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The Three Causes Of Pain, Illness And Disease

April 12, 2011 by  

The Three Causes Of Pain, Illness And Disease

Pain affects everyone, but in most cases it needn’t be a chronic health issue. Pain is not a disease; it is a symptom. Pain is not the problem; it is an indication that a problem exists.

The secret of alleviating pain and poor health is to understand where it begins. The basis of “The Wiley Method” (the self-directed wellness model I pioneered), is grounded in techniques of uncovering these “beginnings” and developing a protocol for relieving the acute health issue. You can then make changes in your lifestyle that make it better and create balance to prevent it from returning.

Regardless of your diagnosis, only three things cause pain, poor health and disease: Excesses, stagnations and deficiencies. To understand what is meant by these terms, let us first consider homeostasis—the body’s natural state of balance.

The Baseline of Health
Homeostasis is the body’s baseline of health and wellbeing. It is the state where we feel good, not too stressed, tired or excited. You are in a state where your digestion is working properly, your body is absorbing proper amounts of nutrients and oxygen and is expelling toxins through the skin, lungs and intestines. Our sleep and wake cycle is set, we work and exercise, we have a balanced social, work and family life. Life is good. But life often gets in the way and we don’t feel as good anymore.

Poor health, pain and disease are all felt in the body when it becomes off balance. It is no longer functioning at homeostasis. This happens when we experience excess (e.g., too much alcohol or sweets), a deficiency (e.g., not enough sleep or iron in the blood) or a stagnation (e.g., muscle spasm or constipation).

People suffer needlessly every day because they and their healthcare practitioners operate from a disease-based model of health. Mr. Smith, you have migraine headaches, so we will treat the pain of these headaches in this way. This approach does not work, obviously, because millions of people still suffer from migraines!

I propose that we view poor health, pain and disease as examples of being out of balance. We must seek to uncover what causes the imbalance, and this can only be the result of an excess, deficiency or stagnation. My wellness model of health corrects these imbalances and the ailment is eradicated by returning the body to homeostasis—its natural state of balance!

Here is a chart with some of this outlined for you.


Restoring Balance is the Key
One of the most common areas of poor health is rooted in how we deal with pain, illness and disease. When we don’t feel well or balanced, we tend to reach for various pills and liquids. The short-term use of such things is fine for quick relief, but long-term use allows the underlying cause or imbalance to continue, thus leading to chronic problems. Taking excessive quantities of painkillers, muscle relaxants and prescription medications of all kinds—even in low doses—causes problems.

It would be a mistake to assume that only one of these three causes is the root of any health condition. In fact, it is usually a combination of the three that makes a simple problem become chronic and seem incurable. The first “cause” of an issue could be singular (i.e., an excess), but when not approached with the wellness model of health (i.e., restoring balance), it becomes multi-faceted.

The way to rid oneself of a health problem is to consider it from my three-part perspective. If you can categorize where you are in excess you can then make changes toward decrease and balance. If you are able to list areas of deficiency you can then take steps to improve them. Where you find stagnations you can look for ways to “move them along.”

Returning the body to homeostasis can be difficult and challenging. You may have been polluting your body with toxins in foods, beverages and air and aggravating it with stress, tension, poor sleep and bad lifestyle choices for quite some time.

In order to re-establish homeostasis—natural wellness balance—the many toxins and stressors that tax the body must be removed or, in the case of psychosomatic triggers, dealt with in new ways. This includes reducing food triggers, correcting musculoskeletal triggers, regulating biological functions, reducing the effects of stress and anxiety, keeping the body in a perpetual state of proper hydration and engaging in regular exercise.

The Wiley Method entails lifestyle changes. But such changes are the only way to correct imbalances and remain in an optimal state of health.

I would like to help you along this journey and invite you to learn more about self-directed wellness. I wrote a 17-page report called, The 3 Secrets of Living Your Optimal Health that I would love for you to have. Simply visit my website, fill out the ‘sign-up’ box on the top right and then a PDF of this important wellness information will be delivered right to your inbox.

——Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • Raggs

    Good article, however my three casues of pain.
    obama / reid /pelosi… :)

    • PainInTheButt

      I have those 3 same pains in my lower back side. It would be nice to get rid of them. *the pains* that is..

    • C. R.

      Agree with the 3 main “pain” makers of Pelosi, Reid and Obama!

      • Carlucci

        me too.

        • Kate8

          Likewise. What do you recommend, doctor?

          • Mike in MI

            K88 -
            Among Recommendations:
            Massive infusions of a pitted fruits – Peaches in the form of impeachments.

          • Kate8

            Mike in MI – Peaches it is! Lot’s of ‘em! Let’s flush out the fungus amongus!

          • Vigilant

            How about a massive D.C. enema?

          • Mike in MI

            Vig -
            Would that be the best way to assure the en’e ma pro’lems? Maybe they just need an old fashioned D&C down there

      • Bert Cundle

        DON’t forget HILLARY, Palon, & Swartsnegar…

  • http://AOL Glock27

    Life is a box of chocolates, u never know what u are going to get. Some of these facts may be true, but I do not believe they answer all the questions. Eating right, moving, taking the pills just does not counter the reality of genetics. Some of us were built to go on while others were designed to stay behind and be what we are. Sorry. I just don’t believe all the gobbely gook. If it sounds too good to be true then it is.

    • karolyn

      Genetics might play a role in someone’s predisposition to contract certains conditions; however, that is not the be-all and end-all. We are EACH responsible for the condition of our own body. If more people paid attention to what they eat and how they THINK, this would be a much healthier world.

    • Mike in MI

      Glock27 -
      Genetics has become the traditional medical system’s most recent answer to everything that goes wrong that they don’t have a drug, operation or radiant energy treatment for. It used to be microbes of one kind or another – Koch’s Postulates of causation because of Pasteur’s “wee beasties”. Then along with that they learned more and more chemistry. To an extent they returned to ideas of “Bad Humours” causes for which they cooked up potions to fix evile fluid humours of the body. But that usually affects, slowly, basic sensors of all kinds making trouble for the nervous system’s control of other things and screws up diverse bodily systems.
      Now, since so much of that previous stuff hasn’t turned out in accord with the hype thrown up and people are catching on…well…they gotta’ change. ‘Cause us dopes don’t want the dope.
      The Latest “ScienTiFic TerRiFic SpeCiFic” is… Tada-La-Dump-on-’Dem…Genes, Genes, Genes. We got Genes fer ‘Dis an’ genes fer ‘Dat. We gonna Gene-erate all kinds o’ fix’em ups. Jus’ like puttin’ a patch on your tires to get your car going again. They’ll pach every gene on every chromosome that needs it in every cell in yer body . Then send you on your way and wait and see what happens.
      If you look and feel like an “elephenstein” on the next visit…oh well…score another one for ‘Bamacure.

      • Mike in MI

        ‘Bamacure ‘ll pay fer ever’thang.

        • Marcia Kirschbaum

          Just out of curiosity, what does the current Health Care Reform have to do with the fact that the health of our citizens has been spiraling out of control for decades and this article is addressing how to correct it?? Sometimes you guys make no sense. Stop being full of hate and spite. We have enough problems in this country without your hatred.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Glock27, the basis of your assessment is correct. Biological predisposition does play a role in this. If someone has a genetic predisposition to be at risk for diabetes or heart disease, then they may well contract these diseases. However, predisposition does not mean the person will get these diseases.

      Where this three-part model is most usefully applied is where one is NOT genetically predisposed to a medical condition, yet because of choices and wrong action do in fact suffer from the disease. Many people who suffer chronic ill health conditions are not genetically marked for them. Therefore, those diseases and health conditions can be reversed, and of course prevented, by managing excesses, stagnations and deficiencies.

      Thanks for your input.


