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Teaching House Speaker Boehner How To Negotiate

December 13, 2012 by  


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. House Speaker John Boehner is negotiating like a man who believes he is already outflanked and defeated by President Barack Obama. As a Republican, I am embarrassed for Boehner and my party.

As a small businessman who has survived through his street smarts and negotiating skills (often up against much wealthier deep-pocketed competitors), I have some pointers for Boehner. I’m going to teach him out to negotiate from strength, not weakness. My goal is to prevent a GOP “brand suicide” in these fiscal cliff negotiations.

First, winning this negotiation is about winning the media battle. You need a winning argument. Doesn’t Boehner know that this battle has already been won in England? Why aren’t the House Speaker and his lieutenants in the media day and night, pointing out that the U.K. tried Obama’s exact idea of a “millionaire’s tax” only a year ago and it proved a disaster. Two-thirds of the millionaires in the U.K. disappeared in one year: from 16,000 to 6,000. Either they moved to other countries with their money, or they slowed down and stopped working so hard.

As a result, tax revenues plunged, instead of increasing. Two years ago, British millionaires contributed 9 percent of all taxes. After the special tax on “the rich” passed, this same group produced 4.4 percent of all taxes. In other words, U.K. politicians damaged their economy, and proved that revenues go down with the same “millionaire’s tax” that Obama now demands.

There is no debate. The case is settled. The “millionaire’s tax” is a proven failure. Get that message out before we kill our economy just like the U.K. did.

Second, winning this negotiation is about winning the public relations battle. Obama travels the Nation, stopping in the homes of middle-class families and asking them how paying $2,000 in extra taxes would affect them. Brilliant.

The face of the top 2 percent isn’t a billionaire. It’s the small-business owner, the professional, the family farmer. The GOP needs to win over the American public by showing them the faces of small business that will be affected by higher taxes.

The GOP should purchase national TV infomercial time and introduce America to farmers who will lose their farms because of this new tax; doctors who will lay off nurses; homeowners who will no longer pay the mortgage on their underwater homes if they get hit with higher taxes or loss of deductions; small-business owners who, because of a tax increase, will lay off half their employees.

Show the voters real faces and real stories. I know people with each of these stories — including me. Maybe Warren Buffett and Bill Gates can afford a tax increase, but most small-business owners are struggling to pay bills and keep their businesses going. We are hurting, too. We cannot afford a tax increase. “The rich” that Obama is attacking aren’t billionaires. They are you and me – small-business owners. Why is it OK to present us with a tax increase for Christmas?

Third, Obama claims this tax increase is “just going back to Clinton-era rates.” The GOP needs to take the offensive to debunk this misleading statement. The Bill Clinton economy was fueled by a GOP Senate and House that forced Clinton to cut spending, cut rules and regulations, lower capital gains taxes (to encourage investment, thereby creating jobs), and end welfare as we know it. And the GOP Congress killed government-run healthcare, too. The Clinton economy boomed because government, spending and entitlements were much smaller than today.

Each time Obama demands Clinton-era tax rates, Boehner should say: “Let’s go back to the size of government, spending and entitlements under Clinton. Let’s eliminate all the rules, regulations and mandates since Clinton. Then, we can compromise and raise rates to Clinton levels.”

Fourth, Obama claims his victory was a mandate for tax increases. So let’s give Obama’s voters tax increases. Why is Obama defending the Bush tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans? Obama is admitting that Bush was right: Lower taxes are good for the economy. He says a tax increase now would devastate the economy. Really? If lower taxes are good for Obama’s voters (who voted for higher taxes), why wouldn’t they be good for everyone? This argument makes Obama look foolish and hypocritical. Boehner needs to take the offensive.

Fifth, point out that Obama created the fiscal cliff with $5 trillion in new debt. He is a spending addict. There is no “tax problem.” Taxes aren’t low. Obama has more tax revenues than any President in history. He’s just spent it all and then some. If high taxes worked, why are the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) all bankrupt and insolvent? And closer to home, why isn’t Detroit an economic model for the Nation? Why have more than 1 million citizens escaped from California in the past decade? There is no debate; this is already settled. Big government, big taxes and big spending destroy economies.

Lastly, let me give Boehner a hint about the art of negotiating. Obama already showed his hand a year ago. He asked for $800 billion in new taxes. This time, he asked for $1.6 trillion. That was a negotiating tactic. When Boehner came back with an offer of $800 billion, he handed Obama 100 percent of what he wanted in the first place. How dumb is that? How weak is that? Who taught Boehner how to negotiate? A librarian?

Boehner needs to point out there is only one antidote for this mess. Canada proved it in the 1990s. Its political parties agreed to compromise with massive spending cuts and tax cuts. That combination worked. Its economy healed. Its debt crisis ended.

That Canadian miracle proves that Ronald Reagan missed the other half of the equation that would have put our Nation on the right path 30 years ago: combining big tax cuts that encourage, motivate and reward entrepreneurship, investment and financial risk-taking with big spending cuts. That’s the half that never happened under Reagan: the spending cuts. Put those two together, and we get the greatest economic explosion in world history.

But Obama wants the disastrous opposite: tax increases combined with more spending and more debt to solve a spending and debt crisis. That’s like being diagnosed with cancer and asking your doctor for more cancer, which is why Boehner needs to get strong, be bold and take the offensive.

If the GOP caves on tax hikes, it is committing “brand suicide.” Going along with tax hikes as a compromise is not the answer, simply because it’s going along with damaging the U.S. economy.

In any negotiation the only way to win is to walk in prepared to walk away from a bad deal. Speaker Boehner, this is how you win a negotiation.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless America and capitalism.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Harold Olsen

    John Boehner is an embarrassment to the country. Barack Hussein Obama is a disgrace to the country.

    • FreedomFighter

      Both need to learn AMERICA IS A REPUBLIC not a democracy.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Louis Lemieux

        Republic and democracy can go together, they’re not a contradiction.

      • GRusling

        Louis… to a certain degree they can co-exist, but democracy only works on a very small scale where everyone can actually participate completely. In a nation of 300+ million people, democracy is impossible, if for no other reason than the widely varying needs of the people in the 50 different States. The United States is a republic for a reason, and our elected officials in Washington need to learn and understand why is so. What works well in New York City is totally idiotic in West Texas or Wyoming…

      • Louis Lemieux


        I understand what you’re saying. States themselves have regions that can be quite different and you can keep going down this way until you come up to yourself! We all are different. I still believe we mostly live in a democracy, which is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. If we want complete freedom, we might as well take off alone to the woods, avoid people and try to survive.

      • Vigilant

        Louis Lemieux

        We are a constitutional republic, pure and simple. The Pledge of Allegiance does not say, “…and to the Democracy for which it stands,” and Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution proclaims that “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…”

        The word “democracy” is to be found nowhere in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

        The distinction is not a matter of semantics; it is absolutely critical to an understanding of how our government operates and how it protects our Creator-endowed rights under Natural Law.

        Consider this: if we were a true democracy, Samuel Tilden and Al Gore would have been elected president, since they took the popular vote but failed in the Electoral College.

        The Founders considered and summarily rejected establishing a democracy to prevent a “tyranny of the majority.” In a democracy, a simple majority can deny to the minority anything they wish. No protections against encroachment on individual sovereignty would exist in a system where such impositions are legal.

        “Such concerns pressing on Madison, Jefferson, and others led, among other issues, to the separation of powers built into the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights that protects individuals from religious sects or political factions.” (

        Understand that in the absence of federalist “anti-democracy” safeguards, we could have had, for example, a state religion and we could have been taxed to support it. Thank the Founders for our republican form of government and for the protections it has afforded us against the tyrannical tendencies of democracy.

        The latest partisan political attempt to “democratize” the Senate would overturn the two-century old cloture rule that requires a 60% vote to stifle a filibuster. Such a move would disestablish the “super majority” rule and replace it with a simple majority as a means of exercising tyrannical control of the Senate.

        The above is purely an attempt to grab power, and it has been tried by both Republicans and Democrats, depending on which holds the majority in the Senate. Both parties have been remiss in their understanding of the Constitution, and have been all too willing to dispense with federalism to gain their selfish ends.

        Please think twice before you incorrectly use the term “democracy” to describe our government.

        • Tony Newbill

          They are doing the power grab with the debt , its the WMD that is taking down the Republic , and coupled with the way the trade Policy over the last 18 years has taken away our Manufacturing , the independent mechanism that is the self reliance of any society to feed itself with , as we Import our capital circulates out of the country in a greater volume than what comes back , Trade deficits in the trillions tells us this , we have never had a balanced trade surplus since we started with the WTO in 1994-5 and so Our Cash we Spend flows out of the Country and we never experience any Capital formation and distribution in our private sector economy and this has lead to the credit collapse of 2008 and the federal Reserve printing money to fund the Governments lack of revenues . And the Funds that could come back to the States in these Off Shore accounts only need a Tax Holiday from the Government to be allowed to come back in and be reinvested in a Manufacturing cause , but where is that Debate ?? This is all Dog and Pnoy Show , you are right Warrior , while we watch our country Collapse !!!!!!!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Louis L., your comment means that you have no idea what defines a Republic or Democracy. They both begin with the type of character of a people and then both progress from there . One character type of Republic’s people is the industry and hard work and education and morality based on the Bible and the God of Heaven. The people wouldn’t lie, would not steal, would not destroy what someone else has, would not grow big government.
        Democracy veers off by lying, by stealing, by coveting, by destruction, by growing big government, accomodating all religions till a state religion is established, it is Socialism and Communism and Fascism, etc..
        America is a disasterous combination of both a Republic and a Democracy with the weeds of Democracy overtaking the wheat of the Republic.

      • Louis Lemieux


        Even if the word democracy is not in the Constitution, the definition of it is. If you really believe we don’t live in a democracy, a government that exists of the people, by the people, for the people, then you should never go vote. Why vote if you believe your vote cannot change anything? We certainly do not live in a perfect democracy, but nevertheless a democracy and this is what the vast majority of Americans truly believe and with reason.

      • Kate8

        We have certainly descended into a perceived democracy, but it is one where the mindless masses are being herded like sheep.

        We haven’t had a system “of, by and for the people” in a very long time. Just look at the “laws” and EOs which have come out of DC in increasing moves of oppression.

        If anyone doubts the intent of our now “rulers”, just look at things like O’care and NDAA. These are definitely not things which allow any kind of freedom or choice, and are opposed by the vast majority of Americans. Just look at the numbers of “special interests” which have been allowed to opt out, the numbers of states which have been passing nullification, and the general impact this is having on the entire system.

      • Vigilant

        Louis Lemieux, you are free to believe what you want. Be cautioned, however, that you are on the wrong side of the oft-expressed views of the Founders. Did you even read the link I provided?

        What you can’t come to terms with is that democracy is government of the people, by the people, but not necessarily FOR the people. How many times must “mob rule” and “tyranny of the majority” be defined for you?

        And how many times must it be explained to you that the Bill of Rights would have been completely out of place in a democracy?

        Our Constitutional Republic is fashioned on democratic PRINCIPLES. It is NOT a democracy.

      • TIME

        Dear People,

        The message is what it is, { I am sure many of you don’t want to hear it, nor deal with it,} BUT ~ that still fails to make the issue dissapear nor will it change until the American people wake up to this – simple as well very provable “TRUTH”

        What is this Message of “TRUTH” again its really quite simple but saddly as I noted above its not a pretty picture nor is it pleasant to think about it.

        { The Corporation known as the United States Inc,} of what was founded in the 1870′s was sold to the {“International Monetary Fund”} also know as the “IMF” that was in 1938.

        Thus there is no real Government that many of you feel is there its simply and illusion, there are no D’s nor R’s – again its only a title to a {non existent entity.}

        This nation has been administered by the “IMF” stock holders since 1938, thats a fact of Truth that anyone can find with ease if they so wish, again this TRUTH is not pleasant.

        If the people of this land so choose to not come to grips with this “TRUTH” then we all will suffer the same fate as the people of Nazi Germany or Russia post – 1918 or China post 1945. Or countless others who have fallen into the abyss of pure hell on earth by way of twisted rhetoric.
        Look – Peace is not WAR, ~ Nor is Freedom – Slavery, ~ nor is Love – Hate.
        Until you get this dance card straight all you are doing is playing out the part of a slave digging their own grave let alone paying to do it and BY – your own “CONSENT”.

        So thats it in a nut shell, again saddly ~ there are “NO arguments” that can removed this “TRUTH”. You can side step it, sure ~ but its still there.

        Can this nation be saved from its own self destructive patterns?
        Now thats the question that should be on everyones lips, but saddly we want to talk about the alledged “Fiscal Cliff’s” of Dover, and who is it that started that clap trap again? Oh yea, the Mass Media thats also owned by the same people who run your life.

        So wake up, or just keep up with the mindless rants about what you think you may know. or thats its not “Constitunal” etc..

        {{ People if your owned by a group of “BANKERS” you don’t have a “Constitution” > how clear can I make it? }} Its all an ILLUSION, What will it take to wake you all up? OMG, just look at all the EO’s let alone the PA, The NDAA, QE 1 2 3 and now even 4 ~ Hello people.

        Want you nation back?
        Then you have a real fight on your hands and the first step on this very LONG JOURNEY ~ { is to allow yourself to understand that you are paying for your own demise}
        So STOP PLAYING the game!

        Peace and Love, Merry Christmas & Shalom Happy Chanukah

      • Louis Lemieux


        How can a government be OF the people, BY the people and at the same time NOT FOR the people! Explain that to me!

      • Kate8

        TIME – Twice now I’ve tried to post comments on a particular topic, and when I hit ‘post comment’, I get an error page and my comment is lost. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is.

        Your post is right on, TIME. The thing is, L/R is very much alive among the masses, and is fueled and stoked by the ‘ruling’ class in order to keep us squabbling and our attention deflected away from themselves.

        Some are opening their eyes, but many just cannot bring themselves to see that a vote either way makes little difference. None of them care about us.

        We must begin to take matters into our own hands. File charges of treason at your local county sheriff’s office against any local official who supports UN Agenda 21. Have them arrested.

        Stop complying with useless corporate laws which are rigged against us in favor of the corporate elite. The Constitution is not dead…it is just in a coma. It’s been overlayed with an illegitimate corporate system of rule, which must be dissolved.

        Sign the ReDeclaration. Vote for freedom. Do it for your children and grandchildren.

      • Robert Smith

        More lies about Agenda 21. Oh well for some truthful answers you can go to:

        Short version: No country will be compelled to do anything.


      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        Yes indeed, saddly when I speak with folks about the flat tire ~ I get a few that are open to the quest,.
        But ~ with the average IQ at 85 even among people who are in their: 30′s 40′s 50′s 60′s and up. saddly far to many are hooked on the STUPID pills.

        I find that the youth are far more open to understanding the TRUTHS of where this flat tire started, and they are willing to work to pick up the mass of broken pieces and try and repair this broken wreck.

        So even with the lacking education, The youth gets it, why? There are no jobs for them and many of them see straight through the overt as well covert lies that the mass medai pumps out on mass.
        They also understand that killing others is not what they want to do, so wars and the crazy Bankers need for greed is not what the youth find of interest for expanding their horizons.

        Thats a very positive thing, but as these very same bankers are working over time to start up WW 3 ~ to compress and inject millions of youth into the Service of these Bankers altars of Death to fill their sick Blood Lust as well their global agenda of dominance.

