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Terrorists Release ‘Hit List’

June 21, 2011 by  

President Obama is being urged by some members of the GOP to re-sign the PATRIOT Act.A website linked to terrorist group al-Qaida recently released a “hit list” of top United States officials and executives.

Fox News reports that some security officials believe that the list, which calls for the sending of explosive mail, may mark a change in strategy for the terrorist group, as it attempts to recover from the killing of its leader, Osama bin Laden.

“While we have no information of any imminent terrorist threat to the United States or any U.S. persons, as always, we urge Federal, State and local law enforcement, as well as the general public, to maintain increased vigilance for indications of pre-operational or suspicious activity,” Department of Homeland Security spokesman Chris Ortman told the news source.

The release of the list comes as a group of Republican lawmakers sent a letter to President Barack Obama questioning the Constitutionality of his assigning a surrogate to sign legislation and urging him to re-sign the PATRIOT Act.

“Mr. President, it is clear that assigning a surrogate the responsibility of signing bills passed by Congress is a debatable issue, and could be challenged in court,” the letter read, reports The Hill. “That being the case, our request is that, out of an abundance of caution, you affix your signature to S. 990 by personally re-signing the enrolled bill.”

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  • TIME

    Will we ever learn it seems not as if we did the Patriot act would have been tossed out as soon as possible, or never passed in the first place.
    Its criminal act in all its splendor. As well its as far from any form of Freedom loving persons mind set as being kept in a small cage in chains would be. OPEN your minds & EYES.

    So if RebO’S are pushing it whats thats say about the one’s pushing it? Can I get me a Wittness on this; the long time REBo’s are no better than the Marxist DemO’s in fact they are one in the same.

    Please wake up people, toss out all congress or senate person’s who voted for any of these laws.

    If you want your nation back your going have to really FIGHT, yes I mean toss out all the old rotten road apples.
    If you don’t, then please stop asking whats wrong and why you can’t get it fixed.
    A Progressive is a progressive even if they are TEA PARTY Progressives.
    Wake Up.

    • lmtTexas

      amen Time, Amen!! Its hard to believe that we are being sold down the river by our own government. Its hard to believe that our lives are going to change in a very short period of time. Its hard to believe that others cannot see all this, but I understand. It takes waking up and asking questions to see what is going on. Worrying about hollywood and mr. weiners wood does not do any thing for this country. PEOPLE!!!!! pls, pls just read the bills they are passing and see for yourself. 911 truthers, Oklahoma City bombings, just check all the facts and see for yourself. The media belongs to the government and government wants to take away your rights. Don’t believe what you can’t back up-JUST INVESTIGATE ON YOUR OWN AND NOT TAKE ANY ONES WORD FOR IT!! Good luck people and I wish you freedom.

      • BigBadJohn



        Exactly what I have been trying to say since I joined this blog.

      • Carlucci

        “mr. weiner’s wood”….LOL -!!

        Since Al-Qaida is not a group, but a CIA database, I have my doubts about this article. Maybe this is just another warm up or smokescreen to launch one of Fedzilla’s false flag operations – you have to wonder who is going to get popped this time, or what group, family, city, or town will be suffer an attack like WACO, Ruby Ridge, OKC, 911, etc…

        • Carlucci

          I meant to say “will be attacked” – sorry I didn’t proof read my post.

        • Libertarian

          100% right on! I was afraid of it during last year’s Vancouver Olympics (with fingerprints undoubtedly pointing towards Iran!), or the G8/G20 pow-wow in Toronto… it didn’t happen then, but remember, we were warned that when Bin laden was “killed” last month (for the 9th time in a row!) a large cashe of info was “recovered” pointing towards specific targets in the US!…

      • JUKEBOX

        TEXAS Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has issued her own “HIT LIST” on any Christian who is anywhere near conservative. This happened during a Congressional hearing last week. This from that pseudo intellectual woman that thought you could see the American flag on the moon from the planet Mars.

    • James

      Time, Senators are congressmen too. See Art. I, Sec. 1 of the Constitution.

      • TIME

        Yes James you are correct, but saddly most Senators feel they are as close to GOD as any human can get.

        • 45caliber

          So do most Congressmen as well. And most feel that the President IS God.

  • skippy

    thank you Time. It’s really nice to know I am not alone!!!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Has anyone seen this list? Is Obama on it?

