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Teen Saves Money To Start Business, City Shuts Him Down

July 27, 2012 by  

Teen Saves Money To Start Business, City Shuts Him Down
Nathan Duszynski sold his hot dog cart to Shoreline Container for $2,500.

A 13-year-old Michigan teen saved nearly $1,000 to start a hot dog business as a way to help take pressure off of his disabled parents. On the same day he set up shop, the city of Holland shut him down.

“I was trying to help my mom and my dad, because they’re both on disability,” recounted Nathan Duszynski. “So I was just trying to bring in some money for them and the household while they’re struggling.”

Duszynski set up a hot dog stand for about 10 minutes before he was told he would have to leave the location. The Michigan teen thought he had jumped through all the necessary hoops, but a zoning law prevents food stands from competing with certain restaurants.

“What makes market capitalism work is the ability of individuals to provide highly nuanced, competing alternatives to some existing business,” commented Michael LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. “This seems like just another sad episode of some government micromanaging the lives of many to benefit a few.”

The teen’s efforts to help his parents, one of whom suffers from epilepsy and the other from multiple sclerosis, were profitable. Shoreline Container, a local packaging company, bought Duszynski’s cart for $2,500. Shoreline Container plans to use the cart for outdoor cookouts.

Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitar, a company that has faced its own share of legal issues, said: “Policy makers must stop criminalizing capitalism. This begins by stopping the practice of creating new criminal offenses, or wielding obscure foreign laws, as a method of regulating businesses.

“Especially in a bearish economy, entrepreneurs need to be able to operate without the fear that inadvertently breaking an obscure regulation or unknowingly violating a foreign statute could shut down their company and land them or their employees in jail.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Harold Olsen

    Once again, initiative is being punished!


      When you read about things like this, it is hard to not just throw your arms in the air and say “If you can’t beat them, join them”. If they want everyone on social programs and abolish capitalism by criminalizing it, Everyone should quit their jobs, close up shops and apply for welfare and medicaid. The system will be bankrupt in a matter of a few months and with no one working, there is no tax dollars coming in. I’ll bet these twits will backpeddle and realize who are the ones paying the bills for this Country.

      • http://personalliberty D

        Well said, I’ve been saying for quite some time we ALL need to just stay home (even as hard as that would be for those of us that truly want to work & earn our keep), play their game/get on the dole, and then they will figure out real quick it isn’t the 1% keeping this country going, it’s all the worker bees that work for them.

      • Vicki

        That is apparently what the Romans did in the early Roman Republic according to this video. Go to about 8:30 in the video.

        Listen to what happened and you will hear a familiar pattern.

        If you have time I strongly recommend you listen to the whole clip. It is only about 10 min long.

      • Jeanette

        It’s hard not to join the several million Americans fleeing the country every year, to live in cleaner places with less violence and no racism, and live well on less money than health insurance costs here.

      • Mixture V ranks

        Your point is well taken. The only problem is that a dictatorship exercising unlimited control is the aim of Obama and his administration. Whether or not you are on welfare will make no difference to the system he’s building. It would be much better for the people of Holland, Michigan, those who VOTE, to let the city know that this is a bit much and in fact it is beyond reason. The citizens of Holland need to stand up and ask, rhetorically, of course, the city authorities, if they do not have better things to do than to hassle a 13-year old trying to help his disabled parents. Local city officials tend to catch on quickly, when their electorate stands up and calls them down for stupidity in local issues.

      • JDN

        It has long been an idea of mine to just have a National Strike to get the attention of DC ( District of Criminals ) I imagine one week of a national strike would make their heads explode and a month would bring most to suicide seeing the lack of money flow .

      • vanguard7

        @ JDN, We are headed in that direction….just like Greece. There is going to come a point where Gov’t is going to be so pervasive in our lives that the people won’t be able to tolerate it anymore and just throw their hands up in the air followed by running into the streets in protest and refusing to go to work. If we are not allowed to make/earn a living, and the gov’t can’t provide us with enough subsidies to accommodate the lifestyles to which we’ve each attained through honest and hard work, then we will have no choice but to revolt and fight for what we once had. It’s coming. How soon is anybody’s guess at this point yet.

      • Vicki

        Vanguard7 writes:
        ” There is going to come a point where Gov’t is going to be so pervasive in our lives that the people won’t be able to tolerate it anymore…”

        “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        Go read the 19 reasons given in the Declaration of Independence and see how many have already been done to us in this time. Not by obama. At least not all by obama. But the list is there and tyranny does not have to be just from one despot.

