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Texas Lawmakers Pass Bill Protecting Light Bulb Manufacturers

June 23, 2011 by  

Texas Lawmakers Pass Bill Protecting Light Bulb Manufacturers

The Texas Legislature recently passed HB 2510, which allows light bulb manufacturers to continue producing incandescent bulbs in the State, in spite of Federal mandates aimed at phasing out incandescent bulbs by 2012.

“In 2007, the U.S. Congress enacted and President (George W.) Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act, a portion of which sets an energy efficiency standard for general service incandescent lamps and for incandescent reflector lamps and fluorescent lamps,” read the House Research Organization analysis of the bill.

“HB 2510 would affirm that an incandescent light bulb that was manufactured in Texas and remained in the state would not be subject to federal law or regulation under the authority of the U.S. Congress to regulate interstate commerce.”

The measure, after passing in the Legislature, was sent to Governor Rick Perry for consideration. Perry has until Sunday to veto the bill, sign it into law or allow it to become law without his signature.

The bill’s supporters argue that the Federal Energy Independence and Security Act effectively outlawed incandescent light bulbs, which “is misguided for many reasons. First, it stifles domestic industries that produce incandescent light bulbs in favor of compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs), which almost exclusively are made in China. Second, it promotes an environmentally and economically questionable product,” according to the analysis.





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  • s c

    Thanks, Texas, for this latest breath of fresh air and reason. Here, for a change, is a chance for GB haters on this website to crow about his lack of judgment in a poorly-reasoned environmental topic.
    At the same time, it should be noted that Washington’s psychotic need to play EPA games (ref. Chinese light bulbs made with mercury) is a prime example of what happens when tons of money changes hands in the name of catering to tree-hugging, green retards.
    Give me long-lasting, LED light bulbs and Texas products, and every Washington brown-noser/career politician can take his or her dangerous Chinese light bulbs and cram them in any orifice that makes them feel better. I will supply the American-made petroleum jelly.

    • Jazzabelle

      Thank you, s c. ‘Nuff said!!

    • Push comes to shove

      We here in TEXAS are proud, from time to time, about what our legislators do. This is a great bill, who wants mercury in thier house in the amounts that replacing every light bulb would generate, NOT ME!

      Hey, Texas, via Gov Perry’s Special session, is agian addressing the TSA anti-groping bill that already passed our House vote before Pres B.O.(Body Odor)threatened a no fly zone. Every Texan reading this, and any others who feel the need, send the Gov and Lt Gov your thoughts about passing this bill. It would be a huge victory for the 4th Amendment and every red blooded, GOD fearing, gun toting(or at least gun supporting) American in our country.

      Let the Fed Gov know “We’re not going to take it any more” (Twisted Sister lyric – read em, it fits)

      • Zermoid

        I love it that Texas has consistently given the Feds the one finger salute!
        Keep up the good work, I will try to move out there as soon as possible!

      • Jay

        Hmmm….. Let’s see, now. I live in SW Mississippi. The fastest way for me to get to Texas is to drive down I-55 to Hammond, LA, go west through Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles, then on to Orange or Beaumont, Texas. When I get there, I’ll buy two dozen 60-watt and two dozen 100-watt bulbs. That ought to last me for a while. I wonder if the Feds will set up a permanent checkpoint on all roads going into and out of Texas? I wonder if the FBI will be monitoring every store that sells light bulbs? The real problem with what Washington is doing is that they are making outlaws out of every U. S. citizen who has a brain to think with. I think it would be cheaper to build insane asylums for all environmentalists – lol.

    • Robert Smith

      Both GWB’s effort and the Texas reply were EXACTLY what Ayn Rand was against in Atlas Shrugged.

      There is NO place for non-safety related legislation in the American product marketplace.

      BTW, the mercury in the CFLs is way less than would enter the air from coal burning to keep an incandascent bulb lit.


      • Push comes to shove

        May be but you do not burn coal INSIDE your house do you?

        How many light bulbs have you broken inside your house or in your immediate area? Each one of those breaks for a CFL bulb is more exposure to mercury than you want, why do you think it is that mercury thermometers for home use are hard to find? Because it is Toxic for you?

        • Robert Smith

          Hi Push,

          Open a window to air the room out and pick up the pieces. That’s all it takes to be safe.

