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Teaching Tolerance

July 27, 2012 by  

Teaching Tolerance
The Chick-fil-A restaurant at Loyola Water Tower is the only one in Chicago.

Progressives are tolerant people. Just ask them.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino says Chick-fil-A “doesn’t belong in Boston. You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says, “Chic-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values.”

Boston has 10 violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Massachusetts’ violent crime rate is half that. Boston’s unemployment rate was 6 percent in June, but the city had shed 2,600 jobs that month. The city’s poverty rate is 21.1 percent. In many communities, 85 percent of families are headed by a single parent — usually the mother — and at least 20 percent of adults have no high school diploma. About 42 percent of children in those communities live in poverty, the densest cluster of childhood poverty in the State, according to a study sponsored by the Boston Foundation.

Chicago has 10.54 violent crimes per 1,000 residents compared to 4.35 per 1,000 in the rest of Illinois. Chicago’s unemployment rate is 9.8 percent. The city’s poverty rate is 27.5 percent. The city is in the grips of a gang war. City police say there are at least 100,000 gang members. At least 275 people have been killed this year and many more injured in gang violence — many of them innocent bystanders like 7-year-old Heaven Sutton and 10-year-old Kitanna Peterson.

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy said in an interview with the Baptist Press: “[A]s an organization we can operate on biblical principles. So that is what we claim to be. [We are] based on biblical principles, asking God and pleading with God to give us wisdom on decisions we make about people and the programs and partnerships we have. And He has blessed us.”

In a radio interview, Cathy said: “As it relates to society in general, I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’”

There is no evidence that Chick-fil-A has discriminated against anyone in hiring or service. No one has claimed such. The owner simply said he ran his business based on biblical principles, and expressed his opinion — again based on his biblical beliefs — that marriage should be between a man and woman.

But Menino and Emanuel don’t believe Christian values are Boston or Chicago values. If you look at what goes on there, obviously that’s the case. It’s also telling that Emanuel yesterday welcomed Louis Farrakhan and his “army” into the city, ignoring Farrakhan’s history of racism and anti-Semitism.

Like most big government statists, Menino and Emanuel are tolerant — as long as you agree with them. Perhaps that’s why their cities are shrinking, crime-infested dens of corruption.

Chick-fil-A, on the other hand, is doing quite well despite “tolerant” people like Menino and Emanuel. It employs about 50,000 workers across the country at 1,500 outlets in 40 States. It has more than $4 billion in annual revenues.

You wouldn’t want any of that coming your way, would you, Mayors?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Harold Olsen

    Of course Progressives are tolerant! They are extremely tolerant of everyone — as long as they agree with what Progressives believe in!

    • History Man

      Progressives are tolerant…and they will beat you up to prove it!

      • BADKarma

        Correction: They will beat you up and then indefinitely detain you without charges or access to legal council as a “terror suspect”…

      • Robert Smith

        Let’s see how this works around here…

        A gay couple is in love and they want to get married.

        A bunch of folks around here call them names, declare that it’s in their bible babble that they shouldn’t let them marry. They do everything they can to stop the marriage.

        The couple that wants to marry calls the folks who are stopping them bigoted and hateful.

        The folks who are bigoted and hateful call the couple “intolerant” because they object to their religious and nonsensical garbage that denies the loving couple their marriage.

        Is that about right?


        • GDC

          HOMOSEXUALITY IS a MENTAL SICKNESS. That has NOTHING to do with any Bible. It is just the FACTS. NOTHING any MENTALLY SICK HOMOSEXUAL says is based in REALITY they are PSYCHOTIC. The best thing to do and it will happen at some time is to EXTERMINATE ALL HOMOSEXUALS!!

          1 in 6 boys ARE RAPED by HOMOSEXUALS, That is 23,000,000 boys RAPED by HOMOSEXUALS and IT MUST STOP!!!

      • Vigilant

        For Robert Smith:

        In what dictionary would you find as examples of tolerance the terms “bible babble” and “religious and nonsensical garbage?”

        Bigotry and hatred, thy name is Robert Smith.

      • Robert Smith

        Nope, just reading the stories from a different perspective than you do Vigelant.

        How’s that magic wine from the bible? Remember, the one Lot was able to drink of so deeply he wasn’t able to recognize his own virgin daughters, and yet have sex with them.

        Maybe porn would be a better way to describe that there right wing christian bible that’s used for hate.


        • GDC

          It is OBVIOUS that YOU are a Tolerant person!.

    • mark

      your so right,If you believe what they do then their fine with your opinion.If you disagree,you should then be silenced at once,then have your bussiness destroyed because you don’t believe in big city sewage mind thinking.This is all about power an taking away our rights!! The good people in this country are sick an tired of the liberal left telling us what to think an say.The mainsteam media will never have any credibility,with a large segment of the country.They are nothing but a socialist propaganda machine,bent on tearing us apart!!

      • pweiters9

        7/28/12, Remember, this is BO’s home base.

  • http://none Ron

    Tolerance is just a tool used by liberals to break down the majority views of society. Once they succeed in the break down, their true colors come out.

    • History Man

      In the early 1980′s, I got a hold of a homosexual agenda pamphlet :
      Goal 1.To get mainstream America to tolerate homosexuals.
      Goal 2. To get mainstream America to accept homosexuals as a different lifestyle.
      Goal 3. To have mainstream America accept that homosexual is a normal desirable lifestyle.
      They have accomplished the first two goals..

      • http://yahoo sophillyjimmy

        History Man, each year of this presidents tenure we have had to deal with something new with the fanoiks, this year Obama passed the Same Sex Marriage Law, if by some miracle he is re elected he will have a “A Gay To Dinner With Your Family Day”, so our children could be indoctrinated early in life, and if re elected, no new laws such as this one will be signed into action, Obama will only have to say “So It Is Said, So It Is Written”.

    • Robert Smith

      Oh Ron…

      Why is it acceptable for the right to be bigots and offer such hateful stuff, but it’s not acceptable for me to point it out?


      • GDC

        YOU have PROVEN YOU are STUPID! Anyone who says something YOU do NOT like is a “bigot” and “hater.” It seems that YOU are the BIGOT in that you do NOT tolerate OTHERS beliefs and YOU are the only one spreading HATE!!!!


      • Robert Smith

        Help????? Really!

        Please tell me other than your using your bible as an excuse for hate, what impact does a gay merrage have on your daily life?

        Are you going to have to hog tie your kids so they don’t marry the dog next door? Is that the best you can bring up kids… with hate?

        Will it impact your income in any way? Nope. If you have two boys and two girls I’m sure it’s OK with you if they boys marry the girls. It’s two couples. Guess what! If the boys marry the boys and the girls marry the girls it is still TWO couples.

        They can’t have kids? Many lovingly adopt and are excellent parents. Further, if kids are the issue then you wuldn’t allow an injured war vet to marry if his wound happened to be in a place that made reproduction impossible.

        Ohhhhh, it is so easy shooting holes in the arguments from the extreme right. Keep ‘em comming.


      • Robert Smith

        Hmmmmmmm, it’s been a couple of days but nobody friom the right has chosen to enlighten us about how their lives will change.

        Maybe they are all at the wedding where one of their kids is marrying a chair that he found on a curb. Why was the chair hanging out like that? I’ll bet it thinks it is marrying up. If it can think…


  • Tom Cook

    (offensive comment removed)

  • John Mackey

    Bigots Have Rights Too!

    • eddie47d

      I suppose bigots do have rights and Dan Cathy certainly has a right to his personal views. I’m not sure why he insists his company has to share those same anti-gay views. I rather like Chik-Fil-A’s and my daughter takes our grand kids there once in a while. He offers great kids programs and story time. I’m also not sure why Louis Farrakhan was mentioned in the story since his racist organization has always been in Chicago. That has almost no relevance to the Chick-Fil-A story . Obviously most Americans would pick Cathy over Farrakhan in a heart beat since Farrakhan spreads hate like wildfire and Cathy is “only” a gay bashing bigot. One important part of the story is that there has been no discrimination at Cathy’s restaurant and gays would be served so maybe these Mayors are making a big deal about nothing. Chick-Fil-A certainly beats all the strip joints that you find in big cities.

      • Simon Jester

        Mr. Cathy runs his life and his corporation on Biblical principles. There is no evidence that he discriminates against any group in hiring or service to customers. Eddie, you say that holding these beliefs and runnng his life and his company in this manner – while not demanding that anyone else do so – makes him a gay-bashing bigot. Since the the re-definition of marriage to include same-sex unions is counter to Christian principles, and many homosexuals actively promote that re-definition, does that make them Christian-bashing bigots? Disagreement is neither hate nor bigotry, it is simply disagreement. I find it ironic that those who accuse others of intolerance are often the MOST intolerant themselves.

      • Peter

        Well said Simon, fabulous sentiments and reasoning!

      • Annie66

        Because Mr. Cathy believes in a biblical interpretation of marriage he is a ‘gay bashing bigot?’ I disagree with you. Mr. Cathy can have any view point that he chooses and the majority of the people in this nation share his view point about this particular subject. People are allowed to disagree with each other without a bunch of corrupt politicians attacking them.

      • James Kirksey

        If a strong character, based upon Biblical principles makes one a bigot, I will gladly wear that badge. One’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing that can happen to us upon this earth. Therefore the biggest question is not how we feel about Mr. Cathy or the two Mayors; but, What do we think of Jesus Christ. All else is trivia.

      • John K

        A “gay bashing bigot”……bit of a stretch when all he said was he ran his business biblically. Who’s the bigot here?

      • Bill

        So, believing marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman is an anti-gay setiment. Political correctness is bringing this country down faster then Obama could ever imagine.

      • Illana Olsen

        Mr. Cathy is not a “gay bashing bigot.” He does not hate gay people. He simply believes the word of God that the gay lifestyle is not in line with His will. Marriage has always been a legal (and oftentimes spiritual) contract between one man and one woman. Mr. Cathy has every right to believe this, and to share his opinion. Neither should have anything to do with his right to do business, since no one discriminates against gays in the restaurants.

      • tooohip

        Hey Eddie, when you talk about gay bashing do you mean that happy people are getting beat up or that everybody has to like faggots? My mom divorced my dad when I was 2yo because he was a queer. Am I supposed to like them? How about the faggots who tried to molest me in movie theaters when I was a kid. Am I supposed to like them too. What about faggot couples who want to adopt a little boy. Am I supposed to say “no problem”? You are as sick as they are.

      • Aristophanes

        eddie – “gay bashing bigot”?? Are you kidding?? Dan Cathy did not say one word against the gays – all he said was that he believed in the biblical interpretation of marriage: one man, one woman. How is that being a “gay bashing bigot”? Talk about intolerance to having a problem with giving gays SPECIAL RIGHTS.

      • frank k.

        Nice try , but has it ever crossed your mind that NOT being pro-gay , doesn’t automatically make you anti-gay ? …. It’s just another “either / or” , “false-choice” , “false-dilemma” , that “progressives” so love to employ …. Take the time to open a dictionary , and look-up the actual meaning of “tolerance” . (hint : as gentlemen , we can agree to disagree”) …. frank k.

      • Patriot1776

        And, eddie, you said that are “not sure why he insists his company has to share those same anti-gay views.” Do you also wonder why Home Depot, Target and General Mills insisted on sharing their pro-gay views? Is it only because his views don’t coincide with the perverted left’s view that he should refrain from speaking?

      • eddie47d

        So Patriot 1776 and others does that make Home Depot,Target and General Mills perverted lefties. I suppose you will now be boycotting them. Did you know that Don Cathy donates large amounts of money to anti-gay groups.That means he openly supports the bashing the gays. Now do you understand my point?

