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Team Obama Thinks Romney May Have Upper Hand In Debate

September 19, 2012 by  

Team Obama Thinks Romney May Have Upper Hand In Debate
In 2008, a majority of debate watchers said Barack Obama defeated John McCain in each of their three debates.

The Obama campaign does not want voters to have high expectations of President Barack Obama when he takes the stage to debate Mitt Romney, according to The Associated Press. Obama’s team thinks the debate will present “a challenge.”

“While Mitt Romney has done 20 debates in the last year, he has not done one in four years, so there certainly is a challenge in that regard,” said Jennifer Psaki, Obama’s campaign spokeswoman.

Obama’s aides believe that Obama is not well-suited for debates, given his tendency to ramble and stray off topic during news conferences.

The President has been practicing with Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.). Kerry has been acting the part of Romney.

Romney has been honing his skills with Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio). Portman pretends to be Obama.

Three Presidential debates are scheduled for October: Oct.  3 in Denver; Oct. 16 in Hempstead, N.Y.; and Oct. 22 in Boca Raton, Fla.

The Vice-Presidential debate will be held Oct. 11 in Danville, Ky.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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    • http://personalliberty 32eagle

      I think obama is insane and will mess up so bad cartoonists will be drawing funny insults until the mutant mulatto loses big in november

      • The Fisherman

        Give the floor to Mitt and he will stick his foot in his mouth. No brains all mouth

    • B rian

      thats pretty funny! Obama has the most charismatic TelePrompTer ever ……. Unfortunately his TelePrompTer is just going to have to trust Obama can do it by himself during the debates. This story basically come down to…. “what is Obama going to say without his TelePrompTer”. If Obama is asked about the NDAA policy he demanded…. There isn’t going to be a right answer! If he is asked about his renewal of the PATROIT ACT there isn’t going to be a right answer…. If Obama gets asked about his statement of “he agrees with the redistribution of wealth”, there wont be a right answer! Obama also doesn’t accept questions that aren’t predescribed from anyone….. So unless he gets a cheat sheet to the questions asked, he’s gonna fail miserably! Romney has made statements that hurt his campaign….. But he is man enough to stand by them. Here’s one for you…. “the public sector is doing just fine!”.

      Romney is being burned at the stake for representating the taxpayers! Thank god someone is doing it! Nobody is being represented by their congressman as of lately….. The same congressmen that passed the PATROIT ACT without reading it at all. The same congressmen that passed NDAA. The same people sworn to uphold and defend the constitution, including the president! Who is representing who?

      FYI…… Osama bin Ladens sole objective was to destroy the democracy that made americans free. Democracy has but one weakness. Freedom! Take away the freedom, you take away the democracy! Those two acts that Obama signed and reinstated, remove the constitution, from America. Completely destroying all the articles in the constitution that describe what the limitations of the government are, the structure of the government, and the job descriptions of the branches. Then the bill of rights got destroyed… Amendments 1,4,5,6, 8, 9, and 10. Nice “Upholding and defending the constitution”. Not to mention each states constitution that is being violated by obamas policies!

      So feel free to comment on this Obama supporters, so I can individually show you how your rights are being violated. I’m willing to take the time to re-educate you with facts and laws, not gaffes and hearsay/slander!

      • JTB

        Awesome post Brian! You are 100% right!

      • Norm

        B Iran
        Do you know what a TelePrompter does? it merely replaces written notes when giving a speech. Everyone uses them for PREPARED speeches. They are virtually usless for QAs, debates, or ad-lib remarks. Obama, unlike Romney, thinks very well on his feet.

      • B rian

        JTB….. I appreciate the support in my ideals….. But you have to keep it on the down low….. You might offend the ignorant people here that you and I are trying to defend! And they are working so hard to shoot you and I, and themselves in the foot! Rather than admit that they have zero idea as to what is going on in THEIR OWN COUNTRY, they just want to say something to feel like they are being heard! Regardless of how ignorant that idea might be!

        I would love one single person to respond to any post I have on here so I can show everybody else facts and documentation supporting my ideas! But the democrats look at me as a lost cause! Someone that is swayed by stupid information like real laws and facts! They are right…. I’m a lost cause!

      • B rian

        I agree with you norm…. TelePrompTers are like notes for speakers, in prepared speaches! You can see how well Obama is on his feet when his TelePrompTer fails. And it failed on multiple occasions. When the teleprompter fails…. Obama goes from the most powerful man on earth to the most helpless man on earth! If you would like me to provide the evidence i will!

        The issue is that Obama gives his prepared speaches and then refuses to answer questions after, unless he get to chose the questions being asked. Clinton recieved one of those questions on an MTV q a and his response was,”I didn’t inhale”. Funny, kinda relating himself to the viewers. Huge lift for Clinton’s campaign! History is going to look at Clinton well enough. Obama won’t offer access to public questions…. Although he is the representative of every citizen asking the questions!

      • chuckb

        brian, thank you for a straight forward evaluation of a person the media has concocted as a great orator. the only thing great about barry is the tone of his voice and a media chorus in the background, will he fail in the debates, i doubt it, the questions will probably have been exposed to him long before the debates and he won’t need the teleprompter to sound good. if he doesn’t get the answers first, then he will fail, he has little knowledge of the operation and legislation currently going on. when questioned about his so called
        healthcare law, he couldn’t answer anything on the details (o’reilly show on fox news) like you say he is lost when the teleprompter disappears. the only thing in his favor, when he speaks the bolsheviks turn off their brains (not hard to do) and swoon. they are hypnotized, their faculties cease to exit and they bow to the imam.

      • eddie47d

        B rian didn’t make it past first base with that gobbedlygook. Was he using a teleprompter to write His comments?

      • B rian

        alright Eddie. One piece of evidence I beg you! I reference to a fact or law defining anything you have referenced here anywhere on this board!

      • B rian

        my name is Eddie! I’m a libracrat! I make comments that everyone here needs to understand but I can’t seem to give a reference to anything! At all! Period! The end!

        Eddie, if you are the best the demo-nazis can produce….. Ur in trouble! I don’t need a TelePrompTer. I can rattle this information off the top of my head! Because it is so simple! Which prison can we find you in? If you need attention on the face to face kinda…. I’ll come and spend some time on the other side of the glass so you can feel like your being heard…. And I understand…. Posting evidence takes away from your community prison computer time. Wouldn’t want to owe anybody any favors…. Wink wink!

      • wandamurline

        My concern is who is asking the questions….all three of the debates will be held by the left stream medias….I am just wondering if they will “help” Obama answer his questions like Stephenopuss and video slashing Andrea Mitchell.

      • Ed

        Right on!! You have nailed it. Those countless, uneducated that will vote for Obama do not have a clue as to how bad he really is. I know of many who have said they will vote for him yet are completely unaware of how he has violated, repeatedly, his oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution and haven’t a clue as to the issues. They don’t even read or listen to news, all they have is name recognition or are receiving Obama largess from the treasury in the form of food stamps, welfare, free medical care, schools etc., etc. They don’t want that to stop so they will keep the person who is intent on continuing the destruction of America in office, Romney told the truth. 47% of Americans are on the government dole and pay absolutely zero income tax and these are the ones that will vote to keep Obama in office so us working, taxpaying Americans can continue to fund them. Everybody should pay income tax, everybody, even on welfare, food stamps or any other money they get from the government. I could go on but you get the picture. Half of us are supporting the other half and that idiot Obama wants to raise taxes on the ones that are paying and call it “Fairness,”

    • Palin16

      Christopher, you are exactly right about charisma. Remember the Kennedy-Nixon debates? JFK came across very charismatic while Nixon was pale and sweaty. Kennedy narrowly went on to win.


        “Palin16,” I WAS BORN IN 1966.

      • Palin16

        Christopher, here is a short highlight:


        “Palin16,” THANKS FOR THE LINK.

    • JTB

      Sorry Christopher but I think you’re wrong. I for one will make it a priority to watch the debates (first time ever in my 40+years). I don’t think obama will be smooth because he has NO record to run on. Romney will chew him up & spit him out and it sounds like the obama camp knows it.

      • http://yahoo gator

        10-4 JTB, i can’t wait to see the white/black oboz get a long overdue ass-kickin!




    • nnicko

      To; Hallucengenic Horton……looking pretty is going to win the debates…obozo, without a teleprompter is like fish out of water;boat without a paddle; body without a brain, in other words, walking dead.

      • eddie47d

        Like deer in the head lights G Bush? LOL


        “eddie47d” – SIR, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT; BUT, LEAVE “W.” ALONE!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Remember the campaign debates prior to his election, he actually requested that he be allowed the use of teleprompters? Without a teleprompter, and someone feeding answers, a debate with Romney will have Obama looking like an idiot. Better yet, a debate with Biden and Ryan should be good for laughs.

    • judy m….

      Think that kill switch internet bill will pass waiting for bho’s signature before the debates and we will have a complete world blackout, of course we will get to see it its been re formatted to make him look good, he didn’t do so well on that spanish program, and got excited when the female started asking questions figured he could razzle dazzle her with his good looks and he lost his ear bud, oops failed big time.

    • Don DeHoff

      Chris, I suspect you are a Democratic “plant”. None, zero, zilch of what you say makes sense. I am of the opinion that we all can rest assured that IF President Obama wins a third term, he will within about two years, also throw the Democratic Party “under the bus”, just like he has done with several of his other loyal followers when they got in the way of his socialist agenda that has an Islamic “bent”. Also, just why do you think he has appointed several “unvetted” Muslims to important positions in our government? Also, how does a Muslim pass the vetting process when, as a “devout Muslim”, they are not only expected, they are mandated, to lie, cheat, steal, decieve, or even commit murder, if doing so furthers the cause of Islam. I will let the readers tell you which “revelations/Surahs” direct that non-negotiable stand. I also suspect that a person, taught conceipts, including the “right and expectation to lie, starting at about age 5 and continuing on a daily basis, to the tune of 5-times a say, can successfully pass a lie-detector test. Some time ago, I ask the FBI for their position on that issue, but received no reply. I sincerely believe that this Muslim/Islamic issue is the gravest problem this great country has encountered since our Civil War. Some say our President is the bigger problem. I say, there is a good possibility they are “one and the same”.

  • swampfox

    I’ll enjoy watching romney make ovomit look like the total doofus he is,romney OS going to intellectually obliterate him.
    romney needs to bring out all of comrad obuttski’s
    Marxist sociolistic Muslim supporting policies and
    reveal him for the illegal kenyan socialist he is.
    Obama without his teleprompter,heh heh,going to be a record uh count.

    • Warrior

      Don’t forget that these so called debates are going to be all moderated by the LSM. Don’t expect ANY hard questions for the campaigner n chief.. It will be more like slow pitch soft balls coming his way. How this guy became prez is still absolutely astounding to me. But being from Chicago, what do I now? He wasn’t even on the radar of political heavy’s in IL. All of this is a fabrication promoted by the crook county political machine and soooo many were just duped. Maybe this time around, people will have paid more attention to the details. We’ll see soon enough.

      • Shelia

        the republicans are the crooks, trying to steal votes

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Shelia, Tell us all how you really feel instead of the blather of Leftist Cliches.

      • MarathonMan

        You obviously haven’t heard of Acorn and the voter fraud perpetrated by them.
        If you missed that then you know nothing of how Al Frankin wormed his way into office by stuffing the ballot box in MN

        And most certainly you were probably not around for the Kennedy election to see that ballot boxes in chicago stuffed by the democrats way back in the 60′s.

        Chicago stuffing ballot boxes???? ROHm EMANUALE, Obamas former COS, wouldn’t even think of something like that, now would he?

      • nnicko

        First hard question for Obozo…who ya daddy, whe ya born, you got a bro living in a hut in kenya? what grades you get in school… evva smoke funny-stuff, whats ya religion boy……is allah you mentor ? Yep, obummer will min hands down!

      • Doug Rodrigues

        The debate questions would go something like this:

        Question to Romney: Gov. Romney, it’s been said that you don’t care about 47% of the general public’s welfare. Why have you abandoned the 47%?

        Question to Obama: President Obama, it’s been said that you’re a great basketball player. Are you?

        Question to Romney: Gov. Romney, You’ve demonstrated that you only care for the wealthy people in this country by giving them tax breaks. Shouldn’t the wealthy pay their fair share?

        Question to Obama: President Obama, How’s you golf game going? Any improvemet?

        Question to Romney: It’s been said that you’re a racist. How do you answer that?

        Question to Obama: Mr. President, your foreign policies have accomplished much during these past 4 years, and your firm control has imporved the economy. How much better do you think the economy will become after you’re re-elected President?

        etc., etc., etc., etc…………..

    • Shelia

      Obama will eat Mitt Romney alive in the debates, you betcha.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Folks, we have a person pretending to be a “seer” in our midst to honor us with her seeings about the debate.
        The two legged variety of predator are snarling and growling in case their bone is taken away.

