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Your Brain Is Related To Your Sex Life

November 2, 2009 by  

Your Brain Is Related To Your Sex Life

What do your brain and your sex life have in common? It’s testosterone.

There are ways to increase testosterone as we get older. Testosterone decreases with age. This causes an avalanche of other problems.

Testosterone is truly the elixir of youth. With the exception of health enthusiasts, few people are even aware of the great importance of testosterone in total health, and this certainly includes most doctors.

Of course, the trouble is that the line between the natural hormone and the synthetic, or steroids which are illegal, is blurred. This may be done on purpose to keep natural hormones out of the mental awareness of the people.

The pharmaceutical companies consider hormones to be their domain—and this includes testosterone. But they deal in synthetics or steroids which they extract and sell as prescription drugs. This blurring and confusing of steroids with natural hormone has worked with the people and most doctors.

Pharmaceuticals are masters of deceit. They create confusion that they channel in their favor. Yes, it is psychological propaganda and confusion.

Anything that we lose as we age needs to be replaced if possible. I can think of nothing more important than testosterone. When natural testosterone is not replaced with age, men’s testosterone gets so low that their bodies can’t make much estrogen at all. In both sexes the body makes estrogen by converting testosterone to estrogen.

I have written about acquiring testosterone 5 percent cream from a compounding pharmacy. This is what I use. But there are other non-prescription precursors that produce natural testosterone.

The sex hormones come from cholesterol and the pharmaceuticals are trying to stamp out cholesterol under the pretext of heart health.

It is commerce and actually the lowering of cholesterol is extremely negative for heart health. And the doctors won’t come off of this anti-cholesterol phobia.

The first cause of skyrocketing cholesterol is insulin imbalance. Testosterone and the other sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are produced from cholesterol as are the sex hormone precursors DHEA and androstenedione.

As we age we seem to get insulin resistant, causing us to be overweight and leading to diminished testosterone and DHEA levels.

Pharmaceuticals don’t say much about insulin because any honest insulin studies lead to the subject of the high U.S. consumption of fructose corn syrup and the health hazard it is causing, resulting in a pandemic of diabetes.

Sugar causes high insulin levels and medical problems. Low insulin correlates with higher DHEA levels and higher testosterone levels and normal cholesterol levels.

Well, we started with the direct relationship of the brain and sex life or sexual potency. I, like most people, think of testosterone as it relates to enhanced sex life, or diminished sex life if testosterone is low.

But Dr. Jonathan Wright, in his October 2008 newsletter Nutrition and Healing (, states that testosterone levels are directly related to cognitive function. He writes “The sex part is important, no doubt, but who cares about sex if you can’t remember who you’re with or what you’re doing with her?”

Dr. Wright writes that natural “testosterone replacement for men is extremely important for significantly reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.”

Also, “higher serum (natural bio-identical) estrogen levels in women in their 60s are directly correlated with lower incidence of Alzheimer’s in those same women decades

“Testosterone for men and estrogen (that’s real, bio-identical estrogen—not horse estrogen as used in conventional medicine) for women is very protective for the entire cardiovascular system, including the blood supply to the brain.”

Seniors, we all need to be aware of declining levels of nutrients and hormones with aging. We need iodine, DHEA, coenzyme Q10, glutathione, etc. Above all, let’s try not to become insulin resistant.

Watch all sugars or sweeteners, especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). It is more dangerous to the people than a standing army.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    If civilization survives long enough, we may see the AMA/FDA/drug cartel crowd forced to turn to true scientific methods and admit that testosterone levels in older men are extremely important. It’s NOT just a matter of heart health or a good sex life. It has a ripple effect that can’t be ignored.
    It’s also FREEDOM from medical quackery. It’s tragic that we can get more valid scientific information and quality research from non-MDs than we can from those who are sworn to take care of our health (kinda reminds you of our relationship with politicians, eh?).
    READ! LEARN! SIFT! SORT! And if your quack doesn’t keep you healthy, look in the mirror for the other idiot who’s responsible for your situation. Please remember that the AMA/FDA/drug cartels don’t deal in HOPE. That’s where your own efforts can make the difference. For those who prefer to act like sacrificial SHEEP, remember that your quack was trained to be an ATHEIST. Unless you’re an atheist, too, your MD owes you NOTHING! Some people refuse to learn that sad fact.
    Wake up! Grow up! Do you have a functional brain between your ears, or do you think the good health fairy will save your sorry rump? YOUR health is YOUR responsibility.