        I believe our Youth are the future of the nation, so we must help to educate them as only we as a whole nation can stop this utter EVIL created by these very mentaly ill BANKERS.

        As to Mr. R.Smith,

        The “preponderance of evidence” will not suppot your opinions on the UN Agenda 21 Platform ~ BTW ~ that was instuted in 1992 under Bill Clinton in every one of the 50 state’s.

        Many of these programs are under differant titles Such as:
        Sustainable Growth patterns,
        Land use and Managment for Future Growth,
        Green areas and Ubarn Growth for a Sustainable Earth.
        Sustainable Development.
        And just how odd these same programs were used in Russia and China too. And even under the same names, not much changes from one “Socialist Fascist State” to the next.

        Even better people is the noted {“UN Food Alimentarius CODEX”} Where such briliance as Nutrients are bad for human health.
        Now thats just so special, but also within the UN FAC ~ they claim that Rat Poison is good for your health and your teeth, now thats pure rocket science at its best.

        You pay to kill your self and ~ you keep these marvels of the human race wealthy from your suffering by SICK CARE & Tooth Paste, and your drinking water as well all liquid’s you consume.
        Now thats one hell of a CON JOB, to get people to kill themselfs and pay you to do it.

        Thus again Mr Smith your missinformantion or lacking of Comprehension clearly displays you are at best “Illiterate.”

        But ~ I strongly feel after reading most of your post that,
        { you’re a “New World Order BANKER SHILL”}
        who post absurd rhetoric daily in order to try and diflect issues.

        Shame on you for being so mentaly ill as to prostitute you’re self for pure evil, ~ or are you just PURE EVIL.

        To everyone else ~
        Peace and Love, Merry Christmas, & Shalom ~ Happy Chanukah

      • Old Henry

        Kate, thank you for the link. It is very informative. I will be off shortly to try and sign the petition.

      • Kate8

        TIME – Again well stated and right on in every way.

        I do not believe for one moment that this evil will prevail. The perception of who is winning depends on to whom we listen.

        As for RS… well, what can we say. There is no doubt that he is a shill for the evils (temporarily) in charge, but he must be terribly uninformed, really stupid, or completely sold out to our enemies. Pick one.

        Anyone who supports Agenda 21 is not concerned about the future of their progeny, if they have any. This is not a partisan issue. One of the biggest opponents of this nightmare is Rosa Koire (Behind the Green Mask), who founded Democrats Against Agenda 21. It is nothing less than a move to confiscate ALL private property (yes, everything) and move us into 200 sq ft cubicles in prison camps…er, cities, with no access to anything but what the elite provide. And you cannot step outside the boundaries of your “city”.

        It is mostly about reducing the population of the planet, and controlling those who are left. This is at play in ALL cities and towns, and they MUST be stopped. The UN cannot be allowed to continue laying claim to our country, one land-grab at a time. Thank the Lord thaq the opposition is growing as people learn about this horror.

        Again, anything that is put in place covertly, under our noses, cannot be good for us. If it were, they’d do it out in the open. The intent of Agenda 21 is to put it in place with NO INPUT, OR EVEN KNOWLEDGE, of the people. Losing this battle is not an option.

      • Vigilant

        Louis Lemieux says:

        “Vigilant, how can a government be OF the people, BY the people and at the same time NOT FOR the people! Explain that to me!”

        Louis, like so many people, including politicians, you confuse “freedom” with “Democracy.” And, in what you would consider a contradiction, democracy has the power to be more tyrannical than a monarchy or a dictatorship.

        Let’s simplify this for you. The country X is a democracy. Country Y is a Constitutional Republic identical to the USA.

        The majority in country X votes to make Christianity the State Religion, and to have everyone pay taxes to support that religion. Because country X is a democracy, NO ONE in the minority can break the law and refuse to pay taxes to support that church. That’s democracy, majority RULES. There’s no recognition of natural rights, no individual sovereignty, no challenging the majority.

        In country Y (the USA), the safeguards against such tyranny are an integral part of the basic Constitution and Amendments. These safeguards were put in to PREVENT the majority from forcing its laws down the throats of the minority.

        Thus, democracy is government of the people (as with any form of government), by the people (but only a majority), and only FOR the majority, not the people as a whole.

        Do you understand now?

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        “”GREAT LINK,”” on the {{{Original 13th Amendment}} and the movment to restore the “ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION,”

        Saddly thats all I have been posting here now over the last few years, yet so many on this sight have had little to nothing positive to say about it, and thats why I have so little interest in this sight. The TRUTH they seem to not want. How bloody sad is that?

        Perhaps with some luck even the mushrooms here will get a grip on themselves and get the bloody lead out.. After all ~ their rants daily are of ZERO value, Oddly they are in fact not one bit differant than Mr Smith or many of the other zombies who post here daily.

        Peace and Love be with you, Merry Christmas & Shalom Happy Chanukah

      • America Rules

        A great American once stated;

        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
        If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered……..
        The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs”……..

        Thomas Jefferson


        Starting this January, the Federal Reserve will be printing 43 billion a month to throw into obamas corruption waste chest.

        The Federal Reserve is also printing 40 billion dollars a month to buy bad housing loans from fanny and freddie!

        President Jefferson was 100% correct…… They have taken our properties our fathers fought for………………all while we slept……..

        Good night America……………..

      • TIME

        Dear AR,

        You’re not quite right, on the Fed’s Q E 3 effects ~ so let me make this crystal clear for all of you.
        The FED started QE 3 in October 2012 with the printing of $40 Billion Dollars per month,

        Q E 4 will start in Januray 2013, thats adding $43 BILLION more ~ for a total of $83 BILLION per month,
        As the “FEDERAL RESERVE” is not a Bank, ~ nor owned by the American people it has ZERO to do with anything AMERICAN.

        But the American people will pay for the behavior of these Criminals and thats now somewhere around $100 TRILLION DOLLARS, in “”UNFUNDED LIABILITIES.””

        Not just the $16 TRILLION of DEBT. BTW ~ Soon to be $17.5 TRILLION, only to be followed by $18.9 ( TRILLION, and the interest keeps growing, BTW these BANKERS are not paying any INTEREST, But YOU are ~ as they grow their wealth by Billions per hour.

        QE 3 – If you have a loan on your home that means ALL of you who have a loan, your loan will be bundled into a “Derivative” ~ thus then giving away your HOME to whom even buys said DERIVATIVE,~~ YOU LOOSE any way you slice it.
        Here you have one of two paths and both will destroy what ever wealth the American Middle class has left.

        You then will pay whom ever { RENT } on your home ~ you will never own it.
        Thats called “Indentured Servitude.” { LOOK IT UP } as to what it means.

        Or even worse ~ the Fed who is also ownwed by the IMF Bankers will own your home and kick you out of it. You then will live under a bridge.
        People that’s part of the “United Nations ~ AGENDA 21″ “REGREENING PROGRAM.”

        All of this will have ZERO effect on the Wealthy, nor the EBT card people ~ {but the Middle class will PAY in BLOOD in all respects.}

        Look into KATE’S link above and bloody well learn something about whats broken in your nation,

        TURN OFF ~ your “Stupid BOX” then start looking these issues up on line before these Criminals take away your internet ability to find the TRUTH. .

      • drtch

        Mr. Deo: You are “on the money!!!”

      • Benjamin Fox

        Semper Fi FreedomFighter, need also to tell this nation we are a Republic and that we don’t want a dictator from either party. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:

    • Vigilant

      Mr. Root, I believe Speaker Boehner should also point out to the American people that $800 billion in tax increases will fund only nine days of government. In a cost/benefit analysis, the results should be crystal clear: no real benefit at all, combined with a further cost to the economic growth of the nation.

      Obama knows that if he is successful in getting Boehner to cave, and he most likely will be successful, then he will have accomplished multiple goals: the fracture within the Republican Party will have widened, a bone will have been thrown to the “hate the rich” crowd, and Obama will take credit for being a compromiser (which he is not, in reality).

      A Fox poll revealed that 40% of Americans think it’s OK to kick the fiscal can down the road and visit our debt upon the backs of our children. That’s the sort of irresponsible, self centered electorate that votes socialists into office.

      The saddest part of it is that, when the economy fails big time here in a year or two, the propagandists will turn it around and blame, guess who? The Republicans.

    • Bob

      You are dead on correct on both counts. Mr. Boehner is the worst Speaker of the House the Republicans ever had, doesn’t know anything about values that are good for the country, & will cave at the drop of a hat. If the Republican party doesn’t want to be consigned to “nothing-ness” in future years, they better get some leadership that have a backbone. A lot in their party are sick of the wimpy- ness, & giving in, after tough talking, then “zero”

      • tymtrvlr

        Bonehead lost my vote when after emailing him directly and asking him not to vote for obama’s stimulus package, he turned right around and did vote for it.
        Then the fools wondered where obama got all the money to get his marxist cohorts elected. All evidence shows that he and his minion were NOT getting donations like in 2008, so where did the money come from?
        Bonehead needs to go, the damned bunch need to be flushed.

      • Kate8

        Turns out that the bailout money was the pilfering of funds which Reagan had set up for us to finance the rebuilding of our economy when the people finally tossed out the foreign banksters and reclaimed our Republic. They’ve pilfered to the tune of $43trillion out of this account, and are being sued to replace it.

        Congress has been aiding and abetting these banksters in their thievery while pocketing nice tidy sums for their trouble. And it is a gross betrayal (and treason) of their office.

        What do you want to bet that Boehner’s tears when he assumed the role of Speaker was due to the visit he got the day before, telling him how things actually are, and how he would facilitate the fall of America to the NWO (if he cared to avoid the most certain consequences).

      • Smilee

        Success in negotiations is with the party that has the most power to get what they want and in this case Obama holds the far better hand as public opinion is with him and the people when they elected him for a second time erased any doubt he is the one they wanted to succeed on this issue. Boehner is skilled as a negotiator but no matter how skilled he is up against one equally as good a negotiator and over the barrel because he has a caucus that is divided and refuses to unite behind him and with public opinion against them and with Obama’s job approval now up to 57% he cannot win no matter how good he is and with the battle over higher income tax rates. Obama’s income tax increases on the rich becomes law it will put a big crack in Grover Norquist’s organization and you think Obama is going fold when he feels he can accomplish to some degree neutering Grover’s vise like hold on the republicans. Trust me Obama’s sees that as a real feather in his hat and public opinion wants it and it will increase his numbers even higher. I feel sorry for Boehner as he is between a rock and a hard place and will remain so until his caucus unites and if they unite against the president on this they do at the peril of the republican party as public opinion say they will get blamed leaving the president off the hook if the GOP does not fold to a much bigger degree than they have the last two years.

    • Warrior

      If repub leadership wasn’t part of the “dog n pony” show they would have and would be presenting the ‘facts” and “solutions”.

      “Facts” and “Solutions” are not part of this “game show”. Did everyone enjoy the little show in Michigan? In case you’re wondering, the game is called “CONTROL”.

      • Tony Newbill

        When we start valuing a Product thats Imported at what it would cost to produce that product in the USA then we will have established a base value on our Overall Economy and stop this devaluing towards the cheapest producing countries in the world that is only benefiting the Multi national Corporate Importers who have had this Luxurious Advantage due to their manipulating congress to not hold currency manipulators accountable and allow their currency values to rise as their GDP rises !!!!

    • Robert Smith

      From the article: “First, winning this negotiation is about winning the media battle. ”

      May I point out that the “negotiation” is already lost? It was put before the American PEOPLE in this thing called an election.

      Obama WON that election partly on promising the American PEOPLE that the rich would pay their fair share.

      So, is the right wing gonna listen to the PEOPLE? Or are the lap dogs of the top 2%

      Guess we will see which side is argued for around here.


      • Vigilant

        “A majority of voters say spending cuts are necessary to solve the country’s budget woes, and solely raising taxes on households earning more than $250,000 a year isn’t enough. (

        Indeed, RS, “is the [President] gonna listen to the PEOPLE?”

      • Vigilant

        RS says, “Obama WON that election partly on promising the American PEOPLE that the rich would pay their fair share.”

        And do either the PEOPLE or Obama realize that only 9 days of government can be funded by such a tax increase?

        Answer: Obama knows full well, and the PEOPLE who elected him don’t give a damn as long as the screws are put to the rich. Those PEOPLE have the foresight of a flea.

        • Tony Newbill

          WARRIOR is right , and this tells the story about our Government setting up the mechanisms for CONTROLLING the Masses when the Economic system collapses and the Obama Federal Government takes over and starts ratioing our rate of consumption when the announcement by the BRICS that they have stopped taking the US Dollar in exchange for goods imported from these BRICS nations , and Obama tells we the SERFS that its for our own good that they Nationalize the Free Markets Supply and ration what Little Supply we have in stock while they try and negotiate with the BRICS a better more abundant supply , But we see how well that Negotiating goes huh ??? !!!!!! 11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See

      • DaveH

        In case you missed the bulletin, Robert, in this country the President doesn’t have law-making authority. Congress does. And the voters sent a majority of Republicans to the House of Representatives — you know Robert — the part of Congress that is supposed to represent the People?

      • Robert Smith

        From Vigilant: “(”

        Now there is a “news” source we can all trust (not).


      • Robert Smith

        DavidH says: “And the voters sent a majority of Republicans to the House of Representatives ”

        Oh yes, I remember how the Tea Baggers lost their seats and the Democratic party picked ‘em up.

        So, go back to the tax rates of Reagan and problems will be solved.

        Why are you sticking up for the looters?


      • DaveH

        What did I say, Robert, that made you think I was sticking up for the Government?
        Makeup of the House of Representatives after the 2012 elections:
        234 Republicans, 201 Democrats.
        What we should go back to is the Federal Spending under Reagan, which was $1064 Billion. That’s less than 1/3 of what the Federal Government spends now.

      • Kate8

        Robert continues to repeat the same talking point mantras, and spew the same demeaning rhetoric, over and over, without regard to their accuracy or actuality.

        The shill is a total waste of oxygen, and even reading his posts is an insult to one’s intelligence.

        If I were running this blog, he’d be outta here.

      • Smilee

        DaveH says:
        December 13, 2012 at 9:00 am

        The republicans won the house but by a smaller margin and a smaller margin in the minority in the senate and Obama won and told the american people this is what he was going to do and poll numbers show well over 60% want him to succeed at it and since he took on the fight with the house republicans his job approval ratings have gone up 57% approval. Congress will write the law but it cannot become law unless he signs it or it will not become law and if it does not them the tax rates will automatically go up. Republicans can go down that road but will have to do so at their own peril as polls also show big that they will be blamed for it by the public if they do. Obama is in the drivers seat on this issue and the best they can hope for is that Obama agrees to do it in a way that saves some face for the GOP but they have to give him the income tax rate increase or it will not happen.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      O is not playing Boehner. Boehner is a Socialist, O is an outright Marxist, both think and act the same. It is matter of conjecture if O accommodates Boehner or if Boehner accommodates O .My thought is that they take turns accommodating each other.

    • moonbeam

      Louis Lemieux writes:

      “Republic and democracy can go together, they’re not a contradiction.”

      Constitutional Republic = RULE OF LAW (USA)
      Democracy= MOB RULE (ie unions, mafia, thugs)

      You don’t see a contradiction there?

      When politicians spout democracy and relate that to the US, I gotta problem. That’s why Christie, for instance, would never get my vote because he obviously doesn’t understand the difference between the two. He’s another knuckle head politico with a fat mouth and half a brain. I wouldn’t even vote him in for head ice cube.

