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Texas Legislature Blinks

June 29, 2011 by  

Texas Legislature Blinks

The Texas Legislature blinked Monday and passed a watered-down anti-groping bill that gives Transportation Security Administration agents carte blanche to continue groping travelers at Texas airports based on reasonable suspicion.

House Speaker Joe Straus had opposed the original bill that required a “probable cause” reason for the invasive pat-down procedure, dismissing it as a “publicity stunt.” But the fact that he favors this bill indicates just how toothless it is.

The Texas House had been scheduled to vote on the original version on June 24, but not enough representatives bothered to show up for the vote to constitute a quorum. In other words, Texas, the members of your Legislature, when faced with a choice between tyranny and standing up to a gangster government, tucked their tails and ran.

But even the watered-down version may not become law. The House and Senate must now reconcile their different versions — the House version is even weaker than the Senate’s — and must make it to Governor Rick Perry’s desk today.

Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston), the chief sponsor of the bill, acknowledged it will be a challenge to get a bill to Perry by the deadline, according to a report in the Star-Telegram.

Perry has been lukewarm to the legislation at best. But Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst has worked diligently with Straus to either kill the bill or remove its teeth.

Dewhurst will be trolling for votes soon as he runs for higher office, most likely for retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s seat. Texans need to remember that Dewhurst sided with the Federal government against freedom.

And anyone seriously considering supporting Perry for President needs to remember his silence on the anti-groping legislation.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Carlos

    Thanks for the great advice, Bob. I really can’t stand watered-down Republicans. I like Tea Partiers the best and that’s why I voted for Debra Medina of the Tea Party and not for Perry. Say, I wonder if she’d run for Hutchison’s Senate seat?

    • FreedomFighter

      I see it as more of a reason to vote out all of Obama’s minion and the Demonrats in all states. We fight wars in battles with victory as the result, even political wars. Some battles need be initiated at later times in the war effort.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • SiliconDoc

        Gosh what a dreamy fantasy that is for me.
        I remember when I really admired our government and that may have been naive but now the glaring insanities and absolute outright in my face criminal conduct, lying, and covering up of gigantic scandals like Fannie and Freddie and their big fat Barney lies and Dodd blathering and Obama on the tubenet with 56 lies I personally checked for confirmation befre even the primaries is a whole brave new world.
        I watch these perps and the lies just flow like water, and I sure don’t believe I was that naive before so it’s disturbing and my conclusion is it is very dangerous. It’s so bad the massive lies have become ridiculously transparent, and that’s a sign it’s all blowing apart at the seams.
        It’s a local problem here too and our now long gone for many years democrat Mayor actually knew the rule of law and followed it and corrected the corrupt little foolish slime that followed him I saw it with my own eyes – well that sort of STATEMANSHIP is so long gone – and when I see a republican do it on one of the floors of the Hill the lies and blocking and frankly just unbelievable and twisted and criminal opposiotn to what is known to be good and just and honorable and the American way is just stomped and slammed and beaten and ridiculed and lied about and re-characterized and twisted till it is utterly crushed.
        I just really do not see this thing turning around I expect some massive calamity or string of them – monetary collapse, terror attacks, natural disaster – draconain and foolsih rsponses as we’ve seen become the call of the day… and sanity and common sense and proportion just right out the door for very bad and wrong reasons.
        I am not seeing it.

        • FreedomFighter


          I have a freind, who’s name I withhold, that some consider a “real” psyhic, hang with me a sec.

          This person stated they expect some type of large scale calimity to hit America within the next 30 days.

          I personally hope they are wrong, as this persons hit record is only about 70-80 percent. This person also states it “feels” like an attack of some kind.

          Take it with a grain of salt or not your choice. Personally I hope its a miss.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

  • s c

    Something stinks in the Lone Star state. Perry is a Washington-style poser, and the citizens of Texas can’t afford to have any spineless weasles making decisions for them.
    A functional backbone in someone who has been elected to office is rarer than a social engineer who cares about someone other than himself. Come on, Texas, this is another Alamo. Do you have to be told what to do to rid yourselves of your entrenched, in-house invaders?

