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Thad Allen Spits On The 1st Amendment

July 7, 2010 by  

Thad Allen Spits On The 1st Amendment

It’s not just the environment being damaged as the Deepwater Horizon oil well continues to spew crude into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s also the 1st Amendment.

New rules issued last week by the United States Coast Guard prevent the public—and that includes reporters and photographers—from getting within 65 feet of any oil response vessel or booms on the water or beaches. Violators can be fined up to $40,000 and charged with a Class D felony.

Both local and national reporters are complaining that the restrictions prevent them from accurately covering the response to the spill. Response head Thad Allen of the Coast Guard defended the new restrictions by first saying it was for the safety of the public, then changing it to the safety of the workers.

These restrictions are in addition to restrictions on aircraft over the area, and rules that ban the workers from speaking to the media.

Clearly what’s at work here is BP and the Federal government are trying to cover up the lousy job they’re doing with the cleanup. And maybe they’re also covering up some shenanigans as well.

There have been reports of workers suffering from ailments attributed to exposure to the oil and/or chemicals and of sand being dumped on the beaches to cover up tar balls. But getting an accurate picture of what is going on is impossible with the government’s restrictions.

As a candidate, President Barack Obama promised the greatest transparency ever from his administration. But as has been the case with this president since his inauguration, reality is far removed from his campaign rhetoric.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Al Sieber

    As a candidate Obama promised a lot, as president he delivered nothing. I’ve heard other reports to this effect that their censoring all news that comes out of the gulf.

    • William

      yes he does deliver. he blames bush for everything,

    • JC

      They’re also taking the Campaign for Liberty people to court to shut them up. C4L has been publishing and distributing lists of Congressmen and Senators who are pushing socialist policy and advocating that they be voted out. The Federal Elections Committee
      has gobe after them with D.C.’s blessing. C4L is under a gag order and is not allowed to talk about the charges.

      Communism and Censorship…
      Are we there yet?

      • William

        getting closer every day JC. keep your powder dry boys,

        • JC

          That and a whole lot more.

          • kate8
          • JeffH

            kate8…this sentance is the message we all need to pay close attention too.

            “And there are Leftwing groups in this country that would use whatever means necessary to prevent that from happening.”
            Does SEIU come to mind?

          • kate8

            JeffH, It seems that they are up to creating something and then blaming people like us.

            Notice how they are keeping the blows coming at an ever-increasing pace. Dissing the American people on one issue after another. They are provoking us, and if we don’t blow, they’ll create an event so they can act on it.

          • JeffH

            kate8, they’ve done a pretty good job of dividing Americans…thank God that more are realizing it. As you well know, some just aren’t capable of grasping that fact and continue to believe in the “hope & change” despite the fact that even some of the Democrats and MSM are questioning the POTUS decision making.
            We all must continue to communicate and keep whatever pressure is available to oust these fakes from our country and our lives. Republicans included…nobody’s job is safe in DC, it’s open season…

          • Normal Guy


            If you do any research, which none of you parrots seems to be capable of, you will find that the ‘Consequence Management Response Force’ was put in PLace by Bush. Big controversy at the time shifting authority nto the Federal Government from the States.

            You will also learn that they are not allowed to do anything but aid cival authorities and “defend” themselves if put into a dangerous situation.

            So I guess that we have to be clear that this is clearly the Bush conspiracy to enslave all of America coming to fruition.

            What a pack of dopes you people are, the sky is falling, Wolf, Wolf Wolf. Read some fairy tales, you will learn something, they should be at about your reading level.

          • Al Sieber

            JC,Its not a matter of if anymore, its when, communism or?

          • DaveH

            Normal Liberal,
            It doesn’t matter who created the Big Government machinery. What matters is what to do about it. Your typical Liberal name-calling and ridicule adds nothing to the discussion. But then, that is your intent, isn’t it? You are only here to practice your vain attempts to interrupt the other commenters.
            Typical Liberal Lowlife.

          • Normal Guy

            Hello Dopey Dave

            Were you up protesting the G20 with the other Anarchists? Oh right Libertarians… There is no need to contribute to this “dialogue”. The majority on this site are ignorant Chicken Little’s that think that arms against the government are a viable option.

            I detest most on the site, you people are proud to be ignorant parrots, we clearly need more focus on public education so that we are not a nation of red neck simpletons.

            Have a nice day.

      • JeffH

        JC, you beat me to the punch again, good job. I recieved the same email from Campaign For Liberty yesterday. We’ve got to stop this runaway train. A coverup is in the air over this BP Gulf blowup…

    • refuse2lose

      Nobody is saying anything about the poisonous gases that are in the air,nobody is talking about the Corexit,which is being used as a dispersant and has toxic chemicals in it. I guess when people start dropping dead Americans will get the picture that they are being denied of right now.

      • kate8

        I was listening to an expert on the radio a few nights ago, talking about the levels of chemicals of things like benzene and methane. He said that “acceptable” levels are 0-4ppm. The levels in the Gulf are at 2000-4000ppm! People are not being told.

        A few years ago I read that Congress had passed a law saying that if there was a known, large-scale, imminent catastrophe, the people would not be told (to avoid panic?). Well, apparently there is, and they’re not.

        Obama is preparing for civil unrest sometime prior to the November elections. He is definitely up to something, and it is against the American people.

        • JeffH

          It is important to “resist” any and all attempts by the lefttists to undermine the voters prior to November, which will become a very significant vote in our modern day history.

          • kate8

            JeffH, It seems likely that whatever they are planning, it could be big enough to suspend elections.

            They know that the citizenry is irate. They know that, given a “fair” election, they’ll be out on their keesters.

            Congress has been busy sneaking in greater executive powers, expanding the occasions for martial law, allowing foreign troops on US soil, fine-tuning FEMA, crowd-control drills, expanding censorsing abilities of all media and internet, expanding federal control over state governments, furthering restrictions on our freedoms and criminalizing speech, etc. etc. etc.

            They are so close to the utter takeover of America, and there is an election coming up that could put a crimp in their plans.

            Methinks this is not for nothing.

          • JeffH

            The POTUS will do whatever he deems necessary but if he tries to hijack these elections we’ll see how it plays out. I’m well prepared for the vote and anything in between.

          • kate8

            JeffH, there is so much more going on with the Gulf incident than we’re being told. I read that if the leaks aren’t stopped, it will have spread around the globe in 18 months. This could mean and end to life, as we depend on the oceans for our existence.

            Here is some really interesting reporting:


          • Average Joe

            kate8 says:
            July 7, 2010 at 12:17 pm

            JeffH, there is so much more going on with the Gulf incident than we’re being told.

            It is altogether possible that there is much more going on in the Gulf…than we can immagine please watch this:
            Although this is not completely verifiable, it does present a multitude of questions concerning both the Gulf as well as what our officials are capable of.

          • kate8

            OMG, Average Joe! What a report!

            It makes sense. Explains everything. You have to watch to the very end to put it all together.

            Thanks for that link.

          • JeffH

            Average Joe & kate8…at this juncture, anything is possible and even though some will call it a conspiracy theory…maybe it is, maybe it isn’t and we all think this wasn’t just another coincident.

          • Normal Guy

            Oh you sad little characters

            You people are unbelievably naive. Can’t be verified but…Can you really be this gullible.

            Idiots, you will believe anything that suits your paranoid delusions. Zero proofs just a factless diatribe. Hysterical that you think bringing in all the other conspiracies validates this. My god you are dim.

          • Average Joe

            Normal Guy says:
            July 7, 2010 at 11:15 pm
            Oh you sad little characters

            AbNormal Guy, I made the post. I said…it is not “completely” verifiable….which means that some of it is verifiable. Rather than do any research or put up anything viable to verify your opinion concerning the events in the Gulf or the actions of our elected officials, you would rather just call names and “act” superior….as if you are all knowing. in your own words, ” Zero proofs just a factless diatribe”…this is all you give us. You are a typical liberal…all talk…no substance. In the future, if you are trying to convince us that you have a clue….try giving us som verifiable facts…instead of calling us names and “acting” as though you are superior to us…arrogance goes nowhere towards convincing us that you actually have a clue.
            If you can’t win a debate using logic and facts, then revert to name calling and mud slinging. Typical liberal tactics….in other words…grow up small minded one.

          • Normal Guy

            Average Joe

            It’s not verifiable but I have heard from trustworthy sources that the tea party is in fact the first wave of an alien invasion (you know extraterrestrial guys not Mexican’s – although I hear that Bilderberg has created many alien, aliens with the help of the Rothschild’s they are working with the alien overlords).