      America is a Constitutional Republic where Rule of Law is always the order of the day. Not democracy’s mob rule.

      • Smilee

        It does not matter in this country if you see it as a republic or a democracy as the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and either way you see it will be the control over our laws and it both cases laws will be made by Representative government established by free elections and it has been that way since the beginning except the senate at first was determined of the vote of the legislature in each state instead of by the people as it is now. That is why weather you see it as a democracy or a republic under our Constitution they have to operate exactly the same so your position on it is irrelevant.

    • Sam

      Neither man is suited to the jobs they hold. Boehner is about as far from a leader as you can get. Obama is just a dishonest radical who is intent upon destroying the USA.

    • Old Henry

      Harold, that pretty much sums it up. Good job.

    • Ralph Miller

      Hes not alone Lindsey Grrahm John MCcain Cantor .Most of the [GOP} for the last 8 years have been making me sick. that goes for George W Bush to .Thay live in a fantasyland l have never saw so many people sufser we will never forget

      • Kate8

        Ralph – The only conclusion one can come to concerning the GOP is that they are, by and large, all traitors.

        Of course, the dems sold us out long ago. The GOP just took longer to show their true colors.

    • drtch

      Mr. Olsen….AMEN!!! This entire “Fiscal Cliff” argument is a lie. Even the concept of “balancing the budget” is essentially meaningless within the context of our Fed. Reserve System” sham of an economic system. Besides, if we did want to cull the Federal budget, my “Target” would be the Military-Industrial-Intelligence (largely off-budget) chunk…which I would IMMEDATELY halve. ..along with all “corporate welfare.”

      • Motov

        Then go after useless bureaucrats like dept of education, dept of energy, and other depts that the constitution says belongs to the states or local governments.

  • GALT

    Hi Wayne:

    Is it my imagination or are your contributions here becoming more frequent and
    frantic than usual?

    Regarding today’s topic…….doesn’t your transformation from “libertarian” to
    “republican” render your “prognostication” that…….you will be “president” in
    2024……as equally absurd as your prediction of a Romney win and your
    outrageous and fraudulent claims of being a successful “sport’s handicapper”?

    Given your recent whining regarding your IRS travails and your “insinuation” that
    somehow you are being targeted by the present administration for being critical
    of them………that you are in fact engaged in the “sports advisory business”, would
    be reason enough for their “interest” in you……..and they have the “budget” to
    explore the possibilities……..if you were an actual target, you would be being
    investigated by the Justice Department and any number of other agencies,
    simply for the nature of your “business”…… “legalized sports betting” is only
    available to certain area’s in the U.S………an both illegal and criminal elsewhere.
    To provide such information ( regardless of actual quality ) to persons who do
    not have access to a “legal venue” for it’s use……would be to facilitate and
    encourage “criminal activity”.

    Since you may have missed it….and you certainly did not respond to it…….

    Re-distributionist? Quite a mouthful…… what point, do things stolen, or gained by fraud and/or deceit, or corruption……….cease to be the result of the “acts” by which they were acquired…….a.k.a. “ill gotten gains”…….and become “magically” transformed into “legitimate assets”………whose use and future gains, are somehow worthy of protection and whose “beneficiaries” are now deemed productive and valuable to society and “deserving” of what they had no right to, in the first place?

    Take any, self proclaimed, self reliant, rugged individualist with a “strong work” ethic
    ( also claimed ) at random……like DavidH and give him that desert island, where
    all his “von mises” fantasies originate……..and leave him there, at the peak of his physical and intellectual ( hypothetical ) prowess for thirty years.

    Upon returning…..what do you imagine we will find? How many mansions will he have built? How much “wealth” will he have accumulated? Books written? Technology invented? Bridges constructed? AMBITIONS REALIZED????????

    After all, no ones hand will have been in his pockets…….how many “shiny objects” will he have “toiled” to accumulate?

    As for the achievements of our author…….and his “success” as a “sports betting analyst” and his so called “documented” claims of both “ability” and “customers served”……….the “reality” ( and his credibility ) will be the equivalent, of the technological paradise and wealth created and achieved by DavidH.

    Mr Root’s claims CAN BE verified……… can DavidH ‘s ……….for “history” is available to do just that……….BUT one has to make the effort to determine what the FACTS of this history ARE……….rather than accept, the “mythology” that is being told………for it can only be believed if one chooses to remain “ignorant” of the FACTS.

    Mr Root has made “claims” regarding his “performance” and “ranking” from the above named source……which lists “his results” for NFL, College Football, NBA and College Basketball…….so what are the FACTS regarding his performance?

    2011 NFL Season….32 picks required to qualify for ranking sides and totals………..Mr Roots ranking among the 35 people who WERE ranked.

    Mr Root had no ranking……nor was he listed as having “attempted” to compete……since he could not manage to “produce” the two picks a week required to meet the minimum qualification……..

    2011 College Football………minimum 40 picks required to compete.

    Mr Root had no ranking……nor was he listed as having “attempted” to compete……in the 30 people that were ranked, or actually TRIED to be.

    2011/12 College Basketball …..64 picks required……side and/or totals

    31 Ranked, of 60 plus that tried…….Mr Root not listed as having TRIED.

    2011/12 NBA…… 52 picks required for ranking……..with 20 being ranked…………Mr Root………not on list.

    In fact, Mr Root name and picks only appear as…..either those not intended for the contest or with less than the minimum’s required for the contest……with no way to distinguish as to what the intent of the picks were………( although his self proclaimed bio, which is posted here from a reason interview above, can provide a little insight into what this actually means? ) DavidH being the “exception” in this case.

    For those who have even the slightest connection to REALITY, the reason that the “tallest buildings” in Las Vegas are “casino’s”, should not be too difficult to figure out. And this TRUTH is one where the “consumer” actually has access to the “house advantage” that they face in seeking to beat the “odds”.

    The so called, “Sport’s advisory service”, is a confidence game, which preys on people, foolish enough to persist in the notion, that “probability” can not only be “overcome”, but can be done consistently in direct contradiction to “all available evidence”……..which is pretty stupid on it’s face…… that the “potential customer” is either completely ignorant of what probability is, and/ or has already FAILED at doing for himself, what he now expects someone else to do for HIM. based on the CLAIM, that it can be done and has been done.

    An “intelligent person” might consider why and how those tall buildings exist and continue to be built………while Mr. Root’s, “service” is a small rented office which is “shared” with “other” services? ( again, DavidH being the exception. )
    BTW this only includes the “obvious questions” regarding the “evidence”……….which does not include the “means” by which these services operate……but there is a description, also posted here, before the “facts” regarding Mr. Root were blocked.
    ( censored )

    Care to respond Mr. Root?

    • GALT

      and are STILL being blocked?????????

      • FreedomFighter

        Galt its time to stop the parasites, and the America hating commies like you

        “Obama’s Parasites”

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear GALT,

        Again, your comments are not “being blocked”.

        Best wishes,

      • Vigilant

        GALT has the unparalleled ability to take the wind out of his own sails. The bulk of his long-winded brain farts inevitably involves the gratuitous insult and ad hominem attack. He is a master at going for the capillary.

        I’m disappointed I didn’t make the grade. The “(never, ever) Vigilant” comment is missing. I’m sure you’ll remedy that forthwith.

        Your ball.

      • Vigilant

        Deciphering people like GALT is but child’s play, primarily because it is child’s play in which he is engaged.

        They are amongst the easiest to gauge, because they have no depth of either imagination or understanding. They are one-dimensional caricatures of human beings.

        In their sociopathic, bigoted and self-centered world view, they will never subscribe to the adage that the more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know. GALT is such caricature, a true believer in “settled science,” as if such as thing ever has or ever will exist.

        Unbeknownst to this type of true believer is that they are guilty (in spades) of the desperation of which they so readily accuse their opponents. Robert Smith, GALT, et. al., cling to their science as if it is the Holy Grail, changeless and invariably correct in describing the world. Son, “there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

        All that would be fine if they didn’t compulsively take the next step of deriding those who have a different world view. For them it is indeed a compulsion, for like most bigots, they can only find meaning in their pitiful existence by putting down others. And, as the petty bigots and sociopaths that they are, they will NEVER admit to being wrong.

        Such people never improve or enrich the world in which they live. They are bit players who stand on the sidelines kibitzing but never contributing. Their “knowledge” is totally of an incomplete, mundane nature, shallow and truncated.

        They’ll brook no possibilities whatsoever beyond their myopic squint on life, for to do so would shatter their secure world. They approach the world as brutes, bestial subhumans who are governed by gravity, weather and the urges of biology.

        You are fooling no one, GALT.

        How’s that for ad hominem remarks?

      • DaveH

        Vigilant says — “He is a master at going for the capillary”.
        Good one, Vigilant. That got me laughing.

      • GALT

        When you learn what an “ad hominem” attack actually is, in that you are quite adept
        as are most of fellow, “willfully ignorant, functional illiterates”, you may finally determine
        the distinction between, the only thing you can do…….and what has actually been done,
        by me.

        Of course you can ( and could have ) identified what you believe to BE, what you claim?

        I will be happy to explain why it is not………or maybe Mr. Livingston would help out?

        Or one of your w.i.f.i. friends? who seem to be out in force today…….

        Whenever your ready?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are shutting of your own comments and then crying foul.

      • Robert Smith

        Vigilant begins: “GALT has the…”

        Got any issues from his post you want to address or are personal attacks the new norm when you don’t have any ground to stand on with an issue?


      • DaveH

        You need to get back to cutting and pasting other peoples’ articles. It’s the only way we can understand what you’re trying to say.
        I apologize if English is your second language.

      • Vigilant

        Well, RS, you ALMOST got it right.

        Personal attacks are always in order for people like you and GALT, who make it a cottage industry in gratuitously insulting people. It’s called fighting fire with fire, and if either you or GALTY bring up an issue worth responding to, I’d be happy to accommodate a discussion.

        If your incessant, out of thread put-downs of Christians at every opportunity (and even when there is no opening) are not personal attacks, then I don’t know what are.

        If your delicate sensibilities have been ruffled, tough s—t! What’s that they say about those who can dish it out?

      • Vigilant

        DaveH, you’re right, although at least when GALT plagiarizes we don’t have to suffer through those incessant ellipses.

        I haven’t caught him at it yet, but I suspect he might try sprinkling ellipses around a stolen article just to make it look like he knows what he’s talking about.

        On second thought, that wouldn’t work either. Even a stolen quote can’t hide the fact that it speaks a lot more sense than GALT does. We’d see it for what it was right away.

      • GALT

        Still got nothing, huh? Woke Bob up for nothing too, it would seem.

        I had fun today……and Wayne learned to keep his mouth shut……( it doesn’t get any
        better, buddy )

        C’ Mon guys…..focus……




    • Gary

      To Galt.

      Some may not agree with Mr Root but at least he can put a sentence together that makes sense and even the dumbest of us can understand.

      • GALT

        Was there something YOU required assistance with Gary?

      • DaveH

        Maybe you can get that great translator Flashman to translate for you, Galt.

      • momo

        Now that’s funny DaveH.

      • Kate8

        Aaaahhhhhh…You guys are really killin’ me today! It’s been awhile since I’ve had this good a laugh.

        Well done, guys.

    • hipshotpercusion

      Galt, I’m not worried about WARs job history. What I’m worried about is, the unqualified impostor that is squatting in the Outhouse in DC. After all, it is not WAR who is trying to ruin MY country!

      • Tony Newbill

        Obama along with all his support structure BELIEVE this , ,and is why they are trying to ” SHIFT ” the economic and social structure of the USA to fall in line with the rest of the Communist states that were and are emerging again , Communism is all about Population control by the Hierarchy of a state and in this case the one world state thats emerging is the BEAST of the United Nations always has been and always will be !!! ,

      • jopa

        hipshot; I believe Senator Larry Craig (R) of Idaho has left the outhouses of DC and is back home in retirement so be careful when you enter any outhouses in Idaho.He may be right next to you and ready to tap toes and who knows what else.

      • GALT

        Worry if you must, hipshot……it’ll burn calories if nothing else.

      • Kate8

        Good grief, guys. Talk about a long thread of meaningless sniping.

        It might be good for certain posters here to get together and form their own blog. Since they seem to understand each other so perfectly, it might be so much more fulfilling for them. And the rest of us would save a lot of time and annoyance while trying to sift through the comments looking for something of value.

    • Tigerous

      Galt: Do you have an intelligible “point”?

      • OneGuess

        Galt DOES have a point…it’s on the top of his head.

      • GALT

        Only for those who are not “willfully ignorant, functional illiterates”…..Tigerous.

        Was there anything in particular that you require assistance with?

      • DaveH

        Your ears are bookends to a vacuum — which explains why you must use so many adolescent personal attacks in your comments.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear GALT,

      You write: “but there is a description, also posted here, before the “facts” regarding Mr. Root were blocked.” What are you talking about? Your comments are not (currently) being “blocked.” Mr. Root does not have the ability to moderate comments.

      Best wishes,

      • GALT
      • GALT

        That is the link……however when combined with the actual text….it just disappears….
        the reference to being blocked… a carry over from Wayne’s, Buffet column, last week
        when the same thing occurred…….

        Clearly, interesting insight from one of Wayne’s many “satisfied” customer’s.

        BTW how is Brian Nash?

      • DaveH

        Why would PL want to block you, Galt?
        You make no sense, therefore you are no threat.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear DaveH,

          You write: “Why would PL want to block you, Galt?” GALT was placed in moderation some months ago for continued violations of the comment policy. He received the message being sent and after a few weeks was released. His comments have not been moderated for a long time.

          Best wishes,

      • GALT

        Yes, well Bob…..I did not say I was being “blocked”, I said this particular post was,
        and I just tried the TEXT again, without the link…..and it did not appear.

        as in

        “but there is a description, also posted here,”

        There is probably a reason….I just don’t know what it is………maybe you would be so kind
        as to post it for me……..since there might be a “conflict” between the format of that
        site……..and the one you are using here…….Word Press v. whatever????

        It becomes unclear to me. why you would need to “re-assure” DavidH that I am not
        being blocked…….when you are both “reading” posts by me?

        Is what he has catching? Chicken soup might help, if you catch it early enough.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear GALT,

          You write: “It becomes unclear to me. why you would need to “re-assure” DavidH that I am not
          being blocked…….when you are both “reading” posts by me?” Much is unclear to you GALT, which probably explains why your posts mostly consist of argle-bargle and sentence fragments infused with dots and misplaced apostrophes.

          Best wishes,

      • Robert Smith

        Hi Galt,

        You posted:

        I find it interesting that folks around here accuse others in some rather nasty ways without any proof. I’ve been called many different things myself.

        Yet when you come up with PROOF of what is apparently a big red flag waving in front of credibility they shoot the messenger.

        Do you find that as interesting as I do?


      • GALT

        Quite common place, actually……but I thought you had that figured out by now.

        What else can they do……of course the “idea” is to “ignore” the mindless…….and
        focus on your “primary” adversary……..and your primary point….or question.

        Takes practice…….think of it as a “conservation of energy” strategy…….and save your
        work……..quite foolish to be continually duplicating effort…….when the same topics are constantly being recycled……….

      • GALT

        Was there something you required assistance with Bob?

