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The Accelerating Economic Death Spiral

March 30, 2012 by  

The Accelerating Economic Death Spiral
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wants to change coins and stop printing bills.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner wants to change the materials used to make coins and replace paper money with digits on the computer (electronic transactions).

According to Geithner, it now costs 2.4 cents to make a penny and 11.2 cents to make a nickel because rising commodity prices have driven up production costs.

Why are commodity prices rising? Because of inflation created by the Federal Reserve’s money printing. According to an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, the Fed bought 61 percent of the total debt issued by the Treasury Department last year.

“The Fed is in effect subsidizing U.S. government spending and borrowing via expansion of its balance sheet and massive purchases of Treasury bonds. This keeps Treasury interest rates abnormally low, camouflaging the true size of the budget deficit,” former Treasury official Lawrence Goodman wrote.

So Fed policies of moving debt around, paying debt with more debt and money printing gives Congress (and Americans) a sense that — even though the deficit is tremendous — it’s not as bad as it really is. Inflation has gotten out of hand and it’s driving up the cost of the money Americans use, so Geithner believes it’s time to steer America into a cashless economy, under the guise of saving what has become a piddling $75 million.

Don’t buy into Geithner’s lie. The goal is to eliminate the underground cash economy and make a way of tracking all purchases in order to collect more taxes.

The elites in government won’t be content until they have stolen every penny possible from every American. The underground cash economy can’t be tracked and, therefore, can’t be taxed. It’s yet another effort to stave off the economic collapse they’ve set in motion.

And, if all purchases become electronic, government will know what everyone is doing. As Gary North writes in his Tea Party Economist blog: “The ATM is our friend. No matter how hard the government tries to stamp out paper currency, people will use it. They buy freedom with it. They buy privacy.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Let me get this straight. TG is whizzing because the Fed is having to find ways to make it easier for them to continue to RAPE America’s wealth. Ain’t that a biche?
    So, a Fed puppet has a problem with producing coins that aren’t worth their face value. Not too long ago, we had coins that actually had silver in them. The penny actually had some copper content.
    The Fed has been busily RAPING America’s wealth since 1913, and TG is offended that the Fed no longer makes easy profits on everything they produce. The only solution I can see is for TG to go back to his home planet and stay there.
    What’s the point of having pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters or any other coin if they literally aren’t worth HAVING? Then, you get around to ones, five, tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds [paper money]. Hey, TG, didn’t you ever learn in school that fiat money is a ticking time bomb? Does the word ‘illegal’ mean anything to you or your bunkies?
    You were also the head of the NY Fed. Frankly, you make it hard for me to give a ____ about what happens to you. If you’re not a willing tool of the thugs who own and operate the Fed, it sure is quite an imitation. Cat got your integrity and your mind, too? Consider a job at McDonald’s, bubba.
    How far can you make those hard-earned “dollars” stretch when you’re no longer a part of this criminal administration OR the Fed? Keep in touch, putz.

    • Vincent

      Excellent REPLY S C!

      Send the dirtbags packing that got us into this mess…

      Thank you Woodrow and Franklin! Thank you Elites for caring for no one (other than yourselves).

    • Sirian

      Outstanding s c, you never cease to amaze me how easy you lay it out – Outstanding!!

    • Warrior

      TG is actually the “Dr. Stangelove” of economics. Don’t believe me watch the movie again when you have a chance.

    • Orrie


  • dmegerle

    SC nails it each time…love that word…PUTZ!!

  • Sirian

    Electronic digits are so much easier to control and manipulate than hard cold cash. Gee, why didn’t they think of this before?? Hell, more than likely they did think of it about thirty years ago and have been patiently waiting for the technology to catch up with their wonderful mental gyrations. Isn’t Sweden the test bed for their new method of screwing everyone twice, thrice, four times you fools. . . :(

    • Joe H

      Yeah, just think, you can’t stuff your mattress with didgets!! Can’t bury a can of them in the back yard, either!! What’s grandpa gonna do??? Stop and think how much you will shell out a year if they round UP everythying to the nearest dollar. $2.98 for a pack of socks? nope $3.00 now!!! $7.95 for a can of coffee? Nope $8.00!! It’ll add up, believe me!!