      • eddie47d

        Toohip I hope you have sought help for all your emotional problems for you seem to be taking it out on an awful lot of people. Neither is there any proof that gay parents who adopt molest their children. The majority of sexual molestation cases (97%) involve heterosexuals

      • History Man

        I work in a Residential Treatment center and the clients who are homosexual do their violence against society because they hate themselves for being homosexual and lash out against normal society.

        • John Mackey

          Oh brother, Don’t tell us that you work in a marcus bachmann-type of “reparative therapy”, which has been denounced by the American Psychiatric Association.

          • History Man

            John Mackey, You are an Idiot! And a moron. And for thousands of years homosexuality has been considered deviant behavior. Enough of your nonsense.Actually, you are not a moron, you are a con man.

          • John Mackey

            You are no History man. ‘Thousands of years ago’, we had Alexander The Great, who was gay as a goose and he conquered the known world. There have always been homosexuals.

          • History Man

            You refer to exceptions, and, no, it wasn’t accepted then.

      • eddie47d

        John K and others does a man really believe in God if he gives money to associations (AFA) or groups who want to do harm to others such as Cathy does? If I gave money to the New Black Panthers wouldn’t that be the same as saying I support their tactics? What about all the priests who molested boys and girls and did it under the cover of God. So proclaiming God and letting someone else do your dirty work for you is no different in my book.

      • eddie47d

        Who are the heterosexuals lashing out at History Man? What obsesses those majority so deeply to molest children and rape woman? That is a much bigger problem yet some are so gleeful in bashing homosexuals.

      • Kathy

        Just because Cathy doesn’t believe in same sex marriage, it doesn’t mean he’s a bigot.
        I was brought up to hate the sin, love the sinner. After all, we are all sinners, in one way or another, aren’t we? Does believing in traditional marraige, as is taught through scripture and up until very recently, by most major religions, make one a bigot? Bigot is a very dangerous word. So is the word “racist”. People are labled as being bigots if they believe in traditional marriage, and racist if they don’t agree with obama. Neither are true. I have many gay friends. I still don’t believe there should be such a thing as same sex “marriage”.Marriage is a one man, one woman deal, instituted by the Creator to ensure the continuation of the race….you know, procreation, which is obviously not a component in same sex marriage. Other partnerships are something very different from marriage. I detest obama, not because of his race, but because of his socialistic, secular progressive anti-American policies. I will love my gay friends just the same, even though I might disagree with them on the marriage issue, not because I’m a bigot, but because I am a devout Catholic. I will pray from now until election day that this president is removed, and would vote in a heartbeat from any number of black candidates. I actually anxiously await the day that I can cast a ballot for Allen West. So be very careful about how those incendiary words are tossed about. No one knows what is in the heart of man but his Creator. We have no right to ascribe such heinous attitudes toward anyone without hard evidence. Now, I’m off to have some chicken with my gay friend. Yep, there are actually some gay people who have enough sense to not hold one’s personal religious beliefs against them.

      • TML

        History Man, “You refer to exceptions, and, no, it wasn’t accepted then.”

        Um, Alexander the Great wasn’t an exception. Perhaps you should read some Greek history. Homosexuality was very common. I’m not going to give you a history lesson, but to hear someone who names themselves “History Man” and doesn’t even acknowledge that well-known fact, kinda hurts your credibility.

        Eddie says, “One important part of the story is that there has been no discrimination at Cathy’s restaurant and gays would be served so maybe these Mayors are making a big deal about nothing.”

        Aside from your use of the word bigot… which seems to be all that anyone responding to you would like to hang onto…. the general points of your comment I agree with. Especially the this one. Anyone can express their own morality… there is not harm in holding homosexuality as immoral, and to freely say it. With not discrimination cases, it is indeed being made a big deal about nothing.

        Honestly all the people on both sides of this… especially the calls from political leaders for appreciation days, and opposition calling for gay ‘necking’ in front of their restaurants… are all quite childish.

      • Frank

        Since when is standing on the principles of your faith considered gay-bashing? There’s been no overt condemnation of homosexuals by Mr. Cathy; they are not prevented from working for, or eating at, his establishments…Who’s the real bigot here?

      • cindy chason

        So he is a bigot because of his beliefs. He hasn’t bashed anyone at all.

      • cindy chason

        gay bashing? because he stands on the Word of God? Can you tell me one thing he said that would bbe gay bashing. Oh by the way lieing is a sin so I guess I just bashed all liars.

      • JeffH

        A couple of things here…eddie doesn’t comprehend very well and he’s a legend in his own mind. His comments have been placed in moderation and he has had been suspended from posting several times. There is a reason why and as tolerable as PLD is, eddie has continued to disrespect this website and it’s authors despite being warned many times. In short, eddie is a liberal lackey who has absolutly no credibility and is a known and proven liar.

      • Robert Smith

        From History Man: “I work in a Residential Treatment center and the clients who are homosexual do their violence against society because they hate themselves for being homosexual and lash out against normal society.”

        As opposed to the others who do their violence against society because they are upstanding heterosexuals.

        BTW, I don’t recognize your “I work there…” as having any knowledge about gays for a couple of reasons. The big one is I’ve caught so many lies from the right,, but thanks for playing.


    • History Man

      You are right. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are examples of that.

    • restorefreedom

      What happened to free speech? Everyone is in entitled to their opinion even if it is bigoted or wrong.

      • John Mackey

        That’s What I Said

      • John Mackey

        Again, That’s What I Said.

      • Shane

        Yes John Mackey, you do belive in some simple way of free speech. As along as a scaret letter is attached to those you disagree with. Classic example of liberal bigotry.

      • Yankeebeansouper

        That isn’t the point.. Cathy’s opinion is not the point with the opposition.. That he takes HIS own money (the cash that we the people pass to him for services rendered) and uses it as HE sees fit.. That some happens to go toward those institutions that frown on homosexuality is irrelevant as it’s HIS choice.. Would you tolerate me if i told you that giving to the gay cause is wrong and because you declare your allegiance toward gay rights your no longer welcome in the neighborhood that I own the land to? This really all started from that $$$ amount going to those against one sex marriage and now it’s morphed into an emotionally induced spiritual/intellectual war. I don’t go to Chick-Fil-A but after this ‘witch’ hunt I think I’ll set at least one day a month to do just that. (hypocrites)

    • Shane

      I agree John Mackey, liberal bigots and race mongers have rights too. Just would not want to be one.

    • George

      Definitions of bigot:

      noun: a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

      Funny how this description PERFECTLY fits both the “progressive” mayors.
      Perhaps they don’t have a dictionary

      • Robert Smith

        It also fits a whole bunch of right wing posters.


  • macawma

    If this restaurant chain were owned by Muslims and every day at 5 service was suspended while its employees knelt toward the east and had their ritual prayers, I am sure that would be acceptable to these two Mayors. Being otherwise would not be pc. Please continue to pray vigilantly for our country…

    • Robert Smith

      Just make sure it’s to that there brutal christian god.


    • History Man

      And Muslims want to stone all homosexuals. (and the Middle Eastern ones don’t like black people either)

      • http://yahoo gator

        thats funny, when you consider the fact that hussein barrack obama, has stated HE WILL SIDE WITH THE MUSLIMS!

        it should be obvious now, to ALL who voted for ‘little hussein’ that he intends leave AMERICA as he left chicago, in CHAOS AND RUIN!

      • Robert Smith

        Bit red BS flag: “has stated HE WILL SIDE WITH THE MUSLIMS!”

        Really? Got a quote on that one?


  • http://google dgarnie

    We don’t need no stinkin Christian values. We got 275 violent crimes, high unemployment, 100,000 gang members, crooked politicians. We got Democrat values.

    • Peter

      I larfed so much I creaked ma bones!

  • Bill

    If I owned a business in Chicago or Boston I would be looking to move.
    I would want better security for my business and better schools for my
    future employees. The taxes my business payed would be better served
    elsewhere. These are my values

  • Tony

    Rahm is right. Chick-Fil-A’s values are NOT Chicago’s values. That’s fortunate for CFA and is part of why CFA is a roaring success and Chicago is a toilet. Boston is also a toilet. Two great cities, many wonderful people, but horrible leaders and rampant corruption. I have to agree, there are significant differences in values there.

    • Randy G

      Funny thing is not many CFAs in Phoenix,AZ. either just too many illegal invaders & theives!!!!

    • Dave

      Detroit’s no better, tony ….. the black politician’s continue to rape and pilliage the city coffers, with coruption and under the table bribes – Kwame Kilpatrick for one, why is he not still in Jail ?

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Here you have the TEN POOREST CITIES with population over 250,000 & the percentage (%) of People Below the Poverty Level

        1. Detroit, MI – 32.5%
        2. Buffalo, NY – 29.9%
        3. Cincinnati, OH – 27.8%
        4. Cleveland, OH – 27.0%
        5. Miami, FL – 26.9%
        5. St. Louis, MO – 26.8%
        7. El Paso, TX – 26.4%
        8. Milwaukee, WI – 26.2%
        9. Philadelphia, PA – 25.1%
        10. Newark, NJ – 24.2%

        Take a guess WHAT these cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common?
        Yep. The Mayors of these cities (ALL Cities) are Democratic Asses.

        Detroit, MI (1st on the list) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1961.
        Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1954.
        Cincinnati, OH (3rd) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1984.
        Cleveland, OH (4th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1989.
        Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican mayor.
        St. Louis, MO (6th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1949.
        El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican mayor.
        Milwaukee, WI (8th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1908.
        Philadelphia, PA (9th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1952.
        Newark, NJ (10th) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1907.

  • OOOOPPert EEEEpert

    I keep waiting for Cathy to be charged with a federal “HATE CRIME” from our thug attorney general…….Funny how when the homosexuals & their supporters have their decadent PRIDE PARADES, and show Jesus in bondage & Mother Mary in a bikini that is acceptable & not considered a hate crime!!!!

    • eddie47d

      These stories always bring out the gay bashing and we are never disappointed. Just to balance things out the KKK is alive and well in the USA and have anti-homosexual views just like you. If I have to take sides I would pick a gay person over the rope lynching intolerant thugs of that hooded bunch. I agree that gays can be obnoxious during these parades and they think it’s all in good harmless fun. They think it’s Brazilian Carnival time a little too often but mean no harm. On the other hand the KKK’s main purpose is to cause harm to others and in a violent way. The also do it in the name of Christianity.

      • Peter

        Extremism and twisted logic, thy name is eddie47d!

      • Bill

        I guess you just gotta break out the KKK card. FOOL.

      • phideaux

        “Extremism and twisted logic, thy name is eddie47d!”

        “I guess you just gotta break out the KKK card. FOOL”

        When that’s all you have to offer as is the case with eddie you have to go with it.

      • speedle

        Eddie, it seems that we need to be careful of our words seeing as how sound bites and catch phrases are the driving force in our culture these days. “Tolerance” is a good word and it gets used frequently. It should be part of our culture and taught to children as a good thing. That means being “tolerant” of people who have different opinions (which is a attribute that escapes almost all “progressives” (boy, now there is a miscast label). So if an individual does not like the gay lifestyle and thinks it is decadent, he is should be perfectly able to state his opinion without being discriminated against or otherwise slandered (or refused rights that others enjoy like permitting business to operate).

        The thing is that if “progressives” would actually practice the meaning of their own hallowed slogans, we might actually have some basis of working things out. Until then, they are nothing more than ranting hypocrites with zero credibility, and a one way ticket to political irrelevance.