      • 32eagle

        Shelia, I am not racist and I wanted collin powell to run but he chose not to- obama is plain evil,is a liar,backstabbing coniving crook,swindler,illegal alien born in mombasa kenya,arrogant,inexperienced at solving a financial meltdowns and TRAITOR- why he is a failure is because he is a fool that is a muslim and to our enemy they know obama did his terrorist mission well-he sabotaged us so bad we may go under regardless of who wins the next election-however a vote for BORAX is a sure doom scenario

      • oldkoreanwarvet

        Shelia, maybe you should watch this by Obama, then make your comments’

      • Airangel

        Sheila, I feel sorry for you. You are dillusional…you stay “dazed and confused” and keep believing the lies and embrace the downfall of America. If Obama wins, you won’t like the end result. A liar is always a liar and will say anything to get and stay in office to drive the nail in the coffin he has created. Once there, kiss freedom good bye while you reflect on all the warnings people tried to give you and scratch your head..”but he said he would do this…..” sucker he doesn’t care, everything is a smoke screen for a much larger agenda!

      • Karl Landgren

        Only if 51% of the viewers have been sufficiently dumbed down and indoctrinated by gummit screwls and BSNBC/ All Barry Channel/ Commie News Network/ Washington Compost/ NY Slime, etc. Let’s pray that enough people will actually listen for real substance, and do at least a bit of critical thinking. Is that really asking too much?
        Our very livelihoods and liberty are at stake! This morning our family prayed–again–that Americans and liberals will wake up from the hopenchange ether, and pay attention!

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        Shelia I have only one question. what do you do for work?

      • Dee

        , You are such a kool-aid drinker!

      • cpa

        I would argue Obama is actually a better “debater”. But I think that he will lose the debate. His policies and direction for our country and dismal failures at all aspects of his leadership are difficult to defend for any of them (take your pick). That is why his camp is trying to “prepare” his audience for failure. (They should be used to it by now – they’ve had him failing them for 3 years). I’d say expectations for Obama are already low.

        Obama’s back ground is in law. As a young attorney he would have learned debate and how to slant an argument. Obama also has a specialty in putting down and dismissing others “debate style” (or “professor style”) without listening to the other side or having substance of another opinion be considered. If debates (run by liberal media slanting the questions in Obama’s favor) will be won or lost by who can throw the more attention grabbing sucker punches or dismissive put downs I would say Obama is likely better at that.

        Romney is better at actually getting groups of people together and solving problems (as his background in business has taught him to do). He’s less quick on his feet and less “cool” and isn’t often found doing interviews with “Pimp with a Limp”. But what he does do is he finds solutions and brings success to himself as well as others. He listens to all sides and then leads with the best option. This is better done in a board room (or as the President) than debating is with 30 second answer times and little “dings” to let you know your time is out.

        Even so, I’ll enjoy watching Romney win at the debates this year.

        I’ll take a problem solver and solution provider over a dismissive insolent preacher any day as our president.

      • Roger OBier

        you are one stupit women

      • http://yahoo hangman

        Just guessing, but are you a 300 pound black woman on welfare?

      • JTB

        Shelia, put down the pipe and join us here in the real world. your obama is clueless and you’re about to find that out. I for one can’t wait. Romney will chew him up and spit him out.

      • nnicko

        Yah shiela , he will, that’s his nature and that of the tribe he grew up in Kenya.

      • eddie47d

        Is that another typical Republican lie NICCKO? Can’t tell the truth so you fanticize

    • http://yahoo hangman

      To say Obama is handsome is like saying a warthog is adorable. They say ‘ a face only a mother could love, and she got rid of him.’ What does that tell you? When Obama speaks(lies), just look at his face, his mouth is off to the side. I’m guessing that is where the term, “talking out of the other side of his mouth comes from.” He appears to be somewhat mentally challenged. Perhaps he is.



        THE KENYAN IS QUITE HANDSOME. ONE OF THE REASONS WHY Former President George Walker Bush WON IN 2000, IS BECAUSE HE IS ALSO QUITE HANDSOME AND Former Vice-President Albert Gore, Jr., IS UGLY.



        Is he really attractive to the ladies or is there a lot of fantasyzing going on if you know what I mean?

      • http://yahoo gator

        i think chris has a ‘thing’ for little boys.








  • Harold Olsen

    As long as Obama is not allowed to use a teleprompter, cheat sheets or have an earpiece with which answers can be fed to him, he hasn’t got a chance of winning. He has shown that he is not very good at thinking on his feet. He has to have everything written out for him by someone else so he knows where he stands on the issues. Otherwise, he makes a bigger ass of himself than he already is.

    • Shelia

      he won’t need a teleprompter or ear piece, Romney will make a fool of himself as always LOL

      • Nadzieja Batki

        We have seen and heard O make a bigger fool of himself without half trying.

      • Dale left coast

        Have seen the Bamster off the prompter many times . . . he does an impersonation of a clueless, stumbling, mindless dope . . . which is the “Real” O . . . .

      • DarlK

        Shelia, you need to increase the dosage of your Kool-Aid. It doesn’t seem to be working for you. You haven’t ceased spewing stupidity.

    • eddie47d

      If only Obama used the teleprompter half as much as you all think he does you MIGHT have a wee bit of credibility yourself. In other words this teleprompter silliness shows YOUR weakness in coming up with something rational.

      • 32eagle

        talking in front of folks is different when folks know you are scum and a big liar and pie-in-the sky promiser-lets see mister smooth lose his groove.He will be stuttering like elmer fudd and fumbling like mister magoo


        “eddie47d” – SIR, GREAT COMMENTS.

      • B rian

        Don’t mean to be disrespectful Eddie but YOU ARE WRONG!

        Teachers don’t use TelePrompTers. Here is the most powerful man in the world using a TelePrompTer addressing a bunch of 11 year olds. That’s right! A sixth grade class!

        Any more questions about the TelePrompTer? Class dismissed!

      • B rian

        now that I think about it Obama could have changed his whole presidency to something productive had he spoke to the sixth graders with a TelePrompTer, and then attended the next period class in social studies where he could have learned about the constitution of America! Then he could have honed his debate skills by debating with the sixth graders about the constitution! But unfortunately…. He doesn’t know enough about the constitution to hold that debate! The sixth graders would win by a landslide…. What do you hunk a six grader would say if he told them that their right to a jury trial had been removed? Or that they don’t have the right to ask why the government is holding them? Or that they no longer have the right to representation!

        And before u Obama supporters try to lash me here is the transcript!

      • nnicko

        Oh yes….follow the bouncing ball, or follow the battery-bunny….so much easier to lie and than go back and blame the teleprompter feeder.

      • eddie47d

        B rian and NICCKO; Nice try! He was speaking in that school on a national educational issue thus all the recording feeds. He went into a separate classroom and spoke with those 6th grade students without a teleprompter. Do you and your anti-Obama henchmen practice lying or does it just come natural.

      • B rian

        eddie….. Prove it! More talk! No evidence…. I produced evidence supporting what I have said! I’ll agree with you if you can prove it! But u seem to refuse the idea of evidence! Talk is cheap! I showed you the evidence! What you got? Where is the evidence that he went into another room and talked without a TelePrompTer! I’ve done my research and submitted my evidence! Where is yours!

        Yeah judge! I didn’t do it! Seriously! Isn’t my word good enough?!


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      When he doesn’t have a TelePrompTer in front of him, he just repeats the same speeches over and over. At least he can memorize. Seriously, google it! He gives the same speeches over and over. I guess you could call that “recycling”. It’s good for the environment!


        “Nancy in Nebraska,”



  • brett

    i watched the debates last time around. so disappointed as to how talking points out weighed substance. wonder if romney will have notes written on his hands?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Since you have made it clear that you don’t vote Republican and detest Romney what is the point you are trying to make?

      • brett

        i used to vote republican and other parties depending on what they were running on. lately, many of the republican candidates that i’ve run across have all been spewing the same crap, romney is no different. i do still vote for whom ever i consider the best regardless of party. just that the pres. run has long since become so dog and pony circus.

    • 32eagle

      you mean the hands that have seen lots of physical work action and have helped turn around failing businesses-the hands that will tear up obamacrap and personally run it through a shredder then use the shreds to help start a log fire for his fireplace-those hands?

      • brett

        other than pencil whipping financial ledgers, i seriously doubt that romney ever did any real physical work. i guess a 25% failure rate is acceptable when you profit win or lose. i miss friendly’s restaurant.

      • eddie47d

        Making 92 million off of a failing company is nothing to brag about. Romney’s nothing more than an opportunist and greedy soul who became wealthy by destroying others. There is no honor among thieves and he worked with the best of them. Even Bugsy Malone types along with the Mafia built a great empire in Las Vegas. That doesn’t mean they earned their money honestly so don’t be fooled by the nice suit!

      • cpa

        Clearly Bret and Eddie have never run a business.

      • eddie47d

        So cpa is admitting that businesses achieve their successes by lying and cheating their way to the top. I don’t approve of the Romney way or the Wall Street way that so many endorse. A casino economy brings out winners and losers and eventually too many losers and an unstable financial system.

      • B rian

        so what you are saying Eddie is that in a casino economy those that win need to be punished for winning and those that lose somehow are entitled to the money they lost…. What about the choice of why they were there in the first place…. Who made the losers go to the casino in the first place!? Nobody held a gun to anyone’s head and said you have to go and Invest your money with the casino! That was a choice! A personal liability! Where is the personal accountability of the person that chooses to invest in the casino instead of a personal company, like their own business! Blame the system and not the person!

        It’s everybody else’s fault! Addict and codependents have the same issue! I would like to blame democrats for the same issues, but they get to claim ignorance instead! “we didn’t know!”. You didn’t know that risking your money in a casino was not a good investment?! Whatever! Keep pointing your fingers at every key else, and directing traffic away from your own accountability!

      • cpa

        Eddie : “So cpa is admitting that businesses achieve their successes by lying and cheating their way to the top. I don’t approve of the Romney way or the Wall Street way that so many endorse. A casino economy brings out winners and losers and eventually too many losers and an unstable financial system.”

        No. My comment reflected the part where running a business and turning around a failing business into a successful one did not require “physical work”. Also that Romney is not a crook. The businesses he turned around he got paid to turn around. Some of them did fail (they would have had Romney & Bain not touched them anyway). A majority of them turned around and became profitable again. That is worthy of payment and does require work, intelligence, and ability. Something anyone who has actually run a business would know.

        If Romney did this by “lying and cheating” or doing something illegal he would be in prison and rightly so. He is under the scrutiny of a Presidential election campaign currently. As far as I am aware – there has not been anything of wrong doing uncovered in any of his activities (business, personal, or otherwise). Where is the part he did anything illegal? Please document for us or cease the propaganda.

      • http://yahoo gator

        hey eagle, i guess bret and earnie think the better business deal was hussein barrack obama (sure sounds muslim!) giving SOLYNDRA $500,000,000 and it just DISAPPEARING into thin air!
        sheila, that’s ONE HALF OF A BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS, of course since you obviously don’t pay taxes you don’t care.

      • B rian

        cpa….. What are you doing? Asking for representation of facts….. Laws and regulations! Asking for evidence to support ideas! Eddy is an American citizen…. With inalienable rights…. He has the right to say anything he wants for the time being…. He’s only one presidential executive order away from removing that one too!

        CPA, you need to be more sympathetic to eddies ignorance! He doesn’t know any better! He’s too busy spending yours and my money to be concerned with stupid facts and figures! He has rights!!!!!!!! And the right to prove he’s ignorant is well within his freedoms….. For now! He just wants to be heard before his freedom of speech is removed! Have sympathy!

        • cpa


          Yes you are right! You do have to feel bad for the guy. And it is his right to display his thoughts. Factual and or supported or not.

          Although he does seem to be regurgitating many “insinuations” of some of the major news outlets and Harry Reid what they have tried to make it seem like may have taken place… although they have not provided any support, facts, or actual illegal actions of Romney either. Just make public accusations and worry about proving it later.

          Innocent until proven guilty? Or publicly accuse and retract later?

      • B rian

        CPA, do you think we should tell him that Harry Reid is Mormon too?!

        I think it’s funny! But how would I know that? How would I know Reid is Mormon! Why aren’t they attacking him for his faith!? It’s ok for Reid to be in his position as a Mormon, but It not ok for Romney to be Mormon…… Somehow it’s ok to lead democrats as a Mormon but not the united states! Hahahahaha! What would happen if Reid put his bid in for presidency?! Hahahaha! Would it all the sudden be ok?! Hahahaha a!

        • cpa

          Who cares?

          I’m with your other post on the faith issue for Mormans. I couldn’t care less for either of them (Reid or Romney) on what their faith is. I just want them to DO THEIR JOB!!!

          And as a famous actor once said recently, politicians work for us (not the other way around). When someone isn’t doing the job they are hired to do… it’s time to let them go.

          That last comment applies to both Reid and Obama and anyone else in there not doing what they are supposed to be doing (like pass a budget in Congress for starters or failing to handle an act of war of breaching and burning down our embassy and the murder of our Ambassador as a president in chief).

      • B rian

        oh man!!!!! CPA, you are asking a lot! Doing the job that they were elected to do! Representing sovereign American citizens of all states! Upholding and defending the constitution! Who are you to decide what their job is! You must be one of those informed non-ignorant people that read the constitution! Dear god CPA……. Who are you to make these statement?! A sovereign citizen yourself?

        It’s pretty simple and spelled out in plain English, not to mention the idea is 236 years old. The job description of the president, and congressman can be found in the constitution! It can also be found that “inalienable rights” are….. You know…. Inalienable!

