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The American love/hate relationship with socialism

July 29, 2011 by  

The American love/hate relationship with socialism

A couple weeks ago, President Barack Obama gave a now-infamous interview to CBS, in which he said that, if the debt ceiling is not raised by Aug. 2, government checks might not be mailed: “Well, this is not just a matter of Social Security checks. These are veterans’ checks; these are folks on disability and their checks. There are about 70 million checks that go out… I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd, if we haven’t resolved this issue.” A few days after that statement, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said the number was closer to 80 million.

The debate over the national deficit and debt limit has brought to the forefront a fundamental split in American political ideologies: What is the proper role of the Federal government in the lives of citizens? Regardless of where you stand on this issue, the fact remains that millions of people depend on the Federal government for some or all of their income.

And very few citizens are aware of exactly how far the reach of government stretches these days.

“The figures used by Obama and Geithner were, if anything, too low. They relied on Treasury Department figures from June that include Social Security (56 million checks that month), veterans benefits (4.5 million checks), and spending on non-defense contractors and vendors (1.8 million checks),” read an article in The Washington Post.

“But those numbers do not include reimbursements to Medicare providers and vendors (100 million claims in June), and electronic transfers to the 21 million households receiving food stamps,” the article read. “Nor do they include most spending by the Defense Department, which has a payroll of 6.4 million active and retired employees and, on average, pays nearly 1 million invoices and 660,000 travel expense claims per month.”

The article referred to a column written for conservative website American Thinker, which lamented the subtle spread of government: “I have bad news for conservatives who think Obama is leading the nation down the path to socialism: the barn door is open and the cows are long gone. Obama is not leading the nation to socialism; we are a socialist nation and have been for some time.”

However, Bill Frenzel, a former Republican congressman from Minnesota, explained in an interview with The Washington Post the complicated duality of American thinking on this issue: “If you’re a compassionate liberal, you say, ‘Isn’t it wonderful we’re helping everybody,’ and if you’re a constitutional conservative, you say: ‘How did the government get into all these things? I don’t see these things in the Constitution; it’s bewildering, get rid of it.’”

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  • Charles

    Heart broken over the direction this White House, and a few people who have money and think they have power, are trying to take America.

  • David in MA

    Socialism as is Islam is not compatable with a democracy nor, and especially, a Constitutional Republic. The writers and signers of the American Constitution had to have had Devine guidance in this for there has never been a nation like America. Socialism steals from the people and islam enslaves the people, neither of which the average American can, or should, embrace. There are too many people in America who depend on the “government” to take care of their needs and in many cases from scources these very people never contributed to, so they are recieving their “benefits”, “benifits” supplied mostly by others, thanks to the “government” and the liberal thinking of those within “government”, it is a form of re-distrubiting the wealth.
    America is now experiencing what socialism produces, too many people recieving their “benefits” from too few who can provide those “benefits” and as in socialism the system becomes overloaded and collapses…..America is at the point of collapse and to further embrace socialism will only hasten that collapse, not solve it. How do I know this, READ YOUR HISTORY! As for Islam, a little daily reading on the part of the American people will show the failings in that system. America, thanks to the “government” has been dumbed down to accept something less under the disguise that it is something better, folks, it is not! Support the Constitution of these United States of America, or become a poor, sick, third world country, this choice is that of the American voter.

    • Robert

      Very well said.

    • Bob C.

      Ah, Dave, Democracy IS the road to socialism, they are very compatible
      that’s why we don’t live in a pure democracy (mob rule), but a republic (with rules for government to follow).

      It’s amazing how many forget, don’t understand, nor appreciate this.

      • Dan

        Your right and how many democracies have degenerated into communism and socialism. It’s amazing we have managed to last so long as a Republic albeit over the past 200 years the “progressives” have worked hard to change us to a democracy so they could reach the tipping point into total socialism.

      • mark

        Right, democracy – rule by the people – is bad. Let’s keep our current system: rule by a corrupt elite that co-opts both political parties. After all, they throw us a few crumbs now and then. What is everyone complaining about? In Europe for centuries, the rich landowners always fed their hunting dogs. They do the same here. It’s a beautiful system. The last thing we ever need is more democracy. In fact why don’t we just cancel all elections? Or only allow rich and well-to-do white men the right to vote like the Founding Slaveholders wanted.

        • Bob

          Mark: Just post Blah, blah, blah, lie, lie, lie, blame, blame, blame and save yourself some time.

        • Brian

          Yes, democracy is bad. In a true democracy 50%+1 get to decide everything for everyone else. In a true democracy the majority can vote to stifle speech, take away guns etc…Democracy is tyranny by the majority. That’s why we are a Constitutional Republic.

        • Jeep

          mark, by such hateful messages concerning the American system you will not win friends and influence people. Really, you should take another look at the writings of your communist heros and “take a page”. Your rhetoric is deafening. Let me help you out, check out Slavoj Zizek, Michael Parenti, Alain Badiou and other radical left wingers. You could learn a lot more from them. You might learn how to be more subtle (deceptive) in your approach to dealing with issues (stealing freedom and money) you have with American right wingers (you know, the smaller govt, lower taxes, more freedom crowd.)

        • Jay

          mark, you need to get your azz in gear and start being more productive, rather then sitting around bitching and complaining about who has more then you. That sort of sour grapes speech would be more appropriate and better placed in countries like China! Lazy, sour grapes eating bum!

        • TexasPatriot

          Mark, how about limiting the right to vote to those who contribute more than they take? Now that would upset a lot of socialist/libturd/communists like you!

      • Tone Z

        Thank you Bob for pointing out this fact (there are many people that do not know this…!!!)

    • jw

      David, I think you are the one who needs to do a little reading. Many of the founding fathers were deists, which meant they didn’t believe in the Christian god, but a general “hands-off” God that didn’t intervene in the world. In particular, Thomas Jefferson created his own bible by excluding any mention of miracles from the Gospels. Thomas Paine was about as close to an atheist you could get in those days. George Washington frequently skipped church to go hunting. Some of the founding fathers were Christian, but your claim of “devine”(sic) intervention is ridiculous.

      I would also advise you to read the constitution again, particularly the part on freedom of religion. Anyone can practice their religion here, even the dreaded religion of Islam! As for Islam enslaving people, I have not met a single indentured servant to a Muslim, so I have no idea what you are talking about. However, many southerners used Christianity to justify slavery in the 19th century, and Christianity was used as an excuse to execute innocent people throughout history (the Spanish Inquisition, anyone?).

      As for taxes, I would point you to “Agrarian Justice” by Thomas Paine, where a founding father very bluntly lays out a plan for a minimum living wage to be provided to all citizens of the US through progressive taxation. Here is a page with a list of quotes on taxation from Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin:

      Of course, no one is going to read that, everyone will just scream and holler and stew in the pot of their own filthy prejudices. Stay stupid, America!

      • winwithpat


        Educate yourself. Yes Thomas Paine was a diest. Thomas Jefferson may not have believed in the Trinity but he did believe in a hands on God. He cut out of the Bible just the words of Jesus and these are what he studied. He didn’t care what others said about Jesus just what He said about Himself. Just as you should do. Read what our forefathers said themselves not what some progressive professor says they said.
        George Washington was a Christian and many times in his writtings and speeches he gave God the Glory and said the only way we won the Revolution was with Devine guidance. He did not use the words God and Jesus very often as he believed you shouldn’t take their names lightly. He had a Book of Common Prayer printed in pocket form and carried it with him all the time. He used it frequently. He believed in the Trinity. Christians don’t ALWAYS go to church but that doesn’t make them diests.
        MOST,not all, of our forefathers were Christians. The majority believed people should be allowed to worship as they saw fit. Thomas Jefferson was a big protector of religious rights. He made the Virgina State House allow 3 different churches worship there. He didn’t bring religion into the Presidency of the US because he believed the US government should not push any religion to the forefront.
        Ben Franklin supported several churches and spoke of Devine Providence frequently. He also encouraged his family to attend church and practice their Christian values.
        So educate yourself. Thank you I have.

