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That’s No Earthquake, Obama

November 10, 2012 by  

There’s rumbling in Arlington. Go dress shopping with Michelle. And win wampum with Princess Lieawatha. All this — plus — TWINKIES! Presented in 1080 hi-def, FOR FREE! It’s The Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest™!


Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • kenneth120

    It’s funny (umm.. yea) how Mr. Crystal keeps implying that Democrats are “evil.” The first thing Mr. Livingston commented about was the need for the Republicans to stop their “moral crusading.” It seems as though the “economic” republicans are ready to throw the “religious” republicans under the bus. So, Mr. Crystal, would that be considered “evil?” (put pinky to mouth and laugh a ridiculous laugh). You guys ARE idiots!

    • http://Personallibertydigest Roland

      The lib’s are idiots. Has anything they’ve done been any good for the country? I think not! Take lbj, putting our ss into the general fund, & now they call it an entitlement. Hope the lib’s like the new flavor of Kool aid o’scummer is brewing up for everybody! God have mercy on our souls!

      • jopa

        Roland;The SS fund was placed into the general fund by Alan Greenspan and Ronald Reagan.Google those names for a reality check.

      • Aranna Vallotton

        Actually Roland the SS fun was a private fund that was stolen by Lyndon B Johnson with the idea that the government could do a better job of handling it. You need to check your history. The largest rapists of SS have been democrats. look it up!!

      • bob mcbob

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Both parties have equally contributed to the demise of our country! Which of the two is the worst? That’s like asking, which of the two is most offensive; solid excrement or diarrhoea?

      • sam1966

        “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorasnt, just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

        Ronald Reagan

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

        Here is something about layoffs due to Obama bin Laden winning.

      • Bob

        The S.S. was declared a TAX when it was chalenged all the way to the Supreme Court way back in 1936. (Very similar to what happened with Obama Care this past summer. It was stated in the Supreme Court opinion that is was no different than any other tax and could be used for any purpose that the congress saw fit, so there never was a seperate “Trust Fund ” in reality, only a seperate set of books kept to know how much the G’ment was supposed to owe those who paid in. Also ruled that congress could amend the at any time, which they have done several times, changing the age at which one could begin to draw a check, etc.

    • spktruth200

      It IS your policies stupid…keep thinking you can get into womens private parts, or tell people who they can love (while your repuke buddies have wide stances in bathrooms, and affairs), oh thats right I forgot you righties believe in a law for the peasants and a different one for your leaders. Perhaps now the mainstream media will reveal the cuban mistress of Mutt Robme? you know the photos they refused to show before the election. You lost and you lost big, get out of your “faux bubble”, believe in fact checking and science, get some real people we can actually vote for, or go the way of the whigs.

      • jopa

        I have heard srories of Mutt Rummy and a Cuban mistress but few details so far.So sad about Patreaus’s wife having to deal with the mess of her hubby.

      • jimmie lee hultman

        I’m glad narrowmindedness is an affliction contagious only among the self-serving,opportunistic righties ! They must believe lefties are as naive and gullible as their co-dependent sheep seem to be ! Maybe they should take off the blinders so they could all stop being so “disturbed”,”fearful”,”alarmed” & any other adjectives they impose upon themselves ! I seriously doubt they will ever learn how to just “GET OVER IT” !

      • MNIce

        Regarding your first claim – it seems that the folks who insist that everybody else has to buy contraceptives for women are the ones who have an inordinate interest in their private parts, and they don’t want to take responsibility for the consequences.

      • mark h

        Righties in the WH with mistresses? Hmmmmmm…. Bill Clinton impeached for lieing to congress about Monica Lewinsky. Ted Kennedy and Chappaquidick. JFK and marilyn Monroe. Do you want me to continue? Benghazi with 4 Americans killed and Nixon impeached for watergate where no deaths happened. Before you jump on your holier than thou bandwagon you should check for glass houses. Get over yourself you liberal simp and get with the issues instead of your worthless rhetoric.

      • http://google rose

        I wonder when maistream media will look into the 3 gay men, of Rev. Wright’s church, that Obama attended, who all wound up dead just before his election. You know, the ones that had affairs with Obama. Oh yeah and let us not forget about his little fling with Larry Sinclair.

      • JeffH

        rose – B-I-N-G-O!

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Never, rose. The socialist-progressive-damegogues are as hypocritical as their counter-part, the neo-con-fscists. Its gotten so bad, it is difficult to determine which of the two are the worst, for the obvious reason, of course; both, are essentially, “one party”.

      • sam1966

        Well said Rose and Mark H, fellow patriots. They will never be investigated. Here is an article showing voter fraud in Ohio and Florida. But alas! What else is new with the 5th column traitors?

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • Diane a child of God

        Were not trying to “get into women’s private parts” were just trying to save their dignity and the lives of their children, who, by the way, also deserve to be loved. These are not our laws these are God’s laws. Do not ridicule us because we have a strong belief in our creator. I pray that you will one day (soon) find the comfort and joy we have in knowing Him.

        • http://naver samurai

          HHHHHooooorrrrraaaaahhhhh! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

          You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

          “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

          Ronald Reagan

      • KenDawg

        Lost big? Really? Romney lost to Obama by around 3 million votes. If you think that’s a big number, consider that there are roughly 312 million people in the United States. That’s less than 1% of the population. voted for Obama or against Romney, however you want to look at it. Another way to see it is that if you think that 3 million is “huge” consider that we have seen an increase in the National Debt by $6.2 TRILLION in under 4 years. Still think that 3 million is so huge?

    • Chuck Gallup

      Liberals are evil.
      Democrats are simply the delivery vehicle.
      Their support of America’s Second 911 is living proof.
      Obama’s ideology contains the ingredients for division, hunger, civil war, and tyranny.
      Obama’s presidency is little more than a WMD used against the America people made possible by the enemy within.

      • Paul Wells

        Amen, my thoughts exactly!

      • Bill

        This is a big accomplishment for the socialists. Between the propaganda media and the educational system they are doing a great job of convincing people that the government is Santa Claus and anyone who produces anything is a prime plum to pick.

        I read the headlines in the local paper this morning and it said that Obama has a mandate from the voters to raise taxes on the rich. What a crock. The sad part is half of the country believes that is a good thing.

        None of this will lead to a recovering economy, it will just push us further into recession

      • eddie47d

        The main Tyranny I see is coming from the continual lies from supposedly Conservatives.They hardly are winners in the economic department as they try and portray. 2008 was a time of fairly low taxes and weak regulations and what did we get from the “job creators” Their motto was “hell no we won’t help” Funny how their income went up 7-15 % but the unemployment rose. So much for the myth of the private “job creators”. Small Businesses rely on new customers but those big private “job creators” were too busy padding their off shore accounts and slow in bringing back their customer base. Conservatives screwing Conservatives and everyone else along with it. Is that the civil war you are looking for for that is what we got?

      • Ted Crawford

        Your reference to Santa reminded me of something ,ironically said by another Colorado Democrat, Richard Lamm; “Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and Adults pay for it. Deficits are when Adults tell government what they want and their kids pay for it”

      • Maurice Jackson (@mrmo57)

        brainless enemy !!!

      • Mikey

        Eddie, please take class in basic economics!
        Ted, good one!

      • norml14u

        So, that’s a start…now that 3 of us can see it, how much time(that we don’t have) will it take to have another 1 discover it?eh?

      • eddie47d

        What would that be Mikey? How to cheat and steal and get away with it or how to rig the stock market to favor yourself or just plain Crooks and Thieves 101. Did you get an A in those classes? Isn’t that the same courses that politicians take?

      • JeffH

        eddie the hypocrit strikes again with his simple minded parroting. Talk about hatefull…”The main Tyranny I see is coming from the continual lies from supposedly Conservatives”

        Now this is from the same hypocrit that said this in another thread:

        eddie47d says:
        November 9, 2012 at 6:33 pm

        “Some of you want constant turmoil on the far fringes. Jeff H of coarse doesn’t solve a thing with his snarky remark either.”

        eddie is a proven liar, a proven slander, a proven parrot, has a total lack of credibility, is a proven hypocrit and the board harpy(troll).

        So I ask this question? Does eddie bring anything to the table other than his own personal ignorance, turmoil and blind hatred?


      • eddie47d

        Did the truth hurt you that much Jeff H or are YOU that embittered and hateful from your loss?

      • sam1966

        No he doesn’t Jeff H. He just can’t be fixed. Here is another promise broken by Obama bin Laden.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

    • http://personalliberty hangman

      To spktruth200… How retarded you sound, John Kennedy, L.B.J. bill cinton, etc, were well known for their extra martial love affairs with women, kneepad Barry is likewise known for his numerous affairs with men. And guess what? they are all democrats. (Pigs, disgusting pigs.) Republicans believe for a law that employs all people, Democrats believe in what can I get for nothing? They owe me. That is the difference in the policies. As far as a cuban mistress , how do you know so much? Your sister maybe?

      • Karolyn

        Yes, and repubs are pure as the driven snow. HA! Think Gingrich, Gov. Sanford of SC, Mark Foley, Gary Craig, John Ensign, etc. Of course, now we have Petraeus, who can admit no political affiliation; however, he has been loved and admired by the public. EVERYBODY has weaknesses, especially men when it comes to women.

      • MNIce

        Karolyn, very few people between the ages of 13 and 73 are immune to the temptations of sexual immorality. The difference is that most Republicans know why it’s wrong to give in, but quite a few Democrats don’t. When is the last time anyone heard a Democrat publicly express repentance for adultery, fornication or homosexuality?

      • Karolyn

        MNice – Um. John Edwards, to name at least one. Come on, no matter what their party they all mea culpa on bended knee.

      • Kate8

        Karolyn – Edwards only finally admitted to it after he got caught, and after spending a lot of time and money denying and trying to cover it all up. And it was all the worse because his “beloved” wife was dying of cancer.

        What a guy.

        Aside from that, I think politicians are all skunks. They all think they are immune to being held accountable for their actions because of their positions, and that they can buy their way out if they need to.

        The truth is, they’ll be covered for until the party (or Obama) needs a scapegoat, and then one (or more) gets thrown under the bus to deflect attention from the real problem.

        With any luck they’ll all be answering for their crimes here soon. Not one of them is clean.

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Karolyn, the DEMONcrats sex scandals & attitude is incomparable with republicans’

        DEMONcrats’ Sex Scandals:

        JOHN KENNEDY: 18 months sexual relations with a 19-year-old White House intern Mimi Alford (took her virginity on his & Jacqueline’s MARITAL BED); sexual relations with Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Lady Jean Campbell (daughter of the Duke of Argyll); Judith Campbell Exner (Sinatra’s girlfriend who he passed on as a favor)

        ROBERT KENNEDY: has been said to also have sex with Marilyn Monroe

        TED KENNEDY: never could keep his penis in his pants; his ‘secret love child’ of his love affair in his fifties; In any other state but MA, teddy kennedy would have been charged with homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne. The family name saved him from the jail !
        Good “Catholic” who spent the 30 years in Senate advocating infanticide and the depraved “marriage” for PERVERTS

        WILLY CLINTON: “ I did NOT have sexual relations with those women”: Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, one night stand with Elizabeth Ward Gracen, raped of Juanita Broaddrick

        JAMES McGREEVEY (former Governor of NJ)– had extra-merital affairs with the same-sex partners

        ELIOT SPITZER – client number 9

        JOHN EDWARDS – extramarital affair during: 1) the PRESIDENTIAL campaign; 2) TERMINALLY ill wife; 3) LIES & DENIALS of HIS secret child

        Chelsea, the daughter of HILLARY CLINTON is NOT Bill’s child at all – “but the product of a night of passion between Hillary and the late. PLO chairman Yasser Arafat”
        Karolyn, you always asking for the source. Here you have it:!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=499323238!n=653322409&fid=1&mid=ab9e8460-2a77-11e2-9f54-001cc4ed9884&fv=1

        How about famous Democratic SLUT Sandra Fluke who wants free contraceptives? Oh, I forgot, she is not married, but she said she is spending $3,000 a year just on contraceptives.

