Tent Cities In New Jersey A Throwback To The Great Depression


A New Jersey Fox News television affiliate has been prowling the State in recent weeks, acting on viewer tips directing them to communities of homeless people living in tents, under overpasses, or – as seen in the video below – in makeshift shelters and abandoned buildings left to rot in the woods.

“I first had to gain the group’s trust before they led me down their path into the woods, where some have lived for 10 to 20 years,” said reporter Meg Baker:


“Under the underpass, through the woods, and down a path of trash lies Camden’s tent city – it’s really a United Nations of disaster there,” said Baker in the intro to another story:


Many residents of these modern-day Hoovervilles are honest about their addictions to whatever substances they can beg or steal. But, notes Baker, many also are just down on their luck. Some have jobs that don’t pay enough for housing; others are disabled and on some form of government assistance. Others haven’t been able to convince potential employers to take a chance on someone who doesn’t have an address.

Fairly or unfairly, critics of Governor Chris Christie have taken to calling the State’s tent communities “Christievilles.”

“Perhaps Governor Christie should stop worrying so much about the thought process of libertarians, and more on the squalor rampant in his own state,” writes libertarian blogger Michael Krieger. “Strange that these tent cities seem to be spreading in a state right across the way from Wall Street, and with the nation supposedly almost five years into an economic ‘recovery.’ I guess somebody forgot to tell them about the S&P 500.”

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  • Karolyn

    Not surprising, given Camden’s history as one of the worst cities in the country.

  • steven

    And you want fat boy to run this country or Hillary?

    • IsThisAmerica

      How about neither?

      • Motov

        I rather see Rand Paul run it,… or Jesse Ventura, or Andrew Napolitano

        • chocopot

          I pick Napolitano, hands down.

    • Cole Johnson

      Neither one of these corrupt lying deceitful garbage piles!

  • Angel Soft

    Listen to comedian George Carlins spiel on fat people. Then, ask yourself these questions about the loudmouth fascist: does he? Can he?

  • nomaster

    The problem is complex; but it never-the-less needs to be discussed dispassionately and soon. We are either a nation, a body who cares for all citizens, or we are a bunch of warring individuals who occasionally come together in unruly mobs after the model of our congress.

  • Alex

    Capitalism is DEPENDENT upon poverty.

    Capitalism ONLY works when there are people and resources to exploit.

    There is NO place on Earth, nor ANY time in History, when Capitalism has worked.



    • Sam

      Do you really believe the garbage you spew? More people have risen out of poverty because of capitalism than any other system. This is a FACT! Capitalism and God made America the greatest country in the world. Communism has killed more people during peaceful times than all wars put together. It is communism that depends on poverty so the people cannot rise up and defend themselves. Look at North Korea and other places. I think you have a lot to learn. You sound like a young person who parrots what the left is selling. Don’t be a fool.

      • Alex

        Wrong. I am an old man.

        An old man who READS and LISTENS to other ideas, even if I find them wanting.

        That is called “learning”….

        • Barakolips

          “it is communism that depends on poverty so the people cannot rise up and defend themselves” “Learn” that! Beautifull Sam, well done!

        • Frank Kahn

          You are exhibiting a lack of learning, or exposure to some aberration of reality.

        • IsThisAmerica

          You must be a communist. They hate free people and capitalism. You must be an old russian throwback.

          • jaybird

            A lot of these old people that were Demo’s in the past don’t know that it is now a communist party. Years ago people voted party and didn’t change.

          • jaybird

            A lot of these old people that were Demo’s in the past don’t know that it is now a communist party. Years ago people voted party and didn’t change.

        • Sam

          Then you sure haven’t learned much if you think socialism and communism are the way to go.

        • Max_Rebo

          your “learner” is broken or defective. please return it immediately for repairs.

    • Frank Kahn

      AH the refreshing BS of alex. Ever try studying your topic before spewing insane nonsense?

    • chocopot

      Alex –
      You are a brainwashed fool.

  • guy r west

    him or hillory for president NO THAN YOU for eather

  • John H. Holliday D.D.S.

    New Jersey, the Kalifornia of the east coast. If ALL illegal alien foreign nationals are booted out of the U.S. after they pay what ever fines that can be lawfully retrieved from all illegal alien foreign nationals, retrieve all back taxes from all illegal alien foreign nationals, arrest, prosecute and convict all U.S. Citizens who knowingly or willfully hired and employed any illegal alien foreign nationals, then and only then, there will be millions of new job vacancies of all different pay levels and all different categories that will offer a job to any U.S. Citizen homeless person or to any U.S. Citizen who wants a job including the so called “jobs that Americans refuse to work”. Also, after all the illegal alien foreign nationals have been justifiably deported and repatriated back to their own home countries, hourly wages will slowly and gradually rise and minimum wages will be the norm and no more working for poverty or below poverty slave labor job wages or deliberately offering your illegal alien slave labor to the lowest U.S. Citizen bidder at the rent a slave for a day auction at your local Home Boy Depot parking lots or street corners for the explicit purpose of under bidding U.S. Citizens for a slave labor job to satisfy a U.S. Citizen crook, traitor and slave buyer criminal to buy very cheap slave labor with no questions asked. The U.S. Citizen crook, traitor and slave buyer criminals are desperate to rent any illegal alien slave for a day at far below the legal minimum wage without any tax issues for both the U.S. Citizen slave buyer criminal or the rented illegal alien slave, who prostitutes themselves out to their Slave buyer Johns, by selling their own bodies, to be used as physical labor slaves, to the lowest bidder U.S. Citizen slave buyer criminals who buy tough physical slave labor at the lowest possible slave auction bid prices and thereby save a ton of money for labor at their home improvement or home construction projects. Strict enforcement of E-Verify will help to insure that exclusively only U.S. Citizens and Lawful Foreign National Legal Residents are offered jobs and employed at those jobs and that illegal alien foreign nationals will never be hired for and employed at any job in the United States. Give the homeless U.S. Citizens guns, food and water and a fair hourly wage doing the job as border patrol guards all along the U.S. border with Mexico. The homeless U.S. Citizens will have guaranteed employment and possibly permanent employment as border patrol guards all along the U.S. border with Mexico. They will also need to be supplied with plenty of ammo, because they will run out of ammo quickly as they will be shooting at hundreds of thousands of illegal alien foreign invader bastards who will be attempting to illegally and unlawfully enter the United States for the purpose of stealing U.S. jobs from U.S. Citizens which greatly contributes to an ever increasing homeless population of U.S. Citizens who are living in poverty or below the level of poverty. Shoot the illegal alien foreign invader bastards on sight as they illegally cross the U.S. border from Mexico which will create new job openings in the United States with the subtraction of one less illegal alien in the U.S. that equals the addition of one more job available for a U.S. Citizen in the United States. Just logical mathematics.

    • Motov

      And make english the language of this land, no more bi-lingual crap in government offices.

  • Sarah Conner

    …and once again the msm is silent,would spoil the illusions of the liberal left…can’t report black on white violence,that would be racist…WTF…

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Christie, short for what? He hasn’t done anything about homelessness in the state! Obama and the fed print money for these folks to live on, they get food stamps, they still fall through the cracks, why isn’t the NJ highway patrol down there arresting them, as they did peaceful demonstators at an overpass the other day! Christie needs to get his law enforcement people lined out on the constitution and first amendment rights.! He has become the biggest progressive ever!

  • jaybird

    If he can’t govern NJ and have them running in the black, how is he going to run the government?? Also, I don’t think the band-aid surgery is working, he must not be following the instructions.