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The 33 Percent

November 8, 2011 by  

The 33 Percent

During the genesis of the Tea Party, the corporate media could barely contain their desire to apply to that group the most defamatory labels possible. No matter how dubious, politically motivated or demonstrably dishonest the source, the hacks in the MSM raced to print spurious tales of racism, violence and hatred. The slander reached such a comically fevered pitch that Tea Partiers began carrying signs reading “It doesn’t matter what this sign says, MSNBC will call it racist.” And MSNBC, among others, was more than happy to oblige — all while carefully ignoring authenticated video of union thug violence in Wisconsin, Common Cause racism in California and the fact that nobody produced a shred of evidence proving the Tea Party was guilty of anything more than recognizing that MSNBC is an overloaded clown car.

The media coverage of the so-called “occupiers” has been markedly different, although equally suspect. But who are the “occupiers?” We know they don’t like being called “fleabaggers.” I might care more about their delicate sensibilities if they had spent the past few years calling Tea Partiers something other than repulsive names. Plus, accounting for proportion, fleas run far, jump high and lift many times their own bodyweight.  No flea ever held up a sign demanding the fleas who found the rats’ nest share the blood. Fleas work hard. “Fleabagger” is unfair to the fleas.

Perhaps we should consider who they are not. They are not all refugees from their parents’ basements. There are the kids who hang out at the coffee shop (which is a franchise of a global chain). There’s also that kid with the hair and the facial piercings who won’t look you in the eye at the copy store and the ones who piled up a quarter million dollars in debt while completing their women’s studies degrees. And there are the ones who are high on acid and think this whole thing is the worst Phish concert ever.

Examine their professed identification with the poor, homeless and those in need of special care. Just the other day, I watched the homeless guy on the corner stop talking to the voices in his head in order to take a call from his mother on his iPhone. Oh, wait; that was an “occupier.” Actually, the occupiers appear to react poorly to the homeless. Disturbed people seem to annoy them, as well. Witness the epic beat down delivered unto the homeless and disturbed guy who woke up the occupier in Zuccotti Park last weekend. I’m still trying to figure out what the occupier was so angry about. Sure, the homeless guy woke him up; but it’s not as if he was late for work.

They do hate the rich — except for George Soros. And it would appear Michael Moore gets an exemption, as well. Or maybe they believe him when he claims reporters who point out that he’s banked millions of dollars are lying tools of the 1 percent. Of course, at $50 million, Moore is part of an even smaller group: the 1/10th of 1 percent. Alec Baldwin seems cool with the kiddies, as well. And he hawks credit cards on television, when he’s not calling for someone to kill Republican Congressmen. Susan Sarandon is hardly suffering, and she’s… well… she used to be semi-married to Tim Robbins.

Not all the occupiers are pasty-faced suburbanites, either. In Atlanta, members of the Nation of Islam have begun wearing their cute little bow ties to the Occupier rally. Say what you wish about those racist — albeit dapper — wannabe storm troopers, at least they have style.

The union thugs have been spotted bringing their particular panache to the proceedings. Who didn’t get a kick out of watching United Steelworkers’ Union President Leo Gerard crying “…we need more militancy… We start occupying the banks, places themselves.” So, that whole “occupier” nonviolence thing was more of a guideline than an actual rule.

Don’t forget the run-of-the-mill filth who always seem to show up at liberal shriekfests: the pimps, dealers, thieves, rapists and Al Sharpton. That was quite a number they did on Oakland, Calif. We learned the one aspect of government the Occupiers don’t want more of: police.

The so-called “occupiers” are an amorphous melange of criminals, parasites, layabouts, spoiled brats, Hollywood morons, millionaire and billionaire hypocrites, racists and MSNBC hosts. Wait a second; I recognize these guys. They’re the Democratic Party. They’re the 33 percent.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Ben, your last paragraph is good enough for me, so I won’t waste any additional space trying to describe the OWS crowd from my perspective. What I would like to know is what New Yorkers think of their mayor, the OWS crowd and why or why the OWSers don’t belong in NYC. OK, America, it’s your turn.

    • Al Sieber

      I think they’re Commies funded by George Soros.

      • bob wire

        This attempt to label people and their design is going to bite some people in their aSSets come 2012. Crystal can think whatever he wishes to think. It works for me.

        What he is think today serves the 99r’s well and I’d be one of the last people to want to change his mind.

        This public descent isn’t going away anytime soon, but just starting.

        And yes, the Tea Party did get some bad press, some of it was deserved and some wasn’t. You folks had people showing up armed for Christ sakes! Like some G D pistolirio and bruising for a fight.

        You had candidates that threatened 2nd amendment solutions. It was “lock and load” and ” keep you power dry” and “Don’t tread on me”, It was shoot this and shoot those and shoot them.

        You combine that with the stupidest among you conveying racial slurs & overtones, you got painted with some bad press. Dugha! You expect flowers?

        And it didn’t stop until Gabby was shot through the head at a political gathering and innocent men, women and children lay dead !

        and only then did it stopped! ~ It stopped ~ the fevered tenor was finally scaled back.

        and you are going to blame everyone but yourselves for that?

        • Dale on the left coast

          Bob . . . why do you always side with the loons???
          I watched TP folks interviewed for years . . . they were to a person, coherent and had a consistent articulate message.
          But, watching the so-called 99%, actualy 9%, finding someone who could make an intelligent sentence, let alone having a valid idea was not easy. What was very amuzing is how the O’bammy adm, the unions and the dimmicraps gave them support. Is this where 21 century Lieberalism/ progressivism has brought us???
          Most of the problems we face today were CAUSED BY GOVT . . . 2012 will be the last chance for the USA . . . O’bammy and the EPA must go . . . or its welcome to the Third World.