  • John Morton

    The cashless society is not a result of economic mismanagement, it is part of the “That no man may buy or sell save that he bore the number of the beast” end times prophecy of the coming of Antichrist.

    The beast system is at the core of the cashless society. This will be a total global bankers dictatorship in which all commerce is regulated and controlled by the private bankers, and anyone who steps out of line will have their ability to purchase goods and services disabled – leading to economic ostracism and probably death.

    • rrse

      You hit the nail right on the head. If everyone would read and understand the BIBLE, then this should be no suprise to them. I’m amazed at the ignorance of the American people that are just blind. Read and understand revelations. It is a fact written by John the Revelator. It is coming true before our own eyes and yet people sill refused to understand. Jesus said those with ears, let them hear and those with eyes, let them see. I guess he was talking about the saved! It is sad that people are not understanding the end times. It is here now. Give your hearts over to CHRIST and live in his kingdom forever. The rapture is coming soon and all the Christians will be gone and all HELL will break loose. Seven years of tribulations. If you have not read the BIBLE then you need to now, PLEASE ,before it is too late. In your name JESUS, Amen!

      • Maryland Freestater


        I agree with most of what you have to say except we DO have a choice – Revelations itself says so – that if people stand up NOW to Evil, we CAN beat it and the horrors of the Apocalypse do NOT have to pass.

        I am now politically active because I want to head the Apocalypse off at the pass. Problem is that the odds are against it NOT coming to pass, thanks to the US educational system, the insanely foolish decisions the Putz-in-Chief (nice Yiddish word for that schmuck!) has undertaken with our economy, our energy needs, our liberties and our national security. People are deluded for voting for anything leftist.

        Isn’t it kind of obvious that there IS a Dark, Sinister Hand behind all the crap and bad stuff happening ?

        I remember back in the ’80s being scared $hitless by the “Late Great Planet Earth’ books, which predicted Apocalypse Come by 2000. Because of this, I’m not sure Obama will be the herald for the AntiChrist; if he isn’t then he’s helping pave the way.

        I’m doing my damnedest to avert the Apocalypse for both myself and my family. I don’t believe in the religious aspects – like anybody’s gonna actually recognize, much less believe it’s really Jesus Josephson Davis coming with a celestial army to save Planet Earth(!) (and I am NOT mocking the Lord here either). A Vulcan task force would be more realistic. However, I totally believe in the Dark Hand, the left’s Voldemort – because the Devil DOES work actively amongst Humanity whereas God prefers subtlety in his dealings with us. God is the Unquestioned Master of Perfect Timing – look at Moses’ 10 Plagues…and the Devil is the King of Lies.

  • Steve E

    We need to produce an underground gold and silver economy.

    • eddie47d

      Canada announced yesterday it is doing away with the Canadian penny because of costs. It’s 1.6 cents to make a penny up north.

  • Brian L

    You are all correct and SC, that is priceless!

  • peter

    Always thought that Geithner was a dangerous individual. He is always up to something and it seems that that something is not good once more. Stick around, his next trick promises to be something frightening. Scary fellow indeed. Somehow he just seems to be a little creepy to me, or maybe there is another reason he makes my hair stand on end.

    • Rev. Allorrah Be

      For sure!

    • Joe H

      He reminds me of the creep that murdered Patrick Swayze’s character in Ghost!! Looks just like him!! If you’ve seen the movie, then perhaps THAT’S the reason!! HEHE!

  • Howard Roark

    To give you an idea of how far it has come. When the Fed stole the first dollar from me for Social Security, candy bars were a nickel. (and they were larger than today) Recently that dollar was given back to me and the Fed Govt told me that they had paiid me backi one hundred percent. in a sense that statement is true but how many candy bars will that dollar but today. I will never get back the buying power tyhat was stolen from me.

  • ncrdbl1

    And thou shall not buy nor sell without the mark.