      • http://yahoo gator

        eddie, i hate to tell you this but there is far more prejudice in the north than there is in the south.
        there will always be those that are mis-lead into joining groups or people who hate and wish to destroy.
        hitler, kkk, black panthers, white supremists, muslim brotherhood, united nations, hussein barrack obama, the list goes on and on.
        the important thing is that we learn all we can about these people/groups and don’t let color or race blind us to the FACTS. we are at a pivotal time in history, not in over 200 years has this great nation been under such attack, from within and from without.
        if we fail to protect our GOD-given rights, it will be much harder to regain our FREEDOM the next time around.

      • History Man

        I grew up in and still live in Texas. My Junior High and High were integrated before Judge Willy’s (Judge William Wayne Justice) desegregation order. We had no racial problems-black, hispanic and white kids sat together at the same tables in the lunchroom. It was when black racial agitators came down here from the north that we started having racial problems. It got to the point that my black friends said they could not be friends anymore because they were getting beat up by the new black students for being friends with white students. The ones I still have contact with still don’t want to talk about it.

      • eddie47d

        I hear you on that one History Man and have seen that happen to others. Too many people take black pride or white pride a little too far.

        • History Man

          Eddie47, this is true at all the schools in my area and I hear the same story from other people I meet from other parts of the country, who are around my age, in school in the 70’2 and 80′s.

      • eddie47d

        Who are you covering for Peter,Bill and Phideaux? I could have just as easily said the neo-Nazi movement or the Minutemen Defense or the Sovereign Nation and so forth. The KKK is more recognizable to most so my point could be made. Some of you still haven’t figured out all the racists groups that are on the right. You’d be shocked in what they all do and what they stand for.

      • daniel

        Michael Swift’s Homosexual Manifesto:
        We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops, in your all-male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us.
        Women, you cry for freedom. You say you are no longer satisfied with men; they make you unhappy. We, connoisseurs of the masculine face, the masculine physique, shall take your men from you then. We will amuse them; we will instruct them; we will embrace them when they weep. Women, you say you wish to live with each other instead of with men. Then go and be with each other. We shall give your men pleasures they have never known because we are foremost men too, and only one man knows how to truly please another man; only one man can understand the depth and feeling, the mind and body of another man.
        All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead, legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men.
        All homosexuals must stand together as brothers; we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically and financially. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy.
        If you dare to cry faggot, fairy, queer, at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts and defile your dead, puny bodies.
        We shall write poems of the love between men; we shall stage plays in which man openly caresses man; we shall make films about the love between heroic men which will replace the cheap, superficial, sentimental, insipid, juvenile, heterosexual infatuations presently dominating your cinema screens. We shall sculpt statues of beautiful young men, of bold athletes which will be placed in your parks, your squares, your plazas. The museums of the world will be filled only with paintings of graceful, naked lads.
        Our writers and artists will make love between men fashionable and de rigueur, and we will succeed because we are adept at setting styles. We will eliminate heterosexual liaisons through usage of the devices of wit and ridicule, devices which we are skilled in employing.
        We will unmask the powerful homosexuals who masquerade as heterosexuals. You will be shocked and frightened when you find that your presidents and their sons, your industrialists, your senators, your mayors, your generals, your athletes, your film stars, your television personalities, your civic leaders, your priests are not the safe, familiar, bourgeois, heterosexual figures you assumed them to be. We are everywhere; we have infiltrated your ranks. Be careful when you speak of homosexuals because we are always among you; we may be sitting across the desk from you; we may be sleeping in the same bed with you.
        There will be no compromises. We are not middle-class weaklings. Highly intelligent, we are the natural aristocrats of the human race, and steely-minded aristocrats never settle for less. Those who oppose us will be exiled.
        We shall raise vast private armies, as Mishima did, to defeat you. We shall conquer the world because warriors inspired by and banded together by homosexual love and honor are invincible as were the ancient Greek soldiers.
        The family unit-spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence will be abolished. The family unit, which only dampens imagination and curbs free will, must be eliminated. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory. They will be bonded together in communal setting, under the control and instruction of homosexual savants.
        All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only gods are handsome young men. We adhere to a cult of beauty, moral and esthetic. All that is ugly and vulgar and banal will be annihilated. Since we are alienated from middle-class heterosexual conventions, we are free to live our lives according to the dictates of the pure imagination. For us too much is not enough.
        The exquisite society to emerge will be governed by an elite comprised of gay poets. One of the major requirements for a position of power in the new society of homoeroticism will be indulgence in the Greek passion. Any man contaminated with heterosexual lust will be automatically barred from a position of influence. All males who insist on remaining stupidly heterosexual will be tried in homosexual courts of justice and will become invisible men.
        We shall rewrite history, history filled and debased with your heterosexual lies and distortions.
        We shall portray the homosexuality of the great leaders and thinkers who have shaped the world. We will demonstrate that homosexuality and intelligence and imagination are inextricably linked, and that homosexuality is a requirement for true nobility, true beauty in a man.
        We shall be victorious because we are fueled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed who have been forced to play seemingly bit parts in your dumb, heterosexual shows throughout the ages. We too are capable of firing guns and manning the barricades of the ultimate revolution.
        Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks.

        eddie just thought you would like to read some good ole homosexual “fun”. NOT

  • Laura Schlegel (@mondovibe)

    the mentality of discrimination is intolerable no matter what side of the political party…we got rid of the dixie dems but they slid over to the neocons

    • MAP

      The South is a part of this country whether you like it or not. They were a part from the very beginning and were major players in the writing of the Constitution. That they should, for more than 200 years, be the whipping post for everything wrong with this country is an injustice, but then, so is the more than 200 year smear campaign against them. No doubt, being spoon-fed this bigotry and hatred since birth, you are ignorant. Since you are probably a leftist, you have perfectly illustrated the hypocrisy of tolerance the article above describes. And for your information, the Neocons are not a product of the South:

      • Laura Schlegel (@mondovibe)

        illogical assumptions

      • Opal the Gem

        Yes Laura your ASSumptions are illogical.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I don’t believe you even know what discrimination means. Leftists have claimed that word for themselves to intimidate opponents of their views and bully them into submission.
      You discriminate from sundown to sunup when you make choices in your life. Get over being stupid.

    • MAP

      You are right Laura. Everything you said above is totally illogical. But that is the core of everything leftist. You demonstrate it perfectly: Bundles of seething hatred, self-righteous in their illogical hypocrisy. It is an ideology for fools. Thnaks for the wonderful demonstration.

      • eddie47d

        Laura is right,thanks for pointing that out. There is little difference between the old Dixiecrats and the neocons of today

  • Chester

    One quick answer to the headline concerning how tolerant progressives, liberals, or however YOU want to name those who don’t follow your line of bs. Progressives are very tolerant of those who are themselves tolerant. When you go out of your way to proclaim to the world your INTOLERANCE, the way Mr. CAthy of Chik-Fil-A fame has, then no, you will not be tolerated, nor welcome to push your line in a tolerant city. Most truly TOLERANT people don’t tell you that not believing like them is a sin, the way too many people in this column do. Now, tell ME who is tolerant and intolerant, as it appears to me that the so-called right is among the least tolerant groups in existence. I won’t quite place them in the same category as the communists, because the beliefs ARE different, but the degree of tolerance is nearly the same.

    • Peter

      …and if we tolerate that, our children will be next. Tolerance is an absolute furphy chester baby! It is a pathetic excuse for having no spine to stand up for anything. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” And you obviously have. Pity.

    • momo

      Progressives are very tolerant of those who are themselves tolerant.

      Progressives are tolerant as long as you agree with them, if not they try their best to destroy you. Cathy was expressing a personal opinion, not a company policy. If you don’t like what he says don’t eat at Chick-fil-A. As for the two dumb a$$ mayors, they’re looking for political gain.

      • katrinawb

        Exactly! Liberals are the least liberal of all.

    • rb

      Why Chester…you’re being intolerant.

    • anon

      If its Not a sin then why do they get so up in arms about it??? If they’re not feeling guilty about something??? And besides…HE HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY WHAT HE BELIEVES he didn’t say you had to…Get over it…this is just a way to draw attention away from OBUMMER an his crap he’s pulling…!

    • History Man

      Why are homosexuals so illogical?

      • eddie47d

        As Peter stated people have to stand up for their rights or take the back seat of society. Homosexuals don’t have to tolerate second class status any more than a Christian being denied the God given right to go to church. Nothing illogical about their “demands”.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, homosexuals already HAVE the SAME rights as everybody else!!! To say anything else is absolutely ABSURD!!! NOWHERE is there a law that says, “this applies to everyone except homosexuals”!!! The laws apply to everyone EQUALLY!!! THAT is EQUAL RIGHTS!!! Once we start making special laws for “special” groups, we’ll be a country where every action is legislated!

  • Greg T Beaty

    Both the city of Boston and the City of Chicago are being eaten from the inside out by really dumb people like these mayors (What no smart person want the job of mayor in Boston or Chicago?). When the last person that believe in biblical principles leave these cities bring the flag please and build a wall of fire to keep the others in too.

    • History Man

      If and when Obama pulls the trigger for Martial Law because of domestic violence, it will have started in Chicago….mark my words.

      • Josie

        I don’t know if it will start in Chicago, but I do agree with your post 1000%!!!!!

  • flobelle

    Kudos to Dan Cathy ! Emanuel & Menino could take a lesson from Mr. Cathy . Contrary to what they believe ,not everyone agrees with them.

  • Fedup!

    If you agree with the basic viewpoints of Dan Cathy, you should stop by one of his stores and do business with him. As well as any other business that belive’s in these core values. These companies do a lot of good that the public is not aware of. Dan Cathy does not discriminate in his hiring. He has a guy manager in a store I vist. You have to respect / not all ways agree with a person who has strong convictions and willing to state them. At least you know up front where Dan Cathy is coming from. The person who has to spin, half truth, or bold face lie is a person you should be very carefull of. Oh! no- I just describe are current President! Opps! my bad!

  • Devasahayam

    Chicago has values?

    As far as Mumbles — one more reason never to move to Taxachussets!

  • Kelly

    This fellow Cathy stated his beliefs – I have yet to find where he stated or indicated that he would not hire or wait on someone who is gay.I also have not found anything to indicate that he advocates being violent toward gays. So because he has stated out loud his beliefs he is bigoted and intolerant? I guess I am missing something here. This is America and we are (currently) free to believe what we want. If you do not like what Cathy believes and the fact that he basis his business on those beliefs then don’t eat there! I realize that is an extremely simple and easy solution but it seems (in my opinion) that because Cathy has had the nerve to verbally state what he believes now he needs to be boycotted and whatever else until he either apologizes or retracts what he says – so now who is the intolerant party?

    • Doris Simonis

      I don’t have access to a Chick in my area, but would be willing to put my money where my mouth is and buy stock to enable a good Christian business somewhere in Missouri along I-70 between Kansas City & Jefferson City for us “Right Wing Blievers in God” to have a like minded place to spread our “Wealth” around. Also how bout wraping the sandwich in paper with John 3:16 quoted on it.

      • Josie

        Doris, if you ever make it to Springfield, MO, there are two of them there.

  • GDC

    Tolerance is NOT necessarily a good thing. Should parent tolerate their children using drugs? Steeling? Or doing any other thing that is obviously wrong or bad for them? Not if they are good parents. So tolerance is good only depending on the subject being tolerated or not.

    • History Man

      Should parents tolerate their children being molested by homosexuals at the movie theater?