        • wrsrvn67

          LOL Bob, you must have one of those college degrees. Your grammar is awful. Hence you are not credible.

          • bob wire

            Ha! the grammar police has arrived ! Just in time to make everyone “creditable” !

            What can I say? This is not my profession and I’m not making a nickle off of it and you are getting it free. Feel free to discount and credit as much as you like. Our next party, you can bob for french fries and I’ll not object.

            Do something with that anal retention condition of yours before you explode.

            You are not suppose to like what I say. You don’t even have to “like” the way that I say it.

            I operate a facility support business that grosses well in excess of a $120,000,(not much, but I’ll take it) take care of a 86 year old, 160 pound infant, enjoy several girls friends, maintain several households and do this for fun, all at the same time.

            You are probably one of the ones that thought Geo W Bush and Dick Chaney were somehow creditable. LOL! ☺

        • Alex Frazier

          They showed up armed in order to convince the government to stop usurping the power of the people! … and I missed it! Dang it.

        • alex

          that was a stupid remark gabby was shot by one of yours

      • Bruce

        You need to look into “Operation Paper Clip” who was the leading American behind it at the time, also just who it is that he brought over, also who his business partners were and still are, names will all fall into line with who’s who at the FED.
        Who you will find behind all the curtains will blow your mind.
        Who’s behind the OWS are the very same people that came in this batch of Nazi’s under OPC.
        When your done you will have answers to all the questions you have about whats really going on and who really is the root core of EVIL.

        Start with the Greenburg’s, who they really are, then ask how the hell did all this happen. Say “thank you” MEDIA.
        “All” as in not a single platform is what you think it really is, 75% of it is 100% staged not unlike the political theater in DC.

        Really dig into AZ’s Gabby Gifford, who she really is check out the Libary of Congress records on her, check into the school shootings at Columbine, here’s a hint do a backround check on the show South Park and who it’s creators are.
        This all may seem like mombo jumbo or cryptic, but when all of you do the digging and PROVE this all to yourself then all of you will know the real TRUTH. I will not tell you – YOU all need to PROVE it to yourself to where you understand it.
        Nothing you think is TRUE is, thats the first step in this game.

        • Christin


          I took notes, but wish you said more… very interesting.

    • rosina

      What do I think of Bloomberg?
      I thought he was the best choice even though he forced himself into a third term.
      Little did I know or even think he would turn out to be such a weirdo. Bicycles paths but no control. Bus shelters for bikes but none for PEOPLE (I requested two for three years-zilch) Going along with just about any idiotic request but nothing sensible. As for these creeps of occupiers, if he had been a strong mayor he would have cleared them out pronto. After all. the park is private property???? So, ok for him to make millions and have property but no one else?
      He has disappointed this voter completely.

      • Bruce


        Follow the contracts for all the work, as in to who they went, then follow the money trails. Your answers are all within these questions then you will better understand who Bloomberg really is.

      • Bus

        Early and thorough radiation is necessary to kill any cancer. letting it fester only gives it strength and makes it harder to erradicate. Bloomberg and many other mayors have blown it.

      • Lynn

        I heard his wife or girlfriend, has something to do with that park, like being on the board of directors or something.

    • eddie47d

      Of coarse it would be good enough for you SC for you have always been cheap and easy! When is there a time when you don’t shriek useless babble?

    • eddie47d

      The author seemed to be picking on the homeless in a false comparison. What has Ben done for the homeless as a “staunch Conservative” and especially SC who seems to gloat over everything that the author brings up. How do you vote when a homeless shelter comes up on the ballot? Do you think it is more appropriate for the homeless to live under Bridges in below zero weather? That they created their own problems and are scum like you call everybody else SC! Not everyone has the good life like you SC but you seem to think your self importance is so much more important than all the difficulties others have. Gloat on!

      • wrsrvn67

        Excuse me Eddie but I have never seen a Homeless Shelter on a Ballot. Homeless shelters are coming from charity not the Government. How much do you contribute to Charity Eddie. Nothing I think cause it would cut into your Pot money. You are one of the most uniformed , useless morons I have ever seen. Every time you open your mouth you prove it.

        • eddie47d

          Been on the ballot in Colorado and with local tax money (passed). I don’t smoke pot you smart ignorant putz although I do believe it should be legalized. I give plenty to charity ( 37 last year and 39 the year before that) Not as much this year since my wife lost her job but you have a nice day anyway.

          • alex

            was that cents

  • rulken

    Their not all communist, sure some are, but their the “motivators”, the ones that stir up the crowd of morons everyday, and get them up, and piss them off, by giving them a motivational speech about how we the working class have been so greedy to not share our hard earned money with them.
    The OWS group is one of the most despicable, bunch of freeloading scum-bags I have ever witnessed in my life! I am ashamed to think, that a few of them may even be, Americans!

    • eddie47d

      You are delusional Rulken for the OWS is not blaming the working class. They want the working class to have jobs and have a solid front against those corporates who have abused the system and took jobs away. Quite a difference.

      • wrsrvn67

        Open mouth, Insert foot. AGAIN!!!!

        • eddie47d

          No you are the one with foot in mouth,size 13.