        You do realize that science has shown an amazing ability to comprehend the intent of
        a text where not a word is spelled correctly…….the only thing that is needed is for the
        first and last letter of the word to be correct………..

        Of course, it is possible that for you, this is NOT true?

        Still if there is something you are having a problem with……… know…….
        like right now………..where this stops making……..SENSE?

        I would really like to help?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear GALT,

          You write: “Was there something you required assistance with Bob?” None whatever. Your confusion (and your intent) is quite clear to me.

          Best wishes,

      • GALT

        BTW Mr Livingston, if you really want to help appearance wise……you could install
        an “edit or preview” step before the “final post” takes place.

        Composing directly into the comment section, which has the “largest width”,
        does not automatically adjust, to reply and second replies, as each is “narrower”,
        than the “original” width……

        Is there a way to use word press directly to correct this?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear GALT,

          You write: “Is there a way to use word press directly to correct this?” That is a question for the tekkies.

          Best wishes,

      • GALT

        Oh and Bob, when I say “something” or “one thing” is unclear to me, that is precisely
        what I mean…….you are the one that seems to be having a problem with “clarity”,
        unless you say things you do not mean?

        You did………say that…….did you not?

      • DaveH

        What is interesting, Robert, is that the Socialist Galt would use a Libertarian website to make his point when he quite regularly disses Libertarian ideology.

      • GALT

        Dear Bob,

        You say: Your confusion (and your intent) is quite clear to me.

        I am thrilled to hear it, in fact I am most interested in what you think you know?

        There have been so many theories and much speculation, it would probably be helpful,
        for others, if you offered your assessment…….

        Be kinda like the “official party line”……the Gospel on GALT, directly from the
        “horse’s mouth” as it were………pre-approved and all that?

        The conditions of my “confusion” would also be very useful to me……I mean, I
        have already shown my concern, regarding anything you may have been
        confused about…….now that I know you are NOT, or at least say you are not,
        it comes as quite a relief to me.

        One would hope you would return the favor in kind?

        I know it would help DavidH and company a great deal, because he keeps
        using these “labels” which make no sense, given the range of topics I have
        covered and my actual positions.

        Hard to be a capitalist/socialist.communist when “economics” is invalid.

        Or a government shill when “corrupted government is the problem”.

        Or Walt from Seattle, when I am in Vegas. ( who knows Walt may come back,
        although why he let it bother him in the first place is beyond me……)

        That’s the best part of the line breaks……….gives them all something to say,
        and they are so eager…….to say SOMETHING…….seems a shame to
        deprive them of it.

        Who knows, maybe you can inspire them by example?

        They certainly need a lot of work with “logical fallacies” and you seem to touch
        on that from time to time……..but it does not seem to be very effective in the
        general scheme of things.

        Who knows, maybe we can return to that discussion on the declaration and
        governments role in securing same? BTW have you read “Master of the Mountain”

      • DaveH

        Spare us your nonsense, Galt. You’re a Socialist and you know it. You have demonstrated that many times with your rants against Free Markets (Capitalism).

      • GALT

        DavidH that is not really hard to understand. or it would not be if you were intelligent!

        The power in WORDS lies in their definition…….

        When words cease to have a “definitive meaning” they become useless…..and to use them…..when they have deteriorated to that level……renders the person “using” them
        completely irrelevant, to any actually “intelligent” person.

        Since this site is populated in the main, by the non intelligent, and a host, who
        for some reason has made a “marketing decision” that such “idiocy” is a wise
        choice……you may never learn this……which means you have reached the height
        of your “intellectual powers”……which is about as sarcastically generous as I
        can manage at the moment,

        I require no other description for any of you “other than what I have used”…..
        “willfully ignorant, functional illiterate”…..there is no point in adding what you claim to
        be to it……you don’t know who you are, where you are, what you are, or what you
        you are doing…….why would what you “think” you are, matter to me?

        For Bob and his newsletter at 70+ dollars for two years, plus books sales…..if
        he has 10, 000 subscribers……that’s $350,000……which doesn’t include all the
        income from his list of associates……..his “perceived self interest” has always
        been clear…….I’m not so sure of his marketing skills, but he is a big boy….

        As with all deficient intellects, repetition is key,,,,,,

        “The Master said….If names are not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language is not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success……..Therefor a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately. What the superior man requires, is just that in his words, there may be nothing incorrect.”

        “The Master said,…..Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men.”

        Confucious 551 -479 B.C.

        When you finally get that…….you may say something relevant…….at the moment,
        in terms of polarity….you would be at the farthest possible point from comprehending

    • DaveH

      Galt says to Wayne — “Is it my imagination or are your contributions here becoming more frequent and frantic than usual?”.
      Is it my imagination, or are Galt’s comments becoming more readable, more grammatically correct, and more logical?
      Yep, It’s my imagination.

      For those inclined to seek the romantic route of Galt’s Socialism, think about this:
      The Leaders only need your votes until they gain absolute power. Then, as usual, they will purge:
      1) Those who are a threat to their Power, such as idealistic Socialist Followers who then become a threat to the assumed Leaders because the Leaders don’t really give a rat’s ass about the Followers, they just are using them to gain Power.
      2) Those Useless Eaters who aren’t productive, therefore they are of no use to the Leaders in their quest for more Power and Wealth. That covers most Liberal Progressives.
      3) And of course the old people who generally have no choice to be Productive or Not.

      Add to that the stark reality that Socialism always fails where fully implemented because it is a negatively productive ideology. Socialism only survives when it is supplemented by Capitalism upon which the Socialists live like the Parasites they are.
      You can see that reality by reading this report which ranks countries based on their amount of Government meddling in the Marketplace:

      Good luck with Galt’s path, Liberal Progressive Followers.

      • GALT

        How does “non sequitur” work for you DaveH?

        So did you read the book?

        Do you require assistance for either one of those questions?

      • DaveH

        It’s not a book, Galt, it’s a report, and the non sequitur would be your asking me if I read the book (or report).
        If I did require assistance, Galt, I couldn’t expect any help from you, even if you wanted to help.

      • GALT

        You had only to ask… is here.

        GALT says:
        December 12, 2012 at 6:25 pm

        I don’t feel neglected DavidH…….you are doing what you have always done,
        which is to avoid, by any means necessary…… the exposure of your deficient ability
        to logically defend any of the “ideas” you claim that others should accept, based
        on your CLAIM, that they are “in fact” what YOU say they ARE!

        “You see, if I have so much trouble slogging through your Pigeon English, I’m not real concerned that the ignorant people will be able to understand what it is you’re trying to say. “

        You found the question. Did you read the book? difficult to slog through?

        Do you require a multiple choice set of answers from which to select?

        a.) Yes
        b.) No
        c.) I refuse to answer, having read the book, because I would then have to answer
        the additional questions that were asked concerning it?
        d.) I refuse to answer, having not read the book, because then I will confirm I am
        the complete idiot that others suspect I am, for recommending something I have not
        read while claiming that it is: “For those who would like to get comprehensive knowledge on the subject of energy:”

        Does that make it easier for you, DavidH?

        And they’re the only ones who might buy your Socialist message. So why should I bother responding to you?

        Which again poses the mysterious “self contradiction” of why “YOU ARE
        RESPONDING? to tell me, you can’t be bothered to respond.

        I am sure the truly “ignorant” here will “admire” another demonstration of
        your “intellectual prowess”………as they so often demonstrate the “identical
        compulsion” for “mindless contributions”………in the “name of liberty” while conveniently avoiding the “required responsibility” that must be present, in the free exercise

        I suppose you can “hope” that what you say is TRUE, regarding the “result” of
        the “message”………you may even be “right” regarding it’s acceptance…….
        after all “willfull ignorance” is by definition “willfull”.

        That which is TRUE, on the other hand, does not require agreement, in the
        REALITY which it reveals……….no matter how much HOPE you have invested
        in “wishing” that it were not true.

        So, once again:Did you READ the BOOK?

        P.S. “Economics” is INVALID……..”socialist/ communist/ capitalist”, are therefore
        “irrelevant”………they do not apply to me.

      • Robert Smith

        DaveH claims about a book: “If I did require assistance, Galt, I couldn’t expect any help from you, even if you wanted to help.”

        I’ll help you with that book. From what I’ve seen by the way you treat information from places other than those that present your point of view would be, “Do you want fries with that book?”

        Bonny appetite.


      • GALT

        So, Robert iz you learning……this is actually a very big day, as the master mushroom
        feeder, has deigned to enter the lists……and I thought he had had been paying
        attention…….or at least I had thought, he was was “intelligent” enough to REMAIN, quiet.

        Of course, I do admit he does have a bit of a problem “enforcing rules”, as well as….
        hhhhmmm what seems like.”natural selection” with a “mushroom dominant gene”,problem………given the level of idiocy among the mushrooms, this can be a bit of a task, especially when the “non-mushrooms” ( anti-fungal?) are paying attention.

        Still though, you guys need to find some kind of “common theme”……DavidH is the key here………

        You guys blew a big opportunity with Crystal last week or yesterday, with his “hero” post and the fact that the guy actually “e-mailed PLD to correct the impression…….

        You should go back and revisit that…….because this guy in NOW, unemployed,
        and black…… many posts do you think will be written by these “morons”
        who blame the “victims”…….cite this guy as a hero, and will make an “exception” for him, when they characterize everyone else as a…what is it “parasite, feeder, eater”?

        This is the “weakness” here…….and DavidH the epitome of it…..look for it every chance you get…….stay focused…….

      • DaveH

        Oh Dread, I’m being “schooled” by the nitwit Liberal Progressives.
        Thank you, guys, for posting more of your nonsense which will no doubt awaken many readers who formerly thought that Liberal Progressives were normal people.

      • GALT

        No DavidH, you are being DISMISSED AGAIN…….you have been “socially promoted”
        to irrelevant and therefor of “no consequence”…….and quite some time ago…..

        As a fool you are a useful TOOL…..sort of like a TEST DUMMY

      • Hedgehog

        “good luck with Galt’s path”; you say. I thought it was pathetic.

      • GALT

        There are two things we can be sure of regarding DavidH.

        He doesn’t ask questions ( he can’t read, so how could he possibly know what
        questions to ask ) he just makes stuff up, and then tells you WHAT other people

        And today he sucked in his HOST…..that would be you MR. Bob Livingston, who also
        can not READ and comprehend…… ( it’s a business thing, really……this site is
        not about making things better for anyone else but BOB LIVINGSTON…..that’s why
        “intelligence and reason” are NOT part of his “moderating” guidelines……and why
        you can not “slander” the authors.of the “crap” that appears here……so where is
        Brian Nash? )

        Bob’s think’s I am confused and HE KNOWS why am I am here, and what I am doing?

        I say Bob……my bestest friend and good buddy……please TELL me oh wise ONE?

        STILL WAITING??????????????????????

        So now we know the other thing about both BOB LIVINGSTON and DavidH.

        They don’t answer questions either……..

        In DavidH’s case….he simply is not capable….

        MR BOB LIVINGSTON………..what is your EXCUSE???????????????

  • Sgt. York

    Boo Hoo needs to just set down shut his piehole and let someone with negotiations skills step up and let O’Vomit know its not his way or the highway. Boo Hoo is a step back for the Republicaaans as they now look like a well beaten dog runnin with his tail between his legs. We need a man/woman with real skills and big jimmies to set Mr O’Vomit straight that he is not the pharaoh of America. Its not even day one of his second Communist rule and he whips Boo Hoo’s butt into a tear jerkin frenzy. He,Boo Hoo has gotta go, Amen

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    the TEA PARTY is the NEW CONSERVATIVE party;;;;;;;;republicans are toast………get them out of DC

    • rendarsmith

      100% right

    • NativeBlood

      Please try to keep the word “new” as far away fro conservative as possible. Conservatism is not a new concept. NEOCONS have only been around for a decade or so.

      • Robert Smith

        “Conservatism is not a new concept. ”

        No, it isn’t. Barry Goldwater would be pro-choice today, he didn’t care if a gun’s trigger was pulled by a finger with nail polish on it (boy or girl’s finger), and he would probably be called a liberal today.


  • AJ Abrams

    Everybody says: “Obama needs to learn this or that about our country”. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He already knows all this stuff you say he needs to know. He, just does not care and has his own agenda which is destruction. The longer you go thinking you can teach him this or that, you are looking just like another “Obama Fool””. Wise up. He knows it. He does not care. He has his own agenda and he is not gonna change. He is making complete fools out of Republicans and he is laughing at you. Grow up, Wise up. Get a little savy and think, Man. Think. You are up against a diferent kind of foe.A different foe. And the longer it takes John Q. Public to understand it the worse off we will be.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      O is playing this country because he knows its’ weaknesses. The weaknesses are the greed for ill gotten gain by government welfare and covetousness of the Democrats/Progresses/Leftists for power by any means possible even by using the law.

      • Robert Smith

        You seem to have missed the greedy top 2% that nearly put this country in the dumper with their banking garbage.

        Oh, and that “job creation” in China and other places, rather than here at home.


  • factnotrhetoric

    KNOW YOUR ENEMY. You’re not going to teach Beohner anything. Both he and Obama are playing on the same side against Americans, just like both Romney and Obama were playing on the same side against Americans.

    The true enemy is the “LITTLE PUPPET MILITARY DICTATORS” who have taken over the UN, NATO and the US Administration by sheer numbers and funny money they are allowed to create. .

    They can pay off any politician, or judge, with “funny money” generated by unregulated foreign banks.

    Supposedly Obama got a $2 Billion dollar loan for his new brokerage firm. Michelle Obama supposedly had $2 Billion in her Canadian account. You can bet they have no intention of ever paying back either Foreign Bank Loan.

    • Robert Smith

      From hetoric: “Supposedly Obama got a $2 Billion dollar loan for his new brokerage firm. Michelle Obama supposedly had $2 Billion in her Canadian account. You can bet they have no intention of ever paying back either Foreign Bank Loan.”

      Really? Is “supposedly” the new standard for facts from the right?

      Do you have even a shred of proof of your claim?


  • Karolyn

    Oh, yeah, I’m sure Root is REALLY hurting! Not! He doesn’t know what hurting is!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Playing victim, Karolyn. All people have troubles, that is the human condition. Your bunch just whine about it.

    • DaveH

      What about those who you blindly pillage by voting for Liberal Progressives, Karolyn? Do you know how they are hurting? Do you really care?

  • Raymond DELANGE

    John Boehner is the biggest asshole in Washington and has a political brain the size of a pea.The Democrats will be in charge until 2024!!!

    • jopa

      R D;Bohner is not the problem the problem is Cantor and the tea baggers.The baggers led by the like of Bachman and her allies like West, Gohmer and Rand Paul are like one big political joke and just a nuisance.They also sign these Grover pledges that are totally idiotic and do nothing for America but obstruct.Time for the voters to finish up the housecleaning and get rid of this trash.

      • Tony Newbill

        They are the Joke because they don’t want a Big Government Tax and Spend agenda to take root and drive the debt so high it is unable to be paid for by a private sector growth revenue creation economy ?? Oh we already don’t have that , thats why the Federal Reserve is Buying the debt now with the latest plan , 85 billion a Month for the next 3 years …. ha ha ha ha ha , we are so screwed , !!!!!

    • DaveH

      John Boehner is just doing what the NeoCon Progressives have done since 1854 — take advantage of the average citizens with Big Government and Mercantilism.