  • Alan Jonas

    I am not sure if you actually answer any of these comments, but I have been diagnosed with 98% of my prostate saturated with cancer. With this diagnosis, my Urologist has prescribed given me prescriptions to completely stop all production of Testosterone. I am now in month two of a three month implant of Radioactive Isotopes. Plus various medications to suppress Testosterone. How is that going to affect me in relationship to this article.

    • Doug Grier

      Mr Jonas, are you acquainted with Dendreon and their soon to be approved ( BLA submitted today!) product Provenge? It’s the first of its kind vaccine for treatment of prostate cancer, very low side effects. Best wishes with your treatment, Doug Grier

    • Richard Pawley

      Can’t tell you what is best for you but in addition to whatever else I would be drinking at least two ounces of pure pomegranate juice twice a day!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Alan:
      I’m sorry to hear that you have contracted this insidious disease. I wish you well in your fight. While testosterone is essential to help prevent the onset of many ailments, it should not be used by someone who already has prostate cancer. Testosterone promotes prostate cancer growth. That is why your doctor has prescribed that treatment for you.
      Best wishes,

    • Jeffrey

      I don’t know about this artical but do you know about the tree in the rain forrest that kills cancer cells?
      It attacts only bcancer cells and nothing else!!
      All Natural!!

      Check it out

  • s c

    I don’t know what Bob will say. I would get a second or even a third opinion. If your MD relied solely on the results of a PSA test, please get that second or third opinion.
    MDs are trained to be suspicious of testosterone. If you talk to MDs who’ve been in practice a long time, they are more inclined to tell you that there’s science and there’s what the AMA puts out in the name of ‘science.’
    Bob may have some names ready for you. If he doesn’t, I do. Prostate cancer is not a death sentence, but your own efforts will be just as significant as the MD who treats you. If you’re dealing with a ‘cut, burn or poison’ believer, RUN.
    Good luck, and I hope your experience will help others see that health care is more than a bad poker hand or putting your faith in someone who doesn’t know the difference between science and business.
    Get that second or third opinion, Alan.

    • RS

      “Prostate cancer is not a death sentence”. I had a friend that died from a fast acting protate cancer, I understand there is a slow and a fast type. The PSA test to consider is the %Free PSA test, which rates in percentage the chance that you have cancer. Everything I have read indicates that if you have a diagnosed prostate cancer, do not take testostorone supplements.

  • Linda

    How does high (OR LOW)testosterone AFFECT WOMEN?

    I was born raging after 72 hours of labor, then suppressed by my mother for years in severe, mutual codependent relationship with her. People consider me invasive, aggressive if/when I am fearful. I am a Type A, ENFJ Myers-Briggs personality. I am heterosexual,
    but celibate for the last five years.

    My hair is thinning i.e., falling out and getting thinner, and I’m growing light-colored, chin and lip whiskers. I am a type II diabetic but have that under control. I am an activist, a social paradigm-shifting activist with a business degree with special focus on Organizational Change in Behavior. I am try to learn to be interdependent and assertive. I’m only 25 lbs over weight and go to the gym 1 – 3 times a week. I adhere to the Diabetic Association Diet. Can you refer me to a doctor in Memphis, TN who could help me balance out a bit? Thanks for your good work!