          And the air from a coal burning plant impacts us all. It’s kinda universal you know. There’s no way to get away from it.


      • lminaz

        So, Mercury in government mandated light bulbs is good, and mercury in manufacturing, energy production, etc. is bad? Just like plastic bags are now bad, BUT weren’t they imposed on us because we needed to save the trees? I have yet to see any bird or animal wrapped in paper and lying dead. See plenty of dead birds wrapped in plastic or from a plastic bag caught in their throat.

        I guess since an environmentalist says something is so, we have to comply?

        • Robert Smith

          From Iminaz: “Mercury in government mandated light bulbs is good, and mercury in manufacturing, energy production, etc. is bad?”

          Nope, neither is good. However, your exposure, and the exposure of millions of other Americans, from coal buning is still MORE than the murcury from the CFL vs. incandescant.

          It’s a matter of degree. I can’t escape polution in the air. I can be careful with a CFL and follow the simple procedure of airing out a room if one breaks.


      • 45caliber

        It is easy to discard an incadescent bulb. Toss it in the trash. But the fluorescent type? Try tossing those in the trash and see what happens!

        Besides, I used to play with mercury as a kid. A lot soaked into our blood stream through our skin. None of us died or had any other problems. I sincerely doubt that it is half as dangerous as they say it is.

        • Robert Smith

          45 says: “But the fluorescent type? Try tossing those in the trash and see what happens!”

          If it goes into a plastic bag and out with the trash most likley nothing.


      • Iam

        Robert, if there is so little danger from the mercury bulbs, why does the Michigan Department of Community Health publish a four-page booklet on the dangers of contamination, with admonitions to close off the room; keep people and pets out of the room; close heating/air-conditioning vents; remove any shoes and clothing that might have come into contact with the mercury; open an outside window and use a fan to blow air OUT of the room; place rugs in a non-living area for SEVERAL MONTHS, then have it tested (a difficult and expensive procedure) to see if mercury vapor can still be detected? Why does it say that you can PROBABLY do a safe and thorough cleanup IF: it’s a pea-sized bead or less; the spill has not been spread or tracked over a large area; the spill has happened recently; the spill is on a hard surface; or the spill is on an easily bagged and disposable object like a throw rug or pillow.

        That’s only the first page. Page two starts with: Don’t stay in a place where mercury has been heated! Get everyone out of the area
        until the air can be tested. That statement is emphasized in BOLD letters. Page two is filled with DOs and DONTs.

        All of page three explains how to clean up the mercury, if it’s a small spill, including the fact that rugs have to be disposed of, because they CAN’T BE CLEANED!

        Page four is about large spills, which require the hiring of a professional cleanup contractor. Then, after the cleanup, the building has to be tested, again by a professional. Very expensive, don’t you think?

        All this so that every room in the country can be made into a potential toxic waste site to please the idiot environmentalists.

        • Robert Smith

          Hey Iam, it’s not the envirounmentalists…

          It’s the lobbying of the CLEAN-UP industry. See who shows up at the hearings.

          Like I said, if a CFL breaks vent the room outside for awhile (a couple of hours), and clean up the glass and any visible residue.

          Follow common sense. You will be OK.


      • Ellen

        How can Congress believe people will dispose of the bulbs properly? Go to any Walmart in America and see how many people are too lazy to put their carts away. And we think these people who won’t walk 10 feet to do that will drive to Lowe’s to dispose of their bulb? We’re going to have landfills full of mercury in about 10 years and it will be a major environmental problem that ‘no one could possibly have foreseen.’ And, the quality of light put out by CFLs is terrible. Texas may be creating a great mail order business.

    • Mary Carter

      Please send this info to Rick Scott Gov. of Fla.
      We need this too.

    • Bob from Calif.

      Hey SC

      The politicians will not use the bulbs, no matter where you shove them. They only operate under cover of darkness.

    • Dan az

      What did you leave for me to say?but well put!
      I just can’t wait to see the hazmat teams show up in there cute little suit to change those bulbs from china and charge the customer for storing them on some lot for the next hundred years or so.Because you can’t throw them away that would be against the law.Don’t you just love the logic of these greenies?