    • meteorlady

      The bill would have had to be passed for Perry to sign. It never made it so what would you have had Perry do?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear meteorlady,

        Perry could have pushed for a clean bill—-the original version, not the watered down version. Instead, he could be described as lukewarm, at best. What he wanted was for the issue to go away. When he saw that it wouldn’t, he put it into the special session at the last minute. Since then he’s been looking for a way to avoid the bill so as not to upset is NWO puppet masters.

        Best wishes,

        • Bob from Calif.

          Perry in the open pushes for the bill, but behind the scenes has his ex-CIA henchman, Dewhurst kill the bill. Then brings the bill back up in special session, just to water it down and make it toothless. This way he can look good for his upcoming presidential run. Its to be expected from Al (Inconvenient Truth) Gores Texas campaign manager. If this guy is a republican then the liberals on the left are Satan’s servants. I guess I should rephrase that because that would mean he is a Republican. Do not vote for this guy he is just as slimy as little slick Willie. All his actions are following his Globalist agenda. He has attended Bilderberg meetings in the past.

    • meteorlady

      I think if the TSA would have banned flights, the airlines and people would have had something to say about it, don’t you. With that said, how many states do you actually think would have stood with us? I think none.

  • Pete

    Them Texans have weighed the cost of defying Washington DC – and they don’t want to get ostracized with a flying ban !

    I guess the Texans don’t want to stand alone. Who wants to fight for the other states when they are all practically gutless ?

    It don’t matter that much, what did we expect ? Davy Crockett ?

    • texastwin827

      I guess the Texans don’t want to stand alone. Who wants to fight for the other states when they are all practically gutless ?

      Well said Pete. We’ve seen how effective “support” from other states have been, for Arizona. Sadly, until ALL people in EVERY state get to the point that they have had enough and are willing to “fight”, nothing is going to be accomplished without long, drawn out legal battles which eventually make it to the US Supreme Court…whose justices will likely side with the Feds. Other states want someone else to do battle for them, as long as they aren’t inconvenienced.

      Texas could easily threaten to shut down all oil flow to the rest of the US (without effecting our exports), if the Feds don’t back off….but guess who would gripe the most…yep…our so called “supporters” in other states.

      The “changes” need to start at the top…the Federal level. We all need to quit voting for the party and replace those who sell us and our future to the highest bidders. Once we’ve rid ourselves of the leeches in Washington, then it will be time to remove those on the State level, as well.

      • meteorlady

        True what you say, but….. didn’t Reid just get re-elected? Isn’t Maxine Waters still around, Pelosi? These are really ugly self-serving politicians yet the unions, gays and entitlement people keep re-electing them because they perceive that get something from them in return.

        • DC/Tex

          Don’t forget the sucker Barney all being led by the antichrist and his gang of Chicago crime mobsters in the whorehouse of the soon to be the Islam States of America.
          “O”ne “B”ig “A”ss “M”istake “A”merica

        • Wayne937

          Meteorlady, the people you described are the ones ruining our country. It is all due to selfishness as far as I am concerned.

    • Billy


      • debalazo

        C’mon, DC/Texas, don’t ‘help’ with disinformation! “…and his gang of Chicago crime mobsters in the whorehouse of the soon to be the Islam States of America.”

        What kind of nonsense it that? Chicago is the hide-out of dual-passport israeli mafiosi like Rham Emanuel.

        Anyone pandering Islamic phobias is an agent for israHell, and should be dismissed as a troll for these terrorists. Have you forgotten who did 911? USSCole? USSLiberty? Marine Barracks in Lebanon?

        As for the coward Texas sub-servient puppets to dual-passport Chertoff’s nakid machines and degradation of Americans, they should be tossed into the street at new election time.

  • TIME

    How bloody sad.

    What started out strong, was killed by the state’s NWO leaders, then after the people spoke was reborn, then the clows in the State senate cleaned up the bill to insure they get their kick backs, as they shooted out ~ SCREW the people of Texas, we want our $$$$$$.

    Thats what I call just plain SAD. Folks in Texas, you know who did what if you look into it, so don’t vote them back in.