      • Karolyn

        Alondra – You are off the charts! Robert Kennedy “is said to have’ had sex with Marilyn Monroe. Hillary Clinton and Arafat???? Your link goes nowhere. You really do make me laugh. I guess you are pure as the driven snow too. Must be nice to be a saint. Who gives a gat’s butt anyway? I don’t care what they do. My point is that republicans are no better than democrats. Some just get caught, and some don’t. I really cannot believe that you actually believe that republican men are purer than democrat. unbelievable!

      • Karolyn

        Here you go Alondra – a list of 34 republican sex scandals:

      • Kate8

        Alondra – I always wondered why Chelsea didn’t look like Bill’s daughter! She definitely does NOT look like the result of Bill/Hillary.

        She does, however resemble Arafat!


      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Hi Kate
        Yes, I always wondered why Chelsea does not look like Bill or Hillary.

        And only LIBTARD Karolyn with two cell brain with high deficiency of the brain’s Grey matter will “????”
        Her Snow White “righteousness” overshadows the REALITY, which is screaming about DEMONcratic mental perversion (lie, deny, distort, smear, slander, vilify, denigrate, trash, etc.) and sexual depravity.

        Go to Wikipedia and look at Chelsea photo where she is “speaking during a campaign stop for her mother in Madison, Wisconsin, February 2008”

        Bill is childless.
        Hillary left her 2008 campaign because she did NOT want the truth come out.

        But as the MAGIC book is ALWAYS RIGHT:
        “For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known. 3 Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops.” – Jesus (Luke 12:2)

        “Fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver dross. He who hates, disguises it with his lips, and lays up deceit within himself; When he speaks kindly, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM, for THERE ARE SEVEN ABOMINATIONS IN HIS HEART; Though HIS HATRED IS COVERED BY DECEIT, HIS WICKEDNESS WILL BE REVEALED before the assembly. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him. A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin.” – Wisdom (Proverbs 26:23-28)

        “Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of FALSEHOOD, and sin as it were with a cart rope; Woe unto them that CALL EVIL GOOD, and GOOD EVIL; that put DARKNESS FOR LIGHT, and LIGHT FOR DARKNESS; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:18, 20)

        “That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

        “Vanity of vanities, ALL is vanity.”

      • Karolyn

        Alondra – i sure am glad i don’t know anyone as nasty as you. So you’re one of those Christians in name only? Preaching the Bible while vilifying and slandering anyone who doesn’s see things your way? i thought it was against Biblical teachings to practice esp, but you sure seem to do it.

      • sam1966

        You’re talking about Chelsea? Barf! Don’t remind me as she was nothing but a lush in college. Here is the latest about Obama bin Laden Care.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Karolyn @November 11, at 10:30 am

        Karolyn, EACH time you DEMONSTRATE and PROVE (without x-Rays & MRIs) how LIBTARD you are. Your comment is so incoherent, inconsistent and conflicting as always. It demonstrates what chaos is in your head.

        Karolyn, you wrote: “Alondra – You are off the charts! Robert Kennedy “is said to have’ had sex with Marilyn Monroe. Hilary Clinton and Arafat???? Your link goes nowhere.”

        Karolyn, my links are pointing to the FACTS.
        Journalist Anthony Summers investigated the issue of Monroe’s relationships with the Kennedy BROTHERS and points at in his TWO books: (1) his biography of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, entitled Official and Confidential: “The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover” (1993), and (2) his biography of Monroe, entitled “Goddess” (1985).

        In the Hoover book, Summers concludes that “Monroe was in love with President Kennedy and wanted to marry him in the early 1960s … and that, when the MARRIED President had to break off their affair, Monroe became even more depressed, and then turned to Robert Kennedy, who visited Monroe in Los Angeles…”

        Karolyn, the second my link is the biography of Peter Lawford, entitled “The Peter Lawford Story” (1988) by Patricia Seaton Lawford, (the fourth wife of actor Peter Lawford), where she also deals with the Monroe-Kennedys matters.

        Lawford was very close to the Kennedy family for over a decade (including the time of Monroe’s death) because his FIRST wife (of the 12 years) was the Kennedys’ SISTER Patricia Kennedy and he knew about Robert Kennedy affair with Marilyn Monroe.

        Karolyn, you wrote: “Who gives a gat’s butt anyway? I don’t care what they do.”
        Karolyn, it’s obvious that you “give a gat’s butt” and you one who “care” that the FACTS are exposing your libtards cover ups and the TRUTH dismissing about your beloved godless immoral DEMONcratic party with its messiah – arrogant, ignorant, lazy, serial LIAR, PERVERT & DEPRAVED O’Homobama.

        Karolyn, I am NOT a Republican (I am an Independent), but I am disagree with you “that republicans are no better than democrats”. DEMONcrats are viciously dishonest, nasty, mean, venomous, rancorous.

        You say: “I really cannot believe that you actually believe that republican men are purer than democrat. unbelievable!”
        Believe it. Yes,some Republican men fall short of moral standards, but at least they recognize that and do NOT deny, like democrats do. And the republican men are more intelligent, upright, ethical, reliable consistent, trustworthy, respectable & conscientious in comparison with DEMONcratic men. The FACTS confirm that whether you like it or not.

        • sam1966

          WWWWWhhhhhooooommmmmppppp! I just heard Karolyn’s head bounce off of the mat from being choke slammed. Good one Alondra, fellow patriot. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

          You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

          “A patriot must be a religious man.”

          Thomas Jefferson

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Karolyn @ November 11, 2012 at 6:22 pm

        Karolyn, would you please specify my nastiness.

        No Karolyn, I am NOT “one of those Christians in name only”.
        I am not PC Christian, who follows the FALSE, DISTORT and TWISTED teachings or a feel-good Gospels.

        I am follower of the Christ’s teachings/Christ’s Gospel, which you LIBTARDS so hate and do everything to silent the TRUE Christians, who do not crawl under your yoke, who stand up against your stupidity, ignorance, hypocrisy, falsehood.

        Jesus commands “Stand firm, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of SLAVERY.”

        Jesus Christ has set us free from the wicked like you and your puppet “leader”, from the yoke of your idiotic stupidity, perversion and depravity.

        Karolyn, you wrote: “i thought it was against Biblical teachings to practice esp”
        Please clarify what you mean “to practice esp”?

        But I tell you that Bible teaches “You shall surely REBUKE your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him.”

        “He WHO JUSTIFIES the WICKED and he who condemns the JUST, both of them alike are an ABOMINATION to the LORD.” And it’s you one “WHO JUSTIFIES the WICKED and he who condemns the JUST”

        “He who regards a REBUKE will be honored.”

        “The ear that hears the REBUKES of life will abide among the wise.”

        “Do not rebuke MOCKER because he will hate you; Rebuke a WISE man and he will respect you”

        Now Karolyn, please specify whom I vilifying or slandering.

        Isn’t you one WHO “vilifying and slandering anyone who doesn’t see things your way?”

        You libtards are in agenda to silent the TRUTH by calling it the “hate” speech.

        Karolyn, do not be a MOCKER.

      • Kate8

        Alondra – I get slammed by the libs all the time, too. Don’t let it get to you. It’s their only reason for being here, and it gives them satisfaction when they know they get your goat.

        They claim to be so “tolerant” and “inclusive” and so into “diversity”. Sure. For everyone except Christians, whom they bash at every opportunity. The only embrace our enemies and the perverse.

        Christ said his people would be hated because of him. Just remember what he said as he suffered, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

        They truly don’t, Alondra. They are flippant, mocking and derisive…, not to mention self-indulgent, self-serving and self-righteous.

        They’ve been captivated by those who tell them what they want to hear. The more depraved a person or a thing, the more they love it, the more they defend it.

        The best we can do is to stay true to ourselves, and to remember that His Kingdom is not of this world. We are in it, but not of it.

        Let them mock and jeer while they can. The days are numbered.


        • http://naver samurai

          Right on! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

          You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

          “Those who are not ruled by God will be ruled by tyrants.”

          William Penn 1668

      • jopa

        hangman:Then there is Ann Romney and all the girls that she had aborted.Mitt was so adimant on having boys only I heard she had to have four abortions.

        • http://naver samurai

          Care to cite a source to back up this lie? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

          You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

    • Bay0Wulf

      The difference between Liberals and Conservatives is what they choose to watch and believe. We all have our Media censors cranked up on “high”.

      Railing against Liberals who post here is a waste of time and energy. They already believe whatever nonsense they are spouting just as you/we do. They’ve come here to taunt and tease you … they’re not here to learn anything and very probably did not even read the article or watch the video. If they did, they did it the same way we look at their stuff.

      With totally closed minds.

      No. Its not that you’re wrong. I agree with the Conservative outlook in every aspect … actually I am even probably more conservative than most but … Liberals have their “Trough of Truth” that they feed at just as we do and there is no way that we can “fix” this that I can see.

      • Liquid

        aaaaaaaaa but there is a fix for stupid ,its a instantaneous injection of 240 grains of lead just above the ear, after that they will be an instant genius just like obummer

      • Bill

        You are so right. There is nothing you can say to a liberal to change their perspective. Their thoughts are based on emotions and not logic or common sense. They are so blinded by their passions that they cannot see what is going on around them, or they FEEL that killing capitalism and moving to socialism is a good thing

      • eddie47d

        There is no true Capitalism in America so Conservatives have been lying to themselves for a long time. Its all crony capitalism which collasped our economy but you will never get most Conservatives to admit that. Its easier to blame Liberals for all their ills when few were anywhere near the Banks and Speculators who screwed the economy. That is not “emotion” but fact and its Conservatives themselves that played along.

      • Mikey

        You are right Eddie, it is crony capitalism. But you overlook the fact that it is supported by a big, growing, self-serving government, which is in turn supported by the Democrats. Both sides of the aisle have fed the beast. To defeat it, we will have to return to a constitutional form of government, something the left will never go along with.

      • Christin

        The only ‘fix’ for Liberals that I can see is “Jesus”… where they will find the TRUTH and The right WAY and their LIFE… and then be on our side standing with God and FREEDOM.

        “I am the way and the truth and the life, No one comes to the Father except through me.”
        John 14:6

      • Christin


        The only ‘fix’ for Liberals [Progressives] that I can see is ‘Jesus’… where they will find the TRUTH and the Right WAY and their LIFE… and then be on our side standing with God and FREEDOM.

        “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.”
        John 14:6

      • eddie47d

        There are Liberals and Conservatives who don’t believe in God yet each yearns for Freedom.

      • JeffH

        Mikey rightly says to eddie, “You are right Eddie, it is crony capitalism. But you overlook the fact that it is supported by a big, growing, self-serving government, which is in turn supported by the Democrats. Both sides of the aisle have fed the beast. To defeat it, we will have to return to a constitutional form of government, something the left will never go along with.”

        Mikey, I’m pretty sure you know you’re talking to a brick wall.
        He’s got the buzz words down pat, he just refuses to comprehend their meanings. Lord knows it’s all been explained to him, with quality references yet he rejects the truth of the matter.
        Like many others on both sides of the aisle, he clings to the two party system and the theft and division both parties are guilty of.

      • eddie47d

        I bring up crony capitalism almost on a weekly basis Jeff H so “there you go again” lying from both ends. Looks like your mind has been cemented and then bricked in!

      • sam1966

        Here is another one Christin.

        “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son. That whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

        John 3:16

        Here is a prayer that Sook Young wrote for our children while I was in Afghanistan:

        Lord, please bless my children,
        Protect them day and night;
        Lead them down the right roads,
        Forever in Thy sight.

        Let them know Thy presence
        Each step along the way,
        Giving strength and courage
        To sustain them, come what may.

        Be their consolation
        In times of woe and strife,
        Guide them past the pitfalls
        On their journey through this life.

        And when this life is over,
        See them safely to that shore,
        Where peace and love are boundless
        Beyond Heaven’s golden door.

        I’ve started praying this with Sook Young, since the 5th column (Libtards, progs, secularists, and other traitors) are doing what they can to tear this country apart from the inside. We just hope and pray that this country is what our Christian founders envisioned when they are older and have their own grandchildren. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

        “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

        Thomas Jefferson

      • JeffH

        Dummy, what part of “he’s[eddie]got the buzz words down pat, he just refuses to comprehend their meanings.” don’t you understand?