    How do you account for herniated discs? I was flat on my back last year for two months. Pain killers didn’t even touch the pain. Therapy helped, but I still suffer from the pain and cannpt stand up for very long nor walk very well. I identified with a couple of items in the chart, (i.e.,) I do not drink enough water and probblly should get more exercise, especially those the therapist gave me.
    However, I eat very well, sleep very well, do not drink nor smoke and keep a happy balance between work and relaxation. I stopped the pain pills more than a year ago because they constipated me so badly.
    I am still optimistic that I will regain my mobility, but it is not easy to keep the faith.

    • GodLovesYou

      Pray to the one and only living GOD. In our weakness He will uphold us when we can’t.
      May God Bless and heal you.

    • Kate8

      Marjorie – Enroll in a good Qigong class.

      When I first began Qigong, it was like someone flipped an “on” switch. My energy channels opened and flowed, and I felt like I was more alive than I’d ever felt before.

      Qigong is an ancient healing method, over 5000 years old. It focuses on the integration of body/mind/spirit, rebalances all organ/energy systems and dissolves stress.

      Here in the west we want someone else to fix us while we remain passive. Give us a pill, but for God’s sake, don’t ask us to do anything different. The fact is, we can only heal by reconnecting with Spirit, and no one else can do that for us.

      Anyone can do it. The movements are all gentle. If you are too debilitated, you can do many of them lying or sitting until you are strong enough to stand. You also use your mind to move energy.

      Good luck, and God bless.

      • Carlucci

        How does that differ from yoga? I’m interested in an exercise program that will put/keep me in shape, but where I won’t get hurt. I was a ballet student for years, which is great exercise, but I suffered some injuries.

        • karolyn

          Carlucci – I was just going to respond to Kate’s post with a reccomendation for yoga. I think the difference between the two is that yoga is primarily done using the floor and holding poses, while qigong is done standing up and using fluid movements.

        • Kate8

          Carlucci – While Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi have many things in common, they are distinct practices.

          Qigong literally means “energy work”. It is primarily focused on moving and freeing your energy systems, and integration of the whole being. It also works quickly. By the third day I was easily flowing through the movements. (I also find it more fun than Yoga.)

          All disease comes from stagnant energy. If we keep our energy free-flowing (I like to visualize a stream of flowing water), there is no place for disease to take hold. Just like a stagnant pool, these stagnant energy places in our bodies hold too much fluid, and nasty things can breed. Free them up, and healing happens.

          There are some video clips of Qigong on YouTube. I use one by Lee Holden. There are even some specifically for women.

          • AugieD

            Exercise is great! Not too little, and not too much. Spinal disc problems are both natural and a result of injury. Nerves exiting the spine can be impinged on by the squeezed disc, or bone growth, arthritis, and scar tissue. Good therapy, and good exercise may help provide enough space for the nerve to exit without pinching. If it doesn’t help, then surgery is needed, especially if there is evidence of muscle or nerve damage/function. All the self help programs can’t correct an atrophied muscle!

            We cannot ‘cure’ our genetic faults. Genetic failure is programed into each and every one of us. It’s beyond human science to correct most physical defects at the cellular level. Even though stem cell therapy is gaining acceptance, it is decades away from generating consistent results.

            Homeostasis is always active in living beings. It is our bodies way of regulating temperature, circulation, and organ function, and even healing. Optimum healing requires optimum nutrition, rest, and exercise. Even then we are limited to less than 100% healing. There generally is no ‘cure’, just maintenance. We all die, and no-one gets off this planet alive. Not Zen masters or Chinese medicine users.

          • Carlucci

            K & K – Many thanks to you both. I will look into Yoga and Qigong.
            I lost 36 pounds in 3 months when my husband got sick and passed away in ’05. I looked great, but felt like hell mentally and physically. Since I found a boyfriend a couple of years ago, I’ve gone back to being happy, chubby, and sassy. Gotta do something about the chubby part…

    • Mike in MI

      Marjorie -
      Well if as usually happens with herniated discs, if you didnt

      • Mike in MI

        Never mind, if it’s been a year and you haven’t…you prbably won’t..’specially if you stuck with that.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Hello Marjorie,
      The answer to your question is difficult without knowing your specific situation. However, there are many ways the ESD model can cause discs to herniate. Lack of muscular strength (deficiency), straining too hard when lifting a heavy object (excess) can cause herniation. Muscle imbalances where spasm on one side chronically pulls the spine to one side can cause herniation (stagnation).