      • alex

        first look at your union leaders

  • Doc Sarvis

    I have not been to OWS but from what I have seen on various news reports (including Fox) is a MUCH more diverse and FAR less seedy set of concerned Americans than Mr Crystal describes. More importantly, OWS is a small part of a large set of demonstrations across the country including small cities to average size towns. In that category of occupations, I have personally seen hard working people who are completely marginalized by the top 1-2% of our citizens. As more and more of our country’s wealth is concentrated at the very top there is less and less to go to the majority; i.e. those who do most of the work in our country.

    The last several decades have provided the rich with more and more in hopes that they would distribute some of that to the rest of us. That has been an utter failure!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Doc… If the rich choose to share, so be it. it shouldn’t be the job of the government to take it away and distribute it. Those who think they deserve a ‘piece of the pie’ are mistaken. The government has overstepped in both directions. Entitlement programs do not help in the way they are intended. And taxing the wealthy to support these programs is down right criminal.

      • eddie47d

        Why do you support the wealthy who are taking a bigger piece of the pie then. Show me where they have earned that 275% increase in riches while the economy tanked.

      • bob wire

        Robin you are assuming the wealthy got wealthy without any help from government and only by hard work and dedication. While we know for certain some did, it’s also safe to say some didn’t.

        I don’t begrudge the wealthy, I begrudge a system that favors the wealthy in a disparaging manner.

        I can’t buy judges, senators and congressmen but they can and they do. In the process, they have cornered 40 % of America’s wealth in just 10 years. That they captured amounts that well exceed their wildest needs and yet refuse to spent, or invest it has created a shortage of currency among the rest of us. This hording becomes a problem for everyone in time, even for the ones that horde.

        What if I captured all the rain water that falls, it’s free for the effort and I can?

        It’s not a problem that I can do this until you have no water. But why must I release some of the water I have captured simply because of your needs? I worked for it, it’s mine. If you wanted water, you could do as I did, but you choice not too. It was your choice.

        This is the argument you are attempting to make.

        • Paul J. Bosco

          A novel analogy. I didn’t know any were left.

    • DaveH

      The real one-percenters behind the curtain:

      Come on, Doc, it’s time to wake up and face the real enemy. If you and your Liberal cohorts don’t wake up, there’s a very good chance we’re headed to same place Italy is headed (see below link).

    • Commonsense

      Doc, start going to these OWS meetings. Mr Crystal is being quite easy in his language about them. I have walked through 2 of them and it was like some third world disaster! Defecating in shrubery, behind buildings, in park garbage cans. These people were acting like animals. I also couldn’t believe the drug activity. Between pot and meth, there was also speed. I had to walk through one of these crowds to get into a hospital that one of my family was in. The whole area around their site was trashed. There were some seniors that usually walk in the mornings out there with garbage bags trying to keep the filth from being blown and kicked all over the community. You, Doc, can defend them if you so wish, but after seeing first hand 2 of these meetings and the filth it produced, I would rather rot in Hell than have to condone those people and their actions.

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        “I had to walk through one of these crowds to get into a hospital that one of my family was in”. What hospital?

        • Commonsense

          It was a couple of blocks down from the hospital, in front of a bank, didn’t look at it. The hospital,was St. Patricks of Missoula.

      • Paul J. Bosco

        Where & when did you go to these “meetings”? And why where you there? Are you a disgruntled former protestor, or what? Like the author, your post smacks more of invention than reporting.

        –Paul J. Bosco

    • s c

      d, d, d. You are so predictable in your utopian ways. You finally admitted that you rely on TV for what you think is ‘news.’ Gee, I wonder which channels you watch.
      In those rare times when I stoop to watch TV, maybe you’ll be carrying a sign while you demonstrate. Make sure you ‘sign’ the sign, and be sure to use d s [or b s] so we’ll know you wound up where you belong. Be sure to follow the instructions when you use a portable toity. We don’t want one of your icons (like Harry Reid) to start moaning about smelly tourists/demonstrators.

    • Alex

      You are correct, Doctor.

    • wrsrvn67

      Doc, Wall Street has made more money in 3 years of Obama than 8 years under Bush. Why are they not protesting at the White house instead of Wall Street.? You know the answer as well as I do. I am a Veteran, and OWS has a right to protest, but in a peaceful manner and the correct venue

      • eddie47d

        Because Wall Street doesn’t have a conscience along with the banksters who drove down the economy.Obama or Bush doesn’t control them as much as you think. It’s actually the other way around where they are holding our economy hostage along with Congress.

    • alex

      doc if you are so jellious of the rich why don’t you get off your ass and get rich yourself

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    The ows are a bunch of dumb kids acting like zombies marching to the beat of soros.

  • peter

    The OWS idiots are going to get just that – more of the police. Even the hardworking joe’s who do not occupy anything except their own time in an effort to make an honest living are going to see a lot more of the police. The prez and his cohorts are going to need to mobilize the cops soon enough. Call it crowd control if you want. There are very interesting times ahead with our clueless, arrogant leaders not knowing quite what to do about all the self made crises which they create every day and the desperately unhappy serfs who also do not know how to handle the crises at hand. Trouble ahead when chaos meets chaos head on. Enjoy the show,it promises to be a blockbuster of note. Tears ahead in 2012. Be blessed.

    • Jeryl

      I’m afraid I have to agree with you, Pete.

    • wrsrvn67

      Sad but true Robert

    • Christin


      This is all planned by the Ruling Elites:

      Top DOWN:
      WH and gov… over-regulations, no jobs, and theft of citizens’ money

      Bottom UP:
      Soros & other radical groups… push Union people(Wisconsin), Oakland, CA and OWS to create civil unrest: scream, chant, demonstrate, occupy, break into businesses, leave filth, rape, drugs… create chaos.