    • R

      Guess who manufactures the new light bulbs…GE. Guess who is Obama’s right hand man…Immelt, head of GE. Need I say more?

  • Roadkill


  • Altaica

    Give me the warm light of an incandescent bulb any day. Those fluorescent things hurt my eyes and give me headaches. Plus when you have to change them it is easier to break a spiraled tube then a sphere. The traditional light bulb is safer to hand in my opinion. spheroid objects are stronger structurally than a long glass tube spiraled around a dangerous substance. Breaking an incandescent bulb releases glass fragments that can cut. Breaking one of those fluorescent bulbs results in glass and the release of a deadly chemical. Not to mention these things are supposed to be disposed on a certain way but you can bet most people are going to pitch them in the trash can, thus polluting the environment with more mercury. Glass is actually a hell of a lot more natural being made from silica and will eventually break down. Mercury on the other hand…well if they keep it up we’ll all be mad hatters. I think I am going to stockpile lightbulbs.

    • Altaica

      In addition the fluorescent bulbs damage textiles and paintings. As a painter and a sewer I don’t want my art to be damaged in my home by a federal that hampers our freedom of choice and expression. These things also cannot be used outside and most aren’t manufactured to have a flame retardant base and are considered a fire hazard. The incandescent bulb works just fine. If they want to help the environment they should work on more pressing issues, like the fuel emissions from oil and gas and the impact of deforestation.

    • 45caliber

      If you are going into your bathroom for a few minutes and then leave, it is cheaper electrically to use an incadescent bulb due to turning it on and off again. If you plan to leave your light on all day, then a fluorescent bulb can be cheaper – if it is new. It takes far more power to turn on a fluorescent bulb, particuarly if it is an old one, since it requires warm-up among other things. I’ve got one exterior flood light that is fluorescent – it takes up to ten minutes to warm up to full light. And all of that time uses more electricity.

  • James A. Olson

    How do federal departments continue to get away with writing laws? Writing laws is one of the authorities and responsibilities of Congress. Federal departments are ONLY supposed to enforce the laws (can we all say, “ILLEGAL immigrant!”), not make them.

    • 45caliber

      They get away with it because Congress, in setting up such an agency, gives them the right to create the laws. That should be stopped. Further, they write these laws, not necessarily to make us safer but to give themselves more reasons to hire more people, making their agencies bigger. They need more people to insure the laws are followed, etc. And all the extra people mean that they can get faster promotions and pay raises.

      The easiest way to get promotions and pay raises is to hire more people. So they do. And since these bosses can be demoted if they lose too many people, they don’t fire anyone. They just hire more people to do the work the losers won’t bother to do.

      • Dan az

        45 don’t forget those life long benny’s.

      • Robert Smith

        From 45: “Further, they write these laws, not necessarily to make us safer but to give themselves more reasons to hire more people, making their agencies bigger.”


        Give that man a cigar and a free CFL.

        Don’t forget they get to hire more to regulate the “industry” for cleaning up. They are a very energetic lobby.


  • Elevenarrows

    We recently experienced a power surge caused by lightning hitting near our home. Sparks flew out of light switches and outlets, circuits blew. Ground faults had to be replaced, a chunk of concrete was blown out of garage floor…and light bulbs shattered all over the house. I was very thankful that in the midst of dealing with a house full of scared kids, I didn’t also have to call in experts to clean up the light bulbs…nor did I have to worry that we all had been poisoned. Nor did I have to dispose of my bed linens (covered in light bulb fragments) because it would be dangerous to wash them. IS there no one in Congress who has read the clean up recommendations for these new bulbs and not been shocked as I have???

    We have been stock-piling regular bulbs and do not intend to use the dangerous ones. I am growing concerned, though, since even our local China-Mart, I mean, Wal-mart, has reduced them to a small endcap display. Funny how so many in America are interested about “choice” when it comes to murdering an unwanted baby, but those same people don’t mind removing our choices for light bulbs!!!

    • estychic

      I wholeheartedly agree with your feelings about being forced to purchase dangerous, mercury laden light bulbs (no choice) but comparing it to “American’s interested in “choice” when it comes to murdering an unwanted baby? Really???

      Anyhoo…Americans DO have a choice when it comes to purchasing from China Mart or any biz that sells these bulbs. BOYCOTT! It certainly works well for Color of Change and the rest of those organizations.