            The converted are cleverly disguised as mindless repeating ultra-conservatives so as to not draw suspicion to their plot for global domination (you know we are not crazy just ultra-conservative) – Pinky and the brain is in fact true!! The objective is to wipe the minds of the converted to the point where everyone will believe whatever is planted in their brains, no logic, no ability to reason just believe anything that fits into the accepted conspiracies (there are ten but I will leave that for another discussion) and rail against any ration position – basically a world that abandons any rational discourse, a dissent into the darkness of mindless simplistic solutions revolving around guns, God, and misinterpreting the constitution.

            They are ultimately planning to subjugate the entire planet and turn us into soylet green – Charlton Heston new all about it that’s why they stole his brain and killed him.

            Now you may ask how does all this tie into the oil spill? Well good question. In fact there is no oil spill, that’s right – none at all. There is a spacecraft that was buried in the gulf they put it there the day after god created the world – so it would have been a Monday, about six thousand years ago – Adam and Eve were on the other side of the planet in Africa at that point so they did not notice and god just let it slide as he was a bit pooped after creating heaven and earth – Anyhow those original Rothchild-Bilderbergers (they own McDonalds – thus Burgers, and have been feeding us the conversion prep drug for years) have been waiting for this moment. There ship is in fact dispensing the tea party conversion gel into the gulf, that is why the stuff is red, who ever heard of red oil I mean come on. Within a month they will have completed their nefarious mission and we will all be brainless automatons babbling about guns and freedom, socialists and one world order (incidentally they gave it a run in the fifties by tea party conversion juice – chlorinated – water. McCarthy never showed anyone his birth certificate as he is from Tralfalmador – the aliens home planet) and marching into the Soylet green factories.

            It is really all awful. Disprove it if you can.

          • Average Joe

            Normal Guy says:
            July 8, 2010 at 12:08 pm
            As usual…lots of hot air….and no substance. Amazing…did you think that up all by your self…or did you need help?
            BTW…some of what was in the link that I posted..IS…verifiable. Just because you are incapable of verifying the contents…doesn’t mean that it can’t be verified…it just means that YOU can’t find it….if you in fact…made an attempt to verify (highly doubtful).
            Go ahead…blow me some more hot air….it’s just your arrogance trying to escape from your over-inflated ego.

          • NOrmal Guy

            Below average

            I can’t verify everything I wrote, but I know it is true, everyone I talk to, while I am packing my 45, agrees with me so I know it is true. Just try and prove it untrue. If you are not able to confirm that it is all an Alien plot to dominate mankind that is not my problem. You are clearly not willing to do your part to save mankind – Alienist – you are clearly a traitor to mankind.

            Oh by the way, I had money to spare as a child and now there are all kinds of people that expect me to pay bills. I long for the days of my childhood when America was Alien free and no one ever expected me to pay for anything. I blame all the Alienists who have forced me to pay for things that were all supplied for free when I was a child. What’s up with this expectation that I have to pay my way?

            Alien lover!!!!!!!!!

    • Harold Olsen

      Yet in 2012 when he is running for re-election he will brag about how transparent his regime has been and about all the promises he made and kept and how he has improved the economy and our standing around the world. It’s time like this that I wish we had a parliamentary form of government where we could throw someone out of office in a no-confidence vote. Obama would have been out of office a year ago.

  • DougH

    One thing I didn’t even imagine when this president took office, is his extensive use of propaganda. But propaganda is like lying. The ooverups get bigger and bigger until you can’t hide them anymore, or you get rid of those who realize the truth all in the name of the better good for mankind.

    • kate8

      I just read another article saying that the internet is being, as we speak, systematically censored all over the globe. We are next.

      This is our last bastion of relative freedom.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

      Obama and his Democratic cohorts only want open door policy and accountability when the Republicans are in power. When the Democrats hold power they want everything done in secret so they have deniability to trump accountability. Well at least the liberal media is getting what they deserve, the ‘Change’ Obama promised everyone, I wonder how they like the change that pertains to them. Let the media cry like the rest of us about Obama’s ‘Change’ policies, they deserve it. Why is this oil thing bringing this up now, we went through it all during the ‘Health Bill’ fiasco that no one had a chance to read to find out what was in it till after they voted on it. How much has to happen to keep people from being surprised?

    • kate8

      He learned it from his Soviet sponsors.

      • kate8

        That was for Doug H.

  • James

    If “Congress shall make no law respecting…or prohibiting…or abridging” the five rights mentioned in the First Amendment, why doesn’t the ACLU jump on that?

    • Dagney

      The ACLU is another “ends justifies the means” statist entity.

    • William

      because the aclu isn’t interested in our rights except to stifle them, besides obama is their man,

    • 2warAbnVet

      Come on! The only thing the ACLU would be interested in would be something to tear down America. They have been Marxist/Socialists throughout their history.

    • J.M.R.

      if we had any law abiding hacks in D.C. the A.C.L.U. TRAITORS WOULD BE IN JAIL. why was allen picked because he is an ass kissen liberal.

    • Harold Olsen

      The ACLU doesn’t give a damn about our Constitutional rights. They defend the “separation of church and state” clause in the Constitution which existed ONLY in the constitution of the USSR. That is the ONLY constitution they defend. After all, it’s founder was both an atheist and a socialist. They don’t even believe in the concept of majority rules unless the majority happens to agree with them. I consider the ACLU and the Democrat party to be two of the worst hate groups in this country.

      • jomama

        Yeah!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!! And they call US haters & racists. It’s all of them!! All they (ACLU) do is hate us.

  • Doc Sarvis

    I’ve heard another reason people are being kept a certain distance away and that is insuring the effacacy of the booms/barriers that are put in place. That may be, outside of human safty, the most important reason a certain buffer is needed and one that was NOT mentioned in the write up above.

    • Scott Brown

      Is that so, Doc? Where did you hear this?

      Scenario: Reporter walks up to a cleanup worker, asks how he feels after a few weeks working with deadly toxins and no hazmat protection. Worker goes nuts and disconnects a boom with coal shovel.

      Private plane flies over an oil slick taking pictures. Prop wash splashes a thousand gallons of oil over the boom and into the pristine Gulf waters.

      Pleasure craft risks getting dissolved by sailing through toxic water, slams into Corexit-blinded dolphin, careens into boom and severs it. Oil gets loose into pristine Gulf waters.

      Souvenir collectors start cutting up pieces of useless boom which have washed up into the marshes and selling them to tourists. Innocent people people get poisoned.

      Um, I can’t think of any more scenarios which would warrant a felony charge at the moment.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Acutally, I heard Thad Allen himself say it on C-Span last night. It does make sense to keep as much activity away from the containment booms as possible as more boats = more wakes = more oil breaching the containment booms.

        • Scott Brown

          Oh, Thad Allen said it. It must be true.

          A handful of pleasure craft rubber-necking around an oil slick the size of…which state are we up to, now?

          I’ve little respect for MSM’s Anderson Cooper, but if they won’t even let HIM interview or film cleanup workers on site, something is horribly wrong, my friend.

      • Marilyn

        How about the mantle being split on the Gulf floor along with the erruption of oil and poisonous gas. Has this ever been brought to the public’s knowledge? This is serious stuff and who knows the consequences if the split mantle cannot be closed? Russians offered a solution but apparently have been ignored. Perhaps more dangerous than a split mantle? I do not know.

    • jomama

      You’re not really a doctor, are you??

      • DaveH

        It doesn’t matter. He’s a Liberal. That’s all that matters.

  • Ted Crawford

    I’ve also heard that sick workers are forbidden to seek medical help anywhere but at select physians! This is the attitude we are used to observing in far left countries, but it is very disquieting to see these pratices here in America!!



    • William

      keep your powder dry,

  • http://na william slyh

    the great social experiment is over…..we need a new government with the intestinal fortitude to do the job with actions and not empty words or slogans….our forefarthers got it right the first time and the group that currently sits on capitol hill is trying to make light of the work that they did so that our country would always prosper and remain the one beacon of freedom on our planet.

  • Grace Hernandez

    That and a lot of other monkeyshines that are going on with this administration highlight everything that is wrong with Washington. Such travesties make it now even more critical than ever that we make sure real combatants take back Washington this November.

  • William

    aren’t you all glad you voted for obama???

    • JC

      LOL…I haven’t seen a lot of Obama stickers on cars lately…or any groups of Obamunistas mindlessly chanting “Yes We can”.
      Wonder where they all went?

      • Bob Wire

        There never was a lot of bumer stickers to start with JC. ~ and with all the trash talking and racial hatred my guess is people are attempting to be responsible avoid an incident and maybe a killing. What do you think?

        I’m a peaceful man with a explosive personality, working very hard to stay peaceful.

        You want to poke at the Tiger some more and feel somehow protected by law and your 2nd Amendment rights?

        I had altercation with a black man last week. When I asked where were the watermelons?