        Here is what isn’t defined in the constitution….. What happens if someone oversteps their bounds! But if you look at another important document in united states history you will find the declaration of independence! We as a country have been through this before! The declaration of independence was signed by 2 future presidents and Benjamin Franklin, ambassador to France! 2 future presidents , and benjamin franklin thought that the idealism at that time were important enough to put their own lives on the line to make it happen! And they did! If you look at the reason for succession from England….. They are all the same reasons accept 4 of the reasons! We are there again.

        There is no mason Dixon line for the issues of today. President obamas tactics to get reelected to his job is divide and conquer. So was England’s tactics at that time! This is the third time this country has been in this position! Revolutionary war, civil war, and current violations of the constitution! Let’s see what happens if Obama is reelected! I dont think it’s gonna be pretty….. But history already decides who win again! It’s getting to the point of having to redraft the American constitution….. And something tells me it’s gonna look just like the current one!

        • cpa

          Yup – that be right.

          If you can’t do the job… don’t apply for the position!

          And yes, I see the need for “redrafting” what we ALREADY HAVE! Why not just follow it as it already stands and move us all back to productivity?

      • B rian


        I think the real issue here is that the constitution has been so deviated from that trying to get back to the basics is nearly impossible. All of this has happened within the last 12 years! Too many activist judges… Too many laws and executive orders have been implemented to not redraft the baseline! To many people are uneducated to the cause and need a lesson as to what inalienable rights are! and the only way for that to happen is major distress and make them earn their basic needs! I hate to say it! But this is the reality!!

        • cpa

          Well, that will be very painful for a whole lot of people if that is the extent we would need to go to get back to what we already had in the first place. Very sad.

      • eddie47d

        They are not winners if they achieve their money through unscrupulous means. You seem to forget that Regas and Nacchio went to prison for stealing from their own companies. They both broke the bank and their companies suffered unrecoverable losses. In Nacchio’s case he directly caused the layoff of 25,000 people. The Quest stock plummeted from about $80 to $5 dollars and has never recovered but Nacchio made millions. Nacchio did what pleased himself not for the benefit of the company or the country. The same could be said about those in the banking business and mortgage business with all the fancy financing schemes. They all baited the public who assumed they had honest deals in building up their retirement savings. The public was taken for a ride but who cares about those “winners and losers”. You can’t deny that Bain didn’t pull those same rotten deals where they came out winners and while companies collasped. Having a winner like Staples emerge doesn’t make them honest anymore than Nacchio.

      • B rian

        holy crap! Eddie has an epiphone…. Although again not supported by evidence…. But he did seem to catch off gaurd a statement that might have some merit!

        BANKING! Thank Eddie for actually hitting a topic worth discussing!

        The financial collapse of banking regarding how they were bailed out! Legally……. A business in america makes poor decisions and suffers the consequence of those decisions, is not to be transfered to the taxpayers! That is what bankruptcy laws are for! Bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to pause, evaluate, reorganize and resume your business if you haven’t grossly screwed up! But a bank that oversteps its bounds and made very poor decisions should have been aloud to fail…… Taking citizens money, investing it wrecklessly, to create more profit for the business, and losing! Need we relate this to eddies casino economy statements!? Then taking taxpayers money and “reinvesting” it to save said bank?! The bank failed, not because of its clients! The depositors of the bank didn’t make bad decisions. The representatives of the bank did! But it’s cool as Eddie would put it! Sink billion upon billions of dollars to float said banks, at taxpayers expense! The same taxpayers that deposited their money in said banks! Then…. Compound the fracture by defying congress and give said bank executives huge bonuses.

        Look Eddie! Directly up from here……….

        This is called a reference! A piece of or shred of evidence supporting an idea! If you would like to be given credit for something you say…… It requires a small token of fact! Even if you are completely wrong….. You get to say….. Look….. I made an effort to assert my idea!!!!!!!! Based on some kinda merit, other than just my own word…… U get to say that people that are intellegent are coming down on you because this other person said something that you believed and forwards to the rest of us!

      • B rian

        Here is a real canundrum….. The constitution is 1….. Count them…. 1 page long! In it defines how the government is to be set up, how it functions, what the boundaries are of the government, and every citizens basic natural inalienable rights! 1 pages long! All of these severely importants idea are laid out on 1 page!

        How many pages is Obama care?
        How many pages was the patriot act?
        How many pages was the NDAA?
        How many combined pages has Obama introduced bypassing congress as executive orders?

        Why can all my rights and how the government is formed, set up, and run, with limitations on government, and job descriptions be put on 1 page…… And 1 piece of legislature takes 1600 pages plus?

        Here is the answer!!!!!!

        It takes 1600 pages or more to justify and circumvent the 1 page of the constitution….. Within those 1600 page there are a couple sentences removing your rights! Rights like habeus corpus! Gone! Rights like protection from search and seizure, gone! Right like trial by jury! Gone! Protection from indefinite detention! Gone!

        Here is the worste part of this! Someone sues the Obama administration over these issues, and he sends lawyers to defend his will, at again………. My expense! I get to pay his lawyers top dollar to defend laws that are unconstitutional! And then when judge Forrest puts a permanent injunction on the law…… Within 2 hours a federal 2nd circuit court suspends her ruling due to “national security” reasoning! To be heard by a panel of judges in the near future!

        Interesting! I just thought is was plain unconstitutional! Therefore null and void as per judge Forrest! Nope! This one will get to go to the supreme court at my expense, only for that panel of judges to deem it unconstitutional!

        1 page…… Seperating me from the people that are elected to represent me! 10′s of thousands of pages to justify why my government believes my rights are not being violated! And the end result is that those 10′s of thousands of pages, in a few sentences, my rights are removed! All the while my government is telling me nothing has changed! Seems like a lot of work being put in by my representatives to alter 1 page that they are sworn to uphold and defend! Why is this?

        Tell you what! Let the people defend this country at home…… They would be more than happy too! Don’t worry about us employees of ours! Well defend this country for free! Your jobs of representing us is becoming obsolete! Cause ur not doing it!

      • cpa

        Eddie: “Regas and Nacchio went to prison for stealing from their own companies… You can’t deny that Bain didn’t pull those same rotten deals where they came out winners and while companies collasped. Having a winner like Staples emerge doesn’t make them honest anymore than Nacchio.”

        Eddie, with all due respect I asked you to show where Mitt Romney did something illegal. Showing us that someone else did at another unrelated business is not evidence to convict Romney on. Using an unrelated case of embezzlement and then making the jump that you are sure the same activities went on an Bain Capital – why – because they made money? Making money is not a crime. We need more people to do that in this country. They are the people paying for you and giving others jobs.

        If Romney embezzled or did something else illegal and you can show us where he did it, then I’ll be right there with you demanding he goes to jail for it.

        Keep in mind, Romney has been investigated by the IRS – and they found nothing. It’s called a “no change” audit. That means it was squeaky clean. Everything Romney has done has been reported properly and he paid his tax on all he earned just like the rest of us (well, except for some on Obama’s staff). If there was a criminal activity to be found – this would be being shouted from the roof tops by now and it’s not. This is not due to not looking hard for it. It’s due to not finding it.

        It sounds like you just have a thing against capitalism and business and believe anyone making money most be doing something illegal. If so, you are in the right camp in voting for Obama. He’s against business and people who work hard too.

        • Deerinwater

          “- because they made money? Making money is not a crime. We need more people to do that in this country. ” ~

          We would not have much of a country left if more Americans make their money that way, much less hide it off shore.

          And sound business ethic and criminal are two separate things while they are both “conduct” and both will attempt tp cloak such behavior for they know it is not benign and if it’s brought to anyone’s attending their behavior would have to stop.

          Is that making it clear enough to accept as being a valid concern for a nation of people that have been assaulted and victimized with money matters from the Halls of Government to Board Rooms and Back Rooms to the tune of some 12 trillion dollars over the course of the last 12 years?

          If you are one make claims that you are sensitive to money matters and concerns now is a good time to prove it.

  • Larry Conley

    I am appalled at the uncivil nature of these comments. The first is written in all caps, so the commenter seems to be shouting. He repeats the absolute canard about the Pesident being a Kenyan The second uses insults to refer to the president and repeats completely false charges as though they were convincingly documented propositions. The third alleges that Obama will need teleprompters or cheat sheets because “he is not very good at thinking on his feet.” Simply an unsubstantiated statement seemingly motivated by venom than information. The fourth commenter finaly rasises a legitimate concern about “talking points” having outweighed substance.

    Whatever the debates prove to be, Americans should listen with their brains turned on and their biases turned off. The only true choices we have in November 2012 are President Obama and Mr. Romney.

    For me the choice is clear and I expect the debates will confirm this, but I will listen to what both have to say and hope the moderators truly as cogent questions and insist on relevant responses.

    • vietnamvet1971

      Right, we must be politically correct and not offend any one. I am Offended by president obama.

      • valeroso2008

        I for one, am tired of people using the excuse that they are pushing against political correctness. It is called civility. It is the same root word as citizen and civilization. Do you think citizenship is unduly confining of your creative expression or civilization is a nuisance?

        When one resorts to name calling, fabrication, and smear tactics one cheapens and ultimately poisons political discourse.

        Truly responsible citizens hold rational discussions of serious issues. They do not engage in insult exchanges or real or virtual shouting matches.

      • eddie47d

        Valeros; Welcome to this site and be prepared for a constant barrage of half truths,negativity’s,lies, phony bluster and very uncivil behavior. This is another side of the Republican Party I doubt if they would want in any political ad.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        eddie47d, already started lying? You must really be frightened about O not doing a honest debate or being reelected.

      • eddie47d

        No I’m only picking up where you left off sweetie. I won’t be frightened whether Obama or Romney wins. Neither is impressive on a wide variety of issues but America will prevail. Unlike the thinking of the fear mongers on the right.

    • ArkansasRebel

      What part is not documented or unsubstantiated? Seems you have simply closed your eyes & ears like a puppet of the administration. If you would listen to a source other than the main stream biased media maybe you would be able to hear.
      For those who have ears to hear no explanation is necessary. For those who will not hear no explanation is possible.

      • valeroso2008

        More name calling – I rest my case.

    • 32eagle

      your words reflect a high degree of intelligence-if you can not see that obama was born in mombasa after checking out what lucas daniel smith has copy of- I will have to say that you know obama’s credentials are fake and choose to side with a traitor that is a also know obama obviously is no christian and is radically immoral- does cash for clunkers turn you on?

    • Airangel

      @Larry, we just follow our leader in chief…when he fosters ill will amongst hard working citizens and enables and coddles illegals and non-productive citizens and embraces the Muslim Brotherhood and threatens our security by putting CAIR directors in high security positions, refuses to fire Eric Holder for Fast and Furious, calls Sandra Fluk yet has no decency to call the murdered border patrol agent, continues to campaign rather than lead a nation who is watching as these Jihadist assault U.S. embassies and murder American servants…you are actually surprised by the anger and animosity of LOYAL AMERICANS? Really? I can only hope he implodes at the podium but unfortunately the debates will probably be milk toast as they don’t want to really put Obama on the spot on reall issues like going into World War 3 and our weary soldiers on multiple deployments with h3ll breaking out on the home front and abroad! Really? You think we still need to be politically correct….trust me we are holding back and being as civil as possible but there is an undercurrent which is quite possibly why NDAA was executed and the lastest executive order passed in June to call Martial Law people are so naive!

      • eddie47d

        Look at the fact that Romney says he will start a war with Iran so if there is any talk of WWIII then he’s your go to man.

      • Sirian

        Provide a link to a video/audio that can substantiate/verify your statement eddie.

      • eddie47d

        That was brought up during the Republican Debates and also with his openly taking the side of Israel on preemptive strikes.

      • B rian

        A link is so evedence based…. And it’s hard to defend lies if you put evidence out there! Then when you actually get to see he evidence it based on hearsay! I can’t believe your asking a democrat for evidence! It’s so cut and pasted and edited….. It looks like a ransom note! The democrats label me an extreme right wing nut. Because I read the constitution, I understand my civil liberties, and how the government is supposed to run as defined by the constitution! I thought I was just an informed sovereign citizen of his country….. That happens to be defending the rights and civil liberties of the ignorant! They have no idea what their rights are, therefore they have no idea what they are losing. Beyond that how can you expect someone that has no idea of what their civil liberties are to understand how the government is mandated to run!? If these people were sheep, Obama would be their Shepard. If they were lemmings they would all be dead and the problem would be solved…. Leaving only taxpayers in this country! Imagine what is gonna happen if Obama gets voted out! No more Shepard!

    • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

      Lary I agree but for you to even think that those chosen from the liberal media to pose the questions wil be fare and neutral in their questions is a little much to ask for. I would not be surprised to find that Obama already has the questions they intend to ask. I am just making an assumption based on past performance of the liberal media, but I hope they will put country before party.


      “Larry Conley,”


    • Realist

      With a slight lisp and a limp wrist he states with enthusiasm;”The only true choices we have in November 2012 are President Obama and Mr. Romney. ”
      There are patriotic choices for someone who could salvage this country to liberty but sadly, as in the superbowl, we place wagers on our country’s biggest losers.
      Sad and sick! All you suckers are sick if you think the debates are going to do any last minute changes for these corporate sluts. They both have you starstruck and fooled.