        Yeah, you throw out the buzz words and phrases like gramma thowing pidgeon feed to pidgeons.

        You never will connect the dots…your mind is limited, so small it’s unable to ignore your emotions.

      • Mikey

        In all fairness, I’ve noticed that Eddie is getting bits and pieces of it. He is still blaming one side of the fence, but I think he’s coming around.

        if you get a chance, watch the movie “America: Freedom to Fascism”. I think you’ll agree there is a lot of truth in it, even if you don’t agree with everything in it.

      • JeffH

        Mikey, don’t be fooled…that man will never change his stripes. He will bite anyone, including you, with his nonsense at anytime.

        For 3+ years he’s been spouting the same nonsense. The only difference in him from 3+ years ago is that he’s picked up all the new buzz words and talking points. He’s doesn’t understand them although they’ve been explained a to him over and over.

        Class envy is embedded in his brain as much as he’s caught in the 2 party pardigm. He can’t and won’t let go and open up his mind.

        Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes…eddie is that blind squirrel.

    • Ted Crawford

      Mr. Crystal may imply, I’m making a straight out declaration of fact, based on empirical knowledge, that they ARE evil! That, in fact, is one of the best things that can be honestly said about them!
      I returned from Nam in 1968 and I wanted to understand how we had become involved there in the first place. As soon as I had recovered sufficently from my injuries I went to the office of my US Representative Patricia Schroeder and volunteered! Over the course of the next two and a half years, I found out enough about Democrats to quit and actively oppose her and several other Democrats in Colorado!
      They have absolutely no respect for their core constituency. That was where I first heard the term “useful idiot” ! I think they were wrong about who said it though, I was told it was Stalin, but I’ve never found it in any of his writings! I also discovered that it was fairly well accepted that JFK had been taken out for the “good of the Party”! For years i hoped to find a way to prove it!

      • eddie47d

        If all you are relying on are hurt feelings Ted and Kennedy myths then you have given yourself a high hurdle.

      • Ted Crawford

        The difference between you and I Eddie is I was actually there and involved, UP CLOSE and personal, and you are just spouting leftist rhetoric!

      • eddie47d

        Our headquarters was in Pleiku with 4th Division 52nd Artillery. Our unit extended to Dak To on Cambodia border and we were there for two months. Take care bud.

      • Domino

        thank you Ted for your service & servitude after. looking 4 truth & spouting it where you can. my hope is we may learn from those ‘who know truth’ and are willing to expose it so the blind may now see. God bless and may you endeavor to enlighten us always. humbly, JL

      • sam1966

        I also thank you for your service. I also thank you ed, surprised? Anyone that has served this country has my respect, but I may or may not agree with their beliefs, religious or political. Here is something about Obama bin Laden and the disappearing Benghazi witnesses.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

        “May the blessing of God rest upon the event of this day!”

        John Quincy Adams
        February 09, 1825

    • cyndlou

      you have really got to step away from the mirror once in a while – especially when calling someone an idiot – they may not realize you’re still looking in the mirror.

    • Marj

      No, the people who voted for a NON-American born man are idiots!!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Ben C. is not implying that the Democrats are “evil”, you on the other hand are stating it outright.

    • Katrael

      kenneth120….Ummm….that’s because they are evil.

  • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)
    • eddie47d

      That was interesting SLEEPERS; Yet it really failed to make a direct connection to the Trilateral Commission and how Obama supposedly was either sucked in or set up. Was the main goal of the West to take down China and Russia economically around 2007 (Bush) and then make Europe and the the USA the champions. If that attempt was true then they failed miserably.Russia is still weak but hardly out and China’s economy grew even bolder. On top of that the US economy tanked and Europe went down even further. He did debunked another couple of myths about Obama though that there is no solid connection that he is a Muslim or a communist. These supposedly anti-Obama videos actually make the Right look very foolish. Kind of like that 2016 movie that specially says that Obama was born in Hawaii. I would say that is three strikes and the Republicans are out! He did make a good point about Europe and the USA attacking Iran :ONLY IF A CRAZY PERSON IN ISRAEL STARTS IT.

      • Kate8

        eddie, eddie, eddie. It does not trouble you in the least that Obama has spent so much of OUR money to keep his past hidden. Nothing suspicious there.

        You know, had he been willing to open his records for public scrutiny, we wouldn’t have to speculate about his origins and connections, would we?

        And yet, there is plenty of evidence from (surviving) people who knew, or what they’ve been able to put together with records (which were discovered before being expunged by O’s goons) they DID find, to show that there are some very nefarious connections…

        You know, many of us on the R take a dim view of such things from our politicians, and we aren’t afraid to see the truth of who they are. If they don’t meet the grade, they aren’t supported. Period.

        I find it really troubling that you Lefties will cover for and defend your own no matter what, no matter how much evil they perpetrate on our nation. But then, I suppose it’s the lack of moral compass in leftist thinking.

        BTW, guess where the name “Barack” comes from?

        It’s the name of the horse ridden by the Mahdi in Islamic tradition. The same Mahdi considered to be the “antichrist” by many.

        Hmmmm. Just what is it Barack is to usher in to America? Sharia, possibly….? On the heels of communism?

        I’ll let you figure that one out.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Poor eddie reminds me of the “little dutch boy”, trying to plug every hole in the dam so the truth about Obama doesn’t ooze out. Unfortunately, he’s running out of fingers and toes, and it won’t be long before the dam collapses and Obama is revealed for what he truly is; Soro’s dummy-puppet!

      • eddie47d

        There are so many holes,conspiracies,lies and false attacks against Obama that the right wing will collapse under that heavy weight of their own disparaging remarks. Try sticking to the truth instead of dreaming up another cleaver concocted bugaboo about Obama. You probably could have defeated him except all your scurrilous lies got in the way and he became the underdog. You have no one to blame but yourself.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Interesting info on the name Barack, Kate8. Thanks for sharing!

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        There are so many criminal acts, cover-ups, lies and falsehoods regarding Obama that the left-wing-progressives-demagogues will eventually be exposed as the false and lying hyenas they really are. The right-wing-neo-cons are no better, and to this, the progs on this site will unanimously agree, citing all of the inconsistencies and improprieties of the right with expert precision. But sadly, and with no surprise, when it comes to their own house, they suddenly become incapable of applying same critical-analytical-skills, insisting rather, that their own is as pure as the un-driven-snow. They are in essence, hypocrites, and liars unscrupulous. They are, in fact, no different from the neo-con-fascists, except in label, that being; right-wing-progressive-demagogues, hiding under left-wing-cover. The half-wit-disciples, bumblers, that being; the voting-block, the clueless-useful-idots, who have absolutely no idea that the two-parties are actually one-and-the-same, sing praises to this political Frankenstein, like religious-cult-members sang their praises to the likes of Jimmy Jones, Stalin, and even Hitler. There is one thing that never changes, and remains constant, and that is; History repeats itself, but this could only be made possible by the useful-idiots, as just described, that unknowingly contribute, and that, generously, to the demise of their own country.

      • Kate8

        The difference, eddie, is that many of us recognize that we are continually being skull-plugged by the machine. Both sides do it. It’s the old divide and conquer routine.

        You, on the other hand, will defend your liars to the death. You won’t even question them.

        You haven’t figured out yet that they throw out so much conflicting misinfo that most of us shut down and won’t believe anything, especially about our own ideologs. We will accept what OURS say and reject the other side.

        The only answer is to go to the real investigators, read everything, and try to get common threads. The truth is always in there. Still, most of us think that if we don’t know about it, or don’t like it, it can’t be true.

        Sheriff Arpaio and his team are sworn to the facts, and they uncovered a lot of very damning evidence, as have others. These are people who had to buck the thuggery at the WH, risk their lives doing their sworn duty, and then come before a state-owned media which is hostile to the truth.

        The Bush’s are crooks, the Clintons are crooks, the Obama’s are crooks. They are all connected and are all guilty of damaging our nation.

        Until both sides are willing to understand that there is no good/evil here, but just a two-headed, blood-sucking monster which needs to be reigned in, we will remain a hopelessly divided nation and will fall. It may already be too late.

      • JeffH

        eddie, the biggest conspiracy is by you and those like you that stand up to defend and protect the theft of the American Dream by a criminal government lead by people like Obama, Bush I & II, Clinton, LBJ, FDR Nixon, Lincoln, Carter,Hoover etc, etc.

        Nuff said!

      • Kate8

        JeffH – I watched Glenn Beck on The Blaze TV last night (first time in a long time), and he almost had me convinced he is sincere about his “integrity”.

        Then they had a promo video of how we have too many people on the planet, a bunch of elderly people parroting this and saying, “I’ve lived a good life”… (what are they saying? That they are ready and willing to step aside for the young?)

        Then it showed wide open spaces and waving wheat, and an Agenda 21 logo appeared stating ‘coming soon’, the implication being that this is a wonderful thing and will save the Earth.

        I was shocked and stunned. The Blaze is Beck’s own channel, so I presume he ‘approves this message’.

        Another thing is that the Republicans are going on about how their values are no longer mainstream and how they need to appeal more to Leftist thinking to survive.

        I say the opposite is true. Conservatives are bailing because the Party is abandoning their values, and are no better than the Left. If they want to survive, they need to rethink pandering and stand for something Americans can believe in.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, I’m convinced that Glen Beck is one of strong faith, integrity and love of his country and the founders who set the wheels in motion to make America a republican form of government for the people. I don’t watch or listen to him often but I’m seeing his cable network as probably the only media outlet to teach about the history of the US as the founders had intended. He even has a show specifically intended for kids called the “Liberty Treehouse”.

        I understand now why he left FOX. I’m not suspicious of his intentions and fully believe he’s not a One Worlder eletist.
        He’s kinda “morphed” into who he is today because of the failures in his life and the incremental destruction of what America was and should still be. He’s seen and recognized the theft of the American Dream.

        I didn’t see the “Agenda 21″ thing but I’ll say this, if it was there it was there to reinforce the danger and evilness of it, not to support it, same with the global population deal.

        Glen Beck’s not crazy and he’s not one of them. He is one of those rare individuals who has failed miserably and kept getting up, rejecting his failures, to make himself a better person and risk his own personal resources to create a real media avenue unlike this country has ever seen.

        This is only my opinion and my gut feeling about Beck.
        He has stated that because he has his own cable network, he’s in a position where he doesn’t have to compromise his values and sell out for a buck.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, “Another thing is that the Republicans are going on about how their values are no longer mainstream and how they need to appeal more to Leftist thinking to survive.own that for a long time now.

        I say the opposite is true. Conservatives are bailing because the Party is abandoning their values, and are no better than the Left. If they want to survive, they need to rethink pandering and stand for something Americans can believe in.”

        Amen to that…I totally agree…but we’ve really known that for a long time now.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – The Agenda 21 thing. I considered the possibility that it was not meant to show it as a good thing, too. But if that is the case, it was not readily apparent. It was thrown in during the break, and Beck had no comment on it, so it appeared to be a “public service” announcement.

        I hope you get to see it, and let me know what you think. I was horrified.

        I want to believe he’s for real. There are also many out there who honestly believe that they are promoting good things, but don’t understand what they actually are. Not everyone promoting the NWO agenda is aware of it.

        He certainly has a way of appealing to our sense of patriotism. I’ve come to the place where I question everything and everyone, as the deception is so pervasive. There is something for everyone.

        I hold no one above reproach. After learning that Peter Thiel is a major funder and leader of the Libertarian party, I see just how they’ve managed to infiltrate everything. We cannot even trust our churches, much less those prominent in media.

        I look more at what people do, rather than listen to what they say.

      • eddie47d

        Are you bragging about your mental derangement there dear Jeffy BOY. Most of those on your list I have brought up and poked at them from a historical view. So “there you go again” LYING from both ends. Man it must get tiring doing that so much. I’ll defend the good polices of any President and denounce the bad policies of any President. (and be specific about it). You on the other hand seldom (maybe never) specify anything bad about Bush I or II,Reagan,Nixon. So practice what you preach or take a hike off a short pier!