  • James R. Maxwell

    The Texas House didn’t just blink they turned tail and ran under the
    leadership of RINO Speaker of the House Joe Straus. This, so called
    leader, showed his true colors when it came to the TSA Anti Grouping bill by refusing it at the House door. He also showed his stripe
    when it came to the Anti-Sanctuary bill that was passed by the Texas
    Seanate. Between Straus and I suspect Lt Gov “Do Little” Dewhurst
    the voters were slaped in the face.

    • meteorlady

      You are exactly right, but we Texans have to live with the fact that all the entitlement people and liberals have over run our big cities so we get people elected like that. Bill White is another perfect example, when mayor or Houston he made it a sanctuary city, then ran for governor and lost (thank God).

      • DC/Tex


      • 45caliber

        I agree with you. Thank God White didn’t get enough votes! Perry is bad enough.

    • Michael

      Not sure why the voters of Texas continue to support the likes of Straus, Dewhurst and Perry, but we do. All are cut from the same bolt of flawed cloth – call it RINO cotton! Straus is secure for he has the San Antonio Hispanic voter bloc supporting him. Perry has lots of money coming from New Orleans and Dewhurst is just riding his coat tails and will probably get the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat. The Republican Party of Texas is run by an idiot who thinks Straus is a fine gentleman.

  • Doug White

    Way to go rick perry. As president, this is what you would see all the time.

    • texastwin827

      Doug, while I’m not a Rick Perry fan, this bill has to be sent to him, before he can reject it….so far, it is our politicians who can’t seem to get a bill to him.

  • Kane

    I knew something was up when Lt Gov “Do Little” Dewhurst (former CIA agent) (who effectively “killed” the bill the first time)was supporting it the second time. They all gotta go. Period. And at this point I don’t care how it happens. Think about that.

  • DaveH

    Don’t expect Republicans, whose party started out pushing Big Central Government and Mercantilism 150 years ago, to shrink our Government back to its Constitutionally Mandated size. There is only one Political Party with the Principles to get our Freedom back. That is the Libertarian Party. Quit settling for Faux Freedom:

    • Vigilant

      Whatever a political party was or wasn’t 150 years ago has little to no bearing on today’s problems. Both parties have changed substantially in 150 years.

      Whatever centralization and consolidation of government power has occurred, it’s harmful aspects began to take their toll around the time of Wilson’s presidency, not before on any appreciable scale.

      • 45caliber


        I put the time back to Lincoln. Until that time, the feds were hampered since the Federal government wasn’t allowed to interfere with states’ rights. But he was a Federalist and wanted the Federal government to rule the states. And he won.

        • Vigilant

          George Washington was also a Federalist, as was James Madison in his early years. Federalism saved the country by giving us a Constitution in place of the Articles of Confederation, a measure that saved the very existence of the country.

          The majority of Americans in 1860 were Federalists. An even greater majority voted Lincoln in for a second term in 1864. The war clearly began over slavery (a “state’s right”).

          The war measures were harsh but necessary during the war. Lincoln didn’t live long enough to do anything along the lines of making permanent any temporary war measures and, based on his aims, wanted a lenient reconstruction. It wasn’t long before the South realized they had lost their greatest friend when Booth shot Lincoln.

          Even Robert E. Lee said that Lincoln’s benignity did more to defeat him them all of Grant’s artillery.

          • 45caliber


            You need to read some more history. Slavery was a non-issue for most Americans on both sides. In fact, there were more slaves in the North than in the South.

            There were only about 1200 slave owners in the South at the start of the Civil War. The big problems that started things was a law passed by Congress (controlled by the North) that forbid the Southern plantation owners to sell cotton and tobacco directly to Europe. They were to sell ONLY to Northern merchants at prices set by the North so the merchants could then sell to the Europeans. On top of that, the North forbid the South from industrializing when coal and iron ore were discovered at Mobile, AL.

            Slavery was a side issue to most of the country. The North wanted the Southern plantation owners punished because they continued to sell to the Europeans. But over 400,000 Southern soldiers did not die to support slavery. They could have cared less. The North used slavery as a way to go to war so their own people would support them. Slavery was legal in the North for some years after the Civil War was over. When the Northern population learned of it, the law changed as Northern vets insisted that if they fought to get rid of slavery, it was – by God – going to be gone! Keep in mind that the NORTH (the winners) wrote the history of that period. The reason the Confederacy had slavery in their Constitution was because many of the drafers were slave owners and were there due to their wealth.