  • Paul Wells

    Boehner would do better to have a good cry in front of Obama. He’d be more likely to get his way. Mitch and Boehner need to go, they’ve sold us (true conservatives) out, and therefore are part of the problem, not the solution!

    • DaveH

      The concept of “selling us out” implies that the Republicans were ever anything but the Party of Big Government and Crony Capitalism. Read this to learn the truth:

  • Tony Newbill

    Dear Mr. Speaker
    , Try this , call for a amendment to the Dodd Frank Bill to allow more Financial
    Institutional Participation into these New Monetary QE Spending plans so these
    auctions can be better competed for by the New Right to work States Springing
    up , and end this Log Jam on the way the 2 big 2 fail institutions that are hoarding
    these bond !!!!

    Regarding the Federal Reserve Minutes , , We need more NEW Financial Institutions participation in accessing the fed window and buy the fed bond auctions under the current policy and those funds be appropriated for Retooling manufacturing in the Right to Work States

  • AJ Abrams

    Nobody can “Negotiate” with Obama. Nobody. Obama will not negotiate. Say, your agnger puts someone else in the speakers shoes to negotiate in his place. What magic words will Obama respond to. There is NOT ONE PERSON WHO CAN NEGOTIATE WITH OBAMA THE ASS.. Not one. If Obama won’t come to table, you can’t negotiate. Obama just takes what ever the Repubs say and rejects it as Obama has no plan. You cn not win, This bastard Obama is too smart for any of you.
    Obama has never negotiated in his life. His Marxist training has taught him to “Mow People Down” by using bullies.
    It is a simple read. Real “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. Easy read. Cheap. Buy from Amazon. Saul Alinsky is the founder of Marxism in this country and Obama actually “taught” rules for Radicals in College to College Students. This is who this man is.
    Hoenry White Women elected Obama. They get wet panties everytime they see Obama. They can’t resist him. Thank them and the 96% of “free thinking” blacks for this awful excuse for a human being.

  • Tom Scott

    Americans are indeed outflanked and defeated by this Kenyan born bastard and his clique. There should’t be any negotiations but tribunal . Away with this communist pig.!

    • Louis Lemieux

      Talking the way you do only hurts your cause! Can you imagine if Romney had used that kind of language during the campaign! It may seem odd, but when you trash talk others, the person you are talking to will subconsciously associate you with the words coming out of your mouth.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Wayne regales us with all the tired old horsepucky arguments that the right has relied on for far too long. Boehner himself doesn’t need lessons in negotiating, the WHOLE GOP is the needy party here. Boehner is trying to hold a runny horsepucky sandwich together and is doing quite well, considering. After trying obstructionism, and saying “NO”, and electing a bunch of TP fools, and holding the country hostage, and demanding that they get their way or it’s O’Bama’s fault if they don’t, the GOP has FINALLY come to the end game.

    And what is that “end game”? The Repugs have ended up with their backs to the wall with O’Bama holding all the cards and the citizenry ready to blame the GOP by over 2 to 1 if we go over the “cliff”. What will that do to the “brand”? O’Bama’s approval ratings are on the upswing and congress’s are still declining. O’Bama is holding a full house with aces high and Boehner has a pair of threes at best and Wayne is going to bet against Obama? Wayne says “walk away” to Boehner? Wayne is such a loser.

  • http://personallibertydigest lee henry

    we are in trouble we need to make & sell things not buy china so called goods or products
    if we get people work than not work we will have a stronger economy & also more education & that can start with parents teaching the kids while not in school i have a sister that did that both her kids were considered as gifted kids maybe that is why we are not that smart any more the parents dont teach the childern & also the father worked & the mother stayed home back in the 50′s & 60″s more than now now everybody has to work if they can figure out how to have animals work then they would too so that is my thought by …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Don the britton

    Where is the bill? You do not negotiate what ifs. If there is no bill there is no negotiation just hot air. The President is on record as saying he would produce a bill in sufficient time for the public to review it, hold him to his promise.

    • Flashy

      LOL…it takes about 15 minutes to transfer the proposal submitted by the President to the proper format a bill requires.

  • Fedup

    Galt, get a job and shut up!

    • Hedgehog

      Hey Fedup: Galt can’t get a job because he keeps putting his qualifications down on the application; incompetence, irrelevance and dialectical materialism. (My apologies to Perry Mason et alii.)

  • Greg Beaty

    They have destroyed California, Chicago and Detroit already now it is our country they want to destroy. Big government, big taxes and big spending destroy economies.

  • alicia

    Wayne, Im’ surprised you still have a job, anybody that trusts your words is an idiot.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Anybody that trusts you Alicia is an idiot.

  • pal-man

    even if Pres. Obama gets his way and we raise taxes on the top 2% .( who is supposedly the Warren Buffet people. does that mean they will pay and the gov. will get the money. we know that Mr. Buffet is in a years long court battle now to keep from paying taxes. Yet he gets on TV and says he is willing to pay more, but he is not paying what he owes now. And just the Other day we find out another very rich Obama supporter from Google sent massive amounts of money to another country to keep from paying tax on it. So if most of the 2% act like Obama’s friends then he still will not get the money no matter how much he taxes the rich and they will lay people off as well.
    So no matter what Pres. Obama and congress are going to have to cut waste and spending. Taxing the rich does not guarentee any revenue as they have the lawyers to not pay and the ability to send money overses to keep from paying the taxes.
    I am not for the taxes being raised but people can get around it and not pay like the head of the IRS tim geitner and other Obama cronies
    So we are back to stop the wasteful spending, sell assets where possible, privatize and cut where needed to slim the gov.personel and cut spending now. Then after you do all this if you still need more then raise taxes as a last resort only. But i feel if you get rid of waste and not needed assets, then cut spending for a lower budget then you will not need to raise taxes.
    Except for possibly changing the tax codes. such as a flat tax or to me money is money whether gained by work or investment and it should be taxed that way. Money made through investment should be taxed the same as money made through labor. Money is money.

  • Flashy

    LOL…hilarious to watch the GOP and the extremists deny the reality that President Obama is asking for exactly what he said he would as he campaigned. And the voters gave him that mandate.

    In his proposal to the GOP, the President specified the revenues AND he specified real cuts. Not fairy tale cuts that the GOP is proposing without details. The GOP is promising to keep the redistribution of wealth going to the wealthy, and that huge cuts will be made in pending…without telling us what blood they’ll extract from the already anemic Middle Class.

    Let’s look at the “negotiating strength” of the two sides. The President has a 59% approval rating. 58% of the public state he has a mandate for his proposal. The GOP has a 30% approval rating, the Dems 45%. 19% would blame the President if the deal isn’t cut (do THAT math).

    Spending. Fact…this administration has increased federal spending by the lowest of any presidency since Carter. Take away the Bush I 2008-09 budget inherited, and the fiscal restraint this administration has practiced is right there for all to see (if they wanted). TARP I , that massive giveaway, and the payment on the Bush I debt skews the numbers Mr. Wayne (Romney in a landslide) Root cites.

    Spending has grown only 1.4 percent per year under Obama – one-fifth the rate under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Read more at

    Chew on them numbers for awhile.

    Next…consider. jobs. We are at the cusp of a jobs recovery. All the basics are in place, and all the numbers point to it. The only lagging number is Consumer Confidence which has taken a small drop with the GOP intransigence and the fiscal cliff. holiday spending is not as robust as one would think…and the consumer polls point to the worry over the fiscal cliff negotiations. Romney knew we were on that edge of explosive job growth ahead…that was why he could promise 12 million new jobs his first four years. Because it will happen.

    Let’s also do some math. Let’s take a person having a net personal income of $500,000 (after deductions etc). The first 250 will not be having an increase in tax. The other $250 will have a 3% increase. Quick! how much extra is that? LOL … 3% of 250,000 is $7500. About $658 / month. Go ahead Mr. Root…tell us with an income after deduction of $500,000 one cannot afford a bill of $650/month. (what’s your manicurist and tanning bed treatment cost per month?)

    The spending cuts proposed by the administration won’t be very painful up front. They were needed anyhow and are cuts mostly to waste and attributed to the Recession. As jobs come back, revenues will climb accordingly even over that gained by having the wealthy pay for their fair share of their benefits received.

    Show Boehner how to negotiate? Go against the public opinion, the mandate, the numbers, and America’s future? Sure…..tell us how to negotiate…and negotiate for what? bleed the Middle Class even more than what jhas been done the past 30 years?

    • Tony Newbill
      • Flashy

        Tony…you are correct. Bush just kept spending, going deeper into debt, and making sure the massive redistribution of wealth program initiated by Reagan continued.

        Consider this. Reagan, Bush I, Bush II. They all had a similar approach to woring with the Fed. They didn’t. Ecopnomic policy was made without coordinating with or receiving advice and opinion from the Fed. Both pursued policies without coordinating or consulting with the other. Result? we see the result. the economy went into a dive, the debt skyrocketed, wealth distribution tilted strongly to the upper 1%, the Middle Class got hammered and recessions became the norm.

        Clinton and Obama ? Both set economic policy in coordination with the Fed. Remember Clinton? The one who had us at or near a surplus? A “no-debt” future forecast by almost all economists by 2010? Full employment? Remember him?

        President Obama…kept us from going over the edge into the abyss of a Depression? Refused to follow the example of the economic decisions of Europe in attacking the recession. Who has given us a strong platform to grow out of the mess the GOP and extremists gave us.

        Yep Tony…you should think about that. Thanx for that link.

        • Tony Newbill

          Flashy Clinton had more than 50 % less defense budget , plus he had a Tech Bubble that was nothing but a Booking Mess that was generating FAKE tax revenues till that Bubble Busted , just Like the Book Cooking in the Real Estate sector with the Debt Bubble that Burst so Clintons surplus was a Fraud !!!!
          The WTO Free Trade Policy that was set into play in the 1990s and followed through with still today has Devalued and Out sourced the GUTS of the nations we call Home and its High Time the People understand this and call for its Nation to succeed from this Cabal !!!!!!!!
          But Of Course its to late as we have No raw materials Left China controls all the mining resources in the USA , and we have No Tool Die sector producing parts , China has these 2 , people we are toast !!!!! WE ARE SERFS !!!!! We are all fully Controlled Like WARRIOR Said !!!!

    • GRusling

      Obama has a “mandate” from the people, only in the sense that House Republicans have the same. Getting re-elected by a smaller count than his original election is not a “mandate.” The same is true for House Republicans. Both need to recognize that people are sick and tired of their continuous rhetoric on whatever subject, and simply stayed home in November. It’s not a “mandate” when so many people found BOTH parties distasteful and simply refused to participate!

      We need to analyze each and every candidate, and weed the “Progressives” out of both wings of our political system. Then and only then will our problems get solved…

      • Flashy

        LOL … you are too funny! ignoring reality eh?

      • Texas Ride

        GR, We better ask ourselves if our elections are legit before we put all our hopes on the results and the counting of votes. Remember November 8th! We are told that hardly any republicans voted and those that did voted for omaumau (or something bs like that.) I am afraid that the integrity of our elections has been impaired.. How do conservatives win when the enemy owns the voting machines in twenty-six States and 900 total jurisdictions across the country.This is something that no one will talk about, net even Fox. Dick Morris tried to bring it up on the O’Really! show and he was “shutdown” immediately.

        As far as the stability of many Americans, that also comes into play. How many watched the Union riot in MI. There was a recent study that shows one-in-five Americans have mental disease. I think most of these people are easily identified, many are talking crazy and advocate violence against political opposition…. I think violence against political opposition has also come from some government officials in Washington, as well!

        Elections are too little too late, to overcome the fact that the country has been “overthrown” and the republicants have been “neutered.” Or, should I say that the destruction of the republicant party is well-underway.

        Republicants should follow the advice of Rand Paul. He said that no republicant should vote for tax increases, just vote “present.” That way the demonrats can own their tax increases with no republicant support.. It is going to happen with or without republicant support as does everything else omaumau wants. It will be that way until Americans grow a pair and stand-up for the Constitution.

        • Tony Newbill

          They said Romneys kid had investments in Voter machine manufacturers , and they advertised this hard in OHIO

      • Flashy

        “How do conservatives win when the enemy …” Texas Ride

        this is a very very good example of why the extremists need to be shown the back row and ignored. When they see as ‘the enemy’ those who choose not to think along their extremist lines, marginalization is the solution. .

    • DaveH

      Flashman says — “The GOP has a 30% approval rating, the Dems 45%”.
      Where do you get that, Flashman? It seems an odd figure, given that the voters returned a majority of Republicans to the House of Representatives. Do you have a link to back it up?
      You know we can’t just take your word for anything, since you have no credibility on this board.

      • Flashy

        Sure DaveH…try the latest polls.

        BTW..the reason so few of the House extremists were not ousted was that they held gerrymandered safe seats. They don’t have to be reasonable or thinking. They can stick to rigid ideological purity without regard to what is best for this Nation. The question you should be asking is how did the GOP lose Senate seats when the Democrats up for re-election were two to one in GOP Senate seats up for vote.

        we’re also talking post election with the latest intransigence of the GOP despite the voters giving a mandate to President Obama. The GOP is heading the way of the dodo bird if they want to continue to tell the voters their choice and decisions do not matter…

      • DaveH

        As usual, no backup link from Flashman. Just more equivocation. You’re boring, Flashman, in a dishonest sort of way.

      • Flashy

        Davey..i don’t use Mises links on every post, and if you need your hand held to look up the latest polls you’ll have to ask someone else.

        As far as ‘equivocation”, i’d say you should ook at your posts for those examples. I cited my opinion as to your claim the House elections ‘proved” conservative support. Saying the House elections proved anything but the success of gerrymandering and being one of the prime causes for the DC gridlock is balderdash. And you know it. if you don;t, look it up in your Mises.

      • DaveH

        Who said anything about using a Mises link, Flashman? It would be a cold in the hot place before you could find a Mises article to back up your nonsense, Flashman.
        Any site would do, Flashman, if it’s factual. Just show us some reliable facts, since we know yours aren’t.
        Do you really think the readers don’t know that your dancing around is just a typical Flashman manifestation of double-speak?

    • DaveH

      Flashman says — “Take away the Bush I 2008-09 budget inherited, and the fiscal restraint this administration has practiced is right there for all to see (if they wanted)”.
      If Obama had wanted to reduce the Bush Spending, he could have. He didn’t, instead preferring to pass a takeover of the Medical field in this country, and a takeover of our Health Care choices.
      Your equivocations, Flashman, will only influence those who are already blindly on your side.

      • Flashy

        What equivocation Davey? Fact is fact…spending by this administration grew at the lowest rate since Carter. The link to the data was in that post. Oh yeah, forgot, you don’t want facts other than the titles to some Mises link (which you never read)

      • DaveH

        No, Flashman, it is NOT fact. The facts:
        Federal Spending in 2008 — $2982 Billion
        Federal Spending in 2009 (Obama’s first year) — $3517.68

        That’s a $535 Billion increase. And don’t give me the Equivocation that is was a Bush budget, Flashman, because a man, who could ram through a Health Care Bill requiring Americans to buy Health Care Insurance that they didn’t want, could cut the Spending back to 2008 levels.

      • Flashy

        Davey…quit trying to snow folks. you can’t do it anymore…they’re on to you and your unread Mises links and your fudged numbers.

        try this…Obama’s first budget was the fiscal year 2010 budget. Got that?

        Here’s something for you to rad and chew on licking the wounds. it’s from Forbes. ya gonna call Forbes equivocating or putting up false numbers like these?