      • JeffH

        Kate8, I hear ya and I understand what you mean when you said “I’ve come to the place where I question everything and everyone, as the deception is so pervasive.”

        I’m generally a trusting person but that doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to what is being said and what is being done by an individual or a group. I’m also a person, and I’m sure you’ve noticed this part, that when someone makes something “personal” and intentionally lies or twists things to mean the opposite I don’t forget and take pleasure in reminding them. I’m also a very loyal person to those I respect.

        I’m rambling just a bit…but I’ll make a concerted effort to look for that Agenda 21 bit on Blaze TV and then I’ll let you know what I think.

        Kate8, don’t stop being who you are. You’re a great American patriot and everything you post here is appreciated, without judgement.

        Like you said, question everything and everyone because the deception is so pervasive.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – I just saw another ad for Agenda 21 on The Blaze TV.

        A female UK voice is telling us how we’ve poisoned our planet, and how it’s “time to heal the Earth”. … -”Coming soon…Agenda 21″.

        It’s definitely promoting it. No mistake there.

        I can’t tell you how disappointed I feel. The Blaze is Beck’s own channel.

        BTW, I was listening to Wilkow! If I didn’t know different I’d think I was watching FOX News. Same talking heads (Peter Schiff, David Horowitz…)

      • Kate8

        JeffH – Here is the first commercial I saw for Agenda 21.

        Looks like I’m not the only one to be surprised by this.

      • sam1966

        Kate 8 and Jeff H., good to see you again fellow patriots. I understand what you both are saying about ed-duh and the direction this country is going. I hope this article will say something about not backing down from the good fight.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot. Keep up the good fight fellow patriots. Here is a quote that fits our current situation.

        “I would have them arrested and tried for treason, and, if convicted, by the eternal God, they should suffer the penalty of the law at the hands of the executioner.”

        Andrew Johnson

      • Kate8

        samurai – Well, you know I won’t ever back down. They can take their stupid laws and whatever and put them you-know-where. I won’t be participating.

        After the initial gut-punch of knowing Obama will stay, I think none of us were really surprised. We knew the dems would rig and cheat and steal it. It probably goes higher than that. The PTB chose him. I just read where the winner was called here in CA as soon as the polls closed. Even today there were over three million votes yet to be counted, with things running close. Same in many other states.

        Will they even count those remaining votes? Didn’t sound like it. And there are reports of outrageous voter fraud, with many Republican votes not being counted at all.

        But then, we knew it was coming. And no one knows what’s ahead. The best thing we can do is to live to bless others, and trust God to bless us. He promises to take care of His faithful even in times of adversity.

        Take heart, fellow patriot. Cheaters don’t win in the long run…it always backfires on them. There are growing numbers of people calling for their heads. People are seeing them for the treasonous weasels that they are.

        God still sits on His Throne. Nothing happens except that He allows it. Everyone reaps what they sow at some point.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, I watched Blaze and caught the Agenda 21 “I’ve lived a good lfe” video. I’m quite sure that it’s meant to be a warning, to make those that haven’t a clue of what Agenda 21 is look it up and discuss exactly what it is and what it means…Beck has been warning us about Agenda 21 for years now and he’s still warning us about how evil and sinister it is. He’s the consumate enemy of UN Agenda 21.
        He even has a book coming out this month titled AGENDA 21

        Glenn Beck’s New Book: Agenda 21 – (Release Date: November 20, 2012)

        Listen to Beck talk about it here.

      • Mikey

        I’ve seen the Agenda 21 commercials several times. I think Beck is setting us up for a series of warnings. There’s no way he’d support this.
        You mentioned voter fraud in your comments, check out this video:

      • Kate8

        JeffH and Mikey – Thanks, guys. I’ve seen two different ones now. It reminds me of the drug commercials, where they play soothing, delightful music as they tell you how they are going to kill you.

        The world is insane. I haven’t paid attention to Beck in awhile…I don’t get him on any radio. I guess Blaze has his radio show… I don’t watch much TV. I’m glad to hear that he’s spoken out against Agenda 21.

        Now that you mention it, generally the blackhearts don’t use the term Agenda 21 anymore. They couch it in terms like “sustainable development”, “smart growth” and such.

      • JeffH

        Mikey, I caught a little of Beck radio on Blaze TV this morning and he talked about all the complaints he’s recieved over the UN Agenda 21 ads that have been running…that everyone is calling them sinister and troubling and some are even threatening to cancel their subscriptions. He wants people to react to them. He wants people to become aware of just how evil Agenda 21 is. These ads are forcing people to look up and see what Agenda 21 is about all by themselves. Much more effective than listening to someone else tell you about it.

      • JeffH

        [personal attack has been deleted]

      • http://naver samurai

        Well said Kate 8 and I agree with you. Here is something about how our country is being turned into a socialist state.

        If this trend continues, we’ll have no country left. Keep up the good fight fellow patriots. As for me, it seems that the fight for this country will continue at least another 4years. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “This nation is a Christian nation.”

        Supreme Court
        Church of the Holy Trinity vs. U.S.

    • Paul Wells

      None of the libtards will believe this. This progressive movement is a disease, and like the smoker who has lung cancer and lights up another, they just can’t see what is plainly in front of their face. May God help us, and be prayerful in all things!

      • Ted Crawford

        ” It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere ” Voltaire

      • eddie47d

        Some Conservative minds are mixed in concrete and permanently set. They box themselves in with weak hate of others and only they have chosen opportunity. Where everyone else is less than them. That is a terrible disease to have and forcing yourselves to live in all that self righteousness.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Taking a few days off and coming back to find the Judas goats eddie47d and Karolyn are still here vociferous as usual.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Yes Nadzieja, and as nasty and intellectually dishonest as ever! One would think the Obama victory would have put them in a better mood?

      • eddie47d

        You’ll have to point that out to me WAKE so please don’t expect me to take your word for it. Maybe you better check your own dishonest paper trail before trying to bite into someone elses?

      • sam1966

        “I don’t think there ever was a time when newspaper lying was so general and mean as the present, and there never was a country under the sun where it flourished as it does in this. The falsehoods daily spread before the people in our newspapers, while they are proofs of the mental ingenuity of those engaged in newspaper work, are insults for the American love for decency and fair play of which we boast…”

        Grover Cleveland

        This about sums up how the MSM and the lib/progs use the press to control people, heard them like sheep, and keep them asleep to what is actually going on in this great country. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and Faith in God to be a patriot.

        “It cannot be doubted that our stupendous achievements as a people and our country’s robust strength has given rise to heedlessness of those laws governing our national health which we can no more evade than human life can escape the laws of God and nature.”

        Grover Cleveland

  • Karolyn

    Sure doesn’t sound like a “bubblehead” to me. Do your research first before talking about people, Ben. Just because somebody is an actor does not mean they’re stupid.
    Bio for Ashley Judd -

    Judd attended 13 schools before college, including the Sayre School[7] in Lexington, Kentucky, Paul G. Blazer High School in Ashland, Kentucky and Franklin High School in Tennessee.[8] She briefly tried modeling in Japan during a school break. An alumni of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Kentucky, she majored in French and minored in anthropology, art history, theater and women’s studies. She spent a semester studying in France as part of her major, a move that mirrored her role as Reed in the television series Sisters. She graduated from the UK Honors Program and was nominated to Phi Beta Kappa, but did not graduate with her class.

    Judd is also a humanaitarian and political activist.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Thanks, Karolyn, for the bio on Ashley Judd. Now we know for sure where she got all her communist ideas and ideals. Were you her classmate?? You certainly share her commie views.

    • eddie47d

      Where was communism mentioned Everyone’s FOOL? False assumptions from the far right keep getting you folks into trouble and that rabbits hole gets deeper! You can’t stand someone more intelligent that you are (Judd) so you hit below the belt and then take a cheap shot at Karolyn.

    • Annie1945

      Your party won and you have voted them back in. Now keep track of how fast and how many rights you lose. You want a nanny state you’ll have it but it is not free. It will cost us our republic. All we can hope for is after four years of this common sense and our instinct to be independent people will come back. We are now in the process of enslaving the people to the gov’t. I have no idea why any minority would desire this. Slaves holders weren’t just on the plantation.

      • Bill

        What is really funny is that Obama has used the class warfare argument of “let’s tax the rich” to sell his agenda and half of this country has fell for it hook, line and sinker.

        With their track record of spending money like a drunkin sailor, why would we think this extra tax revenues that they receive from the “rich” (the rich really is anyone that has more than you) will be used for anything productive. It is just a scam.

        What a easy way to make money, I think I will say I am a liberal and go into politics. I am tired of working so hard for my money, I need to join the band of thieves

      • eddie47d

        Oh yes and those “rich’ have used every tax advantage in the book to screw anyone beneath them. I realize that taxing them more (that terrible 15%) and they will only hide and avoid any further obligation. No wonder you wanted Romney as your “king”. SEE how both sides can play cheesy name calling games. I’m only following the Republicans lead!

      • Kate8

        Bill – No, not half the country.

        I’ll repeat these stats for those who missed it:

        60% of registered voters cast ballots.
        Half of those voted for Obama.
        That means that 70% of voters did NOT vote for Obama.

        Figure into that that many who DID vote voted more than once, were not living, were not legal or were not human.

        The man does not have a mandate. Not even close. Not that that will stop him in the least.

        Hate to say it, folks, but America just got %#&* over.

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Kate wrote: “Figure into that that many who DID vote voted more than once”.

        You are so RIGHT:
        “Obama voters are now openly bragging about committing voter fraud, by voting for Obama multiple times. They don’t even try and hide it anymore.”

        DNC Staffer Assists Double Voting In Support of Obama

        “The son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) faces a criminal investigation after a conservative group released a video of him appearing to offer advice on how to cast fraudulent ballots.”

        Illegals voted, but our troops – NOPE.

        “Just one day before America’s presidential election, it became evident that the Pentagon has dropped the ball and thousands of military voters will not receive ballots in time to participate in the election.”

    • TIME

      Dear Karolyn,

      Have you ever spoken with her in person? Have you been to her home for dinner and drinks? If not then all you have to go on is whats given as intel for the simple minded.
      { Its called ~ PUBLIC RELATION’S }
      PR people, ~ they can make you you look like an Angel or a Monster,
      She went to a few schools, so what, Everyone’s been INDOCTRINATED some where.

      The facts are that Bubble heads ~ are quite plentiful in HollyWIERD ~ its also where they grow them special on mass, thus its “NORMAL.”
      You would be lucky to find one that has a clue about much of anything.
      OMG ~ talk about ~ “Nepotism” if you are not of the CLAN / CULT ~ or can suck a door knob off the door ~ well you don’t work.

      ** Anything you can dream up ~ can be made to be real in HollyWierd at any given moment, Ever seen these “Stars” you think are so Beautiful,
      { but ~ with out the hours of makeup work?}
      If you have ~ then you know ~ “Not all that gliters is gold”

      Just saying. ;-) Don’t defend what you don’t know, everyone can express an opinion well that is for now anyway, soon perhaps not. And ~ Thats a FACT!

      Now how will we keep and protect that GOD given right to be able to express oneself on line or in our Art works, or even standing on a box on Main Street?
      Perhaps that’s something far deeper to think about, ~ other than what Ashely can do or has done or will do.. Don’t ya think?

      Peace and Love

      • eddie47d

        Karolyn presented facts and the author made a snide remark about Ashley Judd (did he have a personal interview with her or dream it all up). Hmmm! Peace and Love Brother

      • Kate8

        TIME – The truth is that those who make it big in Hollywood do so because they accepted a deal with the devil (the moneyed PTB) to promote the satanic agenda in return for funding and marketing. It’s a deal few can resist.

        John Lennon, Michael Jackson and others have confessed that this is true, that they regretted it and wanted out, but are not allowed out. It’s obvious what happens to those who do.

        I also suspect Whitney Houston, because she was a Christian gospel singer before making it big, and plunged into substance abuse, no doubt because she found it hard to live with what she had sold for fame. It’ an all-too-oft repeated story.