          • AnhydrousBob

            A good book to read, that will explain in very easy to read terms (even though there are footnotes for back up) is, “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo.

            You can read the forward to the book, by Walter Williams, here:

            If you don’t know who Walter Williams is, use Wikipedia.

          • Vigilant


            Sorry to disagree with you. You are reading some strange history if you claim the north had more slaves than the south. Please see for a breakdown of the 1860 census by state. By far the vast majority of slaves were in the South.

            “Slavery was a non-issue for most Americans on both sides.” Don’t know where you saw that, but the platform of the Democratic Party in 1856 clearly indicates that the south was threatening violence and secession over slavery, and nothing else. The secession ordinances of the CSA states, as well as the CSA constitution itself, clearly show that slavery was THE cause for secession and subsequent civil war.

            “The North used slavery as a way to go to war so their own people would support them. Slavery was legal in the North for some years after the Civil War was over.”

            Entirely wrong. The North went to war for ONE reason only, to preserve the Union. Lincoln even endorsed a Constitutional amendment, the original 13th Amendment (never ratified) that would have permitted slavery. It was passed by the Congress specifically to AVOID war with the South. But the South was already on its high horse and refused to even consider it.

            Slavery was illegal in ALL states, north and south, as a result of the 13th Amendment. It did not continue as a legal institution after 1865. From : “The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, by the House on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, abolished slavery as a legal institution.” It’s beyond me to fathom where you got that faulty info about slavery remaining legal after the war.

            Oh yes, the North may have written the history, but they did not REWRITE the documentary evidence I’ve laid out. All of these documents are available on the Internet.

          • Vigilant


            I have read both of DiLorenzo’s books about Lincoln, and they are not history but political pamphlets. Neither DiLorenzo nor Walter Williams are historians but economists.

            Does it strike anyone as odd that the foreword and book jacket praise for DiLorenzo all come from SOUTHERN universities? Walter Williams: George Mason Univ, VIRGINA, Donald Livingston: Emory University, GEORGIA, and Clyde Wilson, University of SOUTH CAROLINA?

            Face it, the south never got over the fact that they lost the war, so they continue to rewrite history that is demonstrably at odds with the actual source documents. It is, as always, your choice: you can take the word of a pseudohistorian with an obvious hatred for Lincoln, or you can take the time to read the actual documents upon which the history was really made. No, Lincoln was no saint, but he was far from being a demon.

            I truly hope you will look at some of the documents I outlined for 45Caliber above. I might add that everything I said to 45Caliber is backed up by hard evidence, chapter and verse.

  • CW Orange

    Now we can start preparing to vote them all out of office. They knew what the voters wanted, and disregarded it. Now it is our turn. I think if they do not go by vote it will soon be by armed uprising..but go they will. Time to throw the feds out of Texas and secede. Si, si puede!

    • C130 Gunship

      CW Orange– You got it! Once I get the list of every Reepube that voted for this POS bill I will vote against them each and everytime the come up for election. We’ll see who has the ‘last vote.’ Dewhurst and Perry both need to burn in hell.

  • texastwin827

    Time to pull the plug at the oil refineries…no airline service=no oil for the rest of the US. But wait, you say, that would hurt the rest of the country? Then maybe the REST of the states need to grow a pair and JOIN Texas, not just “support” us by way of your mouth.

  • http://? jacob

    Every time my 84 years old half crippled wife wants to travel by air, she gets the royal treatment short of fully undressing her and searchig her natural cavities because her metal knee replacement trips the alarm…

    I learned recently of an 93 years old lady having her incontinence
    undergarment searched as well…

    Why do we have to put up with all this because of having allowed the scum in our midst or Pfresident says we owe our independence to ??

    • meteorlady

      My husband served in the military. He has two artificial hips (not from military action) and gets groped every single time we travel. Wouldn’t you think instead of spending all that money on gates, personal, scanners, etc. they could just weed out the citizens that pose no threat, give them a card and let them through without the humiliation of being guilty before they are proven innocent?