      The ESD model can help prevent such things from occurring and can help in the healing process by showing how to reverse the injured state. At the point of physical injury like a herniated disc, however, one may need medical attention to help the healing process.

      I cannot offer specifics here, but the concept reflects om it well.

    • Marcia Kirschbaum

      Hey Marjorie, you may also want to research “Decompression Tables” Many Chiropractors use them and get excellent results with herniated discs. Also look into Prolotherapy – again also provided through a Chiro


    I wanted a chance to edit my writing above for obvious typographical errors. Oh, well–In the word: “cannot”, there’s an accidental “p” where there should be an “o”; and, everybody knows that “probably” is misspelled. Thanks for listening and understanding.

    Marge P.

    • Kate8

      Marjorie – No spelling police here. It happens to all of us. No big deal.

  • Martin Gorelick

    “Regardless of your diagnosis, only three things cause pain, poor health and disease: Excesses, stagnations and deficiencies.”

    Let’s apply that statement to a few real-world examples.

    “I stepped on a rusty nail, but my body is in homeostasis, so I needn’t worry about tetanus.”

    “I was born with spina bifida, but then Dr. Wiley taught me how to get into homeostasis, so now I’m fine.”

    “I’m going to India, but I’m not going to worry about avoiding the local water, because I’m in homeostasis, so I won’t get any of their GI bugs. Nope, no discomfort for me.”

    “Our daughter has Down Syndrome, but once we get her in homeostasis, she won’t have it any more.”

    I cannot believe you can make such asinine statements and then sleep at night. But hey, whatever brings in the bucks, right?

    • Carlucci

      Mr. Gorlick,

      The article is about how to achieve and maintain good health. Most people suffer from poor health because they don’t drink enough pure water, don’t exercise, they consume too much sugar, coffee, soda, processed food, and not enough whole food. They don’t spend enough time in the sun. Many diseases and disorders stem from not getting enough Vitamin D. People also rely too much on pharmaceuticals and can’t understand why they still feel bad. I also believe watching the mainstream “news” is toxic. Nowhere in the article does it state “how to cure” those diseases and disorders you mention, and that’s not what the article is about anyway. As far as spina bifida, there have been countless articles that have been published for years that state the reason why people are born with it is because their mom didn’t get enough folic acid (which is a B vitamin)while she was pregnant.

      If anything is asinine, it is your post. Common sense would dictate that people would avoid the local water in India.

      • libertytrain

        Carlucci, very nicely said.

      • Dr. Mark Wiley

        Carlucci, you are correct in your response here. We are talking about prevention of things over which we have personal control. Stepping on a nail one did not see, well… one could have been more observant. Regardless, that and other accidents/injuries related to physical trauma or external contamination, nuclear plant meltdown… none of these are within our control. Keeping the concept within the realm of preventable disease, wellness, and illness prevention is the way to get the most out of the concept. The article clearly speaks of reasons we become ill or experience pain, even chronically, over which we have control.

    • karolyn

      Did you ever stop to think about the word “dis-ease?” There’s more to the mind-body connection than you have a clue about. Before attacking the messenger, please do a little research. Many conditions that are thought to be incurable can, and are, cured by non-allopathic means. However, we don’t hear about it much because it would interfere with Big Pharma’s plans to sell more drugs. As a person diagnosed with hepatitis C 10 years ago, I could have done the chemo deal; however, I preferred the much safer route of herbs, supps, eating well and being of good mind. I am quite healthy today, thank-you-very-much; and if I could come face-to-face with my gastroenterologist, I would laugh in his face!