        All celebrities make a big deal out of “humanitarian” causes. It’s how they hook people in, and it’s only for the photo ops. They don’t give anything unless it makes headlines. And the causes are not what they seem, either.

        More examples: Angelina Jolie (admitted satanist), Madonna (Illuminati mistress)… Lady Gaga… too many to count. And we haven’t even started on the rappers…

        It’s a sad world, and they pay the price beyond what they expected. Some things just aren’t worth all the money in the world. But they learn too late.

      • TIME

        Dear Eddie,

        Facts, or perhaps better said, an “INDOCTRINATION” to information provided by whom?
        So ~ Lets see first hand ~ or speculation based on what ~ Wikipedia?

        Just for the record, you or your PR person ~ provides the info for “Wikipedia.”
        Thus ~ Wikipedia is rather ~ “SELF SERVING” ~ to say the very least.

        As I noted in my post: Ben is allowed to say what he would like {at least for now} we do still have a slight amount of freedom of speech, so really you all need to ~ ChillAxe.

        Just saying……..:-)

        Peace and Love

      • eddie47d

        So Ben can slander with no proof but Karolyn has to get slammed for bringing up relevant information. Sorry I’ll take the latter brother.

      • TIME

        Dear Eddie,

        Slander was not commited by Ben in any way shape nor form, ~ there in is the problem,
        { you fail to understand the words you read. } Thus you commit to thinking patterns that are not valid.
        This is really quite common when folks take in a lot of Floride in their drinking water, let alone the poison’s in GMO based foods.

        The end result is ~ called “Comprehension Deficit Disorder”

        You should get a “BLACKS LAW” book, that will aid you in understanding {leagl terms} far better than a Webster, as its only LEGAL TERMS.

        I do sincerely wish you All the best of luck in adjusting your mental health issues as soon as you can.
        ** Please do keep in mind that TIME is of the essence ~ You can see a Doc as its still covered under most all Insurance plans,
        But saddly ~ NOT ~ under “Obama care” but as I noted a standard policy will cover it until at least mid 2013.

        ~ Peace and Love be with you.

      • Karolyn

        Kate – I could find nothing relating to Angelina admitting to being a satanist. Was that on BIN? Why not focus on those that do good and contribute in a beneficial way to this world (of which Jolie is one). Why do you have to see an ulterior motive in everything everyone does? How about BonJovi and Bruce Springsteen doing so much for NJ in its time of need. BonJovi has a restaurant, Soul Kitchen, which serves for donations or for free, as the diner is able to pay or not. There is so much good being done by people, but all you can point to is their idiosyncracies, beliefs or lack of beliefs among other things.

      • Kate8

        Karolyn – Jolie works for the NWO “Illuminists”. She is an admitted blood-drinker. Her consorting with this crowd caused a deep rift between her and her father, John Voight.

        Her “humanitarian” actions are planned for her by her handlers, and are not what they seem. Same with Madonna and her thing about adopting African children.

        Look it up. I don’t care what you think. I’ll call a spade a spade and not put a happy face on something just so I can feel good about it.

      • JeffH

        TIME says:
        November 11, 2012 at 7:51 am
        Dear Eddie…

        Hear Hear! Spot on!

      • eddie47d

        I would say he does it everyday TIME and all the time on Saturday. Too bad you and Jeff H gobble it all up like pig swill! I knew Jeff could be bought and sold but I thought you had more Cojones TIME

      • sam1966

        The illuminati are all over the entertainment (?) industry. No doubts about that. When people find out what they are really about, they end up dead when they talk about them and quit their “group.” Just think about Tu Pac, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston.
        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “This is not a day of triumph; it is a day of dedication. Here muster, not the forces of party, but the forces of humanity. Men’s hearts wait upon us; men’s lives hang in the balance; men’s hopes call upon us to say what we will do. Who shall live up to the great trust? Who dares fail to try? I summon all honest men, all patriotic….to my side. God helping me, I will not fail them….”

        Woodrow Wilson

    • Liquid

      damn Karolyn if only you could come up with that much bio on the a$$hole in the white
      house the usa would not be in this mess

      • Mikey

        You’ve seen Obama dance, maybe he’s an entertainer as well. After all, that’s what actors do: pretend to be someone they’re not.

      • Kate8

        Liquid – Ironic, isn’t it?

        They seem to have had no trouble coming up with info on Bush, Romney and any other (so-called) conservative who rises up.

        Yet, they don’t even question that Obama has overtly kept his past HIDDEN and secret.

        Well, as secret as it can be by being covered up by the lamestream media.

        The info is out there, but it’s interesting how the Left pretends it isn’t. Doesn’t even matter how many credible investigators uncover stuff, too. They hold their ears, close their eyes and chant lalalalalala.

        If we had a citizenry who would but set aside party bias and see them for the scumbags they are, we might be able to put this nation back together. Truly, I do not understand the liberal mind, how they refuse to see anything but what they want to see, no matter how glaring the truth is.

      • bob mcbob

        kate8 you obviously forget about W and his 3way bisexual relationship that went on for years……his “male model friend who spent hundreds of nights in the White House……among others.

        then there’s that little matter of all the republican senators whose sex lives run the gamut of sexual “variance”.

        maybe you should get up and get off your sanctimonious knees and look at reality instead of party propaganda.

      • Kate8

        bob mcbob – Obviously you didn’t read my post very well, nor have you read any of them.

        I say that they are all dirty. I do not support Bush, Clinton, Obama, Bush…because they are all the same.

        All I’m saying is that many conservatives are willing to see that their ‘leaders’ are crooked and will withdraw support, where the Left protects, defends and supports theirs at all costs, refusing to see them for who they are.

        Perhaps it’s because conservatives generally don’t attribute deity to humans like the Left does. We can admit their faults because we aren’t dependent on them for anything… we acknowledge only God as being Supreme.

        This R/L things is destroying our country. Until you Lefties can stop putting your personal interests above freedom and personal sovereignty, you will continue to bring us down.

        We should not be “party patriots”. We should be American patriots, and that means seeing what these uber-wealthy, sold-out scumbags are not representing our interests at all, but are leading us to slaughter.

        Politicians to not promise “entitlements” to help people. They do it to create dependency, because without enough people relying on them for survival, they have no power. Only a self-sufficient, self-reliant and self-accountable people can sustain freedom.

        It’s the oldest trick in the book, and one that people always fall for. There is no better deception and conspiracy tyrannical powers use than the idea of “compassion”.

      • sam1966

        Care to cite a source on that Bob? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “America seeks no earthly empire built on blood and force. No ambition, no temptation, lures her to thought of foreign dominions. The legions which she sends forth are armed, not with the sword, but with the cross. The higher state to which she seeks the allegience of all mankind is not of human, but of Divine origin. She cherishes no purpose save to merrit the favor of Almighty God.”

        Calvin Coolidge

    • Ted Crawford

      Ted Kaczynski earned a Ph.D from Harvard, AND SO! !

      • Ted Crawford

        An Education, no matter how lofty the accolades, is simply an accumulation of facts.Wisdom is how one uses these facts! Hence the term “Educated Idiots”!
        ” In the first place God made Idiots. That was for pratice. Then he made School Boards! ” Mark Twain

  • Joan

    Ben Crystal is funny, and does not stoop to low Democrat nastiness. He is refreshing and I always want to hear what he has to say. Can’t say the same about all of the blind Obama followers

    • Elected4Life

      “Can’t say the same about all of the blind Obama followers” So very true. Most OF’s resort to name calling, outright hate, child like behavior and are completely void of wit, especially during debates.

      • M. Aperio

        On the evening of the 6th we have wirnessed the death of a great nation, the U S of A. One of the world’s greatest nation of all time. We now have a non-american, black muslim dictator in office. You think things are rough now, wait six months or so and you will see what rough is really like. We no longer have Americans who put America first, we now have a nation of gimme, gimme, gimmes. We also need to slam the immigration gates sut down completely. We have more foreign people here wanting to shove their ways down our throats. All praise to obuma, a complete idiot if there was ever one.

      • eddie47d

        M Aperio why are you so full of it. It is still a great nation and there is transportation to every country if you don’t like it. Illegal immigration is down and Obama has deported more than any recent President. Obama was born in Hawaii and is not a Muslim dictator so get over your cheap dog and pony show. Maybe you are the “complete I….”!

    • eddie47d

      Okay Joan point out what was either true or funny and then point out what a Democrat has said that was equally as callous. Back up your cheap shots or else it is only words from a sore loser.

      • Ted Crawford

        Richard Lamm (D) Colorado- “The Elderly people who are terminally ill have a duty to die and get out of the way”
        Ed Schultz, in reference to Cheney, calls on God to ” Take him to the Promised Land”
        Obama Campaign( I know Super Pac) calls Romney a Murder! In the case of Joe Sopics Wife!

      • eddie47d

        Thank you JOAN Crawford. That one from Lamm is a classic and was controversial for quite some time. Although it was put in a crass way so he did deserve the criticism. He meant that they should not be kept on artificial life support that prolongs their suffering or artificial living. He was concerned about the rising costs of hospital care even back then when the state demanded they be kept alive even when they didn’t want to.

      • phideaux

        Why should she eddie you never back up any of your claims with anything other than proof by bald assertion.

      • eddie47d

        I have a full head of hair Phildeaux but besides that where is the meat in your unhumble pie?

      • sam1966

        You mean what bad things did the dems do during the election ed-duh? Here is something:

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “I had felt deeply that no President should undermine the independence of legislative and judicial branches by seeking to discredit them. The Constitutional division of powers is the bastion of our ;liberties and was not designed as a battleground to display the prowess of Presidents. They just have to work with the material that God – and the voters – have given them.”

        Herbert Hoover

        It seems that has been done many times on Obama bin Laden’s watch.

  • teddy maher

    Democrats are not evil,they people just as Republican,and conservatives are…. The difference in most cases is ideology…. A conservative wants to conserve/save the fabric of the rule of law as dictated by the constitution,…The republican agenda is self serving they like some of the goodies the democrats bring while opposing others….The democratic agenda is equally as confusing but still very self serving when it comes to expanding government and the FREE LOAD…. Be advised we are Broke and the productive portion of our population is down and out…. In the final analysis this Government will go broke and the FREE LOAD will be over…

    • Nobody’s Fool

      And when the FREE LOAD goes away, the takers will start rioting, pillaging, and in general taking whatever YOU, the hard working ant have managed to stow away for the coming hard times. The grasshoppers play their days away (why not, they get Laying-on-the-Porch money) and when the well on Uncle Barack’s Plantation dries up, they blame YOU, the ant, and demand that you hand over your possessions. People like Karolyn, kenneth127, eddie47, and other idiots are on the grasshoppers’ side. We’ll see how that works out for them.

      • eddie47d

        Everybody’s FOOL nice try slick! The “takers” on Wall Street have looted America on a few occassions or were you trying to climb out of your rabbit hole when those events occurred? You must have fawned all over those “cockroaches” which crashed our economy! Where were you when the Banksters manipulated the homeowner? Where were you when the mortgage companies charged double on closing costs and got away with it? Didn’t you notice the price gouging from Big Pharma from the last decade? Didn’t you have a clue of Payday loan companies charging 400% over the original loan? Did you enjoy those sneaky increases on credit card interest rates? How about those hidden fees on your checking account? What did you do about the skyrocketing healthcare costs from private insurers and kicking folks off the roster if they got ill? Kind of defeated the purpose of insurance didn’t it? They had you coming and going but you lapped it up and enjoyed the inflation that went along with it. There are plenty of “idiots” on the “cockroach” side too little man and you are one of those looking in the mirror!

      • Bill

        Eddie 47
        You are brainwashed by the blame game media. As the housing market run up was happening, 2003,2004, 2005,it was casual conversation amongst many people that the market was going up unrealistically and that we were headed for a major crash. You, apparently believed the hype and bs while it was happening and then played the blame game when you got fleeced like the rest of the sheep.

        You have to be aware of what is going on around you so as to keep from being scammed. You are living in a fantasy world and you need to come down to reality.

      • Ted Crawford

        The primary difference between “Wall Streeters” and Obama is this; the money the Wall Streeters use,loot,or whatever, is money voluntarily given to them! Obama forces us to contribut to his funds!

