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The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

June 16, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • BobMarshall

    I like Ron Paul. I see him as a true Patriot. While i don’t agree with all of his ideas i agree with most. What worries me the most is if Ron Paul was elected as President there are those within our government who always are wanting wars. since his is a voice of reason he would be silenced. Muck like JFK. I had rather havehim remain as a congressman speaking up for the citizens than dead.We only have a few congressmen and congresswomen who defend our constitution.IBM is allowed to sell technology to China and not one word from Congress or Obama. China is asking to purchased 1.1 trillion in gold from the US. If it as the Feds say we have no gold. Only gold certificates. How is this possible? I wish Ron Paul would ask Ben Bernanke this question.Ron Paul make Ben Bernanke neverous when he confronts him. I love it! I think this talk about cyber attack on our government is for two reasons. First to take complete control of the internet . Not for security but to keep American uninformed about the true workings of the government. Second, to take away more of our freedom.

    • DaveH

      Ron’s a big boy now. If he was killed he would be a martyr to the cause of Freedom. I don’t think he’s afraid of that.

  • steve in AZ

    Bob, I share some of your feelings and concerns for Dr. Paul. It wasn’t just JFK. The International Banking Cartel also had Abe Lincoln and other Presidents assassinated. And tried to have Andy Jackson assassinated,as well. Andy Jackson’s deathbed response to a question as to which was his greatest achievement, was “I killed the Bank!!”.

    I’ll not take you to task too much for saying you don’t agree with all of his ideas. I would suggest that if you disagree with any of the ideas I have heard him express, then you are unfamiliar with the principles of the US Constitution – at least those principles wherein you disagree with Dr. Paul. He not only espouses the cause of the Constitution, but has voted consistently during his career in a manner consistent with it’s principles. Try to listen more closely when he speaks! :)

    In a country headed to hades in a handbasket he is exactly what we need as our leader – a man who doesn’t make waves with soundbites, but UNDERSTANDS the principles of the Constitution, and can lead our nation back to it’s protection of our rights – to life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    I too have wondered why the banking scum have not made any attempt on his life as yet. I can only surmise that they are of the opinion that their plan for world de-population is now so far along that it won’t matter who is elected in Nov. 2012.

    Nonetheless- VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • DaveH

      I doubt the bankers had Lincoln killed, Steve. He was on their side.
      Read the book “Lincoln Unmasked” to learn about the real Lincoln, not the fairy tale we all learned in public school.

      • Dan az

        Oh MY God I expected to see Vigilant here in this spot :)

        • DaveH


      • steve in AZ

        I do appreciate the advice regarding my reading list,Dave. Wish I could promise that I would read it, but my schedule is pretty full, being constrained by cruel necessity to make a living alongside of you other three taxpayers left in our country. Nonetheless, as I respect your views as expressed in quite a few of your posts I’ve read here, I’ll try to check it out.

        Have you seen the video I have recommended in several posts at this forum in the past, The Money Masters? It doesn’t come right out and say the bankers had him shot, but it would be consistent with their pattern of criminal activity. Lincoln was in hot water with them for printing “Greenback” dollars, according to that video.

        Of course, it may not be true, but I have found “truth” to be virtually non-existent in this world, being always proclaimed from the perspective of one or a few, who normally have an agenda to further. Again and again I have seen evidence that any description of actual events by two or more people are rarely in agreement. I prefer to judge “truth” based on whether or not the events depicted are consistent with the overall picture of reality I have achieved in a lifetime of investigation. Unfortunately, I’m unable to read EVERY viewpoint that is published. Consequently, I have had to develop a method whereby I can eliminate those opinions and perspectives I know to be patently false, based on their inability to fit into that picture.

        My perspective of the likelihood of certain events having occurred as described in any instance can be wrong, of course, as can anyone’s. But if it walks and quacks like a duck, it probably has feathers. I am strongly of the opinion that the international banking cartel is one devoid of morality, and that they will not hesitate to mow down anyone who stands in the way of their cause of world domination and depopulation. Lincoln did stand against them in printing the greenbacks. Hence…

        • DaveH

          You will be shocked if you read it, Steve.
          And no, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the big bankers took out JFK, since he was issuing treasury notes backed by silver. But the people in Government are complicit most likely, as fiat money allows the Leaders to spend freely even if they can’t raise the taxes. Central Banks and Big Government go hand in hand.

        • Al Sieber

          I though the Jesuits were behind it.

        • DaveH

          Read this for more insight on Lincoln:

          • DaveH

            “Lincoln usurped the congressional powers of appropriation and spending as he built up his military forces, unconstitutionally ordered a naval blockade of Southern ports, and began planning the invasion of the Confederacy before Congress even had a chance to gather.”
            Does that remind you of anyone? Hint: Libya.

  • Lana

    I will vote for him. But our votes is sure not enough. Ron Paul needs way more media time but major channels and Newspapers do not give him much of exposure. How many people watch MSNBC? FOX can do way better but does not do it for some reason.,

    • Carol in GA

      Lana, I think the reason Fox does not give Ron Paul his just due and air time to make his case is because they have already annointed Romney, a major RINO. From what I understand he is FOR Climate Change and you know what that means. Enormous amounts of money spent on pseudo-science. The so called science has been debunked, but you don’t hear about it or see anything in the news because of the dereliction of duty on the part of wanna-be journalists and I would not be surprised if there isn’t some “pressure” on them Not to report. Biology 101 Says: trees take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and give off Oxygen. Isn’t that what we want? Keep cutting the CO2 and we’ll have food shortages or worse another mini ice age. Paul will need a tremendous amount of money and support and all who claim to be true Constitutional Conservatives will need to back him and I mean at a grassroots level all across this country. Be sure to share the above video; that’s a start.