        • Mutantone

          perhaps not christians but followers of Gods word:
          “I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods in My presence…”
          This commandment is to be aware that the God of Israel exists absolutely and influences all events in the world[31] and that the goal of the redemption from Egypt was to become His servants (Rashi). It requires the acknowledgment of the single God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the denial of the existence of false gods (Rashi).

          “Do not make an image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above…”
          This prohibits the construction or fashioning of “idols” in the likeness of created things (beasts, fish, birds, people) and worshipping them (aniconism). It also prohibits making an image of the God of Israel for use in worship (see the incident of the golden calf).

        • jw


          Thanks for being (mostly) civil! I have read some of Jefferson’s writings, though I’m hardly a scholar. There is a copy of the Jefferson bible on-line:

          It’s not just the words of Christ – it covers the story of him, given in the gospels. As for his belief in a “hands-on” God, I can’t rightly say, and you are right to call me on that. However, a little googling will land you in a heap of quotes from Jefferson expressing his disgust with the church and establishment surrounding Christianity. Do you have a reference of Jefferson stating a belief in a hands-on God? The quotes I have seen seem to indicate his belief is more in line with what Tolstoy would later express, in that the teachings of the Bible are moral, not supernatural, which would explain the absence of miracles from the Jefferson Bible.

          I haven’t been talking to a “progressive professor” (other than myself on occasion) and I’m not sure why you would assume that. It betrays some anti-intellectualism on your part.

          I don’t dispute that Washington was a Christian, but I claim we hasn’t the most pious follower.

          From what I’ve read, Franklin began to belief in an intervening deity later in life, and he was a deist earlier in life. He seemed to value the morals of Christianity more than the supernatural aspects.

          I also don’t dispute that “most” of the founding fathers were Christians, but I several of the more influential members were deists, or were critical of the church and the supernatural aspect of Christianity. It follows that the notion of “divine intervention” of an exclusively Christian god would not be a belief held by all founding fathers.

        • TML

          “Thomas Jefferson may not have believed in the Trinity but he did believe in a hands on God.”

          “Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear” – Thomas Jefferson

          No, Thomas Jefferson was a Deist, and in my opinion, could have very well been a closet atheist. I’ve never heard ANY religious person say these kinds of things… only atheists (or agnostic).

          • SOA

            Is that why Jeffereson signed all his Docs with
            “In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ” Diest my Butt, He was Christian and had chruch held in the Capital building, Please take you opinion and tell the Diest crowd about it. Its a Progressive and Black Liberation Theology rant that tried dicredit our Founders.

          • TML


            How in gods green earth does that ‘discredit’ our founders? lol
            He was a deist and free thinker, that doesn’t discredit anything you fool.

            “in every country, in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty” -Thomas Jefferson

      • TexasPatriot

        Burn in Hell, Godless sinner.

    • TML

      “The writers and signers of the American Constitution had to have had Devine guidance in this ”

      Yeah, because the writers and signers are too stupid to come up with anything like that themselves after what they went through. :-/

    • Void1972


      For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: -Hosea 8:7
      Often in Biblical times when nations had gone over to a complete rejection of God’s laws and strictures and were immersed in iniquity to a point of irrevocability, God would deliver them into the captivity of heathen kings as punishment. Under the domination of such their lives were hard as they were subject to the depredations of pagan rulers who detested their very existence. I submit that such captivity and domination has already come upon the people of this nation. Hey! Wait a minute you say…we’re not in captivity and subject to a foreign king. Yes you are. You are in the grasp of a non-indigenous alien of heathen demeanor and totalitarian propensities and his name is Obama.
      Not only that, you will remain under such tyranny as your delusional indigenous leaders of the past forty-eight years and more have enabled the importation of a great multitude of culturally unassimilated aliens whose enfranchisement by the stupid politicos of yesterday and today will keep this interloping foreign tyrant in power.
      I have previously written of the social filthiness that has helped to bring about our current predicament, now let’s do a quick review of where we are under our present totalitarian socialist governance.
      Your government has enabled the inclusion of women in all of the combat branches of the military services. Your government has enabled the inclusion of sodomites in all of the branches of the military services. Your government has usurped authority over the National Guards of all the states, and uses the members thereof as cannon fodder in their unconstitutional guerilla wars and illegal interventions.
      Unable to fill the ranks of the regular military services via the volunteer route these conscienceless reprobates entice economically stressed young men and women into the National Guard with monetary and educational inducements, and then ship them off to foreign hell holes where under the command of the federal military services they are either killed or disabled for life.
      A nation such as we have become cannot long stand. God has numbered the days of our kingdom and will bring it to an end.

      “The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly. That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers. And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the LORD: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung. Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’S wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land.” -Zephaniah 1:14-18
      “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” Revelation of John 3:19

      • Winnie

        Void1972, what a terrible god you have. He creates wars and have women and children suffer, he punishes a whole nation; and yet, he expects all to worship him in spite of all the terrible things he does to HIS CHILDREN. My Creator-God is loving and gives his children the Freedom of Choice, but with consequences. The Creator-God is humourous, loves peace, believes in forgiveness, and does not harm the children, the women, and the elders IF a war is the only choice. Now I will be getting comments on how dumbo I am and that I do not read the Bible and the I am just like President “Obummo” and hate America and all that she stands for. And that I am probably a dumb, hateful “democraps”. Well, I’ll turn the other cheek and say, “May God bless you and give you peace.”

    • TexasPatriot

      Thanks for an excellent post. We are of like minds.

    • James

      I would add that America has lost its manufacturing base. Everything we eat, wear and drive in, is mostly made outside the U.S. Forcing Americans to compete with slave-cheap foreign labor is killing us.

  • Bob

    Marcy: There is no such thing as a compassionate lieberal; lieberals “help” people only to gain power over them and to feed their own bloated sense of self worth. One must look at the end result of lieberal “compassion”: Productive, decent people who are forced to work a good portion of their lives to feed those lazy leeches who refuse to take care of themselves; productive, decent people who often have to go without in order that the parasitic don’t have to go without. I ask you: Where is the compassion in this? Lieberals pervert and subvert everything they touch because they are the very essence of evil and we must realize that when we are dealing with them. Because of lieberal compassion 40 million babies have been murdered, millions of people live as unproductive leeches who will never know what it is like to be a useful member of society, millions live under the delusion that their actions are not an offense to God; that sloth and perversion are nothing to feel guilty about. Pay attention people, it is no coincidence that, as the USA comes more and more under the control of the lieberals, life becomes more, not less trying. The lieberals even pervert charity by making it something that is forced upon us by a malignant, oppressive, intrusive, Big Mother government. It is time to deport all lieberals and put an end to our Big Mother government.

    • mark

      You can’t deport us, we are all U.S. citizens who have committed no crimes according to federal and state law codes. It is not a crime in the United States to vote Democrat, to donate money to Democrats, or to support Democratic liberal causes. Tens of millions do it every two years – in fact everyday. Fifty-three per cent of the population voted Democrat in the last presidential election.

