitate to punish those who put their own self-interests before this nation.

    • JeffH

      s c, This is a well written article and despite all of the lies and deceptions of past administrations, the Obama administration has elevated the “lying” to a new level. Three people really stand at the forefront of the sour mouth spittle.
      1. Obama – President
      2. Pelosi – Madam Speaker
      3. Gibbs – Head Lackey

      • louise

        You and so many like you call President Obama a lair.I can say the same for George W. Bush and the marjority of the Republicans in office.
        Both parties must work together to bring America back to the great nation we were. So far the Republicans are willing to work with the Democrats. I am niether a conservative or a liberal. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican.I am first and foremost an American!
        We need to get over the name calling and do whats best for America.

        • JeffH

          louise, thanks for your “well thought out” comment.
          Would you like to reread mine again, and then maybe you can answer my question.

          • JeffH

            excuse me, I meant rewrite your comment.

        • chilipadi

          Louise, while I admire your ideal way of thinking (I was once that way too) I can’t stop wondering how naive that is. It is not defending or blaming either. iT IS STATING THE FACTS AT HAND AND CALLING IT LIKE IT IS! The liberals stand for everything and nothing. Everything when it suits their ideologies and nothing when caught in their lies, switching to everything and nothing again. The Republicans leave you to fight your own woes; sink or swim, it’s your own fault.

          • denniso

            Some liberals have awakened,finally, to the fact that we are engaged in a ‘war’ w/ the rightwing ,and rightwing religious zealots, over the future of our country. Our well being,standing in the world and very freedoms are at stake…it’s no longer a joke,or just a fringe movement like the John Birch Society or neo nazis or KKK that could be laughed off and ignored. The rightwing zealots and ideologues have been fighting this war since Reagan brought them into his machine for his own success and we have let them essentially have the field and tried to ‘play nice’ and be bipartisan and think the best of those people…it hasn’t worked and the rightwing has become emboldened. It’s time to actually fight back against the powerbrokers who are fueling the extremists for their own cynical gain.

          • JeffH

            dennisso, I’m sure I can speak for most here and say “BRING IT ON”!

          • DaveH

            You wouldn’t know Freedom if it bit you on the butt. Of course your head would be in the way.
            What you advocate is force. You can equivocate all you want, but force and theft is your real game. The so-called radicals know that. America is awakening, Dumniso, and your kind will soon be put back in the cage where they belong. Would you like a banana?

          • GreyBeard

            DennisO: Perhaps if you could provide specific examples for each of your rhetoric-style statements that you are expounding there might be a way to respond to your outburst. Or you could just debase me for using extraordinarily large words and how I must be incorrectly speaking in such a manner intentionally.

            I am not a gun-toting right-wing war-monger. I just think that I have the right to live my life without having to fear that if I am successful in providing my family a great and prosperous way of life through my own hard work someone will try to take anything from me and my family. I also dislike anyone trying to prevent me from trying to provide the best for my family. In other words, stay out of my life.
            When I was a youth, I actively worked as a volunteer ambulance attendant in an Ambulance & Rescue Squad in my city. All through High School and College, I spent one evening (until sunrise) a week and two or three weekend days (24 hour Shifts) was spent helping people. Going to traffic accidents and pulling victims from wreckage, taking tragic victims to Hospital, participating in training local citizens in self-healthcare and Red Cross endorsed First Aid, transporting elderly and other ill individuals to the hospitals they wished to go to even if it was in another corner of the state.
            This service, at that time I worked there, was provided free of charge to anyone that called for help. There was another volunteer ambulance service in our city and we informally divided our city between us, it was friendly coexistance for providing care for citizens We both canvased the portions of the community we served, once a year, for donations which provided the money for our ambulances and any medical supplies necessary. The buildings we operated out of were purchused with this money and also all utilities were paid out of it. Any training we were required to have to perform these first aid and rescue duties were paid for by us, each of us paid our own way.
            Currently, I believe, during the annual canvasing period, if a household donates at least $25 (they could give more if they wish, and many do), any member of that household will receive free ambulance service from either organization during that next year. There will not even be a bill sent to any insurance company. Free (not counting the voluntary donation). Period. No matter what! They never turn anyone away, even if no donation was made, not even if they don’t have insurance.
            Maybe we should go back to that kind of lifestyle. Putting others first. After you, of course. Charity should never be forced. A wise man once said “The poor you will always have, take care of your own needs first.” Mine thinking adds: Then help others in need. After that fulfill your most pressing desires. Others should take care of their own desires.

          • denniso

            And here I thought DaveH,libertarian recruiter, was a bit more intellectual than his comment makes him sound…oh well,now we know.

          • denniso

            Financial corporations w/ too little regulation caused this collapse we’re in and essentially stole several trillion $$ in lost pension and retirement and investment funds from most americans. The gov’t now is trying to fix the mess. I hate the IRS,but realize that we need some form of taxes to run the military,build hiways,etc. If you think that the tax system is the gov’t ‘stealing’ from you, then try to do something about it. We should all fight for a fair value added or sales tax system that doesn’t require gestapo like tactics from the IRS and doesn’t strike fear into the whole population.
            To think that this large,modern,complex and expensive society could operate on voluntary charity,I’m afraid is naive.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You are correct in your assessment that all politicians lie. They just do, like its part of their job description. Lying is so embedded in politics, its going to take a long time to get rid of it. You are also correct that the Republicans are willing to work with the democrats, but when they do, they get used then stepped on, and they are seeing that. The democrats will not give one bit, and they have one really bad thing they do, is they throw America under the bus to other nations, in order to attack the Republicans. America’s interest’s should always come first, not their political party. These Democrats have shamed us to the world, they have weakened America, and have stained us to the world, so shame on them. All American’s, that love America, needs to shame them all by kicking their anti-American butts out of office in 2010 and 2012, and judging by the last 3 states elections, where the democrat was beaten and ousted, Id say it looks like that is going to happen. You all in politics need to understand, you are elected to serve us, the people, The United States of America. Not the republican party, not the democrat party, the American people. You work for us, not us for you. If you dont do this, we are going to vote you out, and your career is going to be short lived, so you all better start understanding that its about America, not you and your stupid political party. Pay attention politicians, or your out of there as soon as you get in. Capish?

      • lumberjack

        You forgot to mention two more …Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden…during the debate between Joe
        Biden and Sarah Palin, Biden told 14..yes, 14
        bald faced lies. The media, except for Fox didnt
        pay attention.

  • Ancient Warrior

    Bob, you may recall the term “pathological liar”. As in “sociopath”, not unlike, say, Hitler.

    BHO is a sick man. And so are many of his claque.

    • JeffH

      Ancient Warrior, this is Obama’s “lifes destiny”.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Some people just go through life and think their cr_p doesnt stink, and this Obama guy is one of them. I got news for him, it stinks really bad.

        • JeffH

          It is an odor that will follow him for the rest of his life.

  • Reggie Brian

    There is an appropriate analogy to American politicians, to that of the hired employee.

    The People have a job opening, and would-be politicians apply for the job. We as the stakeholders select which of the candidates gets the job and we have a formal selection process. Once elected, the politician gets to work. He hires assistants, spends the company’s money (with justification and expense reports, of course!) and basically executes the job description.

    Can you imagine a company that would or could stay in business, where the employees forced the boss to do anything? These public servants need to be reminded who they work for, and disciplined or fired when their private life interferes with their ability to do their job. And of course, criminal behavior shall be treated as criminal behavior, just like any other citizen, whether or not it occurs on company time.

    If we could keep things that simple, we wouldn’t need so many laws… laws that govern ethics in government, for example.

    • Disgusted

      You are spot on.

    • don

      I’m former military; There are three things that will get you killed in combat (sure there are more) but lying, stealing and rumor are three things that if caught my soldiers doing they would be subect to some dire consequences. Now lying, if I were hiring someone that I knew was lying to me I would not oly not hire them I would have them escorted off of my property. But the folks that are supposed to be representing us and that one in the oval office in particular, well all i can say is you are residing in the peoples houses (Congress and the White House), get off of our property!

      • JeffH


        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I second that motion.

      • Bill

        They did; they left last January!!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Bill did a typo. He meant they just entered last November.

    • http://none Bernadine

      THE BOSS

      • BOE

        Love it!! That is so funny!!

      • Bill

        You fired people for what you THINK Obama will do??? Why not fire those who supportED the man who was President for 8 years of the Lost Decade?

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Because your not looking at facts here Bill. Are you interested in the truth at all? Under Bush, employement was at an all time high. You understand Bill, an all time high. Under Bush, unemployment was at an all time low. You again hear Bill, an all time low. Under Bush, the stock market was at an all time high. Again, do you hear Bill, an all time high. Even when the liberal press was saying the economy was in the tank at the end of his run, the economy was still at a higher level than ever reached during the Clinton admin, and you guys thought he was all that and more. You hear me Bill, it was still higher at his lowest than Clinton at his highest. Unemployment was 4 percent Bill, 4 percent. In a little over a year, Barrack and his legion of doom have taken it to over 10 percent, and its rising. They are soon going to kill the Bush tax cuts, and millions more are going to lose their jobs because of it. Are you interested in the truth at all here Bill, or are you just driven by your hatred of Bush, because he actually said was he was going to do, then went out and did it. He inherited a huge mess from Clinton, and he got to work and turned in around in less than 2 years. He didnt go on TV and point fingers. He didnt employ the mass liberal media and tell the world that it was Clinton’s fault we had 9-11 happen because he gutted our intelligence agencies. He didnt need to, anyone with an education knew that. No, the guy saw what needed to be done, and him and his admin got to work and got the job done. Now your boy, Obummer, and his evil ilk, are content to stand on their milk box, and still, over a year later, point the finger that Bush left them such a mess they cant be held responsible for anything they do, you know Bill, like spending more money in one year than the Bush admin did in 8 full years. Like rewarding GM and Chrysler for not knowing how to run a business, so hey, lets give them billions to throw around. Lets expand food stamps and welfare so people dont have to get a job and pay taxes. This is rediculous Bill. If you cant see this, then we have a couple of options to consider here. One, youve just got a left wing agenda your going to push no matter what. Two, nobody has told you the truth before, and you didnt know. Three, your anti-American and just dont care, or four, your just plain stupid. Its got to be one of them Bill, which is it?

  • Larry From Indiana

    Yes, our political system of lies is an embarrassing shamble. However, just as bad , if not worse, is our citizens who choose to believe and follow the crooks, simply because they promise to take care of them and relieve them of responsibility.

    • Captain O

      Thank you Larry. There in lies the root of the problem. All the rest is just symptomatic.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      And unfortunately Larry, there are folk out there that have chosen to make their life style one of dependancy on the government, taking the handouts and being kept down in their place, never rising above it. Then they vote for these same guys that keep them down there dependant on the government. I dont understand it Larry, because I couldnt do it. Ive never collected anything from them, and I dont want anything from them. Well, I would like my social security from them when I come of age, but being only 51, there is a not much a chance of that being around when Im elibible, allthough every week Im still seeing a lot of money out of my check going into it. But Ive paid it to that, so I do expect some back. But yet, Im not going to be dependant on it either. When you give a man handouts, you break his spirit and his value of himself. When you make a man work for his pay, it is a blessed reward for an honest days work. And then the kicker is, working guys like me are having more and more money taken away, to give these people handouts that are fully capable of working, but they just dont want to, because the government has taken care of them so long, they expect it and depend on it. That to me is a sick outlook to have, and Im sure glad its not me.

  • Time

    Again I note that Barry Aced all the acting class’s at Havard, all paid for by people who feel the same way he does.
    They hate all Americans as well they want all Americans that are not the brain dead – dead.

    Wow what a concept in getting rid of anyone who fails to agree with you, I keep getting this old Joe STALIN thing every time I see Barry’s picture, as in daily.
    For everyone you may note that old Joe Stalin was able to look you in right straight in the eye and smile, as he was signing your death warrant.

    Bob, very fine Blog.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Very good Time. You see through the act, and see how these guys truly think. Isnt it scary though, that people actually vote for guys like this, and actually think they represent them, when in reality, they could care less about them? I know they are this way, and Im sure you do also.

  • peggy

    I’ve been reading your info for some time and see that you are pretty uninformed about facts of daily life in the US, particularly the workings of government. It would help if you’d go to some academic sites like so that any suggestions as to how the country can dig its way out of the 100 yrs of backwardness Bush left it in can be corrrected. You then must learn a bit of critical thinking which some statistics, logic, physics w/lab courses would give you the skills to make useful comments.

    • Matt

      Poor poor Peggy, just how many of the subjects that you listed has your president BHO taken and what were his marks? I have taken them all and as a small business owner can see that BHO has no clue about what he is doing. He is a socialist and big government supporter, because everything he has ever done or has came from state or federal dollars.

    • Shelly

      When are you all going to drop Bush from your list of BLAME. Let’s get down to what we can do NOW. CHANGE is what Obama spoke of and I am seeing nothing but more spending of our hard earned dollars in the way of taxes. I can not say that I am better off now than I was a year ago! Can you???? Stop the blame game NOW! Let’s talk about what we can do to make the difference and that is not allowing more people to to sign up for welfare. The stimulus package sure didn’t get more people work and the cash for clunkers idea—What were they thinking??? Get real Peggy.

      • Bill

        Lost Decade? We are all worse off now than we were 10 years ago. Who was President for 8 of those ten years???

    • DaveH

      Maybe Peggy,
      You should get informed and read this article:

    • JeffH

      Peggy, you seem to be a victim of your own “mind”. Didn’t you read the well written and accurate article above? Who’s the liar that occupies the White House on Capitol Hill right now? I’m sure politicians have been lying for more than the Bush years 2001-2009, unless I’m misinformed and he has been our president for s couple hundred years. I’ll fact check that though!