      • phideaux

        I suspect eddie made a bunch of bad investment decisions and blames everyone but himself for them.

        • M. Aperio

          Very well put, right on.

      • eddie47d

        Not so true Phildeaux but no surprise in your assertion. My wife got nailed with Quest stocks thanks to Nacchio’s shenanigans so I read up on all the other companies who pulled what he did. Most got away with it and he only received 6 years. Some of us do know how the system is stacked and on more than one front.

    • Bev

      You’re on it Teddy. What these people wanted 4 more years of is beyond me. Do they want 4 more years of less than 2% growth, or higher unemployment, or retirement/investment accounts that disappear due to inflation. Or how about $10/gal for gas, money that is so worthless you need a wheelbarrow full to purchase a loaf of bread. Oh I know it was the “free healthcare” that is causing employers to drop employees like flies. Don’t purchase the insurance and Uncle Sam will be hunting you down for that pesky fine you owe, and hey, good luck on finding a doctor who will take the insurance. Yes INDEED – 4 MORE Years and we can all kiss our “collective” butts good-bye.

      • eddie47d

        Gasoline is $3.45 in Denver this week and was $3.54 for the last two months. Besides by now you should all know that crude is priced on the world market and the leaders of all nations have little say in that matter. Why do we have to keep reminding you of that? Go talk to the Speculators on Wall Street and voice your concern. Besides again drilling is up in the USA within the last four years and permits authorized by the Obama administration are up.

      • Rhett

        Bev, maybe a partial answer to your quesiton: A news story I read featured a Hispanic woman telling Obummer that he OWES them for the election. Remember the motto vote early and vote often. No matter if you’re legal or not. For anyone that’s going to trash me, don’t waste your time. I won’t read them. And, yes, I know some amazing Hispanics who are here legally, who work their butts off pay taxes, and don’t look for a handout.

      • Karolyn

        I will just keep reiterating the fact that the housing market here in rural SC is doing very well, as is the new housing boom in Charlotte. Freightliner in NC has laid off its workers to build a longer assembly line to accommodate new orders. If you look, you can find good signs; however, all conservatives look for is bad news. Aren’t you tired of spouting the same old bad news over and over. If you ask me the same about spouting good news, the answer is obvious. Good creates more good and vice versa. Just keep the negativity rolling along. It’s what you do best.

      • teaparty13

        This is for Karolyn, isn’t SC a Red state? Explains for the job growth.

      • Karolyn

        Actually, teaparty, I’ve been here 7 years, and there have never been jobs available where I live, and, yes, the state is run by the good ole boys replublican party. That’s why it is so poor. SC was in a recession way before the national one started. The Powers that be want to keep the masses in their place. Our dear Gov. Haley is a hypocrit. All she cares about is selling her book. It being a right-to-work state has not done anything for bringing in big business other than boeing. NC does fare better, especially the Charlotte area, because it’s run by Democrats.

      • Kate8

        I hate to tell you this, Karolyn, but the states who are in the worst shape (that is, more than just poor. We’re talking hopelessly bankrupt) are democrat.

        I know. I live in CA, and too many decades of democrat control have decimated this state. We now have overflowing welfare (much of it immigrant, both legal and illegal), and business is regulated out existence. We are so beyond bankrupt that our state has been sold to foreign interests, and is being governed by the UN.

        Take a look at places like Detroit and other democrat stronholds. I defy you to present an example of a thriving democrat economy. And you can’t count places where politicians live. They are the only ones with money, which they’ve stolen from us.

        The fact is that the states which are the better off are Republican. It’ s the democat policies of spending what they don’t have that has caused this. But then, their whole aim was to bring America down through bankruptcy and economic meltdown, a state at a time.

      • Karolyn

        Well, Kate, i can only speak for where I live. Also, look at Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama.

      • Kate8

        Karolyn – I didn’t say that ALL red states are doing well. Obviously, no one is doing THAT well.

        I just said that the only states which are doing better are Republican. There is not one democrat state that is not in a horrible mess.

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Kate, libtards like Karolyn and eddy are totally dismissive of the REAL FACTAS.

        Here you have the TEN POOREST CITIES with population over 250,000 & the percentage (%) of People below the Poverty Level
        1. Detroit, MI – 32.5%
        2. Buffalo, NY – 29.9%
        3. Cincinnati, OH – 27.8%
        4. Cleveland, OH – 27.0%
        5. Miami, FL – 26.9%
        5. St. Louis, MO – 26.8%
        7. El Paso, TX – 26.4%
        8. Milwaukee, WI – 26.2%
        9. Philadelphia, PA – 25.1%
        10. Newark, NJ – 24.2%

        Take a guess WHAT ALL these cities with the highest poverty rate have in common?
        Yep. The Mayors of these cities (ALL Cities) are Democratic Asses.

        Detroit, MI (1st on the list) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1961.
        Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1954.
        Cincinnati, OH (3rd) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1984.
        Cleveland, OH (4th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1989.
        Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican mayor.
        St. Louis, MO (6th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1949.
        El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican mayor.
        Milwaukee, WI (8th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1908.
        Philadelphia, PA (9th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1952.
        Newark, NJ (10th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1907.

    • Gary White

      They are evil but you have been dumbed down by media and school indocrination so much you can no longer use reason and logic to look forward and anticipate problems created by actions in the present . Hence ,you fall for short term solutions that only make things worse in the future. A bandage on an arterial lasceration, that causes catastrophic failure when the patient begins to actually move again. Thats what has happened to our country. The colapse is coming and the communists in the Stalin- Hitler group are going to take over and reign with death and destruction once again. GOD have mercy on those of us who still have souls.

      • Karolyn

        A bit dramatic are we not? EVERYBODY has a soul. The only difference is that some are in touch with who they really are, while others are only aware of the physical plane and what they can get. However, there is hope. There is always hope.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Not so Karolyn The jewish believe if you are not a jew that you are less than human and have no soul . they call the soulless Goyim !

      • Bill

        Your comments are right on, Gary

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Lefty Jimmy, Jews do NOT preach the hate and jihad like your muslim friends do and the “holy” book of your “leader” teaches.

        “Slay the UNBELIEVERS wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191
        “When opportunity arises, KILL the INFIDELS WHEREVER YOU CATCH THEM.” Qur’an 9:5

        “Any religion other than Islam is NOT ACCEPTABLE.” Qur’an 3:85

        “The Jews and the Christians are PERVERTS; FIGHT THEM.”… Qur’an 9:30

        “Maim and CRUCIFY the INFIDELS IF THEY CRITICIZE ISLAM” Qur’an 5:33


        “TERRORIZE and BEHEAD those WHO BELIEVE IN SCRIPTURES OTHER THAN the Qur’an.” Qur’an 8:12

        “I [muhammed] shall cast TERROR into the hearts of the INFIDELS. STRIKE OFF THEIR HEADS, STRIKE OFF THE VERY TIPS OF THEIR FINGERS.” Qur’an 8:12

        Jewish mothers do NOT put on the child’s waist explosive belt and send a child to blow up himself and “Goyim” a.k.a. “gentiles” or pagans.

        May allah’s piss be upon you.

    • eddie47d

      What have you been doing to put the brakes on the reckless behavior from the Banks and Wall Street Bill and Ted? Aren’t you playing the blame game yourselves. If you can’t have a face off with what the Big Corporations and Banksters have done to us then it is only cheap conversation blaming it all on Big Government. They may scratch each others backs but all we are getting is fleas.

    • MNIce

      You say Republicans like some of the goodies government can bring – please quote the relevant planks from the Republican Party platform. Except for pro forma statements about keeping the promises of Social Security and Medicare, I don’t know of any.

  • Bob W

    Comedy at its best…. while times for liberty are at their worst. Thanks for giving me a chuckle:)

  • Fred17

    spktruth200 has a hilarious name given what he spouts. Obviously he’s never fact checked Obama’s huge amount of lies.

    • eddie47d

      When has the author of this article done any fact checking? You are all so gullible!

      • Stach

        eddie47d you are such a blow hard. You spoutings show what a stoog you are. BTW oil production is up on private land under state permits, not on federal land with federal permits. look it up [comment has been edited] . I bet you believed obummer whe nhe said he would use the money saved by ending the wars for education. That’s after he told you bubble heads we were borrowing the money to pay for those wars. What money would be saved to pay for education? Oh I see, we’ll just start borrowing for education instead of the wars. Why don’t you find a leftard site to blog, Dum [expletive deleted].

      • eddie47d

        I see the name calling is Stacked in your favor Stach. Typical Republican blowhard. Those federal lands are for all not only oil companies. As Obama said they can’t just buy up permits and take the tax breaks. They either have to drill or get out. Those non working permits are how the wealthy become richer at tax time which you must endorse. Talk about scamming the system no wonder we are broke!

  • braindeadus

    Don’t cry I am a Ron Paul supporter you had a chance to elect a moral man, military man, intellegent man, financial genius, and a man who cares for our country.

  • Jim43

    What does not make any sense is that this country is not a Democracy. It is a Representative Republic. We do not directly elect but elect those who will elect the President based upon the population in each state. Each state is supposed to under the Constitution decide how it will conduct elections. It is a shame that so many people believe or have been indoctrinated into thinking this is a democracy.

    • Bill

      It is moving towards being a democracy where we have 50% wolves anf 50% sheep. We will be in big trouble when we have 60% wolves

    • Ted Crawford

      Saddly Jim43, we are a Democracy! We definately weren’t founded that way, but rather as a Constitutional Republic, and for 132 years (with the possible exception of the Lincoln Administration) we remained so. Interestingly enough, it was almost exactly 100 years ago that our Republic ended, with the election of our first real Socialist President Woodrow Wilson! We’ve degenerated into this sad Representative(?) Democracy, in fits and starts, since then! It’s poetic justice, I guess, that even that would end, as predicted even as the Nation was born, with the re-election of our last President, not so much a Socialist as a Marxist, Obama!

  • Vicks

    Amen What a joke this election and main stream news people are with this love affair with this incompetent White House

  • hipshotpercusion

    “If you put it in a handsome package, promoted it and advertised it properly, you could sell the average American a bag of Horse Manure.” This was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt on November 6th 2012.

    • eddie47d

      Then you must have purchased a whole barnyard full of “manure” in 2000 and then an extra helping in 2004!

      • Beachsnake

        Yes.I know, the manure is part of the “go green” policy Obummer has in mind. That is truly all we will get, is more manure with this administration. The men that spent several years assmbling the Constitution created something that is probably one of the most perfect documents ever constructed for creating a government. Our problem is, the more we try to perfect it, the worse we are making our government. The sad thing is we are taking too much for granted and destroying the document that has created one of the most perfect societies to ever exist on God’s green earth. We are gradually dissassembling the structure that our forefathers created. The light is on but we are frantically working to allow it to burn out.

      • eddie47d

        You are partially right in that manure makes a great energy source and can be contained and used as fuel on a wide scale. Only requirement to make it profitable is 200 head of cattle. Instead of bellyaching why don’t you invest in manure futures.

    • Bill

      So True, I think I am going to start a carbon credits brokerage. What a sweet deal. Out of 30,000 scientists, I got 77 to agree that man is causing any problem that has to do with the weather. Then I get the UN to agree to this easy money cash flow idea under the guise that we will make those big bad capitalists pay their fair share to those poor impoverished nations, and, we all know that the people in charge will be the real recepients of the funds, Then we get the polititians to force all businesses to pay carbon tax if they want to stay in business and if you want to expand your business, you have to buy more carbon credits.

      Genius. I am going to jump on the band wagon and get rich like the rest of the globalists

      Remember, If it sunny outside, it is global warming.
      If it is cold outside, it is global warming
      If it rains, it is global warming
      it it snows, it is global warming
      If it is a drought, it is global warming
      If it is flooding, it is global warming

      This is great, anyone want to buy some carbon credits

      • Hedgehog

        Sorry Bill, the Liberal government of British Columbia beat you to it! They’ve been telling people that for years, carbon tax and all.

