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The Anti-Incumbent Mood

May 13, 2010 by  

In what The Washington Post described as “the most powerful demonstration yet of the anti-Washington tide that is altering the nation’s political landscape,” three-term Senator Robert F. Bennett was defeated at the Utah Republican Party’s nominating convention Saturday.

Bennett, who in the past has supported amnesty for illegal aliens, further angered conservatives with his votes to support the Wall Street bailout program in 2008 and with his work last year to craft a bipartisan healthcare bill with Senator Ron Wyden (D.-Ore.).

In Utah the GOP selects its candidate through a nominating process at its state convention. Bennett polled third behind attorney Mike Lee and businessman Tim Bridgewater in two rounds of voting, according to The Hill.

Tea Party activists are touting the victory as a major step toward returning the Republican Party to its conservative foundations of limited government and low taxes, according to The Post.

As The Post reports: “The political atmosphere, obviously, has been toxic, and it’s very clear some of the votes that I have cast have added to the toxic environment," Bennett told reporters after the defeat. Choking up, he added, "Looking back on them, with one or two very minor exceptions, I wouldn’t have cast them any differently even if I’d known at the time it would cost me my career."

And that was Bennett’s problem. If he ever understood that he should, as a self-avowed conservative, work to limit government and reduce taxes then he forgot it at some point during his 18 years of service. Or perhaps he forgot it long before, as he held an office that had been held by his father, Wallace F. Bennett, from 1951 to 1974 and worked on his father’s reelection campaigns beginning in 1962.

Although the elitist elected class wants to keep power firmly within “the family,”—as evidenced by the endorsements Bennett received from prominent Republican establishment types like Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney—this is not how our Founding Fathers envisioned it.

As Philadelphia Continental Congress delegate Tench Coxe wrote in An American Citizen No. 2, “As our president bears no resemblance to a king so we shall see the Senate has no similitude to nobles. First, not being hereditary, their collective knowledge, wisdom, and virtue are not precarious. For by these qualities alone are they to obtain their offices, and they will have none of the peculiar qualities and vices of those men who possess power merely because their father held it before them.”

Obviously, Bennett’s knowledge, wisdom and virtue were not enough for him to continue to hold onto power, at least not in Utah. And his father’s coattails weren’t sufficient either.

There is a purge coming to Washington and it’s time for the elitists in both parties to begin honing their resumés.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Mark D.

    “…it’s time for the elitists in both parties to begin honing their resumés.”

    Bob, it’s TOO LATE for that! The “elitists” are that for a reason; they have forsaken their constituents long ago in search of power. It’s not just anti-incumbent, it’s anti-professional politician. They ALL must go.

    Also, if this country wants to get serious about eliminating the special interest lobbies and the deleterious effect they have in D.C., we must repeal the 17th Amendment.

    • Dan2

      you got it right, Mark! They all need to go! Time to quit this left/right fight. The Global elites have hijacked our nation. The NEW WORLD ORDER has been spoken of loud and clear by every president, since bush sr., and beyond.

      The hijackers stand a good governmental position in the next government (world government), when they arode this one as fast as they can.

      When the U.S. is solvent the rest of the world falls easily.
      Our constitution protecters (military) are all kept over seas. Bringing those counrties into NEW WORLD ORDER submission. And when an emergency occurs here (martial law) U.N. troops are brought in to bring peace(keepers). They are not afraid to fire on U.S. citizens. That will usher in the world constitution.

      WAKE UP!!!!! This is the reality.

      • Eddy James

        Back in the early 1970′s right after I got out of the Marine Corps. We were visiting another Marine who lived just to the Southwest of Little Rock, Ark. One evening he said lets go for a drive in the country. After about 45 minutes of winding around in the middle of the woods, we can across a large field about a quarter of a mile long. It had an 8′ fence with razor wire on top. Inside this enclosure there were hundreds of armored personnel carriers, Trucks, Tanker Trucks, jeeps, and tanks. The only thing that b stood out as strange and has bothered me for over 30 years, was the fact that they all had U.N. markings. Until lately I wasn’t able to figure out why they would be hidden in the back woods of Arkansas. I guess the New World Order has been planning ahead for a long time. Since about the time they started teaching the socialist view point in public schools here in America. I can see the wr.iting on the wall

    • Angela

      I believe what he meant by “honing their resumes” is that they need to update them to look for a new job…

  • Oregon Bob

    If you really wish to know the “why”:

    Study Alexander Hamilton and the three Rothschild central banks that transformed the U.S. from a prosperous nation to a debtor nation that is now on the precipice of catastrophe.