      It’s about time Americans put their BIG boy/girl pants on and hit businesses where it hurts…their POCKETBOOKS (always their bottom line). Our Washington-ites would be forced to regroup…ya think?

      Americans HAVE a voice…many refuse to use it.

      • Elevenarrows

        Yes…I think the whole mentality that drives the “choice” agenda (ie: I know better than God or anyone else and I am going to force you to let me have my way…even if I want to kill unborn kids or euthanize the elderly) is the same mentality that says, “I know what is best for the environment and I am going to force you to use the light bulbs I choose.” You can connect the dots on all of these thought patterns that de-value life and embrace tyranny of the minority.

        • Bleh

          Tyranny would be the forced removal of choice, such as forcing you to use one light bulb over another. I agree. TX did good here.
          By extension, not allowing a woman to choose to have an abortion would also be tyranny, like it or not.
          Thus a woman being able to choose to have an abortion or not, is NOT tyranny. You do not get to be selective here.

          You may argue your religion and “respect for life” removes that choice for you and that IS YOUR choice, I may even agree. However not everyone shares your religion nor agrees with you and thus they can make a DIFFERENT choice.

          Some place liberty in a higher regard than life. Liberty or Death, Live Free or Die and such. Many of those have died to secure us these choices. It is a terrible shame when these choices disappear because some think their religion, morals or ideas are superior and thus should be the only choice. When some of these halfwits try and force the removal of choices upon others we get the tyranny as described above.
          That, my friend, is what you seemingly support and I oppose.

    • skippy

      hey, eleven…do you think that maybe, JUST maybe….since we are already born ….they had to figure out another way to get rid of us??!!! hmmmm…things I wonder about. From what I have read, the new, improved AND required bulbs are quite hazardous and can possibly be fatal!!! wow, now that’s something to think about, huh??!!! and they intend to MAKE US USE THEM!!! go figure…

      • Elevenarrows

        I agree, Skippy. I think the whole idea is control of freedom-loving people because we might throw a monkey wrench in the elite’s agenda. Newest, frightful thing is acting-president Obama’s executive order #13575…which puts rural America and all her resources under his administration’s control. We all need to be reading up on this one. As a farmer, I am very concerned that the powers that be are making a grab for “the last frontier”.

        • skippy

          You sure have that right eleven. Screw up the kids minds, take the guns, get the farm/rural property…well, hell, then what??!! I guess the plan is to make us all so damn dependent on ‘them’ and unable to think for ourselves. Oh they have a plan all right…and I for one do not like it all. C’mon 2012…let’s please, dear God, get these bums outta here!!

    • April

      What an ey opener! Thank you Elevenarrows for sharing your experience. And thank God your family is safe.

      • April

        “eye-opener” that is. smiles

      • Elevenarrows

        Thank you for your kind sentiments. I had no idea electricity could come in a house like that if you have surge protectors on the outside of the house. I keep a $10,000 surge protector on my office, too, and everything appears to be okay, but some “expert” my mother knows said for me to keep an eye on my equipment because it can take a few weeks for the damage to show. I certainly hope not! Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes, America’s international standing, not protecting Israel….sounds like a chapter taken right out of Revelation!

        • April

          I agree, prophecies seem to be happening faster and faster at that. I certainly hope there is no damage too.

        • Dan az

          I hate to tell you this but that expensive surge protector is not going to do a thing for you except protect you from a small surge from your utility company.If you think about it that lightning is mirly an electrostatic charge that carries millions of volts,unlike your utility that may surge twice or three times the normal current.Just imagine the gap of the spark that got it to you in the first place and the size of the gap that the surge protector has in it.Get my point?

          • libertytrain

            Dan – yep you are exactly correct. While they help in some instances lightening has a very powerful mind of its own and will bypass or fry anything.

          • April


          • Dan az

            What we do here during the storms is to disconnect all the plugs from the walls and turn out the lights.We have the most awesome lighting in the country so its our intertainment for the evening.As you know I’m off the grid and make my own power,about 12yrs ago lighting struck about a half mile from me and took out my power thought the grounds that I had.Ever sense then I had taking off the grounds and never had a problem again.