      • Bob

        sounds like you are suggesting a national strike where every private business would shut down for 2 months, and pay no taxes or sell no product. Image what that would look like….. Like the Federal Gov could live thru that…. Hopeing that you will be missed when you are gone?. Might work great. No taxes paid means no retirement payments to retired Federal employees who only worked 20 years or less for retirement, no money to give to foreign countries, no money for food stamps… No money to pay the troops, the teachers, the cops, the jailer. no money to pay the jack booted thugs who come to take you money and possessions by force. Might be a pretty picture but maybe not. The feds take way too much of or efforts. They should only get a MAXIMUM of 10% God can do it on that, the government (who wants to be your god) then should be able to get along on a cash ONLY basis (no borrowing EVER again) of 10% of our years production. Let them do as they (run the country) want with 10% of our total output nothing more. Are we just financial SLAVES? now THINK before you answer, slave. Now go pay your taxes, you earned the PRIVILEGE of paying your efforts to those who are greater than you, or any man, who produce NOTHING (true leaches), government officials…who can not manage anything efficiently, think post office for example. Ups is so much better.

      • 45caliber


        There is one problem with this idea. The politicians would do just like Russia did – assign you a job since you quit yours. And they would send you to an alternate Siberia – or shoot you – if you refused to work that job. Of course, those on Welfare now would be exempt.

    • restorefreedom

      Where do they find these idiots in city government? State or federal for that matter. The child should be praised for having initiative and work ethic. Name a street after him!

    • pweiters9

      7/28/12, Remember, “he couldn’t do that.” Welcome to the age of BO. God help us all if he gets reelected.

  • Vigilant

    “The teen’s efforts to help his parents, one of whom suffers from epilepsy and the other from multiple sclerosis, were profitable. Shoreline Container, a local packaging company, bought Duszynski’s cart for $2,500. Shoreline Container plans to use the cart for outdoor cookouts.”

    Sorry, Mr. Nash, you got it wrong again.

    According to

    “Now, after spending MORE (caps mine) than $2,500 to start up his business, Duszynski is throwing in the towel, his mom said…The cart cost $1,800, some repairs were needed and with the cost of food and the $208 temporary food vendor permit, the family is out some money.”

    Looks like he didn’t even break even on his investment.

    • Congress Works For Us

      If this is correct he should bring suit against the city. They sold him the permit, then told him he couldn’t use it. At the very minimum he should be getting his permit fee refunded…

      • Vigilant

        That crossed my mind as well. But, if you have to be 17 years old to operate as a vendor, and the parent(s) signed the permit application (likely), then he not only doesn’t have a leg to stand on, it could put his parents in legal jeopardy for fraud.

      • Jon

        Are you kidding? He’ll probably get a $10,000 fine for being non-union. And don’t forget another $5000 for not displaying the calorie counts or not having a vegetarian alternative.

    • http://yahoo sophillyjimmy

      Of course he couldn’t make a profit Vigilant, he didn’t have the governments help for his business to thrive. Obama did say that evey private business owes their success to the government so he had to be right.
      End Communism, vote Romney 2012!

  • Julie

    This so not right. The kid was trying to help his parents financially. How many teens can say that? My guess is, not many will do so now since the government will swoop in and kill their initiative the second they do something positive. Would the government rather he become a little delinquent and get into trouble with law, disrespect his parents? This is likely exactly what the government seems to want because they make a lot of money off teens who get into trouble and none off the ones who are honest, respectable, and trustworthy. The government would not know a thing about integrity, honest, the value of a day’s work for a day’s wages even if it put its foot up the government’s backside. Nice going, kid. I’m proud of you, even if the government busybodies are not. You are a good egg and your parents are surely proud of you for trying.

    • Flashy

      Julie. Portland Oregon faced the same issue on a larger scale. Restaurants who occupied building space (folks paying rent…you have something against capitalism?) were losing customers, sidewalks were being jammed where one had a difficult time navigating to non restaurant stores, garbage (mostly wrappings) flying everywhere or sitting stagnating in smelly heaps. And more complaints and issues than this space allows.

      My guess? The existing local establishments and businesses closed it down.

      What Portland did was recodify carts, allowed them only in parking lots, and regulated them to ensure proper and safe utilities, food, and traffic flow (auto and pedestrian).

      Because if Holland allowed this young man to usurp the codes etc…what reasons would they give when the next 10 applications came in ?