  • uvuvuv

    i stuck my card into the gas pump and panicked. what if the feds deactivated my credit card? they could do that, you know. then i thought, wait, the repubs are in control! no worries there! well that was in 2006 and now they are not. at any time the bureaucrats can cut you off, they monitor your emails and internet postings and see what your inclinations are, and then they can hit the switch. if you’re in the middle of north dakota this could be awkward, unless you’re close to williston, and this is why debit cards are so dangerous. a governmental whim and you have no money. i suppose though that even with checks they could vacuum your account and leave you penniless. if you don’t think this can happen join the optimists, they can use your enthusiasm. the answer? simple. cash. or, whenever you write or post, talk up the obama administration, advocate gay marriage and demand condoms and gay studies in the classrrom and also stick up for the illegals. bemoan all those pesky restrictions on abortion, and insist that the bigoted evangelicals clinging to their guns and bibles crawl back into their caves. you do this and your money and credit will be safe. but if the repubs get back in what will they do as they look over your pro-dem postings? well they do accept different points of view. you see the dems don’t think the repubs should live another minute, just read what they have to say when they comment on trayvon martin, etc, while the repubs simply think that the dems are people who are misled. they actually are more welcoming to diversity of opinion.

    • vicki

      i stuck my card into the gas pump and panicked. what if the feds deactivated my credit card?

      There was a tv show called Max Headroom (1990′s I think) in which that happened to the protagonist fairly often. It is probably also in quite a few SiFi stories.

  • css

    Tim Geithner is a criminal and should not be working for our Treasury Dept., or have anything to do with our currency, which by law is supposed to be gold and silver. He should however be in prison stamping out license plates at 17 cents an hour. After we lock that criminal up we then eliminate the Federal Reserve System. Case closed.

    Has anyone ever thought of what a ‘Reserve’ really is and where it’s meaning came from? After you figure it out ask yourself if you’ve been stamped as a ‘Reserve’ with a SS# and your only purpose upon this ‘reserved’ land is involuntary servitude – slavery – whose only purpose is to provide for the elite.

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  • Tazio2013

    Pot Calls Kettle Black! Dallas Fed Claims Banks Too Big
    Friday, March 30, 2012 – by TDB Staff Report

    From Big State a Call for Small Banks … An annual report from a regional Federal Reserve bank is typically a collection of banalities and clichés with some pictures of local worthies who serve on the board. And so it is with this year’s annual report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, whose pages are graced by the smiling, stolid portraits of board members who run local companies like Whataburger Restaurants. But the text is something else entirely. It’s a radical indictment of the nation’s financial system. The lead essay, which is endorsed by the president of the Dallas Fed, contends that despite the great crisis of 2008, a cartel of megabanks is still hindering the economic recovery and the institutions remain too big to fail. The country’s biggest banks look much as they did before the 2008 financial crisis — only bigger. They have “increased oligopoly power” and “remain difficult to control because they have the lawyers and the money to resist the pressures of federal regulation,” Harvey Rosenblum, the head of the Dallas Fed’s research department, wrote in the essay. – ProPublica

    The world is drowning in money and banks. This plethora of monetary agents has been propounded by the elites themselves to create recessions, depressions and eventually wars – the building blocks of the coming world government. Out of chaos … order.

    It will not do anymore for the elites to pretend that central banks are the disinterested solution to the “larger” problems of private-sector cronyism and corruption. In fact, fiat-money monopoly printing IS the problem. The biggest of the too-big-to-fail banks are the central banks themselves.

    Conclusion: If the honchos of the Dallas Fed want to break up banks, they should start with their own.

  • Patriot

    Every liberal, progressive and mush republican has got to go! Our entire society is under attack the economy, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, all energy, in addition to our legal system, military ,etc. the list never ends. If they cared about unemployment, gas prices, etc. they would do something. Instead the focus is on coins, racial wars, occupy and anything that distracts the people from the real problem, the problem is OBAMA and anyone that has his same unconstitutional thinking.

    This is what we get when we allow a Marxist President with a radical socialist Speaker Pelosi & Reid run things, the stupid unconstitutional Healthcare bill that is costing us Billions as of today, not to mention all the time wasted with all these legal challenges, etc. If anyone listened to the Supreme Court this week and used your own judgment (not the media BS), these justices were almost appalled that such a bill could have even made it through our halls of congress. The solicitor general for the US government sounded like a complete fool, Justice Kagan should be kicked off the court for ethics violations due to her not omitting herself from the proceedings, it was clear that she & Ginsberg were doing everything in their power to help the solicitor. Even they still could not save the guy. My experience has been when you are trying to defend a lie or indefensible position, you sound like a complete fool. Kind of like when you bring up the facts to a liberal, the arguments can never be defended.