      • eddie47d

        Should parents tolerate a heterosexual molesting their children in a movie theater or anyplace? I knew you were strange but now I don’t have to give you the benefit of the doubt!

  • Breeze

    I like Chick-fil-A even more now. Build one next to me.

    • http://yahoo gator


  • sean murry

    Chicago is filled with crooked politcans.

    • momo

      That’s why its called “crook” county.

      • http://yahoo gator

        hey MOMO, through all my travels, and as many times as i’ve been to chicago, i didn’t know in was in ‘crook county’!!! now thats funny!

  • James Kirksey

    Mr. Dan Cathy has smoked out the real agenda’s of two Mayors, Emanuel and Menio. Both Mayors have expressed in certain terms what this progressive (Marxist) movement is all about. Mr. Cathy does not need to make his outstanding fast foods available to cities governed by amoral politicians. Chick-Fil-A can continue to prosper among the Christians, who appreciate values over the vulgar.

    • http://N/A Carly Harris

      Mr. Kirksey……………You nare dead on!!!

    • Opal the Gem

      I have seen/heard rumors that Emanual and obama were bedroom buddies in Chicago. Haven’t seen any proof positive of it though.

      • History Man

        Why do you think Michelle was so ticked and Rahm left town?

  • http://N/A Carly Harris

    :-) ‘are” to previous.

  • sabulaman

    Next Wed., Aug. 1st, is support Chick-Fil-A day. i intend on eating lunch there. Please join me. If you haven’t heard this, it’s true.

  • GiveMeLiberty

    Good ole Rahm, steps on the throat of a job-producing, Christian-based, hi-quality Amercian company but then turns around and embraces, or essentially deputizes the likes of Farrakan to secure his city. What a frightening concept.

    I would submit this to the idiot who claims to be a mayor, “embrace more companies like Chick-fil-a and you’ll find your economy growing, which tends to improve social conditions and likely to reduce your crime infestation.”

    I say this to the OUTSTANDING company Chick-fil-a, “get out of the north, especially the northern cities”. The available workforce in those locations will do nothing but bring your quality reputation down! In the meantime, I will continue to ONLY patronize your establishments. Your food is consistently outstanding, service consistently second to none and the cleaniness top notch.

  • James Maxwell

    Looks like the whining tollerant liberals and their so called diversity kooks are out in force.
    I have seen nothing about where they are attacking any one in the company mission
    statement. They are a Christian family who follows the teaching of the Bible. They do not
    support deviant lifestyles or lack of morals. They beleive in FAMILY values and a family unit, plus they like the majority of Americans beleive a marriage is between a man and a
    woman, not members of the same sex. If deviants want to live together no one is stoping
    them or telling they cannot do so. Personally I have no problem with them livings as they
    desire, I just do not have to condone it nor support them in their lifestyle choices just like
    I do not have to condone drug usage or alchold abuse either.

  • jim

    Once again it all boils down to GOD vs the world. The world has its views which 99% of the time anymore are counter to GOD’s laws. The world cares not what GOD says and will go to no end to persecute anyone who stands for GOD and his laws. It is only going to get worse until Jesus sets foot again on this planet and says enough is enough. Just like in the days of Noah, said our Lord, so it will be in the last days. We are in the days where man is calling good evil and evil good. Mr Cathy said nothing hateful against homosexuals, nor does he discriminate in his business against homosexuals. He is just expressing his view and support of GOD’s law about marriage. If you do not agree about GOD’s law for marriage, then you will have to take that up with GOD, not Mr Cathy.

    • History Man

      I didn’t say it….God said it. Excellent!

  • Julie

    Can’t wait for our chich fil a to open in Peoria, IL. I will be there to support that business. Down state IL (anything south of I 80) is completely repulsed by what goes on in Mafia Land. Our own state representitives rhetorically suggested south of I 80 should be it’s own state and let Mafia Land wither in it’s own corruption. The left is tolerant only when you agree with them.

  • jorgi

    This is the sign of the times as the Lord tells us in scripture . I feel sorry for anyone who thinks the way these people do .
    Just think ,if Chix-fila left Boston ,that would so many jobs lost . Many tourist with Christian values should by pass Boston .
    Silly people ,they will ruin themselves with there own words . Pharroh did the same when speaking to Moses .
    We need to pray in earnest for Boston . This is the oppinion of one man ,the author of this piece .

  • http://n/a AmFer

    At last! Rahm Emanuel speaks the truth -

  • Bernie

    Interesting…..Boston home of Harvard and MIT! I threw my Harvard jersey away in disgust.

    • uvuvuv

      harvard is across the river, isn’t it? the river immortalized by the standells?

  • Dee Hamby

    I understand the Mayors of Boston and Chicago should have their personal opinions but they are elected officials? and thus should speak on the part of the Cities and any City in the USA who would not welcome CHic-Fil-A really has a problem. They are A+ in every catagory and YES, THEY TOO ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION.

  • Wyatt

    Ahh ! Banned in Boston ! I wonder how Boston and Chicago Mayors would feel if they were served with lawsuits for restriction of trade ? Their stance is also based on their objection to free speech .
    To my knowlege , Chick a fil is entitled to say anything they want as long as they do not break any law by refusing service . If someone refuses to dine their , that is my choice , Just it is my choice to boycott Starbucks and other business’s that promote the destruction of family values

  • Priscilla King

    So what else is new? For almost twenty years now Rahm Emanuel’s been tagged as “The Mean One” who will consistently support RICH WHITE MALES, even and especially the ones who claim to have been victimized because of their sexual tastes, over anyone who has less. The disturbing thing about Mr. Emanuel is that he doesn’t seem to mind this.

  • Cliff

    You’ve missed the whole point. It’s really all about “pay-to-play.” If you want to start a business or get something fixed in Chicago, first you send a “contribution” to the democratic party, and possibly to the re-election campaigns of the elected “officials” you want to do business with. When the health department, fire inspector, Operation PUSH, FOP, etc., come by, you buy them lunch or dinner or send their kids a graduation card to make sure everything “goes smoothly.”
    If you don’t follow protocol, you don’t get the necessary licenses.
    The alderman made a bad call. He should have cited “traffic problems” instead of “Chicago values” in order to strong-arm “contributions” from Chic-fil-A.
    This corrupt “system” has been adopted and refined from the mafia crime families that made Chicago famous. That’s why Chicago, Illinois, and now the U.S. are all in such good financial shape. They are all being run by the Chicago Mob disguising themselves as democrats.

  • uvuvuv

    fight intolerance, boycott chick-fil-A.
    it’s strange these days that it’s controversial to speak against gay marriage instead of for it. everyone thought carrie prejean would say, oh yes i support it with love in my heart, but when she denied gay marriage they couldn’t unleash enough hate.
    what seems to be unknown is that gays can marry anytime, girls, that is. i know, awful.
    the trouble is gay supporters don’t know what they “do” and they don’t want to know. if you’re curious yourself, you reading this, look at gay porn tube in the internet.

    • nw

      You’re sick

      • History Man

        If you don’t like the gay sex that is on the internet, then you are anti-gay. Cut and dry.

      • History Man

        John Mackey, I work in a Residential Treatment center and I’ll compare my University credentials to your any day. And its homosexuals who try to accuse normal people of being homosexual.

    • uvuvuv

      nw, or read the transcripts from the jerry sandusky trial. and i’m the one who’s sick? if i was really sick they wouldn’t have let me out on a day pass, would they? wow, here i am in the outside world!

  • uvuvuv

    once the gays are no longer useful to the dnc they will get the same concern that the indians do. blacks are facing this tipping point and they know it, that’s why they’re getting all they can now. you see, the hispanics are now the minority of choice. another point, speaking of, if gays are a recognized minority because of their habits and inclinations, then how about kleptomaniacs? should we not storm the halls of congress in support of them?

    • John Mackey

      How utterly moronic. Can you say ‘Born This Way’.

      • uvuvuv

        hey, now that you brought it up, how about if lady gaga opens a restaurant called, get this, it’s coming, be patient, roll it julio, lady-gag-A.

      • History Man

        “Born this way” is a cop out to being deviant indoctrination of the pc crowd.

        • John Mackey

          History Man You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About (or, you’re in the closet) also, judgment is spelled funny, but only bright people know that!

      • eddie47d

        Considering that American Christian Conservatives are actively attempting to write the laws in Uganda and encouraging the death penalty for gays then anything they attempt is suspect right here in the USA. They tried to also legalize the killing of abortion doctors in South Dakota 3 years ago. Everyone has an agenda.

      • Josie

        Nope, there is no scientific FACT that says gays are born that way. And it used to fall under mental disorders. Now that the human DNA strand on genome has been done, there is no proof, no studies, no nothing that states with fact, that gays are born that way. It is a lifestyle CHOICE, PERIOD!!!!!

        • John Mackey

          Josie: Methinks She Doth Protesteth Too Much!

          • GDC

            That IS a common response by the HOMOSEXUALS. IT does PROVES that HOMOSEXUALS are MENTALLY SICK. They can ONLY repeat what they are told to say.

          • John Mackey

            Come Out Of The Closet, GDC. You’ll be fine.

          • GDC


  • Mike

    All I can say is that, when have Chicago values been American values? All decent people should totally boycott Boston and Chicago. And, along with that, defeat their biggest ally, Barack Obama.

    • mark

      Yeah Boston has nothing to do with American values. …. Uh, wait a minute, the American Revolution began there. Oh well, guess you were sleeping that day in history class. No problem. Very few contributors on this site know squat about the history of their own country. It’s apparently part of the LIbertarian brand.

      • History Man

        I’ve been to Boston The Boston of the Revolution time does not exist anymore. It has been taken over by pc people who know nothing of our history. Same with Detroit, Chicago, New York, etc etc etc..

  • mark

    A man whose last name is Cathy hates gays! I love it. Chatty Cathy should keep his mouth shut when it comes to offending potential customers. But he does have a right to say what he wants as long as his words do not call for violence. And he has a right to run businesses in Boston and Chicago. The mayors are overreaching with their words in an election year. No surprise there. Obama and Romney are doing the same everyday as is every pol up for Senate, House, dogcatcher.

  • http://Chamberlain James

    Unfortunately, these people are not looking for tolerance. The are looking for affirmation. They want Christians to say their lifestyle (homosexuals) is good and alright. I can’t say that and no Bible believing Christian can say that without offending God.

    • History Man

      There will be a lot of surprised people on the Day of Judgement–by God’s word, not man’s word.

  • http://yahoo gator

    fortunately for the ‘deviates’ we are not living in ‘OLD TESTAMENT’ times. sodom and gamorah, as an example.

  • RC

    I haven’t been to a Chik-Fil-A in a LONG time, but last night decided to go again. There was a very long line at the drive-thru, and inside a small line. It doesn’t seem that the homosexual call for a ‘boycott’ is having much effect here.
    Personally, I’m tired of having 5% of the population dictating to me about what ‘tolerance’ is supposed to mean, and telling me that I need to keep my ‘opinion’ to myself when they are rabidly voiciferous about the abnormal lifestyle they have chosen.

    • John Mackey

      It is not abnormal, just different. There’s no choice involved. Jesus said, “Many are called, but few are chosen”. IMO, He’s talking about Gays being celibate priests and nuns. Ministers who are married w/children are not what He had in mind; They have divided loyalties between their families and their flocks.