  • vietnamvet1971

    It would not matter if obama just told Jokes and Clowned around like he is doing now in the Debates because the Senseless masses of Cult Followers do not care what he says or does, they like to keep it simple when they vote. Simpletons they are.

    • valeroso2008

      First let me say that I too am a Vietnam Vet with 18 months in country to my credit.

      As a fellow veteran, I have to ask: Why do you denigrate our fellow citizens as “the Senseless masses of Cult Followers?”

      To quote Joseph Nye from the McCarthy Hearings, “Have you no sense of deency sir?”

      Despite differences of political opinion, we are Americans and name calling is neither appropriate nor productive.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So what you want is for people to shut up because you say so. All must go along with your crowd to worship O.

      • RivahMitch

        Sorry, val, but this USMC ‘Nam vet considers those who you lightly describe as merely having “differences of opinion” to be pushing the same philosophy as those I went to ‘Nam to fight against and keep away from this country. That makes them many things in my book but “deserving of civility” ain’t one of those categories.

        I’ve heard the “disagree without being disagreeable” and “civility will triumph” arguments before and they didn’t. It was when I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1967 before going to Vietnam. Before and after my military service, I attended a college where, whenever a conservative speaker came the leftists on campus would shout him down but whenever a liberal speaker (Eugene McCarthy comes specifically to mind) those who shared my political leanings behaved with (what was then considered) decorum. Guess which group got the media coverage. Upon my return from Vietnam, I was yelled and spit at but just quietly went about my business, got my degree and went to work.

        The most relevant point, however, is that their side won and the US lost in Vietnam. Today, it is accepted wisdom that the North Vietnamese won their war here in the US. The tactics used by the left worked then. In spite of the old “what you are speaks so loudly that I can’t hear what you say” rhetoric which we always heard from the media, those tactics worked and we lost a war. Ask any of the Vietnamese refugees living here today if freedom triumphed in that leftist episode.

        More recently, they’ve worked to silence conservative speakers on a variety of topics at a variety of university campuses where “free speech” is the mantra while the reality is quite different and still, people try to play the game of “civility. Sorry, but the stakes are now too high and too close to home because if we lose here, there’s no place to retreat to. I don’t consider “life so dear or peace so sweet” that I’m willing to make nice with those who want to steal and/or destroy the things for which I’ve invested my life.

      • eddie47d

        There is a difference between being forced to shut up and being nasty Nadzieja you obviously have chosen the later. I see you have ramped up your comments from over a few months ago. “Nice” of you to join the meat locker boys.


        “eddie47d” – SIR, THANK YOU FOR THOSE COMMENTS!

      • http://yahoo gator

        VAL, how about we take that leftist traitor slut HANOI JANE (a BIG obama fan), wrap her in barbwire and drop her in the latreen, leave her there until somebody gets sick of her screams and frags her!
        would that be politically correct or anti-AMERICAN? just asking.

      • Deerinwater

        gator says: ? too much and too little. ~ as a war vet I don;t believe such talk is useful , not one bit. ~ People do what they do and it affects many. Fonda was tiring to stop the madness. That some were hurt , killed or compromised in the process is misfortuniate. That’s a reality that all warriors expose themselves too, friendly fire and one of the reasons so much honor is placed on being a soldier, just to live though the experience and come home whole is a feat in itself. .

        Would you speak of Scooter Libby or D1ck the Snake Chaney is the same fashion? I don’t hear it, ~ Their needless lip service compromised many and while Scooter got a jail sentence , falling own his sword to protect Chaney ~ The 5 times military deferred Dick Chaney walk around a free man like he is somebody. The media all but ignored it at the time.

        We were dropping 500 pound bombs on civilian populations , do you have any idea what one 500 pound bomb can do mush less a B52′s loaded with them dropped from 50,000 feet. Women, children, old people, dogs , cats, buildings and factories, this bombs do not discriminate. Vaporized, blowing into, heads, legs, arms ,toasted, melted, shock or just the ears drums ruptured. a cloud of hot gas,flying metal shrapnel and falling building material, buried alive or dead if your are lucky, leave the survivors and love one to dig you out if they can.

        There needs to be more Jane Fonda’s in this world, while you would blame Jane for what other people did on both sides.

        I was sleeping in the mud and rain while they argued for weeks over the shape of the table at the Paris Peace Accords. I too was just a soldier doing my job, holding ground and watching my buddies back. But if you think attacking Jane Fonda’s actions and personal convictions is somehow watching your buddies back, you are wrong. Why not attack poor leadership that created the whole mess instead one little fiery woman that opposed senseless killing? You are not really being very brave solider.

        If your mother had never met your father, you would not be in the pain you are in today, so just how far back you you want to deffer guilt and blame for all the wrongs in the world?

      • Deerinwater

        Nadzieja Batki says:
        September 19, 2012 at 8:32 am
        “So what you want is for people to shut up because you say so. ”

        That should have a question mark as it appear to be a question.

        Please tell us when asked to be “civil” require one to “shut up” Nadzieja Batki?

    • Shelia

      I will vote for Mr Obama, and I am not a simpleton, I am a hard working person have been for a long time, so I guess I am not a part of the 47%

      • Warrior

        And I’m sure your students love you. I forgot, which night is the meeting this month?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Todays mantra is the 47%. All Leftists believe in are percentages and collectives.

      • Ruth

        No you are not a part of the 47% but what makes you think mr.Obama is the answer to your question.Who would vote for a president that has no respect for our nation and Godly morals is not his issues.Our nation is falling into socialism.

      • 32eagle

        Logic is that to avoid this downward trend that we get professional help-Obama has no talent and forged credentials-we do not need or deserve a crook -NIXON had talent and his reputation is known as a crook-if Nixon was a crook then Obama is Adolf Hitler.Really Shelia? do not vote for this guy just because he is almost black-he aint almost a traitor he is a no good muslim piece of trash-not even a USA citizen

      • eddie47d

        My My seems like Eagle 32 and Nadzieja are melding into the same page. Mean,nasty and oh so belligerence. Maybe you two could start your own show on TV . America’s Best Yarns and Tall Tails. A free picture of kool aid to all winners!

      • Vigilant

        Shelia says: “I will vote for Mr Obama, and I am not a simpleton,”

        Sorry dear, the second part of that sentence is negated by the first.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I can’t even IMAGINE, WHY any THINKING person would vote for this man!!!

      • Vigilant

        Nancy, the public schools long ago stopped producing thinkers. The Shelia’s of this nation are programmed automatons.

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        Shelia I hope you do some research with an open mind. There are public records that tell the story very well and you can get them with just a little effort. There is no greater danger to this country than a close minded uniformed voter. I must add that the research that I have done tells me that if Obama wins this election there will be a war on American soil and people will truly know the horrors that war brings. This man is determined to destroy this nation.

      • Sirian

        This is another prime example of a “useful idiot”.

      • eddie47d

        Was Nancy talking about Obama or Romney Mr Sirian?

      • cpa

        Shelia – Is that the 47% that do not pay taxes? That take government handouts (1/5 in families now in one form or another)? That discourage work ethic? That do not want to work and DECIDE instead to remain on government assistance by turning down other job opportunities? That want to vote in expansion of welfare with no work requirements? That want to remain on government assistance longer and get more for doing nothing? That want to be takers instead of makers? The group crashing our economy?

        Is that the 47% you are claiming to be a part of Shelia?

        Or are you saying you are part of the working class that simply does not pay taxes? (And so then would support Obama taxing others to pay for things that benefit you as long as it isn’t taxing you more).

        Most who work, are productive, and do pay taxes are not supportive of Obama. (The ones who actually take a look at and understand the policies anyway). This is because he will be increasing their taxes to pay for the 47% and growing percent on government aid. We are currently at the highest we have ever been in history for people reliant on government today – and growing.

        Or part of the group currently on unemployment (or other) but who would LIKE TO HONESTLY WORK AGAIN – that group supports Romney because he will be creating and environment that will create jobs for them. (Obama has not helped this group and has made this much harder for them than it needs to be). Obama’s policies will keep this group with high numbers of unemployed and hurting people. If you care about these people you would not support Obama (even if you currently have a job). Most people actually do want to work and provide for their families. This is built in us as people and I am all for helping these people and getting good people back on their feet again. This group and those who want to help them supports Romney.

        If you are productive and pay taxes and still want to support Obama – then I agree with the other statements here for you about your two statements cancelling each other out.

      • cpa

        Sorry Shelia – I see now you said you are “not part of the 47%”.

        Either way – same comment. The Romney comment about the 47% was about the 47% who is “for” Obama and the 47% who is “for” Romney. He was making the argument that his message does not reach Obama’s 47% any more than Obama’s message does not reach Romney’s 47%. His comment makes sense – of course if you are advocating lowering taxes it does not “move a voter” who does not pay them.

        Same argument applies – it’s just which 47% you are (or whatever the pole is currently). In other words – it’s split about 50/50. It’s just a question of which half you are in.

  • Tom Eleam

    This is directed at Horton. Why do you Caps all the time?

    • Bev

      I think he may be hard of hearing.

      • Deerinwater

        LOL! may be! ~ It’s attention ~ another way of wearing your pants around your knees and showing off Le derrière to the world.

        I’m uncertain what to make of him, really ~ he doesn’t bother me. It’s a big world.




      • http://yahoo gator

        thats probly the funniest thing i’ve heard all day! next to “i’m going to vote for obama, i’m not a simpleton”! that sheila is a real comedian.

      • Deerinwater



        In a left handed way, I’m attempted to defend your rights Chris, the right to be ~whatever you wish to be.

        I like you, while we have differences, differences that I will defend your right to have.

        Make sense? It’s unique ! ~ It’ called being an American an offering respect for descent.



    • Doc Sarvis

      Must be compensating for something.


        JEALOUS … “Doc Sarvis?”

    • Nancy in Nebraska




  • Butch

    The Fraud-in-Chief is also the TelePrompter-in-Chief. He has little to no independent thought, just like he wants the American people to be. Too bad Ron Paul was railroaded out by the hopelessly corrupt GOP, he would have destroyed both of these bozos regarding the Constitution and how their intrusive hands-on-govt approach has only created the problems, NOT solved them.

  • Bev

    Without his teleprompter there’s no telling what will come out of his mouth. I can guarantee there will be a whole lot of “ums’ and ‘uhs’ as he tries to make it sound like he has something important to say. The only important thing I would like to hear from his mouth is his congratulating Mitt on his win.

    • valeroso2008

      I would make this observation regarding Mr. Romney, “it is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

      We will see and hear what we hear and see, but snide comments about the president, will be of no avail to Willard when he is actually required to give substantive responses to serious questions.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So you are a Liar because you don’t know for certain what will happen at the debate.

      • momo

        The only thing Romney has to do is hammer Obama on the economy and make him defend his record and he’ll win the debates.

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        valeroso2008 and you can bet that Romney will be the only one required to give substance to the questions they ask him Obama already has the questions they intend to ask him he’s just trying to figure out how to answer. I,m sure Obamas questions won’t be too hard. I,m betting that Romney will be asked to give a detailed statement on his recovery plan and that no answer will be good enough. I wish that all the people of this country would put party aside and look at what is best for our country

      • http://yahoo gator

        sure val, gonna be some REAL SERIOUS questions from the left wing nuts, 1)a: does that beer you brew have any alchohol content? b: does michelle let you drink it? c: does soros like your beer? 2) what?; didn’t they tell you we were going to ask these questions?!

    • Shelia

      you should be worried about what Mitt will say

      • http://n/a AmFer

        Shelia: I’m not worried about what Gov. Romney will say – I’m worried about what YOU interpret from his speaking the truth vs obama tap dancing through the debates.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Why should we worry about what Romney says? It appears that you are the one who is frightened because O may flub it big time and that is your expectation of O.

      • 32eagle

        the truth should not be worrisome to those that fly right

      • Don

        Karolyn, did you change your name ?

      • eddie47d

        AmFer then I think you ought to run out and buy Romney a pair of them there “tap dancing shoes” so he can keep up! Lessons are optional!

      • Vigilant

        Shelia the Simpleton says, “you should be worried about what Mitt will say.”

        No, YOU should be worried.

        Obama will talk about everything BUT his record (except to lie about it).

        When the fact checkers do their Monday morning quarterbacking, you’ll see a LONG list of misrepresentations of the truth by Obama, and a smattering by Mitt.

        What state are you from, sweetie?

      • Sirian

        Perhaps you need to listen to your messiah – his own words. . .

    • John Alp

      AMEN Bev, AMEN!!!

  • RivahMitch

    Ah yes… that old game of lowering expectations before the debate so that no matter what the Kenyan Marxist does in debate the media can say it was “better than expected”..

  • Deerinwater

    “Obama’s aides believe that Obama is not well-suited for debates, given his tendency to ramble and stray off topic during news conferences.”

    Well, Sir, ~ I’m left to guess, that Someone wants you to believe that .

    Obama has shown to know the difference between a question that has an answer and a question that has many answers and begs for another question or open to attack from any answer requiring a “re-framing of a question” before any answer be offered.

    While I know, ~ people that believe Obama rambles, will also not understand my previous paragraph as I too seem to “ramble”. The fact of the matter is , every question is not worthy an answer.