    • Brenda

      Peggy….for your information, is run by Progressives… need to research each and everything you read anymore. Poor poor Peggy….believes everything she is told, reads

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I think it would do you wonders to stop reading politican left wing biased spin on left wing biased web sites, that always blame someone else. Bush’s low point was 4 percent unemployment lady. Were over 10 percent now, and rising. Obama and his ilk are going to soon rescind the Bush tax cuts, costing millions more their jobs. What do you think its going to go up to then? 12 percent. 15 percent. How many years will you point the finger, before you start accepting responsibility for your own actions? Are you one of those that go to McDonalds and put the hot coffee between your legs, then want to sue them when it spills and burns you? Are you one of those that go to the bar and get all drunked up, crash your car, then want to sue the bar for selling you alcohol? What happened to people accepting responsibility for their actions? Why is it always someone elses fault? You know, Ive never saw George Bush hold a press conference, and blame 9-11 on Bill Clinton, allthough everyone with a brain, knows Bill Clinton literally gutted our national intelligence agencies, and he gutted our military. These guys walked in, set up their operations, and blew up the World Trade Centers because of him. But Bush didnt point fingers, he went to work. Clinton left him in a major recession. He knew the banks were starting to fail, because Clinton set up using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac funds to loan people money to buy houses, that didnt have a chance in hell of paying it back. He called for an investigation. The dems, headed by Barney Frank, said one wasnt needed. Again, he didnt get up on TV and tell the world it was Clinton’s fault, which everyone with a brain knew. No, he went to work. Here comes your guy, baloons unemployment, baloons welfare, baloons food stamps, gives GM and Chryler billion dollar rewards for failing to manage their business’s properly, and he spends more in one year than the previous admin did in 8 full years. And someone, this is George W. Bush’s fault? Excuse me? You have got to be kidding me? Who is writing your material? You need to fire them, because they obviously do not care about any truthful facts at all. Research this, its all true, and quit hating Bush because your evil leaders on the left have told you for so long, that its all his fault. Do yourself and your country a favor, and educate yourself please. Thank you, and have a nice day.

  • Anne

    Please note correction for Robert Menendez – he’s a democrat senator from the armit state of New Jersey. I should know, he’s one of two incompetent senators from the Garden State.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Anne,
      Thanks for pointing out my error. It’s been corrected. My apologies to the good people of Florida.
      Best wishes,


    America has elected a President without a past, who made vague promises of hope & change. We have now seen the terrible mistake that we have made. I hope we as a nation can survive the damage, that this Progressive Socialist is doing. He has proven himself to be a pathological narcissist liar. GOD BLESS AMERICA & OUR TROOPS

    • Nick D. Petrovich

      Pathological liar – yes, but Clinton beats him by far, being a crook, liar, draft dodger and a vicious person!!


      • Harold Olsen

        I’m not so sure about that. I hated Clinton–both of them–and still do. But, compared to the way I feel about Obama, I’m a Clinton fan. I never realized just how much I disliked Obama until the party crashers came on the scene. I got the impression that the Secret Service detachment assigned to protect Obama did not really care that much about protecting him. I found that I did not care that they did not care.

        • DaveH

          Personally I think that Obama would rather that his visitors not be recorded. Then, for instance, we would have no idea how many lobbyists (such as Andy Stern) have visited him.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I am totally sure that this guy has done many, many things he doesnt want any of us to know about, and we probably never will for years to come. Wouldnt you love to listen in on his conversations with George Soros?

        • No Misses

          While I “utterly” despise, dis-trust, and dislike, that crooked Clinton bunch…..I too, would vote for Bill over the clown that now holds the office!

        • BOE

          Harold..what people do not realize is that those 2 were invited to the party. They are friends of a Muslim professor at Columbia who is anti-American. The prof. is also a friend of the Obama`s. They were invited,but after the association was made Obama had to deny he knew them…and of course the secret service then got thrown under the bus. This president is more involved with the radical muslim world than so called journalist want to report.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I would totally believe that.

      • chilipadi

        Agreed. I couldn’t stand Clinton after he wagged his finger at me and said his infamous line “I didn’t have….” But now, this man in the White House is far more worse. He is willfully destroying America with the bunch of thieving crooks serving up egomaniacal lies. Cain’t wait for November 2010 to come around. Hopefully, we still have a semblance of what this country is all about.

  • Carolyn Meece

    Apparently Mommie Dearest, corrupt psychiatrists, corrupt officials, etc. never learned the art of telling the truth. Forms of torture take place right here. What we see is that crisis take place by man’s design. Many things do not just happen by accident. Victims/targets/witnesses/”Victims of Violent Crime” a number of times are forced to endure “Soviet-style Psychiatric Terrorism”, “Trauma-based Mind Control”, Suicidal Ideology or Suicidal Programming.
    There are always an illegal reason why one must be held hostage against his/her will and the law. They always have to have some boogyman in which to be the scapegoat and “CRY_WOLF”.

    What we see are cover-ups at all levels and through-out the State. The ole “Shell Game” is constantly used of Deny, Deny, Deny. The law is broken by illegally demanding that their Ideology and Propaganda be our thoughts and that we will lie and tell a concocted story that is in their sick, twisted, and perverted minds. That is just why the records read so sick, twisted, and perverted because they are not what actually took place in reality. According to the law medical records are to be accurate and reliable. What we see is that it is never anyone’s job to do anything about the criminal activity, Racketeering, Enterprise Corruption, Insurance Fraud, etc.
    What we also see is the “Shawshank Redemption” and “Chicago Way”.

  • dLegend

    What a fine article, Bob !!!
    SPOT ON…..
    Try to have more articles on these sorts of topics often !!!

    Yeah~It seems to me that the present-day group of Politicians have
    no more good consciences in them anymore !
    Frankly~Their lies can be read/seen thru & thru by us; the older
    generation folks !
    So~Maybe….this would give them a good reason to ‘rid us off’ so
    that they can keep on telling worst lies & propagate their agendas
    to the fullest.
    These are all ‘young’ folks making it big in Politics but God only
    knows where they got learnt all these ‘dirty’ habits & lies ???
    In record~They seem to come out from ‘reputable’ Institutions in our
    country; Yet~they can’t even ‘walk straight’ !!!


  • Ken Roberts

    show me the money , show me a fact were Bush screwed up and I will show you two where Obama has done wrong, start with lie of being transparent , lie show all the proceedings on CNN, will bring jobs back and he has done nothing but kill jobs ,when Bush left office the employment rate was around 6 % and just a simple word from Obama caused it to go up to 7% and so on every time he does something the rate goes up, this last drop will be short lived and it really is around 18% now . Fact check this , 17 times the Bush people tried to regulate the banks to stop a collapse and the democrats namely Obama ,Waters ,Brown , Franks Dodd and so on said no there is nothing wrong here, move along now . Obama voted to force the banks to loan money to people who could not pay it back this also started with Carter . Obama’s Idol . Lie I know nothing abo0ut Acorn and am not affiliated with them. Mirandizing enemy combatants is not American to me, they are not citizens but enemies, and should be tried in military tribunals. Millions of dollars will be spent on this jerk so he can tear down our country in front of the world .

    • Winnie

      Ken, when bush left the office the bottom of the ecomony was falling. And it got worst from there. President Obama did his best to turn the failing ecomony around and that takes at least two years. I wonder how McCain and Palin would have fared. I imagine Palin would have been no help to McCain. And with all the stress of turning the ecomony around, I think McCain might have had a heart attack and you would have been stuck with Palin. Think about that.

      • AnhydrousBob

        Who you trying to scare with that evil old “Sarah Palin”?

        You mean someone who actually had some executive experience in running a state and a small town in contrast to Obama’s executive experience of running <>.
        And I don’t claim to be a Sarah Palin fan, but facts get a bit hard to get past.

      • JeffH

        Winnie “the poo thrower”, Palin did a service to the State of Alaska while serving as governor. Before anyone calls her a quitter, consider why, which she did for a valid reason. Figure it out for yourselves.

        • Tim

          Jeff, Palin was a quitter. She was elected to serve four years and quit before her term was up. She failed the test by going AWOL. Imagine her being president and quitting after a year, because she couldn’t cut the mustard.

          • JeffH

            Keep believing she is a quitter. Why does she get so much negative press and irritate you lefty libs so much if she is insignificant?
            That’s who you are and what you do.

          • JeffH

            Tell me the story about her looking at the USSR from her back porch.
            Is it really true?

      • John

        If both were dead we would be better off than we are with the inexperienced, lier masquerading as President.

      • Tim

        Winnie, you are correct that Obama has tried to turn things around. It does take time. He has been in office barely a year. It took Bush and his allies 8 years to screw everything up.

        • Thoughtful

          Yes, because sending “stimulus” money to non-existent ZIP codes is definitely better than cutting spending.

          Better to embezzle than to be responsible, right?

          What is this game people are playing of “At least my liar’s not as bad as YOUR liar”? Why don’t we just not elect liars?!

          (And as for Palin, yes, she’s a quitter. I grow weary of Political Messianism on both sides.)

          • American Citizen

            How many more false lawsuits being brought and millions of dollars of state money should she have spent defending herself? She was found innocent in all 20 of those already brought and more were coming. She did the ethical thing which Democrats know nothing about.

        • DaveH

          No doubt we will have to listen to your Bush Blame for the next 3 years until the one-termer is gone along with much of the Democrat leadership.







    • JeffH

      Ken Roberts, you should be ashamed at presenting any facts to these hacks. What’s wrong with you.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Bill Clinton set up this bank thing, using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac money. He told banks the government would guarantee the loans, and that everyone should be able to live the American dream of owning a home. So the banks gladly lent money to people to buy house, that didnt have a snowballs chance in hell of paying it back. Problem was, there wasnt enough money in the government backing to fund all these loans the banks made. This was being run by top democrats Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick, and the watchdog of this operation was none other than Barney Frank. Bush called for an investigation into this, but the watchdog Barney Frank shot it down, saying everything was just peachy. Problem was, Raines and Gorelick were writing millions dollar bonuses right and left like drunken sailors, and its funny that this money has not been made to being paid back. The banks collapsed, and then there are the dems, pointing the finger blaming Bush. Aint that sweet how they do this, then use the liberal propaganda networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC and convince the American public that Bush caused this, and most believed it, because the news told them so. Unbelievable.

  • WeMadeAmistake

    To this day, still no one who has attended Columbia Political Science school has come forward to verify Obama in attendance in any class with them. Not one. This president is fundamentally dishonest to the core. How could anyone with such a sordid past get elected to the presidency of the United States? That is going to be a huge question for Americans in the future. A question that will grow more and more profound as we experience the economic rubble left by this incompetant narcissist for the next three years. Lord help us.

    • BOE

      I know ..that is what is amazing to me too. Not one person has come forward to say they went to school anywhere with him,grew up and played in the one. Is that not odd?? I am a registered nurse and I can remember certain patients I have had over the years. I know if I had a white girl deliver a black baby I would remember. But not one person from the hospital has come forward. This has got to be the biggest hoax ever on the American people!



  • WeMadeAmistake


    • Chaplain Richard J. Grahn (ret.)

      You hit the ball out of the park. Excellent choice of words that convey literally “tons” of weighty truth against the Liars Club of the District of Corruption. Your friend in the Republic of Texas, LoneStar.

    • DaveH

      The crooked politicians would find a way around any Balanced Budget Amendment. And term limits won’t work because we need to give our politicians an incentive to perform as with any hired help. If, for instance, the current crop of Democrat Congressmen knew they would be out for sure in the fall, how do you think they would vote on HealthCare and Cap and Trade?
      I do think we should get a Constitutional Amendment passed whereby the voters would decide every 4 years what the overall expenditures could be. And there would be no borrowing allowed, Ever Again. If they ran out of money, they would have to do what any private business must do – lay people off!
      If the Government needed more money in an emergency, the voters would have to approve that in a special election.

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        I sure like your ideas. However, that is a Republic. They knew what they were doing by setting up a Congress and Senate who are supposed to represent their constituants and vote what they are told by the people they represent! Hah. Would be nice to get back to a republic where are major issues would again be voted on by the public. But you have forgotten, “We are to stupid and they know what is best”. To add to your list, is that what ever laws are passed, they first have to post on the internet so everyone knows what is said, and then they also have to abide by those same laws. We should be made aware of each representative’s budget and once a month see their expense reports to approve or not approve. I know, I am dreaming.

        • DaveH

          If I had my way there would be no such thing as benefits which only muddy the waters to outside observers. Everybody would negotiate what they would pay voluntarily and what they would accept as pay voluntarily. And they would pay for their own desired benefits.
          Of course, that would decimate the insurance industry which would no longer have a captive audience (boo hoo).

      • American Citizen

        The problem is, they will change their tune in order to get reelected, then revert back to their old ways. Happens every time.

    • Marauder

      The concept of term limits is built into the election process. As long as we the voters continue to ignore that, they’ll feel free to ignore the Constitution. Getting congress to pass term limits on their own “service” would stand as much chance of passing as a cut in their own pay, much like a hailstone in hell.
      And God help us if a third (as in Tea) party makes a run in 2012, regardless of whom they nominate; it’ll guarantee another term for the Poseur in Chief. If he does get back in, and only one conservative Supreme Court Justice (even Kennedy) retires, freedom is hosed.

      • AnhydrousBob

        Actually the principle of Nullification may save us, yet.

        And, by the way, if the Tea Party folks run a candidate that is for SMALL government (not just smaller government) then I’m voting for them, so you better let go of that party you’re a member of and vote with me or YOU will cause the POSER to get 4 more.

        • Marauder

          I’m an independent, voting less for the GOP than against the democRats. In fact I have just as big a problem with RINOs as dimlibs.

      • John

        We do need a third party — THE TAR & FEATHER PARTY ! Run them out of town on a rail

      • Thoughtful

        Yes, run away from the worse criminal to the lesser criminal. At least he won’t steal EVERYTHING–just MOST of everything.

        We’ve been playing that game for how many years now? And what result have we gotten?