      Inside OUT:
      Marshal Law and Economic Collapse of a once Free America.

  • Jeryl

    I wonder what this unwashed 33 percent is going to do when another 33 percent (taxpaying Americans) can no longer foot the bill for their government doles? If the truth be told, it was some of our own businesses that kept the Communist Party in power for so long in Russia. By the way, they’re not gone, just changed their makeup.

  • Joyceann

    Useful idiots – yes they parrot the hatred and stay motivated because the group to overtake America keep them that way. The Tea Party is on its way to taking America back. You cannot take our constitution.
    You won’t take away our freedom to remove you and your corruption.

  • Skyraider6

    If we are so broke why does the morons keep pledging more money to foreign countries, money that we have to borrow? Is this a way to keep Americans broke paying taxes?

    • Paul J. Bosco

      Many Americans think 15-20% of the Federal budget goes for foreign aid. It’s about 1% of that level. Including Israel, whose aid “Conservatives” applaud. (I think there’s a rational for some or much of it.) Do you think aid to the new Libya government is a good investment? What did you think of the Marshall Plan?

      –Paul Bosco

  • Laurie Tudor

    The ow crouds are just more americans fed up with the way things are in america. Unfortunatly they seem to blame corperate america instead of the fed govt. I wont say that they are entirely wrong, I do beleave that a return to a constitutional govt, would go a long way toword fixing most of the troubles that we face, however, We cant seem to get behind the only truly constitutional candidate in the race, even the so called conservatives, seem to want socialism lite, or a partial return to the constitution, but definatly not Ron Paul, and a true return to a constitutional form of govt, a republic, not a democracy.

    • http://none Bill Cook

      How many times do I have to say it?Ron Paul thinks it is OK for Iran to have the bomb,He is a NUT JOB of the first order.Stop supporting this fool!!!!!!

      • Rhondar

        Bill Cook….so you are for attacking Iran when Russia is supplying them with state of the art anti aircraft missiles and China is their trading partner…gee Bill, where are we going to get the money to fight that war…not China,Iran is their ally. YOU ARE IGNORING THE FACT THAT WE ARE BROKE AREN’T YOU?

        What Ron Paul says is that we successfully stood off Russia with over 30,000 nukes and we can easily do that again with Iran. Israel is reported to have between 200 and 300 nukes so they are in a good position to take care of themselves. If Iran were ever to bomb them they would be TOAST in a matter of minutes….MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION IS THE BEST DETERRENT TO WAR.

        • http://none Bill Cook

          Let Iran have the bomb and see what happens,the middle east and America will become a total war zone. I’m staying armed and ever watchful.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Bill Cook,

        A better question is how long will you support the advancement of the New World Order, the fascists in Washington and their quest for world domination? Paul simply seeks to end that, and he will be supported here for as long possible.

        Best wishes,

      • Rhondar

        How many wars can we realistically afford to be in Bill? How can we possibly pay for all these overseas bases and troops in all these countries. I suggest you sit down and write out a big check to the pentagon, sell everything you have, and work for the military for free if you really believe in these wars…because I don’t want any of my money used for imperialism. I would sacrifice everything to protect this country from an invasion but we have open borders thanks to the likes of people like you who elect presidents who won’t even secure the border. Our troops should be HERE GUARDING OUR BORDERS.

        • Rhondar

          a funny thing happened on Bill O’Reilly the other night…they were talking about the German economy and he made the statement that they don’t spend ANYTHING ON NATIONAL DEFENCE BECAUSE WE HAVE SOLDIERS GUARDING GERMANY …..WTH???? That was sure a freudian slip wasn’t it?

          Why are we guarding Germany, Japan, N Korea, and many other countries and letting terrorist and drug cartel invade us?

          Why the hell shouldn’t these other countries pay for their own defence?

          • libertytrain

            I believe Bill might have been incorrect – unless something changed very recently Germany requires it’s guys to serve a couple years. And unless he is not keeping up with the news, several US military installations have closed in Germany in particular and/or are being closed to the point there will be one or two at the end of next year and it’s not to protect the German people as it was in decades past…. I don’t think there are any left in France…An Air Force base or two in England. A little something in Italy —- Try and search and figure out if you can why we have these places remaining in Europe and/or the world… I’m always at a loss at how we don’t check before we post some of this info…

          • independant thinker

            I would say Bill is half right. We do still have too many troops stationed in Germany. The purpose of those troops was to defend Germany as well as serve as an occupying force in the defeated Third Reich. Between the fall of the Soviet empire and the rise of the German self defence forces Germany no longer needs large numbers of our troops to aid in her defence all that is needed is a minimal number to maintain any equipment/supplies we might want to keep in Germany.

      • eddie47d

        Bill seems to be the “nutjob” and yes Ron Paul would defend America if Iran would attack us. That’s the whole beauty of Mr Paul where other countries have a right to defend themselves like we do but don’t mess with us because we will shoot back.

  • Alex

    Poor Ben Crystal—it must hurt so bad to be trapped in the 1950s.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      While certainly not perfect, ANY sane person would take the 1950s over the present (and even more gruesome upcoming) horror of the 2010s, which, if we’re “lucky” will make the 1930s look like the 1920s.

      • bob wire

        Well I guess that the 50′s wasn’t the same for everyone.

        Women still had their rub boards to do their delicates and just in case something went wrong with their Maytag wringers.