  • Motov

    The main difference between true conservatives and liberals is,…True conservatives create wealth, liberals consume wealth. Right now the parasites (liberals) are killing off the conservative hosts, in short, conservatives can no longer afford the liberal spending sprees and they already maxed out all their credit cards, but yet want to continue their lifestyles,….sorry time to face the music!

    • Karolyn

      So you are saying that liberals don’t create wealth? Uh, I think you are wrong. Do we need a list of wealthy liberals for you to see this? Your assumptions may be based on a certain class of people, but you can’t attribute it to a whole idelogical group. I know conservatives who get welfare and food stamps and also those who would if they could.

      • Motov

        That is because if you reach for a liberal’s pocket they will slap your hand away, they know how to spend other people’s money, but don’t you dare try and spend theirs.
        True conservatives accept their own responsibilities, neocons don’t.

      • Ted Crawford

        Perhaps you misunderstood Karolyn. he refered to “CREATING’ wealth not simply amassing it! Obama has spent his life distributing and amassing wealth (didn’t to very well at the latter untill you elected him President, now he’s a multi-millionaire in only four years)! Obama haden’t created anything in his entire life, untill he created this disaster we now suffer with!

      • Karolyn

        Where did I mention Obama. I said “liberals.”

      • bob mcbob

        this liberal says “shut up and go clean the toilets.use your fingernails this time. I said clean! whatever your name is”.

    • eddie47d

      You’re killing me Motov! Millions of jobs were created by Liberals Steve Jobs and Bill Gates or how about Pat Stryker of Colorado. We also have Pete Coors a Republican who creates jobs so it goes both ways but you want to keep festering the great divide. Maybe those Conservative and patriotic unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan created some of that imbalance. Maybe all those Corporate fraud cases (Regas,Nacchio,Etc) exacerbated the economic problems. You can’t keep feeding the pigs at the Elite troughs with ridiculous golden parachutes and expect companies to continue to do well. Those “parasites” CONSUMED too much. They hung themselves just like Wall Street but the Middle Class had to pick up the tab. Its definitely “time to face the music” on several fronts.

      • Kate8

        Last time I looked, Bill Gates employes mostly foreigners. He either imports them or ships the jobs overseas, to say, India.

  • gcelebrate

    It shows you how far the democrats have gone by watching their convention when they voted to put God in their platform and when He was put in not by popular vote there were boo’s all across the auditorium, and when they say the republicans are going to take away your food and other things is all a big lie, I learned over 20 years ago when the dems proposed a 3 dollar increase on school lunch programs and the republicans proposed a 2.50 increase the dems called it a cut and said the republicans were going to cut food for your children, how is a 2.50 increase a cut its not its just another scare tactics the dems have used to scare people into voting for them.

    • eddie47d

      Not exactly Gcelebrate: They did not boo God. They booed the hot button issue of Jerusalem where both the State of Israel and the Palestiaians want that Holy City as their capitol. For Republicans to keep saying that is a scare tactic to inflame the religious right. Alot of things are said within both parties to demonize the other side and that hasn’t changed since the beginning of politics.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Were screwed !

  • x-mil

    Wow…., and which side has done their best to take GOD out of everything? REALLY !!! God gave us JUST what we deserved.. the snake in the “House”
    Better “Pray” the next time you go to your knees instead of what you normally do!

    • Paul Wells

      I was having a discussion about this very thing with a friend the other day. I lamented that it was beyond pale that we Christians did not stand up to Madalyn Murray O’Hair some 60 years ago, when she started the movement to remove prayer and God from almost all public institutions. I was young then, and probably like others, never thought she could ever be successful, in so doing. In retrospect, that is when the “fight” should have started. Now, the genie is out of the bottle (for many, many years, actually) and it will be hard to reverse any of this, and yes, we brought this all upon ourselves. But, prayer heals all, so keep praying. Those who will rage against God shall be shown their folly…and right soon, I’d expect!

      • eddie47d

        That is the whole point of having PUBLIC institutions so that All the public can enjoy or use the facilities not just Christians. Conservatives are too busy body trying to bar others from using and being free in public places. You or even myself can go into public institutions as Christians and there is no need to designate one religion for those places. Everyone is welcomed and not forced to accept someone elses beliefs.

      • Karolyn

        Why would you assume that whoever does not believe as you do are “raging” against God.

      • Paul Wells

        That was NOT my assumption, but it sure was your assumption that that was what I meant. Not all rage against God, but there are certainly a lot who have quit believing in him. And yes, there are some who do rage against him. Either way, when the end comes, I’ll surely want to stand with those who never wavered in faith.

  • RichardS

    Ashley Judd… I’ve always liked her hair. Count me in!

  • michael a.

    I guess I’m just not in the mood for this right now-I am fit to be tied with this election, and
    I need something more satisfying than ridiculing Liberals, like maybe actually removing them.

  • Jim

    Don’t blame me, people. I voted for Jeff Davis

  • JJ Swiontek

    Good Morning Mr. Crystal,

    For The Record, I held my nose and voted for Mitt Romney because I really wanted Obama out.

    The past is done. Now, about 2016.

    Will the GOP leadership choose another Mitt Romney (white bread liberal) to run in 2016? Will they again commit primary Voter Fraud to force their candidate on the Party? Will they ignore the membership? Will they break their own Party rules against their delegates? Will they support a mix of Facsism, Crony-capitalism, and ignore that “God-[comment has been edited] Piece of Paper”?

    The answer to these and many more damning questions is: YES!!!

    Choices have consequences.

    If the GOP leadership doesn’t fundamentally change, then the Democrats will be in control for another 40 years.

    It is really up to the GOP leadership. Their choice.

    Yours in Freedom and Liberty,

    JJ Swiontek,
    Denver, CO

    Write me if you wish to talk on this more.

    • Bill

      You are right JJ,
      I felt that Romney was a milktoast that was unsellable to the public. The GOP is a dying party. The only saviors for our free market system is the tea party, but we saw what happened to them.

      The joke is one the people that voted for Obama. The chickens will come home to roost soon, and the people siiting around will their hand out will just get it slapped.

      I will never forget the good old days under Reagan where free market capitalism was considered a good thing and anyone who could breath could find a good job

  • JoAnn Dolberg

    When the Biblical standard of morality disappears, so do all the social, political and economic standards disappear. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes, and when the Lord has had enough, He will end it all. It matters not whether one is labeled Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, or Communist, etc., when civil disobedience reigns in both leadership and citizenship, the country will be judged. The written Word of God is in our hands for a reason, and the reason is not that we have a coffee table book!

    • http://google joseph yechout

      Right JoAnn, In Chronicles God is addressing Solomon after he finished the Tabernacle,
      He says, ” If I, { God} send pestilence, crop failure, and disasters of various kinds,
      ” sent for correction”, and my people who are called by my name, pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked
      ways, Then, will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and HEAL their land.
      He has done this countless times for a goad, whip or rod, for correction as his people
      strayed countless times. Just the legalized abortion alone would be enough to bring
      this about. But it all stems from turning away from him who gave us this exceptional
      country, made so by our inherent freedoms declared in our Constitution.
      But as we’ve seen this admin. began by declaring the constitution is a ” living”
      document, meaning it can be massaged to include the desires of the far left.
      As OB has said,” I wouldn’t wanrt my daughters punished with a child.”
      It is for God’s people, ” Who are called by his name” to repent. Meaning not the unbelievers. We are the ones who are to lead.This is his command.

      • JoAnn Dolberg

        Hi Joseph….I know the Bible well, and it is true that Christians are to lead as examples of the power of God’s Word in their own sinful flesh. We are not perfect, but we aspire to God’s standards. The population at large, however, has civil laws, a moral code, to which they should adhere. These laws, while not specific as to religion, protect the individual’s rights, person and property, and should be in conformity to the truths presented in the Word of God, as that is the absolute standard. Liberty carries with it, individual responsibility, and it does no harm to anyone over which it reigns. When people decide to kill the Constitution, (a “living” document), it is no wonder that they also kill the unborn. The living document with which we should concern ourselves is the Word of God, alive and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.

    • Karolyn

      So all the people who do not believe as you do are wrong. Did you ever stop to think that they feel as strongly in their beliefs as you do? How about beliefs the existed before Christ? NOBODY can say with absolute certainty they are right. The Bible was writte by man who certainly is infallible. Then when you think about the possible errors and/or changes made by scribes, who knows? All I believe in is live and let live.

      • JoAnn Dolberg

        It is amazing that you believe in “Live and let live.” So does the God of the Bible that is inspired by God and written by Holy men who were carried along by the Holy Spirit. God gave you (and everyone else), free will and He does not interfere with the function of it….yet. The time is coming when He will interfere. Freedom demands responsibility and accountability, and apparently there are quite a few people who do not understand that aspect of it. They believe they are free to say or do whatever they want to say or do, without paying consequences and without caring what theirspeech or actions may do to others. Our laws are supposed to reflect righteousness, which are compatible with the Laws of the Word of God. Are you understanding what I am saying? This has nothing to do with whether you believe in God and His Word….it has everything to do with how you treat other people. There is not a thing wrong with being able to discern what is morally right and what is morally wrong. This is what helps the human race to avoid an attempt to kill others with their words and their deeds. Civilizations need righteous and just laws. Any good student of history or the Bible, either one, will tell you that when a civilization becomes corrupt, as we are today, the kingdom, the country goes down. That is the direction we are presently headed. Try not to be a part of that action.

  • jopa

    Nobody said it was an earthquake Ben, but I have heard the term landslide a whole lot this past week.Obama takes all but one swing state and has a three million plus lead in the popular vote is truly amazing.Over a billion dollars spent to slander him, and the American voter was smart enough to know all the things said about him negatively were far out Retardican lies.All of the hate by the right sure came back to bite them this time around.The war on women will be remembered like “Remember the Alamo” in that there were so many hate filled candidates with full support of their party.The worst being Aikin,Murdoch,Ryan,Limbaugh,Huckabee and Walsh to name a few.The Democrats are just such a nicer group of people as a whole and care for others not just themselves.The election results Tuesday were an act of God according to Karl Rove.I will have to go with Gods choice on this one.

    • Paul Wells

      God didn’t choose Obama, jopa. Flawed human beings like you and me did. God did allow this to happen, however, and it appears that Obama’s election has sealed our fate. I kind of doubt that any of us will see the year 2016, as a result, and the US is FINISHED as a super power. We’ll be relegated to the history books as another great nation that become infatuated with it’s own naval, and imploded from within. So, keep patting yourself on the back, about how “wonderful” the Democrats are, as America burns, and Obama fiddles!

  • just reality

    Get real, republicans. You need a different plan. Drop your own personal religious beliefs and your telling people that adults can not use marijuana or use birth control or have abortions — those are personal individual choices that the govt. (and you) have no business in.

    But keep after the president about how his limitless spending on wars and bailouts will eventually destroy the dollar’s value and our standard of living. And keep after him and develop your platform about how he (and congress) is allowing the loss of our personal freedoms. And keep after him about the continuation of democrat-made trade agreements, currently the TransPac agreement going on behind closed doors, that allows corporations to ship our jobs overseas and like Clinton did with NAFTA, has destroyed the middle class.

    As a fiscal conservative / moral progressive, I am tired of being stuck with the choice between dumb and dumber.

  • Karolyn

    This is the kind of greed we have to contend with. These wealthy scumbags hold us all captive! “Papa John”, who lives in a 40,000 sq. ft.castle with a drawbridge with his own golf course says he may have to lay people off because he can’t afford to charge an extra 14 cents per pizza to pay for Affordable Care! What is wrong with these people? Where is their humanity?

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      What are u talking about? You are rambling. Your posts make no sense. Slow down, take a deep breath…

      • jopa

        Wake upSleepy;Karolyns post makes perfect sense if you have a clue what has been talked about in the news over the past twelve months.It is the clueless in America like you I find a little scary.Willing to follow Romney right over the cliff and not know why.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        It is you that is clueless, otherwise you would know that i supported neither one, oh clueless one! Are you always this stupid?

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      The major media have developed a fascination with Mitt Romney’s offshore accounts. But billionaire George Soros, the money bags for Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and various Marxist groups, operates an offshore hedge fund, Quantum Funds, which makes the source of his funds practically impossible to determine.