      • Brian L

        Mark – you’re right,er, left – whatever…The fact that you and ’53%’ of Americans vote Democratic, give money to the Democratic Party, etc. is OK for now – it’s not a crime to be STUPID – yet…

      • JeffH

        …and there you have it folks, in mark’s own words…democracy in action as mark says, like the “Founding Slaveholders” wanted. His sarcasm betrys him. Comments like “Right, democracy – rule by the people – is bad” and “The last thing we ever need is more democracy. In fact why don’t we just cancel all elections? Or only allow rich and well-to-do white men the right to vote like the Founding Slaveholders wanted”.

        As Dan pointed has out, the “progressive” movement worked hard and long to get us to this point with the next step being full blown “socialism. It’s so close one can smell the stench of socialism/Marism/communism in the air. We see it in our government, on the boob tube, read it in the newspapers, see it in legislation, a huge gaggle of progressives forcing their way into the everyday lives of the freedom loving patriots that really do give a hoot about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They’ve systematicaly dismantled the idea of the “American Dream”, that hard work can be rewarding, that a poor man, through hard work and desire can succeed, an ignorant man has an opportunity, if he so desires, to seek an education. The progressive have taken the incentive to put in the work to succeed and to do well out of the equation…one doesn’t even have to be literate to apply for government handouts, the government will provides literate people to do that also.

        Not only does mark have the freedom to speak his mind, no thanks to the “Founding Slaveowners”, but he is also a free to put his racism out for all to see.

        If we allow this progressive disease to continue to spread, not only will we not be allowed to speak our minds anymore but mark will be forced to shut his trap too.

        • Dan az

          Brother what did you do to your self Eee Gaddds

          • JeffH

            You don’t like the Pelousi look? :{

          • JeffH

            OK, I agree…sometimes change can be a good thing. :)

          • Jay

            Jeff, she looks demented, like a demented clown! Scary!!!

        • Kate8

          JeffH – What happened to your Pelosi pic? She was there yesterday, but now she’s gone.

          What’s up with that? Is humor being censored now, too?

          • Dan az

            Some days I have to wonder about jeff.One day he is obumer in drag and then the wicked witch from the west.Scary!!!Every once in awhile I have to pinch him so he wont cross dress and scare the hell out of everyone here but what can I say KIDS now adays! :) ;)

          • JeffH

            :) Naw! I can only take so much of that kind of humor…you know, get slapped back to reality now and then by Brother Dan… :)

            I do like to search for new and interesting avatars…

          • Dan az

            Ya gotta luv em! :)

          • JeffH

            Gee, I think this next one is very becoming…just got a haircut…lol!

          • Dan az

            Mine didn’t change yet either :)

      • Void1972

        Read this here last week and loved it.”If you voted for Obama in 08 to prove your not a racist, vote for someone else in 2012 to prove your not an Idiot!”

        • Al Sieber

          Void, I saw a sign like that here in Ariz. last week, and my friend wants to get bumper stickers made up that says that.

      • TexasPatriot

        Mark, we won’t deport you. We will bury you socially and politically. And you can rot in Hell for the damage you have done to our nation and her people.

      • SOA

        66 to 70 percent of nation will vote Republican this next election so whats that mean?

    • James

      Bob, You’re confusing liberals with socialists. Rep. Ron Paul is a Libertarian but he certainly supports the Constitution’s restraints on Congress.

  • Hope For American

    The moral decay of this country began when FDR created an unconstitutional system called ‘Welfare’ and began handing out taxpayer’s money to promiscuous women who had one child after another, and the more babies they had, the more money they received. It was a sneaky way for the government to take responsibility away from people and make them dependent on others, all in the name of ‘We can’t let little children go hungry.’ Bull crap! If you become pregnant, it should be YOUR responsibility to support your own children. If the working class can’t afford to buy their own children a hamburger, they darned sure shouldn’t be forced to buy illegitimate children a burger. Responsibilities for ourselves began quickly eroding after the welfare system was implemented because the feds thought they could be responsible for people, but the jerks can’t even be responsible for themselves. The federal governemnt is equivalent to an infant changing the diaper of a toddler. Their systems don’t work, never have, and never will.

    • mark

      Right, it is those promiscuous women who are ruining us! Good call. Wall Street, the giant corporations, and banks that get bail-outs, corporate welfare, and pay no taxes are the real patriotic heroes here. Let’s give them more and arrest all promiscuous women. Then we will be a great nation once again. (Personally I kind of enjoy promiscuous women – but I’m a liberal traitor anyway)

      • Hope For American

        Mark, I knew of several white women who were screwing Mexican men and having three litters of halfbreds, all of whom were on the welfare system. I’m not saying that is the only cause of moral decay in this country – it’s people like you who screw those women. NASTY BOY!

        • Hope For American

          It is not the corporations that have destroyed America – it’s the regulations that the federal government has put on corporations. Corporations could not continue growing or hiring in a country with such regulations and high taxes, so they had to move their businesses to other countries in order to survive and keep their businesses alive. What has destroyed the American Dream is the ‘FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’. The feds have had twenty times of the amount of income going into their coffers to pay America’s bills. No, they couldn’t handle that. They had to waste it on pet projects, because if they didn’t spend (waste) it, no more money would come into their districts. They created wasteful departments, systems, and organizations to spend the extra money, all in the name of getting them re-elected, which is none other than voter fraud, government fraud, treason, thief, and you name it.

          • Jay

            For the most part you are correct, HFA. Government and government employes are wealth consumers, they generate zero wealth!!!

        • mark

          Yep, you got me! I got a coupla litters myself!

          • Dan az

            So mark are you just waiting around for the riots to start so as to claim a big tv or a new set of tennies.How proud you must be of the chance to screw the white man again huh?You have know one to blame but your self for your ignorance and laziness and for the wants and needs that you feel that everyone owes you a living because your the poor little black man that had ancestors that were slaves.LMAO Its true isn’t it?
            Dude get a life!

        • Winnie

          Hope, your racism is showing.

    • Brian

      The downfall started long before FDR. Woodrow Wilson sent us on the road to ruin in 1913. FDR just accelerated the pace.

      • Hope For American

        You’re absolutely right Brian, but wasn’t it FDR who stole everyone’s gold, paid them $25 an ounce, and three weeks later sold the gold for $35 an ounce? Huge profit? No – criminal activity by our elected officials. Everyone should demand the gold stolen from their ancestors be returned. But that’s impossible because I doubt if there’s an ounce left in Fort Knox.

        • Winnie

          And just who might be the Ancestors of America? Not your founding fathers. They immigrated to North America.

    • James

      Hope For American, FDR was a socialist who nearly took federal control of the entire U.S. economy. Six of his socialist programs were declared unconstitutional. He allied the U.S. with the Soviet Union in WW II, and destroyed anti-communist Japan and Germany.

