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The American Form of Government

March 10, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Hydro

    I noticed that one element left out of the discussion is the modern day corporation and it’s control over government. We have allowed corporations to have the same rights as an individual, we should also hold them responsible in the same fashion as an individual.

    • Jane Doe

      I LIKE your screen name! ;)

      • TimTam

        This was a very good production. Attractive and short but informative. This is exactly what has been omitted from our history textbooks and even if you are old enough to have learned this in school it bears repeating. I will make sure this is shown to our children and pass it along to others who have children. Education is our biggest battle to regain our old republic. Schools/colleges are merely branches of the government now and have been for decades. Individually we are up to the task of taking it back and restoring freedom. It will mean each one of us must do our part. You have made this much easier through the creation of this practical tool. My deepest thanks.

      • http://personallibertyDigest Mingo

        I think your video was interesting and an eye opener I’m tired of goverment telling us the people of the United States Of America.

  • Christine A. Bloom

    Looking at government through ‘rose-colored-glasses’ is what people have been open to considering that people “trust government” and not remembering we are them. Did we ever really have an independent goernment free from England? What was is an agreement made through the colonies with England with no entitlement to establishing a nation, independent from our Mother Land. We’ve been a land mass take over as the United States of America, US, or America and still it’s hard to understand this country America isn’t one in the same real estate nor reality of this “nation” as most people were taught to think. We’re been a corporation with loose wording in the Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights while giving birth to a nation’s GD piece of paper (Constitution. You haven’t forgotten GW Bush as his one-drink-too-many stated while in office. He’s known, like Obama and Clinton and Bush Sr. and Carter, Ford, Nixon and the rest of the pack opf thieves, we are a corporation and have been to England. We are owned and were never independent…only in illusional thinking. 2,000 plus pages of what health food soup are we asked to eat? I suggest each member of the House and Senate be asked if they’ve read the bill. If so sign their name to a lawful paper stating that they have being held accountable to reading it or be fired or impeached. If they won’t sign it’s because those never reading it will incriminate themselves. Our political congress and senate members aren’t concerned with We the People anymore. It’s the concern for their next pay check, therefore once in office it’s the fight to stay in office through ‘call-begging’ corporations, industry, unions at least 6-7hrs. daily. Time to really do the jobs they were elected to do? Annie Ladysmith…. you’ve made my day with “Christian” rock music. The animals on Noah’s Ark would have stumbled off boat if given the ELF waves emitted by HAARP. We’ve come a long way folks!

  • Jane Doe

    “I bet they don’t play this in our nations high schools! More likely to find a video on the great leaders of the 20th century like Chinaman Mao or “the people’s hero” Stalin.”

    Youre RIGHT about THAT! Maybe in the private or Christian schools! Simply SHOCKING the rate that we are losing our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! November and 2012 is a coming!

    What will happen if this ridiculous and TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL HC Reform passes is REVOLT REVOLT REVOLT…. and CHAOS IN THE STREETS! This is the very reason they want to take our GUNS! Duh! Of COURSE they’re coming after them- cause they KNOW that stripping people’s RIGHTS away will make people scared and uncertain. And NATURALLY “The People” will arm themselves! Just plain S-A-D that a so-called “free” nation must resort to this, especially against the very Govt. that is supposed to look out for our BEST interest! Not their OWN selfish agendas!

  • Mary

    This is the most impressing thing I have ever seen. You do know how to relate the truth. Why do Americans believe a lie rather than the truth?
    I love it when the folks who are in the news media tell the truth. Which is very seldom. I am tired of brain washing and propaganda.
    I thank the Lord for truthful people. You are one of them.

  • Don Schuchardt

    This video is very informative and pertinent to today’s problems in the USA. We would like to obtain a copy of this and perhaps some of your other videos for presentation and discussion in our Bible study group at Victory Church at Oklahoma City, OK. If this is possible, please give me the procedure to obtain the video copy(copies). This will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Don Schuchardt

  • kevin bentley

    amen brother
    wake up america

  • Leonel Ruffin

    Would you be eager about exchanging hyperlinks?

  • Robert Baker

    dear sir i have subscribed to your program and it cost me 106 dollars sir i would like to copy your articles but microsoft have taken over my computer and printer and monitor my printer 24/7. i do nit the time to sit at my computer all day. I like to run off those article I want to read in the evening. would you please advise microsoft to allow me to print your articles. Iam so sick of of microsoft controlling my computer. I all my 78 years I have never seen people monitor every word on my computer. It just drives me crazy!!! Thank you for your consideration.. I have told many people about your site to protect our money and investments. Microsoft even monitor my investment login so i dont think Iam safe and I olan to move my money whick I will have pay taxes on- it i have to get my cpa and laywer to see if I have a leg to stand on.