        Electricity had finally been accepted as common for most people. Women didn’t have to gas up their Maytags anymore.

        And plastic was something out of this world! Strange stuff .

        Hair combs were made of “byrdie perchey” the precursor to plastic and was extremely flammable.

        Thousand of Americans still got their news on crystal radios that required “NO POWER”, no batteries, nothing but the power of the broadcast signal.

        Lot of Americans still kept a team of horses and wagon, ~ just in case.

        What was your 1950′s America like?

  • Rhondar

    Well folks….what the heck is wrong with joining them and taking over the conversation. We are not representing. There are some patriots there too.

    You notice how Obama, Pelosi and the Unions all got in on it as soon as it started getting attention…it’s our own fault that we didn’t overcome the movement because WE ARE MANY….THEY ARE FEW

    If it comes here….I’m getting out on the street too with my viewpoints…and I will chant END THE FED…NO MORE BAILOUTS with them but the minute they don’t distinguish between FREE MARKET CAPITALISM and just plain capitalism I’m going to REPRESENT THE TRUTH

  • Rhondar


    I hate this defeatist criticizing when we could be using this to our advantage like we did with the Tea Party….Soros would be perplexed…Obama couldn’t back down…and we will be victorious

  • Rhondar

    See how easily Obama and the other marxist co-opted this? Why can’t we do it to them? WE CAN


    That is the answer

    • http://none Bill Cook

      Paul says Iran should have the bomb,to support this guy is just STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Bill Cook,

        You are misrepresenting Ron Paul’s position. Either you are ignorant, or you are a liar. If the former, please educate yourself here: and then come back and apologize. If the latter, well, you have been exposed for what you are.

        Best wishes,

      • Jay

        Or the third possibility. A shill, plant or stooge. A person who helps a person or organization without disclosing that he or she has a close relationship with that person or organization.

        Shill typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that he or she is an enthusiastic independent customer of a seller (or marketer of ideas) that he or she is secretly working for.

        The person or group that hires the shill is using crowd psychology, to encourage other onlookers or audience members to purchase the goods or services (or accept the ideas being marketed). Shills are often employed by confidence artists. Plant and stooge more commonly refer to any person who is secretly in league with another person or organization while pretending to be neutral or actually a part of the organization he or she is planted in, such as a magician’s audience, a political party, or an intelligence organization.

        Shilling is illegal in many circumstances and in many jurisdictions because of the frequently fraudulent and damaging character of the shill’s actions. However, if a shill does not place uninformed parties at a risk of loss, but merely generates “buzz”, the shill’s actions may be legal. For example, a person planted in an audience to laugh and applaud when desired, or to participate in on-stage activities as a “random member of the audience”, is a type of legal shill.

        “Shill” can also be used pejoratively to describe a critic who appears either all-too-eager to heap glowing praise upon mediocre offerings, or who acts as an apologist for glaring flaws. In this sense, they would be an implicit “shill” for the industry at large, possibly because their income is tied to its prosperity. The origin of the term shill is uncertain; it may be an abbreviation of shillaber. The word originally denoted a carnival worker who pretended to be a member of the audience in an attempt to elicit interest in an attraction. Some sources trace the usage only back to 1914.

  • Mirage

    In an article last month, an author on this site wrote an article predicting Hermann Cain as being the possible R nominee. I didn’t read more than a few paragraphs because this contention was laughable.
    Well, here we are, a few weeks later … and Cain laughter is the result. Hey, don’t forget to buy gold and your “37″ must have survival items.
    Any way, also last month, I was critisized by Big B for suggesting a possible conspiracy theory (they abound here) … that the billionaire, Libertarian Koch brothers might spend their monies on sites like this, and be behind all the ridiculous contentions i.e. Obama is part of a communist/Kenyan plot and wasn’t born here.
    Well, look where we’re currently at ….
    Hermann Cain was being promoted here on this site.
    Hermann Cain recently said at a rally, that was hosted by “Americans for Prosperity”, a group “owned” by the Koch brothers …
    Regarding his friendship with the Kochs … “I am their brother from another mother.”
    Hermann Cain + Republican Party = a Koch Brother Presidency to maintain the status quo … continued middle class dissolution, with continued prosperity for the top 1%.
    Wrap your brain around that.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Mirage,

      You have very selective memory. Cain promoted on this site? Hardly. Wrap your head around this:

      Best wishes,

      P.S. We grant our guest contributors wide latitude in presenting their opinions. But for the “official” philosophy of Personal Liberty Digest, see my work.

      • wrsrvn67

        Dear Bob, I think some of the Yahoo posters get confused when they are here.

  • jim

    i really wonder if i knew how perverted freedom of speech woul have gotten i wonder if i would have spent any time saving freedom for peaple by serving 8 years in the military. MAYBE THESE YAHOOS OUGHT TO GO TO THE BOTTOMS IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRYS AND SEE HOW THE REST OF THE WORLD LIVES

    • 45caliber


      I agree. I’ve insisted for over 40 years now that anyone who believes that some other government, way of life, etc. is better than ours should be forceed to live under it for at least 5 years first before they consider changing ours to match.

    • wrsrvn67

      Exactly right Jim. I spent 22 years 6 months and 10 days, U.S. Army. Sometimes I wonder why. I live in the Philippines now and the people in America need to come here for a lesson. No Food Stamps, a hocus pocus Unemployment Insurance program and no welfare.. The most corrupt Government I have ever seen. Come over here Americans and see how good you have it. Not to mention the Muslim and Communist insurgents that the Government has been haphazardly fighting for at least 30 years. But WTF? The Govt. here and the politicians are raking in the money from thes wars and the people have nothing. BTW. The Philippine Govt. is modeled after the U.S. Govt. America needs to wake up. You are not far from being the Philippines.