    These debates are barely worthy the title of “Debate” as their programming, timing and moderation protects the weaker debater from being completely routed off the stage. While a self- inflicted D1ck Perry moment could be fatal.

    Mitt Romney is by far the most social and political clumsy of the two men. Mitt does not come across well with huge crowds while I’m only calling attention to the elephant in the room.

    • Shelia

      LOL you are right

    • http://n/a AmFer

      Deerinwater: Problem is, obama does not debate – he dictates. When challenged, he tap dances, plays the joker; nothing of substance except ‘nuances’…that, you really need to pay attention to when ‘he performs’.

      • eddie47d

        Okay AmFer if it is such a joke to you then cancel the debates and put Obama on “Dancing With Stars” and Romney on “Lives Of The Rich and Famous”.

      • deerinwater

        Quote” Problem is, obama does not debate – he dictates.:”

        actually he does not, ~ you are only taking it that way, he is re-framing the question so a answer can be offered that best reflects his answer and point of view. This often requires him to back up. Obama is the most articulated president America has had since Richard Nixon. In fact, he’s much better the Nixon. While I would be willing to believe that you would fault Nixon (bad press does that) Nixon was an intellectual monster of the highest order and served us well in many delicate areas of the National Business.

        As I said, all question are not deserving an answer. An over simplified Example;

        Do you still beat your wife?

        Does your parents know you are gay?

        These questions are predicated on a concept , a belief. If the concept is flawed, so too would be any answer.

        That people ask Obama flawed question is indicative of trolling, digging and attempting to extract information to validate a false concept, they are not really looking for an answer, they are looking for :”ProoF”.

        How long is a length of string? From one end to the other. ~ The answer does not tell us anything.

        Which way is up? ~ It depends on points of reference.

        Did you have sexual relations with that woman? ~ YES!!!!!! but which woman? all of them?

        I don’t know about the north, but southern gentleman courtesy dictates that we don’t openly discuss a ladies favors. It’s not done among gentlemen. It’s not a question deserving of an answer. If you do answer such a question, where will it end? It’s not only your privacy that being attacked but hers as well. You can’t assume her consent even if you do, without a breech in confidence and a invasion of privacy ~ The next question might be whether she enjoys anal sex or not. This is a personal question that only a doctor or man and woman might ask each other.

        Clinton, ~ failed miserably ~ thinking such a question was deserving an answer. If I’d been Clinton and asked such a question, I had the person that asked such a question escorted off the property with heavy hands with instructions to stay off my radar unless they are willing to endure the worst sh1t storm of their life.

  • Shirley Walker

    I have noticed that he rambles, but, I also thinks he knows more about what he’s talking about, than, Mitt Romney.

    • Shelia

      amen to that Shirley

    • John Alp

      are you serious? I went from Riches to Rags in the past 2/12 yr…..Think he really know s more than Mitt??? he’s fooled you, now your trying to fool us? give it up Shirley

      • Ruth

        Can’t you people see through this man that calls himself our commander-in chief for our nation.Our nation is falling so quickly into socailism and you all don’t see it.Our nation is falling right before our eyes and we the people are standing by letting it happen.Who would every think we would have a leader that goes against anything the bible says and you think he trully cares for you.Mitt may not be the answer but we ca not have another 4 years of this president.If we do people we will have no more presidents to vote for because we are heading for a dictator.Mr Obama is leading the way for the one world leader.Wake up people.

      • Paul B.

        Ruth… yes they do and that is what they want. They think they are better than most, know more than most, and we should ALL bow to their will, well, because they know better for us than we do.

        Most liberals think that humans, for the most part, are ignorant and can’t fend for themselves, that is why they prefer to put most of them in the shackles of DC control, begging for handouts, while they fleece the producers to cover the expense.

        what they don’t realize is that, yes, maybe MOST of their base looks for the easy way out, accepting a small bit of false security for surrendering their freedoms. In return they get neither, for when the fleecing is over and there is no more to take from the producers and they have forced more producers into the ranks of the shackled, all those who thought DC who take care of them will be left with nothing, and no sense of how to fend for themselves.

        the greatest evil these people can do is to suppress the producers, steal from those who have to redistribute to those who squander. Rather than teaching men to fish, they feed them like animals at the zoo. Those poor creatures have NO IDEA how to hunt or feed themselves. If the zoo ever closed, these animals would be the first to die. that is what DC and the Liberal, or more importantly, the Progressive agenda is all about… controlling the “supposedly” ignorant masses. they are only ignorant because they have taught them to be that way.

        this Nov is the biggest election of our lifetime, and anyone who fosters the continuation of the suppression of the masses for the whims of the elitists is only contributing to the eventual downfall of everyone. They will be complicit in the destruction of America, its values, its principles and its greatness, reducing it to no more than another European nation in distress. We only need to look across the pond to see where we are headed, but the ignorant masses are blind to that because DC, and this is very important point, has taught them that DC has infinite amounts of money to distribute to whoever they want. So a vote for them is a vote to keep the money flowing. That is what caused the fall of the Roman empire and the every other democracy in history. when the masses realize they can vote their way into the government coffers, that is what they do until the money runs out, revolution occurs and the dictators ride into the rescue.

        Remember that when it comes time to vote in Nov.

      • eddie47d

        Speaking of animals in the zoo Paul and the first name to pop up is Romney’s. He is the predator who feeds off of the weak. He takes companies and cannibalizes them to feed his family. The other animals in the zoo are afraid of what he will do to them . They are not as powerful and end up in the unemployment lines. They fight back with unions but the Republican herd of elephants will have no such thing. They are crushed again and again and have to accept scraps from those who control their lives. Romney and gang makes promises that the wealth will trickle down but the jobs never do. Instead they close more plants and ship them to China and hide their profits in the Cayman Islands. The other animals in the zoo realize that being united for their survival is not working so they tear into each other and join the Romney forces. If he can make a living killing off others to achieve success then we will join his way of doing business. Dog eat dog is what it will be and the person with the biggest bank account is declared the winner.

      • deerinwater

        John Alp says:
        September 19, 2012 at 8:20 am
        “are you serious? I went from Riches to Rags in the past 2/12 yr”

        My guess, you was were living beyond your means and it just caught up with you ~ much like so many other Americans. The national economy was in a stall, spin, cash and burn in 2008 while even the GOP hopeful John McCain stated the economy was “fundamentally sound” as late as early October. ~ clearly it probably was at his house. ~ In 2006 military enlistment was being seen as a Job Opportunity! ~ So feel free to blame who ever you wish, but I assure you, Obama didn’t create this mess leaving you to blame him for not cleaning it up fast enough. W’s spend 5 trillion and a committed final estimate at 7 trillion after VA benefits. So you tell us whats to show for it? ~ O’s spent 5 Trillion as we circle the drain to keep us from gong down the drain all together. That’s a big hicky ~ and won’t go away soon.

        During “W”s 8 years, Americans relied heavily on credit while hoping for “better days” not want too and not willing to scale back. ~ It’s a hard thing to do! scale back. ~ Make the hard decisions. Many took out second mortgages . When i paid my house off I was surprised at the number of friends and family that showed up with great opportunities wanting me to mortgage my home. No Thanks. ~ 2009 “Credit Dried up! ~ which was the best thing that could have happened and the house of cards began to tumble. ~ while everyone cries “Oh woe is me”

        I down sized in big time in 91, ~ while most were still living large, I could carry everything I owned in one pocket. While 2011 was my best year since but it’s not because of a great economy but the way I conduct my affairs. I control my “wants” and work 5 to 6 days a week.

        I do only what I know how to best do, and contract out the rest~ I don’t do house keeping or mow or laundry while I own several properties and a small service business. For a single man, it’s great life I live and the ladies are so lovely, there something appealing to them about a working man with money in his pocket or they just like my 89 Dodge Ram???

        The service industry is weak but still a great opportunity for anyone willing to work hard and apply themselves.

        I ask you ~ how hard has it been for you to get damn near anything done that you personally can’t or just simply won’t do yourself? The people that have got money, ~ will pay for quality service.

        The American people today hunger for quality ” no excuse” service. It not attraction work and professionalism is hard to find, seem everyone want to work under air-conditioning and push button all day and be pretty doing it.

    • Doc Sarvis

      I agree with you Shirley Walker.

    • http://n/a AmFer

      Shirley Walker: You know not of what you speak. obama does know what he’s saying, YOU just don’t understand what he is saying. i.e. I will transform America…..check with our enemies, obama did just that.

    • Norm

      Shirley Walker
      Absolutely correct.

    • 32eagle

      I am not swayed by lies and science fiction-the packaging means nothing to me-Obama is all show and no go-except on vacations or golfing or campaigning-he is an entitlement parasite-he needs to just be himself-that will show us what kind of fool he naturally is-come debate time-let us see tough questions with complete direct answers-can obama tell the truth?

  • Airangel

    The problem is Obama won’t debate on real issues, he’ll throw out garbage like contraception and dirty air and water putting Mitt on the defense rather than the offensive…Mitt will be constantly caught off guard by an onslaught of lies because while he is prepared to discuss issues, we all know the type of garbage the Obama administration throws out to create non-relevant issues…too bad Newt isn’t coaching Romney on how to turn the tables…I think most Americans are sick and tired of Obama skirting the issues and want a substance based debate…we can only hope!

    • Norm

      Apparently you missed the Republican convention.

      • Shelia

        very boring and not american

    • deerinwater

      Quote;” The problem is Obama won’t debate on real issues,”

      he will debate the issues presented during the debate, just like everyone else will. If you fail to see them as “real issue” ~ that would the media’s problem ~ or yours.

  • Bill

    My advice to Romney during these debates – when asked a question, don’t dance or spin or worry about Obama answering, avoiding or spinning. Stay on point of the question and answer it. There is a higher percentage of smart americans then there are of ignorant and stupid americans that probably will not be watching or voting.

    • momo

      Romney needs to stay on the offensive and make Obama defend his record! I give credit to Obama and company for putting Romney on the defensive these past few weeks, but Mitt needs to come out swinging if he wants to win.

    • Norm

      In his attempt to please everyone in his party, and the independents, Romney has had many contradicting opinions. I don’t think that even he knows what he stands for.

      • eddie47d

        Romney has taken so many positions over the years I wonder if he will remember which one will be the right one. Will his conscience speak or will he bend over for the Republican Party.

  • Deborah

    I am sure our Prez would prefer that Jay z and Beyonce were asking the questions and that Letterman was the moderator. It is called the dumbing of America and has been going on for decades starting with the progressives in our education system, followed by out media, and now at the lowest of lows with our 5 second soundbites filled with lies and manipulation.
    Let’s take our country back. They are never going to win because they can never have what is in our hearts and will try to re-educate us in camps but many of us know what we have to do….

    • Shelia

      you sound real dumb deborah, the country is still here, and we don’t have camps as you call it.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        We have Sheila the all knowing that gets personal and exclusive security briefings from the horse’s mouth O. So she knows exactly what we have and don’t have in this country.

  • helena1252

    Ok guys Obama been saying the same speech he told us 4 years ago and the same lies……He needs to go bye bye……And all his demorncrapts too……

  • boyscout

    “All lies in jest, till a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest,” -Paul Simon / Art Garfunkle. No matter the critical opines from the media pundits, each ‘side’ will see his stooge as victorious…the aftermath of propaganda, I guess.

  • Norm

    Romney had many debates in the Republican primaries. Unfortunately his opponents, most of whom were less than stellar, chopped him up like chicken liver.
    Romney has a knack for saying things badly and straying from reality. Whenever I see him groping for words, stumbling and hesitating, I think that this guy can’t seriously be running for president of the US.
    Then there the actual issues facing the country and Romney’s vague platitudes and “trust me” attitude aren’t going to cut it if the debate is handled in a fair and neutral fashion.
    I agree with those who believe that Obama will destroy him.
    Obama’s increasing lead in the polls will only get bigger and Romney will fade into history

    • Shelia

      you are right, Romney can never give a straight answer, the only thing that come out of his mouth is bashing Obama, not how he can fix anything, because he can’t

      • Nadzieja Batki

        O is way beyond desperate if the Democrats/Leftists need someone like Shelia to be an apologist for O.

  • Richard garrett

    I hope it is total rout of Obama. Ryan/Biden
    will be one for sure.

    • Norm

      Don’t count Biden out. He says some weird things, but he has been around for a long time. Ryan’s tendency to lie wil make him a large target.

      • momo

        Biden couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the c and the a.

  • Patriot

    It is funny how the Obama supporters preach civility, when they know they cannot win the debate. There is not 1 thing that Obama has done to help our country from domestic or foreign policies, except damage our country and prepare the next 4 years to transform us into a third world country. I have observed that the only commentary can be a complete agreement with all his policies, no one can debate anything, this is completely un-American to me.

    Our founders expected “We the People” to stand up for the principles and virtue of the country when our leaders let us down. I, for one, will not be civil when it comes to saving our country from tyranny both economic and social for my kids and future generations sake. When unprincipled people without any virtue what-so-ever take control of the power structure, they want no debate so that they can complete their nasty work under the dark of night. People, we need to yell at the top of our lungs every chance we get about what is going on. What do you think Obama is doing? He is following to a “T” what Rules for Radicals demonstrates, lie all the time about your policies and competitors, if you lie enough and often most people will believe these lies are True!