    We all had better pray that our Justices do the right thing and vote down the entire bill, since they are to rule if this law is constitutional or not, it is so clear that it is not and if any Justice votes otherwise, there should be some way to remove those Justices as well!

    How in the world did we get to this point?

    • vicki

      Patriot writes

      We all had better pray that our Justices do the right thing and vote down the entire bill, since they are to rule if this law is constitutional or not, it is so clear that it is not and if any Justice votes otherwise, there should be some way to remove those Justices as well!

      How can you claim that the individual mandate that forces you to buy a product from a private company is unconstitutional when you have already ceded government the power to force you to NOT buy a product from a private company?

      How in the world did we get to this point?

      By ceding to government the power to force you to not buy a product. Both by the power to tell mfg what they can build (cars with “extras” you may not want), farmers what they can grow, dealers what they can sell (Light bulbs), and what YOU can possess (scary looking guns, certain herbs)

  • Charlie

    We need to stop puttng dolts in charge of our government.

    • DaveH

      They’re NOT dolts. I can’t say this often enough. The PTBs know exactly what they are doing, and that is taking care of themselves and their Crony Capitalists at the rest of our expense.
      They tell us their sweet sounding lies and most of us, rather than educate ourselves to reality, go along with it. We, the uneducated propagandized people, have allowed this to happen because we’ve been too absorbed in our day to day pursuits of living to pay attention to what’s really going on.
      Here, for instance, are two books written by one of the greatest minds of our time. Most of their content was written more than 30 years ago by Murray Rothbard, and in the case of “A History of Money and Banking in the United States”, was compiled recently by Mises Institute. So, thanks to Murray (and Mises), we have had this information at our grasp for at least 3 decades, but most of us have chosen not to make the effort.
      Of course there are many more books out there to wake us up, but these two are free and being in PDF form, we can even download them to our Kindles for convenient reading.

  • Larry

    My one ounce of Silver would have bought 4.2 gallons of gas in 2006; today it will buy 7.58 gallons in the bankrupt corrupt state of California.
    Figure out what is worth more, fools fiat or metal.
    Kiss your buck goodbye!

  • raw

    I have made the decision to move (to another country) but my husband thinks I’m overreacting – Any suggestions?!?!? details can be provided but you can probably guess what they are…

    • DaveH

      Here is a list of countries in the world, in order of their Economic Freedom. I think that would help your decision a lot, but really the kind of Freedom citizens of the US used to have is no longer available anywhere in the world that I know of. A lot of that lack of Freedom around the World was fomented by our own Leaders throughout the last 150 years. Leaders don’t like Freedom, and they will do anything in their power to eliminate it:

  • http://Yahoo dave6729

    Let’s start by rescinding Credit and Debit cards and/or once again being allowed to deduct credit card Interest as well as mortgage interest as we did when Credit Card first came out..Then, do away with all change and round to the nearest dollar on all purchases!

    • vicki

      Debit cards are so convenient though. Really the solution is quite simple. Require all the “money” to be backed by silver or gold as required by the Constitution. No fractional lending. The debt card action would be an account ledger that takes silver from your pile and places it in the sellers pile. You could of course carry your coins but they do get heavy and muggers prefer coins to debit cards.

      • DaveH

        And do away with Central Banking.

      • vicki

        Probably require banks to actually have the gold or silver and that way if there is a run on the bank everyone gets their money so no need for a “central” bank. To solve the lending problem we could have a separate entity that loans out the gold and silver and people can choose to invest. I think they are called credit unions. Not that credit unions actually act that way currently.

  • David

    Americans or someone who counted the votes put Obama in office. A guy with no background, history or all hidden from view, a forger, committed fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, fake birth certificate, SSN, Selective Service Card, snubs court hearing and long landry list of crimes and has no business experience and get the keys to the largest economy in the world. The media covers this all up. What is really going on?

    • John Morton

      I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago:

      The USA is being deliberately bankrupted and crashed, to make way for the fascist New World Order – Satan’s long planned one world government.

      The European elite has been planning this ever since you won the American revolution, and they are about to deliver the coup de grace – collapse of the dollar and civil war in America!