  • 45caliber


    I agree about the fleas. They do work hard for their blood. I’m alergic to them but they never seem too concerned about that. And they are willing to put themselves into danger to get that drink. It seems a shame to make fun of the fleas.

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68



    There recently was an article in the St. Petersburg , Fl.

    Times. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on: “How Would You

    Fix the Economy?” I think this guy nailed it!


    Mr. President,

    Please find below my suggestion for

    fixing America ‘s economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to

    companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned

    bonuses, use the following plan.

    You can call it the

    “Patriotic Retirement Plan”:

    There are about 40

    million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million apiece

    severance for early retirement with the following


    1) They MUST retire. Forty million

    job openings – Unemployment fixed.

    2) They MUST

    buy a new AMERICAN Car. Forty million cars ordered – Auto Industry


    3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off

    their mortgage – Housing Crisis fixed.

    It can’t

    get any easier than that!!

    P.S. If more money is

    needed, have all members in Congress pay their


    Mr. President, while you’re at it, make

    Congress retire on Social Security and Medicare. I’ll bet both programs

    would be fixed pronto!

    If you think this would

    work, please forward to everyone you know.


    not, please


    • Jeep

      SM, you do realize that the cost of your “plan” would be $40,000,000,000,000? That’s 40 trillion dollars.

    • Alex

      Wait a minute—isn’t this the SAME EXACT thing you posted under Dead Ringer’s column?
      Not to point at your missive in particular, Sgt., but it is so laughably easy to see the constant parroting of Faux Noose squawking points on the Fright Wing, the mantra-like sing-a-long of, well, let’s just try to list a few —-

      ***Death Panels—as noted widely in the press, the only thing that comes close to a ‘Death Panel’ was the Teagagger Jan Brewer insurance fiasco in Arizona

      ***New Black Panther Party—-HAA!! Three deadbeats with nothing better to do…

      ***Any of the following terms with regards to the current Black man in the White Guy’s House: ‘Marxist’, ‘Socialist’, ‘Fascist’, or ‘Communist’—-you need to read some books

      ***Class Warfare—-OMG, you people find the entire notion of Class Warfare un-Amerikan yet fail to see that it has been in practice youir entire lives

      ***The ‘Global Warming Hoax’—HA!! or I should say DOUBLE HAAA!!! Because of a few e-mails in England, the Koch Bros, etc thought they found what they needed to pull the plug on the Environmental Movement, despite the 95 per cent+ of scientific evidence that shows we are truly jeopardizing our children’s future by burning fossil fuel. Here’s the lowdown—after the dubious e-mails went public, the Koch Bros hiired a ‘scientist’ to explode the entire ‘myth’—and after considerable noodling EVEN HE says that Al Gore tells more truth than the Kochs. Why is it that the Reich Wing accuse the environmentalists of pushing an agenda with which they will reap fortunes (how, exactly?) yet fail to see that the people like the Kocks are ALREADY massing Capital by furthering the destruction of the ONLY HOME WE HAVE? Once more—even the Koch Bros hired gun threw down his weapon and now ADMITS that the DIRE EMERGENCY is REAL!!

      ***Illegal Immigrants Voting For Obama—-Where on Earth did THIS one come from? President Obama has overseen the deportation of more “illegal” (no such thing, really) immigrants THAN EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT IN HISTORY COMBINED.

      These are but a sprinkling of the memes and red herrings the Fright Wing passes along as ‘truth’, and people then go out into the world and pass them along like a virus.

      It is pretty easy to spot the Conservative in the crowd; they are always, always the good sheeple parroting the latest, trendiest foam from the mouth of drug-addicted pedophile Flush Limpjaw or abused altar boy Sean insHannity. Losers.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Alex . . . gorebull warming believer . . . just so much you don’t know.
        Koch funded the TP . . . really . . . why not supply the FACTS!!!
        What we do know is Soreass visits the WH regularly, did he visit when Bush was there? He funded the O’bammy campaign and his creations, MoveOn, Tides and others are funding the OWS 9%.
        Did you know Fat Al bought a mansion on the Calif. coast? Right where he told us the ocean would rise 30 feet by today???

  • steve in AZ

    I had only to see one youtube video where the OWs had a sign that read “A job is a Right” to know who these people are. They are the intellectual descendants of those who murdered the Czar of Russia near the beginning of the last century. They are the reincarnation of the scum of the French Revolution.

    Their lives having no value, they’re unable to value anyone’s life or right to property.

    It won’t work, Obama. Your plan to use these collectivist descendants to declare martial law and repeal elections is too obvious. In Russia and France there were few who valued what their country stood for, and they were armed with brickbats. In what’s left of America, we are many, we are armed – no, not with brickbats, and we are determined.

    DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • .50BMG

    Speaking of Cain, I haven’t heard anyone addressing his position as big shot of the federal reserve in Kansas City. His involvement in a top position at this entity raises a VERY LARGE red flag for me. I would like to hear some details from him, as the fed is a private company and is run by the banking elite, whom we know are not honest (follow the money, as always). I like him otherwise, I believe the women that very conveniently came forward are being PAID- they’re BS.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear .50BMG,

      We are providing extensive coverage of all the candidates. Go here:

      Best wishes,

      • Paul J. Bosco

        HJi, Bob! Nice to see you have a “hands-on” relationship to your website. I wonder if Arianna’s name pops up much on HER site, as a regular reader.