        You think I’m sh1ting you? People are getting feed up with your shit! While not really wanting to go to jail for killing a dumb ass.

        When it happens, you’ll receive little warning.

        • JC

          I have no idea wht your ramblings are about but you seem to be leveling a threat. Keep in mind that all of us may be armed and your ego might not be up the the challenge in all cases.

          • rwnut

            JC…Isn’t it amazing how the mention of a bumper sticker can bring out so much hate and racism in someone like Bob? He can hardly wait for the blacks to riot again.(Black Panthers?)Careful Bob,somebody out there might put your fuse out befor it reaches the powder. When the riots start,we shoot back this time,Bob.

        • kate8

          BW, you can stuff your “racial hatred” remarks. They’re really getting old.

          The only racial hatred I’ve seen is coming from Obama and this WH. And it’s toward white America.

          Your ilk just keeps trying to keep this issue stirred up in hopes of marginalizing the oppostion. But it’s not going to work anymore.

        • JeffH

          BW, just more of your idiotic banter, Why don’t you list all of the violence that has been perpetrated by US. I stand with all of those that distrust this government and what this Marxist/communist/socialist POTUS represents.

          I suppose you turned a blind eye to the lefts SEIU-logo’d thugs that attacked and beat a black man, Kenneth Gladney, for distributing Gadsen flags following a Town Hall in St. Louis County on Thursday. Race was a factor in the beating. I suppose you turned a blind eye to the SEIU thugs that threw eggs at a Tea Party bus and threatened a reporter during the Searchlight Nevada protest of Harry Reid.

          How about Joseph, a disillusioned Leftist and not a “Racist Right-wing Teabagger”. Remember him? He crashed his plane into the IRS building in Austin, TX. The progressive media lept to align him with the Tea Party movement, describing him as right-wing, racist, anti-tax, patriot, or militia. Oh no…despite his leftist ideology found in his “manifesto” which stated eight times “I hate Bush”. Stack expressed hatred for George W. Bush, the Catholic Church, and capitalism. He attacked “fat cat” owners, railed against the health care industry and bemoaned the lack of consideration for the masses.
          Overtly embracing Karl Marx, Stack chose to end his manifesto with an attack on free-market capitalism ,“The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.”

          In a controversial mid-April memo, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned that right-wing extremist groups were on the rise, their numbers bolstered by the crashing economy. But little has been said about the accompanying left-wing memo, which warns of potential cyber and property attacks from left-wing extremists. Unlike the right-wing report, which isn’t specific about potential threats, the left-wing memo names names. Groups that qualify for inclusion in the memo were “leftwing groups within the animal rights, environmental, and anarchist extremist movements that promote or have conducted criminal or terrorist activities.”

          By definition terrorism is the use of intimidation and coercion for political ends, frightening others into behaving as you want them to behave. The use of violence and threats by the SEIU, ACORN and the Black Panther”s voter intimidation scandal(so conveniently dismissed by Holder) indicate that it is the left that must be watched instead of the right!

        • Bob from Socal

          Hey Bob,
          What Government agency do you work for? I hope they pay you enough for selling out your country and your fellow man.

          • JeffH

            BW would sell out for free…

        • Al Sieber

          Bob Wire, you sound like a violent liberal, what do you have against the constitution? any time, any place pal.

          • Al Sieber

            Hey B.Wire. forgot your meds. ?

          • DaveH

            Almost all of the great purges in History have come at the hands of Socialists. It stands to reason. Who is more likely to embrace killing to achieve their goals? Would it be somebody who believes that theft is wrong whether committed by individuals or Government? Or would it be somebody who believes that forming a very large gang (Government) makes it okay to steal the hard-earned money of others?

        • kate8

          What about the blacks raving about how they hate “crackers”? What about them calling for “killing crackers” and “killing cracker babies”?

          Why is it that they get a pass on this? Ho hum.

          A white person using similar rhetoric would be in jail for hate speech.

      • Mary Mac

        All those care fell into the “Cash for Clunker” Program….!

        • Bob Wire

          Funny Mary, but I don’t think you’d find a lot of poor folks in the position to buy new cars and take advantage of the program you mentioned. ~ I’d guess that it did remove a lot of McCain/Palin bumper stickers from the road though.

          • TIME

            Well Bob, WOW again with information that is so well bent.

          • DaveH

            Careful, Time, or Bob will issue a death threat.

      • Ms. Jones

        JC, you ask where the Obama stickers have gone. On I-75 in Ohio, Obama stickers can be found on the cars driving 55 mph in the left PASSING lane during rush hour, oblivious to the line of cars stacking up behind them. Every time, every single freaking time I get around the log jam and can see who is the idiot wreaking havoc traffic flow, it’s a liberal, as evidenced by their Obama/Biden or “Visualize Peace” stickers, or the Darwin fish-with-feet insult to Christians (the Icthus fish is second only to the Cross as a holy symbol of Christianity–but Liberals are so open minded and non-bigoted, aren’t they?). Either that, or they’re driving a Prius, Subaru or other liberal icon set of wheels. In contrast, cruise up behind someone in the left lane driving a Buick, SUV or capitalist success vehicle, or sporting a pro-life or McCain/Palin-type sticker, and they get out of your way. I know this rant has nothing to do with the oil spill or the First Amendment, but I just had to vent. Thank you.

        • pilot007

          Ms Jones, off point maybe but so true. When I am driving I can guess with a high level of accuracy that a “dead head driver” will have a liberal or Obama sticker on their car. Well said Ms. Jones. The ~40 % still supporting the faux President and his comrades have an IQ under 40 (just an educated guess) and most likely are on the pipeline for money, or power, and or property from their main commie man.

        • DaveH

          Ms. Jones,
          That reminds me of a conversation I had with a Liberal years ago about the metered onramps to the freeway in California. I thought they were a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money and time. She said they were necessary to slow the flow of traffic onto the freeway. So there I was sitting at a metered light a few days later and a car goes whizzing by in the car pool lane. It was her, and she was driving alone. Liberals are for lots of Big Government and lots of laws because they don’t have the moral integrity to abide by them, so they aren’t affected.

      • Harold Olsen

        It’s something I find interesting about the left. It seems to be a pattern with them. When Carter was elected, people I knew who voted for him were denying it two years into his presidency. When Clinton was elected, about six months after he took office, people I knew who voted for him were denying it. With Obama, it only took them a month to deny voting for him. I cannot find anyone whom I know who will admit voting for him. One person whom I used to work with told me that if Obama doesn’t get elected our country will be destroyed and he is the only one who can save us. Well, even she denies voting for him.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Yes I am. Considering the issues he has chosen to deal with and those he has Had to deal with he has been doing a good job.

      • JC

        A good job…of destroying America on behalf of his Globalist masters?
        Of plunging the country into debt so far it will never recover?
        Of welcoming our enemies into the country? Of victimizing Americans through greater controls of their daily lives? Of trashing the Constitution at every opportunity?
        Of censoring the media and the public? Of re-enacting the Patriot Act?
        Of ending the war and bringing the troops home? Of handcuffing our troops overseas until they might as well go out and hug a Jihadist?
        Of forcing socialist health care down our throats against the will of the people? Of greater transparency by way of back room deals?
        Of hancuffing the Border Patrol until they might as well just stay home? Of handing sovereign American soil over to drug dealers and human traffickers?

        Oh yeah…the kenyan is a real “Peach”.

        • Bob Wire

          JC you are delusional, ~ where are you getting this crap?

          • JC

            Observations Bob. Simple as that. It’s as obvious as the hammer and sickle over the White House. And as obvious as the puppet on the podium.

          • Vicki

            It would appear that JC is actually paying attention. All of the things mentioned can be found in the news. Some even in MSM news.

        • Doc Sarvis

          You are so cute when you make things up.

          • DaveH

            Enlighten us Doc. What did he make up?

      • az wayne

        You’re from the white house aren’t you, can associate all comments from you. Never anything worthwhile only repeat liberal propaganda points. Please show ONE thing for the good odumbo has done, he is the most deceitful, arrogant, incompetent politician to ever show publicly.
        I hope people are really getting prpared to save our ountry from this illegal muslim usurper. He and administration should be tried for treason and many other charges.

        • Bob Wire

          Now if you could only verify ~ just one of your charges! In your on words, tell us how this is “so” ~

        • slickporsche

          Wayne do not even waste your time with bimbo bob,he would not comprehend anything you would tell him.

          • Bob Wire

            you guys spread a lot of manure without an inking about what your talking about. Throw you rock and go hide somewhere. Children at play without a clue what they are doing. ~ Just doing what everyone else is! Brain dead.

          • JeffH

            BW, everbody has YOUR number now…nanner, nanner, nanner…do you feel good about yourself?