      One Soros investment vehicle, according to his biographer, Michael T. Kaufman, is based in Curacao, another in the Cayman Islands. Kaufman describes the Soros machine as “a somewhat Byzantine money-making corporation.” So far, according to the official Soros estimate, he has spent $8 billion on various “progressive” and “human rights” causes.

      In terms of sheer wealth alone, Soros makes Romney look like a piker. Soros is worth a
      reported $22 billion. But while Romney has invested in American companies, Soros is using his billions to destroy American capitalism and the American way of life.

      He is considered by some the virtual owner of the Democratic Party, having contributed lavishly to the party, its causes and candidates, including Obama. Soros had backed Obama for president in 2008, saying that he had “the charisma and the vision to radically reorient America in the world,” and personally contributed $50,000, the maximum allowed, to the Obama inauguration.

      Soros made his first big money because of advice provided by Jim Rogers, his junior partner, who had recommended defense industry stocks and helped Soros profit from a defense boom. Today, however, the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP) argues for massive defense cuts and was instrumental in the Obama policy change permitting open homosexuals in the Armed Forces of the United States. Our analysis shows that CAP is one of the top 15 organizations supported financially by the Soros-funded Open Society Institute (OSI).

      The leading recipient of Soros money is the ACLU, which is so extreme that it favors the legalization of all drugs, even heroin and crack cocaine, and opposes virtually all measures taken to curtail drug use. In another example of its extremist approach, the group has rejected funds from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, and participation in the Combined Federal Campaign, because acceptance of the money would require adopting measures to make sure it does not employ terrorists or support terrorist activity.

      Read the rest here:

  • Karolyn
  • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

    If You’re an American you should see THIS! Posted April 2009

  • Oris

    what kind of man has to offer free stuff to get people to like & follow him & see past all of his Lies& Deciept??? A man with no Character or Integrity tHATS WHO!!!!

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      It is not a man, it is a system; a malevolent, spiritual-system. Obama is only a patsy…a hand-puppet. You need to be worried about the power behind the man. The man is irrelevant!

  • alboy5

    Get ready for the leap over the fiscal cliff.

  • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

    For the past two years we have been receiving information from a longtime Democratic Party operative who has worked at the highest levels of American politics -including direct access to presidential administrations. Once closely allied to the Clinton machine, and then later playing a significant role in helping to elect Barack Obama in 2008, this individual came to realize just how inept and dangerous was the then-newly elected President Obama and his circle of closest advisers, namely Valerie Jarrett.

    Since that time this insider has time and again shared information that has later proven accurate, including rampant White House infighting, re-election strategies, Obama’s strained relationship with Democrats in Congress and the U.S. military, and more personal details specific to Barack Obama the man – a figure who suffers from emotional extremes including depression and who spends far more time in his second floor White House study than he does working in the Oval Office as President of the United States.

    Read the rest here:

    Valerie Jarret Bio:

    Valerie B. Jarrett
    AKA Valerie Bowman

    Born: 14-Nov-1956
    Birthplace: Shiraz, Iran

    Gender: Female
    Race or Ethnicity: Black
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Business, Government
    Party Affiliation: Democratic

    Nationality: United States
    Executive summary: White House Office of Public Liaison

    Tom Leonard, “Valerie Jarrett Leads Barack Obama’s Influential Black Advisers”, London Telegraph, 6 November 2008: “In one of his first appointments, Mr. Obama named Valerie Jarrett — an African American businesswoman, senior advisor and close family friend — as one of the leaders of his White House transition team.”
    Treasurer for the Hopefund, a Barack Obama PAC.

    Father: James E. Bowman (pathologist, b. 5-Feb-1923, d. 28-Sep-2011 renal cancer)
    Mother: Barbara Taylor
    Husband: William Robert Jarrett (m. 1983, div. 1988, one daughter)
    Daughter: Laura

    High School: Northfield Mount Hermon School, Northfield, MA (1974)

    Law School: BA, Stanford University (1978)

    Law School: JD, University of Michigan Law School (1981)

    Administrator: Trustee, University of Chicago

    White House Staff Director, Office of Public Liaison (2009-)

    The Habitat Company President and CEO (2007-09)

    The Habitat Company EVP (1995-2007)

    Illinois State Official Chairman, Chicago Transit Authority (1995-2003)

    Illinois State Official Chicago Department of Planning and Development Commissioner

    Illinois State Official Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard M. Daley

    Illinois State Official Chicago Deputy Corporation Counsel, Finance and Development

    Member of the Board of Chicago Stock Exchange (2000-07, as Chairman, 2004-07)

    Member of the Board of Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (2006-07)

    Member of the Board of Navigant Consulting, Inc.

    Member of the Board of USG (1998-)

    Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Trustee

    Carol Moseley Braun for President

    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

    Gephardt for President

    German Marshall Fund Board of Directors

    John Kerry for President

    Joyce Foundation Board of Directors

    New Leadership for America PAC

    Obama for America

    Obama for Illinois

    • bob mcbob


  • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

    Blogs heat up about Valerie Jarrett’s rumored role in alleged US, Iran secret talks

  • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)
  • Mark Williams

    Can you say not funny? Lame!

    Leave the comedy to Bill Mahre and stick to what you guys are really good at, running really horrible candidates for office.

    • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

      Bill Maher, like his counterpart Rush Limbaugh, is not a comedian. He is a radical Democrat activist. Maher and HBO continually pass off his racially divisive and demeaningly stereotypical commentary as political satire. It is designed to inflame Democrats and further exacerbate and expand the false left-right paradigm the establishment exploits every election season in order to steer the outcome.

      “If you’re thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you,” Maher said last week. It apparently did not occur to Maher or HBO that this is the sort of behavior used by the Nazis and communists against their political enemies”.

      Maher’s comment, however, was not a threat, but simply another attempt to inject division and polarization into the election. He is cynically pandering to heavily indoctrinated Democrats who believe Republicans are akin to Dickensian neanderthals determined to bring the entitlement state cherished by Democrats to its knees (despite the fact Republicans have supported entitlements for decades) and instinctively work to disenfranchise black people and other minorities.

      Bill Maher has made a career out of espousing such derogatory and stereotypical comments about black Americans. They should denounce him as a foul-mouthed instigator and Democrat operative.

      Black Americans, in fact all Americans regardless of color or gender, should reject both parties out of hand and understand that the establishment will do whatever is necessary to make certain voters do not vote for real change of the sort offered by Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and libertarians and constitutionalists.

      The Democrat-Republican one party system is the political arm of the elite and their banking and corporate structure of economic and ultimately social domination. Bill Maher is a handsomely paid shill on the Democrat “left” side of that scheme. It is his job to make sure black people vote for Obama. On the other side of the paradigm, Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans warn the faithful about the threat of a Obama victory and called for Romney victory.

      A few examples of Maher’s foul-mouth commentary follow:

      “If Obama was a “real” black president, he would be a criminal with a gun”.

      Bill Maher Jokes About Obama Not Being a ‘Real Black President’ With A Gun In His Pants.

      “How many Muslims does a black guy have to kill in one weekend before crackers climb down off his ass?”


      In December, 2010, Maher told CNN: “I thought when we elected the first black president, as a comedian, I thought that two years in that I’d be making jokes what a ‘gangsta’ he was. You know. And not that he’s President Wayne Brady, you know, I thought we were getting Suge Knight.” Suge Knight is the founder of Death Row Records. He is a convicted felon who has served two prison terms for assault and drug offenses.”

      Bill Maher is a “Race Pimp” for the False Left-right Paradigm.

      “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid Galilee of its Arab population.” -David Ben-Gurion (Founding Father of the State of Israel and First Israeli Prime Minister), from Ben-Gurion, a Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar (May 1948)

      • Mark Williams

        Comparing Bill Maher to Rush is a joke Bill Maher is a comedian Rush is not funny and takes himself very seriously.

        Democrats don’t quake in fear if Maher does not agree with them lie Repugs do if they get on Rushes bad side.

        Maher cuts right to the truth and that is something the right can’t stand.

        Curious are you suggesting violence against people you disagree with? Is that how the right plans on dealing with electoral defeat?

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Mark says: Curious are you suggesting violence against people you disagree with? Is that how the right plans on dealing with electoral defeat?

        Do you suffer from reading comprehension, Mr. William, or do you make it a habit of deliberately distorting what others say?

      • Kate8

        Gee, if everyone thinks the election was legit, why is it that increasing numbers of states are declaring their intent to secede?

        We’re into double digits now, with more planning to do so.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        Comparing Bill Maher to Rush is a joke Bill Maher is a comedian Rush is not funny and takes himself very seriously.

        Both are shills, race-pimps, for the elite-power-structure, Mr. Williams. The only difference between the two is that, one uses left-wing cover, the other uses right-wing cover. So you are correct, comparing the two is pointless. Which of the two is funnier? A better question; Which of the two is the biggest whore?

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        The US election process is a propaganda show, Kate8.

      • sam1966

        Here is an article showing that states already have filed papers to secede.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot/

  • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

    If central bankers start all the wars, are veterans heroes, or mercenaries & dupes?

    Wars are the closest thing to hell on earth. Of course, they are devised by satanists. Why do we accept them as inevitable and acceptable when they are not?

    When the United States and England loaned Mexico money in 1903 using its customs revenue as collateral, Illuminati banker Jacob Schiff cabled his English counterpart, Ernest Cassel:

    “If they don’t pay, who will collect the customs?”

    Cassel replied:

    “Your marines and ours.” (The Life of Otto Kahn, p. 22)

    Marine General Smedley Butler (1881-1940) confirmed that he was “a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers.”

    In War is a Racket (1935) he wrote: “I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.”

    Flash forward to 2011 when NATO fomented and led a “revolution” in Libya, one of only four countries that didn’t have a Rothschild central bank. Now Libya does.

    They don’t call it imperialism anymore. They call it “Our mission in Libya.” Soldiers aren’t mercenaries; they are “missionaries.”


    All wars are organized by the Illuminati bankers to collect or incur debt, plunder or profit, and advance their program for “world government” tyranny. They appeal to our patriotism to sucker us in. We are told we are fighting to “preserve freedom” when the opposite is actually the case.

    So how should we regard veterans? Certainly a few are heroes, but usually in a bogus cause.

    I think we have to regard them as dupes and mercenaries of the bankers. We have all been duped for a very long time. That gives Veteran’s Day a tinge of cynicism and pathos.

    On Nov. 11, we are mostly commemorating World War Two. While we were losing fathers and sons, Allied and Nazi central bankers were huddled in Basel at the Bank of International Settlements mainly financing the Nazis.

    The BIS handed over to the Nazis the national treasure of Czechoslovakia, Holland and Belgium to ensure the war could go on. This gold, worth $378 million at the time, was the basis of loans to the Nazis and was never returned.

    The BIS accepted and stored Nazis plunder — art, diamonds and precious metals including dental gold and wedding rings from concentration camp inmates.

    The US Federal Reserve, the Banks of England, France, Italy, Japan and the Reichsbank were all members of the BIS. The Nazi Reichsbank had most seats but the BIS President was a Rockefeller factotum Thomas H. McKittrick (1889-1970). (Significantly he has no Wikipedia entry.)

  • Sandals…

    Maybe the Dems want to experience their great grand parents’ Great Depression. They vote for the “Candy Man,” when they know the store is empty. How sad for Americans who understand.

  • organicroseski2

    Maybe the Dems want to experience their great grandparents’ Great Depression. They voted for a Candy Man when they know the store is empty. This is sad for all the American people who understand.

  • jopa

    Well at least the Republicans are making a little headway, they were just totally flabbergasted not too long ago even on this site if someone said the word SEX.There was a story that had the word sex in the heading and several conservatives started to condemn this as looking like a porn site when they turned on their computers in the morning.I guess after the bow legged wide stance of Larry Craig being in the news for so long they can accept Petraeus’s cheating on his wife in that the other person was at least a woman this time.PLD may have lost a few readers on this issue in the past but I really think they came back under differant names.Sex is beautiful and OKAY to talk about.You owe your existence to sex.


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