      • History Man

        You don’t know the Bible. The Israelite priests were married.The new testament says nothing about ministers having to be not married. The Catholic Church would not have so much trouble if they did not demand unmarried priests. And molesting boys is not being celibate.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear John Mackey

        You write: “Jesus said, “Many are called, but few are chosen”. IMO, He’s talking about Gays being celibate priests and nuns. Ministers who are married w/children are not what He had in mind; They have divided loyalties between their families and their flocks.” Your Bible knowledge is sorely lacking and your logic is as sound as 1+1=1,000.The quote you cited was from Matthew 22:14 and has nothing to do with gays or priests or nuns. There is no scriptural basis for priests or nuns in the New Testament church. The term “nun” doesn’t exist in New Testament Christianity. There is no scriptural basis for requiring evangelists to remain celibate. This is a Catholic fairy tale. There is certainly no basis in Scripture making the gay lifestyle acceptable.

        Best wishes,

      • Jay

        Wow John, you were doing reasonably well, even for one so deluded, until this, your comment. Did you honestly think you could get away with making such a ridiculous invention? My advice? Stick to what you know, and do best; advancing the homosexual agenda!

      • Robert Smith

        Bob Livingston says: “They have divided loyalties between their families and their flocks.”

        ie: The church might not inherit it all.


    • Jeremy Leochner

      I was raised to live by the golden rule of “treat others the way you wish to be treated”. Homosexuality is not abnormal and it is not a choice. Unless sexual orientation is something one can choose. Apparently people can choose to be heterosexual or homosexual. My only problem with that is if you choose to be sexually attracted to members of the same sex does that not imply you are already attracted to members of the same sex. Sexual orientation is not a choice and it is not abnormal.

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Jeremy Leochner wrote “Sexual orientation is not a choice and it is not abnormal.”

        Jeremy, Would you please care to cite a source to back up your unfounded rant.

        Jeremy, HOMOSEXUALITY IS A CHOICE and not only IS ABNORMAL, but God said that homosexuality is an abomination, which means detestable, hateful, disgust:

        “You SHALL NOT LIE WITH A MALE AS WITH A WOMAN; IT IS AN ABOMINATION [detestable; hateful]…But YOU SHALL KEEP MY STATUTES AND MY RULES and DO NONE of these ABOMINATIONS, either the native or the stranger, who sojourns among you…So KEEP My charge NEVER to PRACTICE ANY of these ABOMINABLE customs, that were practiced before you, and never to make yourselves unclean by them: I am the LORD your GOD.” (Leviticus 18:22-30)

        “For even their WOMEN DID CHANGE THE NATURAL USE into that which is AGAINST THE NATURE; and likewise ALSO THE MEN, LEAVING THE NATURAL USE OF THE WOMAN, BURNED IN THEIR LUST ONE TOWARD ANOTHER; MEN COMMITTING SHAMELESS ACTS WITH MEN and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.” (Rom.1:26, 27)

        I can cite much more, but I am limited in time.


        God created everything in order successively (in consistence & logic) including marriage.
        Here is the God’s successive order in His creation of marriage:

        1. God created man and woman, one for other. (Gen.1:27; 2:18, 21-25; 5:1)
        2. Man breaks his bond with his parents and bonds with his wife. Their relation is glued. (Gen.2:24)
        3. Husband and wife no longer two, but one flesh. (Gen.2:24)
        4. The marriage is God’s own work. The marriage is ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN – and this bond should be for life. (Gen.1:27; 2:7, 18, 21-24)
        5. “God created MALE AND FEMALE and BLESSED THEM and said unto them: ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.’” GOD BLESSED MARRIAGE ONLY BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN — HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE. Only HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE can produce offspring — have children. (Gen.1:27, 28; 5:1-2)
        6. Strength of marriage unity – Jesus Said: What God has joined, no men shall separate. (Mt.19:4-6)

        Here is the Bible’s summary: Marriage is God’s creation, which is between ONE MAN and ON WOMAN ONLY — HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE. And God commanded that SEX belongs ONLY and ONLY to the HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE.

        Jesus Christ confirmed that: “Have you not read that He (God), Who created them from the beginning, made them MALE and FEMALE? Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave TO HIS WIFE and they shall become one flash.” (Mt.19:4-5; Mk.10:6-8; Genesis 1:27; 2:22-24)

        Jeremy, the problem with your statement is that NONE of the many studies could find and demonstrate that biology did play any role in the development of human sexual orientation. Regardless of the hard push from the homosexual community the HOMOSEXUAL “GENE”, which would be responsible for their sexual orientation, was not found.

        HOMOSEXUAL community was “successful” in the removing homosexuality from the EPA’s (the oldest Psychological Association in the United States) official list of PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS in December of 1973 because in 1970 the SAME-GENDER SEX ACTIVISTS began a PROGRAM OF INTIMIDATION AIMED at the American PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (APA), which was LED BY RADICALS like Frank Kameny.

        But for me (as well as for the majority psychologists and psychiatrists) homosexuality remains mental disorder (like Pedophilia, Paraphilia, Necrophilia, Fetishism, Sexual Sadism, Sexual Masochism, Bestiality), which leads to the sexual misbehavior.
        Jeremy, even if you are an atheist and do not believe in GOD’s standards of morality, there is the NATURAL LAW or the LAW OF NATURE, which determines human behavior BY NATURE what is natural and what is NOT by reasoning of human nature – both personal and social. The LAW OF NATURE figures out, determines and accepts required rules of social, personal and sexual behavior.

        And guess what Jeremy – the anal & oral sex, which homosexuals practice, by NATURAL LAW are regarded as ABNORMAL & ANOMALOUS as well as Bestiality, Pedophilia, Paraphilia, Necrophilia and others “philias”.

        Children in the homosexual “families” do not have model of mother or father. They are embarrassed and humiliated and they are growing confused and unhappy. This is the most important factor for NOT to accept HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE.

        Best wishes, Alondra

        P.S. Jeremy, you do not know what the golden rule means. First of all it based on the LAW OF NATURE.

        • GDC

          Sexual “orientation” IS a choice. ALL of the “information” other wise IS FRAUDULENT!


      • Josie

        It is a lifestyle CHOICE, period! There are no genes, no strand in DNA, nothing in the human genome that stipulates otherwise. Gay used to fall under mental illness, which has been changed, but it is still a CHOSEN lifestyle! Talk to a Dr, geneticist, or scientist of some sort before spouting crap you know nothing about.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        You have the bible. However I cannot really cite anything in regard to specific individuals. My point is that you cannot judge people based on labels. Just because someone is gay does not mean they act a certain way. And so you cannot say that homosexuality is abnormal or evil just because the bible says it is.
        In regards to choice I do not know biology or how it would factor in. All I have is a question I pose to everyone who believes that homosexuality is a choice. If homosexuality is a choice it means a person can choose who they are sexually attracted to. I am a heterosexual. If homosexuality is a choice then that means it is possible for me to choose to be attracted to members of the same sex. One slight problem, I have no desire to and I am not attracted to members of the opposite sex. If homosexuality is a choice and heterosexuality is “Natural” since according to you homosexuality is “Unnatural” or rather violates “The Natural Law” then that means that every homosexual on earth was born heterosexual and choose to be homosexual. But again why would someone choose to be attracted to members of the same sex unless one is already attracted to members of the same sex. I had no choice in my sexual orientation, unless I am somehow genetically different from other human beings in regards to sexual orientation it is hard for me to believe that homosexuality is a matter of choice for homosexuals when heterosexuality is not a matter of choice for heterosexuals.
        Now on a personal note. I have friends who are homosexual so there is a little bias on my part. However I know for a fact that homosexuality and “Bestiality, Pedophilia, Paraphilia, Necrophilia and others “philias” are nothing alike. First all the things you listed involve one person or one living thing imposing their sexual desires on another with or without that others consent or in the case of necrophilia on a dead thing. Homosexuality has nothing to do with lack of consent. Heterosexuals also engage in forcing people to engage in sexual acts against their will, that is not something only homosexuals do.Second in regards to pedophilia specifically here is matter of age. Homosexuality is not based on going after someone of a younger age who is not 18 or older, that is pedophilia, not homosexuality. Homosexuality is not a perverse and evil lifestyle. Heterosexuals engage in anal and oral sex as well and I can imagine plenty of heterosexuals have done things that you would probably consider just as abominable as anal or oral sex. Unspeakable perverse sex is not perpetrated only by homosexuals and sexual deviants, Everyone has their own quirk. There are plenty of perfectly acceptable things people do in their personal lives that any other person might find disgusting. That is what they do and this is the point. Homosexuality involves people of legal age who based on mutual consent perform acts that heterosexuals do as well in the privacy of their own homes. If a homosexual violates the rules I just mentioned it would be no different then if a heterosexual did. I do not need to site a source for that. If a homosexual and a heterosexual do the same thing it is no more or less bad for either party to have done it.
        Children of homosexuals do have models of mother and father. My parents are divorced so I dd not grow up in a conventional family with precise mother and father figures in their traditional roles. However I was never embarrassed or ashamed. Those kids you mentioned are probably just ashamed because there is a stigma of being gay in many places and children are left bearing the burden because they or someone they know is gay. It is wrong to judge people without knowing them. That is simply the truth. Judging someone without knowing them is prejudice, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

        And with all due respect I do know the golden rule. It is based on basic human decency and simple truth. However you treat others expect the same in return.

        • GDC

          That is a very long comment and has many subject to be addressed so it will take some time to reply to it all. The one thing I will leave you with now is how many years have you studied psychology or human sexuality? I have studied it for 50 years and will say YOU are WRONG about everything you posted!

          I do appreciate the comment since it does cover most all of the MIS-information and LIES that had been told for several decades

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Then please explain to me how sexual orientation is a choice when I had no choice. I have always been sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. It wasn’t a choice. I saw a pretty women I was attracted. So how is it it is a choice for some not for others. Could it be that there is a difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals that goes beyond mere lifestyle. I think so. I think homosexuals are born homosexual. As such homosexuality only affects those who are homosexual. I grant I am not an expert and know fairly little of psychology but I do not believe it is a matter of psychology. Children and teenagers who have never known homosexuals or who have never known homosexuality have turned out to be homosexuals. How do you explain children and teenagers who are homosexual even though they know next to nothing of homosexuality. Look at the story of Bobby Griffith. A boy raised in a very conservative christian family where homosexuality was called a sin and where nothing good was said about it. He was a homosexual and tried to hide it. He did not want to be homosexual and yet he was. It was not a choice for bobby. We know because he mother told the story of how he tried “pray the gay away”. Sexual orientation is not a choice when it is a matter of attraction to members of the same or opposite sex. A child raised by homosexual parents can be heterosexual just as a child raised by heterosexual parents can be homosexual. I respect your expertise but I simply do not believe psychology factors into it. A child can not want to be homosexual and try and “cure” themselves. However they are who they are. Homosexuality is something you are born with. As such it is who they are. Homosexuality affects only homosexuals. A person who is not homosexual need not take part in their activities. If someone who is a homosexual violates acceptable behavior it is no different then if a heterosexual does. A homosexual who commits beastilality or pedophilia is no more or less an abomination then a heterosexual who indulges in the same twisted idea. Homosexuals and heterosexuals engage in oral and anal sex. It is no more or less an abomination when homosexuals do it then when heterosexuals do it. The simple point is. A homosexual is a homosexual. Homosexuality is not evil and homosexuals are not evil. Get to know people before judging them. Since homosexuality involves only homosexuals of consenting age it is not a problem. Anything deviating from consenting age is an abomination whether its hetero or homo in nature. That being the case I default to the golden rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Rarely do people who say homosexuality is abnormal wished for themselves to be treated the way they treat homosexuals.

      • Robert Smith


        Women were not equals then, they were property.

        To lie with a man is indicated that it should be done with respect.