    It is up to us to expose this fraud that is in the White House, the media is gone! Vote Romney in to send a message to these establishment types, that we will not take this crap any longer. Our work has only just begun and we will win in the end, because good always trumps evil!

    • eddie47d

      You can’t say that Romney stands on solid ground with all the shifting sand he has carried with him. The battle could come down too all the lies and continued assaults from the Right . You know like birth certificate,FEMA camps,Muslim faith,homosexuality, weak on immigration, martial law, cancelling of elections,women are sluts,80 communists in Congress,union members are communists for wanting a decent wage,abortion doctors should be killed,voter fraud is rampant and so many more. I say bring it on and prove the insanity on the right. They throw all these accusations on a big pile and hope someone will feed at the trough.

      • B rian

        Eddie…… Your absolutely correct on this statement! It’s called traffic control, pointing fingers! Finally you have said something I can agree with! Dear god!

        Pointing fingers and directing traffic are tactics used to detract from the actual issues! I don’t care about obamas birth certificate, I don’t care if obama is Muslim….. The constitution protects the Muslim faith as well as the Mormon faith, or any other faith! So they are non-issues! All rhetoric!

        So let me ask you this…… You’ve made a bunch of statements on this board… You are asking for evidence, bring it on from the right, and you will help someone feed through the pile of lies……. But you have yet to supply 1 piece or shred of evidence supporting your idea on this site at all! So I tell you! Bring it on! I’ll personally offer my own services to your request! Except I will offer the laws per law and section to help you feed through the bs!

      • eddie47d

        That would be refreshing to hear some honesty. Since I comment at least 30 times a day and do bring up facts to back me up then I would say you are mistaken. I do reply with unflattering remarks to some but only after they have put foot in mouth and deserve it. I consider personal knowledge as fact. The same as I would respect your opinion as a fact unless proven otherwise.

      • B rian

        Personal knowledge…. As in Santa clause…. He is known to exist because your mom said he does! Or personal knowledge as in politics in general, where you are trying to express your opinion to influence others to see things your way! If you would like to sway people it takes evidence! Otherwise you look like your uneducated and that you don’t understand how the process works! Fortunately I really don think you’re retarded! I honestly believe that you are probably an intellegent person. The issue is that you haven’t prove it to anyone!

        If I say it nice outside….. It might be true to an Inuit! But for the rest of us it snowed 2 feet and icy conditions, and all the power is out to 2 million residents! Where is your references! How can anybody take you seriously if there isn’t a point of reference! I have offered to hold your hand and debate anything you want, and show you what the right answer is! Undeniable truths….. Kinda like inalienable rights! It is what it is…. And you can hold my hand and lead me down whatever path you would like to prove! But unfortunately you are refusing, and nobody knows why!

        Your comments here are being looked at as not having merit at all! It’s like your routing for the Detroit lions! No chance at winning the super bowl ever….. But your their number one fan! And ur suicidal if they don’t make he playoffs! If you did a little research and posted your evidence, then others have the opourtunity to understand where you are coming from. Why you think the lions will win the Super Bowl! Obviously I am not accusing you of being a lions fan.

        But I am questioning as to why you are hating so fiercely in regards to Romney! Because you believe he didn’t earn his living honestly? How many americans can thank Bain for correctly reorganizing their failing business, and they got to keep their jobs….. Measured again those that Bain couldn’t help to survive! I promise you….. Every business that Bain took on had already failed…… And Bain used Private investments…. Not government bailouts to repair the businesses that could be saved and profitable! Organized bankruptcy with private investment backing….. And Romney organized and managed the accounts!

        Now….. Where is the issue!? I left Detroit in 2007 because I saw the automotive collapse going on…. I warned my dad that worked at gm, and my brother that worked at onstar, and I myself worked as a prototype mechanic for diamler Chrysler! I quit my job of 10 years…… Because I didn’t want to wait for failure that was more than appearant to me….. 2 years later failure happened!

        You are ok with the government propping up failed public businesses, becuase of bad choices and horrible market planning!? Now……. I’m glad my dad still has a job! And I’m glad that millions of others and I do mean millions….. Still have a job! But how is that my issue as a tax payer when my money is getting used to prop them up! And I left the industry because I didn’t want to suffer the consequenses of that failure?!

        Didn’t matter! The government just told them by bailing them out that they need not worry about making bad decisions….. And the federal deficit exceeds 16 trillion. 18trillion if you count the 2.2 trillion Obama took from social security! Where is the accountability? Where is the person that says “yes I made a bad descision”. He’s not there! Everybody just points fingers!

      • cpa

        Eddie: “I consider personal knowledge as fact.”

        Actually Eddie, what a fact is is the following:
        “1. an event or thing known to have happened or existed
        2. a truth verifiable from experience or observation”

        A fact should then be verifiable, truth, something that can be corroborated to have actually happened or to exist or be true.

        Facts are something we can all agree to as being undeniable.

        What you are referring to are your opinions. Opinions may or may not be true. They may or may not be supported by facts or evidence. We are all entitled to have them and it is good to respect the view point of others and we can learn from one another by expressing our opinions. As long as we have free speech – we are free to share our opinions.

        But your opinions and view points should not be confused with being deemed to be fact unless you can support them with truth and evidence.

        I think maybe Eddie’s statement of “I consider personal knowledge as fact.” is part of why we have a problem having a rational discussion with the extreme left.

    • cpa

      Agree Patriot.

      I was giving a speech on Obamacare last week to go through the new taxes as a CE for other CPAs and general public who may sign up to hear it. We don’t get into the politics of it – just the new laws and how to implement them in our tax returns for 2013 and 2014.

      I was asked not to present it by an individual who happens to be running for Democratic Judge in the area and was in the audience. Apparently it is too “hate filled” and “political” to discuss tax law now. (I thought tax law used to be boring and pretty straight forward…?)

      There is no opinion included in what I present. We are simply walking through the new 3.8% Medicare tax on unearned income for 2013 and the 2014 tax for not having insurance and what constitutes “minimum insurance” under Obamacare to avoid paying the tax.

      It would appear that the left agenda is now pushing its way into things like this (where neither left or right belongs). They do not want for anyone in the general public to actually know what the taxes are for Obamacare and want to outlaw factual discussions of it. In my opinion, if you are that afraid of the public understanding what comes with the law (after the election) maybe you shouldn’t pass it? If it’s a good law, it should stand on it’s own and explaining it’s implementation should not be a problem.

      Anyway, the potential activist judge was overruled. The audience demanded to hear it. A group of medical providers in the back gave it a standing ovation and begged for the “word to get out” to more people. The judge stormed out and left the meeting and has proceeded to send me complaint e-mails since.

      So the left: just shut up and don’t discuss any facts. Keep the discussion only about what makes us look good. And if anything doesn’t and you talk about it – you are some sort of hate filled racist. (Even if all you are presenting is a new tax law.)

      I btw am a registered independent. I don’t bat for either team. If you’ve got something good I’m happy to present it. But if you’ve got something bad – don’t expect me to tow the line for you or protect you on it. The people should decide for themselves on that.

      • momo

        I’m glad you gave your speech cpa, as for the judge, he can pound sand. On a side note I went to the doctor last month and the first question out of his mouth was “Has Obama wrecked your business too?”

      • cpa

        Thanks Momo.

        Interesting. My pediatrician had an interview with me the parent before accepting new patients. She was not accepting anyone who voted for Obama because she feels that will end her business by 2014 and she will do something else (or go to private medicine for families off the Obamacare system). I thought this was a bit extreme and unusual for a doctor to take the time for this type of interview and actually discriminate by political view point for her patients. But then again, I don’t think politics are a protected class and I suppose she has the right to do this. I don’t really blame her at all. But the fact that doctors feel they need to do this concerns me.

  • 45caliber

    It is hard to debate (and answer your opponent’s arguments) when all you can do is read a teleprompter.

    • Norm

      Your Rush Limbauugh quote is getting stale and is not quite accurate as you will soon see.

    • jopa

      45 cal.: The teleprompter argument is a thing of the past.Romney relies heavily on a teleprompter and that is why Fox doesn’t mention it anymore.See what happened to Mitt when he was talking to that group of millionaires without a TP.He got himself in hot water with his he won’t be a President to 47% of the Americans that don’t pay income tax such as Senior citizens,students military men and women in combat, or anyone on Medicare ,Medicaid or social security.The guy is a total Buffoon without a teleprompter.




      • Larry

        jopa: You are so full of s–t if you actually believe that students, senior citizens, and the Military don’t pay taxes!! I actually believe you [offensive comment removed].









  • Stan

    You know with out RON PAUL there will be no debate ,= WORTH WATCHING

  • Dad

    …not to mention his record sux…

  • Norm

    I think the challenge that I’ll have in the debate is that the president tends to, how shall I say it, to say things that aren’t true,” Romney said. “I’ve looked at prior debates. And in that kind of case, it’s difficult to say, ‘Well, am I going to spend my time correcting things that aren’t quite accurate? Or am I going to spend my time talking about the things I want to talk about?”
    This fits a pattern with Mitt Romney that is going to chase away all but his party’s most loyal base. It fits in with the (inaccurate) attack on Obama on welfare, the (inaccurate) attack on Obama on events in Libya and several other (inaccurate) attacks that fact checkers and reporters have debunked.
    This fits in with his staffers’ comment that they’re not going to change what they’ll say due to fact checkers. In other words, to put it in Daffy Duck language, “Fact checkers schmack cherkers, what does it matter if it gets people angry at Obama?
    This suggests that the next four weeks will be spent preparing the audience, painting Obama as a liar so that if Obama, for instance, cites Romney’s many positions on issues (Romney has displayed more positions than the Kama Sutra) he’ll ignore it, deliver more attack lines that could be inaccurate or just do his talking points.
    Presidential debates have long been serious events where voters don’t just cheer on their own political sports team, but where candidates talk to voters in an intelligent way and are FORCED — rpt — FORCED to answer debating points raised by their opponents.
    If he does “there you go again” there will be collective groan. It’s now a cliche. When Reagan did it, it was an original.
    If Romney ignores what Obama says and just does more charges and talking points he will lose and by a bigger margin than would happen if he answered the points.
    Romney’s whole problem — as Joe Scarborough and other GOPers have pointed out — is that he’s running a campaign based on slogans, platitudes and negative charges.
    He’ll have to engage on ISSUES at some point — and most of the public including many Republicans will expect him to focus on the debate, rather than not regurgitating attack points, parroting lines used on talk shows and/or and ignoring his opponent’s arguments.

    • Norm

      The above loosly taken from:
      JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    judging obamas last four years as president,it won”t be hard to defeat him !!!No President has ever won an election with the unemployment at 8%(its actually more like 15% if you add those that have gave up looking for a job!!!) exccept FDR,and that was because we were in a depression! I could do a better job than that,as i”m sure most of you (on this web)could!!!Matt has it in the bag!!!!,

    • MarathonMan

      Do not underestimate this Pied Piper we have for president.
      He has fundamentally changed a large majority of voters into government dependents.

      Think out of the box on this. I am not just speaking of the “down trodden” but of all the Federal, State, and local government employees. This includes teachers, police, firemen and TSA employees too, to name a few. These public sector employees are dependent on tax based revenue and Obama is their man as illustrated by the Wisconsin teachers firemen and police protests to Walkers cut backs. And yes I know Walker has temporally won on this but he again is being challenged.

      Romney thus far is emulating John Mc Caine’s campaign, and if he does not soon put on the gloves and take on Obama for what he really is, the “dumbed down” and “bribed” public sector voters will certainly reelect Barry Soetorro ( AKA B H Obama)

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    P.S. I Agree with you NORM.Matt could still “Blow it”if he doesn’t debate,and deal with the issues!!!!!

  • jopa

    It will be fun to watch Romney explain why he will not represent or have anything to do with 47% of the American population that he calls freeloaders.The Senior citizens, anyone on Medicare Medicaid,students, military men and women in combat zones that don’t pay income tax, students and many more.However he is there to defend the millionaires and billionaires.This is what Romney talks about when with the filthy rich.and he feels the rest of the people can fend for themselves including the wounded veterans and the sick and elderly.The guy should be one of the countries he is so heavily invested in.Even members of his own party say he is not ready for prime time nor up to the job.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Ariviste

      From what I have read, the 47% does not include seniors, military,and Medicare. It only includes those on food stamps and welfare programs which is shocking. That we have 47% of our population living on welfare and food stamps. Everyone pays some kinds of tax, sales tax, gasoline tax, social security, etc., but this in not income tax. Forty-seven per cent do not pay income tax. The rest of us have that privilege.

    • MarathonMan

      How you twist what was said and yes the 47% as Romney stated, is as perceived especially by the media, to be in the Obama camp. So, Romney said what the popular corrupt press has already stated.
      However, your comment about seniors Seniors, and the Military is incorrect. They are likely to vote for Romney because …. well if I have to explain that you, wont get it.

      Medicade and students are a different story. The Medicad-ers will go for Obama because its a free ride; and students because they are just that, students. And, like you, easily enamored by the Pide Piper and/or have very little rational political experience

      So, Romney is correct and needs to press the point home and stop apologising for what he says. This election will be decided not by democrat dilettantes or committed republicans … it will be decided by the undecided that usually break for the incumbent in times of hardship. So, your only hope is that Obama makes history again by being the first president re-elected with a totally miserable domestic and foreign affairs record. Think Jimmy Carter, both he and BO have a lot in common.