        –Paul J. Bosco

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Paul J. Bosco,

          Thanks for the compliment. I read as many comments as possible and try and respond when appropriate, but I never has as much time as necessary to get to them all.

          Best wishes,

  • Ben Double Crossed

    Although it frequently is difficult to tell the difference between news stories, editorials and political ads, campaign laws exempt the commercial press, because the 1st Amendment has been interpreted to prohibit abridging these corporations’ freedom of speech and the press. So the corporate media is free to spike, ignore or over hype stories and decide what views are presented as news.

    The Federal ‘Press Exemption: 2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i) “The term expenditure does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed through the facilities of any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication, unless such facilities are owned or controlled by any political party, political committee, or candidate;”

    But the press exemption is contrary to the 1st Amendment. Campaigns are assemblies of like minded citizens using speech and the press to petition the government for a redress of grievances. And the 1st Amendment denies Congress authority to abridge those rights:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Unless corporations have taken up worshiping God; freedom of assembly, press and speech are intended for flesh and blood citizens. And equal protection is still a fundamental tenet of law.

    If the United States Supreme Court defined freedom of religion using the logic campaign laws use to define a free press only the church “as an institution” would enjoy freedom of religion, not its parishioners!

    Muzzling communications by grass roots does not reduce corporate influence? When citizens and grass roots are free to spend unlimited amounts balance is restored and challengers are more likely to win.

    Individuals and grass roots organizations have formed 527 and 501(c)(4) corporations to level the playing field and overcome some of the unconstitutional campaign laws that hinder participation by flesh and blood persons in American politics.

    To restore the ‘equal rights’ of flesh and blood and grass roots corporations, the language of the press exemption, above, should be modified to read: “The term expenditure does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed by any citizen, citizens group, broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication.”

    Until then remember the conservative Koch brother billionaires are evil and the liberal billionaire George Soros is an angel of light.

  • Paul J. Bosco

    Mr. Crystal is just making it all up. I doubt he has been to Zuccotti Park, and I suspect he would be afraid to go to NYC. But I would not report my doubts and assertions as facts. (Because I don’t like to lie.)

    Two weeks ago, all these OWS-non-sympathizers assured us the protestors would go with the first flakes of snow. They got that wrong, and they’ll get everything wrong, as this story plays out.

    Personally, I think it would be better to understand this phenomenon, than to indulge one’s self in hysterical screed. I wish I understood more about the Tea Partiers and that movement, which seems so akin to the OWS.

    As for Mr Crystal, one might indeed question the existence of God, when someone so politically reprehensible can write good sentences. By rights, he should be a moron, in keeping with his views.

    –Paul J. Bosco

    • Dale on the left coast

      Paul . . . the difference between the Tea Party and the OWS is the same as the difference between Churchill and Stalin . . . the OWS being Stalin of course.
      I have seen many of the OWS folks interviewed all accross the country . . . almost all lack the ability to make a coherent sentence, to process a thought. I believe they are the “Usefull Idoits” of the progressive/socialist movements, funded by leftist groups with ties to Soreass.
      I am amused that the O’bammy gang and the unions have sided with them . . . public opinion will not be kind!!!

  • Dave M

    It is a pity the OWS movement does not know where to direct their anger but it comes as no surprise either. Many of the same group were cheerleading the “humanitarian” bombing of Libya.

    Now the fascist Moslem Brotherhood will be running Libya but that’s OK with OWS types…they believe in diversity. They blindly direct their anger at anyone they believe to be unjustifiably wealthy but clowns like George Soros are exempt for some reason.

    Their answer to Big Government colluding with Big Banking is to have an even Bigger Government. They remind me of the people in the novel 1984 who would have their 5 minute hate in.

    The government tells us we had to bomb Yugoslavia because the Serbs were really bad guys and they were hurting the Moslems. Fast forward a few years and we are bombing Moslems because of the alQuada and Taliban terrorists.

    In Libya we had to bomb them because Gadafi was a really bad guy and we had to help alQuada and the Taliban restore “democracy”.

    How friggen stupid do they think we are? Well at least the OWS people seem to swallow it.

    • bob wire

      You can second guess US acting in Libya as you wish and I think that we all should. But the World community wanted this reign of power to end for reason well known and I’m sure many yet still unknown and uncertain. And it happened at some cost to all, while the US paid less. As far as bargains go, it was a bargain and a score settled, what Reagan started and left unfinished has now been finished.

      I find it strange that some of us are so willing to forget about these foul deeds of the past, bankers mislabeling and selling over graded products world wide or some “want to be” bad guy blowing loaded passengers planes out of the sky and killing all aboard. And when justice finally does arrives, justice is the “bad guy”????????

      I’m thinking you need to use your head for something besides just a hat rack.

      Justice has never been much for speed, Both love and revenge takes time.

      What the Libyans do with their country is now their business as long as they can keep it. Much like what Ron Paul would offer. They want to be bad or be good, it their choice. We can work with them, ignore them or give them incentive to think about. It’s our sympathy to find them worthy consideration.

  • bob wire

    I sure don’t seen such a comparison as Churchill and Stalin.

    I would not borrow in such a manner as it’s without foundation in any fact. The your statement offers omission of fact or conjecture supports my claim.

    I will concede to the discursive and disjointed face the 99er’s have offered us. Most of them are just “angry”, I would think you might related to that? This is just the first wave, the reactionaries. People offering the fine points of contention will follow once enough attention, enough disruption, enough force has been reached.