        • John Mackey

          Thank You, Rob, For Brilliant Insight!

    • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

      Dear RC,
      GLBT and all leftists: communists, liberals, progressives, DEMONcrats (list goes on), who are screamingly & insultingly FORCING not only to tolerate but accept THEIR WICKED GODLESS ideology and revoltingly wretched pervert immoral life style as normal.

      They are REQUIRING all of us to be tolerant to their EVIL agenda, to their EVIL views, to their EVIL “values” and immoral & corrupt BEHAVIOR.

      But we MUST remember two things:

      The 1st one is – The Leftists are NOT TOLERANT. Their philosophy is: Tolerance for thee but not for me

      The 2nd is – We should not. We should NOT compromise our Christian VALUES, belief, liberty and FREEDOM.

      “We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

      “Between good and evil there is no reconciliation.” – Alexander Soljenitsen

      There IS NO NEUTRALITY concerning the SATANIC VALUES, because
      “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

      “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

      Many Empires were destroyed by God because they tolerated immorality, wicked life style.
      “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke

      “(T)he foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable PRINCIPLES OF PRIVATE MORALITY; … the propitious smiles of Heaven can NEVER be expected on a NATION THAT DISREGARDS THE ETERNAL RULES OF ORDER AND RIGHT WHICH HEAVEN ITSELF HAS ORDAINED…” – George Washington, First Inaugural, April 30 1789

      RC, Do not compromise YOUR values and YOUR principals and do not let the 2% of the PERVERT (MENTALLY ILL) DISGRACED AND DEPRAVED “MINORITY” to dictate you what you should or should not TOLERATE.

      In God We Trust.

  • SGM

    I am always amazed that politicians in general and liberal, “progressive” politicians in particular are always very quick to point out when they think someone or group is being intolerant but they always turn a blind eye to themselves and their particular brand of intolerance. These mayors are absolutely correct – Chick-fil-A doesn’t represent their city’s “values” – and I for one am very proud they don’t. Why would anyone in their right mind want to embrace Chicago’s or Boston’s “values”? THEY HAVE NO VALUES!! I know there are some good people living in these cities, it’s sad that there are so many “voters” there who “vote early and vote often”, or are dead, or Mickey Mouse, or Hitler, or whoever, that the votes of the good people are outnumbered by the people who will always vote for the Democrat because of all the “free stuff” the government provides to them. Does anyone wonder why are there100,000 gang members in Chicago??? I believe I know why, political correctness will not allow the police to deal with them the way they need to be dealt with.
    No, Mr. Mayors – Chick-fil-A doesn’t represent your “values”…and thank the good Lord they don’t. “Eat Mor Chikin!”

    • Watcher

      Is it too much to ask the fast food restaurants to spend a little more of the billions of dollars they are making to use good, wholesome, non-GMO food? Why is it so damn hard for them to get the g-damned chemicals out of our food. Slaughter the damn chickens – organic free range ones and just grill them and make sure all of your ingredients going into our food and our children’s food is safe and non-GMO and good for us. Good God in Heaven – why the hell has the world gone off the deep end! Obummer and his minions are doing a fantastic job at destroying our country and our people, our way of life, our food, our water, our air (chem trails!) and while he’s at it he is stomping all over YOUR Constitution and Bill of Rights and stomping our Freedoms into the g-damned ground and none of you are waking up fast enough. Turn off the TV folks, get back to actually communicating and having a loving family who has dinner together and makes time for one another and helps each other, not turning into a Investigative Reality based society who is salivating to get into the details of everybody’s life and you’ll see that your friends, family and neighbors will RAT you out to the police state now because they believe what the corrupt gov’t is telling them. They won’t even get an RO system to get the mind dumbing Flouride out of their water and that’s pathetic.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    It is hypocritical to ban a business just because of specific policies. I feel that the policies of Chick Fil-A are intolerant. I personally would encourage people not to go there. However the business still has a right to exist. Tolerance is tricky when it comes to the intolerant. How much intolerance can be tolerated, strange I know. At any rate a business that is not braking the law cannot simply be banned. That would be just as intolerant as what they are doing.

    • History Man

      I have known homosexuals who did not put it in my face and we had no problems. But the open homosexuals cause me all kinds of problems. I believe in live and let live, but they insist I openly promote their agenda.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Its not an agenda to want to be honest about who you are. Homosexuals do not want to simply be homosexual they want to be able to be honest to their friends, family and anyone they wish to tell and not be treated like there is something wrong with them. There is nothing wrong with being who you are. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to be honest and open about who you are.

        • John Mackey

          Jeremy, You said it better than I could

      • History Man

        Jeremy, Your not talking about what I am talking about. I think you know about the behaviors I am talking about.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        In all honesty I do not History man. In your post you said ” But the open homosexuals cause me all kinds of problems. I believe in live and let live, but they insist I openly promote their agenda”. My comment was in reference to that. What is the problem with someone being an “open” homosexual. For the sake of argument what do you mean by “open homosexual”.

      • History Man

        Jeremy, This is to what I am referring. Seeing two guys or gals walking hand in hand in the mall is strange to me, but not disruptive. Two homosexuals dressed to flaunt being homosexual and making out, etc. in public, and jeering at people is what I am referring to.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I can respect that. I would feel that people flaunting their particular choices and jeering at people would be disruptive and annoying. My misunderstanding was that your issue was with people simply being together who were homosexual. I apologize.

        • History Man

          Then we are together on this. Thanks for responding and no apology needed

  • Watcher

    Ok, everyone, or at least those who seek knowledge – have looked into what Chick-fil-
    A is serving there. The food is chemical laden just like all the other fast frankenfood places. It’s not Organic, it’s not grass fed and free range chicken – they come from the chicken mills where the chickens aren’t allowed any freedoms – just like us! – There are multiple chemicals in the breading and God knows which shortening they are frying in. EDTA and BHT anyone? Eat that (expletive deleted) and die slowly. That’s what Big Pharma wants – follow the NWO path to destruction. To all the fast food joints – get Organic or shut down! We want non-GMO food now or we’ll drive you out of business just like Walmart ran out all the Mom and Pop stores.

    • Tequila Party USA by Johnny Ripps

      You sir speak out of pure ignorance…..first Wal Mart is still a store where a mom and pop can get their product on the shelves. As for chicken…..all chicken is farm raised in chicken houses…no such thing as a free range chicken except on such a small scale it would account for less than one half of one percent of all chicken sold in stores or chain food establishments. Organic…lol…dream on…impossible to raise all chicken, beef, and pork,, organicly…..The FDA is doing a pretty good job regulating how these animals are fed and raised….You want organic, move to a farm and try to grow your own and quit believing everything you read, Ouit speading your lies!

  • drneri1970

    I find it ironic how all this huge uproar and anger towards the gay community (which said nothing at the time) and the christian faith because ONE man said his beliefs don’t allow him to acknowledge marriage to be other than 1 man 1 woman. Fine leave it at that, that is his belief (along with quite a many of others). But then you get all these ppl who jump in and start making mountains out of mole hills and those ppl aren’t even gay yet the gays get attacked for it. I never once heard or read that Mr. Cathy said he hated gays or would not serve or employ anyone if they were gay. He is entitled to his own opinion and beliefs just like everyone else is “suppose” to be in this country. After reading the Mayors letter, I did not get that he said “don’t” come to Boston, he was just saying Mr. Cathy might want to re-think that idea and then rambled on about intolerance. I grew up in the North and after serving our country I ended up in the South and this is where I stayed (by choice). The North does have it’s extreme liberals (not for me thank you), but the South has the other extremity (which I am more “tolerant” of). Too much of anything is not good for anyone. As a child religion was “Forced” upon me and no one likes anything forced on them no matter what it is, but I don’t hate or blame christians for that. I have my own beliefs that I live by and don’t force them on anyone else because it is my life and my prerogative (I earn an honest living, pay my bills, & help out when needed), as I feel the same about everyone else. As long as your (or mine) beliefs does not directly or indirectly hurt anyone else and doesn’t interfere with others lives and livelihood, then so be it. I say live and let live. (Ron Paul 2012)

  • Old504Troop

    What happened to everyone’s 1st Amendment rights? You know – Freedom of Speech? -the right to epsouse your views, no matter how terrible or controversial? We, who served in our contry’s military, have a saying – “I MAY NOT AGREE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY, BUT I WILL DEFEND YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT”.

    • Joan

      Agree! And if they think they have the right to boycott Chick, then they will also have to recognize the right of Chick to voice their opinion against them. Boycotters tend to conveniently forget this very important point.



  • jewells1943

    Sure glad I don’t live in Chicago. I was taught to love God and country. When you love God you love and accept EVERYONE for who and what they are. I pray for tolerance, and I will pray for the people of Chicago, and for the communistic government you have. You have to go to the polls, and vote.

  • sodbuster

    You fools, this country is already lost. and it’s not coming back. Immigration, blacks having
    kids like there’s no tomorrow(and there isn’t), crooked polititians(all over). What do you expect ??? You dumbheads out there(about 85%)of our population will soon get what you
    voted for. Has “O” made our country better? Some of you idiots will answer “yes”. I’ve always been amazed, illegal aliens come to this country and want to screw it up like the
    country they came from. Why don’t they stay home and fix their own country? Because
    they want dumb americans to pay for their exsistence, and we do. Not me, I’m 86 and
    won’t be here to deal with all your crap. ta ta……………

  • StevenGarrick

    Since when are they” tolerant”?,..the mayor of boston,and those whack jobs in chicago,plus,these “muppet’s” are not the muppet’s of years ago(jim henson is spinning in his grave wherever he is-the originator of the muppets),sholuld have kept their pie hole’s shut.

  • gracemarie

    Chester, the thing you don’t understand is that tolerance means accepting that others have a right to believe what they want. That means I say about gays that it is their choice to live how they want. However tolerance also means that Christians have a right to believe in God and in the Bible. However, there are some things that are “sin” whether you like it or not. It is a sin to murder another person including an unborn child. It is a sin to commit adultery even though it is now accepted by many in our society. And if you read the Bible upon which principles our society was founded, you will see that in God’s eyes homosexuality is a sin. However, for Mr. Cathy to say that he believes in Christian principles is not intolerant. But for you or the mayor of any city to say that we will not allow a Chick Fil-A restaurant is certainly intolerant.

  • George

    When I first read about this I thought for sure there would be people from Boston and Chicago who would disagree with the mayors and reveal their personal feelings, but not so. Maybe no Christians in those cities, just “progressives” as they call themselves…(in an attempt top throw you off track)

    Definitions of progressive:

    noun: a tense of verbs used in describing action that is on-going
    noun: a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties
    adjective: favoring or promoting progress

    Totally opposite of how the Dems operate……

  • Dan

    Funny…if your faith tells you not to promote the evil of man laying with man that makes one a bigot? So be it. Im a bigot, that will enjoy eating at Chick fil A…

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Actually what makes one a bigot is judging people without getting to know them. Basically assuming someone acts a certain way based only on their label. Something like saying that a man who would lie with another man must be evil without knowing anything else about that person.

  • s c

    Negatory. Utopians are tolerant only when they get what they want and it lets them continue to live in their BIG Tent, la la land. Utopians are always steeped in National Socialism and/or Communism. Hypocrisy is their religion, and career criminal politicians are their high priests. Never forget that, people.

  • http://Aol Charles

    Does anyone ever wondered why they are making such a big deal about neathing. What are they hidden.?????

