Testosterone & Male Anti-Aging


Aging men can improve their physical, sexual and psychological health with testosterone supplementation using natural androsome cream.

Male menopause (andropause), a syndrome related to aging, may begin in men as early as their 40s. Andropause consists of physical, sexual and psychological symptoms that include sexual dysfunction, weakness, fatigue, reduced muscle and bone mass, anemia, diminished reproductive abilities, depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, memory impairment and reduced cognitive function.

In short, males have a mid-life crisis caused by declining levels of the dominant male hormone—testosterone. Testosterone levels begin dropping at a rate of 2 percent per year after age 40. Approximately half the men ages 60 to 80 years old are below normal testosterone levels.

As testosterone levels begin to go down around age 40 to 50, male virility begins a gradual decline attended by distinct and visible health problems.

Testosterone levels in women are about one-tenth that of men and theirs declines with age also.

Sadly, in both men and women, their levels of estrogen begin an unnatural rise at the same age that testosterone levels begin to decline.

It’s a double negative to lose testosterone and gain estrogen. The negative is further compounded by xenoestrogens—or environmental and chemical estrogens which pervade everything including household and farm pesticides, herbicides, and even estrogen in our meat supplies.

This excess estrogen begins to show in unnatural weight gain, especially around the mid-section.

More to the point, female and male menopause seem to be triggered at the same time as natural testosterone and progesterone decline. At the very same time, men—and especially women—begin the onset of estrogen dominance.

It is now becoming known, mostly from the research and clinical practice in other countries, that natural testosterone offers important lifesaving benefits ranging from relief from loss of libido to absolutely serious protection against heart disease, osteoporosis and prostate enlargement.

Well-known to all of you is the fact that establishment medicine has a harsh and unworkable protocol for heart disease and cancer.

Profits roll in from “treating” cardiovascular disease as primarily a plumbing problem, focusing on the mechanical care of the pipes (arteries). Their attention is exclusively on the symptoms of heart disease—high cholesterol, hypertension, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, intermittent claudication, angina, etc. They totally ignore the cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The real question is: Is the medical establishment causing heart disease with drugs and surgery?

Also, so-called cancer therapy is nothing more than a slow and painful death in the United States.

The simple and sensible approach to the above health problems is the restoration of hormonal balance. And we certainly do not include HRT or synthetic estrogen therapy, which has, by the way, already been disclaimed officially after “treating” millions of women and teeming thousands—even millions—to their deaths.

Hormone skin creams are simple, effective and low cost. I fully expect establishment medicine to take control of these preparations, eventually making them prescription drugs. Otherwise, they can’t compete in the long run.

Of course, the pharmaceuticals can’t patent natural substances but they can use the police power of the government and the Food and Drug Administration to put transdermal hormone creams under their jurisdiction, effectively making them drugs.

In men natural testosterone minimizes risk factors for heart attack by reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, angina, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and helps normalize blood clotting and obesity.

Natural testosterone and natural progesterone should be used by both men and women. But only one-tenth as much testosterone should be used by women. Natural testosterone (androsome) is protective for both sexes.

Hormones should be used over time for many years to maximize health. A hormone is not a temporary fix and must be used consistently over time for optimum benefit.

The treatment of cardiovascular disease with testosterone is not new at all. In the 1930s, the Germans were using testosterone to successfully treat vascular disease.

They learned early on that impotency is a hormone imbalance as well as a vascular problem and that testosterone therapy not only helped impotency but also libido. For it is well known that libido declines with testosterone in men and women.

Testosterone then directly affects sexuality, provided of course that the penile arteries have not become seriously occluded.

Testosterone use is focused on vascular disease and libido enhancement. There is a second part to testosterone therapy. It’s called L-Arginine and it makes the perfect magic duo.

L-Arginine, an amino acid, along with testosterone (androsome), is a natural therapy for your heart, your cardiovascular system and erectile dysfunction.

L-Arginine opens blood vessels, increasing blood flow. It is directly linked to the relief of atherosclerosis, diabetes, blood clots, infection, heart failure and especially impotency. It specifically applies to erectile dysfunction in men and low libido in men and women.

Natural therapies are pronounced and permanent. Prescription drugs only mask symptoms. Which had you rather have?

Clinically Proven Benefits of L-Arginine:

  • Seven grams of L-Arginine per day improved blood flow in men aged 55 to 77 with elevated serum cholesterol and early coronary artery disease.
  • L-Arginine supplementation reduced pathological increases in the thickness of plaque-lined vessel walls in people with elevated cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.
  • L-Arginine lowered plasma cholesterol levels in patients with advanced hypertension.
  • L-Arginine infusion has the same effect in cardiovascular patients as cholesterol-lowering drugs.
  • Seventeen grams of L-Arginine per day given orally to elderly patients for 2 weeks resulted in a significant improvement in their lipid profile with no adverse side effects.
  • 8.4 grams L-Arginine given 3 times a day significantly enhanced coronary artery blood flow in heart patients.
  • Seven grams of L-Arginine improved blood-vessel relaxation in young men with elevated serum cholesterol and coronary artery disease (in as few as 3 days).

Though many feel the magic benefits of androsome and L-Arginine very quickly, some may experience benefits over a month or several months. The salient point is that these two supplements may take a little time to achieve optimal benefits. We emphasize this for those looking for a “drug effect” or similar “silver bullet.” Natural substances begin to work immediately, but the effects may not be felt until some time later.

Key references for this research are:

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Research material on testosterone comes from Testosterone—Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases—Principles and Clinical Experiences by J. Moller and H. Einfeld.

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