        Seriously, if all a party has is “At least we’re not THOSE guys”, that means they have nothing to bring. People who try to stampede me with fear into supporting them remind me of “Animal Farm”–where the pigs maintain power by asking the freed animals, “If we don’t do X, Farmer Jones would come back! Do you want Farmer Jones to come back?!”

        Vote Principle, Not Politics!

        • Thoughtful

          Hmm, needs clarification. I mean to characterize the GOP as the ones selling themselves as “Not A” to the Dems’ “A”. That’s about the only argument I ever seem to hear for “Vote GOP” these days.

          I’d rather vote for a third party that stands for what I believe (Constitution Party) than for a party that panders to me for a year, then ignores me afterward.

    • Bill

      The problem with term limits for politicians is that it would give the Bureaucrats more power. We should term limit government employment also. After 8 years of feeding at the Govt. trough, they, including the military bureaucrats, should have to find a real job. So should some of you here who think that horders create jobs. Start a business and find out where you paycheck comes from.

      • JeffH

        I would support those term limits.

  • Chaplain Richard J. Grahn (ret.)

    These darkened souls follow the example of the Father of Lies, whom the Lord Jesus Christ named him for eternity. Pathological in all the evil they think and do. Gute article, as my daughter-in-law from Germany says. It’s sad we have to have these articles written, Bob, but without them the Islamists terrorists would be unapposed. Don’t look for the Repubs to mount much of a campaign for the battle of 2012. They will huff and puff, take some weight loss tablets, and have a “round” at Perrys Place, in the District of Corruption. We’re past the tipping point, and it’s too late unless there is a miraculous awakening of the silent dead bones clubs of America. God have mercy on us. For the first time in 72 years, I am ashamed of being an American. America is gone, vanished under a wave of lies; promises unkept; hundreds of billions of dollars on insane programs, doomed to failure, and an islamic traitor in the off-white house with no experience managing a business of his own, and only pre-occupied with mounting any stage to speak on and on, like a senile preacher.

    • Norm

      Chaplain Richard J. Grahn (ret.)
      You call yourself a man of God?
      God have mercy on us.

      • Tim

        Chaplain Rich is just telling it like it is.

      • JeffH

        Norm, I’ll make it a very simple yes or no answer question. Nothing more than typing two or three letter to answer.
        Has Obama lied to Americans? YES or NO

        • JeffH

          Norm, I’ll wait for your answer. That is if you will give me an honest “yes or no” only.

        • Claire

          JeffH–I’ll answer you. Yes, he has lied, but then again they ALL have lied. I truly think when a new President steps into the White House, they find out in a hurry what it is all about and none of them can deliver on their campaign promises.

          • JeffH

            Thanks Claire. It must be very hard for Norm to tell the truth, even when asked a simple question. Says a lot about him doesn’t it.

      • chilipadi

        Norm, you call yourself an American, or are you? The father of lies has a favorite son, and his name is Obama. The chaplain is just too kind to say it. Let’s hear it like it is. Both parties are not doing their job. Only one is worse than the other. The third party, WE THE PEOPLE, must wake up and vote out members of both party that are not for the people’s business. When I was in the Philippines many years ago, I had and still have a stamp that says, “No one can love the Filipinos better than the Filipinos themselves.” This is true of any country. “We the People” must start loving our America and throw all the self-serving politians out of office.

    • California70

      Dear Chaplain,
      We need to all pray for this Country including you. Pray that the people will come back to the Lord. We all need to realize that we need to find some conservatives with enought money to start impeachment of Obama! This man is and his group of czars are subversives to the Constitution of American. We need to stop complaining, and begin to “put our money where our mouth is” so to speak. Help to finance Obama’s impeachment as a subversive. He certainly acts like a subversive. He had the religious statues covered when he went to speak at Notre Dame University in Indiana. Then when he visits a mosk in the Holy Land, he was completely in awe. Haven’t any of you seen that vedio clip on U Tube?

      And, Remember…he was schooled in Medrassa schools in Indonesia. What is it the bible says, “raise a child up the way he is supposed to go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

      I submit to you all that Obama is a “secret” Muslim in his heart. Watch that video on U Tube…you can see it for yourself.

      We have voted the Fox in to watch the hen house. We need to stop complaining and get together and begin IMPEACHMENT proceedings.

    • coal miner


      Why do you keep ranting and raving?Keep on,people think you are crazy.

      • JeffH

        Ahhhh Old King coal miner, everyone doesn’t think you are nuts, they know you are.

  • Norm


    “Did you watch any of the President Barack Obama’s recent State of the Union address? I tried counting his lies but within about 15 minutes I ran out of fingers and toes. No matter, his life is a lie—from his sham birth certificate to his autobiography to his campaign promises to his pledges as President. But the amazing thing is that he does it so effortlessly. And he’s so good at it he’d probably get away with it if those nasty facts didn’t keep getting in the way.”

    1. His life is a lie? Pure subjective inuendo.
    2. Sham birth certificate? Pure nonsense.
    3. Autobiography? I never read it but why not point out some of the lies.
    4. Campaign promises? He avoided an economic collapse as promised. He pushed for healthcare as promised, and never really insisted on the government option. He tried transparancy, but most negotiations were long and boring, and boycotted by neocons. He’s working on the unemployment problem, but even Reagan took years to clean up the Carter mess, and the Bush mess was far worse.
    Some times calling someone a liar is as bad as being one.

    As far as bashing the Supreme Court:
    It is not unusual for presidents to disagree publicly with Supreme Court decisions. But they tend to do so at news conferences and in written statements, not to the justices’ faces.
    President George W. Bush, for instance, did not hesitate to criticize a 2008 ruling recognizing the rights of prisoners held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba — but he did it at a news conference in Rome. President Richard M. Nixon said he was disappointed with a 1974 decision ordering him to turn over the tapes that would help end his presidency — in a statement read by his lawyer.

    This is just the same old Obama hate BS.

    • DaveH

      And the same old Obama sycophant response.

      • chilipadi

        Agreed! The stooge is busy defending the worse lying President in American history.

    • AnhydrousBob


      On your point #4:

      Just wait a bit longer for the collapse, it’s still coming. And it was not Bush’s fault, any more than it is Obama’s or any other president that has inflated our money supply.

  • Richard Pawley

    Some good points but I feel the paragraph about Bin Laden may be a little over the top. Sadly, the president doesn’t control things the way most might imagine. In my politically incorrect “The Last Days of the Late Great United States” I call those who do ‘The Controllers’. John Kennedy (before he was president) was as close to the presidency as any man. He was groomed by his father to be president since his brother Joe was killed in WWII, yet even he, once in office, made the statement, “I had no idea!” Now, I’m not into Conspiracy Theories. There is only one ultimate conspiracy if you want to call it that, good versus evil, but there could well be some truth in the many ‘theories’ floating around. I do know that we were warned thousands of years ago in Proverbs, that “The borrower is slave to the lender” and since we are borrowing from all who will keep us afloat (the Chinese and Japanese primarily) we are not as free as we could be if we could support ourselves. I read recently that Australia wanted to raise their interest rates on what they were paying on bonds but the Chinese said “we don’t think that is a good idea” and Australia backed down. Since the Chinese are the ones lending us the money they have also said that “You can’t afford Obama’s Health Care Plan.” Since they will be helping to finance it don’t they have a say in it? All I know for sure is that if the USA were a company it would have been bankrupt years ago. If the progressives who want One World Government and much higher taxes and birth-to-the-grave socialism have their way we will soon have not only much higher taxes much higher inflation because inflation is the most hidden of taxes, the result of polluted money, the runaway printing of money by a government that instead of tightening it’s belt thinks it can do better by spending more and more and going ever deeper into debt. Already the lobbyists and members of Congress have spent so much that I am convinced that at least 200% inflation is inevitable. I can only hope that enough people who believe in our Constitution get elected in November to keep it from being much worse. If we don’t stop the hemorrhage of our almost empty treasury we too will soon have no choice but to follow Argentina and Russia into financial collapse. You have probably heard of the amazing things that the researchers found in the Bible when they searched the word ‘Haiti’ using the Bible Code software after the recent earthquake but as I point out in my book, they found quite a bit about Obama and financial crisis as well. We have got to stop squandering money we don’t have or you will not recognize the USA before this decade is over. May God bless the USA! No one else is going to do so!

    • California70

      Think again Mr. Pawley. I used to work in a hospital and I can tell you firsthand that Bin Laden has to be dead. Talk to any nurse or Doctor for that matter that takes care of Kidney patients. Have you forgotten that Bin Laden was/is a Kidney patient and was dragging around a washing machine to plug into his arm and wash his blood?

      Try doing this while running around in the mountains…if you have a shunt in your arm, this is bad business, i.e., infection, etc.

      Any medical professional can tell you that there is NO WAY Bin Laden could still be alive 9 years later while running around in the mountains and washing his blood every so manny hours. Bin Laden is long time dead. Wake-up out there. We are all being “hood-winked” big time.

      Any of you in the medical field please respond.

  • Carolyn Pidgeon

    I am incensed by this slander of President Obama, a man I believe truly wants to do what he can to save this country from total disaster. He has reached out to the Republicans in ways many other presidents wouldn’t to try to pass a health care plan that wouldn’t leave now almost 50,000 people destitute or dying if they should be so unlucky as to get sick. If it were left up to the conservatives or the tea parties I believe we’d go back to the days when they cut off vagrant’s ears and put widowed or abandoned mothers in workshops along with their children. I don’t know what kind of thinking can justify not making healthcare affordable for everyone while the CEOs of health insurance and pharmaceutical companies rake in salaries of $300 million plus and some medicines bring in 1000% profits. Or how can we justify making profits off the backs of the poor by paying third world countries a bare subsistence wage. I guess it’s the old aristocracy, the belief that the rich and powerful are entitiled. It’s certainly not a Christian belief.

    • s c

      Carolyn, it’s one thing to protect someone who may need protection. This prez is not worth your ‘support.’ If I was an ulraliberal progressive, I’d ask you how you can put absolute faith in media types (the lamestream media). Obviously, ALL of your info sources are wrong.
      It makes me wonder if you go through life with your eyes closed and your mind locked in neutral. How can you have any faith in someone who relies on unquestioning support from those who refuse to see and accept truth?
      It is NOT an unChristian thing to CHALLENGE anyone or anything that loves lies and hates truth, Carolyn. To refuse to see evil where it is growing daily is to accept it. Please wake up. Your freedoms and your family and your country are IN PERIL.

    • DaveH

      You want affordable healthcare? We had that 40 years ago, before the Lawyers and the Government started meddling. Here are some real solutions:

      And those third-world countries (unlike the spoiled American Liberals who are hooked on OPM) are happy to be making any kind of decent wages. It’s called choice, something you Liberals want to take away from us.

      • DaveH

        Look at this list. It ranks the countries by their Economic Freedom. You can pick the country name and read the particulars. See those at the top of the list, and those at the bottom. Also, notice which direction the United States is heading:

    • Time

      Carolyn, Perhaps one should ask where it is that you find Barry to be doing anything that has YOUR best interest in mind?

      The FBI has not been allowed to investigate Barry, he has the JD blocking every move so where is it you got this information. I got mine straight from the Horse’s mouth I have many friends in the FBI.

      As far as the state of Hawaii they offer a Certificate of Live Birth, its really not worth the paper its written on.

      Strange how that brings into play News Papers, now as anyone knows you or anyone can send in a birth announcment, a death notice, a yard sale of sale of a product, or even a letter to the editor.
      None are of any value at all, as in a solid base of any Proof.

      As to the Great state of Illinois, my God, its been a well know fact that the state is so BENT, that even people I speak with in China know that.

      As well congress did not do their job in vetting Barry, please note that his DMC paper displays this.

      Thats also why the leader of Democratic Party in the Mid Alantic States, has filled a Law Siut about this very issue, and please keep in mind he was the first as well has just been allowed to go to the Supreeme Court to get this case going.

      So whats your point again?

    • Don Tremaine

      There is much data against Obama. Mostly what it is he says he wants to do. He is openly an extreme left wing socialist. The fact that he is trying to do what he thinks will save America is not good enough. The problem is what he wants to do will not save America it will destroy it.
      Obama never reaches out to Republicans; he gives lip service by making comments about wanting them to contribute; but he will only listen to those that agree with his extreme liberal views. That’s not reaching across the isle. Reagan was the best at reaching to the other side. With Obama it’s just words. If you read the constitution you will not find anything allowing the federal government to raise taxes and mandate social programs. We are a republic not a democracy and what the people want doesn’t matter if it’s unconstitutional. America is about individual freedom, political freedom; not freedom to get tax money.
      The republicans want to change the rules in health care not take it over. There are many problems that can be corrected, but a clean sweep takeover will only end in disaster. Obamas plan will make our great health care more expensive and less available. Look at the people dying waiting for service under HMOs, medicare or other countries that have socialized health care. Yes, these insurance companies make a lot of money so do lawyers who keep suing them with frivolous lawsuits. The republicans want to correct the ills of the system not nationalize it like Obama wants. America is not about redistribution of wealth; it’s about getting an education and working hard.

    • emma


      Wake UP!!!!!!!!!

    • emma

      You really do not believe this tripe, do You?

      • chilipadi

        Thank you, Emma for trying to wake up Carolyn. I remember working three jobs and taking a full load in college. Waking up 5.30 am., working in the college cafeteria at 6.00 am., going to class at 8.00,
        finishing at around 11.30 and back working in the cafeteria, then on to work in the college post office; class again at 3.00; finished at around 5.00 and then off to work for a Chinese restaurant. Wouldn’t get back to my wife until around 10.30 at night. Studied till 2 in the morning. I am not rich today as far as monetary aspects go, but am rich because whatever I have today I worked for it. Our two children are graduates of Berkeley, all fees paid for, again through hard work. They are contributing citizens. So, Carolyn, what is it you don’t understand about this lying Obama who promises the heavens and then does everything to destroy the country? We don’t need his spending our tax money to advance his egomaniacal ideologies and enslaving our grandchildren. So, WAKE UP CAROLYN, AGAIN.