  • Greg

    The contrast couldn’t be clearer between light and darkness, good and evil. By their fruits you shall know them. Menino and Emanuel vs. Chik Fil A and Billy Graham. Couldn’t be sharper.

  • Pathfinder

    Maybe Chick Fil A really doesn’t belong in Chicago or Boston. Besides banning Chick Fil A both mayors have declared their cities sanctuary cities in direct violation of the Supreme court ruling. So, what we have here is Government enforcing laws that they like and condeming free speech. What is wrong with this picture

  • Dhip

    Is this the kind of government we ought to have? It is time we get rid of this president and all of the power hungry anti-American scum in this administration. If he gets another four years, we won’t recongiize our country. Other than communists, muslims and sexual deviants, why should anyone vote for him?

  • MeanderingMusician

    I think what Simon said (no pun intended) was right on..and I want to add one more thing..this is about “same-sex marriage” period…it isn’t about gay bashing or homophobia..yet the so-called tolerant become the gestapo at the mere mention of altering their agenda…gays and lesbians can have civil unions..with virtualy all the same rights as why the big push for “marriage?” It is a political move by specific groups to force other agendas that are well-hidden..even from their own group members..

  • Larry D. Miller


    • daniel


    • Jeremy Leochner

      Yes if there is one thing liberals like me cannot tolerate its intolerance. Somewhat contradictory I know. But we all have some contradiction I think. We all have things we love and things we hate. Something I hate is prejudice and discrimination. But I hardly think hatred of intolerance and discrimination are confined to liberals.

    • GDC

      That IS Bigotry.

  • George B Vieto

    Progressive are as tolerant as ESPN is a sports network that is friendly to anyone who loves Sarah Palin, Hank Williams Jr. and Rush Limbuagh. None zilch nada.

  • Pathfinder

    Here is something to think about. CFA hires lots of people in each store. One would think that the mayors would welcome the job and tax prospects and let the owner of CFA think what he wants to think. However, these mayors would rather make a political statement and deprive residents of job opportunity. Brilliant!!!!
    If the people of Chicago and Boston have any sense they will can these idiots in the next election. Never forget the stupidity of elected officials.

    These big city mayors

  • JeffH

    I had my first Chic-fil-a sandwich yesterday, spicy, and I know I’ll be stopping in from time to time to have another…it was delicious.

  • uvuvuv

    i’ve seen legs so slim you wonder how they can carry the 100 lb girl’s weight, coupled with hemlines that should be licensed as deadly weapons. what are the gays missing? do they all need an eye chart? how can they prefer some clunky stupid guy to that mentioned above? girls do make an effort to present themselves as attractive, while guys just go out the door as they are, even wearing flannel shirts. a gay sees the occasional really stellar girl as a walking and talking bag of cement. they are tuning out half the world’s population, and who are the ones who are intolerant? does anyone ever wonder about this? there are some serious cranial wiring problems with the gay mentality. it’s like overlooking thoroughbreds to admire some mule. preferring a dodge dart to a lamborghini. i do admit that there are gays who are that way because they are so talented or creative or artistic that they have an intellectual overload. these people we need. yes they can ignore girls if they want, that’s a luxury they earned. but most gays are cheap genetic mutants who stage gay pride parades solely because they are cheap genetic mutants. and they’re trying to make us conform to them, and goodhearted people are going along with this. by the time they recognize their mistake it will be too late. there is no reset button.

  • RightGunner

    It was not so nice, but humorous, so I will pass on a remark made by a conservative commentator on another site about this subject. He said the Chicago and Boston Mayors were not only shaking their fist at God, but they gave him the finger as well.

  • http://yahoo LB

    You know this gay crap has gone on way too long. I mean really, if you enjoy having a bone thrust up your rear and down your throat you dont need rights, you need a psychiatrist. People have been forced to see shrinks for much less stupid reasons. Sure the gay population has grown, because Americans are too lazy to do anything until it affects them personally. Sometimes not even then,like when you hear someone say ” yea my son is gay but I love him anyway”. Well, as a parent, you blew it (no pun intended). Its like gangbangers,thugs standing on the corners waiting to rob you,child molesters and the list could go on and on. Wake up and get up and raise your children to be respectible HUMAN BEINGS.




    • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

      CHRISTOPHER, we do NOT know WHY James Halmes was “PISSED-OFF”.

      Who wants to murder, they will find out the way to do that. In China last year a man killed numerous children at a day care center with just a knife.

      Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791
      A well regulated Militia, BEING NECESSARY TO THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

      “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; THEY ARE THE PEOPLE’S LIBERTY’S TEETH…” – George Washington

      “The very atmosphere of FIREARMS ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE RESTRAINS EVIL INTERFERENCE. They deserve a place of HONOR with all that is good.” – George Washington


      And what goverment we do have now. Who has power? Barry the Deceiver the Kenyan – LIAR and DECEIVER.


      “To DISARM THE PEOPLE is the best and most effectual way to ENSLAVE THEM.” – George Mason, the Founding Father

      “The said Constitution shall NEVER be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own ARMS.” – Samuel Adams, the Founding

      Guns do NOT KILL. PEOPLE DO.

      WATCH this Video (InfoWars) Democratic Operatives Urged Obama To Seize On Attacks

      And watch & listen the LIES of Barry the Deceiver:

      Obama on Gun Control (Debate with Hillary)

      Obama on Gun Control

      Who you, CHRISTOPHER, will vote for in November?

  • GDC

    Rahm Emanuel IS just another COMMUNIST and HE MUST be hanged with Obama. Treason IS a crime punishable by DEATH!!!! That is what they should get!

  • Jay

    Now we know why Fox News never broadcast it as they originally planned to.

    *I encourage you to please send this to everyone on your email list ASAP.*

    *Remember all the notices we kept getting to watch Fox News on Sunday at
    9PM? What Happened?*

    *This is the clip that got pulled due to pressure from the Administration.*

    Obama Puts Heat on Fox News to Prevent Sean Hannity* *airing this piece.

    *This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that
    we are told has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for
    several weeks.*

    *Watch it now before it gets pulled from the internet! *

  • GDC


  • Steve

    One does not have to be Christian to be opposed to re-defining marriage. Languages and cultures through all of human history include the words, husband, wife, marriage. Those three words always go together. Even cultures permissive or tolerant of homosexual behavior have not called it marriage. For that matter, not all heterosexual relationships have been called marriage, which is why languages also have words like mistress, concubine, lover, etc.
    Even the idea that because two people love each other they should automatically be able to marry is fallacious. Marriage was often arranged, sometimes with the groom and bride not even knowing one another. Even if they did know one another, decisions about marriage often had much more to do with uniting estates, families, heredity, inheritance, than the fact the couple loved one another.
    The ideal is that a husband and wife love one another, but marriage as an institution is not primarily about that. It is about the male knowing that the offspring are his, really, which is why the concept bridges all human cultures. It is very easy to know who gave birth to a child, but not so easy to know who sired it, which is why monogamy and the institution of marriage are so universal.

    • Robert Smith

      Posted: “One does not have to be Christian to be opposed to re-defining marriage. ”

      Really? Please give us ONE reason that doesn’t involve religion.

      Oh, and that old saw, “for the kids” is a lie. If it were all about the kids no post-menaupausal woman or particularly injured soldger would be alowed to marry.


      • Steve

        I see you read two of my sentences, Mr. Smith. You seem to have missed the rest of them. As I pointed out, through all history, cultures all over the world, not just Judeo-Christian one’s, have reserved the word ‘marriage’ for a particular kind of relationship between a male and a female. Ancient polytheistic cultures had no religious teaching against homosexuality, but they still did not call homosexual cohabitation ‘marriage’. Even modern, atheist cultures such as the Soviets didn’t. I’m not all that versed in Eastern, pantheistic religion, but I don’t believe they consider homosexuality ‘sin’. Still, it is not ‘marriage’.
        The sexual organs do afford pleasure (as you put more crassly), but there is no denying that they are also part of the reproductive system, even if modern birth control has allowed people to separate the functions more than in the past. Even a complete materialist can observe that and conclude that homosexual sex is less natural than heterosexual sex, whatever creates the desire to engage in it. Evolutionarily speaking, it would be considered maladaptive, not favorable to the survival of the species. It is not only religious people who oppose re-defining marriage. Those in favor of the re-definition like to paint the debate that way, like people are trying to ‘impose their morality’ on others. I know many non-religious people that, though they wouldn’t oppose civil unions, do oppose homosexual marriage.
        Perhaps what I said made too much sense, so you decided to simply respond with ridicule because you were unable to cogently answer me.

        • John Mackey

          Thank you for your clarification. The fault in your reasoning is that you apparently believe one could be persuaded to change sexual orientation. Like it could become a fad, and the species would suffer. No sir, all through history, about 10% of the population is gay. We do not know why God planned it that way, but He did. A gentleman pointed out yesterday that wives were property, and lying with a man should be treated differently. As a devout Christian, I’m afraid I’d have to hear where Jesus himself “condemned” this perfectly normal function for those who were ‘born this way’.

          • GDC

            YOU wrote “Thank you for your clarification. The fault in your reasoning is that you apparently believe one could be persuaded to change sexual orientation”

            The REALITY IS one can change their “orientation.”

            The HOMOSEXUALS just use the rationalization that they are “born that was” because they ARE MENTALLY SICK, PSYCHOTIC!!! They are in DENIAL of their PSYCHOSIS!!

            Hundreds of HOMOSEXUALS HAVE been CURED of their sickness HOMOSEXUALITY!!

          • Robert Smith

            “Hundreds of HOMOSEXUALS HAVE been CURED of their sickness HOMOSEXUALITY!!”

            Can you explain why Dich Chaney’s daughter didn’t “change.” Certainly she is an embarassment to her right wing father.


          • GDC

            YOU PROVE you are an IDIOT. Why ask ME what Dich Chaney’s daughter does?

          • Robert Smith

            GDC asks: “Why ask ME what Dich Chaney’s daughter does?”

            Who would “choose” to be gay in one of the most conservative households in America?

            Being gay isn’t a choice anymore than shoe size, hair color, eye color, or anything else is a choice.

            The “cures” are religious frauds. They can’t even keep their priests in line, let alone others.


          • GDC

            YOU continue to PROVE YOU are an IDIOT!!!
            Why would I know why Dick Chaney’s daughter choose to be a homosexual. I do NOT know her. YOU would have to ask her.
            HOMOSEXUALITY IS a choice and that has been PROVEN OVER and OVER for almost 100 years now. YOU are RATIONALIZING YOUR MENTAL SICKNESS. YOU are in a PSYCHOTIC DENIAL!!!
            PROVIDE any VALID VERIFIABLE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that it it anything other than a CHOICE!!

          • Robert Smith

            It’s not a “choice.”

            How’s ’bout Scientific American as an authority?

            “A British survey published last month found that one in 25 therapists would assist gay and bisexual patients attempting to convert to heterosexuality. That’s despite the fact that many medical groups, including the American Medical Association, have for years condemned such practices, saying they don’t work and can actually cause harm.”

            That’s from:


          • GDC

            YOU continue to PROVE YOU ARE an IDIOT!!!
            NAME the CAUSE of ANYONE being HOMOSEXUAL!!

        • Robert Smith

          As I pointed out, through all history, cultures all over the world, not just Judeo-Christian one’s, have reserved the word ‘marriage’ for a particular kind of relationship between a male and a female. ”

          Well, sort of, but it could also be one male and many females. Things have CHANGED thus your “argument” that change is impossible falls very very flat.


          • GDC

            YOU continue to PROVE you are an IDIOT!!!

          • Robert Smith

            “YOU continue to PROVE you are an IDIOT!!!”