  • libertytrain

    I thought this video was really interesting – worth watching as a reminder of what the USA is -

  • http://n/a Allen

    Sounds like the argument for Libertatianism more than conservatism to me.

    No one wants a large government, but some people would view the risk you present as worthwhile when it means preventing masses of suffering. Still the true risk of such a government is wise and important to keep in mind…

  • D. J.

    I find this video very interesting. I can certainly see the resemblance of the Roman Empire and America. What a tragedy if we fail to see what history teaches us. We are heading down the wrong road now and have been for some time. How long will it be before we will fall if we do not learn from history and fail to hold to the constitution and those who founded this nation. God bless America, please.

  • James C. Dunham

    Caesar Barach Hussein Obama will fortunately be deposed, God willing, along with his oligarchy, as his ObamaCare is soon defeated, and he retreats with his tail between his legs. I hope that America wakes up as Rome failed to do.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    I bet they don’t play this in our nations high schools! More likely to find a video on the great leaders of the 20th century like Chinaman Mao or “the people’s hero” Stalin. Why have we slept through our demise and execution?
    Mr. Baker, i don’t think it’s Microsoft, i think it’s the IRS. They are in cahouts with the FED to take all our wealth, i have a special finger for them. Start playing “Christain” rock music on your computer and no-one will ever bother you again!

  • s c

    Why would any parent force a child to endure a school system that looks at American history the same way Obummer looks at his oath of office? That is, Obummer knows he can fool many people into thinking he cares because he also knows many Americans suffer from ‘that can’t happen hereitis.’
    American schools have willingly engaged in manipulating and corrupting history texts for many years. Why does is it any surprise that American students don’t know much about American history – or care?
    In most cases in life, you get what you pay for, people. However, when it comes to public education (and especially educating American students in American hostory), we aren’t even close to getting what we paid for, folks.
    It has been a terrible waste of money, time and resources. Taking kids out of public schools and putting an end to consecutive terms for federal
    office holders is the two-part solution.

  • Janice Palesch

    The video was interesting, but it is entirely accurate. The issues would be too lenghty to debate here, but I would like to point out one glaring fact. According to your own definition, this country is no longer even a republic. It has become an oligarchy, rule by the few.

    The voices of the people are really no longer heard. We have become a corporatocracy. It is clear, now more than ever – that he who pays (not votes) – rules. It is unfortunate that our elected representatives have become so corrupt, that their main effort is spent in filling their own campaign coffers for the next election, rather than doing the work their electorate sent them to do. With corporations and their campaign contributions so deeply entrenched in the souls of the politicians, there is no democracy, nor a republic. The very few (the wealthy) ARE ruling this once-free nation.

    Part of this problem lies in the ever-increasing numbers of “career” politicians. Our founding fathers never intended for our representatives to make a living (and a very lucrative one, at that) out of being such PUBLIC SERVANTS. Yes, they were to SERVE the public (not themselves and the businesses which line their pockets) and then GO HOME after their term of office ended. Our elected officials no longer do that because it has become too lucrative to feed at the public trough. This creation of career politicians and family dynasties must end, in order for us to become once again the great nation we intended to be. If we cannot get true campaign finance reform and we cannot have true term limits, then we must limit those terms ourselves, by simply not re-electing our representatives term after term.

    And, as for those who do not believe that we have lost control over own own governence because of the issues I have cited above, review the recent Supreme Court decision, which distortingly equated corporations with people. That is an outrage, which would have sent our forefathers for their muskets. Follow this decision to its logical conclusion, and you will readily see that our nation is well on its way to becoming an oligarchy, the likes of which we will never be able to dismantle. We must rectify these dire issues before it is too late.

  • John Addis

    Livingston has chosen to make his own definitions conveniently, but he is wrong. I have always used the definition of “Republic” as any form of government which is not a monarchy. Let me quote from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. That is available on line at:

    a. A political order whose head of state is not a monarch and in modern times is usually a president.
    b. A nation that has such a political order.
    a. A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them.
    b. A nation that has such a political order.
    3. often Republic A specific republican government of a nation: the Fourth Republic of France.
    4. An autonomous or partially autonomous political and territorial unit belonging to a sovereign federation.
    5. A group of people working as equals in the same sphere or field: the republic of letters.