  • Dan az

    I agree that he dose not get the air time on fox and that concerns me.I think if we all started writing to this channel and demand that he gets more time we may have a chance to hear him more.The fact that even the libs watch fox they too could use the information to maybe one day understand what this country has come to.The fact that they always complain about fox tells me they watch it.They said he was a crack head and would never get in because what he believes in,what the constitution?How scary is that.We need this man to stop the feds from taking us down and to rid us of the UN and CFR and the whole bunch that has been planning this from the beginning.With so many eyes opened to what is going on today we may just have a chance this time.
    We need to get as many libertarians in the congress and senate as we can,If we don’t then all is lost.Lets make the real changes that this country needs by getting all constitutionalis in and make it happen as quick as we can,other wise our children and grand kids will be left with it and with the indoctrination that they received the chances are slim to none that what we died for will be the only thing taught in schools as a failure of inception.

    • DaveH

      Actually, Dan, Fox is the only network I’ve known to give significant air time to the Libertarians. John Stossel, for example (Fox Business Network) is giving one hour to each candidate. He started with Gary Johnson (who is essentially Libertarian), most likely because Gary was shut out of the CNN debates.
      On July 13, he will have Herman Cain on. I think he is going to give one-hour to any candidate who requests it. See here:

      And Judge Napolitano has given lots of air-time and mention to Ron Paul.
      We should be contacting Fox and thanking them for giving time to the Libertarian philosophy.

      • Dan az

        Glad to hear it Dave as you know I don’t have a TV but when I did know one would give him a any time to complete what he was saying.I hear that ol george is going after fox big time now and the internet to silence those who demand the truth.I don’t think Murdock will give him the time of day let alone one share.

        • steve in AZ

          Dan az -

          You have no TV???????

          VOTE DAN az 2012!!!!!

          • Dan az

            No I put a hole in it when obumer was elected so all I get now is the news from here.I can watch DVD’s on the computer so know big loss.

          • Al Sieber

            I don’t have a T.V. either, no reception out here. just satellite internet, and I won’t pay for satellite T.V..

      • Carol in GA

        One part of the problem,Dave,is that O’Reilly point blank discounts him and says Romney will be the nominee and O’Reilly is one of the most watched on Fox. I think he is dead wrong in trying to “lead” the people. Give them all plenty of air time and let We the People make our own decision. I can almost guarantee that we’ll get it right this time. I just hope we can overcome all the chicanery and outright fraud that will again be perpetuated and ignored on the left.

        • DaveH

          O’Reilly is a buffoon. I’ve seen him argue with Cavuto about economic matters that he (O’Reilly) knows nothing about, while Cavuto is an expert. For the life of me, I don’t know why people watch his opinionated show.
          I watch Stossel, Judge Napolitano (Freedom Watch), Neil Cavuto, David Asman (America’s Nightly Scoreboard), and Eric Bolling (Money Rocks), all on Fox Business Network.

  • steve in AZ

    lol. Well done,amigo!

    • Dan az

      My wife didn’t think so!

      • steve in AZ

        Are women still voting here in Arizona? I’ll have to have a little chat with Governor Brewer about that….

  • meteorlady

    I have voted for Ron Paul even when he ran independently as a Libertarian. Love the man… think he is one of the few bright spots among our current leaders. Wish the press would not keep bringing Romney up – don’t like him, won’t vote for him and wish he would just go away. He’s not what we need right now in this country.

    • Al Sieber

      I agree with you, I’ve been following Ron Paul for years and would like to see him president. they’re just going to keep hyping up Romney because our media is controlled, and bought and paid for.

    • DaveH

      If Ron Paul or Gary Johnson (longshot) win, I will vote for a Republican President for the first time in my life. Otherwise, I will keep voting the Principled Libertarian ticket.

  • Bruce

    One could have concentrated on the content of this video much better without that overbearing musical backdrop.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Keep telling it like it is, Ron Paul. Educate the voters and do the right thing in the House. Keep doing this and you will have my vote. Betray me and you will lose my vote in an instant.

  • DaveH

    Why we need Ron Paul.
    From my favorite Libertarian author Ben O’Neill:
    “Modern authoritarian movements tend to adopt the strategy of avoiding talking about or even hinting at the coercion they will adopt to deal with those opposed to the supreme rule of the all-powerful state apparatus. They deny that they are fascist movements and instead adopt a slew of fanciful euphemisms for the coercive policies they propose to inflict on their brutalized subjects. You silly fool! They are not robbing people — they are just “asking them to pay their fair share.” They are not micromanaging people’s lives — they are just “looking after their health and welfare.” They are not silencing dissent — they are just “ensuring tolerance” and fighting “hate.” They are not trespassing against private property — they are just “managing the economy.” They are not enslaving people — they are just “encouraging volunteerism.” Didn’t you realize?”

  • http://None Paul

    Why do you think the ridiculous background music adds anything to the article. It would be so much better without it! I’m not some street bum who needs rock-n-roll to keep me hyped up about doing nothing.


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