          • DaveH

            Let’s see, I counted at least 3 grammar and spelling errors by the guy who is calling others “brain dead”. Typical.

      • BrotherPatriot

        LoL…you have GOT to be kidding me? The mainstream media is even having a hard time trying to give Barack (Barry) Obama (Soetoro) a postive light and not very many are believing it anymore to begin with.

        He’s a liar. He’s a thief. He’s a puppet. He never had the experience for the job as my commander in chief to begin with. He is not MY president…he’s a travesty to the American way of life. This is all being revealed and will be recognised as the truth…and we now are waiting to see this happen. The more you examine all the Facts that are compiling it doesn’t take a genious (<—that's certainly not me) to see what the equation is adding up to. The historic evidence that is being compiled is irrefutable evidence. Now we have to move very carefully to not bring the world to the 3rd box (powder) which would cause a great loss of life if it were to come to that box. This loss of life may still be what THEY (Bilderberg virus) want after all anyway. See the below link & read the very first line…and how sooo angry I am that we have let this horrible thing stand for so long, already.
        They most likely have several winwin and acceptable final stage scenario's that THEY would be happy with because at the very end game, ultimate control ends up with…Them. It's becoming even more obvious that there is a force behind Obama that allowed him to get to the position(s) he attained. Taking him out of office (though that would be a great start with first having to take out Peloski and the other cronies) taking them out of the equation isn't going to change anything unless we get at the heart of the matter on hand. Treating the symptoms isn't going to cure the problem…we have to drive a stake into the very heart (ROOT level of the equation) of the beast and we can do this nice and professionally by using the legal system. I believe that the US military once they become fully aware of what's happening…there are still sooo many true patriots that they will come to the aid of the American people. They will only be pushed so far.

        Obviously, no…I don't like the man sitting in my Presidents chair. One of the very first things he did was seal up all the information about him. This is repugnant. Listen to what one of our True American Presidents said about secrecy…

        God Bless you JFK and we the Herd, we thank you for your warning. You did not die in vain.

        Yol Bolsun

      • Smilee

        Doc Sarvis

        You are not alone in your observations see the article below


        A new poll of leading presidential scholars ranks Barack Obama as the 15th best president of the United States, just below Bill Clinton but ahead of Ronald Reagan.

        The Siena College poll, which surveyed 238 presidential scholars at U.S. colleges and universities, asked scholars to rate the nation’s 43 chief executives on 20 attributes ranging from legislative accomplishments to integrity and imagination.

        In the overall ranking, Obama rated two places below Clinton, who was 13th best, and three better than Reagan, who is ranked as the 18th best.

        Franklin D. Roosevelt again earned the top spot, as he has every time since the poll was first conducted in 1982. He and the Mount Rushmore presidents — Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson — have consistently been the top five presidents in the poll’s findings.

        Obama’s 15th ranking is slightly higher than other presidents who have taken office since the poll started nearly 30 years ago. Most start out at about number 20, said Siena statistics professor and poll director Douglas Lonnstrom.

        “[Obama’s] doing a little better, but he’s generally in the same ballpark,” he said.

        While he ranked high on traits like imagination (6th), communication ability (7th) and intelligence (8th), Obama rated poorly ratings on background (32nd), which was composed of traits like family, education and experience.

        Lonnstrom said the main factor that gives a president a top-five or top-10 ranking is his accomplishments — and an all-around high ranking in most categories.

        FDR, for example, ranks in the top 10 for every category except integrity, he said.

        “The experts really are looking for consistency, a president who is looking good across most of these categories,” he said.

        Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was ranked at number 23 in 2002 — the last time Siena’s presidential expert poll was conducted — but has since dropped to number 39, qualifying him as one of the five worst presidents. Bush came in at number 42 — second to last — on issues such as handling the U.S. economy, foreign policy accomplishments and intelligence. (Warren G. Harding was rated the least intelligent president).

        Bush joins Harding, Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan and Franklin Pierce, all of whom have consistently ranked as the worst presidents since the poll started, in the bottom five.

        Several other presidents also saw movement in their ratings this year. Bill Clinton moved up five places, from No. 18 in 2002 to No. 13 today; John F. Kennedy also moved up, from No. 14 to No. 11.

        Carter, Reagan and Nixon all dropped in the rankings this year — Carter dropped seven spots, from No. 25 in 2002 to No. 32 now; Reagan dropped two spots, from No. 16 to No. 18; and Nixon fell four spots, from No. 26 to No. 30.

        • slickporsche

          Well you can believe what you want, but it is all lies to me, and I am not impressed with it.I have a brain and can think for myself.

        • Doc Sarvis

          238 Presidential Scholars, pretty impressive group who probably know what they are talking about.

          • DaveH

            They’re an impressive group, Doc? You know their qualifications?
            I can’t help but get the impression that you are just being your usual knee-jerk Liberal self.

        • Bob Wire

          what is this? “Dancing with the Presidents” ~ You greatly over value being liked for one thing and for another ~ by whom? YOU?

        • independant thinker

          Until Obama has served a full term this poll and its rating of him is meaningless.

        • DaveH

          FDR, the best president ever? The man who kept this country in 10 years of depression? It just goes to show that if you give a Liberal free money at other peoples’ expense, he will heap all sorts of accolades on you.
          That position alone is enough to invalidate the opinions of the Political Experts.

  • s c

    Generals and admirals can be bought. Politicians know before they get elected to a higher level of incompetence that they have to sell themselves occasionally. Those who rise to the top of the literal septic tank know that they have to surround themselves with subhumans who will smile and try to make the current Nero look ‘good.’
    Forget the ACLU and all similar sub-subhumans. Forget ‘if only.’ Forget ‘why doesn’t.’ Forget ‘they’d better.’
    It’s up to US to remove the slimers. America is like a Titanic II, and the cure may approach a modified version of ‘the ends justify the means.’ I don’t like it, but when you’re in a corner and you’re expected to cut your own throat in the name of hope and change, being polite is a non-option.

  • Bob Wire

    too many cooks have a long reputation for spoiling the stew.

    If you don’t have business in the area, you need to rattle you hocks and move out. ~

    This spill is not for anyone’s amusement or to sell news papers.

    Katrina was no different. ~ Restricted areas. No access! If we left our equipment and utility vessels, we knew we couldn’t return without a lot of red tape and a long wait. The only solution for us was to head out to sea and tie off somewhere and wait it out and return by sea. This is what we did. In so doing this allowed us to be first responders when things settled down some and our services greatly needed. But we “worked” for the position, endured the risks and hardships knowing the dangers and what the consequences were.

    If you were really interested in what was happening in the Gulf today, your 2 months late and your concerns don’t reflect the gravity of the present situation or convey enough sympathy for all parties involve.

    If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    get over it! As you behave like rubber necker’s at a major car accident.

    Go exercise your “rights” elsewhere. You are not needed down there.

    • JC

      Those “restrictions were certainly necessary at Katrina. Gun confiscation and restricting people from leaving the area
      were obviously for the good of the nation.
      We thought we were living in a free country…
      but thanks for setting us all straight Bob.

      • Bob Wire

        NO! JC, you live in a controlled environment and afforded as much liberty as you can handle. That being offered on the Bell Curve, the stupidest among us restricting the rest of us liberties we could only hope to enjoy.

        • JC

          Wow, and you’re calling me delusional…

        • kate8

          BW, By what right to the elect few have to decide just what liberties we can (and can’t) handle?

          The manipulate events to build a case, and then legislate accordingly. It’s all contrived.

        • Vicki

          WoW Bob.
          Your statements clearly show who and what you are. We had a pretty good idea before but now we are sure.

      • Bob Wire

        you think gun restrictions was an major issue during Katrina? How old are you JC?

        • Scott Brown

          Well, Bob, SOMEBODY certainly thought confiscation of weapons was a very big deal, or they wouldn’t have ordered it, would they? Is observation of facts and application of logic, like, a new thing for you?

    • Scott Brown

      Geez, Bob, thanks for setting us all straight. A HUGE portion of our nation, its economy, and its citizens (not just their livelihoods but their LIVES) are being destroyed. However, this is a need-to-know only situation, and Homeland Security (via Coast Guard) and BP (1/2 US owned, 40% Goldman Sachs owned) will tell us what we need to know, and when we need to know it. We don’t need no stinking reporters.

      Let us trust those in charge. They’ve always done so well by us ignorant hoi polloi in the past. And hell, it’s only a thousand barrels a day…no, um, it’s 5000…well, maybe its 15,000…okay, so its 60,000. So shut up about it already, everyone. No more numbers, no pictures. They have it under control control control con…

      • slickporsche

        Are you from wisconin and worked for the can’t and never will railroad?

        • Claire

          Not everyone in and from Wisconsin is a loser. I resent you implying that they are.