      • DaveH

        You’re pathetic, Flashman.
        The buck stops with the Chief Executive, and Obama was President for more than 11 months of 2009.

    • DaveH

      More equivocation from Flashman — “We are at the cusp of a jobs recovery. All the basics are in place, and all the numbers point to it”.
      Prognostication from a guy who can’t even tell the truth about the present? Please.

      • Flashy

        The numbers are there for all to see and analyze Davey. If you don’t want to do that, not my problem.

      • DaveH

        Yes they are.
        Total non-farm Employment for Jan 2009 (Obama takes office) — 133,561,000.
        Total non-farm Employment for Sep 2012 (Latest actual figures) — 133,568,000.

        After $2 Trillion ($2,000,000,000,000) of Stimulus Spending, Obama has managed to create 7,000 new jobs. That only cost us $285 Million per job. Such a bargain.

      • Flashy

        LOL..fudging it again Davey. When Obama took office, we were losing almost 1 million jobs a month. ya expect him to have waved a magic wand and immediately turn it around? It took almost a year turn it around. A good six months just to halt the ship and turn it aside from the shoals we were heading for.

      • DaveH

        Losing it? Yes, you’re right Flashman, we’ve all been losing it (our money and prosperity) since the Liberal Progressives have been in Power.
        Equivocate away, Flashman. All you’re doing is giving the Liberal Progressives a bad name.

    • DaveH

      What Spending Cuts did Obama offer, Flashman?
      $600 Billion over 10 years? $60 Billion a year out of a Federal Budget that has a deficit of $1300 Billion a year? A 5% reduction in the Deficit Spending? What a joke.

  • rendarsmith

    I thought you were a libertarian Wayne.

    • DaveH

      Wayne is a LINO.

  • Jennifer Cummins

    I’m an Ohioan, and I am very disappinted in Boehner’s communicattion skills. Republicans need an excellent communicator like a Newt Gingrich who knows how to fight for American taxpayers effectively.

    • GRusling

      Unfortunately, someone like Gingrich can never be successful in our current political system, for the same reason he was forced out of the GOP in the ’90′s. To him the “Contract With America” was a solemn pledge to voters, which he intended to keep! To the Republican party it was nothing more than a Campaign Promise which they never intended to honor, and he was ousted for trying to hold their feet to the fire!

      Newt Gingrich has too much baggage and too many enemies to ever be effective, but we certainly need someone like him. My vote is for Allen West…

    • DaveH

      Newt Gingrich is a NeoCon:

      Wake up, People, the Republicans are not on your side, unless you are a Crony Capitalist.

      • DaveH

        For Personal Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and the PEACE that comes with those, there is only one choice:

  • GRusling

    We all need to stop talking about Republicans and start electing real CONSERVATIVES, which today’s Republicans are not! There’s a real good reason why they’re called “Neo-Cons,” and Eisenhower tried to warn us about them…

  • Robin Frey

    Republicans got to lean how to be nice, this is why you can’t get nothing done. Try to act like People again, when your nice you win, when your not nice you loose.

    • GRusling

      If that were true, Democrats could NEVER win, because they’re never nice to anyone who’s not a Democrat,,,

      • Deerinwater

        That is just not true, ~ I am surround by Republicans and get along very well with all of them at work and play. We just don’t dwell on our differences. ~ and of course after the recent election, it is like it never happened, which suits me fine. I know that they know I told them so and I was the only one that got it correct while I am minority of one in a crowd of many.

      • Karolyn

        What BS!

    • Texas Ride

      How naive. “Good guys finish last.” Besides, there are no good guys in Washington. They are all crooks or they wouldn’t be there for more than a couple of weeks..let alone Thirty and Forty years!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      A wolf like Robin Frey is telling the sheep to be nice when they protest about being savaged and eaten.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Robert Smith is correct. The Republicans are starting from a position of weakness. The American people as a whole, and even Republicans as a whole, agree with President Obama that the Bush tax cuts should NOT be extended for the top 1-2%. That is evident from the election results and the exit polls.
    Boehner must first realize that it is the President who has the upper hand this time. GOP “brand suicide” would occur if the Speaker does not recognize this.
    I am not saying, and neither is the President, that certain cuts should not be made; but ending the redistribution of wealth to the very top, as has been occurring at an excellerated rate, is starving the Middle Class financially.

    • DaveH

      How do you explain the Majority Republicans returned to the House of Representatives, the body of Congress that represents the People?

      • Doc Sarvis

        How many were up for re-election?

      • Flashy

        Doc..all house members were up for re-election. Daveyboy just wants to deflect from the fact the the majority of the GOP House came from gerrymendered districts where even Stalin would win if he ran as a GOPer. Even with that, the GOP still lost five (or was it six?) .

        The real number to look at is the Senate. twice as many Dems were up for re-election, and the GOP lost seats.

      • DaveH

        Would you guys like some cheese with that whine?

      • Flashy

        Davey boy…you do realize do you not that, you come across nuttier than the bottom of a Port O potty at a Peanut festival …

      • DaveH

        I will take nutty any day to what you are Flashman — devoid of honesty and decency.

  • ToughGuy1

    Speaker Boehner needs to quit taking bribes from Prez. Obama for a carton of cigarettes?

  • http://none Dan Spoonhour

    That’s what you get when you play golf with the president!

  • Motov

    OhBozo thinks a tax hike will make his burnt-out credit card good to go for more hostile takeovers, more spending on stupid stuff,..He lies about everything. Bonerbrain doesn’t have the brains to explain what Obozo is doing to the public, The GOP is infected with many rhino’s, and has been for years, the Democrats have successfully lied and are in the process of gettnig away with it.We need a spine that houses the Constitution, one who truely believes that document has the answer to today’s problems

  • DaveH

    Wayne says — “I have some pointers for Boehner. I’m going to teach him out to negotiate from strength, not weakness. My goal is to prevent a GOP “brand suicide” in these fiscal cliff negotiations”.
    The assumption here is that Boehner wants Less Government. That’s a very big assumption.

  • http://none ron

    Boner is outflanked and defeated by Obama.
    Update your photograph on the website you old fart.

  • Deerinwater

    I’ve noticed that everybody’s job looks easy when your not the one doing it. That John Boehner has managed as well as he has is amazing considering what he has had to contend with.

    Since most of you hold no claim of being GOP , what do you care one way or the other?

    Why be so disingenuous?

    The GOP has became the Hyjacked Party of the disenfranchised disingenuous.

    Why? Because that is the makeup of it’s contents and can be no more regardless of Title.

    • DaveH

      Who’s being disingenuous, Deer? Can you be specific?

      • Deerinwater

        David ask; ” Who is being disingenuous?”

        #1. Anyone David that claims the current administration has not addressed in a very meaningful way people living in our country unlawfully. For it has.

        ” As of July, Obama deported 1.4 million illegal immigrants since the beginning of his administration — that’s 1.5 times more immigrants on average than Bush deported every month, according to official numbers from the Department of Homeland Security*. But that’s only part of Obama’s deportation strategy: The administration’s stated goal is to prioritize the deportation of criminal, dangerous illegal immigrants. And it’s promised to make a new program called Secure Communities mandatory by 2013, which would force local law enforcement to share fingerprints of those arrested with the Department of Homeland Security, which has immigration records, through the FBI.”

        ” On Oct. 20, 2009, the Border Patrol website put up a notice saying it was no longer hiring: “The Border Patrol successfully filled the Presidential mandate of hiring 6,000 additional Border Patrol Agents (BPA) and presently has sufficient applicants to meet their continuing hiring goals. Therefore, the Reinstatement Program is indefinitely suspended and will no longer accept applications.”
        That would be Bush’s mandate.
        In fact, in the fiscal year 2011 budget, announced in early 2010, Obama proposed to let the number of border agents drop by 180 through attrition as a budget-saving maneuver. But then in June of last year, after Republican lawmakers balked at an immigration overhaul without a boost in border security, the administration suddenly requested an additional $600 million for security along the southwest border. The money in part would be used to hire an additional 1,000 agents. That bill passed a few months later.
        In its 2012 budget proposal, the Department of Homeland Security said that it had hired 439 additional agents in 2010 and was on track to have a total of 21,370 agents by the end of this fiscal year. Homeland Security said it would maintain that level in 2012.
        There are currently about 20,700 border agents, a Homeland Security Department spokesman said.:

        #2. Anyone that clamors for smaller government and making claims the current administration has failed to address it while in the same breath faulting the administration for high unemployment numbers.

        As a large part of this unemployment figure is comprised of government workers that have been laid off.

        “Spot the socialists
        Jul 25th 2012, 12:05 by Buttonwood

        BCA Research produced this fascinating chart in its latest research note which showed the growth in public sector employment in the first four years of recent Presidencies. As you can see, it has contracted under Barack Obama, as it did under Ronald Reagan; the real “big government” types were the two Bushes.”

        ” Over his two terms, George W. Bush added 37,000 federal jobs; Ronald Reagan added 197,000 federal jobs in his two. Bill Clinton lost 139,000! Federal employment is some 350,000 down from when Reagan left office.

        All of this indicates, as in Europe, that we should watch what politicians do not what they say. Furthermore, if you view the Democrats as the party of public-sector workers, the lack of public-sector expansion may explain the lack of enthusiasm for Mr Obama’s re-election among the base.”

        I say; ~ This is a perfect example of the GOP being disingenuous with their talk and their behavior. As they seem to demand of Obama to do something that they cannot do when given the opportunity.

    • Deerinwater

      Certainly, a fair question David, ~ allow me to return to it later ~pressed at the moment.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia.

    I dont believe you realise Wayne, that if taxpayers dont pay now…they will have to pay later as only income earners and asset owners are the only ones who will be paying taxes to pay off your deficit. I’m amazed that you are suggesting that John Boehner should resist the will of the voters and continue to fight Obama. Your advice is flawed in my opinion and your ideas are the ones that are destroying any chance of the republicans winning next time around. If the Repubicans continue to represent the billionaires inyour country who are few in number…you wont win the hearts and minds of the mutitude who actually vote at elections and decide who will be President dont you think?

    Now the fact that your Federal Reserve is pumping a total of $85 billion per month into your economy is going to have the effect of reducing the value of your $US and make your currency more competitive to help produce growth in your economy I would not agree with, but Obama wants to make good his promise of reducing unemployement by creating growth which everyone seems to want. IMO the growth wont produce instant inflation but any growth will be illusory and really come about via inflation. If you republicans had not been blaming Obama for your economy being stuck without growth then he would not be doing what hes doing. Being stuck at zero growth is excellent when comparing with every other country in Europe and everywhere else except China and you should all be pleased with the Obama pre-stimulus times, but you just dont get it…too much negative talk and not enough co-operation between the Democrats and the Republicans are causing the future problems imo.

    Inflation will help pay off your debts to some extent but the debt box is being kicked down the road to the next generation to work out. I say take advantage of the extra time wisely to get your affairs in order if you believe the end is near.

    • DaveH

      It is historical experience that if Congress gets more revenue, they will spend more money. The only reasonable way to cut the deficit is to cut Spending.

      • DaveH

        Currently the Federal Government is Spending $1.3 Trillion more a year than it takes in. The current proposed budget cuts are over a ten-year period and are merely band-aids on a gushing jugular.
        For those who just don’t understand those Big Numbers:
        $1.3 Trillion each year amounts to an average of $4127 per citizen in the US that is being added each year to the already horrendous $16.3 Trillion National Debt. That is $12,800 per average family in the US that is being added each year to the already horrendous $16.3 Trillion National Debt. So, for instance, by the end of next year the National Debt will be $17.6 Trillion, which amounts to a debt of $173,000 per average family in the US.
        How are our children, who never even got to vote in the matter, going to pay that debt back?

      • Gillysrooms from Australia.

        Dave H your sums actually under estimate the deficit amount per person because it should be per taxpayer as i bet much less than 50% pay taxes in the USA or even have the abiility to pay taxes., so that those who are left responsible to shoulder the debts are asset holders and income earners. I’m sure my figures will make you cry when you work them out per taxpayer.

        I agree the more the govt has the more they spend, but using the keynesian theory which is the base of so called modern society they have worked out that for every $1 spent by govt returns $1.80 of increased business activity whereas only $0.10 if taxes are cut during a recession. Can anyone check the validity of those stats?

  • The Christian American

    Mr. Root, you don’t “negotiate” with people that are there to destroy you. You plan a counter attack with plans to win the battle. In this kind of battle you use their own tactics against them. You look for cracks in their dams and exploit them. You know your enemy and their allies, the media forinstance. Hitler said: With 90% of the people I use emotion. The rest I have to reason with. The people’s emotions have to be steered in the right direction. Everything Obama and his ilk does must be expanded on as being against the people. This last election proved how right Hitler was. Come, let us reason together and become one, said the serpent to the mouse. If the Republicans in congress get spine, it has to come from the people by letting them know their future is the people’s hands,

    I know I probably sound like broken record but consider John 3:16. Right reason is loosing on both the domestic and international fronts. John 3:16 will lift people out of this mess for all eternity.

    • Tony Newbill

      If Boehner is going to cut spending on the entitled sector thats dependent on Government for their general welfare then he has to have a specific plan that reenters these people back into some kind of private sector job , and have we heard the mechanism of this economic policy other than the Federal Reserves announcement yesterday of their plan to curb unemployment , which so far we can say this has not been a benefactor for the private sector but a further job creator for the Government ????

      • The Christian American

        Morally speaking, there is no legitimate “entitlement” sector. No one’s entitled to the fruits of another mans labors. It is a crime

      • Robert Smith

        So much for christian charity. Guess you ain’t your brother’s keeper.


      • Nadzieja Batki

        Robert Smith, we are not our brother’s keepers. That implies total control over another human being. Telling him when to sleep, when to wake, what to wear, what work they can do, what they can eat, if they can be educated, medicated, what they drive and where,etc..
        But Dems/Progs/ Leftists like yourself want that kind of control.

  • Louis Lemieux

    Wayne Allen Root teaching House Speaker Boehner how to negotiate is also teaching him how to lose his job. Boehner knows perfectly well what a majority of Americans want: taxes to go up on the richest Americans.

    • Elton Robb

      I don’t want taxes to go up on anybody. in fact, i want the spending to reduce to a trickle, and the taxes to go down.

      • Paul Wells

        Laudable goals (except for if done too suddenly, it will for sure throw the economy into free fail), but I’d humbly submit to you that moon rocks will rain down on your house before any true fiscal responsibility is exhibited by anyone in DC!! Just simply not likely at all.

      • DaveH

        So, Paul, you think we should continue throwing good money after bad?
        At some point or other, we must take the bitter medicine and get our country back to Freedom and Prosperity. The longer we wait, the more bitter the medicine will be.

      • Paul Wells

        DaveH, No, I don’t want to throw away money good after bad, but neither do I want 50% unemployment to be the result of a sudden watershed of federal spendng cuts, and you KNOW that will happen if our budget were to shrink by the 20% it needs to in order to right the financial ship. Further, I don’t think YOU really want that either. But we could sure as heck cut it 5% annually for the next 8 ~ 10 and be where we need to be without such pain!

      • The Christian American

        These people know there is a balance. Lower taxes vs. higher taxes. They know if taxes go to high they will be receiving less because high taxes stimmy growth. They don’t want them to go to low because the people are managing to get extra money that “should” br theirs. At no point in time is the welfare of the people considered. It’s what do we gotta do to maximize our income.