          • libertytrain

            I live in the mountains of Western NC and there is a lot of Mica they say that attracts lightening – we’re like a rainforest here as well, I think 2nd to Seattle where I am – we’ve tried everything, unplug, shutdown with each rain, its crazy but not always enough. This week was the DirectTV satellite – Again. Not much I can do on that except pay a couple bucks more a month for the lightening protection – I think they are ready to cut us off from that… been a rough year.

          • Dan az

            What you need is some #4 wire to make a spiral of at least ten turns and about 2ft wide attached to your ground block in your service panel on one end and the spiral buried about a foot or so in the ground away from the house.What that does is sends the lightning to the spiral because its not in a straight line it has no where to arc to but the ground.They do that allot up here at the top of the mountains on communication towers and it works.Also if you have an antenna that you could put up taller than the highest point of your house and as far away from the house you can put it,and put the same type of ground under it as you did with the house it will take the strike before you do.But it has to be the highest thing around.Trees take hits but they only keep the lighting on the outside of the bark and tend to shed the lightning to what ever is close to it.So try to make your antenna taller than the trees around you.It can be made of fiberglass but metal is better.Just remember that if you kink the ground wire in to a ninety it will send the lightning only to that kink before it jumps, so keep the wire in smooth turns and at the end of the turns point the end deeper into the ground below the coil.The communication stations up here all use this method and it works!

          • libertytrain

            Thank you – I may have to ask you more questions on that later -

          • Dan az


    • Robert Smith

      Posted: ” Wal-mart, has reduced them to a small endcap display.”

      Actually in store realestate that is the prime spot to be able to sell more, not to hide things.

      They are called “end caps” and often a vendor will pay extra for their product to be there.

      IOW, if that’s where Walmart put the bulbs they expect to sell a lot of them.


  • C130 Gunship

    Let’s review, Texas hopefully tells the FEDs, to ‘see the light’ on incandescent light bulbs, and hopefully passes the ‘anti-groping’ TSA bill. If Perry signs these two bills, he’s running for president-have no doubt. Conservatives who don’t know Perry well will back him for president.

    BTW, I’m not a Perry fan at all. He’s a big government politician and it’s all very well documented.

    • skippy

      C130, i have heard that about Perry also. I have to agree with Jerry (from the other day) that RON PAUL is probably the best hope for America and all of us. Don’t get me wrong, Perry talks a good talk, but hey….isn’t that what we have NOW???

      • Jazzabelle

        Agreed, Perry is incredibly statist. I always wonder how he got elected in Texas…but then, we’re talking about the state that steals your children if you’re the wrong religion, so….

        • Push comes to shove

          Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,
          You need to back a statement like that up (steals children?). Being a native Texan i can tell you that does not happen. If you are talking about the freaks out west who were alledgedly abusing children, then yes we took them until it was sure they were safe and returned them to thier parents or relatives, would you have it any other way when it comes to alledged pedophiles? It was not about thier religion it was about proported pedophile practices, based on testimony of a person from within thier organization.

          In this case the Texas gov’t did the right thing in protecting innocence.

          • 45caliber


            I’m not so sure about that. The people pushing it at the time wanted to shut them down due to religious reasons – the kids were just an excuse. And the CPS wanted the healthy obedient kids to adopt out – and get paid for them. I believe those were the real reasons behind all that – not the fears that the kids were being mistreated.

            As to young weddings – what about the recent one where some 51 year old actor married a 16 year old girl? Why isn’t something being done about that? Or is it okay since the man is an actor and his new bride wants a stage career?

          • Jazzabelle

            Apparently you never paid attention to the FLDS case….

            First of all, the “report” DIDN’T come from anyone within their church. They never found who called it in, and within a few days they decided the call was a hoax.

            You wrote: “If you are talking about the freaks out west who were alledgedly abusing children, then yes we took them until it was sure they were safe and returned them to thier parents or relatives, would you have it any other way when it comes to alledged pedophiles?”