        • Scott Brown

          Actually no, Slick, but I’ve lived much of my life out west. Love the early history of when it was wild and free, Indians, independent trappers, vaqueros, cowboys. One invention changed all that toward the turn of the last century (nope, not the Colt or the Winchester), and that invention is still used today around government prisons and assorted secret installations. It was barbed wire.

          Or as a lot of the old ranchers hereabouts still refer to it: bob wire.

          Coincidence? Hmm…

    • TIME

      Yes Bob,
      Thanks for displaying just how that mind set works. Now that we have a clear picture of this behavior pattern so well depicted by yourself we can all breath a sigh of relief.

      Yea, that sure was the order ot the day after 9/11 too when people from all over the US came to New York to aid the NYPD, NYFD, as well to remove the rubble.
      By finding fingers and toes and body parts, one fellow I konw from Florida who is a Fireman was in NYC for two months and was lucky enough to find two hands, a part of a jaw.

      As I see it we have members of both houses that Barry Soetoro has barred from a fly over, or even a look at whats going on. Let alone the press thats not in the pocket of the progressives.

      Now thats what I call great leadership skills. Seems Hitler used such methods too, hey and who can ever forget Stalin who had 150 thousand of his own officers killed in 1939 for having over seen the mass murderd of countless Polish Officers and NCO’s, not to even note the Jewish population in Poland where the Russians had taken control, plus from other newly found mass grave sights it seems that there must have been a lot of fall out from the Polish people too as there are many of these sights.

      But hey why let some crazy thing like Truth and or Facts confuse Propganda that Barry Soetoro’s gang of thugs have been shoving down everyone throats.

      • BrotherPatriot

        LoL…well said. (Though it’s no laughing matter.) >.<

      • JeffH

        …brings to mind the cliché of “history repeating itself”…

    • DaveH

      Speaking of behaving “like a rubber-necker”, what are you doing on a board about Liberty when you know little of the concept of Liberty?
      Most of your comments are some sort of manipulation (name-calling, ridicule, etc.) or just plain incoherent. You contribute little that is positive. If you aren’t part of the solution, get out.

  • JCO


    • Bob Wire

      I don’t get on my knees for nothing or no one JCO. So do what you wish, but don’t wish it on me.

      • Rick

        Bob Wire, you must be you’re own god then?
        Just remember:
        Romans 14:11 (New International Version)
        11 It is written:
        ” ‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord,
        ‘every knee will bow before me;
        every tongue will confess to God.’

      • kate8

        Really, BW? Looks to me like you pretty well worship at the altar of Obama and progressivism. Liberals make (progressive) government their god.

      • JeffH

        kate8, BW has finally crossed that line…of no return…

      • rwnut

        Bob Wire… What part of “every”knee and “every”tongue don’t you understand? The righteous and the sinner. One of those has you covered. WHETHER you like it or not.Some day everyone will bend and confess to Him that He is God. Just repeating what God said Bob.

  • Mark

    Come, lets get serious here. A 65 foot restriction does not equal censorship. You can see a lot from that close up, and I have yet to hear any reports of the news media being barred from reporting anything.
    If you truly want to be taken seriously, than making obviously silly arguments does nothing but causes you to lose your credibility.

    • Zette

      Obviously you don’t live here or you would have seen and heard plenty of “evidence” by now.

  • trp 878

    “We the People” Just another window being opened for the destruction of another freedom. Wake up America, it’s coming, like the old story of the cooking of the frog. Put the frog in hot water & he’ll jump out. Put the frog in the cold water & he’ll stay there even as the heat is turned up.
    “verbum sat sapienti”- (A word is enough for a wise man)

  • Raggs

    Typical… using public saftey as a scap-goat.
    To ensure our saftey they take away our rights.

    Hummm… wasn’t that Hitler’s idea as well?

    • Bob Wire

      yea! the nerve of them. ~ and when your victim of your own decisions, you want to blame someone else.

      • TIME

        Bob – your just a wealth of great points today.
        So just how strange is it thats just how Barry Soetoro has been working too!
        Thanks for pointing that all out, I feel I now have a far better insight.

      • JC

        Amazing debating abilities at work there.

  • GenEarly

    The 65′ rule is a diversion and excuse for no news. The Main Stream media, including Fox, have not and will not do any up close, direct reporting on the Gulf.Only reporters on the beach spouting prefabricated “news”. No direct interviews with people or pictures of the Gulf, or interviews with Gov. Jindal, or interviews with truthful geologists/ oil experts.
    Freedom is suffocated without information,Oppression relies on propaganda.You can know the difference.Propaganda uses the same words in the talking points over and over, and spread from multiple sources.

    • Bob Wire


  • bob pa

    JCO you are right, but so were the founding fathers. and our founding fathers took their guns and put their lives where their creator said to and they revolted and won and gave us a constitution that was guided by God and alluded to in the declaration and constitution. God will guide us if we just follow his direction and do his work. It is up to us and only us to do his work here on earth. Let God be honored and he will deliver when we go forward. read what Jefferson said and you will see it is true. He did not hide but came forward and put it in writing and fighting.

    • Bob Wire

      well I hope you consider he did a lot of thinking before all that fighting!

  • Raggs

    BP is dumping sand on the beaches to cover up the oil?

    Well I wonder who gave them that idea?

  • Bob Wire

    I don’t know that’s true. But dilution, dispersing and pickup and part of the process of clean-up.

    • TIME

      WOW again Bob, Your insights are so clear its like looking into a crystal ball. Keep up the Great post!

      As I recall “clean-up” is to remove any traces of being there.

      Just like in Zimbabwe, you know it used to be Rhodesia, well as I recall the clean up was to remove any traces of the crimes commited by the Cuban Marxist.
      Then they let in the Press to see what was sanitized for them to view so they were SAFE.

      • JeffH

        TIME, talk about someone that’s full of himself, it’s been so obvious that BW considers himself as a “self proclaimed” expert on anything and everything…he just doesn’t know any better.

        • Bob Wire

          I made my position clear enough ~ If you’re not part of the process in the Gulf, don’t live there, you should not be there. ~ You rights to the area have been abridged for the time being, much like Katrina. ~ when fuel tanks, autos and truck were submerges and leached oil and fuel on the surface and there was an on going search for the missing and dead amongst floating debris mixing with human waste as fires erupted ~ It wasn’t a place for people to be without a serious reason. ~ any Issues of guns ~ came much later in the process of cleaning up and restoring order ~ But don’t listen to me ~ Your smart! your rights has been violated

          Understand it any way you want too ! Why not load up your guns on, hop in your motor boat and go ask them why? When you get back, let us all know how it worked for you.

          • rwnut

            Bob Wire…The press has always gone where any catastrophe or war is happening.(the American press anyway)That’s how we know what’s going on,and who’s trying to screw us. 1st Amendment freedom of the press to inform the people. Thanks to the NRA we now have a law that you can’t take our guns in time of natural disasters.Katrina was used by the “authorities” to confiscate legal firearms.The courts ruled for the NRA and the people that those guns had to be returned to their rightful owners. By that time,most were rusted beyond use or lost. The press should be right there on those boats and beaches.More proof to me that the coverups have started.

          • Bob Wire

            well, I understand you feeling on the matter and granted, in recent years the News Media has enjoyed many liberties and access to many news worthy events. But it’s not so, that the media has been unfettered in their pursuit for the news. ~ There has always been restriction and denied access for Media of any kind depending on the nature of the event. ~ Thad and the Coast Guard are willing to endure our “cover-up” theories that are sure to follow, is my guess.

            Since Rupert Murdock’s crew is not there, we’ll never know for sure! However, if Godzilla happens to walks ashore and wants to be sucked off, cleaned up and a shine, I bet we’ll get the coverage.

          • JeffH

            BW, that’s all you can do is guess, you’re whole spiel is a guess…yada, yada, yada…tell me about you Dick Armey and the Tea Party movement again would ya? I could use another good laugh.

        • Bob Wire

          >>TIME, talk about someone that’s full of himself, it’s been so obvious that BW considers himself as a “self proclaimed” expert on anything and everything…he just doesn’t know any better.<<

          And I'm suppose to apologize for my shadow? ~ Maybe you need to grow some and my shadow would be less obvious to you.

          What have you every done Jeff? ~ What have you ever achieved? What have you ever tried to do and failed at? ~ There nothing wrong with failure but there something wrong with never trying. You have no views! You only repeat what you hear.

          Your perception of being in the "shade" is "yours" and no one else.

          I assure you and the rest of the people here, You have rights only as long as they don't interfere the dominion of others or government.

          You push these boundaries, you will be addressed. And all the "lip service" you are full of will just dig yourself a deeper hole. Maybe you've never been handled like a piece of meat ~ I'd encourage you to avoid the experience.