    To substantiate that let me quote from, Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010. It is available at:

    1. a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.
    2. any body of persons viewed as a commonwealth.
    3. a state in which the head of government is not a monarch or other hereditary head of state.

    Bob Livingston specifically (and I quote) defines “republic” as “rule by law”. As you can see, this is not a definition which appears in the dictionary. The word “law” does not even appear in either definition.

    Nor is his definition consistent with his graphic which starts on the left with “rule by one, or monarchy” and ends with “anarchy, or rule by no one”. If the graphic were to be scientific, the number of people ruling would have to be progressive from “many” on one side to “few, oligarchy” to “none, anarchy”. But he does not do that. He mixes in another term, “the law”. It is improper to graph two quantities on the same axis if they are not exact opposites. He is wrong, wrong and, not to put too fine a point on it, wrong.

    Livingston describes himself as “ultra right wing”. That means he is in a small minority. So if you want to give power over the definition to a small minority, you are giving up the rules of the English Language. We use dictionaries to be able to communicate among ourselves. Let’s keep it that way. Livingston is wrong in his definition. Wrong, and, oh, did I mention wrong?

    Although there are several possible definitions, Livingston’s is not among them. I was taught that we had an “indirect democracy” in grade school. Maybe that is as self-serving as Livingston’s definition.

    So when you discuss government one has to be careful to understand the vocabulary.

    I was amused by one reply to Livingston on the website by a man who said “i would like to copy your articles but microsoft have taken over my computer and printer and monitor my printer 24/7…I all my 78 years I have never seen people monitor every word on my computer.”

    This man is also spending $106 per year for investment advice. Looks like the website may have another motive as well.

  • http://personallibertyDigest Mingo

    telling us what to do sorry i wasnt done with my first reply…

  • dmp says :

    James: I applaud your sense of Patriotism and Conservatism in your direct ” slam dunk ” on Obama government and Liberal government, especially on the Obamacare that we ” the people ” are strongly oppose. You are right, if the American electorate fail to change Obama and the direction our government is heading? America will become the ” slave ” by one ” Oligarch leader in Obama ” who will use them to follow him, not the other way around. The American people felt their rights have been ” trumpled ” and violated, when Obama tried to force the OBAMACARE through their throat despite their oppositions. If Obama can ” lie to Congress”, can insult the high court judges, and lied to American poeple; who do you think can STOP him (OBAMA?)..We, the American electorate come election 2010.

  • dmp says :

    John Addis :
    Reading your comment here, makes me believe your ” brain power ” is full of and over-flowing with some very ” complicated words and ideas “, that you…yourself have a problem understanding them. You “LIED” when you labeled Bob Livingston ” Ultra right wing “. Bob Livingston claimed he is an ” Ultra Conservative”. John addis, your name seem to suggest or at least signify that you tend to ” add ” or change things to your own taste. The Americans who read your comments here, could suspect ” YOU ARE RELATED TO OBAMA “, in the style of making the people think you are ” telling the truth, but in reality, you are NOT at all “. in other words ” you are a master of deceiptions ” like HIM “. If you ask your friends if you are right? they will shout at your ears ” YOU ARE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG ” Hear that? If they read your comment here, they will not only call you ” LIAR BUT HYPOCRITE”. Did you hear that? John Minus ? How do you feel if people don’t believe your lies. “LIAR, LIAR ” The people say.

  • darlene blount

    I have been writing three/four days. This video is all over the internet, but is not formatted for large screen. I would like to use if for educational purpose at our Tea Party, but cannot find the sourse to have it formatted for large screen. We use a church facility and have large screens for visuals. I am guessing six ft. x 5 ft. high. If you can put me in touch with the sourse of this video, I can work it out as it is needed rapidly. Thank you.

  • Buzz Breslin

    Americans no longer have a real appreciation of their history. Nor do they understand the evolution of western civilization from Caesar to Charlemagne to Hitler and Stalin. Wake up Americans. Our founding fathers really believed that each person would would grow into a mature responsible citizen. ( I believe that for the most part we have-witness the freedom of the slaves and the right to vote for women). We have laws that protect our rights. But I fear that we will pass laws to create class envy-oops we already have.! I am a guy who has raised three girls on his own and live paycheck to paycheck. Please, Americans, no more class envy/coveting of our neighbors’ goods.It does no good and hurts the economy. It shows so much disrespect to the Constitution and to yourselves. God bless America.


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