      Your habitual name calling and continued degradation of folks that you perceive as successful, indicates that that you have a miserable existence, are incapable of providing for yourself and thus your affiliation and love affaire with a loser.

    • Whit

      @Jopa: “It will be fun to watch Romney explain why he will not represent or have anything to do with 47% of the American population that he calls freeloaders”

      Your assertion is disingenuous, Romney’s comments did not include the word “freeloaders.”

      Freeloaders is a term used by most of the left-leaning sites to describe his statements.

      Text of his statement:

      There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. …These are people who pay no income tax. … [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

      Personally, I don’t feel either Obama or Romney have a viable plan or strategy to get our country back on track. Hopefully we will find a path to more jobs and prosperity, no matter who wins the presidency.


  • dcjdavis

    Maybe team Obama is hoping they can make Romney believe he has the upper hand so he’ll blow his edge, if he has one.

  • jopa

    dc; Other than dancing with a horse the only other thing Romney has done in the last six years was run for President and debate.I wonder if Mutt Rummy and his horse will go on Dancing with the Stars.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Ariviste

      As a person who used to be involved in showing dogs, I never made a penny. It was a very expensive hobby. If Romney can afford a show horse and it made his wife feel better, more power to them. He does not take a penny from the tax payers showing the horse. I love horses and would have a beautiful one if I could afford it. Most of us would spend money on a particular passion–boats, cars, jewelry, travel, if we could afford it, and to say otherwise is hypocritical. Michele Obama spent in excess or $100,000 on one trip, and liberals seemed to approve by their silence. What’s the difference. At least the Romneys have something beautiful to see for their money. We taxpayers just have a bill for Michele’s trips.

    • MarathonMan

      JOPA… your comment indicate that you know nothing of Obamas background and what he didnt do as an Illinois state senator.

      Obama had NO GOVERNANCE EXPERIENCE before being elected as a state senator.
      Then after being elected as a state senator, immediately for the presidency leaving the people of Illinois without the representation of a state senator.

      I will repeat, OBAMA HAS NO GOVERNENCE EXPERIENCE prior to being elected as president and FACT the you and the media ignore.

    • Peter 10-nov-1775

      The halfrican was the American Idol of candidates. He was elected on emotion, not realism.

      • B rian

        i disagree with you….. He was elected on the belief that he would do what he said. He was elected because he was promising change. He was elected because he did not represent prez bush.

        Obama has done nothing he said he was going to do with the exception of obamacare, which is the responsibility of the states, therefore making it illegal. The supreme court justice that wrote the explination officially termed obamas “fees” as taxes and within congresses powers. He also stated that if you don’t like the results, vote out the congressmen that allowed this to go through!

        Therefore…. Obama just increased the taxes on every single American, business, and otherwise for the largest tax increase in history! But don’t trust me! Look at Roberts explination!

  • Randy G

    How can he debate without a teleprompter?

    • nnicko

      Randy…you do know that obummer has a back-up, well qualified to answer….no, it’s not Mooshell…’s……Carnival (jay) Carney. that was easy…..just push the easy button like the present admin. does.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Ariviste

    And, by the way, Jopa. Obama had to wreck the country before we could see that he had no idea how to run it. It has taken nearly four years and the Democrats still don’t know that Obama has no clue how to run the country except to run it in the ground.

    • jopa

      Arviste; The devastation created to America with eight years of Bush will take longer than four to fix.The DOW was at 6500 when Obama took office now it’s over 13,500, Usama was alive and well, not anymore., the Somali pirates are history,the war in Iraq is over, a date is set for the rest of the troops to come home, we have the ACA,students can afford to go to college again, 30 straight months of job growth, and I could go on and on but there is only so much room in cyberspace for all of Obama’s accomplishments.That is a very impressive record for being in office only four years.

      • MarathonMan

        Here are more Obama accomplishments for your list:
        1) 11+% real unemployment, and 144,000,000 ( 35%) people getting government hand outs. That number does not include SS or Medicare

        2) $5 trillion in spending, more than all previous presidents combined.

        3) Then there is a very successful Obama ‘Arab Spring” and unprecedented success ” leading from behind”. Welcome back to the exciting Jimmy Carter years.

        4) Preventing the Canadian oil pipeline from coming int the USA and China reaping the oil and denying Americans jobs. Don’t forget cutting back on off shore drilling and funding Brazil for their Off-shore effort.

        5) You say “30 months of growth”. I don”t know how you count but here is last months job score card : less jobs created than the number of babies born; a net loss of jobs. The actual number was less than than 100K new jobs. Using simple math and last months running rate, a minimum of 20,000,000 new jobs are needed. At 100,000 jobs ,added per month it will take 200 months ( or 16+ years) to get to 4/5% unemployment.

        6) Lets not forget Obamas GM “social justice” deal that screwed bond and stock holders and rewarded the Unions.
        6a) The Chevy Volt a masterpiece of engineering that yields transportation and a BBQ spit in one
        6b) Any GM success is due to the Federal Government buying only GM products. And, the government is loading up on GM to make Obama look good. Get this, there is one government vehicle for every 6 federal employees.

        7) Two big Black Busses costing over 1 million each, both built in Canada

        Well, JOPA I am delighted to help you out with a few more Obama Accomplishments.
        Please don’t forget to add these to your list the next time you are promoting Obamas accomplishments.

        Maybe there are some other folks out there that would like to add to the list . As you said Jopa, it will take up a huge amount of cyber space to catalogue them all.

        Have a nice day, Jopa and keep on drinking that Kool Aide.

      • B rian

        Wow jopa, those are some accomplishments….. Somali pirates gone…. With all the naval firepower getting ready to attack Iran….. Where did the pirates have room to operate? Did I mention another endless war with Iran waiting to happen….. Osama bin laden dead and gone…. Did u ever hear that story where Obama didn’t want to pull the trigger on killing him 3 times…. And Hillary Clinton begged him to take out Osama!? Did u hear that one…. I did. Looked exactly like this…..

        Here are baracks Other accomplishments ,

        NDAA, which removes your rights to…… Habeus corpus, trial by jury, not be shipped to Guantanamo bay and be held indefinitely while not being charged with a crime.

        Patriot act, which instead of repealing it as he said he would be….. He reinstated it! In his own words!

        And He signed it! Again!

        Gotta love this….. obamas National deficit pledge where he claims to reduce the deficit by 50% in 4 years…. Again…. In his own words.

        And 4 years later after pledging these things….. 16,000,000,000,000. He came into office with a 6.6 trillion dollars deficit…. Nobody seems to care he took 2.2 trillion from social security to pay it down to 16 trillion… It should actually be over 18 trillion!

        People! Justify in your own heads whatever you want! You cannot justify the facts! Addicts and codependents are guilty of justifying facts. Blame whoever you think is the problem….. Blame does nothing! It doesn’t fix the problem! Accuse Romney of flip flopping in his positions! Did you learn anything from the videos!? Nobody is guilty of flip flopping more than Obama! And at what price? Your personal liberties! Or your great great grandkids carrying this debt.

        Every single American in America…… citizen, illegal, baby, elderly, unemployed, and prisoner is not accountable for 48000 dollars of this debt! If you pay more taxes than you recieve back in your returns…. You have just been held accountable for 96000, per person in your household. Because you get to pay the other 50% that recieve all of their money back at tax time…. And you have to compensate for the 30% than recieve more than they paid in…. So call it an even 100,000 per person, per household! Your family of parents and 2 kids are now accountable for 400,000 of the deficit as you share of the burden! And here is the kicker! It’s still going up! Rising at a Rate of over a trillion a year!

        So before you rape Romney trying to explicitly represent the 47% of tax payers that pay taxes…… The people flipping the entire bill for everything and everyone…… You better think about what’s going to happen if the 47% that pay taxes for everything and everyone dissapears! Let me remind you that in Germany at one point money was so worthless that you would use it to start a fire with! Can you imagine lighting a Benjamin Franklin to start a fire because you are cold and the dollar bill is worthless! This is reality people! U don’t want to vote for Romney, that’s fine, write in mickey mouse! I say this because look at obamas accomplishments over 4 years! Do you honestly think havin seen the evidence presented….. That he can do better in the next four years? At the rate Obama is going…. Mathematically….. The national debt would be multiplied by 2 or three depending on who you want to believe! That’s 30-45 trillion dollars 4 years from now, based on his ratio of the last for years….. Btw….. Does 16 trillion sound remotely close to his pledge of cutting the deficit in half? When the tax payers run out, so do entitlements, and social security, and Medicare and Medicaid! So who wins if Obama is reelected? That’s right! Nobody! I’m well armed….. I am not worried about what is going to happen around my property line! Who is going to take from me because they are starving and cold? It’s already in the history books, history is repeating itself, again!

        If you think that I am just being a doomsday freak! I assure you I’m not! Just ask the Mayans, incas, Persians, Monguls, And Romans! Massive societies….. That no longer exist! Do you need any more convincing? If so attack what I am telling you, call me names…. Tell me I’m stupid….. Tel me I’m a right wing nut job…… You’ve been warned! And don’t be that guy that feels the need to come on my property looking for help…..

        There is no mason Dixon line for this upcoming issue….. Boundaries are no going to be defined by regions of the country…. You boundries end where my property line starts! If you don’t own property….. Good luck! Not sure what youre gonna do. This all starts with Obama getting reelected! You have been informed!!!!!

        You have been informed!!!!!

      • cpa

        Excellent job Brian!

        Thank you for providing clear support for what your are arguing and clear evidence.

        Now for those on the other side of this argument – you are welcome to do the same so we can all see the different points of view with the support and evidence for your accusations or points of view and we can all make our own decisions from there.

  • uvuvuv

    why do you dems keep sticking up for obama? he is a dud. clinton was a dud also but at least he had a robust economy and no one ever wondered if he was all in it for america or not. at least i didn’t, and i hated him (wrongly). even carter seemed to be president first and personal agenda-ist last. yes even he. according to the dinesh film teachers have their kids singing dear leader songs, so obama can’t even leave them alone, them being the kids and the teachers themselves. if school kids sang pro-bush songs there would be 4 inch headlines. another point, y’all seem to have the leisure to write here, but if we had the gwb or clinton economy back you wudda been hired out of retirement, with signing bonuses. like in north dakota. yes vote for him if you want, in fact i would rather have you vote for him than not voting at all, but admit it, this great feel good experiment was a bust. how much proof do you need? “come on, boys, let’s get the job done.”

  • famousfatman

    Why would anyone believe what Obama would have to say, we have listened to the distortions and lies for almost four years. Romney only has to explain how he will create jobs Obama and Biden don’t even know how to spell JOBS, it’s a three letter word to them. 2012 Romney/Ryan landslide victory for JOBS. .

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The Democrats/Leftists (one and the same) do not see O as telling lies even when O tells whoppers. They accuse Conservatives and/or Libertarians, Republicans that they lie.Somehow, there is a short in the Leftists brain that bypasses telling the truth or even recognizing it.

    • Geoff Allen

      With this present Middle East debacle in full swing, I hope that the question will arise in the debates as to what the Obama administration will do if and when the Egyptians start to kidnap Americans in that country to hold as hostages in return for the US handing over those they deem responsible for the “movie”. Obama has made it clear (as he is always quoted) that our embassies and consulates are being attacked because of the “movie” and not because of his foreign policies.

    • jopa

      famous;Turn off Fox to rid yourself of lies and distortions.

      • B rian

        Jopa!!!!!! Your accusing anyone of listening to lies and distrotions! Are u serious?! Turn off CNN, cnbc, msnbc, fox, and every other news station your listening to….. Go to .gov websites and have a look around. Have a look at the statistics, and the executive orders, and policies flying thru your dietys office! Then look at his record on the books! Not just some slanted news story! The news doesn’t cover what they don’t want you to hear! Your more likely to hear that news from the bbc or NPR!

  • Palin16

    I doubt if the moderators will ask Obummer why he used executive priviledge to protect Eric Holder in the fast and furious scandel. Nor will they bring up his sordid past associations with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, Tony Rezko or any of his other commie pals.

  • Peter 10-nov-1775

    The halfrican is over-dependant on teleprompters. That said, I am afeared that, because the moderators all seem to be deems anyway, he will get the questions before the debate, so he can bone up on the answers.

  • chuckb

    jopa,, what has your hero done the last four years? let’s see, played golf, more than any prior president, played basketball, more than any prior president, taken more luxurious vacations than any prior president, used air force one more than any prior president, ran the national debt up more than any prior president, lost more jobs than any prior president. has more people on food stamps than any prior president, apologized to our enemies more than any prior president, lost more respect for our country than any prior president. failed more on foreign policy than any prior president, the dollar has lost more value than any prior president, higher gas prices than any prior president, campaigned more than any president in history, there’s more, has over run the constitution more than any prior president, signed into law the biggest tax increase in the nations history (obamacare) more than any prior president.

    romney and his horse on dancing with the stars is better than watching a horses ass lying from a teleprompter every other hour of the day.

  • James Corbin

    Amen Brian!!!