      • waterlily

        Rosebud, you go! Every one of your posts is factual, clear and on the mark.

    • Mary

      Carolyn, this country is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. The Constitution does not, and cannot, guarantee equal results, only equal opportunity. Life is not always fair, but that doesn’t give you or me the right to take what someone else has earned.

      • JeffH

        Mary, well said with “take” the key word here.

  • DaveH

    So many people expect the Federal Government to give us the ideal life. They want the Feds to micromanage their lives and do for them what they won’t do for themselves. It would take a God to accomplish these things. So we get Liars who tell us they can. Is it any wonder?
    The only way to address this problem is to cut back the size of Government to that envisioned by our Founders. We need to re-learn the concepts of Freedom.
    We need to quit throwing away our votes on the lesser of two evils and start building our children’s future. The only Party I know with the principles to accomplish that is the Libertarian Party. :

  • Don Tremaine

    I see a major flaw in this story. There is a big difference between going back on your word because of changing events and an outright lie. When G. H. Bush said read my lips, I believe he intended not to raise taxes; then reality set in. The Clinton thing was a lie because he was covering a trail of deceit. The definition of lie is telling an untruth knowing at the time it is not true. Being mistaken or changing circumstances do not make a lie. So as far as Obama lying about continuing the war, I must give him a pass. I don’t think he totally understood the problem until he was in office for a while. The lack of transparency is a lie because he seemed to never intend to be transparent.

    • DaveH

      If a man makes a promise in order to get elected then he better keep it. There was no excuse for George Bush to change direction from that started by Reagan.

      • s c

        George HW Bush was NEVER a conservative. Neither is his son. When Pops Bush told America to ‘read his lips,’ it was time for CIA employees to resign, head for the hills and find a cave. At the same time, the so-called Republican Party should have severed its ties with GHW Bush and everyone like him.
        GHW Bush’s main problem was in not declaring himself a liberal before he met Reagan. America needed the Bush family like the
        7th Cavalry needed Custer. Custer got his, and we got ours.
        Hopefully, enough conservatives have learned from that lesson, and RINOs and all political vermin have gone the way of Specter, Colin Powell and Arnie. Those who learn from their mistakes can prosper. Those who don’t can’t.

        • DaveH

          I was particularly irritated when Bob Dole declared himself a conservative when running for the Presidency. He was the main Republican who hung all over Reagan like a wet rag, and kept him from getting the job done.

  • Martaan

    Jump on the Tea Party bandwagon. Attend a couple of events and see what you can do for your Country. You know that if close to two million folks converged on DC last Sept. 12th…that was only a drop in the bucket compared to how many would have liked to have been there. What we need is for about 10 million to make the trip. Can you hear us now? The democrat party has been hijacked and has become more of a cult.

  • Harry Buttle

    Sarah Palin’s “death panels” was selected as the biggest lie of 2009 by independent fact-checking website Politifact. FactCheck picked “death panels” as one of the “Whoppers of 2009″. Also making that list were claims that health insurance reform is socialized medicine, that the stimulus bill dictated to doctors, that UK healthcare kills women and the “26 lies” email.

    My candidates are claims that “the government” makes vaccines and that federal money does not create jobs. The latter is often stated by people who have federal jobs. A case in point is Senator Shelby’s plot to hold up nominations until the Democrats give Alabama $40 billion. If the money does not create job, then the money is just an extortion payment to Northrup.

    But, of course, the biggest lie of all is that Obama is not a natural-born US citizen. Are you asking to believe that decades ago, an obscure Kenyan family conspired with US immigration, the state of Hawaii, the Hawaii Department of Health, two Hawaiian newspapers, the FBI, the state of Illinois and the US Congress? Do you have any idea how crazy that is? Of course you don’t.

    • DaveH

      Take off the Blinders Harry.
      “Death Panels” was a euphemism. Of course the healthcare bill didn’t call them death panels. But it did establish the Government as the determiner of who would get scarce resources. And medical resources will become scarce, because people don’t work well under Government coercion, and much of the money that previously would have gone to medical care would then go to paying for Government Bureaucrats to meddle in our medical decisions.
      Whether a single man or a panel (most likely) would make that decision, it would still be a life or death decision for the patient.

      • Bill

        All resources are scarce all the time; under capitalism, price is the rationing device; that’s why Steve Jobs is still alive; he bought himselve a liver.

        • DaveH

          With price, more money goes to the producers who then have an incentive to produce more. With rationing, it is either the luck of the draw, or politics that determines who gets the goods or services with no incentive for the producers to produce more, so we have perpetual shortages.

    • Time

      And just who was it that slected the Death Pannel as the biggest lie again?

      As well that would apply to every thing you noted. But nice try, hey with some WD 40 you may be able to slide all that by.

    • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Look at this article from Politifact which defends against Obama’s Liberal label before his election. Can anybody tell me honestly from his current performance that he is not at the least a far-left Liberal and perhaps even a Marxist?

        • JeffH

          No question, a Marxist, coddled and groomed for the presidency by the enemies of our free nation, both foreign and domestic.

          • JeffH

            I will add, “bought and paid for”.

          • American Citizen

            He’s not only a Marxist, but a Muslim Marxist. He’s a Christian in name only.

    • Vicki

      Harry Buttle says:
      “re you asking to believe that decades ago, an obscure Kenyan family conspired with US immigration, the state of Hawaii, the Hawaii Department of Health, two Hawaiian newspapers, the FBI, the state of Illinois and the US Congress? Do you have any idea how crazy that is?”

      Yes we do. Now riddle me this. Why has Mr Obama spent over 1.5 million to keep anyone from seeing those little things we take for granted. Like a birth certificate? School records, College records etc. Hmmm?

      • Time

        Vicki, He also spent a litte over a million prior to the election so the number is more in line with near 3 million dollars spent as of November 2009. I can grant you that this year that number will double with ease, his law firm in DC, Perkins and Cole of whom bill out at over $1500.00 per hour.
        So with a Supreeme Court case on tap for 2010 – your looking at an easy 800 – 1000 man hours from just P&C law firm.

        Thats not even counting the JD who us tax payers are also paying for! With well over 10,000 man hours of work product from them so far anyone can see that the dollars add up very fast to many, many millions that your not even being told about, and thats just these two firms.
        Figure a round number of about $10 million so far if not more, all paid for by YOU the TAX payer.

        Now to add to Vicki’s question,
        Q; If you were to hire a person to work for your company. Would you want to see some kind of proof of what education and work related experience this person had. To see what kind of fit they would have with your Business?

        Or would you just not care and hire the person based on spoken rhetoric, and double talk?

        Then add in the special gang ACORN that we now know is at best the most ardent gang of CROOKS that money can buy, and Barrys hooked in 100% to them. So now would you still hire Barry?

        Would you head down to South Centeral and hire a Gang Banger too?

        • Beverly

          The following is an email that I have been sending around. Amazingly to me, I have had only one response that they liked the idea, and or, that they would forward it in the name of giving people ideas for ‘change’. Perhaps it is hard to understand…am not that good with writing. People would be more involved and knowledgeable…maybe.

          I say that each district that sends a rep to the white house or the state house, sets up a ‘will of the people’ board. The hopeful runners must meet with this board (which meets each month) and exacts a signed promise from he or she that hopes to be elected and DO the will of the people who elected him. Each month that rep who was elected, checks in with the board and discusses issues on the table (congress, senate, who is lobbying, etc). If this person does not carry out the will of his or her constituents, he or she has broken the contract and can therefore be resinded and a vote for another rep. is held. Only social security and their pay. NO pension, and, if they are old enough, medicare. Only during the time that they are working, they can receive medicare (on the job healthcare). If that is not enough for them, they have to upgrade it from their own pocket. Nothing when their term is up. Go get a job if soc. sec. is not an option. If money is made from lobbyists, they must report it to the board. The board will be chosen randomly from the voter’s roll after having voted for X number years and the age is at least 35…not appointed. If u like this, send it far and wide. I think this is a capital idea to get people more involved in knowing what is really going on and it will make it harder for those people who are REALLY running things to keep the people hijacked, enslaved and ignorant.

      • s c

        Vicki, other than lie on a regular basis, what Obummer has done is to try and cover his tracks, spend a lot of money trying to ignore his past, and ‘buy’ lots of new friends with tax dollars (oh, the wonder of slush funds).
        If we’ve ever had a sorry excuse for someone in the White House, Obummer is it. Like FDR and his agenda-driven infamy, much effort will go into masking what is being hidden from
        America now.
        ‘Friends’ will be groomed with money, titles and power. Key Documents will disappear. Books will be written by ‘unimpeachable’ authors. Movies and documentaries will be crafted by those who specialize in sanitizing and re-writing history. In other words, not unlike birds of a feather, lies and liars flock together. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood script writers aren’t already putting together a list of high-dollar actors and scripts for ‘the cause.’ At some point (by law), ‘the book’ will be required reading and the movie will have to be watched by every child from kindergarten through high school – or else.

    • American Citizen

      If you read the bill, she was not lying. When someone gets to determine whether or not you get life saving care, that’s a life or “death panel.” If that bill goes through, there is going to be a huge shortage of doctors. IU Med School received 35,000 applications for 250 slots. And all of them are not going to be filled due to a shortage of revenue.

      • Time

        As many of you know I have said this all along, this is not a Bill about “Health Care,” ( Its about CONTROL of your life and YOUR MONEY.)

        Now a few facts, as I am a baby boomer, many of my school friends went on to become Doc’s, well here in the US we have a shortage of Doc’s now, that shortage is around 20% nation wide.

        Now take this into account, in just 5 years 54% of all the Doc’s that are now working will be retired. That equals a 74% shortage, as we can’t keep up now with enough BRIGHT MINDS to fill the slots.

        Now add in this fact, that in 10 years 68% will be retired, Not looking very good now is it?

        But here we add in the killer fact, If this present near 4000 page bill were passed, 40% of near retirement aged Doc’s state they will stop working.
        10% say they will seek a new form of employment, my brother in law just got his MBA and he is one of the Top Doc’s in the world.
        15% say they will go somewhere else to be a Doc.
        Why, would you work your butt off to get $100K per year. The education alone cost well over that amount 30 years ago. So whos going to work their butts off to make $100K per year, keep in mind that a Doc’ works for 5 years 7 days a week 18 hours per day and more. Then followed by 5 more years working 6 days per week being on call 24 / 7.
        So what will we have left again? Can you say SQUAT.

        Now lets be real any bill worth its salt would be a page long at most. Not 4000 page of total rhetoric, and pay offs to ACORN, and now ask yourselfs, whats this ACORN have to do with your health care again?

        And also keep in mind you would be paying for three plus years before you could even use the product.
        Also pre existing conditions will void you from being able to get the ” Health Insurance.” that is unless you pay double or even triple the amount, So whats the point of all this again.

        Oh yea; so Insurance companys can get three plus years of your money based on the 35 Million alledged uninsured keep in mint thats guranteed money too them.
        Now YOU do the math, 35,000,000.00 X a minum of $450.00 X 12 X 36 + = whats that number again?
        Yea I know most of us can’t fathom these numbers that Barry toss’s out like M&M’s.

        • American Citizen

          They say they want to rein in health care costs. That’s the last thing, if at all, they’re looking at. And they want to start paying the doctors even less than they do now. A doctor is like the owner of a company. He has all the expenses any company has, thus bases his fees on what he needs to cover those expenses and still have enough left over on which to live. Most of the doctors I know around here o not live lavishly. They also contribute a lot to the community.

  • BUTCH 79015


  • http://Yahoo,Com Lester

    Wouldn’t it be great if teleprompters could be rigged to shoot off a Roman candle or fire cracker at every lie? We would All need ear protectors at Obies addresses, that or Health Care beyond any means! How are we ever going to get out of this mess-with them blaming and spending us ever deeper into debt. You know Islams Koran tells their believers to destroy the enemy at every opportunity by any means! Are we watching where he goes to worship lately where the prayers are chanted from the tower 5 times daily? Hmmm wake up America!

    Great blog Bob.

  • Thomas Anthony

    All GREAT COMMENTS above: But great comments aren’t going to save America. Neither will the Voting Process… because, as you know, “It isn’t the Votes that Count, it’s WHO Counts the Votes.” Being that it is CLEARLY A RIGGED GAME, will someone PLEASE tell me how we are going to take back our country without VIOLENCE? Violence worked for George Washington. We don’t seem to be much smarter after all those years.

    • DaveH

      I have an idea, Thomas, which I think would make our vote-counting system iron-clad.
      The Voter would identify himself/herself to the Polling Personnel as usual. That information would be entered then or later into a Database containing the personal information about each Voter.
      Each Voter would take a ballot with a randomly assigned number. The Voter would insert a marked-up ballot into a reader which would enter the information into a second Database and return a copy of the ballot to the Voter. That way only the Voter would know how he voted, thus maintaining Ballot Secrecy.
      Both databases would be freely perusable by any citizen. Of course you would have to use a software application to read the database. That way the Voter could check the databases to see if his/her personal information was correct and that the vote was entered correctly.
      Any database mistakes could be reported by the Voter to the appropriate people for correction (with the Ballot copy as proof).
      And any public organization could check the databases to assure against Voter fraud and assure that each Voter only had one vote. Also, it would be a simple matter for any organization or person to recount the votes at any time.

      • Thomas Anthony

        Nice idea Dave,

        But WHO is going to implement that nice idea???? If you recall, DIEBOLD supplies us with Voting Machines. They RIG them in favor of the Power Elite…. if they didn’t we’d be out of this mess by now. America is powerless as long as Americans are afraid to use their Second Amendment Right… which is not about duck hunting. We have the Power if we would only use it. But since we have been dumbed down into being Politically Correct at all cost, it is costing us our country, and our very lives.