  • angelwannabe

    Bob L_ Oddly enough_ a few months ago the old man brought a penny home that looked as if it was torn in half, copper???__How about gray plastic!!_I’m not sure if it accounts for all pennies anymore, but it sure wasn’t copper. It didn’t even sound like money when thrown on the counter.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear angelwannabe,

      Pennies made since 1983 are 97.5% zinc with a thin copper coating. That would explain the sound.

      Best wishes,

      • angelwannabe

        Bob, Geez, where have I been?___lol

    • Joe H

      Tell you what. I’ll give you $100.00 for one penny! Just as long as it is in good to extrafine condition, the date is 1909 and the mint mark is “S” and it is has the imprinted initials VDB on it!!! All must be REAL, as well!!!

  • angelwannabe

    Speaking of changing materials in coinage__ here’s another little juicy tidbit for people buying physical gold__(((BUYERS BEWARE!)))

    • vicki

      If you read the article the author is very skeptical about the salted gold story. The tungsten filled gold stories have also been around for a while. I remember one about China supposedy finding some bars.

      400 oz bars (the size in the story) are probably a bit more than most of us have.

      and this story discusses the theory as well

    • Joe H

      Actually, vicki, the Chinese have been counterfeitting silver Morgan dollars. The CC mintmarks being worth big bucks, are costing collectors a lot of money as well as headaches!!!

      • vicki

        They appear to be focused on counterfeiting specific Morgan silver dollars. The common junk silver dollars are not profitable enough.

        One has to ask though, where is the Treasury department? It may not be possible to stop the Chinese mfg but once the counterfeits hit our shores they should get just as much attention as any other counterfeiting of U.S. Coins.

        That would be far better than the Treasury going after someone who is making their own coins that are actually worth more in silver than their face value and are not even copies of any US coin

        Reading the FBI reasoning for the case is most enlightening and explains a lot of why the federal government thinks it has authority that it clearly does no.

        I have even read the Constitution (more than once thanks to discussions here :) ) and I still do not see anything prohibiting people from coining their own money. States are explicitly forbidden (article 2 section 10) and Amendment 10.

        But nothing in there about people who are not agents of a state.

      • DaveH

        Don’t Counterfeit, Vicki. The Government hates competition.

      • Vicki

        DaveH says:

        Don’t Counterfeit, Vicki. The Government hates competition.

        To counterfeit Mr Von Nothaus would have had to make the coins out of something worth LESS than the face value of the coins. And since his coins were not copies of current us coins he still would not be guilty of violating the law.

        “2: something likely to be mistaken for something of higher value.” (as noun)

        You are correct that the government hates competition and made that very clear.
        “Using Gold As Money Is Terrorism: U.S. Attorney Tompkins”

        Now the author of the article goes on to say
        “While many people in the movement now favor auditing the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies and eliminating legal tender laws, it is quite apparent to me that most people don’t realize that it is currently illegal in this country to use gold or silver coins as money.”

        Until the liberty movement comes to terms with this fact, it will continue to be misled by people who argue that gold and silver are legal to use as money, a claim which is not true. Morally, it should be true, but legally it is not.”
        And he is of course dead wrong. The “law” he states is in direct conflict with the VERY specific order by the Constitution that the states shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; (Article 1 section 10)

        It is so obvious that we hardly need SCOTUS to rule.

        The rest of his article is very good reading and I recommend it.

  • Pam T.