      • JJ

        When he was issued a permit he obviously met the conditions to operate. Would it have been better for them to relocate. I agree with the poster that thought the businesses he competed with were behind this and that is too bad that they control others being allowed to compete. Sounds like a small town mentality and politics.

      • Flashy

        JJ…you own a business. You pay rent which impacts your costs. You require sidewalk traffic to access your business. All of a sudden, a cart shows up not paying rent, taking business, clogging the sidewalk, increasing trash affecting the appearance of your establishment.

        You’re not going to cry “foul!” ???? You think it wrong they cried ‘foul!” ? And since the city made accommodations for one cart…what about the next 10 who want to set up? You would say to those 10 that the city can play subjective favorites with the rules?

        OK…what would you have done had you been those businesses?

      • vanguard7

        I think it is obvious one or more of the local businesses were behind this kid getting kicked down the street. If the local residents really want to do something about it, they should just get together and agree not to give any of their business to those already in the area. As for Flashy’s comments, it’s called “Free Enterprise”. It’s no different really than opening up a burger franchise across the street from a fried chicken franchise. True! If I had a cafe on mainstreet in a small town and someone decided to open up their own cafe 2 or 3 doors down, I wouldn’t be happy about it either but in the end a good business owner sucks it up and does what he can to keep his faithful customers. That is what free enterprise and capitalism is all about. The law of supply and demand, who makes the better product, and provides the better value for the almighty dollar. When left alone, the market will reach it’s own equilibrium through self-adjustment. Under Keynesian or Monetarist policies, you have interlopers getting into the middle of it all to tweak policy or institute new rules every other day and then that’s when the market falls into chaos and total disarray. As a restaurant owner, if you can’t stand the heat (competition in this case) then get out of the kitchen (find another line of work that doesn’t pose the unacceptable risk to you in this case).

      • Flashy

        Vanguard…what would be your response to the question of why this cart was the only one around and not one of a number of existing carts?

        What would be your response to the building owners leasing the restaurant and business space..and they have to clean the sidewalk, maintain it, ensure a clean appearance etc. Would it really be “Tough it out while they pay more and the cart sucks not only revenues from lessees, but adds to your costs?”

      • vanguard7

        You missed my point completely but that’s not surprising considering all the other posts I’ve seen from you in the past.

      • vanguard7

        As for why he was the only cart around and not one of several, my only explanation I can think of is no one else had thought of doing that before him in that particular town. It’s called entreprenuership. He saw an opportunity to make money and help his parents, who were struggling with making ends meet, in the meantime. And I guess we will never know how much garbage on the sidewalk may have resulted now will we. Since his competition shut him before he even got a chance to get started. Another possibility why he was the only one with a cart in that area is perhaps anyone else previously probably got the same treatment from the other businesses but this case just happened to make the news because of his age and motives for starting his stand.

      • vanguard7

        Furthermore Flashy, in regards to your original reply and the issue of taking business away from the already established restaurants. Anyone buying a hot dog from this kid likely wouldn’t have been inclined to eat at one of the restaurants anyway. I’d venture to guess most of his customers would be people in a hurry and didn’t have time for a sit-down, dine-in meal yet were hungry (some may have a low-sugar issue like Hypoglycemia) and grabbing a dog on the fly was the perfect answer. He was providing a service to a niche’ clientele that the fancy-smancy restaurants couldn’t satisfy whether it was due to the length of time involved in preparation of food or, perhaps, their prices (especially in this economy) are just too prohibitive. Those folks looking for a nice, relaxing environment where they could sit down, perhaps with business contacts or colleagues to hash out something to do with their work, would like still opt for the restaurant over a street vendor who caters more to individual with extremely limited time and has to eat “on the fly”.

      • Vicki

        Flashy writes:
        “OK…what would you have done had you been those businesses?”

        1 or more of the following:

        1. improved my food (If someone prefers hotdogs to my food I am doing something wrong :) )

        2. lowered my prices

        3. Advertized more including encouraging people who wanted to enjoy sitting down in an air conditioned place to do so. (Adding chairs and tables if I didn’t already have them)

        4 put out my own cart.

        5. I might pay the kid to position his cart so traffic flow favored my establishment in some way. (I can hear the liberals gnashing their teeth at that prospect :) )

        6. Pay the kid to display a sign advertizing my business

        7. Pay the kid for every customer he sends to my business (click-thru :) ). Say for drinks to go with that hot-dog (and oh btw you can sit down and enjoy that hot dog while you drink one of my drinks.)