  • chuckb

    jopa, on top of that, we still have a man sitting in the white that no one can prove he was even born, they don’t really know for sure what school he went too, they don’t really know for sure if he is a citizen , they don’t know who’s social security card he is using, the fact is we may be looking at an empty suit. we don’t know for sure he is really alive, maybe he is the imam. dust off your rug.

  • Will Taylor

    I am quite amused by the debate. The lame stream media who reside in Oblamama’s pocket are doing everything they can to see him re-elected. The question is, will enough of the folks like me show up at the ballot box next November? The answer I see to that question is, your team has angered enough of us simple folks and we’ll turn out at the polls as you’ve never seen us before to send a new leader to the white a landslide. Good luck and God bless y’all, I’ll be there in November with all my friends, lets see how many losers you can get to vote for four more years of the Obaminator.

  • Bronx Yankee 36

    The surest way for Romney to win the debate(s) and the Election is to press home the point: “…and the Truth shall make you free…”. By forcing the point home that it is time to stop blaming the previous administration – which had its own shortcomings to which it must respond – and to accept responsibilities for it own failures, Romney will surely win.

    If Mr. Romney tries to argue in a “civilized” manner, he must surely lose. They say one should never get into a shouting match with a fishwife, but that does not mean one should meekly submit to lies and insult, at which the Obama camp is so expert. All Romney need do is to keep Obama’s feet to the fire: force him to answer for the miserable failure his administration is and has been

    • James Kirksey

      Obama may well win a debate, in the opinion of the media. We cannot accept this as a valid reason to think he is intelligent in such a case. All of these debates are driven by the person or people asking the questions. The facts are stacked against Obama. His policies have taken our freedoms, polarized America, and plunged us into debt. Only little word games, like Bill Clinton’s definition of the word “IS,” may greatly impact the outcome. If some of the big economic and constitutional issues are openly brought forward, the winner of the debate is insignificant. However, we should not have high expectations of those controlling the questions asked each candidate. The debates could be somewhat like a bull fight in Mexico; very one sided. Another TV channel may have a much better show.

  • Tiffany

    I can see why they are preparing Obama supporters to Not have high hopes when it comes to the Debates when its Obama v. Romney….Although they Both make gaffes on the campaign trail, the one thing Romney Always Had In His Favor is That Romney Is An Excellent Debater. Why do you think he kept winning every single primary debate when each and every other republican candidate through the works and the kitchen Sink at him and sometimes All of Them Did at the Same Time…And What Happened? Romney Still Won Those Debates by a Land Slide. Remember the main Reason why Republicans said “We Need Romney to Win, He is The Only One Who Will Wipe Obama Out especially When it Comes the The Debates”!!!

  • Tiffany

    Another Thing Us Voters will be watching for during the debates between Obama v. Romney, is that we voter watchers will be very alert to see if Romney gets the chance to Answer his Questions and if they deny him and treat Obama like royalty like what happened in the debates between Hillary Clinton and Obama, and between Obama v. McCain in 2008. Watch out TV question askers. We Will Be Watching!!
    Game On

    • MarathonMan

      Now Tiffany I hope we are not disappointed.

      The Romney team may have screwed up when they agreed to the moderators who have a liberal bias. Given that the media is corrupt and agenda driven, and as you said favored Obama against Hillary, I suspect we will see liberal bias surface during the debate.

      Given Romney’s poor showing thus far the debates will be critical for him to win. The debate represents minimal exposure with the liberal press thereafter telling less involved, undecided voters what transpired.

      Unfortunately, Romney appears to be following the John Mc Caine campaign strategy.
      Romney needs take the gloves off, go after this phony president on his record and get as much positive air time as possible now. Then he can go on to the debates, take on Obama’s record again, and drive his message home one last time before Nov 6.





  • chuckb

    christopher allen horton, now we know where you are coming from, good riddance molly ivins was just another far left columnist, i mean really far left. she in my estimation was nothing more than a kook, california type, berkeley, haihjy asbury, jane fonda impressionist. hope her and the devil have a good time.




      • chuckb

        what’s nasty about the truth, she was the worse kind of leftist, if that is possible. she had a hard time with the truth when it came to conservatives. i’m surprised any republican could consider such kind words for a bolshevik like her.





  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    Jopa For your information,the only reason the stock market is up,is because the fed.’s has been bailing it out with PRINTED”money”that is. later going to cost everyone of us through high inflation!!!If anyone’s intrested in how this is all going to play out they should get,or borrow a copy of “AFTER-SHOCK”.Don’t take anybodys bulls@@t about how sweet,and grand obama and his Adm.has been .(iwho I didn”t vote for,because he is not a natural born citizen)When the last”bubble” (Dollar)pops,those now getting any kind of goverment check are going to be out in the cold!!!!GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!

    • chuckb

      to the point, don’t get upset with jopa, he gets his information from the union and the peoples daily worker. he still thinks gm paid off their debt and is making a profit, all is well in barry land, he’s a dreamer.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Tattoomama

    Obama does well wit a tele-prompter. Without it, he’s lost . . .

  • chuckb

    christofer a horton, you can like whom ever, i was just saying molly ivins was a died in the wool bolshevik of the worst kind, her and nanct pelosi were nuts off the same tree.and i can’t find anything about either that is likeable to me. to each his own.


      “chuckb,” THANKS; I RESPECT THAT.

      • Deerinwater

        understanding and “respecting” are two different things. i understand tha you are a clown, I respect the fact that illusions are a clown’s stock & trade.




      • Deerinwater

        I didn’t call you a clown Chris, unless “illusions” are something that you practice. There has been many great clowns over the years ~ “43″ was clown. Lee Atwater and Karl Rove at both clowns of the highest caliber. Neither has held a real job or served in our military or actually achieved anything beyond a 4 years BA degree yet Americans have listened to these masters of illusion like they might be Jesus Christ and follow their advise on political and military matters., things that neither men they know little about.

        By their nature , clowns are profoundly amusing while one thing they are not, ~ is what they appear.

        So Chris, ~are you a clown? Do you hide “intentions” behind a painted face like a Tea Party activist, in the effort to deffer guilt and blame away from yourself and onto others? Hiding an agenda under a ruse and layers of misconception? Clamoring for smaller government while insisting government business has the right to invade our women folks body? Demanding that freedom and personal liberties be honor but only for those that bow and kiss the ring, accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as the Holy Ghost and their own personal savior?

        You seem to enjoy the ambiguity of cyberspace CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON while I have openly confessed many times, I play the part of the “Devil’s Advocate” here, with the intentions to offer question and doubt where and when it’s needed. i am benign and not a threat to those that practice personal honesty. So I accept it as my job to dig for the truths that hide behind the faces Chris.

        Don’t take it personal anymore then a guard dog that loves to ~~ “nibble” more then bark.

        I enjoy doing this, as I would a fine Cuban cigar and 14 year old Scotch with a small pocket rocket kicker somewhere seaside with little to do. ~ It’s purely an entertaining passion.

        nite, ~

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  • Roswell Evans

    I know this is off subject and the article in the Wasington Examiner just came out, but you liberals should read this, obama was ruthless to the poor Blacks in Chicago when he was a lawyer.

  • peter stelly

    A lot of people will be fooled in this election. Especially the 47% who earn less than $250,000. The hole will be much harder to get out off if the wrong people is to run the country.

  • tim

    The people running the debate are all liberals. I’m sure all the questions and answers are already programmed into obamas teleprompter. You people who are in love with your’e corrupt leader need to wake up, If you don’t want to do your’e own homework. Go and see 2016 and see who he wants to share the wealth with. It sure as hell isn’t you. The man is on a path of destroying the greatest country in the world.

    • Larry P.

      If anyone on this site needs a good look into what Obama is all about just read the book “The Amateur.” I finished it just the other night, and I can tell you I need no more convincing on the subject of what Barrack and Moochelle are up to. If after reading this book you can’t see just how evil they are together, then you need to seek professional help!!

  • Sally

    Election will most likely have elements of “The Chicago Way”, vote early and vote often…

  • Dave Bishop

    So who’s going to be asking the questions? The media twits that worship at, and salivate over, the feet of Mr. Obama? The chances are his people will get a copy of the questions, or even give the questions to the “host.” Or else he will have his ear bud in with Axelrod at the other end.
    In a real head-to-head, Romney should sound presidential and Obama will sound exactly as he always has, arrogant, dismissive, and deeply misinformed on law, the constitution, and the duties of president; he thinks it is his obligation to spend trillions on lost causes and companies and millions on himself and his family.

    • Realist

      Dave, let’s pass in review to 2008. Here is a link to a presidential debate Obama vs McCain and see the commentator then and see the split screen facial reactions of both
      while being queried and while their opponent speaks. Might be a great refresher.

  • Kathleen

    What really distresses me are the people who will vote without really informing themselves about what is really going on. If you love your country, you had better find out what is really going on in this country and vote accordingly. My greatest fear right now is that I think if Obama wins, there will be a civil war in this country. God help us!

  • Thomas Weaver

    If Obama can stay on topic and does not ramble likes he usually does – he is guaranteed to lose the debate because he either has to lie, twist, turn, convonlute, embellish, distort, contort, or massage his statements.

    • brazzos

      He’s a much better debater than Mr flip-flop. I can’t wait to see Mitt treated like his first name, when he’s embarrased by Obama. Mitt will probably have a mike in his ear for when the bosses tell him what to say, as the Republicans trot out the same old, tired ideas.

      • Realist

        An earphone ??

  • brazzos

    Mitt Romney has no opinion. He does what his handlers (like shepards) tell him to do. He should wear comfortable shoes for when he puts his foot in his mouth.

    • Realist

      Amen, he has truly joined the Obama crowd mentality

  • Lucy

    No one has mentioned the fact that Romney gave 4 million dollars to charity and did not claim it on his tax returns, knowing that would have further reduced his tax rate. How much has the Obama given to charity. I hope Romney beats him hands down in the debates. I am tired of the lying illegal muslim that bows before kings and goes around apologizing for America! He wants to destroy this country

  • James Corbin

    I’m sorry, if Obama gets in ” We Are Done” I have read all kinds of things on this post and NO the republicans are stilling votes. Remember when Obama was running —-how Acorn was gathering up people on benches without address to vote. This is wrong. Everybody should show ID to vote. I have nothing to hide and I think it keeps it more honest. Obama talks abouat Mitt Romney being weak on China. —He is buying all those wind mills from china and they are being made in China. Obama, Wants to do away with coal—this will make utility bills go up.If you don’t think this is right check it out. Besides Obama, apoliged for the US , which is a slap in the face for the american people.Obama, is against Iseral,He wouldn’t meet with the Prime Minister of Israel—–The US has always been down through the history (every president ) we have good relationship with Isreal. When we turn our backs on them we will no longer be blessed as a country.This is true and you people should be able to see what is happening. Like I have said I’m a democrat but I am going to take my chances on Ronney.It can’t get any worse and at least he may be able to get us out of some of this debt. People say about the rich—–These
    people are the one’s hire with jobs. Did you ever work for a poor man? I don’t think so!!! We need our factures and business. Romney, never stared out as a rick man. I think if somebody makes it big and honest—more power to them—this is america. You earn it you keep it, this is why we are free.

    • Deerinwater

      Ill gotten gains is ill gotten gains James.

      I think that it is safe to say, ~ the voters will view which ever candidate that they support as being the clear winner of these up coming debates, much like they always have in the past.

      For this to not occur , I would be greatly surprised.

      It does not matter that Obama is the most skilled or most knowledgeable of the two. That the debating is structured in such a way making a “pen” and “tapping out” (concede) next to impossible. The presidential debate will be little more then a Dirty Sock Fight.

      That Mitt Romney is will out of his league and the contest unevenly matched will not matter in the end. Time and time again Mitt Romney has shown us , he does not think well on his feet outside his circle of influence. My guess would be, much of Mitt Romney past success is due to someone else doing his thinking for him. Someone we have yet to be introduced too, much like “W”.

      As for B rian posting in regards to claims made that 44 has diminished our freedom and stepped all over our bill of rights with two Acts. ~ Which two are you talking about ? The continuing of the Patriot Act and the creation of the Affordable Health Care act?

      I find my time precious and not wanting to waste it with misdirected and false assumptions. Please be more concise with your claims B rian if you expect a thoughtful response.

      But for the record, I was never a supporter of Home Land Security. ~ as it was a proclamation that the CIA and the FBI could not do their jobs and that creation another Federal agency to compete for budget dollars somehow could. This type of mindset runs contrary to conservative thinking. Thinking that the GOP is no longer noted for.

      We need some accountability, ~ If it takes a President that is willing to fired bureaucratic in loft places , so be it.

      regarding the affordable health Care Reform Act

      That health care underwriting became and was based on “Employment” at a point in time in American history at the peak of our manufacturing age, when labor held a value , when loyalty was respected, prized and sought ~ while today these dynamics, the supply and demand for labor has changed ~ so too must underwriting of health care insurances policies.

      It is a complex subject to address and to debate the need and nature of any change with anyone not willing to recognize the shifting dynamics, while clear human nature resist change.

      I understand that many Americans, like “things” as they were before, when we were younger and our boots were new. That it was not working well for those that follow behind in an ever changing angry sea of winds and tides ~ “oh! well I got mine” will only work so long and then change must occur.

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