    Wall street crowd got their Tax payer bail out and then fail to show any interest in changing their ways or helping other in difficult times. That alone should have fired people up. The people has been most patient and given them more then adequate time for the private sector to get their heart right and lead the way if they had any intentions of being business leaders. We watched on, as the administration made attempts to offer reform and was met with great resistance. Wall Street Backers have no remorse for what they have done and willing to hide behind laws to commit fraud, to lie ,cheat and steal.

    They are mad about that. I’m mad about that. Just because it happen a few years ago I suppose many of you and bankers seem to think they got away with it.

    Have you forgot about all this “fraud” and need a reminding as well?

    Big business is showing no interest in leading the way, suggesting they need a greater incentives. It’s look as if “their” wish will be granted!

    The 99ers today ~ are working them up another good “stimulus package” and that sums it up rather well.

    • Alex Frazier

      Unfortunately bob, the only part of the stimulus any of them really got was the inflation that came later. lol.

      • bob wire

        If I’m not mistaken, we all got that ~ didn’t we?

        Cash is being horded, taken out of the system. Spent outside our borders,
        creating a shortage.

        It’s the hording of currency in all it’s different forms and manifestation and printing more to make up the loss that creates inflation.


    • Dave M

      Why did they wait so long to go after Libya? The Lockerbie bombing was a long time ago.

      I am getting tired of some talking head like Clinton trying to tell me who my enemies are supposed to be while a the same time they prop up creeps like Mugabe for decades. They help the Taliban get in power in Africa yet strip search old ladies at airports here.

  • Alex Frazier

    The sad element of the OWS movement is the discredit and amunition they are providing against later movements with real merit. All groups have a right to peaceably assemble and redress their government for grievances. But these folks have taken to criminal activity, defacating on police cars, looting, etc.

    By their actions, future protests of a truly peaceful nature will be looked at with caution rather than curiosity.

    I think that’s sad. They are destroying more of our freedoms without even realizing it.

    • bob wire

      So which propaganda do you wish to entertain and consume? Clearly yours.

      Your brand is behaved and peaceful with guns holstered while Gabby’s got two extra holes in her head and friends dead.

      While X Brand are unruly and noisy and doing mean, hateful and naughty things “LITTERING!” no less ! but void threats of gun play that was common place among the Tea Party activist. They are giving protest and descent a bad name!

      So, can I assume you didn’t make any of the Town Hall meetings that ultimately was discontinues due in part to unruly Tea Party activist?

      I haven’t tuned into Fox in several hours, maybe I should ~ and see what is REALLY happening!

      Gentleman Cain is dominating the news cycle this even.

      “Guilty As Cain” seems to be taking on a whole new meaning these day.

      Ohio Governor Kasich got a b1tch slapping tonight, I doubt if you will catch that on FOX NEWs. Too funny !

      • Dennis48e

        “So, can I assume you didn’t make any of the Town Hall meetings that ultimately was discontinues due in part to unruly Tea Party activist?”

        All of the “unruly Tea Party activist” I am aware of have been proven to be plants by those opposed to the Tea Party and its goals.

        • bob wire

          Well, you will eat whatever is thrown to you .

          It is true that such things as this does exist but it’s happening to both forces.

          I know what you are wanting to believe and can’t blame you for wanting too.

          But your “wanting too” and what is a reality are two distinctly different things.

          You attempt to defend the undefended rather then giving up an inch identifies you as hard core, carrying and ax to grind and very closed minded regarding differing views and ideas.

          • Dennis48e

            Now try to post something that makes sense.

  • http://personallibertydigest not fooled

    All this crap we are seeing is a future picture of a godless world period.

    • bob wire

      Well as long as he is with you, will you not fair well with your faith?

      It has long been known the world belongs to Satan. You have other plans for everyone besides yourself?

      It is only you that might allow him into your heart. Jesus is spoken of as a “personal” savior. It’s up to you if your world shall be godless and no one else.

      You are making it sounding a little more then just personal.

  • bob wire

    Don’t the many of you ever get tried of ending up on the wrong side of history? When you had the chance to be on the right side from the very beginning but elected rather to justify your “feeling” with your “feeling”

    I guess not, ~ not if you only listen to Rush and watch Fox exclusively, you are a majority, your are right, you are winning and everyone that can’t see and understand this is a communist ‘LIBERAL’ that only wants your money! ~ They don’t have money or pay taxes or hold down jobs, only you do!

    I listen and view them both and I confess, I too get confused by it as well at times. I have to go look at the calendar and make sure I’m living in the right day, not quite sure if I ahead or behind a day.

    How they can spin loses and failures to appear as victories does take great skill and a special audience.

    I’m not suggesting that you are wrong ~ but you are rarely right

    I want to see a Ron Paul , Obama run off. I want a clear choice, ~

    Can you give me one?

  • JonKemp

    The “occupier” quickly morphed from a variety of causes to a one of the far left radical variety. With the free food and free legal, the campers are obliged to attend indoctrination sessions. Acorn, the unions, communists and radicals are desperate to keep their Obama/Pelosi- compatible movement alive but the public isn’t buying it. All the distorted press and efforts to discredit the Tea Party didn’t work because the public knew they were on the side of America. The occupiers are not.

    • bob wire

      They haven’t “quickly” done anything Jon

      and the tea partying disfavor among American today polls lower then the GOP.

      Look for yourself, don’t trust me. I’m not asking you too.


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