        If cart business was that good I might close the brick-n-morter business and focus on just my own carts.

        It’s called competition. I know that is a 4 letter word for a lot of liberals. Competition.


        Now let’s think about a world in which IBM and DEC whined to uncle sam about this upstart computer called Apple II. You would be having this discussion in a window. Screen actually. There wouldn’t be any Windows.
        No iPhones, no smartphones, no iPads…*

        Fortunately for us IBM took the competition way and won (sortof :) ) DEC didn’t but did not as far as I have read try and stop them and you know what happened to them. They could have followed IBM and HP but they didn’t go whining to government.


        *Actually there might be but it would have been later (possibly MUCH later) and the world would look a lot different.

      • vanguard7

        @ Vicky. Exactly! You get it!! The idea of free enterprise and competition. Imagine if we never embraced the concept of continuous improvement. Eli Whitney would not have invented the cotton gin, we wouldn’t have had the railroads (and then planes/jets), we’d all still be driving Model-T’s if we stopped the idea of constant improvement after the first one was built, air conditioning for our homes/offices/hospitals? – I don’t think so….., the list can go on and on. Unfortunately, individuals like “flash in the pants” will never be able to comprehend the concept of fair competition and hard work. Like we keep hearing, if you work hard enough at something, you can and will succeed provided it’s a service or product that there is a demand for. Flash is obviously one of those who believes the gov’t should take care of him from cradle to grave without expecting to have to make any kind of contribution to society. He is nothing more than a “leach” on society…..sucking our lifeblood and contaminating the good organisms of a body.

  • http://none David A. Belusko

    This young man has defined the meaning of entrepeneur thinking which built this country and the Government seems to be trying to break down. The bottom line is he started a business to HELP OTHER PEOPLE even if it was his Parents. That alone tells me his parents instilled in him a sense of values that seems to be lacking in a portion of todays youth ( the takers if you will). That youth that seems to believe they are entitled without having to invest anything so SAD.

    • Vicki

      Interesting point. The people who whine the most about Capitalism are often the takers. They accuse business of taking (sometimes they even say stealing) money/wealth from others. I think they are “projecting” their own behavior/attitudes on the people/businesses that, like this boy, started business to help others.

  • Max-nix

    Power is a magnet that attracts the criminal class.

  • John

    Well…the kid didn’t build his business anyway…he had an allowance. Ask the President, he’ll tell you.

    • Johntwo

      Quit calling him” kid”. He’s not a young goat!~! He is a child!!!

      • Joyce

        Thank you.

      • Ernest T.

        Kid is fine we all know what he meant and that is what word should do. I am having problems with the word gay though. I went to the Gay event thinking it would be a fun time only to discover homosexualst all over the place.

      • Vicki

        3: a young person; especially : child —often used as a generalized reference to one especially younger or less experienced

        First known use 13th century.

        It appears that the grammar police are in error and that he used the word “kid” correctly.

    • JJ

      Do it the government way put them on food stamps and welfare.


      Are you people really that uptight and anal that the word “Kid” is now politically incorrect when referring to children. I guess you better gets busy and start writing letters to all the day care centers that have the word Kid in their business name.

  • Lee

    Pretty sad what the U.S. has become, While politicians like Pelosi did illegitimate inside
    trading what is she worth now like 300 Million. What a joke the establishment and there laws have become..

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Here is an example of—-( you didn’t build it ) because the government shut you down because you were trying to be a capitalist and take care of your parents—didn’t the lad— realize that —this is direct violation of the government wanting (Julia method— of government dependence—from cradle to grave).. This kid was to independent—-have to smack these type of people down. Wake up America!!!!

  • DAK

    No where in this story did it say if the law was passed by a R or a D, when the law was written or when it was voted into existence. Could just as easily been a republican introduced the law to protect his wife’s restaurant from some honest competition… the story never said yet all you people are acting like Obama personally signed the bill the day before this kid opened up. Grow up and get real. Everything bad that ever happens in this country IS NOT Obama’s fault nor is it the federal government’s fault. It may be the politician’s fault… but last time I looked we have both Democrats AND Republicans in government and the GOP shares half the blame for stupid laws.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Where was O mentioned in the article? Typical Leftist, throw pig sh*t every chance you get so the Conservatives and/or Libertarians will be spending time cleaning themselves up.

      • DAK

        I don’t have to throw pig sh!t… you talk it so much you are already wallowing in it and YOU LOVE IT.