          The government tells you to stay away ~ you know what happen there?, what going on?, right? stay to heck away! ~ Or willfully disobey.

          Myself I wished you go down there and stay until you've grow up some.

          • JeffH

            BW, I couldn’t get a simpler answer from my dog, who displays a lot more savvy about life than the open ended rants and lunatic raves like yours. Last time I checked I still had a pair, Do you? You see BW, I’m quite comfortable with myself and never felt I had to “prove” to anybody anything, unlike your self centered focus that likes to put yourself “above” all those you don’t agree with. You’re just so full of yourself yu could explode. Your game is confusion and nobody is playing…that has obviously got your blood pressure up just a bit. Well don’t split a gusset over it.

            No BW, you’re just another fish in the liberal(oh those label are so horrifying) pond, no bigger or smaller, no smarter or dumber than any other liberal. You swim like a liberal, you must be a liberal.
            OOPS! There I go labeling again!

          • Bob Wire

            that’s just what I thought, ~ you’ve got a dog that agrees with you and keeps you from being too lonely. Poor dog!

            You’re quick to label and spread you manure, the 9th commandment meaning nothing to you as you falsely accuse, demean, attempt to debase with nothing but rumors inspired by a failing and inapt political machine that gasping it’s last breath while hiding under several different “labels” for fear of being actually identified.

            You serve as an azz wipe for Special Interest and spread their rhetorical message having few original views of you own, you plagiarize, you borrow! You borrow to be seen as something bigger then you are. You are here, because you’ve little else to do and enjoy the drama.

            I’m here because the need is great, but my time is limited and address only the truly inspired or the most twisted. ~ but for you Jeff, your sickness is my joy.

            ~ Just know, I’m here to keep your “whopper telling” down to an acceptable level, and quick to call you out.

            As I have said before, I have no use for your “liking”.

            Why not discuss the issues without all the childish name calling every post!

            Why is the GOP attempting to garner strength via this “Tea Party”?

            Why does the GOP pander so to Special Interest? Why is it today the GOP can’t stand on it’s own principals and claim with some pride “I’m a GOP member and supporter?

            In three words, “bad track record”

          • JeffH

            BW, “You serve as an azz wipe for Special Interest and spread their rhetorical message having few original views of you own, you plagiarize, you borrow! You borrow to be seen as something bigger then you are. You are here, because you’ve little else to do and enjoy the drama.
            I’m here because the need is great, but my time is limited and address only the truly inspired or the most twisted. ~ but for you Jeff, your sickness is my joy.”

            The need is great? Only you need you!

            Seem to be getting lost for words BW…your liberal banter is nothing more than that BW, too often mindless liberal banter. But hey, if it makes you happy, have at it, cause you won’t affect my life one way or another with your self centered holier than thou crazy talk. You better think about getting back to your “coo coo’s nest”.

        • Bob Wire

          You do your own digging Jeff. ~ Armey is serving as a lobbyist for Freedom Works, ~ All hat and no cattle Texan ~ attempting to garner resistance to any Washington incentive for change . For a former insider , Lobbying for special interest is where the money is at. He’s the Tiger that attempting to show “believers” how to change their strips.

          And you bet, ~ I qualify statements often, you should try it. It allows the reader latitude to assimilate what your are offering inside their scope of reference. For you though, that’s a big job, next to impossible actually.

          • rwnut

            OH,great one,you are one twisted,demented,narcissistic M—–F—–!

          • rwnut

            Bob Wire…You settled this thing about Thad Allan spitting on the 1st Amendment. You said,”since Rupert Murdock’s crew is not there,we’ll never know for sure.” Damn,you’re right again,since Murdock’s crew is not there,we’ll never know who’s screwing us,will we?

      • JeffH

        TIME…BW’s has entered the abyss…no chance of coming back…dropped off the deep end…

  • Steve Coy

    Obamanation, every AMERICAN CITIZEN should be asking for his resignation and every Republican Senator and Representative should be yelling to the rooftops for his IMPEACHMENT. He is a MOLLATO (not Black) Muslim who is destroying this Country with the help of the New Communist Party (formerly Democrats). Have you noticed the last 4 letters in Democrats? He is leaving the borders open so the terrorists can continue crossing into the U.S. for a Jihad within our borders. The muslim religion Isn’t!! All muslims should be deported, they have contributed nothing to the human race for 700 years but Death.

  • slickporsche

    How many of you are ready to do what you know is necessary to save the republic? You all know I am sure of it, we need to organize a huge peoples malitia and show the government that we are willing to die if need be to oust them. It has now become very serious and I do not believe for a minute that the voting in November will solve the problem.It is truly a sad day for all of us that believe in this country. I think maybe some of this involvement oversees was like a smoke screen to cover up and take our minds away from what is going on stateside. Freedom loving Americans are in deep deep trouble. We need to start organizing immediatly and train ourselves in the art of gorilla warfare.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Much of what you are saying here is true. However, we also have to be careful to not give them any reason to call Martial Law. Like a chess game, these people are thinking several steps ahead. The FEMA camps that they have been building in virtually every state is proof of this statement. What is happening right now is all the legal moves necessary to attempt to do this civily without enacting the final Box (ammo/powder) in our arsenal.

      With that said, we still must be prepared for the final stages of this because we may not be able to do this civily. The American Militia may need to step up to the plate and that’s a scary thing to seriously consider…but I’ll be on the line if I must. Of that you can count on…and I’m not alone. As a veteran I can say that there are many, many high level American Military men who are still loyal to the ideals of the Constitution and the Bill or Rights. I believe they would come to our aid if needed. Perhaps a good reason to send a good many of them over to Iran, huh…

      • slickporsche

        If it comes to a fight I will stand by your side and fight for what we both believe in. You can take that to the bank. I have a feeling it will progress really fast, and in the not too distant future. I also think most of the US military will be on our side. I agree we need to be careful as the FBI is watching, and listening.It might even be possible to get outside help.

        • rwnut

          HOORAH to all three of you!

  • Eric

    Obama is the biggest liar to ever sit in the Presidents chair in the oval office. I resist calling him president as he clearly is not eligible to hold the office of president. Throw him out and prosecute him for perjury.

  • slickporsche

    OH! I forgot, there is another option and it is not a very good one, but many will choose it.That is to give in and let them have their way. It is of course the liberal safe way. Choose you destiny and be proud of your choice.

  • B. J. Richardson

    I have to agree with everything that JC has written. This idiot and his cronies are scaring the hell out of me. All I see and hear from him are a pack of lies!!! Keep your powder dry.

  • slickporsche

    There is a really good way for the news people to get live and high definition video of anything on shore or a short distance off shore. It is a radio controlled drone. They are available in Asia , and the best I have seen is one from Canada. They are able to hover over a site for a reasonable time and take fantastic video or pics. THey are not that expensive either.I was contemplating buying one for a business venture for aireal photography.I do not think you could hear one over the beach or the ocean, much less see it.

  • http://gmail i41

    Look at all the news channels, and see the bimbos and envior talking girly boys, talking smack about the toxins of tar balls and oil spots. Now that is crap, the greenies and the wimp eleitists are pushing. There is tar balls on different beaches and people, come in contact with oils, all the time. The B–l s–t envior report of imagined calamities, it always has an ulterior motive. My guess is it is a ploy for more “envioro clean energy”. Windmills will have, a come to Jesus moment, when they start to come apart, and it sails peices into someones shack. Over in Medicine Bow Wyo. a widmill did come apart and the blades or gererator parts have not been found. If humans build it, it will fail at some time and place! GE must be having problems moving it products. Cattle prtoducers went through the same crap, with Oprah and the health nuts. Eat chicken and fish, Tyson got the monopoly over chicken production and slaughter plants as they have with pork production. Fish has mercury and chickens have samenallia in the tissue, but people didn’t hear a peep. The USA had banned certain antibiotics and feed additives from livestock feed. Canada and other countries still ship us beefm either swinging halfs or live cattle, or is broken into processed parts to avoid inspections, which is still happening off shore yet. The packers ship in live cattle and hold them for so a month, then process them. The 4 largest packing plants have a monopy that they benefited from, and Congress, didn’t listen or do a damn thing enforcing bills that have been on the books sincew 1920.. The public is being feed a line of bull from from the propoganda smuck organizations with links to “the shakers and movers”, just like health care of the dems and Onumnuts! But damn, if the media isn’t feeding the public, what the smuck brainacks from the lobbyists and politians in the Beltway boobs want pushed. Remember Onumnut’s promise of no lobbyistsa and a open government bull. The dangers of toxions in tar balls or oil is a beltway joke. I’m the 4th generation, to be handling oil and pretrolum products, nobody has died of pretrolem contact, a few have expired from too much alcahol and driving, but never hard work and pretrolem.