            What’s “proven” is the level of intelligent discussion from the extreme right. Seems to have degenerated into name calling.

            Thank you for such an excellent example of right wing intellect.


      • GDC

        YOU are an IDIOT!!

        • Robert Smith

          Acally, I’m not an “idiot.” Such is clearly defined and I wouldn’t be able to navigate this board if I were an idiot.

          Oh, and thanks for clearly demonstrating another lie from the right.


      • Robert Smith

        GDC says: “The REALITY IS one can change their “orientation.”

        Really? What would it take to make you gay?


        • GDC

          I am NOT MENTALLY SICK and do NOT want to be.

    • Robert Smith

      “It is very easy to know who gave birth to a child, but not so easy to know who sired it, which is why monogamy and the institution of marriage are so universal.”

      ROFL… With modern birth control don’t tell that to any swingers.

      YOU may think it’s “immoral” but those who participate find it an excellent form of recreation.


      • Steve

        Also, it isn’t about not being allowed to marry. It is about not being allowed to change the meaning of a word. Yes, the purpose of the institution was sometimes thwarted by sterility for one reason or another, but that does not alter the fact of the word’s purpose. Children, particularly male heirs, have usually been valued, and the inability to produce them considered a disappointment. It was often grounds for divorce. Post menopausal women were usually not in high demand for marriage unless they had attractive estates.

        • Robert Smith

          ” It is about not being allowed to change the meaning of a word.”

          But it’s already “changed.” Marriage was a means to cement relationships between kingdoms, countries, and counties. The church was involved because that’s where the money was.

          Further, it wasn’t “marriage” in earlier times it was “hand fasting” whe a couple committed to eachother.

          “Marriage” in America is a civil contrct. Remember, even atheists can get married. It gets to be defined by civil means, not religious or repeated situations cherry picked to “prove” a point.


          • GDC


      • Steve

        Once again, Mr. Smith, you demonstrate a lack of understanding. In cultures that practice polygamy, the husband has multiple marriages, each with another woman. He does not have one marriage with multiple wives.
        If any arguments are flat on their back, they aren’t mine.

        • Robert Smith

          Posted: He does not have one marriage with multiple wives. ”

          The net result is the same, so the meaning is that he has multiple wives. That has mostly changed to one wife.

          Further marriage used to be considered forever. Now divorce is common and there is consideration for a marriage contract with an expiration date.

          For example: “Lawmakers in Mexico City recently proposed a novel way to lower divorce rates in the area. Instead of keeping marriage as an institution with lifelong vows, they suggest that newlyweds instead sign a “marriage contract,” complete with expiration dates.”


          In other words “marriage” contracts continue to evolve. It isn’t cast in stone or a bible.


  • Steve

    I think you are wrong, John, with your 10% figure. That first came from the Masters and Johnson study of the 70′s, which was questionable for several reasons — study of prison populations, for one thing, which are arguably not representative of the psychological makeup of the general population. The prisoners also got special considerations for participating, might very well be less honest that the average person, and may have decided to tell the questioners what they thought they wanted to hear. Since then, the number has been repeated, and many people think it is some demonstrable fact. I don’t think it is. You might want to read about the study, then make up your own mind.

    I also didn’t say that I think people can change who they are sexually attracted to, though some people, it seems, do. That really had nothing at all to do with my point about the word, ‘marriage’ though. I also doubt that homosexual people are ‘born that way’. None of the considerable efforts to find a genetic disposition or inherent reason have proven fruitful. No one knows for sure, but I suspect it has more to do with issues in early development. I saw a report years ago that in post WWII Germany, after a lot of the men (of all ages) had been killed in the war, the next generation showed a marked increase in male homosexuality (this is also why I doubt your 10% across history number). One theory is that the generation of young boys after the war had particularly protective mothers, and few male role models to look up to and identify with. One psychologist thinks this is also true in homes with very distant fathers and protective mothers, when there is no other masculine figure that the boy identifies his maleness with. He claims to have productive results coaching fathers and mothers of young boys that seem to be showing some of the effeminate traits that often are signs of future homosexuality, and that by changing the parenting often the boys begin to develop into more traditional male personalities. I believe his results with adult homosexuals are lower, but not zero. I also, I think there is an increase in homosexuality these days. Some of that may have to do with less fathers in the home these days with the large number of single mothers. It is even fashionable these days for kids in high school to identify themselves as gay, or particularly as bi. The human mind can erotisize a lot of things. Thinking about sexual things can create a hunger for them, even if there was not some particular disposition beforehand. People who get really involved in pornography often need more and more extreme forms to continue their excitement level. From starting with child porn, it seems in many cases molestation later results. I see no reason that someone who started looking at gay or transvestite porn could not condition themselves to hunger for that. I don’t know any of this for certain, but no one else does either. I can’t explain it. I can only surmise.

    If you’re a devout Christian, shouldn’t you believe in the doctrine of the Fall? It seems to me that this doctrine means that everything people desire is not ‘perfectly normal’. It seems the doctrine indicates that people will desire things that they shouldn’t. That was a creative interpretation someone gave about lying with a man and woman, but it is certainly not one historically held by Christianity or by Judaism in any of the ancient commentaries. Women were also not property, as was claimed, though many feminists like to portray it that way. It seems silly to me to say the the old testament was saying not to lie with a man like he is property.

    I answered those things because you brought them up, but they really are off the point of what I said about changing the meaning of marriage. That’s really what this is all about; changing the meaning of a word. Gay people can live together, buy houses together, and do almost anything heterosexual couples do. It just isn’t what the word marriage means. It never has been. You really didn’t address my point at all, but changed the subject. You ought to bring your points up with the people who are arguing gays ought not marry because its sin. That was not my point at all. Mine was completely about the meaning of the word, marriage.

    • Robert Smith

      “Mine was completely about the meaning of the word, marriage.”

      Which has CHANGED over the years. The best example is poligamy which was perfectly acceptable in many places and religions (like Mormanism).

      So, why can’t it continue to change as society demands equality for all couples?


      • Steve

        As I said, Mr. Smith, polygamy is not an example of a different meaning for the word ‘marriage’. It is only an example that the number of marriages allowed half of the equation, the male half, was different. The meaning has not changed (though people want to change it now).
        Marriage is an abstract concept. We look at a cat and abstract the metaphysical concept of ‘cat-ness’, rather than just seeing each individual cat critter as unconnected, ‘Marriage-ness’ is an abstraction based on particular properties. You are saying, basically, that we ought to include, say rabbit, critters in our ‘cat-ness’ abstraction, as if this would make rabbit critters and cat critters more equal. That is an affront to sound reasoning. We already have broader abstractions that include both cats and rabbits. We also have broader abstractions that include heterosexual and homosexual relationships. You used one: couples. Another abstraction could be added; committed couples. The abstraction of marriage, however, includes additional properties.

        You ask why the abstraction can’t be changed, which seems a little silly to me, but the question why it ought to be changed is certainly just as valid. Looking at thousands of years of human history, language, literature, etc., seems to argue that changing the abstraction (through law) is more likely to create confusion than clarity. You also say that society demands it, but the opposite seems to be true. In every State that society as a whole has been asked, society chose to affirm the actual meaning of the abstract word. The segment of society that is trying to change it has been turned down by society as a whole every time.

        Your other attempt to demonstrate that the meaning of ‘marriage’ has, or is, changed/changing also fails. The high divorce rate, shorter term marriages, etc., do not represent a change in the meaning of ‘marriage’. What they represent is that for much of society the value of marriage has diminished. People hold marriage in lower esteem than they once did. Historically, the esteem given to marriage has not been uniform in all cultures and times, but that does not mean that the word changed meanings. The fact that the value of marriage seems to be in decline in the value structures of many, even points to the absurdity that the homosexual community is suddenly valuing the label, married, so highly.

        • Robert Smith

          “even points to the absurdity that the homosexual community is suddenly valuing the label, married, so highly.”

          Loving couples wanting equality in the CIVIL contract of merrage is not absurd. It’s called equality.

          It’s that simple.

          Why shouold couple be treated differently simply because they don’t match YOUR perception of what they should be?

          And YES, it’s OK for the CIVIL contract of marriage to change to accomidate the society that the law serves. See, law is for ALL Americans, not just those who think some couples aren’t as they want them to be.

          It’s unAmerican to deny equality under law.


        • Robert Smith

          “The segment of society that is trying to change it has been turned down by society as a whole every time.”

          Really? So, you think it’s appropriate for slavery to continue simply because not enough folks voted to free them?

          What about abortion? In NY and several states it had been legalized before Roe v. Wade.

          Oh, and what about medical pot? Shouldn’t the vote of those people be respected?

          Assisted suicide in Oregon won TWICE but the extreme right still tried to crush it.

          Sheesh… You really don’t appear to understand the constitution and the freedoms in it.


  • Steve

    “It’s unAmerican to deny equality under law. ”

    Sorry, but it happens all the time.

    People’s tax rates are different, depending on their incomes. Juveniles are treated differently than adults. Felons are not allowed to own firearms. Sole proprietorships are not required to carry workman’s comp insurance, but corporations and LLCs are. That’s a few that popped immediately to mind, but there are many, many more examples.

    These differences all have to do with distinctions made between the status of different people. Those of each distinct standing are treated the same (in theory), equal under the law, but those of other standings are treated differently. It is not a matter of inequality. It is a matter of differences.

    Changing the meaning of a word is not a matter of equality! This is not a question of what I perceive a marriage should be. It’s about what the word means, and has always meant.

  • Steve

    Cats have a right to be called cats. Rabbits don’t.

    • Robert Smith

      And merriage is evolving from being a property agreement for treaties and such, poligamy, and all sorts other things into what will be defined in this society.

      BTW, what difference does it make to you? Are you going to stop watching Fox news, marry your dog, or any other number of things. What will change for you?

      Or, will you simply continue to try to mess in the lives of people you don’t know when all they want to be is a family.


      • Steve

        What Constitutional article is it that you think applies to this? I have never read one regarding re-defining words. You must be reading a different constitution.

        What do you mean by a family?

        • Robert Smith

          Steve asks: “What Constitutional article is it that you think applies to this? ”

          Equal treatment under law. The FACT that there is absolutely no reason to deny same sex couples marriage.

          After all, blacks are now allowed to marry whites in all 50 states. That only changed relatively recently.


  • Steve

    You’re being preposterous! I’m not messing in anyone’s life. I believe in live and let live. Homosexual people can orchestrate any living arrangement they desire, if they are consenting adults and don’t mess with my life. They just can’t force everyone else to change the meaning of a word, which is what you and many others desire to do. Call yourself a wife if you want, or call your living arrangement a marriage. I once knew someone who named their cat dog.

    • Robert Smith

      “if they are consenting adults and don’t mess with my life. They just can’t force everyone else to change the meaning of a word, which is what you and many others desire to do.”

      Yup, just like society wants it to be. Words are used for communication. If “marriage” defines how two people feel about eachother then merriage it is if they feel that way about eachother.

      You don’t get to define how they feel, what they want, and how it is going to be represented in language. That’s for ALL of us to do.


  • Steve

    I think we’ve discussed this long enough, Mr. Smith. I really don’t like the entire ‘victim mentality’ that people use these days to claim some nonexistent ‘right’.

    • Robert Smith

      “to claim some nonexistent ‘right’.”

      Wghat is “nonexistent” about equality? Gay married couples simply want the SAME rights as heterosexual couples. Remember, in America “marriage” is to be treated equally for couples, not to abuse an antiquated bias to deny the same civil contract to any couple who can consent.



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