            It depends on whether the allegations have any merit. If I called up your local police and told them you were a pedophile, should they come seize your children at gunpoint until they decide you are “safe?” Because that’s exactly what happened here. Grab the kids first, ask questions later. Also, the CPS and the police violated Texas law by seizing all children of all ages, not just the ones who could conceivably have made the call. They also violated Texas law by removing ANY children from their homes without making that their last resort. That’s why Texas courts ordered the children returned before the govt’s (year-long) “investigation” was complete. All in all, out of the 400-plus children whose lives, feelings of safety, and childhoods were destroyed in this travesty, the state only managed to find ONE adolescent that they could find any reason to keep in foster care when all the others had been sent home. I never even heard whether that young woman’s parents were charged with any crime (or convicted).

            What you have here is a state bent on destroying a minority religious group. They were raided, the children were seized, the men were forcibly required to stay on the church’s grounds (unlawfully imprisoned there), while the state showed graphic pornography to their little children in an attempt to find some grounds for the actions the state had already taken. After a year or more of investigating, the state couldn’t even make specific accusations of illegal conduct against the group. All they could do was make vague accusations such as the church was a bad “environment” for children because boys were “groomed” to be sexual oppressors. By which they meant, apparently, that the FLDS group taught traditional gender roles to their children. Horrors! Their little boys and girls might grow up and get married, and the woman might actually honor and obey her husband. That isn’t illegal, by the way. So yes, it DOES come down to religion. You’re the wrong religion, Texas takes your kids.

            BTW, it’s not just that Mormon group that this has happened to. Periodically I hear about some other Christian group(s) that have all their children confiscated because they teach their daughters to obey their husbands after they grow up and get married.

          • Push comes to shove

            45 / Jazz,

            Ther is nothing right about children being abused or put in adult situations (young marriages, even if they think they want them). Being from Texas and hearing the local news (not the MSM) there was reason to believe the children might be in harms way either physically or psycologically.

            Now, if you read my posts you know i am somewhere between conservative and libertarian, so i am not one to toot the horn of a government agency, any agency, but in this case with so many children being involved i believe they did the right thing. If my neighbor had reason to believe i was abusing my child i would expect that they would make that call, i might be angry that someone would accuse me of that and i would probably piss and moan / rant and rave, but in the end i know in my heart it was the right thing to do.

            To touch on another point made regarding sexually explicit material being talked about mor shown to choldren by CPS, that is when they become abusers of a childs innocence and when they should find themselves on the wrong end of a law suit, and yes i would!

          • Push comes to shove

            …………and yes i would!

            After i bailed myself out of jail for kicking some a$$

          • Jazzabelle

            Push wrote: “Ther is nothing right about children being abused or put in adult situations (young marriages, even if they think they want them). Being from Texas and hearing the local news (not the MSM) there was reason to believe the children might be in harms way either physically or psycologically.”

            What you heard from local media is largely irrelevant. All media is biased to some degree. What matters are the facts of the case as the state knew them at the time of the raid. Here are the facts they knew: An anonymous caller claimed to be a 16-year-old wife and mother in the Yearning for Zion compound who was raped and beaten. At the end of her emergency call, she said, oh, I shouldn’t have called, please forget I called.

            So, have the legal standards for a raid been met? Not hardly. A warrant can’t even be issued because the caller was anonymous. (Fourth Amendment) Not to mention, if they had bothered to trace the call before sending a small army to take down the Ranch, they would have seen that the call came from Nevada. Obviously NOT someone held captive on the Ranch in Texas. And when they actually did bother to look at their Caller ID, ten days later, they found that the local Nevada police were already familiar with the phone number that originated the call. It was known for being used to make reports of sexual abuse that were unfounded. Further investigation revealed that the owner of the phone number was a Hispanic girl who had never had any contact with the FLDS sect in her life, and had never even visited the Texas ranch that her call sparked a raid on. Local (Texas) police knew all this within 2 weeks of the raid. Do you still think it was appropriate for CPS to KEEP all 400+ children at this point? For another solid year??

            By the way, it’s not illegal for a minor to get married in Texas. You might not agree with it, but it’s not a crime. There is NO legal basis for the state to confiscate someone’s children indefinitely just because the mother had been a minor at the time of delivery. In fact, minors get legally married to adults every single day in Texas. What’s the difference between a 16-year-old Mormon married to a 19-year-old Mormon, and a 16-year-old Baptist married to a 19-year-old Baptist? That’s right, their religion is the only difference. But I haven’t heard of anybody’s children getting seized over it, except the Mormons’.