  • Baba

    It just so happens that Americans have paid into Medicare and Social Security and that money was dog-eared to stay in specific accounts for just those purposes. However, Americans’ money has been removed from those “specific” accounts into the General Fund and therein lies the problem. Americans on Medicare paid into the system during their working years and still pay into Medicare by reducing the amount of Social Security income. So, what Obama is telling us is that our money which should have been secure is no longer available? Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not ethical because Congress votes themselves hefty pay raises from the General Fund! And, other nonsense programs are set up using the General Fund. Yet, our Government chooses to do just that. Military monthly retirement checks should have been treated in the same manner – specified accounts for only that purpose. Why then would Military retirement checks, Social Security and even Medicare payments not be met regardless of Obama’s over use of the National Credit Card. Now, printing money that is useless has put us into more trouble which results in the American people bailing out the Government. We have NOT had socialized medicine in the United States. Health care was and is Paid by the Americans who use it; not to mention the many illegals who have tapped into our tax dollars. Of course we have some socialism in the United States. Carter and others made sure that the working people were giving part of their paychecks to the poor. Welfare is a good example. Even the druggies get the working peoples’ money!

    If I have a limit on my credit card, I never over-extend that amount. As a matter of fact, I charge only what I can pay off in one month! I’m not getting screwed by making hefty interest rates. The Government needs to do the same. If the ceiling is 2 million on their credit card, why and how would they spend 5 million? Someone must pay for that kind of ignorance.

    I leave you with Milton Friedman’s remarks from his book, “Money Mischief.” “To destroy a Society you have to destroy their money.” It looks as though Obama’s agenda is coming to fruitation. I’m sure he smiles a lot at the end of each day. Hope you all like the “Change.”

  • rocket

    well we have a mess that the gov has made and now they want us to bail them out. the tax base keeps getting smaller and gov keeps getting bigger, it wont work. why should USA be the world welfare office? i dont ask them for anything so why shouldthey ask me to work to pay lazy people and people from other country’s that would rather kill us than look at us. why should the working people the few work to pay the rich and the lazy!!!!!!!! I have a prosthetic foot and i still cut logs for a living/ I say stop foreign aid and tell those that are lazy to get off their butts,get industry back here or you cannot support an economy or anything for that matter!!

  • s c

    Love? Mule muffins! Being around a socialist is no different than being around a career criminal. It’s only a matter of time before you finally figure out that one of you has a serious problem with reality.
    Sadly, with the development of an inferior education system, it’s been easy to manipulate simple minds (read some responses on this website).
    Mix socialism with huge egos, and it’s like trying to rehabilitate crack addicts ["I can quit any time I feel like it"].
    If socialists (and their chums who suffer from communism or fascism) had any integrity or self-respect, they’d move to those countries where they can find like-minded dolts. But, that’s not in their character. They destroy.
    They say this and do that. They couldn’t do anything without career criminals in Washington and media chippies.
    More and more, it’s getting easier to say and mean that the only good socialist is a dead one. During the Vietnam episode, an expression got a lot of use, and it applies to socialists and all of their worthless friends [Kill 'em all. Let God sort 'em out]. And it may take just THAT.

    • Kate8

      s c – “Let’s kill ‘em all…” The only thing is, those socialists are saying the same thing about conservatives, and they are dead serious about it. In fact, that scenario is being set up, turning the youth against conservatism and actually taking steps to criminalize it.

      What’s the answer when opposing factions can no longer co-exist? Well, that is what precedes the fall of a nation, and it never works out good for any but those in power. The socialist commies are willing to do the unthinkable to gain total control. When you think of it, that is at the crux of their “tolerance”. They only tolerate those groups whom they seek to control. They can’t control conservatives, so they have no tolerance for them.

      • Jyrine

        Right on Kate8. And when they can’t control or tolerate a group, they start with demonization and when that fails they try to legislate them into oblivion.

      • Jeep

        Kate8, we are facing the same problems as a number of other empires from history. The Romans, French, British and a host of other empires all faced similar situations in their time. We have two opposite positions, on the one side there are those that want to be free to decide their own fate in life, and on the other there are those who do not want to “worry” about their fate. In between, there are fence-sitters that cannot make up their minds on which side they will be on. Some days they are for a nanny state and on other days they want the govt out of their lives. This is a test that all other great nations have failed. The nanny state crowd has won every time, and eventually those nations ran out of land to conquer or taxes to raise to pay for it all. The sad fact is, if the progressives win this fight we will have a long decline to think it…

      • Brad


        You go girl, talk about the truth and the liberal mind set, they are the ones driving us to a divided America, another great civil war pitting Democrat against Republican. You and Jyrine have hit the nail on the head, the lefties/progressive mentals are using legilation and the court system to control us and we won’t allow them to restrict our god given freedoms. Thanks for your post, keep your powder dry for the day might be coming, god as my witness, I hope it doesn’t.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, Hear Hear! You’re right on the money. Just the remarks by Nazi Pelosi to an SEIU union group, in her own words, tell a big story of this troubling disease…this cancer that infects America.

        “The budget deficit is an excuse for the Republicans to undermine government plain and simple. They don’t just want to make cuts, they want to destroy. They want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the department of education. They want to destroy your rights.”

        From the president on down, this is the type battle we all must fight hard to defeat…and if we must fight fire with fire then so be it.

        Our government is not a friend of the people or the states.

        As Thomas Jefferson warned in a letter to James Madison in 1789: “The tyranny of the legislatures is the most formidable dread at present, and will be for long years. That of the executive will come it’s turn, but it will be at a remote period.”

        Somewhat earlier, Madison had written Jefferson about violation of the Bill of Rights by State legislatures, stating:

        “Repeated violations of those parchment barriers have been committed by overbearing majorities in every State. In Virginia I have seen the bill of rights violated in every instance where it has been opposed to a popular current.”

        Democracy, as a form of government, is utterly repugnant to–is the very antithesis of–the traditional American system: that of a Republic, and its underlying philosophy, as expressed in essence in the Declaration of Independence with primary emphasis upon the people’s forming their government so as to permit them to possess only “just powers” (limited powers) in order to make and keep secure the God-given, unalienable rights of each and every Individual and therefore of all groups of Individuals.

        • mark


          • JeffH

            mark mark, WTH are you babbling about? More progressive/Marxist/socialist/communist psychobabble I suppose. Keep on drinking the kool-aid.

          • Jay

            Jeff, it appears mark may be on the verge of a nervous break-down! The last time I witnessed ranting and ravings of that sort, was when I was hunting, and came across a rabid timber wolf. True story, btw. The poor thing was growling, and snarling, drooling, and appeared to have no sense of balance. Needless to say, I put the beast out of its misery. It was heart-breaking to watch such a beautiful animal suffer so!

          • crisscross

            Mark, obviously pent up and reaching a breaking point. Maybe you would do well to follow your own advice and get some medical help.

      • Karolyn

        Kate – I have not seen that sentiment on any liberal sites I have visited. It’s only here that I see that kind of talk.

        • crisscross

          Some of us have seen these “sentiments” from the progressive left for years. There are many radical left websites that share this view. It’s likely you’ll dismiss or reject this example, but here’s an example of the kind of hateful rhetoric coming from groups whose leaders hob nob with our Fearless Leader:

        • Cawmun Cents

          (said with a derogatory british accent)
          Once again for the stupid liberal people…you know who you are.Or maybe you dont know who you are?Here’s your democracy in action!…..

          Black Sabbath
          Mob Rules lyrics

          Close the city and tell the people
          That something’s coming to call(a result of crushing debt)
          Death and darkness are rushing forward
          To take a bite from the wall!(war,famine,pestilence)

          Oh! You’ve nothing to say(you let it happen)
          They’ll drag you away!(your debtors)
          If you listen to fools,(those who wish to keep spending)
          The mob rules, the mob rules

          Kill the spirit,
          and you’ll be blinded(a reference to removing God from daily life)
          The end is always the same(pay particular attention here liberals)
          Play with fire, you’ll burn your finger
          And lose your hold of the flame, oh!(the flame represents the torch of lady liberty)

          It’s over, it’s done
          The end is begun(telling you that events you cannot change are here)
          If you listen to fools,
          The mob rules
          You’ve nothing to say
          Oh, They’re breaking away(from accepted morality)
          If you listen to fools

          Break the circle and stop the movement(by making government all powerful)
          The wheel is thrown to the ground(the wheel represents progress)
          Just remember it might start rolling
          And take you right back around!(an analogy to the repeat of history unlearned)

          You’re all fools!
          The Mob Rules!(democracy in action!)