      • Justen

        That’s part of a good fix for the system. Open systems of course demand more honesty than black boxes, which is why the politicians who decide what system gets used abhor them – particularly open source software, but also any kind of publicly accessible information. It’s been pretty solidly proven that Deibold made either extremely buggy or overtly fraudulent software, but nobody is going to do anything about that – in fact, they’ll probably be protected by copyright law against prosecution even though their source code leaked through an unsecured section of their website, was thoroughly reviewed, and found wanting by activist code jockeys (can you imagine how many bored hackers and tech geeks would be chewing through the source code of voting software if it was widely available, pointing out every single deficit? Hmmm…)

        • Thomas Anthony


          We can POSTURE until the end of time, we can POTIFICATE until the friggen’ cows come home, we can SURMISE, and every other word in the dictionary that means STALL, FREEZE, PILLAR of SALT, CHOKE… but it will eventually, and MUST come down to three words… Lock and Load.
          The currency of freedom is blood. It always was and always will be. Until we pay for it in that denomination, we will never have it. Tell me I’m wrong… but if you do, tell me what else will work in our lifetime, or over the next hundred years. What else will route them out? More WORDS…. WORDS are their weapons, and they are better at it than we are… that is why we elected them and not ourselves. They are an idiological meatgrinder… and well educated at their craft and well oiled by the money of corporate special interests. Pass the ammo.

          • DaveH

            I understand your frustration, but violence should always be a last resort. It usually doesn’t end well for the citizens as usually they just get another dictator. There is no substitute for making the Citizenry aware of reality.
            They may be cooking the votes right now, but I come in contact with enough ill-informed people to convince me that the vote counts aren’t too far off from reality.
            If the large majority of the people advocated candidates that didn’t get the counted vote, then we could start agitating hard for some changes. But right now I’m not convinced that is the case.

  • http://umi patricia

    liberal……republican…all just such a waste of time…meant to keep us infighting …the controllers are the international bankers…corporations…MIC…we are all their slaves…

    • American Citizen

      Only if we allow them to be. There’s the rub.

  • Dee

    Many of your posts about ‘Obama’s lies’ are so TRUE.. I have never in my lifetime, caught a ‘President’ in so many LIES.. one right after the other, Lie, lie, lie!! … Why?? The “President” should be a person who tells us the TRUTH … Unfortunately this Presidend has lost the TRUST of the American people, all by himself … Maybe it’s the ‘Chicago Way’, but it isn’t the “American Way”…When you tell ‘one lie’, you’ve got to tell ’10 more’ to cover up the first lie .. Guess Obama didn’t learn that as a child … There are ‘Consequences’ for Liars, Theives & Cheats.. Most important of all is “LOSS OF TRUST”… When I have a friend that lies to me, I don’t believe them any longer, or only believe ‘half’ of what they say & question the other half.. Then, I decide whether I want to be friends with them … This is also what determines ‘Character & Integrity’ of a person.. Obama is NO FRIEND of the American people.. Do we really know who this man is? I don’t, do you? … Why won’t he release ANY information about himself? What is he hiding? It’s the LIES that only he can confess to the American people, that will save his Presidency..I don’t believe he’s capable of admitting he’s lied.. His personality is that of a ‘Pathological Liar & a Narcissist”..He’s very ‘unsure’ of what being the President means. He’s more comfortable being a ‘Community Organizer’, than Commander-In-Chief’ .. and that’s what America is stuck with for now … He needs to be ‘IMPEACHED’ for incompetence ..He’s in way over his head!!

    • Time

      Dee, as I have said now countless times, there is a basic issue with some who can’t use their real name. If your hiding behind a lie your never going to be able to tell the truth.
      Thats the bottom line with Barry.

      Also lets look at Barry for a moment, he is a Muslim, yet he states he is a Christian. Who went to the Church of I hate Americia, yet he stated that that was only casual attendance that he had with the old Rev Wright.

      If he could tell the truth, I am sure he would miss the facts and it would still fall prey to his cover and smoke, Lie and then tell a bigger LIE factor. Note he tells a small part of the truth in many things he says, yet folks want it to mean something else, you all know that FREE LUNCH Factor.

      • JeffH

        I hate to dissapoint those that think Obama’s real last name is Soetoro. His birth name is Barack Hussein Obama II.
        I say this for no other reason than to correct those that think otherwise.
        Those of you that have been on this post before know I am not an Obama supporter in any way, shape or form.

        • Time

          Jeff, Just to point out that I have read many of the sight you noted alledged truths, that are dead wrong, and as he has {no official Birth Certificate} What ever they post it would be at best speculation on their part, and or candy coated babbel from his press staff.
          But I do understand that your trying to be fair, again I note that Barry was offered {$25 Million dollars} to produce his long form Birth Certificate. He passed on that offer.

          Now again at perhaps as much as $10 million spent on hiding all of his information that only lends “credible evidence” that he is a fraud on all counts.
          I will admit as I have said before, He is just a puppet.

          • JeffH

            The “birther issue” has not died out.

            Barack Obama still has the nerve to accuse American citizens of buying into a “conspiracy theory” even though he is spending untold amounts to fight efforts that would compel him to produce the one document that could bolster the argument that he is, in fact, eligible under Article 2, Section 1, of the United States Constitution to hold the office of President of the United States.

            And as for the Mainstream Media (MSM)… why don’t you see headlines that read: President of the United States Spends 1.4 Million Dollars To Obstruct Investigation Into Conspiracy Theory?

            The answer is obvious. The MSM is hoping and praying that you don’t notice because if you do, they’d be compelled to cover the story.

            Of course the MSM would spin the story, but the MSM knows that no amount of spin can prevent Americans from asking, in increasing numbers ask, what does Barack Obama have to hide?

          • JeffH

            And that 1.4 million figure doesn’t even include actions taken by the United States Department of Justice on your tax-dime to produce the one document that could prove that he is not a fraud and a usurper?

      • Independence

        When do we (the American people) initiate the impeachment process? How many LIES do we have to listen to before we can start the process? If the 2010 Census ask for race I’m entering American Race.

    • American Citizen

      Nor have we ever had a President who made everything about himself. Someone counted the number of times he used the word “I” in the SOTU. Came out to 89 and didn’t include the word, “me”.

  • http://msn wallyp1

    Lie is all this guy ever does. No matter what he says he will do in one of his speeches, you can count on his doing exactly the opposite. Remember how he talked about fiscal responsibility? What a joke! Openness? That depends upon whether or not you count the fact that he is a transparent, lying, arrogant, narcissistic, pusillanimous, purple lipped putz.

  • Stephanie Casdorph

    FOX NEWS said it all a year ago, when, instead of running Obama’s 100 day celebration speech, they ran their regular programming for that night, which just happened to be “LIE TO ME!”

    This country has got to get over its “political correctness”, and start calling these people to account. Of course the best way to do that is in the voting booth!

    • Time

      Your on target!

  • Justen

    The majority of politicians, in my non-professional opinion, exhibit sociopath/psychopath traits. They lie capably because they’ve developed acting as a skill over an entire lifetime of covering for disgusting habits and attitudes and a basic lack of fear, empathy, compassion, and guilt, those basic emotions necessary to develop a set of ethics that puts the needs and rights of other people on the same level as one’s own. I’m not saying every single one of them is a died-in-the-wool closet serial killer; they’re what you’d call functioning psychopaths, which are pretty common in business and politics (some statistics suggest more than 1 in 100 people have psychopathic disorders).

    In any case, they’re dangerous people. Our political system unfortunately selects not for the best, brightest, and most honest – rather for those that are skilled in *appearing* to be such, which is rarely if ever the same thing. Bright people after all tend to go into lines of work where their intelligence can produce useful and interesting things, and honest people are not skilled liars, an ability which is indispensable in modern politics. There is no easy fix for that problem. In fact I’d say it’s unsolvable.

    • Time

      Very Good post!

    • DaveH

      We have let the people of “Government” get away with things that are considered immoral on a personal level for as long as I have been aware.
      Most of us will agree that one-person taking the money of another against his/her will is theft, but then we turn a blind eye to that same act performed by the Government. Oh, I know, we get to vote for it. But somehow, I doubt that we would consider it okay for the local gang to steal somebody’s money after a majority vote of the gang members and the victim.
      Most of us will agree that killing a person is immoral. We bend that rule for a deserving criminal that has been tried by a jury of his/her peers. But then the Government sends our soldiers to kill people who have in no way been given the benefit of a trial. Does the fact that the people who make that life and death decision belong to Government somehow make killing moral?
      So how could we possibly expect the Government to be constrained by honesty when they are given license to commit the two most heinous crimes there are?

    • coal miner


      You make a valid point.Every person,including politicians,tell little white Lies..I think that is human nature.Please respond.

      • coal miner


        Bill Clinton has just been admitted to the hospital.The reason not specified.

  • Jackie

    The political division in this country is destroying us. I don’t understand why we can’t disagree without all the hatred entering in the debate. Being a conservative or a liberal should not signify enemy. People can disagree without spewing hatred. It seems to me that we should be able to meet in the middle. The constant bickering back and forth isn’t getting us anywhere.

    • Thomas Anthony

      The SECOND AMMENDMENT of our Constitution is our only way out… when words no longer work, and common sense is useless. It was given to us by our Founding Father for just such a situation as we are in right now.

      We can POSTURE until the end of time, we can POTIFICATE until the friggen’ cows come home, we can SURMISE, and every other word in the dictionary that means STALL, FREEZE, PILLAR of SALT, CHOKE… but it will eventually, and MUST come down to three words… Lock and Load.

      The currency of freedom is blood. It always was and always will be. Until we pay for it in that denomination, we will never have it. Tell me I’m wrong… but if you do, tell me what else will work in our lifetime, or over the next hundred years. What else will route them out? More WORDS…. WORDS are their weapons, and they are better at it than we are… that is why we elected them and not ourselves. They are an idiological meatgrinder… and well educated at their craft and well oiled by the money of corporate special interests.

      Pass the ammo.

      • JeffH

        That should only be a last resort. We must “overthrow” these liars with sheer numbers at the polls. Reserve your ammo for the terrorists, both foreign and domestic.

        • Vicki

          Soap box, Ballot box, Jury box, Ammo box. These are the for boxes prepared for us by our founding fathers. This is the order in which we must use them. We in this forum are using the Soap box. Already this year we have used the Ballot box (Mass.) and will again in November. We should be using the jury box often to nullify unconstitutional law. Should Health care pass we will use the ballot box and the Jury box to defend our freedom. I suggest we all pray to our Creator of choice that we do not have to reach for the final box. Ever. But if we do, remember as Jeff said. It is the LAST RESORT.

      • Yandle

        Thomas Anthony,
        I’m for The SECOND AMMENDMENT of our Constitution as much as anyone, but Lock and Load, who are you going to shoot, someone at a daycare or maybe a school or Wal-Mart. Get real, you can’t get the people on this post to agree, much less this nation. We have got to get our values right and our heads on straight before we have any hope. Our fathers left us a good country but we don’t have the good sense to keep it that way.

  • Bobbi jo from mn


    • James60

      I completely agree with you, Bobbi jo. But human nature is to defend a bad decision and blame someone else. For some of us, however, the biggest issue we had with the last election was the complete lack of a decent choice for president!

      • Bobbi jo from mn

        II wish the people who voted for him would have made a decsion based on what they found out and made an honest look on who they were voting for he was scary from the start. And anyone who looked for information on him would have seen that other than just taking what they seen on tv. This is out country and after all the solders that have died fighting for our country the least we can do is to take the time to find out the truth before we vote.

        • http://Don'thaveone Sally

          You are right however, people don’t vote for the person, they vote for the party platform unfortunately. If Obama had run as a Republican, he never would have made it. Voting is a responsibility that unfortunately most people take lightly and don’t dig in to find the truth. If it is on TV it has to be right! Lazy lazy Americnas. I’m ith everyone on this site, and hope and pray that we can somehow take our country back. I tried with the internet because of all the lies Obama said and was promising to expose him for what he was. It turned out alot closer than I thought howevrr.

          • Claire

            All politicians lie for their own gain. Democrats, Republicans are out for themselves. This economic chaos has been coming for years and years. The reason for this chaos is greed and I don’t believe we can blame any certain party, they all had a hand in it. I am seeking a TRUE CONSERVATIVE. I don’t want a rock star, I don’t want a person that is self-glorified. America need brains in the White House, not the gift of gab. I want someone that is stable, true to himself, true to America and a true blue patriot. I want someone that is honorable, has a sense of decency, morals, ethics, and no double-speak and psycho-babble. No shrieking, and must has a sense of decorum. He must believe in the Constitution and stand up for the Constitution, America and all Americans. And TRUST. And not say one thing and do the opposite. I could add more, but I won’t. Geez, anyone know anybody like this? You will all think I am nuts but I’ll just have to take that risk. There has to be someone out there that is trustworthy. Superman?

    • Thomas Anthony

      Lock and Load.

      • JeffH

        Keep some powder dry

  • http://msn wallyp1


    I, like many others had hoped that O’Bla-Bla would be a good president. Instead, we have a lying communist who is trying to destroy the constitution (with which he fundamentally disagrees). He is trying to FUNDAMENTALLY change America just as he stated before his election.

    I don’t HATE him but I do DESPISE him because he is a despicable individual. He is the same sort of extreme narcissist as Benito Musollini and every bit as dangerous.

    Already, he has put our country into a debt situation that it probably never recover from. His “recovery” program has only made things very much worse than if he had done nothing. He has taken over GM (I used to have stock in GM but it quickly became worthless)and is doing all he can to punish success and reward failure. He is in bed with ACORN and the Unions.

    My disrespect for the pusillanimous, purple lipped putz knows no bounds.

    I have almost as much disrespect for anyone too blind to see what damage he is doing or willing to defend it.

    • Vicki

      As much fun as it might be to blame Obama for all the spending and such remember he can NOT do it alone. It takes votes in the House and Senate to pass even the most mild spending bill. Remember in Nov and vote them out. ALL of them. Except possibly Ron Paul and any other that has a voting record constantly for freedom.