    So…. this is far worse than you can even imagine. Frankly, I found it hard to believe myself but the endless hours of research with ever disappearing proof from the web left me praying hard for us all. Our Presidents father was a self confessed Muslim,communist who hated England and America and had one dream to see them both crushed for all that happened to Kenya. Tim Geithner is the grandson of Obama’s Mothers partner in Indonesia after her divorce. Geithners grandfather and Obama’s Mother planned a financial scheme that forced them both out of the country or face massive scandal and prison. This has been planned a very long time.Both of Obama’s parents and Grandparents were radicals and everyone knew it despite the “media” proganda to the contrary. But as of today….the shadow Government put in place in Washington and the power players of Obama sadly are total traitors to this Nation and at one time would have been arrested and faced a firing squad. Behold the truth….watch and wait. Our President is “demanding China to increase the value of the yuan so that our business can compete in the market…..well, in reality China is the #1 world power right now and today many countries, businesses even in America are happy to be paid in Yuan rather than dollars. The power of the yuan and products of China are higher than our as our manufactoring and services production has dropped like a rock we have dropped -1.7% China has grown 9.2 %. To increase the value of the yuan will effectively crush the value of the dollar allowing China to purchase any and all businesses, minerals, gold, oil whatever for about 10 cents on the dollar in real terms so we will be under total control of China why well that more than pays off the debt America owes China in real terms and opens the door to a one world Government but also totally crushes the American people who will not have enough value in a dollar to buy food or heat, cooling, gas or anything else and our Nation will know poverty that has always been a stranger to us. Everyone who has backed these people will be crushed as well, unless you are in the high rungs of Government , very, very wealthy or an Obama approved “freind” but be warned he is well known for his friendship lasting only as long as you are useful to him and then…to bad. Why is China able to produce products so much cheaper than us…..their people are paid far, far less tahn our and they have over 800,000 workers that are working. It is all so simple . There is no truth in our President which is why he himself sealed all records school and oherwise from the American people and George Sorros always close by keeps everything well scrubbed and pays a fortune to apply force where needed to protect the man so carefully groomed.

    • Joe H

      Pam T.,
      According to an article put out by the AP written by Peter Svensson, employees of Apple in China make a monthly salary of approxamatly $360.00 to $455.00. Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai, has raised the salaries of their 1.2 million workers by up to 25% in the secondmajor salary hike in less than two years. The problem is, the chinese government has a maximum of 49 hours of work per week. The factories have been working 60 hours or less. The workers want more overtime as it gives them a chance to get ahead, money-wise!

  • James

    Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 reads: “No State shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”
    The U.S. Constitution says States must pay their debts with gold and silver coins. All state government employees are entitled to gold and/or silver coins in payment for their services to the State. If they refuse, they can sued for violating the U.S. Constitution.
    Eventually, there will be no paper or coined money. We’ll have an electronic chip in our hands or foreheads, and without that we wont be able to buy or sell anything. Employees will be credited in a master computer for certain amounts, and to buy or sell they will just pass their hand over scanners, like the credit card scanners.

  • DH

    These soothsayers are right on target. Obama has set us up for the worst times since the big depression, one that could be worse,

    If interest rates start to increase, from national or international circumstances, the interest on the national debt will consume every federal tax dollar. There will be no money to pay government employees, no money for social security, no money for health benefits orfood and housing for the poor, and I could go on and on. Right now our national debt is approaching if not passing the gross national product of our country.

    To further exasperate the problem, Obama has played with oil and gas production and exploration such to the extent that the price of gasoline may well continue to increase, in spite of the effects of supply and demand. Business growth will be frustrated by the high cost of fuel, negative growth being a by-product of the circumstance.

    We are at a dangerous precipice. This president and the congress has set us up for a big fall. It has gotten so bad that neither have the guts to address the issue head on, and if nothing else to keep this president from his continuing spending opportunities.

    You might say that this president has seen the handwriting on the wall, such to extend his control over the economy, setting up rules that will provide him with all of the tools to take over the country, subverting the coming election.

    No one has to believe this, but think about it. See if you view the future with similar clarity, which I jope is really poor insight.

  • turingschild

    Maybe it’s time to take my pennies and nickles to my local metals recycler. lol

  • Silas Longshot

    Investing in silver and gold are good approaches to coping with the coming rampant inflation or total collapse of the US economy.
    Oh, wait! 0bama has signed bills that allow him to confiscate all that stuff, with the mere stroke of a pen, declaring martial law after his race pimps Sharpton and Jackson, along with 0bama’s children the OWS crowd stir up enough crap to give him the excuse.
    Get ready for it. Click the name.

  • Ben W.

    If Those People Who Work For The .Treasure Department And The Mints Would take a 20-30% cut in pay, Maybe t making pennies would no longer be a problem.

  • Rita Murph

    Leave it to a cheat to be able to find a system to track all the other cheats, but then the good law abiding citizens get caught in a system trying to stop the bad behavior of a few…unless of course you’re in Congress.

  • glass mosaic patterns

    Your web site does not show up appropriately on my blackberry – you may wanna try and fix that


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