            Push wrote: “Now, if you read my posts you know i am somewhere between conservative and libertarian, so i am not one to toot the horn of a government agency, any agency,”

            Which is totally irrelevant.

            Push wrote: “but in this case with so many children being involved i believe they did the right thing.”

            Only because of the number of children?

            Push wrote: “If my neighbor had reason to believe i was abusing my child i would expect that they would make that call, i might be angry that someone would accuse me of that and i would probably piss and moan / rant and rave, but in the end i know in my heart it was the right thing to do.”

            Making that call COULD be the right thing to do, if your neighbor actually had reason to believe you were abusing your kids. Then it’s up to the state to determine if their report actually met the standards of probable cause before sending a SWAT team to your house and seizing all the children. Hopefully they wouldn’t do that if the report was anonymous and originated in a different state; hopefully they would do at least a LITTLE bit of legwork first. And if the person who made the call had never met you or any of your children, and had never even set foot in your state, hopefully saner heads would prevail and the police wouldn’t see fit to bash your door in. At the very least, it would be illegal if they did–which was the case here. The raid was illegal, whether you like it or not. I actually wish those Mormons weren’t quite so forgiving, because I would love to see them sue Texas all the way to h*** and set some serious precedents for those agencies’ and courts’ behavior.

            When you wrote: “i know in my heart it was the right thing to do” in regard to your neighbor calling you in for child abuse, are you referring to the CALL, specifically, or to the possible result of your children being dragged off at gunpoint and put in foster care for a year while you’re being “investigated?” Because there is a difference. Even if YOU think that would be the right thing to do (without any evidence), I think most people probably wouldn’t want that to happen to them.

        • 45caliber


          Perry was Lt. Governor when Bush was elected President. So he took over. Every since then, the people run against him are hopeless. The Democrats, in particular, are running every left wing nut they can find. Chris Bell makes Oblama look conservative and he’s their favorite. (Actually, I think Bell was selected by the Dems to become President sooner or later – they just have to get him some experience and name recognition.) Many of the rest aren’t any better, even those running under a GOP ticket. Most Texans see who else is running and vote for Perry as the lesser of several evils.

          • Jazzabelle

            Well … can’t you all just

          • Jazzabelle

            Sorry. Can’t you all just elect Ron Paul governor, or something? :)

    • Elevenarrows

      The only thing I need to know about Perry is that he attended Bilderburg.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Good!! Texas is right to do so!! It’s none of government’s business what kind of light bulbs we use, especially if we don’t like the more costly spaghetti bulbs!! Let’s get government out of our homes ….. and our lives!! And so what if Texas goes against federal law?? Let’s not forget that BHO and his Democraps are in contempt of a federal judge’s ruling that Obama-care is unconstitutional by continuing with its implementation.

    • David

      Although I agree with the passage of the light-bulb statute, it will only be helpful if some manufacturer decides to actually locate and make incandescent light bulbs in Texas. In the meantime, I am beginning to stock up on incandescent bulbs until Congress gets smart and repeals that idiotic law. The CFLs don’t even last as long as incandescents at my house–a couple of months, tops. Incandescents may last 6 months.

  • BigBen

    Wow! Texas? I think if that state as hot state, but not the word, “hot” has a new meaning. They are definitely a HOT State! I should move their for I like their policies and philosophy of politics.

    Guess where I am at. Hint: Island Blue State.

    I will stock up on incandescent light bulb. May even have to smuggle them across state lines.

    • Elevenarrows

      Watch out…smuggling across state lines…they would probably execute you under the Commerce Law.

      • BigBen



        • Elevenarrows

          LOL…if it weren’t so true! We could use a few William Wallaces! Interesting note of trivia: there was a woman at my church who was a direct descendant of William Wallace…she died a few years ago.

          • 45caliber

            More interesting trivia note on William Wallace – he didn’t have any kids.

          • BigBen

            Interesting trivia. :-D

  • Bob Marshall

    Thanks Texas! Go Long Horns!

  • brad


    • Robert Smith

      That’s because we can’t afford electricity anymore.