          You see my liberal friends….even a”fallen”rock star knows these simple truths.
          How can you claim intelligence and yet not see what is truth?-CC.

  • FlaJim

    Indeed the feds are involved in too many things for which they have no authorization under the Constitution. Regardless, the feds have been forcing us to ‘contribute’ to Social Security and Medicare for years and if the money had been properly managed and invested, most people in their later working years would be millionaires. The salaries and pensions guaranteed by contract with individual servicemen can’t be violated.

    That leaves all the other nonsense the feds are financing. Why are we still subsidizing mohair producers when we haven’t made uniforms using it of over 50 years? Why are we giving $200 billion/year to Palestinians who are trying to blow up one of our staunchest allies? How about $90 million to China via the NIH to study their hookers? These are just a few examples but they add up, folks.

    In answer to the main question about what the role of the feds should be: little or none. One of my favorite presidents, Calvin Coolidge, once stated the the business of America is business. Government has never created anything. It’s only coerced us in an increasingly belligerant manner into feeding them money and knuckling under to more outrageous rules and regulations so it can bribe selected groups to vote for more.

  • JimRed

    Socialism only works when everyone (1) has the same work ethic, (2) has the same set of needs and wants and (3) lacks the ambition to rise above the crowd. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” sounds nice until you realize that a faceless bureaucrat gets to decide what your ability and needs are!

    • Brian L


      • Jyrine

        Why don’t we cut the crap and call ‘Socialism’ What it really is-Communism. Trying to some how make it noble is more difficult when everyone can see it for what it really is.

  • Gary in Texas


    • Hope For American

      Gary, I couldn’t have said it better, but Congress isn’t really the problem. They are under the control of some very evil, satanic, scumbags called the Rothchild’s who control the world’s banking system. Their system is already in place for the military to take over the duties of local sheriffs and police. It has been the military that has caused every nation to crumble, i.e., Caesar, Hitler, Stalin, etc. It’s difficult for our own military to control or kill American’s so foreign military troops have been drafted and are already coming into the U.S. for civil unrest and to control the banker’s ‘slaves’ which is US. We have to begin with our local ‘public servants’ who took an oath to uphold people’s rights and liberties and force them to hold true to their oaths….I agree that SS and Medicare belong to the people and for Obama to make threats to seniors is unconscionable. He should have stated that he’ll take away wasteful money from the NIH that’s studying which gay man is a bottom and which one a topper. It’s absolutely disgusting what our government has and is doing with taxpayer money and they are not a necessary evil. They are an evil that is not necessary to continue destroying this country.

      • Jyrine

        In short, the New World Order.

        • Hope For American

          Yes Jyrine, and it’s already in place. I have been through too much and I’ll go down with a fight because I’ll be damned if I’ll allow a satanic being to control my life. They have tried to control and destroy my life for many years, but they’ve lost. I was sent to this planet to rid it of evilness. That’s my destiny, and I’m not giving up. I’ve written a book what they’ve done to me. I’m now writing a novel about them, where they came from, and what their intentions are. It’s sad, but true.

        • eyeswideopen

          Jyrine, promoted by a republican/conservative.

          • JeffH

            “Man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through the narrow chinks of his cavern.”
            – William Blake

          • Gibson

            This loon never quits. This is for eyes only,

            “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”- Prez Reagan

  • cheryl lynn

    Social Security & Medicare money come from money the hard working people of this country have paid into for 40-50 years. It is not a government hand out. Military pay checks are for the men and women who have or will put there lives on the line for the freedoms we hold dear. It is called an entitlement because we are entitled to it. It is not a hand out. If the government would stop stealing from it there should be plenty to go around. We need to get the waste and fraud taken care of and let the old people and military out of the credit debate.

    • Dagney

      Exactly right. Though a Ponzi sceme, Americans have paid into Social Security all their working lives. It was supposed to be INVESTED for us. Paying pensions to our brave military, also cannot be classified as “socialism”. They DESERVE these payments and our respect.

      I vote we get rid of everything else. No handouts to people who do not work. No more FDA, EPA, DOE, all the UNCONSTITUTIONAL alphabet organizations that are draining OUR tax dollars. No more raises to Congress either, and NO lifetime pensions for serving TWO years. I want CITIZEN legislators, who do NOT get rich off our tax dollars. How about those fixes?

    • Jyrine

      You are so right cheryl and as a dissabled vet I want to thank you. I was wounded twice in the war and I have a great deal of trouble just getting around and doing the simplest things, but I feel guilty every time I cash that VA disability check. My wife says I shouldn’t, but I still do. My wife is my caregiver and she doesn’t get a penny from the government to do it. To top it off that dirty SOB Obama made me fell dirty for needing that money to keep me from being homeless and according to him, the payments may not go out. It’s difficult to explain how miserable Obama has made my life.

      • Winnie

        Jyrine, thank you for the services you have given to your country. But remember that the two wars that Obama inherited were started by Bush Jr. It is because of those wars, and now the assistance to other countries’ wars, that your tax monies are going to what I call waste. Welfare, too, is one of the biggest burdens you have to carry. One other big burden are the people who will not go out and vote the Bxxtxxs out of the both houses. I pray that you and all the veterans, and especially the wounded, will be taken good care of. My dad and all three of my brothers were National Guardsmen. Again, thanks for your courage bravery.

    • http://deleted Claire

      cheryl– I agree.

  • Carl

    Cheryl is right. We need to separate earned benefits from “entitlements”. Social security recipients and veterans (disabled or not) earned their government checks, more than somebody who gets a pet project or subsidy buried in a government budget. I would like to think that those of us who worked in intelligence and in the Reagan administration Pentagon that broke the evil USSR empire deserve something in our old age.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Not 21 million receiving food stamps, but 43 million.

    • Graeme B

      That’s sad that the richest country in the world has 43 million on food stamps, don’t you think.? And the top 400 earners in the country earn more than $250 million a year each and yet pay only 15% income tax on those earnings.Their secretaries pay more as a % than they do.

      The tax cuts to the top 5% has cost the taxpayer $700billion a year in lost revenue.That mony has been added to the deficit for the last 9 years. Have you noticed how they are shouting regarding the debt.?? Not a word and if that taxbreak was repealed, the books would be balanced in fairly short order. What we are witnessing now is like “One flew over the cuckoos nest” with the nutbars running the nut house. The whole world is being jeopardized and these morons are in the blame game.
      The money is needed for budgets already passed which by the way included earmarks of some $68billion when they were passing the bank bailouts. If we default we will collapse the whole world system. And the “Nutbars” will blame everyone else except themselves.

      • RivaMitch

        I absolutely agree that it’s sad but for a different reason. Frankly, my problem isn’t with the 5% of Americans who pay the bulk of the bills but with the 47-49% who pay NO income tax, have NO “skin in the game” yet demand more and more benefits. You apparently feel that they’re “entitled” to live off the “rich” and those of us in the middle class who work, contribute and pay taxes. Sorry, but we disagree. I prefer to pick my own dependents.