    • Proud to be a Believer

      No, the truth of the matter is that the young lad was not the right color, had he been he would still be in business. Shucks remember the vegetable stands on their own land I might add in Georgia who were shut down as you aren’t allowed to grow vegetables and sell them, heck no, those home grown vegetables might be contaminated!! Pretty soon we will be taxed for the air we breathe, it is coming!! Just re-elect Obama again and see what happens.

      • RB

        Trust me…in Holland he was not the wrong color. He was cutting into a local business and violating an ordinance. No one told him he couldn’t move the cart somewhere else by the way. There are areas where these carts can opperate. Where he placed the cart wasn’t one of them. I don’t think there are any cities that don’t have this type of ordinance to protect local businesses that operate year round and pay for the space they are in. I also don’t see this ambitious young man losing money in the long run over this. Besides protecting their businesses the Holland community is also very generous and the home to many wealthy businessmen that started right here in Michigan.

      • eddie47d

        Thanks RB for a common sense comment .

    • Bill

      I’ve been reading all these posts and I can’t see any banking on Obama. Maybe we got different versions ofthe article and posts.


    Hi!, Patrons Of Personal Liberty Digest Et Al:

    My grandfather managed a local Daimond Match Lumber Yard when I was 8 years young and he took me to work with him one day where he showed me my brand new red wagon he bought me for the job he assigned me; so I could work & thereby buy my school clothes etc. There were lots of black walnut trees around town and so grandpa gave me some burlap bags to fill with black walnuts for which he paid me $,75 ea. when full. I could go all around town filling burlap bags with nuts and never did anyone treat me rotten for my efforts and my work automatically told everyone in town what my efforts represented. The City of Holland didn’t have an alternative location for this young pioneer entrepreneur to set up his hot dog stand to help his disabled parents? I hope someone in OUR audience can find out for sure if this action by the City of Holland represents elder abuse but probably not, because the parents weren’t directly involved in the City’s actions but their boy? I can also remember us kids puting up our lemonaid stands too, to make a little extra money in the summer for whatever we wanted our mom & dad couldn’t afford. Evidently, according to the City of Holland, do unto others as you would have them do unto you doesn’t apply to regulating their inner city laws/ordinances etc.? Maybe the local Churches can lend a helping hand to this struggling family’s lifestyle? Personally, I like to turn to OUR Lord’s prayer that asks Him to deliver all of US from evil; certainly not any govenment agency or body that’s for sure. Perhaps it’s the City Fathers who need to practice a little attention on their own need to repent, for the kingdom of God (love) is at hand? Thy kingdom come on Earth as in Heaven seems like a practial application in such cases or did my sunday school teacher years ago mislead me?


    • Vigilant

      Russ says, ” I hope someone in OUR audience can find out for sure if this action by the City of Holland represents elder abuse but probably not, because the parents weren’t directly involved in the City’s actions but their boy?”

      From : “In the spring, the Ottawa County Health Department took over permitting for restaurants and food vendors in the area. The county issues a permit for a specific location, but does not take into account city zoning. To move the cart to a different commercial zone, another permit would have to be purchased…”

      They had the option of choosing a different location. Again, from the same source, “Phil Meyer, director of Community and Neighborhood Services, said, “There are other places that he would be able to place his food cart, such as industrial or commercial districts outside the downtown area. “This isn’t anything against hot dog vendors, but there are a set of rules.”

      As for the parents’ involvement, you have to be 17 years old to operate as a vendor in Holland. It’s virtually a certainty that the vendor permit application was signed by one or both parents, not the 13 year old boy.

  • Chester

    Here, I would blame the city planning and zoning committee for allowing a restaurant that demanded NO competition within whatever range to build near a residential area. I do know of several chains that demand a no compete within a range of up to a mile radius of where they want to open up. In some cases, the city is more than happy to grant this request, as there is nothing else in that area. Of course, it sounds in this case much like a place that had a no compete clause in their contract with the city went a way overboard when they insisted on shutting down a little, one-man, or one boy, in this case, operation. As far as that little piece of legislation, am not sure whether was city ordinance, or contract with the city. The article says zoning LAW, but do know most zoning is by ordinance rather than by law, and, as I stated earlier, many a restaurant chain demands a no compete contract before they will open up. More information is needed, but the boy should have been told when he applied for and received his license.