    • Richard Pawley

      I am not familiar with all of what is affecting you but I spent two years studying the avoidable causes of cancer in the 1970′s (for my own benefit) and came to the conclusion that cancer was 85% avoidable and that there was a lot more to nutrition than I had ever been taught. Consequently I have been interested in health and nutrition for a long time. Most of my life I have not had “health insurance” (we spend much more than anyone on earth for it and have lesser health than dozens of other countries). I do however take many supplements that I have found beneficial (an all ‘natural’ vitamin AND mineral supplement, muscadine grape seed, glucosamine BUT NOT chondroitan, extra D-3, extra magnesium, and Krill Oil from the antarctic) and a few other things. I stopped drinking unfiltered tap water in 1977 and tap water altogether in the 1980′s seeking out water from deep wells. I avoid HFCS (corn syrup) like the plague, MSG, all products that are fat-free or sugar free and ALL synthetic sugars. I drink only milk that is bovine hormone free and drive 40 miles at least twice a month to buy it. Such hormones are illegal in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, etc. but are used in all 50 states. I eat more whole grains and less meat than average, aiming for grass fed beef, and organic eggs. Just got a case of canned butter from New Zealand today (grass fed and chemically free). Lots of little things that add up and far cheaper than insurance. Besides my 91 year old mom has told my 96 year old dad “If they don’t bury you for love, they will for the smell.” Like 1.5 million people on this planet I get the best FREE health and nutrition newsletter on earth from Dr. Joseph Mercola of Chicago ( He has 5 doctors and 100 others working for him and if you want to know anything about nutrition and health you can probably read it there. Don’t be turned off by the fact that he sells some things – they are only ones he or his family use themselves, and he has to earn money to pay a bevy of lawyers to fight off the frivolous lawsuits from pharmaceutical companies who don’t like him revealing what he does. Check it out. Buy local. God bless you and never give up. Life is a school and it is only a “…parenthesis in a sentence, in a paragraph on the page of the book of your life…(from the 70 year old classic paperback GOD CALLING edited by A. J. Russell).

  • Dave


    You stated: “I have written about acquiring testosterone 5 percent cream from a compounding pharmacy. This is what I use. But there are other non-prescription precursors that produce natural testosterone.”

    I was diagnosed with a low testosterone level about 5 years ago and was given – first a patch, which I did not like since it caused a red skin rash, then was switched over to Androderm. As I recall it was not up to a 5% level, perhaps was 3%? In any case it did seem to help my energy level and desire level. I am glad to see this new information (to me) on Alzheimer’s as my mother died of it and my dad had it some too. I am wondering what to ask my doctor for to get the 5% cream you mention and how to find the article you reference. You also mention the non-prescription pre cursors. I am interested in looking into those as a potential solution. I am 59 years old. I appreciate your direction to further information on this.

    Thanks. Dave

  • Joni

    Hey Bob I would go to the natural news website (naturalnews dot com) and ask the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, what he would do. Many articles about prostate trouble have been in the news lately and health foods seem to be the answer. Also, consider ionized water that you can make with a machine. The Water Shed website, I believe. Good luck. Medicine is developed to make us sick or sicker. First, get another opinion about the situation. What if you have been hoodwinked into thinking you have something you may not have; a common practice. Wouldn’t have a biopsey because if you do have something that can make it spread. I will be back with another site so check back. Joni

  • bill freeman

    hi bob, i have prostrate cancer,gleason 6 ;psa under 4, sex life 0 since under doctors care.they want me to have o testerone.suggested treatement is remove or seeds.i favor proton treatment but this has negative comments. i’m 78 good health a little ovrer weight shoot golf in high 70′s low 80′s. i live in plant city and the nearest proton treatment hos. is jacksonville fl. whats your opinion? thank you very keep writing sin. bill f

    • George Handel

      Hi Bill,
      If Jacksonville is too far away to be convenient to save your life, then you could choose, surgery, seeds, conventional radiation, or watchful waiting, or even herb therapy. If, however, you really want a pain free cure, that is also free of side effects, you need to go to Jacksonville. Check out the: website!
      I had PROTON treatment 14 YEARS AGO at Loma Linda University! BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE! I am 69 today, TOTALLY CANCER FREE, and with NO OTHER ISSUES!
      Treatment convienience though, was NOT the driving issue for ME!
      Quality of results is why I chose PROTON treatment!

    • Bob Stewart


      I am a 62 year old USMC Vietnam vet, with 21 months on the DMZ. Got prostate cancer from Agent Orange. In Oct of ’08 the VA took the 12 specimens and in Nov ’08 the DOD Pathology Lab provided a Nuclear Grade of 1 and a Gleason score of 6, with tumor size minute and well defined. I choose Tomo Therapy, and the VA said no problem just do it ASAP. Had 42 treatments (in and out of the oncology clinic within 15 minutes each treatment), with absolutely no secondary effects to the genitourinary system other than a decrease in the volume of ejaculation (which is improving back to normal on a weekly basis — with prior testosterone readings over a decade-long period never being lower than 435). I live south of you in Largo.