      • DaveH

        50% unemployment is pure conjecture on your part, Paul.
        The Spending that would be cut would be money that would be more efficiently spent in the Private Sector, thus producing more goods and services for the money, which would allow the people to buy more with their money. That would result in more jobs, not less.
        In the 1920 Depression the Government did the right thing and cut spending as well as butting out of the Marketplace, and it was over in a little over a year. In the 1929 Depression, they did the opposite which resulted in 14 years of pain:

      • Louis Lemieux

        Cutting the kind of spending that increases the growth of the economy is certainly not helping the economy and the taxpayers.

      • DaveH

        Try telling that to the citizens of the countries at the bottom of this list, Louis — the ones with the biggest Governments:

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Dave is once again badly misusing the data from the Heritage Foundation dource he has cited: My comment here refers back to a post DaveH made on another thread on 12/11 at 11:55 AM.

        DaveH’s earlier posting on the other thread said:

        “It’s instructive to look at the five countries which are the most Economically Free (Smallest Governments), as ranked by Heritage Foundation, and their Unemployment Rates:
        1) Hong Kong — 3.3%
        2) Singapore — 1.9%
        3) Australia — 5.2%
        4) New Zealand — 6.8%
        5) Switzerland — 3.1%

        and some countries which are the least Economically Free (Biggest Governments), and their Unemployment rates:
        171) Iran — 11.5%
        173) Burma — 4.9%
        174) Venezuela — 8.3%
        176) Libya — 13%
        178) Zimbabwe — 70%”

        And that’s it. Dave didn’t give us any conclusions, leaving us to wonder why this posting was important..

        Dave did tell us that it will be “instructive” to look at a listing of countries that are the most and least “economically free” and their unemployment rates. Note that DaveH has used “instructive” rather than “informative”, which implies that he is trying to “teach” us something rather than provide us with information that we can analyze for ourselves, i.e., that Dave sees some “truth” in these figures that we all should just accept.

        The first thing I asked myself when seeing DaveH’s “data” was “Where are the countries ranked #’s 172, 175, 177, and 179?”, and “Why has DaveH given us the ‘top five’ in order but reached up NINE places from the bottom to give us five of the worst”?

        A look at the raw data shows that the #172 Democratic Republic of the Congo and #175 Eritrea have no unemployment statistics available. So DaveH skipped them. OK, then why did he skip #177 CUBA and #179 NORTH KOREA? Surely their stats are more significant than those of Burma and Zimbabwe (the latter of which is so far out of whack that it should have never been used by Dave in the first place—I guess he couldn’t resist that 70%)

        Guess what?, Cuba has an unemployment rate of 1.6% and North Korea has an “official” rate of 0.0% (it would likely be higher if they counted all the folks in prison camps—-anyone who is not in jail in NK apparently has a job).

        If Dave HAD dropped Zimbabwe as he should have, and used the real “bottom five”, he would have come up with an average unemployment rate of 5.6%, not that far above the average rate of 4.1% for the “top five” (and Libya skewed the bottom five more than a bit).

        Dave could also have told everyone that the range of “scores” for the top five was 81 to 90, that Canada ranked #6 with a score of 80, and that the U.S. ranked #10 with a score of 76. Not too shabby, U.S.A.

        Am I accusing DaveH of perhaps doing a deliberately sloppy job of cherrypicking data and using that data to “instruct” us about a preconceived bias? (as in grossly distorting truth). Yep, I sure am.

        And that’s not even bringing up Dave’s misuse of the terms “economically free” and “big and small government” in this context. Nor will I bring up GINI rankings and income inequality numbers at this time. Nor the % of GDP devoted to government spending and the tax burden as a % of GDP.

        Dave should be embarrassed enough that he has been caught with his pants down this much—-we can see enough of the ugly warts on the half of his behind that serves him as a “brain”. I, unlike Dave, am a gentleman, and therefore won’t pile on. (Unless someone really wants to see the rest of the data).

        Perhaps if Dave spent less time calling people names and more time being HONEST about what he is posting, he might avoid embarrassing himself.

    • The Christian American

      What you are saying is people act like sheep. When threatened they form a circle. While the one’s on the outside are being eaten, the one’s on the inside feel safe and comfy. This government has a voracious appetite. The more you feed it, the more it wants to eat. All that we’re talking about is when will it be your turn to be eaten.

      • Robert Smith

        But aren’t you part of that christian flocking thing?

        BTW, who is your Sheppard?

        Remember, if you are of the flock you will probably be sheered and eventually eaten.


      • Nadzieja Batki

        Robert Smith, why don’t you admit that you hate the God of the Bible and stop dancing around with your inane comments.

  • richard brooks

    another poorly written piece of propaganda. i own several small business. a return to the bush era tax schedule will not cause me to lay off half of my employees or close my business’. it will encourage me to find a bit more revenue. maybe.
    mr root. claims to be a success, but then claims a small tax increase would devastate his business. if his margins are that thin, any change would be detrimental for him.
    perhaps root should be willing to accept a bit less in personal compensation. low wages are being touted as the answer to the current economic problems.
    or he could just close his doors. and do what???

    mr. root. your fear driven message is as big a propaganda stunt as the idiots who claim they will pull their money out of the stock market.

    shut your doors and you no longer have that revenue. refuse to invest in the market and get no return.

    you can fool the sheep with the rhetoric. but you are not going to put your money in bank and live off of those returns. i made money under the old bush and clinton tax schedules and we will continue to make money even if those schedules are brought back.
    trying to sell a business model of fewer employees and a reduced revenue as a means to compensate for a tax increase is rather ludicrous. if that was such great plan, you would have already implemented that plan.

    so lets get to the truth. a return to the old tax schedule means that you would have a bit less at the end of year if you do not increase your total revenues to compensate for that. all that means is you are too lazy, to dumb or both.

    stop whining and be that great negotiator you claim to be.

    or close your doors and leave.

    btw- some of the wealthy did leave the u.k., however, in the long run that will prove to be beneficial. new investors and business owner are currently replacing those that left. goods and services are still going to provided. revenue will be generated and taxes will be collected.

    the problem in the u.k. is the same problem in the u.s. the distribution of created wealth. you want to keep all of the wealth that you and your employees create. that means your employees can not be customers. you deserve a return on your investment. so do your employees. i would prefer am increase in customers. even if that means i pay a bit more in taxes and wages. you are looking for a quick way to make your ‘wealth’ regardless of the impact on the country and the economy. never realising how a financial melt down would detrimentally impact your wealth.

    • Gillysrooms from Australia.

      Well said Richard Brooks.

      • DaveH

        Not at all. If Richard really was the owner of several small “business”, he would know that you just can’t expand your revenue at will. First there must be customers willing to buy those increased products. If businesses could expand their revenues at will, we would have no economic problems.
        It’s funny, isn’t it, how many Liberal Progressives on this board claim to own small businesses? It must be something they teach them in the Boiler Rooms:

      • Smilee


        Your ignorance is showing again as you clearly do not know the difference between business and government, businesses cannot expand their revenue at will but government can. They are two very different entities and require a very different skill set to successfully manage. That’s why business men make poor Politicians
        and because we have so many more of them in recent years and they try to run the government as a business this is a big reason for our dysfunctional government we are now living with because they do not understand that and are more interested in getting special favors for the businesses and care little about customers and employees only the income of the owners and that get everything out of balance and thus dysfunctional.

    • DaveH

      Richard says — “stop whining and be that great negotiator you claim to be.
      or close your doors and leave”.
      This from one of the Progressives who tell us they’re the “compassionate” people?

      • Gillysrooms from Australia.

        Governments are not businesses Dave H, they are run like charities to bignote the politicians so they can get re-elected. The more you promise, the more votes you’ll get. Thats what our conservatives do to win and then they do the right thing and break their spending promises thank god. They could not win an election any other way and maybe the Republicans could take a look at Australian politics on tactics on some of the ways on how to win government. I’ve been advocating they break any spending promises but they wont discuss such good ideas util after they win..if they win that is.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Except for one thing, richard brooks, you are not a business owner.

      • Karolyn

        The “all seeing Nadzieja” has spoken!

  • Roger from Ohio

    Mr. Root,

    Perhaps you are giving Boehner the benefit of doubt. It seems that Boehner doesn’t want to win against Obama, probably at the behest of the puppet masters. Higher taxes have been proved to be counterproductive, so Obama proposes higher taxes and the Republicrats go along with it. To prepare for this, remove conservatives from key committee chairmanships for not going along with the “party line.” Before long the Republican party will probably be history.

  • Mary

    Oh please stop wiith the gloom and doom. Farmers already get huge subsidies, from the tax payers. Businesses get tax breaks and take advantage of loopholes and only those clearing $250,000. will have to pay more. Using the tired old crap about laying employees off is just an excuse to speak out against higher taxes or actually paying for benefits for their workers,. The wealthy have gotten wealthier and have not raise the wages for their employees in years. The least they can do is pay for a few benefits and if it means they will go broke then they were not very stable to begin with. Talk about corporate welfare. these groups are soaking it up. Funny how they all wish to get rid of programs that do not benefit them. What a joke.
    The writer of this article may not think much of Speaker Boehner negotiating with the President even though that is what he should be doing. We Democrats were not too thrilled with the President giving in to the Republican Congress the last go round, when he agreed to give them much of what they wanted and then they refused to vote for it. Now we are glad to see the President stand his ground and not give in.

    • Tony Newbill

      This is whats driving the Governments Insanity , and they have all the Media communicators softly inceptively driving this story into the minds of the public through every publication you pickup , check this one out in the top livestock publication in the US ,

    • GALT

      Mr Root is a piece of work…..

      Then there’s the guy at

      Wayne Allyn Root is a failure. He’ll tell you as much. He’s “the world’s most successful failure,” a man who stumbled from job to job, succeeding at none of them, before he found the one that made him a millionaire. He used to be a Republican, then decided to become the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee. When he fell short, he threw his votes to Bob Barr and became the ex-congressman’s running mate. What Wayne Root wants, Wayne Root gets. Sort of.

      The little attention that the LP’s ticket has received has centered, mostly, on Barr. The evolution of a Republican drug warrior into a Libertarian war horse is an odd, twisty story. Root’s story is almost as entertaining. He is, in his own words, “the world’s most successful failure.” His first general-interest book (he’s written six of them, most about the art of gambling) was titled The Joy of Failure, and it revealed how he’d basically talked his way into a glamorous career with a bullish sales plan papering over his lack of qualifications.

      As Root tells it, he tried, and failed, at thirteen different careers. He was rejected from law school. He failed as a realtor four different times, blowing tens of thousands of dollars on brochures for properties no one bought. He managed a Manhattan restaurant, then “got bored and quit.” He became an entertainment agent, signing one client, and snagging him one job—in six months. His biggest innovation was “Ivy League Home Cleaners,” a maid service staffed with college graduates, none of whom, quite understandably, wanted to become maids.

      Root’s breakthrough came when he realized what he really wanted: to be a sports prognosticator. He decided to become “greatest sports prognosticator in the world,” officially, sending out hundreds of press releases with that tagline, assuring reporters that they had to know about Wayne Allyn Root. Thanks to a few newspapers with feature holes to fill, the P.R. offensive paid off. Root founded a company (which failed) and wrote a book on risk (also a failure), but every little piece of credibility got him closer to TV personality status. Once he made it on TV, he was in: No one could take his fame away from him. His formula for success, he discovered, was something he could bottle and give to everybody. He taught it to his wife when she put on 80 pounds during her pregnancy. “She started living my program. The pounds started to melt off!”

      With all of that behind him, how could Wayne Root not get into politics, the domain of district attorneys and trial lawyers and promotion-seeking chiefs of staff? “My entire life has been a PERFECT preparation for politics,” Root told the Gambling Newswire in 2005. “I’ve spent the last 20 years giving interviews with the media. I’m on national TV more than any politician in the state of Nevada!” (This was before the still-mystifying triumph of Sen. Harry Reid.) In 2005, Root published a sort of sequel to his first self-help tome dubbed Millionaire Republican, telling readers that “thinking like a Republican,” taking risks and cutting throats, was the surest path to success.

      Some sections of the book didn’t hold up so well. “This professional prognosticator,” Root wrote then, “believes that the GOP will dominate American politics (on all levels) for the foreseeable future.” But by mid-2006, Root was telling Republicans that they were throttling their message and their voters by building up big government, and by cracking down on gamblers. By early 2007, he was exploring his Libertarian Party bid. And by the time he took the stage with Bob Barr, on a national political ticket at last, Root was crowing about making his old party irrelevant, for reasons no other Libertarian had thought of. Like:

      “There are 50 million poker players in this country, and 12 million online poker players. For the first time, they have a candidate they can support!”


      “I am the first small businessman to run on a national ticket!”

      • DaveH

        You could have made it clearer, Galt, that you were quoting from David Weigal’s article. But then clarity isn’t your strong point, is it Galt?

      • DaveH

        My first clue was the unusually good grammar.

      • Gary

        This post can’t be from Galt. There are actually attempts to have a proper sentence and paragraph structure. Note: I say attempt. The actual content doesn’t make much more sense than previous posts so maybe it is Galt. I must say he has stirred up quite a fuss. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much reaction from such drivel!

      • DaveH

        Perhaps, Gary, you could tell us which parts are drivel and why you think so?

      • WTS/JAY

        It’s not from Galt. He posted the web-site from where the article originated, (

        Btw, not a very flattering article, to say the least. Ouch!

      • GALT

        Then there’s the guy at

        Poor DaveH, what is the next………step? The spaces between words is….too short………………..too long, or missing?

        Gary…thanks for that POST, demonstrates you can’t read, regardless of the source,
        but feel to contact the magazine…..they will no doubt fire the writer immediately.

        Jay……Root is in a way, the nature of the beast we are dealing with, unfortunately
        for him, I actually know this guy…….although it took me awhile to catch on, because
        in the “sports world” ( Vegas gambling ) he was Wayne Root, not Wayne Allyn Root.

        I also had a brief experience inside the “sports advisory world”, where ole Wayne
        was a “name” but not the owner, one of eight “names”, working ( supposedly ) under
        Jim Feist, and “football” is big push time for this business…….

        The concept is a adaptation of a old “confidence” game, called the A and B, scam,
        which was originally a “mail scam” which worked in the following manner……procure
        a mailing list of 1000 “sports bettors”, pick a game, and send out a prediction,
        500 on one side, and 500 on the other. You now have 500 people, for which
        you have correctly predicted the outcome, repeat process, you now have 250
        people, and your prediction rate is 100%… you send out your sales pitch
        with the cost of the service………for the remainder of the season say $500.
        If 100 people bite, you just made $50,000…..less the cost of the list, supplies
        and postage.

        Enter technology, and adapt…..telemarketing…..expand the base from A & B, to
        A & B & C & D & E & F & G & H operating out of Reno and Vegas, add two TV
        half hour HYPE shows, playing in dead air time, with 4 hot air specialists on each,
        and 800 line for free picks ( trolling ) a 900 lines w. various levels and charges,
        and a boiler room, for each of the eight “prognosticators” and a “script”.