    Study the Rothschilds.

    Study Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs.

    Study the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism, which is the original name for Political Correctness.

    Study Ralph Tyler and his odious little book on curriculum.

    Study the Marxist philosophy of the National Education Association.

    Study Progressivism.

    Study the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Do the research. It’s all out there waiting for you.

    • s c

      Bob, your list will enlighten many people. However, one thing that needs to be on your list is the role of apostate churches and their role in this disaster. It will take God Almighty to rid the world of the root source behind civilization’s ills.
      And, it will come as a shock to MANY people how and why so-called ‘religious leaders’ AND politicians turned their backs on God so they could enjoy their temporary ‘fruits.’ Next, we’ll see how corrupt churches can make life even more complicated (in the name of doing ‘God’s work’).

  • s c

    Normally, an incumbent is someone who protects the status quo. This ‘individual’ has mutated over the years, and now we’re faced with a new species. This miserable creature protects the status quo AND is obligated to protect the ‘new’ status quo (rabid, contagious progressivism).
    These ‘people’ are anti-social, freedom-hating, lovers of power and control who MUST be swept out of office, regardless which party is involved. People, these subhumans are destroying America from within.
    They protect each other. Some of them may act like they don’t like each other, but they aid and abet the mentality that lets them live in luxury, get rich, bypass the Constitution, rarely READ the damnable laws they pass, collect an UNDESERVED retirement, enforce the laws they ‘like’ and IGNORE the laws they don’t like.
    Deporting these miserable losers to North Korea is too good for them. They deserve whatever punishment we choose. Let the punishment fit the ‘crime,’ people. But first, kick these treasonous sons and daughters-of-whatever OUT of Washington!

  • Ray

    This is shocking News Just what the DNC and Obama are trying to do Illegally. I borrowed some materials but put together this Message that I sent to the DNC. I Hope they haven’t abolished free speach Yet!

    I was sent this; by DNC
    Friend –

    On March 7th, 1965, 600 of us lined up to walk from Selma to Montgomery, to march for voting rights.

    When we tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River, we were met by state troopers. They attacked us with tear gas, bullwhips, and nightsticks.

    It became known as Bloody Sunday, and the national outcry over the brutality that day led to the enactment, exactly 45 years ago today, of the Voting Rights Act.

    The progress we’ve made since then is remarkable.

    But the expansion of voting rights for millions did not happen overnight. It was the product of a continued struggle, by many people, over many years.

    And just as change did not come easily then, it does not come easily now.

    Discrimination still exists in America — its effects can be as harmful as they were decades ago. And we can always become a better, more just society.

    Two years ago, this movement — led by Barack Obama — brought millions of people into the political process for the first time.

    I’m told that many of you are working hard now to get as many as possible of those folks — and others from across the country who are with us in these fights — to the polls this year.

    It’s an important effort, and the legacy of the fight for the Voting Rights Act is that it is not only our right to vote, and to help others do so — it is our duty.

    Can I count on you to help out between now and the elections in November?

    When I was a child, I tasted the bitter fruits of racial discrimination — and I did not like it.

    That was what spurred me to act. In those early days, we sacrificed our very selves for our rights as Americans. But we never gave up.

    And now barriers that kept an entire people from full participation in this country have been removed.

    No longer are people who look like me met with violence when we register to vote.

    No longer is the idea that an African American could become president just a dream.

    We live in a better world, a better country.

    But our work is not complete. We cannot wait for someone else to make change.

    We must all do it. You must do it. I must do it.

    Please sign up to help millions more vote:

    Thank you,

    Representative John Lewis


    Many of the illegal immigrants are using false documents to vote, The same false documents that they use to gain access to American Social Systems and Aid. They have done this even though, their actions may have disqualified them as ever being American Citizens. Can’t wait for this case to come before the Supreme Court.

    Ever wonder what the Penality of Illegals registering and Voting in American Elections Are.