    • Robert A Hirschmann

      Of course he’s not on it. He’s the enemy!!! He’s doing everything they want!!!

    • rosina


    • Dan az

      I would never tell the terrorist that he has I pod that could be used to track him.Nope not me.

    • 45caliber


      I’d be willing to bet he isn’t.

      Further, my first thought was whether some lib sent the list in so if some GOP members were to suddenly drop dead, the terrorists would be blamed without looking any further …

  • Jason

    The Patriot Act is Null & Void since it was signed by auto-pen by Obama and exspecially since Congress wants him to Now sign it by his own hand. R.I.P. the Patriot Act Midnight the 27 May 2011. But, Congress will not recognize that asking Obama to now sign the act again proves it was unconstitutionally signed the first time. The bill legally has Sunset. Obama and company pulls this “Hit List” out to once again scare Congress, as far as I can tell it is probably the list of people that don’t go along with his Marxist policies. The Whitehouse is known to of made a personal Hit List on such people.

    • Bus

      please start impeachment hearings, then he’ll have more time for golf.

    • James

      Jason, I agree, only the President can sign Bills into law (Art. I, Sec. 7, Cl, 2)

  • CJM

    So who’s on the list? All we hear is fluff ‘n’ stuff that some folks are being targeted by bin Landin’s group of thugs and this gives the so-called leadership in Washington to further the ILLEGAL patriot’s act…far as I’m concerned, we have two groups of thugs fighting each other sans the people’s voice: the obama mafia vs al qaeda, so what’s really new in this news? It is now past spring cleaning in the household, but it doesn’t mean we can’t sweep the garbage from DC en masse; it’s time we put credence into pelosi’s demand to ‘drain the swamp’ and this includes her.

    • CJM

      Sorry, noticed the name bin landin—it should, of course be: bin Ladin. Wish there was an edit button.

  • Bear

    That’s really interesting. A hit list from the terrorists. What this tells me is that there is a link located here within our borders that is providing information back to the raghead leaders in the middle east, telling them exactly who, here in the U.S.A., should be eliminated. WOW! I guess we need to focus on every single Muslim here in America as being a possible link to those terrorist ragheads. On the other hand, most of us don’t like these politicians and corporate leaders as they are destroying our freedoms from within and our country as well. Perhaps we should just sit back and let them do the job for us…….and maybe we could provide a few names ourselves……starting with, George Soros?

    • meteorlady

      We have so many illegal people from know terrorist countries here now it would take some time to find and deport them. But…. hey, the administration has requested that immigration hearing for deportation be stepped DOWN so there are less and less illegals of all citizenship being deported, and more and more of the being allowed to stay here illegally.

      • Ellen

        And, of course, they will get amnesty when Obama signs his executive order. All the dreamers will think it’s so nice to help the poor Mexicans who simply came here for a better life and work so hard. The terrorists will get to stay, too.

      • Cawmuno Centso

        Hey….give me the job of Grand Inquisitor…please!I will ensure that any and all illegal foreign nationals will be deported post-haste.LETS SEE…hmmm,where to intern them until such time as they can earn their trip home money?Obviously….Guantanamo Bay.If it was good enough for Harold and Kumar,then it must be good enough for illegals to transition back to their own points of origin,should it not?There will be light years of red tape to wade through,so if a few million people are mistakenly deported to the wrong nations of origin…well everyone will just have to cope.And since the workcamps will undoubtably be packed to the rafters,we may have to expedite some illegals to just outside U.S. coastal waters(I’m not sure but isnt that 200 miles out?).After all we couldnt possibly be confused as a government agency now could we?Yes…let the Grand Inquisitor decide their fates.I’ll be the guy with the angelic face,who welcomes the illegals to the Bay.No…not San Fransisco….we need to clean that—-hole up nicely I suppose.But Guantanamo….heheheheheh.So Juan Gomez….do you regret having come all the way from Bangladesh,only to be sent back to that country?Ms. Swenka Slutskaya,do you hate Zimbabwe?Is that why you left there and came to America as a criminal border jumper?N’boke M’balu…it would seem sir/ma’am that you are late from Mongolia?We’ll make sure you return home soon.Yep…no red tape mix-ups here at the Department of Illegal Entrants Division(DIED is a perfect acronym dont you agree?)of(Zeig Heil!…sorry)Homeland Security.Yeah,thats the ticket……

      • Bob Marshall

        meteorlady: I am more concerned witht the terrorist in the Whitehouse than i am any Taliban or Al Qadea.