  • Arthur Micheal

    Don’t forget this:

    I, along with millions of others have paid all our working lives into a “trust” fund to have that money ekked back out to us in the form of Social Security Checks. I am dependent on that income for food and housing. To threaten me with hunger and lack of shelter if politicians don’t do certain things is nothing more than criminal blackmail. It makes me spitting mad. So much for “trusting” our government.

  • Arthur Micheal

    What is the role of government?

    I believed that our government was formed to protect the states and their populations from aggressive military action by other countries. It has gradually evolved into trying to protect us from ourselves, and manipulate huge sums of money. Just about all that our gov. does is done as part of the interstate commerce sections of the constitution. By claiming that things come under interstate commerce, the gov. has expanded into all aspects of American life. Nowhere can I find that the gov. has the authority to take my hard earned money, and give it to others. No matter how noble his ideas, Robin Hood was still a thief.

    • Hope For American

      What is the role of Government?
      Arthur, the role of government was to protect our borders and make sure America had an armed militia – an armed militia included the right of the people to bear arms to protect themselves. The role of government was not to invade other countries, kill innocent civilians, and plant our people on their lands in the name of security. The only security we have to worry about is our own government taking away our rights and liberties and replacing it with ‘the feds know what’s best for you’. The hell they do. They don’t even know what’s best for themselves, and if they did, they’d grow some gonads and protect the people of this country instead of protecting an illegal man who everyone calls their president. I refuse to call Barack Hussein Obama my ‘President’. He’s the most evil man who has been voted into the ‘PEOPLE’S HOUSE’. I am not prejudice in any way because I have many friends who of a different color than I am. They agree with me that Barack Obama has to go.

  • DavidL

    I played golf with a guy a few years ago who suffered with asthma and other health issues. He could neither afford health insurance nor a doctor. I said I believed that was wrong and that everyone was entitled to medical care in our country. He rejected my suggesting because, to him, it represented socialism. A year later he died. His life could have been saved. His kids no longer have a father. But hey, to my conservative/Republican friends writing on this site, at least he didn’t die a socialist, right?

    Ignorance does, indeed, kill, and the time is long over due for people to wake up, put the tea down, and smell the coffee. We need to strengthen, not destroy, our uniquely American socialist institutions. Cheryl Lynn has hit the nail on the head. This is our government and our country. We, together, can do anything we want. Even if you neither understand nor appreciate the obvious facts, Social Security saves lives. Medicare saves lives. Our American socialist institutions have contributed to our greatness as a country. This is an historical fact which only the ignorant will deny. There is much more we need to do, together, if we are intelligent enough to recognize it.

    • Jyrine

      He died a fool.

    • Jeep

      DavidL, your little heart wrenching story is probably a lie.

      FACT: If you go to a hospital in the US you WILL be treated, by law. In fact, most states have their own version of healthcare for seniors and the poor. So, just stop it.

      SS is a terrible scheme that is illegal in the private sector. What makes you think it would be better administered by a govt flunkie?

      Both systems are rife with fraud, waste and abuse. Billions of dollars are lost every year to scams, outright bribery and bureaucratic bumbling.

      • Karolyn

        When treatment gets too complicated and/or expensive, you can bet the patient eventually won’t be treated.

        • Jeep


          • Karolyn

            I’ve seen stories of this happening. If insurance comnpanies won’t even pay for certain treatments, what makes you think hospitals and doctors will freely ofer them?

        • Hope For American

          Karolyn, I thought I was the only sane person on this planet, but you proved me wrong with your statement. I was horribly injured on the job, had to go on SSI and their ‘cheap’ insurance. I saw over twenty doctors who did absolutely nothing for me because they didn’t want to accept the ‘cheap’ state insurance. I moved to Mexico to get some questions and relief for my pain. I paid out-of-pocket cost of approximately $1,500, whereas in America it would have cost $150,000. I was told in Mexico that I needed another surgery – costs $4,000. I moved back to America, got married and had my husband’s insurance. Cost for the third back surgery which I was fraudently talked into – $73,000 – which was a two hour surgery and one night stay in the hospital. What equates to that amount of money, especially when the surgery did nothing for me and I’m still in pain? What equates to Barry Sortoro making promises to people that they would have the same health care insurance that he and all our public servants do. What does it take for people to wake up and say we’ve been lied to enough. It’s time for change, and we’re going to change the way our elected officials operate. This is our country and we are the governing body. Our government system has been overthrown by some very evil beings. It is time we overthrow this current wicked government, take back our lives, rights, liberties, and live how we want to live – not how they can train us to live. I’m not their f’ing trained monkey, and I don’t plan on being their monkey.

    • TML

      I’m quite sure if the government wasn’t taking income tax, social security, and medicare out of his paychecks he would have had enough to pay for his own doctor. Think about it. You reasoning is backwards, being based on what already is in place.

      • eyeswideopen

        TML, my husband plays golf and it is not an inexpensive sport, averaging at least 40 for fees and cart rental, in addition to the equipment costs. Maybe he should have been saving that money paid for golf to get insurance/medical help?

        • TML

          So true!

    • TML

      “Our American socialist institutions have contributed to our greatness as a country. This is an historical fact …”

      No that is an opinion. Only the ignorant will deny that.
      You do know the difference between fact and opinion don’t you?

    • TML

      “We, together, can do anything we want.”

      “The majority, oppressing an individual­, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundation­s of society.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Bob Marshall

    Robin can not compare to congress when it come to stealing.The citizens who trusted them to server those who elected them. Instead they serve the lobbyist and others they promised to repay if elected. i am sure no citizen who was paying Social security knew that Social Security had been placed under general fund. Not only were they stealing from us but from the employeers who also paid into Social Security.This is one of many lie we have been told. if someone still isn’ convience that Obam has some much commumist support if you can find the new DVD AGENDA every organization that is affilated with Obama is listed. Each organization is either socialist or commumist in orgin. it all starts will Karl Marx. His plan is all laid out and he is following it to the letter.

  • Dan

    Well, if OBAMA says that SOCIAL SECURITY, DISABILITY CHECKS, & VETERAN’S CHECKS won’t go out, I guess that means that all of the WELFARE CHECKS won’t go out either …

    WELFARE recipients, how do you like you “BOY” now ???

    OBAMA is a BAD “CARD-PLAYER” … Stand tough and CALL HIS BLUFF on the DEBT CEILING !!!

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    Democrats in general appear to think that individuals and families are either too dumb or too lazy to take care of themselves. So the gavernment must do it for them. And their solution to every perseived problem to create a new beuracracy with a lot of rules and regulations and then throw a lot of tax dollars at it. There are a number of problems with this approach but simply put, it never works.
    We do need to establish a working ballanced budget but it is not a crises. Obama is a fraud!

  • Bad Logic

    Would it help to equate Socialist with Communist and Democrat? I am having an impossible time keeping them separate. They all seem to insist on using words in a twisted up-side-down way. No Violence? for example. Stealing and Fraud are extensions of violence and they are doing it continuously, every day. The criminals need to be STOPPED.

  • cowboyherb

    I doesn’t matter which plan ever gets signed into law. Without a balanced budget amendment and a drastic reduction in spending, the national economy will perish. Nobody has to take my word for it. Just sit in your homes and watch. Many of you are already there. What you are seeing in government right now is a total incapability of a mixed government to address national distress. There is no short term solution except for patriotic Congressmen to step away from the destruction and not become a willing part of it. The budget IS going to collapse anyway. I would rather see it now, then later. Nothing good will come out of any legislation until we have a new government. This Senate is just plain poison.