  • airangel

    This is another attack on “Freedom of the Press” and “Freedom of Speech”…the division this President and his Administration is causing is reversing all good that has come from the past. This Gulf blockade is just more proof he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing nor do I think he cares…in his world, he has a bigger agenda!

    The administration’s six-month moratorium on offshore drilling was blocked by a federal judge who wrote that “the plaintiffs have established a likelihood of showing that the administration acted arbitrarily and capriciously in issuing the moratorium.” When the administration tried to get a stay of that judge’s order, that pleading also was rejected.

    In District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court struck down by a 5-4 margin the ban on guns in Washington, D.C. As solicitor general, Kagan had argued that the D.C. gun ban should continue.

    In June, by another 5-4 vote, the court expanded the protections in Heller to residents of all states, striking down a gun ban in Chicago as a violation of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

    The administration is soon expected to go to court to try to block the Arizona law that aims to enforce the federal prohibitions on illegal immigration. There has been speculation the delay in the administration’s lawsuit stems from its uncertainty over how to attack a law that is largely patterned after existing regulations that the federal government has declined to enforce.

    In part, the impending clash as the administration pushes its agenda forward appears to reflect the nation’s growing partisan divide.

  • pilot007

    When you want to hide your mess call off the press (the ones that still report the truth), limit the public from seeing your inept administration’s lack of ability in accomplishing anything good for the U.S.A..

    Keep in mind Mr. phony Pres. wants to destroy the economy, and answer to those pulling his strings from the far, far left. Pay no attention to the pretender and his comrades propaganda. Pay attention to what they do. Pay attention to the effect of their actions on the country and those among us that have a concern for the Nation.

  • The Capt

    Where are the patriots??? Where are the conservatives screaming “tyranny”? Where are the enviros, sure being quiet out there! This administration doesn’t give a @#%^& what ANYBODY thinks, says or does. They do as they want, knowing full well the conservatives will do/say little. We are being railroaded into destruction. That “leak” could/can be fixed at anytime. Prove me wrong! This is basic Marxism/Leninism “create a crisis” politics at work. I lived through and experienced the Santa Barbara oil slick first hand, living aboard our sailboat in the Santa Barbara harbor. Forced to leave our boat safety purposes as the harbor filled with ugly oil, we lived in a motel for weeks. Our boat was severely damaged as the oil, which got heavily rained on, not only penetrated the waterline area of the hull, but also splattered everywhere, blistered the paint and got into the wood.. My “job” as a volunteer in the clean-up was clubbing dying contaminated seabirds by the dozens for some 3 weeks. We are being “censored” for the most part, in the Gulf disaster. The toll on all the associated marine life, above and below the water has to be immense.It is many, many TIMES WORSE thean the Santa Barbara disaster….and to turn away experienced assistance EXPERIENCED ASSISTANCE? Insanity! Get used to it. This is a tyrant administration, lead by a unqualified “leader.” This is a sad time for the America I fought for.

    • zeb

      Kudos Capt. and Thank you for your service.

      • zeb

        As I Remember, It might be time for all whom have taken and honored this oath to Take a closer look at the ‘domestic’ part of this oath.
        I (insert name), having been appointed a (insert rank) in the U.S. Army under the conditions indicated in this document, do accept such appointment and do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God. ==+== (So Help us all) We are certainly facing foreign and domestic enemy.

  • mavis


  • meteorlady

    Funny no one is talking publicly about the gases that are being released from the well itself. If you can believe some reports it seems BP was drilling where there is magma close to the ocean floor and there are bubbles in the ocean floor of poisonous gases. The reports also claim that BP was using substandard pipe not meant to be incorporated at those depths and that they were negligent to the point of criminal with the practices they used on Deep Water. This could truly be a Pandora’s Box and no one is telling the gulf coast residents that they may also be subject to poisonous gases.

    • Doc Sarvis

      You should talk to i41 above who believes the claims of environmental dangers are a bunch of hoey.

      • Bob Wire

        Doc, you know the crazy part about it? To what degree it’s true or false means little. Requiring and expecting people to cleanup after themselves should be a no brainier. ~ In this case, if they wrong, it’ll be too late, the worlds a mess and we’ve experiencing weather problems. If we are wrong, the world is cleaner and healthier regardless and if the weather turns bad, so be it.

        If they are right, we’ve got a nasty world cheaper fuel and people can spend money on other things, like insurance and health care or beer and ammo.

        If we are right, ~ we’ve bought the world some time, live in a cleaner world, and have all around better health, and bluer skies. ~

        The money is going to be spent regardless.

        I see it as a new product, much like a indoor toilette or cloths washer. Someone will make it, sell it, service it, buy it and use it.

        Before Mr. Crapper made the first commode, we were using tree branches and boards and maybe a hole in the ground or squatting like bear.

        This should be a no brainier. ~ but it’s not, ~ only because “Special Interest” don’t want it! ~ Special Interest is what fuels the fire of this very political discourse ~ feeding ditto heads something to get excited about. ~ Make them want to get their gun and go shot somebody.

        We are being attacked!! ~ someone trying to move the crapper inside the house! What a crazy idea! ~ Who wants to crap in their house?

  • Shoot

    When folks say keep your powder dry it is a warning my self I’ll fight the obummer as long as I can! Too arms I say be ready

  • Codex Alimentarius

    “Shenanigans?” ROTFL!!! Report the facts and be able to back them up.

    • kate8

      Codex, why on Earth would you choose a handle that is the name of a global agency dedicated to depopulation?

      Just mildly curious.

  • Bob Wire

    a bunch of gun nuts! ~ sounds to me. ` lock and load, power dry, ~ 2nd amendment solutions.

    I’ll be glad when you people quite slapping your gums and pull it out and put this to bed.

    Why not get organized and do it all at once and we can get it over with quicker ~ and no running and hiding behind women or in church blding or hospitals.

    • JeffH

      A true liberal at last! yada yada yada…show us some more of your cheap talk BW…seems all the talk is cheap and that definitely include YOU BW!

      • rwnut

        JeffH….The only thing Bub has said on here is that he hates God,he hates guns,he hates gun owners,he hates whitie,everyone on here is an idiot,and he’s the only one who is right,yet he never says where he gets any info.

        • Bob Wire

          I don’t hate God and I don’t hate guns. I know, have and use both.

          In fact, I don’t hate anything. ~ I’ve just got a low tolerances for stupid.

          • kate8

            BW, And yet, you make good use of that, too.

          • Bob Wire

            I assure you Katie, none of us has the market cornered on stupid.

          • JeffH

            You’ve learned to tolerate yourself, or can you?

          • rwnut

            Bob Wire….You have no tolerance for facts or truth!

      • Bob Wire

        So now we have expensive talk and cheap talk ~ And yours is the more expensive variety? Try real hard and find a more descriptive word that best describe Rhetorical commentary (talk), especially the less supporting, less flattering variety.

        I know you can do this! Think Jeff! Your going to improve if you stay at it.

        >>”Response head Thad Allen of the Coast Guard defended the new restrictions by first saying it was for the safety of the public, then changing it to the safety of the workers.”<<

        The response is in Thad Allen's charge ~ never give a man/woman the responsibility without the authority to get the job done. He comes to us with a history and a record. It's best to watch from some distance for the time being.

        • JeffH

          BW, bring it on…I know you can do much better than that. Not enough bait in your bucket for a good catch!

    • rwnut

      Bob Wire…Want to see freedom of speach in action? Watch this.
      I can gaurantee you Bob if that S.O.B.gets close to me or my kids you will damn well see this gun nut go off!

      • Bob Wire

        agree rwnut, ~ this sickness is not restricted to one race and this person is a menace to his self and to society. I’d drop him too ! like a spent condom ~ “if” he approached me like that.

        We all know this radical extremism does exist but the only way to kill it is to quit feeding it. This man is attempting to feed it. Many of the people on this thread are attempting to feed it. ~ If this continues, it will continue.

        That Fox presents it ~ no surprise, is it to fore- warn or to stir the flame? ~ I was exposed to race wars in the Army in 68 while station at Fort Huachuca, before I shipped out. It wasn’t pretty then, the deep hatred, racial crazed anger. Needless to say, it didn’t make the news. The blacks were packing up and acting large, catching lone whites out and kicking their ribs in, stealing and robbing. One night it came pay back time.

        But you can feed this or offer resistance to starve it. What are we to do? Prepare, hope for the best and expect the worse. Right?

        • rwnut

          You take it any way you want to take it Bob.I took that animal to mean exactly what he said,”he’s out to kill whitie and whitie’s babies!” Yes Bob,that S.O.B.sure as hell fanned my flames! Thank God for Fox News reporting it.