    • Libertarian

      This is another HOAX, perpetrated by the Military Industrial Complex (remember the 2.3 trillion missing declared the day before 9/11?) in order to continue with the Status Quo! – America: Freedom to Fascism – Director’s Authorized Version – YouTube – The New World Order is Here!

      WAKE UP!


      I have a mosque complex located within six blocks of my house that covers about four acres, and no one in our community is hardly aware of it being there. It will probably be like that until something happens in our area.



  • http://charter howe

    The recently passed patriot act was very invasive to the law abiding citizens, but for the most part necessary to slow down these radical jihadists and by the way it’s politically incorrect to discuss muslim radicals, ask any democratic liberal. My heartburn with the patriot act as written is that it makes it too easy for the federal govt, FBI, ATF, CIA to run rough shod over innocent people without paying the price for their occasional blunders. If you are a victim of mistaken identity or whatever, the FBI for example does not have to show their evidence as to why they destroyed your life or otherwise harmed you. You cannot file a successful lawsuit to recover any damages or get any help from the govt to be made whole. This practice by the govt under the protection of the Patriot act makes it pssible for ill thought out raids, risks that cause to much collateral damage and abuse the authority to violate our rights. A good example is the fools in the ATF and DOJ or higher who blessed project Fast and Furious gun runners to illegally purchase firearms from border state gun stores and take them to drug cartel contacts without surveilllance or arrests. Guess what, one of those guns killed a U.S. border patrol agent and it is reported that dozens of Mexicans have also been killed by the cartel. This operation wasn’t even legal but I will bet you that the Obama administration sweeps this very bad breach of law right under the the rug. By the way, I wrote my Congress person and they don’t seem to understand the unintended consequences. What else is new.

    • Ret

      Good post. I’ve written so many letters, e-mails, etc my hand is tired. Occasionally I receive an auto-generated response and later a request for campaign donations. Wonder if the letters are actually even read. After all, I’m just a citizen, not a conglomerate donating millions. What do they call the deaths of us inconsequential people? Collateral damage. That’s all we are.

      Hit list? Yeah, right. What stunt is that covering up?

    • KM

      To Howe,
      I wrote to my congressional Rep about the Patriot Act extension too. His reply sounded as if he was against it, but I’d be willing to bet hard money that he voted to continue the trashing of our 4th Amendment rights.
      It is so discouraging to try to influence your elected representatives, only to be flim-flammed. (By the way my Rep is a Progressive- need I say more?)

  • eddie47d

    Obama doesn’t have to worry about any hit list from al Qaeda. He better worry about the bulls eye that the Libertarian Party has on his backside.

    • skippy

      that was a GOOD ONE eddie47d!!!!

    • Libertarian

      I really HOPE you are right, eddie47d!

  • http://charter howe

    The hit list has to be the news of the day. I don’t think anyone with a muslim sounding name will be on the list, but the liar-in-chief can use a few billion dollars of the TARP money to beef up security for him and his family. Its the grunts down here that are trying to figure out how to get back their hard earned money that are in trouble with the Jihadists. Several reliable think tank organizations have concluded,these radical Muslim creeps are coming across an unprotected southern U.S. border and setting up camp in our big cities so they can covertly and systematically destroy our society from within using dirty bombs and chemical and biological warfare in heavily populated civilian areas. The drug cartels have been destroying our inner cities for decades, does anyone see our govt doing anymore than throwing more money at the problem. With the gaping holes in border security and National Security Policy, the apologist-in-chief will probably use an actual attack as a campaign speech to win another election (never waste a good crisis), after all their’s still lots of wealth to spread. I spent 29 years in the military and I do not want to come out of retirement to protect myself and my family from a bunch of Al Qeada thugs or drug cartels, so I hope and pray that all men of peace and good will show up at the polls on 2 Nov 2012 and vote these radical socialists democrats out of office so we can start building a country that will mean our children will have a legitimate opportunity for the American dream.

  • John Galt

    If al-Qaida were to indeed take out some high level politicians, would it be called an act of terrorism or might they just claim to be aiding in protecting the rights of American citizens? Depending upon who they might target, it could be a difficult call to make.