  • TML

    “Well, this is not just a matter of Social Security checks. These are veterans’ checks; these are folks on disability and their checks. There are about 70 million checks that go out… I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd, if we haven’t resolved this issue.”

    Of course… the military will still get their money to police, and make war with, the world. Hmm… might actually have enough money if we stopped that. However…

    “What is the proper role of the Federal government in the lives of citizens?”

    To… leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and not take from the mouth of labor the bread they have earned. And…

    Don’t depend on government… dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.

    • JeffH

      TML says “Of course… the military will still get their money to police, and make war with, the world.”

      OMG! To think I always thought it was the politicians that make war and the politicians that send our soldiers in harms way to police the world…let me know if I’m in error on this, but I think I’m right.

      • TML

        “I always thought it was the politicians that make war and the politicians that send our soldiers in harms way to police the world”

        Yes… and your point is…?

        • JeffH

          …my point is that the military “doesn’t make war” as you stated…not hard to figure out if you think about it…

          • TML

            Well, duh… I thought that was obvious. I’ll try to be more specific for you slow folks, lol j/k

  • http://fox richard

    All the radical leftist liberals can take their trash ideology to any sand monky land and spew their crap to those slobs and wait for their heads to be lopped off. They are a waste of flesh.

    • Karolyn

      richard said: “sand monky land”

      You know, they are human beings you’re talking about. Human beings just like you!

      • chuckb

        karolyn, please, just like you! muslims aren’t human, they are muslims, no comparison.

        • mark

          (offensive comment removed)

        • eyeswideopen

          chuck, what bothers you the most about the muslims? The fact that they stop and pray to their God five times a day, while the majority of Christians don’t even bother to go to church? Hello, the Christians on this site, can’t even be civil to other Christians who aren’t of their chosen demonation(evangelical), or political party. Can’t wait to see when you will be telling the largest Christian group(Catholics)that they aren’t the RIGHT TYPE of Christians. When you hate any other people, you hate God. God is letting them live on this earth for a reason, or he would have wiped them out already. Your type of hatred is why we are hated throughout the world. It is also why Christianity is losing members.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        Karolyn; they may be just like you but are not like anyone in my family. Human beings ? The jury’s still out on that one. I think that like most of the mud races they are slightly sub human; haven’t quite climbed the evolutionary tree far enough yet. maybe in another million years or so, maybe. First they’ll have to shed their belief in that demon they call Allah.

  • Pat McIntyre

    if rational, we all must agree, that our Constitution with all its glory is in dire need of some updated changes.
    When written, by very smart/few folks, our Country had an approx. population of just 1-2 million people, slavery, etc.etc……..the powerful ruled.
    Today, with 300,000,009 million people the picture has changed….yet, the Constitution has NOT.
    The Catholic Church, much/much older then America or the Constitution has had to conform to the new World/new Spirituality…..times require changes.
    All Socialism does is Care for those less fortunate….because of what the Republic is trying to do being that it consists of the Self-Serving and the Greedy and thus has forced/caused this terrible divide.
    Christ was/is a socialist………….anything wrong with that?
    What you do unto ONE of my little ONES/the poor, the sick, you do unto me.
    House republicans quit worrying about your jobs, the T-Party, your grandchildren…….do your job, give your children a good education so they can make it on their own based on your legacy and give time and think of the LESS fortunate.

  • RightAngle

    NO! Christ was/is not a socialist. That is the grossest presumption a human mind can achieve. God created man/women in His image and gave us free agency. Since Adam and Eve we excercise free agency every second and freely choose right and wrong. either way we choose untill we learn otherwise that some of our conclusions are wrong and some are right. Jesus Died for our free agency in the eternal hope that we choose the right path not paths. Socialism is a human invention that has proven to fail in every application. Their will always be takers and always be givers. The takers take from the givers and when the takers outnumber the givers they want more. I refuse to let socialism drag me down to their level. As for the world the few giver nations have given of ourselves and our resources only to be criticized for not giving more perpetually. Christ expects us to be responsible givers not because we have to but because we want to. Socialists are takers and I weed them out to discern the true needy and I give accordingly to their needs. It’s black or white, you either give or you take, one has a concience the other doesn’t.

    • mark

      You ever read the Beatitudes? Sounds awful damn socialist to me. All that crap about helpin’ the poor and the unfortunate, and blessin’ the peacemakers like Carter an’ Clinton. If you see some homeless alchy without a coat, take off yours and give it to ‘im? If that ain’t liberal, I don’t know what the hell is! And once you’re a liberal, couple days later you’re a socialist, and pretty soon you go out an’ kill 70 million people like ol’ Joe Stalin and Mao done. It’s a fact, never fails, I read up on it in all them history books. I think someone SHOULD do an investigation to find out if Jesus was a damn socialist, and if he was we should kick ‘im out of the Church for spreadin’ liberal ideas. Come to think of it, Jesus never held a steady job his whole life, except for some part-time carpentry work with his stepdad, Joseph. An all he ever did was mosey around all day an’ loll away the time talkin’ up a windstorm with a buncha no-accounts, criminals, hookers, and tax collectors. Love your enemies! Love them that persecute you? I guess that means we should love ol’ Al Qaeda! Or we should all love Obama and dem socialists that are screwin’ the country every day. Even that early church Jesus set up was kinda socialist with all them people livin’ and workin’ together and sharin’ all that they grew and ett. An’ no one wantin’ to be any better or richer than another. Dad gum it, He was a socialist or at least a namby-pamby liberal with all that helpin’ the poor, visitin’ folks in prison, curin’ the sick an’ what not. I tell you what, this has got me reconsiderin a whole lotta stuff. And if Jesus is in charge a’ that there Heaven place, I don’t think I even want to go there no more! It’s probably full a’ nuttin’ but socialists and liberals and worse, everyone there is probably equal like ol’ Lenin wanted, that rotten sonafa….well, you know what I’m talkin’ bout.

      • Jay

        Hey mark, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? You sound insane…

      • Cawmun Cents

        Render to Caesar,what is Caesars’,Render to God what is His.-JESUS CHRIST.-CC.

      • Cawmun Cents

        The difference between personal charity and social charity is other peoples money.Did Christ ever advocate using the taxes to help the poor?No.Why is that?Because He knew that evil people would never use the money collected for the poor,but rather to keep the poor,poor.
        That is what socialism has done.It makes a ruling class of elites and keeps everyone else too poor to take care of their own charities.Christ was about individual charity,that comes from the heart.Never did he advocate social charity.Some twist this socialist form of goodness to their own agendas,which will end in their demise.
        You cannot see the forrest through the trees.You claim that socialism is of the beatitudes?
        So explain to me then how our own Government forced the new healthcare legislation through congress,and yet refuses to end its own spending spree. How can you defend the fact that if you choose not to have healthcare they(there is that socialist way of doing things just like Christ,right?)fine you?Do you also advocate that Christ would have seen every American in debt up to their necks,to institute slavery to the banks,for the American populace? Please answer why you think our government can be compared to Christ?Especially when they take steps to do everything so Biblically?Like for instance….were you aware that children were sacrificed to a

  • http://none Emil

    History teaches us that democracies live a short life and die by a violent death.