    Question: What are the Penalties for Registering/Voting Before I’m Eligible?
    Information From immigration law, concerning voting rights.

    As a permanent resident, you can only vote in local and state elections that do not require you to be a U.S. citizen. It is very important that you do not vote in national, state or local elections that require a voter to be a U.S. citizen when you are not a U.S. citizen.

    If you register or vote in an election for which you do not meet the citizenship requirements, you can face criminal penalties which may include a fine and or imprisonment, and possibly deportation.

    DO NOT register to vote before finalizing your naturalization. Even if your Oath ceremony is taking place in the very near future, you cannot legally tick the “Yes” box to the question “Are you a U.S. citizen,” until after you officially become a citizen.

    Remember: Registering or voting in an election limited to U.S. citizens when you have not yet become a U.S. citizen, or claiming to be a U.S. citizen when you are not, whether or not your intention was good and you performed the act knowingly or unknowingly, will result in serious legal consequences.

    From Washington Post
    But border enforcement is not something to be manipulated in return for legislative favors. It is, as the administration vociferously argued in court in the Arizona case, the federal executive’s constitutional responsibility. Its job is to faithfully execute the laws. Non-execution is a dereliction of duty.

    I am beginning to think he should be tried for Treason.
    His and your duty IS.
    Not Just making sure noone illegal is voting , but also to SECURE THE BORDER as already in Law.
    Also to Question, Detain and Deport those who don’t meet the requirments
    as already in Law.
    Also to Protect, our Citizens who have been Invaded by Invasion, from Illegal Immigrants as written into our Countries foundations, Constitution and Law.
    Also to Stop The Drug Cartels who are selling their POSIN to our Children as already written in Law.
    Also to Stop immigrants from using Falsified State and federal Documents which is a felony, ontop of the thieft of our Social Systems which they have no Rights, as already in law and also felonies.

    More for this subject:

    Seems to this; mere student of the “jus naturale” True Law of
    nature’s GOD and formenr U.S.Army M.P. attached to C.I.D. that
    pursuant to the solemn oath or affirmation of the P.O.T.U.S. Sworn to
    under the spectre of Million of the Publick’s eyes in: bona fide
    Witness to said voluntatary assent to Terms of the Contract the
    Constitution for the Continental United States of America Republic,
    de jure, that the Party assenting to the onerous terms of obligation
    of the Contract, Barrach Hussein O’bama is by: “mere tacit operation
    of Common Law of the sovereign Nation” the “Commander in Chief of the
    Armed Forces” thus subject to the: “Uniform Code of Military
    Justice”(UCMJ)and may then be in Violation of several Articles therin
    in re: Treason , Neglect of Duty, Subversive acts to subvert and
    DESTROY the Federal Govenment by express Acts of: Omission and
    Comission, devised to FOMENT insurection and violent revolution by
    means of: muliliferous ATTACKS on the Security and Dignity of the
    Nation and coconspiritorial efforts to: effectuate stealthily
    conjurgated “artful” crafting, of legislative acts, to invoke
    involuntary servitude, by a scheme of: Communist Slave Nation as
    evidenced in the specifically express: multifaceted installation of
    the: 10 Planks of the “Communist Manifesto”, by artful crafting, of
    dubious voluminous conflagurations of asserted Legislative Acts!
    (Violative of the Constitution and specifically in explicit
    contradistinction to the: Source of the Powers Absolute: We The PEOPLE
    This Satanic Conspiracy of evil, may offer multiple grounds for
    Arrest and Incarceration, as an Absolute, bona fide “Enemy of the
    State”by “Military Court Martial” as a “Foreign Insurgent Enemy
    What SAY YE NOW? see: (Blacks 6th) for definition of terms within

    I will Fight with every Breath for as long as I have Breath against such unjustice. I will Not vote for anyone who supports such actions as I have been wittnessing coming out of the DNC or Obama. I am beginning to feel ashamed to even be a Democrate. I voted for Obama Once, will not make that mistake again. I Once thought You were the Law of the Land, now all I am seeing is squabbling and Law Breakers. Hang Your Heads in Shame.
    Surely this isn’t the kind of History you really wanted to make.

    With No Love:

  • Ivalene

    Infrotamion is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.


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