    • bohemian

      If it was a Republican politician that they took out, they would be ‘freedom-fighters’ in most US media.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Leftists do not fight for freedom,they fight to oppress it.Freedom is a word they(the left)toss around as bait to those too young and silly to know the actual meaning.There is the meaning and their leftist interpretation of the meaning,never the twain shall meet.But it is all done to attain control of the populace by making government so large that it cannot be abridged.Not through financial transactions but by subversion and deceit.Greed is one thing,avarice is quite another.Leftists think with avarice,but the profit is power over the masses.That kind of thinking is always destructive in some way or another.In a capitalist free society there may be someone looking to take my slice of pie,but to take it and give it to someone who did nothing to earn it is their way of creating equality which does not exsist.And the doom of a nation is the rather usual result.-CC.

      • 45caliber


        Sad but true.

    • 45caliber

      John Galt:

      My first thought was – did Al Qeida provide the list? Or some liberal?

    • Libertarian

      It would depend on WHO controls the media, and thus the minds of the great majority of Sheeple… that’s all. The rest is academic…

      WAKE UP!

  • meteorlady

    Please tell me he did that for the health care bill and that’s it’s not legal???????

    As for the hit list, maybe they would be doing us all a favor. Seems to be the only way to get them out of office since their people in their districts are too stupid to vote them out.

  • gordon

    Al Qaeda was given the list by the Dept of Homeland Security.
    Democrats are trying to eliminate their enemies

    • Libertarian

      Don’t you see there is NO difference between the only two parties out there? Bush had been handed over billions of $ in budget surpluses to continue for decades (projected to be around 7 trillion by 2010!!!). He destroyed it and made SURE his destruction was permanent! He did it via 2 simple mechanisms: a) tax cuts for his RICH buddies, financed by you & I through our forced contribution to taxation schemes, pension plans, etc and (b) two illegal wars to benefit himself (through his Carlyle connections, as well as other means… e.g.: – Arms industry, – CorpWatch : Raytheon, – The Bush-Saudi Connection).

      So, the question is NOT whether the current recent was caused by Barry S & his Demos, but rather is there an alternative to this? It seems to me there is, such as our hero Ron Paul, as well as Dennis Kucinich on the Dem’s side… However, neither one will get the type of support Barry or his predecessor George got from the VERY SAME people who financed their rise to power (along with financing the Soviets, the Nazis and the Allies, of course! remember?)…

      The ONLY way of getting around it -within the current framework, of course!- is through the Sheeple actually waking up and participating en mass in the system & making sure the flaws employed by either of the two last ‘prezes’ are eliminated (full restoration of the PAPER ballot!, oversight of the electoral process, etc). If we can go to Haiti/Afghanistan and other places in the world and ensure it’s done there I’m sure it can be done over here!


      • KM

        To Libertarian,
        Your comment was sort of off the topic of the article, which was a “hit list”. You said that GW Bush inherited billions in surplus from the Clinton era. Do you know your history? One, the Republicans controlled the Congress for much of Clinton’s time so they decided the budget and forced Clinton to more centrist stances. Two, the so-called Clinton “surplus” was achieved through Enron type of accounting by the WH; published and propagated by the media. If there was a surplus, why did our national debt not go down during C’s eight years in office?

    • Libertarian

      And WHAT is the “Homeland Security”? – The Nazification of America–Step Four – The Nazification Of America | Personal Liberty Digest

  • Dan az

    Does anyone have the address’s of the democrap congress?It would be nice to share.Sharing is always a nice thing to do!Not that I would promote scaring the congress by any means that would be wrong.The fact that obummer refuses to give up his I pod isn’t any way my fault that he could be tracked.Just saying!

    • 45caliber

      I did notice that they didn’t release the names of the people supposedly on this list. I would bet that Oblama’s name isn’t on it.

  • Dan az

    I find it amusing that with all of this wire taping going on that they had to get the message from the terrorist by way of snail mail.I guess the patriot act is working.NOT!

  • s c

    The idea of a hit list is cow poo. It assumes we have ‘leaders’ in Washington. What we have is a herd of posers and useful idiots but damned few real leaders.
    The real “targets” in America are non-elected Americans. In that respect, there is no difference between our so-called enemies and our “leaders.” One of the many wrinkles in this scenario (for history buffs and wannabe realists) is the old idea that if ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend,’ “American” Nazis are automatically friends of the current crop of America’s enemies. Something to chew on, eh?