      • American Citizen

        The problem is, Congress is voting what Obama wants. He holds the veto pen. Do you think he will use it?

  • T.Paine

    Dave…Harry Buttle and those like him wouldn’t know what a ”euphemism” is much more than how to spell it. I mean, c’mon…some people think that POLITIFACT is seriously unbiased??

    Two things that you Obummer supporters need to know- 1)the ground under your feet will quake with the changes coming in November.
    2)You can bet before the messiah runs again in 2012 there will be a full accounting on his birth location. (Come to think of it…it would also be nice to see his college transcripts and what Countrys paasport he used to travel to Pakistan.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      We know what countries passport he used to go to Pakistan because he couldn’t use a USA one ad tht country was prohibited. What also would be interesting is to know what date was his first USA passport issued.(I think on the passport issue, it will be said that he had dual Citizenship with Indonsia) If he used his passport from Kenya, it would have been British.

  • Roberta Smith

    I think he should be IMPEACHED NOW! I can’t think of any other person getting away with the lies he has told and still can look the people in the eye. He is a sicko!


    • DaveH

      That name brings back fond memories, lol.

  • James60

    It totally AMAZES me what shallow thinkers we have become in the US. Too many people rely on television commentators for information. Bush, Obama … just LISTEN to them and WATCH what they do. It’s a joke! As pointed out repeatedly in this blog, most politicians are completely insincere and lie at the drop of a hat. To believe otherwise is to be completely brain-dead given the abundant evidence to the contrary. People need to quit defending/blaming Bush and Obama and LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE. They both were/are complete disasters! Politics is now a cancer in this country, and WE need to eradicate it! Same goes for the mainstream media! We need factual investigative reporting, not talking-head commentary pushing some party line agenda.

  • http://msn wallyp1

    Jackie, you say that: ” The political division in this country is destroying us.”

    You are mistaken. It is not political division that is destroying us. It is the failure of some people to know what this country is all about!

    We have a constitution, THAT is the law of the land, the “rules of the game”. If the citizenry of the country want to amend it they can but subverting it, making end runs around it, ignoring it… THAT is what is destroying our country. The constitution is not being taught in our schools or even our colleges. It should be.

    It is like one team playing basketball while the other team is using the rules for football. It just doesn’t work.

    The pusillanimous, purple lipped putz needs to be removed from office and FAST!

    • DaveH

      I don’t know that I would call him cowardly. It must take great courage to stand up and tell such blatant lies to the citizens.

  • Thomas Anthony

    We send our men and women all over the globe, armed to the teeth to defend those foreigners from their foreign opressors. But we refuse to take up arms to defend ourselves from our opressors hear at home. Are we going to set rat traps abroad to rid other countries from their vermin, yet here at home we allow our rats to eat us alive without setting one trap. Are we looking up to our rats with respect and obedience?

  • Ralph Osbon

    Nothing is going to happen to change the deplorable government we now have in Washington until we stop drinking the floridated water that is now making most Americans so passive and forgiving. That and the TV religions that are destroying America and allowing our politicial leaders to keep us in a perpetural state of war with the Muslim world. Faux News and Sarah Palin are not going to save us.

    • JeffH

      Ralph Osbon, you my friend are what we call a hypocrit. You lambast those that follow the news and commentary on TV or those that have religeous beliefs, yet you, not my friend, are a follower of the “flock”. You could only hope that Americans will remain “passive and forgiving”. I don’t think that is the case, unless of course, you don’t watch TV and embrace the changes that Pres. “Karl Marx” Obama has in mind for his “flock”.

    • coal miner

      Ralph Osbon,

      You are right on just about all these points.Talk to Bob Livinston or Chip Wood, about floriadated water.Floridation could be link to early Alzheimers and other mental disorders.

  • JeffH

    After one year in office, Barack Obama, who ran as a pragmatic centrist promising hope and transparency and a commitment to restore the dreams of all Americans, has advanced a narrowly leftist agenda calculated to radically transform our politics and society.

    He has attempted to create a Big Brother government, nationalizing the auto companies, controlling the banking and the financial industries and pushing a government take over of health care that would make us sicker and poorer at the same time. All the while, he has toured the world apologizing for America, while weakening our defenses against foreign threats, Al Qaeda and the Jihadists, and appeasing tyrants in Iran and Russia.

    It is no wonder that the nation has risen against this radical administration. Once again the American people have shown that while they want to be justly and intelligently governed, they will never be ruled. And they will resist a president such as Obama who assaults their values and sense of patriotism and tries to take control of their government out of their own hands.

  • Global WARNing

    Thanks, Bob. Excellent post. Seems to me Obama subscribes to the Arab belief that says it’s laudable and recommended to lie to achieve your goals. Say whatever you need to, then do whatever you need to. It’s just good strategy. People will believe you if you say the lie often enough and with conviction. It’s worked well in the past, after all. Thank Gd for conservative talk radio and the Internet or the whole country would be swilling the Obama Koolaid!

    • DaveH

      Don’t forget FoxNews and Fox Business Channel.

  • Pat Kelley

    America has lost its moral compass. Cheating,& lying has become commonplace. Most of this stems from the break-up of the American family. We are , in many cases, no better than our enemies ! It is so sad but the young people don’t know any better.

  • eddie47d

    It never amazes me how Republicans always bash lawyer/lobbyists. Yet from what I can tell there are far more on their side. Who do you think defends all these corporate shenanagins? They have whole bus loads of lawyers pouring in to Washington and elsewhere.(Think Joe Nacchio and many other exec’s). They also have Limos full of lobbyists to protect their greed.Maybe in reality there are just too many on either side. When it comes to tort reform both sides get alittle defensive. Change would be good,but when it comes to medical care,car accidents.ect.whose going to determine what is appropiate? If someone needs lifetime care and that care costs $3 mil. do you want to be the one to cut that person off? I think lawyers and a whole boatload of people get paid too much. s.c. says: Carolyn Pidgeon’s info is wrong,I say she is right on. Just look at what the Unitedhealthcare C.E.O. made in just 5yrs. (1 billion and 700,000,000),and we wonder why our medical costs are so high. Don say’s we should change the rules of the healthcare “game”. Is part of your plan to go after these crooks who are milking our present healthcare system dry;or could your comments just be smoke and mirrors.People are dying now with and without our private system In the U.S.A. You make it sound like people in these other countries(socialized) are dying in the streets. When their care and longevity is much greater than ours. So everyone lies to protect their facts. The cash for clunkers program had two main points .One to get the auto industry back on it’s feet and to get Americans to save on gas by buying fuel efficient vehicles. I believe the rules would have been better if those buyers had to purchase a MUCH HIGHER mileage rate.

    • DaveH

      Throwing Disinterested Bureaucrats into the healthcare field is not going to cost us less.
      We live much longer now than our ancestors just a hundred years ago. And still many of us do nothing but whine.
      A wise college Professor once said “We can give up smoking, drinking, sugar, caffeine, and other fun but risky pursuits. We may not live any longer, but it will sure seem like it!”
      Personally Eddie, I prefer Freedom to longevity.

  • Marveck

    Does any one know Al Gore’s(the Bore) phone number? I’d like to send him a truck load Of WHITE GLOBAL WARMING from the 30 plus inches we have fallen so far in Delawre.

    • American Citizen

      You don’t need his phone #, just send it to his address in Tennessee.

  • Martaan

    The dem’s healthcare plan is pure simplicity. You will buy healthcare insurance or you will be punished. Now…let’s solve the auto industry crisis….you will all buy a new american car….or you will be punished. Now lets solve the homeless problem….you will all buy a house. Problem solved. Dang….wasn’t that easy. What the heck…it only takes money. Just print more. Isn’t that the YoMomma way?

  • Rod

    The lies will never cease. Everytime o-BUM-a opens his mouth, he lies
    and he thinks we arn’t smart enough to see through them. Thie year will prove to be a very good year, watching them go down one by one
    starting with Scott Brown! The American people have had it with their
    lies. They arn’t even smart enough to see it comming.

    • American Citizen

      The “transparency” he talks about is the ability to see through him.

  • minnie

    Hey, obama u did explain the obamacare enough over and over again, we get it. You did not get it that, WE DO NOT WANT IT. What part of that sentence do u not understand. You have wasted a whole year printing money, Do not try to revive the DOA HEALTH INSURANCE. We never wanted it in the first place. We are happy with what we have, it is not broken. Work on JOBS, JOBS and on our security. Take the terrorists to GITMO, U CAN PAINT THEIR TOE NAILS UP THERE TOO. They should not be in our country. You need to look at their ACTIONS B4 u see their race. Listen to Palin and to Scott Brown.

  • David Hall

    I respectfully disagree with Mr. Livingston’s opinion. I’m sure, he
    has taught his children, not to lie. The American problem is MOST DON’T! Not only the kids lie to their parents, the parents (teach) their kids to lie at a very young age. Example: Little Billy, mommy and daddy can I play with my toys in here?(that’s if he, asks) NO! YOU CAN NOT! Little Billy, brings toys in and plays anyway, mommy and daddy say, ain’t he so cute, playing with his toys, mommy and daddy, JUST LIED! Mommy and daddy, standing in check-out line, Wal-Mart, little Suzy, pulling on mommy dress,Suzie says, Mommy, daddy, I want that. Mommy and daddy says NO, YOU CAN’T! Suzie, (bless her heart) starts to cry, Mommy and daddy says, well, I guess it ain’t going to hurt anything. They get it for sweet, little, Suzie. JUST LIED! To make a long story short our kids and OUR POLITICIANS are products of their raising,(NO-BRAINER)! What’s really funny is how, America loves to SPOIL, our sweet, loving little Billys and Suzies. (AFTER ALL WE DON’T WANT THEM TO GO THROUGH, WHAT WE WENT THROUGH). If anybody noticed, in the middle of a recession and a nut-case that spending our tax-dollars, like there is no tomorrow, CHRISTMAS SALES WERE UP! DUH! Does that tell anybody the mind-set of Americans? Little Billy and Suzie wants it and they deserve it and they are going to get it. AFTER ALL THEY’RE MY KIDS AND SO CUTE AND SWEET). Oh Yeah! I’m not just writing about 4 and 5 year old, Billys and Suzies, I’m writing about the 18 to 25 year old Billys and Suzies, you know the (WOMB TO THE TOMB) ONES. We sit back and wonder what happen to our Nation, (AMERICA) products of their raising! LYING, LITTLE SPOILED BRATS IS WHAT IS MAKING OUR LAWS AND RUNNING OUR NATION! PRODUCTS OF THEIR RAISING, AGAIN. One good thing about our coming fall from our once, free from debt Nation. It will promote lawlessness for the law-breakers and a strong good-will, survival character, for law-abidding Americans and we want have the time to teach little Billy and Suzie to LIE and want have the money and credit cards to SPOIL them. One thang for sure, hard times builds, character.

  • Palin12

    This just in. Candidate John Dennis to run for Congress against nancy pelosi:

    • JeffH

      I just recieved my email alert, and went immediatly to his website.
      It is very important to defeat Nancy Pelosi at almost any cost.
      I’m in central California so I can’t vote for him, but I can support him if he is the right guy for the job.

      If anyone is interested, here is his link on the issues:

      • JeffH

        Just an FYI, the election for Pelosi’s seat in Congress will affect everyone.

        • Palin12

          I can’t vote against her either, but I sure as hell can vote against Dirty Harry Reid. Wouldn’t it be great to turn them both out to pasture in November?

          • JeffH

            We can support her opponent.

          • John

            We should do all we can to defeat these two bums. How about a national campaign organization?

  • Bluey88

    It matters not what people say or think about this subject. Everybody on Planet Earth is lying the minute they open their mouths!
    ALL languages on this planet have been modified into emotive speech to cause controversy. There are NO languages left that contain prepositional phrases, therefore NOBODY can tell the Truth..EVER!!
    Even the Russians, French, Italians and Arabs have had their languages modified, much to their consternation, but it was Lord Rothschild who caused it to happen in 1873, purely for banking purposes. Whosoever did NOT do this to their national language, did not receive the benefits of banking or the provision of the Post Office in their respective countries. So get over youselves everybody and stop pointing fingers at politicians, lawyers and judges, and start looking in the mirror to see who is Truly lying!

    • TIME

      Interesting point, but really a “slight strech of truth” v a direct and knowing twisting and contorting can not be construed as the same animal.

      Thinking on the lines of a VW Bug even with a Rolls Royce grill is still just a VW Bug, it can never be a Rolls Royce.

    • American Citizen

      It’s called “lawyerese”.

  • chuck b


    don’t you think it would be easier to trade off the bay area to communist china than try to unseat madam pelosi? china might go for it and reduce our debt. of course when the chinese mingle with this mob they will probably force us to take it back.

    • JeffH

      There is still hope, I hope. We’ll see how the upcoming elections go. I’m keeping a close watch on Meg Whitman, former CEO of E-Bay’ in her bid for the governators seat. Has an agenda that makes jobs the #1 goal and isn’t making a lot of promises. She has 3 immediate goals in her plan. I’ve asked her thru email to give me a straight answer on gun control. Either way, my plan is to move to a state that is more “people” friendly.

  • http://msn wallyp1

    Gonorrhea Lectim- ALERT ALERT

    Every male and female must warned of this often fatal disease.

    ***Very important information has just been made public and is something you should all be aware of:***

    ***Gonorrhea Lectim***

    The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease.

    The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim. It’s pronounced “Gonna re-elect ‘im.”

    The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior involving putting your cranium up *your rectum.*

    *Many victims contracted it in 2008 ….. but now most people after having been infected for the past **1-2 years are starting to realize how destructive this sickness is.**

    *It’s sad because it is so easily cured with a new procedure just coming on the market called Vo-tem-out! *

    *You take the first dose/step in 2010 and the second dosage in 2012 and simply don’t engage in such behavior again, otherwise it could become permanent and eventually wipe out all life as we know it.*

    *Several states are already on top of this like Virginia and New Jersey, and apparently now Massachusetts with many more seeing the writing on the wall.*

    • American Citizen

      Yep, the right prescription to cure the disease of “liberalism/socialism.”