      • Carlucci

        That’s not the point. Truly effective security measures like profiling and bomb sniffing dogs are working at airports all over the rest of the world. This TSA bullsh** is nothing but a sweetheart deal that an ex-government “official” (Michael Cherthoff) made with his ex bosses over at the district of criminals. Sweetheart deals should be illegal, but then again, we are talking about the untouchable federal mafia. Security has nothing to do with it. This is all a ploy to dehumanize the American people. The saddest part is that people will keep flying and putting up with it. They can complain all they want, but if they keep flying, they are saying “it’s okay to harass me, my kids, and my 95 year old grandma who has cancer and has to wear an adult diaper”.

        • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

          How about sewing cactus spines in the clothing so the gropes hit sharp spines? Should not be illegal, yet!

          And, folks, in today’s society, there is a NEED for flying, riding a horse to Washington DC is no longer speedy enough! And the grazing by the Senate buildings are probably poisoned with pest killers. Kill any horse that nibbled.

          And good people boycotting means the baddies will be able to meet freely and the good guys will have to stay home. Don’t think that will work too well!

  • Harold Olsen

    I always considered Texans to be courageous. I see now that I was wrong. They wimped out and caved to the Obama regime. They chose to allow the perverts in the TSA to continue to get their jollies by groping people. Pathetic!!

    • Jeep

      I am not a Texan, but darn it all, don’t jump on Texans for this debacle. At least Taxans HAVE a failed attempt under their big collective belt buckle. What has your state tried to enact? For that matter, what anti-groping law has my state of Virginia tried to enact? That’s right…nothing. Kudos, Texas, now get rid of those RINO’s and live well.

  • meteorlady

    I wish we would just secede and get it over with. I would be happy to live in the Republic of Texas and get things going our way instead of the Federal Government’s way.

    • eddie47d

      You want Texas to secede because someone got groped? Surely it’s got to take more than that for such an extreme move. I did like your comment about a “pre-approved” card for the majority of flyer’s so they can avoid the constant hassle. From others I would like to hear what is acceptable for airport/train/bus security for it is here and doesn’t seem to be going away. Should the TSA be abolished and no one is searched and where we take our chances? Surprisingly my neighbor who flies constantly loves the new full body scanners and says there is no time lost. She also hated the pat downs and how time consuming the other lines were. I dislike any long line but only travel once or twice a year and don’t envy the frequent flyer who has to deal with this everyday.

      • vicki

        Eddie47d. Abolish the TSA. Install trained people who profile the Israeli way. Start there. Minor modifications as needed.

        As to that “Free pass card” it should take just under a month for the black market to start producing those.

        • eddie47d

          Vickie; What would you call those new “TSA” workers. It would pretty much be the same job.

      • 45caliber


        We aren’t talking about seceding due to being groped. It’s ALL the stuff put together that makes us think of that. Things like Congress requiring Texas to ship oil and natural gas to New England at about 1/6th the cost of it here. (One reason it is so high here is to cover the costs of shipping it there.) Things like taking the huge tax raised here and sending half of it back. Of not doing anything to stop the illegal invasion of the state. Etc.

        When you put it all together, seceding looks better every day. Of course, for the rest of the country, it would mean increased energy costs and increased food costs but then – why should we be the fairy godmother all the time?

        • eddie47d

          Good point but you also get cheaper wheat from the Dakotas,Salmon from the Northwest, natural gas from Colorado,iron from Minnesota and possibly some timber from all over the US. We’d all be paying higher prices on everything if the playing field wasn’t leveled out. I know there are exceptions to what I said also. Some chain restaurants all over the country try and average out the same prices even though shipping/transportation may not be the same.

          • AnhydrousBob

            But the key is an unfettered Free Market, that will trade Oil for Wheat, Timber for gas, etc. You don’t have to have the Feds to trade – despite what they may claim to the contrary. Everyone can trade with everyone without any encumbrances of government – wait, didn’t Jefferson say that?

    • DC/Tex

      Totaly Agree!