    • 45caliber

      If they did manage to kill some of our “leaders” it would be a win-win situation.

      • Jay

        They would be doing us a big favour!

      • Bob Marshall

        I want to reply to that but since my computer ha been erased twice this month i better not. Takes too long to download. If there is a list i am sure i am on it.If so, it makes me proud to be considered a Patriot who is against our governments police not in the best interest of America.

    • Dan az

      Can anyone here say Patriot Act III closing curtain dimming lights applaud!

  • 45caliber

    My goodness! Assigning a surrogat to sign the bills for him. I never knew the President was THAT busy! But it does cut into golf time, I guess.

    I would believe, according to the Constitution, that any bill he did not sign would be illegal. But then … we know what they think of the Constitution, don’t we?

    • Jay

      Our country is in the hands of a bunch of SCUMBAGS! May they die a thousand deaths!

    • Dan az

      even the ones that he did sign is illegal so whats the big thing!

      • JUKEBOX

        Obama desires to be Herr Fuerher. I wonder how many IRA members were in that Irish pub he visited.

    • bohemian

      45cal – he’s got plenty of time, haven’t you heard? He’s going to be twittering directly to the people!
      I have never heard of a president having a surrogate sign in his place. I can’t believe it would be legal either. What control would there be? “Oh, it’s OK; the President said I could sign.”?

  • Jay

    Nonsense, the so-called “Hit list” is nothing more then a fabrication by the western coalition forces, who’s purpose is to continue the war and the destabilization of the middle east for the purpose of a complete takeover! The terrorists are in essence the western coalition forces.

    • Libertarian

      That is 100% correct!

    • 45caliber

      Actually, the hit list is fabricated by the libs so when some conservative dies they can blame it on the terrorists.

  • James

    An Ohio private investigator, Susan Daniels, has discovered that Barack H. Obama has been using a dead man’s Social Security number since the 1980s. The S.S. number (042-68-4425) that Obama has been using belonged to a man born in France in 1890, who emigrated to the U.S. and became a citizen in the 1920s. Daniels researched what phone numbers and street addresses were linked to that number, and they turned out to be Obama’s old phone numbers and street addresses in Illinois. That’s powerful evidence that Obama had no U.S. birth certificate, which is requied to get a Social Security number.

  • Bob Marshall

    it is sad but somewhat amusing that the government is afraid of the citizens using the internet. They don’t like it that American is waking up.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Confoundme once but not twice

    When The Word ‘Democracy ‘ means something I used to believe it did ( WHEN I WAS a KID BUSY TRYING TO GROW UP…IS WHEN I WILL BELIEVE THIS COUNTRY CAN EVER BE SAVED FROM IMPLODING WITHIN..LIKE THE TRADE BLDGS DID .. 9/11. When this ‘prez’ stops thinking he can let someone Sign his name for him [in his absence, no less] … an Order as Defeating to the American Citizens as the Patriot Act..When this Prez Keeps Any promise he made to the American People .. TO end the ‘war’ in Afghanistan…When He starts placing the Welfare OF the citizens of This US of A first … I Will then Start hoping We can yet regain some semblance of redemption for all the unwarranted deaths this ‘war mongering bunch of thieves and murderers ‘ have brought about..When he is OUT ? Or Has grown some gonads? Is ‘When’ Possible to even Contemplate..Anymore ? So many IFs, Whens And SO Forths…. Lets get started cleaning House. That is where we must Begin. A Complete Overhaul ..and begin Anew.That is When we can Begin to breath Clean air..Again.

  • Charles

    I think moderation is a word we should not play with. I don`t believe
    for an instance people or my self really believe we should do what I posted. It`s more a matter of frustration and having the right answers
    in solving our problems. It seams to me where ever their is trouble in the world Arabs and Mexicans are behind it. It`s no one else killing our people The Arabs with bombs and guns and the Mexicans
    comming to this country and selling their drugs and forming their gangs in our cities. The only real answer I see is not the faith in man, but having faith in God that he will take care of these problems.
    I take back what I said about nuking them and killing everybody that
    is trying to hurt us. I do know this, what we are doing is not working.
    Sorry again.


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