    • Rick

      In most villages and small cities ordances are laws. But who ever wrote this law and how they enforce it is out of control. For one thing How many chains sell Hot dogs?So would he actually be competing? There should be be an alternative place or leave the kid alone. He followed all the health codes he met all the requirements to get the license he should be able to set up as he chooses without interferance. I woulod like to know why the law and what chain it was for to avoid them.

      • Vigilant

        “He followed all the health codes he met all the requirements to get the license he should be able to set up as he chooses without interferance.”

        In Holland, MI, you must be 17 years old to operate as a vendor. A 13 year old cannot sign a permit application, so it was most likely done by his parent(s). In some quarters that could be characterized as fraud.

    • Vigilant

      “More information is needed, but the boy should have been told when he applied for and received his license.”

      You’re correct. The parents claim that they were not told of the ordinance when they discussed their plans with the mayor. But, then again, how many times have we been told, “ignorance of the law is no excuse?” Claiming victimhood status for compensation is a tactic of the left, and it doesn’t appear that the kid is doing so. Good for him.

      What makes this story a story at all is the appeal to emotion and not a cool consideration of the facts (another leftist trait). Thirteen year old boy, Horatio Alger story, disabled parents, etc. Mr. Nash got exactly what he was seeking: a knee-jerk reaction from posters who were too lazy to check out all the pertinent dimensions of the story.

      The kid and his parents have no choice but to “grin and bear it.” This is not a case of storming city hall, as one poster proclaims, it’s a case of exerting elective influence and other pressures to have the law changed though the city council if it is deemed unfair. It’s called “respect for the rule of law,” something Libertarians are frequently disposed to forget.

      • Gordon

        Mayor? What? Last year I looked into a vendor-ship, spent over 1 hr in the office with the head of code enforcement himself and was given an 8.5 x 11 book about 3/8 inch thick of the vendor regulations.

      • Vicki

        Vigilant writes:
        ” But, then again, how many times have we been told, “ignorance of the law is no excuse?” ”
        Way too many times considering that the phrase came from a time in which it was possible for ordinary people to know the whole of the law. These days you need experts to figure out what each sentence might mean. Which probably explains why larger businesses have expensive lawyers on retainer.

        Interestingly city ordinances are one of the defined exceptions.

        “In the United States, exceptions to this general rule are found in cases such as Lambert v. California (knowledge of city ordinances)”


    SURELY SOMEONE recognising this example of Free Enterprise at its best (EARNING and DESERVING, without putting PROFITS, per se, first), could employ and guide this young man of Character!

    • Blue Devil

      And the local AFL-CIO would be screaming bloody murder!

  • Randy131

    Is there any wonder why state and local governments in Michigan are in the dire financial straits they are in? If so, here is a prime example of why Michigan governments can’t meet their bills. Free entrepreneurship is regulated, prevented, and destroyed by those Michigan governments, and then they wonder why they can’t collect enough taxes to meet their bills, and why entrepreneurs are moving from their state in search of true free enterprise locations to set up and run their businesses. Just have the government controllers read this article and they’ll know why.


    Hi!, Patrons Of Personal Liberty Digest Et Al:

    It just hit me in my 200,000,000,000 cell computer brain that, sense everyone seems to have the phrase “racial profiling” on their minds these days, does that concern override “prejudicial profilings”? The kid in toay’s story has certainly been profiled for some reason or another but does he or anyone else in Holland deserve that kind of treatment? The boy must be a white person, because if he were either black or hispanic the term racial profiling could have been arroused for application by the larger public consciousness among the city’s black and/or hispanic populations bringing them to mental arms against this city but, if you’re a white person today, the larger tendency to profile you has become A-OK and I pesonally mentally prospect that this is the case with this young white citizen. I just somehow wish this boy had an uncle or friend for example who is an attorney.


  • Dulceb

    Any one familiar with The Varsity here in Atlanta, GA should know that one monkey will not stop the show. Georgia Tech asked the owner and student, Frank Gordy, of a hot dog stand out of school and off campus, as it interfered with their routine. Gordy went on to build the Varsity, famous for hot dogs and rings, which now covers two city blocks.
    This young man should be praised for his family responsiblity and devotion. The politicos of his town should be run out on a rail for pulling down his dream and showing him how the right amount of bureaucracy can ruin everything. Too bad the community couldn’t have a sense of helping others in need. Often business owners get jealous of each other and put in competition, where there should be fellowship. This is one of the reasons that families and children have no safe place to live and develop in safety, with a sense of the common good.
    We need more teens like this to grow and someday run the country. They should be allowed and taught to work for what they need and want. This is why we have so many young people believing they are entitled to a living, given to them by others who do the work.
    The government needs to get out of people’s business.