  • meteorlady

    Gov. Perry has been good for Texas because it was to his benefit. There are things happening here that are not good for Texas. They are putting off a lot of stuff that will catch us down the line so that Perry will look good if he does run. It’s all the game of politics and until we stop supporting the two party system we are all stuck voting for the one person each party pushed the hardest to run. Without that support and the media support people like Ron Paul are left to get whatever media attention they can. Most people don’t hear from them or see them, so they buy the “right wing wacko” or “fringe elememt” stance the media give to anyone they fear will be good for “we the people”.

    • vicki

      Use social networking sites and show others about Ron Paul and why. We do not need to depend on MSM to show us good candidates any longer.

  • Cheryl lynn

    Stop the groping and naked image scans and do a little profiling instead. It works for Israel.

    • DC/Tex

      YES YES YES!!!

    • 45caliber


      Actually, even Israel doesn’t profile. They have someone ask a few questions of each passenger. Those who meet certain criteria are taken apart and questioned even more. So far they have had no failures.

      On the other hand, TSA is NOT meant to find terrorists. It is meant to accustom Americans to being stopped and searched. And they do that job quite well.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      But Obama would croak if we did something Israel does successfully. On the other hand, might be a quick way to clean up Government!

  • Dan az

    I have read that the airlines are reconsidering their take on the TSA because of the lack of people that are now refusing to fly.I think if more people would ban them and use private or smaller commuter planes that have to fly then we could hurt them where it really hurts.They need us more than we need them.I know there are allot of people that fly every where they need to work,but if they cut back and spend the week there and not commute then at least it would help the effort.We have the right to travel any way we please so ban them until they say uncle.

    • 45caliber

      I won’t fly unless my jobs requires it – and even then I’d do a lot of arguing. If I can’t drive there, forget it. I’m not going to get groped. As I said, I don’t care if they shut down the airports or not.

      • Dan az

        You and me both!

        • Carlucci

          Me three. There are plenty of fun things to do here (Texas) that I can drive to. Heck, I can even drive to NOLA if I want to.

          I’d love to go to San Francisco and do some shopping in Chinatown, but I can always shop online…

          • Dan az

            I don’t know what nola is but I sure miss the little whole in the wall chinese restaurant that I used to go to.I wonder if they had take out? ya think they would deliver? :)

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      I drive a lot, rather than flying. I too no longer fly except when it is absolutely necessary.

      Waiting for the bridge to Africa!!

  • Suzanne

    Perry is a Bilderberger… and their candidate for the presidency. He’s sold us out many times before to corporate interests. He’s one of Carl Rove’s creations. He doesn’t want to upset his masters at Bilderberg.

    Our Lieutenant Governor, Dewhurst, is an ex-CIA death squad guy. He is responsible for killing the anti-groping bill last time. The bill had already passed the House with unanimous approval, and everyone in the Senate was ready to approve it, then Dewhurst came through with a pair of federal lawyers, bullying everyone and making threats while saying he didn’t want anyone to know what he was up to.

    We need to get these guys out of our government!

    • DC/Tex


  • i41

    Texas didn’t blink they just need to get bigger guns and more magazines. Let these libatard PCed pukes get crazy, they always over reach. Texans need to implement the bounty system again, to thin out muslims and illegals, you know the 3 ms, all muslims, libatard morons and wetback mexicans. Do to them like sheep theives got, a hot wire brand ST, only now use FJ for fence jumpers, MT for muslim terrorists, and M/C for moron marxist/communist liberals, plus add a ear notch for distant IDing, top notch for muslims, and side nick for illegals, and bottom left ear lobe on the libatards. Go Texas.

  • 45caliber

    The Feds were putting a lot of pressure on them. One of the threats was to shut down every air port in the state (which I have no problem with). So they backed down. Cowards.

  • jopa

    i41: Now look what you did.You scared away Jean Geary!She probably thought this site was for the criminally insane after reading your post.

    • eddie47d

      High Five on that one jopa! Even Alcatraz wouldn’t have been big enough for i41 and the babbling mush he uses for a mind.

  • newspooner

    Complain politely, but always complain when your rights are violated. Being passively compliant is being an accmplice.


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