    • Mike in MI

      Gore Lick – (How’s that taste there, huh?)
      Tetanus – Real world with 21st century knowledge: If you have our blood levels of vitamin D3 up around 35,000 to 50,000ng/dl you have not much need to worry about virtually any microbe. Vaccines are 19th century. Where do you live?
      Spina bifida – What have you heard of neural tube defects and their causes? Nutrition…Specifically prenatal (and preferably preconception) nutritional support and supplementation. But why should anybody in healthcare other than “unscientific quacks, like naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists and (ugh)body-workers” bother anybody about worthless stuff like that — until a need shows up? Foolihness, isn’t it.

      India’s GI Bugs – Well, now what have the locals found to deal with the problems. We have the shere-with-all o get those data bases pu together. Why haven’t we? And, why doesn’t the U.S. govenment medical system deal with it reasonably? There are natural and herbal cleansing systems for clearing out all that stuff. What’s the deal,; is it just better to keep our people crippled and paying than fis it. I know of guys that went to Vet Nam and came back with every parasite under the Viet sun. Military medicine wouldn’t do anything real for them; so they spit ‘em out for the VA to abuse. Which the VA medical ystem was happy to do…abuse the hel out of ‘em. But the guys refused to quit looking for cures. Finally, a few I know found their cures in the natural health realms and God’s blessing on them as well. Are you foolish enough to think the medical system (VA0 is interested…YEAH, right.

      Down’s Syndrome – I’m truely sorry to hearabout your sadness of your daughter’s plight. There was a dental surgeon back in the late 19th -early 20th century named Prince who noticed that in many primitive societies before Western culture made inroads the people enjoyed great health and (often) longevity. In the second generation after the diet and medicine of the West was introduced they started getting all kinds of neural tube, congenital defects and elevated disease susseptibilities. He started doing some nutritional research on animals and consulting with successful farmers and old-fashioned veterinarians. He learned that all vertebrates he studied developed neural tube and congenital defect conditions in the first and second genertions if selectively malnourished. The American Medical Asses heard about what he was doing and became real interested. Suddenl they turned on him, squashed his work and him, confiscated most of his studies and books and results.
      Dr. Wiley is not an assinine fool. He’s a very brave and powerfully scientific and knowledgeable healer – more than anyone you ever consulted or learned from.
      Your willingness to go along, let yourself be duped and certainty that people who have made a fool of you are your benefactors is proof of their success in brainwashing you. I can only feel sorry for your daughter. Not you.

      • Mike in MI

        Sorry there’s an error on the Vitamin D3 numbers. It should be at least 35ng/mL and to or a bit over 50ng/In studies people have taken up to 50,000IU per week for 6 weeks.
        Apologies for the mental numbers flip.

    • Augie D

      Martin Gorelick, don’t be fooled by anyone who says they will cure Down Syndrome. The definition of homeostasis reads “A tendency to uniformity or stability in the normal body states ( internal environment or fluid matrix) of the organism.” Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary.

      First of all it only a tendency and the condition of homeostasis is not static, it changes. All physical, emotional, and mental stresses, as well as outside influences (germs, viruses, congenital deformity etc.) will knock homeostasis out of control. The body only has a tendency to correct itself to the best of it’s ability. That is why there are incurable diseases. And tetanus is not always present each time you step on a nail. If it is, you’d be silly not to take the recommended treatment.

      There are no perfectly healthy individuals. None! All physical injuries will leave a scar. That was your body’s limit at homeostasis. We all have scar tissue, both external and internal. Especially around the spine.

      The reason why western medicine has progressed as it did, was because as we traveled around the world, disease was rampant. Malaria is killing people every day still to this day. Parasites are everywhere, especially in untreated water. When traveling abroad, it is downright dangerous to eat or drink from local sources without knowing the control or lack thereof for sanitation, handling, and refrigeration.

      We out our homeostasis in ‘check’ every day, by breathing in germs, scratching our skin, drinking unfiltered water. To willingly have no concern about putting yourself or a loved one in harms way, is careless and naive. Or downright negligence.

      As far a genetic diseases like Downs is concerned, finding some mystical balance of homeostasis, is akin to finding the Holy Grail. Impossible, because it simply does not exist in the first place.