    VOTE 2010 NO BAMA.

  • Claire

    What concerns me is the issue of the so-called militias that are forming. I think some of these groups are okay and are non-violent unless they are attacked by the government. God forbid. It is the lowlife groups that will go off half-cocked. No pun intended. Has anyone heard of the Sovereign Citizens? A guy and his 16-year-old son was stopped by a policeman. The policeman was trying to talk to the guy and the guy’s 16-year-old son jumped out and shot and killed the police officer. There was no earthly excuse of the 16-year-old kid to kill this officer. Apparently this kid and his father belong to the “Sovereign Citizen” group. What the hell is happening here? Where is common sense? It seems like people are going nuts. Now the Black Panthers are re-grouping. What the hell?? I am all for self-protection but this crap is over the top. These groups will be the ones to start a civil war. I do not want civil war. Do people want to kill their neighbors just because they don’t believe the same way? Do people want to kill innocents? This is exactly what will happen if people continue to want to “fight.” Don’t we have enough war going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why do we want to start a civil war here in the States? It is a matter of VOTING ALL OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!
    I am not a Liberal, I am not a Republican, I am not a Communist, I am a patriot, an American first and foremost. I am trying my level best to be a TRUE Conservative.
    It remains to be seen what the future holds, I think we should remain calm, rational, and use common sense. Be prepared, yes, but be wise.

  • Ken & Mavis Bolin

    well it’s just more of barck hussien obama’s socilism & marxism.
    He is doing a very goog job of breaking this great nation.
    Dose anyone think for one minute he cared about stoping this oil spill. This was just what this looser wanted his whole plan is to break this nation. Then become a dictator & he’s doing it right in our face & no one is doing a thing about it. Including the republicns they are so weak no back bone let America take all of them out now.
    Let’s take America back clean house now stand for the truth run them all out now.

  • American Citizen

    After reading Sarah’s book, I don’t know why anyone would want to run for any government office. The liberals are vicious as they go after the person and his or her family and not the ideas proposed. They know they have no answer to them so feel free to make up stuff and spew lies.

    Progressives had better wake up.

    • JeffH

      AC, you are completely right…they are wolves in sheeps clothing, vicious, mean spirited and downright nasty and will stoop as low as needed to destroy anybody they can in the process just to have their way. The end justifies the means.

  • zeb

    For you that think that the Obama administration is using this crisis to forward his goals. You may want to enlighten yourself with the following information. There is about a 350 year to 3500 year supply of natural gas locked in methane hydrates it the worlds oceans. Look for your self “methane hydrate’ search string.
    some examples.

    Chevron, Gulf of Mexico
    This project aims to develop and apply the tools needed to locate and assess accumulations of
    methane hydrate in deepwater Gulf of Mexico sediments, and to understand how those
    accumulations behave in response to drilling and production activities. In 2008, a special
    volume of the “Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology” presented a series of 16 technical
    papers outlining the scientific results of the project’s 2005 drilling expedition that focused on
    drilling safety issues related to gas hydrates in the Gulf’s predominantly fine-grained sediments.
    The project has now shifted focus to gas hydrate occurrence in coarse grained sediment within
    the Gulf of Mexico and is planning a 2-stage effort including an initial multi-site drilling and
    logging campaign in 2009 followed by an additional drilling, logging, and coring program in
    2010 or 2011. In 2008, the program completed the design phase for the development of
    specialized pressure-coring and pressure core analyses tools for use in the coring program.

    • Bob Wire

      Good post zeb! But it falls on deaf ears, they haven’t any interest in silly little facts. ~ They want to be mad at Obama !

      They want to pretend to be willing to die and threaten to whip out their guns! Much like the south did at the beginning of the civil war, a lot male vibrato and calls to rally around an “idea” of being an injured party while refusing to accept the realities of their position or that defeat was inevitable.

      I guess any of us that’s lived long enough understand such position. We may not win this battle, but someone’s going to know they’ve been in one hell of a fight. And out of that, some change does occur.

      But at what cost, is what I ask and more so, “who’s to pay?”

      The contributing factors to The civil war were many, but there were two that fed the fires of insurrection. A vote of no confidence and a walk- out on the Senate Floor and racial fears and bias.

      This again, is what being attempted today by special interest. Yesterday it was Tobacco, Cotton and the supporting industries, shipping, slave trade , etc.

      Today it’s Oil, military complex, banking, insurance and their encompassing supporting industries.

      These Interest don’t give a hoot about Republics, or “rights” or democracies. ~ Their products and services are required by everyone. Their primary interest is Margins! and sweet deals and who’s willing to offer them.

      I wouldn’t think that’s too hard to understand. However I can see it as being hard to accept, ~ that some people would be that way, be willing to cast illusions and subject our nation to such torment and turmoil from profit, for personal gains.

      Maybe you feel differently, ~ it’s easy to get lost in such a fight as being created here and take on friendly fire, soldiers not sure of who the enemy actually are.

  • Bob Wire

    AC, it’s a rock fight and who threw the first stone now of little importance. ~ I say, control yourself! and if everyone could do that, much if this would go away. ~ But it starts with “self” don’t be a actor with a part in this play.

  • capt z

    It is unbelievable how unaware and completely clueless every one of these writers are. Overwhelming evidence, if you know where to look, points to the FACTS: Satanists from Altair 4 have taken over and are well on their way to reducing the number of humans. They did almost the same thing when they took over Altair 3 (I know because I was there). Now they have infiltrated several Earth governments and are just watching and laughing at the inane, disconnected, imagined, ridiculous, and just plain STUPID comments posted here. Keep it up; you are all making the invasion and take over by these non-human Satanists just that much easier! What a bunch of clowns!

    • Michael Serota

      Republicains serve money.

      Republicains serve money for thier own gready intrests and for the ‘special intrests’ who give to them. Thier silos are bursting with illgoten, immoral wealth.

      “You can not serve two Masters.” Republicains have chosen thiers – $$$$$.

      Republicains like Jesus said: “These people honor God with thier lips, not with thier hearts.” “Thus in vain do the masses worship God, teaching not the will/doctrins of God, but thier own man-made doctrins.”

      Conservitives and right-wingers aquiring the money which they prize, they will spend stollen from another, not giving to those who trully own it and deserve it, thier fondness/gread for money which they have made thier master, makes them unwilling to pay taxes, (with money they have plundered from the 90% who deserve it). They have received their reward, and as Jesus said in : 10 Maidians; Lazareth the Beggar; Etc thier punishment will come. God is the same now, from the beginning and forever. They don’t like what Jesus taught in : 10 Maidians; Lazareth the Beggar; Etc. because as God said: “an evil tree brings forth evil fruit. Right-wingers have had thier reward, and thier punishment will come. Read : 10 Maidians; ETC. ETC. ETC.

      Read: 10 Maidians; Lazareth the Beggar; Sermon on Mount; for whom to through a feast; what Jesus told man who asked what he must do to be saved; Etc. Etc. Etc.

      “Thus in vain do the masses(right-wingers) worship God….” “These people (right-wingers) worship God with their lips….”

      • rwnut

        Michael Serota…Check your facts instead of ranten and ravin.Charlie Rangel,Tim Geitner,or maybe “doller” Bill Jefferson who had 90,000 thousand dollers he was keeping cool in his freezer.He’s now doing 13 years in the slammer. Or maybe his sister who was convicted of stealing thousands upon thousands from charity.Tax cheats,liars,theives,criminals. Guess what Michael,they’re all Democunts.And that’s not the full list. By the way,Jesus never used the word Republican,as you infer.Damned Wacko!

    • rwnut

      I thought I saw you lefty ———- on Altair. Or was it Eclair? Anyway,it was fourth from the right and twice around the corner. You and Bub War was smoken a doobie (words removed for offensive content)

    • JeffH

      Seems the Jaberwockies are out in full force.

      • rwnut

        It’s a chosen language that only a select few can understand or speak.(can’t tell you who chose it,you’ll have to ask Bub or Michael that.I’m not of the inner circle,yet.)

  • Bubba

    Right or wrong obama is going to show he is the BNIC

  • mavis

    still no stopping the bp oil spill, all promises, wake up america this a disgrace, amd it could have been prevented if every one had done their job. obama and his appointees were enjoying the perks bp was giving them
    and did not inspect the drilling site. today the news alert said that obama knew that the oil drilling rig was in trouble. why wasn’t it shut down? pretty interesting don’t you think. it is time for obama and his crooks to
    go now!!!!!no waiting till 2012. mehpensacola,fl

  • http://none howkriv

    As a practical matter, with long lenses 65 feet doesn’t mean much. As a matter of principle it means everything.

    The original article and the majority of your comments are right on!

    All of us must be right in line when the polls open in November.

    Stay locked and loaded.


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