    • Wes Baggett

      I gotta admit that was a funny analogy, but then again you on the right did your daily visual colon check during the Cheney administration and if i’m not mistaken our budget and defecit were under control until the day they took office. Tax cuts for the wealthy , c’mon, how much freakin’ money is enough?? Lies us into a war that so far is well over 2 trillion. You can’t put this all on the present administration. It’s hard to remember your objective was to clear the swamp when you’re up to your ass in alligators

      • TIME

        Ok lets say its all GWB’s fault, ( yet he was just about a 2.2% )Deficit, {thats over eight full years.}

        GWB took over was just under a 1% deficit left from Clinton who did a really good job at reducing the noted Deficit.
        But please also keep in mind that the Housing bubble was born during his watch too, as in 1996.

        Lets also not forget that Frank and Dodd sold the housing bubble to congress and the senate stating that there was no possible way it could fail.
        Also keep in mind thats even after GWB told both house’s there was going to be a problem down the road if it was not addressed ASAP. Thats all Public record.

        Barry has jumped up to near 6% Deficit in just one year. But lets look at this with Barry’s cap on spending at that near 6% level what do you think will happen over the next 3 years?
        Oh and thats Barry’s own plan just look it up, its all public record.

        So come on really lets be real Barry is so unqualified let alone his staff are matching his inabilities what is going to happen down the road will make GWB look like the best thing since sliced bread.

  • http://msn wallyp1

    eddie, GET A CLUE

    The wealthiest people in the senate and the house are not Republicans, they are Democrats.

    The wealthiest bankers on Wall St. are not Republicans, they are Democrats.

    The people who were running Freddie-Mac and Fannie-Mae and threw our economy over the cliff were not Republicans, they were Democrats.

    The congressmen who pushed the bill promoting the sale of homes to people totally unable to afford them were Democrats, not Republicans.

    The congressmen who blocked the auditing of Freddie and Fannie when Pres. Bush tried to have them investigated (12 times) were Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, Democrats, not Republicans.

    AND THAT is how we got to where we are now.


  • http://msn wallyp1



  • Brenda

    Where did Norm go? Bye Bye!!

  • Izzy

    Back in 1961-62 coming form Columbus Ga to Midlesville, Ga. Was a news in the Radio that says: in sky was the signs that the Messias was born. and that were a lot of commotion about. I believe they said in the area of Israel. I remember because the way they discribed was like if Jesuchrist were born.I remember getting upset and said liers. that is the false messias,as the Bible says. (The new was in english radio station, and my husband got mad at me. Maybe you can check that out. I believe was on 1961- Any one remember that news? .Sorry my inglish is no too good to expres my self.God bless you.

    • American Citizen

      It was 1962 as I had a son that year and I remember thinking, “Gee, I wonder if it’s my son, ha, ha.”

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Ok, The Messaih is not Obama no matter what he things, nor is the Anti-Chirst for several reasons (Obama has to take down the US, so that every thing else in Phrophsey can happen as the USA is too strong and independent built originally on the principals of a Judeo-Christain God) Have to get us out of the way for the one World government. Now, the anti- christ will come from the old roman empire (the now European Union) he would have been born around 1979 and will be Jewish (that is the only way to also have a one world religion (False Prophet) however, the birth pangs are here now and we are not far from all of this happening.

      • coal miner


        Better learn to spell.

        • JeffH

          Old King coal miner,
          Before you critisize others about grammer, you better go back and re-
          read all of your comments. You’ve made yourself look like a mental midget compared to Sally and most everyone else.

          • coal miner


            You got grammar spelled wrong. You got grammer.(words removed for offensive content).

          • David Hall

            Mr. Coal Miner, now settle down and get you some warm milk to drink.
            Don’t be sad, becuase soem of us missepll. You got some words, remvoed
            so wathc your potty-mouth. Better, stay focused on your Obama, hell, he can’t even read a teleprompter, but you know he is a brillant man &
            can spend the hell out of the tax-payers money, to pay back the unions
            and much more.

          • JeffH

            I was fishing and the “bullhead” took the bait. Coal miner better go back and pray to her Satan!

          • JeffH

            …by the way, it isn’t “you got” either…

          • David Hall

            Mr. JeffH, you Got Me! I was telling ole coal-miner, how silly he is
            bone-picking everybodies, grammar and spelling. But that’s typical for
            left-wing nuts. Maybe, Obama will come up with another Gov. Program and spend Billions, teaching me and others how to spell. I’m sure ole
            Coal-Miner would go for that!

  • Bob Valley

    Maybe we have a handfull of honest people in D.C. If they make to many waves they end up like JFK or Paul Wellstone. 18th. century essaist William Hazlett had it right, the Whigs and the Tories are like two horse drawn coaches going down a muddy road slinging mud at each other but they are both taking you to the same place. We will never take this country back at the poles, in all of the comments above I have not read one solution to our problem. Only another revlolution as sad as it may seem is the only way to freedom from surfdom. Take your heads out of the sand. GOD help U.S.

  • Robert

    Wait a minute. If Obama lies, the main stream media would be up in arms and call him out on it. Wouldn’t they? I know Walter Cronkite would.

    • wayne

      You really need to make an effort to get relev an t news get off the propaganda networks that are paid cheerleaders. If you think alphabets are quoting accurate news you’ve missed out. They ar all owned by obama supporting leaches, look it up.

  • wallyp1


    I’m sure you’re joking. Right?

    O’Bla-Bla has told DOZENS OF LIES.

    Do you watch the evening TV news?

    Do you read a newspaper?

    How many times have you seen the MSM call him on anything?

  • Rabbi Greenfeld

    Dear Mr. Livingston,

    I had sent you a message some time ago requesting that you include a “Print” button on your site; for articles such as these. Still waiting both for the Print button or for some kind of reply from you. Would be greatly appreciated!


    Rabbi F M Greenfeld

    • Personal Liberty Support

      Thank you for your comment about adding a printer button.

      In response, we have added a feature to do that under “Article Tools” and that is located on the right hand side of the screen adjacent to the article title.

      Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

  • June Gagnon

    Oh my- -just noticed Carolyn P is all upset by the “slander” directed at Obama; wonder what dark hole she has her little head buried in?? Wake up, girl – -do some research and start connecting the dots! He’s hell-bent on destroying this country. The good doctors, who wrote the book “Born to Lie”, have it exactly right!

    • denniso

      Obama is trying like hell to save the country and capitalism…he’s tryin to clean up the biggest mess to ever confront an incoming prez…wake up and direct your anger in the right direction…

      • wayne

        Please wake up, do a little intelligent reading get off the media propaganda and use your head. Everything obama has done is to kill america, attempted legislation and executive orders. The government has no business in private business, has no business taking stockholder finances, he’s being guided to ruin the dollar and get world currency going. He’s doing everything to allow world takeover, with asinine fraudulant climate change, the first step to socialism is control health industry open your eyes.

  • David A. Celaschi

    Revolution Time,Its revolution time,its revolution time,lets get all our soldiers in a row, march on wasington and take this country back!Its the way this country was started and the only way your going to get back!I can’t believe you think your going to get back thiscountry by voting them out of office,because look what your voting back in!It’s one vicious circle!The circle needs to be broken!Now I feel better!

    • David Hall

      David A. don’t get trigger-happy! Our Nation ain’t collasped, yet! Dollar still hanging on by a tread! stock-market sliding, but hasn’t
      crashed yet! hyber-inflation ain’t hit, yet! Our wonderful, Communist
      China friend is still loaning us money and buying up all our credit!
      Unemployment is still only 9.7 to 10%, it ain’t 20%, yet! Groceries
      are still in our grocery stores! IT’S A TIME TO BE HAPPY! NOT SAD OR

    • DaveH

      Violence won’t solve anything. We would most likely be trading one dictator for another. The only real course of action is to educate yourself on political issues so you can effectively counter the trash that the Liberals spew. This war is best won with words.

      • David Hall

        Mr. DaveH, I hope and pray your right. I hope we are civilized to do
        that, but as you know our fore-fathers tried it first with Great Britain, they even moved from their mother land and was still TAXED
        WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, you know the rest of our history. Like, I

  • Martaan

    Robert…Walter is no longer with us!

  • Wes Baggett

    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the courts had to decree a few years ago that you can’t hold a politician to his word with promises he made during a campaign. But then again when the right wing controlled supreme court gave personhood rights to corporations it shows that Dwight D. Eisenhower was right when he warned of the Military/Industrial complex taking over America. Hell , maybe China can loan us some more money so our executives can outsource more jobs

    • DaveH

      Both Parties have been complicit in the creation of the Military State. And both parties will come to the aide of Big Business (Crony Capitalism). The only way to change that is to get Government out of the Marketplace with the exception of enforcing voluntary contracts.
      Big Business can only make us buy their products with the help of the only Organization in this country that is sanctioned to use Force – Big Government.

  • Gary Frye

    I usually do not get into the conversations; just do not have the time to spend at the computer. Politically, there IS another choice. That choice is the Constitution Party. GOOGLE: Constitution Party and read their party proclamation. Most people have never heard of it. That is because ALL major news media, newspapers, etc. are owned by just seven companies or their subsidiaries.

    I learned years ago NEVER to listen to what a politician says about ANYTHING! Just WATCH WHAT THEY DO; the legislation they push, etc. Both Republicans and Democrats are pushing toward Globalism and World Government. This is clear in the international treaties “our” government has signed us into. Also, the National Education Association has sure helped DUMB DOWN America into thinking we are a DEMOCRACY and not a REPUBLIC OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE. You NEVER hear politicians use the term REPUBLIC any more. I than God for the few good teachers that are left, but they are few and far between. IF someone wants to see the TRUE History of America, they need to go to “WallBuilders” and David Barton. Google it.

    I also have to place MUCH blame on PREACHERS! I am one, but the Pulpit if full of self agrandizing, “name it and claim it,” PANTY WAIST preachers that are no more CALLED to preach than a man in the moon! They are SILENT and TRAITORS TO GOD in NOT being “WATCHMEN ON THE WALL” as God REQUIRED them to be (Ezek. 3:17; 37: 1-20). God also warns that “RIGHTEOUSNESS exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Prov. 14:34). Alex de Tocqueville, and Frence political thinker and historian, came to America during the 1830′s to see what made America so great. He concluded “America is great because America is (morally) good. If America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” He also concluded that America was strong because he found the Holy Scriptures being read in almost every household.

    When we as a nation turn our backs on true worship and adoration of the God that blessed us, we set ourselves up for personal and national deception. We begin to love lies and hate the truth. That is where we are today, I am afraid.


    • American Citizen

      I also place blame on the Imams and Mullahs in the Middle East for inciting their people to murder.

    • DaveH

      This country was created with Freedom for all, religious or non-religious. The Constitution Party has good ideas, but the religious leanings of the party will lead it to impose religious morality on those who don’t subcribe to religion. Take Vice Crimes. What business does Government have in protecting people from themselves? If you don’t respect a person’s ownership of his body, then you don’t respect people, period.
      The only Political Party that understands freedom like our Founders understood freedom is the Libertarian Party. We embrace Freedom for all – religious or non-religious:

      • Vicki

        Agreed. I have looked at several of the other parties and most of them fail a simple test. Free will. Given to us by our Creator. Libertarian party platforms are the closest to this simple principal.

  • Mark

    “Law Enforcement” is the great enabler for this swill. Thank them if you wish. Or curse them for what they’ve done to this country. The choice is yours. For now, anyway.

  • Garth Tobler

    Honest politician, the ultimate oxymoron

  • Nindependent

    Term limits! Time in office creates power and the ability to think one is the creator of reality. Both parties are full of liers and estate builders.

  • Charles

    My paternal grandfather (b. 1883, d. 1973) always said: “All lawyers are liars and all politicians are crooked.” As most of our politicians are also lawyers, I suppose that politicians are liars as well as being crooked.

    • American Citizen

      That’s double jeopardy.

    • jim

      Charles, What do you get when you cross a crooked politician with a crooked lawyer? Chelsea.

  • David Hall

    Look, here’s the real deal, I’ve read and commented on just everything
    that has been posted by Mr. Livingston and his buddies. I’d never promote physical violence over anybodys, OPINION about any issue. It’s
    just that an OPINION! That being written, when Obama, tanks our dollar, economy, stock-market, hyber-inflation runs rapid, no food or
    milk for mothers and their babies, IF PEOPLE DON’T THINK, IT WILL BE A
    WAR FROM HELL, HERE IN AMERICA ARE LIVING IN A BUBBLE IN THEIR ON LITTLE DREAM WORLD! There want be 1000′s ORDERLY standing in soup lines, like it was in 1930′s. People can’t stand ORDERING at a Wal-Mart (after Christmas sale)! The L.A. riots will look like a CHURCH
    gathering compared to what our Nation will look like, IF THE ABOVE

  • David Hall

    to write, People can’t stand ORDERLY at Walmart instead of ORDERING. Now, you can HANG ME!

  • Marilyn

    Thank you SO MUCH Rosebud!! I have been telling friends and family the facts about what happened for several years. Bush DID TRY to get the congress to pass a law to curb the kinds of things that
    Barney Frank and Chris Dodd got Ole’ Bill to do. Which was pass a law to make it legal. That happened in 1991! They literally forced the banks to accept these laws and act on them because they were able to make a ton of money from this! The crash came because the banks got overloaded with these stupid mortgages
    and the strain was too much! What really ticked me off was that Barney Frank was the first one to run up and start pointing fingers at the Bush Administration, knowing full well that he was one of the main culprits! Obumer may have made some money but I do not think he really was active long enough in national politics. There was a rumor that he got money for his election fund from Fannie May and Freddie Mac. But like a lot of the overseas money, which is illegal, he ignored all of those questions or denied it!