  • http://yahoo iwojimafan

    Great for Texas who showed Guts in promoting AMERICAN JOBS over Chinese Jobs. The CFL Mercury Bulbs should be called The KILLER BULBS, which all the Environmental Protection Lunatic Groups are pushing for even though they say that they are against Mercury getting into the landfills. Now everybody knows that these bulbs will end up in the landfills or in pristine waters where the Mercury will get into our food supply. We need to stop these Lunatics from the Environmental Groups along with the EPA and the Liberal Lunatic Democrats in Congress.

  • http://don'thaveawebsite Kurt Ringle

    This is all well & good but as best I can tell Texas (or any other state that I can find) doesn’t have a manufacturer of incandescent bulbs. The last GE plant closed in 2010 in Winchester VA. There are LED & halogen manufacturers in the US but very few. Most incandescents are made in either China or Hong Kong (6 of 1, 1/2 dozen…). The CFL’s are supposed to last longer (disputed by the sites that rate this type of thing) but have multiple problems. They do have Hg, no good way of disposal(I think I’ll save mine & send them to Congress to dispose of), they are more expensive per bulb & the best they can do so far is 60 watt. There are supposed to be 100 watt equivalents coming but at a cost of ~50 bucks a bulb!!
    On the current pol front, I agree tat Perry is no peach & adds nothing to the current field. Vetting by Bilderburg (as has Romney) & statist policies he’s supported do not make for a good small g government candidate. I hope he stays out of the race but am betting he will soon join. I’m sorry that Pence isn’t running as he seems to understand the office of president better than most (anyone read his Imprimis speech form Hillsdale in the last few mos??)

    • 45caliber

      I’m fairly certain that if the law is passed, someone will consider opening a plant to make them. There are a lot of consumers in the state.

  • lminaz

    I can see it now: latest headlines “NATIONAL BULB RUNNERS BUSTED AT TEXAS BORDER!” The prohibition of light bulbs will create a new type of criminal and the federal government will create a “War on Light Bulbs” and the ATF will bring in Eliot Ness to set up a “BULB RUNNING” task force.

    • Raggs

      Yeah no kidding, If you get in trouble for having one light bulb it’s a $1,000 fine 1st offence.. 2nd offence is ten years in prison.. 3rd offence is the death penalty…

      • Robert Smith

        How many Texans does it take to change a light bulb?


        Nobody will admit to changing a light bulb.


  • Ed23

    Every conservative state should follow Texas’ lead, Arizona and Alabama’s lead on illegals, and start standing up to this commie Federal government. If the Feds attack these and other states that follow their lead then all of them should just secede and tell them to kiss my butt, we won’t bow to the king anymore.

    • Handyman

      Thank you Free Thinking American ED23

  • Handyman

    What happened to Freedom? You use the bulbs you want to, and leave me alone. Thank you Texas.

  • Raggs

    Is there some reason why the F-government is telling us what ligth to use?

    Who in the hell do they think they are?

    • Robert Smith

      They are the same people who tried to overturn the assisted suicide that was voted on in Oregon.

      They are the same people who don’t respect the elections in states where medical pot has been legalized.

      They are the same people who won’t respect a state when they allow same sex merriages and let them file a joint return.

      Yup, I’s sure like to see states’ rights respected.


  • Dan az

    Raggs if you put all the brain power in DC to together they couldnt light a 10 watt bulb.So there lies the dilima.

  • Montie R

    More government control. NONE of this makes ANY sense. You can’t have a mercury thermometer but you HAVE to buy a banned product. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. You can’t fix STUPID.

  • tinman

    Great job Texas. Somebody actually thinking it through. Can anyone tell me WHY the incandescent is BAD other then the alleged power requirements?. Seems to me that the “Trade off” is in favor of the Chiniese. ( so whats new?)

  • lighthouse

    re Gov Perry, he already signed that Bill June 17…

    So, to paraphrase the Casablanca movie, we “incandescent lovers”
    will always have Paris, or maybe at least Paris, Texas…

    Updates on other US State repeal ban bills

  • Mason

    I use the Enviornmental ones because they last longer. Saves a tiny bit of money too, but not really all that noticable.

    • Robert Smith

      I’m looking forward to the price of LED lighting coming down. The sooner folks start to buy them in quantity the sooner that will happen.


  • R

    Guess who manufactures the new light bulbs…GE. Guess who is Obama’s right hand man…Immelt, head of GE.

  • led spot light

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