        Anyone who calls, is going to be repeatedly hammered…….and the money
        here can be “huge”………actual results are irrelevant, because if a guy gets
        blown out by one service, there are seven more, who will call him, promising
        different results……..and we already know, this guy is an “addict”……

        Ole’ Wayne, must have figured out that as a “name”, his piece of the action
        was “not enough”……hence his “career choice”……..unfortunately for him,
        sheer probability works against him……..between the 800 and 900 lines,
        plus the individually hyped service levels, you have to “pick” a lot of
        games………against the spread and the “house advantage” which is 1/11,
        or 9% and if you check the “sports monitor” links…….for pro-football, these
        guys are only making two picks a week, and the probability distribution,
        averages are below 50%…… as the “bettor” you need a good bankroll,
        a money mgmt system, with a modest “progressive” element ( martingale )
        and “reasonably good” handicapping skills, just to break even. Using
        a “sports service” is just another cost to be “overcome”, and the “service”
        has an excuse for “failure” for every “level”, except the top one….
        “our super premium special executive gold platinum diamond absolutely
        guaranteed and documented 200% win record program”……..

        In Las Vegas, football betting is BIG BUSINESS…….and there are “free weekly
        contests”……..structured like a lottery, where you buy a ticket for the season,
        and then pick all the pro games for that week……no spread involved, just
        who wins… can buy multiple tickets………usually at $20 each, 4 for $60…
        and the participants are in the thousands……there is a fixed prize for anyone
        that can do it each week…….and there is rarely more than one winner,
        because even without the spread, IT AIN’T EASY.

        THIS IS WAYNE ALLYN ROOT, and when someone devised the essence of
        “the free enterprise system” being the “private ownership of the means
        of production” or when Rand wrote Capitalism: The UNKNOWN Ideal……
        they did not mean……Wayne Allen Root, or Dimon, or Buffet, or Blankfein.

        ( of course, this could just be me, again. )

    • DaveH

      Mary says — “Oh please stop wiith the gloom and doom. Farmers already get huge subsidies, from the tax payers”.
      Government already gets Huge Subsidies from the American People. It’s time to cut them down in size, dramatically. If we only cut them back to pre-Bush size (the year 2000), we would be cutting the Federal Government to 1/2 their present size.
      Or to put it another way, the Federal Government has doubled their Spending since the Year 2000, and what has it gotten us? A Bad Economy is what.

      • Robert Smith

        So, do you want to stop the farming and oil subsidies?

        They’ve made record profits over the years. Why do those corporate looters need our tax money?


      • Robert Smith

        DaveH asks: “Or to put it another way, the Federal Government has doubled their Spending since the Year 2000, and what has it gotten us?”

        Housing is up, employment is up, interest rates are down…

        It’s gotten us out of the free fall Bush and his crony capitalists put us into.


      • WTS/JAY

        You, Robert, are a very optimistic-fellow!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Unless you are O himself you have no idea what O’s thoughts or intentions are. You are not Valerie Jarrett or M O to dictate to him what he should do, so you are wasting your time commenting to us about your love for O.

  • rb

    Gee Wayne so surprised to see you’re still writing for PLD. After this last election and your complete innability to see what the American people are really thinking I’d of thought you would get a job as a lobbyist in Washington. Too bad. You’re right on with this article and the effects of raising taxes on the wealthy. Michigan tried that and went under so now we’re going to do that on a national scale. It’s unfortunate you threw your credibility out the window in this last election and most people probably don’t take what you say with much seriousness.

  • Manuel

    The rich should pay more

    Cut the military and close down bases

    Don’t cut entitlements

    Lower corporate taxes to stimulate job growth

    • Paul Wells


      You are so wrong on every count except the last one. The rich already pay more, but granted, tax code revision to eliminate loopholes is sorely needed.

      Cut the military and close bases, yet you’d be the first one screaming if an attack on your soil were to occur, and our military would not be up to the challenge of defending the homeland.

      Don’t cut entitlements. Well, perhaps we could get some of those drawing federal largesse to fill in for the missing military, and defense of our country. At least they’d be earning their way.

      The sad thing (for America) is, too many think just like you!

    • DaveH

      We now spend 5 times as much on military as the next biggest military spender — China.
      The word “entitlement” most properly references Social Security payments, which fund was paid into by the recipients, not the Welfare Payments that many people associate the word “entitlement” with.
      I’d say, Paul, that Manuel was only wrong about the first suggestion.

      Indeed the Ponzi-Scheme that is Social Security should be eliminated, but not before the recipients have been paid back for the money that was stolen from them:

      And make no mistake, the Federal Gang has the assets to pay back that stolen money, but they just don’t want to let go of them.

  • widerstances

    “Vigilant” mentions that $800B will only run the government for 9 days. What is he smoking? The requested 2013 budget for expenditures is $3.803 trillion. the revenue is $2.9 trillion or so which makes the deficit between $800B and $900B. Also the $250K threshold is misleading. That is after all deductions and is otherwise known as Adjusted Gross Income. And only the income above $250K is taxed at the higher rate. Show me a family farmer in that bracket. They don’t exist. Their money is tied up in highly deductible capital equipment like tractors and combines.

    • DaveH

      According to Wikipedia, the Federal Budget for 2012 was $3.796 trillion:
      Note, Widerstances, that the $800 Billion in new tax revenues was over a period of 10 years. So the yearly increase would be $80 Billion.
      Divide the $3796 Billion Federal Budget by 365 and we get — $10.4 Billion a day which would amount to $80 Billion in 7.7 days, or 8 days if you round it. So Vigilant did his homework.

    • Flashy

      Wider…while i may disagree philosophically with Vig (from time to time;), he usually puts forth accurate data. usually.

      What is missing from those numbers being widely quoted is that the debt goes up slower and as such, so does the debt. As well, it doesn’t take into account the consumer confidence returning, the offset with the spending cuts, and what lies ahead.

      face it, the temporary tax cuts of Bush I…those that began to set the stage for this mess, will be gone. Once we are more stable and the jobs recovery returns (which should be 2013)..if the GOP doesn’t screw things up even more with holding the debt ceiling hostage 9and tossing out any business confidence as well as consumer confidence), we’ll have to go back to Clinton Era rates. Of curse, we’ll do that in conjunction with the fed. Take Bernankes words of yesterday seriously and look at the message given.

      That’s how we’ll keep inflation around 5-7% and a surplus will be in sight …

      • The Christian American

        The right definition of inflation is COUNTERFEIT MONEY, and lots and lots of it. If the people do it, it’s a crime. If government does it, it’s a crime.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “What is missing from those numbers being widely quoted is that the debt goes up slower and as such, so does the debt”.
        Given that you surely meant “deficit goes up slower”, rather than “debt goes up slower”, so what?

        It sounds like the typical Flashman obfuscation and equivocation to me.

    • The Christian American

      In other words, the government is spending more than it takes in. The last figure I saw, it’s borrowing 48 cents of every dollar it spends. Do people run their homes that way? Why are sitting back and letting government do it?

      • nc

        Christian, Obama is running a ” Home” he inherited. It had a very leaky roof from a terrible economy and a couple of unfunded wars going on when he became responsible for the condition of the Home!! People fix the leaks in their roof so their dependents don’t get wet and die! That cost money! More money than inheriting the same home with a good roof! Do you understand the difference between Jan. 20 2009 and Jan. 20, 2001? The years from 2001-2009 actually occurred and things happened during those years that are still problems today! America did not “reset” on Jan. 20 2009> The problems continued just like they did at the end of the Civil War!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        nc, you mean O is over his head. Rather stupid of him buying a house that is dilapidated or was he so dumb and gullible to listen to the realtors.
        No matter which way you try to cover for O we are not believing any of your nonsense.

  • filpped54

    Beohner doesn’t have the choice….the American people and the Congress who represent them do. The progressive tax rate back in the 80′s was as high as @ 90%. In fact I remember paying a small portion of income tax under that rate. It was at a certain level of income. Not all the income. The President is proposing only a 39.6% progressive rate. A lot lower than in the early 80′s. This is not going to break anyone….or keep jobs away either. Besides, jobs are created by demand for a product…then someone reacts to that demand and starts a business. Without the demand jobs would not be created. Remember the saying that most business says to employees….”The customer pays your wage so take good care of the customer”. Or who pays your wage? Answer…the customer.

    • The Christian American

      There’s only one choice and that is cut the size and cost of government. It shouldn’t be “negotiable”. It should just be done. This government is a LIABILITY to the people, not an asset. In the business world, you strive to get rid of liabilities. In the government world, you strive to increase liabilities to the point that the people are broke.

  • MusingsbyMarian

    My friend in Brussels tells me that Frenchmen are lined up to buy properties in Belgium after French president Hollande raised the roof on taxes on the rich. New York City drove away many of their rich; California ditto. But then, maybe Obama wants producers to go away, leaving him mostly with dependent voters who toe the line. To support them, he can just keep on keeping on borrowing from China. What a deal

    • FreedomFighter

      “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” Samuel Adams, (1722-1803) U.S. Founding Father and Public Enemy #1

      Stop the progressive communist take over of America: You are the resistance.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • nc

      Marian, what is your recollection of when the borrowing from China was becoming excessive? Could it have been when “what’s his name” from Crawford was doing it to finance his unfunded wars? No?? Really?? Some of us wondered if it was his foreign policy to defeat China by ” borrowing them broke” thereby rendering them unable to defend themselves??
      Me thinks the reason was that the wheels had run off the trickle down policy once again and couldn’t and didn’t deliver what bush and the Heritage Foundation had promised America would happen if he got his rich man tax cuts!! Remember those promises of 2000 and 2001 of how great things would be by the end of his 8 year term? Do you remember the reality of the end of bush’s 8 year term??

      IT was either Clinton or the Republican controlled congress or both that raised the taxes on the rich in the 90S> Did it cause the number of rich people to decrease?? NOPE!! There WAS A SUSTANTIAL INCREASE in their numbers by the time he left office! To say nothing of the size and strength of the middle class!

  • Terry

    Some one needs to get this email to the Republician Leaders. They need some new ideas and engage the public through using all the media resources

    • Karolyn

      That’s the best laugh I’ve had all day!

  • Right Brain Thinker

    In case anyone was wondering, DaveH has now made 39 of the 194 comments on this thread. That’s a bit over 20% of the total (TWENTY PERCENT!!!!). I would suggest to Bob Livingston that DaveH perhaps needs to be “moderated”, since moderation is a concept DaveH seems to be unfamiliar with. Unless, of course, Dave is actually employed by Bob to “crap up” the site and make it difficult to carry on discussions, thereby causing folks to move on to other threads and create “traffic”..

    Dave’s “big” comment on one of mine today was something about how DaveH eats lizard brains and is proud of being an adolescent or juvenile, or something like that. Hardly a contribution to the debate, at any rate.

    • DaveH

      Please keep posting, LBT. I love it that you Liberal Progressives are so ignorantly exposing yourselves to the general readers of this web site. Anonymity brings out the real you, doesn’t it?
      For 20 some years, I tried to wake up acquaintances to the reality of Liberals, but in person they are much more careful to mask themselves, so it’s not so easy. Then you Liberal Progressive commenters come along and make my job easy. Thank you, guys.

      • Smilee

        Funny, when you do not understand something you just refer to it as liberal progressive which we all know you do not understand very well if at all

      • nc

        DaveH, you say for 20 years you have been trying to wake the Americans to the “reality of liberals” That would have started the year liberal Clinton was elected> Economists have said the next 8 years of your 20 year tirade were as good as Americans have ever had it! Prosperity and no wars!!!!! A change to bad tax policy with wild spending on bad wars in the next 8 years brought us to 2008 BO (Before Obama) and the loss of 2.6 million jobs in one year! Now we are beginning to see some progress to recovery of still the strongest nation in the world That is from a nation that has never been governed by a “true conservative” or some Austrian civil servant ! By the way, what is the Mises track record in a major nation???

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Smilee and nc talk to DaveH as if he was actually listening? Wasted effort.




    THe RINO’s are again pressing to share the bed with their lib buddies across the aisle hoping to save their precious seats in the next two years. Boehner is planning on being home for Christmas but I can bet his phone will ringing off the hook with calls from both sides of the aisle and especially the fiscal conservatives….no tax cuts on the table to cut the spending….NO DEAL.

  • NOW2 taxes

    Bonner and Congress holds all spending purse strings. White House holds no authority on spending bills. I don,t care about super congress mandate. Bonner wants a larger more powerful central govt..

    • Smilee

      Our balance of powers is in play and congress cannot make law without the presidents blessing unless they can pass the law by 2/3 majority which the GOP house today can not do or the senate for that matter, you may not call that no authority in the WH but he has enough power today to stop the GOP and that sure looks like quite a bit of authority to me.

  • bitterclinger

    Maybe someone should teach John how not to smoke cigars and play golf with the prez….makes it look like the two are on the same side…

  • Joz
  • Karolyn

    Gas $2.98 here today! Yay! I’m sure it’s even cheaper in the usually cheapest areas.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Latest DaveH inane comment count—–49 out of the total of 250 comments are from DaveH—-just a hair under 20%—-Dave is slipping a bit in his efforts to totally disrupt the dialogue.

  • lencho

    Go to and learn about independence.

  • Gillysrooms from Australia.

    On a positive note it seems that according to the International Energy Agency has projected that “extraordinary growth in oil and natural gas output in the United States will mean that … the United States will become a net exporter of natural gas by 2020 and is almost self-sufficient in energy, in net terms, by 2035.”

    Seems like ‘fracking’ is going to save America trillions in oil imports and the prices might even drop to $10-14 per barrell they estimate. Not sure if they have allowed for increased demand from china and India though, but non- the less its all positive for the US of A.

  • brazzos

    Wayne Allyn Root, you should be ashamed you think your opinion counts. You were wrong about the next president. OBAMA WON!!! Boehner, you, McConnell, Cantor and all you republicans are traitors to the American people. You sold out to the wealthiest 1%.

    • Motov

      And so did you,… Who do you think owns “our” politicians?

  • F

    Hello, Wayne. Just like the housing bubble was engineered to first inflate, ramp up and through the energies of the 3-8%, build these assets, and then through govt regulation destroy and depreciate these same assets so the International Monopolistic, Oliigarchic 1% could buy these assets at the depreciated value, now BOTH Obama and Boehner want to tax and charge again the 3-8% again through health care and higher taxation. If you have a monopoly, pass the costs on. If you are small, go out of business and have your end of the action moved into the 1%. Further consolidation and monopolization. All of the senate and most of congress work for the International 1%, who are largely fascist in bent……hence the support for the UN.


    How much will really be collectable from increasing taxes on the top 1%…anyone really know? I’m sure the billionaires can look after themselves dont you think? Tax minimisation is not a new activity.

  • RivahMitch

    Actually, Boehner teaches his own course on “Negotiation”. The course title is “Creative Pre-emptive Surrender”.

  • Tray

    Ummm, actaully by definition in a republic the people vote for representatvies who make the decisions. In a democracy the people decide things directly. That isn the difference

  • Dad

    Like I said after the election… we can’t afford 4 more years of the Ohio RINO Boehner. what a disappointment.
    The GOP is on the verge of being irrelevant.

  • Jess Phelps

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  • manuel a

    thats what the gop gets for blocking and not reaching out across the so called isle and willing to work with the pres and instead worked on trying to make him a 1 term pres so you reap what you sow then expect the country to feel sorry for you i think not when your suppossed to be working for the people of this country instead you all got in then went to work for yourselfes and now you want us to go boo hoo sorry not happening cause we the everyday person is stuck with your mess and are stuck paying for whatever gop did some are worse off then others but hey what does the gop care and the dems to they dont get off that easy they have blame just as the gop .

  • awkingsley

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