      Best wishes, and I pray that your trip to India ends well, irregardless of your cavalier attitude.

  • TIME

    Lets us not forget stress from dealing with 100% certified IDIOTS!

  • C. R.

    Obviously, most of the replies do not truly understand homeostasis. Of course, there are gene conditions and conditions that must be attended to, i.e., tetanus shots. Nevertheless, since I do Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture is a fantastic pain reliever, also Tui’na Chinese massage, changing the diet to what an eating routine should be (NOT vegan or vegetarian), reasonable exercise (i.e., not everyone should be running), getting off the couch, improving the mind, etc. Most conditions the Chinese medicine has been treating for thousands of years with outstanding success. I am also a health consultant and if you don’t give your body the nutrients it truly needs, all disease conditions can happen because your are OUT of homeostasis. Perhaps good health is too easy to understand by most.

    • Kate8

      In China, when someone consults a doctor, is is most common for them to prescribe a month of Qigong classes. At the end of that month, more often than not, the symptoms are gone and nothing further is necessary.

      Here in the west, sickness = profits. Mega profits. Balanced living is not encouraged, spiritual pursuits are mocked, and our medical system only insures you’ll have a life of chronic ailments that they must “manage”.

      A life of pain and chronic illness is now accepted as normal. It has not always been that way. We live an unnatural lifestyle, surrounded by multiple stressors which affect us in every possible way.

      I’m happy to see that Dr. Wiley is among the growing numbers of doctors who understand this concept. It just can’t happen with a strictly physical approach.

    • Mike in MI

      C.R. -
      Good post, I only wish we could get more people to believe what can be accomplished in the natural health fields. Well, if they won’t learn they’re going to give up their health and be made cripples of one sort or anoher.
      Ultimately, when enough people get weak and easily manipulated they’ll let themselves be convinced they should give up every freedom just for the hope that some wonderful medic will give them something or a little freedom from their pain. They don’t want to have anything to do with anybody who says, “If you want to be healthy YOU are going to HAVE TO DO XXXXX. Your health is something you must take control of. You have no right to take whatever somebody else needs just because you won’t do anything to protect yourself.”
      If people are not willing to take reponsibility for themselves then they must give it to someone else to take care of them…or die. Whoever accepts the responsibility they give away is going to need to control them (and others in that person’s proximity) in order to take care of them. What if I’m in proximity to those people and don’t know it – but don’t want to be controlled???

  • Carlucci

    C.R. Excellent post! Thank you.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:


    Osteopathic care has kept me kept me in good health for the past 45 years by getting Cranial Medical treatments at least once every 2 or 3 months. The Osteopathic Physician must be Certified by the AOL and The Cranial Academy of Osteopaths and a few other agencies. The D.o.’s go to medical school the same length as regular MD’s but go extra years to be certified to learn how to do Cranial Medical Treatments. A very de3licate procedure.

    I am blessed that I have not had to buy prescription drugs for 45 years except those given to me by My Osteopathic Physician.

    The idea is to continuously maintain a good immunue system. However, I will go to my regular Medical doctors for certain regular examinations because of the XRay I might need if my D.O.,( Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), suggests it.

    It takes a certain form of self decipline to maintain a good diet with continuous excercise and an attitude with a strong desire to live a healthy life. It is prevetantive medical care.

    My Primary Physician is a D.O. at the UCSD Medical Center; this was unheard of 50 years ago! I have three that I see for their specialty and all have a great knowlege of medicine and in their performance of their duties. Hoever they are not certifiedd to do the Cranial Medical treatments. For that delicate procedure, I go to another place where it is practiced but my Medicare Ins. Supplement, which I seldom use, won’t pay for it. This needs to change!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:


    Very true, C.R., all three have caused tremendous stress which is why I go to an Osteopath, fo de-stressed Cranial Treatments every 2-3 months to maintain my health balance. Dr. Wily is right on maintaining balance health.

    Let’s hope the public has experienced a rude awakening next time they vote. Obama’s speech this week was more of the same but worse.


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