    • mark

      So have many constitutional republics, and dictatorships, fascist and communist. But democracies have proven very enduring in many areas of the world. England was once a global empire but within its constitutional monarchy framework, it is a vibrant democracy today with far greater voter turn-out and a more varied and differentiated press than we have. Free speech flourishes as well as freedom of assembly, religion, etc. France was once a great empire and it now is a functioning democracy. Germany was very nearly destroyed physically by 1945, and it has recovered and is a very health, democracy. All this doom and gloom is far too overused in historical analogies. The fall of the Roman Empire is trotted out almost religiously with every U.S. recession and then put back to bed when our economy recovers. Lots of coutries have done quite well being second and third-rate powers. Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Israel. Even Italy which I visited twice is a fairly prosperous country, hurting right now for sure, but so is everyone in this global downturn. The doomsday scenario often does not fit for every historical circumstance. Nations rise, falter, fall, and then rise again to falter and fall again. Life goes on. World without end Amen

      • TIME

        Ever lived in any of these places Mark?

        I have, I can tell you the grass is not quite as green as you think it is.
        I sent my son to live in Germany for school for two years, my step son lived in UK with me for two years and hated it.
        If you asked either one would they go back to live there, both would give you a very quick “NO BLOODY WAY.”

        Keep in mind they both had a privileged life when they were there, and niether would go back.
        My real son wouldn’t go back for any reason he hates Germany, his quote is the only thing they have thats worth anything is the damm beer, otherwise it should just fall off the earth, thats as he put it they are a bunch of Worthless Twits and Total Ignorant Butt Heads.
        Mind you he wanted to live in Der Deutchland of what I had to listen to for years before I sent him to school there.

        When my son got married I asked him if he wanted to go to Europe with his wife on my dime, he said ~ “F&^% ~ NO, Dad I would rather go to the Grand Canyon Calie and the Rocky Mountains for a two month’s if your going to spend that kind of money.”

  • TIME

    I don’t believe that Americans on mass have any love for Socialism, Its more like a small group of bend QUASI LIBERAL turds and Social MISFIT LEACHES who feel that this form of government has value.

    Anyone who works for a living or own a business would not and will never favor such a bent pretzel logic format at all.
    Lets face it with any form of Socialism when other peoples money runs out thats when the problems begin.

    Just look at the EU to see whats going on there, its all failing to bits daily.
    Sure it looked super on paper, but the application is totaly flawed, again I come back to, when other people money runs out.

    People thats why all the old ROCK bands from the 1960′s that came from the UK all live in the US now. And they still even have some MONEY too!
    Only people like Sir Paul can own a home in the UK and keep some of their money, as that title cost him dearly, as now all the others have to pay for his share………

    Wake up people; Socialisim fails the litmus test every time its been employed.

    As the old Einstine saying goes,

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a differant result.”

    We can never rid our selfs of Stupid people, Lazy People, nor Con Artist. Therefor we must do the same dance over and over. The old adage; “History repeats its self.”

    I await the New Madrid event with great anticipation. Perhaps after that we can reshape the world with a better WORK Ethic with whom ever is left alive. A natural reset as it were.

  • mark

    Right, we’re all gonna die anyway. Hell, we’re all doomed. But I’m still gonna go out an get me a beer tonight. You want one?

    • TIME


      Thanks but no thanks I don’t drink anylonger and haven’t in years.

      But when the NM breaks I think I will crack that hogs head of 25 year old aged Single Malt I packed away all those years ago, so if your near Atlanta GA your welcome to a glass.

  • Jay

    The reason we are grappling with the issue of socialism in the first place, is simple. Our, up and coming young generation, unbeknownst to them, have been indoctrinated and brainwashed to embrace and love socialism. And who do we have to thank for this? Not other then John Dewey, who radically changed the function of education from teaching children to; think for themselves, be self-dependent, self-starters, self-motivated, recognize and embrace their unique individualism. to; merging and blending with the herd, dependent on authority, blindly obedient to authority, discouraged from critical thinking, encouraged to hate capitalism and on and on… But hey, don’t take my word for it, read it for yourselves.

    • TIME

      I agree with you, but I also know that there are many kids who are not in that mold. They are real go getters and either have a family member who own a business or are very clever and have learned how to make money on their own.

      I think that the lacking of “CRITICAL Thinking” is very obvious even on Bob’s blog daily as we all can clearly see by the countless post that display such.
      Just look at how many can’t grasp that (two wrongs don’t make a right,} or that being a good little robot and voting for a party just for the sake of voting for that party. Its so bloody sad it hurts.

      Saddly also many people look at politics as a “sporting game” not unlike football, a mindless sport that would have been well attended in Rome during the era of the love of Blood Sport.
      How sad is it that people just can’t learn, how many are so flawed either by way of being, aggressively ignorant or passive aggressive’s or just outright stupid its a bloody crime.

      • Jay

        This is true Time. Also, I agree when you say that there are many children who do not fit the mold. I suspect the reason for this is parents who had/have the presence of mind and read the signs of the times. Many of such parents opted to homeschool their children, thus shielding their children from the indoctrination of the education system, while at the same time instilling in their children that which is proper and descent, and of outmost necessity to live a full and happy life, a FREE life, free from Government intrusion, and free from dependence on Government. Btw, there is a push to pass legislation which is designed to take away the right of parents to homeschool their children. Hmm, I wonder why?

  • chuckb

    you have to look no farther than the nea. these marxist types have moved into the education system long ago, they made their big move in the 30 & 40′s during the roosevelt admin. after they destroyed mccarthy in the early fifties they had more or less an open field. the media got control during the vietnam war, rather & kronkite were instrumental in changing the course of the media and from that point on they indoctrinated the sheep every night. the teachers were indoctrinated in college and passed it on to the unsuspecting in the class room. i watched my children very closely and they all grew up staunch supporters of our country and our conservative christian beliefs.

    looking at things as they are, with the millions of third world people emigrating to our shores legal and illegal, the millions of minorities that are accepting islam in our cities and prisons. these people have out bred us and now we are for the first time becoming minorities in our country. we have allowed the liberals (bolsheviks) to use welfare as a tool to defeat us at the polls, they have captured the wh with a person most of us believe as an imposter
    our congressmen are too cowardly to investigate this man and make him prove who he is. so we may have our hands full in order to bring our country back to what we call freedom.

  • http://thisone sick of it all

    i cant wait, i hope and pray they cut the wellfair,dam lazy fools then they will be killing eachother off, they cant bye their crak its gana be ausome

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    The writer of this article said “The only way to write is to publish the truth”. How can you write and publish the truth When the current administration has deemed open season on anyone coming close to writing the truth,telling the truth or even seeing the truth.
    This is why there is so much media bias in the main stream media and the back door antagonists are trying so hard to get Fox and Conservative talk radio off the air. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see this. Even the FCC is involved in the mix from what I read.This is an opinion of a very concerned senior citizen. Tell the President not to withhold the Social Security checks or we don’t eat in the month of August.Tell the Treasury secretary also.

  • Ronald Johnston

    All these liberal yellow bellied democrats are either lazy good for nothings,lawyers, or sorry union thugs. All the good people in this country(tea party supporters) are being portrayed as mean spirited for opposing welfare and the give-a-way programs sponsored by these lazy sorry excuses for human beings.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    The problem is that only about 53 % of our people are productive, tax paying citizens; (Fed. Income Tax.) Many of the remaining 43% are leeches on the largess of the productive citizens. Those people will always vote for gvt. handouts which equates to Socialism. Socialism is just Communism without the bayonnets. If unchecked that will come next.


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