  • butch

    bush and the republicans tried to regulate the banks? are you serious? did you listen to the republicans state of the union rebutal about not regulating wall street! the inflated housing market and banks were the only things keeping bush’s economy afloat until the house of cards tumbled way before obama was elected. that is the reason why we are in this mess today, unless obumer caused it when he was a senator. that makes more sense because he hates america.

    • David Hall

      I don’t really know about all that, heard tales and read articles on
      both sides of the fence. What I do know, Bush was POWERLESS his last
      two years in office, Dems controlled the Senate and House. It’s
      about like saying the Republicans have STOPPED, Obama’s great plans to
      destroy our Nation. Republicans don’t have the NUMBERS in House or
      Senate, to stop or block nothing. That’s why everybody had a sigh of
      relief when Brown won in Mass.

      • James

        If you think Brown is going to change anything, you are dead wrong.
        The only thing changing in this country is, we don’t have a government anymore.
        What we have is a bunch of bought off, lying, weak, Zionist controlled, lackeys.
        The Country I grew up in gone.
        Amerika is a socialist, fascist, Police State and is a sickening place to live.

        • David Hall

          James, I didn’t write Brown was going to CHANGE anything! If you think
          I did, then that’s makes you DEAD WRONG! My point being, by Brown being elected if his one vote for Republicans (which he is) would mean
          instead of the 60 vote needed, minus one vote, taken away equals 59.
          You see 60-1=59, that was and is my POINT! Hell man, I’m from Tennessee, I don’t have a glue about Brown, but I do know, him being a
          Republican Senator, won in one of the most Liberal Progressive Socialist States in our Union! That’s what I do know. Ha! Ha! if you
          think the Zionist are running us, Bubba, next time you buy something,
          don’t just look at the price, LOOK WHERE IT WAS MADE! CHINA IS OUR
          BIG BOSS MAN, NOT ISRAEL! I don’t care what the skin-heads or Jew-haters, believe, think, or say. Not saying your one of them, because I
          don’t know.

        • David Hall

          James, like my Daddy used to say, IF AMERICA, IS THAT SICKENING TO YA,
          there’s many boats and ships leaving everyday! BYE! BYE!

  • iowaheretic

    Politicians Lying? When did all this start?

  • American Citizen

    As one woman said this morning on a radio talk show, Obama and the Dems are talking about a “jobs bill” when what we’re getting is a snow job.

    • David Hall

      American Citizen, and that brand new snow job (which is old, so old)
      will cost us tax-payers, another trillion, or two, or three!

  • James

    If you think Brown is going to change anything, you are dead wrong.
    The only thing changing in this country is, we don’t have a government anymore.
    We have an oligarchy controlling the White House.
    The Senate is completely socialist controlled.
    Congress is a bunch of bought off, lying, weak, Zionist controlled, lackeys.
    This Country is being sacrificed on the alter of The New World Order.
    The Country I grew up in gone.
    Amerika is a socialist, fascist, Police State and is a sickening place to live.

  • Moocho

    Hmmm, how come when Obama took office, and supposedly gave us a federal tax break (stimulus)on our pay checks to allow us more bring home pay !, after having my CPA figure my 2009 taxes, I now owe $3,000+ extra federal income taxes, and (BTW married filing Jointly and make under $50,000 betwixt the spouse and I), and struggling to pay our mortgage ($125,000 medium home)-well under avg. for U.S. and (thank God we are healthy), and could not claim deductions which needed to be $11,400, why in the hell are we having to pay so much ?? and Obama and the democrats are saying we need to prepare for our children and grand-children futures ??, What about the Americans NOW !!! I don’t want the Gov. to care for me, just stop wasting MY MONEY, and when I retire give me what is due to me!(we have paid SS taxes, I since 16 yrs. of age ! 2010-2012 wake up people it the peoples time to change the CHANGE !….STIMULUS, my ass ?

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I’m glad you made this post!!!!!! The people that still support the anointed one DON’T PAY TAXES – JUST RECEIVE ENTITLEMENTS. Just think what is going to happen next year, if you can get your hands on or go to and see what is already the case for 2010 – you will be in for even a greater surprise. Where they really get you is the Alternate Minimum Tax. Did you really expect anything different from a LIAR?. There is absolutely nothing this man has done or said is the Truth! I just hope we can get him out on not being a natural born US citizen, so that we can undo everything that he has illegally signed into law before the end of this year when in Nov. we throw out all the democrats and vote in non-progressive, non-lawyers, all for smaller government!!!!

  •, Christopher Popham Smith, Boston, Ma.

    And so now, finally, some Americans are indeed waking up to the
    realities of the 2008 Presidential election.
    O.K. So I was a third party candidate for President in 2008. You can
    view my website at your convenience. I knew then what many people are
    saying today–there is a crying need for a third party. However, no one was listening; the MSM, the country, the world, was intoxicated and mesmerized by the hyperboles and rhetoric of only one man.
    Not to brag, but I resoundingly predicted that this man would come to
    power and then proceed to destroy America, as Congress and previous
    Administrations have done for the past 30 years, only this man is
    doing it faster and more perilously than ever expected.
    Is it any wonder that so many, who voted for him, are now suffering
    from “voter remorse”?
    Yes, wake up America. Time is running out. The groundwork for our
    fiscal and monetary failure has been laid out before your eyes.
    So, open your eyes. Consider voting out the incumbents and as in
    Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts, replace the inept and greedy, with honorable men and women, who will represent the people.
    November is not far off.
    Good luck America, and oh yes, may God bless us all.

  • donald orr

    In looking over the comments already posted it seems that people are too worried about details. The real issue is to get rid of them and to do it legally. I know this takes time but remember that your government is really run by prostitutes. Once they see their fellow hookers getting voted out of office their tune may change. I know this sounds overly optimistic but they sell their soul for money and power. As to people in general, keep trying to get your points across but do not become the preacher. I have that problem at times and it is an automatic turn-off. Remember, you are up against the best propaganda machine that has ever been used. Try reading up on Alinsky’s tactics of disinformation to see what you are up against. Don’t give up the fight.


    I read and I cry. I see great Americans who have been misled so long they cannot see or understand truth. It was not giant corporations that brought our economy down. It was a free spending government, competing for the available money that free enterprise needed to grow, to sustain growth you have to invest in expansion, that takes capitol, that create jobs, that create taxes, infrastructure can be maintained by those taxes. Taxes however can not be increased faster than GNP. THERE HAS TO BE A BASIS TO SUPPORT THE MONIES FLOATING AROUND THE SYSTEM, or you have inflation. Government needs to stay out of business. It should report the activities of business and then let the consumer decide who to do business with. Also at fault is the idea everyone deserves a house, therefore, a home loan. Wrong! Dishonest people made loans, even more dishonest people gave them money they could not pay back. Even if nothing changed in their job situation they could not afford the homes they were buying. The bankers knew this, but government regulation forced them to make these loans. Obama even threatened to sue banks in Chicago if they failed to loan money to inner city dwellers, many of whom did not even have a job. Fannie May and Freddie Mac under the control of Barney Frank and Charles Schummer with and assist from Chris Dodd hid their woeful financial state until the problem became an emergency. Actually it had gone beyond repair. To all of this add the fact that we as Americans lost sight of certain important facts of life. We did not want to wait until we could afford our toys, we wanted our children to have everything we did not have when we grew up and with good intentions, we took on debt like it was our best friend. Now we pay the piper, yes we need change in Washington, but we also need to change our ways at home. Put Family and God first, then except our good fortune if we can afford more as a Gift from God. Until we return to GOD as our foundation, using His guidance to remove and replace political leadership and become responsible for our behaviors, this is not going to get better. And neither party has the answers. Love is the only thing that a man will work harder for than money, get out of my way and I will work hard for my money to give my love the life she deserves. Not the life some political dreamer would offer.

    • Bruce Barrett

      It is easy for me to tell the difference between the haves and those who do not have the sense to recognize what is really going on in this country. Those who follow blindly the Obama ideas and that ilk are not worth me wasting my time talking to them about serious issues. Is it not obvious that the polarization of mindsets is so extreme and there is no remedy in sight?
      Has anyone considered the secession of individual states from the Union as a remedy? I see Texas as a strong possibility for this option. I live in Florida but would consider moving to Texas if they seceded and became the Republic of Texas. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.

      • denniso

        You people have lost your minds…

        • David Hall

          But denniso, we all are one-step above YOU! You got to have a MIND,
          BEFORE YOU CAN LOSE IT! It’s so hard trying to teach you, stuff!

  • Stephaan

    I think that Texas can actually secede legally, and is the only state that can (legally), without retribution from the feds.

  • Dartanian


    Arrogant ObamaCare TAX Increase Announced
    An Arrogant ObamaCare Plan details new taxes, cuts in Medicare and government regulations, crippling and obstructing the “bipartisan healthcare reform summit” on Feb. 25th signaling that the Democrats are not serious about starting over and including Republican ideas in their plans?
    Offering nothing new, the scheme defrauds America with a plan that repackages the same approach already taken by the U.S. Senate. A scheme that Americans have already rejected in the Latest Rasmussen Poll – as 56% Oppose ObamaCare!!!!
    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cannot even score the latest ObamaCare scheme because it lacks enough detail to do so. The White House claims that the scheme will save $100 billion over 10 years and $1 Trillion over 20 years is refuted by the Wall Street Journal that estimates the bill will cost $950 billion over 10 years. To balance out Obama’s scheme a tax increase of more that 1,000,000,000 is needed in the next 10 years.
    Obama has lied again arrogantly introducing massive healthcare tax increases on every American earning less than $250,000/yr. Democrats will shove ObamaCare down every Americans throat like it or not, it will happen and Obama is pushing it through.
    White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said. “We took our best shot at bridging the differences.” He then indicated that the White House is open to the Democrats using a parliamentary tool called “reconciliation” to pass the bill without 60 votes in the Senate, saying that the president’s proposal is designed for “maximum flexibility” so that it could be attached to a budget bill as a way of averting a Republican filibuster.
    Every person will be hurt with increased costs of an out of control Government Run Health Care bureaucracy taking over private insurance with Federal regulations. The scheme completely ignores and does not include Republican proposals for a series of modest changes to bring down costs and improve coverage, including tort reform and new freedoms for insurance companies to sell their policies across state lines.
    How does Obama Plan To Pay For It ALL? – WITH NEW TAXES!!!!
    A record number of Americans are out of work and ObamaCare funding is more than $1 Trillion short and cannot be paid for without new taxes.
    Obama and the Democrats in Congress are taking money out of our pockets with more than a dozen new taxes created by the bill. These would add up quickly for families:
    *Elimination of the Medicare Part D (prescription drug) deduction ($5.4 billion);
    *A 0.5 percent hike in the Medicare payroll tax for single earners over $200,000
    *A tax on branded drugs ($22.2 billion);
    *An annual tax on the health insurers ($60.4 billion)
    *A 40 percent excise tax on “high value” health care ($149.1 billion in new taxes over the next 10 years); and joint earners over $250,000 ($53.8 billion);
    *Changes in health savings accounts (HSAs), ($5 billion);
    *A $2,500 cap on FSAs in cafeteria plans ($14.6 billion);
    *An increase from 10 percent to 20 percent in the penalty for early non-qualified HSA withdrawals ($1.3 billion);
    *A tax on companies that manufacture or import medical devices ($19.3 billion);
    *An increase in the floor of the medical expenses deduction from 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income to 10 percent, except for seniors, who will stay at 7.5 percent ($15.2 billion);
    *A mandate on companies with more than 50 employees to provide health coverage or pay a $750 penalty per employee for those who obtain coverage through the insurance exchange ($36 billion over 10 years) and a mandate on individuals to obtain coverage or pay a tax penalty.
    Dick Morris Is Right About A Liberal Democrat Secret Plan for ObamaCare
    Pelosi said, “We (Liberal Democrats) will go through the gate,” “If the gate is closed, we will go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we will pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we will parachute in. But we are going to get health care reform passed for the American people for their own…” (GOOD?)
    This is outrageous and exactly what Americans do not want. MAKE CALLS TO CONGRESS. We need your continued help more than ever as Socialized Health Care MUST STILL Be Stopped.
    Call your Senators and Representatives today, toll free numbers include 1-877-851-6437 and 1-866-220-0044, or call toll 1-202-225-3121 AND REGISTER YOUR OUTRAGE at Arrogant ObamaCare TAX Increase!

    CALL PRESIDENT OBAMA 202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414 expressing your outrage at incompetence in crippling and obstructing the “bipartisan healthcare reform summit”.
    We need TENS OF THOUSANDS of faxes and PHONE CALLS and EMAILS delivered to ALL Congressmen right away!
    This is a fight for the very heart of America. We can WIN this fight! With Senate Republicans now forcing Democrats to “ping-pong” the Obamacare bill back and forth between the two Houses, we can capitalize on the divisions within the Democrat Party itself! If we can STOP Reid and Pelosi from getting enough votes in either House– that means THE BILL WOULD DIE!
    We CAN still win, by keeping the Democrats from getting the votes they need to pass Obamacare… but we can’t do it without YOUR help!
    TAKE ACTION: We don’t have much time before the liberal Democrat leaders in the House and Senate begin their backroom deal making to work all of their deals and compromises, in hopes of getting enough votes to pass ObamaCare. We have to start NOW in letting ALL of these people who are supposed to be representing US in Washington, that we are NOT going to put up with this — and that they MUST LISTEN TO US and KILL THE BILL!
    We CANNOT let the radical liberals in Congress and the White House force this plan for socialized health care on the American people! Send a strong message to every single member of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, OPPOSING this outrageous plan.
    Email and call all your Democrats, Republicans, and Independents EVERYONE in BOTH houses of Congress, DEMANDING that they REJECT this socialized health care plan NOW!


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