  • kellys

    I am 52 years old and on 2 years probation for repairing appliances, washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators and then selling them from my garage via craigslist. A coke dealer 3 houses down, a pot dealer 2 houses the other way, and I am the one going to court. 64063 Lees summit MO.

    • Proud to be a Believer

      Unbelievable Kellys. All I can say, is move to Florida. I have been here for over 32 years now and that was one thing that brought me here was the small businesses all over the place. You can set up on a street corner, like you say, sell on Craigs list, we have no state income tax and our property taxes are probably the lowest in the country and we are one of two states that has Homestead exemptions which also means, no one not even IRS can foreclose or make you foreclose on your home for any reason. (The only reason is if you don’t pay your mortgage of course) and might I add, we have a wonderful Governor who was a businessman and runs Fla. like a business, not a Government handout. It’s too bad we have term limits. Anyway, there you have it.

  • William 1

    Way to go Holland, Mi now you’re all over the world validating Obamas message!

    • RB

      Obvioulsy ignorant of the Holland MI. Fastest growing non automotive area in Michigan. (Auto industry growing because of Gov’t fake money) They actually are starting to have a labor shortage due to the incredible growth they have attained. That’s since MI dumped Obama’s forerunner Jennifer Granholm. I’m guessing the business owners in the area would much rather have people come to work for them instead of going to the mailbox twice a month. In this case however the parents are totally disabled. They can’t work. Obviously they are trying to teach their son a work ethic though. THAT my friend is the heart of the West Michigan area.

      • http://yahoo sophillyjimmy

        RB, we are geting off the subject ot this article but you mentioned the auto industry growing because of government fake money, but lets examine the government loans (Our Tax Currency) for a minute. GM and Chrysler would have still been in business if they filed for bankruptcy and didn’t need a bailout, but Obama gave them the loan not to employ people and save the Big Two, he gave it because if they filed for bankruptcy the UAW wouldn’t have received the 26, billion dollars that GM alone owed them for back benefits, so in essense, e gave the money to the UAW through GM and Chrysler and not for the benefit of the employees working at GM or Chrysler and certainly not to save two large private corporations since you know s well as I do that Obama is anti private business, now he is not only the President of the US but he is also the defacto CEO of GM and he is telling them what to build and to push the Volt which every one sold we the taxpayers subsidizes $35,000 to pay for the cost of building a Volt and off sets what they could sell them for so we are still giving money to GM and not getting a return on our loan or even getting paid back for the loan we provided,
        Why whenever Obama does something to stimulate our economy my arse hurts the nest day?

  • Bill

    Sorry, We will not tolerate hard work. Your job is to sit home and once or twice a month, walk to the mail box.

    • 45caliber

      Bill, their actual job is to vote for whoever is in office for sending that check to them monthly. After all, they don’t give them money away without expecting something in return.

  • lady kroft

    … UH, his efforts are futile. Disability says that you can not have more money than $1045.00 per month to live on, irregardless of your expenditures. So, this $2500.00 that he was paid for the hot dog cart will be deducted and he/they will be back down to $1045.00. They won’t get any disability for the next two months. They’ll have to live off of that $2500.00. So, they won’t be ahead. The boy works for nothing.
    My husband’s on disablitiy…I know firsthand.

  • Theodore Gager

    Ya see, the halfbreed is right! “You didn’t do that”. The city of holland did, that is, if they allow it!!!!

  • Edward

    This is the “Hopeless and change that Obama promised…………….kill iniative and drive, become a slve to the government

  • gunner689AI

    That will teach him as to what happens when you try to succeed in a socialist community.

    • eddie47d

      You know for a fact it wasn’t Conservative Restaurateurs who set up the laws to protect their businesses? That does happen you know.

  • loboviejo

    Obviously he did not build it.

  • NotThatEllen

    In El Dorado county CA a Hispanic woman set herself up selling tamales from a cart. She was not only shut down, but DEPORTED. What was the county supposed to do?

    • 9mm protection

      Deported..?? Great news

  • Rick

    He didn’t build that business, we stopped him from doing it. He needed more government ,signed Benedict Usurp Opanderer

  • SJJolly

    “… of some government micromanaging the lives of many to benefit a few.”
    (1) Where’s the micromanaging?
    (2) Who pushed thru the law banning mobile carts in the area? Most certainly the established restraunts.
    (3) Who called the cops when Duszynski set up shop? Most certainly an owner or manager of one of the established restraunts.

