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  • Robert

    I would do same thing, I teach my kids to stand up and punch back.

    • chocopot

      When I was a kid, we knew how to take care of bullies: make a fist and pound them until they go down. Amazingly (sarcasm), after that experience few were ever bullies again. I have instructed both of my teenage sons to do precisely this (only if they are hit first), school rules notwithstanding. If my sons defend themselves from some bully and are disciplined or worse because of it, I will sue everyone connected with that action. The last time I checked, the Constitution permitted self-defense, school rules be damned.

  • Kenneth

    Yes the teacher’s choice of action was extreme. I hope this experience taught the bully a lesson. I dealt with bullies in Jr High and High School. The teachers never did anything about it. I took matters into my own hands in the 10th grade, a guy in my wood shop class kept breaking wood strips I was gluing together to make a coffee table for my class project. I knew who was doing it, I hid in the back of the shop, watched him take the piece and break it, then he proceeded to walk towards the area I was at, he came around the corner, then I basically tackled him, almost knocking over a table saw. I was done being bullied. Of course the teacher broke it up. The bully and his buddies waited outside for me after the bell ring, i walked straight up to him, got within 5 inches of his face, told him: “if you’re as tough as you think you are, what do you need your buddies for? I’ll tell you what. Meet me after school on the front steps, and today we’ll both find out just how tough you are. Either you gonna kick my ass, or I’m gonna kick yours. I’ll see you there!” I waited for him after school, even deliberately missed the bus. I waited an entire hour. He never showed up. From that time forward, he never messed with me again. In fact, he wasn’t the only one that liked to bully me and pick on me, all the other guys who usually messed with me, left me alone for the rest of the year. When I returned for the 11th grade, no one ever messed with me again. Moral of this story? Sometimes the Bully needs to be bullied in order to be stopped…

  • Alan

    That’s how bullies were dealt with back in my day, though it was more of a mono-a-mono reaction. Nothing like a good, old fashioned beat-down to cure a bully of his wayward attitude.

    • Melody Villwock

      I remember so well.

  • John Cherish

    A bully is nothing more than a coward he is usually older and stronger but when someone younger kicks his ass he becomes the laughing stock. and no one else ever messes with you because they don’t want to be like him, and to be laughed at

    • Jerry Morris

      That is exactly what happened to a boy I went to school with my freshman year in high school. I had had a couple mild run-ins with him in PE class, when he tried to pick on one of the smaller students. I simply stepped in between and let him know he wasn’t going to get away with bullying my little buddy. He chose not to tangle with me, only because I was same size as him (he had no idea if I could actually fight or not….and neither did I),
      But he finally got his “come up pence” when a couple 3rd graders got him down a beat the crap out of him. When he finally came back to school a few days later with a black eye, skinned nose, chipped teeth, and split lip, we ragged his butt about his “butt kicking” by the 3rd graders that he quit school all together. I never saw him again.
      I think the teacher went a bit far in this incident. Maybe she should have told the class that the next time he tries to bully some body, to just punch him out then.

    • Betta

      Some bullies are little twerps like that kid in Australia who bullied a kid twice his size and got slammed to the ground (and rightly so). Too bad it’s like this but the only way to stop a bully is to do a beat down. That’s a law of nature. Otherwise they’ll never stop. Beat a bully down and you’ll never have another problem with him again. In fact, he’ll go the other way when he sees you…if he’s smart.

      Saw a video on Youtube where the neighborhood bully, a grown man, bullied his neighbor one too many times. The neighbor had enough and shot the bully dead right on the neighbor’s front porch.

      What makes people like that? Who are they really mad at?

    • Quester55

      So true, However, Most childhood Bully’s, rarely if ever Fight on their Own, Most of the time the Bully’s Gang Joins in on the Beating of the One Victim, Thus making the Effort of Fighting Back an Act of RAW Courage or Futile Desperation!

      • Motov

        Yes and usually there is a pecking order of the bullies, Sometimes it is the kid who is always in trouble, for cutting class etc, other times it could be the “head jock”, which is more dangerous because their acts of violence are often ignored by teachers due to their popularity. They often go from being “the man” in high school, to being a nobody in college,..or a nobody in the workforce, I had the pleasure of attempting to train such kids, They have this “I know” attitude, but performance proved they had no clue. So I often took extra time, led them through what was expected, only to see them not show up the next day.

  • Melody Villwock

    This was one of my reasons why I didn’t finish school because of a bully in school. Well, I met up with her years later at Quick- Test where I worked. She was a mess! She did drugs etc.. You can tell when someone does. Not hard. I told her, ” Now let me see what you’ve got!” She didn’t admit anything. I didn’t expect it. I just had her do a servey for some cash. I commend this teacher for doing what was right! Awhhh some!

  • lokiswife

    It happened in May – so they had to put up with the bully for most of the school year? Many years ago I was a chaperone for a group of fourth grade kids on a boat trip. There was one of those brats in the class who had to try everything that the kids were told not to do – running, climbing ladders, etc. I got fed up with his antics, found him in an area where he wasn’t supposed to be, no one else was around so I told him that the next time he acted up, I was going to slip up behind him and push him overboard. I glared at him, he knew I was angry and he was scared. He behaved very well for the rest of the trip. One of the other chaperones commented on it, I told her that miracles could happen at any time. Settling down that one brat made the rest of the trip very nice…

  • peter

    There is no better way to treat a bully. Hopefully he will grow up to be a decent fellow and not a thug! There are too many thugs around already and the world can do without another one. It does not seem he suffered any injuries so what is the problem? Was he hospitalized? Are his folks going to sue? What happens next? If we always rally to protect the perpetrator, what can we expect when our leaders are devoid of criticism and become our ‘ BULLIES ‘?

  • Quester55

    One out of a thousand Teacher’s today Seem to have the Guts to stand up for What is JUSTICE in this LAWLESS World!

    • Chris

      AMEN! Way to go, Teach!