      • Trevor Vivian

        Are you the Bob Stewart who came to Adelaide, Australia on R&R leave during the Vietnam War? You visited Aileen Jaffer (nee Hill) Hope you are enjoying good health now. Trevor

    • Bob Stewart


      I am a 62 year old USMC Vietnam vet, with 21 months on the DMZ. Got prostate cancer from Agent Orange. In Oct of ’08 the VA took the 12 specimens and in Nov ’08 the DOD Pathology Lab provided a PSA of 3.1, a Nuclear Grade of 1, and a Gleason score of 6, with tumor size minute and well defined. I choose Tomo Therapy, and the VA said no problem just do it ASAP. Had 42 treatments (in and out of the oncology clinic within 15 minutes each treatment), with absolutely no secondary effects to the genitourinary system other than a decrease in the volume of ejaculation (which is improving back to normal on a weekly basis — with prior testosterone readings over a decade-long period never being lower than 435). I live south of you in Largo.

  • Louwrence

    Allan, go to, you will get very valuable info there, it could save your life. Good luck.

  • http://probems Ron F

    There is a site out there that is called check it out it may help.

  • Joni

    Back with the information I promised. You can sign up for the daily email from Dr. William Campbell Douglas II M.D.

    He has always bucked the medical establishment about cancer treatments and everything else. You may be able to access his archives to find your answer or contact him.
    Good Luck

  • http://suicidepreventionblog Darrel Wayne Sides

    Dear Bob;”I,agree with YOU.What We need mostly,to do is to,Quit giving payrases,to members of congress.They need to just only get basic salry.Those big bonuses,could go to getting Us out of the national debt.we need to do away with Medicaid,Strengthen Medicare.We don’t need Obama care.We need to leave our healthcare, alone.And fix what We already have.Rather than tear it down.Thank You!Sincerley;”Darrel Wayne Sides.McAlester,Oklahoma.

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    I had a very swelled prostate my urologest thought i was going to have prostate cancer . I had to ernate so often . I finally consented to a prostate reduction . My psa fluctuated up to about 20.4.
    I took a AMAS test which said i did not have cancer . this is not a test recomended by main stream doctors becuase it is 99 % accurate they use the PSA test that is close to 50% accurate and than use biopsies that are a little higher priced . My urolgest told me she was going to remove the whole prostate if she found cancer . I think I told her no becuase I dont want to come from my rectum . Only problem is ; Some times my bleeding has never stoped for more than a month or so . Now after several yrs I still seem to get my bleeding period about once a month or so . This is not too inconvienent accept the blood clots sometimes have to be pushed through like kidney stones . I had a hard time getting a doctor to draw my blood for the unrcognized AMAS test . A sweet little nurse told me they dont want to use fly by nite tests becuase they were concerned with my money . I just about went balistic ,I told her all the money I had spent with them and I would worry about my money better than them . Its very discouraging to go to doctors and we know more than they do .
    My urologest refused to use the AMAS test , first she cited costs . I told her not to worry I will pay for a bunch of tests , You draw the blood on some with cancer some without we will send these AMAS tests and check how good they are . This did not interest her .
    Same thing happend with my dentist , He hands me a recommendation that the world dentists run a test in Sweeden , I think . The ADA recommended murcury fillings and no conclusive proof was found that amalgum fillings were harmfull . Again I told him to call up Sweeden see what their conclusion was . Mercury fillings were no longer legal in europe becuase murcury is too hasardous matterial to put in a humans mouth . We settled on some Japanese fillings that neither of us knew what was in them . The truth is if dential fillings and vacinations were industrial plant waste dumped into our sewers and lakes . those industrial plants would be fined big time .

  • http://na chuck

    To this day my total bodily functions are normal. My VA doc. keeps telling me to do this and that and I keep him happy. But follow my
    inner self.


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