    Don’t blame government for being anti-business when it’s business using government to block competition!

    • Vicki

      We can and will blame government. We will had have blamed the cronies in business. (Solyandra for instance)

    • loboviejo

      On a local level we elect the government. Sitting around debating is a useless task. Yes, I know the powers that be and I go to some meetings. The staff operate under the policies set forth by the elected officials.

      • Vicki

        We are not sitting around debating. We are using debate to educate all those who read but may not post. We like you and hopefully they will go out and educate our representatives at all levels. One good national tool is

        Drop in and see what they offer to help you educate them.

  • Roy Estes

    Free enterprise is and has been a joke and a farce for years now . Between the established business’ lobbying to prevent competition and the insurance companies you may as well stay on the porch .

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Comunism at its full bent object, to kill private enterprize. Obumm er could have created that idea for him and it would worked better



  • Richard

    One-0-One used to be the jingle for a cigarette ad. Now it’s the number of days until we can take the garbage out. Make sure all your “intelligent” friends are registered to vote. If you know a democrat tell them they will be voting on the following Wednesday.

  • Don

    How can we make a donation to this young man and his family?

  • Erik

    Thanks for bringing your silly religion into the discussion! Jeebus will fix everything! He’s magical, you know!!! Maybe he can do some card tricks for us!!

  • Alex

    Now, how many of you would be whining if you owned, say, a hardware store and someone puts a hardware cart in front of your business and undersells you, while not needing to pay rent? Just asking…

  • http://yahoo sophillyjimmy

    Alex, if you own a restaurant it brings fear to your heart that some kids selling hot dogs will cut into your bottom line then you don’t have a restaurant that will bring in customers in the first place and your product would be better off being sold to dog food companies.

  • Silas Longshot

    Welcome to the new American business methods, son. The more government is involved in your daily life and attempt at starting a business, the more your efforts come out like this. Remember this as you grow up in the liberal stronghold of MI, continue fighting the entrenched system, and when you’re older and successful enough, you and your parents can vote with your feet to a less hostile to business area, taking the jobs and income for the state, in the huge tax burden you’ll be saddled with, with you.
    click the name

  • dennis altman

    they should hang thier empty heads in shame!

  • Fideux

    My father taught Chemistry, Calculus, and Trigonometry, all he high level math and science subjects at a high school in a large metropolitan area in the midwest. The high school where he taught initially was in a very nice pArt of the city and the student population was predominantly Jewish. Over the 25 years teaching at that high school, the neighborhoods were taken over by the blacks as the Jewish residents moved to even nicer and newer areas of the city and the demographics of the school went to primarily black. My dad was reduced to teaching health and general science classes and the failure rate was high even with those “bone-head” courses as he called them. He said you couldn’t beat that information into their heads with a baseball bat. Out of frustration, he finally left that and started teaching at a community college where the kids paid tuition and wanted to learn. Good luck Obama. This executive order will prove to be yet another failure.

  • Strighttothepoint 2012

    Maybe the boys parents should have checked out the cities laws first before engaging in such an adventure!!!!i’m sure they have health laws there,just like any other place in the USA.that may prohibit such Businesss!!!(i’m not taking sides here,so no dam rude remarks!!!)I’m jusy saying there is always two ,or more sides of a story(the right,Wrong,And the half assed!!!FIDEUX I agree with you 1000%If people want to go to college ,or a regular school.they shouldn’t have it so easly handed to them!!!Thats whats wrong with our Goverment right now(And have been for the last forty years!!)We should get the Goverment out of our lives,and stop wasting so much of our(trax payers)money on programs that just flat out don’t work worth a dam!!!!obama,if he had any brains,only have to look at the past to find that out!!!but like most true polocial leaders,heis just doing it for a polocial move,reguardless of how much of our money it cost!!

  • What?Me Worrie? @2012

    I also agree with Fideux and strightothepoint!!!when you live in city,there are laws to obey!while I feel for that boy and his family,never theless there areLAWS!!!!

  • Ms. Judy Carol Ibezim

    I think the money will help in a healing process for the parents in the natural and spiritual and I think if I were in the boys position and an adult, I might have kept the stand. What was more important at the time, I guess. Somebody will turn around and use it for their benefit.

  • Bronx Yankee 36

    Why am I not surprised? These are, after all, the Obama Years, aren’t they?


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